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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 14, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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happening now in the newsroom. six lucky numbers. >> this is the luckiest machine on the planet. >> three jackpot tickets. i'm jealous.
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>> kids jumping around. people just in a joyous mood. >> i'll talk to the man who pulled those pinning numbers. >> got a little problem. got to make sure you can run. >> is the birther battle about to take center stage tonight? >> i understand. >> but cruz's birthplace isn't the only issue dodging the center today. and did texts take down the notorious drug kingpin. he's star truck by this woman. but sean penn? not so much. let's talk. live flt cnn newsroom. >> i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. we begin with powerball. after ten long weeks without a winner now there are three.
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this is out a chino hills sev 7-eleven early this morning. if you are lucky enough to be holding one of those tickets the head of the lottery commission has advice just for you. >> we're just trying to encourage anyone holding that winning ticket. get the best lawyer, best financial planner you can find before you come in to claim that prize. we had 81 people across the country who won a million dollars. and of that 81, eight of those actually won two million dollars. >> you heard him. check those tickets. because as he said, 81're lotto players are waking up millionaires today. live in chino hills where one of the winning tickets was sold. good morning. >> the powerball number comes
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way down today. down to just a mere 40 million. but this is the store that sold the golden ticket here in california, here in chino hills. and the store owners they without playing get a million dollars just for selling that ticket. that family has been running the store for 24 years. and i've got a member of the family here who's been here all night long. tell me what happened, were you surprised you show up and what did you see? >> it was literally the most random thing ever. i was hanging out with my sister in her dorm and we found out that a winner was in chino. and we were like maybe our store. maybe not. and then my dad called me and everyone's blowing up our phone and i saw stuff on tv and i was like oh crap that's euro store. and we head over to the store and it was wild and crazy. it felt like everyone from chino was out here. it was great.
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like everyone was just so sweet and so excited. it was amazing. >> yeah. and they were cheering on her dad. >> chanting. like going crazy, yeah. >> so sonia, her father is babir atwal. did people just show up? they didn't now owe right? >> i think it was just exciting. they were just like let's go check it out. >> if you find out the winner, please let us know. >> i will. trust me. i'm excited to see who won. hopefully they will pop into the store. we'll see. >> thanks so much sonia. i appreciate it. and this place was packed for hours. hours. people were just celebrating that chino hills is now on the map for selling the big ticket. >> winner in all kind of ways in
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chino hills california. all right. let's turn our attention to politics. cruz is riding high in the polls but this time around controversy will follow him. and it is not just about his canadian birth. now his financial history, specifically loans dating back to his 2012 senate campaign could also be under scrutiny. cnn's sarah murray is in north charleston south carolina, the site of tonight's debate with more. >> good morning carol. you are right, in addition to having to contend with donald trump on the debate stage now ted cruz could face questions about failing to properly disclose hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans to help found his senate bid. and ted cruz insisted he was totally transparent. >> those loans have been disclosed over and over and over again on multiple filings.
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if it was the case that they were not filed exactly as the -- rerequires than we'll amend the finals. but all of them have been public and transparent for many years. and that is the end of that. >> the cruz campaign and the staff are already trying to downplay this issue. they are taken to twitter. they are using the #cruz crimes and saying things like ted cruz ran with scissors. cruz krooims. ted cruz left the refrigerator door open. they are trying to downplay this into the debate. but his staff is telling me look, they are preparing for anything when it comes to donald trump and they are prepared to field these questions as well. >> sara murray live from south carolina this morning. and while donald trump may bash cruz on his inadvertent filing question tonight the front runner is fending off attacks from inside the party. first from south carolina governor nicki hale and also this morning from peter whenner, a man who worked in the reagan
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and both bush white houses. a scathing "new york times" op ed he writes in part, donald trump has altered the political equation because he has amateured the moral equatiamate ed t -- altered the moral equation. beyond the pale. party loyalty has limits. this is a politician who said, like many other on wall street or big business, they likeoldman sachs, seek out and get special favors from the government. does this news put a dent in his
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populous cred? >> i think it is interesting that this is coming out now, clearly now that he is on the heels, potentially front run ner iowa. he's under more scrutiny and he's actually lost six points in ai and it is things like this that people step back and say wait a minute is ted cruz everything he says he is. the fact that he took almost a million dollars in loans, from goldman sachs and citibank after he's called them the problem with crony capitalism and the wall street cabal. he's gone after goldman sachs on a number of occasions but then now comes outlet he didn't properly report almost a million dollars in loans, i think it does hit at his credibility in this issue. it makes him almost look like a hypocrite. now his wife worked for goldman sachs. which something a lot of people i think don't realize. his own wife was part of this croney capitalist company he's
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gone after so many times over the years trying to point out the fact there is too cozy a relationship between wall street and main street. i think as an interesting attack on him for tonight. >> and the other thing i think maybe some voters don't realize because ted cruz is very critical of ivy leaguers but he himself went to harvard. >> i don't think he's that critical of ivy leaguers. if you need a million dollar loan it is probably going to be from a big bank? why? this is not abnormal -- where you get a loan from, if you are donald trump or anybody else as long as you pay it back and it is a bank. and i expect you to go to a representable bank. it also tells you about his finances which i think tells you what type of leader he would be in the white house. if you can get a pll dollar loan
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from anywhere, it means you have your financial house in order. so i find it odd that we're ripping on marco rubio a couple of months ago for not having his finances perfect. now we have a guy who had his finances performance and was able to get a million dollar loan because he had his the -- >> but i don't think that is the rub -- >> -- guy. >> -- that he didn't report it as is required by the law. that is something completely different isn't it? and the. >> and the fact it was goldman sachs -- >> hold an -- [inaudible]. >> -- part of that. >> -- [inaudible]. >> i have no doubt that my home loan right now is probably owned by somebody that was baid out. does that mean that i'm an evil person? >> -- >> i think ted cruz when he said this is on multiple disclosure forms he is probably accurate and correct in that. and if he says if we need to go
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back and amend it then so beet and end the discussion. i don't think that is going to be that big of app issue. this is another hit piece trying to take down ted cruz was he's a threat. and which is bigger, someoning filing their taxes and someone filing bankruptcy multiple times. and i'm going b with the guy that pays back his loan and does it the right by a and not the guy who files bankruptcy. >> that makes sense and i agree with you logically but you and i both know ouch times this is about perception and emotion. and you have someone like ted cruz who's gone out throughout his political career in the last few years about croney capitalism and the washington kabul anded a haze a that -- million loan from two of those
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banks and now, you know, the perception of it looks like hypocrisy. i'm not saying necessarily that is right but that is the perception. so i can understand why some -- >> -- >> who would you want him to get a loan from? if his -- >> -- >> -- from where your wife works. >> that is not the issue ben. it is the point that he's been highly highly critical of the croney capitalism. his words and the washington cabal and how they are all in bed together and how part of the appeal of ted cruz is that he's such an outsider and that he's not part of that. but they are good enough for him to go get a loan from. that is the argument. i'm not saying whether that resonates with cruz vote are -- >> -- >> -- political attack against him. >> if there is a vote that shows that somehow ted cruz gave favoritism to aback where he got
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a loan where he's paying interest on the loan like any other consumer would than i'm willing to listen to this freak out moment in politics but i just don't think getting a loan from a major bank, which is where you have to go. it is not easy to borrow a million dollars. you have to fill out a ton of paperwork. you have to have your house in order. i'm not going to fault somebody for borrowing money and paying it back. that means this you did the right thing. i just don't see the big issue here. >> so the disclosure thing -- but anyway i have to leave it there but it was a very interesting conversation. -- thanks both of you. from hans gruber to professor severis snape, allen rickman has died. i've been called a control freak...
