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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 19, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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thanks for joining me today. i'm carol costello. berman and baldwin starts now. just moments from now, donald trump speaks live in iowa. teasing a major announcement. and a special guest. is the front-runner getting a big endorsement? >> bernie sanders says democrats want someone to beat donald trump, he is their guy. and this comes as hillary clinton prepares for a brutal and perhaps long primary fight that could last until may. >> and the governor of michigan says the water crisis in his state is his katrina. tonight, as he addresses his critics. new lawsuits are coming over the toxic water in flint. hello, everyone. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. donald trump minutes away from a rally in iowa. he will be at the john wayne
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birthplace museum in winterset. how could you tell? it's just outside of des moines. >> john wayne is talking right now. >> behind the mike right there. john wayne, yes, is big, but does donald trump have someone even bigger waiting in the wings? trump is touting a major announcement. he promises that a very special guest will be at one of today's events. >> you will hear directly from mr. trump as soon as he begins speaking. once john wayne wraps up because he's really long winded. donald trump is fighting for iowa's important voting block of evangelical christians and social conservatives right now. can he win their support over ted cruz who they are running neck and neck in that state at the moment. let's bring in sara murray with the latest. she's traveling with the trump campaign, following the trump campaign now. what are you expecting? >> well, you know, sometimes the campaign trail takes you to places you wouldn't expect. and we're here at the john wayne birthplace museum, like you pointed out. this is where he's expected to get one endorsement in the
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morning from john wayne's daughter, but he has been teasing this other announcement saying it will come later in the afternoon. there is rampant speculation about what that is. a lot of political insiders and watchers seem to think it could be sarah palin. that is unconfirmed but it would be interesting because we haven't seen trump supporters in this state or any state move as a block. if you look at the people supporting him, it's not just tea partiers, not just social conservatives and not even just sort of independent leaning voters. it's a mix of those folks. if she does come and join him on the trail today, it will sort of be interesting to see what their star power is like combined. now, trump's schedule today is a very heavy campaign schedule for him, at least. it's three stops throughout the state as well as another one tomorrow morning. and just a sign of how much the campaign is ramped up, as we're just two weeks out from the iowa caucuses. like you said, ted cruz and donald trump are neck and neck and doing everything they can to edge each other out at the last minute. >> absolutely right.
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sara murray is there for us. sara, we'll get back to you shortly. >> the other question is, is she the only sara who will be in iowa today with donald trump. >> sara with an h? joining us to discuss the state of the race is former presidential candidate, lindsey graham, who just last week endorsed jeb bush for president. great to see you. >> you can't do bigger than john wayne. >> that's true, but can you? can you? >> no. >> all the speculation. sarah palin may be the special guest. may be endorsing donald trump. some things people might know about you. one of your best friends is senator john mccain. also what people might remember is sarah palin was john mccain's running mate. donald trump questioned john mccain's war hero status over the summer. what would that mean if sarah palin now endorsed donald trump? >> if sarah endorses donald trump, it would be good for trump. i like sarah palin. i traveled the country with her. i appreciate her and her family very much. john wayne and sarah palin can't
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save donald trump from being crazy. if he's the nominee of our party, we're going to get creamed. he has an 81% disapproval rating with hispanics. he alienated young women. his stand on banning all muslims puts our war plans in jeopardy. i can't stress enough, if you don't like me or jeb bush, fine. make sure we win an election we can't afford to lose. dishonest is what hillary clinton is perceived as, beats crazy. donald trump's ideas domestically and internationally are really bizarre. >> you have said when you talked to cate, you said your wing of the republican party to some extent, you know, has crumbled. sarah palin is sort of the other wing. so what would a palin endorsement do for donald trump? >> i think it helps him in this regard. i'm not so sure it gets him a lot of new voters. probably hurts cruz more than it helps trump. >> she endorsed cruz when he was running for senate.
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>> i like sarah. i'm not here to say anything bad about her. i'm here to say jeb bush is the most qualified to be commander in chief on day one in my view. 1% of the nation has been fighting this war, men and women in uniform represent 1% of us. they deserve a commander in chief who knows what they're doing. all i can say when it comes to donald trump, the democrats will destroy him. we have a demographic problem with hispanics. he has an 81% disapproval rating before the campaign even started. if you want to make hillary clinton president, vote for donald trump. almost anybody else could beat her. >> you said when we spoke when you were getting out of the race, you said you wanted someone who was ready to be commander in chief on day one. also, if you endorse someone, you were going to endorse someone who can win. you believe jeb bush is ready to be commander in chief in day one. he remains in the single digits. where is his path? what do you see? >> don't worry about national polling. iowa and new hampshire and south carolina. his opponent is expectations.
