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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  November 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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viewers, here in the united states and around the world. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next, we're following major breaking news. u.s. intelligence suggesting a bomb blew up metrojet midair killing all 224 people on board. if true, it's the most significant terror attack in the sky since 9/11. let's go "outfront." good evening to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, the breaking news, isis bomb. in a being showicking assessmen u.s. intelligence suggests it was isis or an isis affiliate that killed all 224 people on
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board. if true, it would be the most significant terror attack since 9/11. the first time after several failed attempt they were able to blow up a passenger jet in flight. two government sources say terrorist chatter indicates that a bomb took down the plane. u.s. officials also say they suspect the bomb was planted in luggage by someone at the airport. so what set the bomb off? one possibility intelligence agents are looking at is that it was triggered by a barometric pressure switch, set to go off at a certain altitude. we are covering the story from every angle around the world tonight. barbara starr is at the pentagon. we're also in sharm el-sheikh, egypt. we begin with barbara star who broke this story. what are you learning tonight? >> good evening, erin. u.s. officials caution it is not absolutely for certain that it was a bomb but they very strongly believe there is a very likely possibility that someone
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in the sharm el-sheikh airport smuggled a bomb onto this plane. the u.s. intelligence committee now scrutinizing airport security at sharm el-sheikh airport. the latest u.s. intelligence suggests that the crash of the russian passenger jet was most likely caused by an explosive device on the plane, planted by isis or an isis affiliate, according to a u.s. official. the official who is familiar with the latest information regarding the u.s. intelligence analysis of the crash tells cnn there is a definite feeling it was an explosive device planted in the luggage or somewhere on the plane. a british aviation team is traveling to the airport to look at the security there. >> we cannot categorically say why the russian jets crashed. but we have become concerned that the plane may well have been brought down as a result of an explosive device.
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>> reporter: british prime minister david cameron telephoned egyptian president al sisi and announced that all flights between the uk and sharm el-sheikh are suspended until security measures can be assured. ireland, doing the same. the u.s. embassy in cairo has told u.s. employees not to travel to the sinai peninsula. >> this could be an inside operation. someone who is familiar with how the baggage process works. and let's not just limit it to the cargo hold. catering could be involved with this, too. >> reporter: isis has put out two statements claiming responsibility for bringing down the plane but they have not given any details. the u.s. official says the administration has not come to a firm conclusion but the belief it's a bomb is based in part on monitoring of internal isis messages separate from the
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group's public claims of responsibility. the u.s. did not know if the bomb plot in advance but had seen militant activity in sinai in recent weeks that had caused concern. the egyptian government says the airport is safe. >> egypt is as safe as ever. and all things are pointing to the fact that sharm el-sheikh is a safe place in the world. >> and if it's isis or an isis affiliate, it changes the capabilities of that group. erin? >> thank you, barbara starr. tonight, u.s. investigators intercepting chatter that leads them to believe that isis is behind the attack. pamela brown is "outfront." what are you learning about this chatter tonight? >> erin, there is concern among the intelligence community that a bomb brought down this plane and even though no conclusions had been reached, there was an
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increase in chatter picked up by the u.s. intelligence community after that plane went down. that suggested the group could have been responsible for planting a bomb on board. officials i've been speaking with said they didn't pick up anything before the plane went down to suggest that this was going to happen. and i want to make it clear, this chatter alone, be it online, through phone conversations, that alone does not carry a lot of wait without corroboration and officials are looking for forensics from the scene to determine whether a bomb brought down that plane. review of a passenger manifest did not raise red flags so one theory investigators are considering is whether a bomb could have been planted on that plane and set to go off at a certain altitude. that would take a certain level of bomb-making sophistication that we have not seen by isis. particularly isis in the sinai peninsula. and if it turns up that this group pulled that off, that would be a significant
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development for the u.s. intelligence community. but again, no conclusions have been reached. we hope to learn more in the coming days. erin? >> pamela, thank you very much. we're going to talk a lot more about this. but at this hour, many airlines around the hour are suspending all flights to and from the airport where this plane took off. we understand british investigators moments ago arriving there. these are major airlines serving major cities like london. >> reporter: that's right, erin. out of the assessment of security, they decided to change the travel advice, philip hammond saying that they are on
