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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 15, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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smaller debate, harder hits. >> after the release of an police shooting video. an unarmed black teenager running away. >> for him to essentially step on him. it is just totally unreasonable. >> plus, face to face with mexico's most notorious drug kingpin. why does sean penn think he's in danger after interviewing el chapo? let's talk. live in the cnn newsroom. >> and good morning. i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me. it is official. the bromance between republican
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presidential candidates donald trump and senator ted cruz is over. with less than three weeks until the iowa caucuses, trump and cruise stole the show with the first debate of 2016. both candidates hitting hard. today trump says cruz's attacks though were inappropriate. >> he came at me last nyse inappropriate. and i hit him very heart. and i hit him very hard. but i had no idea he's going take it that way. but he's got a problem. he's got figure out the problem. and a lot of people aren't going like -- >> even though there were seven candidates on stage it felt like more like a two man show as trump and cruz went head to head. i'm not going to use your mother's birth against you. >> okay. because it wouldn't work. you have a big lawsuit over your head while you are running.
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who the hell knows if you can even serve in office. >> i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> you don't have to. >> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just saying. >> that was a very insulting statement. >> today it is back to business for the republican rivals. two hours from now trump holds a town hall in iowa. and cruz heads to south carolina. we're also keeping an eye on marco rubio in new hampshire. cnn's john berman has a more in-depth report. >> you put it great. the problem with the other guys on the stage is that they were the other guys on the stage. there was so much energy and conflict between ted cruz and donald trump and they really gave us something in the campaign they haven't before. >> in the race between donald trump and ted cruz the current
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republican fruners, two thinont things -- >> back in september my friend said he had his lawyers look at this every which way. and there is nothing to this birther. >> now raising questions about the fact he was born in canada and even eligible to run for president. >> since september the constitution hasn't changed. but the poll numbers have. >> trump acknowledged yeah that is part of it. because now he's doing a little bit better. no, i didn't care before. >> but if their most pointed exchange so far he said there is more. >> here is the problem. we're running, we're running. he does great. i win. i choose him as my vice presidential candidate and the democrats sue. because we can't take him along for the ride. i don't like that. okay? >> well listen, i've spent my entire life defending the constitution before the u.s. supreme court. and i'll tell you, i'm not going
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to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> you don't have to. the battle moved from canada to new york in the charge from ted cruz that donald trump represents what he calls new york values. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal or proabortion or pro gay marriage focus around money and the media t not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. just saying. >> trump responded uncharacteristically somer by invoking september 11th. we rebuilt downtown manhattan and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved new york and loved new yorkers and i have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement. that ted made. >> for the most part the other candidates focused their fire on the president. >> this zpie petulant child. >> and hillary clinton. >> if she's under fregs with the fbi right now. if she gets elected she might be
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going back and forth between the white house and courthouse. >> and chris christie unleashed on marco rubio for domging a question on entitlement. >> you had your chance. you blew it zblb and just a few minutes to spare in the debate did unleashing himself on ted cruz. >> you used to sayed you supported doubling the number of green cards. now you are against it. used to support 500% increase in number of guest workers. now you are against it. you used to support legalizing people who are here legally. now you say you were against it. you used to say that you were in favor of birthright citizen ship. now you are you say that you are against it. >> at least half of the things marco said are absolutely false. >> we have breaking news this morning. my all-star at this hour, co-anchor kate baldwin confirms
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senator lindsey graham will endorse jeb bush this morning. he's the first former candidate of this race to endorse another candidate and a senator from a key early voting state, south carolina. that could matter and he worked closely with marco rubio t gang of eight. the immigration bill. so he worked with rubio yet he's still endorsing jeb bush. could be seen as the snub there. >>. after the debate there was more. >> do you see ted cruz as your biggest competition right now? >> no not really. we're going to see what happens but certainly i don't see him as my biggest competition. i see him as competition. certainly he's competition and others are competition. all smart people up there. >> on the question about his loan that he got 24r from his wife's bank, do you think it is a non issue because it was the "new york times" who first
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reported? >> well you are going to have to figure that one out. that is a different issue. that is something that is very easy. they are not making it a non issue. don't forget goldman sachs loaned him money. when goldman sachs asks for a favor, do you think possibly he's going to do it for them? that a o problem right there. i put up my own money. i'll put up a lot. i'll be putting up probably 30, $40 million before the primaries are over. >> if you take it the whole way, you could have the potential to need to spend more than that. what is your ceiling? >> oh i'll spend more than that. i have unlimited. i have a lot. >> all right, joining me now with her perspective on the latest republican face-off. rich galen, republican strategist and katrina pearson. national spokeswoman for the trump campaign. nice too have you both here. so rich, trump and cruz dominated. anybody else break away?
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>> no and one of the problems i think everybody had was somebody needed do that. certainly somebody among -- forget about carson. but what are the other ones need to do that. one of the other four. and i thought they all did pretty well. which isn't good enough. when the river is rising everybody rises with it. that doesn't get you away from anything. and i thought somebody needed to make a breakout. everybody had their moments. because here is one of the things we know. that when you get deeply enough into the campaign, these debates become easier. you are uses to your rhythms and opponent's rhythms. and the bipg thing, especially in a two and a half hour debate you learn how to pace yourself so you have the energy to go through until 11:30 at night. so i thought everybody did pretty well. >> let's center on ben carson. you bdid bring up his name. his star seems to be dimming. he talked about the x-o
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atmosphere and dirty bombs. it was kind of confusing. is carson over? >> he's had a splash and i'll go back to what you said earlier and say that this is a two man race at this point and everybody else is competing for number three. mr. trump did very well last night and i can tell you a businessman that's never run more office before to get this far in a presidential primary and hold his own against a harvard trained litigator. team trump is very proud of their candidate today. >> all right. so along those lines you heard from donald trump said about ted cruz and we heard ted cruz brushing off allegations that he did not disclose a loan from goldman sax as required by law as a simple filing error. he even tried to raise money telling reporters that the "new york times" launched a all out assault to discredit and doe stroi his kpab. but is this more than that?
