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tv   CNN Newsroom- Paris Terror Attacks  CNN  November 14, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm erin burnett in paris. >> and i'm wolf blitzer in washington. this is cnn special breaking news conference of the paris terrorist attacks that has left 129 people dead, 352 people injured. of those people injured, almost 100 of them critically injured. at this hour, if names of those killed, they are beginning to be released. >> wolf, with every name, a story and a life lost. a california college student, nohemi gonzalez, 23 years old. cnn has also learned that the
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fbi is sending four agents to paris to assist with the investigation if french officials request help. so far they have not. isis, though, claiming responsibility for the attacks. these are the deadliest attacks in europe in more than a decade. a situation not seen in france in generations. the french president calling them an act of war. and our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto is with me now. jim, we just literally have these headlines crossing, identifying the first of the attackers. >> that's right. this appears to be the same frenchman we reported had been identified by his fingerprints and someone known to the police previously, known to have been radicalized but not necessarily involved in terrorism. this gives you what president hollande referred to earlier in the day, this plot had apparently had both local and
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international involvement. >> so we're learning about this man, 29 or 30 years old, was known to french authorities prior to this. but that is one of seven. >> exactly. >> of course, there's a network beyond that. what about the other names? >> you have that initial ring of the attackers that carried out these attacks. they have one of those identified. they discovered a syrian and egyptian passport. there's some doubts about the authenticity, so those are not positive identifications at this point. but then you have a ring outside that. the president and intelligence sources have said you can't carry out an attack of this magnitude without a support network. so you have them looking at that network. they have arrested, detained at least the father and brother of the french attacker. they have arrested and detained someone leaving france for belgium driving one of the cars -- or not driving one of the cars but believe he had
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rented one of the cars involved in the attack. you had an arrest in germany a week ago that they believe was connected and raids in belgium of the course of the last 24 hours. so that's another ring. you have these concentric circles they're tracing out. the deputy mayor said earlier today, there is nothing to indicate that this terror threat is over. in other words, that they believe there are still attackers out there. >> one of the big questions is going to be the authenticity of these passports, whether indeed these attackers were syrian refugees who came in through greece. >> that's right. >> they know the passports, at least they're saying are real, they don't know if the people holding them was the person in the passports. >> there's questions whether the passports were authentiauthenti because some of the numbers didn't match up. but one of them had been registered as crossing into greece from syria among this wave of refugees. >> so what would be, if that
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wasn't that individual, if he had someone else's passport, what would be the motivation to have that on you when you were intending to kill yourself as part of a suicide bomber? >> only speculation, but if you want to move through boarders and conceal your identity, you might buy a passport or falsify another passport. >> this is going to be a crucial line of questioning, so important to emphasize we have not confirmed whether those were authentic or not. >> just one more point. it's a big plot, and clearly, it is bigger than just the seven attackers that took part. a major question is how could you have that plot get underneath the radar of the surveillance taking place here, particularly in wake of the "charlie hebdo" terror attacks. >> this could have taken months to plan, and they were unable to pick up the trail. >> very disturbing indeed. erin, we'll get back to you.