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the ground advising egyptian officials on additional emergency security procedures. egyptian officials do not have all of the information that british authorities have managed to obtain. now, the decision to change travel to sharm el-sheikh, he says, is premature. egypted civil organization saying that they downloaded the information from the flight data recorder and they are also looking at the cockpit voice recorder and say that was damaged and could take more time. now, that portion of the investigation is very much an international effort egypt is leading but russians, germans and the french taking part in
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analyzing those black boxes seen as really critical to providing concrete evidence to what happened to the plane. erin? >> erin, thank you very much. "outfront" now, our terrorism analyst paul cruickshank. you heard barbara talk about how this could change the assessment, isis being able to change the way they do terrorism. >> they managed to recruit an insider at sharm el-sheikh airport. it wasn't like they built a sophisticated nonmetallic device like al qaeda and yemen have been trying to do. this was an old-school bomb, a conventi conventional explosive and it would appear that an insider got
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onto the plane. >> in terms of what you're learning, if this is a bomb, who put it on there, it sounds like you're leading in the direction of somebody placing it but not necessarily getting on board as well so the person who did this did not get on that plane. >> right. they may still be at large. one of the reasons that isis in sinai may have been so coy, we're not going to reveal exactly how we did this, is to essentially protect this insider, this mole who has potentially been working at the airport. >> and in terms of the capability, your understanding of what sort of a bomb it is, there's a lot of questions but you heard barbara and pamela reporting there, if this were driven by a pressure timer of sorts, that would be relatively sophisticated, more than they thought isis could do? >> we don't know what the mechanism was yet and it could be an old-fashion timer. you know, time to go off at a certain point during a flight. that would be the easiest way. that's pretty rudimentary for these groups, including isis,
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well within their capability to put a timer on an explosive device. >> paul, thank you very much. next, a bomb on metrojet, if true, how did it get past airport security. plus, the final terrifying moments revealed by the plane's own data. we have combed through it. and the game-changer. if isis brought down this plane, what is next for the american war against the terror group? to folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain...
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reports. the white house is keeping a close eye on this stage of the investigation. but at this point, officials don't even want to say whether the president has been briefed on these reports that u.s. officials are saying a bomb may have brought down that russian airliner. the reason officials worry talk like that could impact the investigation, it's important to note that just before the white house press secretary came into the daily briefing today with reporters, josh earnest was getting an update on the suspicions about that bomb or the possibility of a bomb but all earnest would say is that the u.s. has been taking precautions for months to warn u.s. civilian aircraft about flying over the sinai peninsula and they would be risk and he's asking why the obama administration has been more cautious in the assessments of what has happened to this russian plane and the white house is just noting -- josh earnest was just noting that there are direct flights from sharm el-sheikh from the uk but not to the u.s. that was the explanation as to
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why the uk was being more forward-leaning with this investigation. but at this point, erin, normally in situations like this, yes, we are able to say the president was briefed about this or na. the white house not going that far tonight and they are being very cautious about this stage of the investigation. >> jim, thank you very much. very interesting. they are trying to say we tell planes not to fly over sinai. this wouldn't have had anything to do with flying over. if true, a bomb was actually planted on board a plane on the ground, as barbara said, would change the calculus of isis capabilities. sources telling cnn it appears someone at the airport actually put a bomb on the plane. tom foreman is "outfront." how could someone have gotten a bomb into this airport in the first place? this is the crucial question. >> if you have shaky, general security at the airport, not only can somebody get something into the airplane but think about the access to a plane like this before it takes off. you're going to have luggage being loaded here and here at two points, also up here.
4:16 pm
you're going to have service to the galley, food service set up here, food service happening back here as well. you may have water service to the plane here, lavatory service back here. all of that attaching up here. with all of these access points, bear in mind, before you get there, for example, the food service, there are even more people who have access to the origin of the food service. you just keep multiplying that out and you get dozens if not hundreds of people who had some kind of access before the plane took off, erin. if you have shaky security anywhere along that chain, somebody might have been able to put in or switch out something that put this plane in jeopardy. >> which, of course, opens up so many possibilities. i know at this point they don't seem to think that it would have been a suicide mission, that it would have been someone, to your point, catering or loading or any of these options. where, tom, would the bomb have been placed on board the jet in terms of the intelligence that we have right now? >> well, we don't know.
