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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  January 18, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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we'll see you again at 11:00 p.m. eastern. cnn tonight with don lemon starts no xxxx kibl sdpibl it? two weeks, to iowa. the key to success in the iowa caucuses just might be the evangelical vote. so this is awkward. >> so corinthians, right? 3:17. these the whole ball game. where the spirit of the lord, right, where the spirit of the lord is, there is liberty. >> well, meanwhile, the gloves are off for the democrats. listen to bernie sanders blasting hillary clinton on speaking fee. >> first difference is, i don't take money from big banks. i don't get personal speaking fees from goldman sachs. >> can sanders give clinton a run for her money in iowa?
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plus, as we remember dr. martin luther king jr. today, a sign of how far we have come and we haven't come. oscars will had smith and jay da pinkett smith boycotting, chris rock jokes they're the white b.e.t. award been what is wrong with this picture and what will it take to change it? there's a lot going on. but i want to begin tonight with politics. this campaign is heating on you both sides. here to talk about it is frank ba bleenny and the author of "where you go is not who you'll be." >> donald trump and ted cruz, the republicans, because ted cruz is at 27. donald trump is at 25. >> he's in iowa, right? >> this is in iowa. you said in your latest column, there is no room for second place in the donald trump world. what do you mean by that? >> his whole brand is that he's a winner. his favorite putdown of other people is you're a loser. what happens if he comes in second. >> iowa? how does donald trump spin that
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inspect 245es not his brand. come back kid very comfortably.- >> that would not be fun, right? >> no. >> but he's not like a starter from the bottom and we're here guy or the challenge. he's like, i am number one, i'm winning. >> when he's criticized, he says, look, whatever you say about me, the people love me best. my poll numbers are highest. what does he say in response to criticism is in the first the very contest of the race he comes in second, and it could be a distant second. >> did you see this? this is what he had about ted cruz to george stephanopoulos. >> look, the truth is, he's a nasty guy. he was so nooid nice to me. but he's a nasty guy. nobody likes him. the nobody in congress likes him. nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know him. he's a very -- he's got an edge that's not good. you can't make deals with people like that and it's not auto good thing. it's not a good thing for the country. very nasty guy.
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>> could that alienate him with conservatives? because they really like ted cruz. do you think that could back fire for him? did trump saying that? >> no. i think everybody has become so accustom to trump belittling, that's pretty mild for donald trump going after someone. i don't think there's a single voter out there who doesn't expect donald trump at some point to go after anybody that's close to him in the polls. so i don't think that's inconsistent with what they've seen of trump before. i think there are people who are already not going to vote for him, but i don't think he's got to lose folks. >> what do you think that says about ted cruz that he's a nasty goois guy once people get to know him. >> i don't often say this, but donald is on to something. if you go back to princeton, where he went to college, although he doesn't often talk about that because now he's the man of the people. we talk to people who went to harvard with him. he talked to people who worked on the burke campaign. it's interesting. he got a terrible job. he was shunted off to the
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siberia of the administration. people who work with him do not like him. and donald trump is raising a very legitimate point that many of us that write about ted cruz has raised which is how does that make you an effective leader? >> when you talk about princeton, you talk about where his -- this sort of northeast sort of education that he's gotten, you know, his wife, goldman sachs and all that. but still, he's doing commercials with the duck dynasty people. as you said, he sort of says that he champions himself as i am a guy of the people. donald trump accidents do that. he said i'm a billionaire. i made a lot of money. he doesn't profess to be the that. but this guy, is the perception different than the reality of who ted cruise is? >> what he's putting out is different. one of the great stories from harvard is he doesn't like to study from people from harvard law who was from lesser ivies. he is someone who has traveled in some wanted circles who has a
