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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  September 8, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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thing to do. it's very bipartisan. republicans will say if it's so bipartisan, why didn't you invite us in and help us write this instead of just presenting this and saying you pass this or i'm going to beat you over the head. >> i just want to be precise about that $450 billion price tag. the press, david, we didn't make it up, we got that number from white house officials. they are the ones who are telling us the price tag for this package will be $450 billion. david, hold on. the motorcade is leaving to go back to the white house. we're going to stay on top of this story. we're going to stay on top of the breaking news story that we're following. i'm wolf blitzer here in washington. our coverage continues right now. specter of a terror attack on this country. intelligence officials saying they have credible, specific and unconfirmed information on a threat on or around the 9/11 anniversary. new york mayor michael bloomberg spoke to reporters. >> the threat at this moment has
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not been corroborated. i want to stress that. it is credible, but it has not been corroborated. but we do live in a world where must take these threats seriously, and we certainly will. the nypd is deploying additional resources around the city and taking other steps to keep our city safe. >> we want to be very careful what we tell you tonight. with that in mind a senior intelligence official tells us the plot was to involve three individual, one of them an american citizen. the official saying that the threat involved a vehicle bomb but going on to said intelligence picture is not fully formed and that not enough is known about the potential operatives and their plotting. some earlier reports which actually cited some stolen vehicles have kind of been knocked down. one reporter telling our susan
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candiotti those reports were false. former white house security adviser fran townsend, susan candiotti and the author of "the long f-war" joins us as well. what's the latest you're hearing from sources on the threat? >> well, anderson, it's interesting because as they begin to pull this thread, the more and more you hear are words of caution. the answer is they are looking for corroboration. they are clearly reaching out to our ails around the world as well as looking inside existing databases to try to understand is this really credible? somebody said to me, you know, it's a plausible threat but i'm not prepared to say yet, the source said to me, that it's actually credible that we need to act on it. we take them all seriously, but we really need more information, more corroboration. >> jess characters how seriously is the white house taking the threat? i spoke to jay carney earlier? >> they are taking it quite
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seriously. the president was briefed by his chief counterterrorism adviser john brennan this morning and he's not in the west wing now but is available should he need an update. i should also point out that in anticipation of 9/11 he chair at ming of his team here to make sure that the team is doing everything necessary to step up security measures around the country because they anticipated that there could be extra concerns because of the anniversary on sunday. anderson? >> peter, i want to play another piece of sound from the new york press conference. this is the fbi new york field office assistant director in charge. >> as we know from the intelligence gathered following the osama bin laden raid, al qaeda has shown an interest in important dates, in anniversaries such as 9/11.
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in this instance, the instance we're all here tonight to speak about, it's accurate that there is specific, credible but unconfirmed threat information. as we always do before important dates, like the anniversary of 9/11, we will undoubtedly get more reporting in the coming days. >> peter, your sources are saying the raid on bin laden's compound has something to do with it. >> yeah. i mean, the sources that we've been talking to say the preface analysis was that, you know, al qaeda didn't really care about anniversaries. they kind of attacked when they had the plan together. bin laden had an intense interest, according to the documents that were recovered in his compound, of an attack around the tenth anniversary of 9/11. since the raid against bin laden and his killing, the white house has had meetings once every two weeks at the deputy level, including one today, ten meetings since this event, to
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discuss basically review the vulnerabilities, aviation service, transport, and in the last five days something changed. there was the usual chatter and now something scraped as more tangible. i don't have any other details other than that, and certainly it seems to be a much higher level of concern about the anniversary, potential anniversary attack. there is also some discussion in the government, which i've heard from a number of people, about public releasing some of the compound documents that were found in bin laden's compound, some of the millions of pages of arabic language documents that are being translated amongst which is documents demonstrating bin laden's interest in attacking on the tenth anniversary, anderson. >> what would be the point in releasing those documents? . >> you know, there was a kind of feeling, first of all, it would
