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tv   Wolf  CNN  January 18, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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that the scity has made some efforts to rectify that. just to have the street, and to see the name should spark something within all of us. he fought for great thing, and if we find it in a depressed a ar area, it is going to remind us that there is a long way to go, and if we find it in the great area, thent reminds us that, yes, what he did is a great thing, and we have made some strive strives forward. >> thank you for watching, everyone. everyone. wolf starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- hello, i'm wolf blitzer. it is 11:00 p.m. here in washington and 7:00 p.m. at ramstein air base in germany, and 9:00 p.m. in baghdad and wherever you are watching around the world, thank you very much for joining us. we start this hour with five americans held by iran now free. the "washington post" reporter
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jason rezaian, and the former u.s. marine amir heck mauney, and the missionary saeed abedini, and also american student math trevithick. and now, rezaian, hekmati and abedini are in a hospital in germany and getting medical checkups, and we are joined by fred pleitgen at the lam stul air base in germany, and what do we know about the condition, and have they been able to reunite with the family? >> well, they have been able to meet some of the family members, and we know that, but it is unclear how many at this point, and that is going to go back to the medical checks conducted at this point in time. the physicians here at the landstuhl regional medical s center have a lot of experience of dealing with cases like this one, and apparently, one of the things they are doing is to try
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to reintegrate these three men as slowsly as possible so they are not overwhelmed by the fact that all of the sudden, they have all of the family members there, and there is medical checks going on as far as the physical side is going on, but a detention of this length will take a psychological toll on people, and therefore, they are letting the family members see them, but not quickly. for instance, we spoke to jason rezaian's brother, ali, earlier today, and at that point, he had not been able to speak face-to-face with jason, and however, representative jared huffman came out and he said that jason's condition appears to be as far as the circumstances are concerned, appears to be all right. let's listen into what he has to say. >> and the indications that we have are that there are no major acute problems right now. that is a relief. because, you know, we had heard that their health was declining, and in the case of jason rezaian, we had heard that he had lost quite a bit of weight,
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and under tremendous stress. so what we are hearing at this point in time is that there is nothing acute at this time right now. >> and so there is a sense of relief, and the same thing can be said of amir h hekmati, and saeed abedini, and amir hekmati, four years in iranian detention, and certainly, a very, very tough time, and especially taking into account that he was in levine prison, wolf, which is notorious for the conditions that people are kept in there. and at this point, wolf, it is unclear when these three men will be able to return to the united states. >> the debriefings though will continue. this is a process, and you have covered these developments over the years, and this is a process that could take a week or so, right? >> certainly. it is a certainly, a process to take up to a week, and even more. it all depends upon the conditions that the three men are in, and keep in mind, especially looking at jason rezaian, and there was a lot of
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concern about his health when he was in aveen prison, and also, the fact that as the "washington post" pointed out, he was in solitary confinement for a very, very long time, and in fact, he spoke to the managing editors of the "washington post" and he told them as they wrote in the internal memo that being in solitary confinement was really the worst thing. so it is going to be dependent on how they are doing, and also, them, of course, of speaking, and possible debriefings as to when they will return to the u.s. but in any case, the physicians here are trying to do this as fast as possible, because of course, they want the three men to be able to return to the u.s. as fast as possible, and continue with their lives as fast as possible, wolf. >> fred pleitgen, thank you for reporting from the landstuhl, germany, regional medical center. and as reported jason rezaian
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was behind bars for 544 days before his release. he was convicted of espionage, and what his family and friends and the president of the united states have called it a sham trial. the cnn chief national security correspondent jim sciutto is with us, and jim, you have been in touch with the family for a long time, and you had a chance to speak with some relatives? >> yes, i spoke with ali rezaian's brother at this point, who had not been able to meet with him face-to-face, and meet with him on phone, but not face to face. it is an ordeal for the prisoners, but also for the families, because they didn't know when it would end or how it would end, and so many false starts, and the moments when the hopes would be raised and the deal fell apart. and so, i will tell you that even in the final hours when this plane was about to take off, they had doubts, and they would not believe it until they saw it. and in addition to that, when they were behind bars, they did not want to have anything critical to say about the u.s.
