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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  February 16, 2015 9:00am-10:01am PST

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this is "legal view." i'm poppy harlow in today for ashleigh banfield. we are following the fallout from two very different, very deadly expressions of hate, one in a european capital, and captured in breathtaking audio. >> why do we still say bus when we -- [ gunfire ] >> absolutely shocking.
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a gunman with a rap sheet, but no known rap sheet in terror kills two people before police in copenhagen kill him. two of his alleged accomplices are also behind bars. that is an egyptian fighter jet en route to neighboring libya where isis beheaded as much as 21 captained kidnapped egyptians. egypt's military saying "avenging egyptian blood is our right and our duty." egyptian media now report two waves of air strikes, both targeting so-called terrorists' hide-outs in the libyan city right on the coast, right on the mediterranean there. let me bring in ian lee, he joins me from cairo also. ian, how significant do you believe it is that these egyptian air strikes are now happening? that we are seeing egypt join in
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this coalition fight against isis, saying we have every right to avenge these deaths? >> this is definitely a retaliatory measure. making a statement to defend egyptians abroad. but on the ground, it will be very difficult for the egyptian military to really put a dent in isis's operations, as we've seen in iraq and syria. they have adapted to air strikes. militants in libya have learned from these militants in iraq and syria. some of them have gone over and fought with them. they'll publicly adapt the same sort of measures into avoiding these air strikes. they're looking for a larger
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coalition to help them out. right now the foreign minister is on his way to new york to speak to the u.n. security council. ask them to basically uphold international security. they want to see the same sort of international coalition in iraq and syria also take place in libya. they're also asking for material support. i talked to a retired egyptian military general. he said they can sustain this for some time, but for the long term, they're going to need support from the outside countries at bombs, ammunition, things that they're going to need to wage this war. i've also been talking to people on the ground in libya, and they believe that while these air strikes will hit part of isis's infrastructure in libya, that there's no way that they can completely obliterate them just by air strikes alone, poppy. >> what's the reaction from the people there in cairo? that 21 of their fellow citizens have been so brutally murdered. what are they saying on the
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streets there? >> egyptians are outraged by this attack. egyptians believe that any attack against their people abroad is an attack on them and an attack on their nation. mind you that there's still thousands of egyptians in libya. a lot of them go there for work. and the egyptian government is urging them to return home. they're making planes available for egyptians who can flee to different borders, to get them out of the country. they believe that once these air strikes have begun, that the lives of egyptians, even muslim egyptians, could be at risk, poppy. >> thank you very much, ian, for that report. we appreciate it. i'm interested in what we're hearing from the administration on this front. anything on that? >> the administration is calling it a heinous act by isis. we got a strongly worded statement by the white house press secretary saying in part,
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"isil's barbarity knows no bounds. it's just the most recent of the many vicious acts perpetrated by isil-affiliated terrorists against the people of the region, which only further galvanizes the international community to unite against isil. offering condolences on behalf of the american people, but he agreed to stay in close contact with the egyptians as they respond as we've seen them do today. poppy? >> all right, thank you very much. let me bring in paul krukshank. we heard the egyptian military is not going to have much success combatting isis in libya. your sources are telling you this is part of their long-term plan and they've been at it for a while now. >> cnn has been reporting this since last year.
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a top deputy was sent to libya to lead this expansion. there were 300 libyan isis fighters who returned to libya from syria and iraq. and they've allowed the group to expand not only in eastern libya where they have taken some control of the town, but allowed it to spread all the way to the coast to tripoli, to sur. we saw that last month in tripoli when an american was killed. they've already taken advantage of this simmering civil war that's going on in libya between the islamist faction that controlled tripoli, and the sort of secular faction, the internationally recognized government. >> they're finding success in a foothold in libya because you're talking about a failed state, right? but how does the coalition -- and frankly, whatever help they can get from the libyans drive isis out? what do you do to successfully weed them out? >> it's going to be very hard
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indeed. because it is a failed state. the libyan army, general hafta, who is part of that effort, they're trying to fight isis and east of libya there are some air strikes. there's some ground operations. but it's going to be a long, hard fight from their point of view. i think there will be some perhaps limit on the isis expansion in libya because there's so many different competing militias. >> so you don't think libya could be lost to isis, do you? >> i think there's a possibility, if things continue to go in this direction, that isis could really expand into a lot more. but we'll have to see. >> and clearly sending a message to europe with that horrific video where blood was spilled right into the mediterranean in such proximity. >> that's absolutely right. the guy who was the ringleader, he was speaking in english. this was a message for the west, for europe.
