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tv   Squawk Alley  CNBC  February 4, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm EST

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cnbc ear muffs autographed by all of us and you'll have one minute before the jobs report is released on friday. the comments are looking for a number around 185,000 jobs to be added during the month of january which would be a slow down. the question is will it come in below that? >> in the meantime let's send it to squawk alley. >> good morning. it is 8:00 a.m. in california and 11:00 a.m. on wall street and squawk alley is live. ♪
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>> welcome to squawk alley for thursday. joined today by the founder and ceo. good to have you back. >> great to be here. >> watching a pretty descent rally here. it's being overshadowed by the top story of the morning. that of course is testimony or lack there of on capitol hill. >> do you wish to make an opening statement? >> on the advice of council i will not be giving an opening statement. on the advice of council i respectfully decline to answer your questions. i intend to follow the advice of my council. not yours. on the advice of council i invoke my fifth amendment right and respectfully decline to answer your questions. >> meg has been covering that
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all morning long and she joins us from washington. >> his face one quite as see len. a lot of facial expressions including representative cummings. listen to what he said. >> like a scheme, it appears that maybe using revenues to research and identify the next drug and then impose massive bryce increases on victims. it's not funny mr. shkreli. people are dying and getting sicker and sicker. >> so repeatedly addressing him as he was looking away and smirking during this calling the money blood money. he pleaded the fifth so many times. in a press conference after
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shkreli left the hearing his lawyer making very brief statements. >> it's extraordinarily unfair that he has been singled out with a type of unfair publicity that they have received and with all the facts are ultimately disclosed i think everyone will recognize that mr. shkreli is not a villain or a bad boy. at the end of the story he is a hero. >> so say he will be seen as a hero reiterating that he's confident that he will be cleared of all charges. he has federal charges against him and expected to appear in court on may 3rd. he's been very active on twitter this morning. putting on a few shots about congress to find out whether they're monitoring those and let you know what we hear guys. >> we'll be watching that as well. thank you very much. let's turn to henry on this one.
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if you can separate it all aside where does it leave us in the debate over regulation of pricing? >> that's a good question. this is a forum where you could have both sides very clearly. you're talking about drugs that are utterly unaffordable except for a tiny percentage of the population. then you have to be okay with that and it would be interesting to hear that point of view but yes, overall it's a strange strategy. not so much taking the fifth but just being so obnoxious and disrespectful while doing it. hard to see how that helped. >> the interim ceo and other drug executives are there. how happy do you think they must be that so much attention about today's event is going to be on the reaction and the fact that he pled the fifth despite the fact that they're trying to tell him that if he ever encroached he had the right not to answer those questions.
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>> i am sure they are thrilled. anything that takes the spotlight off him is helpful. this a serious debate we should have. there's such political argumentation. anybody can get to them. again if you don't want regulation, there's an issue. if you can't afford it go ahead and die. and some people are totally fine with that. so it will be interesting to have that argument in a public space like this. >> there's one piece of maybe the rest of the industry that isn't going to be happy about. i feel like this just gets a tacked a lot. very seldom is there a singular villain. everybody talked about the banks did such a bad job. very seldom do you point a finger at one executive at a bank and say that guy. we hate that guy. but here is martin shkreli and he's igniting people in congress
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in their disdain for what he did. >> and most people watching and that's why again it's just an odd tactic. >> implications for the entire industry. >> that would be terrible. >> another question, whether or not he really is an outlier or whether he represens the business model aspirations of a lot of other companies. a lot bigger companies as well. we do have breaking news here on viacom. >> as we reported the last couple of hours and as expected i guess, dauman is the chairman of viacom. replacing redstone. he is the company's chairman and over the objections of board member and vice chairman sherry redstone that made it very clear in her announcement that she
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wanted someone that she called an independent voice to become the chairman of the company. not someone that's the trustee of mr. red stone. and he is now chairman of the board in addition to being ceo of viacom. this does not mean that this battle that really broke out into the open yesterday is resolved. sherry redstone who i am told with her father frequently and in his home and helping him in terms of dealing with many matters and communicating is going to continue to be on the attack in a certain extent with trying to assert her power here. importantly it's is the health of mr. red stone himself. a number of people i have spoken to over the last 18 hours indicated the failure to communicate has been seriously
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undermined or by deterioration of his health so it does raise the question of his ability of continuing his role as the controlling shareholder of viacom and control the votes in both. and whether the trust that i just spoke about which includes mr. dauman and sherry redstone, a couple of other board members and two other outside attorneys whether it will start to make decisions with regard to that controlling stake in both of those companies. but we do know he has taken over as chairman and ceo. similar to another that places cbs as it's chairman and ceo. >> how much has to do with the pressure of time.