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congressman mike turner has been briefed on what's going on. congressman, is there any doubt at all left that this is an isis planned operation? >> we have to continue to investigate, but obviously isis has claimed credit. president hollande has identified it as an isis threat. one thing we know is that isis will continue to be a threat, both to allies and to the united states. in all of the briefings that we received, they've been identified as a national security threat, but you don't need a classified briefing to know this throughout the press and the united states, there have been incidents of the fbi identifying those in touch with isis and attempting to plan attacks against the united states. we know they're trying that against our allies also. even though we might take down some of those attempts, even if we find 100 of them and thwart them, it just takes one tragedy, such as we saw in paris for a very sad occurrence. >> the incrypted communications
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that these terrorists are using, i know the fbi director has told me he's very concerned about this ability to avoid any kind of survey. it looks like this was a coordinated event, with a lot of communication. is it your sense based on what you know they were using these encrypted apps? >> well, i don't know that. but certainly that is something making following these groups more difficult. we look to where isis is attempting to call for a terrorist attack. it does make it difficult when those become encrypted. even when they're not, we can only follow people so much. we can only go to the ends of these to thwart them so many times. our effort needs to be taking down the terrorist network itself, ensuring we take down the financing, communication and deployment. certainly this is something that president hollande is looking
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to, as the need to diminish their capability to threaten the west. >> do you think what happened in paris could happen here in the united states? >> absolutely. if you look in public news stories, isis has been soliciting and contacting people in the united states for the purposes of trying to perpetrate these attacks. this is a serious national security threat and it requires a coordinated global response. this is the continuation of terrorism. we need to ensure that we go to the sources in iraq and syria, and diminish their overall capabilities to operate and fund terrorist. >> some analysts think this is a new stage, going from operations in iraq and syria, now expanding, downing a russian airliner over egypt in the sinai, killing all 224 people on board. launching twin suicide bombings in beirut, killing more than 40 people there. and now what we have just seen in paris. is there a new global agenda
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that isis has? because we know al qaeda used to have that. they've been trying for a long time. now it looks like isis is getting in that game. >> they always have been in that game. if you look again even in the open press stories, isis has been continuing to try to infiltrate, to have attacks in the united states. there's never been a security briefing that said that isis was not a threat to the united states or allies. having been identified as such, it goes back to chapter 12 of the 9/11 report that says we need to make certain we take this fight to islamic extremism. they said we have to remain diligent or this will spread and continue to be a threat to the united states, as we see today with our allies. >> a lot of experts say the only way to destroy isis is to send a lot of troops into iraq and syria and kill them. are you ready to see u.s. boots on the ground as they say, in significant numbers, thousands of american troops going back to fight this war?
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>> i think there are a number of ways to do this. the president has called for the destruction of isis. it now comes to the point as we look to allies of joining together and dedicating the resources to do that. they continue to have financial resource and logistic operations and producing oil. and we have an ability to take down these infrastructures in a way that can affect their ability to operate. but the president is going to have to look at his strategy. he's not had a global strategy with our allies to address this and we need one and we need to step up to the plate to diminish their threat. >> very quickly, does that mean sending u.s. troops there? >> the president will have to consider that. he needs a coordinated approach. at this point, the president does not have a clear strategy. when he puts that strategy together, it may include allies and u.s. troops. this could even be an article v issue with respect to nato coming together to address the
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issue of the threat to our allies. but the president needs to step up to the table and look at american leadership. that's what is needed here. otherwise, we're going to continue to face this threat and we can't just look to the intelligence community to protect us. we have to make certain we take down their ability to threaten our country. >> congressman mike turner, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. how did intelligence officials in france miss the planning into these attacks in paris? we'll dig deeper into that question with experts who specialize in counterterrorism. much more on the paris terror attacks when we come back. i brto get us moving.tein i'm new ensure active high protein. i help you recharge with nutritious energy and strength. i'll take that. yeeeeeah! new ensure active high protein. 16 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in.
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welcome back. i'm erin burnett in paris. and you are watching cnn special live breaking news coverage of the horrific terror attacks. 129 people dead. more than 300 wounded. 99 of whom are in critical condition, as our latest reporting shows. that death toll could rise. we are now learning that the fbi is sending an additional four agents here to france to support the fbi, already based in paris. i want to get to our justice correspondent pamela brown. we hear four people, then to assist those already here. four may sound like a very few. what role are they going to play in this investigation? >> reporter: the fbi could always send more as needed. at this same, the fbi is sending these four agents to lend forensic expertise, as well as analytical expertise and investigative expertise as
6:15 pm
needed. the french have not formally asked the u.s. for help, but the fbi is being proactive in sending these agents in anticipation of the french needing the help. also, the fbi does have some jurisdiction here, is assisting with the investigation, because we know that an american has been killed in the attacks. and so what these agents could be doing is looking through the electronics, helping to take information from the attacker's phones and computers, also helping to send information back to agents here in the united states to see if there is any u.s. nexus from u.s. citizens and any of the attackers. right now i can tell you, erin, it's still very early, and they're still trying to positively identify all of the attackers. we know that the fbi has some names they're running through its databases, but right now they're still trying to get information about who was behind this and how big this is. was this a bigger conspiracy?
