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tv   Wolf  CNN  January 1, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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wherever you are watching us, thank you. and this is breaking news where a shooting happened in israel on the streets of tel aviv in broad daylight. two people are killed by a man dressed head-to-toe in black and by what appeared to be a assault rifle. police are searching the city look g f looking for the shooter, and also there is video from inside of the cafe as it was happening. the shooter is on the right side of the screen, and i should say that cnn does not know how the video was shot or obtained, but as many as seven others were injured in the attack. ian lee is following the so story for us from jerusalem, and a number of unanswered questions, e yap,ian, and what u tell us about this attack or about the gunman? >> well, brianna, the two big answers is who is this gunman, where is this gunman and is this a criminal act or the terrorist
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attack. we heard on channel 2, the minister of public security coming out to say, they still don't know who it was or the motivation behind it. so as we are seeing in the shop and the market, a man who appears the be buying something, and then he returns the item, and puts the bag on the shopping carts, and that is when he gets out the gun, and starting to spray the sidewalk. two people were killed abfour are now in serious condition, and right now, a massive manhunt is under way, and the spokesman said that it is flooded with the police officers looking for the suspect in tel aviv, and they are saying that the residents should go about their normal life, but be more cautious of going between places, and being on the streets burk right now, that suspect, that gunman is still very much at large,
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briann brianna. >> thank you, ian lee, for that update. staying overseas. tensions are lessening the to today after a credible threat led to the closure of a couple of key stations there. the stations are open, and they are very much on alert. fred pleitgen is there for us. what were the officials looking fr for specific areally? >> well, brianna, the information came from french and american intelligence, and one tof the reasons that the german act sod quickly is because they got this information separately from two allied intelligence agencies and the information matched exactly the same. two railway stations in munich, and the amount of people was exactly the same, and five to seven attackers wanting to conduct suicide attacks, and the timing was the same in information on midnight of new
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year's eve, and the germans said, that they realized there could be a imminent threat to the new year's celebrations there in munich. when they got the information it was 8le:00 p.m. in germany, and they said, if we take the time to see if it is true or false, we might be putting the population in danger, and that why they closed all of the places down. and there there was a press conference by the german authorities where where they said that the people involved are to be of iraqi and seyrian decent, and they have maims that some of the information contained of the possible people, and they are trying to verify whether they are real people or phony names, but as you said at this point in time, it seems as though the threat level paz passed at least, but the german people are very much on guard, brianna. >> and now, the incident at a mosque there, and what do you know about this? >> it is generally going to play
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into the situation here in europe where a lot of the constant alert of terror attacks. of course, in brussels where the new year's eve celebrations were canceled and incident in munich, and now in the france, in the outskirts in the alps, there was guarding of a mosque, because the french are putting more manpower into that type the of area, and a man tried to run them overment they opened fire wounding him severe ly in the lg and the arm, but he has been taken into custody, and it is unclear the motivations at this point in time, and the french authorities have come out to say they believe it is an isolate incident, but they have not questioned him yet. >> we will follow that, fred pleitgen in london. and several cities had muted celebrations, belgium, rochester, new york, and they
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canceled their celebration so that police could be more mobile after this man was arrested for an attack. we learned more about this man, emanuel lutchman, and he had a criminal history, and a desire to join isis. and what do we know about him? >> he is 25 years old, and served about five years in attica for a robbery conviction, and it is then he converted to islam, and upon the release, he was radicalized on line. the plan was to use a pressure cooker bomb to plant it inside of a restaurant on new year's eve, and also to take hostages, and he went to walmart with the undercover informant to buy tools for that attack, including the black zip masks, and knives and machete among other items. the bar under attack there in
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rochester, new york, but the people said that the fear did not deter them. >> i own a few establishments downtown and so it is scary, but then i thought, we have great security pass, and great police presence there on the avenue, and they are trying to put the fear into us, and we won't let it happen. >> and they acted in time, because lutchman recorded a video of himself taking responsibility for the attack, and obviously, didn't take place with the help of an undercover informant. bria brianna. >> thank you for the new details, and i appreciate it. i want to talk more about the terror-related headlines, and we have cnn analysts kimberly dozier, and kcolonel cedric latent, and he is also a former intelligence officer, and training at the nsa. colonel, more likely for a plot to be carried out in europe or
