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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  October 23, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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♪ >> welcome to this brand-new edition of the best of "with all due respect." donald trump going all in and declaring the election rigged. hillary clinton heading big on red states in the nation getting front row seats to take a stage show. the third and final presidential debate is over and the reviews are in -- the final match between trump a clinton was one for the history books. that is where we begin tonight. john: donald trump supernova of suspense the republican nominee walked off the debate since having created one mega galactic problem for himself when he refused to say he would accept
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the result of the presidential election. here's every try to clean up the mess. >> i would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the united states, that i will totally accept the results of this great and historic election, if i win. of course, i would accept a clear election result but i would also reserve my right to contest or file a legal challenge in the case of a questionable results. john: so, mark, with its effort today do you believe donald trump has put this matter behind him effectively? mark: he compounded one error
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with another first history will live on now in the absence of debates i don't expect any of the big news to occur he has created a second day problem by saying something that is almost as offensive to people underneath seven layers of rhetoric he has a point but it is under seven layers of rhetoric. the way he has talked about this has offended people across the country. he only compounded his problems. john: the reality come we do not have a widespread problem of voter fraud. in the things that we have as in the things that we have as many states with mandatory recount laws of the vote is close. he don't need to unveil yourself of those rights. one is not a problem the second one is handled. we have recount and examinations. i don't understand why if you wanted to make the second point to say that i will make sure everything is legitimate here why did he need to say the first thing?
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the first thing the soundbite that will play forever i will accept if i win which is as you said is in some ways worse to what he said the night before. mark: he took a solid debate performance and undermined by this. i watched a lot of coverage last night it is all everyone is talking about. now, the storyline change tomorrow? maybe with this will linger in history and in the news cycle. john: to be clear there's a reason why it is lingering. republicans elected republicans currently in office and former republicans the former chair of the republican party said it was disqualifying. this is something no major party nominee has ever said or done before to suggest that they would not abide by the peaceful transfer of power. it is a huge abdication of a basic democratic principle. we are not just being media freaks. mark: i said your leads can more about this than regular people and i think that is true.
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you lead to control the coverage and the political talk. people who really care about this and drive the coverage. john: no doubt about that. they care more about it but there were lots of normal americans were upset about this last night. mark: democrats have no intention of letting this issue go. after the debate, hillary clinton pater press corps a visit and dean donald trump remarks were fine. today, some of her top surrogates twisted the knife more on the tv airwaves. >> if you question if you assert that a democratic election is fixed you are attacking the very essence of the notion of whether not we have a democratic system. >> after a campaign where he insulted everybody else now will insult the very central premise of our democracy was a huge shocker. president obama: when you try to
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show the seat of doubt in people's minds about the legitimacy of our elections that undermines our democracy. then, you're doing the work of our adversaries for them. our democracy depends people knowing that their vote matters. mark: they're plenty of republicans were critical of what trump said last sent including senator john mccain. before the debate last that we agreed that trump's chances were between slim and none. does the prospect of a hail mary come back now after what he said last night become more remote? john: last night's chances were between slim and none now slim is packing his bags. this is, again, there are many days still. i don't will of the possibilities of cataclysmic thing happening.
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in the absence of that i think this thing is cooked. there's not a way. this was his last-ditch checked and is now spent one full day we just said he will spend more days now justifiably answering criticism for this crazy thing he said. mark: it is criticism and keeping him from having anything positive going on. it is keeping a from arguing that he actually won the debate. he lost the debate and one single remark. but the good been judged that way anyway. but, the reality is the polling data now has gotten worse. he has less time now and no other big events. the other thing, the perception is now more than ever. john: he needed to gain some new votes of the things he said last night do not gain him' it almost certainly lost them some vote.
