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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 20, 2015 8:00am-9:01am PST

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battle plans. a huge offensive in the works to take back a crucial iraqi city. the question is if it's such an important military operation, why are they telling us before it happens? whatever happened to surprise? we knew how bad it was. we didn't know it was this bad. that from the husband of a woman shot and killed in a road rage incident. the suspect no stranger to the family. new questions today as the suspect is now in custody. rudy giuliani the man who decides who loves america and just how much. new controversy over his comments and questioning the president's patriotism. he swears they weren't racist. is he right? hello there. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. thanks for joining us everybody. let's start out with breaking news out of london at this hour.
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three teenage girls have gone missing and what's worse london police say they may be on their way to syria to possibly join up with isis. u.k. officials are asking anyone with information to help. >> let's get the latest on this news. let's bring in senior international correspondent, nima elbajir. what do we know? >> reporter: they study together at a school in east london. one was traveling on her 17-year-old old sister's passport to try to risk not being asked too many questions about being an unaccompanied minor. we know they arrived in istanbul at 6:40 in the evening on tuesday and they believe that they are still there. that's what's so critical about the window of opportunity that's in front of authorities and their families. once they get into syria, once they arrive inside syria, the worry is of course that they will not be allowed to leave. the islamic state fighters isis
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fighters have been clear about the threats and the violence that they perpetrate on those who try to return home. for the families for the authorities, this window now -- that's why this appeal is going so hugely international. they are sending this out through social media. they are using turkish local media and hope is someone will see pictures and girls and reach out to the families and authorities. >> so many questions. how were these plans laid? who met them when they landed? is this a conveyer belt of people headed to that region right now that needs to be stopped. thank you so much. really appreciate it. new developments also to tell you about in the war against isis. a ground offensive is in the works to take back a key city. will u.s. ground toopsroops be necessary? >> up to 25,000 iraqi troops will be involved in a battle to retake mosul. that's iraq's second largest
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city about the size of philadelphia in population. the iraqi forces will be trained by the u.s. military. the attack is set to be launched this spring. pentagon correspondent barbara starr has much more on all of this. a couple key questions i know you're looking into. why so much detail on this operation? why is it being released and how likely is it that u.s. troops will be involved on the ground? >> you know, at this point nothing has really changed. president obama has ruled out u.s. forces on the ground in combat. key words. in combat. but there is the possibility that the military the u.s. military may recommend a small number of troops on the ground to assist with targeting, to help iraqi forces as they go in to pick out those isis targets. mosul is a densely populated area and they don't want to risk civilian casualties. iraqis may need help picking out
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those targets. u.s. troops can help from a distance. they may have to go up close with iraqi forces. the question always is are they in combat? they're in a combat environment. pentagon will tell you their job will not be combat. it would be incredibly dangerous and that's why if that decision is to come it would be president obama that would have to directly approve it. why april, may, why is the pentagon talking so much about this? the pentagon says this is the iraqi plan. i can tell you already inside iraq from iraqi government officials, from kurdish officials, they're out there saying not so fast. nothing is ready yet. it's not going to happen all that quickly. they are putting a lot of cold water on it. the pentagon is saying they are putting this out there because they want to demonstrate iraqi resolve that this is a plan that the iraqis will carry out. maybe a little bit of psychological operations on all sides here. >> interesting that they may not exactly be on the same page at least publicly at this point.
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barbara starr at the pentagon getting details for you. thank you so much. also happening in just minutes, president obama will be touting the economic progress made during his time in office. why now? at least partly to push back against attacks from gop presidential hopefuls who have been slamming him for blaming him for growing income gap we see in the country and he's also talking to a pretty friendly crowd we should point out. democratic national committee 2016 winter meeting. >> wait there's more. this morning the president finds himself the target of a new controversy. the repeated comments from former new york mayor rudy giuliani charging that the president does not love america. so will president obama respond to these charges head-on? let's bring in michelle kosinski. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: the white house, not the the himself, yesterday he was talking about fighting terrorism but the white house
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seemed reluctant to respond to these comments. they did add when giuliani first said it he prefaced it about i saying this may be horrible to say and the white house say they fully agree with his statement that it was horrible to say. and they also said that he had the similar line of speaking during his fleeting run for the presidency. it's unclear if the president will take time to address that. this is going to be talking to the base. talking about those issues that he's been pushing and pushing hard and at times defiantly over the last few months. remember the state of the union all about middle class economics. he wanted to shape it around that. continuing to grow the economy. now, that's not to say all democrats have agreed with everything lately. most recently in the passage of the budget extension, there was tension between party leadership
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on whether the compromise should have gone the way it did on issues like campaign finance reform wall street reform and it was democrats that almost held that up from compromising and fully passing. so we'll see what he has to say about that as well as this counter message out there from republicans also touting the need to raise americans out of poverty but it's the means of doing that that are different and the president is expected to criticize the way that they're speaking about that. we heard that lately from jeb bush and mitt romney before he decided not to run, talking about the fact that the economy is going well but there is still issues out there. critics and analysts out there have seen this republican focus, if you want to call it or this sort of angle they are taking leading into 2016 on poverty in america as both a good thing and a bad thing.
