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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 14, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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economy is tied to the oil sector. a lot of lives well beyond oil. of course, oil driving the market fluctuations around the world. "early start" continues right now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news. a deadly terror attack targeting westerners. serious of explosions and gun battle rocking jakarta. we are live with new developments. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is thursday, january 14th. 5:00 a.m. in the east. welcome to the viewers in the united states and around the world. the breaking news this morning. a series of coordinated gun and bomb attacks in the heart of the indonesian capital. jakarta overnight. at least seven people are dead. officials say that includes several of the attackers and one of those killed also a foreigner. so far, there has been no claim of responsibility, but there are questions this morning about
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whether there is isis invol involveme involvement. cnn's kathy quiano has the latest for us on the streets of jakarta. kathy, what are you learning? >> reporter: john, we are getting new information from the national police spokesperson. he just said that the number of people dead is six now. five of them attackers and one foreign national. there was also another civilian who is seriously injured. about 20 people have also suffered serious and minor injuries from the explosions and gun fight that happened here in central jakarta earlier on. he also said all in all, about five explosions. five devices that actually exploded during the attacks. but police later on found five unexploded bombs in the area. this is when they were sweeping in the building that they thought one of the armed suspects had gone into.
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that operation has winded down. police swept through the area. security is still very tight. we are about 150 meters away from the actual site here. traffic is now flowing through the streets. activities seem to be back to normal. still it is a city on the edge here, john. >> and that street, describe to me the location of these attacks and whether or not it is obvious exactly what was targeted. >> reporter: well, we know for a fact that one of the explosions happened in the starbucks cafe in an office building. this is a very busy intersection where a lot of the cafes are open 24 hours. beyond that, a small police outpost. it is on an island that separates two lanes of the huge
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thoroughfare. one of jakarta's main thoroughfares. those two sites were attacked. we know from the terrorism experts here in indonesia, the nature of the attacks in indonesia have changed over the years. there was an attack years ago at the jw marriott. police are not saying what explosives were used. they seem to be low intensity and low explosives. the shift was from western foreign targets to police and government authorities. now we are seeing that here as well. attack on the police post, but also attack on a commercial establishment. again, this might be a new transfer for indonesia, which is not a stranger to major attacks by terror groups. >> kathy quiano, thank you. >> christian hubel works in a
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skyscraper with a view of the an attacks. we spoke to him by skype an hour ago. >> at first step it was from the construction site next to our building, but then we realized a huge smoke cloud on the street 500 meters away. a second and third and up to five or six explosions within a few minutes. then we realized there must be something going on. it must be really serious. >> how long did this go on? was this a period of minutes? was it a half hour? how quickly were authorities on the scene? >> the explosions were within 30 minutes. the whole scene looked like it must be going on for two hours. when the police arrived and a lot of people standing around the scene, suddenly everybody was running away. it looks like there was one
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terrorist or something like that. then after it took two hours until the police now is cleaning up the whole scene. >> all right. helping us now breakdown the developments in jakarta, i want to bring in cnn military analyst and former deputy director of the nsa. cedric, thank you for being with us. we see this attack in jakarta. we have seen attacks in atmosphe indonesia before. this seems coordinated. officials say this could be an isis style attack. what do you see? >> well, john, i think that when you see the different types of methods they are using with the bomb attacks as well as the rapid fire use of machine guns and kind of a military style series of tactics, it almost reminds you a bit of paris.
