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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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>> the knee jerk was to take it lower, higher than the close. i saw with this rally on ntap. >> i'm melissa lee. thanks so much for watching. back here tomorrow at 5:00 for more "fast money." don't go my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job isn't just to entertain but to educate and teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. after today's tremendous rally with the dow gaining 257 points, s&p vaulting 1.65% and the nasdaq roaring 2.21% it's worth
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remembering that good things can happen, too. that sums up what's behind this. the first three-day winning streak we have had in 2016. some of these developments are straightforward but perhaps ephemeral like oil surging to over $30 a barrel. others are less obvious if you are watching the stock market. a lot happen behind the scenes in the credit markets which is why tonight i want to walk you through the hidden but bullish changes that helped the market regain some mojo after what's been a thoroughly nightmarish year for the bulls. first we have to recognize this market has been plagued by a pair of stressed out stocks, free port mcmoran and chesapeake, the two most visible black holes out there. chesapeake has $500 million in debt next month. we heard they hired advisers to reorganize and perhaps fall on that bomb setting up a bad chain reaction. pay it out of cash on hand and the it line. also committed to paying $1
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billion in debt due for next year perhaps out of asset sales. they have high quality as sets. second freeport sold a 13% stake in the copper mine to metal mining for $1 billion in cash. that gives freefort the flexibilitile to unload other assets to ruse the $19 billion plus debt load. second black hole. momentarily filled. third positive, the high yield debt market is plagued by the decline in sprint bonds, the telco company. sprint's owner announced a $4.4 billion buy back equivalent to 4.2% of the kashlt market cap. certainly they have money to throw at sprint to stave off the decline in the company's fortunes and bolster the ability to stay competitive versus verizon, at&t and t-mobile. the common stock jumped but it is about the credit side of the
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ledge er. i have to get it through to you because the stock market is often smaller than the bond market when it comes to the direction overall of what we are looking at. the oil and gas pipeline business has been sucking capital out of the market left and right. when you read that warren buffet bought 26.53 million shares, a pipeline giant kindermorgan inc. in the open market be heartened. kindermorgan would slash the dividend in december and is now the first of the companies to see stock rebound above where it was when the dividend was cut. it's been the death knell of most of these companies. speaking of hedge fund that is give pipeline it is stocks a boost the news that dave teper's apaloosa fund picked up energy transfer partners last quarter after the stock broke down because of the affiliate dangerous acquisition of williams companies. that made us feel more sanguine, especially me since we own a
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stake in it at action owners the equity williams deal is one of the biggest black holes out there. many feel the ete, the equity kind can't afford to close the transaction and will therefore hurt energy transfer partners, its drop down master limited partnership that teppe r bought. they know about the securities. i worked with him at goldman sachs. he's the best at them. positive number six, we have become worried that the take over game is over. yesterday apollo group, sensing real value wants a $7 billion bid for adt. that was declining for months on the sales of home security products. it's a permanent short with short sellers, no longer the case. this on the heels the buy out of apollo education group, the owner of university of phoenix online. that was another perma short for $1.1 billion. tonight, a distributor of information technology products and services akin to abnet got a
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bid from a chinese company. it went out at $29. not a bad kick start to m & a. i detect a pulse. everyone is concerned about the giant copper producer and commodity trader with $30 billion in debt. 37 banks isn't that worried. why extend the $8.45 billion credit line to glen core. maybe they think copper is bottom or they are throwing good money after bad but it helps the black hole. buy ale little time. eight, of late many short sellers have been pressing down on lng but not carl icahn. the company will export liquified natural gas at price that is seem excessive given the weak market for lng. there are contracts that they will do their best to en force in order to get paid but the price isn't right for most of the takers. it helps that carl icahn is shooting after the shorts.