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it's really kind of up for debate right now on what shape this is going to take moving forward. >> all right. michelle kosinski for us at the white house. we'll watch the speech as the president gives it. if he comments on rudy giuliani or just how much he loves america right now, of course we'll bring that to you. live pictures right now. that is mayor michael nutter of philadelphia. >> standing likely in front of an american flag. >> still to come a hunt for a second suspect in the apparent road rage incident that left a mother dead. one suspect is behind bars. now we know that he knew the victim. we'll have the latest on that case next. rudy giuliani not backing down. the former mayor, former gop presidential hopeful is defending his harsh criticism of president obama's patriotism. what was giuliani getting at? we'll talk about it. your daughter has a brilliant idea for her science project.
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happening now, police on the hunt for at least one more suspect in the road rage killing of a las vegas mother after authorities arrested erich nowsch accused of fatally shooting tammy meyers outside her home. >> the meyers and nowsches were neighbors. the victim's husband was emotional and later described how his wife knew the suspected gunman. >> are you happy? you made my wife look like an animal and my son. there's the animal a block away! are you happy? >> my wife spent countless hours
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at that park consoling that boy. he's watching this right now and he's got to feel bad because she was really good to him. she fed him. she gave him money. she told him to pull his pants up and to be a man. >> clearly that family is grieving right now. let's get to anna cabrera on the scene for us. what are we hearing about the latest? >> reporter: good morning. you know it's just a sad situation all around. a tragic story that we have a mother of four dead and now a teenager whose future is uncertain and a lot of people in this community are just wondering why. and how did all of this happen? right now police are still looking for another person they believe may have been involved in what they're calling a road rage incident leaving up to the deadly confrontation in front of the meyers home but they believe that erich nowsch is the person that fired those fatal shots who was the killer in this case.
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there's been some additional developments about exactly what happened leading up to it. we can tell you this started with a 15 year old having a driving lesson. tammy meyers was taking her daughter out in the evening near a high school parking lot and was on the way home from that driving lesson when they confronted a driver on the road. words were exchanged. meyers got home and dropped off her daughter and her 22-year-old son joined her in the car and he had a firearm on him. police said that they believe that meyers went out looking for that driver. her husband is saying that wasn't the case at all. because she knew who that driver was, she was afraid. she wanted to leave the house to hide the car to try to really get away from the situation and not going to try to confront him and sadly we now know what happened is they did end up confronting each other again and those gun shots were exchanged.
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>> ana cabrera for us in las vegas. thank you so much. >> such a sad story. want to take you now to washington, d.c. where president obama has begun speaking at the democratic party committee meeting. will he talk about rudy giuliani and his love for america? let's listen. >> over the past five years, the longest stretch of private sector job creation in american history. businesses adding nearly 12 million new jobs. and in perhaps the single most hopeful sign for middle class families in a long time wages are beginning to rise again. so america is coming back. we have risen from recession. we have the capacity to write our own future. we're better positioned than any other nation on earth thanks to hard work and sacrifice of the american people who we serve.
