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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 8, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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shelter because there were more people in need. >> he just wants the best for me. for my kids. >> the officer created a go fund me page for lata shah and raised more than $6 thousand. enough to finally rent a home. >> police officers doing wonderful things all the time. time now for newsroom with carol costello. >> thanks so much. isn't it the best day of the week? newsroom starts now. >> good morning. thank you so much for joining me. minutes from now the opening bell will ring on wall street and americans will see if their nest egg will take another beating. this as jobs reports, moments ago. wait for it. it is much stronger than expected. let's break it down with christine romans. everybody is surprised by this.
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>> a very strong end to the year for hiring. 200 thousand n hu00 -- 92 thous. for november and december it a little more money in your paychecks. this is the second best year since 1999. october, more than 300 thousand jobs added. that's new number we just got. here are the sectors. business and information services. 73,000 jobs. construction. that is likely the housing market. those are well paying jobs. healthcare a steady performer here. there are pages of numbers here. i see something that really jumps out. black unemployment fell from 9.4% to 8..
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the lowest since september 2007. you are starting to see all kinds of categories improve. >> and wages have gone up. >> wages starting to tick up and all of that concern in the beginning of the week for china and china being a problem for the u.s. at the end of the year the u.s. economy in terms of hiring was looking strong. >> thanks for the good news. we appreciate it. >> just outside washington president obama wades into a fight over gun control and a discussion breaks out. in a cnn town hall meeting, cool heads prevails a president lobbies for tighter gun measures. people on both sides of the issue were there. the gun glaring absence, the nra declining an invitation and dismissing the whole event as a publicity stunt. >> does it make sense to me with him? >> and talk about? this president can talk about background checks all day long
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but that is nothing more than the a distraction away the fact that he can't keep us safe. he doesn't support the individual right to own a firearm. that's the position of his supreme court nominees and administration. so what are we going to talk about basketball? i'm not really interesting in talking to a president who doesn't have a respect of law-abiding gun owners in the country. >> most americans support the president's plan. two out of three favor his executive orders, tightening background checks and other existing laws. let's get more now from cnn white house correspondent michelle kosinski. >> this issue is always so hotly fiercely political. but last night buzz pretty personal. victims on both sides.
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president obama addressed a crowd split on the issue. he says the first lady brought up the subject of guns for protection. >> one point michelle turned to me and said, you know, if i was living in a farmhouse where the sheriff's department is pretty far away. and somebody can just turn off the highway and come up to the farm, i'd want to have a shotgun or a rifle to make sure that i was protected and my family was protected. and she was absolutely right. >> he faced tough questions from familiar faces. wife of chris kyle. gabby giffords. kimberly corbin is a rape victim and nra supporter. >> i've been a victim once already and i refuse to let that
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a hp too myself or my kids. why can't you see that these restrictions that make it harder for me to own a gun is making my kids and i less safe. >> there is nothing we would propose that would make it harder for your to purchase a firearm. >> and -- >> if you listen to the rhetoric it is so over the top and heated but the conversation has to be based on facts and truth and what we're actually proposing. not some imaginary fiction in which obama is trying to take away your guns. >> it was the sandy hook shooting that made president obama uncharacteristically emotional this week. now he watched himself make that speech. >> i think a lot of people were surprised by that moment. >> i was too actually. you know, i visited newtown two days after what happened.
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so it was still very raw. it is only time i've ever seen secret service cry on duty. it continues to haunt me. it was one of the worst days of my presidency. >> and as republican presidential candidate ted cruz now campaigns with this image of the president alongside the words "obama wants your guns" many conservatives were riled, offended, by his calling that kind of rhetoric a conspiracy. which he somewhat testily defended. >> is it fair to call it a conspiracy? because a lot of people really believe this deeply that -- no -- >> that they just don't trust you. >> i'm sorry cooper. yes it is fair to call it a conspiracy. what are you saying? [ applause ] are you suggesting that the notion that we are creating a plot to take everybody's guns away so that we can impose martial law is a conspiracy? yes that is the conspiracy. i would hope that you would agree with that.
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is that controversial? >> and a point that the president really wanted to hammer home is that if in this country you are going to continue to regulate the auto industry and try to prevent highway fatalities and regulate medicines, even toy, why would you not do the same thing with guns? >> michelle kosinski. the president's decision to accept cnn's invitation to a town hall was unusual. the "new york times" called and it the president's op ed twin public relations effort. the president faced questions with people who strongly disagree with him and this is the political climate he faced going on. >> i think it would be nice if he would actually focus on defeating isis. on calling radical islamic terrorism what it actually is instead of talking about how we can intimidate and frustrate the rights of law-abiding citizens. >> with me now rare my analysts.
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welcome both of you. david, it is mr. obama's final year in office. his state of the union is next week. why did he bother with this town hall? >> was a i think this is a forum that fits so well the kind of arguments he's trying to make. bring on more of these town halls. we have calm, reasoned conversation. different points of view. you may like him, you may not like him. but i think he teed it up that you could at least think it threw for yourself. best of for yourself. he is also now injected this issue of guns high into the presidential election conversation. it is going to be one of the pivotal issues. and now we're going to finally have a chance. let's put it to a vote. this is something that divides
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our country. have those who want more gun control reforms line up against those who don't and let's settle this for a change. >> andy, do you think that will happen? >> i'm a little curious about the timing. because frankly i think that what this is going to do is just energize republicans. we're already seeing them rather upset with the president and how he's put other policies in place. so we're seeing in the cnn poll that 54% of all of the country said they oppose the use of executive orders, for example, to have this implemented. so i think it is going to do much to energize republicans as the clips you showed earlier said. and with democrats frankly this is part of the democratic dogma now for many many decades. so i don't think that it is going to do much on the democratic side within the primary. a a general election campaign this could come up. i might disagree with david a little bit that gun control has really never been a significant issue in terms of how people decide they are going to vote for. it is one of those emotional
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issues in which you have fairly large. you have a number of people who are very concerned about that but overall it is usually down in the single digits. so even in the polls before the president spoke only about f% of the country in "new york times" poll in december said this was the most important issue facing the country and we're not seeing anybody on the republican side. and only about 6% of democrats. >> you heard what paul ryan said. maybe the president should concentrate more on how to defeat isis instead of concentrating on second amendment rights or gun control. >> you know a great nation can do more than one thick at a time. and the president has been concentrating. i don't think he's got a real strategy against isis. i'm not happy about where he's going with it. but nonetheless i think he has put a lot of time into isis. and i just disagree that this because gun control hasn't been high on the agenda in the past, it is not going to be high on the agenda in the future. that is the way things happen in this country. you get these ground swells of
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interest that come up from the bottom and suddenly and when the president gives focus to it they get injected much higher up. and i think on this one we're going to have in the general election a clear set of differences and the person who wins that election can go for a amanda on this issue. mandate on this issue. unway or the other we have to get this settled. we need leadership here and the election gives a chance for a leader to step forward and say follow me this is the way we want to go. >> so andy do you agree with any of that? >> i absolutely agree with them. that for a general election issue this is going to be something that clearly defines democrats in republican positions. i find it curious that this was put forth during the primary season. and before the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary where it seems just to energize the bases of both parties, not really create that kind of
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reasoned discussion that we saw last night. >> i have to leave it -- >> here is the nk democrats are looking for ways to mobilize their base. to get young people out for example. this is issue that could help their base in the jebl. >> thanks both of you do. on the heels of the president's town hall, this. a police officer ambushed overnight, shot multiple times. >> shots fired. i'm shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> all cars standby we have an officer shot 6-0 and spruce.
