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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 24, 2014 6:00am-8:01am PST

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congratulations. >> thanks for sharing your story. >> great way to start the weekend. can't do much better. there's other news. we'll keep trying. we'll send you to the "newsroom" with carol costello. >> having a sister is the best. thanks so much. "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me this morning. millions of americans shivering from the cold and shuttering from the record cost to stay warm. after two weeks of that dreaded polar vortex a new arctic blast is plunging temperatures record loss and driving up heating costs for most of us. propane, natural gas, heating oil all surging. some propane customers are seeing their prices double if they are lucky enough to get their tanks refilled. the reason? brutal january cold that shattered a staggering 1100 records and counting this month alone. as if the cold weren't bad enough snow and ice are also
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sweeping all the way to the deep south. nick valencia is in houston where an ugly morning commute is now getting under way. good morning? >> reporter: good morning, carol. it is especially told for this part of the country this time of year. in houston the last couple of hours we've seen the sleet ebb and flow. texas department of transportation said they are out prepping the roads for these icy conditions. a crippling ice storm affecting millions of americans. houston, san antonio, austin all waking up this morning at risk from dangerous ice building up as freezing rain and bitter cold temperatures take hold. residents here all too familiar with crippling ice storms like the powerful one in 2011 that paralyzed the airports and led to rolling blackouts. some schools in the area closing their doors. city officials prepare for the worse. >> here we have the decision that are made and how we respond
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to a threat and how we execute that throughout the region. >> reporter: in indiana a horrifying scene. dozens of semitrucks and cars colliding in white out conditions. three people were killed and more than a dozen injured in this massive pileup on interstate 94. scores of car crashes blamed on the deep freeze. treacherous conditions tangling trubs and cars from the midwest to the northeast. the winter weather wreaking havoc in the skies with flight delays and cancellations quickly adding up. those cancellations are a big concern here for houston. no other city in the united states has been hypothetical as hard in terms of cancellations between two major airports here more than 150 flights already cancelled so if you're traveling this morning be sure to check with your airline. carol? >> good ad vies. nick valencia, many thanks. new developments too in the case of nsa leaker edward snowden. just hours after the kpild american said he's not ready to
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return to the united states russia said he's welcome to stay there as long as he wants. russia's extension of snowden's asylum comes with option as well as one online with cnn. good morning, joe. >> reporter: this information comes from a russian top official, the read of the foreign affairs community. he said russia will not end snowden's asylum and send him back to the united states and said it would be up to snowden if he wants to go back. they would suggest on its face the one year asylum that was granted to snowden is open ended now, that there is apparently no deadline for snowden to reach a resolution with the u.s. government. eric holder has reached out to russia in the recent past giving assurances that snowden would not be exposed to the death penalty if put on trial even though he's not been accused of
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any death penalty eligible violation. snowden has been accused by some on capitol hill on engaging in spying for russia. russia has denied that. the new development this morning is that the head of the foreign affairs committee will not end snowden's asylum and returning stoup him. just yesterday snowden said returning to the u.s. would not be possible because whistle blower laws here offer him no protection. >> joe johns reporting live from washington this morning. four people are dead and more than 50 injured after explosions rocked police headquarters in cairo. two smaller explosions then went off near police stations in other areas. egypt's interior minister calls the events quote desperate acts and comes one day before the third anniversary of egypt's revolution. once rising political career lands with a thud in a virginia courtroom. bob mcdonnell and his wife will
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make a court appearance on federal corruption charges. the allegations are they accepted $165,000 in gifts and loans from the own of a virginia business. gifts like shoes and a certain type of face cream and loui louis vitton goodies. the nation agencies second busiest commuter railroad back up. a power failure resulted in three main metro-north lines being shut down for two hours in new york. look at the chaos in grand central station. huge crowds of people standing around waiting for their trains. the rail line takes thousands of people from new york city to connecticut and the suburbs every day. the death toll is expected to rise after a fire at a home for the elderly in canada. five people now confirmed dead. 30 others are not accounted for.
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frigid temperatures froze the water being used by firefighters at one point and most of the residents, well they were ambulatory, they couldn't move, some had alzheimer's. paula newton is in quebec and joins us on the phone. good morning, paula. >> reporter: good morning. quite a scene. they have been moving equipment into the try to basically recover some of the victims but, you know, the entire place has collapsed. it is now encased in thick layers of ice. the temperature is about zero degrees. they don't have a handle how many people are missing. a grim scene. many people are asking questions. police say they are not ruling anything out. the investigation continues. not only will it take some time for them to understand what cause this but for them to know exactly how many people died in the fire. as you said, 30 missing. police believe, unfortunately, the number of dead will get very close to that but they don't know exactly how many people
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perished in this fire and just the scene, carol u-can imagine encased in ice and yet when they try to get to southeast victims there are still fire burning beneath those thick layers of ice. >> paula newton reporting live from quebec this morning. as people around the nation speculate as to whether hillary clinton will run for president it seems she has her own gravitational pull. just take a look at the bizarre cover of this weekend's "new york times" magazine. the former first lady and secretary of state has been transformed into planet hilary. some people say the image freaks them out. the internet loved it. some of you joked planet hilary on justin bieber's mugshot. we'll dig deeper into the article. still to come, john boehner makes his first trip to the "tonight show" couch. >> listen, you know, i go to bed at 10:00. and i heard you were going, the
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show was about over and i thought i better get here before it was too late. >> i was going to say the same thing about you. >> hear what mr. boehner says about a presidential run next. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yea. yea, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go-- yea, sure ya did. [ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life. personalized home security and automation. get professionally monitored security for just $29.99 a month. with limited availability in select markets. ♪ suddenly you're a mouthbreather. well, put on a breathe right strip and instantly open your nose up to 38% more than cold medicines alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right.