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can he beat expectations in iowa and new hampshire? we're going to make this a referendum on commander in chief in south carolina. we owe it to those who are fighting the war to pick wisely. choose somebody who understands that isil really is a threat. it's got a coherent view of the world. one thing i can say about donald trump is he doesn't understand the war. if he did, he would not suggest we should ban all muslims. the only way we can win the war is partner with the people in the faith. jeb nailed it at the last debate. i'm going to ask south carolinians to think about the soldier before you vote and pick someone who would be a good commander in chief and bring us together. jeb governed a diverse state well. i don't see trump bringing us together. he's alienated so many groups we have problems with. this bombastic approach to the campaign and primary is going to kill us in the general election, and cruz is not much better. we have a chance to win an election. if we lose this election, god help the republican party. >> i was struck by the fact that you worked closely in the senate with marco rubio on the immigration bill.
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yet you chose to endorse someone else. you endorsed jeb bush. did you see something when you were working with him that gave you reservations? >> when i was 44, i wasn't ready to be president. i like marco. he's one of the most articulate people i ever met. i think he's got a bright future. i stuck with the bill. immigration is hard. it's killing our party. the way we approach this issue is driving a wedge between us and the fastest growing democrat graphic in the country, hispanics. i think it's a good solution to a hard problem. i'm looking for somebody who will stick with it. >> he didn't? is that what you're saying? >> in my view, jeb is solid. what we need as a nation is steady, solid, a good temperament. he's not afraid to take on the tough issues. i like marco. i'm not here to bash marco. i think marco's a very talented person. when it comes to commander in chief, i think jeb gets the war better than anybody else. when it was time to authorize the use of force to punish assad for crossing the red line, i was
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with president obama. marco was on the other side. i think that was a mistake because we had assad on the ropes and those in congress who rejected the authorization to use force to punish assad gave him a second lease on life and the rest is history. >> someone else you not really worked very much with, though, but served with in the senate, is ted cruz. >> yeah. >> they're running neck and neck. he's running ahead in polls in w waw. do you support ted cruz over donald trump? >> absolutely not. ted cruz's idea of shutting down the government to repeal obamacare made no sense to me. you're not going to get a sitting president to repeal their signature issue because you threaten to shut down the government. if the democrats had tried this with bush, repeal your bush tax credits or we'll shut down the government, we'll say they're crazy. ted cruz on national security has been all over the board. he's a one-term senator and his biggest accomplishment is basically running other republicans down. at the end of the day, i don't
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think he has the maturity, judgment, and quite frankly, the background to be president of the united states. he's been there for two, three, four years. i can't think of anything he's done that's been very constructive. we need somebody to bring our country together, that can work with the other side, that understands this is a war we have to win by fighting it effectively over there so we don't fight it tlrb where donald trump a month ago said why should we care about isil? let russia fight them. we do care about isil because they're coming here. >> donald trump yesterday spe speaking before liberty university flubbed a bible verse. does it matter in south carolina? >> when you see evangelical christian, the last person who comes to mind is donald trump. all i can say is he's appealing to people's fears. we need to be appealing to their hopes. at the end of the day, if the evangelical christian community gets behind this guy, know what you're getting. i'm a flawed person as much as anybody else. you're getting someone who is unelectable. you're handing the white house to hillary clinton. and if after this last debate
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you don't understand she's a third term of barack obama, you're not listening. you're making it impossible to defund planned parenthood. all the policies you hate are going to become reality for four more years because mr. trump cannot beat anybody. he's not going to be president of the united states. demeaning every group in america. that's not going to happen. we're better than this. >> senator lindsay graham, endorsing governor jeb bush. iowa, two weeks away. great to see you, senator. thanks for coming in. >> appreciate it. breaking news this morning. supreme court says it will decide the fate of president obama's executive actions on immigration, announcing it will take up the issue this term. >> more than two dozen states are now challenging the president's actions which shield millions of undocumented immigrants from deportation. let's get kind of the state of what this means now. senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin is joining us on the phone. jeffrey, what does this mean? the court is going to take it up, obviously, this session, meaning they could decide by early summer.