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>> it's riveting and scary. our affiliate reporting the officer is now recovering this morning after surviving that ambush. miguel marquez is here with more. what did you learn. >> this is absolutely terrifying and an unbelievable story. a 33-year-old cop, jesse hartnett, five year veteran in philadelphia. driving along in west baltimore, when he's flagged down by a man, he takes a 9 millimeter handgun and fires at the officer. so close at certain points he's inside the officer's window with his hand shooting at the officer. this is where the story goes from shocking to unbelievable. the officer you hear there is able to get off shots at the suspect himself. hit him, take him down. radio in for help and get help there. the individual is arrested. the officer is in the hospital expected to recover with very bad wounds to his arm, as was shot three times.
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the arm is broken. lots of nerve damage to his arm says the police chief. but it looks like he'll survive. the individual according to cbs affiliate there says he did it in the name of islam. whether or not this is a muslim or who this in the name of islam or just somebody who wants to take out a police officer -- >> that is an important detail. how many suspects were involved? >> only one suspect. and this officer driving along see this is individual, flags him down. slows down and that is when the individual opens fire literally sticking the gun into the window of the cruiser and shooting the police officer. >> as the suspect was arrested -- did he say this as he was being arrested -- >> he has survived. it is not clear when he said it. he was arrested at the scene. his gun was recovered. they have him.
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it is not clear when exactly he said it but at some point after the arrest he said this to investigators. >> specifically what did he say again? >> that he did this in the name of islam. whether or not that is real claim of someone or whether they are just using that is still unclear. >> thank you. still to come the feds arrest two men suspected of having ties to isis. yothat's lactaid®.k! right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort.
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has been found inside a brussels apartment. also found explosives, bomb making material and three suicide vests. paul cruickshanks is in paris with more. >> we broke much of the story exclusively on cnn yesterday that in december that belgian investigators discovered what they are sure now was the bomb factory for the paris attacks, where they constructed these explosive devices. the suicide vests. they even found a sewing machine there used to stitch together these devices. they believe the devices were then transported to paris and they did their final tinkering in paris in times of a detonating mechanism. and so before launching the attacks. we are also finding out today as you were mentioning that fingerprints of one of the
6:20 am
attackers who is still at large salah abdeslam were found in apartment and that is interesting. because his last known whereabouts are this very same district in brussels, where he was known to be on the day after the paris attacks that saturday the 14th of november. so it may be that he went to ground there. but they really don't know that for sure at all. and it may just be that he had been there perhaps more likely in fact that he may just have been there before the attacks helping to put together this plot and that is why his fingerprints were found there. not clear whether this advances the hunt for abdeslam. the trail for him, carol, has gone stone cold in europe. but they are now looking for another two operatives believed to be more senior him and even
6:21 am
more senior than the ring leader in the block. there were some grainy black and white photographs put out for this duo. they are still believed at large, probably the two most wanted men in europe at this point. but they are very close to identifying them. they are pretty sure they know their real names and i wouldn't be surprised if they put those out soon now. >> two iraqi refugees with links to isis arrested here at home in california and in texas. they were tracked down by the fbi and the department of homeland security. they are scheduled to appear in court later this morning. cnn's ed lavandera is in dallas. >> we learned of these terrorist-related arrests late last night and at this point they don't appear to be connected. but the cases are very similar in many ways. let's look at the first man,
6:22 am
omar farage syed al hardan. he entered in 2009 and was in the process of trying to become a u.s. citizen. facing one count of providing material support to isis. one count of making false statements and one count of procurement of citizenship or naturalization unlawfully. according to federal investigators he offered material support and expertise to isis. he faces up to 20 years. also the second man from sacramento al jajab, he entered in october of 2012 and as also in the process of trying to become a u.s. citizen. according to federal investigators he travelled to syria in 2013 and told immigration officials he travelled to turkey to visit his grandmother. so he faces one count of making
6:23 am
a false statement. of course these cases come on the heels of a great deal of controversy swirling around the united states' efforts to accept syrian refugees and the controversy around that. the governor of texas already pinpointing in a tweet last night saying "who would have thought something like this would have happened?" obviously the governor here in texas has been very critical of plans to accept syrian refugees. this is one of those stories that is going to effect that issue i think very deeply in the weeks ahead.andera reporting fos this morning. an isis fighter has reportedly killed his own mother has hundreds watch in front of a post office where she worked. two syrian rights groups say it happened in raqqah. the mother apparently pleading with her son to leave the terror group and escape the country with her. instead he turned her over to
6:24 am
isis authorities which accused of her acts against the islamic state. and south korea reactivates its loud speaker overnight. i know it is hard to understand but allow me to enlighten you. that propaganda blasting from those speakers across the dmz, it translates into "one nation towards the unification, towards the future. greets to fellow men in north korea." and this is coming from the south korean side. all of this in the wake of north korea's claims it tested an h-bo h-bomb. will ripley is the only reporter inside the north korean capital of pyongyang where he just toured a science center there. tell us more, will. >> reporter: yeah there is a lot happening here. of course you mention those loud speakers which are very infuriating for the regime here in pyongyang.
6:25 am
because if there is one thing about north korea, they try to control everything as far as the flow of information, even the music and the television their citizens can consume. so to have propaganda blasting within earshot of the hundreds of thousands of north korean soldiers near the border is very upsetting. what we have to determine now is what north korea will do if they decide to retaliate. will they launch a cyber attack? move troops towards the border? we didn't get any official reaction today but a government official i was speaking with was saying he wouldn't be surprised if there was some sort of military activity as a result of this. and of course the loud speakers workshop triggered by the announcement of the detonation of north korea of what they claim is an h-bomb. this is kim jong-un the scream leader signing the order to authorize that blast.
