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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  November 10, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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election at stake. >> tom foreman, thanks very much. that's all the time we have today. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." erin burnett "out front" starts right now. "out front" the bomb. major new details saying a bomb loaded with military-grade explosives rigged to a timer likely brought down metro jet 9268. how can a bomb get onboard? what airport screeners see and how hard it is to spot a hidden bomb. >> breaking news, a plane crashing into a brick building in ohio. the details are just coming in on this crash. we've got that for you as we are following it. let's go "out front." good evening, i'm erin burnett. out front tonight on a bomb on a timer. u.s. officials telling cnn
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tonight that is what likely brought down metrojet flight 9268, killing all 224 people onboard. the timer set for just enough time to blow the plane up soon after take-off. we are also learning tonight that officials believe the bomb was a military grade explosive, specifically a plastic explosive like c4. officials believe an insider with access to the airport planted the bomb. egyptian officials say they interviewed everyone with access to the plane including caterers. our chief national security correspondent is out front to begin our coverage tonight what more are you learning about the type of bomb they think was used to bring this flight down? >> u.s. intelligence is basically building a more detailed working theory here. without the forensic evidence they normally have with an investigation like this, access to the wreckage, to the bodies, u.s. intelligence officials more convinced it was a bomb that took this plane down. it was likely snuck onboard by someone with access to the plane at the airport other than a
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passenger. and based on the flash caught by a u.s. satellite as well as photos of the wreckage that it was likely military-grade explosives such as a c-4 that would be needed to cause a blast like this one. they also believe that a timer may have been used to detonate after take-off. this is far from a conclusion, a final assessment, but it is a puzzle they are trying to piece together from afar. this is where they stand now. >> i know that you're also, you mentioned that they say was an inside job not a passenger. do they have any sense as to who? was this someone who worked in cargo, catering, someone who didn't generally appear on the tarmac? do they have a sense? >> they've been looking hard. they interviewed all airport staff that had access to this plane before take-off and they examined security camera footage. in that investigation, they have not found evidence of someone putting a bomb on this plane.
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we have this news reporting that egypt has accepted an offer from the ntsb to travel to egypt to visit that crash scene to take part in the investigation. this could be really an enormos step forward because what u.s. intelligence has lacked so far is access to that forensic evidence at the scene. that access, if it follows through, the ntsb, could allow a more defensive judgment from u.s. intelligence. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. the breaking news we have now that the ntsb, egypt accepting their offer to help. obviously, that could be incredibly significant. egypt denied any involvement by american investigators. who is responsible for this crash? the name could be the new osama. >> reporter: he goes by the name of osama, a shadowy figure some
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say is the master mind behind the downing of the metrojet flight. it was his audio of the isis-affiliated group waging insurgency brought the plane down killing all 224 onboard. was he the master mind? when he does appear, his face is always blurred. his real identity or any other details are equally blurry, although his accent is from mainland egypt not sinai. >> the problem is we don't actually know hoe is. there are multiple theories put forward by egyptian security officials on hoe might be. >> reporter: egyptian investigators have yet to pronounce on the probable or possible cause of the crash of the russian jetliner, but increasingly, western intelligence officials suspect it was a bomb and the likely suspect behind it was the group.
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hundreds of egyptian soldiers and policemen have been killed. >> it grew from a group blowing up pipelines and full-blown insurgency in sinai. they use advanced anti-tank missiles and brought down hell cops before. >> reporter: its tactics well documented in graphic videos posted on social media are increasingly deadly. knocking out tanks and armored personnel carriers, even hitting an egyptian naval vessel with a guided missile, and now perhaps including smuggling bombs on to airplanes. the identity of the group's leaders remain a history, despite being hemmed in by egyptian intelligence on one side and israeli intelligence on the other.