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classic establishment elite education and he never, ever references that because he's looking to gain traction with an entirely different segment of the electorate. >> and it appears to be working. >> working for now. working to a certain degree. you know, we don't know. people have voted yet. >> yeah, we'll see. how do you think donald trump is handling the issues? in nv nevada, he addressed that. let's watch and then we'll talk about it. you have tremendous problems. you have tremendous problems with the drugs in this area. it's amazing to me. when i come to new hampshire, i hear more about the drug problem and the addiction and all of the drugs pouring in than i do most other places. i don't even understand why. but it's one of the most important things. and that wall is going to stop so much. and we're going to help 2 people that are so addicted that they can. because i speak with parents and their children are in bad shape and they're really addicted. it is really, really a big thing to get off. it's hard. the easiest way to get off is to
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never start. it's like me, i don't smoke. if you never start, it's easier not to smoke. i have friends that are always giving up cigarettes. for 25 years, a guy has been giving up cigarettes. but if you never start, and we have to get the kids never to sdarts and the people generally not to starts. the ones that are already hooked, we've got to go them help and we're going to see a lot 06 things to help them as much as we can. >> what do you think of the way he handled that? >> for starters, that's interesting because one of the things you you have not seen donald trump doing in this campaign until now is going to a given local and tailoring his remarks to the issues that matter there 37 injury seeing donald trump transform into a much more conventional candidate. you're seeing him go through the paces that a candidate is supposed to. and i think that months ago, i think this is still somewhat of a lark for him and now he realizes, wait a second, i could really win this thing and you're seeing him buckle down and do the things you expect a candidate to do like talk about
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an issue that's very important to the voters in that locality on their terms. >> do you think it's fair to equate cigarette smoking and heroine? all addiction is the same. >> i don't think it's fair or unfair. i think that was a really good moment for trump. think about how many politicians speak as if they're on some tall podium, they're robotic. he really speaks in the conversational colloquial way that i think context with voters. i think he's a ridiculous candidate, but he's become a much, much, much better politician. >> so let's talk about this thing that happened on sunday night. i'm like, is there really a debate on sunday night? democrats. over 10 million people watched last night's debate. bernie sanders and hillary clinton. they're tied at 45%. who do you think moved the needle more? was it bernie sanders or hillary clinton or martin o'malley? >> it was not martin o'malley. if anyone moved the needle at all, i think it was probably bernie sanders. he's a one note candidate in many ways, but he hits that note
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so hard, so consistently, i'm not sure there's another candidate in this race on either side of the aisle who is as disciplined as bernie sanders has been. >> i am surprised -- well, we'll talk about that. the let's talk about this being on the weekend. i am surprised that he said what he said about bill clinton. i was like, whew, he's kind of the adult in the room by saying that because most people would have hit hillary clinton hard on her husband's behavior. >> what he was when he said it was disgusting behavior? as he said -- >> he said it was disgusting behavior, but i'm going to judge hillary clinton on hillary clinton and not on her husband, basically. >> i think that was the right answer in the debate and i'm not surprised that he got trapped into a bill clinton comment or response before. these candidates have so many questions coming at them, so much of the time from the moment they step out to the moment they go inside at the end of the day. you end up saying things you didn't necessarily mean to or get baited into answering a question. i think he doesn't want to make this campaign about bill clinton. >> so sunday night is like
7:09 pm
football night or people want to watch hbo, it's their tv night or their dvr night. do you have a dpbt on a sunday night, do you care that was a mistake? >> i think the democrats have handled this debate cycle ridiculously. the republicans have been out there on week nights. the democrats, it's like they're in a broom closet or something. i don't think it's a smart prat strategy. i think it's something that was born to protect hillary clinton. here we are getting close to iowa and new hampshire. hasn't protected her. i think when people look back at this, whatever the lines, they'll think it was a mistake. >> when you look at 20 some million people watching, as compared to just above 10 million. there's a bigger principal here, too, which is the whole point of a democrats is to inform people. the democrats have not treated voters with respect in this process. >> always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate you coming in. when we come right back, more foeshgs from the democrats debate.
