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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  January 12, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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here we go on this tuesday afternoon. so great to be here live on capitol hill here in washington, d.c. i'm brooke baldwin. you can feel the energy. big news here, the final year this the president of the united states will be delivering his last state of the union address from the hill. much more on what to look for later this evening and later in
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the show. but first, the news right now as it comes to politics is on the campaign trail. these two new polls that are shaking up the democratic race for president in a huge way. they show hillary clinton, the fact that she could lose not just the first but. the first two races for the nomination next month, i'm talking specifically about the iowa caucuses february 1st and then the new hampshire primary on february 9th. look at the numbers. quinnipiac showing bernie sanders with a 5-point lead over hillary clinton in iowa. that is just beyond the margin of error. but the story new hampshire, mammoth university poll shows he has a double-digit lead over hillary clinton. do the math. that's a 14-point lead. this is his biggest lead yet. two months ago they found bernie sanders was in a tie with clinton and pollsters found in
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new hampshire sanders is earning more support than clinton from men and the ladies. sanders has 50% to clinton's 44%. let me bring in the great jeff zeleny, who is here on capitol hill with me. thank you for having me in your town. >> welcome. >> let's begin with i feel like if there ever was a couple buy ya moment in that exchange at the vegas debate, we're past that now. >> never mind these polls, but look at what the candidates are saying. hillary clinton in the last week or so has aggressively gone after bernie sanders on a variety of issues. her campaign has seen these numbers for about the last week or so. they agree with the fact that in iowa that they are a touch behind. in new hampshire they believe they are far behind. the dynamic here could not be
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more interesting. we're so close to the vote. hillary clinton more they think he's an outside r. they think he's the democratic reverse of donald trump. but take a listen to hillary clinton earlier today in ames, iowa. she was aggressively going after bernie sanders on the issue of guns. >> we do have differences. i think it's time and very important for people to understand what those differences are. we have a big difference over guns. you know that. and i think it's a telling difference because if you're going to go around saying you stand up to special interest, well stand up to the most powerful special interest. bring people together and let's have common sense gun safety measures. >> so what hillary clinton is trying to do is issue some sort of a rallying call to democrats to get them to look at bernie
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sanders' record specifically. i'm not sure if it's going to work because his supporters like him so much already. one number that struck me from the iowa poll is honest and trustworthiness. 93% say he's trustworthy and honest. it's not that the democrats don't like her, but they love bernie sanders. >> it's interesting the trust issue has been a problem for her before. she's been stumping with her husband and chelsea clinton. >> i'm so grateful my mom is running for president. i very much believe she's the right president for my granddaughter and for my daughter and the children that she will have for when i'm lucky enough to become a grandmother. >> a softening of a hillary clinton image. >> and for younger voters, that's one thing that's so frustrating to hillary clinton herself. why do younger voters are turning to bernie sanders.
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he's a 74-year-old, the oldest candidate on the race on either side. she's heading to iowa this weekend. the full-court press is on. they know what can happen. it's not panic mode yet at all, but there's definitely a sense of worry. >> jeff zeleny, thank you, i appreciate it. just a a quick programming note for you. hillary clinton sits down with us tonight at 7:00 eastern here on cnn. and it is not just democrats in iowa and new hampshire who may be showing a preference for bernie sanders. i want you to listen to this huge interview. this is the vice president joe biden sitting down with gloria borger. >> he is speaking to a yearning that is deep and real. he has credibility on it. and that is the absolute enormous concentration ofealt w in a small group of people in
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the middle class now being able to be shown being left out. there used to be a basic r bargain. you got to share in the profit. that's been broken. productivity is up. >> but hillary is talking about that. >> but it's relatively new for hillary to talk about that. >> okay, with me now i have amy parent, senior white house correspondent and cnn commentator sellers, who used to be a state representative. so great to see both of you. amy, let me kick the conversation off with you. not only is bernie sanders leading in iowa and new hampshire, his biggest lead yet. 14 points in new hampshire. my question is this this. for the democrats who have been sitting on the sidelines who assumed they would be hillary clinton supporters, if he were to win both states, would they
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take another look at bernie sanders? what might he be selling they would be interested in? >> i think they will, brooke. the biggest thing is that he will go into south carolina after iowa and new hampshire with momentum. that's something that all candidates want. they want to go in saying, look, i was very electable in these two states. i have the momentum. but the question is does he really? because she's really set up in south carolina and nevada in a a big way. she has the money. she has the organization in a way that bernie sanders doesn't. so i think that all kind of boils down to the fact i think that will hp her in the end even if she loses the first two states. >> to you, the notion it's interesting. we talk so much on the republican side as to how the outsiders have done so well. when you look at this maybe a sanders surge in new hampshire,
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so it's on both political sides, far left, far right resinating. >> the clinton supporters, i'm one myself, butt clinton supporters around the country the word of the day is relax. not panic mode. not yet. the reason being is because when you start to get to states who look more reflective of the democratic party, hillary clinton is going to do extremely well. when you start in south carolina and super tuesday with southern states choosing their nominee the elect trat doesn't look like that. other places -- new hampshire is bernie sanders' home. we can't discount what bernie sanders is doing. he's running a hell of a campaign. he tapped into an energy that's there. e we see by the number of donors
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he has. it's a new energy. hillary clinton is going to have to step her game up a notch, i and i think she will. >> amy, do you want to jump in on that? >> what you have seen is i don't know if they are scared. scared might be going too far, but you have bill clinton come ing back to campaign for her. chelsea clinton will be there, four women senators. they are putting everything they have, 11 out of 12 eggs as one source told me, into this iowa basket to prove that they can win. . they are thinking a win is a win is a win. so they are going to count that as a win. >> what about joe biden. he give this is interview to gloria borger. and he praises bernie sanders. >> it was epic trolling of hillary clinton. >> if you haven't seen this for anyone watching, part of the quote was, bernie is speaking to
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a yearning that is deep and real and he has credibility whereas hillary clinton it's relatively new to talk about that. this is one of the longest serving politicians. vice president of this country. how do you take that? >> i'm not taking your bait. i'm not going to say anything ill about the vice president of the united states. >> he's wonderful. but he knows what he's doing. >> i think that hillary clinton reads that and turns the page. there is an energy out there that we have to talk about that african-americans want to hear about mass incarceration. you have to talk about these issues with some level of compassion. she has to take the guard off, but she has to do more of it. i have a 10-year-old stepdaughter. one of the most amazing things is i want her to be. able to hutch hillary clinton and see her and understand she can be president of the united states. that's the most amazing thing. >> but amy, the vice president didn't make it about hillary clinton.
