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tv   The News With Shepard Smith  CNBC  February 2, 2021 12:00am-1:00am EST

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so many students, like, their dream is to go to an ivy league. i never -- i never saw that coming. that people weren't even trying at all, they were just paying their way in. like to me, it's insane. -- captions by vitac -- tomorrow the news with news with shepard starts now elon mus elon musk taking tourists to space. tonight inside the new mission. i'm shepard smith. this is the news on cnbc >> the risk is not that it's too big. but too small. >> the president and the gop meeting at the white house at stake, the future of pandemic relief how much or how little may be coming your way? more than 100 million americans are bracing. a massive weather system hits the nation. roads washed out cities buried. the worst storm in five years
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broadsides the northeast the tonight the snow totals and the impact on covid vaccination efforts. the variants are spreading mutant strains now in nearly three dozen states dr. fauci's new warning. plus. >> he devoted his life to the great american song boca now it saves him. tony bennett's family reveals the singer has alzheimer's. >> announcer: live from cnbc global headquarters, the news with shepard smith good evening, crucial covid relief talks are underway right now at the white house president biden meeting with ten republican senators. we're waiting to hear from them, moments from now we believe or at least when it wraps up. their talks could decide how big the next relief package will be and how much help is coming from millions of struggling americans. the gop senators are pushing a relief bill that's much smaller and cheaper than the one the
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president proposes it's less than add third of the $1.9 trillion white house plan the direct payments are smaller. and there is no funding more state and local governments, which has been a major sticking point for democrats throughout the process. the white house says tonight's meeting is only to exchange ideas, not a forum for the president to accept any offers >> the risk is not that it is too big, the package the risk is that it is too small. and that remains his view and one we'll express today. the size of the package needs to be commensurate with the crisis we are facing. that's why it's 1.9 trillion there is a big big gap clearly he thinks it needs to be what he proposed, not smaller. >> one of the senators at the meeting is big cassidy from louisiana. we expect to hear from him later in the news hour to find out what went none there if ten republican senators do join democrats on a covid relief
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package, they would overcome the filibuster and that take to us kayla taschy on our top story. >> the white house says the meeting tonight was not meant to accept or reject any offer, more to discuss the contours of a potential compromise we are waiting word from the 9 gop sfors for their perspective after the meeting and how it went, how productive it was. at the start of the meeting nearly two hours ago president biden was in an of aable mood. he joked he felt like he was back in the senate flanked by formerly colleagues. you'll see maine moderate susan collins, the architect of the effort and long-term alally from across the ace aisle mr. biden talks up the three republican votes he secured to secure the obamacare collins is only senator still sterveg. democratic leaders in both chambers have begun a process to
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underwrite write the white house proposal into a budget deal that could pass without republican support. but earlier today senate majority leader chuck schumer said he still hopes some republicans would vote for it. >> to that end, democrats welcome the ideas and input of our senate republican colleagues the only thing we cannot accept is the a package that is too small or too narrow to pull our country out of this emergency. we cannot repeat the mistake of 2009 >> republicans are argtd that a targeted approach is needed now, and one report may bolster their case, the congressional budgeto budget office, a non-partisan group says today just based on the last round of relief, the u.s. economy would be back to precovid growth by the middle of this year. however cbo unemployment would not return to prepandemic levels until 2024
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shep. kayla tausche, thank you. cnbc weather alert, a powerful winter storm slamming the northeast, causing blizzard like conditions in some areas. the national weather service warns some places could see two feet of snow, with win gusts topping 60-mile-per-hour across the region, some cars are buried, roads and schools closed, flights delayed, suspended or cancelled and millions of americans under a winter storm warning, stretching all the way from maryland to maine. it's the same storm that's been ripping across america last week it sparked a massive mudslide in california yesterday it leveled an empty building in chicago, caused a fire truck to flip over in virginia well, now it's pounding the northeast. al roker is with us now. al who is getting the worst of it >> right now it's here in the northeast and making its way, shep, into new england, as we