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i'm thinking what isis is doing right now is they are basically instructing their cells all over the world to use several different kinds of tactics as they commit these attacks. you will see small arms fire. you will see machine guns possibly being used or some automatic weapons of one type or another. of course, you will see bombs. they are trying to in essence go for a trifecta go in and they are trying to sow the seeds of panic and overtax the emergency services and make sure that people are herded into certain areas as they try to escape from one attack and go to another location. >> it has been an evolving strategy, frankly, because you go back and people say this looks as though these terrorists
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were trying to launch a paris-style attack, but concentrated here. different style of attack starting with bombs and with guns and getting people where they are gathering in a starbucks for example. remember the mumbai attacks? that was the first time we saw somebody roving with a gun in an important area that was really able to have sharp casualties. casualties here, five terrorists are dead, but so far, it looks as if the casualties are nothing on the scale of paris or mumbai. >> that's right. what this speaks to is maybe two things. one, the efficacy of the indonesian police work in this particular case and i'm speaking to that from two standpoints. the way in which they exerted pressure on terror groups in indonesia to actually force them to use smaller scale weapons or
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smaller scale bombs. that's one thing. the other part of it is the fact the response seems to have been fairly quick from the authorities. that also forces action in certain ways. the other aspect, christine, is this, that is the different terrorists are basically being forced to act quickly and the fact they are acting quickly sometimes diminishes their efficacy from a terrorist standpoint. >> what we are hearing from the officials is five of the six attackers is dead. it seems not to be an effective attack. we don't know if this is an isis attack, but what goal does isis
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have and designs do they have in south asia? indonesia is the most populous muslim region in the world. >> that is right, john. the most populous nation in the world. it is a very mild form of islam. it is not a strict sect like saudi arabia regions. generally tolerant people. what isis is trying to do is sow the seeds of discord. indonesia established a vibrant democracy after the '90s. they were able to keep that democracy and keep that democracy basically for the past two decades or so. isis sees indonesia as being an area where they can actually make some headway where they can actually use this large muslim population as a baseline in which to expand into southeast
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asia. they also have groups in the philippines. many of the philippine guerella groups are similar languages. what they are doing is trying to use indonesia's jumping off point to affect things in the philippines and malaysia. that would surround singapore, which is the bastian of capitalism and democracy in that part of southeast asia. they are very willing to go after these areas and that could have a significant economic impact on the rest of the world because if you cut off the supply lines that go through the straits of malaka, for example, you could affecting everything from the flow of oil to the flow of goods and services from and to asia. >> cedric leighton, thank you for speaking to us. the terror attacks overnight in indonesia. six people apparently hekilled.
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>> we will follow that attack all morning long. first, republicans get ready to take the debate stage. and breaking overnight. at least three big powerball winners. that means they have to split the $1.6 billion jackpot. we will go live to where one of the lucky tickets was sold. that's next. my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable one thing i need to be predictable is to be flake free. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected every week, every month, every year you ready ma?
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welcome back. the ususpense is over. three winning powerball tickets. tennessee and florida and california. good financial planning. those tickets matched all five membe numbers and powerball. good for a piece of the $1.6 billion payout. cnn's sara sidner is at the
2:15 am
7-eleven in chino hills, california where one of the tickets was sold. when i split the money, depending on the state taxes, talking about just shy of $200 million each. that's a lot of money, sara. >> reporter: it is. it's a lot of money. that's not chump change. we should talk about each store owner gets a certain amount. here in california, they get $1 million. this is life changing. on, they went to look at how many people don't go in. they go, well, maybe i'll forget it. there was in 2015, about 114 people who did not claim $1 million prizes because they just decided my ticket will not be worth the big thing so i won't
2:16 am
bother. check your ticket. on these jackpots, there are a lot of people who win smaller amounts. when it comes to the owners. the owner of the store charming and very excited because dozens and dozens of people showed up to cheer the store on just excited about the fact that chino hills is the place that sold the winning ticket. >> what do you think of the crowd that showed up? >> i just love them and they love me. >> what does selling the winning ticket mean for you and your store? >> it's feeling really, really good. and whoever the lucky person who comes here, i'm thankful for that person. >> reporter: now i want to give you a look inside the store right now. it has gotten quiet. all the cameras are here. if you look back there, you will
2:17 am
see a family standing there. that is the family of the owner. they are still here. t the owner, by the way, was cleaning shelves and making sure everything looked nice who came to the store because it is 24/7. >> i'm happy for him. >> a big windfall. >> $1 million. >> that's fantastic. tell him he wants to grow that money, not spend it. >> christine romans. >> grow the money. >> there is a good book you can read. "smart is the new rich" he should get his hands on. >> sara, thank you. republican candidates want to win the lottery also. the electorate lottery. prepparing for the debate in south carolina. donald trump, marco rubio and chris christie and john kasich as well on the stage. the first debate is at 6:00.