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his point was about bernie sanders. >> right, and that's huge today. i was talking to sources recently for someone who is so experienced and well versed, that was a bit shocking. i think he does know what he's doing. that was a bit of a sting to the clinton campaign. particularly this far down the stretch when they need an endorsement like joe biden. so i do think u that hurts for them. >> thank you both so much. i appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up next, talk about sean penn responding to the backlash over his secret meeting with el chapo and it turns out sean penn was being watched during that trip. we have pictures. this is just a little sneak peek for you. also ahead, a member of isis being blamed after an explosion in one of the great. tourist spots. we'll take you there live. and new video of the fugitive in the paris attacks after the mass shootings.
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see where he went and what he did. i'm brooke baldwin live here on capitol hill on this tuesday ahead of the president's final state of the union. we'll be right back. i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at
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you are watching yellowst i brooke baldwin. the big story today continues to be out of mexico. this secret passageway hidden behind a mirror leading to the most wanted drug kingpin to this maize of underground sewers. you're looking at joaquin "el chapo" guzman's escape route that they wouldn't find for 90 minutes as thaz raided his house. new video shows kitchen counters l littered with trash, bullet holes in walls and doors, but it's these pictures here of sean penn may have led police to the second story house in mexico.
11:17 am
turns out sean penn travelled to meet with el chapo for the controversial "rolling stone" interview. intelligence officials were watching. join iing me is martin savidge live outside of that prison where el chapo remains behind bars. where do begin on this one? tell me about this meeting and how did it lead authorities to el chapo. >> authorities have said that that interview is essential to the capture of el chapo. i'm referring to sean penn's interview. i don't think anything said in that interview is what did it for them. clearly from the photographs it's that the meeting took place and authorities appear to be tailing kate del castillo, the mexican actress or both of them. and as a result, they began to piece together that they are going to meet with el chapo and it's going to take place in a hide away in the mountains.
11:18 am
what we don't know here is the connection that gets them to the house two months later and that is in time and travel. so it would imply that mexican authorities had some other kind of information, other kind of intel from another source that led them to that house. meanwhile from that interview from sean penn, one of the things talked about was el chapo's life on the run. here's what he said.
11:19 am
>> the irony is that his freedom was cut short quite quickly as a result of that very interview. he's once more inside this maximum security prison. sean penn has been asked how he feels about all of this. the only comment he gave was he said he has nothing to hide. that's it. >> i saw that. martin savidge, thank you r very mitch much. 20 days to go. until the iowa caucuses the veteran says a trump or cruz nomination mark the end of the republican party as we know it. what party lead rs should do about that. plus there will be one empty chair at the state of the union address on capitol hill. that chair to honor and remember victims of gun violence. something my next guest knows about all too well.
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she lost her husband in the shootings. she will attend the state of the union. what she wants to hear from the president, next. i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. enough pressure in here for ya? too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... you realize i have gold status? mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. let's end this.
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we are back here live on capitol hill, ike brooke baldwin. tonight president obama will go before the american people in his final state of the union address. his speech is expected to be optimistic, reflective. these are bits and pieces we're getting from the chous, but it will tackle foreign policy issues. here's a look ahead. >> i want us to be able when we walk out this door to say e we couldn't think of anything else that e we didn't try to do. that we didn't shy away from a challenge because it was hard. that we weren't timid or got
11:25 am
tired or somehow we're thinking about the next thing because there is no next thing. this is. nvr in our lives again will we have the chance to do as much good as we do now. i want to make sure we maximize it. >> the president will touch on the gun violence epidemic. including the people of san bernardino, california. several first responders and family members will be in the gallery including my next guest. joining me is the congressman of california who representing riverside. thank you so much for taking the time. my heart goes out to you and all the family members from the
11:26 am
shooting. >> thank you. >> tell me about your husband. >> he was an intelligent man. he loved the diversity in the office and loved working with the kids. he was a wonderful human being. >> the children from the center. >> not only those children, but for the school kids and he really was a community service individual. he tried to help everyone and his idea was to help everyone if he could. and to do even the smallest things for anybody was the right thing to do. >> it's all the little things. >> i was on the air when it happened. our heartbreaks for all of you in san bernardino. but i talked to too many gun violence victims and ask, tell me about the call. everyone got the call. >> the call was we heard on the news, i heard on the news when i
11:27 am
found out. i text him and i called him and he didn't respond. and then our friend called me and said he was going to come down. everybody was trying to call him and find out where he was because it was kind of mayhem. everybody was running around. we went down to the center and stayed there until 8:00 at night when the last bus came in. then we were taken into the room and told that the wonded were in the hospital and those family members had already been notified. and that we were to go home and we would be contacted the next day. and so we got home a about 10:00
11:28 am
that night. >> i already know the answer to the next question as far as why you would ask to come to be seated with you at the state of the union. there are so many families. why specifically did you ask her? >> she and her family are constituents of mine. i lost two constituents. i was able to reach and speak to her personally. i wasn't able to reach the family of the other victim who lived in my district, but whose family lives outside the district. so really it's matter of those of us in the area, the other members of congress lost one or two members of their districts. but i felt it was also important that the families of the victims
11:29 am
were represented here. mr. aguilar has done a wonderful thing inviting the first responders, but i really felt it was important for our community that we also had the real faces of the victims. >> i'm wondering before you lost your husband, how familiar were you with gun laws in this country or the knowledge of loopholes or background checks or is this something you have become an expert on quickly? >> we did talk about it before. we're a family that we have guns. there's hunters and policemen and s.w.a.t. team members in our family that have guns. we went ahead and have talked about shooting and gun control. we also talked our views on that before. since this has happened, we have
11:30 am
found a lot of loopholes that we didn't know existed and we would like those loopholes to become tighter so that not everybody has to worry about this or at least it's more difficult for them to go ahead and do this. >> do you feel executive actions have gone far enough for you? >> not for me, but it's a good step. >> the pushback, i was just in virginia with the president as part of this town hall on gun violence in this country. as a member of congress, one of the questions or critics would say is what these executive actions will help prevent a killer couple from murdering 14 people potentially or getting a gun. what's your response to that? >> just because you can poke holes in some of these proposals that they won't with 100% certainty guarantee that a crazy
11:31 am
person or mentally ill person will get a weapon is no reason not to try to tighten loopholes. this guy farook went to this other guy because e he felt that he couldn't pass. so that suggests to me that background checks are important. they can work. we need to tighten up the whole chain of ownership in california if i want to transfer ownership of my automobile to another person, i have to go to the dmv and register it. >> that's the point the president made the other night. >> we should be able to trace this. this is not taking away people's second amendment. the minds like many of my
11:32 am
constituents are respect fful o the second amendment, but it's common sense things like we should be able to have tighter background checks, have this young man even thought the consequences of what he was doing potentially and knowing there was tighter penalties for transferring a weapon. this be better accountability on who owns what weapons. >> thank you both so much. i appreciate your time. do not frgt we want you to catch the president's final state of the union address this evening. coverage starts at 7:00 eastern. we'll be right back.