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be further amplification we did kill bin laden. these are his internal documents. secondly, some of the documents reveal real tensions within al qaeda, tensions between people like bin laden who wanted to continue focus on attacking the united states and tensions among others who wanted to focus more on attacking say the egyptian government. it's an old tension in al qaeda, but the documents reveal that it's continued, that it was still active, and the government sees some upside in, you know, make is these kinds of debates public. >> susan, even before the threat obviously in new york was not taking this anniversary lightly at all, do you know about additional precautions? you heard the mayor say some you'll see, some you won't. >> certainly they were already planning to have heightened security at so many landmarks here around the city. they would be looking into bags of people carrying it into the subways, and now they are talking about extra precautions, in the only landmarks but, for
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example, at synagogues and other buildings, and another piece of information that i picked up, one thing that might make it harder to track down the specificity of this threat, according to a u.s. government official the names of the three people that may be involved, that are being talked about, are rather common names, according to the u.s. government official, so that's another element certainly to consider. but already this is a city that's on edge, and certainly even more so, but they are talking precautions, as they should. >> fran, i interviewed congressman peter king about this threat. i just want to play some of that. >> anderson, what i can tell you is that the threat is very special fib. it's credible, but it's not confirmed, and -- >> what does that mean? >> you tie the -- well, it means that they have information which is specific. there's reason to believe it could be true, but we cannot confirm it's true an that's what's being done right now, attempting to find out if it is
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true, running down all leads and taking whatever action has to be taken. >> i mean, if they know that three people are involved in this or those are just early reports, i mean, they either did fly hear or they didn't. is that aspect not confirmed, or do we know the details of what's not confirmed? >> well, as susan says, if they don't have names or the names are very common, it's a very time-consuming process to go through customs and immigration records it try and identify who they are. that's going to take them some time. there's no doubt that there's computer pour to then them with that but it depends on do they have the names, the right names? are they aliases, are they common? do they know what port of entry they came through? these are details they will try to collect to narrow the scope and identify them. even if you do identify them from the customs forms, then you've got to find them. this is where your terror
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finance,ur ability to track money and credit card and hotel bills and all of that will come play, but first you need the first good lead about the names. >> since bin laden's death how much successful missions have there been? >> yes, i mean, is who wasn't a household name but became al qaeda's number two after bin laden's death. rackman, a libyan, the hub. this is a person when was communicating with al qaeda's affiliates. this is a person dealing with al qaeda cbs kror leadership and was basically bin laden's conduit to the outside world. new on august the 22rd he was
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killed in a drone strike and last friday we had a rather senior al qaeda leader arrested in a joint u.s./pakistani operation. these guys aren't replaceable. rackman is scraped somebody who was irreplaceable, somebody doing so many things for the organization, somebody who had fought in iraq, long links with african militant groups, somebody who kind of had been basically's conduit to the outside world. the bench has been decimated. at a certain point you can't -- that's why you're earring john brennan and david petraeus saying al qaeda is on the rope or facing strategic defeat because as a serb point you cannot get the people with the kind of experience and knowledge to kind of step up to what is now -- which has long been the most dangerous job, being number
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two and three in al qaeda and there are fewer and tour takers and people who will fill the positions. >> what about the al qaeda in the arabian pensler led by muslims. >> it's still led by arabs. another revelation from the documents in the compound that bin laden was living in was that there was some discussion about making the american cleric the leader of this group in yemen. bin laden essentially nixed the proposal saying, hey, i'm used to the people who are in charge. i don't want a pr-- >> the other thing they are concerned about are lone wolves with no connection to any network who may take the 9/11 anniversary as an opportunity to make a statement.
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these are people without e-mail trails or cell phone trails, very harder to detect. >> peter bergen, appreciate the reporting, fran town send and jessica yellin. susan candiotti, appreciate t.following it all throughout the hour and night. follow me on facebook and on twitter. our political panel joins us after the break. we'll look at probe's jobs speech to the country and laying out his plan. and out west a huge mess, trafficlation out and flights delayed after a massive power outage. if you're in southern california, you can actually see this picture right now. consider yourself lucky.