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campaigning in iowa tonight. person knee sanders in alabama. but for anybody who missed it, there plenty of fireworks. >> there are things we can do to improve it, but to tear it up and start over again pushing our country back into that kind of a contentious debate. i think is the wrong direction. >> we're not going to tear off the affordable care act. i helped write it. but we are going to move on top of that to a -- >> i'm going to defend dodd frank and i'm going to defend president obama for taking on wall street, taking on the financial industry and getting results. >> secretary clinton -- and you're not the only one, so i don't mean to just point the finger at you -- you've received over $600,000 in speaking fees from the goldman sachs in one year. i think secretary clinton knows that what she says is very did i know discan enbeginningus.
7:15 pm
i have a d minus voting record from the nra. sfwh i have made it clear based on senator sander's own record that he has voted with the nra numerous times. >> his behavior was deplorable. have you ever said a word about that issue? no, i have not. i'm going to debate secretary clinton, o'malley on the issues facing the american people, not bill clintons's personal behavior. >> joining me now, bill beckel and bakar sellers. thanks for coming in on a holiday. when he said martin o'malley, they didn't even show him. poor martin. hi, bakari, how are you? >> very well, don. thank you for having me. >> he said her big bear hug of president obama's policy, i'm wondering feng it could stop bernie sanders' surge. >> well, i think she did a good job last night. i think she understood her audience. talking last night, she was on calhoun street right there in
7:16 pm
charleston, south carolina, within the same block of emanuel ame, where the massacre of nine people occurred and she knew that and she hammered bernie on guns and she talked to bernie on that knowing her audience. she also knew barack obama has a 90% approval rating not just in south carolina but throughout the south. after you get out of iowa and new hampshire, when you get to south carolina, whupth to alabama, when you get to georgia and you get to these other states on super tuesday and beyond, you start to realize that those states reflect the demographics of the democratic party a lot more than iowa and new hampshire. and i think she understands that and she's building her fire wall and i think that last night was a success. bernie did very well. but i do think hillary won the debate. >> but, bob, in the general, if she aligns herself so closely with president obama, is that going to hurt her in the general? sfwh i'm sorry? >> by aligning herself so closely with president obama, if
7:17 pm
she becomes the nominee, will that hurt her in the general? >> i don't -- listen, she's got to look at the next state on down the line here. right now, she has a surging bernie sanders in two states. it's possible. i don't think probable, but it's possible he could win two states, which will be a lot 06 momentum. if he does that, there's going to be a lot of -- hillary in 008 all over again. so i think exactly -- >> we've seen that already. >> exactly as bakari has pointed out, in south carolina, this is good politics. and you've got to play for the states you need to win. she can worry about getting back to the center. by the way, i think the idea that barack obama is such an anchor around the democratic nominee's head is crazy. i mean, he's got a good story to tell and people are getting better and better at telling it. he's getting better at telling it. and his positives/negatives are closing up. so i'm not so sure he's going to be such a negative. >> okay. so, bakari, you heard in the sound bite that is a louder bernie sanders last night. do you think he's channeling donald trump's anger?
