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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 9, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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all right, hello again. thanks so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. very likely el chapo will be extradited to the u.s. that's according to a senior mexican law enforcement source, who also tells cnn the extradition will not likely happen right away. joaquin gusz man back behind bars, same prison in mexico city he broke out of last july. he was transported there under very heavy security, after his dramatic capture on friday. nick valencia at the federal prison where el chapo is back in custody. they're not saying where in the prison he's being held for
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obvious reasons, they can't reveal too much about him, but nick, back with us over the phone. what are you learning about how significant his recapture is? >> sure. according to law enforcement source here in mexico, we're told that el chapo is back in the same prison that he escaped from last summer in july. and we're told from the official that are not taking any chances. they can't suffer the embarrassment again. it was just such a stain of a legacy of the president, after he was captured, only to allow him to escape. el chapo back in the same prison, we're told heavily guarded under 24 hours surveillance by guards. they're not giving us specifics of where he is, whereabouts with in this maximum security prison. we're told by mexican officials, but we are told that he is being heavily guarded and monitored.
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they don't want to take any more trances. >> let's talk about this extradition and what mexican authorities have been able to tell you. that it is likely. under what circumstance, why is this likely? >> well, we're told that there has been a lot of cooperation in recent weeks and months between high level government officials. recently we saw the extradition of labarkry, a mexican american, highest ranking in the car tell, having paid justice in atlanta, just earlier this week, where he faced drug charges into the southeast united states. now we're seeing what we're told now from a senior mexican law enforcement official, oh el chapo will be as well. we're not given any timetable. what steps are next, that's a great question. i opposed to this official. he said next would be paperwork being filed by the u.s. government, formal paperwork,
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and the mexican government also to conduct formalities to get the ball rolling in order for the extradition to happen. we're told it won't happen any time soon. we can only assume that the mexican to save face, they don't want to capture him and and allow him to be in the custody of the united states. it was a big victory for the president. we saw a much different tone from him yesterday in the press conference. also, the attorney general touting the victory, multifaceted agencies, as well as cooperation with the united states to bring him into custody, and again, the most notorious, el chapo guzman, back in the same prison he escaped from a few months ago. >> thank you so much, nick. back in this country, with just 22 days to the iowa caucus, presidential hopefuls making
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stops in iowa today, donald trump will take to the stage in iowa, and that's where cnn political reporter sarah murray is for us. so, sarah, what's the scene there? >> reporter: well, fred, you know, we're just moments away when donald trump is expected to take the stage, and he is going to making his pip to a lot of iowa voters who are still undecided. i know that seems hard for us to imagine, because we've been here covering this for a year already. you're a voter in already, you're buckling down now. tuning in. like you said, candidates running all over the state making their pitch. that's what we're going to see from trump today. this is a little bit smaller, indoor venue. a little more intimate. voters are seated. he told a local iowa station that he is expecting to take questions to the. i think we'll get a much better sense what the last thing iowa voters want to know from him. what they want answered before they can make their final choice of who to support on caucus
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night. >> all right, sarah, thank you so much. we'll be tuning in and checking back with you. all right, other gop candidates campaigning in south carolina. they're attending a forum at the jack kemp foundation in columbia. fighting poverty and expanding opportunity in america. marco rubio addressed that crowd, he told a town hold in akin, the democrat front-runner. >> i can't wait for the general election. he pray every night oh i'm the republican nominee, because i can't wait to run against hillary clinton. i want to know how she's going to lecture me about people living paycheck to paycheck. i grew up paycheck to paycheck. i've lived paycheck to paycheck. many of the people i love in my family live that way right now. >> new jersey governor chris christie says it is time for the
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gop to expand the party's reach. >> we as republicans have to go back to campaigning in places we're uncomfortable. you know, we should stop going to the chamber of commerce lunches. they're wonderful, great for our egos, but we got their votes for the most part. we should go there once to say thank you and not go back again. the fact is we need to go into african-american churches, going into the hispanic communities and the bar yos to make sure that we do, and jeb is right, paul is right, first there to listen. don't go there with ten point plan, because they don't want to hear it. >> don't miss cnn's jake tapper's interview with ted cruz, the front-runner in a new iowa po iowa pole. all right, straight ahead, a philadelphia police officer ambushed and shot in the name of isis. new information in the investigation, and search for
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all right, we're learning new information about the gunman accused of ambushing a a philadelphia cop in the name of isis. two trips edward archer made to the middle east in 2012. if they were related to the attack. police commission they are says a surveillance video is absolutely chilling. miguel marquez has more. >> reporter: authorities are digging into the life of edward archer, the shooter, but it is that police officer, jesse hartnett, the hero here in this city and across the country.