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take a look closer on the radar. you can see the areas of pink, that's where we see the icy mix, south of boston we have some rain making its way in but the brighter bands, that's where we're still seeing the heavy snow currently, 65 million people under some sort of winter weather advisory or warning. tonight, it intensifies, strong winds, heavy snow, rain and ice near the coast, all along i-9 a 5. tomorrow we see the low slowly drift north and east the snow lessens during the day but still have strong winds and there will be snow left over in new england wednesday morning with gust withy winds for the northeast. the impacts, the way we look right now, heavy snow bands tonight producing two to four inches of know per hour with blizzard conditions. totals, new york city, 12 to 18 inches of snow, could be higher in some sections 22 inches, up to 22 inches in
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allentown. 12 in philadelphia hartford boston a little bit less because they see a mix of rain and snow. strong winds, especially along the coast causing some coastal flooding and some power outages as well. and shep just like last week we started talking about this storm coming coast to coast. we have another one, a california storm which will impact the midwest as we get into the mid-part of this week toward the end of the week and then back for the northeast into next weekend. we could be talking, again, about a decent amount of snow, shep tomorrow's groundhog day as they said in the movie, don't drive angry. >> thanks, so much, al this storm closing down vaccine centers in the northeast. mass vaccination sites at met life stadium in new jersey closed vaccine and testing sites run by new york city, also paused for today and tomorrow
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the storm threatened to delay opening day of vaccinations at boston's fenway park, though officials say it will remain open at least for now. cnbc's contessa brewer with more on how the storm is delaying state vaccine efforts. >> reporter: the wind whistling and snow blowing and vaccination appointments cancelled, up and down the eastern seaboard in 11 states, the nor'easter cancelled some vaccine clinics six megasites ut sherred in new jersey rir all three centers. philadelphia opened only one site in massachusetts the winter wrkt disrupted the rollout of phase two vaccinations and the openings in reggie louis center in boston postponed. new york shuvt down five vaccination sites. and new york city cancelled all appointments through tomorrow. >> the storm is disrupting our vaccination efforts. and we need to keep people safe.
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we don't want folks, especially seniors going out in unsafe conditions to get vaccinated. >> reporter: some pharmacies and hospitals were dolling out shots for those who could get there. mass transit ground to a halt. in new jersey a systemwide shutdown from maryland to massachusetts treacherous driving amid blinding snow and icy build up a challenge for fedex and u.p.s. too. connecticut officials warned the storm could delay shipments of vaccine. health departments are already working to reschedule the appointments cancelled today and tomorrow and shep, the storm also disrupted covid testing sites. we may see that show up in the numbers in coming days. >> contessa, brewer. thank you. the cdc director says dangerous new variants remain a great concern, even as covid cases are falling nationwide so far at least 32 states have reported cases of strains first
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detected in the united kingdom, in brazil and south africa that's data from the cdc over the weekend health officials in maryland reported the state's first case of the south african variant. it's now the third known case of the strain in the u.s. today dr. anthony fauci said vaccines are the best way to fight the variants and called on americans to get a shot as soon as you can. >> you need to get vaccinated when it becomes available, as quickly and expeditiously as possible throughout the country. viruss cannot mutate if they don't replicate. >> there are positive new coved items ton. the cdc shows the u.s. vaccination effort is picking up speed, while average daily cases and hospitalizations have dropped. to levels that we really haven't seen in months but the death rate is still alarmingly high. johns hopkins reports more than 9et 95,000 americans died of
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covid in the month of january alone. more than during any other month in the pandemic by far dr. nahid bedelia. director of special pathogen unit at. cases are dropping but the interprets warn of the new variants and how they could lead to the worst numbers yet doctor, do you anticipate another surge because of them? >> good evening, shep. i do partly because what we have to do is remember back to the summer and right before the thanksgiving travel. the way that this disease works is you get infections which leads to hospitalizations and a wave of deaths the concern is that the three variants that you just reported are present now in almost 32 -- over 32 states at this point they are all more transmissible. what does that mean? if i encounter who has a variant
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i'm more likely to catch the infection from them and also in turn i'm more likely to transmit it which means we might have more nrvegss. so you might see more infections in february that lead to more hospitalizations and deaths in march. the good thing about that is we know how to protect ourselves. it's the same public health measures, the masking, the distancing, the not gathering indoors. but we do have a new tool, the vaccinations, because people vaccinated become dead-end hosts for the viruss if the viruss can't replicate they won't mutate. >> you know, it's clear that while the vaccines may not stop every person from getting covid there is widespread evidence they will keep you from getting in the severe case in the hospital and dying. do you see any indication that will change with the new variants >> from this regard at least, shep, there is good news so far the studies that have
