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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  February 4, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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"fast money" starts right now. live at the nasdaq market site. tonight on fast, big oil cutting their big dividends. if you're looking for income, you're not. we have five stocks, nearly more than 4%. they're all up in the past year. lincoln getting slammed on guidance. stock down about 27% after hours. we'll hear from an analyst with a buy rating on the stock. he'll tell us what investors are missing. over $2 billion is piled into
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one group of stocks in just the past month. but it may not be worth your money. we'll tell you why. we start off with the markets. and encouraging signs from two beaten-down sectors. check out the rally today in the big industrial name caterpillar 4%, the big material names freeport. are we starting to see signs of a bottom? grasso, what do you say? >> i'm always consistent in saying every rally starts with a short covering rally. it's hard to tell if this has any more legs we've already seen in it. every rally that we saw led by materials or energy, has been sold and it hasn't lasted. i'm doubtful. but if you look at the way things have traded now, i think that guys are forced to cover to take risk off the table. i don't think oil's seen a bottom. i think oil needs to see a boom to recover substantially from where we've been. >> at the same time, isn't this part of a good rotation that may mark the sign of a bottom, to
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see industrials rally for the last few days? like home depot cycled into the ones that haven't participated? >> that is good. however, some of these levered ones that move up a lot, i don't view that as out of the woods. i view that as a knee-jerk reaction that these things are very levered. steve was right, fcx, but still trading at a level that tells you very severe problems there. i don't think the -- certainly some of the minors, i know copper up a little bit, but i think still not out of the woods there. the divergence between the equity of the debt is so big and the debt. >> you talked about the potential when it was trading. i decided four bucks. really well done. the dollar weakness has a lot to do with this as well, no doubt about it. i don't think the problems freeport has been solved by any stretch of the imagination. what i think is interesting, though, if you want to lump boeing into this group, which
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you can, they reported decent quarter, but their guidance was an atrocity. the way the stock has traded over the last couple days, leetsleads me to believe, if it's peak valuation, fair valuation, the way it's traded, the lowest levels since 2014, means we're in long trade against the 115, 116. boeing looks all of a sudden interesting again. >> for me, i don't think this is the bottom at all. this is a massive de-risking going on. the reason why i say that is look at all the trades that are unwiding. now your resource stocks are short covering. look at the weak dollar. everybody was in long dollar, going to the moon. even gold that had massive short positions in it. that's starting to rally right now. if someone got a tap on the shoulder saying, let's take the books town, de-risk globally until we find out what's going on, i think that's what's going
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on now. >> at the end of last year, we were talking so much about the mean revision going on, bounce back from the beaten-down commodities, are we starting to see that manifest now? >> it would imply people are putting money to work. when i say de-risk, just taking money out. whether it comes back to work, i don't know. where it goes, i don't know. i don't think it's, oh, this is a mean re version trade and we've got to get in on this now. >> getting back to the question we started the discussion with, are these signs a bottom? you're saying no? >> i think it's too early to say it's the signs of a bottom. the bottom has to fit a couple of different criteria. you need to see a couple of days, you need to see the support level not broken again. when you look at oil, oil is making lower highs when you look at it on a chart. that, to me, is not positive for me. >> what do you do in this strirmt? >> listen, i want to be on record saying, i'm bearish. i think there are a lot of headwinds out there.