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shocking news this morning. we've lost another cultural icon. allen rickman died of cancer surrounded by his family in london. many of you grew up with him in the harry potter movies. many of you knew him as professor snape. if anyone here has any knowledge of mr. potter's movements this evening, i invite them to step forward. now. >> oh that intriguing voice, right? he had many other films to his credit though besides harry potter. he standard in love tully, robinhood prince of thieves and as hans grouber in die hard bac
6:18 am
in 1988. he was just 69 years old. unbelieve. on the heels of doifb dying and now allen rickman. >> both the same age by the way. and alan rickman a actor's actor. a classical actor. die hard came to mind immediately. harry potter of course. but he was a classical shakespearean actor. a star in britain for so many decks in so many classic films as well. i think his fame from the harry potter series was something he begrudgingly accepted. sometimes didn't enjoy so much. people identified him only from that series. i wanted to read something from the editor of the guardian. a close friend of alan's. she wrote about his great gift for friendship. he was devoted to a large number of people and would somehow
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manage to dauls -- or phone them at 2:00 in the morning when he heard they were this deep trouble or even -- the personal side of his life. we all noise professional work. >> sad news this morning. thank you. terrorists carry out a series of coordinated attack this is the heart of a business district. and isis affiliated news agency is the terror group behind the siege. this is one of several explosions in a brazen midday assault in indonesia. this was the terrorists first target, a starbuck's coffee shop. and that is not lost on the american company. issuing the statement in the aftermath, while the store will remain closed based on the
6:20 am
stabilization of the situation. we will open all stores in jakarta and across indonesia tomorrow. >> reporter: i have to say we are about a hundred meters from where the starbuck's cafe is. and just a few minutes ago we heard another explosion across the starbuck's cafe. it is not clear where it happened but there are two buildings across. a office building and government building and that is where we heard the explosion. when we passed starbuck's there were peopling milling around, curious bystanders looki ining explosions. and when the latest explosion they came running down the street and we went to check that just before i came up here and
6:21 am
we saw hundreds of policemen, armed policemen go into the building and we still don't know what happened there. but this is a city on the edge. attacks as you said were brazen. it happened at midday at the center of jakarta. where people are very concerned. we've also seen indonesians rallying together and saying we are not afraid and indonesians unite. >> still to come in the newsroom. a new poll showing iowa is feeling the burn. is hillary clinton feeling the pressure. and we'll talk to the man who revealed last night's winning powerball ticket. coming back a symptoms kept on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems.
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in less than two hours president obama holds a town hall in louisiana. calling on americans to unite and reject partisan rhetoric. yesterday while the president was in nebraska he took a veiled shot at presidential hopeful donald trump who's previously called for a temporary ban on muslims entering the united states. president obama said while he supports having robust political debate, targeting people because of their race and religion is destructive. >> that doesn't mean that you go around insulting people. and thinking that that is clever or that is being honest or telling it straight. no that is just being offensive. and that is feeding some of our worst impulses. and that does not make us strong. that doesn't make us strong.
6:26 am
and that doesn't help us fight terrorism by the way. >> make sure to stay with cnn, the president's town hall is expected to take place 11:00 a.m. eastern. the iowa caucus is getting closer for hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a new poll shows clinton edging sanders by just two points. last month she was ahead by nine points in the very same poll. the former president bill clinton who's out campaigning for his wife this week says he's not surprised. >> all they are doing now as they should be doing is talk about the differences in their positions. that's good. that's healthy -- >> what about the polls tightening? does that surprise you? >> no. i'm surprised it didn't happen 60 days ago. >> lest talk about the polls and bring in cnn's executive editor
6:27 am
mark preston. >> bad news for hillary clinton as we're edging towards the iowa caucus. the poll shows right now it really is neck and neck in iowa. a state that hillary clinton lost to barack obama back in 2007. brarack obama if we go to our next poll it shows what democrats are thinking about what the election is about. and it is about issues and this is in many ways why we think bernie sanders candidacy is being fueled. when you look at the numbers it shows that democrats believe that issues are more important than leadership. republican voters think otherwise. but it shows in fact these interest voters who are backing bernie sanders. four in ten have not made up
6:28 am
their minds. this comes as hillary clinton is trying to gain traction. in an interview with lifetime she tried to show a shafter side. >> what would you tell your 14-year-old self? >> oh i would tell my 14-year-old self, do the best you can. don't be so worried about how you are perceived or how you look or how well you do, just do the best you can and make the most out of every single day. >> in many ways hillary clinton is sending that message to women and young women. but when it comes to younger voters, carol, bernie sanders certainly in iowa has the edge. >> here is the thing that intrigues me on that particular question. would somebody be asking bernie sanders what he would tell his
6:29 am
14-year-old self? >> perhaps. you know it is interesting certainly hillary clinton has done a lot to talk about young women in how they can aspire and do better. and when you are in a forum like lifetime which is certainly a little less hard hitting are you are going to get questions like that. you know, i guess the question is carol, how would bernie sanders answer that question? which would be very interesting. >> even if he was on lifetime i i don't think he would be asked that. thanks so much. checking top stories for you. three new york area college students are dead after a bus crash in honduras. two of the students were from columbia university. the othered a bernard. they were all on a volunteer mission. 14 others are being treated for injuries. chicago changing course and dropping its long-standing
6:30 am
objection to the video showing shootding of unarmed black teenager. in january 2013. attorneys for his mother have been pushing for the video to be released as part of a wrongful death suit arguing the video shows teenager was running from police and never turned towards the officers. good morning, i'm carol costello. to wall street now and the opening bell. traders looking at a turn around this morning. bouncing back after a brutal day of trade on wednesday and slugging off fears of slowing growth in china. oil prices hit 13 year lows. they seem to be shrugging that off too. christine and alisyn are following the story. let's start with you christine. >> we are seeing stabilization. but we've seen this pattern before where we see green arrows
6:31 am
and see the gains fizzle out by the close. today there may be something to hang their hat on. that is earnings season. j.p. morgan chase giving its corporate report card to wall street, beating expectations. but the worry about overall earnings season sill on the mind of investors. they are still bracing were recession in earnings, meaning the first back to back since 2009 where you see a decline in profits. also oil prices dipping to a level yesterday that we haven't seen since 2003. great for consumers filling up their cars but bad for companies that are looking to lay off more people and companies that could actually go out of business. so where are we today? we're two weeks into the trading year carol. and already the dow is down 7% for the year. the s&p 500 down 7% for the year. the nasdaq down 9%. so you are seeing all of the major indices in a correction.