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or iranian government, and of course, now they are talking. and ali rezaian talked about the mistreatment of his brother and family right to the moment of when that plane took off. >> there is a lot to find out over the course of the next couple of months when jason is ready to, but right now, we want to focus that he is ready to come back into society, and be with folk, and get himself b better. i think that he was surprised and shocked at the amount of attention that it was getting and only right now start thing to learn of all of the hard work that went into getting him out, and the support from you and your colleagues all around the world to help get him out. >> and jim, it is very pointed that you and i worked all day saturday reporting the story, and we thought that the plane would take off, that swiss plane from teheran with the americans, but it did not happen saturday, and finally did happen sunday, because of what you are referring to the last-minute snag they were stuck on the tarmac because -- >> because jason rezaian's wife
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and his mother wanted to be on the plane. they believed that they were going to be on the plane, and the iranians would not let it happen, but ali rezaian told me this morning that both the family and, well, certainly, jason and the american and the state department dug in their heels, and that is what caused the delay, and listen to frustration coming across in ali rezaian's voice as he recounts this. >> jason had been told that he would be leaving yegi, and told repeatedly by the interrogators that they were not going to allow her to leave with jason, and that caused the problems. the u.s. stuck to the guns. they said that, yegi had to come along with jason, and, you know, they got her out. >> manipulating to the final minutes is how the family has felt. certainly the prisoners pris treat -- the prisoners mistreated, but the family as well. >> and the student, matthew
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tre trevithick left in another part. >> yes, and he was not part of the deal. >> and this other american, nosratoliah khoshawi was freed, but he decided to stay. >> and as a result of the deal, the prisoners who wanted to leave, could leave. and those who wanted to leave, did leave, and he decided to stay. we are looking the circumstances, and a remind er
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that there are other americans there, and robert levinson is still there, and we don't know the fate, and also an iranian american businessman who is still held there. >> and nisr asaka who the u.s. government knows is still in iran. and also, the disappearance of robert levinson who disappeared on kish islands. and the only thing they got from the iranians was a commitment to continue to look for him, and is that what the iranians are saying? >> yes, a continuing commitment to say, we will seek information, but the fact is that we don't have a hard answer on his fate. is he still alive and where is he held? when you talk about the the ordeals for the family, and the ordeal for the levinson family still continues. >> and thank you, jim sciutto for reporting. the secretary of the state john kerry touted the successful diplomacy in the case, and i had a chance to sit down with the secretary to talk about the release, and so much more. and we also spoke about the implementation of the iran nu
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nuclear deal, and one possible reason that the u.s. ally, namely saudi arabia is uneasy with the deal moving forward and listen to this. >> the saudis are not ruling out the possibility giving their concern with this nuclear deal with iran, and they can go forward and maybe buy a nuclear bomb from pakistan, and you have heard those concerns. >> sure, we have heard those things, but you can't buy a bomb, and transfer it. >> why not? they have a lot of money. >> there are all kinds of mpt consequences, and huge implications of that, and saudi arabia knows i believe that it is not going to be making them safer nor easy, because the very things that iran went through, they were then going to be subject to in subject to the ip speck shun, and whole pcp review. >> and you can hear more of the interview at the "situation room" at 5:00 p.m. eastern. and now, if first photos of the former marine just coming into
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cnn, and here he is amir hekmati, a freed man for the first time in four years. he is there on the screen, and there with his brother-in-law and two sistersb and also in the picture is michigan congressman dan kilde, and as many of the viewers know, he has been outspoken for his release, and he represents the district from where he is from. and now, they join us from the landstuhl regional center. and congressman, i know that you have worked har many years, and been a frequent prguest on our show over the years, and how does he seem? >> well, he is great. i had not met him until today, but he is everything that i expected a strong guy with a great spirit who has been through an awful ordeal, and maintained the great spirit. he comes from a great family. i have gotten to know them so
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well and in meeting him and talking to him, it is obvious that he possesses the great fortitude that so much is a part of the family. he is a great young man and i'm proud to know him. >> and i can see that smile on your face with the picture with amir hekmati, and what is going to be happening to him in the next few days? >> well, he will go through the medical exams and discuss with the folks here on the ground at landstuhl the process of going back home. they will work it out between himself, and the family, and the officials here, and what the best timing is, and it is up to him, when he feels ready, he will go back home, and i know that the people back home are looking forward to that, and he said he wanted to say how proud he is to be an american and stood with these other americans who have gone through the ordeal, and to have so much support from the administration and congress and people back home. >> and did he share with you the