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wanting to make a decision quickly and also wanting to choose someone that has expertise within the company. the cbs decision would appear more clear but the perform in viacom itself has been struggling. on one hand you have the fact that they would want to make an announcement relatively quickly but on the other hand there should be a discussion over other people coming in to this company. >> a number of the people have been agitating at viacom. disappointed by the performance of the company and it's stock price which is down 21% over the last three years. that did include this move up. i think they are unhappy with this and they would like to see somebody perhaps as chairman of the company. and what appears to be a very recent decision to step down to him as chairman.
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to see if there was anybody out there. mr. dauman also if he was not appointed chairman had the right to leave the company with another $88 million and it was aside from sherry redstone that made it public yesterday that he opposed this position. his appointment. >> you talk about the trust. that's where the control is going forward. do you have a sense of who controls the trust? >> it's seven trustees. it's beneficiaries are the last -- right now i think sherry redstone's grand kids, anybody born from his line will be a beneficiary. to just for a long, long time. the trustees are phillipe and david and george abrams.
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sherry redstone. norman jacobs that's sumner's loyal and sumner's ex-wife's lawyer. those are the seven directors. now if he stepped down or any independent director steps down they have a right to appoint their replacement but this where the battle will start to take place in terms of sherry redstone trying to exert more control to the extent that she can. when it comes to the broader stock market and consolidation and whether or not it's up to pursue some things it otherwise couldn't have it's still very much unclear. mr. redstone is still on the team so it may be impaired in terms of his ability to communicate. >> by the way, on the half in about 50 minutes or so, they'll talk to mario, the second biggest holder of class a shares. to get a sense of how it's playing in hollywood, julia joins us from there.
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>> thank you so much. i have been talking to investors and analysts this morning, one thing worth pointing out is in terms of appointing a chairman of the board there one anyone else on viacom's board that was perhaps well equipped or positioned to take on that chairman role so that's one reason he was appointed especially today in the time con trants. and jumped yesterday on hopes that there would be the announcement of a new chairman. that would indicate that there was excitement and optimism that viacom is on the path to change but when you look at wall street's reaction to viacom's leadership over the past several years there's no confidence in the current leadership. so expanding his role.
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it's inconsistent with viacom. there's a lot of concerns that viacom's board is not independent and i'm sharing a lot of criticism about the way viacom handled the new distribution feature. >> surely in the case of leaving the board not too long ago and reflecting some dysfunction. >> a lot of things to deal with in coming months in terms of mr. redstone's health. in terms of the trust. the trust by the way does have the right to get rid of the board. now that's not something that anybody expects is going to happen. but they can weigh in and nai can remove the board. so whoever controls that stake, that's something else that has to be thought about here. this is finally starting to
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occur. when i say this i mean the changes that many investors have been waiting for to talk with viacom but whether or not it was actually developed in anything significant. >> strategically for either one of these companies. >> what are they hoping for? >> a break up or others will swoop in and buy up some of these properties that somebody will come in and invigorate this company from a streaming perspective. >> perhaps the change in leadership at the top. chairman and ceo. but also to your point maybe a larger transaction that involves viacom in some way which seems unlikely at this point. but more likely as a result of what's happened over the last 24 hours. >> and unless there's some unusual provision being appointed chairman doesn't change it really. if you're going to make a change at the top he is leaving
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regardless. both positions and if sherry redstone brings pressure to do that that will happen regardless of the position he's in. >> she tried to bring that pressure so far unsuccessfully. >> thank you so much. >> meanwhile the markets have given up some of the earlier rally but because of oil prices being in positive territory, seeing that rebound we are still in positive territory on the major averages. dow s&p 500 and nasdaq all up if only by a fraction of a success. >> when we come back, get the latest piece. walt is going to join us to explain what that congressional hearing continues. martin shkreli took the fifth and left. take a look at gopro down about 8% after earnings last night and that conference call. more on that when we return.