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it doesn't mean the market can't go higher. the reversal we saw on tuesday is significant. we keep forcing ourselves below the 18,000 level, and it snaps back every time. one day the snapback will have a continuation. i'll give it a pass today. obviously we have a big report tomorrow that could throw a monkey wrench in this whole thing. the fact that the market continues to press down leads me to believe maybe we could see levels steve talked about. >> what is the monkey wrench? >> job report comes in strong, and the corner that they painted themselves into, they being the fed, continues to get smaller and smaller. i am certain, and i don't know anything, but i am certain quietly they're hoping for a disastrous number, at least it gives them coverage that they need. >> i totally agree with you, but i think they don't even care at this point. >> not going to change the path? >> they're not going to --
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>> they are so focused on jobs creating inflation, which that whole process is broken, has been broken for years, but they continue to go back to the old model. i would not be surprised to see them raise rates again. i'll say, it's insane that they do it. >> if they raised rates, you're looking at 100 to 200 handle drop in the s&ps in short order. not in one day, in short order. >> okay. i can't see them raising the rate. i agree with you, they have the dual mandate. even if the jobs improve, i think they have so much cover under the inflation mandate around the world. i just can't see that happening. for the markets at large, i look at a much more granular level. if we look at last year, the market was flat. you had three huge outperformers. if you don't have those this year, you could have the market be down and so many stocks do fine. >> sure. >> i try to find some of those
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stocks. >> and you bought today. >> i bought today. i bought jpmorgan today. it's almost never here on a price-to-book basis. yesterday, bought some citibank, bought bank of america, today bought some google. i think stuff has really gotten oversold. now, google -- obviously, if that theory holds, all right. down $100 after grade earnings. >> let's continue talking about financials here. that is the one factor that doesn't seem to be hitting the bottom at all. especially the pain in the european trade. bk, how do you manage this trade after we've seen such steep decline? >> in the beginning of january short deutsche bank and qbs after that. the exposure to the commodity area, exposure to emerging banks, and it broke through 27 1/2, that was the big level for me. what do you do now?
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i had option positions on deutsche bank that i took the profit on, and rolled them out to a january put option. for the credit suisse, they'll have to do a capital raise. deutsche bank has convertible bonds that could flood the market with equity. the negative interest rates in europe are just not that great for these banks. it weakens their whole operating model, plus they're now exposed to emerging markets. commodities, not a lot of good news for them. >> troubling signs in the sector. for instance, at cvs today, deutsche bank, those have hit levels since 2012 or so. the preferred stock. what we pull up here on our screens is the adr typically, but the preferred stock in deutsche bank -- >> right. cds are not where they were back in the crisis. they are heading back up there. i don't know -- i'm not saying deutsche bank goes to zero, i'm not saying it goes out of business, i'm not saying any of that. in this environment, they
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probably have a $70 trillion derivatives book. that's on a net basis. we know when things happen, when bad things happen, that goes to gross. that could be much, much bigger than $70 trillion. that filters back here to the u.s. banks, too. >> i hold bank america, karen holds bank america, and i was too scared to think the other day. if the european banks go out, or get cut in half, i think people shoot first, ask questions later. they're going to kill everything first and figure out who has the greatest exposure? >> i would look at the u.s. banks, if something happens in europe, at deutsche bank or credit swuisse, i would look at the u.s. banks. >> and buy. >> you'll sell into -- >> what about if something happens? >> it could be a capital raise. more importantly, i'm really watching glen corp.
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that's the one the european banks have exposure to. it's estimated if they have a problem and can't pay back their debt, that would almost be fatal for them. that's kind of what i'm looking for. that's where the u.s. banks come in. at some point you're going to get a nice dividend. and i don't think the u.s. banks are going to cut their dividends. >> when you're continuing to buy bank shares, even this week, what do you do? >> bank america, i think, for example is the most insulated of the big three. very, very u.s. centric business. i think this scenario that you're laying out is part of the reason that they're here. they're already down on this news somewhat, i think. not that they can't get worse. of course, it could. if deutsche bank really has a problem, i'm curious, would you cover on a big equity rate or do you this i that wouldn't be enough? >> it depends how big the equity raise is. i mean, i'm still looking to see what happens with glen corp. it got downgraded today.
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that, to me, is the biggest thing. the fashion faux pas heard around the world. getting crushed today, is the consumer in much more trouble than we thought. the most hated man. this may be an overstatement. mark shkreli, shocking testimony. could biotech investors be the ultimate ones to feel the pain? we'll explain. conoco philips slashing the dividends. we have got the five stocks with 4% dividend yield that are up on the year. we've got the names when "fast money" returns.
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welcome back to "fast money." deckers outdoor, the maker of uggs reporting disappointing earnings. warm weather and weak store traffic across pressured demand. announcing store closures, office consolidation and the realignment of brand management. it has been a tough year for the struggling retailer. down about 37% over the past 12 months. >> all right. seema, thank you very much.