6:32 am
meaning 10% off a recent high. hey, investors are saying this could be a great buying opportunity, carol. >> so christine is it a great buying opportunity? >> look, when something's on sale that is the best time to buy it, right. >> if you look at the stocks in most people's 401(k)s, widely held, they are down. these are in a bear market. they have had a real big decline here. so you hear people talk about how much money they are making and whether those are attractive stocks to buy. it's been a pretty brutal training week to have. no question here. markets down 7% in the first week of already year to date. that's never a good sign. there is a lot going on in the rest of the world that has people concerned. china, what china is doing with its currency. weakening its currency. global growth concerns. but the u.s. economy
6:33 am
fundamentally looks pretty solid here. so that is the divergence here. what should you do if you are thinking about buying stocks? if you are really close to retirement you should not have your portfolio in the stock market. the younger you are, that is where the opportunities come from pullbacks. but over time, if you buy consistently, at regular intervals you tend do well in the stock market carol. that is just the way history has shown. >> christine romans, alison kosik, thanks both of you. and new details on el chapo's capture. did flirty texts help nab the drug lord? ♪virgin islands nice ♪ ♪so nice ♪so nice, so nice ♪ spend a few days in the u.s. virgin islands and return with a lifetime of experiences.
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new details about the six month hunt for el chapo.
6:37 am
u.s. officials revealing they were watching sean penn well before this infamous meeting back in october. at the same time mexican authorities were tracking actress kate del castillo and firtty text messages between castillo and el chapo that may have led to his capture. after the meeting he may have wrote to her i'm more exciting about you than the story. the actress tells him you make me blush. nick valencia in mexico city with more. >> reporter: joaquin el chapo guzman is said to be one of the most ruthless killers in the world. recently released text messages with the mexican act residence we see a bit of softer side. ultimately it may have been love that brought him down. >> the shocking visit by these two famous actors to the most infamous drug lord in the world came to the attention of u.s.
6:38 am
law enforcement long before their october encounter. this as sources also say u.s. officials were alerted about sean penn's meeting with joaquin el chapo guzman soon after he arrived. >> we're tremendously gratified that the capture was successful. and we look forward to having el chapo face justice in american court. >> mexican officials say they intercepted texts betweenal chap and mexican actress kate del castillo date back to september of last year. el chapo writing i really want to meet you in person, friend. the actress replies u well, me too. you are the best of this world. el chapo, we will be great friends. i will take care of you, more than my own eyes. castillo later asked to have penn accompany her on the trip. and if she sees the need to bring more people let her bring them as she likes. after the meeting in mexico castillo texts i haven't been
6:39 am
able to sleep much since i saw you. i'm very excited about our story. it is true. it is the only thing i can sympathy think of. on wednesday the actress took the twitter writing quote many have chosen to make up items they think make good stories and that aren't truthful. i look forward to sharing my story with you. >> since the drug lord's capture, guzman has been moved from droll ceto cell, mexican o hoping it will keep him in custody. >> mexican authorities had a good lead back in october on his whereabouts but didn't want to pull the trigger because they were worried that the two actors were caught in the cross-fire. it took them an extra three months to finally pin him down. >> amazing. those flirty texts got me thinking. why would el chapo text an
6:40 am
actress when he had to know it would leez lead to his capture? and b, why would she play along. we've all heard women like bad boys right? but el chapo is expected of smuggli smuggling tons of cocaine from mexico and -- >> let's start with el chapo. why would he put himself out there like that? you saw his texts. >> what does a man who has everything really want at some point? something he really can't have and he really couldn't have her, because he was on the run in this way. and then he felt that perhaps the possibilities were there by doing this movie. it is perhaps the forbidden fruit. let's face it he could have had anyone brought in.
6:41 am
but this particular actress normally he couldn't have. i think he fell in love with the idea of falling in love with that forbidden fruit. >> interesting. >> as for her text messages to el chapo. some publications have characterized them as flirty. others have said they were more paternal in nature. like she looked upon him as a father figure. what do you think? >> i think they were just strictly emotional. so they could have been flirty. there could have been paternal. there certainly i think was a lot of fantasy there. perhaps some longing. but you have to understand del castillo had written to him once before and saw the potential in him and had asked him, had imploerd him to become this trafficker of human rights instead of him to bec trafficker of human rights instead of drugs. so he may have fallen in love
6:42 am
with like beauty and the beast. she sees the true beauty. >> so on some level she knew he was evil and yet this -- >> and perhaps he really feels in one interview he says i'm not a violent person. so she understands me like no one else understands me. and let's not forget she may not be the only one who is enamored by him. a number of people, large populations of people in mexico, especially in his home down see him as being a robinhood. they trust him more than they trust the mexican government. >> okay. . so her most recent text said people don't understand my communications with this man. what do you think castillo meant by that? >> it could mean anything. but i would see that as she has a way to communicate and get to his inner soul like no one else can and perhaps can give the untold story of el chapo guzman that no one else can possibly
6:43 am
get. so she feels perhaps a connection but she knows that she owns something that perhaps no one else has a right to. >> well it is -- it is hard to like -- i don't know. it is hard for me to come to the conclusion that there could be any justification for her communicating with this man in this particular way and not helping authorities to capture him. >> when we're talking about love, we're talking about emotion. and we're not always talking about rational thinking. thinking from the heart. not necessarily from the mind. >> always interesting talking with you. thank you so much. >> my pleasure. still to come, he has your fate in his hands. the man who makes powerball dreams come true next.
6:44 am
6:45 am
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6:47 am
chances are, if you bought a powerball ticket, you know who this man is. >> good luck. let's play some powerball. first number down is 8. and after that america -- >> yes the man who last night held your dreams of becoming a billionaire in his hands. what is it like with all that pressure? i'm joined by powerball host sam arlen. welcome. >> good morning. glad to be here with you. >> so glad you're here. first of all can you believe that the jackpot was that large? >> it's unbelievable. such ride for us here. i mean, it was an incredible, incredible jackpot last night. world record breaking. people if afrom all over were pg attention and excited. so yeah, what a wild ride.