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it's also thanks to values and policies at the core of this party that all of you have fought for. as democrats, we believe in giving every child a world class education. and today our younger students have earned the highest math and reading scores on record. our high school graduation rate is at an all-time high. more americans are graduating from college than ever before. as democrats, we believe in reduceing our dependence on foreign oil and protecting our planet. today, america is number one in oil, number one in gas, number one in wind power. every three weeks we bring online as much solar power as we did in the entire year of 2008. thanks to lower gas prices and higher fuel standards, the typical family should save about 750 bucks at the pump this year. [ applause ] as democrats we believe in sensible rules that can prevent
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financial crisis and shield families from ruin and encourage fair competition. today we have new tools to stop taxpayer funded bailouts and a new consumer watchdog to protect americans from predatory lending. we've secured the fundamental right to affordable assessable healthcare to more than 10 million uninsured americans and we are counting each and every day. >> right now president obama speaking before the democratic national committee winter's meeting in washington d.c. as expected, he's touting economic progress made. the president speaking to very friendly crowd in washington this morning. >> we'll keep our eye on that.
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coming up for us you can call it a pretty unusual move by the pentagon. officials revealing details of a military plan in the works to take back iraq's second largest city from isis including who, how and when. so why are they doing that? that's next. okay, listen up! i'm re-workin' the menu. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals antioxidants and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition in charge™. in this moment your baby is getting more than clean. your touch stimulates her senses and nurtures her mind. and the johnson's® scent lather and bubbles help enhance the experience. so why just clean your baby when you can give her so much more™?
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major battle plans in the works to take back iraq's second largest city from isis militants. the element of surprise seems to be gone. >> because they told us. >> that's right, john. no one of the big questions is will u.s. forces be sent to the
8:22 am
battlefield a battlefield? >> u.s. forces will train and equip up to 25,000 iraqis for the offensive. it will be launched we are told, in april or may. joined by global affairs analyst kimberly dozier. it feels unusual to be told of military plans before they happen. >> if this were a raid of two dozen highly trained operatives hopping into a remote location maybe you could keep it a secret. the fact of the matter is we're talking about moving 20,000 to 25,000 iraqi forces plus kurdish forces. they have their own sort of -- they don't really keep good operational security. the word of this is going to get out any way. so what you have u.s. forces doing is using something called psychological operations.
8:23 am
they are telegraphing to the approximately 1,000 to 2,000 isis fighters that are believed to be inside mosul and saying you know what? 20,000 to 25,000 iraqis backed by our planes and our intelligence are going to be coming to a city near you. you might want to think about moving. now they have several weeks to think about it. >> on that point, i do wonder how effective psychological operations i think you called it basically scaring them. how effective a scare tactic would be with isis when we heard over the past week so many analysts talk about isis as they are not rationale actors. they don't act rationally. they think many of them are in an end of day scenario and end of day battle. would it be as effective with them do you think? >> not rationale actors perhaps but they do live to fight another day. they do kind of make those
8:24 am
decisions where if they think that ground is not worth fighting for and that they can fall back to a position inside syria, that's what they did with the town of kobani inside syria when they saw it was too tough to keep they said we're retreating. we'll come back another day. we're also hearing that some of the fighters are getting paid as consistently as they had been. there's a little bit of unrest. there is a possibility that some of those people could retreat. the other thing is this is going to be a long fight. mosul is 2 million people in a densely packed city. it's probably going to go neighborhood by neighborhood house to house. so exactly which day that's going to start, that's not going to matter so much. >> it's a city that's largely sunni city as well kimberly. do you have any sense of whether the people in mosul right now will welcome this iraqi troop
8:25 am
invasion. >> reporter: one thing that might be on their minds is in the new strong man comes to town it's time to start making that some people within the city sick of isis and emboldened by this coming invasion will start sharing intelligence sneaking that word out so that the u.s. will know perhaps which neighborhoods, which areas to hit first that will become strongholds to build from there. >> there's a lot of questions of how well trained and how capable the iraqi forces are at this point. united states will be training a large part of these forces. do you trust that iraqi forces can handle a fight like this without having u.s. boots on the ground with them? >> what u.s. officials have always said is they need just a few american officers or american noncommission officers with those forces on the ground at least feeding them intelligence feeding them the kind of information that gives
8:26 am
them the confidence to keep fighting. and once you have a few wins in their corner they'll have the confidence to keep moving forward. it's a very different situation than when isis swept through mosul the first time and iraqis felt like they had no one to turn to. now at least they have the u.s. and other allied air forces. >> iraqi military needs to prove itself. kimberly dozier thanks for being with us. appreciate it. rudy giuliani suggests that he knows who loves america and barack obama, he says does not. is he right? is he wrong? is he racist? the political firestorm next.