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what does this mean? >> well, it is certainly good news for the obama administration that the court took the case. because the status quo is that the lower court had put a hold on the whole program. so if the supreme court hadn't taken it up, president obama would leave office without implementing this policy. at least he has a chance of winning by the end of june. and having this policy reinstated, which could effect more than four million people, so the stakes are very, very big in this case. >> any sense of where the court is or where the court would be on this? you know, it may come down to standing, i suppose, whether the states even have the right to challenge the ruling. but when it comes to immigration and executive authority, has this court given any indication about where it stands? >> well, you know, this is a kind of paradox situation in this court because there is a conservative majority, roughly
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there are five republican appointees and four democratic appointees. and republicans historically have been sympathetic to arguments of expansive executive power. however, when it comes to barack obama, and his authority, the court has been somewhat more restrictive. again, the question always in court is how much is it about the ancient legal principles and how much is it about contemporary politics. this is difficult to handicap. i think the oral argument which will be in april will tell us a good deal, but i think this is a very difficult case for predict. >> the supreme court taking it up in the heat of battle, in the heart of this political season. they're taking up a controversial issue in a very difficult time, that's for sure. jeff toobin, thanks.
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>> coming up for us, are the democrats in store for a sequel to 2008? why hillary clinton's campaign is ready for a brutal primary fight. are they concerned at how long this could go on? we're going to speak live with bernie sanders' campaign manager about what than means coming up next. >> plus, behind bars in ijuan. a man who spent years in an iranian presideiran en prison tells utwhat it's like. >> and extraordinary security measures to make sure el chapo doesn't escape again. from dogs to motion sensors, maybe even the guards who can't be bought. we'll take you inside that prison. whei just put in the namey, of my parents and my grandparents. and as soon as i did that, literally it was like you're getting 7, 9, 10, 15 leaves that are just popping up all over the place. yeah, it was amazing. just with a little bit of information, you can take leaps and bounds. it's an awesome experience.
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think bernie sanders is that candidate. >> an endorsement from bernie sanders to bernie sander. >> that was bernie sanders moments ago telling a crowd of iowa supporters that he, not hillary clinton, is the best candidate to take on donald trump. sanders is coming off a massive rally in birmingham, alabama, yesterday, as part of his new aim to chip away at clinton's quote, southern firewall. >> now the clinton campaign is preparing for a much longer and f tougher primary battle. joining us now is the campaign manager for bernie sanders, jeff weaver. i believe you are in iowa. can you confirm that for me? >> i'm in des moines, iowa. also let me offer my endorsement of senator sanders. >> a lot of endorsements. >> in less than five minutes. you're in iowa. the polls have you closing in in iowa. at this point, is iowa a must-win for bernie sanders? >> no, it's never been a must-win, but it is a state where we have to do very well. and we are going to do very well here. we have a tremendous ground
8:19 am
operation here in iowa. the senator has been here a lot, and will be here more in the final days. it's clear there's a lot of energy on the ground here in iowa. he's crisscrossing the state. and so we're very happy with how things are going here in iowa. >> jeff, after iowa, after the early states, it gets a little bit more complicated. some are going to say, when you talk about the southern firewall for hillary clinton. one important voting bloc that your campaign needs to look to is african-american votes in the south. in south carolina, some of the latest polling has support of african-americans, 82% for hillary clinton. 11% for bernie sanders. what do you do about that. >> well, there's also another poll out this week that had senator sandersats 18%. that's an improvement from where when we were single digits with african-americans in south carolina. there have been other polls around the country having him doing better with
8:20 am
african-americans. it's always been the case that success in early states helped to build support in later states. that's the structure of the system. when we go into south carolina, get closer to the election, when he's done well in iowa, in new hampshire, it will have an influence on the way all voters look at him. >> you're not concerned about even an 80%/18%. >> 11% isn't that high. it's not very high. i remember talking to you after the democratic debate in las vegas. and you said, you know, you were reaching out right then. that was october. it's now january. uknow, it hasn't gone up a heck of a lot since october. >> we were at 5% here in iowa at one point. so things can change quite quickly. even a month ago, we were down 25 points here in some polls. things can move very, very quickly in iowa and new hampshire, this has been the focus where the candidates now have advertising on television, have spent a lot more time, and what we have seeb throughout
8:21 am
this campaign is the more voters see and hear from bernie sanders, the more voters move toward him. as the campaign progresses, after iowa and new hampshire, as we're focusing more on nevada and south carolina and other states, voters there will have more opportunity to see senator sanders, to see us in the paid media as well. that will move voters as it has in other states. >> you know who sees bernie sanders now? donald trump. that's what he says about the potengs official running against sanders. >> at least bernie is getting some action. he gets much smaller crowds than meer but at least he gets action. oh, would i love to return against bernie. i would love -- oh. that would be a dream come true. but actually, i must say, i have my mind set on hillary. >> dream come true, donald trump says, taking on bernie sanders. who is bernie sander' dream opponent? >> i think if you look at the