6:48 am
>> so when you went out on stage were you nervous? >> just a little bit. just a little bit. yeah no it was a -- yeah it was a little more nervous because i knew there were a lot more eyes on me and the world was watching. i wanted to make sure i got those numbers right. but, you know, also it was just another day at the office. we always, you know, strive to do a really good job. >> in some respects -- >> it was just another day at the office? come on. >> i was in the tux and there were a lot of media and lot of people watching in the studio so it felt different but i was still as focused as ever and it was fun. what an opportunity. >> here is what i would worry about, that i would somehow drop one of the balls. what do you do when you drop one of the balls, does it disqualify that number? >> thankfully i don't have to touch the balls. i can stand there, smile and
6:49 am
call the numbers like i see them. some other people have to do all of that. i'm grateful for that part. >> are there safeguards in place if the machine jams? >> yeah i mean, you know, there is a lot of safeguards in place. and like i said, you know, my job is to come out there and just host it. and i have the easy part thankfully. there are a lot of very fine people working behind the scenes handling all the security and all of that and there are a lot of procedures in place. >> tell us about the security because we want to know -- give us a little behind the scenes kind of thing. do they test the machine before you go on the air? what was the security like? give us the dirt, sam. >> and see this is where -- and because i just kind of -- you know, i do my thing on air. i don't do all of that part. i can't speak to all of the procedures in place because i don't handle that part. but yeah last night there was a lot of security there. and additional security just
6:50 am
because, you know, of the high jackpot in terms of making sure the building and all of that was secured. which was nice. but i don't do the ball security stuff. so i can't really talk to okay drawn. and there's more than one winner. actually, there's some 80 winners of lesser amounts. so when you draw those numbers, do you think of who might be the winner? does that go through your mind? >> absolutely. absolutely. i'm thinking, you know, as i'm hosting the draw i'm thinking about, you know, everyone out there sitting with their tickets in their hand watching, hoping and praying that their numbers are going to come up. so i'm thinking about, you know, as the draw's happening possibly changing someone's life, you know. and i'm hoping we have a winner. that's why we do this game. so for me it's incredibly exciting to see that, you know, at least one person maybe multiple people probably won last night. so incredibly exciting from my end. >> all right. sam arlen, thanks for being with
6:51 am
me. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. checking other top stories for you at 50 minutes past. state television tehran airing video of an american sailor apologizing for wandering into iranian waters. it's not clear if the soldier is speaking under duress for apologizing for what he calls a mistake and misunderstanding. the video shows the sailors with their hands up as they're detained despite white house claims the iranians were not hostile. search teams continue to scour the french alps this morning for possible victims of a deadly avalanche. officials say two teenagers and a ukrainian skier were killed when the fast moving tower of snow came rushing down a closed ski slope. three others were hurt. also new this morning, police in italy announce a breakthrough in the death of american ashley olson. they now have a suspect in custody and say physical evidence puts him inside her florence apartment where she was strangled. more now from journalist barbie
6:52 am
ledor, the rome bureau chief for the daily beast. hi, barbie. >> hi there. yes, the prosecutor in the case announced they have arrested and in custody 27-year-old man from senegal. he was arrested overnight. and his dna was taken and tested positive to crucial pieces of evidence found in ashley olson's apartment. one was a condom, the other was a cigarette. the prosecutor also told reporters in his press conference this morning that there was no erotic sex game gone wrong but in fact that the two, according to their evidence, had had consensual sex. it was not a hostile situation in his words. she also had two fractures to her cranium. and she was strangled. the cause of death still remains strangulation, but the prosecutor did not rule out that those fractures to her cranium didn't somehow play a role. what we don't know though is how things went so desperately wrong from what seemed to be obviously
6:53 am
a consensual situation that ended in murder. i think those will come as more and more information and more and more testimony. but the case is considered right now he's the only suspect. the case is far from closed. the the investigation is still going onto see exactly what happened that killed ashley olson. we also expect that her funeral will be on friday here in italy. her family has chosen that she should be buried in italy because it was of course a place she came to to start her life over and find happiness as temporary as that ended up being, carol. >> all right. barbie, reporting live from italy. we'll be right back. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies.
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6:56 am
and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. the oscar nominations are in. one of the most talked about categories, best actor. >> for performance by an actor in the leading role, the nominees are, brian cranston,
6:57 am
matt damon, leonardo dicaprio, michael fastbender and eddie redmayne. >> okay. you heard it there, lee nonardo dicaprio among others. let's bring in brian stelter, he's following it all. good morning. >> i think he does have a shot. this could be leo's year. "the revenant" picked up more than any movie. we have to go see this movie before february 28th, it is pretty violent. also winning for a nomination for best picture. we can put on screen the eight nominees here. "star wars" was noticeably snubbed from the best picture list. but the big shorts on there, love the big short, bridge of spies, brooklyn, mad max. >> really? >> pretty great movie. >> i saw it and liked it, but really it made no sense. >> it was beautifully produced
6:58 am
though. >> okay. >> revenan, room and spotlight. spotlight is seen as maybe the one to beat, but the revenant as well with 12 nominations. i'm rooting for the big short too, but right now i think spotlight maybe has the edge. we can also look at best actress. we heard best actor, but best actress kate blan chet, jennifer lawrence, charlotte rampling, saoirse -- i can't even pronounce the one from brooklyn. >> ms. ronan is up for best actress. >> let's handle it that way. best supporting actor and actress, interesting race. that's best actor. best supporting actor, christian bale from the big short, tom hardy, mark ruffalo, mark
6:59 am
rylance and sylvester stallone. on the best supporting actress side of course carol, rachel mcadams of spotlight, alicia vikander, kate winslet and jennifer jason leigh from the hateful eight. >> any surprises in your mind? >> you know, i'm actually surprised that "star wars" was snubbed for best picture. it picked up a number of technical awards, but given the incredible surge of popularity and the real critical acclaim for "star wars," i think it's somewhat surprising it didn't get one of those nominations. look at directing i think if we have time because directing you can see the success of the revenant and spotlight, mad max: fury road, those are all guys, we should point out. and these oscar nominations are awfully white again this year. and already, carol, there's a lot of outcry online about how white and how little diversity is represented in these
7:00 am
nominations. now, that's a result of what the best movies of the year were. these are the judges. these are the hollywood elites voting here. we'll see what happens at the end of february. >> all right. brian stelter, thanks for stopping by again. appreciate it. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. and good morning. i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me. we begin with a high stakes showdown in the key state of south carolina tonight for the 2016 republican candidates will gather for their latest debate. and that debate comes as a war of words between donald trump and his newest target ted cruz escalates. joining me now from north charleston, south carolina is cnn's sara murray. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. you're right, we are seeing this feud between donald trump and ted cruz grow even more pitched. now, even though trump leads in south carolina, the two are locked in a dead heat in iowa. that's why you're seeing this war of words, donald trump questioning whether ted cruz is even qualified to be president because he was born in canada. and ted cruz essentially going from saying he wouldn't
7:01 am
reciprocate these attacks to going after trump for everything from having new york values to being too cozy with democrats to cruz saying he would be more electable in a general election. now, i think the big question is how this plays out on the debate stage tonight. donald trump indicated that his campaign event last night that the citizenship stuff would come up, but it's possible he leaves it up to the debate moderators to sort of do his dirty work for him rather than going directly for ted cruz. now, as for the cruz camp they are very aware that donald trump can be unpredictable. and they tell me that they are preparing for everything, whether it's trump essentially ignoring them to trump going full boor against ted cruz. the other battle you're going to want to watch is the battle for the establishment lane, marco rubio, chris christie, john kasich, jeb bush, these guys are all vying for a win in new hampshire. and they are going to be going after each other on this stage. so we'll essentially have two different fights potentially going on as each tries to claim the mantle of the most conservative and then the establishment candidate. a lot to watch tonight, carol.
