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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  February 20, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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cnn. you've only been there a month. but we're happy you're part of our team. ryan young, joining us from beautiful niagara falls. that's it for me. i'll be back at 5:00 p.m. in the "situation room. " for viewers in north america, "the newsroom" the with brooke baldwin starts right now. here we go on this friday afternoon. thank you very much for being with me. i'm brooke baldwin. we're following this developing story that may demonstrate the power, the reach of the isis recruiting machine. now we've learned about three british girls who are missing. and scotland yard fears they may be making their way to syria. look at the faces of three young women, the u.k. is frantically trying to find trying to hunt down. one of them 16 years of age. the other two 15. bags packed. they were last seen boarding a
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plane from london to istanbul. the story eerily similar to one we told you about here in the united states a couple months ago. three teenage girls from colorado, intercepted at fraunkfurt airport -- frankfurt airport, to try to join isis. another woman from colorado is facing four years in prison arrested heading to syria to marry an isis militant she met on line. we have more from london on the latest. tell me any details we have about the three young women and how they were traced. >> reporter: as you said two 15-year-olds and the 16-year-old friends they left their houses in the early hours of the the morning boarded a plane from london, gatt the will be,kll be -- gatwick, and arrived in istanbul istanbul. it's believed they're still in istanbul. this is driving urgency because this is the window of opportunity for authorities and their families. once they get into syria not only have isis threatened to
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kill those who try and return home and in some instances carried out the threats, but it becomes extraordinarily difficult to retrace their steps back home. these three girls at school together in london we understand from all sources, that they had incredibly bright futures. it seems that they like so many other young girls and young women in this country are falling prey to almost an infat situation -- infatuation one secure representative said. they are following jihadis on lion and on message boards. it is a worrying trend. scotland beyond a reasonable doubt described it as a huge concern. >> we talk about propaganda and the recruiting machine. i'm wondering how strong the recruit. is for people specifically in the u.k. >> reporter: the british authorities for a while have been warning about that and
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asking the local internet providers to set up hotlines so people can report when they see. they're also now specifically speaking out to parents saying if there is anything different in their behavior, if they're spending too much time on line, if you're concerned about the fact that they're asking for documents it is better to be safe than sorry. the recruitment as you said is extraordinarily sophisticated. another security contact described almost like the kind of grooming that pedophiles are involved with. they lure these young girls in. they gain their trust, and then they sell them on mythology which is obviously very very different from the violence and the extremism out there on the ground. >> there are now hotlines, we talked about this with other european countries, hotlines for parents to call in if they think their son or daughter want to join isis. reporting from london thank you. we're learning about a major offensive to retax iraq's second
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largest city from isis control. u.s.-trained iraqi forces 20,000, preparing to launch attacks to win back the key city of mosul in northern iraq. the key question now -- how involved will u.s. advisers be? let me bring in two representatives, lieutenant scott mann retired special forces and military adviser for concerned veterans of america. and in new york gideon rose author of "how wars end," the expert on foreign affairs. to both the first question i want you to answer -- first, you colonel, from a merlilitary perspective. why give isis the heads up that they're coming in the springtime? >> yeah. i mean i'm sure that question's on a lot of folks' minds. one of the things -- i'm not going to get too deep into questioning the ground force commanders' decisions on that. there may be strategic information or something like that.