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here's a corporate head scratcher. despite paying $20 billion in fine in the last year from offenses in selling bad mortgages to failing to warn the government about bernie madoff ponzi scheme, jpmorgan decided its ceo jamie dimon should get a raise. our chief business correspondent christine romans is here to explain how exactly he deserves that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this has been quite a year for jamie dimon and jpmorgan chase. as you said he's been opening up the checkbook and settling billions of dollars with regulator, with the government from everything to turning a blind eye to bernie madoff to the mortgage dacisaster. all kinds. $20 billion in fines. so what is the board going to do according to the "new york times". board will give him a raise. last year they docked his pay to
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$11.5 million. he was the highest paid banker in 2011 in part $23 million in compensation because he led the bank through a financial crisis. then the next year, that trading problem happened in london. big, big pay cut the board gave him for that and now according to the "new york times" after a heated meeting on the board they want to give him a raise to congratulate him, to reward him for leading the bank through a very tough year with all those settlements. interesting as well he was quoted at davos, that big meeting of the elites he was quoted as saying the government's pursuit of the bank after these settlements was unfair. he paid it out because it was the best thing for shareholders. he called it unfair. >> isn't he buddies with president obama? >> reporter: well, he was. a long time ago they called each other by first name, the
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president called him jamie and many people thought he cube treasury secretary and then the financial crisis happened. then the banks were persona non-grata. the bank is still profitable. they got through all the craziness -- >> wait a minute. didn't all of these things happen on his watch. how can he be the best banker in the whole world? >> reporter: yes. some say when you have somebody -- maybe these banks are too big if you can't keep an ion everything hats happening you shouldn't be so big that you have a problem in london and a madoff event. defenders of jamie dimon will say money problems stem from buying washington mutual and bear stearns. the government encouraged them. they were a healthy bank in the middle of the financial crys is. they picked up a couple of names
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that were bad actors. it was the go-go days of the early 2000. he's a complicated banker. he's a complicated figure. this board, this board, we'll learn details fushlly today i'm sure about what his compensation is. according to the "new york times" after much debate they decided to give america's bank ear big raise. >> christine romans, thanks so much. he's number one in congress but when it comes to late night tv he gets bumped to number two. he made his first appearance on jay leno. boehner talked to jay about why he won't make any presidential bids in the future. >> you ever think of running for president? >> no. >> no? you want to show what you did when i asked that question before. >> listen, i like to play golf. i like to cut my own grass. you know, i do drink red wine, i
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smoke cigarettes and i'm not giving that up to be president of the united states. >> that's right. boehner was hesitant to endorse anyone for president but when asked about jeb bush he said the former florida governor would be a great choice for the job. republicans need to attract more women to their party. the latest quinnipiac university poll shows women favoring democrats over republicans by four points and perhaps in an attempt to show american voters there are strong women in the republican party catherine mcmorris rodgers will deliver the response to the president's state of the union. she's is fourth highest gop leader and highest ranking republican woman in congress. one high-profile republican, mike huckabee probably didn't help the cause. normally a gifted speaker muddled his argument against mandated birth control and sparked an uncle sugar storm. he made his remarks at the rnc's winter meetings.
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>> the democrats want to insult the women of america by making them believe that they are helpless without uncle sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or reproductive system without the help of the government then sob it. >> okay. that start ad firestorm online. john king is here to talk about this. john to be clear, huckabee wasn't saying women had uncontrollable libidos he said democrats make women believe they have uncontrollable sex drives and need birth control. of course the democrats pounced. but does it have legs? >> even some republicans like the former senator, former presidential candidate rick santorum said last night on "crossfire" huckabee would like to get that back with a rewrite. governor huckabee is a former preacher. perhaps a different perspective there on the government's role. the language was off putting
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especially if you think nationally and look at the republican party's problems in presidential elections with moderate suburban women. polling shows women by far want the coverage in the obamacare that's one of the things that's popular with women, birth control contraception coverage. however, we shouldn't make too much of this, you showed that poll, republicans down four points with women. if you look how much they are up with men it works out pretty good. republicans still have a majority in the house. a lot of people think they will pick up the senate. 30 governorships across the country and made huge gains in the state legislature. this is part of the republican struggle. governor huckabee, one voice and as senator santorum said he probably wishes edited that. >> presidential race is coming. isn't the bigger issue here birth control is a loser topic for republicans, isn't it, because the vast majority of women favor insurance companies paying for birth control.
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>> those numbers are pretty stunning. birth control is a loser subject for republicans. the role of government is not. is that where governor huckabee wishes he had that language back because republicans especially carol in the place where they need to be competitive. you look at the map of the competitive senate contest this year. if you look at the relatively small number of house districts. republicans feel they are on very strong ground if they are arguing about the role of government. they say obamacare is too much of a reach. it puts too much power in washington or in the hands of bureaucrats and not individual choice. that's safe ground for republicans. when they start stirring into language like this it gets more dicey and feeds among some voters this preconceived notion there's this war on women. that's one of the reasons. you just noted john boehner's deputy the top woman in the republican leadership will deliver the response to the president's state of the union address. that's no accident. >> no it isn't. john king our chief national correspondent. thank you for entrepreneur sight this morning.
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i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom" justin bieber took plenty of pictures on his latest trip to miami including this mugshot after he was arrested for dui and street racing. what's next for the biebs. nischelle turner is following that story. >> reporter: the hits just keep on coming for bieber and not the hits on the charts. we'll talk what he's facing when we come back. sorry we're late. did you run into traffic? no, just had to stop by the house to grab a few things. you stopped by the house? uh-huh. yea. alright, whenever you get your stuff, run upstairs, get cleaned up for dinner. you leave the house in good shape? yea. yea, of course. ♪ [ sportscaster talking on tv ] last-second field go-- yea, sure ya did. [ male announcer ] introducing at&t digital life. personalized home security and automation. get professionally monitored security for just $29.99 a month. with limited availability in select markets. ♪
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praising police for arresting justin bieber on charges of drunk driving and resisting arrest in miami beach. keyshawn johnson teethed. they finally caught him. glad no one was hurt no, kids in the street. everyone grows up at some point. hopefully he learned his lesson. eric dickerson tweeted it's about time. bieber laster was spotted racing around in his ferrari and they complained. unfortunately for bieber ejoined the all too familiar club of celebrities in trouble with the law. judging by his mugshots some think his arrest seriously. in a 2012 interview bieber's mother said he was growing up to be a responsible young man. >> he's a really responsible guy. he's very mature and makes a lot of great decisions.
6:23 am
so i'm not too worried about giving him too much advice. hopefully i've bean good example to him. >> those great decisions probably don't include flying down the street drunk in a super car. so what now for justin bieber? nischelle turner is live in los angeles to tell us. >> reporter: good morning. i like the way you think. right now we should say justin bieber is facing dui charges, face resisting arrest, face driving without a valid license. now he hasn't officially been charged with speeding or drag racing but the police report does note he was doing so. he was released after paying his $2,500 bond. yesterday he was dressed in black sunglasses and a black hoodie. he jumped on top of an suv and waved to fans before leaving the jail. and police say that justin bieber told them that he had a beer, he smoked marijuana and took prescription medication. that's one of the reasons why they couldn't determine his blood alcohol level right away because that mix made everything muddled and now it seems like
6:24 am
his life is becoming muddled as well. remember, he is still being investigated in southern california for felony vandalism in connection with that egging incident that we were talking about just about a month ago. talking to people yesterday, i still got two completely different schools of thought about justin bieber. i spoke to keyshawn johnson who didn't have a lot of positive things. he said he didn't speak to justin since their run in. then i also talked to some industry folks who say that want he's a great kid who just sometimes makes dumb decision and he's going to be just fine. one person said to me those that these two different views of justin bieber show where the real issue is here and they said will the real justin bieber please stand up. almost fitting that we end with that shot there of him in front of a judge. >> you're not kidding. i hope the real justin bieber does step forward and it's the good version, right?
6:25 am
>> exactly. >> nischelle turner thanks so much. still to come an inside look in what it means to be in hillary clinton's orbit. isn't that bizarre inwe're talking about planet hilary and the drama before 2016.
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we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
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good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. check top stories this morning, 28 minutes past the hour, there's no escaping the frigid weather blanketing much of the country. cold air has descended on the deep south, blasting communities from florida to texas where an ice storm is affecting millions. the midwest is getting hit. officials blaming white out conditions for this deadly crash involving hundreds of vehicles. indiana university student is facing charges of trying to make a bomb. police say a friend of ridder lewis pickens saw chemicals in his basement. pickens pleaded not guilty is being held on $1 million bond.