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there are some who said i don't want that as my president. now the split in the republican party is even wider. you're calling into question the electoral system and don't want any part of that. mark: when they are angry at the press, they do not perform well. you said one thing that was completely out of bounds. john: you talk about why hillary clinton has the advantage because of the sara gets. they today think they have the boot on trump's throat and pushing down hard now. >> more the best after these words from our sponsors. ♪
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♪ >> you might have heard that
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last week in new hampshire and gave a speech. [cheers] >> let me just say, sense that my office has been flooded with thousands of letters and e-mails from folks all across the country. speaking out for the values of decency and respect that we all hold the dear, men of all backgrounds agreeing that we do not demean women. [cheers] >> we should not tolerate this behavior from any man let alone one that was to be the president. >> that was first lady michelle obama criticizing donald trump and every zone and not too long ago. the first lady was there were several power democratic ceric it's hammering donald trump. with us from the city of brotherly love is above the try
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to just kim and mike. mike, one of the things that it's been happening since last i went donald trump made this comment about not necessarily accepting the results of the election is that people on his campaign out there in the country have been saying what is so bad about that? al gore contested that. given your close to vice president gore and part of this or explain to us whether they have a point or not. mike: they have a point but it is the wrong point. this is been well litigated today. 2000 was a disputed election. as you know, florida was under recount by law. nobody would doubt that it was good to go through every legal process they could to determine the will of the photo was honored by the process. again, when the highest court in
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the land weighed in and stop the recount al gore and plenty of people were encouraging vice president gore to pursue it further he not only graciously conceded the election but told everybody don't trash the court. there's a fine line between anarchy and a disputed supreme court decision. it was a good moment and what concerned me about last night about people using that example when in fact what mr. trump did last night was the very opposite of that graciousness. john: kim, it might everybody we stand with the nominee. are you voting for him? kim: i'll keep you in suspense. john: very good. [laughter] john: let's this program and in your phone rings and it is kellyanne conway on the speaker saying that mr. trump decided that the debate answers not good he wants something new to put this behind us, what would you tell them to do?
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kim: stop trying to be so clever. the people were supporting him and disgruntled with washington in the system wants to hear that he takes it too far. i think that happened to him a couple of times in the debate last night. he has good gut instincts about what is going on in the hearts and minds of people, then tries to be too clever instead of just laying that out there. john: when you were watching the debate was a moment when hillary clinton, was talking about not paying taxes and he snapped at her and called her a nasty woman. i have women all day today who felt and read into that not just a snapping as but a kind of misogyny that upset them. do you as a woman in republican woman when you heard that did
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you groan? what was your reaction? kim: a suburban pennsylvania voter. so, look, i think that i don't like the guy. i really don't. i think the people are getting their panties in a bunch over a lot of stuff. he says things in an incendiary way. but he treated her like any of the guy on the stage. if you're a woman in the business like i have been in a long time where there were no women i would've taken that as a complement not that i would want anyone to talk to me that way but i would have gotten so upset over that. i think the bulk of everything he has been talking about does turn them into a really big jerk. but, actions as well are important. there is some as actions have been pretty gross too.
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john: so if philip clinton calls you and his everybody says things are going well come to the headquarters tomorrow and interview everybody in the staff to make sure we're doing everything we need to do who would you talk to? mike: i think they're doing a pretty good job. it was overshadowed last night by these comments that mr. trump made. she has got to start laying claim to the outcome of this election for selectica the election were tomorrow people would view as a total repudiation of her opponent and not a mandate for her. you saw her starting to do that last night to try to talk to independent moderate republicans and others for to know but he heard very much of it just because of the outcome of the debate. they need to think about how they will govern in addition to how they will turn out their boat. one thing, i agree with what you said of the substance, the
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debate does matter. preparation for debates matters. what this debate showed is that a lack of preparation and discipline which is troubling and a potential president. it is not like mr. trump didn't know there will be a question about his comments. every single member of his team was giving them a trail of breadcrumbs for that answer. yet, he still dominated the news the day after i make a comment that was clearly viewed out of bounds by people in his own party. >> i will ask you both the same question, michelle obama's down in arizona. the polls in texas are close, georgia, missouri, their places the clinton campaign is suddenly playing. today, do you think hillary clinton will win by -- what? mike: i don't know. >> this is the look like a landslide?
