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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  February 27, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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it off and admit it and go on. >> didn't think she misspoke. irrational exuberance. >> if there's any family with politics in their dna, i think the clintons fit the bill. >> thanks for your help. remember to be here tomorrow night, special coverage. right here this hour, then our political coverage all night long. that's all for us tonight. i'll see you tomorrow. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. breaking news tonight. a deadly school shooting at a high school in ohio. we talk to people who were there and santorum's campaign confirms to cnn it's robo calling democrats in michigan asking them to vote for him and send a quote message to romney. is this unpatriotic? and the the russians claim they have foiled a plot to kill vladimir putin. how real was the assassination threat? threat? let's go "outfront." -- captions by vitac --
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i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, some breaking news. cnn can now confirm the name of the student who allegedly shot five of his fellow classmates at an ohio high school this morning. his name is tj lane. he's a junior. he was described by friends as quiet, but a nice kid from a broken home. no matter what, he created a scene of horror and chaos in chard chardon, ohio today. allegedly opening fire in the high school cafeteria, leaving one dead and four wounded. two remain in krcritical conditn tonight. nate mueller was in the cafeteria. he's a fellow student and described the scene. >> he didn't say anything the entire time. he took one shot and then that's when we looked to see what was happening. i saw him shoot, which hit one of my other friends that was sitting at the table with us and then as i was turning around, that's when he hit me. >> ted rollins is outside the
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high school in chardon for us tonight. and teresa hunt is going to join us in a couple of months on the phone. her daughter was in a classroom during the shooting. ted, i wanted to start with you though. what can you tell us what you have learned today from reporting on this about who tj lane is, the shooter here? >> reporter: well, you alluded to it, erin. a young man from a tough childhood. lived off and on with his mother or grandparents, has a brother that has been in and out of joil. one student described him as very quiet. said he didn't have a very good attendance record, but when he was here, a fairly nice child or young man and according to one person, they say this was a complete shock. he was reported to students a victim of bullying on and off and that's sort of the picture we're getting. a young man who didn't say a lot, but was the target of some
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bullying from a broken home. >> that bullying the link to the students? what have they been saying about how the five kids who were shot were targeted? were they specifically targeted? >> reporter: well, that according to witnesses, it seemed to many eyewitnesses that these students were targeted. now, the reason likely according to one student we just talked to was the bullying. in fact, the student just said to me a few minutes ago, they picked the wrong kid to bully. they didn't realize it. that's what we're getting from eyewitnesses, that he apparently did target this group of students specifically and we'll find out more later, that bullying may have been the root. >> i'm curious there. there are reports that tj may have posted on social media, perhaps twitter, that he was going to bring a gun to school monday, but no one took him seriously. have you heard about that? >> reporter: yeah, we've heard
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about that, but the tweet is not online now and according to students we've talked to, there are some students that say they did read a tweet where he said quote some people are going to get hurt tomorrow, then was removed presumably by him at some point last night, so we haven't been able to independently verify that, however, if you look at his facebook page, there are some disturbing writings on there. at one point in one of the writingings, he says i want you to feel death. >> ted, what can you tell ugh us at this point about the gun? do you know anything about it, illegal, where he may have obtained it? >> reporter: we don't have any specific information in terms of where he got the gun. local authorities were able to recover the gun and turned it over to the atf for blaallistic analy analyzing. we know from a friend he said he laked to hunt. so whether he had access to guns
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in his home or had to go out and get a gun, we just don't know that yet. >> thank you very much. if ted gets more, he'll be back with us. our reporter, martin savidge, is on the scene and just a few minutes ago, had the chance to speak to a 16-year-old junior at the school. here's what she told him. >> we heard over twitter that it was a student and when i heard tj lane, i heard from one of my friends sitting next to me an it just hit me, you know. >> shock at such a horrible event. teresa hunt joins us on the phone now. her daughter was hunkered down in a classroom during the shooting. thank you very much for being with us. your daughter was in a classroom. how did you find out what happened? >> at about 7:45 this morning, she had texted me, mom, we're in lockdown, there's been a
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shooting. i texted her back saying you're in the joking around, you're serious. she said, yes. i said, where are you now? she said she was in her first period science class down the hall from the cafeteria and they were on lockdown. the doors were locked. students had the lights off with the teacher and they were sitting on the floor against the wall. >> and how long were they there? i know you were texting back and forth the whole time? >> yes. they didn't release her out of that classroom until 9:15. to the elementary school, which is right across the street. >> they sat there for a long time. your daughter, i know knew some of the victims. >> yes. she was friends with one that's in critical condition right now at metro in cleveland. >> yes. >> and her one friend that's over in hillcrest. >> does she have any feeling?
