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tv   Wolf  CNN  January 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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system. >> and now, after the disparaging remarks of new york values came live on the debate stage last night, and coming up, mayor bill de blasio is going to respond to my colleague wolf blitzer on cnf nshgcnn as he g way with his program. way with his program. have a great weekend. -- captions by vitac -- i'm wol blitzer and it is 9:00 p.m. in hawaii and 9:00 a.m. in teheran, and 1:00 p.m. right here in washington, and wherever you are watching us from around the world, thank you for joining us. we begin with the presidential politics here in the united states the day after the latest republican showdown. donald trump, ted cruz, marco rubio, and jeb bush are back out there on the campaign trail today in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. on the democratic side, former president bill clinton is out campaigning for his wife in iowa and last night's republican
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presidential debate saw donald trump and ted cruz going from the shadowboxing to throwing the punches over the so-called birther issue. >> and back in september, my friend donald said that he had his lawyers look at this from every which way, and there was no issue there, and there was nothing to the birther issue. [ laughter ] and now, since september, the constitution has not changed. but the poll numbers have. >> and here's the problem. we are running, and we are running, and he does great. i win, and i choose him as my vice presidential candidate and the democrats sue, because we can't take him along for the rid ride. >> trump was not the only one taking on cruz, marco rubio fired at him over cruz's attacks on immigration. >> you don't get to say that we can secure the borders and at
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the same time try to give barack obama more authority to allow middle eastern refugees in when the head of the fbi says they cannot vet them to determine if they are isis terrorists. >> ted cruz, you used to say that you supported doubling the number of green cards and now against i. you used to be for increasing the worker immigration, and now you are saying that you are against it. that is not consistent conservatism, but it is political calculation. >> and now, joining us from charleston, south carolina, sarah murray, there is little doubt that the so-called trump/cruz bromance is over. >> yes, wolf, it is absolutely off. and we are too close for candidates to not be making jabs and returning them. that is what we saw on the debate stage, and the chat here at the rnc meeting is is that ted cruz got the better of
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2kr678, but donald trump got the better of him when he invoked the new york value. and donald trump invoking 9/11. and today, the mayor of new york de blasio and hillary clinton agreeing with him and they are saying that he is drawing some interesting bedfellows on the new york values issue. >> and now, is the republican party accepting or embracing that donald trump could wind up as the republican presidential nominee? >> i think that a number of the republicans that i talked to today were impressed with donald trump's debate performance and they felt that he delved in deeper on the issues and different side than the bombast on the campaign trail, and the the reality is that while many of the establishment republicans believe that a candidate will e emerge from the ted cruz, marco
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rubio and jeb bush lane, they are more comfortable with the idea that donald trump could be the nominee, and we are seeing nit polling that the latest swsj numbers are showing that more americans are looking at the shift of more americans supporting the idea of donald trump as president. it is a big shift there, too, woo woolf. >> and also, last night donald trump truook cruz to task for saying what he did about new york. >> and everybody knows that the values are pro abortion, and a lot of money, and lot of -- >> new york is a great place, and loving people, and wonderful people. and when the world trade center came down, i saw that no place on earth could have handled more putfully, more humanely than new
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york. -- beautifully and more humanely than new york. >> and hillary clinton could not do anything but agree with trump on new york. she sweeted out -- she tweeted out her support saying just this one, trump's right, new yorkers value hard work, diversity, tolerance, resilience, and better lives. >> and is he right in this case? >> yes, ted cruz insulted the people of new york, and by the way, blatantly hypocritical on his part. he has come here plenty of times to gain money for his campaign, from people in new york, and he is very quick to put out the hand and get new york money, and then he insults the people of new york, and the values of new york, and trump's right that