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among the arsenal of this group is, indeed, c-4. that explosive that may have been used on the bomb on the aircraft last summer egyptian media reported the egyptian army captured a warehouse that contained ten tons of c-4 and tnt. >> ben wedeman, thank you very much. that's terrifying, ten tons. it could take half a pound or less to do this type of explosion. i want to talk more about what we are learning about the bomb. first this breaking news fell to you that egypt has now, and this is a significant move, accepting help from the ntsb in terms of this investigation. they previously rebuffed any assistance from the fbi or ntsb. how big of a deal is this? >> i'm suspicious here. when you talk to the egyptians,
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they are talking about access to the engines, the american-made engines in the aircraft. to my mind, there are much bigger questions. is there access to the entire geographic area? is there access to the footage from the airport or access to the interview reports from people in the airport? the egyptians are under a lot of pressure from americans to allow access. i want to know what the details are here. does this mean full access or access to the engines on the plane which are american-made? >> they do specifically discuss the engines. they don't exclude anything else but mention the engines. interesting that not be what it first seems. >> we are learning about the possible bomb here. from satellite analysis, the u.s. can see it was likely a military explosive c-4. we heard ben wedeman talking about ten tons of tnt that had
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been seized. what do you think about how easy the access had been to it? >> we know this group stock piled c-4. they used it this year in operations. a major insurgent operation where they used c-4. they claimed responsibility for this attack. it would fit. why would they use c-4? it packed a powerful punch. they need less of it. it's easy to mold so you can have a shape that projects outwards in a particular direction. it's stable so it's not going to go off prematurely when taxiing to the runway. many reasons to use c-4. >> in terms of the amount of it, ten tons, am i correct saying we are comparing a ten-ton stock pile to a bomb that would have been, could have been one pound or less. >> that's absolutely right. they had plentiful supplies of c-4.
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they've been able to get explosives from libya and other groups. it would not have been difficult to get c-4 on a plane. this does point away from the idea of a lone wolf, just an individual at the airport not connected to a group. it's difficult for one individual to get hold of this. >> right. a means it's linked to this group. you heard ben's report on the man you see in all those video pieces, blurred face. he's very much still a mystery. not a name we heard a lot about. he appears to be calling zone shots, not acting on orders from a quote/unquote isis central. that is a game changer? >> let's draw a quick contrast here. when i was back at the cia hunting al qaeda, you had a threat from an organization that had years to plan, had hundreds
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of members, tremendous geographic space under the taliban and afghanistan, but we had a center of operations that we could target with operations that included human source, intercepted phone and e-mails. think of what's happened in the past 15 years. if this is true that isis and sinai did this independently, think of the other isis cells we witnessed cropping up around the world in the last year or two. bangladesh, pakistan, libya, tunisia, syria and iraq. if you're an intelligence organization trying to collect independently on all those places simultaneously, the intelligence problem has multiplied in contrast to what we saw with al qaeda. >> you now in a sense have an arms race. you have different affiliates that want to up each other. al qaeda which needs to quote/unquote prove itself which would add to the terrifying likelihood or intent of more of these things happening.
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>> that's absolutely right. and one of the reasons isis may have carried this out because of that composition globally with al qaeda for recruits. this will turbo charge their standing in the global jihadi movement if they were responsible. it should be pointed out for weeks and weeks the leadership of isis in syria and iraq have been in the public messaging saying we need to attack russia. the group in sinai would have heard these public messages and may have responded to them. next an "out front" investigation. what a hidden bomb looks like as it passes through an airport scanner. >> is jeb bush running for president? that is a trending question on google right now. tonight, make or break for mr. bush. a deadly plane crash in ohio. a live report. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts,
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protect your belongings. let geico help you with renters insurance. egypt now saying it will accept help from the united states on the metrojet crash investigation. the ntsb will be the first americans directly involved. it appears though that is strictly for the engines which were pratt and whitney. >> a military explosive was likely used to take down the flight. only explosives of that strength could have blown the passenger jet out of the sky. terrorists in sinai have easy access to those types of explosives, including c-4. they've been used in other attacks. how difficult would it be to get them through airport security here in the united states? it is the crucial question tonight. >> reporter: can you spot the explosive? >> that's all it's going to look like to a screener. >> reporter: that is a half
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pound of the explosive c-4 to you or me might look like a slab of cheese or chocolate bar on this older model airport baggage x-ray. that is the same half pound of c-4 exploding. a high-powered explosive tough to get in the united states, but used by militaries around the world and is a favorite of terror groups, as well. used in attacks on the "uss cole" and u.s. military housing in saudi arabia. even if c-4 isn't available, there are homemade alternatives. peter jones, coo of trip wire operations group was an explosive specialist for the department of homeland security. he is showing us a range of homemade explosives that can be made with off the shelf products, not as powerful as c-4, but even a small amount could be devastating to a plane. >> this is metal.
4:17 pm
this was explosive made out of a sugar substitute. >> reporter: how much created this hole? >> 80 grams. >> reporter: not a lot. >> no. >> reporter: those homemade explosives don't look like much when going through this, again, older model airport x-ray machine. newer machines are more sophisticated and can distinguish suspect items more readily. that is the same half pound of homemade explosive being detonated. investigators believe with if a bomb was placed on metrojet 9268, it was likely done by circumventing normal airport security. even here in the u.s., there are concerns. last june the department of homeland security office of inspector general found banned items got through tsa airport security screening nationwide. 67 of 70 times.
