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tv   John King USA  CNN  May 18, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> and don't forget if you are still here, 6:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room" saturday night at 6:00 p.m. eastern assuming these predictions don't turn out to be true. thanks for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." john sing usa starts right now. tonight late breaking developments in the case against the political figure accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid and evacuation for the louisiana community where we were last night. the floodwaters are rising. up first tonight, two dramatic steps from the obama administration. syria ya from the white house starring targeting the president and top lieutenants. colleagues within the administration and leading voices say the pakistani government must have had a roll n harboring osama bin laden. you heard it again and again since the raid that led to the
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death of bin laden. if the al qaeda leader led as long as five years, someone high up had to be protecting him. here's a tiny sample. >> there had to be work for bin laden in pakistan. >> it's inconceivable that bin laden did not have a support system in the country. >> i think at high levels they knew being the intelligence service. they knew it. >> it is double dealing. >> sorry this benign and difference or was it indifference with a motive. >> but today at a pentagon briefing, secretary gates said he guess someone was helping bin laden and senior government or top intelligence officials knew should back off. >> i have seen no evidence at all that the senior leadership knew.
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in fact i have seen evidence to the contrary. we have no evidence yet with respect to anybody else. the timing is very important. pakistan's prime minister is in china. seeing a strategic opportunity to take advantage to tensions in u.s.-pakistan relations. key members are talking about slashing or putting tough conditions on future us aid to pakistan in the decades since the 9/11 attacks. chris lawrence is tracking and live in washington tonight. the defense secretary is careful with his words. he was trying to send a message here. >> he is trying to walk a very, very delicate line. on one hand they are very aware of the pressure on congress and really the attitude of the american people to wonder where have all the millions gone and what have we gotten for our money. they will all tell you how much the united states still depens on pakistan.
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you saw secretary gates using those words saying the pakistan military has been humiliated and they were able to go in with impunity and that was to show they get it. they understand that. you heard them talking about the head of pakistan's military by saying this man is not just a peer, he is a friend. they are telling me you still need to get the supplies to the troops in afghanistan through pakistan. if we are going to go after the leaders on the pakistani side, we still need pakistan's cooperation. >> what is striking is you just mentioned a key point. these guys have to deal minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day with the ups and downs. they were not only speaking a cautionary word to those in congress, but the president
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himself, top officials at the white house said they think somebody in pakistan was involved. it's interesting to see a cabinet secretary essentially sending a message to fellow people who serve in the d main station. >> exactly. this mission is over. it's done with. what they are worried about is the fact that we now know how many seals assaulted the compound and exactly how many seals were in back up, ready to move in and how they assaulted the compound. we didn't know they had a stealth black hawk and now we do. they are concerned that now this mission is done, but if they need to undertake a similar mission to go after say a leader of the network and other parts of pakistan, how difficult will it be if we have compromised not only these techniques, but the technology as well. >> loose lips sink ships. america's top uniformed military officers were at the briefing. they made a point of noting how
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humbling it was for the military at the united states to launch a raid inside pakistan's borders. they all do that and they care a lot about it. the targets in pakistan have caused friction. live for us in islamabad, let's start with any reaction you can gather to a pretty dramatic state. the defense secretary saying he has no evidence anyone high in the government was involved. in fact has seen some evidence to the contrary. >> yes, john. this appears to be a line developing. senator john kerry said the same thing when he was here just the other day in his words, trying to reset this relationship. they want to draw a line in the sand and say there is no evidence to link the military or intelligence or government to bin laden and they want to move on and try to write this
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relationship. at the same time these speculations persist and there investigations you should way here at the highest levels to see what may have occurred. whether there was colosing on an individual basis. it's interesting rather than soul search, the reflex reaction has been to point the finger back at the united states. to play to anti-american feelings here or in pakistan and point the finger at the u.s. and saying you are not respecting sovereignty or integrity or pakistan airspace. that's where the tensions are going to lie if drone attacks continue. >> let's pick up where you ended on the drone attacks. they were a source of tension beforehand. when you have sentiment, perhaps stoekd even more because of the raw anger, what is the sense? as the drone attacks continue as we speak, how is that flaming up? >> it's really interesting over the years. the first drone attack happened in 2004 in the past four years
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since 2006 and 2007 they increased more than 150 and taken out very high value targets according to estimates. over 1,000 militants are being killed by the targeted attacks. there was a feeling even though they didn't like it, the high-ranking officials were tolerating it and even privately supporting this. that did seem to shift back in march with the head of the military. a gross infringement of human rights and called for them to stop. drone strikes don't just kill terrorists, but civilians they are caught in the crossfire and more than 30,000 have been killed in 10 years since 9-11 and caused a lot of blow and concern amongst the population and the militants who turn around and go after the pakistani military in the last few days have been multiple attacks here involving up to 60 to 70 militants at any given time attacking check points and