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seema mody there. this is a name that you have traded in. >> i have. i'm actually long it. >> you are? >> for me, you had a hope if you were bullish on the name, you had a hope. you were hoping for cold weather. they said, if it's anything better than a zero, the stof is buyable. of course, now we hear this from the ceo. not only was it a zero, but wasn't factored in. i think you'll have a little more wait time. it's not just a winter stock. it is -- they do have the rollout of sneakers. >> and sandals. >> wait time for what? a wait time to sell? or wait time to buy this thing? you're long this stock. at some point you say, i'm going to pull the rip cord on this. >> i'm not going to -- this whole dynamic -- the landscape has had a rough go. i know i sound like twitter when i say this, eventually it will be an mna candidate.
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i think you're going to see a lot better things coming out of it moving towards the springs, toward the warmer weather. everybody thinks this is a stock for winter, it's actually a stock year round. >> so you hold it. sticking with retail, take a look at the pain in both the high and the low end consumer. ralph lauren getting taken to the woodshed, falling more than 20% on the day after earnings missed expectations. and kohl's here. >> gigantic moves for the companies that -- it wasn't like the next greatest thing ever. different stories, though. ralph lauren, this was really the first earnings call where the new ceo really took the reins and they didn't really answer what needed to be answered. they said we'll do a new kind of investor thing in the spring, but he was saying he was very disappointed in their recent performance.
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clearly they have big inventory issues that they said they're going to push that out. he talked about -- he alluded to, i think, to rationalizing some of their different lines. and the costs were way out of line. he guided to margin compression. it was kind of a kitchen sink sort of thing we talked about. we talked about a new ceo coming in, and resetting the bar, boy, he really, really reset the bar. i'm surprised its "down this much. i actually bought at the very end of the day, some call spreads. i just think this was so overdone. but he's saying he does have some trouble in front of him. it also seems like a losing share. if you look at what happened in coors and what happened here, it's not a big leap to assume you're going to lose share. coach also had decent earnings. kohl's also losing some share. >> right. >> i can't believe they're down as much as it is in -- it wasn't the end of the world.
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>> karen's been buying a lot lately. >> yeah, i have been busy. i have been busy. >> k. finerman environment. >> i didn't think it was worth a 23 rally. i didn't think ralph 25%, or whatever it was on the down side. this is only in retrospect. it makes sense, if you think about it, that the first quarter that the guy's in, they're going to sandbag the quarter. the knee jerk when ralph lauren stepped down, the stock rallied like 8% that day. it all starts to make sense in retrospect. going to real quick in terms of kohl's, kss, that's not an expensive stock. at a certain point i think at eight times forward earnings or so, i think it -- you've got to start to take a look at kohl's. >> morgan stanley downgrading oil prices today. it expects low prices to remain for longer than originally
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anticipated. supply and demand imbalance will likely continue another two years. take a look at the u.s. oil fund etf. more than 2% on the day, falling along with the declining crude. we should also note, the heavy increase since the start of the year. finally morgan stanley comes around. >> i said it the other night, when you throw numbers out there, everyone starts to talk about how oil can trade to $85 again or $100. i don't think it will trade to $50 again. i think you've seen the lid. >> ever? >> i pretty much want to say ever. >> wow. >> the efficiencies that we've seen in the oil complex, these guys can get on and offline so much faster. they are cost break-evens are so much lower. you'll see a darwinism in that energy space. you'll see them be more efficient. i don't think you're going to see $50 oil. i think you're probably sitting around here, maybe $30 to $40. i think you're actually going to
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test that $26.55 low. the reason why they've saved oil in the last couple of weeks has been the idea of an opec/non-opec meeting they're going to have. if non-oph members -- non-opec members think of cutting -- >> if you look back at what happened in 1980. saudi arabia was cutting the whole time that oil was crashing. it didn't matter. because there was so much oil out there. i would look at natural gas as a model for what's going to happen to oil. we had the oversupply of natural gas. it crashed. and it's basically been in an l since then. 1980s, natural gas, and looking probably in range, let's call it $20 to $50. definitely a good tradeable range. but it's not going to get much higher than that because of what grasso said. >> i love this game. >> no, no, no. oil higher or lower? >> lower. >> okay. >> we played this game the other
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day. you made me choose between garmin and pickens. >> i know we're running out of time. there's a real problem with the olive oil in italy. >> i saw that. >> they're putting water in. it's a trade school, by the way. it's not pure oil. >> there's a black market for olive oil also. >> let's head to break here. take a look at shares of linkedin. we'll hear from an analyst who thinks the stock could double. he'll tell us everything else that is missing. you're watching "fast money" on cnbc. we can even talk about of the purchase of a -- is it lutan clan? . >> we'll tell you why the answer to that simple question may have
5:22 pm
sealed the fate of biotech stocks for the rest of the year? be very, very quiet, i'm hunting for a yield. >> we've got five stocks yielding more than 4% that are up in the past year. we'll give you the names when "fast money" returns.