6:29 am
a second woman claims she was sexually abused by a california teacher. the same teach confronted by another alleged victim ainu tube video that went viral. second victim has filed a complaint against the school district claiming the school knew about the teacher's history of sex abuse with students but did nothing. the u.s. attorney's office has subpoenaed two groups linked to governor christie. his re-election campaign and state committee party into investigation into bridge gate closings. both groups intend to cooperate. the dow may be looking at a for it dave losses as investors continue to worry about corporate earnings. the bell about to ring on wall street. let's head to the new york stock exchange. alison kosik is there. good morning. >> reporter: stocks are 0-3 and today not looking good either the dow is looking for a big dip when the opening bell rings in about 20 seconds. this would add to yesterday's
6:30 am
176 point selloff. this is happening overseas as well in asia and europe markets there down more than 1%. this has been the trend so far this year. makes you long for those memories of record breaking days last year and it's happening for a few reasons. one, concerns about china. there was a report this week that showed manufacturing over there slowed and the u.s. not looking so hot either. also, the fourth quarter earnings that are coming out these days are underwhelming and from some big name companies like verizon, johnson & johnson, ibm and citigroup. wall street had high hopes for fourth quarter earnings season but this week started dialing back the expectations because of this overall weakness. thinking is if corporate america doesn't do well it won't hire people, won't spend money won't help the economy grow. we're a few seconds into the trading day. seeing red on the screen. i say that sarcastically. >> thank you. now to the bizarre "new york times" magazine cover making
6:31 am
headlines. take a look at planet hilary. an in depth look at the big push behind a clinton candidacy and what it's like to be in her expansive inner circle, her orbit. the internet has gone wild making fun of that cover, turning planet hilary into miley cyrus's wrecking ball and putting the fleshy moon face on justin bieber's mugshot. the writer of the article told cnn's "new day" she was surprised by the cover. >> i kept describing this as a story about her orbit. they didn't know i was quite so literally -- >> you don't pick the cover. >> when she showed to it me i thought this will draw a lot of reaction. i didn't imagine the miley cyrus name going around. >> pretty funny, though, isn't it? let's dig into the content of the article with our panel this morning. john harris is the editor-in-chief of politico and author of the historical book
6:32 am
"the survivor, bill clinton in the white house." a cnn commentator at the blade. and brian. welcome to all of you. >> good morning. >> so, brian this, is a lengthy dense article and the cover is just so bizarre. it kind of takes away from the gravity of the content, doesn't it? >> that was a good one. well this cover leaked yesterday and the article came online today. i think that was good timing because people can react to the cover. now today they can read the article which makes some important points about the challenges that hillary clinton would face if she runs for president about all the people that are in her orbit. i think one of john's colleagues at politico made a good point yesterday. here's the "new york times" magazine. i used to work at the "times". they are trying to be social media friendly. trying to be buzzy. trying to be shareable and hey they succeed with this cover. >> did they, will? >> well, yeah. i guess. but how many women do you know
6:33 am
want to be analogized 0 a pto a planet and being described as an orbit. i can't imagine the clinton camp is very happy today. >> i think hillary clinton camp is probably ecstatic about it. look at all the publicity she's getting. i'm with you will because i wouldn't want to be pictured without hair as a planet. but going back to john, it is a lengthy article and there are criticisms in it but also compliments. >> i suppose. i don't think they are hungering for the publicity. hillary clinton unlike most politicians ever has any doubts she can command publicity at will. this is the kind of publicity that historically clintons have not liked. it goes into her personal dynamics, look at rivalries. it's about how the sausage gets made in a campaign or a pending campaign in this case which is a messy process.
6:34 am
clintons have never been overly enthusiastic about this type of journalism. there's no damaging revelation in this that's going to make life difficult. i don't think this is one she's curled up on the couch reading over and over. >> carol, i can say to john's point, i don't know that it's necessary fawning. what it exposes is an industry. this exposes an industry designed say round selling a product, the product being hillary clinton. it could be any politician for that matter but it shows essentially that we are trading votes for something. they are buying votes from us. votes, you know, you can't live on votes. it makes you ask questions. if you have $100 million industry with thousands of employees with this kind of personal structure underneath it what your getting? you're getting a self-feeding blog. look at google earth view of washington, d.c., maryland and virginia you'll see an illustration of my point. this article expose how that
6:35 am
happens. how we have an ever growing political class and growing industry in washington, d.c. >> it is interesting and interesting that it's now become this huge family business because it talks a lot about chelsea clinton and her new role not only in the clinton initiatives but the clinton campaign. it's becoming clearer and clearer she's going to run, right, brian? >> i think it's becoming clearer she will run. the person who wrote this story is full time on the clinton beat. when i ran into her i said i do think people will read the article now more people are going to as a result of the cover. you know personally i didn't think the cover was offensive but it's unpleasant. there's going to be a lot of covers that's unpleasant. so this is going to be part of that entire machine. so to speak. >> john, i think there's going
6:36 am
to be criticism too from the republican camp that the "new york times" is spending all this -- they are writing this huge article about the clintons but what about the republican candidate? will we see a similar article about that candidate? whoever it will be. >> at the moment there's obviously nobody that dominates not just national politics but american consciousness in a way that merges politics and celebrity the way hillary clinton does. chris christie is not equivalent to this or scott walker the governor of wisconsin. there's no cult of walker. there's a cult of hilary. it's not equivalent. you can argue whether it's fair or not fair. but it just is. i point out publicity is always a two edged sword. i don't know it's helpful to a prospective 2016 candidates to
6:37 am
have a three year run up in which there's nothing but obsessive attention to her. nothing but this kind of air of expectation and inevitability. there could be a recoil. we're covering her more like a justin bieber than somebody with ideas or policy program or what have you the. >> but, will, you have to admit we cover all candidates that way. they are more rock stars than they are people with actual policies that might work in the country and that makes me sad, actually, but it has become that way and candidates also run their campaigns that way. >> yeah. but i do agree with john. you do not want -- there's the cliche, the one that's repeated over and over all publicity is good publicity. i don't think that's true. i'll tell you this. chris christie wouldn't mind if you stopped covering him for a while. he wouldn't mind to he had some headlines go away. again this is not what hilary wants. we use terms like machine almost
6:38 am
in a benign way and this exposes the machine and what it forces people to ask is are we ready to anoint the next clinton. it could be bush. i'm not making a partisan point. the industry of politics is ever present and it is embedded and this is how it works. i don't think voters want to think of it that way. >> that's what the media is here to report that to share what the candidates don't want us to care. >> thanks for tinting conversation. i appreciate it. still to come in the "newsroom" denying the pope's final wishes. pope john paul wanted his papers burned but those personal papers are now a book. we'll talk about that.
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a polish publisher is going against the final wishes of pope john paul ii. the pope asked his personal papers be burned after his death but now those papers are the pope's personal reflections coming out in a 640-page book. va senior vatican analyst is here. how did this author get ahold of these papers. >> they come from the cardinal of crakow, john paul's diocese.