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torment that he went through in the four-plus years in a prison in iran? >> actually the moment that we had together before we came over here was really to say hello and gave him a big hug and chatted for a few minutes, but i will go have dinner with him and the family and i am sure that he has a story to tell, and it is important for the world to hear it, but it is going to be coming in due time. >> and do you know anything about the other americans how they are doing? first of all, the two other americans at the landstuhl hospital where you are and jason rezaian and saeed abedini, and have you had a chance to meet with them or get a sense of how they are doing? >> i have not had a chance of meeting with them, and i had a brief glimpse to see jason rezaian, and i was on the way to see amir hekmati, so i didn't see. but if they are like amir, they
10:14 am
have come through the terrible ordeal, and happy to be reunited with the family, and going home. i look forward to meet iing the in the coming days? and the families must be so happy, and as you said, you got to know amir hekmati's family, and do you know anything about the other american prisoner who chose to stay in iran? there is surprise regarding that case. and so what if anything can you share with us, congressman? >> well, we don't know much. we talked e briefly with the officials here, and since i was so associated with and involved in amir's case, i was not hearing much about that. that is fairly new to us, and i can't report much on it, because i don't know much about it. but obviously, his case, and all of the cases are unique, but he made the decision for himself to stay behind. >> and have u.s. officials explained to you why at least two or maybe three other american citizens remain in still in jail, and two of them
10:15 am
in jail, and robert levinson, the former fbi agent and the iranians saying they don't know where he is, and have you been briefed in the case why they were not included in the swap? >> no, i have not. in fact, i have not been briefed entirely since the announcement of the release. we were just in such a hurry to get here to greet amir. i look forward to learning more about that, and mr. levinson's case is unique, and all of the cases unique, and mr. levinson's case is one that we are all concerned about, and we will continue the press. it is a difference, because we have to the raise his voice and his name just like we did for the others who are coming home. and i just want to say to you, wolf, how much i appreciate the attention that you and cnn gave to this story. it made a difference to keep these names and faces in the public consciousness, and it is one of the reasons that we are able to celebrate this beautiful day. >> we have of course want to
10:16 am
thank you for all of the work that you have done over the many years as well. congressman dan kildee and pass along the best wishes to the families over there, because we are so thrilled that they are reunited with the loved ones. thank you, congressman, and for joining us, and we will catch up with you here in with washington. democratic congressman dan kildee. and coming up, three people missing in iraq and why they were taken? and two weeks away exactly from today from the iowa caucuses, and did bernie sanders gain significant ground on hillary clinton in the presidential debate? we will update you on what we know after this. you rally the team. we give you relief from your cough. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve even your worst cold & flu symptoms.
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nosratollah. are cnn is learning that intense is searches are under way for three missing contract workers in iraq. they can conducts raids in door to door in baghdad where an iraqi officials says that a
10:21 am
gunman abducted them, and also an iraqi brothel worker was taken. they worked for a security company, and the the men identified as two iraqi americans and one egyptian american and all three u.s. citizens, and joining us is bob baer, a former cia operative, and there are no immediate claims of responsibility, and americans need to find out who kidnapped the three american, and it has not happened in iraq for a while, and what are the possibilities? >> well, wolf, there is a always the possibility that the islamic state could grab somebody in baghdad, and it is not unlikely, and what is more likely is that the shia militia grabbed them leaving the brothel, and they were probably taken to the sadr city, a shia slum, and what you have to keep in mind, wolf, is
10:22 am
that baghdad is controlled by this day by militia us, and they are hard to control. the u.s. has a very difficult time to get any information and it could be a while before we get -- >> we are having technical proble problem, and we will try to figure are it out. stand by bob baer for a moment, and i want to get some idea about what the search is like for these three missing americans. joining us is a member of the house armed services committee and former iraq veteran, and served four, four tours of duty in iraq, and congressman, when you heard of the three american con tr contractors abducted from iraq, what went through your mind? >> well, honestly, wolf, it brought back a lot of memories from the war, because it is not atypical, and when we were over there, and different militia groups, and enemies of america were trying to capture american, and still trying to do it in iraq today.