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it's typically not what you do, that you announce that you're coming. again, those guys on the ground maneuver force commanders i'm sure they know what they're doing there. i think probably let the that play out and see. >> how would you respond to that? >> it's hard to keep a secret from the press even about our own troop movements. when you're working with the iraqis in a coordinated operation i don't think this would have been secret very long no matter what. so the question is can you achieve tactical surprise even if you're not going to get strategic surprise. >> colonel, can you pull this off, is it feasible without u.s. ground troops with regard to mosul? >> i think that's going to be tough without u.s. ground troops because the iraqi military frankly is pretty nascent. it hasn't been around that long. you saw what happened when we pulled out before. so i think advisers in this sense are critical. look advising is hard work in combat. combat advisers play a critical role in bolstering the strength
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and resolve of the host nation military like this and you can't just sit at home and say have a good time storming the castle. you got to be with these guys and move as they move. >> and on that note i'm wondering if this is the u.s. if this is saying to the 60-nation coalition we want to help you, we're coming full court press come the spring. >> i don't think it's full cower press -- >> how would you characterize it? >> we're moving forward. having stopped their advance, the question is can you push them back and take mosul -- >> full court press on mosul, no? >> full course press on mosul, yes. will be interesting to see. people are skeptical. the iraqi hammer has not done all that way -- army has not done all that well fighting outside its home bases. this went to the rebels relatively easily. it's what -- we all hope the operation works. if this one won't work a future one will and eventually i think isis' future is not particularly
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bright. but the question of whether we can do it this spring, that would be great if possible. >> i hope you're right that the future isn't bright for isis. i'm looking at you and pulled up a transcript. the last time we talked of in okay. listen, a lot of people agreed you with initially thinking listen, the biggest surprise is isis and the administration said this before, that the momentum of the land grab. when we were talking in october, you said something essentially to the effect of isis has reached a natural him of its logical expansion -- natural him of its logical expansion. now that we've seen the beheading of 21 christians on the shores of the mediterranean sea, paints a different picture of how they are moving. >> isis has a territorial base in syria and iraq. it's created a caliphate, and that's crucial to its appeal. this is not a transnational terrorist group. this is an actual attempt to create a military reality, to say we have the future, it is an islamic return to the past. and it's here and now and working. that gives it a target to be attacked, and if we can keep
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that in -- i don't think they're expanding on the ground in syria and iraq. the offshoot the in libya or egypt these are opportunistic infections of environments that are very disrupted and disordered. it's not an expansion of the main isis territory. in fact we may see -- >> it's still expansion of the isis ideology -- >> this is the question can the isis ideology and brand expand and thrive even if the home base is checked and eventually crushed in. >> interesting point. >> this is an interesting question. we don't know. they have to contain it while at the same time pushing it back without getting sucked in on the ground its own war. that's the challenge. >> on the notion of containment, we had scholar aaron david miller talking this morning on cnn about ways to stop isis. colonel listen to this -- >> the to demonstrate that they in fact can't expand and that they can't deliver the kinds of services, electricity, water,
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good governance we must make their caliphate fail. we have to demonstrate on the battlefield and to the extent we can in the political arena that isis has failed, that's the way to beat this. >> what do you think? i feel there are two narratives -- multiple narratives of why people join isis. one is the tangible those who are there, water, salary food you know, health care. and then there are those who want to subscribe to the ideology. i'm wondering in your perspective if cutting off those tangible things would help stop the land grab. >> the first thing is to acknowledge that the narrative is indeed working. look at the shootings in copenhagen where the brothers spore allegiance to isis. what's going on with these young girls. this is happening globally. i think that's going to continue for some time.
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i'm a little skeptical about our ability to go in and "crush the caliphate." last 13 or 14 years of the war in iraq and afghanistan, this top-down approach with just working with the military, we're going to have to work with marginalized sunni tribes from the bottom up. they're major factor. if we don't work bottom up and top down i don't see the outcome much different than what we've seen the last couple of years. >> i remember that was the point before, it's about the tribes getting in on the community level. scott mann lieutenant colonel scott mann and gideon rose, thank you very much. >> thanks. speaking of this -- the recruitment process, ahead we'll talk to a manager from the west whose -- a mother from the west whose son went to join isis, was killed while he was fighting. hear why she says it is easy for militants to persuade these young people. also the white house moments ago did respond to rudy giuliani, the former new york mayor insisting that president obama does not love america.