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were part of overcoming the greatest attack that this nation has ever received on our soil. so when you think about it, there's immense hypocrisy, and by the way, he went to goldman saks, a big institution for a big loan, and he leaves it out, and so ted cruz has created a lot of anger, and not only here, but a lot of the people in the country are going to be seeing this as divisive and angry, and he owes the people of new york an apology. >> and yes, he did not do that last night. and now, a cover of the daily news today, drop dead ted, and go back to canada. and are you with the "daily news" on this. >> that is absolutely right, that is the message of the people to new york city, and it is a horrible message for anybody who is a leader to talk about that about the largest city, and the greatest city in the country, and the tremendous hypocrisy running through the
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whole discussion of birthing. barack obama had people sniping at him and he was obviously born in the united states, along comes ted cruz and the discussion has only begun in the last few week, because it is a different ide lological reality and he happens to be a conservative republican, and so there is a double standard on that issue, and certainly a double standard of the way he talks about new york, but he can't wait to load up the coffers with new york money. >> and do you believe that senator cruz is a natural born u.s. citizen? >> look, it is an issue that legitimate legitimately needs to be resolved by the court, and there is a doubt about as to what the definition is and we need one that we can all work for, but cruz is one gleefully stoking the birther arguments against obama, and enjoyed the fact that other others were doing it, so we can't have a double standard. if so, it should apply to
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liberal liberals and conservatives and republicans and democrats. we can't have a double standard. >> and this morning, if chris christie w-- if donald trump wee no, ma'minated h he could carry york. >> and can you imagine that anybody says, if we win new york, and plus we will win virginia and new york and west virginia and places that nobody else going to be winning. we will win new jersey and pennsylvania and win florida and ohio. >> if he wins all of those states if he is the nominee, he is the president of the united states. and now sh, back to the your ho state of new york. do you think it is reasonable to think that donald trump as a republican presidential nominee could win new york state? >> absolutely impossible. he is delusional on that point. hillary rodham clinton is going to be the nominee, and she is going to win her home state, and
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that is extraordinary support here for her. as much as i appreciate what trump said in defense of the home city, and i do, he has made unfortunately the entire campaign of insulting different people, women, and mexican american, and all sorts of people, disabled people, and that is not tolerated here in new york. >> and what if your predecessor michael bloomberg, the former mayor of new york decides to run as a third party candidate, and we are hearing the murmurings out there that people said that he took a poll to see how he would do, and if it were trump and hillary clinton, and he might e throw his hat in the ring. do you believe it and do you believe it is realistic? >> i am hearing the same things that you are, and i will say that i respect mayor bloomberg, and some of the things that he has done have benefited the city, and i have continued them, a and other areas, i have disagreed and we are from different parties, but the bottom line is that hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee, and no doubt about it,
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and she is going to be winning the general election, and the same as to whether other candidates jump in or not. >> and one more final question, mayor. vice president joe biden suggested in an interview with gloria borger that hillary clinton may have come late to the whole issue of income inequality that senator bernie sanders has been talking about that for a long time. your reaction to that? >> i was very surprised. i have a lot of respect for the vice president, and i found it to be absolutely inaccurate. hillary clinton first came to our attention, because she played a leading role in the children's defense fund fighting for the child care and the support for the low income families and low income children, and one of the most famous moments that the whole nation watched as she fought for national health care reform at a time when the insurance companies attacked her with everything that they had, and she was in the kros fire he cro huge industry, and held firm and kept fighting for change, and if
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she had not done that, we wouldn't have gotten to health reform two decades later. so she has been fight iing for since the beginning of her adult life in dramatic and courageous ways, and i respect bernie sanders, too, but there is a picture of hillary sent a photo to bernie sanders thanking him for the support in 1993 for her fight for national health reform. be clear. she has been in the forefront many time, and often very courageously to boot. >> and mayor bill de blasio of new york, thank you very much for join g ing us. >> thank you, wolf. >> for all of the latest news in politic, and all of the presidential contenders head over to coming up our conversation continues. coming into the iowa caucuses, who were the winners and losers of thef republican presidential debate? we will break it all down with our panel. ressure in here for y? i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max.
