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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  February 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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global market alert. european markets getting slammed. new this morning, china's foreign currency reserves, dropping to a four-year low. what that could mean for global markets. and twitter is trending. we'll tell you why social media users are so upset today. "worldwide exchange" begins right now. ♪ good morning, welcome to "worldwide exchange" on cnbc. i'm sara eisen. >> and i'm wilfred frost.
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congratulations. >> glad to have you back. >> good to be back, indeed. congratulations to the denver broncos this morning, peyton manning and team beating the carolina panthers 24-10 to win super bowl 50. denver's odefense was outstanding. >> the rose, what everybody cares about the lady gaga, singing the national anthem. that was incredible. all of those, halftime. peyton manning giving an endorsement. the highlights that everybody is fussing about in just a bit. first, let's get to markets, the business side of the morning. it's the year of the monkey, many markets in asia are closed today to celebrate including hong kong, mainland china, singapore, taiwan and south korea. there's still big market news out of china, reporting a 100 point drop to the lowest in four years. the market is fuelling charter
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about the yuan speculation. we're pointing out that, however, this is slightly less than expected. so in absolute terms, four-year lows but not as bad as what we saw in december in terms of the monthly reserves. in geopolitical use, the u.n. security council is condemning a rocket launch, pyongyang said it launched a satellite launch yesterday. but the u.n. argues the launch used illegal technology prohibited by multiple security council resolutions. let's check on the global markets this morning after another ugly session on wall street friday with the nasdaq drop agent 3% closing at the lowest of 2014. yet again, we're seeing selling all morning. with the dow jones futures set to open lower by 00 point. s&p futures down 23. then the nasdaq which has borne the brunt of the selling so far this year, down 57. really driven by a collapse and
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nearly a free fall in growth stocks. netflix, amazon down 6 friday. facebook down 6% friday. linkedin, down 44% on friday. we'll get to that in a moment. let's show you the early action in europe, once europe opened that's when u.s. stocks took a further spill. european stocks are getting hammered down 2% for the german and french kashgs. >> you talked about industrial names? >> yeah, rolls royce is suffering. last week, declines led by financials in europe. broughtly, wall street down 5%. financials more than that. in the open today, they're in positive territory, they've not followed the markets down even they can't engineer mounts despite a fall last week. looking at asia, as we said already, most of asia is closed today but we have got a little bit of movement. japan doing quite well, up 1%. we show india, there it is. down 1.3, australia. the few that are open.
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let's have a look at broader markets again, a lot of irnlt links. oil suffering down 1.6% for wti, 30.4, it was down 8% for the week last week. having had a bit of a bounce the previous weeks towards the end of january. of course, suffering at the start of february. let's have a look at the ten-year treasury note, if you ever want to leave for a week as i did last week and come back and get a gauge of where sentiment is, always useful to look at this, 1.8%. look at that in the yield, well below 2%. when you pair that with the german 1.3 and the japanese, it highlights the risk out there. the dollar index slid last week to a tune of 2.6%. today not too much movement. >> so, clearly, there's a lot of uncertainty in the market. the mixed jobs report only added
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fuel to uncertain picture about the federal research. a lot of economists looked that the number and saw strong wage growth unemployment rate below 5% and that puts the fed back in play for march. although, the pressure is what stops the selling at this point? we're going to have janet yellen speaking this week, tuesday and thursday. we're going to get a ton of numbers, retail numbers on friday. could it cheer up the market? so far earnings is not doing it, economic data is not doing it, neither is central banks. >> europe is one of the big reasons for decline. with the nasdaq on friday. a general risk of sentiment last week was largely led by european banks. we can discuss that in more detail as we get through the show. we've got corporate news to tell you about, #riptwitter. this following a buzzfeed report saying twitter will reorder tweets to preor the tize what
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those viewers want. right now, they're lifts chronologically. an uproar about the ceo jack dorsey throwing cold water on a virtual fire tweeting, quote, i want you to know we're always listening. we never plan to reorder time lines next week. >> here's what you missed? >> yeah, even that is chronological order. and the shares have gotten no love. they're down a whopping 45% just over the last three months. twitter does report earnings after the bell on wednesday. in auto news, ford reportedly plans to build a new plant in mexico and factory output from the country. the journal sites people believe briefed on the plan. rival general motors is also working on a plant in mexico to raise its capacity. volkswagen planning to offer jern ris compensation packages for the 600,000 owners of diesel vehicles that emit an illegal amount of emissions.