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come out both within the work within the laboratory and clinical trials and johnson & johnson and nova vaks. although you may see the efficacy against the variant discovered in south africa and the one discovered in brazil go down, there is still 100% protection after 49 days johnson & johnson, 100% protection against severe diaz and hospitalization. any vaccination that takes it from being deadly to making it a milder disease keeps people out of hospitals and that's what we're concerned about is people's health as well as overwhelming the health care system in all cases, every candidate that's been so far approved, as those come down the pike seem to beive efficacious. >> the white house announced a
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home instant covid test today. are we as americans really underestimating how important testing is in fighting this pandemic. >> i'm glad you brought that up. because i keep concentrating on the month of february in terms of what can we change this month to avoid the surge of infections which then lead to hospitalizations and deaths? and so vaccinations are one. it's the others, the public health measures, the rapid testing is important because by allowing people to access it and making it cheaper than the $30 that we've seen as a market price, people can get awareness about whether or not they are infected and be able to stay at home they would be able to sort of not travel hopefully all of these are weighing in which we stop one person from transmitting to another. i think it makes a difference, because the feeling in terms of the number of vaccinations that could be manufactured hasn't changed. and even good news from johnson & johnson about their trial, you know, by the time the fda reviews it and the vaccine gets approved it's not until
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potentially the end of february. for the month of february, that rapid test is just one more tool to reduce infection. >> that and masks and distance we'll be better. dr. o doctor, thank you so much. well, for the first time in history a crew made up entirely of private citizens, tourists, if you will, will venture into space. today spacex announced plans to launch a 4-person, all civilian crew into orbit. and it's expected to happen this year nbc's tom costello is with us. tom, you spoke with elon musk and some of the other players behind the mission what did they say? >> reporter: they got room for you, shep, if you want to go here's how it works. there is another billionaire, beyond elon musk, 37-year-old jerick iceo isaacsonman. he made a fortune starting a business in his parent's basements. he is the ceo of ship for
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payment, a company dealing with transactions he is going to be on this ship, on this rocket, blasting off for a multi-day orbit around the earth. they're leaving at the end of the year but he is bringing three other ev everyday americans with him part of a massive fund raising effort for st. jude hospital opinion and this billionaire is mutting in $100 million of his own money hoping in total they will raise $200 million for st. jude. but this is the first all civilian trip into space on a spacex rocket. would you feel safe going? i asked elon musk about putting non-astronauts onto a rocket around the earth >> elon, this almost sounds like a joy ride for somebody and people who can afford it is that whats it or something more substantive. >> i think it's much more substantive. i think, first of all, i think
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people will really enjoy, you know, seeing things vicariously, from a video and watching the mission. it's like when -- when -- when america went to the moon in '69. it wasn't just a few people. humanity went to the moon. we all went there with them. and i think it's something similar here we will all be with jerick on the journey and seeing it in real time. as mentioned earlier, this is going to be an important -- it's an important milestone on the road towards making access to space more affordable. whenever you have a new technology it's impossible to suddenly go from start to suddenly being able to have it accessible to all. we have the same thing with tesla -- >> all right so if you are interested in going, all of the details coming out soon it's about whether you can give any amount of money at all to st. jude
12:18 am
a big super bowl ad will lay out the details. i'm told they will save a spot for you for $20 back to you np. >> $20 i'll go thanks, tom costello appreciate it by the way, move over gamestop, because there is a new shiny object capturing wall street's attention. >> silver surging to nearly a six-month high. >> #silver squeeze gamestop loses steam as the reddit powered boom pushes the metals market. coup in myanmar. the military seizes power, claiming election fraud. how president biden is handling his first foreign crisis and a call to action for major retailers. are they keeping their pledge to black-owned businesses following the death of george floyd? >> announcer: the facts, the truth, the news with shepard smith, back in 60 seconds.