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>> shares now down about 85% in the last six months below $10. we have seen some price targets of 750. how low is too low given all the commoditization that we've seen happen to this company. >> well, this is the hardware company selling gadgets and when the stock was trading in the 80s and 90s everybody is going to talk about it becoming a media company and go up, up, up. now it's another hardware
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company and sells a single gadget in a market that will comod tiez itself. it's trading at one times revenue. that's where a company is stable and growing a little bit would trade but they're still shrinking. so if that doesn't stop there's plenty of down side left unfortunately. >> a number of problems that i saw with this quarter, first there's a fundamental flaw in nick's communication. there's always a big problem that he claims to have already solved. first it was overpriced. we dropped the price $100. >> now they had to drop it another $100. >> then it was too little on marketing. >> based on the new big problem he found marketing doesn't seem to be the issue. now it's the software. i have a question, the head of software and services, might be a great guy. i don't know. but he's a lawyer and a former consul constant. maybe the head of software but the person really running it
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needs to be closer to the top of the organization. that's the way companies that do well in software development and ground breaking stuff and structure the way apple has been structured for a long time i question whether they have the right people to execute on software. the way they need to. >> that's a good point and then the point is how big is this market of taking home video and jumping out of airplanes. >> it may not be as people thought. it may be that they're good for most people and you don't need a specialized camera. producing compelling video is very hard. it's not just a little software. >> we do it every day. >> i know. >> you have this incredibly difficult. this is the issue with periscope and all of these things. it isn't compelling. you need to know how to make compelling video. so jumping out of airplanes helps.
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you don't need to replace them every year. >> the action camera market is now fully saturated but there's a hope that some of the things the company will do in the next two squarts is releasing a drone that will get some pick up, whether it's releasing this new software, cutting the lower end products. will any of that help? >> it could. >> but how many people are going to buy an expensive drone for photography. >> some people definitely but there's already a lot of competitors out there. other cameras out there. hardware tends to comod tiez. the company that's been able to stave that off the longest has been apple but even apple you're starting to see pressure because comparable stuff is so much cheaper now. >> i'm going to come right out and say it's not going to help. >> the media channels aren't going to help. >> they figure out the
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downloading so it can compete with this. >> i took my kids out sledding a week ago and i took this and not the gopro because i can edit from two cameras in the phone. shoot simultaneously with an app. i can upload directly to social media. they're competing this and they haven't wanted to admit that up to this point. >> that's the total adjustable market right there. >> a lot of white space right there. >> thanks. good to see you. >> and are apple's apps in trouble in this week's post? whether the apple app echo system isn't living up to the premium hardware standard? and he's the co-founder of recode. the executive editor over there. it's really interesting because we talked about this before. you focus on their existing apps. kind of getting down and not getting better fast enough. i criticized apple in the past. but not coming up with new
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software ideas at the clip they used to. they're arguably not doing as well. you think that their failure to keep the existing apps trim is the bigger issue? >> i do. i don't disagree with you at all, john. but even when they do new apps like apple news, you know, nothing to write home about. maybe they need that two camera editing app. i don't know. but i think it a bigger problem that the things that people have come to town on on the trust and i use that word deliberately. you don't think about a trust but it's apple and it's just going to work. whether it's on ios or on the mac. that is eroding. i really believe it's eroding because they are -- they are falling behind in the exiting,