7:02 am
>> all right, sara murray reporting live from south carolina this morning. the bromance as sara said may be over for senator ted cruz and donald trump, we'll see tonight on the debate stage. in debates past mr. cruz has refused to attack mr. trump, tweeting just last month, quote, the establishment's only hope trump and me in a cage match. sorry to disappoint. donald trump is terrific. and as you can see the two men were quite friendly that night. and at previous debates back slapping and handshaking. but that was then and this is now. and in the face of attacks about cruz's eligibility to be president he's taking the gloves off. >> i think he may shift in his new rallies to play "new york, new york" because donald comes from new york and he embodies new york values. >> oh. here to discuss republican strategist jerry ja koebist and republican strategist caylee
7:03 am
mcananni. will we see more of a fight between the two, sherri. >> i don't think we will. donald trump can say a lot of things at his rallys that are not true, over the top and might not slide well with other people. i think he tends to play it relatively safe at the debates. he still tries to please his base, but he's a little bit more careful because he knows everybody else is watching. not everybody in his audience is a trump supporter. and he knows that debate moderators may call him on it. i do think sara's correct that he'll try and leave it to the moderators, but at some point they have to ask him directly about his comments about ted cruz. and he's going to be accountable for that. i think the lower tier candidates will probably go after each other because they're all vying for the spot, you know, third or fourth or whatever. but we're going to see a smaller group at this debate. i think the messaging is going to be crisper and clearer. and i think that is going to be
7:04 am
incumbent upon each candidate to be very, very good. i expect rubio to probably remain positive. he does better that way. i think it's going to be apparent that trump is not quite up on the issues. so all the things we've seen before will be a bigger spotlight on it. and it will just be seen if somebody is really good, they'll look really good. if they're weak in some area, we're going to see that weakness. everything will be bigger than it was before. >> okay. i want to go back to the cruz-trump thing for just a minute, caylee, because cruz brought up trump's new york values. and that's code for he was a liberal in the past. i read on politico this morning that's his new strategy in combatting trump so why wouldn't we hear that tonight? >> i think we will hear that. but i think it's a flawed strategy on the part of ted cruz because there's an easy retort for donald trump, and it's this. you know, ted cruz has kind of meshed himself in the northeast establishment circuit, like princeton, harvard law, goldman sachs, these are not places known for iowa conservative
7:05 am
values. and i'm not faulting ted cruz for going to these institutions at all, but if he brings up the new york values, donald trump will simply retort with that. it would be wise for ted cruz not to attack donald trump. we've seen every candidate who attacks donald trump fall precipitously in the falls be it carly fiorina, be it jeb bush who attacked trump relentlessly. and folks in the establishment were praising him as having a stellar debate performance. but what happened? just 1% of the people who watched the cnn debate thought jeb bush won. so if ted cruz attacks, that will be a flawed strategy. >> i hear you, but cheri, ted cruz has gone down in the polls since donald trump started to attack his citizenship, right? and there's nothing to that. and then ted cruz has come out and he's hit hard back against trump. so isn't it the dawn of a new era? >> well, at some point there does have to be a clear cut answer on this. and i think that there is. i think -- >> there is a clear cut answer on it. >> well, i don't think that ted
7:06 am
cruz needs to use his debate stage to say, yes, i really am eligible. that should not be how hoe uses his time. i think that donald trump looks bad when he attacks him on it. and you can have that debate on the side. i don't think it's going to help them tonight. and, again, you have to look at this audience. these are people who are not all -- there's a lot of undecided voters out there. so while you've got the candidates that will be trying to appeal to the iowa voters and the caucus goers as well as the new hampshire primary voters, you know, there's this national audience as well. but they know very well that there are certain messages that are going to work in certain rooms that you cannot say nationally. and i think they know that with the attacks. with regard i'm going to disagree people go down in the polls because they attack donald trump. they only have the courage to attack him when they're already slipping. and what we've seen is a lot of people in the media who have coal esced around trump for
7:07 am
various reasons and i've said this before on cnn and media and other places i think a lot of the right wing media have coalesced and that means ratings and book sales. you can't write an anti-hillary book or sell one if she's in the white house. it's been very confusing to republicans why he's gotten this support and why trump has not been called on the carpet for things that would do other candidates in. >> i don't think they're confusing. i think people appreciate trump's straight talk. we've had mitt romney, we've had john mccain. folks don't want that anymore. people want straight talk. they want honesty. and for better or worse when donald trump speaks that's what you get his honest opinion. and people believe him. they think he's authentic. i don't think it's confusing. >> well, i disagree. i think that there are many candidates who are authentic and who are straight talkers. and they don't have to be politically correct. and what we see with donald trump, it's not about him being politically incorrect. he goes a lot further than that. and i think that we're going to see that crystallized, again, the messaging will be crisper as this debate -- at this debate
7:08 am
tonight because there's fewer candidates. we're getting closer now to when people actually go and caucus in iowa and vote in new hampshire. i don't think that donald trump is teflon. i've never thought he's teflon. i've just seen him basically not been responded to because the media has reported on him and covered him differently. he's gotten vastly more media coverage than all of the other candidates combined. and that is a result of him getting an early boost as well as the fact that there's such a huge field which was very unfortunate. and until that field narrows, trump still has an edge. i don't think he's going to win iowa. then he loses his front-runner status and loses his greatest talking point. and then it's a whole new ball game. >> okay. i have to let kaleigh have the last word. >> i think it's naive donald trump is succeeding because of media coverage. plenty of other people get media court and ju coverage, they don't succeed. he's selling a message reminiscent of that of ronald. he wants to make america great again. people believe he can create jobs, people believe he can defeat isis. direct contrast to our current president. people are buying it.
7:09 am
it's not the media coverage, it's the message. >> studies say otherwise. >> okay. cheri, kayleigh, thanks to both of you. the big powerball number turned out to be 3. three lucky tickets will be split for that $1.5 billion jackpot. and the owners of those tickets, well, their lives will be changed forever. one of those golden tickets was sold at a chino hills, california, 7-eleven, where you didn't need to be a winner to celebrate. >> that's one happy 7-eleven man. hundreds of people flocked to the convenience store when they heard the winning ticket was sold there. sara sidner thrks is incredible. >> reporter: isn't it cool? we were so thrilled to see that people were that enthusiastic when they didn't even win. and look at what just went on the wall here -- on the door i should say. look, they made the front page
7:10 am
of the local paper. jackpot. that's mr. farooki with his hands up. and he's not even the store owner. the store owner has been here all night long with his family. he's been cleaning up the store, making sure that everybody can get to what they need even with all the media here and all the onlookers who've been inside and outside of the store. he's literally been cleaning up for the past five hours. he finally went home exhausted after talking to a lot of us. but here's what he had to say. can you believe this crowd out here? it was wild. there were dozens of people that just kept coming. and you hear that, they're screaming "chino hills" so proud of their community say it's very much like a football game on friday night. but here's what the owner of this store who's been here 24 years had to say about the fact that he's getting a million dollars just for selling the winning ticket. what do you think about the crowd that just showed up here? >> well, i just love them.