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this is according to kenneth fineberg who you recall is running the company's claims fund. vw has yet to decide whether they'll be offered cash, buybacks, repairs or actual cars. french carmaker kojo to play before sanctions. but 12 stopped sales in the country following an international boycott. in other corporate news, the greek yogurt maker chobani says it's rejected an offer from pepsico and other investors. the firm worked with goldman sachs after receivinged byes from companies last year. it reportedly rejected the beverage giant's offer because it was looking for a majority stake in chobani. chobani was only interested in selling a minority stake. in other news, gasoline prices continuing the trend lower. the average price of a gallon of regular dropping about 8 cents
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to $1.82 over the past two weeks. the lundberg survey saying this is the lowest in seven years. the cheapest gas can be found new tulsa at $1.44 a balance. the highest in l.a. where regular prices are $2.62 again. in noble use, credit suisse ceo is doing reduce his bonuses. just after posting a multibillion dollar quarterly loss. he told us, cnbc last week, that bank stocks are a buy. >> he did indeed. european banks, pausing on that quickly, there's two sides to the argument, one is is there something systemic building up in the european banks, are there bad loans that people can't deal with it? or 12 simply reiterating, post qe this time last year, i think people are realizing it hasn't really filtered to european
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bank's underlying profitability? in line with that. we're just seeing a reiterating of those stocks. so there's two sides to it. i think it's getting quite clear. the other thing to point out oum of these european banks just have new ceos. how much is it the flushing out to get it out if, mr. thiam,sta >> a lot of people look the deutsche bank. the amount that investors are paying in case of default. those are rising. that's what people are concerned about. >> and deutsche is definitely one that people are worried. that's where that contagion comes up with crisis. there is something a little more systemic in big lenderses as opposed to the trading funds.
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>> see, we needed you here. we missed you last week. >> you pretend and say that. other global news, argentina making historic $6.5 billion cash offer to bond holders. this safer the country defaulted on a record $100 billion in 2002. argentina is still negotiating with other creditors, with the elliott management and arailis capital management. and the 40-year legal dispute has strangled government finances and kept argentina locked out of global markets. now, to the u.s. week ahead, i mentioned it's going to be a busy one, fed speak, retail data, many more earnings reports. today, you can watch out for hasbro reports before the opening bell. on tuesday, coca-cola, viacom and disnah reporting earnings. wednesday, janet yellen is on capitol hill for part one of our
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testimony on economy and monetary policy. we'll get roars from time warner, cisco, tesla and twitter that day. thursday, yellen day, too. she's testifying before the u.s. senate. plus results from pepsi, aig and cbs. and then friday, retail sales. as mentioned the denver broncos defeated the carolina panthers last night. but let's put the actual game aside. landon dowdy joins us with all the nonfootball related highlights from last night's big game. landon. good morning. here's what people will be buzzing about at the office, coldplay kicking off the halftime performance. followed by beyonce and bruno mars. fans said it was a shoddy audio that made it hard for viewers at home to decipher the words. and honda's ad kevin hart
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driving away with first place honors in the ad meter. the real winner, maybe budweiser to the two most game shoutouts. >> we can all take time to reflect. i've got a couple of priorities first. i want to kiss my wife and my kids. i want to hug my family. i'm going to drink a lot of budweiser tonight, tracy, i promise you that. >> according to that analytics, that postgame endorsement is worth to $3 million in total brand value. i think the heinz wiener dog stampede. >> that was a crowd favorite. i liked the doritos ultrasound. what i liked in particular, not only was it fun and it worked for a variety of audiences. it meant that pepsi didn't create it with an ad agency. it was a contest.
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some random winner created that ad. >> and apparently it got 100,000 social posts. >> what i adore is the picture of manning's picture in the crowd looking very glum to the thought of his brother catching up or equal to. a little bit of brotherly love. >> what about the budweiser one -- >> seth rogue jn. >> rogan. >> i thought it was lighter. it was less emotional. >> it was. >> there were a lot of medical ones, too. there was a toenail fungus. irritable bowel one. >> i missed that one. landon, thank you. it turns out the denver broncos could mean a loss for wall street. it predicts when an afc team wins stocks will end the year, uh-oh, in the red. there's nothing scientific about
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it. it's been right 80% of the time. >> well an indicator for the nasdaq then. nasdaq is already pointing down sharply, anyway. >> although the year of the monkey is supposed to be an optimistic one. been reading about it all weekend. >> investors, how could they weigh off of that? when we come back, a live report from europe where stocks are taking a beating. they're off to a big start and moving south. we'll show you the big movers. straight ahead.