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just last week, there were almost 80 to 90 military recruits killed at a training center targeted by the taliban the military and the people caught in the crossfire. >> a raw and delicate time. live for us in islamabad. thanks, stan. perspective from a voice on foreign policy. tennessee republican is a member of the foreign relations committee. youor record saying you believe pakistan must be in cahoots or incompetent. secretary gates and admiral mullen said they found zero evidence that anybody in the leadership knew about this. do you trust them and believe secretary gates? >> to me the issue is this. the pakastanis are very embarrassed and at a minimum, we know that to be true. to me, john, the question is where do we go from here? we have known that we had the
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network and l.e. it. in the areas and when you travel in afghanistan and in the province -- they are incredibly frustrated because they are fighting an enemy being led in the areas of pakistan i was just referring to. they are fighting our enemy where they are not and giving aid to a country where they are. at a minimum it seems it's time for us to really alter this relationship. our relationship with pakistan is transactional, but we need to make sure they are focused on our enemy and the fatah areas. >> to use your term, transact n transactional, $20 billion from the united states has gone to pakistan for security apparatus. many in congress said it's time to stop the aid or put tough
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strings on it. listen to secretary gates. he said pakistan has paid a high price. >> if i were in pakistani shoes, i would say i have already paid a price. i have been humiliated. i have been shown that the americans can do this. i think we have to recognize that they see a cost and a price that has been wade >> strong push back saying don't cut their aid. >> i am on record saying there needs to be different strings attached. money can make its way into lots of types of operations and the fact is that we haven't had the kind of toopgz regardless of what happened with osama bin laden.
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we haven't had the cooperation we need. this is an opportunity for us to change that relationship and sure, they are humiliated and they didn't detect us and say they didn't detect osama bin laden, but the bigger issue for us is our strategic interest and their strategic interest are not aligning as they should. this is the time to get that clear and to get that clear as part of any aid that goes to pakistan. we have known for a long, long time we cannot be successful as long as the people who are leading the effort against us are based in pakistan. let's get this relationship right. again, it is about money. our money does alter their behavior and the fact iss as you mentioned, we sent over $20 billion since 2001 let's get it right. this is an opportunity to do that. >> as this plays out, the pakistani government is well
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aware of the conversations here in the united states. the prime minister is in china right now. they called china a weather tested and well-tested friend we are told by sources that china would like to see the tail of the operations helicopter that was left and exploded in the bin laden compound the tail have not yet been returned. what do you make of that? >> i don't know enough about the details of the conversation that are taking place. look. again pakistan was the country that the activities with other countries. it's now time to sit sdpodown a have a mature conversation and make sure they are the same. we had witnesses and recently informed relations. i don't know if they are accurate that believe pakistan wants to see afghanistan not be a stable country. if that's the case, obviously we
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have a very different view of the world. john, it just seems to me that now is the time regardless of push back from the defense department, regardless of push back from the joint chiefs, now is the time to have that conversation, especially when so many american lives and so much american resource is at stake. >> do you think the administration is blind to this? >> i think that we will end up doing exactly what i just laid out here not because i laid it out, but i think it's the rational thing to do. there is a little push back and people are worried about maybe things getting a little too carried away retorically. we understand what the politicians deal with. we have drones that are flying in their space shooting and killing people in various parts of pakistan we believe to be extremist. i understand how that plays with politicians in their area. i understand when we had a
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person, one of the cia operatives that was involved in an accident. i understand how that plays locally. that still doesn't mean as it relates to the overall nation's interest, their nation's interest we should not get that aligned when we are giving so much in aid to the country of pakistan. our relationship has been transactional and we need to make sure that that transactional relationship is one where our interests are aligned and now is the time to do that, not later. right now. >> from tennessee, appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you. >> as it tries to ease tensions, obama's administration adds pressure. the executive order signed by president obama and new steps by the treasury department, six top deputies have in financial institutions. the tougher sanctions, a direct response to the violence and
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hearing the crack down against anti-government demonstrators. >> this just in. gabrielle giffords had surgery and the hospital confirms it was a krcranial plasty surgery. she is recovering well. congresswoman giffords was shot in january and had to have brain surgery then and surgery now to take off part of her skull to deal with her original injuries any new developments this hour and coverage of the news conference tomorrow. pushing to be released on bail, he sexually assaulted a new york hotel worker. with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a non-narcotic treatment that's fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain.