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i know she has to be in shock, but did she have any sense as to why they may have been targeted? ted rollins was reporting that bullying may have been the reason that tj is giving for the shooting. >> no, but i know this boy doesn't attend chardon school. he is -- goes to lake academy, which is out in will low by hills. he goes to an academy that is for troubled teens. my niece goes to the same school. she knew of him and she said he was nice and polite to her. never thought that he would do anything like this. he was a dark kid. didn't really talk to a lot of kids, but she road the bus to school with him everybody day and they talked. >> any sense of anything abnormal about him other than being at that school? >> no. you know, like you said, hard time with his parents.
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living with his grandma and you know, kind of a loner. >> and did she know anything about him ever having a gun or talking about guns? that might have been something that would never come up. i'm just curious. >> my daughter didn't, but my niece said he did like to hunt. that i know is true. >> your niece who knew him. and what is your daughter doing tonight? i can only imagine she's in complete shock along with all the other kids who were there today. >> she went over to her best friend's house and they're kind of holding it together. themselves. i know she's in shock. i know they're both in shock. she goes with the students that went to auburn career center, also. this is just really, really a shocker. for this community.
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>> well, teresa, thank you very much for taking the time out of your evening to talk to us. i appreciate it. as teresa was saying, her daughter began to text her around 7:45. we heard they began after 7:30. minutes after the shots rang out, dispatchers can be heard sending police and rescue to the scene. >> chardon rescue, we have an active shooter at the high school. repeat, active gun shots at the high school. chardon, we have three students down in the cafeteria at this time. we still don't know where the shooter is. also, there's a fourth one down in room 200. >> many called teacher frank hall a hero tonight. he was monitoring the cafeteria. he chased the shooter out saving lives. paul cowen has been following the story "outfront" tonight. paul, let's start off, we're learning more about the shooter,
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you just heard new details from teresa hunt a couple of moments ago. his gun though, we don't know anything about that yet. it's in atf control. what do you think we may find out? how dift is it to get a handgun in ohio? >> this is one of the first questions people will be asking. how does a high school kid get a gun to use on fellow students? i was looking at ohio gun laws this afternoon. it's very easy to get a gun in ohio. you don't need a permit or license to buy a gun in ohio. it's different though to carry a gun. you do need a concealed weapon permit and if you're selling a handgun to somebody under the age of 21, which obviously is the situation we have here, that is illegal and is a crime in ohio, but i did know one exception. you can sell to somebody under 21 if he's using the gun for hunting, educational or sporting purposes. >> interesting there, that he
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talked about loving hunting, so there may be a connection there. sfwl. >> he may have squeezed in through an exception. >> he is of course, he was a junior, so we believe he's under the age of 18, though it's conceivable he may not be. what kind of penalties could he face? >> like a lot of states, they have changed their juvenile justice system in ohio and when you have a serious crime like murder, the judge can decide whether you will be tried as a juvenile. say he was tried as a juvenile. he would be out of jail even with a maximum sentence in his early 20s. if he's tried as an adult, he would likely face life in prison. it's shocking how lenient the juvenile penalties are. it's not just ohio. most states now leave it in the hands of a judge between the ages of 16 and 18 or sometimes
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as young as 13 to 18 to try them as an adult when it's a particularly serious or heinous crime and i think you're going to see that here. >> thank you very much. we have new developments in the case of a woman found strangled to death in her mercedes. police tonight testing materials they found in the family garage. and rick santorum today called the president a snob. obama's repons. and merrimerrill streep on oscar. but we're going to tell you why her next project is way more important. better nutrition... is within reach. centrum. nutrition possible.