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a very good morning to you. if you're just getting up, a warm welcome to "worldwide exchange." let's get you up to speed on market action. i'm afraid u.s. equity futures pointing lower and sharply so, now to the tune of almost 2%. the nasdaq, of course, big falls on friday. and now expected to open down by 1.8%. we're also expecting similar moves down for both the dow and the s&p. the dax, a tune of 1.2%. oil pricings fell 8%, wti last week. we're looking at a further 2% decline. this morning, the other big driver has been european trade. let's head to london for what's behind big arrows in europe. julia chatterley joins us. >> thanks. we've accelerated to the downside. in line with what you're saying in the oil markets down down 2.5% from the european markets.
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not one session in the green. all in the red. it's the tech names. the bank names. a gain from the u.s. session on friday. i'll show you the individual markets if i can here. actually some of the outperformers the miners, in fact. in the 200, outperforming, don't get too excited with anglo-american saying overnight ke weren't rely on the commodity price anytime soon. the tech names in the dax here, actually a bit of outperformance from the italian banks in the italian market, too, after the speedy losses we've seen in the last two weeks. one to watch again. we did see the head of intesa sanpaolo doubling the dividend on friday. sending a message and quite frankly, there isn't any. i want to talk about another bank as well, credit suisse, remember, i spoke to the bank on thursday. we had that big debate whether or not there's low morale. coming forward, he's announced a significant reduction in his own
5:19 am
bonus. the message from the bank what he called asking if employees take a hit here, he's not making sack nights him. a real showing for the bank. but at now a bit of solidarity. the stock down 28% in the last seven days. julia, thank you for the update. what on earth is going on this morning? oil is getting hit. that weak science spilling over into u.s. futures. we just got a letter from dennis gartman, he said the world is concerned about the nonfund payrolls, the january jobs report adds to that weak canadian payrolls. gold is a great concern barometer to his point, gold is up again today up about 1%. gold has been marching steadily higher throughout the year. we've talking to david rosenberg. gold is one divided by "t."
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"t" is trust. as trust evaporates, central bankers and policymakers and the ability that they have to stem whatever economic weakness is in front of us, gold surges. >> surges but not really like it's taken off? >> sure. but it's completely reversed a decline. >> and the other, bond yields over the last weeks have seen lots of yield compressions even though we've had more specific. here on "worldwide exchange," if you went to sleep early, we've got the highlights from last night's super bowl. the names and must see plays you need to know before heading to the office watercooler today. but first as we integrate, here's the forecast from the wk weather channel's jen carfagno. >> we're tracking a big storm over the atlantic ocean. a potential blizzard around cape
5:21 am
cod. very blustery throughout the northeast. that plus another system that brought tremendous winds and a ground blizzard to the plains over the weekend. that being on the move. not a huge amount of accumulation here, but driving snow in places like chicago that changeover of rain to snow all the way from cincinnati, down nashville. even atlan even atlanta, plus in the west, a lot of high temperatures, 85 degrees, a lot of wind a big factor in the southwest as well. that's your latest forecast from coast to coast. shaep monday. i'm jen carfagno.