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gamestop's wild run continued today. it lost almost a third of the paper value, after a nearly 400% spike last week. shares closed today at $225. gamestop's rough day comes as so-called reddit traders zeroed in on a shiny new target, silver take a look at this chart. the price of silver soared to the highest level in almost eight years. now worth nearly $29 an ounce. silver surge is the latest example of the online phenomenon sweeping wall street cnbc's leslie picker now leslie, why owe why is silver the hottest name now. >> that's the good question, shep the precious metal is the target of another social media coordinated trade following of that gamestop and amc last week. in addition to the commodity itself, a fund tracking silver known by the ticker slv plus silver miners all rallying
12:21 am
today. and some speck larts are turning to the metal one ceo temg cnbc he can barely keep bars and coins stocked. >> we typically have about a thousand silver products in inventory for purchase fch we are getting so cleaned out right now that we are -- last i checked down to 80 items in stock. which is a number i never naught we would ever see and i've never seen before. >> of course all that glitters is not, well, silver many on reddit's wall street bets forum helm alleging it's hedge funds masks as retail investors pushing vvr silver at this time no one publicly claimed to be the master mind behind the so-called silver squeeze. but regulators and lawmakers remain on high alert the house financial services committee scheduling a hearing later this month to further investigate the issue, shep. >> and leslie, you know silver is not the only rare metal on
12:22 am
fire right now for the last year prices of others have shot up. many found right inside your garage rode yum, platinum, pal aid yum, all in your car's cat littic converter. some are worth more per ounce than gold. as demand rises thieves are on the under. jane wells, following the money and the crime. >> reporter: hey, shep i'm at the automotive shop. this is the cat littic converter it cleans the exhaust coming out of the engine and extends it down to the muffler. increasing this is what people are finding, it's gone, sawn out by thieves in themiddle of the night. it happened to brian last christmas eve he went to run errands in the provide us. >> there was a loud rumbling noise in the car. >> it sounded more like this
12:23 am
>> that's how you know it got stolen. >> across the country, cat littic converter thefts have shot up. the reason, there are precious metals inside which have become more valuable, especially with tougher ee manipulation standards. rode yum in particular is up 80 oh% since march, to nearly $20,000 an ounce. >> we had in the sheriff's jurisdiction alone, in the last year, over 230 cat littic converter thefts. >> that's how they do it done. >> walt morehead says converters for some models are on back order and replacing them is expensive. >> what you have to replace is everything, here all the way back you can't just get this piece. >> what's it going to cost this customer. >> this one is going to be close to 3,000. >> it also happens to the same person repeatedly. so i have been a little concerned about that. >> some car orions are buying special plates to try and
12:24 am
prevent theft. brian coglin is not yet. >> i'm not sitting out with a shotgun each night watching my car. that's why you pay insurance >> it's not just metals prices that's happening now all these thefts are creating a market for cat littic converters if someone says i can get you one under $1,000 it's not theirs to give. shep >> jane wells, thank you the golden nugget wants to hit the jackpot by going public again. and that's on cnbc's on the money. tillman fertitta taking it public in a deal worth 6 pvr $6 billion he said said to continue running the business and control over 68% of the overall company the deal is for five casinos and five restaurants including bubba gump shrimp.
12:25 am
and tillman owns the houston rockets but the team is not part of the deal. google is taking over your stereo ford announcing the tech giant will be responsible for the info tanment centers in millions of cars by 2023 equipped with google maps and other android apps and they will not need an esmrcht to make them work. and jet blue wants to win over trans-atlantic fliers revamping the mint cabin, featuring sliding doors for privacy. lie-flat seats and direct access to the aisle the upgraded cabin debuting on the new route to london. on wall street stocks jumped in the first session of february the dow up 229 led by microsoft and visa. s&p up 60 posting the biggest day since november 24th. the nasdaq up 333 or 2.5%.