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you need lifelock, the only identity theft protection company that now monitors bank accounts for takeover fraud. lifelock: relentlessly protecting your identity. call 1-800-lifelock or go to today. we have breaking news out of newark, new jersey. the airport there now saying it is closed. the reason, reports are that an airplane made an emergency landing this evening because of a nose gear problem. passengers were forced to exit on emergency chu trtes. tomorrow's primaries have more delegates at stake than any other point. it's a really crucial day. and polls from both states show a neck and neck race between mitt romney and rick santorum.
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let's start with michigan. mitt might lose even if he wins. what do you mean? >> so, this is it. as you said, polls are neck and neck. most states go simply be by -- right? the guy who win it is popular vote gets the most delegates. not in michigan. the delegates are given out by congressional district. keep an eye on this tomorrow night. you could see a situation where say mitt romney wins the popular, but rick santorum wins the delegates. >> because he could win in detroit. that's only one district where as -- >> exactly. you've got the highly popular detroit in the suburbs, really a mitt romney stronghold, but if rick santorum is able to rack up support in the other delegates, hegd run away with the delegates. this is not a popularity contest. it's a delegate race.
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could be flipped the other way. >> on the state level at least for michigan, next up, something that has been getting a lot of conversation. some might argue way too much. >> faith. the faith x factor. in arizona, there's actually the second largest lds population. mormons last time made up 11% of the total gop turnout. obviously, the overwhelming majority goes to mitt romney, so that creates a significant cushion for him in arizona in particular. in michigan, you see rick santorum throwing the social conservative card. where it's talking about maybe we've taken the separation of church and state too far in the wake of john f. kennedy. that kind of language is to appeal to catholics and evangelical protestants. one other interesting factor, muslim america population in michigan, 40% of the city of dearborn, arab american. it's funny. some arab american activists were trying to rally around ron paul's candidacy. it's a very interesting reminder of the fundamental reminder of that state.
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>> last but not least, the open primary factor. we're going to talk more about this in a second, but democrats can vote and apparently, some will be. >> that's right. in michigan. democrats can vote. independents, republican, they're holding a primary because there's no voter registration. in arizona, independents can vote. so even though democrats are you know, not going to be able to play in the primary tomorrow in arizona, but independents can. you know this is one of the issues i care so much about. independents outnumber democrats in arizona. they could be a really significant force if they chose to turn out and vote for one of the republican candidates. but mitt romney's status could draw independents and ron paul's done well with independents in the past, too. >> thank you. speaking of democrats voting in michigan, rick santorum's campaign confirms it's asking michigan democrats to vote for him in tomorrow's primary to send a message to mitt romney.