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here in the united states? >> well, brianna, that is the big question for the author i thes the right now. i would say far more like ly in europe because of the preponderance of the muslim population there, and the fact that there are far more islamic state sympathizers in europe than you would find in the united states. but having said that, rochester clearly shows that it is possible for something to happen in the united states as well. >> i wanted to talk to you, kim, about this arrest in rochester, and the threat of isis in america, a when you look at thshg what does it tell you about how the isis strategy may be changing. >> well, the suspect is the kind of the classic individual that they have been going after online wx the qua online, with the quarter million tweets or whatever they have each day, and they are looking for people disenfranchised, and they don't have a way to get ahead, and they work on them, and bring them over, and the experts in countering violent
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extremism say there is a push and pull to bringing somebody into the fold. may they feel that the world is unjust, and that the government has not paid attention to them, and maybe abuses by the government. the pull is come be part of the team, and something important, and this is generally something that the individual would not have ak is cess to in his daily life, and so it is a siren song that the u.s. and the west has not figured out how to combat yet. >> yes, it is a very good point. and colonel, there is a new study out by george washington universi university, and it is looking for the number of isis arrests, and this year, 60 isis-related arrests in the united states compared to 15 record ed in the study for 2014. of all of those in the study, the average age here is 26 years old, and 86% are men, 40% of those arrested are converts. new york governor anp drew cuomo
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says that the suspect in rochester was probably radicalize hd in prison. so what does this say about the arrests from 2014 to 2015? >> well sh, it is troubling, brianna, and you are seeing the fervor of the kconverted. those who were converted by al qaeda in prison or other means, as kimberly says, they are the people who don't make it in society. and so isis is using the same techniques that we subscribe to the u.s. military that we can convince people that they are go going the be a part of something greater than themselves, and do some good, but in this case, the good is really evil. that is what is so troubling about this. >> something else that stands out is 86% are men, and that means that 14% are women, and what does that tell you, kim? that is a number of women. >> and so isis has created a space for the women in the
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campaign, and convince d them t have a role and not just as the isis slaves which is what the west and the u.s. has tried to put out as a counter message, but as part of the process not at the front lines, but bringing, bringing young men, supporting them the on the battlefield. so, what it shows you is that you really need to come up with the state department and others who have not yet come up with a counter message that says that beyond just a lecture. oh, you don't want to be a part of it. and the struggle is how do they find authentic voices across the muslim world and help to support them without in a sense sullying them by association. and how do you invisibly sort of x exaggerate the voices of the people that have the message that you want out there. >> and something else, colonel, that in the rochester case is
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that he goes to walmart and gets zip ties, and ammonia, and machete and a ski mask, and what is your -- i mean, that to the me a missed opportunity for someone to say, these are some odd assortment of things to be purchasing together. >> absolutely. and it is showing that we are all on the front lines of this effort against isis, and what we are dealing with here is a situation to where those kinds of indicators can happen in the daily life. so if you were a cash year at walmart, you have to pay attention to that kind of stuff, but by the same toke even if you are the neighbor of the people like the san bernardino people, you need to know what is going on enough to really a actually say, hey, there is something going on here, and it is the d old, see something, say something in this day and age, and if you don't say something about this, the result could be
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very, very tragic. >> and we are hearing that more and more in recent days. hear something, say something. >> and kimberly dose r, and cedric layten, thank you. >> thank you. happy new year. and the taliban is claiming responsibility for at a tack in a restaurant that is popular among e-patriots, and one person was killed in the blast. another 11 were injured here. police say they have one suspect in custody with the attack. coming up -- we were at the 48th floor, and i need help. >> it is a harrowing tale of surviv survival, and a photographer found himself trapped nearly 40 floors up as the hotel in dubai burned around him. he had a miraculous rescue.
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> to presidential politics and the major shake-up in dr. ben carson's campaign. on fox news, carson explained why the changes are necessary. >> well, you know, we did a deep dive and recognized that there was some areas of deficiency. having said that, we must are recognize that the team that we had, they took a very unlikely
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scenario, and a complete outsider, and they put him in a competitive position where nobody thought it was remotely possible. so kudos are for kudos where they are needed, but in fact, we are moving into a different phase, and we needed something different. we have brought it into place, and we have major differences of having operator now. this is something that i discovered work manage the corporate world for decades. you could have people with very good ideas, but you have to have have operators to effectuate the changes. >> and he has brought on board general dees who is live with frus austin, texas. and one of the thing ths that w heard dr. carter talk about is the areas of deficiency, and what areas is he talking about? >> well, brianna, happy 2016 to you. >> thank you. >> it is going to be a pivotal year in american history.