4:18 pm
the revelation of the report led to the reassignment of the tsa director. the department also saying travelers are protected by multiple layers of security, baggage screening, only one of many seen in unseen ways tsa evaluates risk. tsa also says they go through some 2 billion bag as year, checked and the stuff you carry through airport security. they've caught c-4 going through security before in arizona back in 2011. an army private had a little tiny amount, 1/2 ounce in a checked bag. they caught it on his hands when they did a secondary screening on his hands. they then went back and checked his bags and found that 1/2 ounce of c-4 back in 2011. it is tough to take on a plane. unless they are watching carefully, unless those machines pick it up, it is possible. >> miguel, thank you very much. i know experts on the show said 1/2 ounce could be enough
4:19 pm
placed in the right place to bring down a major jet. "up front" mary schaivo along with jim maxwell, former fbi special agent bomb technician. two billion bags a year. we all go through airport security. there is such pressue to screen and move things along. are you confident they would catch something like this? >> no. it would depend where they put the explosive material into the airport anyway. all the bags in the united states checked do go through the screening. it's computed ct scan and they do tests for explosives on the checked bags. of has seen the machines. it's a ct scan. then spot checking with the swabs, eds. >> those would pick up nitrates, right? if you don't get picked for one of those swabs -- >> if it's on your person as doesn't go through the checked
4:20 pm
bag, it wouldn't be picked up. they can pick up nitrates, dynamite, splaplastic explosive. it's hit or miss. it's spot checking for the eds system. >> which is terrifying. but when you think about the number of people flying, what would be the other alternative? jim, how hard is it for terrorists to even get these kinds of explosives? >> military grade munitions in the united states would be extremely difficult to get your hands on. in egypt or the middle east, my experience in iraq, it's very common to have access to military munitions. if you look at the results of arab spring, libya, their military crumbles. there is no accounting for their munitions. same thing going on in syria right now. i'm sure in certain parts of egypt. access to military grade munitions is not unusual in that
4:21 pm
part of the world. here in the united states, it's very difficult. >> difficult and what miguel was showing in that special report is, you don't necessarily need military grade. you're looking at things you might have at home whether it be chocolate. >> sure. historically, if you look at go back to 1993 and the first world trade center pbombing, they distilled their own nitro glycerin. oklahoma city, ammonium nitrate. boston marathon bombers. they used gun powder found in fireworks. here in the u.s., bombings have been limited to improvised devices. where they had to scramble to find explosive material. >> the worst plot that was carried out, the plan in 1995 was to take down 12 jetliners,
4:22 pm
they were going to use a nitro glycerin bomb with a timer. they had concealed that under a watch. they were going to place it under certain seats and figured out which were the weakest points on the plane. it doesn't have to be the most sophisticated stuff. just pralaced right. >> last night, major scare at miami international airport. the bag cleared security, then raised alarms. this is what actually happened on a plane. officers swarmed the plane. passengers had to place their hands on their head. this happened last night in miami. they said the items were not a threat, but this is scary that this could happen. >> this goes back to the problem we had with screeners being alert. obviously, the ct machines will show this, but the screeners have to be watching at all times. by allowing this person to go
4:23 pm
through and realizing they had seen a threat on the ct machine means they had to go get them and do this. that was a problem we had even before the homeland security and tsa when the airport ran security. after 20 minutes on the job, you start to zone out. you just don't pay attention to the threats. >> there is this issue. you see footage like this. the tsa failed to identify 69 active workers in aviation with access to planes who had links to terrorism. that is a pretty stunning thing. >> yes, it is. i think the biggest issue, you can have all the bells and whistles, but you need personnel that are trained to identify these things. when you teach a class on x-ray interpretation, what something looks like up close and what it looks like under an x-ray are two different things. that's a trait that has to be
4:24 pm
acquired. it has to be honed. it's a difficult point to try to keep a proper number of people. fatigue is an issue. fatigue is an issue with the screeners. it's also an issue with k-9 units. dogs get tired, too. you have to have an adequate supply of people to make sure you're working at the opimal level. jud >> thanks to both of you. >> more breaking news of a deadly crash in ohio. a plane slamming into a building. live on the scene with this late-breaking story. mary will be with me to talk about what may have happened in this horrible crash. >> top search today on google, is jeb bush still running for president? can he handle the pressure at tonight's debate. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business.