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♪ do not attempt at home. always wear your seat belt. ♪ and please drive responsibly. [ male announcer ] it's the most fun you can legally have. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the c-class. the president is putting finishing touches on a policy in the time of dramatic upheaval and the death of osama bin laden, they see the need to better explain u.s. policy in the fast-changing region. some label the keach cairo 2.0 because it was two years ago obama travelled to egypt with the goal of opening a new chapter.
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>> i have come here to seek a new beginning between the united states and muslims around the world. one based on mutual interest and mutual respect. one based upon the truth that america and islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. >> mr. obama has fallen far short of his goal of dramatically improving america's image. let's look at findings from the research center. we will show you numbers here they are dramatic when you play them out. u.s. favorability in the region, you bring up the numbers and the percentages from last year. opinions of the united states, negative opinions up slitly in egypt. just slightly from last year. down in jordan from last year. down in pakistan and the palestinian territories, this is a comparison and up slightly and in turkey down as well. the president not making a lot of progress in the year since that speech in cairo.
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let's take away these numbers and bring up different numbers who gets more support? those who disagree with fundamentalists or those who support? in egypt it's an even split. we have talked about the problem in pakistan. look at this. how much more support fundamentalists get. more in the territories. that is something to watch. one more quick thing. which groups are viewed favorably. al qaeda is the yellow. relatively unfavorable. hamas and hezbollah. they have high support there. this is part of the challenge the president faces. ann h more on the president's hopes as he delivers this big speech, ed? >> reporter: when you talk to his top aides, he sees a moment here now after a few months in the mideast to try to take stock of where we are and get specific about one key area. that is what can the u.s. do
4:21 pm
specifically to try to help some of the these democracies? how to nurture them and how to dry to deal with the economics of the situation. let's remember that that's where a lot of these peaceful protests began. not just people in some of these countries like egypt feeling they had no basic human rights, but they didn't have a job. a lot of young people coming out with no hope for the future. i think we will get specifics from the president tomorrow from what we are hearing about what the u.s. can do specifically. maybe aid to build some of these democracies up. aides roll their eyes when they hear the expectations about a big, big speech from the president, but the fact of the matter is when he tries to put together when they say he will do which is talk about osama bin laden's death and talk about libya and egypt and tunisia and throw in the israeli palestinian peace process, that's a lot to chew on.
4:22 pm
you spend a lot of time on the new challenges the old challenge at the end, the mideast peace process. anything new there at a time where most people are pessimistic. there is a breakthrough. >> there has been a lot of talk that the president has been weighing whether or not to push israel to go back to the pre1967 israeli-arab war borders for israel. they wanted to concede other points. given the reconciliation with hamas, the israelis are not in a mood for compromise on the issues number two, people in the administration who are saying one reason george left so abruptly is the president's mideast envoys and pushing for a specific and private obama peace plan of some kind. really lay down specifics now that he's gone, it seems highly unlikely about what the parties are supposed to do.
4:23 pm
>> live at the white house for us, thanks. let's get perspective from a young activist in the middle of egypt up rising. a blogger from cairo. thanks for being with us. a simple question. the president of the united states is going to give a dramatic speech designed to reach out to the arab and muslim world and people like you in the middle. is there anything you want to hear from the president or does it not matter? >> i really don't see america's role by any means whether it's the president or not even just america, any country's role to intervene in any kind of domestic issues. to be frank, this is the government and the policies of whether it's president obama or any previous president that supported a dictator like mubarak and the aid, the 1.5 billion that egypt redeems goes
4:24 pm
to the army. this is the same army that has been terrorizing and cracking down on peaceful protesters. this is completely unacceptable. at this point whatever president obama will address will really be irrelevant to what the situation is in right now. we are visiting democracy from the bottom up by the people from within the people and for the first time in the arab world the united states or any foreign power doesn't have to deal with anything bringing change to this and democracy to this part of the world. >> did you feel the same two years ago? this speech will be given almost exactly two years after the president came to your city and delivered his speech introducing himself to the arab and muslim world, promising he hoped the relations would be better and the young people like you would look to the united states as an example. did you have any hope back then? >> i can only speak on behalf of myself, but what i can tell you is that the sentiment i get from
4:25 pm
the street is that america is not the mother of democracy that we are striving for. we don't see that america's model of democracy is the aim for this. in fact, it started long ago, 10 years ago with the second palestinian and the u.s. invasion of iraq. it drove people to take actions in the street and against colonialism and imperialism after america and arguably can you say some people say it stands for. >> do you see a policy in the region? >> it's hypocritical. u.s. will support a dictator if it allies with interest or not. the main interest in the region are oil and israel. when president obama came into cairo and gave the speech, some people saw it's a great gesture and it's one of the first of its
4:26 pm
kind and so on, but at the same time nothing has changed since the situation has gotten worse. iraq is still happening. the war. the u.s. support to the egyptian military who was like i said has been not performing it as the best since the revolution happened. so there is a lot of concerns, but at this point i get the feeling that egyptiance are not concerned about what mr. obama will say. they are concerned about justice. minimum wage. the freedom of speech. the democracy and parliamentary elections and things that affect us on a daily life. nobody whether america or other country can help us. it's our duty and our role to play in painting our future. >> appreciate your perspective.
