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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 7, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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this guy is really, really upset with the rockland executive legislature because he says they cover up retaliation. what's it his sign is saying. that's the picture of bridge that he is apparently hanging over. we don't see him still there. all right. i'm don lemon. i'll see you back here little bit later on. randi kaye and the "newsroom" continues. don, thank you very much. this is a live picture from harrisburg, pennsylvania where the state's attorney general and police commissioner are holding a news conference on what could be one of the biggest scandals to rock college sports. that is penn state. the shocking sexual abuse allegations against one of its famed former coaches, jerry sandusky and the alleged coverup that followed. that's where a grand jury says penn state athletic director timothy curly and gary schultz, the university's senior vice president for finance and business come into play. both resigned late last night and are about to appear in court to face charges. again, any moment now, actually
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right now we're hearing from the state attorney general and the police commissioner. we really cannot forget in all of this the eight alleges victims, boys as young as 7 or 8 years old. we do have to warn you that the details reveiled revealed by the grand jury are report and hard to stomach. >> -- many news articles and opinion pieces have already been written about this and many of you are very familiar with the allegations contained in the presentment, as well as the defendants that have been charged and the institutions and organizations that have been mentioned in this case. i also understand that many of you have questions concerning the allegations. the criminal charges an other issues related to the case. commissioner noonan and i will attempt to address many of those -- as many of those questions as possible, but i need to qualify that statement by making it clear that this is
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an ongoing investigation and it's also a grand jury investigation, which means that there are going to be some details that we will not be able to discuss. as we noted earlier, this is a case about a sexual predator accused of using his position within the community and the university to prey on numerous young boys for more than a decade. a large part of this case, as you know, revolves around the actions of jerry sandusky and the criminal charges that have been filed against him for the allege sexual assaults he committed on eight young boys who were victimized over a period that stretched from the late 1990s until 2009. equally significant, however, is the role that several top penn state university administrators, athletic director tim curly and
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vice president of business and finance gary schultz who also oversaw the university police -- the roles that they played in this matter by allegedly failing to report suspected child abuse and later providing false testimony, false statements to a grand jury that was investigating this case. i suspect many of you based on what i know have already present t -- read the presentment which details a pattern of sexual assaults on young boys all of whom sandusky met through his involvement in the charitable organization known as the second mile which is an organization that sandusky himself founded. some of those assaults allegedly occurred while sandusky was a coach at penn state, while others happened on the penn state campus and elsewhere after sandusky had retired from his coaching position, including the
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showers in the locker room of the penn state football team at lash hall on the university campus which sandusky apparently had unrestricted access to as part of his retirement agreement with penn state. it was the activity in those football locker rooms first reported by a victim in 1998 and again by a witness in 2002 that are particularly disturbing. the incident which occurred in 2002 at lash hall where sandusky was seen committing a sexual assault on a young boy of about 10 years of age was reported to university officials by a graduate assistant who happened to be in the building late one friday evening. those officials and administrators to whom it was reported did not report that incident to law enforcement or to any child protective agency. and their inaction likely allowed a child predator to
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continue to victimize children for many, many years. the grand jury heard some very graphic and compelling testimony from key witnesses during their investigation of this case. including, of course, the graduate assistant who told them what he saw in the shower that night in lash hall and they also heard testimony from joe paterno who is the football coach at penn state. men who saw or heard about the sexual assault of that young boy in the football locker room and who reported the incident to those top administrators at the university. the grand jury also heard testimony from others at the university, including the defendants in this case, athletic director tim curl lleyd gary schultz, failing to report what they knew, failing to
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recall key details and making statements the grand jury found not to be credible and failing to report suspected child abuse. i'd like to emphasize that one of the basic principles of our legal system is that witnesses are required under the law to tell the truth when they're called before a grand jury. the truth. pure and simple, nothing more, nothing less. and that principle applies to everyone from the ordinary man on the street, as well as to those who occupy positions of power and influence, men like the defendants in this case. and if we're to enforce the law and protect our citizens, and in this case protect our children, we cannot condone under the law the actions of those who make false and perjurous statements to a grand jury, regardless of the positions they hold, particularly when they involve
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serious matters of great importance. the sexual abuse of a child is a horrific offense and that understand arouses strong emotions within all of us and can cause scars that last a lifetime for its victims and failing to report sexual abuse of children is a serious offense and a crime. in this case, it is alleged that top administration officials at penn state university, curley and schultz, after receiving a report of the sexual assault of a young boy at lash hall in the shower by sandusky, from both a graduate assistant and the coach of the penn state football team, not only did not report that incident as required by law, but they also never made any attempt to identify that child. so today, as we stand here, we encourage that person who is now likely to be a young adult, to contact investigators from the attorney general's office at telephone number 814-863-1053,
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or the pennsylvania state police at 814-470-2238. we also encourage anyone else who has any information related to this case to please contact those same numbers. this is an ongoing and active investigation, and commissioner noonan and i have both made it abundantly clear to everyone at both of our agencies that we're determined to quickly respond to any new witnesses or to any additional information that may appear. as you all know, or should know, sandusky was taken into custody this past saturday in centre county, pennsylvania and is currently awaiting a preliminary hearing. the defendant's curley and schultz are both scheduled to appear for their preliminary arraignment at 2:00 this afternoon here in harrisburg. the case against sandusky is being prosecuted in centre
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county because that's where the sexual assaults allegedly took place. the case against curley and schultz is being prosecuted in harrisburg, dauphin county, because that's where they allegedly made false statements to the investigating grand jury. with that, i believe that commissioner noonan has a brief statement before we attempt to answer some of your questions. commissioner noonan. >> thank you, linda. good afternoon. for those of you who don't know, i was the chief of investigations at the attorney general's office before i became commissioner of the pennsylvania state police. so i've been involved with this investigation for several years, and it's unique in many respects. the first thing i'd like to say is that this is not a case about football, it's not a case about universities, it's a case about children who have had their innocence stolen from them and a culture that did nothing to stop it or prevent it from happening
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to others. now if you read the presentment, what you saw there was something we that do the investigations like this would call grooming. what happened here was grooming, where these predators identify a child, become mentors, they're usually children that they're having a little difficulty, they're at risk children, through the program he was able to identify these children, give them gifts, establish a trust, initiate physical contact which eventually leads to sexual contact and that is very common in these type of investigations. what is unusual though in this particular investigation is that in 1998 there was a police investigation in which he made admissions about inappropriate contact in the shower room, jerry sandusky did, and nothing happened and nothing stopped. in 2000, the year 2000, janitors at the university -- penn state university observed a sex act in the shower room and because they
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were afraid of their jobs, didn't report it. so nothing changed and nothing stopped. and then in 2002 the graduate assistant saw another sex act being committed in the locker room in the shower by jerry sandusky. he did report it. but nothing happened and nothing stopped. and that's very unusual. i don't think i've ever been associated with a case where that type of eyewitness identification of sex acts taking place where the police weren't called. i don't think i've ever seen something like that before. now, as you go through this case, as i have, there aren't many heroes involved. but if i were to identify some heroes, it would be the men and women standing on this stage, the investigators, the troopers, that have worked on this case for over two years and the prosecutors. you got to understand -- >> you've been listening there to the allegations against jerry sandusky there from penn state, along with two other top
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get your first full prescription free and save on refills at just before the break we were sharing with you that press conference from harrisburg, pennsylvania, case coming out of penn state university. the attorney general there calling the former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky a sexual predator who used his
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position at the university and in the community to try and reach out to young boys. alleging sexual abuse against mr. sandusky and saying that this all occurred while -- some of it occurred while he was coaching at penn state and some of it did occur in the showers at the locker room there on the university campus. i want to bring in our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin to talk a little bit more about this. jeffrey, first, were you listening to that press conference along with us. a lot of very disturbing details. hard to stomach, quite frankly. what did you make of it? >> we're all in the news business. we see bad things happening in the world all the time. but, boy, this has to rank as one of the most shocking and appalling stories that i have ever encountered. here you have years of knowledge that this guy was abusing children. 2002. mid and late '90s and year after year the cops are not informed and this guy continues to be in contact with children.