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>> depends who's side you are on obviously. the cruz team says that he did file on his personal filings that he had to file with the senate while a candidate. so it is not like nobody knew about this. they didn't understand all of the rules, they say about how to file. but let me go back toe something else. being a two-man race isn't terribly hurtful. it doesn't hurt but it is not as heldful to donald trump as being a three or four person where the others are all fishing out of other side of the 307pochbd. so one of the things about going into iowa and new hampshire is that christie and bush and all the establishment candidates are all trying to go after the same voters. that is good for trump because it splits their votes. so i think the trump team needs to rejigger their talking points this morning. it is not terribly helpful to be a two person race. better be a six person race with
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donald trump 30 points ahead. >> the republican primary voters are definitely saying we don't want an establishment guy. the only guy that's gained traction has been marco rubio. >> i'm sorry, i didn't mean to hurt your feelings. i'm just telling you that's where you did wrong. >> let's talk about how donald trump scored when he stood up for new yorkers. he told msnbc he would win states republicans have never won before like new york state and new jersey. katrina is that his strategy? >> well i think he's felt that way all along and that was an amazing response last night and we were very proud of him for saying that. everyones hearts went out to the people of new york and the way they handled that. and i think that was very clear what new york values were. >> rich, do you think donald trump has a chance of winning new york state? >> no. but he doesn't need it. if he's the nominee he can win the presidency without new york
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state and it is his home state so i he would i suspect put effort and money and resources into it. but the electoral map can be won without new york and california by a republican. and it is -- because they have done it. the last time a republican won new york was probably back in the reck feller era. but, you know, it is his home state so i think you have to say those sorts of things and i think he's correct in at least putting it in play. because what you do then is you make either hillary or sanders you make them spend money on new york that they didn't think they were going to have to spend because that was off their checklist. we got that one. so trump is saying things like that. i think if he's the nominee is very helpful. >> thanks both o you. still to come in the newsroom, sean penn speaking out about his controversial meeting with drug kingpin el chapo. what he says his biggest regret about the whole ordeal is.
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news out of hawaii this morning. military confirming two of its aircraft collided off oahu. barbara starr is here with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the u.s. marine corps confirming a full search under way off the north shore of oahu in hawaii. looking for any indication of survivors of this crash. this was two u.s. marine corps helicopters. ch-53s we were told. crashed in midair. 12 people in total. six on each helicopter. they have been looking for hours. so far no signs of survivors. i think you see some of the video there.
6:17 am
the coast guard out in hawaii reporting that they did find a debris field, an empty lifeboat and what they believe to be a small fire at sea. very difficult news. we're just coming up in a little while at first light in hawaii so they may be able to get a better look after but after several hours the search at sea for any survivors of the crash of these two marine corps helicopters continues. >> sad news. sean penn says he has terrible regrets about his secret meeting with the drug kingpin el chapo but only because his interview didn't spark a conversation about drug policy. and now claims it may be at risk --. here is what he told cbs news. zblm there is this myth about
6:18 am
the visit we made with el chapo, my colleagues and i, that it is essential to his capture. we had met with him many weeks earlier. >> on october 2nd. >> on october 2ind. in a place nowhere near where he was captured. >> so as far as you know you had nothing do and your visit has nothing do with his recapture is this. >> the things -- here are the things that we know. we know that the mexican government, they were clearly very humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did. well nobody found him before they did. we didn't -- we're not smarter than the dea or the mexican intelligence. we had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. >> do you believe that the mexican government released this in part because they wanted to see you blamed and to put you at risk?
6:19 am
>> yes. >> they wanted to encourage the cartel to put you in their cross-hairs? >> yes. >> are you fearful for your life? >> no. >> i first wanted to know why you wanted to do this. why you wanted to go there. second i want to know the sense about how you thought about the risk you might be taking and why that was worth it. >> i had only that i thought this is somebody who -- upon whose interview could i begin a conversation about the policy of the war on drugs. that was my simple idea. >> you wanted to have a conversation about the policy of the war on drugs. >> that's right. we're going to put all our focus -- forget about blame. we're going if put ule our focus, all our energy, all our billion os dollars on the bad guy. and what happens? you get another death the next day. the same way. >> do you make a moral
6:20 am
equivalency between el chapo and people who either buy or sell drugs in america? >> i do if it's me. i can't -- i don't make that judgment for everyone else. but i wouldn't go so far as to buy or sell drugs. >> so he's no better than you or no worse than you. >> i say i can't make him worse than me if i'm not out there doing everything that i can to get a conversation going on the way in which we prosecute that war. >> you have said to the ap -- and i'm asking you -- you have no regrets. >> yeah i -- i have a terrible regret. >> what are the regrets. >> i have a regret that the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose, which was to try to contribute to this discussion about the policy in the war on drugs. let's go to the big picture of what we all want. we all want this drug problem to
6:21 am
stop. we all want the killings in chicago to stop. we are the consumer. whether you agree with sean penn or not. there is a complicity there. and if you are in the moral right or on the far left, just as many of your children are doing these drugs. just as many. and how much time have they spent in the last week since this article came out talking about that? 1%? that might be generous. >> -- result of -- >> my article failed. let me be clear. my article has failed. >> cnn latin affairs editor joins me now. there is really noo doubt about that because most of the news is centered around sean penn and this sexy actress exchanging text messages. >> yeah. it is a very, very important interview for sean penn because
6:22 am
he's trying to set the record straight as to why he was trying to do this. and he says he wanted to start a conversation about drugs in america. but also, he probably should have paid attention to the risk that he was taking by doing this interview. he should have been scared the moment he decided to go ahead with the secret meeting with the drug lord, carol. joaquinal chap guzman made a name for himself when he was young because he would put a bullet in the head of anybody who made the slightest mistake. and remember this is a owner of thousands and thousands of deaths including journalists and elected officials and anybody in the country and their business. both mexican and u.s. officials have told us that the meeting contributed to the drug lord's capture. but as we have heard he used the interview to rebut claims saying
6:23 am