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three weeks, folks, three weeks. the iowa caucuses three weeks away, it's time for crunch time for these candidates. donald trump and ted cruz are running away with it. is what's good for them deadly for the party? my next guest says it is indeed. the also joining us this afternoon is chairman of the american conservative union. good to see both of you. bill, let me get to your opinion piece. the unsolicited advice. convince all other establishment candidates to drop out and unite behind one and stop say iing they'd accept trump or cruz as the party's nominee.
11:38 am
i think if you told jeb, christie, kasich, step down, let's give it to marco rubio, i think you'd hear crickets. >> i'm not saying they are going to rush into it, but let me say, i come into this as somebody who loves politics. been around it a long time. i've worked for republicans, voted republican, we need two strong political parties. i'm afraid that the republican party by going r for trump or cruz will be committing collective suicide. u don't think that's good for the country or for the party or for the democrats either. i think the republican party is going to shape up and say we could lose everything if one of these two guys becomes the nominee. >> as a former bush xliii adviser, can you respond? >> i appreciate bill's advice. i wonder what you guys are going to do when bernie sanders wins in new hampshire and maybe in iowa. i want to have another segment
11:39 am
on this. we have decided long ago after the ford and reagan battles of 1976, moved on to 1980, that we are a conservative party. but i think we've always known we're a coalition. there are moderates in our party. there are people not on the far right and we have to weave it together. the fact is there are more americans who are okay with the idea of an outsider maybe someone who has never held elected office having the highest office in the land. it's an indictment on a lot of people in washington, but mostly an indictment of barack obama. >> let's not involve president obama for a second. you talk about weaving. i see no weaving. do you think your party is getting taken over? >> it's a conservative party. this is a settled matter. look at the numbers. it's a conservative party. conservatives need to understand that they alone can't get the job done and get to 51%.
11:40 am
we have to bring in moderates and more independent voters that have to be part of our plan. there's no way to get there without doing that. but the base of the party is a conservative party. by the way, the democrats, it's clear. >> are you laughing? >>. >> bernie sanders is a nominee. but look, of course, it's a conservative party. my point is you have lots of good conservatives who could win. marco rubio, i believe, could win. i think jeb bush could win. the problem with donald trump is, matt, be honest, he's no conservative. he's a buffoon. in some cases he's like a democrat. he opposed the iraq war. he's for single payer. he's given lots of money to democrats. you can't tell me donald trump is a conservative. and ted cruz is so far out there
11:41 am
he's just not where the rest of america is. you've got conservatives. go for a conservative who can win. that's my advice. >> so hold on. that said, do you think if trump were to win the nomination, would he win the presidency? >> i don't know. i don't have a crystal ball. all these candidates have a good shot to win. let's face it. let me finish here. a campaign is about running against someone else. whether it's bernie sanders or hillary clinton who is still under investigation by the fbi and looks to be in a weak position, you'd have to agree that there's a huge number of independent minded voters there in this country who have had enough of this clinton operation. i think it it puts republicans in a very strong position in november and i think an outsider will bring in some of these independent voters and i look forward to that. >> i don't agree with that at all. there are a huge number of americans who are fed up with
11:42 am
politics as usual whether it's on the republican side or the democratic side. but weaver talking about the republican party. i think you have to think of the big picture. the idea is to win. and if you want to win, you have to reach out to those independents. ted cruz shut down the government over obamacare. shut down the government over planned parenthood. that's not where the rest of the country is. i believe either one of those you lose the senate, the white house and maybe even the house. if that's what you want, another barry goldwater, go for it. >> respond and then we're going to go. >> let's be clear. the fact that there are more independents than in a long t e time. bill makes the big mistake. he's assuming they are moderate or they might even lean a little left. the number one group in the country are conservatives. there's more conservatives in this country than republicans. and the fact is the person who
11:43 am
will be the next president of the united states has to court those voters and that's a fact. >> let's have a tv date again. absolutely awesome. coming up next, we have to talk about this member of isis being blamed after an explosion in one of the world's great tourist spots. you're watching cnn's special live coverage from washington, we'll be right back. the medical bills - the credit card debt all piled up. i knew i had to get serious my credit. so i signed up for experian. they have real, live credit experts i can talk to. they helped educate me on how debt affected my fico score. so i could finally start managing my credit. now my credit and i - are both healing nicely. get serious about your credit. get experian. go to
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at least ten tourists are dead, another 15 injured in this attack launched in one offist
11:48 am
stand ---i is-is is-ist -- it s blast the hit in h historical, cultural significance. at least eight of those killed were german. right now germany is advising citizens to avoid crowds and tourist attractions until further notice. let's go straight to the site of that attack to arwa damon. and arwa, just saying on the note from germany. so do we know if those german tourists were specifically targeted here? >> reporter: we don't know that at this stage, brooke, but what seems to be apparent is this attacker wanted to go after foreigners. at least that's the conclusion that is derived from the reality that all of those who were killed were foreigners. the injured a combination of