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you're watching cnn on this friday. thank you for being here. got the to talk about this today. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani says the man who leads america does not love america, and yet giuliani says president obama is a patriot. these comments from a man once dubbed america's mayor may be confusing. no doubt they're controversial. the firestorm igniteded with night when giuliani spoke at an event announcing governor scott walker. let the me quote "the politico" who was first to are the on this, giuliani said "i do not believe -- and i know this is a horrible thing to say -- but i do not believe that the president loves america. he doesn't love you. and he doesn't love me." he goes on, "he wasn't brought up the way you were brought up
11:16 am
and i was brought up through love of this country." then the media blitz began. giuliani did not back down. he's doubled down on why he believes president obama does not love his country. watch this. >> i'm not questioning his patriotism. he's a patriot, i'm sure. what i'm saying is that in his rhetoric, i very rarely hear him say the things i used to hear ronald reagan or bill clinton say about how much he loves america. i do hear him criticize america much more often than other american presidents. when it's not in the context of an overwhelming number of statements about the exceptionalism of america, it sound like he's more of a critic than he is a supporter. >> and you can be a patriotic american and be a critic but you're not expressing that love this we're used to from a president. >> president obama didn't live
11:17 am
through september 11 i did. president obama didn't almost you know, have a building on him. myself and my police commissioner and my commissioners did, and i lost ten of my very close friends. now i've lost about 100 close friends because i've become so friendly with many of the families. so excuse me, it's a little bit emotional for me. it's also real. i should say that the president does or does not love anything or anything, i don't know. i'm not a psychiatrist, and he doesn't have one, and he doesn't need one. >> mr. mayor do you want to apologize for your sdments. >> not at all. -- comments? >> not at all. i want to repeat it. if the president makes a speech and talks about what a great country taos -- if the president can complete the following sentence -- during the crusades the christians were barbarians and so were the muslims, if the president could say islamic fundamentalist terrorism is our enemy, i will applaud the president. but until he does that i will have doubts about his emotions his feelings attitudes.
11:18 am
>> did i mention the media blitz and much of the criticism that followed including some that said that there were racial undertones. some blatantly saying his comments were racist. this is how the former mayor responded to "the new york times," "some people thought it was racist. i thought that was a joke since he was brought up," he being the president "was brought up by a white mother, white grandfather, went to white schools, and most of this he learned from white people. this isn't racism, this is socialism or possibly anti-colonialism." we need to have a big conversation about this. we have our senior white house correspondent, jim acosta standing by. the spokesperson at the white house made commence on. this go to you in a moment. we have s.e. culp drana brazill ill, kevin jackson, executive director of the black sphere. welcome to all of you, first, what did josh ernest say? >> he had a prepared response to
11:19 am
what mayor giuliani had to say, and he didn't call him america's mayor, but you know sort of hanging over all of this is the fact that rudy giuliani has this police in the history books as the mayor who walked through the rubble of 9/11 and the days and hours really after the attacks. and josh ernest the white house press secretary, was sort of referring to that legacy when he made this response to rudy giuliani just about a half-hour ago. here's what he had to say -- >> more generally, i can tell you that it's sad to see when somebody who has attained a certain level of public stature and admiration tarnissues that legacy so thoroughly. and the truth is i don't take any joy or vindication or satisfaction from that. i think really the only thing that i feel is i feel sorry for rudy giuliani today. >> reporter: we should point out the president did have a chance to weigh in on all of this. he did not directly respond to rudy giuliani during a speech to the dnc here in washington.
11:20 am
but i want to point to something the president did say. he was talking about why democrats pursue the policies that they pursue. he said it's about doing thing that make us confident this america will continue on this upward trajectory that began so many years ago. it's about making this nation we love more perfect. he talks about his love of country, and that comment i asked a white house official was this added into the speech because the president wanted to give a veiled response. the person said no this was in the speech a few days ago. just a circumstance there. one other thing i want to point out, though is this very much puts the rest of the republican field for 2016 on the spot. giuliani said this at a scott walker event. now you'll have almost every republican candidate on the spotment one of the questions they'lling be-- they'll be asked is do you agree with rudy giuliani? >> that's a huge part of the conversation. this whole thing has absolutely turned political.