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nine, the iron ore market is rivalling oil for the worst decline. down from $200 per ton to $40 per ton. as the companies go nuts producing the stuff while china, the natural buyer, is taking less by the month. these miners seem to be en gauged in a bizarre over production suicide pact. maybe they weren't given that anglo americans which spent $14 billion on a brazilian iron reclassing is exiting the market. that will cause a boost, maybe an immediate boost in the price of the commodity which threatened the solvency and brought metals down. can i tell you how many people i talked to over the last week that thought when the chinese market opened after trading in the new year there would be a huge decline. the chinese government has opened the convertible market and cash starved dpaens are tapping it aggressively. maybe it has a pulse.
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not only didn't it crash, it rallied. positive number 11. there are so many lowly stocks with no hope including groupon. the internet company that's been in freefall for ages. we get a one-two punch of an earn ings surprise in a 5.6% skate taken by ali baba. group on has been one of the ugliest stocks is now up more than 23% this year. another perma short spoiled. it might be a buy. who could be next? 12 is big. we have been watching apple stock fall for months. it turns out one of the largest shareholders, carl icahn sold 7 million shares of this no-brainer story leaving him with 45 million share bus sending a chill to the brokers. another owner apple itself seems to have an appetite for the stock and the company issued $12 billion in bonds to buy more shares. the last two times apple came to the market stock soared. maybe this is no different as we
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get closer to the iphone 7. this stock shrugged off tim cook's resistance to the justice departments setting the right of privacy he's guaranteed to customers. the courts will decide not cook, not the fbi. how about numbery 13? the reorganization of the credit of a colossal french bank. just when we were writing them off we learned they were selling stakes to allow to pay a cash dividend, a welcome sign, especially soon after they pledged to buy back bonds in the open market many hedge funds were shorting. none of the positive changes are solving problems. maybe they are just buying time. the only real trend is that good things can and do happen in stressed out situations. when so many good things happen the impact is enormous because the sellers have had had a field day and feel they have maybe over stayed their welcome. bottom line.
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i need you to remember whoever gets too greedy whether we are talking about optimistic longs or the last three big up days the pessimistic shorts lose money. never forget, bulls make money, bears make money. but pigs get slaughtered. mark in michigan. mark. >> caller: boo-yah, jim, from the wolverine nation. looking at the stock for the dividend, long-paying dividend. do you consider it for long term? if not, what stock would you recommend when doing it for long term. >> this is a 14% yielder. i'm not recommending any fossil fuels. great that oil came up but i'm not going to recommend it. if you want yield i will send utilities. they are going down now. i can't recommend this enbridge without knowing why the stock is yielding 14. that seems a little too high for
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me. it is ultimately a red flag. how about we go to curt in pennsylvania. curt? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. how are you? >> good. how about you. >> caller: doing great. listen, love the show. thanks for taking my call. >> thank you. >> caller: i bought stz after you featured it in 2013. >> mm-hmm. >> caller: i'm looking to double my position. fantastic pick, by the way. >> thank you. >> caller: killed it. >> i'm looking to double my position. but with the p.e. ratio and the recent market upturn, i'm wondering if now is a good time or should i wait for another pull-back or more boxes on the checklist? >> well, no. i think this is the kind of stock that fits this environment. remember, the strongest stocks are consumer products. i think it's good. it had a nice pull back of 13 points from the high.
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i bless buying constellation brands here. lots of changes but they are just time buyers. don't get too greedy. on "mad money" tonight, drop the pan and get out of the river. i'm charting a course in the gold sector. then what's the basis for the bounce? i will tell you if the move can continue. and what do steve jobs, spielberg and neil young have in common? i will reveal the common thread ahead. why don't you stick with cramer? >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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i have always been a big believer in the idea that you should always own at least a little gold, either actual bullion, maybe through the etf like the gld or a high quality
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one like randall that's a favorite because the precious metals a terrific insurance policy. you have hadal excellent returns barring the last couple of months. gold has been in the dog house going lower or doing nothing. that's fine. when stocks perform well you don't expect a pay off from the insurance policy. lately after spending four and a half years in the wilderness gold is getting a little energy back with the precious metal up year to date while the s&p is down 5.7% over the same period. that's the pay off at a time when the global economy has been filled with uncertainty in virtually every other commodity under the sun. that beg it is question. can gold keep climbing or is the run merely a temporary bounce? we need to figure it out which is why we are going to the
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cofounder of decarly trading and my colleague at real to get a sense of where it might be headed. the price of gold broke down in 2012 to 2013. since then it's been directionless. after years of doing nothing so many big money managers who bet heavilien oh gold guay up to move on. they lost interest. check out the weekly chart of the action in gold. okay? what we care about here is at the bottom. this is really important. we have talked about this. the commodity futures trading commission's commitment of traders report. it's a usefulle tool. telling us how the major players are betting on the gold market. they measure the activity of all sorts of buyers and sellers but the large speculator category matters most. that's the green line which represents the big institutional money managers to determine the direction of the given market. by the time we get to gold's lows look at this. it's no coincidence.