10:18 am
primarily the need and the agility to communicate our policies and strategies around the country related to the campaign. >> we know that sources are telling our sarah murray that dr. carson is now look g fing f livelier tone as he going to be heading toward the final stretch toward the iowa caucuses, and really that one of the sort of the things that the campaign is going to be doing is face-to-face contact with the iowa voters, and really at that grass roots level trying to convince them that he is the guy for the job. can you tell us more about that? >> well, of course. brian brianna, we have a great team, and there is a false narrative
10:19 am
that we are losing momentum and energy, but it is the opposite. we have a lot of energy on the ground in iowa, and ryan roach there. and we talked about the things that maybe we need to prove, and we are doing a lot of things right, but the reality is that in fund-raising and social media and the field operations, we are in good shape. ed brookover is the campaign manager, and he was a great quarterback in college football, and he is a quarterback overall to be an orchestrator of this effort as well. >> and you are making a shift there, and you are now the chairman and what was before campaign manager barry bennett resigned, and lisa cohen stepped down, the and doug watts resigned as well. so people, when they look at this, and they think that it is a shake-up, and chaos, you think that they are misreading this? oh, of course. we have had five departures, and
10:20 am
we have not had any major impacts to the campaign, and in fact, we are going to be much more agile. we have had a policy engine that is idling, and we will take the governor of off of that, and allow the people of america to see what ben carson believes about certain things. and we have had a communication strategy passive instead of active, and we will change that immediately, and we are standing up a entire policy directive and bringing in new players that are expert in the fields, and world class expert, and we are excited about the that, and as i said, it is a time thef of energy, and a time of looking forward to the new year, and really a time of pressing hard into iowa and beyond. >> we have seen dr. carson falling in the poll, and he was doing very good before, and now he is the distant third place behind marco rubio, and so when
10:21 am
he looks at that, what does he attribute the slide to? >> i don't think that dr. carson is trying to attribute to the slide. we are dealing with the reality, and we are excited to have the pent up potential, and the american people don't really know him. there is a narrative that says that he would not be qualified as the manager of chief, and it is nothing but he has the right reflexes to be the commander in chief, and who else has had more 2:00 a.m. calls, and who has made more life and death scenarios, and who do we want to have the firngs on the nuclear codes of the country, and who caninner-cities, and inspire the young african-american boy in the inner city. i am convinced it is ben carson who is the person at this time of our nation's history to heal, and revive and revere this
10:22 am
exceptional nation. >> and he is struggling on the foreign policy, and he, himself, has said that in the wake of the terrorist attacks is that people doubt his kreds when it comes to the area of policy. and you were the foreign policy adviser before taking over as chairman, and how does he confront that issue, and those concerns that voters have about him? >> well, first way to confront it is for him simply to show people what he knows, and for people to listen. dr. carson knows a lot of foreign policy, and i'm amazed when i talk to him at the depth and the brept of the foreign policy, and not just foreign policy, but every policy. and for a man to stand five feet are from the president of the united states, and talk common sense solutions, and declare truth is tremendous moral courage and knowledge. people were saying that is solomon talking with the wisdom about all of the problems that our nation faces, so he is not a newcomer to any of this, but he has been talking this, and
10:23 am
living it, and that has his been whole life story, and i don't believe it is a deficiency at all. we need to get that word out. >> you are talking about the prayer breakfast, right? >> yes, the prayer breakfast, where he -- >> and this that is when he burst on to the scene taking on president obama. and so, thank you, the new chairman of the dr. ben carson campaign. >> thank you, brianna. this shake-up is just little more than four weeks before the iowa caucuses, and so it is going to be under way so soon, and with a look at the road ahead of 2016 is our cnn political reporter sarah murray. i am excited about the 2016, and say, let's get the show on the road. >> it has been a long walk-up, and what is the impact of the car s carson campaign shake-up,
10:24 am