he's not smarter than the da or excan intelligence and that all he had was a contact who now we know is kaitd del castillo that facilitated him to meet. >> is sean penn talking like this because he's in fear for his life right now? why is that aspect of this so important to him? >> because i think he hand agenda and the agenda based on the interview and what he told cbs was to begin a conversation as to what happens when somebody? suburban american consumes drugs. that begins the process by which the money they spent on the drugs facilitates the killings, the violence, the blood baths in mexico. and that is what he says he wanted to do. but the opposite was reality. everything has been focused on the relationship between this mexican actress and el chapo and
6:24 am
how they went and met in secret and apparently how mexican and u.s. officials used their whereabo whereabouts, the context that they made to make this interview happen to capture el chapo carol. so it is just incredible to hear him speak. >> in reading his article in rolling stone, perhaps he should have written it in a different way. because a lot of it dealt with how he clandestinely met with el chapo and extreme methods he went to to keep the meeting secret. >> yes. that is a very important point. at one point it sounds like he's glorifying el dhap and i'm note sure that that was his purpose carol. >> thanks. still to come, rally against trump. that is not coming against a democrat. an rnc member urging fellow republicans to take on the donald. proven to hydrate dryness, illuminate dullness,
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a little less than two minutes from the opening bell. futures have been struggling all morning long. early morning trading futures are down like 300 points. this is china markets and the price of oil continues to plunge. alisyn kosik is on the floor of the new york stock exchange. what is the mood. >> sour. we're watching the market continue to toss and turn while it tries to find footing and it doesn't help china's stock market had a huge selloff
6:29 am
overnight. china is officially in a bear market. and that means it is 20% off its recent high. and as you said plunging oil prices also keeping stocks here unstable. it is because we're seeing oil prices at levels that we haven't seen since 2003. i'm talking about oil prices below 30 dollars a barrel. and because the crash in prices is happening so fast and so steep it is really unsettling to financial markets because it is hard for stocks to rally when an entire sector is in free fall. look at energies, they make up 6% of the s&p 500, that is the broader index that investors really watch. that is about 40 companies. when you see oil prices fall, so do those company shares. and the thing is oil has yet to find a bottom so that is a really really big worry here on wall street. even if consumers are loving the lower gas prices, wall street is shaking in its boots. the mood once again is a sour
6:30 am
one because carol there is growing concern about whether the u.s. economy, which is currently the strongest economy in the world when you compare it with china or europe. but the question is, can the u.s. economy continue to shoulder the pressures of weak economies elsewhere? actually the "wall street journal" conducted a survive economists showing a 17% chance of u.s. recession this year. that's a highest percentage in three years. kind of stunning. we have the opening bell ringing and we are seeing stocks tank. the dow down. s&p 500 down. all the major indices are in a correction. that is at least a 10% drop from a recent high. obviously a rough day on wall street. and oil prices as well, watching those fall almost 5% lower. below $30 a barrel. >> carol you are going to keep an eye on things on the flor of the new york stock exchange. thank you alison kosik.
6:31 am
and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. it was a showdown for the ages as donald trump and senator ted cruz traded punches during last night's republican debate. in some ways it felt like a free for all. and while many agree trump's best performance yet, one member is urging the party to rally against the front runner. in an exclusive video you can hear holen red field telling a group of fellow republicans including the rnc chair reince priebus, the party being healld hostage. >> using our label and professing they are either conservative or liberal and the disrespect in many cases for ethnic minorities in the united states and also religious
6:32 am
factions in the united states, you have to draw a line. because sooner or later somebody has to pick up the pieces. we're almost terrorized as members of our party. shut up. toe the line. embrace each other. and let's go forward. i understand that. but there is a limit to where loyalty is. and i am loyal to this party by speaking out on these very issues. >> with me now to talk about this, former rnc communications director doug hay. i'm also joined by republican consultant mindy finn. welcome both of you. doug, holland redfield, have you ever heard someone talking like this about a gop front runner? >> having worked there i've heard a lot of things and while i agree with what he says here is the challenge. the republican national committee can't get involved in primaries. it has to treat every candidate
6:33 am
whether it is donald trump or ben carson or ted cruz or jeb bush exactly the same. and while i would be very sympathetic to efforts to really expose trump for the emperor without any clothes or answers, there is nothing the rnc can do about it. it is just not allowed in their rules. >> mindy n lig, in light of wha zwrougs said and -- will it be a brokered convention? could it be is this. >> it is possible. but it is very unlikely. you have to remember that is still seven months out. we haven't even had any votes cast at this point. so when you have -- say, if one candidate wins eight states and another candidate wins eight and another candidate wins several states. then talk about the brokered convention. obviously the rnc has to prepare
6:34 am
for snars and it looks more likely than it would have been in 2012 when it was mitt romney. but at this point without a vote cast i don't think we can predict that. sta still a lot of time. >> donald trump isn't going anywhere. you don't support him. i know that. many establishment republicans don't. so it doesn't come down to a brokered convention. what is your prediction? >> i have none. before the march madness starts you can't speculate about overtime in the final game. we have another debate yet. there is a long way to go. obviously donald trump is the leading candidate, the front runner: i would like to see an effort to take him down but here is the challenge. there is not really despite the talk we've heard some monolithic establishment that is going come and set order amongst the party. if that were the case that would have been happened already. when donald trump is one example told chuck todd that he gets his
6:35 am
military advice on watching tv, if there was a monolithic establishment, it would have come down, run massive tv ads of donald trump and gomer pyle and son shown him to be a not serious candidate. and that hasn't happened and meanwhile donald trump gets better and better in debates. >> and can'ts to draw large crowds. -- continues to draw crowds. there is already a crowd gathering for today. you see the crowd assembled to listen to donald trump. mindy, back to you. so is it possible that a well known name could suddenly enter the race as an independent, like, say, oh michael block bloomberg? >> obviously some candidate could enter as independent. the republican party is trying to avoid that scenario. they are keeping their eye on the target is hillary clinton or
6:36 am
potentially bernie sanders. and that is where voters need to be looking right now. and ultimately this comes down to the voters. it is in their hands. it is not in the hands of this establishment that is kind of imaginary and made up. it is in the voters. and if you are a voter right now. you obviously want someone in line with your values. you want someone who is strong. but look across the stage and there are several candidate whose meet that test. but you are also going to be asking who is in best position to beat hillary clinton and bernard and th bernie sanders. >> if it's not trump but he gets the nomination why is it so strangd to believe we could have a brokered convention. >> it's a fantastic scenario. is it possible? sure. but before beav we've had any votes cast, that kind of speculation. we're still in january. what may happen in july and cleveland is so far away. let's let people vote in iowa and the caucuses in new hampshire. south carolina, nevada.
