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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  September 19, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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pope francis is in cuba. he just landed in havana, he came from above, but now he's on the ground with the rest of us. we've been showing you the plane just finished taxiing. our rosa flores was onboard. the pilots put flags out the windows, one of the signature vatican flag and one of the flag of cuba announcing the arrival of what is certainly not just a visit, but a mission of pope francis. what was it like onboard? >> reporter: you know, like you just mentioned, the plane just stopped at the airport here in havana. the pope is in the front of the plane, chris, i'm in the back with probably 70-plus journalists, and we're going to see pope francis walk off of this plane here pretty soon and, of course, you're going to see a rush of photographers. i'm standing right by them. outside to take all of those
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pictures and also to have the video of his landing to cuba. let's keep in mind this is his first visit to cuba. there's huge expectation. he has big speeches coming up, as you know, and from here we head over to the united states. as i was mentioning earlier, as soon as we got in the air, pope francis came back to the plane, greeted all of the journalists, spoke a little bit about -- he said it was a very emotional time because he was able to visit with one of the syrian families at the vatican. as you know, there's a huge refugee crisis. very emotional when i met this family, i feel very emotional right now. he said this is a time when we have wars, immigration crisis, refugee crisis, and we need peace. we need peace in the world. so all of these words, clues perhaps as to what we're going to be hearing pope francis say,
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but he came through and walked through and talked to a lot of the journalists. a lot of photographers are getting off right now, chris. if you have a live picture outside, you're going to start seeing some of the movement coming out of the plane. reporters were asked to stand back, wait for all the photographers to get off the plane first so they can set their cameras and be ready to see pope francis and take those shots. probably on the front page of every paper. and then -- >> rosa, can you hear us right now, rosa? >> reporter: again, a lot of people here with pope francis. >> all right, rosa, thank you very much for the report inside the plane. it's hard for you to hear us, but we're going to take it from you just right now because we saw cardinal ortega, who was trying to help u.s. relations. he was with, of course, president raul castro. what is waiting for the pope on
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the ground? this is obviously planned out. >> absolutely. we have a crowd that's going to greet him waving vatican and cuban flags. interesting recently, of course, contact with raul castro, the established friendship of sorts, certainly respectful working relationship. raul castro's office there's an atheist, communist, and black madonna, sight the pope will visit in his office. he's not a religious man, but certainly a man with respect of people of faith. great deal of respect for pope francis, for what he's done, how he's helped move the ball forward in u.s.-cuban relations and he'll be greeting as soon as the pope walks down the gangway. >> president castro said what the pope has done made him think about considering prayer again, and he's not alone in that sentiment. there's hope for many people going wild right now on the tarmac for pope francis. let's listen in and see if we can get a sense of the atmospherics.
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they were really cheering before and now they are, obviously, quiet with anticipation because they are waiting for pablo francisco to come down the stairs. he is going to give a speech, so is president castro, and it will be very interesting, it's going to be short, but in a few minutes he's going to try to bridge 50 years plus of history. what do we expect? >> of course, thank president castro -- let's listen in. they are chanting. there he is. ♪ he lost his hat. windy day like it is here.
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there he is greeting president raul castro on cuban soil. >> pope francis has been working very hard to create change here. castro warmly greets him. ortega, they, obviously, know each other very well and you tell me, ortega has been the vatican's man on the ground here. >> the relationship goes back decades. they are good friends when he was mario bergoglio, the archbishop of buenos arias. >> big emotional moment for these kids and their lives. never thought they'd get to see the pope. >> he wants to have interactions, touch them, be able to interact them and inspire the faithful. >> of course, his first language spanish, growing up in argentina
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gives a relatability here, as well. >> so key. i was here for john paul ii, then benedict, they spoke well spanish, but not native spanish. the pope, of course, does. that's going to bring people so much closer to him. >> also you have to remember these kids have only heard about him most of their lives. they are dignified figures here. what a huge day for these kids. >> absolutely incredible images. >> look, he's giving them things now. he's known for this. hands out press cards, mass cards, tokens for the kids all the time. gift they'll never forget, that's for sure. >> absolutely. these are the moments he says he wants to have throughout the island. he'll drive around in open vehicles in several occasions and we expect him to stop and go off script and really try to reach out to giving people and make an impression in a country for so long that had almost no exposure. certainly not the catholic
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religion. >> look at the hug. symbolism, also. he is here at the invitation of cuba, of its president, but the message is i am here for the people and he's embracing these children. he wants to talk about the openness of faith, of hope, and as you said, it will be a new message for this generation of cubans who have not grown up in the embrace of anything. >> this is something very telling, this is the first time when the pope was selected that they showed the selection process, they showed how a pope is picked. cubans know more about this pope than any pope that's come to cuba. >> and he's one of their own, from latin america, mattered so much to some of the support he's got in the conclave and part of the world feels part of the church as perhaps never before. >> absolutely, and cuba has a special relationship with this pope. if it wasn't for this pope, everyone says to us they would not have had the breakthrough in relations with the united states and that's giving cubans more
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hope than perhaps anything in their lifetime. >> sharing some pleasantries, obviously, the president expl n explained where to sit and what's going to happen and what will happen is remarks from both pope francis and president castro and we're going to show them both to you here, obviously. what are they chanting? >> now you're hearing the traditional military guard and they are playing the cuban national anthem. ♪ ♪ >> so interesting, chris, the words to this song are to die for your country is to live.