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the southern shore of crete is just right on europe's doorstep. it was a message to the europeans. we're coming for you. we're going to retaliate. >> thank you very much. thank you all very much. is terror in another european capital. a gunman opening fire at a free speech forum over the weekend, then shooting even more people at a synagogue. was the carnage in denmark inspired by the terrorist attack in paris? that is straight ahead. yoyour friends have your back. your dog's definitely got your back. but who's got your back when you need legal help? we do. we're legalzoom, and over the last 10 years, we've helped millions of people protect their families and run their businesses.
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we have new details about two terrorist attacks in denmark over the weekend that left two people dead and several more wounded. reuters and other news outlets reporting that a 22-year-old man is seen here in this surveillance video, the one who allegedly carried out these two shootings. police, though, still have not officially named him. the suspect was killed in a shootout with police after the second attack. what we do know is that he was raised in denmark, had a history of violence and a strong connection with gangs. authorities have now charged two other men with accessory to murder and other crimes to try to help the suspect hide from police. here are the two victims. a 55-year-old, a danish film maker, he was shot and killed at that copenhagen cafe. in the first shooting. on your left, a 37-year-old
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victim, dan uzan, he was working as a guard for the synagogue. the bbs has obtained audio. cnn has not been able to independently authenticate it. >> why do we still say bus when we -- [ gunfire ] >> let's bring in our senior international correspondent nick robertson. he joins us from copenhagen. i've heard that audio over and over again. it is unbelievable to think of a peaceful event in the middle of a saturday and then that happens, all of a sudden. we now know the authorities have charged two more people.
9:14 am
i wonder what we know about who these people are and exactly what they're charged with. >> very few details at the moment. 19 and 22 years old. they were hired to hang out and helped him hide out until the police challenged him and he fired and the police shot back and they killed him. also, the prosecutors say these men hid the weapon used in the attack in the cafe just a few yards away. the chilling sounds we heard of the gunshots in the cafe, you're going to hear very different sounds here about two hours time. they're running audio checks in the last few hours and there are thousands of people expected to come out here to show their support for the victims in these
9:15 am
attacks. so what we have from the police and prosecutors about these two young men, they are going to be charged with accessories to two counts of attempted murder. >> i think it's interesting also that authorities have said that they're not going to charge these two individuals under denmark's anti-terrorism laws. do we know why that is and if there's any significance to that? >> police have been very cautious in the information they've released. they would have to show a connection to terrorism. the prime minister said this was an attempted political assassination of lars vilks, and therefore this was terrorism. but the terrorism laws are relatively specific. so in this case at the moment, unless police and investigators are able to find connections to groups like isis, they say that
9:16 am
they don't know that there are specific connections between him and the group in iraq and syria if he hadn't gone there to fight with thim them. so it seems that this comes down to a basic killing. >> thank you very much. paul cruickshank, to you. your sources telling you that authorities are increasingly worried about a nexus between gangs, as we know that this 22-year-old shooter was part of. and jihadis specifically in this region. why? >> it's especially the case in denmark that they're seeing a merging nexus between these gangs. they've seen a number of gangsters who have gone off to fight in syria and iraq. some of these gangsters justify that criminal behavior by saying that it's all against the infidels anyway.
9:17 am
and there's some sense of a redemption from some of these people from finding islam from their point of view, fighting holy war. this does appear to be the young gunman who was killed by danish security services. he had a history of violence, of stabbing a young man on a commuter train last year and some violence also in prison. he wasn't on the radar scream for extremist views. he was on the radar for being part of a gang. >> what do you make of the parallels that we see between the paris attacks, although a number of significant more victims in paris, and this attack. because we know the master minds of the paris attack were tracked for their basically radicalization for years ahead of those attacks. doesn't seem to be the case in this one. >> doesn't seem to be a case that there was that period of radicalization. but on the face of it, this
9:18 am
seems to be a copycat attack. the jewish target very similar to the paris attacks, and we also saw with paris, there was allegedly a wider conspiracy there as well that other people helped drive the gunman around and that kind of thing. i think we're seeing that again here with a very small group involved. in copenhagen, no evidence to this point that there's any connection to overseas terrorist group, but i think probably inspired by the kind of propaganda groups like isis have put out an isis itself back in 2007. they put out a $100,000 bounty on the life of lars vilks with a $50,000 bonus if his throat was slit. they've really been pressing this. ever since charlie hebdo attacks, both isis and their supporters have been calling to avenge the honor of the prophet muhammad as they would put it. >> still waiting for authorities to tell us more and if there's
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this just into us here at cnn, a big headline about obamacare, the deadline. if you were trying to enroll, you know this. it came and it went, it was yesterday. department of health and human services is considering extending the obamacare deadline. let's bring in sumlin. i know the white house said the deadline was yesterday. and you still have about three to six million people who may pay that tax if they don't register for it by the deadline. why is the white house considering extending it now?