8:22 am
polls, senator sanders crushes donald trump. and what is significant about what we're seeing now in head-to-head matchups between senator sanders and secretary clinton and various republicans is we're increasingly seeing that senator sanders does better against these republicans including trump and especially trump, than does secretary clinton. there were polls recently in iowa and new hampshire where people have had the most chance to see the candidates, and in every case, senator sanders did better than secretary clinton against every republican in both states. >> jeff, the senator has come out with this plan for medicare for all, a single payer health care plan. there's been talked about whether it's realistic that it could get through congress or not. what percentage chance do you think that congress will pass a single-payer health care plan in the next four years. handicap that for me. >> john, this is the point. the question for democrats is this. do you want a democratic candidate whose vision is limited to what that candidate
8:23 am
thinks the current republican congress will accept? if that's what you want, you should vote for john kasich. if you want a democrat who has the vision like fdr, lbj, and harry truman, but who has long experience as a practical legislator, but who carries forth a vision, who will shoot for the end zone even though he knows on occasion, he may have to hand off for a three-yard first down, that's bernie sanders. >> even if we give you that, even if we give you that, what percentage chance that he passes it in the next four years? >> that's going to dependent a lot on what the next congress looks like when the next president is sworn on. on that point, let me also say, what we're seeing out there are the type of crowds that bernie sanders is drawing, the excitement, the enthusiasm, the young people, the nontraditional voters, the overwhelming support among independent voters which is critical to a democratic win. bernie sanders is the nominee, he will have the kind of momentum which is going to sweep in, not just himself, but other democrats as well. you remember when president
8:24 am
barack obama was elected, ten democratic senators were elected with him. that's the kind of -- >> and he could not get single-payer health care through even with a democratic congress and ten democratic senators. >> look, no one seles it's going to be easy. but let's hold the vision out there. let's hold on to a core democratic values in this campaign. >> jeff, great to see you in des moines, iowa. please come back. nice talking to you. >> thank you. >> stay warm. see you later. >> any moment now, donald trump is expected to pespeak in that same state. >> john wayne, get off the podium. >> a filibuster from john wayne right now. donald trump says a big announcement is coming today. he says he has a very special guest who will appear with him today. i do not think he's talking about donald trump. there is an -- i don't think he's talking about john wayne. there is an expectation of a big endorsement today. >> it was funny when you said donald trump, too. >> also ahead for us, as michigan's governor says the water crisis in his state is his
8:25 am
katrina, we're going to speak with a doctor who is now leading the efforts to check and treat some 27,000 children who could be impacted by lead poisoning in that city of flint, michigan, because of the water crisis. we'll be right back. hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
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now that the americans iran held, now that the americans that were held in iran are free, we're learning more about the deal making that went on to lead to their release. cnn has learned that the u.s. attorney general loretta lynch had reservations about the prisoner swap setting a precedent. sources familiar with the negotiations say she and other officials pushed for more assurances that all u.s. citizens would be freed and that iran would turn over all information it has on the location of the retired fbi agent robert levinson. >> joining us now is shane bauer, a senior reporter at
8:30 am
mother jones. he was held in iran for more than two years after being taken into custody by iranian border guards. he was hiking with his girlfriend, now wife, and a friend on the iraq border when they were arrested charged with spying and entering the country illegally. now you're free, obviously, which is great to see. generally speaking, it's been two days since the prisoners who were held, in some cases, for years, were released. you've been there. what are they going through right now? >> it's hard to say what they're going through in particular, but it's this time is definitely taking me back to those moments, those first moments of freedom for me. they were like nothing else. i remember touching down, you know, on the ground, the first time seeing our families. it was pure elation. you know, at the same time, it was kind of confusing. i was readjusting to being around people. to constant stimulus. you know, just kind of thawing in a way. coming out of this very
8:31 am
difficult experience. and entering a new experience of readjustment that is in many ways also really difficult. >> "washington post" is reporting some new details that jason rezaian, "washington post" reporter, is telling them. the little he is really saying about his experience and what this very slow transition is like back to freedom. he has been describing in a new article what it was like to be held in the prison, what it was like to be held in solitary confinement at certain points. you were also held in solitary confinement. what was it like? and how do you process it now? once you're out. >> i mean, solitary confinement is, you know, an experience where in many ways time is your main enemy. you have nothing, really, to push forward. for me, i noticed my mind started to slow down after months in solitary confinement because i wasn't having interactions. we're social creatures.