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rick santorum and mike huckabee and carly fiorina. rand paul has declined to attend. he said he will not go. he believes he deserves to be on the main stage. joining us now to preview the debate is cnn political reporter is tom lobianco in our washington bureau. tom, what do you expect to see tonight? >> the establishment candidates at this point. we have seen this already. the field is really breaking apart into the tiers. you really have trump and cruz breaking away. if you are rubio, if you are christie, if you are kasich, you have to find a way to punch through. it's a tough dynamic for them. in this game of musical chairs, you see people like rand paul who were shoe-ins for the main stage a few months ago, now left on the undercard debate and even
2:19 am
saying the heck with it. i'm walking away. i'm a top tier candidate if you don't recognize me as such. the island is shrinking. you need to find some way to punch through. this is all natural things, but it is so much more easily perceived when you see it like that. >> interesting. let's talk about trump and cruz. the tiers of candidates. trump and cruz in that top tier of candidates at the moment. they pulled out ahead. donald trump, he is not letting go of the citizenship matter. listen t what he said last night. >> some of the greatest lawyers from harvard, very good lawyer said it's not a settled matter. suppose he runs and everybody's banking on him and then the courts rule he can't run. that's not so good. what do you do? concede the election to hillary
2:20 am
clinton or crazy bernie? >> is this working? particularly in iowa? >> absolutely. the polling shows cruz has taken a hit. cruz is still up a few points at this point. i think it was 25 or 22. he's up by a bit. not as much as he was a few weeks ago. what's interesting about this dynamic and we have seen this throughout the race. trump, you can look at it as a ceiling or a floor. his support is really pretty stable. this really depends on what happens in the race. you know, do you have eight candidates? if you have eight candidates, 22% is enough to win. if you have two candidates, 22% does not get you anywhere. what's happening is they have made a determination that cutting into cruz, maybe cruz does win iowa, but at least if
2:21 am
you cut into him and go in strong into new hampshire, you look so much better. this birther, the second birth er attack, if you will, after the obama attack, is showing in the polls. >> we will talk about this story in the new york times about ted cruz's finances when he ran for senate. that is many couis coming up. the cleveland browns is about to have a new quarterback. we have andy scholes with the bleacher report next. ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪ ♪ me and the boys are playing.♪. ♪ ... all nig♪t text beth, what can i do...
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the cleveland browns hire hue jackson to be the next head coach. his hiring may be the end for the johnny manziel era in cleveland. >> we have andy scholes with more. >> hue jackson is the sixth head coach in the past eight years for the browns. it is his job to turn around the cleveland team who hasn't had a winning record since 2007. according to multiple reports, jackson told the browns owners he would prefer to not have johnny manziel as his quarterback and they said that would not be a problem. when jackson was asked about manziel during the conference yesterday, he did not commit to moving on with the world without manziel. >> i don't know johnny personally. i know who he is. at the same time, i have to give everybody on our football team the fair opportunity to see who they are and truly learn who they are and make decisions from
2:26 am
there. >> the giants are reportedly close to hiring ben mcadoo. the golden state warriors on the road taking on the nuggets last night. after trailing by 11 in the fourth quarter, steph curry started to lead the comeback. he hit two ridiculous threes. the last one here getting within two with 37 seconds left. klay thompson's three at the buzzer is no good. nuggets pull off the upset. 112-110. warriors fall to 36-3 on the season. things got chippy with the mavs and oklahoma city. they get into it here and charlie villanueva puts his hand around westbrook's throat. villanueva was ejected from the game. westbrook gets a second technical foul later in the game. thunder go on to win by 108 --
2:27 am
89. broncos and steelers in the playoffs. this game will be extra special for demaryius thomas because his mother may get to the watch him. his mother has been in prison since 1999 on a nonviolent drug charges. guys, thomas says he is working right now on getting his mother to denver so she can watch the game. it will be a special day. >> after 17 years, it gives me goose bumps. andy scholes, thank you. breaking news this morning. a deadly terror attack targeting westerners. we will tell you where it is. we have live details next. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer.
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2:31 am
police caught in a gun battle with terrorists. good morning. it is 30 minutes past the hour. i'm christine romans. this is "early start." >> i'm john berman. the breaking news is a series of coordinated gun and bomb attacks in the heart of the indonesian capital. jakarta. it happened overnight. seven people are dead. latest information we had from officials is of those seven people killed, five of them were attackers. two civilians. so far, no claim of responsibility, but a lot of questions this morning if there was any isis involvement. cnn's kathy quiano joins us from jakarta. kathy, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, john, police have confirmed that five attackers were killed in the attacks and two civilians. including a dutch national also killed in the attack.