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he's here to change that. >> you're seeing a president stand next to a pope and as anybody that knows anything about cuba, the revolution was to move religion as an object of culture and importance, and now here we are in what can only be called an historic moment. the pope on equal footing with president raul castro. >> something different about this visit, as well, castro said he'd go to all three papal masses. his brother never did that for pope john paul ii, he didn't with pope benedict. these two men, these two world leaders, are going to be spending a lot of time together. >> military salute, obviously, a nod to what the revolutionary culture is and the importance of strength to the cuban government. probably not what the pope would require, obviously, he wants to talk about peace and the need for an exchange of a sweeter kind between people and nations. >> i was wondering which raul castro would come to the airport, the man who wears military feeds, business suit,
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and he's greeting the pope as any other head of state would. he's got a military salute there. >> they are firing off canons during the playing of the national anthem. is that relative he did not show up in a uniform? >> i think so. i think that's what we'll see throughout the mass. this is a man who's an atheist, but was raised as a jesuit just like the pope. he certainly knows the protocol, he certainly knows how you treat a figure of this magnitude and in a lot of ways, this is a big moment for raul castro, as well. >> so they are saying present arms. it's, obviously -- yes, they are doing present arms. obvious salute of respect to a dignitary. in this case the pope. another song now. you recognize this one? >> no, i do not. you look at the scene, it doesn't get higher level than this. president at the airport, the red carpet out, the vatican and cuban flags side by side being
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presented as the colors of the occasion. >> they are marching across the tarmac. ♪ ♪
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>> returning to military officers that are on the side. what we're anticipating now is the welcoming address from president castro and then, of course, the very anticipated first words of pope francis on cuban soil here in havana, the third papal visit in 17 years. you had john paul ii in 1998, pope benedict in 2012, and now this.
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the military order there was rest, which means they are anticipating and here is president castro. let's hear what he says. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> patrick, help us along. >> he's welcoming now, talking about the deep honor it is to have the pope here. as an example of our americas. thank you for his generosity.