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and how people very much appear to be much more concerned about him and his reputation and the schools and his non-profit rather than the future victims is just so horrifying. >> and if you go back to -- as you said, these allegations go back to really 1998. in 1998 he tool will you made comments that he had this inappropriate behavior with a young boy then. obviously he has claimed that he's innocent in this most recent case. but when you look at how the university handled this and you look at the senior vice president gary schultz who was there at the time in 1998, does it strike you as odd that when he hears about this event in 2002 where a grad assistant allegedly witnessed zasandusky the shower performing a sexual act on a young boy as young as 10 years old, does it not strike you as odd that gary schultz or
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anyone else didn't put this together or recall those events in 1998? >> well, odd, to say the least. we all again live in a world full of bad things. but if you were the vice president of a university and you hear that a football coach is sexually assaulting -- and that it was -- a child in the showers of the football stadium, you'd think you'd remember that. it's probably not all in a day's work. i mean the idea that that would be somehow out of your memory does defy credibility. but again, we need to hear his side of the story. but again, where were the police? where were the authorities? i'm not blaming the authorities. why was no one calling them when all of these things were coming out year after year. >> getting back to the 2002 incident, this grad student called his father, he apparently was so distraught by what he had allegedly seen. then they went to joe paterno,
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the football coach. paterno said he didn't get all the full details of what happened. he testified as you know before the grand jury but could he face charges in the future? what might this mean for him? >> based on what i'd seen -- and i've read the grand jury's report -- i don't see any criminal offense that joe paterno could have that he could be charged with. he appears to have done the precise legal minimum required of him. when he heard this he went to the athletic director and reported it. he didn't just do nothing when he heard of it. however, given the magnitude of these allegations, given the seriousness, the fact that all he did was make one meeting with the athletic director and didn't take steps to see that the police were involved and didn't take steps to see jerry sandusky banned from the penn state campus, i mean is really
10:19 am
shocking. i mean i think the verdict on joe paterno is much more likely to be a moral one than a legal one but for a guy that's really represented the best in college sports for many, many years, it is really a very disappointing picture of his indifference, apparently, to the fate of these children. >> then you look at the two others who are facing these perjury charges. we have curley and schultz who are facing the perjury charges, they said they believed it was horsing around in the shower. here they are, they warn sandusky's charity. they never go to authorities. warning the charity? i mean really, come on. right? >> i was just looking at the charity. it is called the second life. the website -- i mean i was reading what they said on the website. i mean it is so incredible how they appear to have covered for
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this guy. they first heard in 2002 -- and then they rejected those concerns. then in 2008 they received sufficient information that they say sandusky has been separated from his work with children. now i don't even know what that means considering the whole charity is all about working with children. but from 2008 to 2011 they know how serious these allegations are, yet they don't throw him out, they don't go to the police, and elsewhere on the website they're celebrating the vision of jerry sandusky. i mean how a charity dedicated to helping children in what i assume is mostly an honorable way could continue to protect and cover for this guy, year after year, i mean it's really shocking. >> yeah. i mean this doesn't just fall on penn state. this also falls on the responsibility of the charity as well because everybody seemed to forget the young boys and the
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young victims in this case, which is just horrifying if this did indeed all occur. jeffrey toobin, thank you very much. >> if i could just make one other observation. >> absolutely. >> every single person in this story it seems -- except the attorney general -- is a man. all the people in authority, all the people who knew about this, were men. you might just think about, if there were one woman involved, who would have been able to step back and say, look, this has to stop. we have to take serious action. but it was all these men and no one stepped up and protected the kids. >> so many questions still, i'm sure we'll learn much more about it as we continue. jeffrey, thank you very much. i want to share with our viewers at home, a state from the second mile charity released a statement today saying newly released details and the breadth of the allegations from the attorney general's office bring shock, sadness and concern. most recent reports that we've read this past weekend state
10:22 am
that mr. sandusky met the alleged victims through the second mile. to our knowledge, all of the alleged incidents occurred outside of our programs and events. that is the statement coming from his charity. just to recap, the time line of what is being alleged is very important. the grand jury's report involves eight alleged victims. at least one as young as seven or eight years old. sandusky is alleged to have sexually abused these young boys over a period of more than ten years going as far back as 1994 while he was still the defensive coordinator at penn state. keep in mind sandusky retired from penn state in 1999 but had access to penn state's facilities as a part of his retirement contract. perhaps the most disturbing case allegedly occurred in 2002 when a graduate assistant testified that he saw sandusky in the showers at the school's football locker room having intercourse with a boy he estimated to be 10 years old. a case both curley and schultz were notified about but are alleged to have swept it under the rug.
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most recently the attorney general began this investigation after sandusky was reported to the authorities for allegedly fondling and having oral sex with an 11-year-old boy and was barred from a school district in 2009. we will be staying on top of this story throughout the day and as it progresses. dr. conrad murray's fate is in the jury's hands. deliberations now in day two. we could have a verdict at any moment. the latest on the michael jackson death trial is next. and another woman stepping forward with allegations against herman cain. we're awaiting a news conference in new york city. attorney gloria allred will be speaking.he boring potato chip decoy bag. now no one will want to steal the deliciousness. with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix is a bag of interesting. and started earning loads of points.
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welcome back. here in los angeles, jurors are deciding the fate of dr. conrad murray. the seven men and five women could not reach a verdict on their first full day of deliberations on friday. they must decide whether murray is guilty of involuntary manslaughter in michael jackson's 2009 death from an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol. joining me today, former jackson attorney, thomas mesereau. the jury has been out now on their second day so the longer they're out, who does it benefit? >> the traditional thinking is it benefits the defense but there have been so many exceptions to that rule that i don't follow that rule anymore. this is a very, very intelligent
10:27 am
jury. you've got a biochemist on the jury, you've got a lot of forensic evidence. i think they'll very carefully and responsibly go through the jury instructions and the forensic testimony, go through the evidence. and that takes time if you're going to do it carefully. >> they asked for highlighters. does that tell you they are marking up some of the evidence or maybe jury instructions? >> i think it does. but remember every time you discuss an issue you have to get 12 views because everybody has a right to their opinion and everybody has a right to deliberate. that takes time. they've got to go through the definition of involuntary manslaughter. they've got to talk about things like mistake, legal duty, reckless behavior. they have to go through all the instructions and the testimony and the evidence and i'm not surprised that they're in their second day. i think there's also an o.j. simpson syndrome in los angeles where that jury was criticized for coming back in three hours after a long trial, so all of these things have an impact. >> as a defense attorney, you've defended michael jackson before in cases. what do you think conrad murray
10:28 am
is going through right now as he waits? >> it is a nightmare for him. an absolute nightmare. he's taking it day by day. he's got a pastor who's council him and helping him with the spiritual side of things. this is not a fun experience for him. >> i'm sure. years of hard work, really, all come down to this. how do you think the -- what's going on behind the scenes in terms of the attorneys? what are they dealing with? >> they're on pins and needles. you never get used to jury deliberations and you never get used to take a verdict. your heart skips a beat as you wait for the jury to come in, hand their verdict forms to the judge. judge looks at them, makes sure they're in good order, hands them back to the clerk. this is a process that never gets easy. >> over the weekend, our sister network trutv had a chance to speak with dr. arnie klein, one of michael jackson's former doctors, spoke about michael
10:29 am
jackson' addiction. >> i worked with him five months during that trial, i was always communicating with him, my co-counsel doing the same, he would call us at 3:00 in the morning, 4:00 in the morning and we never had a problem communicating with him. he always cooperated. so i never saw michael jackson as an addict. whether he was addicted to a drug later on is not something i experienced. i hate to hear that. i hope it is not true. but you never know what doctors are doing to patients. they're supposed to treat them properly and we never know if that's happening or not particularly with celebrities. >> very true. we'll continue to wait for the ver and hopefully you'll wait along with us. tom, nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> republican presidential candidate herman cain says he wants to stop talking about sexual harassment allegations and get back on message. but right now we are standing by for an announcement from another woman who says that she was sexually harassed by cain. she's being represented by famed attorney gloria allred. these are new allegations not
10:30 am
related to the ones that we've already heard about from the time -- from cain's time as head of the national restaurant association. joining me now to talk about the new allegations and the new revelations, and the effect of all of this on cain's candidacy are wolf blitzer, anchor of cnn's situation room, cnn chief political analyst, gloria borger and cnn senior analyst, jeffrey toobin. wolf, take it away. >> thanks, randi. this potentially -- potentially -- could be a very, very serious moment in herman cain's campaign, because these three other reported women who made allegations against herman cain of sexual harassment when he was head of the national restaurant association here in washington, haven't gone private. one of them is an attorney making a statement but none has gone public with her name or the specific nature of the allegations. in this particular case, as released in a press statement that she put out earlier this morning, gloria allred said, miss allred's client will be the
10:31 am
first to give her name and speak out about details of what she alleges occurred between her and cain. gloria, first to you. politically, this could be a bombshell. >> well, i think it could. because what we've been saying all along, wolf stwhab until you put a face and specific details on any kind of allegation of sexual harassment, it doesn't pack the punch. and herman cain as been able to say that he denies these allegations and the woman reheard from on friday was really only through her attorney. so again, this will put a face on it. i think the question people will ask is did she tell her bosses at the time that she felt she was being sexually harassed. did she filed a complain. all of those details we have to find out to find out how credible she is.