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[♪...] >> male announcer: now, for a limited time, your companion flies free, plus save up to 65%. call 1-800-sandals. conditions apply. our other breaking story tonight, the president's address on jobs to being could and at
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nation. 14 million americans are looking for work right now. millions more have already given up looking. the economy at best, well, it is stuck in neutral. tonight the president laid out proposals that he says will get it moving again. everything in the run up to this moment has been contentious right down to the scheduling of it and chances are everything in the aftermath will be loaded with conflict and partisanship. that kind of game playing is precisely what the president called on tonight to set aside as they consider his tax cuts, hiring incentives and infrastructure spendingch tonight we'll look at whether that is a realistic hope and more importantly what is in the president's plan and his promises up to this point. keeping them honest. first, the president himself. >> i am sending this congress a plan that you should pass right away. it's called the american jobs act. there should be nothing controversial about this piece of legislation. everything in here is the kind of proposals that's been supported by both democrats and republicans, including many who
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sit here tonight, and everything in this bill will be paid for, everything. the american jobs act will not add to the deficit. it will be paid for, and here's how. the agreement we passed in july will cut government spending by about $1 trillion over the next ten years. it also charges this congress to come up with an digital $1.5 trillion in savings by christmas. tonight i am asking you to increase that amount so that it covers the full cost of the americans job act and a week from monday i'll be releasing a more ambitious deficit plan, a plan that will not only cover the cost of this jobs bill but stabilize our debt in the long run. here's the truth. millions of americans rely on medicare in their retirement, and millions more will do so in the future. they pay for this benefit during their working years. they earn it, but with an aging population an rising health care
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costs we are spending too fast to sustain the program. i don't pretend that this plan will solve all our problems. it should not be nor will it be the last plan of action we propose. what's guided us from the start of this crisis hasn't been the search for a silver bullet. it's been a commitment to stay at it, to be persistent, to keep trying every new idea that works and listen to every good proposal no matter which party comes up with it. regardless of the arguments we've had in the past, regardless of the arguments we will have in the future, this plan is the right thing to do right now. you should pass it, and i intend to take that message to every corner of this country. >> let bring in our political panel. john king, erin burnett, the host of the upcoming "up front" paul begala, gloria borger, eric erickson and editor of red and cornell belcher and david frum, speech writer
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for george w. bush and founder of eric, i noticed a tweet you posted a few minutes ago. you wrote, quote, instead of yelling, you lied at him, i wish they would laugh at this farce. this speech is a rehash joke. tough words. why do you think it's a joke? >> you know, i heard this speech before. i heard it in january 2011. i heard it in january of 2010 and in february of 2009, and, you know, we wouldn't have had this speech tonight had those last three speeches done anything, particularly those first two when the democrats controlled congress and the white house. >> cornell, is this a joke? >> no, but that -- that sort of partisan talk is part of the reason why we're in this problem. look, i'll go back with you on this, eric, and truth of the matter is what the president -- the president's actions that he took when we were in a complete nosedive and losing jobs, you know, each month pulled us out of a nosedive, but clearly we need now something a little -- a little boost here, and what he's asking for is, look, most of
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these plans, a balanced approach plan to this and most of this stuff quite frankly should have bipartisan support for because a lot of this stuff republicans have supported in the past. there's nothing crazy or insane about the idea that we have to build our road or improve our infrastructure and put our teachers back to work at the same time that china and india are hiring more teachers. we're laying off teachers. there's nothing crazy about that as an ideal. it's a solid idea. >> david frum, what about it, because for a lot of republicans because when they hear about investment or infrastructure, they are basically using other terms for stimulus? >> this speech was very effective, and we can already see it beginning to have its effect. eric cantor and john boehner were saying to reporters for politico that they will pass some of the elements that the president is proposing, whether that ultimately happens or not we don't know, but they have been put that a situation where they understand they can't afford to look as uncooperative as they did during the debt ceiling battle so the president