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what i call the core apps like mail, like music, like photos and especially all the cloud stuff. it prevents aggravation so that's not apple quality. >> so i have a thesis about this moment in technology that we're actually overgadgeted. too many companies are focused oncoming out with stuff instead of figuring out how to help us make it better. we were in a similar position about 15 years ago when broadband was first taking off. every pc had to have a webcam and a writing tablet and all of these things and then apple came out with itunes that hepd us manage it all. is that part of what's going on here? apple is too busy figuring out a smaller watch and not enough time figuring out better software. >> well, they deny it, you know, i have good sources there and
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they deny it but i did say they're taking their eye off the ball here on the software experience and i will repeat it, i think you can't repeat it too often, it's not as flashy as the hardware and the beauty of whatever it is they're going to bring out next but it's the way, you know, it's what we live with all day and we don't even think about it and that's a triumph for them. that we don't have to think about it. now people are having to think about it. do i really trust this? where's this e-mail? why is this not thinking properly. in my case, one of my ipads keeps telling me it hasn't been able to baung to icloud for five weeks. do you ever think about your apple stuff backing up to icloud? it just doesn't. but, you know, you can't be sure anymore. so i think they have taken their
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eye off the ball on that. >> those examples, i think anyone with recognize that happening in their own lives. my question, after the high profile misses, right, maps early on which obviously you say got better overtime. even from a roll out has it gotten gun shy in anyway? >> you know, i don't -- i wish i could tell you what's going on inside the black box there. i have some ideas but i can't talk about it. only because i'm not so sure and whatever. but i don't have good clarity and good visibility of what's going on inside the black box and but whatever it is, its not working optimally. and this is separate from the
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things you spend time talking about in recent days. i growth and phone sales and henry eluded to this a little earlier. that's all important steps but i i think this is more important for them to continue to hold on to that special sauce. >> yeah. well, walt, thanks for your inside. a big job continuing to be cut out for him running apple engineering over there. thanks so much for joining us. >> right. >> take care. >> meanwhile, bernie sanders and hillary clinton taking the debate stage on msnbc tonight just days away from the primary in new hampshire. john is live with more on what we should expect. hey, john. >> hey there, you know, we have a scramble of candidates in both parties running around new hampshire in advance of the february 9th primary. i just finished attending a jeb bush town hall here at this manufacturing company that makes uniforms for firefighters across
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the country. one of the leading manufacturers and if you look at the polls in new hampshire you can see what the scramble is about. first of all on the republican side donald trump has a huge lead but there's a closely packed group of people tied that are all fighting one another. that's why jeb push is somebody that's a good talker and lifelong politician but somebody that has a report of making tough decisions. on the democratic side you have bernie sanders with a substantial lead over hillary clinton however you see underneath that average in the tracking poll hillary clinton narrowed that gap and raises the stakes for the debate tonight. we have a preview on a town hall on what the content of that debate might be. bernie sanders was put on the densive over the prospect that he wants to raise middle class taxes. take a listen at how he handled that.
11:29 am
>> senator sanders the first thing i hear about you is that you're going to raise taxes on the middle class. i support my family on a salary of $41,000 a year. how does that help me? >> if you're somewhere in the middle of the economy. but do you know what we're going to do to health care? reduce your health care cost by $5,000. >> now hillary clinton was also placed on the defensive in her separate appearance at that town hall. she was asked about speeches she had given for more than $600,000 to big wall street firms. bernie sanders has been attacking. here's how she answered that. >> you made three speeches for goldman sachs. you were paid $675,000 for three speeches. was that a mistake? was that a bad error in judgment. >> i made speeches to lots of groups and told them what i thought. >> but did you have to be paid. $675,000? >> well, i don't know. that's what they offered.