10:32 am
>> if in fact she did file a complaint with the national restaurant association or some other agency, whether she got a settlement or some sort of monetary compensation like two other women apparently did after they filed complaints of herman cain when he was the chief lobbiest at the national restaurant association here in washington, that will be significant contemporaneously as we say in the legal profession, what she did and say about these allegations. >> absolutely. we have to know what, if anything, she did in the legal process when she said she was subjected to these -- to the sexual harassment. there are, of course, lots of women who are sexually harassed who decide not to go forward with a legal complaint. it is not an easy thing to do, it is not an easy thing to win. it is possible she'll say i went through this with him but for whatever reason decided not to. but that, of course, will be a
10:33 am
very interesting thing to know. just in terms of future legal consequences, i think it is very unlikely that there will be any, because we're talking about events that took place in the '90s, that's when he worked at the national restaurant association. i think what we're talking about mostly here is political fallout, not legal, because i think there is very unlikely to be any legal processes to come out of any of these disclosures. >> because he was head of the national restaurant association from '96 until '99, jeff. what you're saying, there's a statute of limitations if she wanted to file some sort of lawsuit? >> yeah. i mean it depends on what state and there are a lot of variables but almost certainly the statute of limitations will have been three years or five years and we're well over ten years since then. so what this is really about is the presidential campaign of herman cain, not the legal
10:34 am
liability of herman cain. but, when you start to get to a fourth accusation, it really does seem like there might be more fallout than there's been so far. but in fairness, we need to point out, so far according to the polls and fund-raising, he has not been hurt much by this. >> you are looking at live pictures from the fryars club in manhattan. gloria allred will be out there with her client, making presumably serious allegations against herman cain. the difference, gloria, right now, the three other women who have been reported to have engaged or been a victim of sexual harassment, i should point out, herman cain flatly denies any sexual harassment whatsoever. they are all staying silent. this is a woman who is breaking her silence and going public and
10:35 am
that raises it to another level because a lot of supporters have been saying it is unfair to make these accusations against him based on anonymous sources. >> that's right. and that's you see that the poll numbers, wolf, really haven't moved, although nbc and the "wall street journal" have just minutes ago released a couple of numbers from their own poll or herman cain and overall his unfavorable ratings have gone up from october from 18% to 35% but that's among the public at large, among republicans there's only 28% who have expressed some kind of concern over these allegations. but if this woman comes out, goes on the record, seems to be credible, you don't know whether thooe she opens the door if there is a pattern here for either these previous women to come out on the record or other women to come out on the record. we just have to kind of see exactly what she has to say and
10:36 am
how credible she sounds. >> it's not more than a week since these allegations surfaced, a week ago sunday night politico first reported these allegations of sexual harassment when he headed the national restaurant association. but his supporters keep on saying these are anonymous sources, they're not going to respond to anonymous sources, let's move on. but now as we've been saying, it is not going to be an anonymous source, it is one woman going on the record, her name will be well known, looking over that crowd at the fryar's club, making allegations. the friends of herman cain almost seemed to be inviting this development by harping on these anonymous sources and then denying any sexual harassment allegations. well now one woman is breaking her silence. >> well, joel bennett, the attorney for one of these anonymous women on friday, wolf,
10:37 am
said exactly that. as you know, he came out and said that his client needed to set the record straight, that there were inappropriate advances -- plural -- made to her. and while she didn't want to release her name, she felt that she had to let it be known that she felt that her claims were legitimate and that she received a settlement as a result of her sexual harassment claims, that it was not just some severance p pay. so what you've had is an anonymous he said/she said situation. herman cain's been able to raise a lot of money off of this. and now that somebody specific will come out, it kind of changes the equation an awful lot. >> i should point out we have attempted repeatedly all day to get in touch with the herman cain campaign and get some reaction. i assume we'll get some reaction after we hear what gloria allred
10:38 am
and her clients say at this news conference that was supposed to start seven or eight minutes ago. i assume it will start very voon, a jam-packed room over there at fryar's club. as soon as it is over with we'll continue to attempt to get some reaction from the herman cain campaign. jeffrey, these stories, they come up during political campaigns. it's almost interesting that if you got something in the past that's happened, you got to asurm that it is going to come out, especially when you are running for the president of the united states. but the herman cain campaign seems to unprepared when politico broke this story more than a week ago. >> right. remember, one of the things we talk about a lot was that politico was in touch with the cain campaign for ten days about this issue before they ran their story. so the cain campaign had plenty of time to research the issue and they were caught completely flat-footed. but if i can just sort of point to one rather sort of obvious
10:39 am
point. this is the fourth person. it's one thing to claim that one person is a liar or has a political agenda or is just in it for the money. but for people? all of whom are -- worked at the national restaurant association? i mean that becomes much harder to -- i mean obviously i think you are going to see -- this is where politic gets very ugly -- this woman's background who comes forward in a couple of minutes, people are going to go over it. people are going to say she had some political motivations, there's financial motivations. but four people? that's just a lot of people, especially in an organization, the national restaurant association, which is not known as an intensely partisan place, a place where people are especially exsoorrized about political issues. once you start getting to tour
10:40 am
people it becomes harder to discredit all of the accusers. >> except as we point out three of those people are remaining anonymous. one is now going public. we'll see how credible this woman is once she makes her statement following gloria allred's opening statement. we are waiting for the start of this news conference in new york. we'll take a quick break. more coverage after this. chucklk that is some information i would have liked to know? i like tacos. you invited eric? i thought eric gave you the creeps. [ phone buzzes ] oh. [ chuckles ] yeah. hey. [ male announcer ] don't be left behind. get it faster with 4g. at&t. ♪
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you're looking at live pictures from new york, a jam-packed news conference at
10:42 am
the fryar he's club in manhattan. gloria allred, well-known attorney getting ready to go out to the microphones and introduce her client, a woman she says was sexually harassed by herman cain back in the 1990s, late 1990s, when he was head of the national restaurant association. this will be the first person to give her name, speak out publicly. details of what she alleges occurred between her and herman cain when he headed the national restaurant association. we're standing by to hear what gloria allred and her client have to say. let's bring back gloria and jeffrey who are watching what's unfolding as well. give us a little background, jeffrey. i don't know if you know gloria allred personally, certainly our viewers probably do because whenever a case like this emerges, she almost always isho role. >> yes, and i have to say, full disclosure gloria is an old friend of mine, as many of our
10:43 am
viewers know, lisa bloom who is a well known television legal analyst here at cnn, lisa bloom is gloria's daughter. so gloria is someone i've known for a long time. gloria is a very serious family n -- feminist and she came into prominence in california filing some of the very first sex discrimination cases. famous case she was involved in was drive cleaners in california charged men less than women for dry cleaning shirts even though the process was the same for both. and she -- that's really how she made her name. in recent years she's gotten involved in all these celebrity cases and she was involved in the scott peterson case, she had one of tiger woods' girlfriends as a client. now she has this one. frankly, i don't know how she does it. i think she people seek her out because she's so famous, but she does seem to have a radar for these cases. but she's a real lawyer, too.