because it is so close to the first contest into the first votes of the ris? >> well, the reality they have a lot of work to do in the short amount of time, and you hear the new campaign manager says, they will overhaul the communication strategy, and also new reform strategy, but that is good if it were a few months ago. so when ben carson is barnstorming, people have to have a conversation with him, and trust that he is the guy to be commander in chief, and the fact is that he has not demonstrated the strength and knowledge up to this point. it is a tough thing to turn around in a couple of weeks. >> yes, he has the work cut out for him. and now, talking to donald trump, and this is what he said to fox news last night. >> well i hope that you are going to be calling the whits hou -- white house, and i promise
10:25 am
that you will get through, and you are always invited and we will do something special to make amends of the mistakes over the years. i hope that you are going to be calling the white house. >> that is the new year's resolution to become president. he got in a jab of hillary clinton, sarah, and he said that i think that i will be her worst nightmare. is this feud between trump and the clintons is is going to simmer down or get worse? >> i think it is going to escalate, brianna, because when donald trump talks, he is so optimistic, and he is talking like he has won the republican primary, and in a general election battle with hillary clinton. that is how he is talking on the campaign trail, too, and going after hillary clinton harder in recent days than some of the republican rivals, and i think that also by putting the things that he has put on the table in the last couple of days, bill clinton's past, and the infidelities and the whole character assassination, and we will hear a lot more of that, and where he is concerned, there
10:26 am
is not a lot off limits. >> no, and bill clinton is going to be hitting the campaign trail this week for his wife, and we will see how he handles that. >> and ted cruz is expected to raise $20 million in the fourth quarter, and the poll numbers hsh he is going to get some mome momentum. and is he really the most formidable challenge to donald trump at this point? >> well, right now, when you look at the ground game in iowa, ted cruz is abslout -- absolutely the biggest rival to donald trump. he is building a bigger base, and donald trump is talking about bringing in the new voters and republicans who have not voted before or votered in 40 year, and democrats who want to vote for the republican is more difficult than what ted cruz is saying, turning out the evangelical base. and yet people on the ground in iowa say that there is weeks the
10:27 am
go, and the iowa voters break late. so possibly that the resurgence is coming too early for comfort. >> a he ahead of the wave. thank you, sarah murray. happy '16 for you. >> yes, you, too. and investigators ri ing too to figure out what caused a fire to rip through in hotel in dubai. and a forever who was posted 64 floors up, pleaed for help on the social media as he planned to repel down the building. the whole thing caught on camera. we will play it for you after this. announcer: it's time to make room
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smoke was wafting from the 63-story building when the sun came up in dubai, and this fire broke out about this time yesterday, and we getting the first pictures from inside of the hotel. this broke out a couple of hours before new year's was celebrated there, and you can see the firefighters are walking through the charred area of the building. we are also seeing pictures of another fire that may have re reignited on the side of the fire. sources tell cn, this that the likely fire started in the residence on the 20th floor when curtains inside caught fire. some witnesses are describing the evacuation from the hotel calm and orderly, and others said that people were screaming and crying trying to escape the flames. and 16 people were treated for mostly minor injuries, and the spectacular fireworks deplace
10:32 am
went on as planned even though the building blocks away was still burn iing. we are learning about the dramatic survival stories there including a photographer who staked out the perfect vantage point, and then he found himself stuck, and trapped by flames and smoke on the 48th floor of the the burning hotel. ultimate li sh ultimately, he was rescued, but it was not before a very harrowing ordeal. >> we were on the 48th floor of the address hotel happen iing right now. yes, i can see it right there. yes!
10:33 am
>> oh, my goodness, i can't imagine what is going through his mind, but we will because that photographer dennis mallari is joining us by phone from dubai. tell us, dennis, what was happening in this building and you were stuck. >> hi, brianna. my first thing i did was to take a couple of pictures, and so, there's another photographer who was on there, and immediate ly e took the camera and let's go, man, let es go dennis, and soy took a couple of pictures. just a couple of pictures, and it is around one minute, and then i was heading to get and
10:34 am
grab some extra cameras, and the smoke that is heading to the exit. >> and that is when you realized that your route for escape was blocked. so you came up with a a plan to escape. and maybe one out of desperation, and tell us what you were going to do. >> i tried twice, but the winds kept changing and the smoke kept coming back, and it came my experience that a lot of the people died from the smoke and not because of the fire. look, i stepped back, and i went back into the open air corner of the balcony. from there i simply prayed very short, but very strong.