6:37 am
the primaries and go through the process. and we'll see colors and shapes to tell us if that is real possibility. >> doug, mindy, thanks both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," republicans might be slamming bernie sanders liberal message, but it just got him another endorsement. i'll talk to the editor and publisher of the nation, next. is your head so congested it's ready to explode? you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®-d to powerfully clear your blocked nose and relieve your other allergy symptoms. so, you can breathe easier all day. zyrtec®-d. at the pharmacy counter. (vo) what'scorn? dog food's first ingredient? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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we want to head to the new york stock exchange because as you can see the dow continues to tank this morning. down 366. alison kosik, can you make us feel better. >> there is not a lot of sugar to coat the market at this point. but the losses, yes they are big
6:41 am
but the accelerations don't seem to be going gang busters. at that point now that i'm saying that you are seeing it go lower. we did see it dip below the psychological milestone of 16,000. china entering a bear market overnight. stocks are off 20% from a recent high there. and oil prices fall blelow $30 barrel. and economic data to be quite honest come in that just isn't good. and retail sales fell in december and that is a crucial shopping time for consumers and retailers just couldn't pull out a win for the holiday shopping season. that is a huge worry for wall street. and a retail manufacturing shown levels we haven't seen since the recession. you are just not seeing
6:42 am
investors find any sugar, anything good, any real reason to buy into the market at this point. >> we got to cut away. because i don't want to see it down 400. it's close right now. alison, thanks so much. back to politics. republicans had the stage but bernie sanders made hid voiz heard last night firing back at the gop front runner over campaign messages some have called racist tweeting quote no we're not going to hate latinos or muslims. we're going stand together. earlier in new hampshire sanders quoted the african american vote calling up racial inequity in marijuana arrests. >> and let's also be clear about the racial implications of this. and that is it turns out according to a bunch of studies that whites and blacks end up doing marijuana at about equal rates. but in the black community, four times as many people are arrested as in the white
6:43 am
community. that is wrong. >> messages like that led liberal magazine "the nation" to endorse sanders. let's talk about it with the editor and publish eer of "the nation." >> thank you carol. >> you talk about bernie sanders and a political revolution. what do you mean about that? >> first of all what bernie sanders said last night is very powerful coming on the heels of that debate which is about fomenting division. bernie sanders lifts up a message not about division but about solidarity. about how we need to turn to each other not on each other. "the nation" endorses bernie sanders, carol, because he's been a truth teller about the rigged system which is damaging this country's democracy. he says we are a country of, by,
6:44 am
for the people. not of by, the billionaire, the banks the pharmaceuticals companies. and in that spirit as you heard last night bernie sanders is an ally and a champion of the movements that are animating this country now. black lives matter. climate just i fight for fifteen. and as the spirit we want to see live on. >> so why bernie sanders and not hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton, in our editorial hillary clinton is a candidate of great experience, of intelligence, of grit. but she is a candidate in many ways a attracti s s s s s s s. the idea of the political revolution, a transformation requires mobilizing millions and millions to be part of our democracy. bernie sanders by the way has animated a younger generation. he has support of those 45 and under 2 to 1 compared to hillary
6:45 am
clinton. ed a end of the day hillary clinton is far preferable to those men we saw last night on the stage. there is a the supreme court that will reshape our country in the next years. but bernie sanders has a vision. >> let's touch on that. because hillary clinton was brought up a lot during the debate last night. bernie sanders name wasn't really mentioned but the fact that he's a socialist was. and i just want you to listen. listen to the reaction during last night's republican debate to bernie sanders. >> what does it say about our country that a candidate who is a self e avowed socialist and who doesn't think a 90% tax rate is too high could be the democratic nominee? >> well if that is the case we're going win every state if bernie sanders is a mom thee. that is not even a issue. [ applause ] and look -- and i know been i can promise you he's not going
6:46 am
president of the united states. >> they can mock bernie sanders but millions of people are meeting bernie sanders and are looking beyond the labels. some of them say democratic socialism. >> but still, free college, some of the things he's talking about. >> carol, for too long the corporate media has policed the parameters of the possible. bernie sanders issues are majority issues. medicare for all. free college tuition. increases social security. raising the minimum wage. these are mainstream issues which are marginal. >> -- enormous amount of money. >> and so does the military industrial complex. so does big pharmaceutical. we can find the money. tax wall street to rebuild main street. that is one of bernie sanders idea. i think we have to open our imagination. the country has too many challenges to limit it. and so bernie sanders the nation endorses his issues and ideas are ones that are marginalized for too long that are in sync with the nation.
6:47 am
>> thank you so much finish stopping by. my minute the former republican presidential candidate lindsay graham will throw his support behind governor jeb bush. south carolina is his state and we're going to tell you what he has to to stay. and video released of the officer shooting and killing an unarmed teenage ner chicago. a judge now calling the teenage ears death disturbing. the latest next. your makeup rer take it all off? every kiss-proof, cry-proof, stay-proof look? neutrogena® makeup remover does. it erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup with one towelette. need any more proof than that? neutrogena.
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a new demand for justice the chicago. protesters calling for the city to take action and fire mayor rom emanual for another shooting death of an unarmed black
6:51 am
teenager. a judge agreed to release several videosover night showing cederi cedric chapman's last moments. >> reporter: good morning, carol. the protesters this morning have been asking members of this community to boycott the mlk breakfast that mayor rom emanual organized this morning. that's what you're seeing here in front of the hotel. the breakfast is happening inside. what they've been doing is screaming to every member of the community who has been walking in. they've been screaming at them saying shame on you for going inside and participating in this event. now, what are they protesting? they're protesting the shooting deaths of black teens in the community of the hands of police. these shootings, of course, caught on tape. the latest one was released yesterday. take a look.