7:18 pm
>> well, i do think that there are some similarities. and i know that this is going to drive my twitter mentioners crazy. but there are similarity between donald trump and persbernie san. it's just the way they tap into some anger and disenfranchisement that many voters feel. they are vastly different. i will take bernie sanders a hundred days out of a hundred over donald trump. but there is an anger he taps into. and i will tell you bernie sanders is the most disciplined on message candidate that we've seen in a very, very long period of time reach whatever the issue is, he taps into that anger towards the billionaire class, towards wall street, goldman sachs, and he hammers that message home better than any candidate we've seen. last nigh, he was taken abart when hillary clinton talked about barack obama's affordable care act versus this we don't know what bernie sanders is proposing. and i will comment briefly, don, we have to remember that barack obama got to 270 in electoral
7:19 pm
college the last two times he ran. so i think he's not going to be an anchor around anyone's neck. i think we know what we're doing. >> watching trump and bernie, the two of them, one thing is clear, when they talk, all of a sudden you'll think you're in brooklyn. i think bernie probably shocked people last night who didn't know him. he had that, you know, i'm talking about this kind of stuff here and he talks with his hands. >> what's wrong with brooklyn? i graduated from brooklyn college. >> oh, you did? >> i did. so watch yourself there. >> that's a good secondary education right there. >> it is. it was a very good -- look, i'm here with you. >> that's right. >> so why is that shocking? why do you think he shocked people with that? >> well, because -- look, i think he was introduced to a lot of people last night who never heard of bernie sanders or watched bernie sanders. this election is getting engaged, as it usually does, about two weeks out. i think he did a good job. i don't think anybody won or lost. i don't think he displaced
7:20 pm
hillary clinton. but i think that was his first real major introduction and it is strange, being a former mayor of burlington and from vermont to sound like that. it's like going to the west bank and listening to the settlers. >> you know how the kennedys sound and they were just fine. bakari, we saw the democratic senators honoring martin luther king today. in the latest south carolina poll, hillary clinton is polling at 82%. bernie is polling at just 11%. do you think bernie understands the concerns of black voters? >> i mean, i think bernie sanders is growing into it. it's very difficult because it's not a constituency that he had to represent it at any time in his political career. but bernie sanders has a long history. i think his supporters will tell you that first and foremost. but hillary clinton does understand the stoitsy. the clintons understand the constituency. i think one of the things people need to take note of, for
7:21 pm
example, at the king day of the dome, hillary clinton really, really knows who she's talking to. in her speech, she talked about danny lou hamer, she talked about the strong african-american women who were the backbone of the civil rights movement. >> but bernie sanders marched. he was a civil -- he marched during the civil rights era. >> no one can take that away from bernie sanders, but now we have to say it's a little bit more than that. but this morning, and the only reasoning i bring that speech up, i would have to give bernie this credit, as well. but the key to the african-american vote, the demographic that is going to control the presidency is african-american women and i think hillary clinton understands that. >> thank you, gentlemen. and i'll say this to bob. get out of here. >> get out of here, right? get your hands off my -- >> we need some true south carolina values. >> a few south carolina values, it would be good, you know? >> and louisiana, too. get out of her, y'all. see you next time.
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donald trump speaking at liberty at full house, really, at liberty university in virginia today. he is battling ted cruz for the support of the evangelical vote, evangelical voters with the iowa caucus now just two weeks away. it's coming fast. here to discuss it is hillary macnenny and political commentator buck sexton. what's your other title? >> host of the buck sexton show on "the blaze." >> kayleigh, ted cruz things trump's late life change to conservatism is totally different than that of another democrat, of a former democrat turned republican, ronald reagan. listen. >> ronald reagan was a voice of consistency. and i'm pretty sure that ronald reagan didn't write checkes and support democratic politicians.
7:27 pm
>> so who is more like reagan? trump, cruz or neither, kayleigh? >> i think they're both a lot like reagan. and i would disagree with mr. cruz that trump is not like reagan. because here's the thing. while reagan might not have donated to democrats, reagan did pass the largest tax increase in california history. he was also pro choice before he was pro life. he supported fdr. he support today new deal. and then he had a change. and he pivoted away from those policies and was cyst there after. we've seen the same thing with donald trump. he's been nothing but consistent since he made the change from democrat to republican, from supporting democrats to supporting republicans. i discan agree with cruz. but i think they're a lot like reagan and i don't like the bickering, really. >> buck, do you think they're both like reagan? >> no. only reagan is like reagan. until they've actually been president, until they've defeated the evil empire of the soviet union, neither of them are anything like reagan. >> that was fun. i was hoping i was going to get
7:28 pm
a chance to say that. but with all of that said -- so you like reagan? >> i'm something of a reagan fan. in terms of the political transformation that reagan went through over time, people pointed out when he was in california, he was a lot molibel and that over time became a hero to conservatives. with donald trump, not only does he party very left wing causes in the past, also as he's gone along on this campaign, yes, he's been conservative, but he's been figuring it out sometimes as he goes along. one was a democrat and then republican. that's how they're alike. >> if you're talking about the transformation into something other than what they were, yes, but in terms of being one of the greatest presidents of all time -- all right. moving on, yesterday donald trump told george stef nonly that that nobody likes, this is his response.