8:32 am
we need human interaction to stay sane. and coming out of that and going back into society is difficult because you become accustomed to being alone. and you have to build up the muscle of being around people again. >> horrible to even imagine. no one should have to go through that. we were talking about loretta rinch who expressed reservations about it deal before it happened. the idea that maybe you're sending messages around the world, if you capture americans we will do a swap. we will release some prisoners. you know, you have an interesting perspective on this. being someone who was a prisoner. how do you think we should assess whether this type of trade is worth it? >> i mean, look. iran has been imprisoning americans, innocent americans, for years. this has long been a part of iran's foreign policy. it thinks that by holding americans, it has -- it can exert some pressure against the u.s. politically. i mean, i think the way that we
8:33 am
should think about this is not like isis, where they're trying to extract a ransom or even get a prisoner exchange. this is leverage in talks. and the fact that these four americans were all released at once is a major indication that things are going forward. iran has basically given up what it sees as, you know, a kind of insurance policy with the united states. >> do you think this is a different iran that we're talking about today than the iran that the united states was dealing with when you were in prison? >> in some ways, it is. i mean, there's a different president who is, you know, has expressed willingness to engage with the u.s. and has been engaging with the u.s. at the same time, it's different on the u.s. side. when i was in prison, there was no engagement with iran other than some limited nuclear talks with the p5 plus one. now, our secretaries of state,
8:34 am
our secretary of state talks to his counterpart regularly. that wasn't happening then. you know, iran is, i think, slowly changing. and has been opening up and showing a willingness to engage. >> fascinating perspective from someone who has been on the inside, is going through what these four americans are dealing with now. shane bauer, great to see you. thank you so much. >> thank you. still ahead for us, he says it is his katrina. a disaster, a negative on his record. but the governor of michigan is still resisting calls to step down amid a toxic water crisis in his state. now he's going to be facing more lawsuits right ahead of him giving a state of the state address trood. >> plus, a live look at iowa right now. yes, john wayne still at the podium there. as dtd dt is getting ready to speak. donald trump says he has a big announcement coming today with a very special guest. is he about to pick up a key endorsement? stay with us. actually be exactly what i am.