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this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. a new firestorm of controversy surrounding former new york mayor rudy giuliani. he's sticking by his comments about president obama. >> here's the quote that set the controversy in motion. this is from a speech he gave at a fund-raiser for wisconsin governor scott walker. i do not believe -- this is a horrible thing to say, but i do not believe the president loves america. he doesn't love you and he doesn't love me. he wasn't brought up the way you were brought up the way i was brought up through love of this
8:31 am
country. >> many felt there was a racist slant to these words. he wasn't brought up through love of this country. giuliani says those comments were not racist. some people thought it was racist. i thought that was a joke since he was brought up by a white mother a white grandfather, went to white schools and most of this he learned from white people. this isn't racism. this is socialism or possibly anti-colonialism. >> last night giuliani had a chance to apologize or explain himself if you would. he doubled down. >> i'm right about this. i have no doubt about it. i do not withdraw my words. if the president makes a speech and talks about what a great country this is if the president could complete the following sentence during the crusades the christians were barbarians and so were muslims. if the president could say islamic fundamentalism terrorism
8:32 am
is our enemy. i'll applaud the president. until he does that i'll have doubts about his emotions his feelings his attitudes and the way in which he developed. >> we've reached out to the former mayor. he's not responded to us yet today although he did make sentiments clear right there. let's talk about this with van and tara. tara is a republican strategist. van was an adviser to the president. also joining us chief national level correspondent john king to weigh in. let's start with you, van. were these comments racist? >> they were stupid. he wasn't raised like you and me. that's true. very few people are raised by white world war ii veterans. he says he might be anti-colonial. biggest anti-colonial fighter, george washington. the most important anti-colonial writer thomas jefferson, how
8:33 am
does that not make you love america? he can't be racist because obama has a white mother. a quarter of all of the slaves in america had white parents. were they not victims of racial oppression? he's not a racist. he's an idiot. you have a failing former icon. it's so sad to see somebody who inspired the world just 15 years ago just falling down the stairs now and you can't even stop digging. it's embarrassing. not that he's a racist. it's that he's an idiot. >> i'm glad to see that van and i agree that comments were not racially inflammatory. i don't think that's what -- i think the american people are sick and tired of any time there's any disagreement any criticism of barack obama, automatically the racism tag is slapped on. the american people are sick and tired of that. rudy giuliani is talking about the fact that barack obama grew up outside of this country. he went to schools in indonesia. he was raised in hawaii. that's america but hawaii is a different culture than any other
8:34 am
state in america and you have someone that says their mentor was a card carrying communist. he writes about dreams for his father who was an anti-clonalist. >> are republicans now pro colonialism? >> we know what that means. when you go back to roots of america and not being imperial imperialistic and white superiority. >> you're for white superiority? >> barack obama's upbringing his influences all you have to do is listen to his words and his associations. he had a fund-raiser in a domestic terrorist's home in chicago. these are facts. sorry if you don't like that. >> the big question is idea of patriotism and undercurrent of racism. when you talk about he was
8:35 am
raised outside of this country. he was raised in hawaii. he's an american. we've established that very clearly. who is it to say -- john and i talked about this. who is to say that someone who grew up let's say, in harlem is any less of a patriot that someone grew up in the corn fields of indiana? >> that's not what rudy giuliani is saying. i'm not in the mind of rudy giuliani nor in the mind or heart of barack obama. i can look at his actions and words and associations. you mean to tell me that someone who says they want to fundamentally transform this country and loves america unconditionally. if you as a man prepared to your wife and said i love you but i want to transform you. i think that woman would -- >> do you really not think -- you do not think that barack obama loves america? >> anti-american --
8:36 am
>> this is ridiculous. >> van, go ahead. >> justify it van. >> let me say a couple of things. first of all, he denounced those ideas and sentiments in the beginning. you are exactly right that the question here is who gets to be a patriot and who debts to decide. there's a view on the far fringe right that in order to be a patriot, you have to be a military militaryist. obama believes in american exceptionalism. no place in america would allow a story like mine but america. america is exceptional because dr. king made america exceptional, founders made america exceptional, women's movement made america exceptional and obama speaks to that every single day.