6:52 am
>> it's yet another deadly shooting caught on camera. an unarmed black teen shot and killed by a chicago police officer. the videos released after a judge's order to show the final moments of cedric chapman's life three years ago. they caught chatman, a car jacking suspect, getting out of a car and running away from police. that's chatman running between two parked cars and a sidewalk. a police officer close behind. two seconds later, a second police officer, kevin frye is seen in the middle of the street with his weapon drawn. chatman appears out of frame running away from police when frye opens fire. officers say chatman was pointing a dark object at them and shot in self-defense. it turned out to be a black iphone box. the camera pans over and shows
6:53 am
chatman lying on the street and then about a minute later a police officer is seen with a foot on the wounded teen's body. >> you have a 17-year-old kid shot and killed bleeding in the street of chicago hand cuffed face down on the ground and for him to essentially step on him, on top of it is totally unreasonable. >> unreasonable and disturbing according to the judge that ordered the video to be released. the judge also called the city irresponsible for what he called and age of enlightenment. the judge is referring to the city's motion to drop its opposition for the release of the video made late wednesday afternoon after a three-year fight. the city's explanation, trance parn si in the public's interest. >> i would say it's more of a political move than anything. >> attorney's for the officer saying they had reason to believe that the suspect was armed. the police officers have not
6:54 am
faced criminal charges but instead chatman's two accomplices who were ten blocks away were charged with the teen's murder. they later pleaded guilty to lesser crimes. the police officers kept their jobs but are facing a wrongful death suit from chatman's family. and as we take another live look here in chicago, you can see protesters protesting the mlk breakfast organized by mayor rom emanual. they've been asking leader s of this community to boycott their breakfast. the big question, did the boycott work? cnn producer is inside the breakfast and tells me there's hundreds of community leaders inside having breakfast with mayor rom emanual. >> all right. we're looking inside right now to see what that looks like. it's a lot calmer inside than
6:55 am
outside. rosa florez, we'll get back to you. thanks so much. i'll be right back. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine, i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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6:58 am
two people in tennessee claim to hold one of the three winning tickets of the $1.6 billion power ball jackpot. the couple feel confident enough they broke the news this morning on the today show with their attorney in tow. we are joined live from monunfo, tennessee. >> they believe this is the home to tennessee's newest million arthur zag aire's. they said they wanted to stay under the radar until yesterday turning to nbcs today show to
6:59 am
blow the lid right off. take a listen. >> i wrote the numbers down and got to looking and i saw it and i looked again and they're the same, looked again and the third time i went running down the hallway, john, john, you got to check the numbers. i startled him. he was asleep on the couch. >> john, what did you think when you first woke up? >> she said check these numbers and i said yeah, they look like they're the numbers so i checked them actually four times and i said well, i'll believe it when the news comes on in the morning and they say hey, there's a winner been in munford. >> all right. taking you back out to munford, very quiet middle class neighborhood. again, the robinson family calling this place home. finally, before i get you go, you have the couple calling this place home matching all the power ball nonumbers and linda, the woman that calls this place
7:00 am
home didn't match any numbers and the ticket was bought at the same store. that's the odds played on this quiet street. >> next cnn news room starts now. >> good morning. thank you so much for joining me. we begin on wall street. allison at the new york stock exchange keeping an eye on things. >> good morning. this is a sell off that began in china and made its way to europe and we are seeing the dow down 383 points. pick your poison on what's worrying the market. look at what happened in china overnight. chi china in a bare market. the stocks are down 20% from a resent high there. oil prices here crashing to new lows we haven't seen since 2003.
7:01 am
we're seeing oil down $30 a barrel. retail sales numbers in the red not looking good for the all important month of december. that's when everybody goes christmas shopping and holiday shopping and retailers couldn't pull out a win for that month. that's a huge worry for wall street because it's a way to get your finger on the pulse of how consumers feel, how confident they feel about spending their money. also, a regional manufacturing index falling to a level we haven't seen since the recession. so these aren't all great things. these are certainly worries weighing on investors and reasons you're seeing them push the sell button today. >> all right. thank you. any minute now the former republican presidential candidate lindsey graham will throw his support behind jeb bush. the announcement coming from charleston, south carolina. that is south carolina, senator graham's home state. it's a critical state in the opening round of primaries. we're keeping an eye on things
7:02 am
and will take you back to charleston when senator graham takes to the podium. first, more on last night's big debate and fight for the spotlight. republican presidential rivals, donald trump and senator ted cruz steal the show at the first gop debate of 2016. both sides, both candidates taking off the gloves and hitting each other hard. today trump blasting his rival's performance. >> he came at me last night and it was inappropriate. i hit him hard but i had no idea he was going to take it that way. he's got a problem and has to straighten out the problem. i don't know he's a nice guy. i think he hurt himself last night. he's a good debater but he's sister strident. >> even though there were several candidates on stage it felt like a two man show as trump and cruz went head to head. >> i'm not going to use your mother's birth against you. >> because it wouldn't work. you have a big lawsuit over your
7:03 am
head while you're running. who the hell knows if you can even serve in office. >> i'm not going to be taking legal advice from donald trump. >> you don't have to. >> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. i'm just saying. >> that was a very insulting statement. >> and today it's back to business for the candidates. one hour from now, trump holds a town hall in iowa and later today senator cruz rallies voters in south carolina. let's get right to cnn's sunland. >> good morning, carol. the dust still settling here in south carolina after the face off with donald trump and ted cruz which dominated so much of last night's debate. ted cruz largely in this campaign avoided going after donald trump. it was significant last night he seemed to bring significant pointed well planned out lines of attack against donald trump
7:04 am
and trump afterwards declaring their promabromanca and truth i. here are a few of the other battles that led last night's debate. >> in that state of the union president obama didn't so much as mention the 10 sailors captured by iran. >> hillary clinton would be a national security disaster. if she gets elected, she's under investigation with the fbi. she might be going back and forth between the white house and the courthouse. >> i was happy to get a question this early on. i was going to ask you to wake me up when the time came. >> only natural born citizens are eligible for the office of the united states. >> some of the more extreme ones exist that you must not only been born on u.s. soil but have two parents born on u.s. soil. so donald j. trump would be
7:05 am
disqualified. i'm happy to consider naming you as a v.p. so if you happen to be right i would -- >> i hate to interrupt this session of court tv. >> not by signing a constitutional executive orders. this guy is a child. >> not a lot of conservatives come out of manhattan. >> that was a very insulting statement. >> you had your chance, mark, you blew it. >> i'm liking him tonight. >> i saw you on the senate floor flip your vote on crop insurance because they told you it wouldh. >> i appreciate you dumping your research folder on the debate table. >> it's your record. >> okay. look at some of the happenings in debate. now back to charleston, south carolina where senator lindsey graham is endorsing jeb bush. let's listen. >>. >> i fell short. i'm proud of the effort. now i am a citizen having to cast my vote as to who i want to
7:06 am
be commander in chief for that 1% force. i have concluded without any hesitation, without any doubt that jeb bush is ready on day one to be a commander in chief worthy of the sacrifices of the 1% who have been fighting this war. last night he said i will have their backs. i believe he will. last night he explained in the best possible terms why we need partners to win a war that we can't afford to lose. to those of you who worry about going in it alone, you don't have to worry with jeb because he understands that america can't go at it alone but of all others running for president, i think he has the ability to bring the world on board. mr.rump doubled down on the idea that we as a nation should
7:07 am
ban every muslim in the world at least temporarily from coming to our great country. i can't thank of a worse idea in terms of how to fight and win this war. many of the people running for president are silent on this issue. last night i heard from jeb bush the right answer. that we need to vet and make sure that those who come from war torn regions are properly vetted so they don't infiltrate our country to do harm. but we cannot and should not declare war on a religion because when you do you make it impossible. what jeb bush understands better than anyone else is this is a
7:08 am
religious war and the only way to win this war is to partner within the faith to destroy a common enemy. last night he did not talk the most but he made the most sense. last night he demonstrated somebody whose ready the take commander in chief and the temperament the next commander in chief needs to possess. someone quietful and capable of reaching out to the world at large to reset a world very much in danger. it is not enough to criticize barack obama. you have to have an alternative from leading from behind and jeb bush has that alternative. his plan to defeat isis is the
7:09 am
most comprehensive and well thought out on anyone on both sides of the aisle and finally when it comes to speaking up and out about emotional issues like immigration, the thing i admire most about jeb is he stayed true to who he is and he hasn't tried to get ahead in a contested primary by embracing demagogue ri. he's not running to kmapder and chief by running people down. he's trying to create the ability to grow the party that desperately needs to grow. here's what i'm convinced of more than anything else. jeb bush is president of the united states and he'll put the country ahead of the party. he was a governor of a diverse state that brought people together.