6:26 am
now, there is a lot of speculation about what exactly was detonated. many critics and experts around the world are skeptical that it was actually a hydrogen bomb based on the initial readings. but we know according to a u.s. official talking to cnn, a u.s. air force sniffer planes have been conducting missions, taking air samples. there are also ground monitoring stations. this is work being done in china and japan and south korea to check for changes in radiation levels just to figure out exactly what north korea detonated. next week we can expect talk about more possible sanctions. and one officials are expecting more sanctions and two they say they have dealt with crippling sanctions so many years they will simply tighten their belts and continue to grow their arsenal. they believe it is the only way they can protect their country from what they feel is the
6:27 am
imminent threat of invasion from the u.s. and its allies. >> the north korean government has invited you do talk with these scientists. take us through how ha will work. >> reporter: we went -- we were told we were going to go to a science center and speak with scientists. and we went to a brand new science center that opened just within the last week. it is a brand new building and the center piece is a rocket, a replica of a rocket used to launch a satellite into space. what we found inside were a number of north korean students who were very eager to tell us how excited they are about this -- about this nuclear test and how they believe that their government is doing the right thing by developing possibly an h-bomb or developing nuclear weapons. but we were not able to speak the a scientist who could lay
6:28 am
out the science behind this to try to prove from a north korean perspective what it was that was detonated. so at this point we simply don't know and neither do the outside governments. will we get more insight from the north korean regime? judging from past experience we might be waiting a very long time and still might not every truly know the truth but the work is continuing to try to figure out exactly what happened, carol. >> so friday, today is kim jong-un's birthday. will you be there to witness the celebration? >> well it is interesting. because there are huge national holidays for kim jong-un's father and grandfather's birthdays. but kim jong-un himself today there hasn't been a single
6:29 am
celebration. the only thing that is slightly different today, not even any special programming on television, is that kim jong-un provided a lot of restaurants in the city with venison to serve in honor of his birthday. and the government officials explaining this to us said the reason why there is not a major celebration is because they say kim jong-un is just a really humble guy and didn't want to make a big deal about his birthday. and of course this week was the fourth nuclear test in 15 years. so certainly quite an event but not a celebration or parade in the streets. >> will ripley reporting live from pyongyang north korea. fascinating. the opening bell just about o ring. we're awaiting it eagerly. we had the great jobs report. stuff is still happening in china although it appears the markets have kind of stabilized
6:30 am
over night. christine romans. okay let's listen to the bell. oh my goodness. mike piazza and the ken grandfath griffey, jr. >> that's cool. hall of famers. >> okay. we're on the plus side that is good. >> yeah we are on the plus side. we're seeing something we haven't seen in days, carol. green arrows. and that is being helped by what you said, china ending in the green as well. it also didn't hurt that the chinese government raised the value of the yuan over night. it also didn't hurt that we got a very good jobs report for december. but, you know, yesterday was a really ugly day. the dow ended in a correction. the past four days the dow lost more than 1,000 points.
6:31 am
2.3 trillion dollars wiped out of the global markets. yesterday we had traders talking about capitulation. today we're hearing words like over sold. meaning investors are rushing in right now to buy up those beaten down shares but don't be fooled because we're not out of the woods yet. traders are telling me that because the trust is really going away from the chinese government, this is a really tough market to trade. so they see a lot of volatility ahead. i'm making a prediction carol. i say 2016 will be the year of volatility. >> okay. so christine romans, do you agree? >> i agree the markets have been acting really volatile. this is the craziest first week of trading i've ever seen. the weakest first week in history. but the jobs report i think is the news this morning. this is what just broke about an hour ago. net new jobs. 292 thousand in december. a strong end to the year.
6:32 am
u.s. economy performing nicely. wage growth there at 2.5%. and that is moving in the right direction. last year now, carol, was the second best year for job growth in america since 1999. look at those months. it was a strong performance. and you are starting to see some of the stubbornly disappointing indicators get better. black unemployment fell sharply last month from 9.4% to 8.3, moving in the right direction finally. and job gains across the board. the first category there, business and information services. those tend to be jobs with benefits. those are jobs that are, you know, that are full time jobs. those are jobs with healthcare. those are jobs with a retirement plan. construction jobs. likely the housing market. construction doing well. healthcare doing well across the board for several years now. so at the end of the year.
6:33 am
starting concern about china and the economy, whether that could be a problem for the u.s. economy. at its core at the end of the year, strong job market. >> and we're in the plus. dow up 110 points. many thanks. still to come a pledge of allegiance to donald trump. why vermont voters had to take a loyalty oath before they could get into the gop front runner's rally. ss-proof, cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena.
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loyalty pledge. this was the scene in vermont last night. with just 1400 seats available the campaign tried to limit access to the event, asking attendees to declare their support for trump as they walked in. anybody who didn't plenl loyalty to trump was kepd out. a few hecklers did manage to get inside though. and they were greeted like this. >> get them out. get them out. there's a remnant. right there. throw him out. in the cold. you know -- don't give them their coat. no coats. >> i don't know if that person ever got his or her coat back. maybe athena jones knows. >> i don't know. good morning carol.
6:38 am
one thing that isn't clear. we should be clear we don't know how many people were actually turned away. we know clearly some people who were not trump supporters did manage to get in. he was interrupted at least eight times during that speech. but it happened in the heart of bernie sanders territory in vermont, where sanders was once mayor. a lot of the people who did protest were wearing bernie sanders tee shirts we're told. but it is unusual to see people try to keep certain people out who don't declare their support. politics is supposed to be about persuasion. but clearly no campaign wants to see a crowd filled with their opponents. here is what donald trump said in a statement in response to questions about this. he said we have more than 20 thousand people who showed up for 1400 spots. i'm taking care of my people. not people who don't want to vote for me or are undecided. they are loyal to me and i am loyal to them. so very interesting scene last night. clearly the attempt to keep people who aren't supporters out
6:39 am
didn't entirely work carol. how did the police handle the overflow crowd at the trump event? >> clearly there was a lot of concern at the beginning before the event of the shear numbers of people who were ticketholders and weren't going to be able to get in. we have not heard any reports from our folks on the ground there last night about big problems. but clearly it is concerning to have thousands and thousands of people potentially kept out of such an event. but importantly you have a bunch of people who got in and were clearly aiming to disrupt things, and they did carol. >> athena jones, live from washington. thank you. >> on the democratic side, bill clinton took his pitch to iowa where despite a double digit lead over sanders, 39% are still making up their minds. so could all of the recent attacks from donald trump influence their decisions? here is how the former president responded when asked about that