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>> electorally, she'll have a very good night. her campaign methodically hesitant to fighting communicated with the voters. they have a pretty good idea who will show up as the trump campaign is less idea who will show up. what you saw took the campaign will do for the next few weeks which is sara gets, principles, everybody out there trying to energize. >> kim, if you are a dispassionate viewer, do you feel a landslide? does this still feeling a tight election to you? kim: i am loath to predict anything in this election because i was on six months ago i got everything wrong. i will lead with that caveat. i think we can't predict a landslide, it is sort of rigged
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on the what they don't work but it is with the electoral college leans democrat to begin with. but, i don't think this is a left right split anymore. this is a top of bottom split. how that plays out on election day will be new and different for all of us to look at. >> alike, is a good any chance donald trump wins pennsylvania? >> i will keep you in suspense. [laughter] >> kim is taking a pass of a lot of questions today. thank you for being here today. when we come back donald trump's echo chamber of conspiracy and the tree always talk about all of that and more. ♪
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♪ >> welcome back, a lot going on politically today. here now with as a reporter from the washington post. a great story looking at donald trump's actions over the last couple of days and what they mean. do you think he is in a different place now in terms of rhetoric and his mental state? >> i do. i think he has been moving in this direction for some time. he is the setting to turn inward and speak directly to his base and talk a lot about dark conspiracies. he is giving away from the core messages that animated his campaign early on. that many republicans believe to give him a better chance to win the election focusing instead on things like the polls are rigged and corrupt in the media is biased.
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even saying as he repeated again today that the election is going to be stolen adn that voter fraud is happening. it is a pretty dark turn. >> some of his advisors and that is great like that. they think it will help. he has other advisers saying you should be talking about the economy, change, hillary clinton as part of the problem. are there divisions? why is trump not listening? >> i think there are, and traditional strategists are deeply uncomfortable with the rhetorical direction that trump is taking. his getting many of his cues his getting many of his cues from the chief executive of the campaign and stephen miller his speechwriter as well. they are helping feed a lot of this to trump. that speech in florida on
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thursday night was really a thicket turning point but he went full on with the global conspiracy and talked about the clinton campaign in the media the banks and multinational corporations all colluding in very dark ways to undermine this election. >> just explain what the theory of the case is of how this helps him win. it appeals to his base, but for those urging this they're doing this because they think it is the way to win. their world how to explain how this is the path to victory? >> there are two pieces, it is his base. he is saying things you think will galvanize and motivate these aggrieved white people many of them working class. there are more these people out there prepared to foot for
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donald trump than our polls indicating. people that have not participated in elections before. he wants to give voters who might the going to the polls for hillary clinton a reason to think twice or feel uncomfortable about doing so or that something is wrong with the process or they'll be too much friction or tension at the polling places. i was talking to a former mayor of philadelphia today and he said this is his big fear in philadelphia that the trump campaign talking about voter fraud and urging supporters to go to the polling places could be an intimidating force and suppress the african-american vote in the city which would help donald trump. >> i wants to ask you about info wars if you are familiar with alex jones you seen trump repeated things from that and if
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there is that hillary clinton was on drugs at the last debate which is straight out of the info wars world. tell us what is infoworld and wise donald trump talking and taking paged out of their playbook? >> it is one of the darkest corners of the media. they don't do traditional journalism but spread a lot of theories including 9/11 truth or theories. this was home to many ideas after 9/11 that it was somehow a tyrannical government plot. alex jones is somebody that trump has done interviews with and listens to what he has to say. it's also a place where roger stone a longtime trump advisor frequently appears and pedals ideas. many of the conspiracies you hear him bring up in the
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campaign trail like the drug use which by the way there is not evidence of that originated with info wars. it is like breitbart, probably lesser known to the mainstream public. >> do you know how that conveyor belt works? is trump reading these things himself? >> it started with roger stone advancing the theory in an interview with alex jones. all of a sudden the came out of trump's mouth over the begin at the rally. somehow or another trump is getting this information in front of him. i don't know if it is his chief executive at their some conduit here. >> it would be fascinated to know people are pitching this to him or futurity it himself. particularly with the debate coming up all before that if you
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say something about of the camera that he or she may well just learned out on the stump. he had a teleprompter at that speech. i wonder if that was in the prompter or if that was an ad lib.. it is not something everybody wanted him to say. >> it would be really striking at that was on the prompter but he did say it. >> we have the debate coming up on wednesday. if the trump campaign thinks this is their last best hope of cutting into hillary's lead? >> it is the last best hope to talk to 100 million people directly. he prepared for it over the weekend with some advisors. he is clearly not putting in the time that hillary clinton is. she is taken three full days of the campaign trail and is in new york doing debate prep. trump will be doing rallies instead.