4:17 pm
if it's in the cargo hold, there are three different cargo holds. if they are carrying any kind of hazardous cargo, there are two back here and one here, one smaller one. again, you have the galley back in this area, the lavatory back in this area. if you had an explosion in this area that in some way compromised the tail here -- and bear in mind, we've seen parts of the tail some distance away from the rest of the wreckage here. if you have a big enough explosion and blow it apart, what happens, then, is the pressure starts causing the structure to collapse on top of which, bear in mind, you're going 500, 600 miles an hour. if you get a big hole blown in here, even if the plane doesn't instantly tear apart, these are hurricane-force winds breaking away at that hole and that's why you could have a tremendous problem. they are going to look hard at all of the wreckage videos and
4:18 pm
say, what do we see? what is in tact and what is not? where do we see burning if there's any kind of burning and does that tell us where this was if, in fact, it was a bomb. >> tom foreman, thank you very much. i want to go deeper on this. "outfront" now, safety inspector david soucie along with bob baer, former cia operative. bob, you've been saying since the very beginning you thought this most likely was a bomb. if so, what kind of bomb do you think it was? >> i think it was probably a professional job. you can take down a plane with plastique explosives, like t & t, anything like that to bring it down. c-4, of course. semtec brought down pan am 103. you don't need a lot of explosives. it doesn't have to be against the skin of the airplane.
4:19 pm
if you have enough explosives, it will take it down. and if you had full access to the airplane and knew what you were doing -- and i expect these people did -- you would know exactly where to put it to have 100% chance of bringing it down. >> you say they would have known what they were kdoing, which isa significant statement. al qaeda and other groups have tried to do this and have failed. it's immensely significant. when you look at a barometric pressure sensor, which is something that would be set for a certain pressure it would trigger. at a certain level it's going to go off. you talked about that in the past couple of days. it's very small and simple. if it went through a metal detector and you're familiar with this airport and the security procedures, would it have raised a red flag? would anyone have seen it? >> not that type. and this is one type that you're showing here now but there are other types and bob has mentioned it can be as simple as
4:20 pm
a balloon or air container with something on the outside of it to make contact. barometric devices are difficult to detect unless you have a barometric detector going in, which this airport does for any cargo loaded in and baggage. each piece of baggage that goes in is pressure tested forebear row metric device. that does not and would not prevent anything on a timer or some other kind of approach as well, though. >> and bob, to this point, you heard pamela saying that if it was a device like that that had a pressure trigger, that intelligence officials -- u.s. intelligence officials believe that is very significant, that they do not believe isis would have had that kind of sophistication. you're saying you think they did and very easily. >> well, erin, they are wrong. in 2003, the cia raided a safe house in baghdad owned by a man who made these devices.
4:21 pm
a lot of those devices disappeared. some of those same intelligence people have defected to the islamic state over the last couple of years and it would be very easy to take this technology, get it into the hands of the islamic state, get technicians who know how to work this stuff and get it to a place like sinai where you can get an airport that is not as secure as most and you're striking both russia and egypt. it's all very doable. they could have simply had a timer. it doesn't matter. these people would make she's bombs and they are very, very good. i asked them, could they defeat these technicians and could it defeat american security and they said, yes, you could, about 65%. you could get one of these bombs through. and i have worked on these in the past. we've collected material. we've watched how they are made. and we've tested them on u.s. airports and they are very, very scary. and the technology is old but if
4:22 pm
you know what you are doing, you can get one of these devices through. >> which is an incredible statement you're talking about, not just a place like sharm el-sheikh, you're talking about whether this can happen and, yes, 65% chance it could happen if it was happening at a u.s. domestic airport. when you just saw tom holding the cargo hold of this jet, u.s. intelligence officials saying the working theory was the bomb was smuggled on board via luggage and not from someone on the plane, put on with someone else. how do you think it happened? checked on but not linked to a person with a ticket? was it a suicide bomber? did someone who loaded the bags do it? what's your thinking of what is most likely? >> well, tom did a very good job of explaining how far the t tenicles go. what is in that water and where
4:23 pm
did it come from? there's a cargo. there's approved shippers. with approved shippers, these baggages that are shipped, they are not screened because the shipper takes full responsibility for those packages so they screen them on their side which is not within the safety umbrella of this security itself. that's that you notice that tom is talking a lot about the tail area and the tail section where the cargo hold is. that is where the repair was done after the tail strike as well. i'm still not over the fence as far as bomb versus bad repair on this tail section. >> and david, before we go, would anyone on board if this were a bomb, wherever it may have been planted, would they have known that something happened, would they have died instantaneously? what would have happened on board? >> you know, it's difficult to say. of course, the size of the bomb is going to impact that. the people within close
4:24 pm
proximity would not survive, but unfortunately, the people remaining ahead of the wing, that stayed in tact most of the way down, it would have taken some time. >> thank you both very much. bob, you'll be back with me in a moment because we have analyzed the mountain of data to piece together a millisecond by millisecond, the final moments. and this is the first time al qaeda or isis have downed a passenger plane since 9/11 but it's not the first time they have tried.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. we continue to follow the breaking news on the russian plane that crashed in egypt. all 224 on board killed. a u.s. official telling cnn intelligence suggests isis or an isis affiliate planted a bomb on that plane. nic robertson is live in st.