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mayor of flint, michigan, is heading to washington to look for more help with the toxic water crisis facing her city. this is at the same time michigan governor rick snyder is now admitting in an interview with the national journal that it could be his hurricane katrina. snyder has been facing withering criticism for what has become a disastrous cost cutting measure. >> left drinking water for thousands of people tainted with dangerous lead. the initial effort to save money now an effort to save lives. snyder to offer solutions tonight in his state of the state address. but many angry michiganders want him to resign. some even want him arrested. jane is in flint with more details. >> it's a very big day today in washington. also right here in michigan. i want to show you right behind me. that's the flint river. this was the water source for
8:40 am
the community of flint, michigan. the water source that now state authorities have revealed the water contained lead and people were drinking it, washing their clothes in it, cooking in it, bathing in it. and that leads us to 1:00 this afternoon because more lawsuits we expect to be filed, class action suits from people in this community saying that they physically are ill from drinking and using that water. their future health concerns could be even worse, and property values have lowered because their pipes now have the lead and the copper coming out into the water source. now, of course, as you said, the mayor of flipt is in washington, d.c. at the national conference of mayors. she just got off a conference call with clinton advisers and really wants a meeting with white house staffers to try to talk about this concern and their thoughts, but later on today, it's all about the capital of michigan, lancing, michigan. many organizations will rally on the steps of the capitol in
8:41 am
protest of the governor's state of the state address tonight to the community. but the fact is, protesters believe the governor not directly responsibility but they do believe that he has a say in all of this and he didn't act fast enough. >> all right, jean casarez for us in flint, michigan. thanks so much. i want to talk more about the health crisis with dr. dean sanko of michigan state university. he's spearheaded a mission to treat the estimated 27,000 children exposed to the toxic lead in flint's water. thanks for being with us. you're now working with this community. just give us a sense of the scope of this problem right now. >> well, we think thousands, particularly children, have been exposed to the lead in the water. and we're particularly concerned with the youngest children in that population. so the younger the child is, the more we are concerned. but nonetheless, this is a citywide contamination. something we're going to have to deal with at a broad level. >> doctor, at this point, do you think you have your hands around
8:42 am
how big the problem is, how many children have been -- how many children have been effected and what kind of treatment you're going to be able to offer them? >> we're considering anyone who drank flint city water to have been exposed. and we know that certain parts of the city, particularly whether it's older housing and increased poverty, is going to have a more concentrated problem. so we'll focus our efforts in those areas, but the whole city has been exposed. >> you know, you're a medical professional. you're not a politician. yet there's a lot of finger pointing going on now to the leaders in flint, to the leaders in michigan right now. do you think their need to be repercussions? do you think people need to be held accountable for these decisions that were made that have a direct impact on the people you're now treating? >> well, i think people are interested in accountability. and there are a number of teams that are investigating this, looking into this. and i'll leave that decision to them. what we're focusing on now is
8:43 am
what can we do to help the children. we're looking at helping them through education. there's been talk about universal pre-k, talk about universal head start. we're trying to improve their nutrition so that they know of food nutrition they can do that will mitigate the effects of the lead exposure, and as well as health care, so if we identify these children early on, we can get them into appropriate care. >> let's hope you get the help you need. i think everyone supports your efforts right now for that community, which needs help after being severely wronged. >> aappropriate care they never should have needed. thank you. it's the biggest political mystery of the day. who will be donald trump's mystery guest at an announcement? is a big endorsement on the way? our political panel weighs in. also ahead, random cell changes dozens of cameras, dogs, military guards, a sample of the new amenities for el chapo in
8:44 am
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donald trump in iowa at the john wayne birthplace museum. you're looking at live pictures right there. donald trump is the one on the left. the man behind the woman speaking at the lectern, that's john wayne. or a facsimile of john wayne. this is winterset, iowa. the critical caucus is in iowa just 13 days away. now, trump promises a major announcement today. a very special guest at one of his campaign events today. hmm. >> hmm, we all say. collectively. let's bring in two conservative voices to talk about this. cnn's s.e. cupp, commentator, and scotty nell hughes.
8:49 am
and chief contributor and news director for tea party news network and a trump supporter. as we wait to hear from donald trump and as we wait to find out who this big guest is and what this major announcement is, scotty, we have to ask you, the big tea party supporter, is sarah palin? do you have any information that this will be a sarah palin endorsement, as everyone speculates it will be? >> that's the rumor that you're hearing, and it's obviously causing some panic amongst the cruz campaign, as you have the cruz spokesman going this is more of a hit to sarah palin than it would be necessarily ted cruz. that's opposite. sarah palin amongst the tea party is truly considered to be one of the top leaders, top spokesman. so this endorsement in iowa is huge, to be honest with you. for her, after a couple races, she's kind of stayed out of, for her to get involved in this while it's still a primary means she really does believe in what donald trump says and he's going to accomplish what he wants to do. >> s.e. mpt sarah palin has said