11:30 am
>> now, you can bet that issue will come up again at that debate on msnbc. what didn't come up at this -- what you can also expect to come up at the debate tonight is going to be the system we heard earlier today. martin shkreli taking the fifth on that issue of pharmaceutical price gouging. jeb bush was asked what we could do to revive the economy. >> john harwood. it's starting to get interesting now. thank you so much. europe is closing right now. >> if you look at the headline level it's not spectacular but you see the weaker dollar coming through and you see a lot of short covering. central banks talking today. the bank of england came through. let me show you carney. now unanimous. a hawk has died at the bank of
11:31 am
england. no one is voting for a rate rise. that means they don't think that the boe will move on the market until the end of 2017. the end of next year. can you actually get sterling to fall in that environment? well not by much because the weaker dollar is really through the markets. mario draghi gave another very dovish speech today in frankfurt suggesting that challenges do not justify inaction. can he get the euro to weaken? look at the euro gains because of the weaker dollar ripping through all the markets. nowhere has more evidence than the short covering on the material stocks that started in australia and right through asia. europe, and on to this market. look at this up 20%. glencore has been downgraded by s&p to one notch above junk status but still right at 16% and some of the banks are coming through as well.
11:32 am
they had a bad start to the year. look at these. all up 5 or 6%. in the meantime we had companies reporting today. among them royal dutch shell and it's new partner bg. you see how some of these other oil groups are gaining partly on the results which is ing. but also because of the short covering. on the downside today we had credit suisse of course. wealth management problems. diamler is warning. some of the other car makers down. that euro is rising and draghi can't weaken it. >> up next, more on the testimony of martin shkreli. some of the best highlights when we come right back. it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more.
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. ♪
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united is reportedly offering expected flight attendants and pilots to switch to other routes to avoid zika effected regions. delta started the same policy in january. a judge in philadelphia refused to throw out the assault charge against the comedian. cosby's attorney also asked that the prosecutor be remove which had the judge also denied.
11:36 am
a temple university employee claims cosby drugged and assaulted her in 2004. girls with hdhd may have twice the risk of becoming obese as an adult or teen without adhd. >> and just in time for the chinese new year. look at that. six giant panda cubs born late last year are making their debut at a panda base in southwest china. the cubs were received with cheers of course from spectators and seemed to enjoy playing with their toys. there's nothing cuter than a baby panda. that's the cnbc news update at this hour. let's get back to squawk alley. year of the monkey. back to you. >> although i could watch those videos all day too. >> i know. so cute. >> sue, thank you. meanwhile in washington when it was martin shkreli's turn to speak at this morning's hearing on drug prices he declined to answer questions from lawmakers.
11:37 am
take a listen. >> you did not provide a written statement. do you wish to give an opening statement? >> i will not be giving an opening statement. >> i want to ask you a few questions. what do you say to that pregnant woman that might have aids, no idea and she needs it in order to survive. what do you say to her? >> on the advice of council i invoke my fifth amendment privilege and respectfully decline to answer your question. >> you were quoted on saying on fox 5 in new york, if you raise prices, and you don't take that cash and put it back into research, i think it's despicable. i think you should not be in the drug business.
11:38 am
we take all of our cash, all of our extra profit and spend it on research for these patients for other patients that have terrible life threatening, life ending diseases. did you say that? >> on advice of council i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and decline to answer your questions. >> do you think that you've done anything wrong? >> on the advice of council i invoke my fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination and respectfully decline to answer your questions. >> jim cramer said i don't think that the founding fathers invisioned this when they came up with the bill of rights. >> there's a level of animosity directed toward this former exec y -- executive.
11:39 am
that has to have some impact on the culture. that is how the rest of the industry is going to respond, if at all, to the fact that he's been up there in front of congress and behaves himself the way he has but certainly a lot of people talking about it. what's interesting is whether or not you agree or whether you hate martin shkreli or whatever. congress isn't sky high and the worry for some is do you put the power in their hands to regulate the prices of these drugs. how far do they take that? is that a slippery slope. that's one reason some, not a lot but some people are defending him today. >> we're hiring and investing in rnd and building research centers. that got lost today. >> the hearing did continue and had a very robust conversation despite the fact that the opening of the hearing was focused on martin shkreli.