11:49 am
both foreigners and turks. this attack delivered a message that goes far and beyond turkey's borders. it also sends out the message to other nations that their foreign nationals are not necessarily safe. this is something of an isis attack given ta they do tend to in some of the other countries we have seen go after these these soft targets. the area the attacks took place, we're just outside of the police cordon at the time the attack happened at 10:15 in the morning. that's when a lot of these are beginning when the crowds are beginning to arrive into this area. and not only do we know from the authority that this individual was of syrian origins, but also that they recently crossed into turkey from syria. this is not somebody who the intelligence apparatus had been tracking, which also goes to show how difficult it is and
11:50 am
what sort of a big challenge r turkey does face when it comes to not only securing its borders, but also trying to keep tabs on the many that flow across 37 turkey is home to 2 million syrian refugees and we're seeing how vulnerable the country is. ed and it most certainly is not the last time that the authorities have faced difficulties in trying to track down these potential terrorist attackers. >> arwa damon, thank you so much. from turkey to france, new images have surfaced of the paris terrorist suspects still on the run. these are images from surveillance video showing abdelhamid abaaoud at a gas station in northern france a day after those terrorist attacks. he's seen traveling with two
11:51 am
associates. one on his side, the other putting gas in the car. and he a appears pretty relaxed. walking calmly, hands in his pockets. the 26-year-old is suspected of playing a role in the november 13th attacks that killed 130 people in paris. coming up next, brand new video of el chapo's getaway tunnel. cnn goes inside his secret hideout and the mirror that he ran behind. also sean penn responding for the first time since the backlash over his secret meeting with el chapo and you heard about this one today. mcjagger's ex engaged to another famous trailblazer. a media mogul. what's the story behind rupert murdoch. we'll be right back. let's get these dayquil liquid but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference. this one is max strength and fights mucus.
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a lot of us try to keep an eye on what we eat, but did you ever think about what your food eats? the chickens, pigs, cows, we
11:56 am
went in search of how our food gets to our tables. this is part of her series called raw ingredients. she found a big problem with what some farmers are feeding the animals we eat. >> this is a hog finishing farm in iowa. it's where pigs get. fat. over the course of five to six months, pigs go from 13 pounds to 270 pounds in this room. >> why did they get all quiet? >> they want to hear what i have to say. >> wow, that's amazing. that is amazing. >> yeah, pigs smell. >> why do they smell so bad? i'm not kidding. >> you ever been in an outhouse? they smell bad too. >> the smell was awful, but for me, the most unsavory part of this process is the one you rarely get to examine closely. in fact, it's one of the most opaque corners of the meat industry.
11:57 am
it's the animal feed itself. one of the biggest feed makers is carr gill in minnesota. >> e we believe our purpose here is to be able to feed the world. and to feed the world, tough find the most initiate way to grow healthy animals. we spend a lot of time to tackle that question. >> they can get animals just as fat on half the feed compare d o 40 years ago. but for many in the industry, it's not just about less feed. it's about bigger animals. >> how do you get livestock to explode in size in a few months? the industry has a term for it. animal by-products like meat and bone male, leftover grease from restaurants and even poultry feathers. there's one more ingredient that's essential to getting growth out of animal. >> where are the drugs? >> they are in the drug room. they are dumped in each batch of
11:58 am
feed. >> the majority of his customers request antibiotics in their feed. this is where it comes from. get this. more than 70% of all antibiotics sold in the u.s. are for food production animals. >> when i tell people 75% go into the animal try chain it blows their mind. it's not possible. how can that be? antibiotics are for humans. it's not possible. that blows their mind. >> here's why using so many antibiotics is a problem. they are vital to defend from back tier to ya to make us sick. but bacteria can evolve 37 every time we use antibiotics, some bacteria survive and those drug resistant bacteria can multiply and spread. this can result in what many call a souper bug. as we use more and more antibiotics, this problem magnifies jgenerating more kind of super bugs and making the ones that already exist even
11:59 am
more powerful. there are already some strains of drug-resis tapt bacteria out there and public health officials warn it will only get worse if. we don't cool it on the antibiotics. the fbi is changing antibiotic guidelines for animal feed by december 2016. veterinarians will have to make sure the drugs are used judicially and when needed for specific animal health purposes. feed makers said they follow fda regulations, but a public health researcher isn't satisfied with the fda or the industry. >> the industry may con tend that its use of the drugs does not contribute to antibiotic resistant, but it goes to great lengths to make sure we're never able to access the information we would need to connect the dots definitively. >> the natural question here is will the new regulations put any dent in the number of antibiotics used in our food
12:00 pm
production. and the answer, i'm afraid, many critics have is no way. it's not going to impact the way the industry uses this. . the government knows this is a a huge problem. they have been ringing the alarm bell. s. 37,000 people will die in the next five years because of super bugs. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin live here on capitol hill. big day because this evening president obama will be delivering his final state of the union address and i have next to me here dana bash. i think the last time i was here i was chasing you around during the government shutdown. good to be back under different circumstances. >> it's good to have you here. >> tonight is huge because it's his last, but also this is the first for speaker paul ryan. get me in the mind of dana bash.