4:29 pm
petersburg, russia. >> reporter: the middle east source i spoke to with knowledge told me that it appears that it's a bomb that's been put on board this aircraft and part of that has to do with intercepts from phones that have gone on in the region after the bomb went off. there have also been in recent days claims by isis to have been behind this and there have also been threats against russia made by isis in the preceding weeks as well. a lot of this is coming together and it's not looking pretty at the moment. >> and so let me ask you, nic, in terms of the evidence coming in, when you talk about the chatter, you're saying that was cell phone conversations or text messages or do you have any sense of what that might be? >> reporter: no, not at the moment. not in detail. and what we're hearing and one
4:30 pm
of the things i'm hearing from the region is there is a real sense that the egyptians really need to get out ahead of this and for whatever reason, they are reluctant awe get that impression from russian officials here as well that say they can't comment on the investigation and what might have happened because it's up to the egyptians. so i think there's a lot more information that we can learn but i think there's an effort here and we certainly saw what the prime minister did, he's got the president of egypt in london and he's going to meet him on thursday and the british prime minister's office came out first and said this is leading to look like it could possibly be an explosive device placed on the aircraft. it does seem that there are real efforts here to get the egyptians to get out ahead of this and i think we may get more information and more details. >> nic robinson, thanks very much. tourism, one of the top two or three sources of revenue for the egyptian economy. they have every reason to not
4:31 pm
want this to move forward as a bomb as so many intelligent agencies are saying that they believe it was. investigators are revealing the final seconds about the flight and it's going to be crucial in piecing together what did happen. cnn has gone through a mountain of data to find out what happened just before the plane fell from the sky. miguel marquez is "outfront." >> reporter: the final seconds of flight 9268 captured in data from the plane itself shows a sudden and disastrous event or events putting the airbus 321 in a steep and unrecoverable descent. it climbed towards the cruising altitude as the jet ascended to 31,000 feet, it broke up for whatever reason and came to a complete stop and became a brick. >> reporter: 23 minutes into flight, the plane is climbing at a seemingly normal rate.
4:32 pm
576 feet per minute nearing 31,000 feet. then, the vertical speed, the speed at which the plane is ascending changes dramatically. within a second, the rate the plane is falling jumps ten fold. 23 seconds later, the plane appears out of control, plummeting 26,000 feet per minute. that is 300 miles an hour toward the earth. >> as a pilot, this would like like a nightmare to you? >> well, this is a pilot that is trying to get ahold of its aircraft. this is pilot trying to recover the airplane. if it had broke apart at this point, they were not conscious. >> reporter: with u.s. officials suggesting a bomb may have been placed on the doomed airbus, investigators are searching for definitive physical evidence of an explosive device. there are clues some bodies of passengers near the rear of the plane have metal pieces in them, possibly consistent with an
4:33 pm
explosion. we also know the plane broke apart. the tail section found a long way, three miles from the rest of the wreckage. more pressure than ever on investigators finding out how a bomb could have gotten on the plane. a critical question in the midst of a horrible disaster. >> miguel, it's incredible when you look at that flight radar and you're able to see that descent. how definitive is the data that you've been combing through? >> reporter: it's not definitive and certainly the black boxes will provide more but it's consistent with a force sheering off the tail and continuing on a few more miles. the question now is, they have to prove it, determine if they have physical evidence of a bomb on board, what kind of bomb it was, how sophisticated it was and how they got it on board and the answer to those questions could change security at airports for all of us everywhere. erin? >> it certainly could. of course, raising the question of whoever did this is, you
4:34 pm
know, there and in sharm el-sheikh now as they try to find that person. thank you very much, miguel. i want to bring in the retired navy commander david sears along with former cia operative bob baer. for everyone watching, the first question on their mind probably is could this happen in europe, in the united states? i know you believe the answer is yes. why? >> well, the ability to actually hide the explosive, it's not out in the open. at one point these groups, they were taking explosives that were very maleable, put it in a suitcase and it's not detectable. everybody who gets on an airplane, the chances of one of these things getting through, as i mentioned the figure, 65%.