7:11 am
and they love me. >> reporter: what is this selling the winning ticket mean for you and your store? >> it's feeling really, really good. and whoever the lucky come here, thanks for their purchase. >> reporter: and, carol, we should mention people have been coming in. if you look right in there, you can take your ticket and scan it to see if you've won. and the lottery officials are saying, hey, make sure you check that ticket. just because you didn't win the big jackpot, there are still dozens of people who will become millionaires. they'll win either a million, most people a million or $2 million if they've got five out of six. it's worth checking tickets because there are plenty of people that never check them. and they never win because they didn't bother to check, carol. >> and you're right about that because my producer, alexis, checked her tickets and she won $7.
7:12 am
>> reporter: better than nothing, right? >> true. i didn't win anything. sara sidner, thanks so much. still to come in "the newsroom." fbi director james comey heads to philadelphia just after the agency announces the shooting of a police officer being investigated as a terror attack. plus, a bomb explodes and terrorists launch a brazen attack in the heart of jakarta. a live report for you next. 7 days ago, karen wasn't thinking about joining her daughter's yoga class. she was thinking about her joints. but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use, it supports increased flexibility over time. karen: "she's single." it also supports wonderfully high levels of humiliation in her daughter.
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terrorists carry out a series of coordinated attacks in the heart of an indonesian business district. and an isis affiliated news agtd si says the terror group is behind the siege.
7:17 am
this is just one of several explosions in a brazen midday assault in jakarta. this was the terrorists first target, actually. it's a starbucks coffee shop that's a favorite for westerners. that's not lost on the american icon. the company issuing a cautious statement in the aftermath, quote, while this store will remain closed based on the stabilization of the situation being conveyed by local authorities, we will open all stores in jakarta and across indonesia tomorrow. cnn's in jakarta joins us with more on this. hi, kathy. >> reporter: hi, carol. people here are trying to cope with the situation starbucks saying they'll be open tomorrow. there was a bit of a scare earlier, it turned out to be a false alarm. an explosion heard outside the starbucks turned out to be a tire exploding from a truck just passing by. but you can sense the anxiety
7:18 am
and concern people have. people running down the streets because at the top of their minds they think, you know, the threat is still there. what the police are doing though now are investigating. they're trying to find links from these attackers trying to identify them. and then later on possibly finding out what their links are to people who may have planned this attack, who may have funded it. and certainly at the top of the list will be groups who have pledged allegiance to isis. one of them based in eastern indonesia headed by indonesia's most wanted terrorist. so they're going to look into that, but again, the city is now in quite of a shock. the people are rallying together saying they're not afraid. they're saying we will live as normally as we could. we are not scared. certainly people will take precautions in the next few days as they find out what and who may be behind these attacks, carol.
7:19 am
>> all right. checking other stories for you at 18 minutes past, today fbi director james comey meets with employees at the agency's philadelphia field office. this is just one day after the fbi announced the shooting of a city police officer is being investigated as a terrorist attack. last week officer jesse hartnett who survived the incident was ambushed by an isis sympathizer while sitting in his patrol car. also new this morning, police in italy say they have a suspect in custody in the murder of american ashley olson. he's described as an illegal immigrant from senegal who accompanied her home from a bar last week. police say physical evidence puts him inside her florence apartment where she was eventually strangled. al jazeera america will shut production on april 30th after struggling with low ratings during his two years on the air. the company says it's not leaving the united states entirely, focusing instead on
7:20 am
its digital services. still to come in "the newsroom," you've seen the disturbing video, american navy sailors on their knees with their hands behind their heads. now new insight into what they were feeling as iran detained them. the gillette mach 3 turbo still feels better after 10 shaves than a disposable on it's first. mach 3 blades have twice the coatings. for a closer shave with zero redness. get an incredible experience shave after shave after shave. gillette. the best a man can get. resoroc® retinol.eads it's up to two times stronger than imitators try roc® retinol correxion® night cream... after one week, fine lines appear to fade one month, deep wrinkles look smoother... and after one year, skin looks ageless. only from roc®.
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7:24 am
the pentagon is still trying to figure out what happened when two navy boats strayed into iranian waters and into iranian custody. this video shows the sailors on their knees, hands on their head moments before their capture. the group now back in u.s. custody is describing to a u.s. defense official as tired and upset. perhaps the most jarring development out of all of this is video of one of the commanders apologizing to iran. >> it was a mistake that was our
7:25 am
fault. and we apologize for our mistake. it was a misunderstanding. we did not mean to go into iranian territorial water. >> the iranian behavior was fantastic while we were here. we thank you very much for your hospitality and your assistance. >> but the obama administration insists it did not apologize to the iranians. so let's talk about this and more. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr and cnn political commentator and former cia counterterrorism analyst buck sexton. welcome to both of you. barbara, i understand you're learning new details? >> we are indeed this morning, carol. cnn is learning exclusively what the pentagon now thinks really did happen here. according to an official i've spoken to this morning here's what they think happened. the boat -- one of the two boats was having in fact engine trouble. the engine was running very roughly. it was not at maximum power. at the same time it was drifting off course. the crew, the sailors, may not have even understood they were
7:26 am
drifting off course. and they came within three miles of iran's farsi island. that is a very sensitive military area for iran's revolutionary guard corps. so they come within three miles. the iranians begin to approach them. one of their engines on the two boats is in bad shape and they really can't back off and get away. and in fact the commander you heard from talked a little bit about this and hinted about it. have a listen to what he had to say. >> the iranian patrol boat came out when we were having engine issues and had weapons drawn so we tried to talk to them until more boats came out and took us in. >> i am told that the u.s. sailors were badly outnumbered by the iranians, that basically the u.s. sailors had no choice, no other course of action other than to do what they did. i will tell you inside the most senior u.s. navy circles there is a lot of dismay about this
7:27 am
propaganda video being taken and these sailors being shown in this manner. this is something that the u.s. military has generally very publicly objected to. we are not seeing those public objections right now. a lot of diplomatic talk about the success here. but how urgently was the u.s. navy looking for its sailors when they suddenly went missing? we have also learned this morning that the initial search and rescue effort included the u.s. navy sending a ship back into iranian territorial waters because at that point they were concerned that maybe the sailors were overboard somewhere. and in distress in the water. they shortly later found out they'd been taken by the iranians and diplomacy took over at that point. still a lot of questions. and it must be said tha all of these sailors certainly tired, exhausted and you have to know that that commander was not speaking of his own free will.