11:21 am
jim accosta, thank you. panel, jump in. s.c. you're first up to bad. you could come forward and say -- i'm not saying this is you -- anyone could say president obama is the worst president in the history of this country, but the comments that rudy giuliani made were outrageous. do you not agree? >> yeah. look i've been highly critical of the president when it comes to his rhetoric on terrorism. i thought the speech yesterday where he condemned western attitudes for fermenting extreme extremism was disturbing. however -- however, i don't think it's appropriate for rudy giuliani, someone with his stature someone who is so admired by so many in this country, i'm a former new yorker who lived across 9/11 that's a real feeling. i don't think it's appropriate for him to psychologize under president obama and declare he doesn't love the country or that
11:22 am
he wasn't raised like the rest of us. that's not appropriate. that's sort of beneath i think the national discourse that we all -- we all want to have. and i think people are rightly criticizing him. now, does that mean all republicans need to apologize for rudy giuliani? no. that's absurd. republicans don't have to explain or denounce rudy giuliani. his comments live where they live, and -- >> he does get -- it gets tricky for some presidential contenders, potentially. we've heard from a couple. i will love to hear your thoughts on that. donna brazill, i want to hear your voice. >> first of all, i want to associate myself with some of the remarks that s.e. made. his remarks have -- i don't believe they have any place in our national discourse. they're corrosive, incendiary divisive, and it's simply outrageous a man of his stature would even say it and repeat it and double down.
11:23 am
it is time that we stop this conversation. president obama loves not only america, he loves the american people. he love the american way. i can give you not just chapter and verse, but i can read like a sermon the many descriptions he has given over the years. speaking of not only his grandfather's service but many people he has come to admire. it's just -- this is just politics, and it's sad that others cannot condemn it. more personally if you think -- if you really believe this what is wrong with you? i mean this is the united states of america, and here we are in the 21st century just weeks away from a historic moment in this country where, you know 600 people after kneeling in prayer marched across the bridge, tried to match for freedom and dignity. we're having this conversation in america. we're a laughingstock. yet he has the right to say
11:24 am
whatever heness to say. i strongly disagree -- he wants to say. i strongly disagree with the mayor. i hope this after reflection this weekend -- sometimes cool heads prevail when you distance yourself from the tv screen -- maybe he'll come back and say, you know perhaps i should not have said it. it's really incendiary. >> kevin, did i see you shaking your head -- >> oh my gosh! i'm just absolutely flabbergasted at all the nonsense i heard. if you want to be embarrass good something ms. brazill, how about you be embarrassed by a president who essentially tried to spin the narrative that it's somehow america's fault that jihadists running around lopping off the heads of christians. and he alludes that the unrelated incident that happened -- >> sir, with all due respect, this president has taken the -- >> absolutely elusive and not to -- [ all talking at once ] >> hold on. hold on. >> the situation in north carolina being related to that. he has often talked about how america is not a judeo-christian
11:25 am
nation. every time barack obama speaks about this country in those very flowy words of his, it's followed by "but." everything has something to do with america being the scourge of what's going on. this is an amazing country that has allowed every type of person that wants come to come in and be a part of it. hoe never talks about what the middle east -- he never talks about what the middle east doesn't allow. they don't allow the bible or christians -- >> i want to point out this man has been elected not once but twice. >> fine. what's that have to do with -- giuliani is having a discussion we need to have often in this country. >> what is it about giuliani's point you think we need to be talking about? >> the point is -- >> that's not what i said, sir -- >> giuliani -- >> take it off the table too -- >> giuliani can say what he wants, and he's great to be having a discussion about a man who should be okay to stand up for himself and not have people saying, oh, my gosh, look at
11:26 am
what giuliani said. there are many millions of americans questioning the very same thing that giuliani's talking about, and you guys act like the guy has three heads. these are legitimate questions. when you release -- >> i want to hear from you -- >> yeah. i think it's absolutely reasonable to question the president's stance on islamic fundamentalism and his middle eastern politics. i happen to agree with what the president said yesterday. i typically disagree with the president on middle eastern policy. i thought his approach yesterday was appropriate. there's a difference between saying he has a right to say that and connecting that to a question of weather front he loves america or not -- question of whether or not he loves america or not. that smug else in frankly, a racist narrative about the president. we can pretend it's not, but that's what this is about. >> you do agree there were racist undertones? multiple people vehemently disagree. >> undertonight-- undertone, overtone.