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the large speculators were net long by a mere 20,000 futures contract. that's the lowest level we have seen since 2002. we can go much further back when gold was trading between 300 and 400 an ounce. the big money managers had given up entirely on gold. since then the precious metal has been rallying and the large category increased net long to a hundred thousand futures contracts. that seems a lot. by historical standards it's low level. gardener wouldn't consider this aggressive until it's in the 250,000 range. in short if the big boys want to bet on gold they have plenty of money left on the sidelines which means there is a ton of fire power that could be used to send the precious metal higher if it comes down. before more charts it's worth pointing out the fundamentals have gotten more positive for goldle in recent months. we know japan and several european nations cut the overnight lending rates below
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zero. bank depositors are getting negative interest rates. you lose money letting the cash sit in a bank vault. that makes it more attractive. even in the united states the conventional whiz is that the federal reserve will follow through to raise interest rates as many as four time this is year to thinking we may only get a single rate hike at most between now and the end of 2016 the fed minutes didn't disabuse me of that enwh they came out. one reason the markets spiked more. that's good for gold. now look at the more granular weekly chart of the shiny stuff. i know it seems like it has a lot of things. we'll walk through them. garner points out gold has been trading in a tidy channel for years. every time we managed an upswing the rally has come down to an end where the pattern said it should. this can't continue indefinitely. the price of gold at last broke out above the long term ceiling of resistance. it's being contained.
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no. goes out. to garner that suggest it is path of least resistance is higher. just because you think gold is ready to rally that doesn't mean it happens overnight. the precious metal is headed higher but she knows the seasonal pressures tend to be bearish for gold. seasonal issues. given the size of the rally she said the market needs time. that's why garner wouldn't be surprised to see a sharp pullback in the price of gold before buyers step back into the market in a meaningful way. she believes gold will go higher but it might need to go a bit lower first before the newfound rally gets into gear. when you consider the williams percentage r oscillator measuring if it is over bought or over sold and the important momentum indicator are overheated, look how much they have spiked. okay? you can understand garner believes gold may need to experience a short-term pull back before we get a long-term rally.
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the time to buy was a few weeks ago. if you want to play gold the message is simple. you missed the first leg of the move but you will get a chance to buy it at lower levels if you just are patient enough to wait for the next bus. this picture makes it clear that the precious metal went up in a straight line pretty much. it's called a parabolic move. they are just not sustainable. garner thinks goldle is headed higher longer term. i'm not backing away from that. right now it's over bought and it need s to cool off. she points out this move tends to correct large. roughly 62%. in that case gold will pull back to the 1150 level. that could be a good spot to start building position. if it go s to 1100 or represents the up trend established since the december lows she thinks you
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will get a solid floor of support. she says you have another support at 1080. these are big declines but gold has done nothing, nothing, goes up, maybe back to here. only because out went up so straight. perhaps you should wait for weakness. again it's extremely bullish on gold. gold could make it up to 1500. even encountering resistance. here we are going back to the weekly chart. you can see where she thinks it could go. look howle small the bounce would be relative to where it could go. up to 1430. here is the bottom line. the charts suggest gold has woken up from the slumber and the precious metal is poised to give you a powerful long term move higher. after gold's rally they can't last over the past two months she thinks we'll see selling and profit-taking before the big move higher continues which is why garner wants you to be
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patient and wait to buy it in weakness. i think this could be a terrific story. if you don't already have gold expo sure you may want to get ready to build a position as it pulls back from the historic parabolic move. more "mad money" ahead. does the positive action in the market feel like the image of my poor cat when it got hit by a an 18-wheeler? and some of my best investing ideas come from you, cramerica. tonight i will talk with the company i was first introduced to while doing my homework for one of your calls. and a doctor thinks cancer can be a manageable condition that you can live with indefinitely. it's not science-fiction. he thinks it is the future. just ahead. stay with cramer.