6:40 am
possibility? >> donald trump is again today making an issue of your past transgressions. do you want to respond? and are you worried that your past could hurt your wife's campaign? >> i don't have any response. if he wins the republican nomination we'll have plenty of time to talk about it if hillary wins. i. >> [ inaudible ]. >> i have no interest in getting involved in their politics except doing anything to help hilla hillary. >> -- [ inaudible ] >> he said a lot of things. i have no response. >> for his part, trump showing no signs of backing down and in his jabs releasing this on instagram claiming he is the true defender of women's rights. >> women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights. once and for all. let's keep fighting for
6:41 am
opportunity and dignity. >> so let's talk about this. hillary roczen is a democratic strategist and amanda carpenter is a former communications director for ted cruz. nice to have you both with me this morning. hillary, is this a devastating ad put out by donald trump? will it matter? >> well there is two audiences here. trump is doing this not for the general election. he's doing this to try and increase his bona fide. he's among sort of clinton haters in the republican party. it probably helps him with a lot of those folks. but every time he does this he alienates general election voters. and the thing that persuades me the most of that is that the republican women some in the house and some other republican strategists are saying please
6:42 am
trump stop doing this. all you are going to do is push women to hillary. because that is what happened before when the republicans took off after bill's extracurriculum activities. hillary's favorables and empathy went way up. so republican women are begging trump to stop this. that tells me they don't think it is a winner. >> amanda, hillary has a point. there was an article in usa today this week. one saying women voters are likely to recoil over trump's contention that the former first lady was an enabler of her husband's liaisons. she went on to say she was -- hillary clinton was as agassed by her husband's behavior as the rest of us. trump says he would cherish
6:43 am
women, right? that is his line. but could this line of attack backfire? >> listen, there are a lot of people who are uncomfortable with donald trump's style. but i do think this is a subject worth exploring because in 2016 we are much more comfortable talking about sexual assault, talking about recognizing what sexual hars looks like than we were in the 1990s. so while donald trump -- you know, i don't think that he's, you know, the best towards women and all the issues have been shy about saying that. asking questions about what hillary clinton's role was in the administration is a worthy subject -- >> but he's -- [inaudible]. he's not exactly doing that. mr. trump the attacking bill clinton, not hillary clinton and
6:44 am
calling her an enabler of her husband's position. >> the biggest problem is carrying the baggage from the clinton administration and the obama administration. this is kind of a bank shot. and i think donald trump had learned this is a freebie because the clintons aren't choosing to respond. so essential taking a bye in this attack he's going press the gas. and i expect a lot more instagram ads and shots from the podium at his next rally. >> and hillary, amanda is right. the clintons are just short of brushing this aside. this is how hillary responded to one female -- >> right there. here we go. you are very rude. and i am not going to ever call on you. thank you. >> so hillary, is that effective? >> well i mean, we've seen rally after rally where donald trump is, you know, throwing his
6:45 am
hecklers out of the auditorium. hillary clinton actually called one heckler rude, which she was. and you know i don't think we can exactly fault her for it. you know i think what we're going to experience is that in a general election match uphill clint versus donald trump, what's he going to talk about? he's not going to suddenly become an expert on isis. he's not going to suddenly know how the federal budget works. we're going to see more and more of this. hillary clinton is going to stick to the issue that the americans really keep about which is how we protect our family, protect our nation, how we pay for child care and how we continue the unemployment reduction that president obama has magnificently handled. those are going to be the issues i think hillary clinton focuses on. i think we will very rarely see her get down in the mud with
6:46 am
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it is the execution that caused the tensions in the middle east. nimr al nimr. executed after years of calling to end of the tension in the regimes. >> as we approach what's become saudi arabia's most dangerous town, a digger dumped by the townspeople gouging out a sectarian divide, cutting
6:50 am
themselves off from the rest of the country. it is the shia town of ow mia. the hometown of executed shia cleric nimr al nimr. >> the police said it is not safe to drive our own just around here they say they get shot at. a couple of their officers have been killed, right here. an online video, we can't be sure when it was shot, purports to be a police convoy, just like ours, under attack here. in a nearby hospital, we visit a young victim of the violence. he is clinging to life, caught in the crossfire between police and the men they call terrorists. >> he says his son's name is mohammed. he's 8 years old. but his father doesn't want to be on camera. he's very concerned about it. what we've been told by authorities here, is that if he
6:51 am
appears on camera, then when he goes back, he could face problems. victims of the rising violence are increasingly common here. this man beaten. he is a shia, shows me his injuries, shot in the ankle. his wrist broken and stabbed in the head. he tells me his kidnappers accused him of being a government spy. which he denies. our drive through town, however, it proving uneventful. shops are open. no one shoots at us. but not everyone is so surprised. al nimr's brother contacted us and said it's safe to get out of the vehicle and meet with him. he's been calling for calm. we meet later in a nearby town. he defends his brother, who the government has been inciting for
6:52 am
the violence. >> translator: there's a real problem in this country between the shia and the government. >> reporter: since 2011, tensions in this tiny town of 25,000 people have grown. confrontations between handful of youths and police have sometimes turned deadly. protesters hit by live rounds. police say they want to avoid civilian casualties and arrest the people they call terrorists. >> if we want to engage these people directly, then we know there will be victims. that is not allowed, actually, in our job, so we have to work patiently. >> reporter: time is on no one's side, as tensions here and across the region rise. we toured around some of the other shia towns in that area and none of them were like this.
6:53 am
they were average saudi towns. something you see across the country, peaceful. just this one shia town. a couple hours we left there, there were reports of heavy gunfire and heavy explosions. >> nic robertson reporting live from riyadh.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
checking some top stories you at 50 minutes past. a women is held by police after reportedly -- this is video taken inside the plane. can you see officials physically carrying this woman down the aisle, her feet and hands together. passengers could be heard applauding as this woman is hauled off the flight, which departed from new york and was carrying 73 people. it did go on to chicago, where it landed safely. today officials in oregon
6:57 am
are expected to meet with militia protesters occupying a federal building as they are calling on demonstrators to leave immediately so they can be held accountable. protesters have been occupying a national wildlife refuge since last week. they say aimed at defending ranchers' rights. germany says 18 asylum seekers have been connected to a string of assaults there on new year's eve, just a day after the country's foreign minister announced those involved could face deportation. more than 120 reports have now been filed relating to that string of attacks. they range from muggings to rape. the next hour of "newsroom" after a break. ♪ bleeding gums? you may think it's a result of brushing too hard.