7:28 am
there are iranians in the room when he made those statements. >> absolutely. still, buck, a former navy commander said the incident is a severe failure by somebody. who is that somebody, you think? >> well, it really depends on the circumstances of what happened on that boat. was it a navigational issue? was it essentially human error or totally a technical failure. if it's a technical failure of the boat, if it's a mechanical failure, certainly nobody on board could be blamed for it. i do think it's also a failure, by the way, of the obama administration at this point to try to tell us all they didn't apologize and we're supposed to focus on that. the fact of the matter is the iranians are scheduled to get tens of billions of dollars of sanctions relief very soon. and you would think that perhaps there could be some, not necessarily gratitude, but maybe some more good will from them. instead there's this overreaction and this grotesque urge that they have to immediately try to score cheap points for domestic political reasons by using this as a propaganda video. by having american sailors with
7:29 am
their hands behind their heads. i mean, this is what you expect from a regime that is an enemy regime whether or not you are actually at war with it. and i think that the iranians here are trying to play it both ways. they're saying, well, they took care of them and they did return them. the most important thing here is of course that sailors were returned safely. but iranians can't help themselves despite the fact obama administration has bent over backwards to get this deal done and they're still mocking our sailors and putting out this video and we know that apology was under duress. >> all right. so, i just wondered, barbara, let's try to take the politics out. some people are blaming the sailors for apologizing on camera, but what kind of training do they get, what choice did they have? >> well, i think it's really logical to conclude at this point that they had no choice. it is likely in these circumstances the commander of the unit at sea, which appears to be the sailor who spoke although we don't know that for
7:30 am
sure, you know, made the decision that they would not get into a gunfight. it would have been a suicide fight. u.s. military members always, 24/7, have the right to defend themselves. but a commander makes a decision based on logic and reason. he is not necessarily -- he/she is not going to be in the business of ordering personnel into a suicide mission. that's not what this is all about. he indicates they tried to talk to the iranians, but at this point when they are talking to the iranians we know -- pardon me, that there are multiple iranian boats out there and we know they are outnumbered by iranian personnel and this is iran's islamic revolutionary guard corps, the most assertive portion of iran's military unit. so they know they're in trouble at this point. and he clearly makes the decision they're not going to get into a gunfight.
7:31 am
we will have to see if that decision gets second guessed. right now no indication from the navy in these early days that they are anything but supportive of their sailors. >> well, we're glad they're safe and sound and back in u.s. custody. that is for sure. barbara starr, buck sexton, thanks to you both. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. in just about 30 minutes president obama will hold a town hall event in baton rouge, louisiana. it's all part of the president's push to hammer home the democratic agenda and urge americans to reject partisan bickering. when it comes to the democratic candidates hoping to have his job though, the campaign is certainly heating up. voters in iowa now starting to feel the burn according to a new bloomberg politics/des moines register poll shows hillary clinton edging sanders, bernie sanders, by just two points. last month clinton was ahead of sanders by nine points in this same poll.
7:32 am
so let's talk about that with cnn's senior political correspondent brianna keilar and cnn senior washington correspondent joe johns. brianna, first to you. tell us more about these polls. >> well, this is a poll, carol, that a lot of political observers are keenly soerveing. they've been sort of anxious for a des moines register poll because the pollster who does this poll actually is really seen as someone who pulls out the gold standard when it comes to numbers. this is something people are really looking at. 42 points hillary clinton, 40 bernie sanders. so you see the race tightening. but what's interesting when you look at the shift here from last month, it might not be so much that people are feeling the burn as they aren't feeling hillary clinton because she has actually dipped in the polls. and you see those undecideds, 14%, that is actually a huge jump of people who are uncommitted -- pardon me, from last month. as you can see there. now, bill clinton on the campaign trail, he's actually downplaying not just this poll certainly, but the number of polls that we have seen of the
7:33 am
race tightening. here's what he said. >> all they're doing now, as they should be doing, is talking about the difference in their positions. that's good. that's healthy. >> what about the poll, surprise you? >> no. >> so he says not surprised. he thought it would have happened sooner. but i will tell you this is a real -- this is a tooth and nail fight that is going on in iowa, especially because hillary clinton is so far behind bernie sanders in new hampshire. but when you heard bill clinton there say, look, they're talking about the issues, they're drawing contrasts, it's interesting also in this poll, carol, we see that more democrats think this is an election where democrats in new hampshire -- pardon me, iowa, think this is an election about issues over leadership. that's significant because people who say they're more about the issues over leadership more likely to go for bernie sanders. people who are more about the leadership are more likely to go for hillary clinton. >> interesting. so, joe, the president will hold a town hall in just a matter of
7:34 am
minutes. is he campaigning? what exactly is this tour he's doing? >> reporter: well, this is more of the outside the beltway sojouse sojourn following the state of the union address. i think the stated purpose of this town hall is to talk about education, but it's a free wheeling format and just about anything can and will be discussed there. now, we will be watching to see whether the president expands on his criticism of the anti-muslim rhetoric that's been on the campaign trail. he didn't name names last night in omaha, nebraska, but clearly he was singling out some republicans who in turn have been singling out followers of islam in some of their comments. listen. >> that doesn't mean that you go around insulting people. and thinking that that is clever. or that is being honest. or telling it straight.
7:35 am
no, that's just being offensive. and that's feeding some of our worst impulses. and that does not make us strong. that doesn't make us strong. and that doesn't help us fight terrorism, by the way. >> reporter: that was a huge crowd, by the way. you talk about campaign style in omaha, nebraska, last night. by some estimates about 11,000 people. the president trying to pursue his goal of reconciliation between the parties, which is one of the goals of this administration that just never got done, carol. >> all right, joe johns, brianna keilar, thanks to both of you. still to come in "the newsroom," hollywood is mourning the loss of actor alan rickman. look back at his most famous roles next. is your head so congested it's ready to explode?
7:36 am
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7:39 am
sad news this morning. we've lost another cultural icon. alan rickman, he died of cancer.