2:32 am
more details of the shocking terror attack in jakarta. the first major one in six years in the capital from the police. the police said the first happened at 10:55 a.m. in a starbucks coffee shop in an office building with a commercial establishment attached to it. there were two other attackers who then drawinged two foreigners. dutch national and algerian. they were brought to a parking lot and shot there. police responded and another two attackers responded by throwing grenades at them. that's why we're seeing multiple numbers of casualties and victims in this shocking attack that's put the city on edge here. the police are now on the search for a manhunt for the terror attack in jakarta. >> kathy, set the scene for us
2:33 am
about exactly where this happened in jakarta? i know there was a starbucks and mcdonald's and burger king. is this an area where you want to go if you want to hit western targets? >> reporter: well, there is a building across the starbucks which houses the u.n. headquarters. it is right across from starbucks. if the attackers were doing any surveillance, they would have known foreigners frequented this place. a lot of indonesians as well go to this area. it's a very busy intersection. a lot of commercial establishme establishments. restaurants open 24 hours. it is very busy. this was in the middle of the day and very shocking. police confirming westerners were targeted in the attack.
2:34 am
another wake-up call for indonesia and the indonesian president is serious. he ordered officials to go after this network and perpetrators of the attack. >> five attackers killed in the response. the response did appear to be quick. kathy quiano on the streets of jakarta. thank you. >> christian hubel works in a skyscraper with a clear view of the site of the attacks. we spoke to him a short time ago. >> we heard a big noise. sounded like an explosion. at first, we thought it was from the construction site next to our building. then we realized huge smoke cloud on the street like 500 meters away. then a second and third and up to five or six explosions we heard within a few minutes. then we realized there must be something going on. it must be serious. >> how long did this go on? was this a period of minutes?
2:35 am
a half hour? how quickly were authorities on the scene? >> the explosions were within 30 minutes. the whole scene looked like it was going on for two hours. when the police arrived and a lot of people were standing around the scene, suddenly everybody was running away. it looks like maybe there was one terrorist or something like that. and then it took maybe two hours until the police now cleaning up the whole scene. >> the developments in jakarta. let's bring in cedric leighton. the former deputy director at the nsa. thank you for joining us. seven dead, we are told. five are the attackers. what does that tell you? the numbers we are looking at here tell you about the attack and all five attackers, we think five attackers. they are looking for others.
2:36 am
all five attackers are dead. >> christine, that tells you there is a significant police response there. it is interesting to note the number of minutes that your eyewitness on the ground there spoke about it. there were probably a lot of things going on that he could not see. it tells me it was a rapid response by the indonesian forces that the death toll was kept as low as it is and tragic as this is, but it was still managed in a way in which the terror attacks isolated and the affect was isolated which is the most important thing in such a crowded area. >> what about the methods themselves, cedric? a coordinated gun attack. multiple attackers and multiple targets. >> what they say, john, this is in essence the start of a complex attack. when you talk about a complex attack, you are putting together
2:37 am
different elements. you have bombs, small arms fire, automatic weapon, grenades. those different types of weapons that may have been used in the attack point to the fact that isis or whoever did this is trying to use different methods at the same time. that makes the attack more complex. it also is designed to increase the shock value of the attack and actually maximize the impact psychological impact on the victims. >> colonel, let's talk about the region. indonesia and philippines. isis is trying to expand there. interesting. there have been long elements opposed to the very moderate nature of islam that people practice in that region. you know, radicals who have been long operating before isis.
2:38 am
isis -- some of the original groups are glomming on the isis message. >> it is the activity in the terrorist world. what you have is all of them coming together. the basic idea is to get as big and possible. just like corporations would do, isis is expanding. the reason the philippines and indonesia groups are coming together like this is because they see isis as a winning brand. they want to affiliate themselves with the winning brand. when you have the moderate form of islam in indonesia, you have the willingness of some, more radical in indonesia, to grab on to a group that is not only radical, but also willing to take the law in essence into
2:39 am
their own hands. when you have that, there is a promise of action. there are a few indonesian fighters fighting for isis in syria, for exampkpaexample. probably 1,000 or 2,000 people is definitely a possibility. when those people go back, they are already radicalized. they influence other organizations that are there and that then feeds that flame of acquisition and willingness by those groups to adhere to the greater isis brand. >> cedric, one of the things we heard from the indonesian officials is this looks like a paris-style attack. what does that mean? >> the premise is find as many popular venues and use multiple attacks simultaneously. what the indonesian authorities are referring to is the idea of
2:40 am
simultaneous idea. you have the attack in the case of indonesia and starbucks, you have the area that is frequented by shoppers and by commercial businesses and u.n. office there. all of those things come together and there's a lot of symbology involved there. the paris attack was studied by law enforcement and terrorists themselves. every time they conduct an attack, what they are trying to do is find the most effective way to do that to conduct the attacks. when they talk about paris attacks, they are talking about the multiplicity of the effect and maximum of terror. >> cedric leighton. five of the attackers killed in
2:41 am
the attack in jakarta. >> we will follow that all morning long. the race for president intensifying. republicans taking the debate stage. and breaking overnight. were you one of these people? at least three big powerball winners. they have to split the jackpot. what a letdown. they have to split $1.6 billion. we will take you live to where one of the tickets was sold.