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let's get some more perspective on the debate last night and the road ahead for the presidential candidates. amanda carpenter is a former director for senator ted cruz, and angela rye is the former executive director of the congressional black caucus, and amanda, i want to get your reaction of what we heard from bill de blasio and consistent of what we heard from donald trump, from the governor of new york, and andrew cuomo, and hillary clinton, and your rea action as somebody who supports ted cruz? >> and listen, not speaking for the campaign or ted cruz, because i used to work for him, and a lot of people said that he won the debate last night, but i think that it would have been unanimous if not this back and forth over the new york values, but that said, it is not something that is going to be hurting him over to the iowa voters, and i didn't know that bill de blasio was a birther until that interview, and others coming out against ted cruz like
10:17 am
hillary clinton, and that is not going the mean anything for the iowa primary, and new hampshire maybe, but it is something that is going to be blowing over, but the more important discussion of birtherism where ted cruz exposed donald trump as a c coo-coo in the post debate with dana bash when he suggested that he should not be a united states senator was helpful. >> do you believe that ted cruz should apologize for the people of new york? >> well, i think that is good for him to decide, but i think that he gave a good explanation of why he levelled that attack, but it is no secret that the people who were going hard for him were going to be voting for him anyway, and wanting to grind the political ax, but i buy into the explanation. >> and the explanation, angela, if you take a look at manhattan or new york city, and maybe not all new york state, because i'm from upstate new york, but if you look at new york city where the people are overwhelmingly support gay marriage he said,
10:18 am
and abortion rights for women, and that is not necessarily con s consis tent, senator cruz, with the rest of the country, and that this is what he describes as new york values. your reaction? >> i think that regardless of what his intention was, it was bad. if he had looked at what has happened to other candidates who have come back at donald trump using this same type of at tashgs it always backfires. we can go to the any number of examples where jeb bush cops back at donald trump, and tries to hit him the same way, and it just does not work. what is unfortunate is that from somebody who is a cuban american, and hit hard from donald trump who said, how many cuban cubans do you know that is evangelical christians, and why would you come back at him with that attack, because it is not healthy, and clearly not a way to continue the bromance which is clearly over. >> and now, the line of attack as he will tell you who is going, but as for who can take on donald trump on the debate stage, ted cruz is only one who
10:19 am
showed that he could do it. and many have tried and ted cruz did it, and now they are wondering who they can coalesce behind to stop donald trump, but ted cruz is the only one who has the capacity to stop him. >> he did in the first half of the debate, and i agree, if he had continued the first half momentum, he would have won the debate, but he lost sourly in that question, and the response to that question from donald trump, and marco rubio. >> and i think that you will agree with the analysts that donald trump is improving in the debate skills? >> yes, and that is why it speaks well to cruz. because he is beating him on the questions when donald trump is also improving. >> yeah, all right. guys, thank you. and we can continue the conversations a lot more coming up. that is it for these two ladies, but coming up here, new details of how ten u.s. sailors found themselves in iranian waters and
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exactly how ten u.s. sailors drifted into the iranian waters are under investigation, and we have more details now leading into the investigation. and our correspondent barbara starr is here with more details. what are they finding out? >> well, they are seeing more information from the debriefing of the sailors and what is it looking like are according to defense officials is that is sailors changed course moving north up the persian gulff and they changed and altered the
10:25 am
course, course, and what they didn't realize is that it would take them so close to iran apparen y apparently, and why did they change course? because they wanted to make up time to get to the refueling point that they felt it was late to the fueling point, and not clear if they were low on fuel, but they wanted to make up time, and so they changed course and somehow they don't realize that it has taken them within three miles of the iran's farsi islands, and they had engine trouble, and had trouble fix in it, and drift a little bit, and they are surrounded by iranian troops. wolf? >> and the iranian soldiers released them, all ten of them, nine men and one woman, and relatively quickly, and do we know how they were treated, because the images that iranian officials released were clearly disturb i disturbing with them with their hands over their heads, and on their knees? >> well, wolf, we have not heard
10:26 am
much expressing those reference, and secretary ash carter referenced it when he was asked about it to a report er, but he has not volunteered many thoughts on it. but if you look at the group, and the commander who spoke, and he issued the words of apology and spoke on camera to an iranian camera in the room. we now know from the debriefings that these sailors were told to act happy by their iranian captor, and so this is the first specific information that we have that they are under some form of mental duress, and they are not speaking of their own free will, and they are told to look happy, and act happy for the cameras, and by all accounts, lieutenant david
10:27 am
narker felt he had to make that apology, and there is no c confirmation if he was ordered to do it, but it is all still under investigation, and the pentagon is not saying much about how they were treated, but we know from the debriefs that they were certainly not acting of their own free will after they were taken into custody after those disturbing pictures. wolf? >> and thank you, barbara, for the new information from the pentagon. and the declaration called implementation day is expected to be announce d any time when the united states atopic watchdog agency will decide if iran has in fact made the obligations it made after sign ing that deal last year. and if they have, it will ease sanctions, but the u.s. says it wants the complete full compliance report first. >> we are aware that iran has made important progress in fulfilling the onligations, and the commitments that they made
10:28 am