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he's talking about when they met last may at the vatican, memorable encounter, raul castro calls it. >> translator: the intention to go forward with the idea of independence, sovereignty, with natural resources and social justice in mind. but we had a -- in the distribution of wealth. and the continent, government legitimately constituted who work for a better future have to face intensive destabilization. we have followed very closely your words, the exultation, the
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words of the bible with social questions and incyclical words. talk about the future and the care of humanity and the planet, i have come to think very deeply on this. it will be a reference for the next summit after 2015, which will take place at the u.n. in this month for the 21st conference regarding the climate change that will take place in december in paris. we see a clear echo in the world, your analysis of all the problems, and you're called to preserve the planet and the survival of our species. this is of predatory action of
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rich countries and international companies, the elimination of the dangers for all and questions of ending of natural resources and the loss of the biodiversity. as your holiness has pointed out, the humankind has to take conscious of the need of changes instead of production and consumption. the leader of the revolution of cuba, fidel castro, in 1992 during the conference on environment of the united nations in rio de janeiro talked about the need to save the humanity, humankind, of destruction to better distribute richness. and continue its science and
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technology to develop a sustainable development. hunger has to disappear, but not man, he said. the present international system is immoral and unfair. it has globalized the capital and make its idle money. citizens are just consumers. instead of giving culture knowledge. it's strange to us. >> if you're joining us right now, you're listening to president raul castro of cuba. the pope has arrived in havana. he's seated next to president castro. president castro giving the initial address. the hot points so far is that he says he welcomes the pope, he's taken his last meeting with the pope very seriously. his words, the words in the bible, president castro mentioned, the encyclicals from the pope, then he's now talking
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about global warming and the pope's words about conservation of humanity and resources. he says he's echoing the sentiments of the father of the revolution, his brother, obviously, fidel castro, who he says in 1992. he's right now speaking, patrick, about the need to conserve resources, to think about how he consumes to rethink what rich countries, he said, and rich companies do. it's interesting, you said that there is an open flame from a crude oil refining place here in the bay of havana that you said they'd turn off for the pope's visit. what's it mean to you that that is what the president's starting with? and we're monitoring the speech for the issues that come up. >> shows a -- this is a very poor country, very resource drought country. what strikes me most, we have the most important world figure in cuba, a country the united states was trying to isolate for so many years and a few years castro will go to new york. the pope has a great deal to do
1:19 pm
with that. >> the pope, obviously, on his way to different places here in cuba, then on to the united states. raul castro going there to address the u.n. for the first time in a very long time as a cuban presence. what do you think about the choice to start with global warming? is that a safe zone for him? >> absolutely, it's a sign of respect. cuba can say, listen, we're a country that does a lot with very little, very poor country. at the end of the day, this is an island. global warming has a huge impact here. they are already seeing impacts and to show the pope this kind of respect is something that's not unexpected. he's picking the issue, it's a safe issue, and saying this is the place we can work together, which has been raul castro's message to many of the world leaders. >> right now, as we hear through translation, he's talking about what the idea of revolution was and how much work they've done to change. now, obviously, that's going to be a controversial message, because the idea of what cuba as
1:20 pm
a regime has been spending its time doing, to be called a fair society, which they just did, is going to be seen as a very controversial statement. we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, we'll summarize what president castro continues to say and, of course, we're waiting for pope francis' response here in havana. stay with us. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is proven to cure up to 99% of patients... ...who've had no prior treatment. it's the one and only cure that's...
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welcome to cnn viewers around the world. you are watching president raul castro of cuba addressing the pope, who has landed in havana. so far he's said the obvious, salutations to the pope that he took his first meeting with him
1:24 pm
very seriously, that he's listened to the words, thought about what's in the bible, this coming from raul castro, unusual. that he's listened to the pope's encyclicals, then spoke a lot about global warming, which is important to the pope and translated that into the need of conservation of resources, that cuba does a lot with the little, that the rich countries around the world must do better, but now is transitioning into themes more unusual to give in the audience of a pope. yes, he's talked about the same thing as pope francis does, patrick joining me now about capitalization, sometimes putting money before people and the need for health care and immigration, but then he transitioned into sovereignty, use of strength should become a thing of the past in this part of the world, that you should not interfere with what's going on inside a country, that, an obvious message to the united states, that the need of sovereignty should come before everything else. what do you see as these things, because remember he does have pope francis there, he has to balance the popular with the political. >> absolutely. and at the end of the day, pope
1:25 pm
francis can say whatever he wants to and the cuban government can't respond, can't criticize. he's the only world leader that can come here and they have to be good hosts. and that's what they've told us they will be. they'll ask nothing of the pope, they are honored by his visit. they have to be nervous, chris. >> they are going strong with the traditional rhetoric. let's listen again and see what themes are coming up. >> translator: the united states and cuba, the re-establishment of diplomatic relations has been a first step in the process towards normalization of the relationships between the two countries. it will help to solve problems and repair injustices. the blockers who caused this, human and personal harm is
1:26 pm
cruel, immoral, and also illegal. it needs to end. the territory of guantanamo must be returned to cuba. other topics also needs to be addressed, and these are some of the things that are being asked and ideas shared by a large majority of governments in the world. this year is the 80th anniversary of noninterrupted relations between the holy sea and cuba. these are excellent, and they go very well on the basis of mutual respect. the government and the catholic church in cuba have an identifying relationship. as with other religions and other religious institutions which are present in the
1:27 pm
country, which bring moral values, that the nation does appreciate and cultivate. we have freedom of religion as essential freedom in our constitution. we give to the presence of your holiness in our homeland all its meaning. it will be very important and very enriching for the nation. you will see a country which is instructed, hard working, with deep knowledge and deeply convicted of its patriotic values, and which is going to continue to resist and develop, women and men which have a lot of dignity and respect of justice. in name of this people and this
1:28 pm
country, i do give you the warmest welcome. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> all right, president castro finished. he got more and more political as he got into it. he said religious freedom is a central tenant of the constitution, that will, obviously, be at odds with what happens on the ground here with the practice of faith. he said that the blockade was cruel and illegal and had to end, and that guantanamo had to be returned to the people and government of cuba, and these were the ground rules for what he said was a good first step in reapproaching relations with the united states, so a lot of take there in terms of what cuba wants, not a lot of give. now what we've been waiting for, pope francis. >> translator: mr. president, distinguished authorities, brother bishops, ladies and gentlemen.