11:27 am
we keep saying he's the other -- framing him as something unlike the rest of us. he wasn't raised like us. he's not like us. if you want to disgrace with obama's politics on islam or middle east, whatever, that's fine. it's -- he's not like us that is entirely different than any other president we've seen. this sfwhntisn't about his politics, this is about something else. rudy giuliani is playing the cheap seats taking us to 2008 and 2012 where the extreme right would attack president obama and talk about him as a foreigner as someone who shouldn't be trusted. that's the problem here and that's why rudy giuliani is being -- >> i wanted to look at other comments that mayor giuliani had made this. is i believe from november he was on "meet the press." this is in the wake of the eric garner non-indictment. roll this. >> what about the poor black child killed by another black child? >> don't you people go to -- >> i do protest it i'm a minister. they go to jail. why don't you talk about the way in which white people --
11:28 am
>> cut it down so so many white police officers don't have to be in black areas? i -- >> it's a matter of the effect of the state occupying those foursz, sir -- those forces sir. how about your attitude reinforcing black problems -- >> s.e., i want to go to you. you talk about being a new yorker, living through 9/11. and that is emotional for a lot of people. he is cena mesh's mayor. let's not forget that he's stepped his big toe in multiple controversial issues. >> i'm not sure he's the most articulate in some of those issues. to echo what kevin was saying rudy giuliani is not the first person to key in on this sense that the president apologizes for american might. he's done that for years. i've talked to democrats recently who have been questioning why the president is talking the way he is on
11:29 am
terrorism. so it's absolutely right to have this question about the president's world view, and the remarks that he makes on a world stage. that's important. but i will again say that i think it was inappropriate for giuliani to question how he was rayed or if he loves -- raised or if he loves this country. if you tropical when kanye west said george bush doesn't care about black people -- yes, it was kanye saying that. but a number of legitimate liberal thought leaders took that idea up on their own and explored that. that's equally inappropriate to psychologize into someone a hatred of other people just because you disagree with their policies. >> okay. >> john -- quickly, then i want you to stick around. >> at that point. is e. because i remember that -- i was on tv i was on cnn. and i disagreed and denounced those very words. and the reason why i did it is because i am from new orleans,
11:30 am
and i know the pain and suffering this people went through down on the gulf coast. and i thought that was totally inappropriate with that statement. and we just make it clear that we take leadership, and i think it's important that other people take leadership right now and denoun -- denounce the corrosive town set up as a result of mayor giuliani's -- >> we have to go to break. this has taken a huge political turn. jim accosta alluded to it how to the other potential 2016 contenders respond? will they all have to respond does o does barack obama love america? let's take a look at your credit. >>i know i have a 786 fico score, thanks to all the tools and help on so how are we going to sweeten this deal? floor mats...