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those are all questions that they still have, erin. >> of course, pamela, you've been reporting on increased security at nfl football games tomorrow in the united states. how concerned are they about whether it be copy cat attacks or anything linked happening in the united states? >> reporter: there's a lot of concern. just from talking to officials, there's no indication that anyone here was linked to the paris attackers and had a similar plan in place, but i will tell you while there is no specific threat, there is concern that this could inspire people in the united states who are similar. we know that the fbi has around 900 open terrorism cases. and there are some high priority people that they're concerned about, that they are giving additional scrutiny to as a result of the paris attacks, deploying surveillance and additional resource it is necessary to make sure this does not inspire them to perhaps expedite a plan that they
6:17 pm
already had in place to launch an attack. so there is a lot of concern, and fbi agents are working around the clock to ensure that nothing happens here in the united states. erin? >> pamela, thank you very much. i want to go now to our justice reporter evan perez. evan, the date, friday the 13th, could be something significant you're learning. >> reporter: that's right. this is something u.s. counterterrorism officials have been discussing just since this attack rr. the significance of november 13th. now, we know that al qaeda and isis are very much focused on symbolism. one of the symbols here is that november 13th is the anniversary of when the allies, western allies, britain, france, and italy, occupied constantinople in 1918. there is no evidence to indicate
6:18 pm
this is what these attackers are going for, but it is something u.s. officials are discussing, because they want to know why did this happen when it did? was it predicated, planned well in advance or something they just decided, they had this plan on the shelf and decided to activate it because they saw an opportunity. these are all theories that u.s. officials are going over and looking at. it's something that informs their investigation, they're looking at intercepts and chatter among known terrorists to see if there's anything that indicates this is what they were going for, erin. >> evan, thank you very much. theories, but dates have been so significant in the planning by al qaeda, of course, and now perhaps isis. wolf? >> good point. thank you very much, erin. joining us now is a senior fellow with the foundation for
6:19 pm
the defense of democracy, phil mudd and juliette kayene. how sophisticated was this terror attack? >> you have to look at two steps. the first step pretty sophisticated. typically, we're talking in the united states about homegrown operations, where you're talking about one, two, three people. this is far more substantial than that. not only in terms of the number of people, but the operation also fial sophistication they had to use. the second piece i point out is nibble in this kind of enterprise with this number of people, you have to be thinking about travel, documents, money. they had to have had a support network that is pretty sophisticated and probably some connectivity with isis in syria and iraq.
6:20 pm
so if you're looking at sophistication, i would put this at the top 5%, 1%, pretty sophisticated. >> julia, as you know ten months ago, we watched the attacks on the "charlie hebdo" magazine in paris. at the time the french president vowed to clamp down on extremists across the country, and we learned today that one of the terrorists, one of the attackers, a 30-year-old man was well known to french authorities. here's the question -- was there an intelligence or law enforcement failure here? >> absolutely. you can't have an event like this without calling it a failure of just sort of tragic proportions. just picking up on what phil said, there's three elements to this. there were the arms, the training, and the money. at no point during the planning of this were any hints picked up on how they were getting the weapons, how they were training
6:21 pm
to do such a sophisticated attack and finally, who was paying for it? because this is a lot of people who have to survive and remain underground in the city. so the difference with the "charlie hebdo" case that i want to make clear is that in some ways the incident in january was not a soft target. in other words, the terrorists had been -- isis had been focused on the cartoonists, on specific individuals. in fact, they had their own security. this is very different. this is a series of soft targets on a warm friday night. a concert, a sporting event. and so it does differ in both magnitude and the decision of isis to go from a target to just sort of open warfare in an urban city. >> daveed, is isis a bigger threat outside of iraq and syria, even here in the united states, a bigger threat than core al qaeda or aqap, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula?