4:27 pm
>> david gergin is with us and i was struck in the conversation, a 24-year-old blogger, precisely the generation president obama hopes to reach in the region saying reject the teachings of jihad and embrace the united states and democracy, but wow was she skeptical. what can the united states do to reach her? >> i'm not sure you can. the president and his people see this as a pivotal moment that bin laden has been kill and they can make a pivot and be a force for change. unlike the cairo speech two years ago where there was a great atmosphere of hope about what president obama and the united states could accomplish. now there is an attitude of skepticism and as you look around over the last few months, things have gone sour in a lot of places as you well know. egypt is sliding in economic crisis and as foreign policy is less positive towards the united
4:28 pm
states, libya and stalemate and syria with the crack down and they had trouble dealing with this. of course with the peace process, george mitchell's resignation and his envoy underscores how more abundant the peace process seems. this is a hard place for the president to come and look at those numbers that you showed in the poll. across much of the mideast, favorability to the united states is 20% or more in that poll. why does that matter so much? it matters because there democratic movements and the rulers of the countries are having to pay a lot more attention to the attitudes on the streets they mean more today than they did a year ago. >> that young activist and blogger is smart for 24 years. one of the reasons we don't trust the united states is because you support one country, let's say bahrain that is a friend and they can have a crack
4:29 pm
down, but when someone else does it, it's bad. she called it hypocrisy. how does the president deal with that? >> that's another question. he is clearly used today to set it up and be tougher on syria. that removes some of the hypocrisy. i don't know how he comes up with a coherent plan. i think this is going to be difficult in the near term to generate excitement in the mideast about policies and it will be difficult to generate enthusiasm here at home. he is likely to call for more american aid. it talks about how to slash the budget here at home. most americans want to hear about jobs in the united states and not creating jobs in egypt. i 5d mire him for having the courage to do this. this is likely to be met not with a lot of applause, but maybe over the long-term the speech will be seminal.
4:30 pm
>> how does the president address the fact that you heard ed henry and george mitchell would like a peace plan. clinton had a approach or framework and this president does not get along with the israeli prime minister. can he afford to say all right, mr. prime minister, you don't agree, here my plan or does he have to back off? >> there reports that there is a division within the administration that the vice president and his national security adviser and a couple of others do not want him to be specific tomorrow. they do believe we are going into an election season and don't top the get out in front with a plan and hillary clinton would like something more specific as did george mitchell. it sounds to me that we are not going to have a plan. we have a huge problem coming up in september over the very issue. there will be a lot of pressure to get more involved before
4:31 pm
september and head off some sort of unilateral recognition of a palestinian state. >> as always, appreciate your time. we will stay in touch. >> ahead here, new evacuations in the path of the slow moving and devastating mississippi river. next, new legal developments in the case of the international financeur accused of sexually assaulting a new york hotel maid. ♪ [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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>> dominique strauss kahn is accuse have had assaulting a hotel maid and is due back in court tomorrow. the latest details deb? >> when the judge earlier this week denied a million dollar bail package for strauss kahn, they suggested electronic monitoring. sources are telling cnn a deal is in the works and could result in him being freed on bail as early as tomorrow. both sides plan to be in state supreme court thursday to present this deal to a judge. it will be a different judge this time who is going to hear the charges against him presented by the district attorney. this deal could fall through and the defense optimist take that he could be released perhaps as early as tomorrow >> the defense optimistic. what's the reaction from the alleged victim and her team?