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good morning. if you're just waking up, watch out, big market moves this morning. the selling pressure continues. we're seeing in u.s. equity futures even this early with dow futures down 200 points. s&p down 23. nasdaq, this is what we're watching into the open, nasdaq futures down 65, after the nasdaq closed on friday at the lowest level since october 2014. a lot of this weakness is coming after the european markets opened. as we can see, weakness across the board and the continental with the german dax now down 2.6%. the french index, down 2.3%. weakness, really, across the board. i want to show you what's happening with the early stongs with the fang stocks, facebook, amazon, netflix which got
5:25 am
slammed. more than 2% moves in the premarket but that's what we're seeing with facebook after it slid nearly 6% on friday. down 2.5% to give you a snapshot. weakness in oil price cons as well after nearly an 8% slide last week. wti hovering above that $30 a barrel mark. at the benchmark, down 2%. and gold which really has been a bright spot in the trading action, 42016. gold gets another 1.5%. >> all doom and gloom from sara. back to the super bowl. the broncos versus the panthers. the old guard and the grizzled veteran peyton manning versus the new wave in cam newton. the teams preparing two weeks in the face-off for the big game. the top-rated denver defense was ready. in the first quarter, von miller stripping newton of the ball which was recovered in the end zone with malik johnson for a
5:26 am
touchdown putting denver up 10-0. the panthers would finally get going in the second quarter, capping off a long drive with this goal line leap with stewart making it 10-7. it was 13-7 to the broncos at the halftime. the third quarter was marked with miscues by carolina. first a missed field goal that bounced off the goalpost. and then cam newton throws an interception deep into denver territory. and then a promising drive. in the fourth, carolina got a big break, as peyton manning was stripped of the ball, and the panthers recover the fumble. but von miller once again gets to newton, forcing a fumble. denver recover near the end zone. and that led to a touchdown by c.j. anderson. denver winning 24-10. manning getting his second super bowl ring and von miller named mvp. >> peyton manning wouldn't say whether he was going to retire. but that's the speculation.
5:27 am
he can now go out, ride into the sunset as everyone is saying. >> seems to be pretty clear that people think he will. unlikely he will announce it there on the spot anyway? >> and he doesn't just get a super bowl trophy and ring. he gets an extra cash. the denver broncos got manning to agree to cut his salary from $19 million to $15 million but he got the team to include two significant bonuses. $2 million for reaching the super bowl. and then $2 million for winning the game. manning has one year left on his five-year contract. he's due $19 million for 2016. it's lovely that he's going to go out on top and retire. >> pretty epic either way. congratulations to him. panda 3 won at the box office. animated movie was number one two weeks in a row.
5:28 am
the coen brothers "hail ceaser." when we come back on wsh "worldwide exchange," a global market where it's coming from next. plus, a live report from new hampshire as voters get ready for tomorrow's big primary election after what was a very interesting debate. we want to know what music you want to hear on "worldwide exchange." you can go to our page and get the link to spotify play list. you missed. we had new music friday. tell us what you want to hear. we'll be right back. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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"worldwide exchange." on cnbc. i'm sara eisen. >> and i'm wilfred frost. let's check in on the global markets this morning and get straight to the action. futures pointing sharply lower. they've fallen over the last hour. look at the dow down around 200 points. what's the cause? well, largely, it's european trade. let's have a look at that as well. we go the dow down 180 points. had a little bit of a loss. europe leading the low. dax down 2.5%. we had a slightly positive open in europe. industrials, though, falling the most. financials had had a bit of a bounce after a torrid week last week now very much in the red as
5:32 am
well. a quick look at asia. although most of it was closed for the chinese new year. japan trading up at 1.2%. for the broader markets, oil's under pressure again. it was earlier higher, a bit of a turnaround overnight. were ti crude holding above $30 a barrel. brent crude down 2%. in terms of the bond market treasury, they've been buying treasury, pushing those yields lower for the past few weeks. what we're seeing is a continuation of that theme again this morning after a mixed job report for january. a lot of folks saw what they wanted. strength in that 4.9% unemployment rate. and wage growth. treasury note continues to move lower at 1.82. as far as the dollar, the dollar had the worst week since 2009 last week. kind of a bit of a boost after that jobs report was mixed and confusing as i mentioned but it's heading south again today.