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has achieved something there. the republicans will then resent that even more. of course this speech is political. the president is framing an argument, but it is a political -- it's a political maneuver that is working. it will produce a countereffect because republicans will resent it. it could also have some beneficial effect on the economy and that really is the most important thing of all. that payroll tax cut is a good idea. should have been bigger and done earlier, and infrastructure spending, it works. that's what the economists tell us. >> erin, how do you think the business world is going to look at the speech? >> they will like the payroll tax cut? eric cantor voted for that before and will again. really well structured. not going to the big companies, small companies and every working american gets the tax cut. something everyone can agree on. extending unemployment benefits, an area where there's lots of debates, medicare, medicaid, the payroll tax cut, business will like that, but i think john mccain had it right. housing is the root of all the problems here. we still don't have a solution
9:22 pm
for that so this could continue to be another band-aid. >> how political of a speech was it? there were republicans who said they didn't want to be used as a backdrop? was it a political speech? >> hugely political but it's a relatively modest proposal. i'm going to say this and people will say it's a joke. one of the bridges we need to rebuild is between ohio and kentucky, speaker boehner an leader mcconnell. the president right there was saying this is a political peach. however, some of these proposals the republicans don't like they have been clear about it. david frum made a very important point. the statement from leader boehner and eric cantor said we can do some of this. other republicans are saying stimulus two, same old failed policies but the leaders that matter the most say we will do some of this because the president did repackage a lot of this. we don't pass on a bottle of wine because it's old. we want to know if it's any good. some of these proposals republicans like so they will pass some of them. the president won't get it all. the bigger question is what will the president have to give to
9:23 pm
get some of this from the republicans? how will they pay for this? the president won't agree to how the president wants to pay for it and the billinger question is will it have an impact on the economy in those 14 months, as the president noted, between now and the next election? most republicans, anderson, believe they can agree with the president on most of this, a, philosophically they agree with it and, b, politically they don't think that it will have a big impact where it will help the president. >> i want to play more of the president's speech. >> regardless of the arguments we've had in the past, regardless of the arguments we'll have in the future this, plan is the right thing to do right now. you should pass it, and i intend to take that message to every corner of this country. and i ask -- i ask every american who agrees to lift your
9:24 pm
voice. tell the people who are gathered here tonight that you want action now. >> gloria, the president clearly appealing to the public to rally behind him. getting a lot of tweets from democrats like they haven't seen this president this fired up in quite a while. >> right, fired up and ready to go, remember that? this is -- this is game on, anderson, and what -- the president tonight was really trying to appeal not to erik menend menendez -- eric ericson. he's trying to come across as reasonable leader. his numbers have suffered particularly after the debt ceiling and the one way to do that is challenge republicans, lay down a very clear plan and say you should pass it, you should pass it. this makes a lot of sense to me and hope that it makes a lot of sense to the independent voters out there who will then put pressure on republicans in congress. the missing part here, which i
9:25 pm
want to see, is when the president is going to talk on september 19 about how he intends to pay for it, and what he's going to say to that joint committee and how he's going to pay for this $450 billion or whatever -- whatever it turns out to be. that's something the american people need to hear also, but for tonight, he was very concise, very clear. told them he's going to send up legislation, which is something we also haven't seen from this president and say here's what i want. now you go do it. so game on. >> paul, what did you think of the speech? do you think it's something that the american people or at least, you know, his base will rally behind him on? >> oh, i think definitely. in fact, as you know, i advise liberal pac that's pro-observe ma. we're independent of the party or the president's campaign, but our pac actually did some focus groups tonight. in richmond, virginia, in eric cantor's district with swing voters, who the with president's base, swing voters, people who