10:23 am
>> and so it is not unusual, and when you heard bob baer talking about suspects, nobody has claimed responsibility and no ransom demands put forward yet, but he suggests the islamic state or isis, could be shiite ma lish shouse ilitia s militias, and it is still very wild over there, isn't it? >> yes, it is very wild. the fact of the matter is that we don't have a lot of diplomatic forces over there in baghdad. this is one of my consistent criticisms of the administration that since we pulled out the troops is that we have not remained diplomatically and politically in iraq. that makes it much more difficult to deal with situations like this, and i think that, of course, if we had been more engaged, we wouldn't be seeing the political chaos in b baghdad today. >> you served four tours of duty in baghdad, and then you went and got the graduate d degrees in harvard and now a united states member of congress. when you see what is happening in iraq right now, and the
10:24 am
enormous toll that the u.s. played since the war started in 2003, the price that the u.s. has to, had to pay in blood and pressure, and thousands of american troops are killed and hundreds of billions if not tril yons spent, and what do you think, was it worth it? >> it is very hard to say that it was wise to invade iraq, but for someone like me who went in for fourth surge and thought we finished the job, but what is unnerving is to back as a member of the armed services committee to see what we fought to achieve skwauquander and wasted. and now, after we have pulled americans out, we are sending them back n and it is my solemn duty to make sure that we don't repeat the mistakes of the past, so we don't have to continue to send troops back to iraq again and again, and i am focused on
10:25 am
the questions as we are looking to putting the troops in syria, and look at how we are withdrawing the troops from afghanistan. >> when you see iranian behavior today, and you know the iranians were involved and still involved in funding, supporting various shiite militias in iraq, and many of them killed a lot of the u.s. troops, you voted for the iran nuclear deal, and are you upbeat that the deal is going to be working five years or ten years from now, and iran will have totally abandoned the quest for a nuclear bomb? >> i think that iran is only going to abandon the quest for a nuclear bomb if the we hold them to the deal, and implementation reman remains paramount. nobody was able to present a viable pathway to a better deal. i went to israel to meet with president netanyahu and he could not a articulate how we could get a better deal, but the nuclear deal is all that it is,
10:26 am
and it is the best way that we have today to prevent iran from getting a nuclear bomb, but it is not doing the change the fact that iran is still an enemy of the united states of america, and they kidnap americans, and support iraqi militias opposed to our interests, and so we have to keep up the pressure on iran in a wide variety of ways. this nuclear deal is one part of that, and one part of that fight against them, and important way to prevent them from getting the nuclear weapon. >> congressman seth moulton of massachusetts. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. coming up, he defends president obama's policies during last night's democratic deba debate. and i will ask the chairman of the democratic party debbie wassermann schultz.
10:27 am
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here in the united states, the democratic presidential candidates are marking the martin luther king jr. holiday in columbia, south carolina, but last night in charleston, it was fight night. hillary clinton went after bernie sanders on gun control, and bernie sanders blasted hillary clinton's efforts to link him to the gun lobby. >> i the they secretary clinton knows that what she is saying is very disingenuous, because i have a d-minus record with the nra. >> i have it on based on senator
10:32 am
sanders' record that he has voted with the nra numerous times and voted against the brady bill five times and voted for what we call the charleston loophole, and voted to let guns go on the amtrak, and guns in national parks and he voted against doing research to figure out how we can save lives. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders sparred over health care. she accused him of planning to do away with the afford care act or obama care. >> there are thing ths that we could do to improve it, but to tear it up and start over again, pushing our country back into that kind of a contentious debate, i think it is a wrong direction. >> nobody is tearing it up. we are doing to go forward and we are not going to be tearing up the affordable care act, and i helped to the write it, but we are going to be moving on top of it to a medicare for all system. >> and senators also went after clinton he says that they have major differences of how the
10:33 am
deal with wall street. >> first, i don't take money from the big banks, and i don't get personal speaking fees from goldman sachs. >> and i can tell you that the hedge fund billionaires running ads against me right now, and karl rove who started running an ad against me right now funded by money from the financial services sector sure think that i'm the one they don't want. >> and last night's democratic debate was the last chance for the candidates to face-off in a formal debate process before the iowa caucuses two weeks from today, and joining us now to talk about the state of the race is the chair of the democratic national committee, the chairwoman congresswoman debbie wassermann schultz, and thank you for joining us. are you surprised how close the race is between bernie sanders and hillary clinton in iowa and new hampshire? >> foshgs wol-- no, wolf.