6:22 pm
>> at the moment it is. but al qaeda has been laying kind of dormant when it comes to external operations against the united states. we're midstream, and we have very different strategies on the part of both groups. isis is surging right now, carrying out major attacks, attacks in lebanon, the attacking of the russian airliner and it was involved in this attack most concernly. al qaeda has been much quieter. it's been allowing resources to focus against isis and it's been quietly building a broad base of support. it controls territory in syria and yemen and we don't know what its external operations are, because it's not currently activating them. in the longer term, i think it remains to be seen. >> as far as isis is concerned, we heard president obama say isis is contained in iraq and syria, they're not gaining much ground, gaining any additional land. but they're certainly not
6:23 pm
contained externally. look at what they did in egypt with the russian plane, in beirut and now paris. clearly, isis is not contained, right? >> i think that's right. you have to think about this in two parts. you're looking at the geography isis has in iraq and syria. in 2014, isis was on the march, there were talks about whether they could move into baghdad. the geographic control of isis has been relatively modest. one of the reasons is you have an international coalition that includes the russians, the americans, the french, the british who have been very aggressive in terms of providing air power to strike them, providing money to opposition groups, providing weapons. i think isis is sitting back saying we're being given a great deal of pain, a lot of aggression on the part of the westerners. we have to bring pain to them. this is a reflection of isis' pain in syria and iraq, where
6:24 pm
they're saying you guys on the march against us in iraq and syria are going to pay in your home countries. that's britain, the united states, and that's france. this is not only a reflection of isis' ability to project power into europe, but a reflection of the pain they're suffering in terms of allied air strikes in syria and iraq. >> julia, how worried should officials be here that what happened in paris could happen in new york or washington or los angeles or a major city in the united states? >> there's always worry, because we have an infinite number of soft targets. so there's always a certain level of vigilance when something like this happens in an allied country, in a western city. there's going to be increased security. some of it will be what we call security theater. i think that's okay. you put more new york police officers out there. you put more security at big events like the nfl is doing
6:25 pm
tomorrow. those are all good and smart, rational responses, even in the absence of intelligence -- of an intelligence threat. look, isis said, their act words is this is just the beginning of the storm. so if you're a new york police officer, you want to be -- you don't want to believe them, so to speak. but you have to take it as a given that this is not the end. >> guys, thank you very much. we'll stay on top of this story. obviously, the information, the new information is still coming in. i'll be back at 11:00 p.m. eastern. for more of our breaking news coverage, erin will pick up our coverage right after this.
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mourners gathering to light candles this the city of lights, as paris' chandelier, the eiffel tower, has gone dark. this is our breaking news coverage here on cnn. i'm erin burnett, live in paris. welcome to all of you watching around the world. 129 people killed last night. a number that horribly will likely rise. a string of terrorist attacks, 99 people still in critical condition. so many families today will be waking up in a few hours, right here in paris, missing a loved one. their lives have been changed by a night of horror. and those who lived through it will never forget the terror. i spoke to one witness who escaped with his life. thank you for talking to me.