4:36 pm
>> this is a woman from guinea. she spent the entire afternoon at court to testify before the grand jury. she was laying out the details of what allegedly happened to her in the hotel room when he was said to have attacked her when she went to clean the room her lawyer, private lawyer reacted to news of this public release. there was a man on a plane on the way to france, and would have done that but for the intervention. in my experience if that man is not a flight risk, i'm not sure who is. >> monitoring took several days to set up and that may have been the delay. because he was basically taken into custody while he was sitting on a plane ready to go to europe, the judge said he was a flight risk. now that he has this surveillance or there is a possibility of ex-elect ronnic
4:37 pm
monitoring, chances are they have a location where he will be staying and they will be able to monitor him and cameras are set up and special keys. it's a big operation and takes time to do. that could likely be one of the conditions of his bail. his release. >> they are tracking the legal developments. let's get perspective for the legal analyst. let's go through this. the other day the judge said no bail. you are going to jail. he was taken off the plane and he was a flight risk at that moment. you are familiar with how the monitoring works. if coming into court, they said yes, we will do it. does that make a difference? >> it might. this is a tough call for the judge. the defense is going to come in and say is there a realistic possibility that this gentlemen is going to flee? it's going to be tough to say with 24-hour monitoring with his notoriety with his passport surrendered, it will make a
4:38 pm
tough argument that he a genuine risk, but he is a foreign national and a wealthy man. he was arrested on an airplane. there competing factors and the judge will have to struggle with this one. >> if you were working with the da and had to argue against a strong defense case, 24-7 monitoring and he will post the bail moan, you can put a cup outside his house. what is the prosecution saying? >> the prosecution said let's treat like people in like ways. reicher's island where pretrial detainees are held are full of mexicans and hondurans and you go at mallance people not wealthy, but have the same risk because they are not americans. they have no roots in the community. they are a risk of flight. given the seriousness and the fact that he was on an airplane, that's an argument that the prosecution can definitely make and may well win.
4:39 pm
>> you heard mr. shapiro, the attorney for the attorney. in proceedings, he has no standings. this is between the defense and the prosecution. >> this is really a matter only in sentencing in the legal system does the victim have a direct role. the political environment often plays a in how judges decide things. mr. shapiro will not be in court tomorrow. this is between the prosecution and the defense. >> i want to get your thoughts on this. this caused outrage in france. this is called the peper walk. marching out in public with the handcuf handcuffs. the commissioner is defending that practice. the american justice system with two adversaries and that's how
4:40 pm
the truth comes out. it may be different in the system that used in prints. this is what we have. it worked well for us. >> worked well for us, but isn't it fair to say there times when the police department and other police departments can be more sensitive if they choose to be. >> that's true although what we call a peper walk is in fact how every prisoner is treated. there sometimes television cameras there and sometimes not. if the police arrange to take someone away from the cameras, that is a departure from the normal situation. you are right. in certain circumstances, the police ka k take someone away from the cameras. it is also worth pointing out that there lots of defendants who have been perp walk and paraided in front of the cameras and gotten acquitted.
4:41 pm
they know that being arrested is not equivalent to being guilty. manhattan juries are famous for being tough. this is not the worst case for him to go to trial. >> important points from the senior legal analyst and i love the reference to the system in france. we will ob top of this. >> we will be all over this tomorrow. coming up here, gabrielle giffords is recovering well after dramatic surgery tonight. dr. sanjay gupta hospit47s us n. with bengay pain relief plus massage you can do this...
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the arizona congresswoman had sijry and recovering well after a cranial plasty procedure. dr. sanjay gupta is a brain surgeon and performs this procedure. he joins us to tell us what happened why is this important in the prognosis? >> you remember first of all we talked about this at the time when congresswoman giffords was first treated. in order to address the issue of the swelling from this bullet injury, this is a skull here. on the left side they remove bone. why? that gives space for the brain to swell. that swelling goes away within a short period of time, but at some point in the future, now a few months later they put the bone back. this is what it looks like. that piece of bone. in her case, the bone because of the type of injury was infected
4:46 pm
so they have created a sort of bone substitute. we have animation to show this. they take the substitute and place it right back into that same area. they use these metal plates around the corners around the edges to fix that back in place. the skin is closed over this and the concavity she had in her head is gone. it's hard to think of, but what you have seen described is a cosmetic procedure to give her that head back. >> you described as a cosmetic procedure. how risky is this procedure. >> it involves general anesthesia. it will have risks because of that, but as far as brain surgery itself goes, you are on the outside here. you are not entering the brain so it's more of putting the bone back along the outer layers of the brain.