11:40 am
what sort of precedent this sets for executives that are appealing in front of congress. you can edit your opening statement to the degree that your council would like you too and in what situation should you be able to plead the fifth to that degree. >> brafman tried to address the hearing and got told to sit down around 4:20 we think that will be interesting to watch. when we come back, markets hovering near the flat line after a gain of 190 points. big jobs number out tomorrow. we'll talk about that. what are you watching today? >> actually i'm looking at some of the maturities along the curves in the u.s. and in the euro zone and there's something fascinating every trader should be paying attention to, especially if you're trading interest rates. the magic number is five. come back after the break to find out what that means.
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>> a lot more coming up in 15. >> let's get over to rick santelli. >> thanks. i want to show you a couple of charts. look at the first chart. a little over one year chart of five year note yields. consider they're at one year low closing yields technically as of the second of february and that closing low yield was 126 currently trading lower today at 124. so it's possible to set the time back a little bit. now let's look at something interesting. let's open this chart up to august of 2011. now look at the chart. be the chart. this is my renation of the chart you just looked at starting in august of 2011. if you notice in october of 2011
11:45 am
and march of 12 you had double tops. fast forward. if you look at 2015 in the first couple of weeks you had a double bottom. a couple of weeks apart. on the 15th of january of last year you had a 116. a couple of weeks later on the 30th of january you had a 115. currently tading as i said 124. all right now let's look and see the net change of the major maturities along the yield curve in the u.s. and europe. okay. they're down 34 basis points in the u.s. and 14 basis points in the euro zone. down 52 in the u.s. and in the euro zone. 10s, minus 41 here. minus 33 there. minus 32 here and even though many don't pay a lot of attention it's minus 46. so the winner, the biggest change of the year so far down to 1231 close.
11:46 am
it's the five year note. that's why i drew the chart and drew your attention to this. there's been several santelli exchanges that focused exclusively on the five year. i recall several times we had key reversals that were demonstrated first in the five year. we know that rates are going down. we know that there has been many times where we had discussions before the fed tightening no matter what they did. the long end of the curve isn't going to see higher yields. why? you can say it's deflation. you can say it's less inflation but i think all of those are sub text to the one issue that's important. the policy is not addressing. that is growth and the sub text of that is productive which isn't very good. if you want to know where the market is going to stopwatch the five year and watch it right between 115 and 120. if it holds that could be the reversal. if it slices like a hot knife through butter.
11:47 am
meaning if you test these levels and within three trading days you close below them i would say watch out below. back to you. >> we are watching, rick, thanks. coming up no tickets to the super bowl, no problem for this new app. the founder of stub hub joins us next.
11:48 am
11:49 am
. >> right now the cheapest to the super bowl was about $2,800 and
11:50 am
the most expensive is topping $10,000 it's good to have you back. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's one thing to get a last minute ticket to a giant's game in new york but to go across the country and do this. how much is the last minute effect of super bowl tickets. >> it's pretty interesting. when you have two teams like the broncos and the panther who is are in the super bowl a lot of their fans will buy early on the other marketplaces but as they arrive in the bay area there's a lot of fans waiting and trying to see where the prices move. we tend to skew to the younger millennials and waiting longer and watching prices and deciding at the last minute. our typical user is deciding if they're going to stay at home and watch the game on tv or go to the game and our application gives them the ability to watch prices in real time. especially closer and closer to the game. >> how do you make sure the tickets are real?