6:42 am
he was the priest secretary for all of his almost 27 year papacy. most of us thought of him as a vice pope. he said that when john paul was near death he instructed him to burn this personal spiritual diary which records his private prayer life and religious meditations. but he said he basically didn't have the heart to do it. he said he thought historians would despair if he assigned this diary to the flames. instead held i want to be and decided to turn it over to the polish publicisher. the polish edition is expected to come out february 5th. shortly after it will be translated in to multiple languages all over the world. obviously there's keen interest not only because john paul was a widely loved pope around the world, you'll remember some 5
6:43 am
million people flocked to rome for his funeral mass in 2005. but also he is about to be declared a saint of the catholic church in a ceremony to be presided over by pope francis in april of this year. so, i mean, you can bet 640-page spiritual diary from john paul is going to shoot to the top of the best seller lists all over the world, carol. >> considering who wrote the book, will there be anything controversial in it? >> well, apparently this is not a set of policy notes, so there's not going to be anything, as we understand it, there's not going to be anything directly about his role and the collapse of communism or his policies with regard to abortion or those kinds of things. this is apparently his private spiritual diary. john paul, you have to understand, was in addition to
6:44 am
being a kind of global media icon and an important figure in the affairs of the day, he was also in many ways a deep mystic. he had a profound spiritual streak. you'll remember that when the assassination attempt occurred against him in 1981, he was firmly convinced that because that happened on the feast of our lady of fatima which is a very important catholic devotion the virgin mary, that mary intervened from heaven to save him. he had this kind of cosmic view of his own life and his place in god's plan. so he had a very active prayer life and apparently this journal is going to be a set of reflections on that level. it will certainly be fascinating reading not just for catholics but for all those people around the world who are impressed and struck by the role john paul played during those 27 years that he sat on the throne of peter. >> john allen reporting for us from rome.
6:45 am
a former college basketball star says some ncaa athletes should be paid to play. and he is suing over it. >> a lot of guys don't have anything to show for their effort when they go to school. because they put everything into that particular craft and once it's done life kind of chews them up and spits them out. >> he says it's a change for college sports. it's a change that could drive away fans. that's all next on the next hour of "newsroom".
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>> checking our top stories. family of a pregnant brain dead woman will ask a court to remove her from life support. the hospital says it's following texas law which forbids cutting life support a pregnant patient. a kansas man who thought he waived his parental rights when he donated his sperm to a lesbian couple may end up on the hook for child support.
6:49 am
the procedure was done at home five years ago. when the lesbian couple split up the state came to him for child support. kansas law requires the procedure to be done by a licensed physician. the father of r and b singer mary j. blige was stabbed in the neck. visitors will pay $24 for tickets to the september 11th memorial museum set to open this spring. victims families will not have to pay. the museum does not receive any government support and the foundation's president say the $24 ticket price was set to cover operating costs. wall street is taking a hit right now at the opening bell all three markets are down. dow losing more than 100 points. alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. day four and the bears, yes they
6:50 am
are still in control as you said the dow down 115 points. look at all dow 30 stocks only four are . . analysts actually believe that we could be in the middle of the correction that everybody was expecting. so as we move through this together, it is good to remember that these analysts say this is natural, normal and healthy for the market. it is hard not to get used to the record after record that was set in 2013. there was a lot of positive. there are a lot of readings pointing to uncertainty with that good stuff. specially with fourth quarter. the investigators are running for the exits. >> i love your voice of reason, alison kosik. a couple visiting california got more than they bargained
6:51 am
for. it was something of a surprise. they found themselves up close and personal with a bear. chris wolf with ktla has the story for you. >> reporter: you should look both ways before crossing the street but walking out your front door. had this couple in pasadena done so, they would have noticed the wild animal, the bear, standing just feet away, watching, waiting, approaching and following as they run to the car. suddenly, the man runs back in franticly and awkwardly trying to open the front door. finally, he is in. he has escaped this wild animal, this menace, this bear that clearly has no fear of human beings. wait, where, oh, where, is the man's wife? has he abandoned his soul mate in what could be their darkest hour. no. >> reporter: irene, you are
6:52 am
alive. she is okay. >> he so you put her in the car. >> and i go in like that and as i do that, i felt something on my leg. so i close the door and i look and a bear. >> reporter: how scared were you? >> i don't know. i have never encountered a bear and wasn't expecting to. >> reporter: he took a swipe at his leg nicking him on the right calf. after a trip to the hospital, he is going to be just fine. he got a tetanus shot and is now on antibiotics. >> that would be scary, thanks to ktla chris wolf for that report. still to come x games gold medalist shares his win with family, friends and brother.
6:53 am
cole moore honoring his brother in style. we'll bring you his story aft break. [ male announcer ] this is the cat that drank the milk... [ meows ] ...and let in the dog that woke the man who drove to the control room [ woman ] driverless mode engaged. find parking space. [ woman ] parking space found. [ male announcer ] ...that secured the data that directed the turbines that powered the farm that made the milk that went to the store that reminded the man to buy the milk that was poured by the girl who loved the cat. [ meows ] the internet of everything is changing everything.
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a smarter way to shop around. now, that's progressive. call or click today. the latest flash of tennis titans goes to rafael nadal who beat roger federer. it sends nidal to the australian open final. federer and nadal have more than 1600 victories. he has dominated federer in major attorney anies. an "x" games athlete is making his mark and honoring his late brother. check out colton moore's amazing
6:57 am
flip. oh, my goodness. wow! . moore won gold at the snowmobile freestyle competition last night a year after his brother died from injuries in that very same event. he has a touching story. >> that's right. in the 20-year history, only one athlete has ever died, caleb more. they grew up doing the freestyle their whole lives, pushing each other to be better. what a special night last night had to be for colton. the same exact place, the same exact event and he was near perfect, completing all the tricks, the same very tricks that claimed his brother's life last year. he had 60 family members and friends from krum, texas, on there, cheering him on. he was very emotional when he found out he had won and he dedicated the gold medal to his brother. >> this is the greatest moment ever, to be able to come back
6:58 am
here, ride for my brother, not just for him but with him, because i know he was out here with me all night and to be able to come out here and get gold is unbelievable. i give it all to him. he was the one helping me do everything that i was doing. >> their father, wade, says he knows they are still doing it together. colton was asked, did you ever think about quitting after your brother's tragic death? he said, he never did, because if his brother was there with him, he would smack him on the head if he ever even considered giving up the event. >> just psychology of it all, knowing that one of your son died in this event and your very same son doing the same trick. for the family watching, it ha to be -- >> i couldn't imagine watching one son doing something after the other son died doing it. he was wearing caleb's shirt in honor of him. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now.