4:35 pm
i just threw that out there but it was a figure that also was confirmed by people in the government as well as experts. they said they've gotten this thing through over and over again and tsa and security services in europe, airplane security services just cannot detect these with 100%. and that's, in fact, why you have these nitrate swabs, where they swab your luggage and your fingers. >> that's what they are swabbing for but they only pick one person out of "x" number. >> exactly. >> david, this is something people are afraid of. no one knew that isis could actually do it. this is a major upgrade for isis. do you agree? >> i don't think it's a major upgrade for isis. they tried to do this. they want to do this. they advertised that they would like to cause harm, do these types of terrorist attacks.
4:36 pm
it's almost equivalent to isis doing another beheading and us being surprised by it. it should not be a giant surprise that they've been able to do this and i think we have mechanisms in place that are trying to address it. >> so bob, we still don't know who specifically planted this likely bomb on the plane. obviously the working theory from our intelligence, they say that the intelligence suggests that it's someone on the ground, not a suicide bomber. is it possible that isis has multiple bombs like this ready to go and it sounds like from what both of you are saying, the answer to that would be "yes"? >> exactly as david said. it's no surprise at all. these people have been working on it and the same technology is ava available in syria. it's been disseminated around syria. ibrahim has it in yemen. many have joined the islamic state. same technology. it should come as no surprise. and i don't think it should come as a surprise if at some point
4:37 pm
the islamic state could bring this technology to europe and bring down an airplane there and i know this sounds terribly alarmists but having been around these explosives for a long time, as david would tell you, they are treacherous and able to slip by security. >> david, the thing s. the white house is saying, we told planes not to fly over sinai. this had nothing to do with planes being flown over sinai. the president famously called isis the jv squad. if they did this, this is something that al qaeda has failed to do and something transformational and not the jv quad. >> it doesn't become a game changer. it becomes a catalyst to look at our strategy to see what we are doing and how we are doing it. we have a lot of end states but not how to get there. the strategy is the how to get to those end states and they are
4:38 pm
very broad. we need to take a hard look at our allies, who are we working with and who are we not working with and address that. >> i appreciate both of you being with me tonight. thank you. next, islamic terror groups have been trying to take down a jumbo jet for many years. next, a special report on the bomb makers. and these are the black boxes recovered from the crashed airplane. these are the actual ones. can they actually provide the final answer to the crash? awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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welcome back to our viewers in the united states and around the world. our breaking news tonight, a bomb planted by isis brought down the passenger jet in egypt. if true, it comes after a series of failed attempts by terror groups to bring down passenger jets after 9/11. deborah feyerick is "outfront." >> reporter: if british and u.s. intelligence officials are correct, then isis or an isis affiliate will have achieved with al qaeda has been trying to do since 9/11, blow up a
4:43 pm
commercial passenger plane. >> this will be the most significant attack since 9/11. >> reporter: an explosive device may have been hidden inside luggage and someone working at the airport may have helped get it past security. unlike the highly sophisticated explosives used by al qaeda. authorities believe isis used a more conventional device. a source telling cnn it may have included a barometric pressure switch set to go off at a certain altitude. al qaeda has targeted u.s. passenger planes at least four times since 9/11. the first was shoe bomber richard reed in 2001. a plot by british extremists in water bottles was destroyed in 2006. in christmas 2009, the underwear bomber as this plane was landing in detroit. a year later, p.e.t.n. explosives discovered in two printer toner cartridges on ups
4:44 pm
and fedex plains. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula ibrahim al siri claimed responsibility in both cases. isis claimed credit for the russian plane saying that they only, quote, brought it down. now, the last attack on a passenger plane was 2004. the target two, russian planes brought down by two chechen women. they detonated their devices midair from the back of the plane. there were no survivors, erin. >> deb feyerick, thank you very much. terrorism expert paul kr cruickshank is joining me. there were a lot of british airplanes at this airport.
4:45 pm
>> you are absolutely right. a lot of british airplanes they could have targeted with an insider when they went off to the russians. i think the reason for that is they wanted to turbo charge their recruitment in the global jihadi movement. there's a huge amount of anger in the sunni muslim world against russia because of that bombing of the rebels taking on assad. and so they want to tap in to that anger and get more foreign fighters and they want to win in that competition with al qaeda worldwide. >> and so that the targeting of a russian plane would have enabled them to go ahead with recruiting and they didn't fear reprisal, the kind of reprisal they may get by attacking a british passenger plane. look, as you point out, the belief right now is that if this was a bomb, it was an inside bo job. someone working there could have boarded it on the plane.