6:58 am
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6:59 am
the president takes his gun
7:00 am
control pitch to the people. >> i respect the second amendment. >> taking on critics. . >> i have the right to protect myself. >> and conspiracy theories. >> are you suggesting that the notion that we are creating a plot to take everybody's guns away? also, cnn goes inside north korea. >> we visit a science center here in pyongyang. >> planes, tanks, what the rogue nation wants the world to see on the heels of its h-bomb claims. plus, disagree with donald trump? don't come to a stump speech. why people at the rally had to take a loyalty pledge before they were left inside. let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. shocking violence directed at a police officer overnight in philadelphia. the officer ambushed by a gunman
7:01 am
and shot multiple times. >> i've been shot! i'm bleeding heavily. >> all cars stand by. we have an officer shot 6-0 and spruce. repeating in the 18th district assisting officer 6-0 and spruce. >> i'm bleeding. >> get us another unit out here. >> please sent me some units to 6-0 and irving. weapon out here. >> officer, we have officers en route to you. >> our affiliate k1w reporting the officer is recovering after surviving that ambush. miguel marquez, good morning. >> 33 years old, jesse hartnett in west philadelphia, seasoned
7:02 am
individual flags him down at an intersection, stops for him, rolls down the window. the guy then begins to shoot with a 9-millimeter handgun into the officer's window. at some point the gun was all the way in the officer's window, say police officials. 13 times he shot, officer hit three times. the officer gets his seat belt off, gets halfway out of the car and shoots the gunman as well. not kill him but shoot him as well. they recover the gun. the officer got three shots to the arm, breaking a bone. lots of nerve damage. amazingly survived and take out this gunman. unbelievable. >> the suspect's now in the hospital, life-threatening wounds or -- >> it's not clear how badly he is wounded but amazingly enough, both of them are in the hospital. the officer going through
7:03 am
surgery, it's not clear how extensive the damage is to his arm. >> i'm asking darin. >> the gunman is in the hospital, i'm sure. police agencies not only in philadelphia but across the country will want to know what's in his mind. >> the police officer gets shot three times, get out of the car. hits the suspect. de hit the suspect three times? >> sounds like he hit him three times. at the audio -- sdw >> then he calls 911. >> that's the officer radioing at the same time. you hear him describing his own condition in that audio report. it's unbelievable, what this officer did out there. >> i know you're shortly going to take off for philadelphia to find out more. >> i am. >> thank you so much. gun violence also at the center of cnn's town hall with president obama lobbying for tighter gun measures. people on both sides of the issue took part in a cool-headed conversation. the one glaring absence, the nra. the nation's largest gun rights
7:04 am
group declined an invitation and dismissed the whole event as a publicity stunt. >> does it make sense to meet with him? >> and talk about what, megyn? >> he can't keep us safe and he's supported every gun control proposal that's been made. he doesn't support the individual right to own a firearm. that's been the position of his supreme court nominees. what are we going to talk about, basketball? i'm not interested in talking to the president who doesn't have a basic level or respect of the second amendment and law-abiding gun owners in this country. >> a new cnn/nrc poll shows most americans favor the president's plans. two out of three favor his executive orders tightening background checks and other existing laws. here's last night's give and take summed up in two minutes.
7:05 am
>> our position is consistently mischaracterized. and, by the way, there's a reason why the nra is not here. you'd think they'd be prepared to have a debate with the president. >> they haven't been to the white house for years. >> we've invited them. >> i understand that background checks arnt necessarily going to stop me from getting a gun but i also know they wouldn't have stopped any of the people in this room from killing. >> why can't your administration see these restrictions you're putting to make it harder for me to own a gun is actually just making my kids and i less safe? >> how do we get those with mental illness and criminals, that's the real problem here, how are we going to get them to follow the laws? >> crime is always going to be with us, so i think it's really important for us not to suggest that if we can't solve every crime, we shouldn't try to solve any crimes. >> every time i think about
7:06 am
those kids it gets me mad. >> i think a lot of people were surprised by that moment. >> i was, too, actually. it's the only time i've ever seen the secret service cry, on duty. this notion of a conspiracy -- >> is it fair to call it a conspiracy? because a lot of people believe this deeply, they just don't trust you. >> i'm sorry, cooper, yes, it is fair to call it a conspiracy. what are you saying? are you suggesting that the notion that we are creating a plot to take everybody's guns away so that we can impose marshal law is a conspiracy? yes, that is a conspiracy. and we can do better than we're doing right now f we come together. thank you. >> mr. president, thank you for your time. >> my next guest was at the town hall meeting last night and is a leading voice for calling for tighter gun control. it's a job he never wanted.
7:07 am
his daughter alison, along with cameraman, were killed on tv. since then, andy parker has vowed to do whatever it takes to end gun violence. he joins us from washington. welcome back, andy. >> good to see you, carol, i think under better circumstances. >> better circumstances because i wanted to ask you, you were at the town hall, how did it feel to you? >> it was exciting. i tell you, the president knocked it out of the park last night. he was a champion. when you have facts and reason on your side, you're going to prevail. so, we were very excited and very energized. >> at the same time, you heard how the nra responded. they blew this off as a publicity stunt. what would you say to them? >> you know, i think that -- well, you know, it shows their character that they didn't show up. they're invited. they don't want to engage in the conversation. we know what they do. >> do you regret that the nra
7:08 am
wasn't there? >> i think most americans know what they really stand for and how they are obstructionists and, you know, in essence a terrorist organization. i found it interesting last night. i talked to a gentleman that said he knew a gun shop owner that was thrilled with the president's proposals because he said, you know, i something to these gun shows and all these unlicensed dealers are around and they -- it's -- they're not playing by the same rules. and the man said, well, why don't you speak out against the nra? he said, the nra would kill me if i did that. so, this is -- you know, this is what they do. they intimidate and then they pay off politicians. >> not kill them literally. have i to clear that up. >> yeah. he wouldn't be able to get his
7:09 am
license. >> i understand. >> there were other victims of crime there at that town hall last night. a rape victim stood and said she needed them for protection. your daughter was killed by a bhan a gun. how would you have answered her question last night? >> just like the president did. she mentioned that any gun control or gun legislation, like a lot of people that are, i think, living in a different reality, they think that with these presidential -- the executive order, that it's going to prohibit them from buying firearms. that's just not the case. if you're a law-abiding citizen, you can purchase a firearm. no one's going to take that right away from you, if you obey the law. >> i'm going to talk to a gun rights advocate right after this interview wraps up. what would you like me to ask him?
7:10 am
>> well, carol, you hear the gun lobby say, oh, you know, if there was only a good guy with a gun at one of these mass shootings or something related to, you know, alison's murder, you know, or if it hadn't been a gun-free zone, you know, this probably could have been prevented. alison was holding a microphone in her hand. her clear, adam ward was handing a camera in his hand. were they supposed to have a gun in the other? i would ask that question. and the other question i would ask is, when have -- has anyone on that side heard me, the president, anyone involved in gun safety advocacy say, we're coming to take your guns away and we're not going to allow law-abiding citizens to purchase
7:11 am
firearms if they can pass a background check? as a corollary, if you don't agree with background checks, are you okay with dangerous people being allowed easy access to firearms? >> i will ask nose questithose . andy parker, thank you. the president did not mince words last night. he said some of his critics have accused him of spouting, quote, imaginary fiction and he repeatedly said he is not trying to take people's guns away. he echoed what andy said to all of you. i was about to talk to -- oh, eric is back. i thought i lost you. eric pratt is a gun rights advocate. welcome. >> thanks, carol. >> thanks for being with me. i thought i lost you. sure glad we got you on the phone and i appreciate you being with me this morning. you heard what andy parker wanted me to ask you. he said, you know, you always hear the argument that a good guy with a gun would prevent all
7:12 am
of these -- all of these killings. he said, you know, his daughter alison was doing a live television report. she was hold a microphone. was she supposed to have a gun in her other hand? how do you respond to that? >> well, i would say cops get jumped as well. it's not always going to be 100% effective. there was a deputy in houston who was pumping gas and he g got -- somebody came up from behind him and shot him. however, there are actually many, many cases where armed citizens do stop mass shootings. as much as i thought anderson did a good job, he's very professional, one of the things i thought was missing yesterday was not having somebody there, because there are several people who have stopped these mass shootings, like the doctor in darby, pennsylvania, or the worker in youngstown, ohio, bar or a conceal/carry or the pastor in the orlando church a year
7:13 am
ago. or in the president's own hometown in chicago, there was a uber guy who saw a guy firing into the shot, he was a conceal/carry and he jumped out shot the guy, and nobody was injured. it's these type of stories that never get portrayed into the media. they're put on the local news but they don't -- >> let me stop you there for a second because i hear where you're coming from. andy also said, nobody is trying to take law-abiding citizen's away. no one is trying do that. no one. he wonders where that's coming from. >> it kind of reminds me of what -- you know, it sounds a little like if you like your firearm, you can keep your firearm. where have we heard that before? actually, that's the problem. the president, when he says things like lauding the australia gun control. well, what was australia's gun control? they confiscated firearms.