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so what does the terrific action mean for the market in general? are we bottoming? breaking out? cat bounce? the three-day rally, the strongest since the end of the dark days of 2011 which is a parallel to the market has been extraordinary. it's finally become all encompassing except for the utilities. that's a sign of desperation and recession . let's contrast some of the other groups. the rails led this market down.
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they were the first to roll over. they have been in negativity. never a good sign given the car go they carry. this morning the chief financial officer of giant railroad csx talked about the first quarter. said he expected earn ings to decline significantly. not only that but said coal could go down in 2016. what a stunning design. how hard does csx get hit? wrong. it went higher. that's with the staggering, more than ten-point gain in union pacific. how about retail? nordstrom reports tomorrow. wow. wow to the fact that the stock has been clawing back to where it first fell after the last quarter's truly horrendous earn ings report. maybe it won't matterer or it's
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over. walmart is up 8% for the year. that's en couraging in a retail break out. we'll find out what they are doing tomorrow. maybe it won't matter. here's one that's acting well since the quarter, honeywell. the stock is up against reassistance. it is close ing in on the high set last august just a point away. i can't stress how important it is. many industrials weren't rewarded no matter what they have been saying. now it's the opposite. g.e.le is fighting its way back from when it reported. it's two points away. eaton still has a high yield of nearly 4%. it's another double digit gainer. earn ings matter. again, for the industrials. consider the totally beleaguered travel and leisure segment. nothing moved this dog to have a group. it was surrounded by gloom and doom. the shorts paid the price with the incredible move on price line which reported a strong number with excellent billings that bodes well for the future and finished up $125.
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in part because they are benefitting from lower fuel prices. yes. you knew that had to kick in. some groups never did quit. they stalled out. domino's never ceases to amaze.. mcdonald's was the best of the group and the rest are playing catch-up. the oil stocks are nowhere near any level of import. if you participate in the secondaries like haas which sold 25 million shares at 39 and pioneer natural which sold 25 shares. how important is this? le oil companies need to raise money. we are going to find out when devin reported a weak quarter today and filed to sell a whopping 55 million shares after the close. perhaps if oil stays above 31 the deal might have taker. big data has been a big disappointment but if you bought
6:29 pm and adobe which are all in good shape you are now at more than 10%. apple stocks seems to have found its footing. i'm with my own don't trade it, own it. and it's trending higher. don't you wish you bought the so-called quarters from disney? i said buy at 86. buy more lower. finally you have to love the consumer packaged goods. another block buster quarter. bottom line. you could say with the exception of the latter group they are dead cat bounces from an over sold position. that's the prevalent view. i say we were in free fall and that's no longer the case. now we are trying to base the broader sector appeal. that's something to build on, a change from the pain of 2016. david in new mexico.
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david. >> caller: love the show. thank you for taking my call and thanks to your great staff. >> thank you. >> caller: now, i remember how well skechers did last summer before and after the split. do you think there is a chance this year skechers can get back into the 50s? >> i don't know. i know people gave up on the stock and it was up too much. the stocks have run and there is a hint of disappointment, you get killed. i like skechers. can it go back to the mid 20s absolutely. they have made you so much money i don't think it will change. they are good at their business. eric in illinois, please. eric. >> jim, a lot of talk about pandora being absorbed. what's your take? >> i don't like to recommend stocks on a take over basis when the fundamentals are okay. this is just okay. not my cup of tea. sam in kentucky, please. >> what's up, jim.