12:26 am
a new report about the hate groups active across the country now. the number is down but it's where they're going that's making them so much harder to track. and ten republican senators meeting with president biden tonight. can they reach across the aisle and reach some sort of deal on covid relief and next senator casidy, one of the people inside that room he joins us live as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. ♪♪
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a four-year project in space coming to an end and vladimir putin facing widespread anger as we go round the world in 80 seconds. russia, police reportedly detaining more than 5,000 people at unauthorized rallies across the nation, no support of alexei navalny. authorities had warned the rallies were illegal and that they would shut them down. police arrested navalny last month after he returned to moscow from germany, where he had been recovering from a nerve agent poisoning. he cus vladimir putin of ordering his murder which the kremlin denies this marks the second straight week of protests across russia. china, the world's health organization led team investigating the origins of the covid-19 pandemic visitth the
12:30 am
wuhan center for disease control and prevention they spent 4.5 hours there beijing sought to cast doubt on the notion that covid originated in china pointing to imported frozen food as a possible source. space. a pair of nasa astronauts on a space walk, installing a battery and completing the final stages of a four-year effort to modernize the international space station power grid flight controllers in houston replaced older batteries with the robot arm. and astronauts are putting the finishing touches on the work backup that's the trip out of a and around the world in 80 seconds. i'm shepard smith. on cnbc. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. a group of ten republican senators met tonight with president biden as he pushes for a massive covid relief package they have their own counteroffer but their package is no where
12:31 am
near the size of president biden's proposal the price tag for the republican version, $618 billion. less than add third of the president's plan it has a smaller direct payment, and no funding for state and local governments. those have been major sticking points for democrats throughout the process. one of the republican senators is with us now from the white house. senator bill cassidy of louisiana. thanks for coming, sir we appreciate it should the american people be lessor more optimistic about a deal after your get together. >> i think they should be more optimistic there was common ground that we've got to take care of the american people. the president said listen, we may disagree on some things but we're not disagreeing on the need to take care of those in need now, republicans offered for something more focused but another bit of common ground is that we're talking data what does the data show that we need and the president's going to have his staff get back to us and we'll compare our data
12:32 am
points that's good news >> the meeting went much longer than we had anticipated anyway were you surprised and whachs the reason for that? >> i'm not surprised in retrospect jerry moran said i enjoy talking to people and the president said so do i. and everybody laughed. understanding that was the reputation of both a lot covered. very respectful and patient with us and it was a good meeting. >> you know, the cynics will look at this and say well the republicans came in with this small number that doesn't help out the cities faul. the democrats are never going for that so the democrats will go ahead and push through something closer to their version. and then the republicans will go, see they never wanted bipartisanship after all how wrong are the cynics. >> shepard, they need to proven wrong. they may be right. there is nothing guaranteed in this process it is how our founding fathers set it up.
12:33 am
i go back to the need to have data i've been a big add sfroekt for state and local aid. but a data point was a report from j.p. morgan using data from the states saying most states have lost less than 2% of their revenue year over year a state like new york is down 1.5% my state's been hit hard 4.6 decline in revenue that's the sort of data we need to make a wise decision, not just throw money out there and hope it works. >> the president spokesperson jen psaki said from the briefing room the president president is not concerned about going to big. he is concerned he might go too small. the white house clearly believes they need a large injection of money. cities and states need help getting their feet back under them after putting out so much money. do you see a world where the two sides can come together. big are than where you are and small are than the president. >> i'd rather say we're driven
12:34 am
by data. there is a recent survey of a "wall street journal" analystis and it's 2 p 4%. that's robust growth if you look at information from the fed, it shows that credit card delinquencies have gone down mortgage foreclosures have gone down savings rates have increased so if anything it shows -- that's across all quint tiles. if anything it shows the american family through this has done surprisingly well undoubtedly related to all the covid packages we have put out if we are driven by data we will come to the right figure the figure should not be foreordained. >> senator cassidy, for all your work we thank you and have a greet evening. >> thank you a. over a week before the second impeachment trial, the former president announces a new defense team after his last team quit he named two hours, one of them
12:35 am
is a former district attorney who declined to charge bill cost by the other is a lawyer who represented rodger stone and is claimed that jeffrey epstein did not kill himself in jail sources tell nbc news, the previous legal team parted ways after the former president pushed them to focused on his bogus claim of voter fraud as part of his defense strategy the team has until tomorrow to file a formal response to the impeachment charge and move forward. hate groups across the country are migrating on line. the southern poverty law center says it makes the groups harder to track it counted 838 active hate groups down from 940 in 2019. a hate group is defined as any group of people whose official views attack or malign others. the senators -- the centers report calls for a law, one giving the government more