5:33 am
we're watching gold, near a three-month high. it continues to signal the uncertainties and some fear pervasive in the market. let's get on to politics. the last day of full campaigning for the presidential candidates before voters head to the polls in the new hampshire primaries tomorrow. ahead in the trail after a fiery debate on saturday. cnbc's john harwood joins us now from new hampshire with a preview of what to expect tomorrow. john. >> reporter: wilfred, we had serious action over the weekend in new hampshire on super bowl sunday. or even before super bowl sunday. because marco rubio who came roaring out of iowa with a close third-place finish behind donald trump had momentum here. was moving up in the polls. hit a serious speed bump in the debate on abc, when exchange with chris christie, he was called out for giving robotically the same answer, one after the other. and after being called out, did
5:34 am
it once again. take a look at this clip. >> let's just expel once and for all with this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exactly what he's doing, barack obama is undertaking a system attic effort to change this country to make america. i would add this, list dispel this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. he knows exact what he's doing. this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing -- >> there it is. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. there it is, everybody. >> now, we've seen since then that marco rubio's momentum in the polls has stalled out. opponents in a scramble for second place behind donald trump who has got a big lead, trying to make the argument that he's not prepared to be president. less action on the democratic side. hillary clinton left of the state to go to flint, michigan, dramatize the water crisis will. but we had comic relief from
5:35 am
bernie sanders who went to new york to appear with our colleagues on "saturday night live" with larry david who does a killer impression of bernie sanders. take a look at this clip. >> i am so sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatment. [ applause ] enough is enough. we need to unite and work together. if we're all going to get through this. >> sounds like socialism to me! [ laughter ] >> democratic socialism. >> ah, what the the difference? >> yuge difference. >> now, bernie sanders heads into the new hampshire primary with a substantial lead. double digits. well over double digits over hillary clinton. usually, those races tighten up at the end. so far, as we sit 24 hours out. both donald trump and bernie sanders have significant edges. they look like they're headed for victories. but how close hillary clinton
5:36 am
comes and who gets second here is it ted cruz? john kasich, is it jeb bush, or is it marco rubio in the end? that's going to shape the republican race going forward. to determine how long that battle for the nomination and emergence of the republican candidate is going to take. >> i like how the articles on the debate, john, the revenge of the governors. as you mentioned chris christie, that put marco rubio in that position. the rubio story became the story of debate. the question, i wonder, is it too late for some of these governors. all three, right, had pretty strong nights? >> it could well be too late. chris christie was polling at 5% before that debate. he certainly hurt marco rubio. is it too late to help himself? jeb bush had a strong debate himself. he had been stuck in right around 10%, in the hunt for second place. but not exactly there. and john kasich is an interesting case. governor of ohio. somebody who would like to be
5:37 am
able to hang on until the ohio primary which occurs next month, but john kasich pretty much only a one-state candidate at this point. he's got to get that second-place finish to get a boost out of here. get some money so he can build an infrastructure. but this race is very mobile right now because you have candidates who have national reach. donald trump, ted cruz has quite a bit of money in the bank. rubio to a limited extent, jeb bush because he's got money, but he doesn't have the same standing that the other three have had. so this could be quite an extended contest. which is not exactly what the republican party wanted. >> john, great stuff. we'll leave it there. of course, who is the biggest beneficiary of this rubio bashing over the weekend, probably ted cruz again? >> i would say trump, nobody went after him. >> it's by the way, two nonestablishment people rather than the establishment guys? >> and the two front-runners getting left alone. you could argue either way. many of the major asian
5:38 am
markets are closed to celebrate the lunar holiday, china, japan, taiwan and singapore. seema mody with were a look at stocks that could get a boost from the holiday. stocks that trades here. >> of course, the lunar holiday the equivalent of christmas here in the u.s. a big day for china but the multinationals that do business in the big country. will the economic decline weigh on consumer spending? some say it won't have an impact, given that typically, the average chinese, they allocate a specific percent of their income towards the lunar year. that they spend year over year. other states will absolutely have an impact this time of year. not just due to the economic downturn but the volatility in the stock market. retail participation has been high. also a decline in industrial profits. that's seen as a leading
5:39 am
indicator of household and consumer spending. that's been on the decline as well. lastly, the anti-corruption campaign led by president ze jinping. all of those potentially an impact on spending. with that said, shanghai composite is closed. there are stocks that tend to outperform one week as well as a month after the lunar new year. we found to the players, this is interesting, michael kors and coach, both which has been expanding into china, up better than 4%. you can see kors up 4% on average a, one month after the lunar new year. chinese avrs, a china index, a good etf for a lot of china names also outperformed. once the stand is out there which is many times as seen as china's google, bidu.
5:40 am
and not the same story for ali baba. the stock, given the selloff that beef soon seeing in china names it's now trading 1% the lowest in opening day price. we've seen a significant drop in a lot of the china tech names despite speaking with private equity investors, when you ask them, why do you want to invest in china given the concerns about the economy. they say it's just explosive growth rate when you say look at the internet specter there that keeps them involved. >> interesting moves in the stocks, but aside from that, consumption such a key potential in china with other areas suffering this particular ten-day spending spree. >> it's supposed to be. the bounce in economy with the economy, we're hoping that happens but over time everybody has questions. it's supposed to be one of the biggest migrations that we see in china.