2:42 am
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breaking overnight. no more suspense. at least three winning powerball tickets. one sold in tennessee, one in florida and one at a 7-eleven in the suburbs of los angeles. lottery officials confirm the numbers on the tickets matched all five numbers and the powerball. good for a piece of the record shattering $1.6 billion jackpot. oh, but they have to share. cnn's sara sidner standing by live at the 7-eleven in china hills, california where one of the tickets was sold. sara. >> reporter: it means each winner would get $528 million. so, that's still quite a bit of money. already powerball, the number is way down from $1.6 billion to just a mere $40 million. there's a lot of other winners we should mention.
2:46 am
a lot of millionaires that are being made because of this and the thing is you have to check your tickets. a lot of people say i didn't win the jackpot. you could still end up winning if you got five of the six numbers correct. if you happen to own one of the stores that sold the ticket, here in california like the gentleman in china hills did, you will get $1 million. >> what do you think about the crowd that just showed up here? >> well, i just love them and they love me. >> what is this selling the winning ticket mean for you and your store? >> it's feeling really, really good. whoever the lucky person comes here, i'm thankful for that person. >> reporter: we have never seen this before. we showed up to see if we could talk to someone here. there were dozens of people out here for hours after the
2:47 am
announcement was made that chino hills was one of the places that sold the winning ticket. people just kept coming and coming from the neighborhood. some had shopped here or had bought tickets here. they were just excited that chino hills was put on the map by this. >> i have done the math. in california, the state income tax is 12.3%. assuming there are no more winners, your winner will get $149 million in a lump sum after taxes. 149 million. if you invest that in a treasury bond, that would spinoff about a little over $4 million a year in interest. could you live off had $4 million a year? >> i would squeak by. >> keep the money. don't spend it. live off the interest. change your cell phone number. >> sara sidner, thank you. let's see what is coming up
2:48 am
on "new day." powerball loser alisyn camerota has more. >> how do you know that, john? i haven't checked the numbers yet. i will be checking. don't count me out yet. i do think we won $36. >> your state tax is 8.82% in new york. it will bite into your winnings. >> into my $36. on "new day" we will begin with the breaking news in jakarta with six people killed. the attack looks similar to the isis spree in paris in november. we will get the latest from our terror experts. also, are you a millionaire this morning? three of you are. bad news, though, you have to split the $1.6 billion powerball jackpot. the good news, dozens more out there will become instant millionaires. we will show you the winning numbers and where they were bought and michaela and i will check our tickets. >> could you live off $4 million
2:49 am
a year, just the interest of the lump sum? >> i'll cut back, but yes. >> i could make sacrifices. we need to do our jobs. we have to get to the commercial. alisyn, thank you. the republicans will debate hours from now. you can bet there will be sharp words, some stern comments, some cross looks. the polls getting very tight in the early states. it's hard to find time to keep up on my shows.
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that's why i switched from u-verse to xfinity.