1:29 pm
i thank you very much, mr. president, for your greeting and your kind words of welcome in the name of the government and the entire cuban people. i also want to greet the authorities and the members of the diplomatic, which have had the kindness of being present at this ceremony. my gratitude also goes to archbishop of havana, archbishop of suleimaantiago, cuba, and al people, thank you for their warm welcome.
1:30 pm
i thank all those who have worked hard to prepare for this pastoral visit. and, mr. president, i would also like to ask you to convey my sentiments of particular respect and consideration to your brother fidel. i would also like my greeting to embrace especially all those who for various reasons i will not be able to meet and to cubans all throughout the world. as you well know, mr. president, this year of 2015 marks the 80th anniversary of the establishment
1:31 pm
of diplomatic relations without interruption between the republic of cuba and the holy seat. providence today allows me to come to this beloved nation following the indelible path opened by the unforgettable apostolic journeys, which my two predecessors made to this island, namely st. john paul ii and benedict the xvi. i know the memories of those visits awakens gratitude and affection in the people of cuba. today we renew those bonds of cooperation and friendship so that the church can continue to support and encourage the cuban people in its hopes and concerns
1:32 pm
with the freedom and all the means and space needed to bring the proclamation of the kingdom to the kpexistential peripherie of society. this apostolic journey also coincides with the first centenary of pope benedict's xv decoration of lady of charity as patroness of cuba. it was the veterans of the war of independence who moved by sentiments of faith wanted the virgin mambisa to be the patroness of cuba as a free and sovereign nation. since that time, she has accompanied the history of the cuban people, sustaining the hope which preserves people's
1:33 pm
dignity in the most difficult situations and championing the promotion of all that gives dignity to the human person. the growing devotion is a visible testimony to the virgin in the soul of the cuban people. in these days, i will have the opportunity to go as a son and as a pilgrim to pray to our mother for all her cuban children and for this beloved nation that it may travel the paths of justice, peace, liberty, and reconciliation. geographically, cuba is an
1:34 pm
archipelago facing all directions with an extraordinary value as key between north and south, east and west. its natural occasion is to be a place of encounter for all the peoples to join in friendship as dreamt regardless of the languages of businesses and barriers of oceans. such was also the desire of st. john paul ii with his appeal, make cuba with all its magnificent potential open itself to the world and may the world open itself to cuba. for some months now, we have been witnessing an event which
1:35 pm
fills us up with hope, the process of normalizing relations between two peoples after many years of estrangement. it is a process, it is a sign of victory, of culture, of encounter, and dialogue. the system of universal growth over the system of dynasties and groups. as would say. i urge political leaders to persevere on this path and to develop all its potentialties as a proof of high service, which they are called to carry out on behalf of the peace and the well being of the people of all
1:36 pm
america and as an example of reconciliation for the entire world. the world needs reconciliation in this atmosphere, this environment, of third world war by stages that we are experiencing. i praise these days under the protection of our lady, blessed, and venerable, the great promoter of love between cubans and all men and women so that our bonds of peace, solidarity, and mutual respect may increase. once again, thank you, mr. president. [ cheers and applause ]
1:37 pm
>> all right, pope francis just gave his address. patrick, he stuck almost exactly to the script that was sent out in advance. not that usual for pope francis. usually he does extemp rise a little bit. he added one line at the end that he hopes there's a new spirit that takes us away from war around the world. >> absolutely, been very critical to what's happening in syria. back to cuba, interesting he describes themselves as witnesses when they were participants and the moments we're living right now, the u.s. and cuba have normalized relations. they don't take credit publicly, but everyone knows behind the scenes the great role he and ortega played here and certainly raul castro knows what he did and owes a debt to this pope. >> final thought before we go to break, would you describe this as short and sweet, did you see it as deferential to cuba, as
1:38 pm
taking any type of outward position? >> interesting start and we're going to see where it goes. for me, talk about fidel castro and then he said greetings to all the people i won't meet. so far we're told there are no meetings on the books, but pope francis would like to see fidel castro. will fidel castro be well enough to see pope francis, that's one of the question marks over the trip. >> pope francis took the opportunity to quote jose marte and use his words on proof of what happened, there has to be no barriers, so we're going to take a quick break here as the pope continues his welcome. really most of the leaders of the cuban government, certainly president castro, on hand. as we go to break, i want to show you a picture our rosa flores has sent us. she was on his envoy plane on the way here. take a look at the photo, we'll get the story behind it. look at that hand blessing her. vo: today's the day.