5:41 am
>> travel is always a nightmare. everyone always says. >> thank you. >> thanks very much. now, for this morning's top trending stories. eli manning looking pretty disappointed leading up to his older brother's super bowl win. the broncos score with three minute it's left in the fourth quarter. as the cameras panned to the family box. eli also the giants quarterback looks like the only one up they're not celebrating. this is a pretty awesome little clip. >> so unfair. >> so unfair. >> look at his family, everyone loves it. my brother has just pulled equal to me. into having a field day. some say it could be his reaction to loss of brags rights because he's no longer the only one in the family with two super bowl rings. we're going to stay with the theme. a great weekend for beyonce, the grammy winner who announced her 2016 formation world tour. after releasing a new song on
5:42 am
saturday and performing that song during the super bowl halftime show with bruno mars and coldplay. tickets sold out within minutes of going live. she, i thought, was the highlight of the halftime show. i thought cold play, i'm sorry, wilfred, they were totally out of place. my own personal review, bruno mars and beyonce saved the show. >> well, i think coldplay -- >> she wore a tribute to michael jackson. >> she's classic. still to come on "worldwide exchange," must reads including "the wall street journal" reporting that hedge funds are betting against blue chip corporate debt. that's one to make sure you think about. we'll tell you why that could be a bad sign for the economy. stay tuned. you're watching "worldwide exchange" on cnbc.
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well, welcome back to "worldwide exchange." let's look at futures pointing sharply lower. the dow down by 180 points. similar moves for the downside for the nasdaq and s&p as well. the big driver today, european trade, again, we're seeing most of the europeans down 2%. this morning, the same story really for last week as well where europe was the main story. look at those declines. germany down 7% over the last week including today's declines. ftse down 5. france down 7. italy, where many question marks
5:46 am
remain about banks, down 9%. europe in fact opened flat. quickly declined, that's when u.s. futures went lower as well. >> to all of this economic doom and gloom. it's time for today's must read stories. the ones that caught our attention. "the wall street journal," not an op-ed, actually a news story about how hedge funds are betting on risks in blue chips. that's a read. the debt nor significance, if the funds are right it would send a worrisome signal about the health of the economy. wider bond spreads make it more difficult for companies to issue debt, directly crimping the supply of credit and economic growth." new york's perry capital, with the safest corporate bondses out there, issued by ten companies by buying their credit default swaps. an interesting strategy worth watching about what it says about the broader economy. >> but also definitely watching the moves we've seen in ear
5:47 am
assets so far this year comes off risk off sentiment with the equities in. a more riskier end of the curve. this might be be one area where you say the risk sentiment continues to worsen or the next one a selling. >> or is it a bad debt because we're not in a recession? we continue to have this debate, right, is the u.s. heading into a recession given what the market is telling us. >> at the moment, that's not as much correlation. we're just about at the top of the hour, that means it's almost time for "squawk box." becky joins us from midtown manhattan. we're trying to filling out more selling pressure from a brutal ugly session from the nasdaq on friday, becky. >> i have a couple theories on that, sara, first of all, the broncos won surprising everybody. that means if you're looking at a super bowl indicator, this is an olds nfl team. that's an indication that we'll be down a year. we'll talk to rob simmelkjaer
5:48 am
about that this morning. when you look at oil pressures, that's a huge think that people think these things. we do have janet yellen talking about. we have tobias lefkowitlefkowit. and then oil markets, the ceo of colin frost evans is going to be joining us on set to talk about it. the bankers who have some exposure to the oil industry, they say it's not as severe as wall street seems to think. that stock is down 18% this year. he's going to talk us through what they have in their portfolio. talking a little bit about exposure to oil, some of the places that you might not think about. the second exposures, the techs and companies what that mean for the companies. another monday, another down day, sort of what we've become used to in 2016. >> it is indeed.