10:44 am
i mean it is not just a celebrity case. she's one of the lead lawyers or has been in the proposition 8 case in california, the case that seeks to have same-sex marriage be allowed in california. so she is a real lawyer as well as many involved in all these celebrity cases. but it is amazing. we all sit around at cnn and think, god, how does she do it? why is she always in the middle? and i can't claim to answer that, but there she is again. >> she certainly is. most recently, gloria -- our gloria, if you remember, a lot of our viewers remember she was also the lawyer for that woman who was involved in the congressman anthony weiner story that emerged a few months ago and resulted in his resigning from the united states house of representatives. gloria, you remember that. >> i do. and i'm not sure whether these clients go to her or she actually seeks out these clients. i mean that could really be a part of it. she may have private
10:45 am
investigators working for her law firm and she may seek out these clients. we just don't know. i mean the bottom line is how credible is the client and if i can trust jeff on this, gloria allred is a serious attorney, then you have to presume that she's run the paces with this client because she doesn't want to stand there in front of the cameras with somebody who does not have a credible or corroborated case to make. it will be interesting. >> although it is important to emphasize that in most of these cases, whether it's tiger woods or anthony weiner, these are not cases that lead to litigation. they are cases that basically are about press conferences. so she -- as i think is obligated to do a little less due diligence than if she was actually filing a case. but i think most of her clients
10:46 am
turn out to be telling the truth about subjects that perhaps are not of the most earth shaking importance. >> it looks like a little activity sun folding over there at the fryer's club. i flashes going off. i was intrigued the other day, jeffrey, when joel bennett, the attorney representing another woman who had these sexual harassment allegations against herman cain, the attorney joel bennett said in his news conference that he did get a voicemail on his phone in his office from a different woman making allegations. he called back and she decided she didn't want to talk to him but she had left a voicemail for him. i'm just wondering if that woman who had called joel bennett, the attorney in washington, is the same woman we're about to see and meet here at the fryar's club in new york. but that's just me asking that question. you have no reason to believe it is, do you, jeff? >> i don't know. in fact, one of the aspects of
10:47 am
confusion of this story is knowing who's who. i mean remember, the one thing that herman cain has said about any untoward contact with women at the national restaurant association is he says the full extent of it was a woman came up to him and he said "you're about as tall as my wife." which seems like a very innocuous comment and that was his point. but which one of these four women, the two women who received settlements, the one woman who came forward to the associated press and now this woman who is about to have the press conference -- who was the woman that herman cain spoke -- had that exchange with or supposedly had that exchange with? i'm not sure which one that is. does gloria know? >> no, i don't. what's interesting to me is that he did come out though and said unequivocally that there is no basis for the allegations of
10:48 am
sexual harassment. joel bennett, the attorney for one of these women, called it a series of inappropriate behaviors and unwanted advances. it's clear to me from listening to what herman cain is saying that he's gotten these women a little upset and angry and that, as you were saying, jeffrey, at a certain point you reach critical mass here and that may be what we're seeing today with this fourth person, if it is indeed number four. maybe it is number three. we're just not sure. >> we're going to learn a lot more about this very, very soon. what would be the smartest, gloria -- i'll put you on the spot -- the smartest way for hemp hadden cain. assu assuming this woman goes into details about what he allegedly did and gloria allred makes her case as well, what should the herman cain campaign do because during this first week of this controversy he seems to be doing
10:49 am
just fine politically as far as fund-raising is concerned and his poll numbers are concerned, though that could begin to slip now that a face and a name emerges. >> well, i think he needs to answer the charges directly. i thought he should have done that from day one with the first accuser from the restaurant association and said to the restaurant association anything that is affiliated with me i'd like you to open up those records, if it is okay with her to a certain extent. she clearly wanted to keep some confidentiality, however. so i think herman cain has to address these charges, because what he's done previously is, first of all, he started by blaming the leakers and saying, oh, my god, this was leaked from rick perry's campaign. then he kind of backtracked on t that. now he's turning this into the media and saying it is a media story, and the media doesn't have any ethics here.
10:50 am
that was working. but now when you have a specific person with specific details, that's the key. because from the other anonymous accusers we just have sort of general idea of a series of inappropriate behaviors. if there are specific instanc n inappropriai inappropriate behaviors. if there's specific instances here this woman talks about, he's going to have to respond. >> jeffrey, you've covered these stories over the years like all of us have. in the past what they usually do is come out, say, i have nothing to hide. here's the truth and they go ahead and explain what they want to explain. >> right. and one of the things that i think is important to keep in mind also, which is always very important in cases like this, it's the issue of corroboration. you know, the issue -- you know, many cases are one person's word against another. but is there any corroboration -- >> jeffrey, hold on a second. here's gloria allwred and her client walking to the
10:51 am
microphones now. >> thank you for coming today. i'm attorney gloria allred and i'm here today with my client sharon biolic. >> will i spell that? bialek. ms. bialek will speak about her interactions with mr. cain during and after she was employed at the educational foundation of the national restaurant association, the nra, in chicago, illinois, in 1996 and 1997. i'm also here with my law partner, nathan goldberg. sharon is a registered
10:52 am
republican. ms. bialek was born and raised in in chicago and has spent the majority of her life there. she is the mother of a 13-year-old son. she is a college graduate. prior to working for the foundation for nine years, she was the co-host of a cooking television show, had worked for six years for revlon as a key account manager, and then as manager and director of corporate development at the easter seal society where she had received an outstanding service award. subsequent to her work at the foundation, her jobs have included five years at wgn radio in marketing and 2 1/2 years at cbs radio as managing director of nontraditional revenue. for the past two years she has been a full-time home maker and single mom. in 1996 ms. bialek was recruited by a former easter seal colleague who was working for
10:53 am
the national educational foundation to work for the national restaurant aassociation education foundation. she was hired as the position of manager industry relations as reflected on her business card which i have. part of her job was to work on a new initiative called the, quote, hospitality business alliance, end quote, which was implemented to raise funds to provide scholarships to worthy high school students who wished to continue their education in the restaurant industry. she was employed at the foundation from the end of 2006 until mid-2007, at which point she was let go. they told her, among other things, that she had not raised enough money. this made no sense to her as she had raised more in the short time that she was there than had been raised in prior years. however, the foundation, like most employers, had at-will employment policies, which meant
10:54 am
that they could let her go for any reason so long as the reason was not illegal. therefore, she had no legal recourse, although she felt that it was unfair. during the time that she worked at the educational foundation she had met mr. cain. on at least three occasions during the nra convention, mr. cain was seated next to her during dinners and a lunch where mr. cain was withe keynote speaker. she had spent a substantial amount of time speaking with him there at the nra convention, which took place about a month before she was terminated. at the suggestion of her boyfriend, a pediatrician, whom she had dated for four years, she reached out to mr. cain for help in finding another job. instead of receiving the help that she had hoped for, mr. cain ib stead decided to provide her with his idea of a stimulus
10:55 am
package, which she will describe. we have obtained written statements under oath from the doctor that ms. bialek was dating at the time and from a businessman in the chicago area who has known ms. bialek for 30 years. she told each of them separately, shortly after mr. cain's sexual harassment, that mr. cain had engaged in sexually inappropriate behavior with her and that she was upset and surprised by his behavior. she told the businessman that mr. cain had been aggressive with her. our client is very brave to have come forward. she will explain why she has decided to do so in her own words. she could have attempted to sell her story but chose not to do so. she knows that by stepping out
10:56 am
into the light that she will face public scrutiny. we applaud her for her courage. if all of these allegations by all of the women who have been reported to have made them are true, then i, for one, am disgusted at mr. cain's serial sexual harassment of women. because there cain, while running for president, is actively lying to americans, showing disdain for our comm commonsense and intellect and showing that he could care less about the impact of his behavior on the dignity of these women. it is time to hold politicians to a higher standard. we need to know the truth about those that are running for office. we cannot afford to once again elect someone to office who will ignore the law, take advantage of those without power, and who will abuse the opportunities
10:57 am
that the office of the president provides. enough is enough. we have to fight back. that is what our cliet is doing here today. before i introduce her, while we are not handing these out, we do have declarations under penalty of perjury from the two persons that i spoke of, the pediatrician and the businessman, and we have those. in addition, we'll be handing out a copy of her business card at the time, this blown-up copy of her business card, when she was with the educational foundation of the national restaurant association. and now it is my honor to present sharon bialek.
10:58 am
>> i met mr. cain while i was employed at the educational foundation of the national restaurant association. p about a month before i was terminated i interacted with him on several occasions during the five days off the nra convention in chicago. mr. cain sat next to me at marchet restaurant during dinner. he spoke to me during the dinner. during the koconvention there w a luncheon at which high school students were honored. mr. cain sat next to me and spoke to me extensively at that luncheon. mr. cain was the keynote speaker at the luncheon. he was incredibly inspirational. when when he sat down, i said to him, when are you running for president? the final night of the conference, mr. cain sat at a table with me and my boyfriend. he was warm and attentive to both of us and he invited us to join him at an after party in a
10:59 am
suite at the hotel, which we did. i felt very honored to be included in this select gathering. about a month later, i was let go by the foundation. i was devastated. i loved the job and the industry and in the short tile that i had been there i felt that we were really doing well in terms of fund raising. my boyfriend suggested that i should reach out to mr. cain to see if he might be able to help me find another job with the foundation or in some other c capacity. he said, herman seems to think highly of you. why don't you contact him and see if he could give you some help. i did. i called mr. cain's office and left a menl for him. he called me back. he told me that i had been let go. he told me he was unaware of it. i told him i was going to be visiting my boyfriend's family and would be only a couple of hours from d.c. where the nra had its national office. i asked if we could meet for
11:00 am
coffee. he said he would and i should call once i had firmed up the arrangements. my boyfriend, since i was unemployed, booked a room for me at the capital hilton and i called mr. cain to let him know my arrival date and i would be staying at the capital hilton. i asked him, where do you want to meet? he suggested the lobby bar. this was in mid-july 1997. i then took the train too washington, d.c. when i checked into the room, i was shocked. i had a presidential suite and the bellman -- i said to the bellman, there's got to be some mistake. but he insisted there was no mistake. i later found out mr. cain had arranged for the suite, though at the time i thought maybe my boyfriend had trieded to surprise me. i met mr. cain in the hilton bar about 6:30 p.m. we had drinks at the hotel and he asked how i liked my room.