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unbelievable work he was able to do, and not only being able to survive being shot three times at point-blank range, but chased down the suspect as well. he is in the hospital, but it will be a long road to recovery. this surveillance shows the video firing his gun into the car. police say he claims to have done it in the name of isis. >> i'm bleeding heavily. >> 30-year-old edward archer allegedly ambushed jesse hartnett at close range, firing at least 11 shots from his nine millimeter pistol, viking the officer three times in the arm. >> he pledges his allegiance to islamic state. he follows allah, and that's the reason he was called upon. >> he managed to get out of the car and return fire, hitting the gunman in the buttocks. police arrested him and recovered the gun. >> the gravbrafrry he demonstra
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was absolutely remarkable. his will to live undoubtedly saved his life. >> but it was revealed by the police commissioner that the weapon used was a stolen police gun. >> it was stolen back in october of 2013. it was reported, and that is one of the things that you absolutely regret the most, when an officer's gun is stolen, that is used against one of your own. >> the fbi confirms its involvement, releasing a statement, we are working side by side with the philadelphia police department, but made it clear, philadelphia police are the lead agency in the case. in response to this shooting, another attack on police in paris, the new york police department issued an internal memo urging officers to exercise heightened vigilance and implement proactive measures at all times. reminding them that isis has called for supporters to carry out attacks on law enforcement. >> our main concern at the moment today is the well-being
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and the health and recovery and rehabilitation of officer hartnett. >> reporter: in a tribute posted on facebook, graphic cruiser, fellow officer johnny castro wrote a lengthy play by play of the gun fight. you ducked your head down at just the right moment, it missed your head by inches. three bullets tore into your arm and sel instantly. you drew your service weapon and viscously returned fire. it was literally a fight for life and death. >> it's both confounding and as ston nishing that he was able to escape it like this, and i can't say enough for his bravery and how he conducted himself. >> authorities serve search warrants in the philadelphia area. authorities also saying that he was not on the radar for them. those trips to saudi arabia they will look at, but at this point,
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he may be that this was just a self-radicalized lone wolf. >> miguel marquez, thank you so much. all right, next, cnn gets an exclusive tour in north core reyear korea, see where our crew was taken, coming up. announcer: it's time to make room
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related assaults took place new year's eve. authorities saying out of the mob of 31 people identified as alleged attackers, 18 of them are refugees. atika shubert in the middle of the demonstrations. >> reporter: it's a day of protests here in cologne, sol dairy from women and men who live here. they want to protest against these apparently dozens of assaults of women. right here in this square on new year's eve. take a listen to what some of the protesters said why they came here today. >> i want to keep our space. i don't want to give it to someone else. i have daughters. i may not be young any more, but i don't anything to happen to them. we have to be loud. do what these women are doing right now. if someone comes up and touches
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a woman, she should point the finger at them, and stand up so other people can come and help her. >> an out pouring of solidarity, but this is the first protest of the day. we're following alongside with the protest, the right wing protests here and police have just announced to them that they won't be allowed to wear any face coverings, any masks, and that they must stop firing these fire crackers, fire works as they march along. the numbers are much smaller here, just about several hundred, maybe 300 or so according to police estimates. much smaller than the 1,300 left, the left protest, on the other side of the train station. but there is heavy, heavy security. riot police in place here to keep the two groups apart, to keep them from clashing. >> and there has been a few scuffles with police. i'm going to pull you around.
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there are some bottles being thrown at the moment. we might have to move back. that as you can see over there, that blue truck is a water cannon. it's being put into position now. that a fire cracker. they've been letting these fire crackers off all day. it is one way for these protest tors to cause chaos and disorder to intimidate people. but really, it's just a loud sound. it's not really a danger to anybody nearby at this point. it also allows them to scuffle with police a bit, cause disorder and push forward and fort. the left wing and right wing have now died down. many have gone home. riot police here just really as a precaution. they've taken off their helmets. but it was a very tense few hours there in cologne and the days ahead. this is the challenge for police and authorities to try and deal
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with that public anger about those mass assaults that happened mere on new year's eve. >> a warning from north korea today saying it's on the brink of war, after this. all right, south korea blasting of propaganda in the form of pop music at the border after the north claimed it detonated a hydrogen bomb earlier this week. cnn will ripley is the only u.s. reporter inside the north corian science center there. >> as the clock strikes midnight on kim jong-un's birthday, a melody of the sack ris riffieses of their leaders. musical propaganda, echoes here everyday, every night, reenforcing a message of loyalty
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to the supreme leader. on the front page of the main state newspaper, kim jong-un signing the order to what the region em calls a hydrogen bomb. they question the claim. but there is no doubt among these students lined up outside science and technology center that north koreans foreign media to visit the building. >> a siymbol of science. >>ly wan believes this nuclear test ensures peace, even if much of the world call it is a dangerous provocative act. >> only for the -- >> do they wants to be friends with north americans? >> why not. >> it makes that impossible. years of isolation gan during the previous kim region eems. young future scientists, doctors and other students have little or no access to the internet. only a state controlled intranet. >> you see them doing research here in the library. they're using their version of
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the ipad. >> they study surrounded by photos of their leaders. and models of north korean weapons. >> it's very powerful. >> medical students sits beneath a replica into orbit. >> this is all for peaceful purpose we don't want war. >> outside experts a cause koo north korea for being a front missiles could some daycarery nuclear war heads across the region or the world. north korea. >> all right, next, a crisis in the small michigan city of flint. the city's drinking water is toxic and a state of emergency. we'll have a report next.