9:23 am
>> that's right, poppy. there had been huge concern on capitol hill, many lawmakers being very vocal in their concern that millions of people face this fine. of course, we know in the last few weeks, there have been problems, technical difficulties, long wait times for people who are trying to make sunday's deadline to enroll. so now we have word from a white house official that the move is being considered, that they might move this deadline. white house official tells us that they will decide some time in the next two weeks whether or not they will move that deadline. but in the meantime, the department of health and human services says that people can continue to sign up for obamacare. of course, they face that impending fine. and it's exactly why a lot of lawmakers on capitol hill were angry about. they wanted to make sure people who wanted to get enrolled could do so. >> it seems pretty confusing if the deadline was yesterday and the white house is going to take at least two more weeks to determine whether or not they're going to extend it.
9:24 am
it sort of seems like people are hanging in limbo right now. is that a correct assessment? >> you're absolutely right. i think this is one of the many problems we've seen over the last few years with this obamacare. and hhs will say that people are allowed to continue to go online this week and sign up. that they will not face that penalty, we believe. this is according to a white house official. and that sometime again in the next two weeks, they will decide whether that deadline will be moved more permanently. for the moment, hhs is saying people can continue to sign up online. >> you would think it would be beneficial for the white house to extend the deadline, the more people they get to sign up, especially younger, healthier people, the more the cost goes down. it is advantageous for them to have more people sign up. we'll stay on top of it. thank you for that. i appreciate it. also this. if you're in the northeast, you are seeing it, you are feeling it, you are freezing. snow in february not normally a big news story, but there's nothing normal about these last
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heavy wind and waves hammering new england once again. the extreme winter weather just won't quit. life threatening temperatures are settling in over tens of millions of americans along the
9:29 am
eastern seaboard. after snow records are set in boston, and as you can see, buildings are starting to collapse. i think we have some of these images. pretty stunning. we're barely halfway through february and it is already the snowiest month in boston's recorded history. joining me now on the phone, boston strong emily rooney is hosting the tv show. you've got to be boston strong to deal with this, emily. how are you holding up? >> we're dealing, poppy. it hasn't been all that dangerous. the cold here today is pretty wicked. it's 13 degrees now with the windchill at minus four. but other than flooding during the first storm back on january 24th, there really hasn't been a severe danger to people. >> but it's been stunning to see, because one of the issues is where does all the snow go?
9:30 am
i know a lot of people are going to work because they have to, but is everyone else going to work or are they hunkering down? >> no, even the trial of the boston bombing suspect, six days they've had to cancel that trial. and they've had at least six or seven days of snow cancellations for all the public schools. a couple days state government was shut down. a couple days city hall was shut down. even some of the malls with big department stores have closed, because there's just no access to get into these places. >> i think the parents -- when school is cancelled, you have to stay home from work if you don't have childcare for your kids. so this is having a real impact on people's lives. >> frankly, they've had to say home, too. even the businesses, like nail salons downtown, they never close. so people are home with their kids. there's been a lot of jokes about that. but a lot of people haven't been
9:31 am
forced to go to work either. >> i'm wondering about the best snow joke you've heard yet. >> i don't know. it hasn't been all that funny. the biggest problem in downtown boston is the parking. and i think we've got a new mayor and he's really a likable guy, but this one got away from him. i mean, they're allowing parking, regular residential parking on both sides of the street. i took some pictures, i don't know if you have them. and cars are parked in their own private igloos and they just leave them there for weeks at a time. right now there's a scene going on right outside my window. there's an oil truck parked in the middle of the street. they're loading up somebody with oil, normally you could pass him on either side. there's no way to pass. and that's because the cars are in the snow banks. a space saver. people are putting these space savers into their parking places. they were banned in certain areas like the south end of boston, but people have been doing it anyway. there's a chair, people leaving
9:32 am
threatening notes on these space savers, telling people they'll slash their tires if they don't move them. actually, in the south end, a couple people did have their tires slashed because they took somebody's space that they had shovelled out. >> emily, we're showing some of the photos to our viewers that you sent us, including this lovely chair in the middle of a parking spot with a note on it. >> yeah, the note, it's you are an idiot! and this person is blaming them for taking their parking space, when actually somebody had thrown that chair away and moved it out of the parking space because you're not allowed to have parking space savers. there was one really creative one with the vacuum cleaner. and they actually had the cord running right through the spot so it would save the whole spot and put a little desk out there, too. hilarious. >> that's my favorite. thank you for the pictures. thank you for dealing with this. i hope it is going to be over
9:33 am
for all of you in boston soon. >> all right, poppy, thanks a lot. chilling words from the defendant in the american sniper murder trial. are prosecutors possibly helping the defense by focusing on what he said? we'll discuss next.