6:59 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. right now, a once-rising political career lands with a thud in a virginia courtroom. former virginia governor, robert mcdonald as his wife, maureen, will make their first court appearance on federal corruption charges. the couple illegally accepted $165,000 worth of gifts and loans. joe johns is following this story for us today. good morning, joe. >> good morning, carol. the next step in the mcdonald legal story which has been going on for months. bob and marie face a 14-count indictment on corruption charges relating to gifts they received from a ceo of a health supplement company, shopping sprees at high-end stores, tens of thousands of dollars in loans, a rolex watch inscribed with his name and title and golf
7:00 am
trips totaling more than $165,000, which occurred while he was in office. he just left office on january 11th. they are supposed to have their initial appearances and their actual arraignments in federal court in richmond at this time today at which time they should be formally informed about the charges against them and given an opportunity to enter a plea. a source familiar with the criminal case has told cnn that last year, federal prosecutors offered governor mcdonald a plea deal that would have spared had is wife exposure to criminal charges. a source that might have been identified said mcdonald rejected the deal. the source speaking to cnn characterized mcdonald's decision as throwing his wife under the bus. the source also said mcdonald and the team did not believe they could get a conviction at trial based on the evidence they had. mcdonald said he didn't break
7:01 am
any laws. we are waiting for whatever happens there in richmond and we'll get back to you when it does. also this morning, millions of americans are shivering from the cold and shuttering from the record cost to stay warm. two weeks aft dreaded polar vortex is plunging temperatures to record lows and driving up heating costs for most of us, propane, natural gas, heating oil, all surging. some are seeing the prices double if they are lucky enough to get the tanks refilled. the reason? brutal january cold. it has shattered to 1100 records and counting just this month. in northern indiana, at least three people died when whiteout conditions said cars and semi trailers plowing into one another. 30 crashed. 20 sent to the hospital. three died. >> as soon as we seen the brake lights, already too late. we looked back and told everybody, brace yourself for impact, crashed into the back of the semi.
7:02 am
the bumper of the semi fell off, pierced the door and stepped my friend. a semi and two trucks hit the back of our truck. we had to climb out through the back of our windows an the sunroof. >> in central, louisiana, there are not many sleds around. time forgets to improvise. this isla la, part of a wintry mix stretching back into texas. cnn's nick valencia is in houston where people are getting slammed. >> reporter: interstate 45, you no he that interstate if you have lived in houston moves at a snail's pace. it is even worse today because of icy road conditions. a spokesman tells me there are too many accidents to count. a big rig going through the center divider. the city is really suffering from the cold weather. this is part of a country that's not used to getting winter storm warnings, specially houston.
7:03 am
if you pass a couple of days, it will be 70 degrees this weekend. you can imagine what the people here are dealing with. what's happening here is what's happening all throughout the state of texas an west texas send central texas. people waking up to ice accumulations. we showed you the video in michigan city, indiana, terrible crashes there. the texas department of transportation tried to do their best, laying down antifreeze and sand and mashed-up rock to create tracks. they say it is working. though, they do have a lot of accidents. you mentioned the skies as well. big concern here in houston. houston hit hard with cancellations. if you are flying out of the houston area, it is really good to check your airlines. more than 100 flights. more than 100 flights already canceled, many more delayed, carol. nick reporting live from houston. that big traffic jam that you saw over nick there was actually from indiana. a grim scene in a small
7:04 am
town, the home for the elderly gutted by fire and frozen over by water used to fight the blaze. five people confirmed dead. 30 others still unaccounted for. many are believed to have been trapped. some of the residents of the facility weren't able to get around on their own. others had alzheimer's. authorities expect the death toll to rise. dramatic pictures coming from central, louisiana. flames from a rural church as it is engulfed in a massive fire. they report fire crews have had to truck water to the scene 40 miles outside of indianapolis. cause of the fire unknown. no reports of injuries. attorney general, eric holder, says the government is working on a way for banks to handle legal marijuana revenue. they think they will be accused of money laundering if they accept money from legal
7:05 am
marijuana. cash is something that would worry me when a law enforcement perspective. expect changes in the laws new york's transit authority after grinding to a halt last night, says a power failure resulted in three main metro north lines being shut down for two hours. look at all the chaos it caused in grand central station. huge crowds of people were standing around waiting for their train to come. it takes thousands from new york city to connecticut and the suburbs every day. >> high-end retailer now says, more than 1 million shoppers had their credit card information hacked during a three-month-long data breach. thousands have seen fraudulent charges. >> this turns out to be a big change from just a few days ago when news of the breach first came out. neiman marcus said it didn't know how many people or it didn't say how many people were affected. now, it is saying 1.1 million people were affected.
7:06 am
now, there is no word on whether the hack is connected to what happened at target's security breach. we are certainly already seeing the fallout. 2400 visa, master card, discover cards have been used fraudulently. if this happened to you, your not going to be on the hook for the charges. neiman marcus is reaching out for its customers. don't wait for them to get to you. you should monitor the card online. call if you see anything suspicious. carol? >> we heard a lot about target, minimal amounts about neiman marcus. it leaves you wondering, what's the next store to pop up? >> some are warning this may just be the tip of the iceberg and makes you wonder, how safe are these cards? banks are generally better on reimbursing on unauthorized charges on credit cards instead of debit cards. they will reverse on credit cards immediately. with debit cards, there is a
7:07 am
limit on how much they will reimburse. the whole thing is raising questions about our credit card. the magnetic card, we have the old technology from the 1960s. credit cards in europe, they have microchips, encrypt data and harder to hack. the recent survey shows most of the credit and debit card fraud happens right here in the u.s. here is the kicker, carol. only 27% of transactions happen here. so we're really getting the pru brunt of this fraudulent activity. still to come, edward snowden still on the run in russia, found time to answer a few questions about his current legal status in an online q and "a." what he is staying with a fair trial in the united states. when jake and i first set out on our own,
7:08 am
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7:10 am
checking our top stories. lawyers for the family of a brain dead pregnant woman will ask a texas hospital to remove her from life support. her husband says his wife is now just an empty shell.
7:11 am
he simply wants to bury her. the hospital says they are following texas law which forbids cutting life support. >> a pregnant woman has alleged she was sexually abused by a california teacher. she was alleged by another victim in a youtube video that went live. they are claiming the school system knew about the teacher's history of sexual abuse but did nothing. the u.s. supreme court has subpoenaed two groups linked to christie, his re-election campaign and the state party committee. both groups intend to cooperate with the requests. this morning, a russian officials says his country will not ended wa edward snowden's a or send him back to the united
7:12 am
states to face charges. he tells cnn he cannot get a fair trial in the united states under current law. he faces espionage charges. eric holder discussed his options for returning home. >> if mr. snowden wanted to come back to the united states, enter a plea, we would engage with his lawyers. we would do that with any defendant who wanted to enter a plea of guilty. so that's what. that gives a little context to what i said. >> during that "q" and "a," jake tapper asked, under what conditions would you, snowden, agree to return to the united states? snowden responded, quote, returning to the u.s., i think, is the best resolution to the government, the public and myself but it is not possible in the face of current whistle blower protection laos which through a failure in law did not cover national security contractors like myself. let's bring in jonathan
7:13 am
turly, a law professor at george washington university. welcome. >> thanks. >> the fact that they discussed options for snowden, could that be a first step in a possible negotiation for his return? >> well, it is not much of a step. he is basically saying, look, you can come here and try to plead guilty with us and we'll see what we can do for you. that's certainly not going to be very welcoming for snowden. what is interesting is that he is dangling out the prospect that there might be something that could be done on a plea. the problem for snowden is he has committed the worst sin of all. he has embarrassed very powerful people in washington, d.c., including the president of the united states. those people want him ground into a fine pumice. he knows it. so i doubt that's going to be enough to get him to come back. he is also right about the whistle blower laws. most people seem to forget that whistle blowers historically have released classified
7:14 am
information. that's what the pentagon papers were all about. we tend to like the whistle blowers of prior generations and we tend to view our own fairly harshly. i don't see the big distinction between what he has done and the pentagon papers. both were classified. both the government claimed hurt the security of the united states. pentagon papers are viewed as one of the high points for whistle blowing in the media. >> maybe snowden just has to wait 30 years and then come back to the united states. if snowden did want to come back, jonathan, would you like to represent him? >> i have two national security cases going right now. i need another one like a hole in the head. i think there will be plenty of people that would represent edward snowden. he is right about the problems in the legal system. my guess is he would have a very high chance of conviction.