10:34 am
i am not. it is what we expected, and three very strong candidates wo are working hard to build a base of support in the primary state, and particularly bernie sanders successful in building the large grass roots network that supports them, and that is going to be boding well for us when we have an eventual democratic nominee, because we can take them to the built-out grass roots operation, and unite them behind the eventual nominee. >> and when you say three strong candidates you are referring to the former governor martin o'malley, and in the national polls, he is 4%, and bernie sanders and hillary clinton are 45%, and so you think that he has some sort of chance? >> well, you know, i think that martin o'malley has been working hard in iowa, and he has a good message. the clear difference last night for me and for so many americans watching that the debate is what
10:35 am
a difference a democrat makes. i mean, we had three candidates on that stage that all talked about the issues that are important to americans, and about how to move us forward and build on president obama's legacy of success, on the job creation that we have successfully have had and the k access to health care with 19 million americans who didn't have health care before and now do, and the finer-point arguments that they had between one another is really the difference of approach of achieving the same goals as opposed to the food fight, and really the insult hurling that we watched in north charleston thursday night at the republican debate. >> are you with hillary clinton or bernie sanders on the issue of improving health care for americans? hillary clinton says she wants to improve the affordable care act and make it work better, and bernie sanders basically says, remove the affordable care act
10:36 am
and allow medicare which is available for seniors now in the united states to be a available to all americans. congresswoman, do you believe that hillary clinton's pragmatic approach is best or bernie sanders more idealistic approach for all is a better stance? where to you stand? >> wolf, i'm very proud that we have candidates lunatic republicans who all want to lock and stock, and repeal the affordable care act, and take away access to health care for 19 million people, and pake sure that the seniors have a doughnut hole, and prescription drug gap again and increase their prescription drug costs and take away the insurance from people who want to have their children stay on their parents' insurance until they are 26. >> and i understand that. but where to you stand on the difference of bernie sanders and hillary clinton? >> well, the point is they don't see it as a a split. our candidates believe that health care is a right and not a privilege. and we want to build on making sure that more people and not fewer have more access to health
10:37 am
care. so it is a difference of approaches and i was in congress and not only proud to support and sponsor the legislation that i was adding to it to helpp people who have breast kacancer and i agree with both senator sanders and hillary clinton that we have to do everything we can to improve and build on the affordable care act, and help everybody to get access to health care which is what democrats want. >> and let me try a third time, do you want health care all over the country like bernie sanders? >> i want to improve on the affordable health care act and ensure that everybody in america has health care. >> and now, locally for you, and we are now being told that you are facing potentially a liberal democratic challenger for the democratic nomination in your district named doug kanova who says she takes a lot of corporate money, and votes for
10:38 am
corporate interests contrary to the interest of her own constituent, and you are too close to wall street, and the criticism of bernie sanders of hillary clinton, and now youre facing that criticism of somebody from the left who wants to challenge you for the congressional nomination. and what is your response? >> well, you have combined the names of my otwo opponents. gyrocopter man is one of the opponents, and he landed a gyrocopter on the white house lawn, and another one is that you just read from doug, and i am very proud to have represented the constituents in washington for the last 11 years. i am proud of my record. as i said, i co-sponsor and led the effort to pass the affordable care act. and i have fought hard to make sure that we could do everything that we can to have help for people trying to reach the middle-class, and have a voice
10:39 am
to get good education, and access to health care, and strong roof offtheir head, and continue to be able to have an affordable education, and strong are retirement safety net. i look forward to continuing to ask for their support, and both in the democratic primary and the general election in november. >> you are right, it is timothy canova and she is a professor at the college of law at southeastern university. and is that a serious contender, timothy canova >> and let me tell you any candidate who does not take anybody serious who has a name on the ballot, it is a mistake. i have had a race every election for the 23 years that i have represented my constituents in tallahassee and washington and i look forward to walking door to door and running the grass roots campaigns they have always won, and run and won, and look forward to continuing to do
10:40 am
more. if there is somebody on the ballot, i take them seriously, and i take my constituents very seriously. >> that is a smart move. and even remembers eric cantor, the are republican from virginia, and he had a republican primary challenge, and he lost. >> well, it is very different in florida, and just so you know, that we have closed primaries in florida, and in virginia they have open primaries, and there have been some comparisons made, but not this process, because only democrats can vote in florida, and anyone can vote in virginia. very different. >> and debbie wassermann schultz is chair mman of the dnc and al the congresswoman from south florida. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. thank you. this morning, donald trump is speaking at the same place where ted cruz formally announced the run for the presidency. he had a gaffe there, and we will tell you what trump said and much more when we come back. >> oh, this is so beautiful.