9:34 am
9:35 am
9:36 am
will the killer's words bolster his insanity defense? that is the issue right now at play in the so-called american sniper murder trial under way in texas. eddie routh is accused of killing chris kyle and his friend and fellow veteran at a gun range back in 2013. a deputy has testified that he heard routh say "i shot them because they wouldn't talk to me. i was just riding in the back seat of the truck and nobody would talk to me. they were just taking me to the range, so i shot them. i feel bad about it, but they
9:37 am
wouldn't talk to me. i'm sure they've forgiven me." trial resumes today. also with me is my legal panel in new york. let me begin with you, ed. you are just about 100 miles southwest of dallas, that is where the trial is taking place. fascinating testimony there last week. i'm wondering what the most significant thing to come forward is this morning in court? >> reporter: good morning, poppy. the prosecution is continuing with its case as they continue to put on witnesses. what we've seen throughout the morning here today is law enforcement officials testifying about all of the different evidence that was taken into possession in the hours after the murders of chris kyle and chad littlefield. one of the things they've been spending a great deal of time talking about this morning is the digital forensic work that was done on the cell phones of chris kyle and chad littlefield as well. in fact, they played several voicemails that eddie ray routh had left for chris kyle.
9:38 am
it was eddie ray routh's mother who reached out to chris kyle in desperation, asking chris kyle to help them with their son who she believed was suffering from severe ptsd and mental health issues, and it was because of that reaching out that chris kyle agreed to meet with eddie ray routh. so they spent several days exchanging voicemails and messages leading up to february 2nd, 2013. one of the voicemails that was played, about 20 second long. you hear eddie ray routh tell chris kyle, hey, man, just giving you a shoutout. kind of a sad day because rain will come and rain will leave. that's what rain does. kind of a random voicemail. then he just hangs up. so a lot of those kinds of details have been shared here with the jury. it will be interesting to see exactly what they make of it and where prosecutors take these kinds of details as they continue to present their case here today. >> absolutely. thank you very much.
9:39 am
it's been fascinating to watch the first few days of this trial. what i thought was interesting also, earlier today, you had the sergeant kenny phillips testifying. also saying he was under the influence when he was booked and that he was in a detox situation for a while. danny, to you first. on friday, we heard testimony about prior drug use. >> this may surprise people, but evidence of drug use is actually great for the prosecution. here's why. in texas, this jury and the prosecution will want this jury instruction, which is this. in texas, voluntary intoxication and temporary insanity by means of voluntary intoxication, neither of those are a defense to a crime. so if you're a jury, you're going to retire to that jury room and say wow, there was all this evidence of drug use, but we've been told that neither voluntary intoxication nor temporary insanity as a result is a defense to any of this.