6:31 pm
boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> i was wondering your opinion on first data corporation. >> not one we care for that much. why? it was a disappointment from the get-ego. the stock we like and my charity trust has a big position in is paypal. they had incredible venmo numbers last night. that's the one. not first data. some are calling it a dead cat bounce. i think we are justifiably no longer in free fall and that's a change of pain of one of the worst starts to a year in memory. there is much more "mad money" ahead. big data changed the way we work. could it change the way we live? the top doc says it could be the answer to living longer. and shares of lux are down year to date. could it be a buying opportunity? i have the ceo and your calls rapid fire in the lightning round. stick with cramer. (gasp) shark diving!
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if you want to be a great investor you have to know more than just individual companies though that's the bedrock of what we do on "mad money." you need to understand the cutting edge trends that could change the way we look at a host of industries like health care. right now we are witnessing a quiet revolution in medicine as new technology of personalized health care make it possible for people to live longer and healthier lives than ever before. this is a huge transformation that could have an enormous effect on your day to day life which is why i'm breaking form here. we have a prominent oncologist and the head of usc's west side cancer stent center and author of several books including "the lucky years" and "the end of
6:36 pm
illness." amazing reads. i knew about them before i knew about dr. agus individually. good to see you here. >> great to be here. >> my families are huge fans of your books not just because of the steve jobs book but you have had famous patients. that's only a part of what you are about. >> yeah. i watch people die of disease. this is about new technologies in changing health care. health and food are 30% of the u.s. economy yet we don't talk about it. >> we'll do it now. >> all right. >> we want to use metaphors of our own industry which i know you are familiar with. >> yes. >> there was an outbreak of e. coli at chipotle and the company is coming back hard. millennials would rather risk the little chance of getting e. coli poisoning versus what they perceive a natural and organic way to avoid cancer. true or false?
6:37 pm
>> organic food is not necessarily better. it is a label. a look at organic versus nonorganic had no outcome difference at all. that said, locally grown is great. there are differences there. you want the higher quality food. you can't put a label on things. locally growns aren't big enough for the organic level. real food is the key. >> you want us to eat real food. >> and it's not just what you eat but when. if you graze, every silicon valley company has food out all the time. insulin is up so diabetes rate goes up dramatically. eat your meals at the same time every day. eat real food is key. >> okay. same thing with whole foods. no gmo. important or not? there is a host of things that gmo is the devil. >> it is a horrible word.
6:38 pm
there is not enough food to go around in the world. you can't move the wheat fields of nebraska to new york city. we have to use science for good. gmo is about calories per acre but they forgot about health. we have to change the equation and start to use technology for good. whether for making food but gmos aren't the best. i believe in transparency in labeling. at the same time somebody has to do it right. >> how about the rna new work mon santo is doing which is just gmo. >> they are all the same thing. they are manipulating things and it's the complex system. any plant, animal, anything we eat is a complex system. so are we. taking too much of anything is bad. when you change one thing you change a lot. we see it now with zika virus. you can change the mosquitos so
6:39 pm
the males kill the females. so they can't breed. then mosquitos go away. remember, mosquitos have killed more than every war combined but when you get rid of mosquitos you hurt frogs and the things in nature. >> now let's go back to a less le theerl world. if you are going to gauge yourself, we think fitbit is real. >> we are in the quantified self world. going to the doctor to check your blood pressure, your blood tests, stick in a needle and you come back a couple days late or fall for the results, makes no sense. now you get your fitbit data, blood pressure, have a lab chip and it comes soon to get your data at home. the doctor's office is a place of interpretation rather than gathering data. movement over time equals held. no question about it. what they haven't done well is put context to the data. engagement lasts for a month or
6:40 pm
two. then we put it in the drawer. engagement will go longer. >> what's context? >> what does the data mean? what about 5,000 versus 6,000 steps, what does it mean? we don't know. with the apple watch, you got a tap if you didn't move. so movement over time matters and they put data in a frame where we can react to it. that's the next generation. don't count those technologies out. there will be a new rise in them as they have more utility. >> the last thing to talk about is big data. we are pro big data and the way to analyze it. you have been able to put in excellent op-ed, too. a spin on big data that managed serendipitously to save lives. >> no question. there are amazing studies. if you have ovarian cancer and your blood pressure has a beta blocker you live four years longer. in europe they looked at how close you live to an airport. the closer you are the higher
6:41 pm
brain decline indicating the brain needs quiet time at night. in new york city you have to use ear plugs so your brain has quiet time. big data will be an explosion. everybody views now as electronic medical records says they are a pain in the butt, et cetera. they will be a source of data and people who monetize the data will be the winners. >> excellent. doctor, you are exciting. i read your stuff. in person you are even more intriguing. wow, you've got it. what can i say? that's dr. david agus of the west side cancer center. end of illness. these books, you can read them very quickly. i do believe they will if you follow them, lengthen your life. "mad money" is back after the break.