7:29 pm
♪ that's right let me tell you ♪ ♪ nasty nasty boys don't mean a thing ♪ just in case you were warning, that is janet jackson and she had a song called nasty. miss jackson if you're nasty. so, john, classic cruz comeback with a pop culture reference, don't you think? >> well, he is and i think trump was on safer ground when he was bricking up the canadian issue. i think he was on safer grounds when he was talking about the unreported loans. i think it's a mistake for trump or anyone on our side to be attacking with those words. as nasty or corrupt as we might think the clintons are, we should not be saying that on national tv. so i think it takes away from trump when he does it. it creates this murder/suicide scenario where he hurts his opponent but he hurts himself when he does it. >> what do you think of the response, was it club or not? >> look, the problem is, this keeps me in the go-to for cruz and it worries me that it's the
7:30 pm
same response on the canadian thing, which i think is a legitimate issue that he should be talking about the. if he was somebody's vp pick, they would certainly vet the heck out of that before they would ever pick them. so it bothers me that he's flippant with some of these things. i think he probably did the right thing by being silly about it. >> john, he didn't go after cruz today. do you think he's going to be back at it home? is that because cruz has such strong ties there? >> well, yeah, i think as we know over the weekend, donald trump got booed a little bit at a tea party event for going after cruz. interestingly enough, the cruz campaign is now going much harder against trump. so we've seen a dramatic shift there in the last 72 hours. >> rush limbaugh addressed trump/cruz back and forth today. let's listen to that. >> and i will tell you, again, 74, i think trump is making a
7:31 pm
strategic error in the way he criticizes cruz. for folks, it's unrealistic to expect that they're not going to go after each other. they're number one and two. iowa and new hampshire are at stake. which is politics. there's only one winner. the two of them can't win this together in some sort of a bromance and come out as a united couple with either of these primaries. that's not how it works. >> is rush right about that, that he's pushing evangelical voters away? and do they need a bromance? >> i think it is bad strategy. a question that's been a asked all along, is it possible for trump to blunder? and i think going after ted cruz in a way that's personal, in a way that seems to be particularly does he meaning, and behind ted cruz, the matchups between cruz and trump. you see cruz actually is beating him. the conservative base can't be turned off by trump's rhetoric. we're going to expect some
7:32 pm
fighting, but not nasty mudslinging let's talk about the supporters. they are using donald trump's own words against him. >> now, one of the reasons that i like ted cruz so much is that he's not controversial. but the truth is, he shouldn't be controversial. because what he's doing isn't right. he took a stand recently and it was a grand stand and had a little back, you would have really got the big chunk out of it. >> that was then, this is now. did trump have any other choice but to go after cruz when he overtook him in iowa? >> yeah. i think trump -- i disagree with buck. i think trump goes after everyone. and i don't think that's a mistake. if anything, that's what's kept him at the top. so i don't think trump is wrong to go after ted cruz. as a republican, i'm so glad
7:33 pm
that my candidates are going through the fire before they brm a nominee. if they don't go through the fire now, they're going to go through the fire when they face hillary clinton. as for that ad, i would say you could make an equally effective ad in the trump camp by i wouldn't see using cruz's own words who said over the summer, i praise donald trump. he called him bold. it's fair knowledge. we all know that they've praised one another. donald trump could make an equally effective ads -- >> to be fair, it's not that we think there shouldn't be criticism. it's the nature of the attacks recently which have been personal. which have been no one likes ted cruz. it's like he talks about someone he doesn't want sitting next to him in the high school cafeteria. that's not the thing you expect for somebody that he has shown a lot of respect to in the past and that, by the way, he is going to need some of the people who think cruz is their number two choice. trump is going to need them to be along with him. he can't turn them off by -- >> kayleigh, stand by.