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welcome back to "fast money." the most hated man in america, mark shkreli on drug pricing. the pharma villain flashing quite the smirk throughout the whole ordeal. talk about a man in need of some therapy. who better to bring it than our therapist meg terrell in d.c. she's got the very latest. meg? interesting day. >> very interesting day, melissa. martin shkreli continuously took the fifth amendment on the advice of his lawyer. brafman joining kelly on "closing bell" last hour that he would fake the fifth. he appeared, they said just in order to embarrass him. he's basically been tacked to the hip to shkreli during the time. take a listen to one of the
5:26 pm
things his attorney said. >> with respect to him, he's not a bad kid. what he did is perhaps regrettable in the way he did it. i've sat and listened to the representative from valiant. i think when you do your research, you'll see that pharmaceutical companies throughout the world raise prices indiscriminalitily when they want to. if they do it in a good public relations venue, nobody screams and yells. >> brafman has told shkreli he's no longer allowed to talk to the media. he kept pleading the fifth at the hearing today. however, just after his lawyer's interview on "closing bell," shkreli taking to the live screen talking with a lot of fans. i watched it for a couple minutes. it was sort of bizarre. taking some shots across the bow at congress as he did on twitter immediately after leaving the hearing today. essentially saying on twitter, advertising his live stream. congress is welcome to chat with
5:27 pm
me about drug prices right now, no sworn oath here. as for the effect this is going to have on the biotech industry, schiller was also testifying at the hearing today. they were pretty tough on valiant as well, though shkreli really did take the headlines. the stock up 3% today. folks saying touring took the heat off of valiant today. biotech has obviously been having a really tough time. you can pretty much chart a downfall along with this story. really in september things started to get tough for biotech. hillary clinton, of course, with her tweet heard around the world, calling it price gouging and saying she'll produce measures to stop this kind of thing. not mentioning shkreli or price drugs at all, but they said it's the most challenging it's been since 2001.
5:28 pm
we're in a tough time right now. with the election cycle, and shkreli capturing headlines, none of this is good tor biotech. there are a lot of things going on for the work for the industry. it's been going up for five years and most people saying it has to come down. >> thank you, melg. there are two ways possibly to analyze the situation. that martin shkreli is the devil, and outlier in the pharma industry. therefore, the rest of the stri comes off better, because he looks so bad. or he reminds people that this is an issue. >> i would go with the latter. i think the whole industry now is under a microscope. he's the poster child for it. massachusetts attorney general saying what they said to gillea, d, they'll face charges. the whole thing seemingly out of whack. the last time i checked being a jerk is not an offense, because
5:29 pm
if it was, i would be -- the fact that you like him, don't like him, really shouldn't come into the equation. it doesn't matter, because the entire space is under a microscope. the biotech index, in my opinion, needs to recapture 285 before you can look at the space. >> i agree. i think it's going to be very front and center on the election. it's so easy. i think they actually could get some bipartisan support to maybe do something. so it's not just are we going to hear a lot of bad noise about it, the government has given away the right to negotiate drug prices. that was a huge mistake. so if they were, if not -- if they were able to undo that, that would be tremendously powerful. >> and it would be negative for the biotech industry. >> absolutely. it's not just a threat. >> that's the point, it's negative right now, the landscape for the biotech sector. and what you're hoping for in the best case scenario is still
5:30 pm
negative. so it's a no-touch right now. the fact that they knew that he was not going to say a word, and still have him there -- >> par rid him out there. >> they wanted to parade him out there. and as you said, karen, it's so easy to talk about drug pricing is too high. it resonates. >> over the summer when the tweet first came out, you thought maybe there was a differentiation there were drugs priced high. in that category, the valients of the world, now going after gillead, they're trying to cure help-c. >> they tend to go for the stuff that makes the biggest splash out there. that's the problem with this. the other thing meg brought up is we had such a run-up in these.