6:30 pm
i want to give everyone watching around the world that has such empathy for paris, fear, and i want them to understand what happened. the bottom line is behind where we are, 89 people were slaughtered in cold blood. you were eating dinner about ten blocks away. what happened? >> we walked right past here where the shooting took place. we walked by, then went, sat down, minutes later we heard this incredible gunfire. we sat there for five or seven minutes. then i went out to see what happened and see if i could be helpful. the police didn't come for another 20 minutes. when i got there, there were six people lying on the ground and many more inside. there was a rumor there was a sniper upstairs. >> you have shared with us a photo. i want to warn everyone, this is
6:31 pm
incredibly hard to look at it. i must admit when i saw it, it brought me to tears. people on the ground, blood, outside a cafe. this is what happened. >> here is the photographer. i went to be helpful. when i seen what was going on, i said somebody has to take a picture of. the next hour and a half, there was internet, there was news, as we figured out the scale and magnitude of what was going on and tried to be helpful to those in front of us. >> in that photo, there are two men with their arms out, and you believe they were trying to get help as you were trying to get help. as you say, these attacks were simultaneous, so it took help a while. >> i'm guessing they were trying to get attention from somebody in a uniform. but those of us there were trying to care for those who had
6:32 pm
fallen down. >> those people on the ground, do you know what happened to them? were they still alive? >> we just went by that restaurant a few minutes earlier. it was a beautiful night last night in paris and everybody was out on the street. some people were out celebrating. they must have driven by, i don't know what happened. we heard it, they were out attacking and these people were just shot, innocent, having coffee. >> so you walked by and then they lost their lives moments later. >> yes. there but for the grace of god. >> it is impossible for people to understand. on such a beautiful night. you were in the restaurant and not able to leave for many hours. >> the police came and blockaded the street and we were locked down until 4:00 a.m. by that time, we had this incredible information around the world. then at 4:00 a.m., they put the gate up and said find your way home. so we got lucky and found a taxi
6:33 pm
at 4:00. >> and then when you walked outside, what was the scene then? had they been able to -- paramedics had come? >> the restaurant had been covered in a temperature. there were ambulances coming in every single direction, and everybody was very nice, telling us which way to go. by then we all knew the extent of what had happened. we were about six blocks away from the theater. it was amazing, because family in the states were saying, they're going in the theater -- and we were getting it -- >> you were at 9/11 in new york. >> yeah, i was there that day. we used to talk about business that day. >> we've known each other for a long time, and you are now here. is this the same feeling? >> yes. except the scale and magnitude,
6:34 pm
all of it over at the same time. this was largely done, they picked places that would have a lot of people watching, the world is watching. yes, we have to figure out why this is going on. and what we can do to stop it. >> i think people trying to understand, just the fate and the fear that you walked by, you walked by and saw people having coffee or a glass of wine. just two or three minutes later, was it like that, that -- >> we could have gone to that cafe. they picked one that was open on the street that they could drive by and attack and move on. but we were there just a few minutes earlier. it could have been any of us. really remarkable. and then watching and listening, the momentum built, we knew what was happening. >> there was something that
6:35 pm
happened in the restaurant that speaks volumes to people coming together. that was, as you found out what was happening, there was the fear that there could have been a sniper, you were taking cover, you weren't allowed to leave. the restaurant then fed you? >> fed us dinner, yeah. they said this is what they were supposed to do, they did. they prepared a very nice meal. >> and they did that? >> they did that. i snuck out because being the oldest of the group, i wanted to know what was going on. that's why i took those pictures. but we knew nothing more was going to happen in that particular neighborhood. at least we thought that. >> that picture so stunning and heart wrenching. the attacks in paris are having people around the world on alert. people who are planning events now on the highest of alert. the impact on security worldwide, next. ♪ centrum brings us the biggest news...