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tonight that can make or break the campaigns of the republican candidates. the top eight will face off late they are evening. it will be center stage for donald trump and ben carson, both of whom got their code names for secret service
4:29 pm
protection today. trump is mogul and carson is eli, a biblical reference. >> people are getting away with murder. >> reporter: without a hint of irony, the billionaire reality tv star who rewrites political rules every day is calling out ben carson for an unconventional campaign. >> you stab somebody and the newspapers say you didn't do it. this is the only election in history where you're better off if you stab somebody. >> reporter: for carson, anecdotes about overcoming a pathological temper as a child is a selling point for many gop voters enthralled with his story of redemption. trump is trying to reframe it as just plain crazy. >> if you try to hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. i never saw anything like it. >> reporter: the carson campaign
4:30 pm
is now trying to defuse that situation with some humor, releasing this new top ten spoof videos of carson's youthful indiscretions. >> ben carson returned out a library book and returned it two days late. >> reporter: another drama will be playing out tonight. jeb bush versus his former protege marco rubio. >> or resign and let someone else take the job. >> reporter: his direct hit in the last debate backfired. >> someone convinced you attacking me will help you. >> reporter: team rubio released a video called "before the phony attacks." bush praising rubio. >> i'm a huge marco fan. >> reporter: the bush campaign released its own day game video releasing their own candidate the way they wish voters would see him. >> team bush says they are being bombarded with often conflicting advice about how to resurrect
4:31 pm
his fledgeling candidacy. "the new york times" reports the super pac illegally forbids him talking about the campaign. he opposes any abortion exception. >> when there is conception, that is a human life and it is worthy of the protection of our laws. >> reporter: the problem with that line of attack, if jeb bush or his campaign chooses to do so, is that right now it is all about republican primary voters. they're not so focused necessarily on electability meaning who can beat the democrat in november. who fits the republican principles the most. tonight ted cruz is going to try to prove he is that person by revealing and releasing a new government spending plan, at least that means cutting spending dramatically. we'll see that as well as many other moments. >> dana, thank you very much.
4:32 pm
republican strategist ana navarro a jeb bush supporter and friend of marco rubio and former reagan white house supporter. you said after the last debate you felt damned glum. is jeb bush still running for president. is tonight make or break? >> i don't know if it's make or break or do or die. that is dramatic. it can be hugely important. he needs to turn it around. he has been limping along. he needs to show he's got the heart and conviction. he needs to show up and play. he needs to do more than just smile graciously at his opponents. >> jeff, i want to play something for you. this is a big night for donald trump.
4:33 pm
listen to what a man said about carly fiorina today about hillary clinton. a man said he was laid off from hewlett-packard when fiorina was ceo. >> every time i see her on tv i want to reach through and strangle her. i know that doesn't sound very nice. >> i wouldn't mess with you. >> to some, that question brings back memories of a question donald trump faced at a rally in september that hillary clinton slammed him over. here's donald and hillary's response. >> we have a problem in this country called muslims. our current president is one. he is not even an american. >> he knew or should have known what that man was asking was not only way out of bounds, it was untrue. he should have from the
4:34 pm
beginning repudiated that kind of rhetoric. if that person had been at my event, i would have called him out and said that has no place in a political discussion like the one we are trying to have here. >> she doesn't call out the man who criticized fiorina, is she being a hypocrite? >> yes. this is true to form for hillary clinton. far be it from me to defend her. to make something of this guy's comment to her is crazy. it's political correctness to the max. political correctness is affecting all of society. on college campuses, it's not a healthy thing at all. one of the things donald trump is famous for is being as his daughter said when he announced, he's totally politically incorrect. we need to get back to some sandt here. >> you are saying she is a hypocrite but it's okay. >> i'm saying it's not okay. we should call her out for her
4:35 pm
political correctness. i would let her or for this guy's comments. she wants to play the game and it's not a game. >> i don't let her off for either one. i will tell you, i do think this is manna from heaven for carly fiorina. it seems every couple of weeks carly is getting hit by trump for her face or by my friends on tv for the way she performed in a debate and now by hillary. carly turns them into fund-raising solicitations and turns them into free earned media. she does a great job at it because she is astute. i think, one, hillary clinton missed an opportunity. one of the best moments of the mccain 2008 campaign was when he stood up to a questioner who made negative comments, personal about president obama. it's a chance to look presidential. it's a chance to take the high