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i don't think that investment money's coming back. five stocks up in the past year. all yields more than 4%. we'll tell you the names. later, how super bowl 50 plans to capitalize on the social media boom from advertisers to live tweets. could this year's big game be one for the record books in the digital age. a special report. seizing opportunity. and i'd like to... cut. so i'm gonna take this opportunity to direct. thank you, we'll call you. evening, film noir, smoke, atmosphere... bob... you're a young farmhand and e*trade is your cow. milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity.
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(crow cawing) it had no heart, but it was alive. (train wheels on tracks) it had no mouth, but it spoke to me. it said, "rocky mountaineer: all aboard amazing". welcome back to "fast money." here's what's coming up in the second half of the show. there's one asset that's taking off. we'll explain what it is, and why it may be too late. nfl legend brett favre on sunday, he'll tell us who he thinks the real winner of the super bowl will be. it's not what you expect. first, renewed worries on wall street today that the fate of many so-called safe high-yielding stocks may be in trouble. this afr cafter conoco philips
5:35 pm
will cut their dividends. dominic chu is at headquarters with the dividend plays for you. go. >> all right. melissa, i'm a safety first kind of guy in many ways. some investors who are looking for that safety first approach when it comes to dividends are looking for ways to screen stocks to give them an idea of where they can find dividend yield. at the same time, not be subject to perhaps some of the dividend cuts. one of the screens that some investors are using has to do with merging dividend yield with relative strength, or momentum in the stock market. in this case here, something we call maybe the divine dividend screen. we look for s&p 500 companies that are trading with dividend yields that are above the current market. that's about 2.3% for the s&p 500. we then took the highest dividend yields and scraped out all the ones who didn't have positive performance year-to-date. and they didn't have positive performance over the past year. again, you have to have a good big dividend yield. also be positive
5:36 pm
performance-wise year-to-date, and positive over the last 12 months. only around 30 companies fit that criteria. here are the top five. interestingly enough, maybe some of it's intuitive. the number one out there, north of 5%, is at&t. telecom stocks, many pay the outside dividends on a relative basis. up 7% just this year. 7% over the last year. relatively flat performance, yet still pays that dividend. mattel, near a 5% yield as well. it's up 17% on the yields of good earnings numbers and whatnot over the last year, up 14%. a nice dividend yield there. philip morris international, 4.6%. up over the last year. in 2016 as well. another telecom, verizon. we know about this one here, the biggest one out there, 4.5%. positive over the last year. and in 2016. the top five is rounded out with a reit. realty income with a 4% dividend
5:37 pm
yield. again, positive performance both one year and year-to-date. this is just a look at some of the ways they're looking for deals. merged with a little bit of safety there. again, just because these stocks have kept those dividend yields and have not fallen and given you a big dividend yield. again, this is one of the ways people are using other screens. but one way to look at dividend yield. >> thank you very much, dom chu. one of them is the final trade. >> fun little quiz. philip morris, absolutely. what's interesting, a lot of these names have run a lot as dom pointed out. at&t, verizon, realty income trading at a 52-week high. philip morris hasn't quite yet. i think you're safe with that. trading between 80 and 90 1/2 let's say. that could be a nice winner. >> feel like any of the stocks have a heavy value in rt
5:38 pm
dividends? >> you know, i guess if it's the melting ice cube kind of stock, the dividends getting your money back, that's okay. verizon would probably be the one that i would choose. i'm more interested in some of the mlp related kind of things that have gotten absolutely obliterated. and the yields are significantly higher this year. >> are you going to say southern? >> i was actually going to say philip morris. every time i look at them or altrea, i always think, why don't i own these. i've been in and out of altrea group over the years. but when i look at the long-term charts, they're so much smoother than at&t or verizon. you have to worry about your cap al as well, not just your dividend. if you look at the tobacco stocks, probably a safe way to play it. >> stop playing games with us! >> truly.