11:01 am
i said, i was very surprised. i said, i can't believe i've got this great suite. it's gorgeous. mr. cain kind of smirked and then said, i upgraded you. he then took me to an italian restaurant where we had dinner. during dinner, mr. cain looked at me and said, why are you here? i said, actually, herman, my boyfriend, whom you met, suggested that i meet with you because he thought you could help me because i really need a job. i was wondering if there's anything available at the state association level or perhaps if you could speak to someone at the foundation to try to get my job back. perhaps even in a different department. he said, i'll look into that. while we were driving back to the hotel, he said that he would show me where the national restaurant association offices were. he parked the car down the block. i thought that we were going to go into the offices so that he could show me around. at that time i had on a black pleated skirt, a suit jacket and
11:02 am
a blouse. he had on a suit with his shirt open. but instead of going into the offices, he sudden lly reached over and he put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it towards his crotch. i was very, very surprised and very shocked. i said, what are you doing? you know i have a boyfriend. this isn't what i came here for. mr. cain said, you want a job, right? i asked him to stop, and he did. i asked him to take me back to my hotel, which he did right away. when i returned to new jersey where i was staying with my boyfriend that mr. cain -- when with i returned back to new jersey where i was staying, i told my boyfriend mr. cain had been very sexually inappropriate with me and shortly thereafter i told another friend of mine who
11:03 am
has been a mentor the same thing. i didn't tell them the details because, quite frankly, i was very embarrassed that mr. cain had been sexually inappropriate to me. the last time that i saw mr. cain actually was about a month ago. i had been invited to the tea party conference sponsored by ww w.i.n.d. radio in chicago. i didn't know he was going to be there until the flight before. i went up before and asked him, do you remember me? i guess i wanted to see if he was going to be man enough to own up to what he had done some 14 years ago. he acknowledged that he remembered me from the foundation, but he kind of looked uncomfortable. and he said nothing as he was whisked away for his speech by his handlers. during his speech, he had that same infectious presence that we've come to know and command.
11:04 am
as i sat there in the audience, i kept wondering to myself, has he done to other women what he had done to me? and whether anyone was going to speak up about it. i really hoped for his sake and his candidacy that mine was an isolated incident and that he had not exhibited those behaviors with other women. i didn't file a complaint against mr. cain as some of the other women did because i wasn't employed by the foundation when this occurred. but now i'm coming forward to give a face and a voice to those women who cannot or, for whatever reasons, do not wish to k come forward and on behalf of all women who are sexually harassed in the workforce but do not come out because of retaliation or public humiliation. i really didn't want to be here today and wouldn't have been here if it had not been for the
11:05 am
three other women who have alleged sexually harass the against mr. cain. i want you, mr. cain, to come clean. just admit what you did. admit you were inappropriate to people. america is in -- and then move forward. america is in a horrible turmoil, as we all know. we need a leader who can set an example, which exemplifies the standards of a good person and moral character. mr. cain, i implore you, make this right so that you and the country can move forward and focus on the real issues at hand. thank you. >> wait, wait. excuse me, wait. before we answer questions -- just a second.
11:06 am
we'll take questions in just a minute. as soon as everybody gets a copy. >> while we await start of questions and answers. we just got a statement in from the herman cain campaign. let me read it. just as the country finally begins to refocus on our crippling $15 trillion national debt and the unacceptably high unemployment rate, now activist celebrity lawyer gloria allred is bringing forth more false accusations against the character of republican front-runner herman cain. all allegations of harassment against mr. cain are completely
11:07 am
false. mr. cain has never harassed anyone. fortunately, the american people will not allow mr. cain's bold 9-9-9 plan clear foreign policy vision and plans for energy independence to be overshall doughed by these bogus attacks. that just released from t herman cain campaign, reacting to what gloria allred and her client sharon bialek just said to all of us, making these specific allegations of selfual harass the by herman cain. even as this is going on, we've now been told -- you just saw it on the screen -- a verdict has been reached in the michael jackson trial, dr. conrad murray on trial and there has been a verdict. we will be getting that verdict, they'll be giving us all the information on that very soon. i know brooke baldwin is working this part of the story. brooke, update us on what we know about the verdict in the dr. conrad murray trial. >> well, wolf, all we know is that we should be getting word, it could come down any minute. we know that the jury of seven women and five men have reached a verdict. it was basically an up-and-down
11:08 am
one charge, involuntary manslaughter. i'm told these are live pictures outside that l.a. courthouse. so it could be any minute, but certainly i'm going to guess just before the top of your show, wolf blitzer, we will know and we'll have all of the proper people in place to dissect that verdict as soon as we get it. back to you. >> all right. we'll stay on top of that. usually they give an announcement that the verdict has been reached but then it's often a half hour, hour, sometimes two before the judge, the lawyers all the special witnesses who were there can get their act together, come back to the courtroom to hear the announcement of this specific verdict. once again, a verdict has been reached in the dr. conrad murray involuntary manslaughter trial. let me bring back jeffrey toobin and gloria borger for a quick thought on what we just heard from gloria allred and her client sharon bialek. gloria, first to you. you heard what she had to say, very ugly, disgusting
11:09 am
allegations. give us a thought. >> well, very specific allegations. what's not clear to me, wolf, is whether she was already gone from the national restaurant association when this occurred. and so if mr. cain's behavior could have been boorish and inappropriate, but the question is whether it was sexual harassment toward an employee because i'm not sure whether she was still employed there at the time. what's interesting to me is that she seemed to be calling on these other women and said, look, i've heard from you, here's my story, and she seemed to be making a plea, even if indirectly, for the other women to come out and speak. she also had corroborating evidence saying that she had gone to her former boyfriend and one other person at the time and told them that this had occurred, and they've released states to that effect under
11:10 am
oath. so you could tell that she was -- in a way to tell us she was telling the truth. >> jeffrey, quickly to you. give us a thought from you, because she says she does have -- gloria allred says these statements were signed and sworn in under penalty of perjury from these two others, her former boyfriend and a friend that contemporaneously she shared all of this information about what herm be cain allegedly did. and his campaign just issued a statement denying any such thing. >> yeah. this isn't just sexual had harassment, if the story is true. it's an assault as well. i mean, this is a very serious accusation, and i do think the corroboration as we were talking about earlier is very important. i mean, the fact that she has sworn statements from two people whom she told at the time, i mean, that really weighs in the balance of whom to believe. i think it's a very vivid image
11:11 am
that she describes, and i think he's going to have to do more than simply say, i want to talk about my 9-9-9 plan, to refute it. i mean, this is a very specific, very ugly accusation with at least the appearance of credibility. >> well, and what she was doing was asking a former colleague -- because she wasn't employed by the restaurant association at the time -- for professional help. and she seemed to be saying that after she asked hi eed him for professional help, there was a quote, you want a job, don't you? so i think he needs to specifically respond to these charges. >> and fact that if you read between the lines of what she said, he arranged that beautiful suite for her at the capital hilton, obviously the implication that herman cain did that. we'll stay on top of this story,
11:12 am
also following the breaking news out of los angeles. a verdict has been reached in the dr. conrad murray trial. we're expecting to get that verdict fairly soon. let's go back to brooke in the cnn center. brooke, pick it up. i don't know what to say. >> not a dull monday, wolf blitzer. we'll be talking, i'm sure, a little bit later. hello, welcome back to "cnn newsroom". i'm brooke baldwin. as wolf mentioned we'll have much more on what you just saw in new york with herman cain, accuser story, allegedly this fourth woman coming forward, sharing her story, also a sex abuse case unfolding in pennsylvania at penn state. but i want to begin with the breaking news as we have now just learned the jury in los angeles has now reached a verdict in the michael jackson dr. murray involuntary manslaughter trial. let's go to ted rowlands outside the courtroom. ted, when with might we know the
11:13 am
verdict? >> reporter: well, we'll likely find out at 1:00 pacific time, so 4:00 eastern time, the target time. i just talked to a source close to the defense and they say they have received a call from the court and they have been told that the verdict will be read at w 1:00 pacific time. i also talked with someone with dr. conrad murray right now. apparently he's getting dressed to make the trip from west los angeles toward downtown to hear his fate. we will hear it live. the judge has allowed cameras throughout the trial and will allow a camera in during the reading of this verdict. there's one count, involuntary manslaughter, either guilty or not guilty. there was nothing else that this jury had to comp up with, seven men, five women. they had 7 1/2 hours deliberating on friday and they've gone about 2 1/2 hours today. we just got word about the top of the hour they had come to a decision on conrad murray's fate. >> ted, stand by. i want to talk more about the
11:14 am
members of the juries. jeff toobin, to you in new york, as ted pointed out, it's this up-and-down guilt or not with regard to this involuntary manslaughter charge. the crux of the issue is whether or not it was dr. murray who gave michael jackson that fatal dose of propofol or, as the defense argued, it was michael jackson himself who self-ed administered. >> right. was murray's conduct reckless? that's sort of at the heart of this case here. you know, it's important to remember this is not a murder case. this is an involuntary manslaughter case. so there isn't an issue of, did he intend to kill michael jackson? the prosecution didn't charge hill with intending to kill michael jackson. in essence, was he so eckless, was he such a bad doctor, that he caused his death? that's what this case is about, and at least from my vantage point i thought the prosecution did a good job of proving that he was just that bad a doctor.
