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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  February 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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walker some cover to say rudy giuliani has taken back his comments but he hasn't. >> we invited rudy giuliani to join us in the situation. we hope he explain what is he wanted to say. that's it for me. thanks very much. erin burnett outfront starts now. r bug spreading tonight. let's go outfront. good evening.
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i'm erin burnett. we begin with breaking news. we're learning of a major new offensive planned against isis in iraq. american trained forces preparing to launch attacks in weeks. up to 25,000 troops will be deployed to win back the key city of mosul. the question is how many americans will be in harms way. this as isis leased another propaganda video showing recruits in training. is this a force to be reckoned with. is this proof the world is overestimated isis. images of isis military style parade and the coastal libyan town just released. it featured well armed, cheering fighters along with the seemingly endless line of what appears to be, let me emphasize this, brand new suvs. we'll have much more on this tonight. more on the breaking developments. jim sciutto is out front.
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this is a major operation the u.s. military is announcing. >> unlike any we have seen in the fight against isis. some small operations by iraqi forces kurdish forces on the ground but in small towns. this would be urban warfare on a grand scale. hiding in a city and a city they will have weeks and months to prepare for this it will be a real challenge for the iraqi forces and still on the table, u.s. commanders have said that the possibility that u.s. advisors military advisors are ground controllers could be not decided yet, but could be deployed alongside the iraqi forces. >> you talk about isis having a long time to prepare for this. the u.s. military decided to announce this offensive. fo to say how many troops that will be putting on the ground.
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>> they did know a major operation was planned. you look at this training video. some of it which looks goofey. they did also show some things in the city. people repelling down buildings, et cetera to give taste of the kind of urban fighting that the coalition, iraqi forces could expect when they come in the city. let's be honest we have seen this already. it took a long time. it took hundreds of u.s. and coalition air strikes with kurdish forces on the ground to rest that small town from isis control. imagine what it will take to take major city which is a real isis stronghold from isis control as well. >> thank you very much. we have breaking new details today on the world's most wanted
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terrorist. that's the leader of isis. they called him a psycho path. esponsible for brutal killings across iraq syria and now libya. the slaughter of u.s. hostages and a jordanian air force pilot.
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one says he's a psychopath. the u.s. may only now be beginning to understand him. >> he wasn't an insur gent. he became one. >> reporter: he was born al badry according to his u.s. detention record obtained by cnn. ka captured in 2004 and held in iraq. he was radicalized there before being released in december of that year. did the u.s. miss the clues that he would turn into the master mind of isis? >> a lot of people were processed and run through the u.s. run prisons who for all sbents sbentss and intents and purposes didn't pose a threat and became masters of
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terror. he's head strong. a religious zealot but also a savvy leader who broke with al qaeda to become his own man. ss. strength because it's allowed isis to create a myth around him and project him as this religious leader with credentials but weakness as well because there's so little known about him. there's very little for his supporters around the world to get excited about. >> more details in that
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personality profile. u.s. intelligence believes he relies on trusted lieutenants and allows some local commanders to make decisions. erin. >> thank you. now thomas anderson a counter terrorism analyst. good to have you with us. this new isis propaganda video that we saw a clip of it shows fighters training in mosul. they're doing some somersaults down a mountain. he's literally walking in a courtyard disguised as a bush. you look at this and laugh. do they think this is scary. has the world overestimated them. what do you make of this video? >> there's a couple of things. they are ready for a fight.
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they intend to defend it. they will use suicide bombers. they will track that city with explosionive explosives explosives. these video tapes look silly to us but for them it's matter of branding and recruiting people. a lot more people are joining and flowing in. i think what they are telling the world is u.s. is coming with baghdad government but we're prepared to fight. oddly enough these video have an affect on people and draw recruits. >> this actually does get people involved and recruit people. maybe even are you going to say that being the underdog is part of the appeal. >> this people are prepared to die.