12:01 pm
what will be listening for? >> we are where we are. it's the beginning of a presidential year. so even e though it is the end of an era, it will be the end of the obama era, don't look for any nostalgia from republicans. just the opposite. paul ryan this morning had a breakfast with some of us who are tv reporters and anchors and made very clear it's game on. and had that he is going to be as combative as ever during the rest of president obama's time in office. he insists he thinks obama is going. to be highly political starting with his speech tonight. but it basically makes it clear that the next year is not going to be much different. >> speaking of the next year and the next couple weeks, i'll see you in iowa i'm sure. let's talk about the latest numbers we're seeing today. you have two democratic polls out today shaking up the race for the president in a huge way showing hillary clinton, the
12:02 pm
fact that she could maybe lose the first two races for the nomination next month both in iowa and new hampshire. the quinnipiac poll has bernie sanders over hillary clinton in iowa. that's just beyond the margin of error. this is the story here today. this poll shows the senator from vermont not only is leading, it's a monster lead, 14 points over5 hillary clinton. given those numbers, it was initially a little bit of a politic political. >> if you want any indication that the clinton campaign knows full well the numbers are real, look at what they are doing on the campaign trail. i mean not just hillary clinton, but chelsea clinton was even out today talking about bernie sanders by name on the issue with healthcare.
12:03 pm
listen to what she said. >> he wants to roll medicare, medicaid, the children's health insurance program, affordable care act program and private health insurance into a national system and then turn it over to the states to administer. now if that's the kind of revolution he's talking about, i'm worried, folks. we have a big difference over guns. you know that. and i think it's a telling difference because if you're going to go around saying you stand up to special interests, stand up to the most powerful special interest. stand up to the gun lobby. bring people together and have common sense gun safety measures. >> on the campaign trail, hillary clinton talked about hillary clinton and her own policies. not anymore. i don't think so. but it's very clear where they see his strengths with the
12:04 pm
liberal pace, health care, for example. they are trying to get him on e those issues saying this isn't what it's cracked up to be. i should say the bernie sanders campaign says what she's arguing isn't true. you're going to get rid of affordable care act and turn it over to the states. the campaign said that's not what his plan is. but the issue of gun. s is the most fascinating because the clinton campaign has been relentless on this issue. relentless because these reasons, he's a senator from vermont. he says it all the time. that's why in the past he's taken votes that many for gun control r were opposed to giving some protections to the gun industry, gun manufacturers from liability. so this is not going to stop as long as bernie sanders is doing well. i don't think -- i think not necessarily in panic mode yet, but remember eight years ago
12:05 pm
going into. iowa, she didn't win. she didn't even come in succeed. they don't want a repeat of t that. >> dana bash, we'll see you on tv all night long. thank you. it's not just democrats in iowa and new hampshire who may be showing a preference for bernie sanders. this was the vice president joe biden sitting down with gloria borger. >> i'm not surprised it's viewed as neck and neck. i also will be surprised if the pundits turn out to be right. they hardly ever are in iowa and new hampshire. >> why is she struggling? she was an overwhelming favorite. >> i think that's part of the reason. >> he's a democratic socialist. >> if bernie sanders never said he was a democratic socialist based on what he's saying, people wouldn't be falling him a democratic socialist. that's how he characterizes
12:06 pm
himself. the party in europe. >> why is she having trouble? >> i think that bernie is speaking to a yearning that is deep and real. and he has credibility on it. and that is the absolute enormous concentration of wealth with the middle class now being able to be shown being left out. there used to be a basic bargain. if you contributed to the profitability of the enterprise, you got to share in the profit. >> that's been bernie's know one questions his authenticity. >> and they question hers? >> they question everybody's who hasn't been talking about it all
12:07 pm
along. she's come forward with some really thoughtful approaches to deal the issue. i just think -- look, everybody it's the old thing. everybody wants to be the favorite. no one wants to be the problemive favorite. it's a high bar for her to meet that she was the prohibitive favorite. i never thought she was. so i think everything is coming down toer down. >> donald trump is the republican front runner. is he qualified to be president of the united states and leader on the world stage? >> anyone in the american public says they want to be president is qualified to be president. that sounds like i'm avoiding the question, but that's not my style. i want to make that clear. i think he's an incredibly divisive figure. the country has never done well
12:08 pm
when the leader of the country appeals to people's fears a as opposed to their hopes. that's what worries me about donald trump. if donald trump gets the nomination and wins the election, if he's as smart as i think he is, he's going to regret having said the things he's said and done. we were talking before about pulling the country together, pulling the politics together, how is donald trump do that? how does donald trump on the tangent he's on separate people based on their ethnicity and their origin, based on -- it's divisive. it's not healthy. >> putin has called trump an outstanding and talented personality. and trump has said about putin at least he's the leader. you deal an awful lot with foreign leaders.
12:09 pm
how would you see trump on the world stage? >> i would hope we'd have an extremely qualified staff with him. i would hope he would have people from the last administration and other republican administrations who were r substantively grounded. >> you're saying he's not substantiative? >> he's not so far. that doesn't mean he can't be, but he has no background in foreign policy. it's one thing to have an assessment of putin's personality, that's okay, but tell me what he knows about strategic doctrine. tell me what he knows about the nuclear equation with the united states and tell me what he knows about china and russia relati s relations. i don't know. maybe he's keeping it all a secret, but he hasn't spoken to any of the substance so far. >> chief political analyst gloria borger, gloria, what an incredible wide ranging interview, first and foremost.
12:10 pm
and taking it back a couple minutes to the point about bernie sanders, i remember when the vice president announced he would not be running for president and the day before he was contradicting hillary clinton on several issues. now this talking about bernie sanders being deep and real. >> i'm not sure there is a strategy. i said is the door still open if hillary clinton were to falter in iowa and new hampshire. he said there's no door. so i'm not so sure there's a strategy here that he wants to raise bernie sanders poll numbers and deflate hillary clinton's poll numbers. i think joe biden is a pop list all the heart and he like what is he hears in bernie sanders. he thought about running against hillary clinton. and one of the reasons he thought about running against hillary clinton was maybe he thought he could beat her at some point.