10:35 am
and then it is like a train that is used for cleaning the building, and so there is a cable that you ride, and i rode it down the building and then on the side of the building there is a platform where they usually the tower buildings, they have a light installed that every night it blinks every night. just to note that there is a building in that area. and so then i crouched down, and then i stepped out on the side of the building. >> and is so you crossed yourself, and obviously, i am sure that you were coming to terms with how this is going to be working out for you, and this is sort of a cable on the crane that you grabbed a hole of? >> yes. >> had the support myself. >> we are seeing it now, some of
10:36 am
the video. tell us how long you were there before you were eventually rescued, and tell us about the rescue. >> the total of the time i was there during the time that the fire starts it was around two hours. but i was at the edge of the building about an hour. i managed to contact some friends on the ground, and i said, could you call or approach anybody from civil defense and tell them that i am here on the 48th floor stranded here, and stuck here. 48th floor balcony side. that is it. and then i kept thinking that there is somebody from the civil liberty who will then stop it and gave them the instruction that the guys inside of the buildings, and he was on the phone with me, and then he also giving instructions of the
10:37 am
communicati communication. >> unbelievable that you got help from friends who were able to get the rescuers to you, and i want to add, dennis, you are consummate professional, because after this rescue, and the e escape for you, you then went on to the assignment of taking p k pictures of the fireworks, and amazing. we are so glad to be talking to you today. thank you for joining us, dennis. >> thank you very much. >> and happy new year to you. the fire at the address hotel in d dubai spread so intensely, and it is amazing that more people were not hurt or killed, and an article said that lax building codes may have been a contributor to this. and michael weiss whox is a senior editor of the daily beast is joining us in new york. and now, the fact is does the address hotel look like it was built to burn? ut looks like it. what are some of of the issues that could have contributed to it >> and dubai or the uae changed
10:38 am
the building code in 2013, but the problem is that all of the high-rise buildings that dotted the landscape in this country are made with mixture of polyurethane and aluminum and given the climate in the gulf and the hot temperatures and the dry and windy conditions, it can ignite this material, the platting it is called the skin of the building. so even though they have enforced more stringent rules, any building built before 2013, including the address is sus eptable to it. it is not shoddy workmanship or anything like that, but it is indicating that the fire accelerated so rapidly and ate up 30 or 40 stories of the building in less than an hour. and similar case in march of this year when a building in dubai unfortunately named the torch was the same set of
10:39 am
circumstances the polyurethane and alum nim acted as an accelerant to the flames. >> that is what an expert said to us here at cnn. that it could have contribute ed to the torching of the building. and they said that siding was coming off, and a so that is what you are talking about this polyurethane stuff. >> yes, completely. >> you mentioned the torch, but how extensive is this problem overall in the emirates? >> any buildings gone up prior to two to three years ago, and most-rises that have been constructed, and dubai in particular is a world hub for luxury shopping and trade and a lot of the international business goes through there, and for the last several decades they have been creating the fake islands, and right next to or rather sort of a stone's throw away from the address hotel is
10:40 am
the world's tallest building at 63 stories, and so that is an indication of the sort of the, you know, the sky scrape of this city, so anything that is built onward has to adhere to the regulations. >> can they retro fit, and fit these buildings that are almost like disasters waiting to happen. >> i am sure they can, but do they want to, because the expense of something like that has to be exorbitant and because there are so many examples in the buildings, what are they going to do, but if enough of the buildings catches fire, then pretty much a ground swell of support to do exactly that. so it is a dangerous set of circumstances, you know. i think that they should learn from this. >> and yes, they certainly should. michael weiss, great insight with that, and we do appreciate it. breaking news, a singing icon is gone.
10:41 am
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this is cnn breaking news. we are following breaking news that singing legend and grammy award winner natalie cole has died. ♪ unforgettable in every way ♪ and forever more
10:45 am
♪ and forever more ♪ that's how you'll stay ♪ that's how you'll stay >> the daughter of the late nat king cole who was a standout figure in pop and r&b music has died at age 6 # 5. she had reveal ed a struggle wih alcohol and drug abuse, and our paul ver kcammen is live for us from los angeles. what have we learned from the family, paul? >> well, they are just heart sicken, and i have talked to her uncle freddie who was also a musician and he said that it is with heavy hearts that we bring you the news of our mother and sister's passing. natalie fought a courageous battle dying with dig nity and strength and honor.
10:46 am
our beloved mother and sister will be greatly missed and remain unfor gotable in our hearts forever. and lenny kravitz called her voice the pure and perfect voice. >> and 65 is too young, paul. but i know that she had had the health struggles over the years. >> she did, and the pep tie s-- hepatitis c causing a myriad of problems, and she had a kidney transplant and it as is if she wanted people to know about her struggles, and drug addiction, a and this is what she said to larry king about it. many people calling her a fighter.