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can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? all right, the pope is in havana, he is standing next to president raul castro. let us set the scene for you that is obviously the military in full regalia coming across. looking at the vatican and cuban flags. the heat has been dizzying here. relief brought with the holy father, the wind has picked up.
1:43 pm
it is cooler. today they are a relief. we heard from president raul castro and the pope. the pope stuck to the script. he said he's looking forward to meeting the people here. he hit the themes of having increased relations, better peace, it was short and it was sweet. president castro went a bit longer, talked about the politics between the united states and cuba. said there had been a good first step but outlined grievances, saying guantanamo should be returned. the president decidedly less political quoted jose marte, saying there should be no barriers and should be an openness among people. patrick outman, so far is it going as people expected? >> i think so. we were talking a minute ago jose marte, you know, this is the, essentially, the most patriotic figure of cuba, the original revolutionary, so for the pope to use jose marte's words that can be seen as a veiled criticism is quite
1:44 pm
skillful, because no one can be against jose marte and a lot to criticize the government. the other day he was talking to cuban students via satellie and talked to them about how a leader imparts leadership and a tyrant conserves leadership to himself. there's moments of veiled criticism. also criticized marxism and those are the moments to look for. >> the pope took time to say he wants to be here with the children, wants to be about the people here and as we're seeing, he's got people coming up and greeting him. he met kids earlier grabbing their faces in excitement. rosa flores has been with the pope, took the flight over. just teased a beautiful picture of you with pope francis as the ground goes wild for him on the ground. rosa, tell us about the experience so far. >> reporter: i got to tell you, chris, as you know, i followed pope francis to south america and usually at these events there are a lot of people and
1:45 pm
maybe they are outside of the airport, but we're not seeing very many inside, so i got to point that out, because it definitely stands out when it comes to pope francis and the crowds that he usually gathers, so we're taking a look at the pope here walking for some photos, but about the photo that you mentioned of the pope giving me a blessing, it was such a special moment, chris. i spent probably about 45 seconds with the pope and we joked a bit, because i spoke to one of his friends before getting off the plane and so he laughed and joked and said everybody around us, pretty imagi magical. i brought him a little gift, as you know, mexican-americans, it's very important, so i had a gift for him. i gave him a prayer card. his face just lit up. i can't wait for you guys to get this video so you can see. he kissed the prayer card. it was just a great moment, chris.
1:46 pm
>> rosa, that is, look, a great memory for you and also a very good instruction on what matters to pope francis. now patrick ottman, you made an interesting observation, the crowds that rosa is talking about, they are not as big as usual, but you're saying there's an important symbolism here. >> they can control the size of the crowds, they can't control the joy in people's voices. the government is sending people out, they did that for john kerry, quite frankly. absolutely enthusiastic, the excitement is not contrived, the excitement is not an order by the government. this is people clapping, much more enthusiastically than they do for many of their own leaders. >> what are the expectations people carry with them, what have you heard from people here about what they want to come from this? >> they want to see more opening, as the pope said, they want to be able to talk to a world leader who can speak to them in their own language, talk frankly, and push for a more openness here. there's a constant, whether it's the economy, whether it's
1:47 pm
politics, constant push and pull and the pope is one world leader who can come here, push for openness and won't have raul castro criticizing him for violating cuban sovereignty. as far as the pope was concerned, these are his people, too. >> certainly, we have heard the confirmation of that. president raul castro said you are welcome here, we want you to have the full experience, and today he will be meeting with 2,000 young people and they will have wifi available. you have to understand, that's not how this place works. the cell towers in place, patrick, are usually used to block signals, not provide them. that's going to change. they are going to have wifi and encourage to send messages out into the social media about how it feels to be cuban. take a quick break. when we come back, what's happening on the ground here in havana, cuba. history being made. but first, we have a very special guest.