7:14 am
in new orleans after hurricane katrina, they confiscated guns. hillary clinton has also lauded australia's confiscation laws. >> you can still own a gun in australia. i want to get to the core issue. i hear you. i hear the core argument. the president says it's absolutely untrue. there's no way he can confiscate 300 million guns in this country, right? >> he has supported -- he has supported bans on semi-automatic firearms. he's doing what he thinks is politically feasible. just like senator dianne feinstein said years ago to "60 minutes," if i could go door to door, mr. and mrs. america, hand over your firearms, i would have done it. but this is all we could get done, passing a ban on semi-automatic firearms. the president is doing what he thinks is politically feasible, which by the way is very radical. for 200 years citizens have been able to sell firearms to one
7:15 am
another. 989.9% of them use those firearms in a very lawful manner and yet now we're being told that if you do that, even selling one or two firearms, this is in his regulations, that you can spend five years in jail and pay a fine of $250,000. carol, imagine if they put that -- >> i hear you, but most americans, according to our poll, support the president's executive orders, they support it. >> carol -- >> my final question. >> let me -- >> stop. my final question. my final question. was this a waste of time by the president? would anything change your mind? would you have wanted to go to that meeting and, like, sat down and talked to people who don't think like you? >> i would have answered your last point. the polls are conflicting. there are many polls which show americans don't want -- >> that's not my question. >> i'm answering what i would say. quite frankly, it doesn't matter
7:16 am
what the polls say because the beauty of the constitution and the bill of rights is that it trumps what people think. if a majority want slavery, if a majority want to limit your first amendment rights or second amendment rights, it doesn't matter. the constitution and the bill of rights trumps that. you guys keep on publishing that poll because this is very reminiscent of 1994 when your polls were saying the american people loved clinton's gun control. guess what happened when he lost control of congress. he lamented, it was -- >> eric, you could have gone to that town hall meeting because you were invited. why didn't you go? to express these things you're telling me. >> because there's no reasoning with the president. despite what the facts are, he has an agenda. ty has said it very well. we have more guns in this country and yet our murder rates are at all-time lows and yet the president proceeds going after the rights of law-abiding
7:17 am
americans. there's no common ground there. >> why not face the president? this is your opportunity. why not? why not talk about it in a forum with people like you and not like you, because they were present. >> we're going to work through congress working to defund this legislation -- or these iitiatives. >> okay. there's no middle ground then, huh? >> well, there's not when it -- i mean, what middle ground is there for restricting your first amendment rights? if it's a god given constitutionally protected right -- >> i can't yell fire in a crowded theater. >> but we don't gag people before they go into the theater. we don't run background checks to say, do you have this kind of history before? no, we punish the violator. the president is trying to gag -- he puts prior -- >> are you saying criminals should own weapons? no matter what's in your
7:18 am
background, you should own guns? >> do you hear what you're saying? all these people that committed mass shootings passed background checks. hope is not a strategy. >> all right. have i to leave it there. eric pratt, thanks for joining me this morning. in case you missed cnn's town hall with president obama, you can catch it tonight when it reairs at 9:00 p.m. eastern. she's right back where she started. the mother of affluenza teenager, ethan couch, back in a courtroom in texas. she's charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon. her son was on probation for killing four when the law caught up with them in mexico. let's bring in cnn's ed lavandeira, he's covering this case. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol.
7:19 am
well, tonya couch just left the courtroom here in downtown ft. worth. it was a short hearing where the judge had basically given her the details of her arrest and the charges she faced. we might remember it's a felony in the state of texas for hindering the apprehension of a juvenile fugitive. she face anywhere between two to ten years in prison. she appeared by herself. she told the judge that she had hired a lawyer but that lawyer wasn't in the courtroom with her today. she is facing $1 million bond. it's not clear whether or not she'll be able to post that bond now that she's back in texas, however paperwork has been filed. the couches are trying to get that bond reduced. there won't be a bond hearing until next monday or that judge will consider reducing her bond of $1 million. but he did tell her a short while ago that if he does decide to reduce the bond or if she can post that bond in any way, there would be a series of
7:20 am
restrictions imposed against her, including an ankle monitor, that she would have to turn over her passport as well and turn over her cell phone information as well. a list of restrictions. the judge did say that she -- that she had left the country with ethan couch, her son, who was convicted and given ten-year probation for drunk driving accident that killed four people back in 2013. did say she left the country on around december 11th. so, this court hearing coming a month later. in the meantime, ethan couch is still in mexico and it's not clear when he will be brought back to texas to face the hearing in the juvenile system here in texas. carol? >> ed lavandeira reporting live from ft. worth, texas. still to come, two iraqi refugees arrested right here in the united states, accused of having links to isis. so, what was their plan?