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e it's all brand new cars. we'll slow that to you. there they are. they all look brand new. looks like they are just coming off the dealer lot. they're all white. in another one, really caught my attention these are chevys brand new american pickup trucks. how are they getting these new cars? >> i don't think it's too difficult to get them. don't forget the location of this country that they have in control is at the confluence of trading routes. there's a lot of aid money coming in. a lot of money for the military
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and iraq. it's easy to be purchased or stolen traded. there's a robust car theft market in europe that moves vehicles down into the middle east. also in russia. i don't think it's exceptional that we would see a convoy of 20, 30 brand new trucks. the fact they are american trucks is no surprise. american trucks have a good reputation overseas. >> it also makes the point they have the money. there are some older cars but you're looking at tons and tons of brand new cars. >> absolutely. they have the money to do it. they have this robust local funding portfolio made up of the oil, the granaries, extortion, kidnapping. there's plenty of money that would enable them to purchase these vehicles. what they never do anymore is put these long convoys out there during combat because they have come very easy targets as al qaeda learned many years ago.
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burning these people the cops. he's clearly the leadership of this group is psychopathic. there's nothing that would justify this violence. these are not true muslims. i'm not doing this to defend islam in any way. it's not in their doctrine and
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he is a psychopath. breaking news in the road rage murder of a mother of four. the suspect under arrest. the victim's husband just moments ago admitting he knew the suspect all along. we have a live press conference moments away from the las vegas police department about the arrest. kim jung hfr un's-un's new haircut. there's a gap out there. that's keeping you from the healthcare you deserve. at humana, we believe the gap will close when healthcare changes. when frustration and paperwork decrease. when healthcare becomes simpler. so let's do it. let's simplify healthcare.
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the las vegas road rage shooting. we standing by for a live press conference with the police in major breaking development today. a suspect tonight in custody charged with the murder of tammy meyers a mother of four. his name is eric milton. arrested one block away from meyer's home. keep in mind just one block away yet he had been on the loose for a week. just moments ago meyer's husband revealed the family knew this suspect for years. >> we know this boy.
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i couldn't tell you this before. he knew where i lived. we knew how bad he was but we didn't know he was this bad. this kid, my wife spent countless hours at that park consoling this boy. >> sarah is out front from las vegas as we're awaiting that live press conference. it was pretty incredible to watch that today. it all unfolded on live television. this stand off with the suspect. >> reporter: yeah. we were here at the family's home when we heard the helicopter going overahead. we all walked down the street and lo and behold there's a scene with many many police officers. there were folks who were standing there waiting to try and get the suspect out and they finally did. >> i'm here to provide an update
4:18 pm
to you. >> this is the press conference just beginning the live. let's listen in. >> thursday, february 12th. i will not be taking any questions at this time. in order to preserve our ability to further this investigation, i will be brief. i do have a prepared statement which i will refer to. it's understandably captured a great deal of attention due to the nature of this case as well as the link to the present day issues concerning road rage. these investigations unfold much more slowly than the news cycle would prefer. please keep in mind this investigation is still dynamic and ongoing. an investigator still have a lot of work to do before comprehensive summary can be provided to you. we have an obligation to mrs. meyer and her family to be thorough and methodical. we still have one more suspect to locate.