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. all right, welcome back, i'm fredricka whitfield. state of emergency declared for thousands in michigan, months after researchers discovered toxic levels of lead in the water supply. thousands of residents may have been exposed for more than a year, and it may be because of cost cutting measures. here's sarah gan ham. >> this neighborhood says it all. 15% of homes in flint, michigan are boarded up.
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40% poverty rate, high unemployment and consistently at the top of the nation's list of most dangerous places. this 33 square mile city doesn't even have a grocery store. and now, they don't have clean drinking water. for 18 months, researchers believe the water flowing through taps across flint has been tainted with lead. >> i'm paying for poison. paying for water that's a toxic waste. >> rhonda kelso and her daughter kay lynn are among many res departments of flint whose blood levels tested high for lead after the city switched its water source. in an attempt to cut costs, city officials stopped getting pretreated water from the city of detroit in 2014, and instead, gan using water from the nearby flint river. the problem is that the flint river is 19 times more core rose
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sieve than lake huron, detroit's water source. the city wasn't treating it according to federal law. lead pipes gan to car road, leaching into the water. >> if you were to put something in into a population to put them down for generations and generations to come it, would be lead. >> dr. mona is a pedestrian tree shan at children's hospital. >> well-known tox iks poison. damming things you can do a population. it drops your iq, criminality, it has multi general nation impacts. no self-level of lead in a child. >> after hearing her patients complain about water that looked and smelled and tasted funny, she decided to investigate. using public information, she found that the percentage of lead in cases doubled, even
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tripled in some places after the water switch. >> when we saw it was getting into children and knew the consequences of it, i think that's when we gan not to sleep. >> here's how this happened. the core rose sieve flint water goes to the water mains to the service lines to homes. in flint, the water mains are made of iron, which turns some of the water brown. and half of the service lines and pipes in flint homes are made of lead. >> we have to think about that these children were drinking through lead painted straws. >> for at least a year, city and state officials denied anything was wrong. the former mayor, dane walling, publicly drank it to make a statement. but in 2011 study also warned that the flint river was core row sieve and needed to be treated. >> a good explanation why they decided not to add the anticorrosives? >> no. >> material to the water?
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>> nobody has answered that question? >> i don't think there is a good answer for that. >> experts tell us it would have cost about $100 a day. in late september, officials finally recognized what experts had been saying. the water in flint was toxic. by october, the city reverted back to using the detroit water supply, but the damage was done. >> i do apologize for it. with respect to our role in the issue. >> the state's director of environmental quality, and walling lost a reelection campaign that en centered around the issue. >> i regret all of it, all the way back to seeing the city move to a different drinking water source. you can't put a dollar amount on the devastation to our community, our kids, and it was completely avoidable. >> sarah gannon with us now, that's an eye opening report. is the issue here, does it underscore that there was a simple lack of caring for some
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people, and the finger is being blamed now at who? >> reporter: yeah, that's the big question here. who is to blame, and people here in flint, they blame the state, because the state had financial control over the city when these decisions were being made. a recent task force just blamed the department of environmental quali quality, the director of that department stepped down, but here in flint last night, there were protests. people calling for the governor's resignation over this issue. earlier this week, he apologized when he declared a state of machin emergency, they live about 70 miles from the biggest fresh water resources in the world, the great lakes, but they cannot get fresh water out of their taps. >> well, that statement alone, you know, that it's taunt mount from kids drinking from lead
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straws. that speaks volumes. sarah, great report. appreciate it. thanks everybody for being with me all day long here this saturday. i'm fredricka whitfield. much more continues in 30 minutes. i'll see you tomorrow. vital signs with dr. gupta starts right now. hard to believe that 2015 is coming to a close. the holidays are a time for family and friends, and also for a lot of people, a time for stress. this is vital signs. i'm dr. son jay gupta. you know the feeling, your heart starts to pound, you might start to ea


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