4:46 pm
could that happen in the u.s., the inside operator? >> the short answer is yes but perhaps a little less likely but there was an american isis fighter killed in the summer of 2014 who had been working at minneapolis-st. paul airport as a cleaner and had access to very sensitive areas. there is going to be extra concern now about all of those workers at the airport, how they do the vetting of these workers, which parts of the airport, which sensitive sites can different workers go to. having an insider at an airport is the holy grail for terrorist groups. >> it's the holy grail but this also shows whether this was a very sophisticated bomb, somewhat or not sophisticated. the point is, they were able to do it and they haven't been able to do it since 9/11. this is a momentous event, if only for that reason, right? everyone says maybe this is easy. it clearly wasn't that easy. but if they have other bombs, they have a lot of these ready to go, what can anyone do to try
4:47 pm
to stop it to figure out where they could have them and use them? >> the worrying thing is, could they have other insiders at other airports throughout the middle east. >> right. >> who may have these very simple conventional bombs that they can get on board aircrafts. i think there's going to be a lot of soul searching not just in egypt but sharm el-sheikh and across the middle east right now. probably the easiest region for isis to try to insinuate an explosive device on to an aircraft. >> and airports, london, new york, washington, houston, you name it, across europe and the united states. thank you so much, paul. and "outfront" next, with intelligence pointing to a possible bomb on board, does the cockpit voice recorder hold the final evidence? we have a special report on exactly what could be on this recorder that you see. that's next.
4:48 pm
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tonight. u.s. intelligence suggesting a russian passenger jet was brought down by a boll. a key piece of evidence in finding out what happened will be the black boxes. that's what they are still called. the cockpit voice recorder could be the crucial one. kyung lah is out front. >> reporter: it's now about crash forensics backing u.s. intelligence. a u.s. official tells cnn chatter over heard after the crash suggests isis planted a bomb on the russian plane. investigators looking for proof, focussing their attention on this. the plane's black boxes. the flight's cockpit voice recorder says an unnamed source captured unchexpected sounds before the flight disappeared, a significant clue. >> the sound will be critical to the investigation. twa 800, we picked up a nanosecond of sound we analyzed very carefully.
4:53 pm
>> as in any disaster. >> reporter: in 1996 peter gulls was one of the key investigators investigators. questions swirled about whether a bomb brought down that plane. air traffic control audio recordings show the flight out of jfk began normally reaching just over 13,000 feet. then this last communication with the tower. approximately one minute later, the cockpit voice recorder captured a brief unusual sound. the ntsb determined that sound was a low order explosion, the sound of the plane tearing apart after a fire in the fuel tank, not a bomb. twa 800 fell out of the sky as other pilots called into the tower. >> we just saw an explosion out here. >> reporter: all conversation recorded between the crew and the cockpit is protected by federal privacy laws. the audio unreleasable because it's sensitive and personal to
4:54 pm
the victims' families. he says the audio proved critical in the case and other air disasters. in mh-17 the plane shot out of the sky in ukraine, investigators got a 2.3 millisecond sound peak captured in multiple microphones and determined the noise came from outside of the plane to the left side of the cockpit. it was a missile launched from the ground. >> you can sometimes tell the direction in which the sound is traveling by just the tiniest fraction of a second, and you can also sometimes compare this signature of the sound to previous events. >> you're talk ting there about 2.3 millisecond sound. i incredible to think about. the black boxes have been recovered. have they pulled information. >> the flight data recorder, that information has been
4:55 pm
copied. they are still working on analyzing that data. this is according to russian investigators, as far as that sound and that cockpit voice recorder, erin, we're being told there has been some serious mechanical damage to the cockpit voice recorder. they are still working on trying to retrieve the specifics of the data. >> all right. kyung lah, thank you very much and we'll be right back.
4:56 pm
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thanks so much for joining us. be sure to set your dvr to
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record "outfront." breaking news coverage continues now with a krr"ac 360." good evening, thanks very much for joining us as we have been doing throughout the night, we begin this hour with breaking news and a terrifying thought, that isis succeeded in taking down a commercial airliner with a bomb. it is not a certainty at this hour but a growing belief that a bomb destroyed metro jet 9268 and it was an inside job done with help from someone at the egyptian airport where the flight originated. now, the first inkling came this morning. it was a drum beat as british and american sources began talking about what they know, how they know it and why the threat may be on going. we learned shortly before air time about security measures that british authorities are taking. tonight the latest evidence, reaction in washington, london, st. petersburg, russia where the airbus was heading with 234 people on board,


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