in the context of the international agreement, and to dismantle important parts of the nuclear infrastructure, and there are important steps that they have committed to tashgs and they will not be receiving any sanctions relief until the ieae have verified the steps have taken, and also, the iaea will also verify the ongoing compliance with the agreement. >> all right. our senior correspondent fred pleitgen, you know iran very well, and when the sanctions could be e eased in the next day or two, we expect $50 billion in frozen iranian assets to be relees released and the initial release, and do we know how
10:29 am
quickly the money will flow into iran? >> well, the iranians believe it is going to be happening immediately and they have been speaking about the $50 billion in assets that have been frozen since the nuclear sanctions have gone into place, and they believe they will receive the money quickly, and it is not just that, but they say that immediately, they will be able to pump a 500,000 barrels of additional oil on to the world's market markets as well in addition to the oil they are already able to sell to some countries which is going to be making a big difference to them, and also to the already tumbling oil price in the world, and then one other significant thing that they expect have very, very quickly is that they expect that the banks will be able to do business internationally, and this is is important thing, because at this point in time, if you say that you wanted to do business in iran, you have to literally go there with a bag of money or the coffer full of money, and now they can do it electronically, and they believe
10:30 am
it is going to give the economy a big boost very fast, wolf. >> and there in europe, fred, and you are there, and we have heard the reports of the german companies, and the french and the spanish and the italian companies are waiting to anxiously invest in iran, and that is a another huge source of income for the iranians, and what do we expect to see on that front? >> well, it is going to be happening very quick hi, and look, one of the things that we have seen every time we have gone into iran is that the planes going into iran are full of business people trying to get the contracts and waiting for the implementation day which is going to be happening very soon to happen so they can start investing in earnest. one thing that we have to keep in mind is that the european companies did business with them in earnest until a year ago. and so that could get set up quickly, french automakers, and they have to renew the business relation, and it could go
10:31 am
quickly, and more relations of the infrastructure investment, and the iranian aviation sector, and put out the numbers where they believe they need 600 planes in the coming year, and unclear how quick they will be able to fulfill that, but there are a lot of companies, especially european companies trying to get into the market as fast as possible, and especially the hydrocarbon market where the iranians announced today that within the next five years, they are going to be seeing $200 billion in foreign investment. >> and most of it into iran, thank you, fred pleitgen. >> and today, in the house and the senate, are there were some skeptics of them, and others have had their doubts. joining me is congressman brendan boyle who is a member of the house foreign affairs committee as well. congressman, you voted against this deal, and one of the democrats to oppose the
10:32 am
president's's nuclear deal with iran, and any second thoughts on the vote? >> no, even though i have not been in congress for a long period of time, it is the most difficult vote that i have had to cast, and most difficult for however long i have to serve. i voted against for substantive reasons even though i am a suppo support of the president. the first is the $56 billion to be released post implementation day. i'm very concerned can that we are unfreezing the assets with no strings attached, and given n the forget five years from now and ten years from now, and right now what iran is doing in support of the hezbollah and hamas in yemen and syria, they are the bad actor in the region and the world, and so frankly, i am concerned with the money that we are about to release, and let alone some of the other aspects down the line. >> and some of the money flowing
10:33 am
into iran is going to be used domestically to helpp the people of iran, but they could do it with the revolutionary guard, at least susan rice has said here on cnn, if they want to give the mo knee away to the other groups, they are authorized to do so, is that right? >> no strings attached. by the way, that is looking prospectively and that is where congress should act on a bipartisan basis. >> what can you do on that? >> well, clearly, if you are continuing to fund hamas, and using a portion of this money to fund hezbollah, and lebanon right now, they have over 800 rockets pointing right at israel, and most of it comes from the funding of this regime. and so if they use 90% of it to build the economy, and 5% of it on the $56 billion is going to be far more than they have had to spend on the terrorist a activities, and moving forward rather than relitigating the
10:34 am
deal, and it is clear that i was against it and a majority of congress were, and the point is to go forward how the to best protect the allies in the region, and what can we go to move forward to make sure that iran does not use the money to the terrorist attackties. i want to get to the disturb in video of the soldiers with their hands behind their knees and -- hands behind their heads, and on their knees, and some did not come out to criticize? >> well, ted cruz and others are tough on the debate stage. but i am privileged enough to be serving in congress and i'm not one of the ten sailors out there in the persian gulf putting my life on the line, so i in no way criticize the behavior or what they chose to do, and the video and the fact that the iranians even made it, and had them on the niece, does show the true
10:35 am
nature of the regime. we should not be under any illusion s th illusions that iran has turned the page, and the moderates are in full control, and if anything now that the sanctions have been lifted and we no longer have that leverage, if anything, it empowers the hardliners in iran who want to engage in more of this sort of the bombastic behavior. >> congressman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> brendan boyle, pennsylvania, member of the house foreign affa affairs committee, thank you. >> there is more breaking news that we are following a. search is under way in the pacific for 12 marines after a pair of military transport helicopters collided off of the island of hawaii in oahu. they say they heard a big crash and flash in the sky. debris has been spotted, including a empty raft, and there are rough waves 40 to 50 feet high, and that is complicating the search, and let
10:36 am
e let's hope for the best. and coming up, it is the democrats chance to debate. how are the o'malley and sanders and clinton campaigns preparing? and sean penn is going to talk about his interview with el chapo, and why he is calling it a failure. megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb.