5:49 am
sadly, red across the screen. 11 minutes left until "squawk box." first, when we come back, stocks taking a big bite in the market. we'll have strategist alison dean next. first, if you requested this song on twitter "i'm a believer" by the monkeys, we listen to our tweeter. tweet us at wec. we'll get the spotify playlist there. we'll be back on "worldwide exchange." ♪
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5:52 am
advisers. good morning to you. it seems that the global trend is being led by europe over the weekend. is that a fair summation? >> just people worried about what's going on over there. the fact that could carry over to the united states or at least demand for u.s. products overseas. i think it adds on with what people are concerned about china and other parts of the world. >> when you see there have been contagion nationally, whether asia first, europe next, and european banks now. is it fair that we've seen the contagion? a lot of reports came out last week. were you disappointed by it, reassured by it? >> the data was mixed. the thing i look at are the unemployment numbers, the underlying numbers were okay. slower than we've seen in prior months. however, hourlily wages went up, hours worked went up, people in the labor force went up. all of which is very strong and healthy. and we're a very consumer,
5:53 am
spending-driven economy so that bodes well for the economy. i will point out that the markets are exactly not like u.s. economy. u.s. economy are u.s.-based, u.s.-demand, u.s. spending. it's predominantly based on what's going on in the united states. whereas, if you look at the s&p 500, almost half of those revenues from companies come from overseas. this is a time when the trend in the market and profitability of corporations could look different in thes economy. and i think that's what we're seeing in the u.s. market. >> alison, how are you looking at what we saw friday, the free fall for names, especially winners of last year, facebook, netflix, google which have taken a turn for the worse. does it say something absentment or hedge fund activity? >> i think two things. one, people think about technology, it's highly dependent on economic growth. it's clearly an area that we can
5:54 am
weaken earnings. but i think people have become worried about the high multiple stock. if luke at performance over the last year or two, we've found a narrower nifty 50. with values delivering growth. some of those multiples are coming down a bit. people are becoming more concerned with their outlook. more concerned about the overall market outlook. >> can we quickly touch on banks as well. we've already mentioned during the conversation of the show that the european banks have suffered over the last week. what about u.s. banks? with the relatively low levels we're seeing with the u.s. banks? >> i look at the bank, sorlts of one, a trend long-term. in my view, so much regulate tore oversight, the fact that one of the democratic candidates is beginning to get a lot of voting interest by saying we need to take more away from the bank, signing they're in a secular industry.
5:55 am
looking at the near term, typically, if you're going a slower economic environment that mean credit quality could deteriorate. combine that with the fact that interest rates could be tightened a bit by yellen. and it's kind of the worst of both worlds for the banks. i will say, compared to prior cycles, i think the banks are in much better shape from a credit and balance sheet perspective. most recently also the 2008 issue of financial services industry, they've been a lot more cautious. so, i don't think you're going to see significant deterioration. around see big headsline announces coming from banks but i do think the credit side of the equation will soften. >> so it sounds like you're not necessarily a buyer of financial element. what pocket of the market would you be looking to buy or allocate more money to in this kind of environment? >> i would look more towards consumer cyclicals or durables. i would look there. i would look at concern of health care. industries that are going benefit either from improving
5:56 am
consumer needs, improving labor market. and the fact that it costs so much to fill up their tank. as well as areas less cyclical. >> coke earnings are up. >> well, pepsi put on a good halftime show. >> that's true. >> allison deans. before we let you go, approaching the top. hour, here's what we're watching today. what are you watching? >> i'm looking at the dax. we're up 2.7% in today's trade for the week. off 7.5% in the week. when europe opened that's what pulled u.s. future downstairs. >> i'm watching facebook. this is a company that 70% growth. it got rewarded. on top of a 6% plunge last week. it's emblematic of the fact that finally, they're seeing the
5:57 am
winners getting sold potentially on valuation. >> that's it for today's show. thanks for watching.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, global market alert. traders waking up to red arrows in europe. and stock, crude, all strait ahead. plus, the showdown in new hampshire, gop candidates targeting marco rubio. answer bernie sanders under fire from bill clinton. we got the highlights from a very busy weekend. and the denver broncos are the super bowl champs. the biggest moments from the big game. also the commercial buzz on social media. it's monday, february 8th, and "squawk box" begins right now. ♪ 'cause uptown funk don't give it to you saturday night we'll number the slot ♪
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>> announcer: live from new york where business never sleeps this is "squawk box." ♪ good morning, everyone. welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc. i'm becky quick along with andrew ross sorkin. joe is off today. we've been watching the u.s. equity futures. look out, another rough monday morning. we've been under pressure all morning long. right now, you see the dow futures are down about 200 points below the fair value. s&p down 23. nasdaq down by about 65. the new growing came by the stocks open dipped about 2%. you see the dax is actually down by 2.7%. the cac in france off by 2.5%. the ftse down about 1.8%. you can see red arrows across the board. a lot happening in oil prices. take a look, wti down 2.5% almost. now sitting at $30.15. and brent is down


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