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when tammy meyers was shot and killed outside her home it shocked this community. i believe when people learn the death was result of road rage it frightened many people because there is not how anyone should dissolve a dispute. one suspect was taken into custody after a brief stand off at his home. earlier this morning an arrest warrant for open murder. he was taken into custody by metro homicide investigators and the investigation is ongoing. we will provide additional information at the earliest possible convenience to balance the public's need to know and our legal and investigative need. i'm sure many of you will leave with more questions than
4:20 pm
answers. however, the real take away here is that the suspect involved in the killing of mrs. meyers is in custody and off the streets of las vegas. thank you. >> the suspect is nowsch. i do not believe so no. >> as you can see they're going through some logistics there. the police captain saying he's not going be taking any substantive questions. he said there's one more suspect to locate. we knew there were other people in this car with the suspect who was finally today after the
4:21 pm
stand off taken into custody. we didn't know there was another formal suspect. he's still on the loose tonight. sarah is in las vegas for us. that's a development in this story. this stand off that we see still so shocking because these families knew each other and they live just one block away. yet this took a full week to find the suspect. >> reporter: yeah. there's a lot of investigating that goes on here. clearly the suspect wasn't just going to go and turn himself in. they had to do all the due diligence to figure out who was involved in this. what's really odd is we talked to a lot of neighbors about the suspect in the house and they say they have never, and i mean never seen him driving. they had never seen him behind the wheel of a car. that made everyone wonder what is going on here. police are pretty clear that this is the person they believe killed tammy meyers and they had said all along that believe that was the driver of the suspected
4:22 pm
vehicle. there is at least one other person in that car, perhaps two. clearly they are looking for another person now. that is a brand new information. other information that came out today, the family after revealing they had known this particular suspect said that tammy meyers, herself, mothered him. helped take care of him and help him out every now and then. the reason why they left their house according to the father to go and track him down is to keep him away from the house. to keep him from hurting anyone. they were very concerned after their initial confrontation that he might show up again and he did. >> all right. thank you very much. it is an important layer to the story. this does add an important layer to the story. we knew there was an original
4:23 pm
innocent. tammy had gone home and they went back out to look for the suspect. now you know they knew each other and the family is saying she wanted to find him and keep him away from the house. all that might make a little more sense. if they knew the suspect for all this time he lives one block away why did it take them a week to find him? >> that's awfully suspicious erin. i really don't flow. i had said from the beginning that i believe we would find out that the suspect and the victim knew each other because the story just didn't make sense the way it was told. i'm sure we don't have all the details yet, unfortunately. the victim can't tell her side of the story. her son and daughter can tell portions of it. this individual will be talking to the police. the fact that he was located in this house, maybe he was hiding for the past five or six days and finally returned to the house today and that's why the stand off ensued. these are details we don't know. that's what would make logical sense. i would imagine on the day of the incident they were talking to the son and he would have
4:24 pm
told them who this guy is if he was going to cooperate in any way with the police. >> yes. you think the family would have said this to police right away if they had nothing to hide why would you not have said this is who the kid is. he lives one block away. the son who went out with the mother would have known this. >> the police may have asked the father not to say anything. maybe that was the idea behind is he might contact his co-suspects and they could close in on him that way. i think we'll find out as time goes on. there are so many unanswered questions in this case. the narrative has shifted so drastically just in the last 24 hours. the idea is mom and son may have gone out looking for trouble and that narrative appears to have completely changed. i would caution as tragic as this is almost the entire
4:25 pm
narrative that we have now comes from one meyers or the other. father son, sister. >> all one side. >> does that mean it's not the truth? not at all. but, for now, we have to keep in mind that is the only narrative we're hearing a as tragic as this situation is it's not an actual eyewitness. he's only relaying the story as told by his children. >> we saw this standoff unroll over several hours. there was a woman inside the house with the suspect who claimed he was her son. she said he was threatening to harm himself. you've dealt with a situation like this before. here this is unfolding on live television. several hours trying to get the suspect out. how did they get him out? >> they probably talked him out. the fact his mother was there would be helpful to the police. if she had any concern for her son's well being she would cooperate with the negotiators
4:26 pm
that were probably trying to get the message to him to come out. the fact he came out without a shirt on is he couldn't have been hiding anything and his hands woultdd have been in the open. he's had a period of cool reflection since the crime happened. in that period you start reflect your reality and his reality is he could be going to prison for a long long time. the fact that she was considering harming himself means he's also at risk or a risk for the police officers. he also puts the police at risk of suicide by cop which no cops want to go home at the end of that day. next a top republican says the president doesn't love his country. that as the president doubles down on his statement that the united states is not at war with radical islam. some 185 million americans are feeling a deep freeze. see this picture? this frozen, niagra falls. we'll go there.