7:10 am
america is a very diverse country desperately in need of leadership to bring us together. as to south carolina, we have a reputation of picking the most conservative person who can win. i think jeb by any reason of definition is a fiscal and social conservative and above all others he understands conservatism when it comes to national security. conservatism when it comes to national security is building a strong military second to none and using it smartly forming alliances that will make us safe over here. jeb has come to the conclusion that i have. you have two choices in fighting this war. fight it over there smartly or fight it in our backyard. i've spent most of my adult life in the military. it's been one of the things i'm most proud of. i know those who are fighting
7:11 am
this war. i've walked in their shoes. i've spent time trying to learn their world. i would not endorse someone that i did not believe in that would really truly have their backs. so ladies and gentlemen, south carolina is going to reset this race. on february 20th we're going to give jeb bush the momentum that he needs and deserves to win the nomination and to the republican party, jeb bush is going to be a nominee that can win an election that is a party we can't afford to lose. he will be the president that can reset the world, bring us together and serve problems. above all else he's a goodman and comfortable in his own skin and understands who makes america great is our diversity. not who we hate but what we
7:12 am
love. the next president of the united states, jeb bush. [ applause ] >> thank you. wow. thank you, sir. thank you. lindsey, thank you so much, general, to my friends and supporters. first, lindsey graham is a patriot and you just heard what's at stake here. what's at stake is our way of life. the founding of our country based on freedom and human liberty is at stake. the president of the state of the union address talked about the threat of islamic terrorism in a way he typically does which is the strong man argument. in this case he made the case this is something that is not a threat because they can't invade us. that's a total misreading of what this threat is about. radical islamic terrorism is a
7:13 am
threat to our freedom, they see freedom as our weakness. when people are struggling to make ends meet and majority of americans are living paycheck to paycheck and the majority of americans have less than a thousand dollars in safings, 63% of americans can't afford a $500 car repair. in this kind of environment to attack our freedom would be devastating for our economy and he totally misreads the dangers here and as senator graham said, the way we win this fight, win this war is to win it there and to make sure that the homeland is safe. lindsey graham is an extraordinary person. we've been friends for a long while. i admire the fact as a senator he views his job to forge solutions to problems rather than to try to tear things down and i've learned now at the age of 62 that one of the valuable lessons in life is to know what you don't know.
7:14 am
it's a huge advantage. especially in the political world where everybody feels they've got it all figures out. the world is too complex for one person to figure out everything. here's the kind of guy lindsey graham has been. i've sought out his advice even though we were both competitors for the republican nomination for the presidency. he gave it. he's consistently done so. he's not doing this for his own ego. he ran because he wanted the voice after a strong national defense and the roll of america in the world, the leadership role to be heard. while he may not have been successful in terms of electoral politics, you were successful in that guard. i am honored to be your student in many ways in that regard and i appreciate the fact you're involved and i will continue to seek out our advice. one final point, south carolina is going to be a really important primary. it always seems to be that way
7:15 am
the table is set by iowa and new hampshire and the direction of campaigns are set here in south carolina. here's my pledge. i will campaign with heart and conviction about the need for a strong national defense to rebuild homeland security and equally important to make sure when veterans after serving in the military, the contract is fulfilled for them. one of the lessons i've had is to seek the best advice from the veteran's community, disproportionally from south carolina. we were the first campaign to lay out a detailed plan to reform the department of veterans affairs. and i pledge to you all that we will make sure that is the first priority. it is to me disgraceful, it is absolutely disgraceful even today with all the scandals only three people have been fired with the scandalous behavior of having waiting list be dropped
7:16 am
without veterans getting care and people dying. it is a scandal. yet, three people have been fired. the congress has worked to give the department the freedom to be able to have much more leadway in firing people but yet they haven't embraced it. the procurement systems, the health information systems, the inability of veterans to have choices outside of the veterans health care system, all of that has to change dramatically and i pledge to you all and to the people of south carolina not only will i be a candidate that will advocate, continue to advocate a rebuilding of our military, strengthening of our intelligence capabilities, diplomatically in terms of foreign policy have an america to create peace and security but back home the first priority will be to reform health care services for veterans that deserve it more than anybody else that should be receiving government benefits. with that, lindsey, thank you again for your support.
7:17 am
general, thank you for your leadership. not just military but education as well. it was a blast being on the stage last night in south carolina. a quick just quick note. i didn't realize i was doing it but i made reference to the state that i really appreciate a whole lot i think six times last night. i might have mentioned you, i mentioned governor hay lee, boeing which makes planes sold in china here. i don't know if mr. trump on the way out saw the planes that had the painted airlines from china. this is an extraordinary community and extraordinary state with great leaders and i'm blessed to be a candidate that will campaign hard here in south carolina. happy to answer any questions. get back up here. >> you also got some -- with
7:18 am
that, are you prepared for that? >> enemies. you didn't tell me about your enemies, lindsey. >> you'll get to know them. >> this is a big deal nationally in the sense lindsey graham is recognized as if not the most, the strongest policy oriented national defense senator, not just a senator but from a policy point of view, the most consistent supporter . he has a following that's national. i'll take all of his enemies because he has a lot more friends. >> senator bush, senator rubio is out with an add today on the super pack and campaign trail, what do you make of that? >> this politics, politics is not, i'm a big boy. i find the advertising pretty
7:19 am
tame. if you're a candidate, you can't play the role of victim. i'm not doing it and he shouldn't either. our records will be scrutinized and people have an incredible ability to filter out all the nonsense and get to the point. here's what i am. i'm not a cut and run politician. >> all right. we're going to step away from this. as you heard senator lindsey graham endorsing jeb bush for president and jeb bush being very appreciative of lindsey graham's endorsement. john avlon is here and cnn political commentator ond former communications for senator ted cruz, amanda carpenter is with us as well. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> amanda, does this matter? >> jeb bush was never lacking for endorsements or financial support in the race. i was struck by something lindsey graham said. he said this race will reset after south carolina. now, woe, woe, woe.