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ironically, joe desano is doing the same thing. he's asked 50,000 democrats to go to the polls to vote for rick santorum. bold enough to come "outfront" tonight. good to see you. cause havoc, i know it's got a cool ring to it and all that, but is this really the right thing to do for the u.s. political system? >> oh, absolutely. we've got two republican candidates for r president who i feel are both damaged goods. i think santorum's radio active in a general election and i think romney's not too far behind him. so hopefully with my efforts and the efforts tomorrow in the state to turn this election over to the romney, excuse me, over to santorum, will throw an anvil in romney's lap and cause havoc all the way to the republican convention in orlando. >> but again, just sort of on the patriotism of this, shouldn't each party be allowed
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to nominate who they want? >> and michigan republicans could run their own election instead of having taxpayers foot the bill. there's tho reason president obama should be on the primary election ballot tomorrow other than the republicans in the state wanting taxpayers to pay the bill for their private party. they invited us in, so we're talking the offer. there's nothing unpatriotic about it. >> would you be upset for the tables were turned? were you angry when that happened? >> that's just the rules of the game. you play the game. i don't like the outcome, but it was fair and in the law and rules. this is nothing new in michigan politics. >> how many people do you think you're going to get? i know you said you had 12,000 ready. some say that is inflated and inaccurate. your response? >> republicans are saying that's inflated. >> that's right. >> we've had a prom program over the past seven days to identify,
4:21 pm
earlier today, 12,000. thinking it might be a couple thousand higher once i start going through the data tonight. this is a razor thing election. no one knows how this is going to turn out tomorrow. if even 2,000 democrats show up tomorrow and the margin is 2,000, well then we've made a difference. it's all predicated on the fact that mitt romney is incredibly weak as a candidate. this is his home state. rick santorum's a religious fanatic who has zero reasons to be in this race other than mitt can close the deal. >> however you and rush limbaugh, i get it. that works on both sides. thanks to both, joe. >> thank you. all right. joining us now is david frum and james carville. republican and democrat respectively. let me start with you, david frum. what do you think about this? the santorum campaign saying look, we're going to admit it. we're doing robo calls to the whole state of michigan saying come over, vote for rick santorum. is this insanity? >> no, i think it's nostalgia
4:22 pm
that rick santorum remembers a time when there were a lot of socially conservative democrats who were not aversed to the republican economic message. the famous reagan democrats of 30 years ago. i think this is a case where you see a kind of, the weakness of the santorum campaign staffing operation is those people are not there in the strength they used to be an the place where the independents today, they are disaffiliated republicans. on the independent side, more or the far right than this reagan democrat middle and the action of course is to among the be educated, those will be called to mitt romney and not rick santorum. >> james carville, what do they think? that these people will actually vote for them or a pure spoil play? >> first of all, it's hard enough to get democrats to vote in the democratic primary. i think rush limbaugh had a operation chaos. >> he did. >> in pennsylvania in '08, so my
4:23 pm
experience always not very successful. he's trying to scrap up every vote here and some of the democratic organizations in michigan had sort of talked about this, but my guess it's effect is going to be fairly negative legible. >> one group that has been pro rick santorum, lot of blue collar voters, people without college degrees and there's been a bit of a back and forth between rick santorum and the president indicating the president takes him more seriously as a competitor. >> president obama want once said he wants everybody in america to go to college. what a snob. i understand why he wants you to go to college. he wants to remake you in his image. >> and here is the president fighting back. >> i have to make a point here. when i speak about higher education, we're not just talking about a four-year degree.
4:24 pm
we're talking about somebody going to a community college and getting trained for that manufacturing job that now is requiring somebody walking through the door, handinging them a million dollar piece of equipment. >> there are so many pa jortive words out there, james. calling somebody a snob, you know. >> i guess it kind of, to the extent of civility on cable tv, i am stunned, not -- crass he has, but the idiotcy of what the president said. i just cannot believe how -- i -- i'm floored by somebody who was brought up by a mother who believed in education above anything else. i'm sure most people in the united states were. i'm just floored at that remark. it takes a lot to floor me in
4:25 pm
politics. >> david frum, i wanted to play something else rick santorum said. here, he's talking about gas prices. >> we went into a recession in 2008 because of gasoline prices. the bubble burst in housing because people couldn't pay their mortgages because we're looking at $4 a gallon gasoline. >> i talked to an economist today. he says of course, that is false. gas prices did not help the economy, but obviously did not cause people to not be able to pay their mortgages. but where is rick santorum getting all of this? >> i think a lot of it he's probably getting it from the internet late at night. it really matters. >> at least that's what he's doing late at night. >> i want to go back to this point about the staffing. you saw it in the last debate, where rick santorum was surprised by a audacious attack that romney launch ed at him.