7:15 am
federal judges often limit what defendants can argue in their own defense. he his efforts to claim that he is a whistleblower could well be bard by emotion by the justice department. i expect they would do precisely that. he could be stripped of the main defense he wants to give in front of a jury. >> jonathan turley, thanks for your insight. an inside look at what it means to be in hillary clinton's orbit, planet hillary and that weird cover, we'll talk about that too. ♪
7:16 am
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checking our top stories, at 18 minutes past the hour. the father of mary j. blige is in critical condition after being stabbed in the neck. he was injured during a domestic dispute with an ex-girlfriend, who has now been charged with attempted murder despite his bank paying out $20 billion in government fines, jpmorgan's ceo, jamie dimon, is
7:19 am
about to get a raise. we don't know how big his pay bump will be, the times reported that some board members protested his raise because of those record fines he is number one in congress, but when it comes to late night tv, john boehner gets bumped to number two. the speaker of the house made his first appearance on "the tonight show" with jay leno and how to play second fiddle to matt leblanc. he talked to jay about why he won't be making any presidential bid. >> did you ever think of running for president? >> no. >> you want to show them what you did. >> you want to show them what you told me. >> i like to play golf. i like to cut my own grass. i do drink red wine, i smoke cigarettes and i am not giving that up to be president of the united states. >> that's refreshing. boehner was hesitant to endorse
7:20 am
anyone. when asked about jeb bush, he said the former florida governor would be a great choice for the job. >> republicans need to attract more women to their party. the latest poll shows women favoring democrats by about four points. on a national scale, that margin is much wider. president obama beat mitt romney with women by 10 points. so perhaps in an attempt to show american voters there are strong women in their party, congressman, cathy mcmorris rodgers will deliver the response to the president's state of the union. she is the highest gop leader and the highest republican ranking woman in congress. now, to that bizarre "new york times" magazine cover making headlines. take a look at planet hillary. an in-depth look at the clinton candidacy. the internet has gone wild, making fun of this cover, turning planet hillary into
7:21 am
miley cyrus's wrecking ball and putting the fleshy moon face on justin beaver's mug shot. the writer told cnn's new day, she was surprised by the cover. i kept describing this as a story about her orbit. they didn't know i literally meant an orbit. >> you don't fit the cover. >> i didn't pick the cover. when they showed it to me, i thought, this is going to draw a lot of reaction. i didn't imagine the miley cyrus name going around. >> we kind of love that. joining us now, john king. >> good morning. we are not talking about her hair. >> that's true. she didn't have any hair. what did you think of the cover? it was kind of weird. >> it is provocative. in this day and age, you try to do things to sell magazines and sell newspapers. i am sure there are many people in secretary clinton's world that take offense to it. they find it disrespectful. "the new york times" can answer for "the new york times"
7:22 am
magazine. it is a well-reported story about her universe and her orbit. the cover is going to cause some buzz. i'll leave it at that. >> i read the article. one of the more interesting things, hillary clinton is 66 years old. she has to appeal to a much younger demographic. chelsea clinton is very involved in her mother's not only initiatives but supposedly her mother's run for president. can chelsea help with younger voters? she can't directly help but if she should run, i think it is a fantastic dynamic in the hillary clinton and the bill clinton universe is the emergence of chelsea. a couple of months back when doug van, bill clinton's right-hand man was forced out of the clinton universe, that was orchestrated by chelsea clinton. can she convince her generation that her mom is the right
7:23 am
candidate for president. she can certainly try and she can certainly help. hillary clinton -- a lot of question question that. a lot of people think the american people don't tend to go back, if you will, a generation, when it comes to picking a president. will they go back because she is older than president obama. a lot of people say, she could be the exception, because of her notoriety and depth of their political organization and because it would be another historic campaign. we have had the first african-american president and she would be the first woman president. there is a lot of talk of inest abili inevitability. >> is it good she is getting all of this attention too soon? >> that part is inevitable. assuming she runs, we will find out during the campaign. over the course of my life covering politics, it is the republican party that has been
7:24 am
the party of its your turn. bob dole and john mccain and mitt romney. that's the way it goes. george w. bush was in the middle. that's the way it goes in republican politics. never before have you seen the democrats, so much of their infrastructure, the money, the top strategist galvanizing so early around one person. that is a huge advantage in the sense it leaves her when they she finally makes a decision if it is to run with an infrastructure in place. the organization is being built while she is saying, i'm not so sure. some people worry, it is too big to succeed, if you will. it gets so top heavy, so many egos that you end up having 2008 reducts in the infighting. a lot of people looking at it from the democratic perspective. all of them waiting inle they get the final work from secretary clinton. >> john king, thanks so much for your insight this morning. still to come, republican, mike huckabee says, democrats are insulting women.
7:25 am
his comments on uncle sugar about an uncontrollable libido has some people scratching their heads. i procrastinated...