7:20 am
new hampshire was suppose to be jeb bush's state where the race would reset and they sent lots of campaign staff to iowa to avoid an embarrassing finish there. here's what i'm wondering in light of last night's debate. candidates need to get behind a candidate can win. the fact that jeb bush thinks this race should reset in south carolina. he's going to wait until south carolina to have a good showing? we don't need this projected nonsense. jeb has the financial support to go longer than other candidates. other candidates in the undercard debate, ben carson dwindling down, they need to drop out so they can lend support to a candidate that can win so we can have a real contrast with trump because this big, bad field is giving him too much power. >> john, so all our viewers know, donald trump already responded to this endorsement.
7:21 am
i want to read to you what he just tweeted out. jeb bush who did poorly in last night's debate and whose chances are winning is zero just got graham's endorsement. graham quit at zero. there have some analyst though who say jeb bush dropping out of the race would actually hurt donald trump. >> well, that math is peculiar. i thought jeb bush had a strong debate last night. lindsey graham is a respected figure in the senate if not a powerful presidential candidate. certainly in south carolina. the fact he decided to endorse jeb bush whose had a lot of bad news over the last couple of weeks and months instead of saying marco rubio who has tried his foreign credential policies is significant. we have been through this pregame for months and months now. millions of dollars spent and now consultants can't wait to get down the field. let the voters do that. south carolina is a third state. lindsey graham is a force in the state. we'll see if it changes the
7:22 am
outcome. it's the first good boost he's had in a long time. >> before we go on, i must take a break so we can pay the bills here at cnn. amanda and john stand by. we'll continue the conversation after the break. the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in! there it is... this is where i met your grandpa. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. i am a lot of things.
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7:26 am
vrnl a clash of the front runners in the first republican debate of 2016. one thing was abundantly clear. the bromance is over between ted cruz and donald trump. the final straw was this exchange over new york values. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal or proabortion
7:27 am
or pro gay marriage and focus around the money and media. >> new york is a great place, got great people, loving people, wonderful people. when the world trade center came down, say something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanely than new york. >> here's what the washington post had to say about that exchange. quote, cruz was not back by the new york values attack. hard to look like you're on the wrong side of those who helped rebuild new york city after 9/11. john avalon is back and so is amanda carpenter. amanda, you know, ted cruz was having a great debate up until that point. donald trump delivered that, you know, what he said about new york and how it rebuilt after 9/11 and that kind of shut ted cruz down. >> here's the thing.
7:28 am
i think there's consensus on the birther question and this one didn't go so well. i don't know if he'll continue this attack and i don't know that it matters to people in iowa. when i heard ted cruz talk about new york values, i thought -- donald trump went to 9/11. i expect there to be more debate about the birther question than the new york values. >> i tend to agree with amanda, john. >> no, look, this matters and this is serious. i was working with rue did i giuliani during 9/11 and instead of coming here to beg for money and try to slam people into buying the country and demagogue his way to the presidency, ted cruz should accept the offer of the police officer who died in 9/11 to go down and see new york values and reflect on new york values and while he's there he can look across the street at goldman and sachs where his wife works that gave him an undisclosed loan for his
7:29 am
campaign. >> speaking of no basis in fact, goldman and sachs loan was disclosed multiple times and not disclosed on the fcc form. >> here's the thing, amanda, with that. let me just say this. last night in the debate, ted cruz says he didn't have millions and millions of dollars and tried too paint himself as somebody who didn't have much money but his wife works for goldman and sachs. he's a harvard educated constitutional lawyer. he's not a poor guy. >> yeah, if you look at the race he talked about, david was spending $25 million in that race. ted cruz didn't have wealthy do donors. this is a story to the activist who supported his long shot candidacy. cruz and his wife took out a loan betting on themselves because they believed in running
7:30 am
for the senate. that's a pretty big risk to take. four people with good jobs. heidi believes in her husband so much right now, she quit her job to work at the campaign. it's a commitmea symbol of comm. where's he suppose to get a loan? is heidi suppose to go to a competing bank, is he suppose to barter chibckens in order to ru for senate? >> what would that look like and what are you suggesting? >> what are you suggesting that ted cruz can't get. >> the chicken reference is weird. your communication is professional. it was a loser for ted cruz and if he wants to try to be the nominee and be president for the united states you got to find out a way to unite america and not divide it. >> all right. i'm going to have to leave it there.
7:31 am
that was interesting. john avalon, amanda carpenter, thanks. still to come in the news room, hollywood usually swings left in politics but a new movie about benghazi has a presidential front runner handing out free tickets. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms.