12:11 pm
i think what he said today when other reporters asked him follow up questions to our interview i meant she's been involved in foreign policy. but what he was saying was bernie sanders has been doing this his entire life. and so when people listen to bernie sanders talk about wall street, they believe what he says because he's not new to that game. so it wasn't as if he dised hillary. i just don't think he went out of his way to compliment h hillary. >> the interview made news because of what the vice president talked about in terms of a private conversation with the president as he was coping with beau b, his son's illness. here's a clip from that. >> i was having lunch with the president. he was the only guy other than my family i confided in everything that was beginning on with bea because i felt
12:12 pm
responsibility to do that so he knew where i was, my thinking. and i said, you know, my concern is, i said if beau resigns, there's nothing to fall back on. . his salary. but i worked it out. but jill and i will sell the house and be in good shape. he said don't sell the house. promise me you won't sell the house. he said i'll give you the money. whatever you need, i'll give you the money. promise me. i said i don't think we're going to have to any way. he said promise me. and then i'll never forget the eulogy he delivered for beau. when beau had his stroke and it turned out it was the beginning of glee the kacancer, he came running down the hallway and said, joe, joe, is he okay. his love of family and my family
12:13 pm
and my love of his family, you know, his two children and my granddaughters are best friends. his number two door and three granddaughter vacation together. tla sleep at each other's homes all the time. it's personal. it's family. >> that is beyond powerful. >> i think when you listen to joe biden, he's lived down the hall from president obama for the last seven years. and they have had some tough times in their relationship. i don't have to remind you when joe biden got out in front of the president on gay marriage. they disagreed on a bunch of foreign policy issues. the president has often found b joe biden maddening, but when you look at the way their relationship has evolved now, particularly in the wake of the difficulties the vice president had going through the illness
12:14 pm
with hiz son as son and the pas his son, you have to understand that they believe joe biden when he says they are family. this whole vision of the president saying to joe biden, who has been in public life for over 40 years, hasn't made a fortune on wall street or anything else, saying, i will help you out there. it's quite an amazing personal story between the president of the united states and the vice president of the united states when you think about it. >> pages and pages will be written about their relationship i'm sure once they are out of the white house. gloria borger, thank you so much fo sharing. >> thank you. jt ahead here on cnn, new video of the fugitive in the paris attacks after that mass coordinated terrorist attack. where he went, what he did. plus a lot of eyes on sean penn. guess what, he's now responding to all this backlash over a secret meeting with el chapo and it it turns out sean penn was
12:15 pm
being watched during that trip. we have pictures. and heartbreak in war, aid workers reduced to tears after finally reaching starving children in syria. we will talk you there, please do not miss this. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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raul: i noticed that she was i reshaving issues with her sad joints.kly. liz: honeybelle just decided to stop eating. debra: i found freshpet. emily: she absolutely loves it. raul: it's natural. dexter: there's real chunks of vegetables and chicken in it. raul: and, if the food is in the fridge, you know it has to be fresh. irina: i see a difference in his energy level. erin: it's helped with his allergies. marcy: his coat is about as shiny as they come. brady: thank you for making our dog the happiest dog in the whole entire world.
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12:19 pm
as citizens of these united nations, believe in it. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. a secret passageway hidden behind a mirror leading the world's most wanted drug pin it to a maize of underground sewers. you're looking at joaquin "el chapo" guzman's escape route. the marines wouldn't find it for 90 minutes as they were raiding his house. but it's not those pictures. it's these pictures of sean penn
12:20 pm
that may have led police to the two-story home in mexico and eventually led them to his capture. as sean penn and mexican actress kate del castillo travelled to meet up with el chapo in person for that controversial int interview, intelligence. officials were watching saying this surveillance was key in el chapo's arrest. his undoing seemingly a direct result of his hollywood dreams to make a movie of his life. and film critic for "the washington post," let me bring you in. i loved your piece had morning about this co-depend between hollywood and organized crime. some chicago mobsters pulled strings so mgm would allow al pacino could play in "the godfather." >> this all has its roots in the 1920s when the studio chiefs needed help to kind of bring the
12:21 pm
labor unions to heal. that's where the chicago mob comes in because they controlled the unions. the chicago guys come out to hollywood to be the muscle and the representatives out there. one of these legendaries fixers is sydney korshack, who did have connections with it's a little -- basically when al pacino couldn't get out of his contract, he made a a phone call that involved the hotel that was going up in las vegas and he had deep connections in las vegas, of course, and did a little bit of deal making. >> we know it so well. you talked about al capone met with the screen writer for "scar face". this is believability in film. >> absolutely. they both get stories.
12:22 pm
hollywood gt gets the outlaw has been a ep trope of american love affair with people who go outside the rules of law to go their own way. so these criminal stories were always very alluring to hollywood and they wanted -- that's where capone's men were concerned that this was for "the public enemy." they didn't want it to be too obvious about capone. and they met with the screen writer and assured them it was totally fiction. then brought them on. what better way to get what you want than to co-op them and ended up being advisers. but then the hollywood folks get nice stories too. >> on the flip side, why then. would the criminals want hollywood? i get the reverse. >> so why would hollywood folks want to associate with the
12:23 pm
criminals? they have their own allure. that flatters the vanity of the people who maybe feel like they are play acting but not getting the real down and dirty experience. they might feel like they get added credibility and real life adventure. i can't pretend to speculate on everybody's motivations. including sean penn's. i don't want to ascribe anything to him that's not fair, but there's this fascinating dependence and fascination between these two worlds. >> that has gone back years and years. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up next, a glimmer of hope for hundreds of syrians starving to death there as war rages on. aid trucks have finally arrived to help. plus moments ago senator ted cruz responding to donald trump,
12:24 pm
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we are three weeking out from the iowa caucuses where donald trump is trying to hold on to a slim lead there. hot on the heals of ted cruz, he's been targeting cruz on whether he's eligible to be president because of his birth to an american mother in canada. moments ago, ted cruz responded. >> i like donald. the legal question is quite straight forward, that the children of u.s. citizens born abroad are natural born citizens, citizens by birth. that's why john mccain is a natural born citizen.
12:29 pm
it's true if your parents are missionaries abroad. that's why george romney was a a natural born citizen even though he was born in mexico to missionary parents. the legal question is straight forward. i understand why my opponents are throwing more and more attacks. four weeks ago just about every republican in the race was attacking donald trump. today just about every republican is attacking me. and they are very dismayed. that suggests something has changed in the race. i think they are dismayed they don't like seeing conservatives uniting behind our campaign because if conservatives unite, i will say it's more than a little strange to e see donald relying on a liberal left wing harvard law professor who is a huge had hillary supporter. it starts to make you think why are hillary's strongest supporters backing donald trump.