7:21 am
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7:24 am
100% real milk, just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. new information on those two iraqi refuse geese arrested on terror charges in california and text. they were both accused of having links to isis and are scheduled to appear in court later this morning. we're now learning the arrests are connected. the two suspects were apparently in contact with one another. cnn's jim sciutto is here. he has more for us. good morning. >> reporter: both of these men were refugees. they entered in the u.s., one in
7:25 am
2009, one in 2011. hardan is accused of offering material support to terrorism, specifically isis, offering them training, assistance. the complaint does not specify exactly what that training, assistance and support is. we know a bit more about jayab because he's accused of having traveled after his immigration to the u.s. to syria to fight jihad there. not specifically for isis but terror groups including ann s n al islam and then lying about it. they are refugees. they came here a number of years ago. it gets at this issue, carol, one we've seen virtually every month now, and you hear this frequently from the fbi, they have active investigations under way in all 50 u.s. states and that list of indictments for
7:26 am
americans, or people living in the u.s. who have either gone to fight in syria, tried to go fight in syria or have offered other support to terrorist groups, including isis, it's growing. and it's really a constant flow. not on the numbers you see in europe, bitz a real threat that law enforcement here is very aware of. >> so, were these men on the fbi's radar? did they have a specific plan? do you know anything more about these things? >> reporter: we don't know about the specific plan, for instance, with hardan. we know he offered, based on the complaint, material support, but they don't specify what that material support was, training assistance was. jayab went to fight in syria. fight for terror -- terror groups in syria in the war going on there and then returned to the u.s. that's, of course, a particular concern because folks who tried to do that, a number of americans have successfully done so, the danger is, carol, they come back to the u.s. and they
7:27 am
come back with skills. with ability. with ability to operate weapons. that combat experience, if they choose to use it back here on american soil is of great concern. >> jim sciutto reporting live for us from washington. thank you. still to come, a pledge of allegiance to donald trump. why vermont voters had to take a loyalty oath before they could get into the gop front-runner's rally. nobody move! get on the floor! do something! oh i'm not a security guard, i'm a security monitor.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
ted cruz is waking up yet again in iowa as his bus tour enters the fifth day. these are live pictures from mason city, iowa, the first stop in a jam-packed schedule. he'll greet supporters at five more events today. the last one starting at 8:45 p.m. eastern time. cruz is trying to increase his share of caucus goers. the recent cnn/orc poll shows 33% of republican voters in iowa back donald trump. that's compared to 20% for ted cruz. and cruz isn't taking jabs from donald trump or anyone else lying down. the texas senator fighting back and offering his own theory
7:32 am
about why he suddenly has become a target. cnn's athena jones is in washington with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that's right, cruz is blanketing the state of iowa right now. other polls show he's moved into the lead so he's trying to solidify his strength there. what's interesting is he seems to be relishing all of this attention. whether it's attacks from people who are running against him right now, like donald trump or marco rubio or attacks by -- or questions being raised by others like arizona senator john mccain who said it's not illegitimate to look into this question of whether cruz is a natural born citizen and eligible to be president, having been born in canada. any time he's asked about these attacks it gives him a chance to say, look, everyone is panicking because i'm doing so well. take a listen to what he had to say yesterday. zoo i think there's no doubt the
7:33 am
washington cartel is in full panic mode. they're in panic mode because they're seeing on the ground conservatives united. the washington cartel thought there was no way that would happen. they thought conservatives would always remain divided. we can write a few big checks, buy the primary and follow the same failed elections strategy that keeps losing over and over again. a funny thing happened on the way to the forum. this election cycle is playing out differently than the way the cartel had counted on. >> so, here you hear ted cruz talking about the washington cartel. this gives him an opportunity to paint himself as the outsider, which is what he's running on. he's been a thorn in the side of the washington establishment. so when he's asked about these attacks, it allows him to say, they're afraid because i'm out in front here in iowa. i'm the one to beat. it also allows him to poo-poo the media for focusing on these silly side shows he says -- this talk about his citizenship is. it's kind of a win-win for cruz
7:34 am
being attacked, being able to paint himself as someone who's making the powers that be in washington afraid. carol? >> athena jones reporting live from washington. thank you. now to the man who sparked those questions about cruz's canadian birth, that would be donald trump. the republican front-runner drawing thousands to a rally last night in verer ar er averm. the venue only held 200 people so security officials gave them a bit of loyalty test, asking if they were trump supporters. if they were not trump supporters, some people were turned away. some people said they were trump supporters but they got in anyway but they really in reality were not so much trump supporters. so, they heckled donald trump during his event and this is how he responded. >> get them out. get them out. get them out. get them out. now, there's a remnant. yeah, he's right there.
7:35 am
yeah, throw him out. throw him out to the cold. don't give them their coat. no coats. >> okay. and in a statement issued later, trump said, quote, we have more than 20,000 people that showed up for 1400 spots. i'm taking care of my people. not people who don't want to vote for me or who are undecided. they are loyal to me and i am loyal to them. so, let's talk about this and more. larry sabado and ana navarro, a supporter of jeb bush and also a cnn political commentator. welcome to you both. >> thank you, carol. >> thanks for being here. larry, have you ever heard of another candidate telling attendees they had to take a loyalty oath before they got into an event? >> the irony here, carol, is that donald trump is strongly opposed to the loyalty oath
7:36 am
that's being applied in the virginian presidential republican primary where voters have to sign that they are, indeed, a republican before they can vote. by the way, i think he's right about that. i don't think there should be a loyalty oath here. but he's in favor of a loyalty oath for at least some of his events. the one last night in virginia is a classic example. he didn't have 20,000 people show up, by the way. the local police said it was 2,000. i'm going to side with the local police. >> they say 700 of those people were protesters, right? so, ana, isn't a rally like this supposed to convince those who are undecided, so why wouldn't donald trump want them in his rally? >> well, look, carol, i think anybody who's watched me knows that donald trump and i aren't exactly on each other's christmas card lists. that being said, you know, most campaigns, many campaigns try to weed out hecklers and protesters out of their events because they become a distraction. i actually think hecklers work
7:37 am
in donald trump's favor when it comes to his base. they like the way he confronts them, treats them, you know, tells them to go away, tells them to get thrown out. i think it's part of his persona, part of his bluster and part of his showmanship. >> let's go back to ted cruz because donald trump has been attacking ted cruz. ted cruz has not been attacking donald trump strongly. he just says all of this is freaking out the establishment, trump and cruz. that's all to show -- that's to prove a point, larry. >> yes. look, trump is obviously drawing and cruz is also drawing strongly from the anti-establishment majority in the republican base. they want to be attacked by the establishment and they have reason to say that the establishment is deeply concerned about either one of them being nominated.
7:38 am
now, look, maybe the republicans in the establishment that is people either in high party office or who have been elected to high office, maybe they're wrong. but almost unanimously they think that trump, in particular, and cruz for the most part, can't be elected in november. so, that helps trump and cruz battling in the nomination. it may hurt them in the fall if one is, indeed, nominated. >> ana, you are in favor of jeb bush and marco rubio. how worried are they? >> no doubt ted cruz at the top of the ticket gives a lot of us heartburn. also the concern it might affect adversely those running down ballot. a lot of senators are running in
7:39 am
purple or blue states. republican senator this is year and folks running statewide. you know, we're concerned about what that effect will be. i think that ted cruz and donald trump, ted cruz much more ably, take that concern from mainstream republicans and try to turn it into an asset. i saw him today make these allegations about john mccain. look, john mccain didn't raise the question. he was responding to the question of whether ted cruz was eligible or not to run. let's remember that john mccain comes at this as a guy who was born in a u.s. territory in panama and who had to face a lot of the same questions. i spoke to john mccain last night. he said, look, there was a legal complaint filed. it's going to be an issue. when you're running for president, everything is looked at. so, yes, it's going to be a legitimate issue that needs to be looked at. i saw where ted cruz said today, john mccain is going to endorse
7:40 am
marco rubio. i don't think that's the case. i think he's very focused on his own re-election. i'd, surprised to see him endorse early. >> last word. does john mccain have a point? will it become an issue, this birther thing? >> well, anything can become an issue, but i strongly disagree with him. it is not a legitimate question. i personally researched this, did it years ago. ted cruz and john mccain and other candidates like barry goldwater and mitt romney who have been challenged on this case of natural born citizen, they are all qualified to run for president. this is absolute nonsense. >> larry, do you -- do you agree there's going to be -- there could very well be legal complaints filed, whether they go anywhere or not? i agree with you. i think ted cruz is a natural born citizen, but i can tell you one of the very liberal congress people from florida, allen
7:41 am
grayson intends to file a complaint, a legal brief on this issue. >> and our -- it will be immediately dismissed. not because it's nonsense but because they won't have the legal standing. if he's president, you could file it and i think the supreme court would quickly dismiss it. you can't go into court and ask about a theoretical situation that doesn't exist. >> i agree with you. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," north korea invites cnn to tour its new science center. so, what did the rogue nation want to show us? i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots.