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welcome back. i'm erin burnett in paris. tonight, you are watching our special live breaking news coverage of the paris terror attacks. 129 people dead. cities across america now, including new york, adding extra patrols, beefing up security after these coordinated, simultaneous attacks, showing a level of sophistication and planning that is stunning, stunningly something that intelligence did not see. in the wake of suicide bombings in a french soccer stadium, the nfl will be cracking down on security tomorrow for games across the country. evan, what are your sources telling you about isis' involvement right now? >> reporter: erin, one of the things that they're very much concerned about is the idea that this attack could have been planned without anybody in intelligence really noticing anything. as you noted, the fact that if you go to a sporting event this
6:41 pm
weekend in the united states, chances are you might have seen additional security. you're certainly going to see it tomorrow. one of the concerns among police departments that we've talked to is that the isis attackers in paris seemed to be aiming for places where people were congregating, soft targets, places that you would not normally see security. for instance in new york, there were nightclubs where police, you would have seen additional police posted by the door, simply because they wanted to reassure people and also because they know these are the types of targets, targets of opportunity, soft targets that isis prizes in trying to carry out attacks. you know that al qaeda in recent years has told its members don't do attacks like this, because you might kill muslims. isis doesn't care about this, so that's the concerning thing for homeland security officials in the united states this weekend. >> evan, thank you very much. i want to go straight now to the former new york city police
6:42 pm
commissioner, bernard kerik. thank you very much for being with me. let's talk about the reality that is so stunning to so many. you have this happening in paris, coordinated, sophisticated, involving at least one french national already known as radicalized to french intelligence. french intelligence on the highest alert, looking for something like this. yet it was still able to happen without them being aware. that's got to be shocking for law enforcement in the united states and frankly, very frightening for law enforcement in the united states whether that could happen there. >> you know what, erin? i think it's going to be shocking and disturbing to law enforcement all over the world, especially countries that live in freedom, countries that have to worry about these radical islamic threats. for these guys to be able to pull this off, you have seven or eight attackers that are known or have been killed. then you have a whole support group that had gone undetected,
6:43 pm
probably for weeks if not months to put this together. so for the u.s., that's probably one of the most important issues right now. intelligence is a way we'll be able to identify these guys, grab them before something happens. unfortunately for many cities, major cities in the united states, they don't have the resources that new york city police department does. ray kelly in the aftermath of 9/11, after i left office, the police commissioner put an enormous effort into counterterrorism activities in the city. and it's been a great benefit to new york city. but there are a lot of cities that don't have those resources. >> what do you think, bernard, about this issue of the syrian passports? something which, you know, we have reported, we understand that one, perhaps two of the attackers were found with syrian passports, which linked back to the passports show that they had just come in as part of the syrian refugee influx into
6:44 pm
europe. we have not confirmed whether these were real passports and whether the people holding them were connected to the passports. but how significant do you think this risk is of isis members hiding amongst refugees? >> well, i think that in itself is a major issue and it's going to have to be looked at, because there's no vetting process. once these people start moving into the european nations, into these other countries, it's going to be extremely difficult to vet them. keep in mind that isis, both in iraq and syria, has taken over a number of different cities. and i'm confident that they have taken over passport office where is they have access to passports where they could fabricate identities. so i think that's extremely important. and we have to look at the history of what they're doing in iraq and syria. these people are barbaric. they're savages. we have to look at the way
6:45 pm
they've committed attacks in iraq and syria and we have to worry about those same sort of attacks in this country here. >> and bernard, what about the explosives that were juiceused? we understand that tatp was used, and that is something as we have reported, acetone, peroxide, things that are present in women's hair coloring, things that can, with some knowledge, be baked into an explosive in someone's kitchen in a simple way. those things were procured somehow right here in france or another country and brought into france. is that something that would be as easily procured in the united states? because it sounds like on the face of it it would be because it's household products. >> most of that stuff you can get over the counter. most of that stuff you can go into a cosmetic store or a grocery store or a hardware store, buy some of this stuff
6:46 pm
and put it all together. also, keep in mind, there have been thousands, i understand, of french people that have gone into syria. we've had a number of people out of the uk and the u.s. that have gone into syria and iraq to fight against us. so these people go over there, they learn the trade. they learn these special skills, how to put these devices together. they come back, they put it together and that go out and do something like this. >> so how, bernard, are they -- is it possible for them to track them? we understand one of those french nationals was known to intelligence as having been radicalized. so you would think he's being t tracked. it takes ten intelligence officers to track one person. they can't track them all, so
6:47 pm
you can't prevent something like happened last night. fair? >> you know what, erin? you have to set your priorities and you have to target the people that you think are the biggest threats. here in the united states, you know, according to director comey of the fbi, we probably have up to 1,000 different targets that the fbi is looking at nationwide. that takes an enormous amount of resources. and we don't have those kind of resources at the federal level to send target teams out, surveillance teams out, you know, 10, 12-man teams watching each person. so we have to prioritize each person we're looking at. >> thank you very much, bernard kerik. the french president has called the attacks here in paris an act of war. that, of course, raises a huge question. what does war mean? does war mean ground troops from france? does it mean ground troops from the united states? and what is the urgency for intelligence officials to try to stop the next attack?