9:40 am
so all of that drug evidence is not good for the defense. it's good for the prosecution. >> and if you think about it, this is a good thing because what the law wants to do is separate those who are truly mentally incapacitated and those who commit crimes -- >> make themselves perhaps that. >> exactly. can you just imagine what the situation would be if someone voluntarily intoxicates themselves? voluntarily takes drugs. commits a crime, and then can say, you know what? i was insane at the time. so what i think texas is doing by sort of ensuring that this will not be a viable defense for criminal charges is making sure that those with real mental illness do sort of fall into this. >> you're a criminal defense attorney, so you're sitting in the courtroom, you're watching the prosecution, you're watching this. what is your defense in a case like that? >> well, i think the defense is doing the best that they can with a set of facts and
9:41 am
circumstances that they have. they should do this by reason of insanity, because it's the evidence that they have. you have someone who has served in the military. he's been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder in 2011, clearly two years before this happened. so there's a lot of evidence there to support such a claim. but i just don't know how strong that evidence is. so as a defense attorney, they are doing the best that they can with what they have. >> danny, what about the issue of settled insanity? and just sort of temporary settled. >> so, two concepts of insanity have developed over the years. there's sort of the idea that settled insanity involves drug use. there's the idea that you could be voluntarily intoxicated, which we already know will not be a defense, and there's the idea of settled insanity, which is even if an addict isn't currently under the influence of a drug like meth or something else, that because they used it so long, their brain is essentially fried. but for our purposes with this case, we don't need to worry about that too much because texas is equally clear.
9:42 am
neither settled insanity nor voluntary intoxication will be a defense to a crime. so the idea that maybe routh's brain was fried over the years of using drugs is going to be functionally useless as a defense. >> thus far, we have seen a number of odd things presented. we've seen this incredible video showing the police chase. we've seen, you know -- heard testimony about what routh said when he got out of the truck. seemed very, very confusing and some would say plays to the insanity defense. i'm wondering what you think stands out most thus far in the case that the prosecution has brought. >> i think what stands out thus far in the case is the fact that he fled. because remember, at the heart of an insanity defense is that you don't know the difference between right or wrong at the time the crime is committed, not before, not after. but at the time the crime is committed. so one of the ways that a prosecutor will look to see how is it that we can tell whether someone or not is in fact
9:43 am
mentally unable -- or did this by reason of insanity, they look at the actions of the person after the crime. the fact that he fled raises a red flag as to whether or not this defense is going to be successful. >> danny, one of the things we heard in the testimony on friday was that the uncle james watson testified that when routh returned with chris kyle's truck, which after he kill ee e chris kyle and his friend, took the vehicle, drove it back, his uncle sees him and he says, i'm driving a dead man's truck. what do you make of that? >> it shades away a different element of an insanity defense. he's never really going to argue that he thought he was shooting at a tin can and not a human being. his statements -- if you're the prosecution, these are the statements that you focus on. he knows he shot people. he gave a reason, they were ignoring me. whatever the case, it shows he had a reason and a motive, however silly it was, and he was aware that what he did was
9:44 am
wrong. as midwin said, exhibit a of knowing what you did is wrong is running away from the people whose job it is to arrest you when you do something wrong. >> thank you very much. good to have you on. we'll be tracking this on this show every day as the trial continues. be sure to watch wednesday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn, as we take an in-depth look at this trial. back in a moment. well, a mortgage shouldn't be a problem, your credit is in pretty good shape. >>pretty good? i know i have a 798 fico score, thanks to the tools and help on kaboom... well, i just have a few other questions. >>chuck, the only other question you need to ask is, "what else can you do for me?" i'll just take a water... get your credit swagger on. become a member of experian credit tracker and find out your fico score powered by experian. fico scores are used in 90% of credit decisions. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants,
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lot friendlier for drones. the faa says it is getting ready to green light commercial use of the unmanned flying machines over the united states. you might think, well, aren't they already legal? not exactly. not for commercial use. but under a proposed rule, the faa would allow businesses to fly drones without limitations -- with limitations, i should say. a lot of them have to be less than 55 pounds. they have to stay in the line of sight of the operator. meaning if you set it off on flight, you have to be able to see it the entire time. they can only be used during daylight. they can't fly faster than 100 miles per hour and they can't fly higher than 500 feet. some are happy that the feds are finally willing to let businesses use these drones, but under the plan, it rules out a lot of things, like getting pretty much anything, like pizza, beer, delivered. this is one of my favorite commercials about a company delivering beer via drone. that's not going to be legal if
9:49 am
these rules get approved. here with me to discuss all of this, photographer. we've heard companies like amazon really unhappy about this. because as we know, part of their business plan is to deliver small items via drone. do you think this is a good call by the faa to say we're going to put limits on this and we're beginning to make it legal? >> absolutely. i think that what the faa has done in issuing the mprm yesterday is take several giant leaps in allowing the use of small -- >> a few things? >> of these guys, right. and larger. 55 pounds is actually quite heavy. most people in the commercial directed mode are looking at drones that maybe weigh less than 20 pounds tops. >> reading through the proposed rules, you have to have your eye on it the entire time.