4:36 pm
road. hillary clinton missed that chance. two, this is good for carly. girl, go squeeze those lemons. >> go squeeze those lemons. thank you, both. i appreciate it. thank you for being with us. kathy griffin is here with me now. this isn't normal. she just actually literally stopped by our set. >> thank you, erin. if you want to talk about a hypocrite that would be anderson cooper not here rehearsing with me for new year's eve. this year we are on from 8:00 p.m. till 12:30. the only carly i know about is i-carly which is a show and i think it was underrated. back to ana navarro and the other gray-haired guy who is not anderson. >> anderson is the hypocrite here. >> clearly. he is not here getting me a free dinner or taking me out on the town or wining and dining me in some way. >> i am obligated to say, you can't bad mouth anderson. i've got to be kind to anderson
4:37 pm
on this show. i'm standing up for you. that's all i'm saying. >> kathy griffin, thank you. >> new year's eve, i'll see you. >> yes. i will be watching. speaking of anderson, he is around somewhere. he just doesn't want to talk to kathy. he will be breaking down tonight's republican debate and looking at who won and loss at 11:00 eastern on cnn. next on "out front," a fiery plane crash in ohio. we are live on the scene. these images are just coming in. after two university officials were forced to resign for their handling of racial unrest, students reporting acts of racism and hate crimes on campus. milk has 8 grams of high-quality protein. which could be the difference between just living life. and milking it. start every day with the power of protein and milk life.
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breaking news. we are just getting details of a deadly plane crash in ohio. the jet seats ten passengers crashed into an apartment building in akron, ohio, erupting into flames. kevin freeman is on the scene
4:42 pm
tonight. what do you know? >> reporter: good evening. we understand that nine people were onboard that jet. ohio state highway patrol had not confirmed that number. they only confirmed the pilot and co-pilot dead, though they do say there were more people on the plane and there were no survivors. this plane was on approach. it just left dayton and was landing at akron fulton airport. it was on approach to the airport when a witness says they heard sputtering and they saw the plane actually tilt from one side to the other, clip a utility pole then slam into this apartment building we understand has about four apartments. talked to another man who said he went door-to-door to see if anyone was inside those apartments. no one on the ground hurt. there could be up to nine people killed onboard that plane. the ntsb is on its way. faa investigators have already been here. we are told the plane is just about fully intact inside of that apartment building, although it is totally burned
4:43 pm
out. that is causing a problem for investigators trying to identify how many people were onboard. right now, we do believe nine people were onboard, but they have not confirmed that total number. they only confirmed a pilot and co-pilot dead after this plane crashes into an apartment building in akron. >> kevin, i know you're confirming the tragedy here that they did die, the plane being fully intact shocking to hear. how far is the airport from where this crash happened? >> it's just a couple of miles away. in fact, this is where neighbors talk about hearing planes on their flight path coming over here all the time. it's just a couple of miles away from here. it is not akron's main airport. it is not a commercial airport. it is a smaller airport as well as a corporate jet, business type jet that holds up to ten people. >> kevin, thank you very much.
4:44 pm
mary schaivo is with me now. you investigated a lot of plane crashes. as you were hearing kevin reporting, you reacted with surprise when you heard the plane was fully intacted. >> it is. when you would hit a building like that, this is a twin corporate jet, they're fairly securedy. they've been around for a long time. to survive intact after going into a building is rather unusual. you do have a break-up, the engulfing of flames is sadly the typical result of that. >> of course, the tragedy is when you hear intact, you think could there be survivors, but kevin saying there are none. >> when you have an impact like that, and i worked several crashes of this type of plane, once you have it engulfed in flames, it's difficult to get out. >> what do you think could have happened here? he is reporting this was on approach to an airport. >> there's as many what is a plane could have a plane crash or causes of a plane crash, but
4:45 pm
this plane had issued in accidents in the past concerning the air speed. >> this particular type of plane. >> this particular model. when you get to the runway, there have been instances where they haven't been able to stop this plane on the runway. it's just speculation but the pilot was concerned about the speed. you want to come in slow enough to land. having been this low and clipped a utility pole or power line doesn't make sense. why was this plane so low? saying a plane sputtered doesn't sound like this kind of a plane because there are two jet engines. there could be some problem the plane was experiencing. it does suggest an engine problem which might explain why the plane was so low. a lot of accidents with this plane happen after you have a go-round. you had a problem landing. >> we don't know that yet at this point. thank you very much. >> thank you. charges of racism on college campuses across the nation. a special report.