12:36 am
resources to fight acts ever domestic terror. the followout as police video shows an officer pepper spraying a 9-year-old girl and it was a call to action after the death of george floyd. an ambitious pledge to support black-owned businesses up next, the companies that are stepping up, here at the beginning of black history month. plus, alzheimer's, a disease that impacts millions and millions of american families. and now we know tony bennett's is one of them tonight, his gifts that remain strong, and others beginning to fade seen and heard in reverse] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ sfx: [sounds of fedex planes and vehicles engines] ♪♪
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police officers in rochester, new york, have now been suspended after a 9-year-old girl was pepper sprayed. a warning for you. the video that we'll show you in a moment is disturbing the city's police chief says the officers were responding to a family trouble call. once on scene, they say they learned the girl was threatening to harm herself and her mother the chief says the officers tried to take her to the hospital but that the girl refused to get into the car, yelling that she wanted to see her father the officers then handcuffed her. >> i don't want to go. >> just relax. >> my mom's pregnant >> stop. >> in happened on friday but the video was released just
12:39 am
yesterday. parts of it are redacted in what we can see, officers continue to order her into the car. and again she refused. >> stop. >> sit up. >> no. >> you're acting like a child. >> i am a kild blch. >> at the end of the video the girl is warned by the officer that if she doesn't get in the car pepper spray would be used. >> no i haven't. >> just spray her at this point. >> here. >> i got her i got her. >> my eyes please >> now we don't know what led to the incident or what happened after the recording stopped. new york's attorney general called it deeply disturbing and wholly unacceptable.
12:40 am
>> nbc's ron allen covering the story. you heard from the police chief. what did she tell you? >> reporter: well the chief revealed to us that at least two officers have been she said taken off the streets for more training, which means suspended. that may happen to more officers that were there. as many as seven or nine of them while she continues. the chief also made it clear that in her estimation, putting a 9-year-old in handcuffs and using pepper spray to force her to the back of a police car is not an acceptable procedure. now, as the tape shows it was a very emotional situation the girl was obviously distraught there was some sort of family situation going on and she was screaming for her father the chief also revealed that they had called for an ambulance and to try and get the girl medical attention. but while waiting for the ambulance to arrive and medical help to get there, for some unknown reasons the officers decided to force the girl into the back of the police karp. she resisted, we can see on the
12:41 am
tape she was handcuffed and any used pepper spray eventually and here is what the chief said about that. >> i'm not going to tell you that that's okay that pepper spraying a 9-year-old is something that is condoned or that what we're going to do here it's just not who we are so it's just not something that i think was the appropriate for us. >> earlier this evening, several dozen protesters took to the streets demanding justice and accountability. >> you remember rochester is city where a black man was taken into custody and later died in police custody and the truth about what happened in that situation was only revealed after the family sued and forced the police to produce video tape of what happened now, in this case, the police say that they were trying to be transparent, produced the
12:42 am
videotape of the car less than 24 hours after the incident happened but there is still outrage about what happened. the police say the family has asked for privacy so they're not revealing her identity as the investigation continues with more suspensions possible. shep >> ron allen, thanks very much eight months ago george floyd's death was seen around the world. it inspired protests, soul searching. and in one woman's case a challenge. she called it the 15% pledge because black people make up roughly 15% of the total population their businesses should take up 15% of store shelves her idea grew into a movement. and since june 18 major companies signed on. tonight as we celebrate black history month. frank holland checks in on the pledge and its progress. [ chanting ]. >> outraged by the killing of
12:43 am
george floyd, entrepreneur aura james wanted to see real progress towards racial equality. >> i've always really seen, you know, the inequally that's existed. and i think enough is enough >> james watson ob outpouring of statements from big retailers, big tech, big businesses but she was skeptical. >> we support you, stand with you. but what does that mean? to me, i need accountable, contracts, representation. actual investment. >> james went to instagram with a call to action she named it the 15% pledge. >> nearly 15% of the population in america is black. the pledge is calling on major retailers to commit 15% of purchasing power to black-owned businesses we're asking for long-term investment in black founders and black communities. >> within days, the social media movement became a non-profit so far, 18 companies have taken the pledge that includes the gap, which announced today a commitment
12:44 am
that applies to all of its brands, including banana republic and old flaev james says much more than shelf space should be under scrutiny. >> the 15% market of black population in america can be applied in a billion different ways >> yelp doesn't have shelves but in august took the pledge. creating an icon for black-owned business and extending it to community functions, internal events and social media. >> the best thing we can do at yelp is to be a beacon of light to other companies, to say, shelf space isn't the only way to do this one of the things that we saw last summer was a 6500% increase in searches for black-owned businesses people want to exercise their purchasing power in line with their values. >> what is this? a scarf. >> artisan designer jen hewitt benefitting from the focused on black business and yelp social media.