7:40 am
of course many of you grew up with him through the "harry potter" movies. you knew him as professor snape. >> if anyone in here has any knowledge of mr. potter's movements this even iing, i inve them to step forward. now. >> wow, that voice. it was incredible, right? of course he had many other films under his belt including "harry potter," robin hood prince of thieves, played hans gruber in "die hard" in 1988. j.k. rowling tweeting, there are no words to express how shocked and devastated i am to hear of alan rickman's death. he was a magnificent actor and wonderful man. rickman was only 69 years old. brian stelter is with me now. another performer we didn't know
7:41 am
he had cancer. >> that's right. that's right. his close friends and family did know. this was apparently a short lived battle with cancer. and condolences are pouring in now both from hollywood on the west coast, also from london where he was an acclaimed star on the stage in theater even before making the jump to movies. "die hard" his first in 1988. and what a movie to put him on the map. let's share what emma thompson wrote this morning, speaking the guardian, described him as of the finest actors and directors. alan was my friend and so this is hard to write because i have just kissed him good-bye. he was the ultimate ally in life, art, politics, i trusted him absolutely. he was above all things a rare and unique human being and we shall not see his like again. carol, he does have another film coming out. it's already in the can, so to speak. it's going to be coming out in march. he plays lieutenant general in the movie "eye in the sky." it's about the u.s. drone war. it's set to come out in a couple months. >> we don't know anything about his illness, what kind of cancer he had or --
7:42 am
>> no, because this only happened this morning, couple hours ago, unclear where he died but we're told he was surrounded by friends and family. was somewhat expected for them at the time. >> all right. brian, i just can't believe it. wow. brian stelter, thanks so much. you can catch reliable sources by the way with brian stelter every sunday morning 11:00 eastern. other top stories for you at 42 minutes past, three new york area college students are dead after a bus crash in honduras. two of the students were from columbia university. the other was a student from barnard college. the students were all on a volunteer mission. 14 others are being treated for injuries. chicago now changing force and dropping its long standing objection to the release of video showing the deadly police shooting of an unarmed black teenager. 17-year-old cedric chapman was shot as he ran from two officers back in january of 2013. attorneys for his mother have been pushing for the video to be released as part of a wrongful death suit arguing the video
7:43 am
shows the teenager was running from police and never turned toward officers. former nfl running back lawrence phil lips has apparently committed suicide in prison. the 40-year-old was awaiting charges -- awaiting trial rather on charges of killing his cell mate last year. he was found this morning -- or wednesday morning rather by prison officials. phil ips was a first round draft pick for the st. louis rams in 1996. he lasted only three seasons in the nfl. i'll be right back. i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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7:48 am
for best actress nominees are cate blanchett, brie larson, jennifer lawrence, charlotte rampling and saoirse ronan. they'll be broadcast live on february 28th. it is called the deadliest sport in the world, so why on earth would anyone want to do it? b.a.s.e. jumpers with wing suits singing a thrill. cnn films "sunshine superman" profiles the so-called father of the sport, the short life of the fascinating man behind the highs and lows of b.a.s.e. jumping, carl banish. >> carl was an innovator, probably only one in hollywood or in the area known for flip over photography. >> background of carl and his films, early start. he has been able to put off going back to work. two months at a time such that for over the last ten years he's
7:49 am
never had to go back to work. making film payments instead of car payments, as it's worked out in the past, carl usually spends about two years to make one 15-minute film. his main focus was to share the feeling. once you understand it, i think people understand the motive. >> it is beautiful. but it is a little crazy. why would a perfectly sane person jump off a cliff par statu chute or not. let's talk about it.
7:50 am
>> good morning, carol. >> so are you crazy? >> well, some people might think so. but it was generally accepted by the u.s. attorney's office and other jobs i had as a lawyer. >> no, tell me about -- >> i think i was crazier back then. >> why was it crazier back then than now? >> it was a much more dangerous sport. it was a transition out of sky diving. and it was -- the equipment was more dangerous then. it was new. now it's becoming much more mainstream, i think, than it used to be. >> still, an estimated 275 people have died from b.a.s.e. jumping since 1981, so is it really worth it? >> well, i guess it depends on who you are. it could be done safely and -- well, relatively safely. and it can be done with a lot more reckless abandon. and worth it is an objective
7:51 am
term or subjective term. it's worth it to people who really crave that feeling. the only way to get that feeling is to jump off of something. >> explain to me what exactly that feeling is when you jump off of a building. >> well, the most important second is when you go three, two, one and you actually exit. when you go past the point of no return, it goes from sheer terror to almost sheer exhilaration. if you get a good exit and know you're not going to tumble or go out of control, then it's pure elati elation. the next pure elation is when the canopy opens properly. almost impossible to describe. >> well, i bungee jumped once, so i kind of know what you're talki ining about. it terrified me and i'll never do it again. in my mind, i've done it once, that's it. but you do it again and again and again. >> yes. it kind of becomes addictive when you first start it.
7:52 am
i had sort of phased out sky diving a little bit. i hadn't jumped inbout six months when my twin brother came down from iowa and he had done a tower and we wanted to do a big building in houston and that was where everybody was jumping, used to be the texas commerce building. 1,000 foot building. once i did that i was hooked all over again. i had a rebel yell that echoed through downtown. >> so is there a minimum height for professional divers like yourself? >> there really is. height has come down considerably over the years. back when we were using sky diving equipment we really didn't like jumping off anything lower than 300 or 400 feet because we needed that to get the parachutes open. nowadays my wife and i issue the b.a.s.e. numbers. we've issued b.a.s.e. numbers to people who've never seen 300 feet. they go lower than that. the equipment has gotten that much better. >> just talking about it and thinking about it my bopalms ar
7:53 am
sweating. just looking at that makes me nervous. what should we take away from this documentary? >> well, carl was such an unusual man so grow up in a world of sky diving that he did back in the '70s when partying, drugs, all that was quite a bit part of the sport. carl didn't do either. didn't drink, didn't do drugs. he was totally committed to photography. and once he started b.a.s.e. jumping in el captain in '78, he like a lot of us just got hooked. that became his entire world. and he was so enthusiastic about it that it kind of rubbed off on you. >> i can see that. >> carl was -- he was all about the film. it was all about the film with carl. if you're going to jump with carl, you were going to be wearing at least one camera. >> well, i can't wait to see the documentary. rick harrison, thank you so much for being with me this morning. >> thank you very much, carol. good to meet you over the air.
7:54 am
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odds are you did not hit the powerball jackpot last night, but if you played, odds are you're like this. here's jeanne moos. >> reporter: we have been overpowered by -- >> powerball. >> reporter: -- from a guy waiting in line. >> $1.5 billion, get real. you got to have a ticket. >> reporter: to a woman hoping she's in line to be president. >> did you buy a powerball ticket? >> i did. >> late show's powerball tip number one, pick only winning numbers, okay. >> reporter: that's what employees at this restaurant thought they did saturday night as the bartender read off the winning numbers. >> 63. >> yes!
7:59 am
>> powerball 70 -- [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: turns out they were reading the wrong day's numbers. but for a blissful 20 minutes they thought they'd hit the jackpot. >> the 20 minutes most important of my life. >> reporter: in l.a. a dishwasher prematurely quit. >> he took his apron off and said i'm never washing, one of the customers asked for a car and said go get it yourself. >> reporter: both men got their jobs back. buying all those lot to tickets may leave you in a financial hole, but a texas man ended up in an actual hole. his family reported him missing when he didn't return from buying a lottery ticket. ft. worth police found him uninjured at the bottom of a seven-foot construction hole presumably with his ticket. reporters have been asking the same question. >> what would you do with it? >> bunch of hookers and cocaine. >> okay, that's not good. we were hoping for a different answer. >> reporter: only joking he later told "inside edition". >> i'm a smart --
8:00 am
>> reporter: jimmy kimmel mocked the media. >> roughly 25 times more likely to be president -- >> to be killed by a vending machine. >> replace your gps with ha monkey. your chances of reaching your destination are better with a monkey than winning the powerball jackpot. >> to be struck by lightning and a bus at the exact -- >> reporter: guess he won't be winning. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan begins now. we're beginning with breaking news. exclusive new details about those ten navy soldiers whose vessel strayed into iranian waters leading to their capture. this is the video we've been talking about the moment it happened when they were taken into custody by the iranian revolutionary guard. >> the sailors, nine men and one woman, they were held for several hours before


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