11:51 am
that's one of the biggest worries for people transacting online. >> we have a very defined well vetted base of sellers that we allow to post inventory on our marketplace. we work with only a few sellers when it comes to super bowl. so we have confidence that none of the tickets will have any issues. >> where does this go? what's the next big leap that we're going to see in ticketing technology and people that wait until literally the last moment before they go to an event? >> well, i think, you know, purchasing patterns are changing. if i think back to stubhub it was really all about the migration from off line to online and stubhub did a great job of building a really strong and powerful online marketplace another platform shift is underway. people are moving to purchasing on mobile.
11:52 am
90% of people will purchase on mobile in two or three years and we are the first company, i believe the only company that built an application from the ground up for mobile. the trends that you're going to start to see are people waiting longer and longer to purchase and doing so almost exclusively on mobile where they can monitor prices and after the game they can make a decision to purchase. >> obviously seen ratings for the divisional games. conference games. you have to go back decades in some cases to find television ratings that were that strong. is it the same case in football? how much do you worry about this phenomenon we're now calling peak nfl meaning that viewership is so good it can only go down from here.
11:53 am
>> it's been a migration into wanting to watch the game live. people felt more comfortable and tvs were getting better and people were more comfortable staying at home. what we're doing is trying to remove the friction from the transaction purchase process and get people that would have watched the san francisco giants game. and moving them to the live experience. that will grow the market. i think that's what you want to see until the future and instead of buying the ticket package and selling the ones they could have used. and people couldn't wait and pick the ones that they want to. and they're making the decision on a thursday for saturday night game and because they're doing that and harness that demand. >> the impact to the economy in the market where you're operating and people's willingness to spend the big money to actually go to an
11:54 am
event, any of that putting the breaks even a little bit on. >> no, we're actually growing at a fast clip. year over year last year and off to a great start this year. that's not our typical bread and butter. it's sort of a baseball game on a tuesday or wednesday night and we're not seeing any impact of the economy on those types of ticket purchases. this is the first year that we have done the super bowl because it's here in our home market and we're seeing a lot of demand yesterday was our biggest day to date in the company's history because of the super bowl business that we did. >> collin, it's going to be a big weekend no matter what. i am biased but it's good to see you again. collin evans joining us again from game time and the co-founder of stub hub. >> thank you. >> meanwhile the super bowl also posing a unique transportation issue for fans staying in the city. jane is live in san francisco which is about 40 minutes away
11:55 am
from where the game actually is. >> i know. >> even on a good day traffic is horrible. so the host committee is offering things like a $65 round trip bus trip to get to the game on sunday and here i am in san francisco, super bowl city they're expecting a million people this week. so there have been street closures for days. they're not happy here and google is offering 140 shuttle buses and wants to use this opportunity to shine. >> this is our hometown and, you know, when the super bowl was here, six years ago we didn't exist. >> to a parking lot at levi stadium and in and of its 40,000 bay area drivers that work and drop off passengers and let's not get this close because uber paid for the committee and won't say how much. it's a huge interest having one
11:56 am
place to meet. >> people don't work together and that makes our job hard too. >> and we have an extra staff where we'll get a text message that tells you what spot you go to to make it simple to meet your driver. >> okay. this being san francisco, some uber drivers have been protesting this week over recent cuts and some plan to quote shutdown the super bowl on sunday. stay tuned although given uper's dynamic they could make good money some day. i think they're going to go up. back to you. >> i have no doubt. thank you very much jane wells. meanwhile, keeping an eye and
11:57 am
down to the plot line as gold is in the red by 50 points or so. be back at a short break. don't go away.
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> we'll see what the afternoon
12:00 pm
brings. really overshadowed a lot of the market action. a lot of price action today. >> it has. that's an interview you don't want to miss. >> meantime, keep your eye on oil and of course big jobs number on the way. the week is not over by a long shot. let's get back to headquaters. >> thanks. welcome to the halftime show. joe is here with kevin weiss, josh brown and pete. our game plan looks like this today. show down at viacom. one of the largest shareholders. with us exclusively at this hour. the investor speaking out on that company. dividend domino which oil company will be next after conoco pinches it's pay out. the names you need to watch and probably already own. we begin with ma


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