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signature pope francis moment, he seems to lose that head cover very often, but it is always something that doesn't unfaze him, makes him so normal to so many. history is being made, my friends, this is pope francis on the ground in havana, cuba. we've heard remarks from president raul castro and from pope francis. the messages largely satisfactory in terms of welcoming one another and hoping for better relations between the u.s. and cuba and for cuban people. president castro more pointed in his desire for what he wants from the united states, critical of the embargo, critical of the retention of guantanamo, but also welcoming of changes in the environment and pope francis being much more sanguine in his message. he was greeted by children,
1:53 pm
symbolic and also practical. you're looking at the kids now. watch this little girl, she's going to grab her face when he touches her, and the symbolism clear. pope francis is here for the people, not merely for politics, but the context is political because there's no question whether you speak to american or cuban officials that pope francis and the vatican instrumental in getting the countries to reconsider relations with respect to one another. now, with us we have the host of the catholic guy on sirius xm. it is good to have you here for many reasons, specifically today, the expectations of the young people, the millennials here, the future. there's been an event added, added to the agenda. tell us about it and why you think it matters so much. >> well, first of all it matters something is added because this is always a pope of surprises, so the idea that the vatican puts out an itinerary and says by the way, we're going to do
1:54 pm
something else, previous papacies you go, oh, wow. this one you go, yeah. >> what it is matters. >> to bring a couple thousand young people together, as you say millennials, this is particularly important, of course, if you're the church you want to reach out to young to keep young people interested, but here in cuba, as well, if you go 30, 40, 50 years, and i was visiting a church earlier today that 50 years ago, 40 years ago the priest had 20 or 30 people, all elderly. young people would not be going, they'd be asking questions in school, do you believe in god, there's a lot of stipulations there. tonight, couple thousand coming together to not talk politics, talk faith, of course, and you mentioned it, chris, to have wifi. i've only been in havana for like a day, right, that's not an easy thing to do. >> there's no wifi. our patrick ottman who lives here and understands the situation very well said the cell towers are used to block
1:55 pm
signal, not transmit them. so for the vatican to ask for messages to be freely given out into social media by cuban youth, how important is that? concession by the cubans and desire by the vatican. >> exactly that reason. this is the third pope in a row to come to cuba. it's not a small thing when a holy father says, yes, i'm choosing your country to go to, right? and not to say what do you give us in return, but to say if we're going to try to make progress, when pope francis says i'm coming to the united states, he had a reason to go. he didn't have to add cuba. he's very symbolic in that decision to say i'm going to cuba and enter the united states from cuba. is there anything you'd want to do that we could perhaps work together on, wifi, getting people together, could we do this and not make it political, but what the pope said before arriving here in cuba, he wants to build bridges and build friendships. >> interesting, john paul ii, st. john paul ii as the pope referred to him getting credit
1:56 pm
for helping bring down the berlin wall, said metaphorically this pope, francis, is trying to build the bridge. he wants to build the bridge between havana and florida. we're going to take a quick break here. we've been hearing about the significance of meeting with 2000 young people and getting them wifi and a voice. what else will pope francis do on this historic trip to cuba? we'll talk about it when we come back. thank you. >> good to be here. has a number.y but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪
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okay, here's pope francis making history in havana, cuba, looking at the motorcade right now. the plane landed, he and president raul castro gave remarks. president castro is more political than pope francis. pope francis meeting children saying he's here for the people, he extends blessings to those he cannot meet, a little nod to somewhat of the culture of oppression here in cuba and now here he is, the streets lined by not just the faithful, but the hopeful here in cuba. our patrick ottman, who lives here in cuba saying the enthusiasm he hears from the crowds here is genuine and that not always the case. the pope keeps getting hit by his frock, which is not unusual, and the day he deals with it so nonchalant is one of the thing that de


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