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>> coming of the new politics poll. what is is a but hillary clinton's lead. ♪ . .
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♪ matt: -- john: before we dig into the national poll, under the nine point lead, hillary clinton is winning among groups that make up the core of donald trump's coalition. 2 points ahead of trump among men. 46% to 44%. she is up 4% among non-educated voters. 48% to 44%. she is widening the gap between women, young voters, 2 groups that donald trump needed to do better with to close the gap with clinton. when asked how voters would feel of trump one, 62% said there would be panic if donald trump won. -- how voters would feel if n, 62% said there would
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be panic if donald trump won. the campaign has 2 campaign ads. here is one from hillary clinton. an inspirational spot airing in battleground states. hillary clinton: my vision of america is an america where everyone has a place. this is the america i know and love. if we set those goals and go together, there is nothing america can't do. john >> donald trump's new ad is : running in ohio, pennsylvania, wisconsin targeting economically anxious voters with a message. >> our economy once dominated the world and our middle class thrived. today jobs are gone and , factories are closed because of bad trade deals pushed by the clintons sending our jobs to other countries. donald trump's plan, renegotiate nafta, stop foreign countries from cheating us, reopening factories by cutting taxes -- donald trump knows business and will fight for the american worker.
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john: mark, i would like you to talk about the political logic behind these ads and how they fit into the campaign strategy. clinton wants to be more uplifting, talk in a positive way. i think she will try to do that tonight in the closing days of the campaign. the trump ad, why hasn't that at -- at been on the air since the summer? that is his winning message, if he has one. at this point based on the private polling data i have seen from both parties everything can trumpight for donald tonight and the rest of the way, and i'm not sure if you get -- can close the gap. he is falling behind in many states. he doesn't have the resources or discipline to close as strong as he would need to. that ad, while good, it's only running in 3 states. campaign malpractice. john: two important things, one is what we said yesterday about donald trump's ethics message. another one that would have been great since april and may.
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second is, we know that in this media environment that exists for presidential campaign, any individual ad that comes out this late, they are in the way. they're not going to move very much. that is true for the clinton ad, too. hers is significant that i think they are now starting to believe she will win and she has to talk it a positive and uplifting way to make it possible for her to shift to governing. mark donald trump's troubles : have caused a change. we previously said the obama team in 2012 were very confident they would win. almost certain and clinton people were not that certain. they are now more certain now then president obama's team was four years ago because they had a lot of data and they have seen what trump's bad week has done to his numbers and the key states. john basically in every : battleground state except for are morebe iowa, they
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head than -- more ahead than where obama was in 2012. although hillary clinton is less of a strong candidate then obama was donald trump worse and has , -- is a worse candidate and has more trouble than mitt romney. mark: one subject that may come up in las vegas is the wikileaks e-mails that were reportedly taken from the inbox and other portions from the campaign chairman john podesta's e-mail account. republicans have been trying to the closures against hillary clinton for a couple weeks now. there is always one person that doesn't agree. florida senator marco rubio, running for election explained , why today in tampa, florida. senator rubio: i will not be talking about any revelation that comes about solely as a result of wikileaks. our intelligence officials, who are not partisan people, have told us this is the work of a foreign intelligence agency. we can not be a country where foreign intelligence agencies can interfere or influence the political process.