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we are two days away from what could be a very important moment for hillary clinton in the presidential race with the poll numbers slumping a little bit. bernie sanders is rising and the two will face off main the four presidential debate, and martin o'malley is the former governor of maryland will be there and in iowa right now, hillary clinton holds a two-point lead for bernie sanders and well within the margin of error in the bloomberg poll, and that is a fraction of what it was in december. nationally, hillary clinton has a comfortable lead main the des moines register/bloomberg
10:41 am
political poll, and so what is the take on it by hillary clinton? >> well, you had a giant lead at one point? >> well, it is artificial. and one of the early soundings and polls, and this democratic election nor the nominee, and it gets really close, and exciting, and it depends who makes the best case that you can be the nominee to beat whoever the republicans put up, and try to get your folks who support you the come out. i find it exciting. >> all right. chief political analyst gloria borger is here. who would be more exciting bernie or hillary? >> well, i am not trying to dodge the question, but if i were hillary clinton, i would continue the to try to draw distinctions with bernie sanders on the issues like guns, and if i were bernie sanders i would
10:42 am
try to say, hillary clinton, income inequality, and i have been doing it my entire life and you haven't, and she is trying to draw distinctions with him on medicare, but you will see her poll numbers going down, but what is interesting in the state of iowa for example, it is not that bernie sanders has a surge, what is happening is that the number of uncommitted voters he has gone up from 8% in december to 14% now, and people are sitting back and saying, i want to look at the folks, and say, who do i really want to vote r for. >> in iowa it is very close between bernie sanders and hillary clinton, and in new hampshire, he is ahead of her, and there is a possibility that he could win both of the contests. >> oh, question. >> and then you move on the south carolina, and the recent poll there, and hillary clinton is 665% among the democrats and bernie sander s s is 21%, and s could come back in the third contest. >> the whole strategy is built on the southern firewall. they have a lot of support from
10:43 am
the african-american voters in south carolina, and throughout the south, and states like arkansas for example, and clinton is a well known name, and bernie sanders has been struggling with the afric african-american voter outreach. both of them have some labor support that they have split. i think that hillary clinton has more at this point, but i believe that sanders' problems will be after iowa and new hampshire, and don't forget that bill clinton lost both iowa and new hampshire and went on the win in the south as well, and that may be the model for hillary clinton, but you just don't know. i mean, she is better funded, and he has money, too, but the south is not hospitable to him right now. >> and now, i want the talk about the fascinating interview that you had with joe biden, and the mayor bill de blasio of new
10:44 am
york said he was surprised to hear joe biden talk about bernie sanders coming in to income inequality sooner than hillary clinton. >> and what people will say, she has been focused on the domestic policy and foreign policy, and the sanders' campaign is saying it is their life's work, and she is trying to change the topic now to question of medicare. and bernie sanders would raise your taxes to pay for his health care plan which is going to be universal single payer coverage, a and he is saying, yeah, i would have to raise your taxes, but you wouldn't have to pay the premiums, and so that would offset it. and the debate is now shifting over who is more in favor of the more inclusive health care coverage. that is the kind of to debates
10:45 am
that we will be hearing unisday night. i doubt that hillary clinton is as excited about this tightening of the race as she says she is, but she has been there before, and they are spooked by it, because they remember what happened with barack obama when he surprised everyone and brought out the new voters in iowa, and the question is if bernie sanders can bring the younger, and the newer voters out in the iowa caucuses, and also win new hampshire. >> and with the exception of donald trump, he has huge crowds that show up for him, and they are very enthusiastic about bernie sanders. >> yes, he has. yes. >> and thank you, gloria. tune into cnn after the debate for special post debate coverage to lead you through the highlights and the analysis, sunday night at # 11:00 p.m. eastern. >> and straight ahead, sean penn break breaks the silence with the controversial notorious drug kingpin el chapo, an hear why he