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. it is time. it is time for the lightning round. on cramer's "mad money." you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." starting with marshall in virginia. marshall. >> caller: hey, boo-yah, jim!
6:45 pm
>> boo-yah, marshall. >> caller: i would like to know about carmax. >> i have to tell you. we looked at the stocks and they have gotten ridiculously over sold. both carmax and auto nation. i know the numbers aren't perfect. i have to come back to the fact that ford and gm are too cheap. i'm warming up to the industry after it's overly hated. how about gabe in california. gabe? >> caller: captain cramer! >> how are you? >> caller: i'm great. like your thoughts on hdp. >> yeah. 8% yield. i don't like the news from there. that's a red flag. stay away. we have situation where is the yield can be counted on. mike in florida. mike. >> caller: hi, jim. >> hi, mike. >> caller: the utilities sector seems to be doing well this year. what's your take on american water works? >> very reliable and good. only 2% yield. i have been waiting for that one to come down.
6:46 pm
it's been too hot. chris in florida, chris. >> caller: yes, jim. love the show. chris from branden, florida. my question is about carlisle group. starting to sell? >> you can't sell. when the ipo market opens up you will wish you had not sold carlisle. i feel the same way about blackstone. these have been horrendous stocks. i don't want to give up on them down here. don in new york. don. >> caller: professor cramer? >> hi. >> caller: university of cramerica. >> thank you. >> caller: i own blackstone and carlisle. i love them both. but my question is about light wave which i feel should be doing a heck of a lot better. i love the packaging and the products. >> look, i have to tell you. i was stunned that it went from 51 down to 34. we kept buying it for the charitable trust. geez, maybe this could be just a
6:47 pm
big mistake, but it wasn't. the stock is doing well. you know what? i think it is going to go higher. let's go to jack in utah. jack. >> caller: hey, jim. boo-yah from the west coast. my question is on universal display corp. >> i think this company is doing well. i know it is valued richly. but i think this is the right technology. i'm behind it. john in michigan, john. >> caller: hey, jim. >> john. >> caller: yes, sir. hello? >> you're on, john. jou >> caller: etd. >> best of the pipelines, the one i'm least worried about. i will bless it but i'm not crazy about the group. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. wow, that was random. random? no. it's all about understanding patterns. like the mail guy at 3:12pm every day
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or jerry getting dumped every third tuesday. jerry: every third tuesday. we have pattern recognition technology on any chart plus over 300 customizable studies to help you anticipate potential price movement. there's no way to predict that. td ameritrade.