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president obama doubling
4:31 pm
down. the president refusing to say the united states is fighting radical islam. >> the notion that the west is at war with islam is an ugly lie. all of us regardless of our faith, have a responsibility to reject it. >> jim, the president calling on muslim nations to do more to stop isis but he's still stop short. he doesn't want to say radical islamist. he refuses to say this is a product of radical islam, specifically. >> that's right. he doesn't use the words islamic terrorism or extremism but president obama called on muslim and arab nations to start doing a better job on pushing back on whan he calls lies from al qaeda and isis. he said it would continue pounding isis are air strikes.
4:32 pm
the president did prod them to develop a more effective counter message to the terrorist who is are all over social media. here is what he had to say. >> all of us have responsibility to refute the nation that groups like isis represent islam. that's a falsehood. >> reporter: all week critics have pounced on the president refusing to use that word. john mccain tweeted about it earlier today. it's also been democrats. the white house responds this is more of a media fascination with this debate over whether he should use that term radical islam or islamic extremism. the white house had hoped to make great strides all this week in communicating this message to
4:33 pm
the islamic world. we ended up having this debate over whether the president should use words like islamic extremism sort of stepped on their message. >> thank you. james, i know you support the president's use of words here. when you look at the cover of the new york post today. they have a different point of view politically. it's the president blind folded with the words islamic terror i just don't see it. why won't the president say this is a movement that is affiliated with one specific religion and that's islam. >> the president made a point very clear. i don't read the new york post. i advise against reading it. i don't listen to john mccain,
4:34 pm
but i think the president threaded the needle perfectly. he called isis exactly what it is. it's an ugly movement. it's an evil movement. it's got to be stopped. he denied them to be able to claim the president's fighting against us because we represent islam. they do not represent it. we have in the coalition partners who do represent islam in far more authentic way. why give them the argument they want that a claim which is the pretense that we represent all muslims. >> you make a lot of good points. let me quote the new york times because you don't like the new york post. i am all for restraint on the issue and never would every muslim accountable for the acts of a few. it's not good for us or the muslim world to pretend they
4:35 pm
aren't coming out of their faith community. >> i don't think if you were at the summit that there was any holding back on the part of the president when he spoke to muslim leaders in america. spoke to muslim leaders all over the world. more has to be done. the president was spot on both in speaking to faith leaders about what needed to be done while at the same time saying to the folks in isis you don't represent this faith. you've perverted this faith and i'm calling on the authentic leaders to step up to the challenge of con fronting this message. the president went further. he also made the point that every faith has these kind of extremists. every faith has been distorted by its followers. he pointed to the crusades but he also talked about jim crow. that is a problem we all have.