8:37 am
this has some very disturbing -- i would not say racist. that's unamerican. >> i want to bring in john king here. i want to move this story into the what next now category. rudy giuliani will not run for office ever again. he's done running for office right now for other reasons than this statement. what do republican candidates now have to do after this? let's listen to scott walker. rudy giuliani made these comments at a scott walker fund-raiser. scott walker was asked what he thought about them. this is what he said. >> the mayor can speak for himself. i'm not going comment on what the president thinks or not. he can speak for himself. i love america and there are plenty of people democrat republican independent, everyone in between who love this country. >> john king is it important what rudy giuliani says at this
8:38 am
point and do republican candidates have to answer for him? >> if you're going to come to be with him and break bread and raise money with him, you have to answer. i was talking to a longtime rudy giuliani fan who says that rudy giuliani has gotten into the clown car with donald trump in saying these statements. america admire rudy giuliani after 9/11. when you're in a position of leadership you have to choose your words carefully. i assume this is what rudy giuliani believes and he's entitled to believe whatever he believes because he lives in the united states of america. however, he also knows that he's not like us or he doesn't love america is language that's been used by a fringe about this president for going on eight years now since he emerged as a national figure. if you're going to use those words, you're going to have the debate you're having now. he doesn't love america. you can say i wish he would clearly say we're fighting radical islamic extremists. i wish the president would say that. you can say i think the president too often wants to leave from behind and not
8:39 am
project america power and be proud they're at the front of the line. you can debate him on policy on these issues without saying he doesn't love america. again, even if rudy believes that, he knows there are a group of people out there on a lunatic fringe who say he's not american. he's muslim. what about his birth certificate. these people are out there. that's how they talk. a leader has to be careful when a leader chooses his words. as for scott walker, he's there. i'm sure he's not happy this happened. he cannot -- barack obama made mistakes early in his presidential campaign. everybody does. >> you can't dance around it though. >> the question is do you learn from your mistakes? you can't sit there -- he wants to be president. scott walker wants to be president. you can't say i'm not going to judge people because every second of every day as president of the united states you have to make judgments. who is in your cabinet? who is in your war council? who do you hire and fire? do you cut a deal with iran? sit down with this leader or not that leader?
8:40 am
judgment is an essential quality. scott walker can't say that down the line. >> if you were a strategist for rudy giuliani right now, would you be bummed out and regret that he said those words out loud? >> would you least tell him to stop doing interviews? >> he's saying a lot of things that many americans are starting to question based on some of the things that john just enumerated. the president's lack of strategy to fight isis and he won't acknowledge it's radical islam. >> why bringing up anti-colonialism? >> these are things building up over the years where americans are puzzled. why isn't the president of the united states speaking in a way like where is the ronald reagan optimism of the shining city on the hill? you don't hear that coming out of this president often. i think that rudy giuliani is saying i don't understand what's going on. president seems disengaged. when you play golf after an
8:41 am
american's head has been cut off on the internet these are things that make people think is the president really engaged. >> you think this is -- this conversation is good for republicans? >> i think it's something republicans don't want to get into because they don't want to have to justify, well does he love america? was he born here? they don't want to rehash that. >> they are politicians and they want to choose words carefully. because why? scott walker doesn't want to get in his way because he agrees with him or -- >> isn't there more to debate than patriotism of the united states? >> it's a valid conversation to have given his behavior. >> you think it's a valid conversation. you think it's possible that the president of the united states who has been re-elected now. he's now at the end of two terms -- that he's not a patriot of this country? >> something that bill buckley
8:42 am
called. synthetic patriotism. i think the president loves the country in his own mind the way he wants it to be and not the way it is. >> can i say something? listen absolutely what she just said is true about a bunch of republicans. americans are gay. americans are black. americans are latino. americans are poor. apparently giuliani and a bunch of republicans think americans are so stupid that they would elect someone that hates america twice. those are people who i would ask about their patriotism? do you love america? do you love americans? do you understand what this country is about? that's what's going on here. >> john king this does remind me -- people in both parties say dumb things. >> rudy giuliani was an anti-birther when that craziness
8:43 am
came up. he said the president was born in this country. >> in 2008 when sarah palin was running for vice president, it's good to be in the american part of america. and there was a lot of question. what does that mean? what part of america is more american than the other? >> president obama said i never have been more proud of my country. people involved in politics say things sometimes. sometimes they make mistakes. they get educated. when you get into national politics no matter how experienced you are, you get a new education. that's what scott walker is getting right now and everyone else is getting right now. michelle obama has done a lot of work with military families. maybe done for politics. maybe for genuine heart. we don't read minds and we have to be careful about everybody involved in this conversation. we can't read minds in this business and we shouldn't try to. people make mistakes. they have to go back and fix it. what did sarah palin mean by that? assume she meant she was in the
8:44 am
part of america that liked her and embraced her and applauded her and didn't make fun of her. i don't know. this is why when you get into personal statements opposed to debating policy not our job to take sides. it is a fair debate to say why doesn't the president pump his chest more and say america is at the front of the line and call them radical islamic terrorists? that's fine in debate. when you say someone doesn't love their country or isn't a patriot, again, rudy giuliani is a smart man. he knows the history of language used by others who are reckless and if you use the similar language you're going to get involved in a debate like this whether you like it or not or agree or not, leaders have to be careful. >> it's not saying it once or twice. he's now said it a third time. >> barack obama called george bush unpatriotic. >> he did say that. >> let me say one thing about the racial aspect.