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with most of the market roaring what point do we worry the high growth tech stocks that have been hit hard lately have been punished enough? take lxft. that's a high end information technology service provider that helped clients create custom software programs tailored to their needs including everything from trading software from the banks to tech themes like big data keked to cars. the internet of things. the stock fell more than 35%
6:51 pm
since the beginning of 2016 in part because of the sell off in growth tech and they reported last week and the quarter was viewed as less than stellar. they missed earn ings estimates by ten cents. the revenues came in light as they grew at a fabulous 18% clip year over year. a lot of weakness has to do with worries that the problems with the banks makes software from many financials. this could be misunderstanding the relationship. the stock is down 30 points from the highs, trading at 16 times next year's earning estimates despite a long term growth rate which makes the stock cheap. is this being misunderstood? let's take a closer look with the president and ceo of lxft. find out more about the company and where it is headed. welcome to "mad money" . >> thank you, jim. >> i'm wondering whether your company hasn't been caught up in the notion that everyone was paying too much for every single software company and now they have decided to just pay too
6:52 pm
little because you have, inteed, exceeded every goal you set out when you became public? >> this is true. i believe luxoft today is one of the most misunderstood stocks. we fell 7% today on no business news when the whole market was growing. there was a consequence of events but i still really don't understand the reason for this business is as strong as never. the momentum is there. our key accounts keeps growing. interesting development. i have been buying today, by the way. >> you were buying? >> yeah. >> in the open market, you personally. can i ask how much you bought? >> no. >> no, all right. that implies a goodly amount, sir. so one of the things that happens is when we read that
6:53 pm
deutsche bank may have, we very quickly say who does business with deutsche bank because they will be doing less business? oh, luxoft. let's sell. why is that reasoning may be ill advised? the whole industry is in a changed world. all banks are going through massive transformation. deutsche isn't an exception. it is probably the most advanced in changing the business and trying to survive. i.t. being the core of the business. the main source of innovation wand improvement. we have been the biggest supplier over there. so, again, change the bank is our key competence as long as there is a change in the air, we'll benefit.
6:54 pm
>> you have been moving into big growth areas like auto. what do you do for ford, for instance? >> so far we have been very active in the so-called cockpit space. doing navigation, connectivity, hmi, all kinds of hmi features from digital to traditional hmi. moving into advanced driver assistant features as well as features for autonomous driving. we see a lot of opportunities in under the hood space. going forward, the back end and cloud service in the industry. >> also for telecommunications we have had palo alto networks on and said over and over again it is the finest cyber security company. they wouldn't do business with someone they couldn't trust.
6:55 pm
what do you do for palo alto? >> there is wireless. work for the providers. currently, we see lots of opportunity in so-called software defined networks. the carriers and the entire industry is migrating from traditional legacy type of set-up to optimizing the costs and minimizing the transactional cost. >> i want to circle back again. i know credit suisse is a customer. a lot of people feel banks have to cut back. isn't your part of what the banks spend, the part they really either can't or aren't allowed to cut off? >> we have an important part of change the bank. today, what most banks are doing, they rationalize the i.t.
6:56 pm
set up minimizing the systems they have to support. related to reporting, you know, to comply withal all of the standards. and number three is the whole digital notion. all of that's a deep pockets. price is not an exception. they have undertaken this transformational effort and again we see a lot of opportunities. >> excellent. i want to thank dmitry loschinin of luxoft holding which a viewer asked about. i think the stock is a little bit too cheap. thank you very much for coming on "mad money." >> thank you very much. >> do your homework. seems like the stock is over sold and he's buying. stay with cramer.
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in the end there is still a market about oil and the fact that oil went above 30 is encouraging people including some of the more bedraggled companies to get new shareholders. let's watch this devin piece of business. 55 million shares. if oil comes down and it doesn't hold you know it was a lot of dead cat bouncing. i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it for you on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow. lemonis: tonight on "the profit"...
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how you doing, buddy? ...a progress report. welcome to the general store. norton: how you doing? good to see you. lemonis: in the past 2 1/2 years, i've taken you into 41 businesses and made a deal with 26 of them. i've spent nearly $40 million. man: thank you for saving us. lemonis: it's money that kept them from closing. jess: you don't know if you're gonna have a job in another couple weeks. lemonis: it's money that helped them grow. what do you think of when you see that symbol? ashley: dollar signs coming in -- plus, money. [ laughter ] lemonis: but at the end of an episode, that's when the real hard work begins. all: shuler's! lemonis: let's go to work. tonight, i'm back at a southern california wine bar, amazing grapes. i gave the place a massive facelift. -looks great. -man: unbelievable.


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