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welcome back. thanks for being with me. what a discussion we've had. we're going to continue with rudy giuliani, won't be running
11:35 am
for president the in 2016. for those who may be there's a litmus test, how they responded to rudy giuliani's commence. the former mayor said president obama does not love america. this happened lasted with evening at an event for wisconsin governor scott walker. now governor walker has responded. sort of. >> the mayor can speak for himself. i'm not going to comment on what the president thinks or not. he can speak for himself, as well. i'll tell you, i love america, and i think there are plenty of people, democrat, republican, for, everyone in between, who love this country. >> my panel is back. commentators s. empcupe. culp donna brazill this is bad for the gop. don't you agree? >> no. with all due respect to you, anybody who will answer that question is an idiot. and scott walker answered it exactly as he should --
11:36 am
>> you don't know how to answer the question. please don't call me an idiot. you say it is not bad for the republican party. please continue -- >> i wasn't speaking about you. what i said is anybody who would answer that question is an idiot. and the reason that i say that is because it's rudy giuliani's personal opinion. he's put it out there, and scott walker did exactly what he should have which is to say i don't feel that way. it's his opinion. i have m.i.a. own opinion about what i think is as -- i have my own opinion about what i think is as a patriotic opinion. rudy giuliani made his comment, whether you like it or not is up to you. i don't believe it was as insendiary as people are making it out to be. as far as other political candidates, the left is grasping at straws if they believe this is going to be the hotbed of what decides the next president. my other republican s.e. culpcupp. let's be clear governor walker not commenting on what giuliani
11:37 am
said. let's be clear that. senator marco rubio did strike a more balanced tone. he told the associated press that while no doubt president obama loves america, "i think his policies are bad for our nation." then louisiana governor jindal. he acknowledged giuliani should have used different phraseology more or less. and said that the president's love for our country is immaterial. to quiet him, "the jist of what mayor giuliani said that the president has shown himself unable to speak the threat about the nature of the threats from these isis terrorists is true." the question s.e. maybe jeb bush fill in the blank, potential white house conterner, how do you respond to that sfleg. >> this is really a meaddia exercise. republicans don't need to take responsibility for what rudy giuliani said. we have a vice president who has repeatedly on tape made racially insensitive remarks. does the president need to
11:38 am
explain joe biden? if he does -- >> i notunderstand -- >> this is a got walker event -- >> no way he answered completely appropriately which is to say i don't agree with him. i have my own opinion. i love this country. this really -- this really isn't in the domain of what other republicans should be talking about. >> okay. okay. you're shaking your head why? >> i think it's reasonable to ask scott walker the question. he was there. if i had someone -- when jeremiah wright of in the same room as president obama, we were keen to ask questions about whether or not president obama and his ideologies matched those of jeremiah wright -- >> they insisted they weren't related. >> no -- >> that's the point! >> he made the speech on that and -- i'm sorry. >> what i'm saying is it's not unreasonable to ask the question. it doesn't have to be the same -- it's reasonable to ask the
11:39 am
question. i think every republican in the world has to answer the question? no. just like every muslim doesn't have to answer the question when isis does something. although it's interesting to see how people are proxied for other people. republicans all the time critique america, talk about the moral decline, we lost ineneat. the whole '-- ingenuity. the whole '80s was talking about that. but when -- in service to america we don't say they don't love america. it's only when the left does it that we do. not while obama does it do we question his length seegitimacy as a citizen and patriot. >> donna brazill, don't you think they need to be careful who they associate with if they student? >> it other day jeb bush distanced himself from -- he said i'm my own man. i'm not my brother, i'm not my father. right. they're going to have to distinguish themselves from not just the comments of rudy giuliani but others. i mean look, they're running
11:40 am
for the presidency of the united states. it will come up. ump when you run for president, honestly, it's like filling out a questionnaire. you got to answer everything. they should be prepared to talk about it even if they are uncomfortable talking about it. >> donna, i assume you'll hold hillary clinton to the same standard, right? everyone she swoeshts and speaks -- >> my goodness good point. >> i don't know if you've been sleeping lately but hillary has answered just about everything that's happened in the united states for the last 300 years. she's been on record -- there's been so many books, quotes conversations. i am -- i am confident that if she had something to say about this she will try to speak to what's in our heart as a country who must come together. isis is a threat to all of us. whether we choose to fight it by ending? air strikes or in president obama's way of dealing with, it getting allies on board as well
11:41 am
as figuring out america's role we can have these conversation without being personally vindictive and nasty, as those remarks have been. >> look we got -- >> this is about -- we got to go. listen, this is about equal -- equal accountability, whether you're a d or r. absolutely equal, especially as we approach 2016. to my panel, i appreciate each and every one of your voices. that was an excellent, excellent discussion. coming up here on cnn, a mother's plea after her own son was killed while fighting for isis. how she says her own son was radicalized, and what she's doing now to help warn parents.