9:26 pm
are disaffected and fallen out of favor with president obama and our pollster e-mailed me, liked it very well, showed strength and liked him personally. on the issue front, what they like the best, what they especially liked is when he paired up ending tax breaks for the wealthiest with funding education. now, it always hurts democrats when republicans say we're big spenders, it's true, but it hurts republicans when they say they coddle the rich so the president has linked those two up in a very effective way and at least from the swing voters that my group tested, they loved it. >> everyone stick around. we'll be coming back to you throughout the evening. up next, a payroll tax holiday, infrastructure spending, unemployment benefits. is the white house proposing just more of the same as some republicans are saying? why should americans believe it's going to make a difference this time around? white house press secretary jay carney joins me and presidential candidate michele bachmann had to share the stage in last
9:27 pm
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well, jobs plan that president obama proposed tonight is expected to cost $450 billion. the 2009 stimulus package cost $789 bill beyond an when mr. obama signed that bill he said it would create or save as many as 4 million jobs and would hold himself accountable if it didn't. >> the single most important part of this economic recovery
9:31 pm
and reinvestment plan is the fact that it will save or create up to 4 million jobs. >> it's a plan that will save or create 3 million to 4 million jobs and we've already begun to implement the american recovery and reinvestment act, a plan that will save and create over 3.5 million jobs over the next two years. the goal is we're going to create or save 600,000 jobs over the next 100 days. we have made steady progress on these front, but we're not making progress fast enough, and what i continue to believe is that ultimately the buck stops with me. i'm going to be accountable. if i don't have this done in three years, then there's going to be a one-term proposition. >> according to some estimates, the white house may actually have come close to creating or saving 4 million jobs as promised. as it turned out, the economy lost more than 8 million jobs during the recession, more than anyone projected and the first stuck luce turned out to be a band-aid, not a cure. how will the white house
9:32 pm
convince the public that this is the answer? payroll tax, holiday, infrastructure spending, all familiar. is there a danger this comes across as this is more of the same, stimulus spending, in other words? >> two things, anderson. first of all, what the president said tonight and what he'll deliver to congress early next week is the american jobs act, and as you said that is a series of proposals that we absolutely believe will create jobs, spark the economy, get the private sector hiring again and not -- don't just take our word for it because we're confident outside economic a lifts will make that judgment, too. there is simply, you know, the way economists look at this, when you cut the payroll tax in half and you also extend it to employers, you have a very positive and direct impact on the economy. it causes the economy to expand and it causes the private sector to be hiring more.
9:33 pm
that's certainly true when you get to infrastructure spending. you have a very positive effect. when you put construction workers back to work, they spend that money that they are earning. that helps other businesses, and you have what is a virtuous cycle. >> is there a -- some republicans saying there's a ban of the use of the word stimulus from this white house? is that true? >> well, whatever you want to call this, two things are important. it is designed and will be judged by outside economists to grow the economy and to help create jobs. no doubt about it. secondly, it will be paid for. as the president said tonight, he will put forward in this legislation mechanisms to pay for it, and so that not one dime is added to the deficit or the debt. that's important to him. it should be important to congress and it's important to the american people. we need to do things right now to get the economy growing faster and to get the economy creating jobs faster, and i think that anybody who is out there listening understands that out in the real world, if you
9:34 pm
will. what americans are really tired of is the kind of circus they witnessed in washington this summer. you know, americans are generally used to gridlock and obstructionism in washington, maybe some partisan posturing. they find it annoying. what they saw this summer it's dangerous and harmful. the circus we witnessed is one faction of congress decided in the name of ideological purity they would hold the american economy hostage which had a direct impact on the american economy and american worker. we can't let that happen. they were sent to washington to work for their constituents. >> eric cantor tweeted that the president just outlined some goals we can work with him on and that congress could, quote, should work quickly to pass the areas where we agree. it did seem tonight like the president was challenging republicans, almost daring them to appear partisan, but their leaders are sounding, at least for now, some of them, kind of a