12:30 pm
the past couple elections, we saw the democrats thrilled that they got the mom knee they wanted to run against in the election. it it seems hillary folks are eager to support donald trump and the attacks that are being tossed my direction. he's entitled to toss whatever attacks he wants. i'm going to focus on what the american people are interested in which are real solutions to problems in this country. >> let's go to sara murray in cedar falls, iowa. now that we have heard that ping-ponging over this issue continues. >> reporter: well, i think these are ted cruz's sharpest comments towards donald trump on this to date. i lost track of the number of times ted cruz has been asked about this by reporters, by people in the last week or so. so i'm sure what you're seeing here from cruz is a little bit of frustration that this line of attack is gaining traction and
12:31 pm
has caused him to sort of end up getting knocked off message. it's interesting to see the way he's going after trump. he's raising an issue that a number of his republican contenders have tried to raise, which is maybe trump isn't a true conservative, isn't it interesting that democrats are starting to follow him. so that's not something that republican primary voters want to see, democrats lining up behind trump. we'll see if it has any traction so far as we have seen these attacks go off at trump and bounce right back off. trump will be here in iowa in just a couple hours. it will be interesting to see if he ratchets up his tone against ted cruz because of this. >> quickly, do we have any idea whether or not donald trump will be watching or live tweeting the state of the union tonight? >> yes, so he will be in and out of iowa, as usual, on his private jet. while he'll not be watching from here on the ground, he will be watching on his private plane as he heads back.
12:32 pm
i think it's a safe bet he will probably offer us some twit eer reaction, although his campaign will not confirm that one way or another. >> i'm going to gamble that you're correct. thank you very much in iowa for us. let me bring in kate dawson, chairman of george w. bush's campaign. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> before we talk about bush 43 and this idea of yours, let me ask you. take a look, much to do has been made over marco rubio's taste when it comes to some boot. s. this jeb bush super pac going after that and a a little bit more. ♪ you keep spending when you ought to be truthing ♪ ♪ you keep flipping when you should have not flopped ♪ ♪ you keep leaving when you
12:33 pm
ought to be voten ♪ ♪ now what's work is work, but you ain't earned it yet ♪ ♪ these boots are made for flipping ♪ ♪ that's just what they'll do ♪ one of these days young marco is going to flip-flop flip on you ♪ >> so now that's going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the night. your reaction to the ad. >> brooke, it's cute, it's silly. i don't think it has any stick to it. it's interesting in this campaign especially the commercials that are starting to heat up now, which will be the big primary of the first three. 650,000 voters. i think you're seeing what you're seeing is everybody running for second place and nobody for first place. donald trump has decent numbers here. enough to win the primary outright. everybody seems to be jockeying
12:34 pm
for second place. that commercial is cute. i watched governor bushrubio. now cruz took a clean punch at donald trump in iowa today. so the mud slinging is going to start and it ought to get fairly serious. let's watch tonight. let's watch donald trump tweet during the president's report. but back to the state of the race, it's still influx. >> i think the mud slinging has long since started. but you had this idea that i had not heard of yet. bush 43 comes off the ranch, it could very well change the race. how could george w. bush help the entire team? >> in the context of that, what i was answering was a question about bill clinton. bill clinton has never quit campaigning since the day he
12:35 pm
left the white house. and i'm giving a a compliment to the democratic party for that. he's been their it leader. he's been their referee. certainly president obama beat hillary. he's back out on the trail again raising money, raising issues. we have always -- a lot of us that worked for bush. have looked for his help and support. tremendous fundraiser, tremendous competitor. my answer to a e question was would that help the process or help his brother. i'm not sure it would help jeb. it would bring sanity to the republican party which is having an outrageous primary at this time. >> what about what john kasich said talking about new hampshire specifically. he says he comes out of new hampshire with momentum. that would be sufficient enough to win the nomination. you're in that next primary state post new hampshire of south carolina. do you think that there's any truth to that? it's basically a five-way race for second place in new
12:36 pm
hampshire. >> i think a couple things happen. iowa has never really mattered that much to south carolina. new hampshire, that's where donald trump has problems. donald trump needs a pretty good-sized field coming into south carolina. because he's got a base vote enough to win now. when you subtract out the other people that are there and looks like the crowd will thin. i don't think new hampshire bumps you into south carolina and gives you a lot of momentum because it hasn't in the past. the corrections have been made in south carolina. what i do know is the south carolina will punch about three tickets out of here and on to super tuesday. then the end o of april, which has 31 contests, 24 primaries and 7 caucuses. that's a pretty big deal. >> thank you. >> thanks, brooke. come iing up next, aid work reduced to tears as they bring food to starving little boys and
12:37 pm
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12:41 pm
want to take a moment in the midst of everything here in washington to talk about syria. a set of photos has stopped us in our tracks. the brutal war sent people running for their lives. families, innocent civilians, children, but in some cities they have not been able to leave and nothing, not even food has been able in until now. one of them is madaya. pictures are graphic. thousands of people starving. some starving to death. many of those people fighting for their lives, toddlers, their skin like paper over tiny bones reports of infants going months without milk. children forced to eat stray
12:42 pm
dogs and cats. elderly eating grass and leaves just to stay alive. this video shows people lining up. they are lining up for packets of salt. today aid workers finally reached these areas. it's the first aid to reach the town in nearly three months. cnn's nick paton walsh tells us those aid workers all experienced war and famine were brought to tears by what they saw. >> those 400 people urgently need assistance. they are the most fragile victims of month's lomall nourishment. they were moved to tears by what they saw when they entered that city yesterday. it took hours of negotiations to get those 44 trucks in. still then when they entered, aid workers offered customary syrian hospitality by those who were starving who offered their besieged soup. that's hot water and spices and flecks of wheat. a bit to try to show them some
12:43 pm
kind of hospitality 37 it was refused. that kind of meal is all the children have been getting each day to keep them alive in the cold temperatures. some children approaching the aid convey saying can i have a biscuit. another simply saying can i have some french fries and ketchup. very human basic needs, but a great deal of urgency. you have to bear in mind that the hospital there dealing with these doss of cases of malnutrition is a makeshift room in a home. two dentists and one doctor, nurses learning on the job. they have a difficult task now. they have this pretty small amount of aid given the scale of the challenge. it could make them most hungry more sick than they currently are. those evacuations so urgent aid workers say maybe 30 people have died from starvation so far since the beginning of september. and even this aid complex to get in because it had to happen simultaneously with a delivery
12:44 pm
to aid to other towns that are loyal to the government. so aid here, that in itself will kpcomplicate these urgent evacuations of 400 people that's so badly needed. >> if you'd like to help, you can. there we have a list of organizations on the ground helping folks in syria. that's at we'll be right back.