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the republican presidential candidate senator marco rubio is out on the campaign trail at a town hall in iowa and i want to listen in on what he is saying. >> the difference off what i am saying is between me and the other candidates is that they have not done anything meaningful. they created a bailout where your money would be used to bail out people, and in 2014, i led the effort to get rid of the bailout fund and we saved $2 billion, and now all of the columnists are saying that marco rubio did a terrible thing, and he took out the bailout fund, and now it is going to collapse. yes, i hope. so so when i am president, it is gone. and obama care is going to be gone, and it is going to be a system that puts you back in charge of your health care insurance so you can buy insurance from any company in
10:46 am
the country no matter what state they are in, and we will deal with immigration which is an issue which i know personal ily. i did not watch a front line special on it. i know it personally, because my father was an immigrant, and my mother was an immigrant, and my wife's entire family are immigrant immigrants, and my neighborhood is a community of immigrants, and most of them fir first-generation. so i know how complicated it can be, and very aspect of it. and i know people here illegally, and what ti did was wrong, but the stories would break your heart, and i know people who are here legally and the stories would outrage you, and vice versa, so it is not the same issue three or four or five years ago, but a now there is a radical jihadist group, isis who has a sophisticated understanding of the immigration policies of the world.
10:47 am
so that is a sense of marco rubio out there on the trail, a and we will monitor it p but he is passionate on the idea of isis and immigration. and meanwhile, ted cruz and donald trump are locked. and a latest poll shows cruz ahead of him 27% to 25% for t m trump. nationally, trump is leading cruz 34% to 24%. and now, going to eric cante' c former campaign manager jonathan
10:48 am
gilliam. and what are you seeing? >> well, if he can get a strong third, then marco rubio can go in with a strong gust of wind behind his back. >> and in iowa, two weeks is a long time, because that is literal ly when they make up their mind, right? >> yes, and it is cruz who has been off message for the last few months, and he needs to get back on message to close the case for iowa. >> and now, donald trump went to liberty university, and some experts, and i'm not an expert by any means, and he stumbled on the speech when he quoted the passage of second corinthians from the bible. >> so 2 corinthian, and that is the whole ball game, right, where the spirit of the lord is, there is liberty, and here there are liberty college, liberty university, but it is so true. >> and he said 2 corinthians and instead of second corinthian,
10:49 am
and some experts said it is s w showed a lack of the knowledge, and what is your reaction? >> well, it is consistent what we have seen of him before, because when he talked about religion six or eight months ago, he said that he talked about the little cracker and wine, and to an evangelical voter that is not how you talk about these thing, and you think that he is being told to say or thinking impromptu fashion rather than coming from the heart, and if you are talking about the religion, it has to come from the heart. >> could that error hurt him among the evangelicals, because there are a number of them out there in iowa? >> in the normal world it would, but what we have seen in the past few months, there is not a normal world in the republican primary process, and no one know, because donald trump has not been held accountable for anything that he has said in the past. >> thank you, doug heye. and donald trump being bashed byb britain, and the
10:50 am
parliament debating banning the frontrunner from the country. we will update you on the latest there when we come back. that cae for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income. if we all do that we can all win. prudential bring your challenges®
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right now british lawmakers are debating whether or not donald trump should be barred from the uk. more than half a million people signed a pe it tigs to ban the presidential front runner following his call to ban muslims from coming to the united states. max foster is outside of parliament. . max, is this a serious proposition? has it ever been done before? >> reporter: well, i have never witnessed a debate entirely about banning one person. there's questions raised in parliament, but not an entire debate. . it's getting huge amounts of coverage. it doesn't have any teeth. there won't be a vote. that decision lies with the home secretary. . but it may put pressure on her to make a decision around this.
10:55 am
an extraordinary moment in the last hour. some support for donald trump in the discussion. he praised donald trump's straight talking and we could do with a bit of messaging on political correctness along those lines in the uk. generally, he's been described from everything from a zen foeb to stupid. there's a split down the line, though, about whether or not he shub banned. for example, the chairman of that particular debate suggesting if if you didden ban him it would make him a martyr and make him look like a victim and may play well for him in the presidential election in the u.s. also concerns it has to be said if they were to ban him, it would be seen as a snub gns the u.s. . but this is one view that epitomizes the view. he feels that donald trump should be banned. >> people often say that the public are apathetic about
10:56 am
politics. this online e petition signed by 600,000 people shows that when people feel a sense of justice, when people feel we need to stop a poisonous, corrosive man from entering our country they will act in good conscience. this is not just any man. this is a man who is extremely high profile involved in the american show business industry for years and years. a man who is interviewing for the most important job in the world. his words are not comical. his words are not funny. his words are poisonous. they risk inflaming tension between vulnerable communities. >> max foster, thank you very much. we'll stay on top of the story. the news continues right after a quick break. we give you relief from your cold & flu. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol® cold helps relieve your worst cold & flu symptoms...
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