10:47 am
>> it is a like a virus, and they treat it aggressively, and i had it from drug use. three ways to get it hepatitis c, transfusions, drug use or needles. >> is you caused your own problem more or less? >> yes. >> and how did she get the kidney that she so desperately needed? it is because a dialysis nurse had a niece who passed away in a car accident, and she donated the kidney to natalie cole to give her more years on her life. >> oh, it is so sad. paul vercammen, thank you so mu much. up next, more breaking news, the residents evacuating as a levee has been breech ed in illinois, and the death toll is rising. we have the latest next.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> we do have breaking news. floodwaters are breaching a levee in illinois and not overtopping a broken levee and people in alexander county are being evacuate and flooding in lower mississippi is overflowing as waters won't crest for days. meteorologist allison chinchar is following this. this is a big deal, and devastate ing devastating to the area. >> it is, and we not only have one, but two levies breached and so we want to take a look at those in the similar area, and right here, you can see north of the memphis area, and the ohio and the mississippi river come together, and this is where we have had them, the fayetteville levee on the east side of the river, and dog tooth bend have started to breach. as we move farther down, this is also an area of concern, because as we push the water, a lot of
10:52 am
the areas have not seen it crest. one of the cities cairo which is part of the southern part of illinois, that bridge there has been shutdown, and it is closed, the problem is that it is going to be causing a 90-minute detour, if you are planning to go around some of the area. again, as we mentioned, system of the cities have yet to see the highest amount crest. cape j cape girardeau, and january 3rd is when they will crest, and cairo on january 49, more moisture will be floating down the mississippi river, and farther south where we have the levees breached january 9th until we get to memphis. all that water has to make it all the way down. it is possible more levees could be breached as you go farther down the mississippi river. cities like greenville and vicksburg, again not for another ten days. and the other thing to note, too, with all these, any more rain we get is going to add more
10:53 am
water to a lot of the rivers. especially for those not expected to crest for another week. we have to watch this the next several days. >> we know you will. allison, thank you very much. politics now. one problem persists. the state department released 5,000 of hillary clinton's e-mails. they blame the holiday and sheer number of e-mails for putting out fewer than expected into the public record. state department was supposed to release 8,000, it says it will release more next week. all work related e-mails ordered released after a freedom of information lawsuit. i want to bring in cnn investigations correspondent
10:54 am
chris frates. still talking about her e-mails, this is going to keep going as we see the releases. >> this is like the story that never ends, brianna. it is worth remembering context. the latest batch is part of thousands of pages the judge ordered the state department to publicly release last year. that ruling came after it was disclosed that clinton did government business from a private e-mail server kept in her home. as you and i remember, that sparked a huge political fire storm and e-mails released yesterday include 275 that had been upgraded to classified. it is important to note, none were classified when sent or received by clinton, and that's a point she has made repeatedly on the campaign trail. that's largely because republicans have attacked clinton for sending the now classified e-mails from a private server, arguing that this all endangered national security. the political fights over e-mails continue will into this year, brianna. >> one of these talks about how
10:55 am
many times she visited the white house. what's up with that one? >> this is a "the washington post" article that reported the number of times cabinet members visited the white house, after it ran, clinton sent an e-mail to aides, saying the column is ridiculous, and asked them to quote, correct the record, and instructs her aides to please go through my schedules and count my visits to refute this. her concern looks like it was that her visits had been undercounted in washington when influence is measured in proximity to the president. it is no small thing as you know. >> it is really interesting. very telling there. then we know this famous diana walker photo, looking at her blackberry, viral, spawned all the memes, this led to an e-mail exchange. tell us about that. >> we found the e-mail alerting clinton that the now famous photo, wearing sunglasses, check
10:56 am
her blackberry, had gone viral. she asks why now, that was on the way to libya to which her chief of staff said you look cute. she embraced that text from hillary meme. they used that later to cast her in a negative light when talking about the e-mail controversy. >> it was a tumbler to answer the question belatedly. appreciate that report. for all of the latest, head to we will tell you all about them. coming up at the top of the hour, the latest on the shooting of the streets of tel aviv that left two dead and seven injured. the suspect still on the loose. was this terrorism? we will be looking at that ahead.
10:57 am
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weenchts starting with breaking news of a possible terror attack in israel. we are following a man hadn't for a man that fired into a pub. two people were killed. middle of the afternoon in the shooting. it is 9:00 p.m. there now, night has long since fall earn. the killer is still on the loose. this is a glimpse of the shooter standing in a market. he fires video showing a glimps the shooter from another perspective here from inside of a cafe where you can see this happening from another angle. joining me now to talk more about this is cnn's ian lee. he's covering this from jerusalem. ian, we only saw these glimpses of the shooting, but what are witnesses saying about this attack? >>