11:15 am
>> so, having listened to the closing argue thes last tuesday, you would give the win to the prosecution? >> i think it's important to remember prosecution wins most trials. that's how most trials end. and i thought, unlike a lot of celebrated cases in the los angeles district attorney's office, the prosecutors here tried a lean case. this case was over in six weeks. it was not six months,s as these cases sometimes stretch into. they also didn't overcharge the case. they didn't turn it into a murder case. sometimes prosecutors get overthuz yass tick and they charge more than what the evidence can sustain. you know, this is a case that has a maximum sentence of only four years in prison, and many people who are convicted or plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter don't get prison time at all. that's certainly something to
11:16 am
consider if he's convicted. so this is not -- i mean, it is a felony, but it is far from the most serious felony on the law books in california. and the fact that they chose this relatively modest crime i think showed good judgment on the part of the prosecution. >> jeff toobin, don't go too far from the camera. i'm sure well be coming back to you. final question to you, ted rowlands. i know you and i sort of talked about this on friday as you were reporting on the jury deliberating as you mentioned 7 1/2 hours friday. i do remember you said they came back, had questions about evidence. what more can you tell me about these jurors? who are they? what a what are their professions, et cetera? >>. >> reporter: it really runs the gamut. the youngest is a 32-year-old female. as we said, seven men, five women. you have a bus driver on there, a biochemist, an animator. you've got a real mix of people. you've got six people that i'd
11:17 am
fi fived themselves as white, five hispanics and one african-american. and one thing that they did seem so exhibit in the courtroom throughout the past six weeks was a bond. they seemed to get along. obviously they're spend heing a lot of time with each other, but you can tell when a jury is really bonding, and they seem to be bonding. so i doubt there was much fighting in the jury room, if at all, and it doesn't surprise me that they were able to come to a unanimous decision, whatever decision that is. >> ted rowlands, my thanks to you there in los angeles. we're going to be coming back to you over the coarse of the next two hours. thank you so much. meantime, bombshell dropped in state college pennsylvania. we're gloing to talk about this retired defensive coordinator, this football coach, and these allegations of child sex abuse, multiple allegations.
11:18 am
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and i saved you money on brakes. that's personal pricing. well, there is trouble brewing in state college. state college pennsylvania. you know what that means. we're talking about penn state university. two ranking officials including the school's athletic director are being charged right now on multiple charges linked to allegations of underage sexual abuse. these two men allegedly covered up the alleged sexual crimes of one man, penn state football's longtime defensive coach jerry sandusky. jerry sandusky, 23 years under the legendary joe paterno. jerry sandusky arrested saturday for alleged sexual crimes involving boys as young as 10. crimes that date back to his waning years as the team's defensive coordinator and just a short time ago we heard from the
11:21 am
pennsylvania state police commissioner. here's just part of what he said. >> i don't think i've ever been associated with a case where that type of eyewitness identification of sex acts taking place where the police weren't called. i don't think i've ever seen something like that before. >> sandusky's alleged crimes date back to 1998. among those informed about at least one incident? joe paterno himself. joe paterno, winningest coach in big-time college football. you know about his reputation. his teams do it right, play by the rules, black shoes, retro unionies, old-school. penn state does it right. now this. here is jerry san daufky during his 23 years at penn state, later he founded a group that mentored troubled youth. and from that pool he is alleged to have preyed on his victims. at least eight, and they include
11:22 am
allegations of sodomy, some of the acts occurring on penn state's campus where sandusky had status as a professor or coach emeritus. again, listen to the state police commissioner. >> this is not a case about football. it's not a case about universities. it's a case about children who have had their innocence stolen from them in a culture that did nothing to stop it or prehe convenient it from happening to others. >> before we go on, i want you to hear from jerry sandusky, former penn state defensive coordinator. he did speak briefly this morning. >> i'm sorry, but my attorney has advised me that the situation is in the courts and i'm not to make any comments. >> can you tell us if you had any inappropriate relations with young buyboys, sir? >> you didn't hear what i said. i've been advised by my attorney. i am following orders and i am will not privy to making any
11:23 am
statement. >> again, that was from abc's "good morning america." let's go to hairgburg, p.a., cnn's jason carroll. i know you've been on the story from the get-go. what's happening right now? i understand there may be arraignments this afternoon. >> reporter: well, that in fact has just happened. the arraignment just happened a few minutes ago, focusing on those two school administrators, those two school officials, who are charged with perjury for allegedly lying to a grand jury and covering up one of the alleged incidents that happened relating to sandusky. gary schultz and timothy curley release ed on $75,000 bail. i have to tell you, brooke, this is a story that has really rocked not just this community, not just this state, but the entire world of collegiate football. i mean, when you talk about someone like paterno, these are people who are revered throughout the sports world.
11:24 am
but, again, this is not just a sports story. this a legal story. there are some very serious, disturbing allegations here involving a number of young boys. >> we're going to talk more about the football angle here in just a minute with someone on the phone, but i do want to give -- at least let's give the outlines of the charges. i read before i went to bed this 23-page -- this was the grand jury indictment, the report that really details each victim, what allegedly happened. the victims as young as 10 years of age. jason, if you can, fill us in. what are the allegations? >> reporter: maybe some as young as 8 years old, as old as 14, beginning back in 1998, ending in just about 2008, that's when the grand jury investigation got under way. it's really a case of where you've got this man, sandusky, who formed a charitable organization to reach out to troubled young men. so he had access to all of these
11:25 am
young boys, this according to what the attorney general is saying. what he would do is he would use his position, even after he retired, according to the grand jury report, to bring these boys sometimes to penn state, sometimes to the base tment of s home, where he would allegedly sexually assault these young men. it's really incredible when with you look through the grand jury report, there are eight victims listed, just listed as victim number one, victim number two, so on and so forth. what's interesting about this, victim number two and victim number eight are two people they have yet to identify but they're still moving forward with prosecution even though they have not been able to identify victim number two and victim number eight. and part of the reason why you have the attorney general out here speaking today is because they're hoping word will get out, perhaps these two young boys who are young men now, will see what is happening and come forward. brooke? >> i was watching that news conference right along with you. they're essentially pleading with, whether a potential victim
11:26 am
or victim, to come forward. don't be afraid. of course state police want to hear from you and the state of pennsylvania. jason, stand by because i want to bring in b.j. shekter with bflt j., as jason sort of alluded to, how this is sort of rocking big college football, specifically we have to talk about joe he paterno, his legacy. the guy is 84 years of age, he's been a coach for 60-plus years. how does this affect his legacy? >> well, this affects everything about his legacy, and if all of these allegations are true, this is what he's going to be remembered for ultimately. i mean, he's done a lot of great things in his career, but if it is true that he did, in fact, know about the severity of this allegation that was witnessed by one of his assistant coaches, a graduate assistant, and he simply advised his superior and did nothing more, did not call police, as is required by law in
11:27 am
pennsylvania, then, you know, it goes way beyond college athletics. it's his civic responsibility, it's a morality issue, you know. we're talking about -- we're not talking about scandal like we've seen in college athletics. we're talking about something that's very criminal, and we now know that since this incident at penn state in the locker room that several more boys were allegedly abused in the time that this was first reported. and if that's the case, he's put more young boys at risk, and that's really disturbing when you look at it as a whole. >> right. one of the questions is, with regard to one of multiple incidents, you know, allegedly this grad student sees sandusky and a young child, this grad student reports it to paterno, reportedly, paterno turns it over to school administrators. that's the big issue, why someone didn't call police. in terms of, though, b.j., the
11:28 am
sports world, what's just the chatter among people you're talking to today? with regard to this story and these shocking allegations. >> it's really just disbelief that someone that is known as being someone that holds integrity up to the highest, has great values and has done a lot of great things, you know, in his life and for the university and to the academic side, just to think that someone would know that this occurred and, depending on how much he knew of the graphic nature -- and anybody who's read this indictment is just sick beenenn it -- and as the father of two boys, i barely could get through it. but just to know that this occurred, it makes the whole -- everything he's done and all the
11:29 am
games he won, it doesn't matter. it really doesn't matter. that's what everybody is saying. you can win the most games in division i history. but if you don't do what's right and protect children and turn someone in that you may have been very close to, then that supercedes everything you've done on the football field. and that's -- you know, that's what everybody seems to be saying and i think anybody who reads about this case and hears the details, you know, just really has a sour taste in their mouth. and that's what people are going to remember about joe paterno, not the 400-plus games he wins but what happened at the very end. and did he not do what he was supposed to be doing and what anybody in his position should have done? unfortunately, that's what people are asking right now and what people will remember him for.