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what i would say to my republican colleagues who may be disappointed in the position i take today today it is them, , tomorrow it could be us. think about this. do we really want to be a country where foreign intelligence agencies can saykmail our officials and unless it you do what we want, we will release e-mails from your campaign manager your wife, , daughter, or son, we will embarrass you. unless you want to be embarrassed, do what we want you to do. is that what we want? because i that is what vladimir will tell you, putin does. john: you think other republicans will adopt that position? >> i hope they do. we have been saying for the last six months, where was that marco rubio a year and a half ago? that could have been the republican nominee. i will say -- we have been thinking about this a lot. whatever happens, this will be an unprecedented election. we have never seen a hacked election before or when a
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a foreign power has tried to -- where influence the outcome. the politicians of both parties should be saying "we are in ugly, uncharted, dangerous territory." mark: this could go down in history as the wikileaks election, depending on what happens. i think any republican nominee in our lifetime would have called up the democratic nominee and said we must put out a joint statement and denounce this. donald trump is taking advantage of it. as are other republicans. good for marco rubio, but no one else has thought of doing this, and said it as forcefully as he has. john: right, i totally agree. i'm doing the mental exercise. if this happened in 2008 john mccain and barack obama would have been as one on this issue. 2004, they would have been as one. it's amazing. there are a lot of unprecedented things in this election, deviations from the norm. this may be the greatest
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deviation. this story and what it means for our democratic future. mark: donald trump denies that he hearts putin, but he hearts wikileaks. of talk about how this election is rigged, has been rigged, will be rigged -- all by donald trump, of course. to get to the bottom of this rumor of rigged elections, we sent our con man all over las vegas before the debate. they channel their inner danny ocean to try to pull off the heist of the century. >> you want to knock over a casino? an election? >> do you believe the election could be rigged? >> the presidential election? ♪ >> this will be a $2.5 billion presidential campaign. >> do you have any idea how impossible it is to rigged an election? first, you have to get by the bipartisan election officials at every station.
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>> than you have the poll watchers on top of those officials. >> then the party lawyers. >> it has been rigged before, it can happen again. huey long. >> that was more than 80 years ago for louisiana state election. and they got caught. >> huey long did not have a computer. >> millions will be watching. millions. >> everyone is on the lookout. >> millions have already been probed to the point of concern. >> that is just probing. >> 200 inch rouge and some already been confirmed. >> 10,000 voting jurisdictions could be hacked. >> that is just your opinion. that is the opinion of the director of the fbi. he means that in a good way. >> we don't need to hack the entire system, just one vulnerability. >> it takes just one swing state. in that state just one swing , county. >> any precincts in pennsylvania use computers without a paper trail. >> some systems are running windows 2000. >> and one county in virginia they are protecting with a , five-digit key. >> what?