12:45 pm
12:46 pm
12:47 pm
12:48 pm
the stage is set for president obama's final state of the union address tonight here on capitol hill. it's his seventh annual appear to update congress and all of
12:49 pm
you. the president is expected to address gun violence, terrorism, isis, guantanamo. he also wants to use this final address to bridge the partisan gap. >> there's no doubt that politics in washington are so much more divided than the american people are. part of what i want to do in this last address is to remind people we got a lot of good things going for us. if we can get. our politics right, it turns out that we're not as divided on the ideological spectrum as people make us out to president's speech will be apparently shorter than usual. "the lead"'s host, jake tapper, also host of "state of the union "s. >> welcome to washington. >> in your house. how in general on day like this with the president and the white house prepare for a big moment? this president starts thinking
12:50 pm
about the state of the union months ahead of time. >> he does. >> yeah. what he wants to say. they've been very conscious about not making thus a look back, talking about the next year ahead, what they want to do. in that way they're not looking back at obama presidency. they still have a year on the clock. president obama has said they wanted to leave it all on the field. there's a lot of stuff he still wants to do. we'll hear a lot of that. i'm sure he can't help but feel nostalgic. >> he has to. >> but at the same time, a speech where you seldom have unfiltered attention of tens of millions of americans. so it's an opportunity to lay out what he does want to done as you mentioned, a lot of those things have to do with gun control, talking about isis. it's not an area where he wants to do much more legislatively, although he is seeking authorization from congress for military action against isis. i think that's more of an attempt to look at the anxiety and reassure the country.
12:51 pm
the president looks at the polls. he's aware is that the american people feel anxious and unsettled about the future and about the president. he doesn't foal that way. i think he's going to try to convey the sense of optimism he feels. >> it is his final address. house speaker paul ryan's his first. >> his very first. >> as speaker of the house. >> paul ryan is very healthy. he doesn't eat bacon and eggs. >> i hope you -- >> we had yogurt. >> wa, wa, wa. how did it go? >> he's loaded for bear as well. he says -- taa bunch of reporte we asked what were you expecting? he feels the country's on the wrong track and he thinks that president obama is going to spend the next year -- this is paul ryan, not me -- baiting republicans on capitol hill into fights that will, and ryan's
12:52 pm
terminology, make them look like angry reaction areas so as to better set the stage for presumably hillary clinton, but maybe not, in november. that's his view of how the next year's going to 0 go. obviously, that's not how president obama would see it. >> nikki haley, south carolina governor, a big year with everything that happened in her state. she'll be giving the rebuttal after the president. >> there are moments in a politician's career when you rise or fall. nickki haley when it come to removing the confederate flag, she rose. paul ryan had a hadn't in selecting her. he has given her advice personal advice on how to handle the speech. it can be difficult. giving the on suggestion party speech, the response to the president. and it has hurt people before. you remember marco rubio lunging for water. >> bobby jindal. >> paul ryan did it in 2011.
12:53 pm
you can escaped unscathed or better off. ryan said he told nikki haley put a cough drop in the corner of your mouth it will keep saliva going. he had substantive suggestions for her as well but he didn't share them with me. >> and yogurt for break fast. meantime, please join us here cnn starting 7:00 eastern for complete coverage of the president's final state of the union address. now this one, rupert murdoch getting married again. he just got engaged to former model and actress jerry hall and "the daily beast" might have said it best. perhaps fair to say it's not best of weeks for mick jagger. first old friend collaborator contemporary david bowie died. now his former wife, jerry hall to marry the 84-year-old media
12:54 pm
magnate, rupert murdoch. and it's only tuesday. dylan buyers, hello, my friend. why do you think this is getting so much attention today? >> well, it's a lifestyles of the rich and famous sort of thing, for one. i mean, these are two sort of major, major figures and, of course, it's very -- it's always very interesting to those of us who watch the media what rupert murdoch is up to and who he's marrying. this is his fourth wife. he's 84. she's 59. so i think there's a wow factor here. not a lot much more to say about it than that. you know, there's a huge prenuptial agreement. it not going to have a huge effect on his business. certainly won't have a news affect on us in corp 21st century fox stock. but you know, it's -- it's a rich and famous thing and it's captivating in that regard. >> captivating.
12:55 pm
if you're 84 and still feeling love you want to, you know, say "i do" again. do we have details? i have to imagine it's way too early as far as when and the where. >> it's too early to know the when and the where. for now we can sort of pray that we get a ticket, get an invite to this event. i will say, it's interesting to think of rupert murdoch as this sort of romantic don juan rock star playboy, because that is not the image we have when we think of rupert murdoch. we think of a buttoned up british moog. talking about this romantic, loving side of the media mogul. >> romantic, loving side. we'll leave it. dylan byers, thank you. we are hours away from president barack obama's seventh and final state of the union address happening here tonight on capitol hill. we have much more on that ahead here on cnn. we'll be right back.
12:56 pm
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isis blamed for another shocking blast and senseless murder. "the lead" starts right now. terror in one of most visited cities in the world. a suicide bomber killing at least ten innocent poem after allegedly sneaking in from syria. trouble for hillary clinton. signs history could be repeating itself in iowa. only with senator bernie sanders playing the part of senator barack obama. plus -- it might be the first time sean penn did not want a camera following him. but today, new images show someone was on the actor's tail as he was on his way to interview the most want the drug lord in the world and it wasn't paparazzi.