12:45 am
>> my business grew 60% last year i've had more eyeballs on my work and can't keep anything in stock. >> you were fortunate during the time but there are other black-owned businesses that aren't as fortunate. what do you think the 15% pledge means for them. >> i think it means the difference between survival and having to fold. >> we checked on companies that took the pledge early on so far sephora says it's on track to double the number of black-owned brands by the end of 2021 rent the runway increased the number of black and persons of color on their site. and boosting investments in black designers like this. >> because of rent the runway, you know, 2020 was my first year as a profitable business the 15% pledge, what it really does it evening the playing field, let's retailers know that we do exist. we are here. and we are producing beautiful
12:46 am
products that women wolt love if we just had the chance to be in front of them. >> james sees progress but says had there is still a long way to go. >> we are not asking them to do this overnight it's not possible to do overnight. and we are all going to have working on this in a real way together >> as we mentioned, the gap including banana republic brand, the latest company to take the 15% pledge, so far it's been beauty and style brands taking the lead but now aura james is calling on all industries finance, tech, even groceries to take the 15% pledge, shep. >> frank holland thanks so much. tony bennett's family revealing a secret they've been keeping for years now. the legendary singer has alzheimer's. his family made the revelation in an interview with aarp magazine they say he was diagnosed in 2016 bennett is now 94 years old.
12:47 am
his wife says he has been spared some of the worst of the symptoms but she told the magazine, he sometimes forgets where he is, or what's happening around him despite all of this, the 18-time grammy winner is working on a brand-new album. his second with lady gaga. new music set to be released this spring. his wife told cbs this morning that he still rehearses twice a week. >> no cue cards sings for hour 75 minutes if somebody says there is a theater you can come sing. he will be ready. >> experts say more than 5.5 million americans have alzheimer's. symptoms appear in the mid-60s or later listed as the sixth leading cause of death in the united states a new nationwide mask mandate or teachers demanding a vaccine i should say while city leaders want students back in class. thousands of families wondering
12:48 am
where to send children tomorrow morning. the stalemate between one of the largest school districts and the city of chicago. but first the actor dustin diamond died best known for playing screech on saved by the bell back in the day diamond was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer three weeks ago. he died this morning after being taken off breathing machines dustin diamond was just 44 ♪♪ ♪♪ charlie's my sidekick when it comes to projects around the house. but every once in a while, she disappears on me. dad! dad! you are so fast! i discovered a new land! with magical creatures! was it under the porch? yup! ugh. i'll never see everything she sees. that's why we use new tide hygienic clean. it gets between fibers to remove visible and invisible dirt.
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12:50 am
the white house says reopening schools is a top priority of president biden's agenda his administration is pushing to get students back into classrooms as quickly as possible but that's a lot easier said than done. in chicago public schools remain closed now mayor lightfoot ordered teachers to return to the classroom but the teachers union is standing firm, possibly leading to a strike in the third largest school system.