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>> a b c d e? >> thanks to our friends at argonne national laboratory we know it takes $26 to hack this. >> there has to be another way. >> the most-watched debate of all time, and what a show it was. >> fox news called it the brain room. in those binders, every question the candidates are going to be asked on the debate show. could this be staged? >> how do you know all of this? >> i have a man on the inside. it's threadbare. it -- it's bret bair. i interviewed him in march. control the binder, control the moderator. >> had we get the binder? >> go to the debate. >> in 2012, 93 million did not take part in the democratic process. >> why don't you just institute
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repressive voter id laws? or gmail -- jerry mentor the district to keep powerful people in power? or make election day a week day. just kidding, those are already happening. >> looks like we're going to the debate. >> we go on the stage, swap the binder, manipulate the data, rig the election, without getting caught? >> yeah. you know how to get into the debate? >> why do this? >> because the house always wins. because you have 235 million eligible voters, 2 parties, everything in my life can be solved at the voter box. i liked it. >> this election is not being rigged. in florida we have 67 counties. each conduct their own elections. i promise you there is not a
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, 67-county conspiracy. >> i am in charge in ohio. they will not be rigged. i will make sure of that. >> they may not be perfect, but they are legitimate. they have integrity. everyone needs to respect the outcomes. john: if you watch the show ever, you already know this was directed and shot by hammond. men, that guy is so good. and so are on his team. , two strategists from opposite coasts after these quick words from our sponsors. ♪
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♪ joined by our coast-to-coast road just on the left coast. she has worked for george w. bush, arnold schwarzenegger, and on the right coast, steve
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mcmahon. thank you for joining us. mindy, you are a republican not for donald trump. give us your sense for the state of the race. what are donald trump's chances for winning? mindy: there are several weeks left in the election. the debate could always change things. it is not looking good. of his own volition, he said something that has really shaken the race up, and i think turned , off a large group of voters that will not vote for him. i think he is in trouble. john: -- mark: steve mcmahon, tick off the things that would have to put donald trump in the position to win the race. steve: the international conspiracy would have to stop. the media would have to stop doing everything to block his path to the white house. mark: serious list. steve: he needs to give people some reason to be for him. he needs to stop attacking paul ryan. stop attacking hillary clinton. get back to a change argument
3:45 pm
that frankly, is really, really powerful. if he stuck to it from the convention and not gone off in rabbit holes, he might be in a different position. i mindy is right. what he said 11 years ago shook the race to the core. there were people that have not decided that were considering him. i believe those people are turning against him. you will see the erosion continue. there will be more republican senators in jeopardy. the democratic chances in the house have improved. it is still possible, but now because of donald trump. -- it is still top, but now it's possible, and it's all because of donald trump. john: stick, i want to stay with you. we all assume there will be more hack e-mails that come out, that wikileaks will continue being a
3:46 pm
factor. most of it with voters, compared to the controversies around trump, what kind of a revelation would it take to have real political impact on the race? steve: it would take a revelation. something beyond a normal gossipy-stuff from campaigns. what has come out so far is interesting for those on the inside. we think i know this person and that person. to a voters it is not interesting or newsworthy. in for something revelatory to occur, it would have to be something that stops the news cycle in its tracks like donald trump's tapes. that gets people to ask about hillary clinton, is this what we really want to do? they were asking that, she answered that. i think her campaign has done a good job mitigating the impact of the noise. it is donald trump stepping all over himself for the past two weeks. john: we talked about melania trump doing these two interviews. to me, that suggests the donald
3:47 pm
trump campaign recognizes it has a problem as a result of the tape and the women that have come forward, continue to come forward, to accuse donald trump. does that look like a situation where you send out the spouse because you realize you are hemorrhaging support? mindy: that is what it looked l ike. they thought it was going to go away. they blamed bill clinton, trotting out his women problems. it is not going away. it is bigger than they anticipated. it shows how disjointed he is from reality. it is bringing her out. i don't know that it will help. it is not big enough to overcome what he said. we're still talking about this a week later. it is a problem for him. i don't have great advice for him, nor would i give it to him if i did, to change it around.