8:45 am
one thing that's interesting is i actually haven't heard that many people say that giuliani is a racist. he jumped up and said stop calling me a racist. i can't find anybody that said he's racist. one thing that's interesting is you say something stupid and then you jump up and say don't call me a racist when nobody is calling you a racist. let's talk about stupidity and lack of historical understanding of when he says that you're anti-american if you are anti-colonial when george washington said i can't be a racist because your mom was white when a quarter of slaves had white parents. let's talk about this guy who is calling himself a racist. >> he was responding to the allegation. >> who? >> van, thank you so much. john king thank you so much. and great to see you. thank you so much. coming up next the defense rests in the "american sniper" trial. how a key expert witness may have provided the strongest case
8:46 am
yet for lawyers of eddie ray routh. >> subzero temperatures hitting millions of people across the united states. we'll track the forecast. plus a live report from frozen over niagara falls. in my world, wall isn't a street. return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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happening now, prosecutors calling expert rebuttal witnesses in the trial for an alleged killer of american sniper chris kyler. attorneys rested their case without their client taking the stand. that in and of itself is not unbut they called up psychiatrist mitchell dunn. >> dunn told jurors that routh acted delusional and shows signs of psychosis. let's discuss this and the impact as the defense rested the case. bring in former prosecutor john
8:50 am
q. kelly. great to see you. thank you very much. >> sure. >> it's been amazing to follow the twists and turns of just the statements purely coming from eddie routh throughout this investigation, confession things said to his sister and family members and then mitchell dunn says that routh acted delusional, believed the co-workers were cannibals and believed believed kyle and littlefield were pig people. what impact does it have on the trial? >> i don't think there's any doubt that routh had signs of mental instability. he was a little bit deranged. had a lot of issues going on then. but the fact is they have to demonstrate that he was legally insane that by reason of disease -- >> did they do it enough? >> i don't think so. not even close. >> you have been in a lot of trials here. i understand that there's a legal definition of insanity. i understand that the judge will instruct the jury on what that legal definition is.
8:51 am
but based on your experience with juries in cases like this they have now heard all of this testimony from psychiatrists, they have seen the statements that came from eddie routh, they have seen the text messages from chris kyle himself who thought that this man was having issues. does a jury in that jury room distinguish of what's the strictly legal definition of insanity and a man who suffers from mental illness? >> i think so. i think in this case there's noise about the mental instability but the facts belie that. first of all, the defense saying that they thought routh felt threatened or acted in self defense and shot the two men in the back. and then he left the place. he wanted to avoid detection. he was evading the police. admitted to his girlfriend that he knew what he did is wrong. he admitted it to the police to the psychiatrist and interviewed him afterwards. he clearly knew the difference between right and wrong and that what he did was wrong and he shouldn't have done it so the
8:52 am
facts don't support the defense. >> i want you to go further, you said there's been some noise about the mental instability issue. you think that -- you have said that you think bringing up ptsd -- misusing or abuseing the idea of pts. >> there's bets unset and don't see it as a true test case. >> why? >> routh was not in the front lines. he wasn't someone that you know killed people with his bare hands in self defense. he didn't suffer the horrors of war. he wasn't put through the trauma that so many of our vets endured in iraq and other places. he just didn't go through that and been no testimony really of what he endured that you know put him into this post traumatic syndrome state. he just doesn't fit the profile, tens of thousands of men and women that served overseas and really were you know boots on the ground and suffering these
8:53 am
mother isk in horrific instances. >> people tell you it comes in all shapes and forms but the point is well taken. we have to see the case they make in the closing arguments. >> do you think there's any chance they would have put him on the stand? >> no. none whatsoever. one wrong answer and shoots whatever work they have done to raise a defense in the first place. >> yeah. >> john kelly, thank you so much. >> sure. it is wicked cold outside. how cold? >> he can say that because he's from boston. >> parts of niagara falls have frozen over and people going to see it for some reason. one of the men there had no choice. he's cnn's ryan young sent there and will report next. o doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto®.