4:47 pm
you never want to describe an operation. you treat every one the same in that regard. in the scheme of things, it's a simpler operation to perform and typically has good results. >> twice we have seen them travel from rehab to the kennedy space center and successful launch of the endeavor. how risky is that? someone who is missing sipiece of their skull to be out traveling? >> because the skull is gone, you have just under the skin the outer layers of the brain. in and of itself that can pose a risk if you were to fall, but typically patients wear a helmet to protect that area. besides that, there is no additional risk. the skin is closed and there is no risk of infection, for example. the same thing she is probably going through in rehab, trying to negotiate stairs and dealing with new environments and terrain. you get a lot of that when you take a trip like this as well. really probably patients who are
4:48 pm
outside the hospital and without pieces of their skull all over the place. it's not that unusual for this to happen. >> we will hear from the doctors. you will get a sense of whether her rehab was in good shape. >> at some point they will have to set milestones in terms of how much longer she going to mead to be in patient when she can transition. i would love to hear more details on precisely how she is doing and progressed over the last few weeks. this operation itself while people think of it as a milestone, it doesn't have a huge bearing in terms of overall progress. this operation was expected to happen and it happened now. we would like to get more information on how she is doing and what the shorter term goals are >> breaking news and successful surgery. thanks. when we come back, last night if you were with us, you saw me in
4:49 pm
a louisiana town. an evacuation order issued and the latest on the flooding, just ahead. ♪ when it's planes in the sky ♪ ♪ for a chain of supply, that's logistics ♪ ♪ when the parts for the line ♪ ♪ come precisely on time ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ a continuous link, that is always in sync ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ there will be no more stress ♪ ♪ cause you've called ups, that's logistics ♪ ♪ flash, aah-ah l about blackberry playbook? that's right. it runs flash. so unlike some tablets we could mention,
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an evacuation order is in place tonight for the louisiana community where we are last night. that order to evacuate taking effect saturday. the floodwaters are rising there. further up, an evacuation in mississippi tonight. not just mississippi, one of the big concerns is saving the levee. that's where cnn's david
4:53 pm
mattingly is. david. >> reporter: john, this levee is not like one that we see typically around the mississippi. this one wasn't built with tax dollars. it's not maintained by the army corps of engineers. this was put here and is being worked on right now by one family. a family that's been in business, trying to protect its business that's been on the banks here for the last hundred years. and now this family that's been in business for five jeb rations generations is fighting the flood of the century by building this wall between it and the river. take a look at what we see so far. see how high the water is? it's usually about 100 feet that way to the river's edge. but look at where the lumber yard is. the jones lumber company here. it's down in a bowl. if this levee breaks, all of that's going to be gone. this family's legacy at this point is clearly on the line. >> we're trying to keep this thing going for the community,
4:54 pm
you know, and for these generations is what we're trying to do. and if we fail, we fail. you know, and if we fail we'll just say, well, we tried. >> reporter: and they are trying. take a look at some of the activity that we've seen today. they've devoted every bit of resources they have here. they essentially with not been in the lumber business for over 20 days now. they've devoted every bit of their resources to building up this levee. they feel like it's high enough. and now they have to maintain it and make sure it's strong enough because as these waves continue to come in, they're having problems with the river traffic as the tugs push the barges through here, it's creating a wake and some of those wakes actually take gouges out of the levee they're trying so hard to maintain. the coast guard has stepped in. they slowed down the river traffic. they spaced it out. they're still keeping a very close watch. the joneses here not ready to give up this fight.
4:55 pm
they're in for a long one here because this water is not going down for weeks. so they've got some good news today. the crest is not going to be as high as it was originally predicted. and they say in this case every inch counts. john. >> david mattingly. in mississippi tonight. a dramatic fight there. the fight every day and the fight will not last. quick break. when we come back, more images from my time down in the flood zone. including tonight a warning for louisiana official, watch out for snakes and watch out for other animals seeking refuge from the rising waters. k, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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i spent monday and tuesday down in the flood zone here. this was quite astounding. this was the morganza spillway. they've opened this spillway to steer some of the spill waters into less populated areas, to keep the higher floodwaters from more populated areas. when you watch the floodwaters, they open these gates, they're sending that water, sadly, though, into some other communities, like butte la rose. an evacuation order in place in this small town. the parish president said as many as 1,000 homes in his community could ultimately be buried. obviously, the number one concern, these homes and the people who own them. but as the flood plays out, officials are also issuing warnings and taking steps to protect wildlife. we can show you some images right here. this from the louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries. deer being forced


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