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now i can download my dvr recordings and take them anywhere. ready or not, here i come! (whispers) now hide-and-seek time can also be catch-up-on-my-shows time. here i come! can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. this morning, republican presidential candidates are preparing for the debate in south carolina. on the stage, donald trump and ted cruz and marco rubio and ben carson and chris christie and john kasich. at 6:00, the undercard with carly fiorina and rick santorum
2:53 am
and mike huckabee. rand paul declined to an participate unless he is invited to the main stage. joining us to talk about it is tom lobianco in the washington bureau. the middle tier is trying to claw up to get to ted cruz and donald trump. >> absolutely. they have to punch through in a certain way. somehow. you know, this debate is different in another sense because in the early debates, you can get bumps out of it. we saw the surge that carson had. we saw the surge that fiorina had after the second debate. rubio always did well after each one of his debate performances. increasingly, the field is getting away from that. so it has to be almost something drastic really to build up and really have some lasting affect. >> a "new york times" story
2:54 am
coming out which talks about ted cruz and financing several year ago. he bragged about liquidating his assets to run his campaign. now it turns out it is a loan from goldman sachs that was not disclosed in s.e.c. paper work. this is how ted cruz explained it. >> those loans were disclosed over and over and over again on multiple filings. if it was the case they were not filed exactly as the s.e.c. required, we will disclose that. they were transparent for many years. that's the end of that. >> the only thing apparently he did wrong in legal terms was not filing with the f.e.c. he went after the banks and criticized donald trump for th values if he is running for the senate. >> the damage is as you said may
2:55 am
not be anything legal, but really to the narrative, every presidential candidate is built on the narrative. who they are. what is their story and cruz's story is the outsider fighting the big banks. especially where the base wants someone taking on the establishment and big powers. this story cuts at that. it does a number of things. it talks about his wife's ties at goldman sachs and her work there. it gives the impression of privilege. it talks -- these are not things ordinary people can do. and it really cuts right against his story and right at the worst time. as we said before, with the debate the coming all and few weeks out from iowa. >> speaking of iowa, cruz still at the top of the polling. that gain is narrowing a bit.
2:56 am
is donald trump, is it working what he has been talking about? is it working the birther part two? >> yes. absolutely. it has cut into the lead. the lead was so much stronger a few weeks ago. cruz, you know, as we talked about it a little bit earlier, trump has this floor/ceiling. his support is stable. cruz and other candidates, they're growing, but there is room to cut into them. trump is still hammering away at this topic continually. between that and the goldman sachs, there is real trouble out there for cruz. >> it will be interesting to see. maybe all eyes on senator ted cruz tonight. including donald trump. tom, thank you so much. let's get an early start on your money. fear and alarm spreading around the globe. dow down 1,200 points for the year. half of the stocks in the s&p are in a bear market.
2:57 am
futures are higher here, but look at europe and most of asia. lower overnight. lower in the early going for europe. china and oil prices have invest ors worried about the economy. plummeting oil prices reverberating through corporate debt and oil markets and television market. 387% increase in foreclosures in north dakota last year. foreclosures in oklahoma and texas are up as well. those were unscathed by the 2008 housing bust. this foreclosure activity is not because of a backlog leftover from the crisis. lower oil prices have led to layoffs which can strain economies with close ties to the energy sector. another victim of oil crash is al jazerra america.
2:58 am
this was an ambitious venture owned by the government of qatar. it wasn't just the price of crude that sank the network. factoring into the decision that jazeera has several hundred employees. when the station went on the air, oil was $130 a barrel. now it is $30. think of that for the ruling family and how much less disposal income. >> some of those journalists are our friends. our hearts go out to them. and we have breaking news with deadly attacks in jakarta. "new day" picks it up now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome to "new day." we have two breaking stories. the first one is good news. three powerball winning tickets. we have all the details about how much money is to be shared and by whom and from where. first, we have a bigger
2:59 am
story. a series of deadly coordinated attacks in indonesia. it was once again a team of terrorists setting off simultaneous explosions at police station and a starbucks cafe. the attackers hurling grenades and exchanging gunfire with police in a busy shopping area. >> workers in the office district watched in horror. one picture capturing the explosions outside the starbucks which show bodies on the street. the attacks rocking the capital there. they come after several warnings that islamic militants were planning something big. let's get to cnn's kathy quiano. what do we know at this hour in jakarta, kathy? >> reporter: what we know from police officials here is that five attackers were killed and two civilians in this attack. this attack in central jakarta that shocked the city.
3:00 am
certainly more horrific details are coming out from the police. the first explosion at the starbucks cafe attached to the office building. two foreign nationals and one dutch national and another one dutch national and another and shot them. the dutch national did survive. the police responded. there's police outposts across the street. they responded and attackers fought back with grenades. that's why you also saw reports of police being injured here. an armed suspect finally fled, it seems now, that there were several of them, that they blew themselves up inside a commercial establishment. just behind the starbucks coffee shop. again, very, very shocking details that are coming out today. but it looks very clear that the attacks, the targets of these attacks, were


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