6:48 pm
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welcome back. in paris, suicide bombers and gunman killed 129 people. something the french president has called an act of war. we're joined now by elise and more about what the help terrorists may is received from isis. a crucial question as the world decides what to do about syria. >> reporter: cnn has learned that french authorities are leaning toward the theory that the gunmen may have had help from outside france. there was a passport on one of the attacker showing they had
6:53 pm
gained entry through greece alongside refugees. could have been from syria. western officials, intelligence officials fear there are more fighter coming back from syria with western passports returning to europe or entering along this -- alongside the flood of legitimate refugees. tonight, the campaign against isis and their global reach is coming to sharp focus. france is reeling tonight after the deadliest attack on the country since world war ii. none of the terrorists have been identified, but isis is claiming responsibility, raising questions about just how effective the west's campaign against the group really is. >> translator: an act of war declared that was planned from the outside. france will not show any pity against the barbaric act taken by isil. >> reporter: the coordinated multiprong attacks against paris forced the white house to recast president obama's comments from a day earlier that the isis
6:54 pm
threat was under control. >> from the start, our goal has been to first contain, and we have contained them. >> reporter: administration officials explain the president was talking about isis territory in iraq and syria, not the gr p groups' influence elsewhere. with isis calling for attacks worldwide and affiliates springing up throughout the middle east, the terror group's global expansion is a major concern. just this week, obama's point man on isis, general john allen, warned of the threat of the group, also called daesh, in an interview with cnn. >> the one area where obviously we are very attentive now is the expansion of daesh beyond the region. we're watching that closely. >> reporter: the threat of isis now tops the agenda in turkey sunday where president obama will meet with leaders from the g20 nations. >> the french people have stood shoulder to shoulder with the united states time and again. we want to be very clear that we stand together with them in the
6:55 pm
fight against terrorism and extremism. >> reporter: we hear the president of the united states speaking, the president of france calling this an act of war. when you hear the words "war," people think perhaps it is not just air strikes. it certainly is not just going to be more air strikes. sell this something where we could see -- is this something where we could see a coalition force, american ground troops in syria? >> reporter: i don't think you're going to see american troops. what general allen was telling me the other day was as the u.s. and its partners get concerned about groups popping up, they want to work with local partners on the ground. you can't have american troops going to six, seven areas where they feel these isis affiliates are. we're talking about the sinai, we're talking about possibly in the caucuses. obviously talking about libya where the coalition did launch an strike just before those attacks and killed the leader of
6:56 pm
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welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm pamela brown in washington. this is "cnn special coverage." paris is in a state of emergency. police remain on the lookout, and france's borders remain shuttered. that's because last night islamist terrorists brought life in paris to a deadly standstill. this video i'm about to show you is very disturbing, we want to warn you. it shows people trying to run for their lives, dragging friends away from gunfire. [ gunfire ] [ screams ] >> that's exactly the kind of terror that held this entire city hostage last night. at least seven isis terrorists, each strapped with suicide belts and equipped with automatic weapons, assaulted six locations fanned across paris. the attacks came one after the other in quick succession. french investigators are almost certain they were coordinated to happen that way. and listen to what i


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