5:39 pm
>> they just keep coming. >> awful. >> the dividend's been going up because the stock's been going down until recently. one of the reasons, decent quarter, big short interest. i saw some, in the written word, maybe hasbro and mattel. just on short coverage alone, that was it. coming up, linkedin. we've got a top analyst who says the stock could double still. making the case right after this break. know your financial plan
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won't keep you up at night. know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a
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pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted. welcome back to "fast money." i'm julia boorstin. linkedin beating fourth quarter ruts on the top and bottom line. dragged down by weaker than expected guidance for the first quarter of 2016. the company saying it expects mid-20% growth in its core field sales business this year. down for the roughly 30% year over year growth which closed out the year with. the company cites continued pressure in europe, the middle east and africa as well as the
5:43 pm
asia-pacific region. the company also says it's focusing on sponsored content and growing that business, which it says will impact its revenue growth in the short term. in the earnings column going on right now, with analysts looking to reassure investors, he talked about how he's planning for the long term. >> or strategy 2016 will focus on a higher set of high value, with the goal of strengthening and driving leverage across our entire portfolio of businesses. a road map will be supported by greater emphasis on simplicity, and investment impacts. >> on the earnings call just now, he also talked about the potential to work more with small and medium sized businesses, and he said as part of that, they're working to make all of linkedin's tools as easy and accessible as possible so everyone can use them. right now wiener said they'll continue to be focused and disciplined based on the stock holding on to the declines. it does not seem to be
5:44 pm
reassuring investors. >> julia, thank you. let's bring in neil joining us in the fast line. $258 price target. neil, what did you miss on the quarter and why did you stick with the buy at this point? >> when we look at the numbers and go through the call, you know, it was a very strong quarter. however, you know, the big macro concerns are there. display advertising continues to be a big headwind for these guys. the problem is, i think there's a lot of high margin products they're not executing well on and that's going to float through into 2016. looks like 2016 will really be a year of refocus and reinvestment. and it seems like investors might be taking a pause on this stock right now. >> more broadly in your space, neil, why does it seem like social is the next big thing, the greatest thing since sliced bread. facebook seems to be the one stock gaining traction.
5:45 pm
what's going on here in terms of a rationalization in your sector? >> yeah. you know, i think facebook is definitely taking share. they continue to execute on the core facebook app, and also, on instagram. and when you think about the next wave of how people will communicate, that's messaging. facebook, by the way, has 1 billion users, and facebook messenger which has 100 million users. advertisers are thinking where to put their money, they'll go where their pulse is. >> few people made the correlation that this quarter somehow is some sort of tell on the jobs market. i think that's ludicrous. but can you comment on that? >> yeah, it's definitely hard to tell. we put in a report on the bubble, and we're definitely starting to see signs, at least in the tech world, where companies are starting to slow down the hiring, or tech companies are starting to lay people off. at least in technology, we're starting to see that especially
5:46 pm
here in the silicon valley, we're starting to experience some of that. that could be flowing through. i think it's still too early to claim that the whole jobs market's going to collapse. but we're starting to see little hints of a slowdown. that's probably what's getting people worried for high multiple stock like linkedin. >> thank you for phoning in, neil. we appreciate it. what would be your trade here at this point? >> i wouldn't jump into this. i'm not sure if there's a catalyst out there that's going to get this thing higher. neil thinks this could double, but the problem is, yes, things are slowing down, and in the market environment here, you have a high multiple stock that's gotten absolutely crushed. it takes a while for these things to come back. >> i chatted with our friend about this name. there's three revenue streams yet. you have basically enterprise consumer, and advertising. and they're so diverse, that people need to see the guide to be intact. the guide wasn't there.
5:47 pm
136 is your support in the name. give it some time. >> the gdx up in 2016. hey, mike. >> we saw a lot of activity in gold. gold futures, we saw four out of the top five most active options there all calls. two times the daily options volume, newmont, caterpillar and freeport. 50,000 june '22 calls traded today. they traded six times the average daily call volume. of course, for it to get over 22 means it's going to regain the highs from a year ago, up 40% from what gdx is right now. >> thanks for that, mike. >> a couple of calls. mike looks a lot like paul ampga in that shot. >> he does! wow.
5:48 pm
>> listen, you know my view on the gold. gold over the last three weeks, i think it's going to continue. i think the miners can go higher. he's been in fueggo on these -- what do they call them? action hits. i love it. >> thank you, mike. check out the full show tomorrow at 5:30 eastern time. we'll see if mike brings out the collar. still ahead, super bowl sunday is quickly approaching. but the big winner this year could be social media. nfl legend brett favre joins us right after the break to talk about the phenomenon. you're watching "fast money" on cn cnbc, first in money worldwide. here at the td ameritrade trader group, they work all the time. sup jj, working hard? working 24/7 on mobile trader, rated #1 trading app on the app store. it lets you trade stocks, options, futures... even advanced orders. and it offers more charts than a lot of other competitors do on desktop. you work so late. i guess you don't see your family very much?