10:46 am
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10:50 am
sean penn is now speaking out for the first time since the interview of the mexican drug lord known as el chapo, and the actor tells cbs's charley rose that his article in that "rolling stone he's making explosive allegations about the mexican government. charlie rose asked if he had any regrets. >> i have a terrible regret. i have a regret that the entire discussion about this article ignores its purpose, which was to try to contribute to this discussion about the policy in the war on drugs. >> raphael romo is is our senior latin american affairs editor and is following this story. what else is he saying? >> he says he wants to set the
10:51 am
record straight. he chose an interview with charlie rose. he says his goal was not to glorify the cartel. what i wanted to do, he told rose, was o to start a conversation about policy on the war on drugs. the conversation about his article that appears senator had in "rolling stone" has centered on potential legal problems he may face because of this interview. and the process of how he got access to el chapo in the first place. penn also wanted to dispel the notion that it was this interview that helped mexican officials find el chapo's whereabouts, which led to his capture. >> we know that the mexican government, they were clearly very humiliated by the notion that someone found him before they did. nobody found him before they d
10:52 am
did. we're not smarter than mexican intelligence. we had a contact upon which we were able to facilitate an invitation. >> do you believe the mexican government released this in part because they want ed to see you blamed and to put you at risk? >> yes. >> they wanted to encourage the cartel to put you in their cross hairs? >> yes. >> are you fearful for your life? >> no. >> officials have told us in the last few days that the meeting with el chapo was essential to the drug lord's capture. >> raphael romo reporting for us. thank you very much. fascinating developments. up next, 25 years after the storm, we'll take a closer look back at the opening moments of the first gulf war from baghdad to the pentagon through the eyes of history exactly 25 years ago. we all saw it right here on cnn.
10:53 am
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i want to mark an important anniversary. 25 years ago today president george bush issued national security directive 54 saying, and i'm quoting, i authorize military actions designed to bring about iraq's withdrawal are from kuwait. that action called operation decertificate storm started a quarter century ago. the relentless assault proved effective and softening the resolve. it was a war brought to you live if your living room by cnn. >> it's been filled up with the
10:58 am
sound of gunfire here tonight. . there's still lights on all over baghdad and there are bullets being fired up into the air. . you can see traces along with other bullets going up into the air. >> if you're still with us, you can hear the bombs now hitting the center of the city. >> the team at the hotel broadcast the first shots and first bombs as the 38-day air campaign began. they staid on the air so all of us the entire world could witness this historic attack. a younger reporter hinted about what was about to happen. >> the president may be going on television to explain what is going on.
10:59 am
we have been hearing these rumors all day. until the last hour or so the activity level here the at the pentagon. has clearly increased. >> the united nations had given the u.s. and its coalition partners the parameters of action saying they should be forced out of kuwait by all means necessary. this was the first time many americans heard about the arsenal of stealth bombers, smart bombs and patriot missiles. >> in iraq and occupy kuwait. the airstrike was designed to begin with the stealth fighters and f-16s as well as the tomahawk unmanned cruise missiles that have been stati stationed in the persian gulf before the aircraft carriers. there are two there now as well as the battleships.
11:00 am
>> it was felt five weeks later when the ground war started and lasted 100 hours before they call ed it quits. remember those days vividly. the news continues next, right here on cnn. i'm pamela brown, great to have you with us. breaking news at this hour, the year's rough start on wall street seems to be getting worse. the dow tumbled hundreds of points on this brutal trading day. . a short time ago it plunged 500 points. i'm going to bring in paul. oil prices are triggering some fear as part of this. break it down for us. what is going on? >> oil is one of the main reasons why stocks are plunging today. it pretty much plum etted all year and that's tied to china. you have considerable