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7:45 am
cnn is now learning that the united states is sending air force sniffer planes to gather samples in the wake of north carolina's claims it tested an h-bomb. cnn's will ripley, by the way, is the only u.s. reporter in the north korean capital of pyongyang where he just toured a science center there. >> if there's one thing we know about the regime here in north
7:46 am
korea, it's that they very much want to control all of the information and even the music that their people consume. listen to. ♪ this song plays multiple times a day in pyongyang. it's to remind people here of the sacrifices their leaders have made for them. their leaders are everywhere, including on the front page of the state newspaper, where you see kim jong-un signing the order, authorizing that nuclear test earlier this week that has triggered so much tension on the korean peninsula. and now a response from the south korean government. they are blaring their own propaganda on giant loud speakers across the border between north and south korea, known as the demilitarized zone. those propaganda messages are within earshots of hundreds of thousands of north korean troops. this infuriating for the north
7:47 am
korean regime and we don't have an official response of what they might do. over the summer, when they turned on the speakers, they sent troops over the border. we talked to young people about the nuclear test and all of them told us they're very proud of their country and they believe the message that their government is telling them, that these nuclear weapons and missile technology is necessary for north korea to protect its national sovereignty. these students told me that they believe that if their government didn't spend so much money on developing these weapons, that their country might be invaded by the united states and its allies. so, it just goes to show the pop beg -- propaganda war on the peninsula is a real part of life and has a great influence over how things are done. will ripley, pyongyang, north korea. >> will ripley, that's something. for the first time since world war ii, hitler's
7:48 am
manifesto, mein kampf is being republished and sold in germany. it's being republished in germany because the copyright expired in december. they say the new edition is heavily annotated. they say it will expose the quote, lies, half truths, lies and vicious tirades of the dictator. ♪ (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... this is brad.
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if you missed last night's episode of spike tv's lip synch battle, it was epic. ♪
7:52 am
>> that's channing tatum. he was channelling his best beyonce. the queen b joining him on stage. she will perform alongside coldplay at the super bowl. if super bowl 50 is going to be anything like this weekend's playoff games, she better bundle up. andy scholes -- i'm still laughing. >> we could see a legendary cold game this sunday between the seahawks and the vikings. it's going to be below zero right before kickoff for this game on sunday. if we take a look at the forecast, luckily for the fans right at about kickoff it's going to warm up to 2 degrees. the windchill will be about negative 17, so the fans will need to wear like 20 layers for this one. it's going to go down as one of the coldest games in nfl history. despite the fridge itd temperatures, vikings head coach, mike zimmer, he says they need the fans to give them the
7:53 am
home field advantage. he has an idea of how the fans can stay warm. >> we need the fans to make an advantage for us. they need to be loud and make sure they have some tailgating before they can come out so they can stay warm. >> i'm sure it will be cool. guys, we're not consciously thinking about that going into a game like this. they always say think warm thoughts. there you go. i'll object a beach in tahiti somewhere. >> warm thoughts, we'll see if that works. the vikings will do what they can to help out the fans this weekend. they're providing a pregame shelter for fans to stay warm and handing out free hand warmers and free coffee as well. the playoffs kick off on saturday. first game features my houston texans hosting the kansas city chiefs, followed by steelers and bengals. sunday, part two of ice bowl, hawks and vikings and green bay. acourt d cording to multiple reports, the speculation is beyonce is going to show up to
7:54 am
perform that song with coldplay. we remember how awesome she was when she performed at halftime of super bowl xlvii. also reported bruno mars, headlining super bowl xlviii in new jersey. there is mixed reaction when coldplay was announced as performers but now it's going to be a star-studded event. >> i'm setting my dvr, or whatever you call it. andy scholes, thanks so much. and i needed a laugh. coming up next, pants for pets, completely sold out. what started as an internet joke just got really serious.
7:55 am
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which way would dogs wear pants, if dogs were to wear pants? here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: who wears the pants in your relationship, you or your dog? now you both can. here's the story of a jokey diagram that went viral led to bonanza for muddy mutts. >> business is crazy. >> reporter: a 19-year-old student in belgian claims his girlfriend's dog rocky got him thinking. if a dog wore pants would he wear them like this, on four legs or like this on his two hind legs. the internet went nuts, debating the question. would pants on the hind legs just be shorts or both wrong since pants are supposed to cover your butt? then muddy mutts unsettled the argument. you think you settled the argument? >> it's settled. four legs. >> reporter: because pants for dogs already exist.
7:59 am
nylon waterproof waders sold for 50 bucks u.s. >> it looks really funny, but when you get tired of cleaning a dog for 20 minutes after a walk, it's really practical. >> reporter: it was a niche product until the diagram went viral and tim says sales jumped 2800%. >> i would love to show you one but i even sold the one on our model dog. >> reporter: now there's a waiting list as he races to make more muddy mutts. dogs, like people, have to put their pants on one leg at a time. >> the easiest way to put on a muddy mutt is to start with the front legs. >> reporter: you put on each leg and fasten the velcro cups. there are three straps. then your dog can look like a studly fireman. the original diagram led to spoofs like, how would a ferret wear a tube top? how would an earth worm wear a bra? but the idea of dogs in pants wormed its way around the web and now even the owner of rocky, the dog that inspired the
8:00 am
debate, is considering buying a pair of muddy mutts, though we doubt rocky himself is panting for pants. je jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> happy friday. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. the scariest thing he has ever seen, that from the philadelphia police commissioner about the video of a man trying to execute his officer at point-blank range. so, was this a terror stack? happening right now, ted cruz, marco rubio live, holding town halls in iowa and new hampshire as ted cruz says he is being targeted because the establishment is panicking. we'll take you there live. and the governor of maine ignites controversy with his words, speaking about a crisis of drug dealers impregnating white girls. he spoke just moments ago. so did he apologize? you have to see this.


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