4:36 pm
we don't call them christians. we call them crazy extremist who use the language of christianity to justify their evil behavior. that's what the president said. >> it's a bit more complicated to lead. he's leading a coalition with flying air strikes over these areas. i think we have to call it for what it is. i think that's hurting his ability to lead. that message isn't just for isis. it's for americans, europeans and the parts of this coalition and calling it what it is is so important. i think the debate is what false. i don't think ice isis needs
4:37 pm
legitimacy. they're not looking for legitimacy. they can't be anymore bolder than that are. >> the bottom line here is if you stood behind the president as he is confronting isis we wouldn't be having this conversation right now. that's the truth. listen to what he says. not pick on the word that you want there that he didn't give you. >> is the president worried if he puts the word islam in a sentence that they won't understand it's about the word radical. >> he mentioned islam muslim 30
4:38 pm
times. his failure is digging in, being entrenched on unable to call it what it is is hurting his message. this is not a political debate. this is about his ability to lead a big coalition and inspire americans to understand and trust him in this foreign policy issue. an outbreak of what doctors are calling the nightmare bacteria. our report on what it is. more than half of the nation suffering the coldest temperatures in decades. how could? this is niagra falls. we'll show you next. but it doesn't hold me back. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night and stay awake during the day. non-24 is a circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind. talk to your doctor about your symptoms and learn more by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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the picture that captured america now. this is niagra falls. these images taken today are stunning. just imagine the power of cold that can stop that flow. look at it. winter summer. wow. water is still moving beneath the surface. it's been 167 years since the
4:43 pm
falls have completely frozen all the way through. the truth is this america is cold. more than 185 million americans in 30 states ss ss are in a deep freeze. it's a record for the great lakes. lake erie 98% frozen over. that's the most ever recorded. it's realtively balmy 25 degrees in north korea where the hermit leader stepped out today back to you a jarring haircut. every single hair on that led is gelled as the leader wants. why does he want his hair standing straight up and his eyebrows chopped in half. >> reporter: a bold transformation from last year's stylish flop cut to an extreme flat top. ageists say this is a calculated
4:44 pm
look. >> he wanted to project the look of his grandfather. he was viewed by the people of north korea as a great revolutionary. he gave them independence. he fought against japan. he fought against the united states in the korean war. >> reporter: he's been ratcheting his projection of power. his message to his people that he'll take on america. a south korea news agency reports he's visited several military units over the past several months telling them to be ready to fight. he conducted the first test of a new ballistic missile set to be launched from a submarine. when they figure out how to outfit them with miss silliles they could move undetected. if they make it to american ports launch nuclear missiles
4:45 pm
against american targets. >> reporter: the pentagon won't comment on the latest missile test. the new level that north korea isn't all bluster anymore. the sony hack thought to have been ordered showed this regime can and will hit american where is they live. human rights advocated say he is acting aggressively on oots front expanding a program of sending north korean workers abroad. those workers toil in factories, logging camps, build statues for dictators in africa and forced to send all of their money to kim and his cronies. >> dispatching north korean workers overseas is meant to earn the regime the hard currency it needs to stay in power and help pay those who maintain the kim regime in power. >> reporter: analyst say the need the hard currency now because the economy is bankrupt.
4:46 pm
the regime relies more and more on the smuggling of heroin fake viagra and weapons to bring in cash. the proceeds are also thought to go straight into the pockets of kim and his inner circle. erin. >> thank you very much. next the super bug. a new strain of super bug that's so resistant to antibiotics it's called the nightmare bacteria. it's spread in the hospital. a special report on the crisis in los angeles tonight. we have the audition tapes of some of the mars one candidates who got rejected. i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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ink from chase. so you can. it's called the nightmare bacteria. so-called super bug so resistant to antibiotics, it can kill up to half of those infected. and now a hospital in los angeles is warning nearly 200 people may have been exposed. fifth outbreak since 2012. one doctor telling the l.a. times it could the most significant disease transmission linked to a contaminated medical instrument. one infected is a teenager. kyung lah out front with the story. >> reporter: outside of ucla medical center the bacteria was growing. the infection is often drug retis sisresistant and fatal half the time. they were instead spreading
4:51 pm