11:42 am
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police in the u.k. appealing for help from the people looking for three teenage girls who are missing after taking a flight to turkey. presumably making their way to syria where authorities are concern they may be heading into areas controlled by isis. my next guest personally knows one, her son. he was radialized and died fighting for isis in syria. this mother joins me. christiane boudreau. welcome. >> thank you. >> i am so sorry about your son. i pressure the strength you have
11:45 am
to -- i appreciate the strength you have to come on and help other parents. i know you have an outreach for friends and families of those who are radicalized. can you tell me about damian and as far you knew, he left home in calgary to study arabic and linguistics in egypt. how did he wind up in syria? >> that's a good question. all along we thought he went to egypt. i believed it the whole time. on december 23rd, 2012, the last phone call i had for about a month. then security intelligence came in and said that they had been suspicious this he had flown into turkey and then crossed over the border into syria. and i dip hear from him again until the end of february. thank goodness, at least then he was still alive. and i confroned him. he admitted that yes, he was
11:46 am
indeed in syria. and he had gone over to fight bashar al assad and to save women and children from the. >> reporter: torture-- women and children from the rape and murder going on under the regime. >> if he's there to help victims of the sear alien leader-- the southeastern leader and is on the battle feel with isis, can you connect the dots how did he make the switch? >> basically, back then in the early days a lot of these various groups were working together to overthrow the regime. over a period of time what happened is there was a struggle, power struggle of course. they all started peninsula ded splintering off on their own. he switched to the isis piece. would have been the summer of 2013. that's when we lost contact with him. and basically once you're in that type of environment and on
11:47 am
the battlefield and have atrocities this go on and the mixture you're going to stay with the group that's going to help you survive the longest. >> and as a mother i know you said please come home. what did he say to you? >> he said that he couldn't come home that he was finally doing something productive in his life. and he was where he needed to be to help others and that we as a western world western doing enough to help these people -- weren't doing enough to help these people, we were depended on drugs, alcohol, and pornography. and he didn't want to live like that. he wanted to live a pure life practicing the muslim faith. >> how did you respond? >> i told him he could continue to practice here in canada and that he didn't have to be a part of the alcohol and drugs and we
11:48 am
will fine more-- we would find more productive ways to support people and be here with us like we'd always done before. >> and so you lost him. i know that despite that you are -- because of that you are helping other parents make sure this doesn't happen to their son or their daughter. tell me how. >> basically there's several projects and programs that i've been working with. extreme dialogue is one in canada that we just kicked off this week. it's an educational program that we're putting in schools youth groups, even for parents to use. it's free and available on the web. and that's to open up the dialogue and critical thinking with youth so that they're prepared with all the propaganda isis has out there. there's nothing to counter. nothing to challenge those ideologies. that's when this program is designed to do as well as give them resources where they can help with legitimate organizations, legitimate help
11:49 am
for people. another program i've been working with is here in canada i founded it, canada family support. i've been working with daniel kohler from germany to develop the methodologies and counselors to work with families, to coach them and to counsel them and support them. so what we do is if they have youth this they consider at risk they contact us. we to a risk assessment and then if there is something to worry about, hopefully before the youth leaves we counsel and coach the parents on how to reconnect and bring them back to the family unit. if need be and they've gone away different networks and community outreach programs that we can connect them with if they do come back to try to stabilize their life. with daniel kohler we've also worked with his organization, research into deradical situation. thaurp umbrella we have an international mothers group called managers for life that
11:50 am
we're doing projects with. >> sadly, there is such a democrat for the work you're doing now. christiane back to you droemp again -- christiane boudreau. thank you very much. brushing alone does less than half the job leaving behind millions of germs. complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. complete the job with listerine®. power to your mouth™. also try listerine® floss. its advanced technology removes more plaque. >> sadly, there is such a ♪ music ♪ ...the getaway vehicle!