9:35 pm
cooperative tone. are you encouraged? >> well, we are, and we welcome the tone, and we look forward to working with members of congress of both parties to pass these very common sense, very bipartisan proposals. i mean, as the president mentioned, the payroll tax cut, send it to the employees and employers, is a proposal that was included and sponsored by 50 of the most conservative house republicans just last year. >> when do the details come out next week? >> i'm sorry. >> the devil is in the detales. when do the details really come out? >> we will put forward legislative language, a bill in writing to congress early next week. it will include everything about the american jobs act, all the provisions within it and the specifics on how the president proposes paying for it. he will then a week from monday, as he said tonight, put forward a comprehensive detailed set of proposals for long-term deficit and debt reduction. you know he's committed to that. he worked awfully hard this summer hoping for something
9:36 pm
sweeping and substantial, a balanced package to deal with our deficits and debt with the speaker of the house. that didn't happen and that was unfortunate. saw the impact of that not happening. we's committed again and we'll do this in a balanced way that doesn't ask too much of any segment of society and we can get it done and put the economy on a right footing. >> on the terror threat, the president, so far what kind of meetings has he had and what has he done about it? >> anderson, the president chaired a meeting just two days ago of his senior homeland security team reviewing the precautions and all the steps being taken for our homeland security around the ten-year anniversary of 9/11. ever since the raid in abbottabad that eliminated osama bin laden, brought him to justice we've known that al qaeda, not surprisingly, is interested in significant dates, 9/11 anniversary is obviously one of those. as for today's reporting, i can tell you that the president has been briefed regularly by his homeland security team and that
9:37 pm
overall his team is taking the necessary precautions that you would expect in a situation like this. >> jay carney, appreciate your time tonight. thanks. ahead, republican presidential candidate michele bachmann comes out swinging tonight at the president's plan. no surprise there. the question is did she land any punches in the political panel weighs in. [ male announcer ] it's a fact: your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery.
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gee, back now with the members of our political panel. paul, to critics who say, the
9:41 pm
stimulus didn't work the first time around, how can this one succeed is this what's your response? >> like me will say it did and conservatives like steve moore on in a minute will say it didn't. go to the neutral observers and that's a congressional budget office. a bunch of propellor heads but the smart people, they looked at this and in the last few weeks they released a report and said in fact the dreaded stimulus bill produced between 1 and 2.9 million jobs, and tin creased gdp, the cbo said, by between 0.8% and 2 1/2 full points. it worked but didn't work well enough. an $800 million plug in a $2 trillion hole. the hole much bigger than it was at the time. unfair to say it didn't work. the popular heads at the congressional budget office say that it did, just didn't do enough which is why it's sensible to come back and do more. >> stephen, did it work and you say about this new plan, it's full of short-term solutions, don't really fix long-term
9:42 pm
problems? >> look, i don't think it worked at all. i think if you look at these numbers. let's just put this in perspective. over the last three years, anderson, we have borrowed $4 trillion. that is more money over three years than any time since world war ii. we've thrown every kind of keynesian demand-side program at this recession that liberals could possibly think of and the idea that somehow $400 billion more of borrowing is going to repair this economy makes me scratch my head and wonder, wait a minute, what kind of theory says that more debt and borrowing and leverage is going to repair an economy, by the way, that almost all economists agree right now, the number one problem with this economy is that there's so much debt out there. adding $400 billion of debt i don't think is going to solve these problems. >> what do you think, erin? >> gosh, you and i have talked about this for years, right? >> sure. >> but i don't think he's going to try to say that it's not going to be borrowing, that he'll make up for it in part through increasing taxes on people like warren buffett.