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♪ ♪ 185 million people that's a whole lot of people and a whole lot of people hit with crazy weather right now a. blast of arctic air that doesn't even -- not strong enough. i don't know what to call it. a blast of air from hell? no. that's warm. we'll keep going with it. >> bitter cold? ridiculously cold. >> ridiculous? >> offensively cold? unforgive bring cold. >> outrageously cold. >> so cold that you know we have our chad myers standing by for a forecast of things and also ryan young standing by at niagara falls, partially though not completely frozen over. partially frozen over. ryan tell us what's going on. >> reporter: i'm glad you stressed that last part because people want to make sure that's
8:57 am
out there and what about beautifully cold? because here what a scene f. you look behind me that's the american side. you can see the mist going up. and look at the ice chunks down there. they tell me it can get ten stories high some points and i won't hold back from you. take a look over here. this is what you paid for. beautiful. cnn go there. look at the water coming off the side there. right now, 20 million gallons pushing through. so obviously, it's not stopped and everybody's been coming to check this out. look at the people lining the sidewalks here taking pictures come from all around the world to take a look at this. what a scene. it is beautiful. it's been cold. i was in boston last week for negative 15 windchill. this is negative 30. it is boy, cold. bone chilling cold. but with images like this you have to enjoy the view but never would have thought about coming here in these temperatures but it is breath taking to look over
8:58 am
and see all this and the picture that is have gone on social media have gone viral. >> beautiful. beautiful as we sit inside the warm studio. you look beautiful, too, but frozen. you look good ryan. i really appreciate that. >> he's from miami. like 150 degrees right there. cannot be easy on ryan. >> i heard minus 150 degrees in miami right now. let's get over to chad in the weather center with much more on this. when's going on and when will it be over? >> warms up in the northeast on sunday. at least little bit. but before that, we get an ice storm because the air is so cold, we'll try to get the moisture from the gulf of mexico. the windchill in detroit 12 below. chicago 10 below. cold down to the gulf coast and then some. every number you see on the map right now is a record low. a broken record low. flint, 25 degrees below 0. air temperature with a thermometer sit. frankfurt, kentucky 21 below. 100-year-old record shattered this morning.
8:59 am
pittsburgh 10 degrees below 0. northeast, 2 in new york. that's cold enough. down to the south, fayetteville to 10. further south, tallahassee to 22. a ridiculous 26 in naples. again, all record lows for today. all the way across the east coast. i did not show you record lows in the west because it's warm out there. here's the next storm. ice storm for memphis, paducah, evansville tonight. changes to rain and for a while there's an ice storm. be careful you're not out there raining and 30 and runs all the way up to the east coast and the ice the trickiest part of this. somewhere along this pink and purple it's slick. be care. as you go out. guys? >> that's the worst. >> does not look good. chad myers, thanks for that. warmer this weekend. ryan young up at niagara falls, he is frozen to the railing and will not be able to move for several hours. >> we'll dial 911 to help you
9:00 am
out there. it's friday. there you go. thank you all for joining us. >> "legal view" starts right now. this is "legal view." hello, everyone. i'm randi kaye in for ash leigh bamfield. the jury will decide the fate of eddie ray routh, the man in the middle here who never denied he shot and killed the other two. one of them chris kyle. prosecutors call it cold-blooded murder. the defense team says routh is insane and built their case around the doctors, family members and friends who say that the former marine and war vet is mentally ill. ed lavandera in stevenville, texas. also with me here joey jackson, retired judge alex


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