7:34 pm
you can respond after the break. we'll be right back. >> okay. thank you, do know. snow know. snow now. snow w. snow . snow win one thousand dollars every day at h&r block. ♪ a thousand people win a thousand dollars every single day for a month. get in on this! ♪ i will not lose. it's refund season.
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7:38 pm
. and we're back. kayleigh, you were going to conextra difficult what buck said about donald trump's strategy. >> yeah. he said donald trump's attacks have gotten too personal. aside from the nasty comment, i would argue they haven't been personal against ted cruz at all. buck cited the fact that ted cruz's colleagues don't like him. that's a fair criticism that i promise hillary clinton will bring up. he doesn't have a reputation from being congenial in the senate. i don't find that to be a problem, but i can guarantee you hillary clinton will bring that up. and it's a fair thing for donald trump to bring up. this is not just a personal attack, it's a widespread understanding when it comes to ted cruz. he's going to get all of these from hillary clinton or god forebit -- >> buck, you don't get to respond. it's cable news. no one ever gets to the ends of an argument. let's move on. thou shallt not quote the bible without practicing first. that might be a good mammoth for donald trump. john, let's listen to donald
7:39 pm
trump. >> the bible. the bible is the best. the bible. the bible blows it away. there's nothing like the bible. 2 corinthians, right? 3:17. that's the whole ball game. where the spirit of the lord -- right? where the spirit of the lord is, there is liberty. and here, there is liberty college, liberty university. but it is so true. you know, when you think -- and that's really -- is that the one? is that the one you like? i think that's the one you like because i loved it. and it's so representative of what's taken place. but we are going to protect krift christianity. >> john, the audience chuckled this morning when donald trump said 2 corinthians instead of second corinthians. >> just watching him there, you can tell how unfamiliar he is with scripture. here you have somebody trying to run as this authentic candidate, and this time we see them as
7:40 pm
ridiculously scripted. the problem is, he's in place where they're going to know whether he has convictions in his heart or understanding or he's reading it. >> that's unfair. it's a question of convictions in his heart because he said 2 corinthians? that's so unfair. >> it does not -- it looked more like he was doing standup at liberty university than like a typical candidate would go there and talk with conviction. houveng do you see donald trump talking with notes? >> so that's not a mistake that he said two corinthians instead of second corinthians? >> when donald trump talks about the bible, you get the sense that he has no idea can what he's talking about whatsoever. that said, there's a reason evangelicals and christians support him, the reason why he's so competitive in iowa, either in first or second. the reason is they slew him as not someone who is devote, but who is a defender. his whole anti-pc move takes in a lot of christians, as well, who feel like the whole culture
7:41 pm
that trump speaks out against speaks against them all the time. >> most voters would say it's not that big a deal, but it is a big deal to evangelicals. don't you think that, kayleigh? or no? >> we shouldn't question someone's faith because they say two as opposed to second. what i look at is someone else's character. donald trump's employees love him. they say he's exceedingly generous, a great man to work for. that's telling -- >> so if hillary clinton or bernie sanders or marco rubio would have had two corinthians, you don't think the trump folks would be all over them? they might, but i'm of the belief you don't question someone's faith. if the someone says they're a christian, i'm going to take them at their word and look at the fruits of their action. >> did you question his faith or just his knowledge of the bible? >> not questioning his faith. he may consider himself to be a very religious person. donald trump would pray every night. i have no idea.