3:48 pm
mark: does it matter if hillary clinton starts talking about her agenda for the country, bringing the country together? does that make differences in her chances of winning or governing if she wins? mindy: it is helpful. what michelle obama showed us is that her surrogates can be very powerful. the anger against her hasn't changed. a lot of people are still angry with her and don't trust her. that still exists. others were able to come out with a bigger message about america, how much this election matters, bigger than party. that goes a long way to helping hillary clinton. michelle obama not it out of the park. she changed the face of the election for women. if they make moves like that, that will be helpful and smart. steve: if i could, i think mindy is right about what michelle
3:49 pm
obama accomplished. i also think you are right when you talk about the turn hillary clinton can make to uniting the country and a hopeful future that is better for everyone. i'm willing to work with republicans when appropriate and fight when necessary. she will be elected president with a pretty substantial electoral college majority. i don't see any harm in reaching out her hand and say i understand it is my job to make the country work. republicans control congress and i will work with whoever is there to move the country forward. until a week ago, the people on the fence, they would like assurance. mark: a pretty aggressive question, if you are on hillary clinton's team, what topic would you be most worried about raising in the debate? steve: any allegations about the clinton foundation and pro-quote's you can't disprove a
3:50 pm
negative. anytime you talk on that you're off your message. i assume the chris wallace laughed about that. i think donald trump will press it. hillary clinton would be wise to look past it. she will be the next president, the first woman, come to office at a time that is very polarized and her approval numbers will not be bigger than they are now he can start by being grown up and looking past childish questions. john: at this moment, you would you say democrats will control that house or senate on november 9? mindy: i'm on the fence. there is a chance given what is going on. if hillary snowballs her lead into places like arizona -- who knows what other states we will
3:51 pm
talk about a week from now, but i am aware of the anger that exists, the frustration. i am hopeful in some way that manifests in a bipartisan result of checks and balances in terms of party in washington. i won't predict. if you asked me a year ago, i would say donald trump would never be the nominee. here we are. i've given up predicting. it is too crazy. we just need to be mindful of the sentiment, how angry people are we could end up with anything. mark: not angry, but seeing the angry all around us. we will about the ambitions more when we come back. ♪
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mark: as donald trump struggles in the battleground states, senate candidates are on the hunt for what is now in endangered species in america, the ticket splitter. battleground 2016. here to talk about the latest installment. our colleague steve -- steve the , country is more polarized. people vote on party lines more than a generation ago. why do the candidates think they can change that and get ticket splitting ahead of donald trump? >> it is less common. 11% of the electorate voted for one party for president and another for senate. donald trump's popularity, he has less of a ground game operation then passed candidates -- past presidential candidates and is more reliant on party
3:55 pm
operations and ground games. they have different goals than donald trump does, especially in an election like this where he is so unpopular. i talked to a party chairman in arizona that supported him, but says we are working in the same direction but have different goals. my goal is to turn out all republicans, and at this point, not all republicans are for donald trump. john: in terms of the mechanics, how are they trying to find ticket splitters? >> i colleague and i took 2 different sets of data. the data that shows voters 'likelihood to be republican or democrat, the partisanship. also the data likelihood to be a trump supporter. republicans, voters who looked like they would be republicans, the number was higher than voters who look like they would be trump supporters. those are the vulnerable targets
3:56 pm
the clinton campaign may want to target. map them around the key swing states. the top for new hampshire, an independent streak, arizona, and ohio. ohio, things are so close that any movement to move the needle. mark: arizona is a huge focus because you have a lot of republicans where hillary clinton could move up. some could be mccain voters but not trump voters. does john mccain need to give -- get a lot of voters to be reelected? steve: the clinton campaign needs mccain voters. they're making a play there. republicans in arizona have gotten an text message. the two senators have been anti-trump. the chairman of the party has been one of the vocal trump supporters.
3:57 pm
so, if you are a republican in that state, it is not clear what you do on election day. mark: maricopa county, what did you find? steve: we found that most of the voters are from maricopa county, 60%. around phoenix. it is key to any turnout. we found out a huge percentage of the ticket splitters were there. a lot of them, we found, were mormon. one group. a lot of them follow the same trends trump has had problems with. women, higher education, voters, young people. things like that. john thank you very much for : watching this new on the latest addition of "best of with all due respect." if you happen to be watching us in washington, d.c., you can listen to us on the radio radio every day at a bloomberg 99.1 fm
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here check out for all of your election and whether -- election and whether coverage. we will see you on monday. until then, sayonara. ♪
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bloomberg to businessweek. taking a close look at the companies and economies that will matter in the issue is 2017. divided into five sections. >> there's also a list of the companies to watch in 2017. >> we will talk about all of it. let's get started. ♪ >> we are here with the magazine's editor ellen. ellen let's start with the , layout of the magazine.


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