11:30 am
>> yes. this could be just the beginning here. b.j.schecter with, thanks to you. and also thanks to jason for reporting out of harrisburg, pennsylvania. meantime, also today a fourth woman coming forward accusing herman cain of sexual harass the. but this is the first time we have seen one of these women's faces. she is speaking out publicly. she just did minutes ago there in new york appearing alongside defense attorney gloria allred. you'll hear what she says cain did to her. that is next. also today we are awaiting the verdict in the trial of michael jackson's doctor, dr. conrad murray. a lot happening on this monday. don't move. [ male announcer ] it's true...
11:31 am
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11:33 am
herman cain's repeated efforts to get his campaign back on message, as he calls it, are off to a bit of a rough start. a fourth woman has just come forward with new allegations of sexual misconduct. and what makes this woman different than the others is she went before the cameras to share her identity, her story, her claims about what mr cain allegedly did to her. her name is sharon bialek. she'ses joined forces with the high-profile attorney gloria allred. this p happened just minutes ago in new york. >> instead of going into the offices, he suddenly reached over and he put his hand on my leg under my skirt and reached for my genitals. he also grabbed my head and brought it toward his crotch. i was very, very surprised and very shocked. i said, what are you doing? you know i have a boyfriend. this isn't what with i came here for. mr. cain said, you want a job,
11:34 am
right? i asked him to stop, and he did. i asked him to take me back to my hotel, which he did right away. when i returned to new jersey where i was staying with my boyfriend -- when i returned back to new jersey where i was staying, i told my boyfriend mr. cain had been very sexually inappropriate with me and shortly thereafter i told another friend of mine who has been a mentor the same thing. i didn't tell them the details because, quite frankly, i was very embarrassed. >> before i bring in my next guess, i just want to be clear that herman cain has repeatedly denied harassing anyone. we have reached out to the herman cain cam. we could love to spooem speak with him. in the meantime, i want to read a statement we just received from folks with herman cain. quote, just as the country finally begins to refocus on our i crippling $15 trillion national debt and the unacceptably high unemployment rate, now activist celebrity
11:35 am
lawyer gloria allred is bringing forth more false accusations against the character of republican front-runner herman cain. all allegations of harassment against mr. cain are completely false. mr. cain has never harassed anyone. that coming from the herman cain camp. i want to bring in cnn contributor will contaain to ta about all of this. before we talk, i want to play a little bit more about what sharon bialek had to say minutes ago. >> i want you, mr. cain, to come clean. just admit what you did. admit you were inappropriate to people. america is in -- and then move forward. >> all right, will, let me just to get you to address what she just asked. she wants herm be cain to come forward and say, yes, what i did is inappropriate. do you think he needs to come forward, let's just say for the sake of the upcoming primaries and poll numbers, because we now
11:36 am
have a face on this? again, these are her allegations. should he come forward? >> yes. we just witnessed a game-changer i think, brooke. look, one hour ago this was a scandal full of vague accusations from anonymous sources in what is a gray crime, a gray accusation, sexual harassment. you could put the details of that before ten people and arrive at ten different opinions. but now that's not what the scandal is anymore. it's specific. as you just played, she says he put his hand up his skirt and moved toward her genitals. that's specific, that's vivid. herman cain is now going to have to address this specifically. the story isn't over. the campaign isn't dead. but his tact from the pass of dismissing these accusations, saying we need to concentrate on the issues, is no longer going to suffice. >> will cain, stand by. we have mary snow on the phone. she was in the room where sharon
11:37 am
bialek appeared. mary, if you will, just fill us in. what was the atmosphere like in that room? it looked like a crowded room and what more do we know about this woman? >> brooke, gloria allred and sharon bialek have just walked back into the room. you're seeing a picture of them back at the podium. at this point, gloria allred is reading written statements by sharon bialek's former boyfriend and a friend of hers. she said she told them the story of what happened to her back in july of 1997. it was an absolutely packed room where this press conference took place. it had been over and then several minutes later several reporters asked to see the affidavits written by these two men. gloria allred is not handing them out, but she said she'd read them. that's what she's doing.
11:38 am
>> again, remind us, sharon basically explained how she was let go from the national restaurant association of which herman cain was the head and per her recommendation from her boyfriend at the time, said, hey, why don't you call p up herman cain, she ends up in washington, goes out to dinner with mr. cain and that's when said, laeblg alleged sexual ahassment occurred, right? >> yes. and she says she told her then-boyfriend and another friend about this situation. she said she never went forward and told the national restaurant association. a question came p up, why not? she had said she was not working for the nra at the time and that, therefore, she did not tell the organization about these allegations. also, brooke, we should tell you that gloria allred, you know, before this press conference was even over herman cain had come
11:39 am
out with a statement you just read a few minutes ago. gloria allred was asked about that, about the fact that he said that all of these allegations are false, and her response was, that's what he says, and everyone will judge for themselves. >> mary, thank you. i want to go back to will cain who says this is a game-changer. will, i have to ask you about -- i'm sure you saw herman cain not just over the weekend in that exchange but really over the past -- this broke two sundays ago -- two weeks blasting the media. let's play what we'll call a testy exchange with a reporter over the weekend. take a look. >> mr. cain, an attorney for one off the women who filed a sexual harassment complaint -- >> don't even go there. >> can i ask my question? >> no. >> no gossip tonight. >> can i ask a good question? >> where's my chief of staff? please send him the journalistic
11:40 am
code of ethics. >> so does the whole "blame the media" thing, is that going to work now that we actually have a face, will, with this woman and these allegations? >> no. i think it changes that as well. i think the blame the media tact had some validity, you know, an hour ago, cull of douple of day. the main thing missing from this scandal was details. it was that herman cain was going through essentially a character assassination based upon vague details. whether or not it was true or false. but now those details are no longer vague and herman cain, in order to survive this, isn't going to be able to deflect, can't say, we should be talking about entitlements, which we should, or foreign policy, which we should. he's going to have to talk directly about these very specific charges this woman is making. >> big picture, final question -- how damaging is this for hill? is it enough to hurt him with republicans? he doesn't, if you look at the poll numbers as i know you
11:41 am
have -- he hasn't suffered too much damage. >> i think the answer to that, brooke, is potentially because there's still plenty of questions also for this woman. why didn't you file a criminal complaint? why didn't you say anything to the nra? who exactly did you tell and how did you corroborate that? this was after your employment? were there any other motivations for this story? these are legitimate questions that need to be asked and herman cain on the flip side needs to be asked about what she's alleging. i will say this is potentially a big problem for herman cain, but this story is far from being done. >> will cain, thank you so much. again, my thanks to mary snow. also breaking today, we've got the three buzzer, which means that a verdict is imminent in the dr. conrad murray involuntary manslaughter trial that has been under way in los angeles. much more out of l.a. coming up after this. [ male announcer ] it's true...