4:26 pm
rick santorum has been come tog this with a game that's like a very good high school athlete suddenly arriving in a college or professional league, that he is up against people who are really prepared and have done the research. romney has behind him america e's e leading economists. i don't know who's giving rick santorum his economic advice and so you wing it on the fly. what you also see with santorum is he's a person who has powerful nostalgic ideas. he's got a vision of how america was and he's often wrong on the facts. that going to college makes you less religious. actually, not going to college is the thing that makes you fastest become less religious. we've seen more church attendance on people who go to college and a sharper decline among people who don't. he has a set of very powerful con vices about his perception of how the world ought to be instead of the way it is. >> gentlemen, thanks. mitt romney and rick santorum neck and neck in michigan, but there are a number of reasons why president obama
4:27 pm
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the second half of our show with stories we care about and focus on our reporting, do the work and fine the "outfront 5." first, one student dead in the ohio school shooting. one in serious and one stable. the alleged gunman is in custody. police identified the shooter as tj lane cht. the shooting ha ped this morning inside the cafeteria. number two, the death of a california fifth grader has been ruled a homicide. blunt force trauma to the head according to a coroner's report. police say she got into a fight friday after school with another girl. the family says she threw up and complained of a headache. a few hours later, she died. number three, wikileaks has started to release e-mails taken
4:32 pm
from stratfor. stratfor says this is another attempt to silence the company and one we reject. statfor will continue to publish the analysis our subscribers have come to rely on. wikileaks claims to have more than 500 e-mails, which says that statfor provided confidential services. the national association of realtors tracks signed contracts for homes rose to a reading of 97. take that with a grain of salt. two-year high, but still, below 200. you have to be above 100 to be positive. economists say this is a modest improvement. well, if housinging needs fixed, so might our debt problem be. it has been 207 days since the united states lost its top credit rating. what are we doing do get it back? well, if we don't do something, we might go nth direction of greece. we told you about the plane,
4:33 pm
the emergency landing in newark tonight. newark airport is shut down as of 6:45 p.m. eastern completely. everyone on this plane was okay. but the plane had a nose gear landing issue, had to land. everyone had to evacuate and be taken on buses to the terminal. i believe it was a shuttle atlantic fight. again, everyone safe, but it did have to do a full emergency landing and newark is fully shut down. tonight, a revolt in afghanistan over the burning of koran's last week. at least nine killed, two wounds in an explosion near jalalabad airport. the taliban also claimed responsible responsibility for con tame nated food that showed up at a u.s. base near the afghanistan-pakistan border. after a week of violence, 35 people have been killed including four american soldiers in retaliation for the koran s
4:34 pm
incident. president obama has apologized to president karzai, saying the burning was an inadvertent error. today -- and for good reason. consider the cost of this war to the united states. it is the longest war in american history. 1,895 americans have died. 15,000 have been wounded. total spending on this war, about 555 billion. reconstruction, $86 billion and training afghan security forces, $51 billion just through the end of last year. the poor state of afghan security forces, some of whom are suspected of having militant ties are the big part of why the united states says it's still sticking around. our troops will be in afghanistan to police until the end of 2014 and when you think of the human costs and financial costs to this war -- what
4:35 pm
defines mission accomplished from here. seth jones is with rand corporation and author of hunting in the shadows, the p pursuit of al-qaeda after 9/11. alex vance is the author of "shadow patrol." great to have you with us. what have we learned, alex, from this? you said this is a sign of occupation reaching unend. here we are, a terror fieing end for the united states. >> i do mean just how fragile the gains we've haed in the last few years are and how easy, how likely it is that they'll be reversed once we pull out. which means we shouldn't, we may have done as much we can do. >> it seems also to highlight something that just shocks americans. maybe it doesn't surprise them, but shocks them. with this amount of money and life and lives destroyed of those wounded soldiers and this is where we are? >> yeah, no, i would also say in
4:36 pm
fairness that there have been riots in afghanistan, including serious riots in the past. what's interesting in this case is how long this persists for. if this fizzles out within the next two to three days, i think this may be a footnote in the war toefr past ten years! but even so, it does highlight the fact, some were saying -- will we need 25,000 or so advisers to help afghanistan? they have to go in without security, without wearing bulletproof vests and risk their lives. they're the people shot this weekend by an afghanee. so, are we going to want to do that? >> i think the issue is what kind of model to we have going forward? there is a field model of large american forces in afghanistan, but i think there's a more useful model. the way the u.s. operated in el salvador, colombia, philippines. much smaller numbers and forces
4:37 pm
to train and work against -- >> i think that's what we're talking about and these will not necessarily be the people who are not armed and can't defend themselves. they'll also be people who can maybe go into pakistan if the need arises and that doesn't get talk talked about that much. as a novelist, i love talking about the possibility that troops who have supposedly in afghanistan really wind up in pakistan for one reason. exactly. >> but what defines their mission accomplished? no one can define what it is. first, it was toppling the taliban. it was getting rid of osama bin laden, you won last summer. i don't know what winning is now. >> what it should be from an american sbris is preventing an al-qaeda supported taliban and haqqani network from taking over the government. it's a modest goal and achievable in the long run, but it's not a sensible government. not a democratic state per se.