7:42 pm
none of us have any idea. but you obviously has very little familiarity with the bible which is a book he talks about with some regularity saying it's the only book that's better -- >> the problem is from the campaign, he's trying to turn him into something he's not. he's lost how he's authentic. instead, he's trying to be the evangelical candidate and no one is ever going to buy that. you i think he's the defender of evangelicals. i don't think he's trying to pretend he has some knowledge of scripture. today notwithstanding. i think he's positioning himself as a person who understands if you're a traditional christian, traditional catholic, you feel like right now your culture is under attack as part of this politically correct society we live in now, that's what trump is speak out against all the time. that's why you have a lot of people who otherwise i think would look askance at this. but they say this is a guy who will stand up against all that pc knot nonsense and let us be traditional christians. >> that's what he should be, but
7:43 pm
he didn't look like that today. >> thank you, don. chris rock is hosting the academy awards this year, but that hasn't stopped him from joking the oscars are the white b.e.t. awards. imagine what he's going to be saying during the live show. but first, here at cnn, we're sharing our stories of very special people in our lives with our week long series, the person who changed my life. it's going to wrap up with a two-hour special sunday at 8:00 eastern. here is a quick preview four. >> my son helped make me change. ♪ i have been hopeless and i've had my faith ♪ ♪ all of these moments showed me the way that i've come ♪ these people changed lives. >> can you believe we're back here? >> join the familiar faces of cnn as they share their special someone with you. >> the voyage that your suggestion sent me on. >> and i learned this from you. you have to ask the important questions on the most important issues of the day. >> without my mom, i am certain
7:44 pm
i would not be where i am. >> if you were to ask them how important is a mentor, and if they told you, yeah, not that important, it probably means they never had a great mentor. >> is that the letter? this is the letter. >> you found it? >> very few people will tell you the truth. you do that. >> anderson cooper and mikhail la per rare ra host "the person who changed my life" sunday on cnn. ly 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about. he looks a little bit like me, yes. ancestry has many paths to discovering your story. get started for free at
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marie callender's with a crust made from scratch. because when it's cold outside, good food and good company... ...keep you warm inside. marie callender's. today is the day we remember the life of martin luther king jr. and will smith and jay da pinkett smith choice today to say they were boycotting this year's oscars. nishell turner, host of entertainment tonight, you have some break news about this controversy tonight. what can you tell us? absolutely, don. in the last few minutes, the add academy president cheryl has released a statement to this situation. here is what she said. she said i would like to acknowledge the wonderful work of this year's nominees. while we celebrate their extraordinary achievements, i
7:49 pm
have both heart broked and frustrated about the lack of inclusion. this is a difficult and important conversations and it's time for big changes. the can a academy is taking dramatic steps. we will conduct a review of our membership recruitment in order to bring about much-needed diversity in our 2016 class and beyond. there's a lot in that statement, don. she says a lot there. this is not one of those, hey, guys, calm down, everything is okay statements. this is statement from the academy president saying, you know what? i get it and i feel the same way you do. this isn't the first time, i should say, cheryl boone isaacs has expressed this frustration. i just did an aintroduce with her thursday after the announcements and she said basically the same thing to me, she thought the nominees were great, their art was wonderful, but she was really disappointed with the lack of inclusion this year. and she rattled off a list of wonderful performance thes by actors of color that she felt
7:50 pm
deserved the recognition. so we have seen her implement a lot of changes since she took over as head of the acami in the last four years. i think she will continue this fight. i think she would start to push for even more now because she feels this growing frustration by actors and people of color. actually, i should say by a lot of people in hollywood. >> it's not just people of color. i'm glad you pointed that out. she also says in the statement, the mandate is inclusion of all gender, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation. even now, some people last year were saying it's all about the work and sometimes it just happens, you know, so it just kind of happened that way. there weren't a lot of people of color who were nominated if any at all. but when it comes upon a second year and another year and another year possibly, the oscar oscarsohashtag that you created last year is back again and i
7:51 pm
think so important to social media than it was last year. >> we've definitely seen a resurgence and an increase in interest not just from the academy itself, but also from actresses and actors. don chidele is speaking out, jay da pinkett smith, japette hoover had comments she made, as well, and then spike lee. so we are disappointed that the hashtag is still relevant. >> april, this is from jay da pinkett smith's facebook page. >> is it time that people of color recognize how much power, influence that we have amassed that we no longer need to ask to be invited anywhere. i ask the question, have we now come to a new time and place
7:52 pm
where we recognize that we can no longer beg for the love, acknowledgement or respect of any group. >> okay. so her husband was -- will smith starred in "concussion." here is what spike lee said. so she won't be watching. jay da pinkett smith says she's not attending and not watching. spike lee says my wife and i will not be attending the oscars ceremony this coming february. we will not support it and mean no respect to my friends, ris rock, the producer and the president of the academy. but how is it possible for the second consecutive year all the nominees are white and 40 white actors in two years and no flavor at all. we can't act? wtf. so this is not quite a boycott, but is it bordering on that, april, and do you think hollywood has reason the be concerned?