them. >> we took them immediately out of service. we stopped those scopes from being done. and we have implemented a whole new sterilization process that's much more stringent than what the manufacturer had originally given us based on fda standards. >> reporter: the number of patients potentially infected had grown to nearly 180 people already two deaths linked to the case. seven infected. >> he was very very unfortunately close to death. >> reporter: kevin boyle is the attorney for one of the seven infected patients an 18-year-old high school student. the young man went for an outpatient procedure at ucla medical center, an endoscopy so doctors could look at his pancreas. he was in the hospital for icu. he remains hospitalized. >> they went into a very well respected place of healing. that if this can happen in a place like ucla reagan, imagine
4:52 pm
what could go on at a lesser health facility. so they were doing everything right to make their son healthy and this happens, it's mortifying. >> reporter: not the only case since 2009 the centers for disease control reports six outbreaks in medical centers from pittsburgh to seattle related to the endoe scopes. public health care advocate blames the design of the endo scopes and the fda has been too slow to act. >> this has been going on for a number of years and the injuries and fatalities have been mounting. i have been waiting for government officials to step in. and none had. but each of the outbreaks seemed to kind of follow the same m.o. they have the same d.a. what happened in chicago is what happened in pittsburgh and philadelphia and at ucla. >> reporter: but the prevalence of super bugs and hospitals isn't just associated with the
4:53 pm
devices. 20-year-old troy stulan caught a different type of super bug when he went to the national institutes of health in bethesda maryland. the young man had an inherent immew know deficiency. the super bug caught at the hospital killed him. >> we thought troy was going to have an issue and possibly die. that it would be a complication related to the transplant. we never dreamed he would die from an infection, no antibiotics to treat. >> reporter: ucla says that they have figured out the patient zero the source case. they say that patient brought the infection into the hospital. that that patient already had the infection and then infected the scope, then the scope spread it throughout the other scope, erin and to the other confirmed patients the seven who are confirmed to have been infected with this particular super bug.
4:54 pm
erin? >> all right, kyung lah, thank you very much. scary how many doctors say the worst place to be when you're sick is a hospital because of the possibility of the drug resistant bacteria. outfront next jeanne moos with the best of the worst auditions for that coveted trip to mars. introducing... a pm pain reliever that dares to work all the way until... the am. new aleve pm the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour strength of aleve. the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers. it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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well, he can do that. we show our progressive direct rate and the rates of our competitors even if progressive isn't the lowest. it looks like progressive is not the lowest! ohhhh! when we return we'll find out whether doug is the father. wait, what?
4:57 pm
they do almost anything for the one-way trip to mars. here's jeanne moos.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: you've heard all the hoopla about the one-way manned mission to mars. here's some who won't be manning it. >> good evening, fellow martianees. >> reporter: these are audition videos from mars one rejects. >> my name is derek and i would love to explore. i think i want this more. my name is derek. >> reporter: everyone wanted a chance to colonize mars and be part of a reality show had to send in a video. 99 have made the cut so far. but you won't see these faces among them. >> therefore, i can stay active in space. >> reporter: the candidates had to say why they'd be good for the mission. >> they love my pointy ears. i was born to be a martian. >> reporter: some included photos in costume, weird visual effects. a card board helmet an entire space suit. >> am i crazy?
4:59 pm
i would say adventurous. >> reporter: they would ask to describe their sense of humor. >> when you hear about the restaurant on the moon great food. no atmosphere. >> how about this? ♪ or this. >> reporter: how would you like to spend seven months in a spaceship with this guy? but the rejects weren't the only ones with weird application videos. this winner named cody did most of his condition upside down. >> on mars you may need to dig a hole to survive the radiation. >> reporter: the good news for the rejects, it's better to be a living reject than a dead winner. m.i.t. study suggested the first of the mars colonists would suffocate in 68 days. >> this one man named cole leonard, willing to die in front of billions of people. >> reporter: the reject will never get the public death and the transgender will never pilot a spaceship.
5:00 pm
>> no one here. not for long. went to mars and it went wrong. >> reporter: jeanne moos. ♪ this is my quest ♪ >> reporter: cnn, new york. >> thanks for joining us. "ac360" begins now. good evening. thanks for joining us. breaking news tonight. not over yet. a killing already drawing national attention before the police standoff that happened today. before the victims husband impeded the scene of the standoff before police took a young suspect into custody. announced they're looking for additional person as well. before we learn that the suspect now in custody and the victim knew one another before all of that only appeared to be a deadly road rage incident that ended with a las vegas mom shot to death in front of her son. well tonight in the neighborhood where the suspect and the victim just lived a block apart, the story is growing and changing by the minute. the suspect in custody c


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