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welcome back to "fast money." sunday's big game isn't just the biggest tv event of the year, but it's also huge for media. who's winning the fight for social ad dollars. julia? >> there were more than 28 million tweets about the super bowl last year, and 65 million people participating in the conversation on facebook. and now both companies are working to maximize their super bowl exposure to benefit from the fact that 73% of super bowl viewers plan to use at least one other device while watching the
5:52 pm
game on tv. twitter is partnering with the nfl and brands such as pepsi and anheuser-busch to create super bowl emojis to tie into the tv campaigns. and a moments tab to make it easier to follow posts and tweets. facebook launched a sports stadium to feature realtime commentary. butter finger and wicks released teasers or facebook for their tv spots. snapchat is hosting live stories about the game and parties with advertiser including budweiser and amazon. now, instagram from 30 seconds to 60 seconds, just in time for super bowl marketers, including t-mobile, to buy spots. social campaigns show brands working to maximize super bowl bets which is still the quickest way to reach a massive audience.
5:53 pm
>> i would have loved to have spent all my money on digital. but it turns out that the super bowl is a really great investment, reaching about 150 million people in one day. >> with all this planning, it can still be the improvised social commentary like oreos from three years ago, that can have the very biggest impact. >> julia boorstin, thank you. brett favre, the future hall of famer was a super bowl champion and three-time mvp. his number was retired by the packers after throwing for over 71,000 yards and 508 touchdowns. which makes him slightly mo more athletic than our jeff. great to have you with us, brett. >> thanks for having me. >> our reporter was detailing how twitter plans to take advantage of the super bowl. that so many people are engaged
5:54 pm
on twitter. how would score be different? would you see that as co-existing with twitter or instead of twitter? >> i think co-existing. you know, by no means am i an expert, but i'm listening to all that, and it's like, wow, the game has really come a long ways in a short amount of time since i played in '96 and '97. and continues to grow. and for these companies to maximize every ounce of it, i think we're seeing that. and so, yeah, obviously there's room to co-exist. and so it's been fun with the group at score. and really just recently my friend matt hasselbeck, who
5:55 pm
still is playing, west, a running back for kansas city, and patrick peterson, the cornerback for the arizona cardinals, have been the first to chat with their fans, which is really a neat way for the fans obviously to get up close and personal with their favorite athletes. you get live updates as you're talking within these chats. which is innovative. so everyone's trying to, you know, to beat the next at whatever. and i think there's room to co-exist and profit from it. >> are you going to be on score, on game day, communicating with fans, or are you going to go to your twitter account? i notice you're an active tweeter as well. >> well, yes and no. if i'm fortunate to make the hall of fame, they have us doing something during the game. i don't know if it's go out on
5:56 pm
the field -- i'm not sure. so i don't know how much time i'll have. i don't know what the -- again, if i'm fortunate enough to be selected. so it really kind of right now depends on what happens saturday night. >> sure. sure. and of course, we've got to ask you this, who do you think is going to win super bowl 50? >> i would say whoever i say, go with the other. i absolutely was terrible at guessing. i'm going to go with -- i hope peyton wins. but i think carolina is a favorite. >> right. great to speak with you. thanks for your time. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. coming up next --
5:57 pm
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we use the microsoft cloud to visualize information so we can track down the criminals. when it comes to the cloud, trust and security are paramount. we're building what we learn back into the cloud to make people and organizations safer. steve grasso? >> double d, i'm still long and it's had a bounce off the recent bottom. i would rate if you're the retail guy to buy above 60. >> i took some off today, time to take a profit. nobody went broke taking a profit. >> karen finerman? >> i like google. they had great earnings. great earnings. yet stocks down 100 bucks. i like it right here. good value. >> five bucks, mel, who drafted brett favre? >> the new york yankees. >> the atlanta falcons. >> i didn't know that.
6:00 pm
did he play for them? >> he did play for the falcons. texas instruments. >> i'm melissa lee. thank you so much for watching. see you back here tomorrow at 5:00. meantime, "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. ♪ hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. from cnbc 1 market. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to teach and to put it all in context. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc


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