7:26 am
7:27 am
7:28 am
good morning. there is focus in washington on the 2016 race as they ener it the final day of the meetings. one source of debate, where to hold the convention and when? that's the most important question, when. peter hamby is at the gathering. tell us more. >> reporter: hey, carol. in just a few minutes, members of the republican national committee, 168 from all over the country, are going to vote on a package of rules that would blow up the 2016 primary calendar. hopefully, to them, use it to their advantage. one of the things, as you mentioned, is that they want to move the convention from late summer until june. it would be the earliest convention in decades for either party. the goal here is both to contract the republican primary process and reduce some of the party in-fighting and move it up so republicans can access general election money earlier in the race and start spending
7:29 am
money in a way they couldn't frankly in 2012. barack obama really outspent romney defining him. what's going on is you have these cities who want it host a convention running a really active lobbying campaign courting members about what city they want to go to. kansas city is here and they are giving out kansas city coffee and russell stover candy and denver bronco's tote bags. the las vegas committee is very aggressive. a lot of staffers working behind the scenes, giving out free wi-fi. other cities that have come up, include columbus, ohio, and phoenix, arizona. they are hosting parties, courting members and hoping to bring them to their side when they vote on this. that vote is not happening today, carol. that's going to happen later this year at some point. >> peter hamby, many thanks to
7:30 am
you. one high profile republican, mike huckabee, is not helping the party's push to attract more women voters. we will discuss his libido, uncle sugar comments. >> athletes heading to russia. some apprehension over the terror attack. we will talk to one mom that says, she is going to sochi. first, the daytona 500 is right around the corner. for nascar driver, brian vicers, it will be his second comeback, a second bout with blood clots forced him out of the car. much of his recovery time was spent in south florida. >> hi, i'm brian vickers, a nascar driver. ft. lauderdale is my city. we're here at yolo's in fort
7:31 am
lauder day. it stands for, you only live once, which i find to be a great name. i like yolo's, because of the food and the open indoor/outdoor atmosphere. yolo's really has that. we are sitting here at the ft. lauderdale beach. this is the wave wall, one of the things that make the boardwalk unique. you see people running, riding bikes, doing activities on the beach, swimming in the ocean. it is ai great place to stay healthy and active, specially when you are traveling on the road. now, we're at coconuts, a great place to a 5:00 happy hour. it is not a tourist spot at all. it is kind of tucked away. i love coming here on the boat, nice slow cruz, going to the bar, sitting outside here somewhere and having a nice cocktail with friends off-season not on the road. it is a great place to wrap the
7:32 am
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7:35 am
huckabee's remarks at the rnc winter meetings are not helping them attract more women. >> if the democrats want to insult women of america by making them believe they are helpless without uncle sugar coming in and provided a prescription for birth control because they cannot control their libabido or the reproducte system, then so be it. with me here to talk about this, emily and jess. welcome to both of you. >> thanks for having me. >> good to be with you. >> i'm glad to have you both. mr. huckabee was not saying he thought women had uncontrollable
7:36 am
libidos. he said democrats make women believe they have uncontrollable sex drives. does this comment really have legs, amy? >> i think what he was trying to get at is this idea that democrats make women's issues gyno-centric, as a pro-choice independent conservatives, i am frustrated by this narrow band width with women's issues. we care about the economy and terrorism defending our country. there is a much wider pan aplea of issues that women care about beyond our ovaries. >> so he was trying to say republicans shouldn't talk so much about social issues. he just kind of -- he put the focus back on social issues, didn't he, jess? >> that's exactly what he did. these kind of comments show women that republicans clearly don't understand them. they also don't respect them. amy is absolutely right. women want their politicians,
7:37 am
their leaders, their elected officials to be focused on the issues that matter in their day to day lives. that's the real contrast you are seeing now between the parties. this wasn't the first time a republican has said something very odd about women and birth control suggesting that women take it, because they can't control themselves. you had the foster freeze comments. >> that's not what he was saying. >> you had rush limbaugh's attacks on sandra fluke. this is part of a major pattern of the republican party. it is deeply offensive for women. that's why they are turning out in droves for democrats. >> amy, why bring the issue of birth control up? it seems to be a losing issue. most women are in favor of taking birth control. some polls show that most american women don't mind that insurance companies have to pay for birth control. >> i think it is important to point out women voters are not a monolyth.
7:38 am
american women do tend to vote republican. i would disagree with the other guest. that is a complete mischaracterization of his remarks. it is the obama administration that is putting the emphasis on free birth control for women. that's the only thing we want to care about. democrats want to bring the focus back to our reproductive systems. >> i can't believe we are still talking about birth control in 2014. it is just weird to me, jess. >> absolutely. the up-side to this weird focus on birth control in 2014, is that a lot of women across the country are becoming engaged politically when it wasn't necessarily on the front burner. a lot of younger women thought that these debaltes, if there were birth control debates are long over. to see how focused they have been in denying on birth control
7:39 am
and how condescending they have been when talking about whether or not birth control should be like other medications. 58% of women take birth control for noncontraceptive purposes. the women that tick it for contraceptive purposes aren't doing anything wrong. women understand this and they hear these debates and it is getting them engaged in the political process. they are starting to wake up, tune in and pay more attention. we saw them come out in big numbers in 2012. we saw it again in 2013. i think even more are getting engaged in 2014. it is going to be a big year for women's issues clearly. it is going to be about women's voters too. amy, like you said, i think the republican party will not talk about social issues in 2014 and 2016. am i right? it is going to be a referendum on obama care. it's failures in its roll out as
7:40 am
a health care reform for the american system with all these folks that are losing their health insurance coverage. we are seeing that medicaid is driving up emergency room visits and costs with the health care system. i do want to get back to this idea that birth control is the number one issue for women. it simply isn't. it is democrats that are trying to frame it that way. you saw it going into the 2012 election with democrats saying, hey, listen, women, we are going to give you free birth control. come vote for us. republicans were saying to women, we know that you care about a lot more things than that. i have to object to this mischaracterization of the republican agenda. >> it is not so much birth control, per se. it is how we are talking about the issue that bothers some women. i think that's -- mike huckabee meant well. >> all the women that went to washington, d.c. just this week to march for life. these are pro-life women. we don't hear their voices today on cnn talking about that. instead, we are talking about mike huckabee.
7:41 am
again, i'm pro choice and i respect there are women on the other side of this issue that feel passionately, fervently. some republicans represent that point of view. a lot of democrats don't. they are not willing to talk to those women. >> amy holmes, jessmcintosh, thanks for the interesting conversation. a college basketball star, suing the ncaa after seeing himself in a video game. when you have diabetes like i do, getting the right nutrition isn't always easy. first, i want a way to help minimize my blood sugar spikes. then, a way to support heart health. ♪ and let's not forget immune support. ♪
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but now i have new glucerna advance with three benefits in one. including carbsteady ultra to help minimize blood sugar spikes. it's the best from glucerna. [ male announcer ] new glucerna advance. from the brand doctors recommend most. advancing nutrition for diabetes.
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7:44 am
we're two weeks out of the opening ceremonies in sochi. they are warning them to keep the team usa at a minimum. they are saying that wearing team usa swag could put the olympian at risk. even michael phelps mother is nervous. >> when i saw my mother the other day, she said how nervous she was to go over and she didn't know what was going to happen. as an athlete, we don't notice anything. we are there to represent our country. >> joining us to talk about this is lisa cervantes. her son, carl, will be skating for the game. what do you leave? >> i leave february 10th. >> you have to be excited. >> i'm incredibly excited. it is a chance of a lifetime to brag about your son so openly and to share in his joy.
7:45 am
he has work many years. >> he is a speed skater. we have pictures of him. he looks awesome. >> he is a cutie. >> he is a cutie. >> are you a little apprehensive? >> i don't think i'm apprehensive. i think i'm aware is a better word. you know, in this day and age, we have to be aware of everything that is going on around us. whether you are at walmart, another country, really, it is just kind of the world we live in now. i am not going to allow terrorists to steal my joy. our tickets are booked and our hotel, we made the deposit on yesterday. we're going. >> did kyle ever say to you, mom, i don't think you should go? >> no. he has said that he is concerned. he has got concerns but he has never said, no, i think you should just stay home.