4:46 pm
>> on a much lighter note, jeannie moos introducing us to a little guy who can clear a crowd.
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>> tonight a campus in chaos. they insist the school repeatedly failed to address incidents of racism and hate crimes on campus. bore ris sanchez is out front. ♪ [ bleep ]. >> reporter: it was an incident of blatant racism caught on camera, two students expelled in the sigma alpha epsilon chapter at the university of oklahoma shut down in march and other cases of racial tension sparking outrage on campuses across the country. after days of protests, the university of missouri's
4:51 pm
president tim wolfe forced to step down follow a hunger strike by a student and a threatened boycott by the school's football team after wolfe did little to respond to several racially charged incidents on campus including a swastika drawn in feces at a campus dorm. protests also erupting this week at yale, after an sae fraternity member allegedly blocked a student from going into their house party because she wasn't white. sae denies the allegations. last month a kanye west themed party thrown by a fraternity at ucla sparked protests after some party goers allegedly wore black face. in 2014 a gangster themed party with racial overtones at the sae house at clemson university led to that chapter also closing its doors. some racially charged incidents have been more threatening. the sigma phi epsilon fraternity
4:52 pm
at the university of mississippi was shut down after three members tied a noose around the statue of the school's first black student. >> it takes a moment where things come to a head for us to say something's going on. >> reporter: nyu professor and university of oklahoma alum charlton mcelwain says racial tensions on college camp yous aren't new and often don't get the attention they deserve. >> i really think that the problem is always there, and i think that part of the problem that folks on college campuses make administrators presidents and otherwise is to think that there's nothing going on and that these things kind of suddenly come out of the blue when in actuality they're there and folks are listening. >> and now people are watching across the country. what are the demands at university of missouri? >> several, abimmediate meeting with missouri governor jay nixon. they also want more access and influence into the election of the next university president.
4:53 pm
it's unclear right now if the demands will be met and when they may be met. >> of course students say this is just the beginning of their demands. thank you very much, borris. next jeanne moos proves even jaded new yorkers can be moved by a prank. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world. the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪
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a new pizza rack has new yorkers jumping out of their skin. why is this one so brazen? here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: who doesn't like a slice of pizza to go and boy, does it go. >> oh, my gosh! >> reporter: toted by pizza
4:58 pm
raft. >> oh! >> reporter: not the old pizza rat that became a sensation two months ago. >> the internet blew up over this video of a rat carrying a whole slice of pizza. >> reporter: make way for pizza rat's new remote controlled replica. >> oh! >> reporter: used to scare the be-jesus out of new yorkers. >> oh! >> reporter: why award winning prankster in his prank versus prarng youtube channel. >> oh my gosh. >> reporter: jesse got the idea when he noticed this taxidermied rat. and carry it around in a handy pizza box. >> when you're ready to deploy, you pop it open. >> reporter: making a remote controlled pizza rat isn't rocket science. this whole thing cost jesse 116 bucks. he and his fellow prankster bought a cheap remote car, got rid of the car's frame and glued
4:59 pm
cardboard to the chassis and glued on a slice of pizza. >> get yourself a taxidermy rat and this on ebay. >> reporter: glue on the rat and voila. >> easy to drive. >> reporter: he drove it around downtown and in times square. look at it. don't you think someone would stomp on the thing? how old is the pizza? >> i bought it like two hours ago. >> reporter: oh, good. only one person stepped on it and that seemed like an accident. the prank ended with pizza rat disappearing. >> i had a backup rat. >> reporter: where a real rat is probably wondering who wanted delivery. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> ai carumba! >> he got a taxidremy, rat, give him credit. thanks for joining us. set your dvdr to watch us any time. "ac 360" with anderson cooper starts right now.
5:00 pm
>> good evening, thanks for joining us. there's a big night of politics as the republican candidates square off once again. full coverage in a moment. we're just learning about a plane crashing. federal investigators heading to this fiery scene in akron, ohio, a business jet went down a short time ago, a small apartment building you see burning. lot of questions at this hour including how many people were on board. joining us now the latest details is rene marsh. what do we know what happened? >> you see the fireball there. this plane crashed into a residential building while it was approaching the akron fullson airport this afternoon. from the video it was an overcast day, our cnn weather team says that at the time of the crash, visibility was about a mile and a half with reports of fog but anderson, it is too early to know whether weather was a factor or something mechanical. we know the ntsb


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