12:51 am
the white house hopeful they can reach a deal. >> he trusts the mayor and unions to work this out. they're both prioritizing the right things, health and safety of kids and teachers, and working to make sure children in chicago are getting the education they deserve. >> and the biggest sticking point in the negotiations, vaccines for teachers. her is nbc' shack he'll brewster. >> after stalling negotiations the schools and the teacher union negotiations are resume today. no word on whether whether or not element and middle school students will return for in-person instruction tomorrow today was the day on the calendar for those students about 70,000 of them to return to the classrooms. chicago public schools say those buildings are safe they put more than $100 million in enhancements, things like air purifiers for the classroom pps but the teachers say this is a merit of health and safety for
12:52 am
staff. they want a reopening plan in line with the vaccination plan listen to how the president of the teacher union put it. >> there's been no consideration of delaying the schedule of school in order to get to a place where you could get staff vaccinated and we just think it's a blatant disregard for the well being of people asked to go into the schools. >> and stuck in the middle of the debate are the parents and students, 80% of them choosing to continue that virtual strks but for those planning to send kids back in person, they're left waiting as one parent told me today, praying for a deal shep. >> shaquille brewster, thank you. an alleged dog napper posing as a food delivery man and a deadly vanch in the utah mountain on a cnbc trip coast to coast. utah, authorities krovrpg the body of a imagine caught in at avalanche near park city
12:53 am
while steeing with a friend according to police. the friend says he found him 15 minutes later and tried gifting him cpr for about an hour but it was too late authorities say they waited until it was safe. and found the body the next day. buried in four feet of snow. florida. police say a food delivery man helped himself to a customer's puppy. when 10-month-old lexi ran out of the kondo authorities say the suspect grabbed her and took off surveillance video appears to show him stuff the tea cup poodle in the bag. police arrested him next day, charged him with grand theft lexi is back home safe and sound. texas. a family in the dallas suburb of wiley helping kids learn from home they're building desks from scratch, designing, cutting be assembling even delivering them to children in low-income communities. a gift about a lot more than just furniture on this cnbc trip
12:54 am
coast to coast the worst storm in years now sitting over the northeastern united states. snow falling as some struggle to navigate through it. and others, well, enjoy it the latest totals and overnight conditions next. we were the first to bring 5g nationwide. and now that sprint is a part of t-mobile we're turning up the speed. upgrading over a thousand towers a month with ultra capacity 5g. to bring speeds as fast as wifi to cities and towns across america. and we're adding more every week. coverage and speed. who says you can't have it all?
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oh, you think this is just a community center? no. it's way more than that. cause when you hook our community up with the internet... boom! look at ariana, crushing virtual class. jamol, chasing that college dream. michael, doing something crazy. this is the place where we can show the world what we can do.
12:56 am
comcast is partnering with 1000 community centers to create wifi-enabled lift zones, so students from low-income families can get the tools they need to be ready for anything. oh we're ready. ♪ ♪ the first major snowstorm of 2021 is slamming the northeast right now. here's a look at some of the snow totals across the region. three feet already in independence virginia, a couple of inches in the district. more than two feet in mendam new jersey 2 feet in central park and drew smith reporting from our nbc station there. what are you seeing in philadelphia >> good evening, this is the storm that will not quit here in philadelphia i was standing out here at this time last night. we had light snow. now it's a bit more heavy.
12:57 am
you can see the accumulation here we had sleet mixed in as well. big concern font is the travel and transit. people trying to get around on roads like this. plows are trying to keep up with it tonight real sloppy. but the governor issued a disaster declaration because they are concerned about making the roads passable another concern is getting the vaccine shipment into the philadelphia area. they had to cancel clinics in the city and wider region today. tomorrow they plan to open one but there is no guarantee any will get people in because the buses, trains, everything is interrupted right now. ending on a good note there are some people heading over to sled tonight. here in philadelphia, the rocky steps, the they are busy, people sliding down having a good time with the snow that won't end her in philly shep. >> drew smith, thanks. 5 a seconds left on a race to the finish.
12:58 am
a group of republican senators met with president biden at the white house this evening as he pushes for a massive covid relief package there were no breakthroughs. but the senators said it was very productive. covid cases and hospitalizations falling nationwide but the cdc director says dangerous new variants of the virus remain a great concern and the spacex ceo elon musk announcing plans to launch a four-person, all civilian crew into orbit by the end of this year and you can win a seat by entering a sweep stakes set to be detailed in a super bowl ad and now you know the news of this monday, february the 1st, 2021 i'm shepard smith. follow us on twitter @the news on cnbc. ♪♪
12:59 am
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