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is our partnership with habitat for humanity. pg&e is committed to clean energy and part of that commitment our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families,
7:35 am
so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. donald trump minutes away from a big day in iowa. mr. trump is actually renting out an entire movie theater and handing out free tickets to see the movie 13 hours. that's the michael bay movie about the 2012 attack on t
7:36 am
benghazi. >> the u.s. ambassador, you got to send us. >> you're not the first responders. you will wait. >> there it is. stand down. that can be taken as an attack on secretary clinton but so far, no congressional investigation has found that to be true although one investigation is still underway. still, the republican candidates wasted no time firing off attacks about hillary clinton and why benghazi makes her unqualified to be president. >> hillary clinton is famously asked what difference does it make how four americans died in benghazi. here's what difference it makes. when you don't stand up and say the truth that this was a purposeful terrorist attack and you do not say that the united
7:37 am
states of america will notal appreciate f retaliate for the attack, they expect this is an open season. >> someone who lies to the families of those four victims in benghazi can never be president of the united states. >> all right. with me now to talk about this is former reagan adviser, charmagne and former campaign manager, patty. welcome to both of you. >> hi, carol. >> hi, thanks for being here. charmagne, this benghazi movie, will it proclaim clinton didn't send help in time? is this the gift to the g.o.p.? >> it's absolutely a gift to the g.o.p. and the entire stage did a good job of connected this new
7:38 am
movie and the benghazi theme to really what's in most american's minds right now which is the image of the americans on their knees with their hands on their heads. the timing of the movie release of having people so concerned about terrorism and tying that together in their behinds with benghazi is damaging as a whole and hillary in particular. it's really a gift to donald trump and this is a brilliant move of his to show the movie in iowa because it fits right in with his reality tv show campaign and gives him the opportunity to talk about a movie instead of delving into the fine points of policy and talking to americans on a level we all like to talk about. this intersection of the entertainment and campaign is a remarkable moment in the campaign season that's characterized by a lot of
7:39 am
different. >> just an observation about the movie, you were saying the movie is strangely a political -- susan rice blaming the violence on the video. it's more like a patriotic violent feel good film. does it matter so much in the political world? >> i think it's great donald trump is providing more entertainment to his supporters and in addition to his circus like candidacy. the movie is based not on fact but on fiction and box office draw. i think that if the american people want to get a good grasp on what happened in benghazi, instead of watching the movie, they should watch the testimony in front of the benghazi committee. that's a real reflection of what went on. >> we know the reality is they're not going to watch that testimony. they're going to watch the move
7:40 am
sl vie. if there's anything we're learning from this political campaign psych cycle, it's that politics is moving towards entertain. ronald reagan taught us politics is about theater and the big stage and americans want someone who speaks in that language and able to connect together the themes of patriotism and the american flag and how we're going to stand up in the world. >> okay. interestingly enough, patty, some analyst say the film, the big short, is a propaganda film meant to help bernie sanders. is it? >> well, i have not seen 13 hours. i did see the big short and it's wildly entertaining. i will say that. i'm a big fan of thestars. look, guys, this is hollywood. this is entertainment. this is not real life. this is politics. i think bernie sanders and hillary clinton have each given
7:41 am
their view of wall street and their ideas on wall street reform and that's what voters need to base their votes on. not hollywood movies. >> have you heard that? >> go ahead. >> well, i was just going to say sure, they need to pay attention to policy and that's what all of us care about so deeply. but listen, i've been to so many of these debates. last night in the audience i have never been to a debate where there was so much interaction with the audience. they were engaged and heckling and booing and cheering. i've never seen anything like it. this is an audience that really wants to be part of this campaign and it's different than what you usually see. >> i would have to agree with that. patty, thanks so much. still to come in the news room, new cries this morning for major rom emanual to stand down but the mayor stands firm. hear what he says about the cancer of police abuse.
7:42 am
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7:46 am
young african american men, we also have to root out the cancer of police abuse because the quest for safe and secure neighborhoods and against violence demands trust between the community and the police. when there is no trust there is no safety. >> all right. all of this arises out of the release of a new video showing the final moments of 17-year-old cederick chatman's life. this is surveillance footage. you can see chatman running from the police in a car jacking. you can see the officer there. he's at the ready and he shot and killed chatman. it turned out chatman was not armed with a weapon. instead he had an iphone case. of course, this is causing a lot of unrest in the city of chicago. this protests going on right now, do we have shots of the
7:47 am
protests we can show people? all right. all right. here are the protests. this is outside of that prayer breakfast where you heard rom emanual speaking to those assembled. he joins us live with reaction. good morning, sir. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. when you watch that video, what goes through your mind? >> my heart was broken. many of these victims from phillip coleman, the ones who have lost their lives in brutal heino heinous, cold-hearted ways, it is heart breaking. it is disappointing and it is very much depressing.
7:48 am
>> you heard what mayor emanual said. he saids chicago has to work to rid the city of police cancer abuse. what do you think? >> i think rhetoric without results leaves one to wonder how serious you are as relates to action. the last we heard from the mayor he gave the city a lecture rather than leadership and during the time his lawyers were in court making every attempt to suppress the material we saw on yesterday. as your viewers just saw, this young man was killed in some type of cowboyism shoot them up western style in broad daylight where several citizens were on the street, young people, children out of school. he did not have a weapon. he did not pose a threat. he did not turn into the direction of the officer and he lost his life and even more so one of the officers stand over him with a foot on top of his
7:49 am
body as if he is some type of wild game. this kind of behavior is unacceptable. it's unethical, illegal and above all else it's immoral. >> and it took a great effort on a part of people like you to get this video released to the public. mayor rom emanual trying to make up for past tran depressions. is there anything he could do to restore trust in your mind? >> he said he has informed the law department to release all dash cam, all audio, all video. he could have said to the community over 400 cases have become. this one case came before and its investigator and african american lawyer davis lost his job, the former chair quit his
7:50 am
job and they ruled this shooting justifiable. it is outrageous to think that we're still going around in circles rearranging the chairs on a titanic. we need results. we want justice. we want fair investigations. just two weeks ago a grandmother and young man were killed and many of your reports of detail that police officers even turned in false claims to the coroner's office. this is a culture. mr. baker was released after serving nine years in prison due to police officer misbehavior and corruption. it's a culture of corruption. the major must give us results and leadership or we're not going to sop marching or protesting and we're not going
7:51 am
to turn our voices down. we want change and we want change for everybody. >> thank you for being with me this morning. i'll be right back. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. now? can i at least put my shoes on?
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all right i want to take you to urbandale, iowa. there's already a lot of people assembled. donald trump set to take the podium at the top of the hour or 11:30 eastern. not sure which but when he does we'll dip in for you. finally for a moment i want to take a step back and think about your life, where you're at, where you are. is there someone who comes to mind as the person who helped get you there, the person who changed your life? for me, there is. while i was reluctant at first, i can't wait to share them with
7:56 am
you on cnns upcoming week long series. >> my son helped make me change. >> these people changed lives. join the familiar faces of cnn as they share their special someone with you. >> the voyage that your suggestions sent me on. >> i learned this from you. >> you have to ask important questions on the most important issues of the day. >> without my mom i would ask how important i am. >> very few tell you the truth.
7:57 am
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ehello, everyone. happening now the morning after, donald trump in iowa for his first event since the debate last night. we're waiting for this town meeting to begin any minute. you're looking at leaving history farms. it's an open air museum in urbandale, iowa. >> the republican front runner fresh off the debate stage where the gloves came off


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