7:53 pm
>> i think it is a boycott. i think when jada says she's not going to be attending, that spike lee is not going to be attending & that that is a boycott. last year, we had programming on social media and we live tweeted the movie "coming to america" via netflix during the oscars te telecast. we specifically chose coming to america because although it has a majority black cast, it resinates with everyone. so regardless of your gender, your social or en -- your sexual orientation, your race, you have a quotable from coming to america. we'll be doing something on an even bigger scale this year to boycott because i think it's important not just to speak with our dollars in deciding which movies we watch and we go to see and support, but also with our viewership. we know that the oscars telecast last year had a decrease in v w viewership -- the biggest
7:54 pm
decrease in the past six years. we believe the oscarsstillwhite hashtag and our boycott and live tweeting of a different film had something to do with that. >> nishelle, i'm up against a -- >> we should -- >> go ahead. i'm up against a break. chris rock tweeted out it was the white b.e.t. awards. but go on, what did you want to say? >> no, he did. but i want to make clear not all actors of color feel this way, as well. i just spoke with courtney bevance and asks him about this. he said clearly he did not think boycotting was the way to go. he felt like that was the wrong approach to have and people should continue to do the work. he understands the frustration, but he doesn't support staying away from the show. >> it is interesting, too, because chris rock is between a rock and a hard place. african-americans want people to watch, but a boycott, they're concerned about that, as well. thank you, everyone. we'll be right back with a
7:55 pm
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♪ i'm running down the road trying to loosen my load ♪ ♪ i've got seven women on my mind ♪ >> before we leave you tonight, i want to take a moment to remember glenn frey, a founding member of the classic rock bind the eagles. the eagles had hit after hit after hit in the '70s. and for a lot of people, their
7:59 pm
music was a sound track of a decade with four consecutive number one albums between 1975 and 1979. the band went on to sell more than 100 million records worldwide. glenn frey cowrote their very first hit, 1972's "take it easy." ♪ lord i'm running down the road trying to loosen my road ♪ ♪ got a world of trouble on my mind ♪ ♪ been looking for a lover who won't blow my cover ♪ ♪ she's so hard to find ♪ take it easy take it easy ♪ ♪ don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy ♪ ♪ well, come on, baby don't say maybe ♪ ♪ i've gotta know if your sweet love is gonna save me ♪
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♪ ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ♪ good evening, thanks very much for joining us. the breaking news tonight is sad. a founding member of the one of the most popular acts of music tonight as died. glenn frey, a cowriter for the eagles was just 67 years old and quite simply a rock star. glenn frey and done henley wrote and performed songs that virtually defined how the rest of the country saw southern california, from tequila sunrise to palm trees on the double album "hotel california" that went platinum 16 times over, according to "billboard magazine." just about everyone i grew up with has a copy or has their collection of greatest hits, whh


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