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is the human element. ♪ breaking news. the jury in los angeles, seven men, five women, we now know they have reached a verdict in the michael jackson dr. conrad murray involuntary manslaughter trial. i want to bring in my colleague, randi kaye, who's spent a chunk of time in los angeles covering this. randi, if you will, just reset the story for us. rvlg >> reporter: well, as you know, this is a case that went back to june 25, 2009, when michael
11:45 am
jackson was discovered in his bedroom at his rented mansion here in los angeles not breathing by his personal physician dr. conrad murray. he had hired the doctor to work with him during his upcoming tour. he was supposed to take care of him and michael jackson had apparently asked dr. murray for the powerful anesthetic propofol, which is not used at all outside of the hospital setting. he needed to sleep. he was nervous about the upcoming tour. all of this came out during the court case. conrad murray agreed to give him this propofol. it has to be administered through an i.v. as it came out in court, brooke, he bought about four gallons of this propofol, brought it into the home. he is the only doctor of all of the doctors, even the expert witnesses, who testified who would agree to give this drug to michael jackson. just a couple of the mistakes pointed out in court along the way, not only did he bring this propofol into michael jackson's home, but, as you know, it's a respiratory depressant, he didn't have the proper
11:46 am
monitoring equipment according to the state. he didn't have the backup personnel. and he's accused of leaving the room for quite some time. he said he left the room for a couple of minutes but cell phone records present nd court showed he left the room for quite some time, making calls and texting with others, including his former girlfriend who was on the phone with him when he apparently realized that michael jackson was not breathing. he waited more than 20 minutes to call 911. the defense tried to say that was because he was in the process of trying to save michael jackson. he performed cpr on the bed, instedz of the hard surface of the floor. the defense explained i wanted to do it as soon as he possibly could. he also didn't tell pair medical ibs nor the e.r. doctors that he had given michael jackson propofol, which is the drug that killed him. he was asked repeatedly and never told the doctors or the paramedics that. it's been an interesting five weeks or so in the courtroom, and just to give you some of the highlights here, let's take a
11:47 am
look back. >> reporter: tears, tales of addiction and half-truths. just another day in the trial of dr. conrad murray. from day one, michael jackson's doctor cannot hold back his emotions. david walgren shows little sympathy, hammering home what he calls murray's incompetence in the scramble to save his star patient. day two, jackson's personal assistant tells the jury murray called saying something was wrong with jackson but never said he had stopped breathing or to call 911. >> were you asked to call 911? >> no, sir. >> reporter: day three, jacks jackson's former head of logistics testifies that murray was hiding vials at the home before paramedics arrived. >> i was standarding at the foot of the bed. he reached over and grabbed a handful of vials and then reached out to me and said here, put these in a bag. >> reporter: day four, this los angeles paramedic tells the court murray never told him he
11:48 am
had given jackson the powerful anesthetic propofol, the drug that killed jackson. >> did conrad murray ever mention the word "propofol" to you during the time that you were at the location or in his presence? >> no, he did not. >> reporter: day six, a harem of woman, stripper, former cocktail waitress and murray's girlfriend, all testify they were in touch with murray the day jack soon die son died. one was on the phone with murray when with he noticed jackson wasn't breathing. >> i said, hello, hello, i didn't hear anything. >> reporter: day seven, a disturbing iphone recording is played in court of michael jackson sounding wasted and slurring his words. >> i love them. i love them because i didn't have a childhood. i had no childhood. i feel their pain. i feel their hurt.
11:49 am
>> reporter: also on day seven, elissa fleak, an vector for the coroner's office testifies she found 12 bottles of propofol in jackson's bedroom. though the defense jumped on her for what they call mistakes in her investigation. day nine, detective scott smith shares his two-hour recorded interview with dr. murray. >> i sat there and watch him for a long enough period that i felt comfortable. then i needed to go to the bathroom. then i came back to his bedside and was stunned in the sense that he wasn't breathing. >> reporter: day 14. the prosecution's key expert, dr. stephen shafer, testifies the only scenario that fits is that murray hooked jackson up to a slow propofol i.v. drip and didn't notice he stopped breathing. day 18. the defense puts murray's former patients on the stand to praise murray. he listens in tears. day 20. the so-called father of
11:50 am
propofol, dr. paul white, testifies for the defense. he supports the theory jackson gave himself the fatal dose, unaware it would kill him. >> so you think it was a self-injection of propofol near the hour of between 11:30 and 12:00 that did it? >> in my opinion, yes. >> day 21. murray takes a hit when prosecutors press dr. white about murray's failure to tell paramedics he gave jackson propofol. >> it was obviously loafoverloo. >> not obviously. it could also be a lie, correct? correct? that's another option? >> if you say so, i guess, yeah. >> that's another option, correct? >> it's an option, yes. >> reporter: that same day on cross-examination, prosecutors get white to admit he believeds murray drew up the syringe of propofol and left it in the bedroom, accessible to jackson. a lot for the jury to consider as it deliberates.
11:51 am
the prosecution says that eastbound if michael jackson did give himself the fatal dose, that conrad murray is still responsible for his death because he brought propofol into jackson's home. the defense wants the jury to believe that conrad murray acted appropriately and that there was nothing he could have done to save michael jackson because he died almost instantly. >> randi kaye, back in los angeles, that was quite a time line. looking back, randi, any minute, at least within -- by 4:00 eastern, 1:00 pacific, we will know the fate of dr. conrad murray. >> reporter: right. i'll be heading to the courtroom as soon as we get off the air here, brooke. it will be interesting to see what happens because one of the biggest things that could play into the verdict is the fact that five of the jury members have been toughed by addiction. in fact, some of them have lost family members to addiction. and because the defense trieded to paint michael jackson as an
11:52 am
addict who may have given himself that faitdal dose in an effort to try and sleep, it will be interesting if to see if that addiction plays into the verdict we'll see here in just about an hour. >> randi kaye, i will let you go so you can head to the courthouse. thank you for joining me live on the other side of the break we have our go-to legal correspondent, sunny hostin. this trial has been five weeks, one count involuntary manslaughter. they've deliberated for just about nine hours if you combine friday and today. sunny and i will be talk after this quick break.
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
breaking news on this dr. conrad murray involuntary manslaughter trial. a verdict has been reefed. the jury hit the buzzer three times this morning 10:56 pacific time signifying a verdict. i want to bring in our go-to legal analyst and former federal prosecutor and also randi kaye, wanted to bring you back in since we're covering this whole story in the trenches there in
11:56 am
los angeles. if i may, i'd like to begin my first question to you, sunny hostin, according to my math, if the jury was deliberating 7 1/2 hours friday, 2 1/2 today, roughly 9 hours. this is a one-count case. does that strike you as a long length of time? >> it does. it certainly was long, especially considering the fact that they decided to take the weekend, think about it and come back on monday. oftentimes jurors want to go home on friday and not come back. so that strikes me as a pretty belo long time, given it's just one count. the defense certainly muddied up the waters. this is an experienced jury. nine of them have prior jury service. five of them touched by addiction in their lives, as brooke mentioned. this certainly went back to work today. what was interesting to me also, brooke, is they haven't asked any questions, 10 hours of deliberations, talking. no questions. but they did ask for highlighters. so perhaps this is a jury that went in, highlighted the jury instructions and went to work.
11:57 am
>> joe, katherine jackson, live pictures from los angeles, they're now arriving at the courthouse. quite a scene. quite a scene there as i know it's been quite a scene the last couple of weeks. randi kaye, you can speak better to that, the shouting, posters. >> reporter: yeah. it's been sort of a competition outside the courthouse. there have been plenty of michael jackson supporters, plenty of conrad murray supporters, just speaking i.v. drip, there was one woman holding a poster that said, no drip, must acquit, just to prove that maybe michael jackson took an injection for the last fatal dose. sunny, i want to ask you because one thing the state kept hammering home throughout this trial is, even if ryke mic al jackson did inject himself and even if he gave himself that fatal dose, not knowing it would kill him, the state says it was still conrad murray showing negligence by bringing that propofol into the home to begin with, because that is something that is hardly used outside a hospital setting. do you think the jury will buy
11:58 am
that? >> you know, i think so. i mean, when you look at the jury instructions, which of course i have, and you look at the law, it is very clear that if conrad murray deviated from the standard of care, grocery deviated from the standard of care and was njts and the negligence caused the death of michael jackson, even if michael jackson intervened, if done conrad murray was more responsible, this jury could find him guilty of involuntary manslaughter. there was so much evidence that came in before this jury that made it very clear, i think, that dr. murray deef yaited from the standard of care in a grossly negligent way. the only question is whether or not this jury believed michael jackson was somehow more responsible for his death than conrad murray. >> and then also -- >> reporter: one of the other moments that was so dramatic in the courtroom was this table of medicines and prescription drugs that the prosecution had laid
11:59 am
out to show how many different drugs michael jackson was taking. but all along the defense was saying that murray was bringing the propofol into the home but trying to wean him off of it. but with that amount of propofol he was bringing into the home, sunny, would the jury buy he was actually trying to wean him off of it? even after they played the horrible recording of michael jackson slurring his words and sounding wasted, he was still giving him propofol after that. >> that's right. and he gave it to him for about two months, approximately, prior to his death. i don't think they would have bought the argument that he was trying to wean him off, but i do believe there was evidence that michael jackson was pharmacologically knowledgeable, that he had received propofol before and he was receiving demerol. and demerol, we were told during the trial, could lead one to insomnia. so i think there's no question there was pretty good evidence on both sides of this cases in terms of


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