9:43 pm
will make the case through a combination of tax increases and spending cuts that he won't have to borrow money. >> this is the biggest problem that i have of all with the plan. on the one hand the president is saying we'll pre-vied all these tax cuts for businesses. on the other and he's telling businesses, look, let's face it, the people in the highest income tax bracket, small business owners and operators, and you're telling them we're going to raise your taxes in 2013. businesses don't make decisions on the basis of one year. >> right. >> they make the decisions on the basis of three years, five years, ten years. the idea of a big tax increase in 2013 is bearish for the markets and bearish for the economy. >> i wonder though, he's trying to get some thing, everyone can agree on the payroll tax cut. maybe he doesn't get the tax increases on the wealthy but maybe he does get corporate tax loopholes away. opening the door for things on compromise on things where there hasn't been compromise in a long time. >> where do you see the opportunities for compromise, the possibilities? >> the united states right now can borrow for two years
9:44 pm
basically for free. it can borrow for free years for under 2%. when the markets are clearly not so worried about america's debt. if someone were offering to lend me money for free, i think i'd taketerm i think i could find things to do with it. right now the biggest problem is jobs. it is an urgent crisis and it has to be addressed. here's what i think went wrong most of all in 2009. president obama and the democrats produced an extremely sloppy fiscal stimulus bill. they larded it up with only about one in eight dollars went to infrastructure, the thing that economists tell you. they put in a tax rebate, one-time tax giveaway that people used to pay down debt which is a ration act for those individuals, simply moves the debt from one column to another, has no economic effect and done to keep an obvious lieutenant campaign promise from 2008. increases in pell grants, helping states with medicaid bills, not completely crazy or worthless things to do but not
9:45 pm
stimulus. this new project sounds more rational and targeted and that's the benefit of having not one party control of congress. the president this time is not abdicating to congress the way he did last time, and i think there is some possibility to work here, to borrow money very, very cheaply, to remedy the jobs crisis which is crisis one. >> except that the last ten years, i did an analysis for the "wall street journal" on this. all we've been doing for the last ten years is building infrastructure. we have doubled transportation, energy spending, public works spending, all have you to do is travel around the streets of new york city or washington, d.c. where i live and you see all the streets are being torn up and rebuilt. i mean, we are doing infrastructure already. that's what the whole idea of shovel ready projects are all about. >> have you done to new york? i drive down the street and i get a flat tire. >> got to leave it there. >> appreciate it. coming up, republican presidential candidate michele bachmann wrapped up a news conference on capitol hill with reaction to the president's address.
9:46 pm
we'll show some what have she said. breaking news, massive power outage in southern california stretching to arizona and new mexico. more than a million people without power right now. we'll have the latest. y brother credit 'cause you'll need a loan for one thing or another score 'cause they break it down to one simple number that you can use dot to take a break because the name is kinda long com in honor of the internet that it's on put it all together at the end of the song it gives you freecreditscore-dot-com, and i'm gone... offer applies with enrollment in
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9:50 pm
>> i stand here tonight to say to the president, not only should congress not pass his plan, i say, mr. president, stop. your last plan hasn't worked, and it's hurting the american economy. instead of temporary fixes, do what has worked in the past, permanent, pro-growth policies that are driven by the free market. >> bachmann's reaction echoed the sentiments from last night's republican presidential deby the. he is and other candidates hit the president hard on everything from the economy, to health care, to the military. take a look. >> devastating as our economy is, with the policies of barack obama, i think that he is actually weakened us militarily and with the united states' presence globally. >> this is a president so committed to class warfare and so committed to bureaucratic socialism that he can't possibly be effective in jobs. >> on day one, as the president of the united states, that executive order will be signed and obama care will be wiped out as much as it can be. >> on day one, if i'm elected president, is direct my secretary of health and human services to put out an executive order granting a waiver from
9:51 pm