4:38 pm
>> i'd agree and say it's quite possible that the haqqanis, that the pashtuns will wind up in control of southern afghanistan and some of the possible will be under taliban control. but we will have forces in the north to prevent the taliban from sweeping up and taking kabul and all of afghanistan. >> thanks very much to both of you. we appreciate it. viewe viewers, please let us know what you think. do you know what winning is in afghanistan and do you think it's worth staying? and how real was the assassination threat? that's next. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need.
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we do this at the same time every night. our outer circle, where we reach out to sources around the world and tonight, russia. a plot to assassinate putin has been foiled according to russian media, which says that agents in ukraine arrested a group of suspects claiming a hit on the leader. it was uncovered after an explosion kill eed one of the plotters and injured another. this comes at a crucial time in russian politics. voters are going to the polls this week to vote in an election that putin is expected to win
4:43 pm
ea easily. phil black is in moscow and i asked him what we know about this plot. >> according to the state controlled network, the men confessed their plan was to travel to moscow to attack economic targets but with the ultimate goal of attempting to assassinate vladimir putin and apparently confessed they were going to do this to use a military mind to attack his motorcade. >> it was potentially a suicide attack, at least according to the state television, right? >> well, they -- the people asked about boat. would they be prepared to do so. the one suspect interviewed in this particular network show says no, he didn't want to do it and they weren't planning to do it, but his two other comrades in arms were certainly prepared to die. >> of course, looking at the pictures of the man as they caught him, it's pretty incredible video, but i know there's a lot of skepticism,
4:44 pm
phil, with the election coming up. putin wanting to ensure that he will win easily. is it possible that this quote unquote attack, assassination is well, made up? >> well, no one's saying this simply couldn't happen because it could. putin has enemies within his own country, particularly among islamists, but the timing is what people particularly his critics and opponents consider to be suspicionly convenient. this plot has been known about by authorities for close to two months now and it has only being now being made public by a state owned network, just days before this country's vote where putin hopes to be elected to return to the position again. now, to syria where a
4:45 pm
activists say -- were killed today. now, in the midst of the violence lt, some aid and rescue efforts are underway. >> reporter: the international committee for the red cross spent all day in homs, trying to get into the neighborhood. the syrian red crescent got in late in the ninth and came out with an elderly woman, a pregnant woman and her husband, but none of the wounded journalists. the french journalist, phil c conroy, they didn't come out with the syrian red crescent. activists say there was a one-hour lull in shelling while the syrian crescent came into the area. the shelling began again with an intensity an the reason they say
4:46 pm
that international journalists didn't leave with the story is that they don't trust these syrian workers, they want the help of the international community of the red cross, not the red crescent. >> now, let's check in with solidad o'brien with a look at "ac 360." >> thank you very much. likewise. we're going to have much more on the breaking news ahead on 360. a chilling firsthand account of what happened this morning at that high school in ohio. there were five bullets that were fired. one struck our guest. his name is nate. we're going to hear what it was like to watch the alleged shoot er bull the trigger and how it was to survive it. also, keeping them honest. on the very same day that the assad regime announced support for the constitution, at least 188 were killed. we're going to speak to the
4:47 pm
family of marie colvin, the american correspondent who died covering this story. her mother and her brother and sister will talk to us on what their hopes are for her memory. now a plot line straight out of a hollywood script. another woman, an s and m dungeon and murder for hire. but is this true? nearly five weeks after she was found strangled to death in her mercedes, police still haven't charged anyone with her murder, but that could change later this week. investigators tonight awaiting the results of lab tests on materials found in the garage of the home she shared with her husband, bob. now, he has denied any involvement. a handyman told police that bashar paid him several thousand dollars and his kad lick to kill her. sunny hostin is a cnn