7:46 am
>> he never had second thoughts about competing? >> absolutely not. >> are there any security measures in place for the ski speeding team? >> i think all the teams are kind of cocooned in with the olympic village and security. to are lack of a better word like bodyguards, they have people watching their backs, which is really good. >> we are staying on the outside of the olympic village. i've been reassured that the police presence and the military presence is going to be at an all-time high. >> who told you that? >> actually, the man who we're doing our hotel through. >> so the travel agency told you that. >> the travel agency. he is a one-man show kind of thing. he was from sochi. so he knows -- he speaks very good english as well as russian. so he knows all the ins and outs
7:47 am
and everything that's going on over there. >> will kyle ever leave olympic village or has he been instructed to stay? >> he hasn't shared that with me, really. >> i would imagine that they are staying. they are not going to go wondering out exploring the countryside of russia. >> is there just a little part of you wondering why sochi with all of its problems was chosen to host the olympics? >> i do, i do. i can't lie. i said it several times, that i'm not exactly sure how this country got the bid. just in and of the fact that you can't land large aircraft there. so like flying out, i have four different flights to go, four different legs to get to sochi. it is not easily accessible. it is kind of remote. there is not a whole lot there. >> that's where the fear comes in. you are going to have to take a train or a bus from moscow to
7:48 am
sochi. that's really the most nerve-racking part. >> absolutely. >> are you traveling with other olympic parents? >> my youngest daughter. she is 22. she has done a lot of international travel. she has been to kind of remote places. she was a missionary. so she has been to remote areas and such. so she is my bodyguard. >> exactly. well, good luck to kyle. >> thank you. >> we'll be watching. >> thank you so much for coming in, lisa. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> good to have you here. >> college athletes will sign a waiver that signs over the right of their images to the nba. ed obana was a power forward forward on ucla's 1975 team. after seeing himself in a video game years after his college career, he got angry, not just
7:49 am
for him but other former college athletes. he is suing the ncaa. ted rolands is joining me with that story. >> that lawsuit has gained a lot of tracks over the years. many believe that ed obanon may end up changing the game forever. for most sports fans, ed obanon is the ucla mvp that won a college basketball national championship. it was a night and a feeling he says he will never forget. >> the ucla faithful was going crazy. there was a numbering feeling. i couldn't feel my legs. it was surreal. >> reporter: now, he sells cars at a toyota dealership and helps coach his son's high school basketball team. he is also the plaintiff in a multibillion dollar lawsuit that could change college sports
7:50 am
forever. what is it that you want? >> i wan to right a wrong. >> reporter: o'bannon thinks division 1 football and basketball players, who help bring in millions, should be paid. he filed his suit in 2009 after seeing himself in a video game. since then, his case has picked up so much momentum that many believe the ncaa may eventually be forced to come up with a way to compensate players. opponents say, if you do that, you are going to lose fans. >> i don't think so. i think the initial shock will hurt possibly. i think change in my opinion, is inevitable. >> how much of this is about you making money? >> none whatsoever. >> me, personally. >> he argues that they are
7:51 am
pushed to win, not to graduate. >> a lot of guys don't have anything to show for their effort when they go to school, because they put everything into that particular craft. once it is done, life kind of chews them up and spits them out. >> with the ninth pick in the 1995 nba draft. the new jersey nets select ed o'bannon from ucla. >> reporter: he was drafted after college by the new jersey nets and signed a $3.9 million contract. while his nba career turned out to be short, he says the money he saved helped him transition back into the real world, something many college athletes struggle with. are you a good coach? >> i don't know that i am. i try and stay out of the way as much as possible. >> reporter: he says he is not sure how much or whom athletes should be paid. that, he says, can be ironed out. regardless of the outcome, he is proud of his lawsuit.
7:52 am
>> my basketball career was a lot of fun but this here is more impactful. i am very proud to be a part of it. i'm not going to ruin college sports. college sports is changing. the rules need to change. the game is evolving. the players are evolving. the rules need to also need to do the same. plain and simple. >> now, carol, a lot of people disagree with that including the ncaa. they issued a statement to us, a lengthy one, that pointed out that 43,000 athletes are funded each year and 96% of the money they make goes back to the schools. they say, as a membership association, our members do not support the professionalization of college athletics as it would destroy the model of athletics that previds abundant
7:53 am
opportunities. the ed o'bannon lawsuit is scheduled to take place this summer. a lot of people will be watching. ted rowlands, many thanks to you. the 56th annual grammy awards are this sunday. ♪ of course, that's mack l'amour and ryan lewis. ♪ >> super bowl halftime performer, bruno mars, could add another grammy. his hit song, "locked out of heaven" is set for this year's record of the year. this year's winners may surprise people, since the awards are chosen by the artists themselves and not solely based on album sales. still to come in the "newsroom," not one single grammy nomination for justin bieber. he is still grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons.
7:54 am
a look at the circus surrounding his latest brush with the law next. mine was earned in korea in 1953.
7:55 am
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you have become the soufbt a question on jeopardy. >> in 2013, rob ford, mayor of this fourth largest city in north america first said he smoked weed, not crack an then he adds, okay, crack too. >> chip? >> what is toronto. >> of course, having a question on jeopardy, doesn't mean you are powerful. most of ford's powers as mayor were stripped by the city council because of his crack use. justin bieber is out for his dui and arrest. you could not escape the analysis until he triumphantly waved to his fans as he was released from jail. here is jeanne moos. >> reporter: in his jail jumpsuit, justin bieber faced the music and we don't mean his own. ♪ >> baby, this is the biggest mistake you could make. >> reporter: at 19, his first
7:58 am
mug shot. anchors alternated between analyzing his expression. >> he is smiling from ear-to-ear. >> i wouldn't be smiling if i were you, young justin drew bieber. >> and analyzing his hair. >> his hair looks spectacular. >> reminiscent of young frank sinatra when he was arrested for adultery in 1938. one joker tweeted, the justin bieber mug shots are in and they are incredible. the press wanted more man a mug shot. they clunk desperately to police station gates. they rested their cameras on their heads, got yelled at by police. >> get off the freaking car. >> reporter: they peered from jailhouse fencing and when bieber was freed, they finally got a decent shot when he momently pre momently perched on an suv.
7:59 am
remind you of anyone, michael jackson, pleading not guilty after charges of child molestation. bieber sped off leaving photographers in his dust. the minor matter of how to refer to the pot star. >> we have to talk about biebs. >> mr. bieber, you are charged with the following. >> what's going on with justin? >> i would say justin timberlake. >> bieber. >> i apologize, timberlake. >> a captioned photo of justin bieber being arrested. >> itily with have the impersonators mugging. >> i'm justin bieber and i'm going to reflect for a minute if that's cool with you. >> reporter: will the real justin bieber reflect on his downward spiral. at least his mug shot didn't look like nick nolte's.
8:00 am
>> what kind of volumizer that he uses in his hair? a lot of us go through great lengths to get that height. >> reporter: height. seems like a new low. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. thanks for joining me today. i'm carol costello. legal view with ashleigh banfield starts now. just 13 days after leaving office, virginia's ex governor stands before a federal judge facing 14 counts of fraud and obstruction. bob mcdonald insists that he is a victim, not a criminal. justin bieber is not the only one in hot water have a night on the town and a late night in the jail cell. now, several local cops are under suspension and under investigation. suspected of giving the pop star