obama care to all 50 says the. it is bad law. it will not work. >> once obama care is repealed, and it will be, the question will then be, what do we do now? >> obama care is killing jobs. >> this country has a bright future. our president doesn't understand how the economy works. >> don't forget, the day that president obama took office gasoline was $1.79 a gallon. >> with us again, john king, host of "general king usa," chief political an xwlialyst go borger, democratic strategist paul begala and eric ericson. we heard bachmann, her response to the president. she said she wasn't there to answer questions about the campaign, that she was there as a member of congress. did you by that? >> sure. i buy it serves her purposes tonight. she doesn't want to answer questions about a staff shakeup, answer questions about whether
9:52 pm
she was overshadowed in the debate last night. she wants to take direct aim at the president of the united states and hopes she gets some attention for that. the fact we're talking about it maybe says she succeeded. what is most interesting about it is one would expect the candidates running against president obama to draw sharp contrast on just about everything. but michele bachmann who is often out of step with her own republican leadership, listen to what she said. she said, not only should we not act on it all of the president's policies are awful. at the same time the republican speaker and republican majority leader that are saying there's a lot in the president's plan that we actually like and some of it we can probably pass. let's try to work with the president before we say dead on arrival. that to me is quite striking. she is running for president. the majority leader and speaker realize they need to defend the majority. >> there's something a little extra here, for example, the payroll tax holiday, which i think they'll be probably be able to come up with in the unemployment extension. i think michele bachmann has voted for this payroll tax cut in the past. >> that's right. >> is she saying she's not going to vote for it in the future as well? >> cornell? >> look, she's in a republican primary now. >> trying to understand at some point she's got to pivot and get in front or at least catch up to the people who have now passed her.
9:53 pm
everyone on the stage is attacking president obama. it makes -- i completely understand it politically, but at some point she has to say, why me, tea party, as opposed to perry? and she's not doing that right now. she's flailing. i was initially bullish on her because i thought she would speak to the tea party. but she's clearly had a rough couple of weeks. she's no longer the darling of the tea party. rick perry has begun to move into that space. as a strategist, at some point her campaign has to pivot and say, why me and not rick perry? and less about president obama right now because we get it. she doesn't like president obama. >> it's interesting to me because i think president obama is the one who actually pivoted tonight. the language that we heard from barack obama, the direct kind of speech, the common sense, pass this bill, we want people in south korea to be driving chevys. i want to give the economy a jolt. you people have voted for this before. we need to do what the public wants us to do.
9:54 pm
it was barack obama, although he was addressing a joint session of congress, it was barack obama the candidate i think that we heard tonight talking to independent voters, putting republicans on notice that he's going to go to the country and run against them, as harry truman ran against the do-nothing congress. and by comparison tonight, michele bachmann seemed a little kind of sticking to her talking points as a republican presidential candidate who has to win a republican primary. >> got to jump in. we've got to go to break. thanks to all of you. a late update, more information coming up, a potential threat of a terror attack. also, a massive power outage in southern california, arizona and new mexico. millions of people left in the dark. we'll have the latest. plus, more than 70,000 people forced to' vac ate in pennsylvania due to flooding. remnants of tropical storm lee are being blamed. details just ahead.
9:55 pm
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hi there. i'm susan hendricks with a "360" news and business bulletin. breaking news tonight. u.s. officials say there is information about a possible threat against the united states coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. the threat is being described as specific and credible but unconfirmed, possibly involving three people and a vehicle with explosives. new york and washington are being cited as possible targets. tonight, new york city mayor michael bloomberg said additional police are being
9:59 pm
deployed and other precautions are being taken, but there's no reason for people it change their daily routines. that is the advice. just a short time ago, washington, d.c., mayor vincent gray had this to say. >> i want to urge all of our citizens -- and i can't say this strongly enough -- to remain calm and let our law enforcement professionals do their job. at the same time, we ask people to remain vigilant. in essence, and we've said it so many times, if you see something, say something. if something looks questionable, call 311. also, more breaking news. a huge blackout is causing gridlock on the streets of southern california. more than a million people are without power. the blackout stretches into arizona, also mexico. a spokeswoman for the san diego police department said a power line break on a feeder line in arizona caused the outage. look at that traffic there.


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