9:50 am
so that really completely takes off the board delivery by drone. >> it does for the moment. i think what really struck me was just how iterative the faa is saying they will be. and how we're not going to be stuck with this for then years, we're going to be constantly revisiting. just the mere mention of that there was talk of meeting aircraft certification or aircraft parts list and test flights. and they backed away from that, understanding that in the time that it takes for an aircraft to become certified, the technology could change three times. >> i wonder if you think -- because amazon has come out and said they're going to -- they want to see final rules and they want to push forward with what's called prime air, this delivery. the thinking is, if it's not allowed in the united states, they're going to do it in other countries. i just wonder if you think
9:51 am
regulation like this sigh tymie expediency. >> i think it's a double-edged sword in a sense. i think you want to encourage the industry, and at the same time, the faa is tasked with keeping the air space safe. i think this does go a long way. we have a 60-day period to respond, as anybody can. and the idea for us at this point would be to try and push more of a beyond line of sight or what people are calling bols. so bols implies perhaps using autonomous systems like gps. i would argue that the autonomous systems that require beyond line of sight flight and gps wake point navigation are multiple safer than actual human
9:52 am
input. >> and i'd be remiss not to note that in november, a drone came within 20 feet of striking a plane near oklahoma city. >> reported. >> okay. maybe you don't buy it. reportedly. we had one land on the white house lawn. so there is a need here for regulation. it's really clear, right? >> there is no denying that regulation is desired. i mean, from within our community, this is what we've really been looking for. we want rules of the road. we want to be able to adhere to rules of the road. if it requires a certain test, certification, we really are all for it. but at least let us know what we need to do and that's what we've come to right about now. there's no amount of -- just talking about the whoucite hous. there's no amount of programs that will prevent stupid. >> that's my questions of the day. i love that one. we have to go. we're out of town. thank you for coming in. thank you for bringi ining this
9:53 am
snazzy drone, too. it was the best 40th birthday player ever. did you see it? four decades of laughs packed into less than four hours. our favorite, four minutes of last night's "snl" extravaganza, next. meet the world's newest energy
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did you see it last night? did you miss it? i hope you didn't miss it. it was pretty spectacular. "saturday night live" has kept people laughing past their bedtime for 40 years, and to celebrate the milestone, they went big. how big? over 100 a-list guests in a nearly four-hour show. and in true "snl" spirit, they looked no further than right down the hall to find some of their best material. >> i just found out that one of the original cast members in 1975 was brian williams. i don't know if that's true. i never heard that. it doesn't sound true. it might not be. >> yeah, that wasn't the only one of the night. there were a lot more. here's a look at some of the best moments from last night's special.
9:58 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the "saturday night live" 40th anniversary special. >> i'll take whore ads for 700. >> it's who reads. >> let's see what this celebrity has to say about his favorite cocktail. >> this potent portable -- >> oh, dear god, no. >> whatever. >> i have an important decision to make. i do the same thing. >> up down, up down. >> a lot of people have been asking me, hugh, why is it, that you, you know, can't get to the end of a sentence. >> it's been a long time. >> "saturday night live" turns 40 years old with a live broadcast that won an emmy in the first ten minutes and then
9:59 am
lost it somewhere in the middle. >> also joining us, one of the show's original producers, cocaine. >> you make a tepee for your secrets. >> i am definitely dancing with you. >> reunion. >> here is nick ocean to sing the love theme from "jaws." ♪ jaws get away from me jaws ♪ >> tonight's top ten list is the top ten things about "snl." >> i just want to remind everybody that this show is actually live, so you have to stay in the down and locked position. all right? and that means you, too, kanye west. all right? >> it was a fantastic show. what was your favorite moment? tweet me. i would say that is a big win for nbc. a great show.
10:00 am
congrats. 40 years for "snl." thanks for being with me this afternoon. stay with us. wolf starts right now. hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. in washington. 6:00 p.m. in london. 7:00 p.m. in copenhagen. 8:00 p.m. in cairo. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. we're watching two major stories unfolding right now. terror attacks gripping another european country. police in denmark have stepped up patrols after two deadly attacks. a gunman opened fire at a cafe and outside a synagogue. we're going to have the very latest. we'll go live to copenhagen. egypt strikes back against isis on yet another front following the latest savage act by the terrorist group. fighter jets today unleashed the second wave of air strikes against isis targets in libya. the egyptian military says the strikes are to avenge the killing of


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