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stress time for actresses planning to hit the red carpet for the oscars. stress because every actress knows we'll be watching the hair, the dress, the make-up. one wrong choice and the fashion police will pounce. just google laura flynn boyle her night in one bad dress -- 2003 oscars -- will live in infamy on the internet forever.
11:55 am
maybe some people really like tutus. whatever floats your boat. maybe not for this guy. one of the fashion experts who tries to make sure these lovely ladies do not look bad at all. i have to say he does a pretty darn good job. vice president of design at ellie tahari. it is, you know awesome having you on. >> thank you. >> a huge fan. we've done segments with you guys for fashion weeks. but first, just -- who have you dressed? >> oh wow. you know princesses and -- the princess of spain sarkozy, rosie hunting ton, to name a few. penelope cruz. >> a certain name this weekend, lovely lady -- >> we're doing susan sarandon for the whole award -- >> season. >> season. >> what does that mean? does susan sarandon say, i love ellie tahar i do you pick it out, design it? >> it's back and forth. a discussion and organic process. so we -- work it out that she
11:56 am
liked our clothes, we met with her. and we show her thing and talk about it. we discuss it. do you like this, dow like that. then the dress and -- you know i think part of the dna of our bran is comfort. we started thinking about evening gowns and how to make them feel good. we're doing them in scuba fabric. >> scuba fabric? for high-end fantacy pants -- >> it's great, it sucks you in and feels good. >> if you want to keep showing some of your designs and dresses past. and this is yours. >> yes. >> this came from your brand. >> yes -- from your brain. >> yes. >> how do you do that? >> i think it's a process. we did that with ellie tahari for mary judge. blige. >> how does this happen? how do you go from here to what we see? >> it's funny because to me it seems like such a natural thing, an easy thing. and i guess because i've been
11:57 am
doing it for so long, it's something that i'm -- i'm passionate about. and so then i have conversations with other people like you know the dress should be like this -- they're like what do you mean? >> can you walk me through one dress? for example whatever it is that susan sarandon is wearing do you start with a fabric, a cut -- >> you start with a fabric i think, and an idea. it's scuba fabric it's close to the body and form fitting. and then you think about the seaming in the dress and what's very flattering, and we're -- we're always thinking how to make her look more beautiful. that's what we're about. that's what the brand's about. that's why -- we mix it with some mesh incertificates because we want it to look -- inserts because we want it to look modern. hugging the body enhancing the body -- >> we appreciate that as ladies. quickly, other than looking for susan sarandon, who are you really excited to see?
11:58 am
>> i think it's a designer's dream this season. the top five for best actress. it's a crazy lineup. from -- >> reese witherspoon -- >> rosamond pike it's crazy. >> we'll be looking especially for susan sarandon who just gorgeous. wonderful, wonderful actress and woman. elie tahari. thank you very much fred. special coverage at the oscars live from los angeles with these two. you don't want to miss this sunday at 6:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. coming up bill oriel firing back -- bill o'reilly firing back against exaggeration that's he ex-bellished war zone reporting from years ago. we'll talk to the organization that initially lodged the claims and why this believe it should not be compared to the brian williams scandal. danger... ...corrects for lane drifting... ...and if necessary, it will even brake all by itself.
11:59 am
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hour two with me on cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. an international manhunt underway for three teenage girls who are feared to now be headed toward isis-controlled territory. we have pictures of them. i want you to take a good, close look. they're young, young women here. these are women that -- the u.k. now frantically trying to fine. one is 16. the other two are 15 years of age. bags in tow. they were last seen boarding a plane from londo