4:48 pm
contributor and legal analyst. i remember when it first happened, it seemed -- >> it could have been an act of random violence. >> we did not know anything about multiple mistresses, pay r for hire and sex dungeons. >> it has evolved because the investigation is still evolving. what i find so peculiar, there is someone who confessed to the crime. he said he did it and was paid by bob bashar to do it. so the police let him go. that tells me they don't believe his story. they don't believe that he is the guy. they're looking at someone else. we know the police department, they've indicated that bob bashar is the only person of interest. so, you know, investigative 101 is that you keep on investigating, try to sort of smoke out your target. >> let me ask you a question because the handyman in addition
4:49 pm
to telling multiple stories, this is the one he stuck with. he was paid cash and a cadillac. he did have a cadillac confiscated. >> but the police had let it go. >> so that's confusing. >> if joe bashar really paid him to do this, why would he still have a car in his name? really dumb. >> it just didn't make inves gaitive sense and again, i think we're going to learn a little bit more about this case because lab results are coming back. they've taken a lot of tests, but what i do also like about this case is that there is no rush to judgment. they are taking their time and that's what we need in a case like this where there are just so many open questions. >> someone was horribly murdered. you want to take your time and git right. mitt romney, rick santorum, spending millions upon millions to win the gop nomination, but
4:50 pm
it may be completely dwarfed by millions more. and meryl streep picked up her third oscar last night. hello, how can i deliver world-class service for you today ? we gave people right off the street a script and had them read it. no, sorry, i can't help you with that.
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mitt romney tied with rick santorum heading into michigan tomorrow and mitt has a money problem. wow. yes. despite raising and spending
4:54 pm
almost ten times what rick santorum has, the romney campaign now has less than $8 million in cash on hand. well, that's not good news for a candidate like mitt romney who has out-spent his opponents by a factor of 5-1 in the states that he has won. and that brings us to tonight's number. $75 million. that's the amount of cash on hand president obama's campaign has heading into the fall's election. as an incumbent he doesn't actively campaign during the primary season but he still raised a lot of money. so far, $130 million, to be exact. he spent 60. none of these numbers include super pacs. mitt romney better hope his super pac rose like a house on fire because in 2008, president obama spent 7$730 million durin his campaign. that means that mitt's current 5-1 spending to win ratio to beat obama, he'd have to spend 3$3.6 billion. meryl streep won the oscar last
4:55 pm
night. in tonight's essay, we'll tell you why we like meryl streep so much and why there might be a bigger deal about this. back then he had something more important to do. he wasn't focused on his future. but fortunately, somebody else was. at usaa we provide retirement planning for our military, veterans and their families. now more than ever, it's important to get financial advice from people who share your military values. for our free usaa retirement guide, call 877-242-usaa. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities.
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it seems that a lot of media talk about celebrities focuses on who's dating whom, who's cheating on who and frankly, bad stuff. even if we're not celebrating their bad behavior, we often
4:59 pm
tend to glamorize it. that's why i was excited to see meryl streep take home her third academy award. she seemed genuinely surprised that she won and used her acceptance speech to tearfully thank her husband of 33 years and then her makeup artist of 37 years. that's the kind of loyalty you don't see a lot these days, especially in hollywood. it's one of the reasons why meryl streep was so popular. the other reason is because she's so good at what she does, the most honored actor in oscar history and the ability to do any accent has helped her become a part of film history and that is only fitting because history is so important to her. the usually really private actress recently signed on as the face of the national women's museum. it currently exists only on the internet.


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