8:50 am
nice things about both donald trump and ted cruz. sarah palin was decisive, very helpful to ted cruz in his senate run. if sarah palin, and we don't know this is going to happen, but if she does back donald trump, will that make a difference in iowa and beyond? >> yeah, i was at an event with sarah palin in las vegas where cnn's jake tapper asked her about all of the candidates. she very clearly said that donald trump and ted cruz were her favorites. i know that the ted cruz campaign will be disappoint ed, and they have said as much. if she in fact backs donald trump who the cruz campaign is now calling the progressive. look, i think that any time that the trump campaign gets sot of the trappings of a traditional campaign, whether it is an endorsement like this or something else, it is looking good for the campaign. sarah palin as scottie said has a lot of credibility with the tea party crowd, but i am not sure that she is going to be pulling in any moderate
8:51 am
republicans or even sort of the establishment republicans with the endorsement, and frankly, you know, like as much as i like sarah palin, i'm just wondering why she wants hillary clinton to win so badly, because i think that if trump is the nominee, you know, as others have said, i think that trump gets kreemd by hillary. >> and you know what, scottie, to s.e.'s point to be a progressive and that is where ted cruz is hitting donald trump on right now, and that is saying that his conversion to being a republican is nothing like ronald reagan's, and that donald trump is much more of a democrat before he became a republican. is this something that is going to stick? how do you respond? >> well w obviously, it is not sticking. the latest cbs poll comes out to say that 42% of evangelicals who this is all about right now, and the short game about iowa and evangelicals and the control of the party, and so it is fight for the evangelicals, and 42% of them support donald trump as
8:52 am
compared to the 25% that support ted cruz, and sarah palin's endorsement would encourage the 42% of those numbers to e grow. so it is right now all about the evan gel cal, and the idea of painting trump as a progressive is smart on the cruz campaign, but i don't think that necessarily it is going to work. >> and s.e., i am old enough to remember when rand paul tried to paint him as a progress is gresive and it is the words of the very first republican debate when he said that donald trump is really a democrat, and it did not work then, and then, ted cruz could not have been more on the sidelines, and he gave donald trump a pass for month, and now for him only to discover what every other republican candidate seems to have known for a long time that donald trump may or may not have supported the democrats over the years, and a does it make cruz seem inauthentic? >> well, no, ted cruz is a canny politician, and he was waiting for the opportune time to start attacking donald trump. he didn't want to do it too
8:53 am
soon, and he saw what happened when the people like rick perry went after donald trump, and it was campaign ending. so i think that he was just waiting. i think that something interest, and scottie was just touch iingn this, the sarah palin endorsement with the evangelical crowd will be an important thing. it is just so interesting though, because donald trump in the midst of these mistakes that he has been making on the religious issues has questioned people like ben carson's seventh dayed a ventism, and even ted cruz's evangelical roots, and i want to know what he has to say about her pent cost tallism, because she had to defend it vigorously when she was the vp choice for john mccain, and donald trump has to say that he has the most mainstream religion as a presbyterian, and i'm not sure that -- that is a very interesting matchup for donald trump when it comes to his
8:54 am
evangelical bonbonifities. >> oh. and now, when he said yesterday on the flub of instead of ii corinthians instead of second corinthi corinthians, and that back to the i drink my wine and eat the little cracker. >> no, he has come out to the say, that he has not had a bible study in the penthouse every week. and that is more awe then the tick, and he is going to admit them and show them, but he does it in his own way, and the whole way of making him a progressive actually backfires, because it is making him more realty, and talking about lose morgue health insurance, and more money to the government than your pay check, and those are not democratic or liberal issues, but american issues and the more they want to
8:55 am
put him as a progressive, that is going to broaden him across the base, and stronger going into the general. >> and s.e. and scotty, moments ago, donald trump in winterset, iowa, he spoke about this appearance later today where he will have a mystery guest who will perhaps endorse him. listen to what trump said. >> towards the end of his life, he was an incredible guy, and he said some things to me that were very special, and so this is a very great honor. that is going to be a very big event, and you will be very impressed. >> are you a fan of a sarah palin? sgle y i am a fan of sarah palin. >> i misadvertised there, and he was talk about the one meeting with with john wayne and he would not tell us what happened with him, and it is interesting that he met him. >> he can't endorse him tonight. >> and in the appearance later today, he said effectively, no one knows what it is going to be and you have to basically tune in and watch. ever the showman, and donald
8:56 am
trump projecting what may happen later today. >> or may not. and throw it out there, and we will see. scottie, and s.e., great to see you. >> sure. >> thank you. >> we will be right back after this. hacking your company. grabbing your data. stealing your customers' secrets. there's an army of us. relentlessly unpicking your patchwork of security. think you'll spot us? ♪ you haven't so far. the next wave of the internet requires the next wave of security. we're ready. are you? these are the hands that build the machines, the machines that sort, stack and seal. these are the hands that keep private information private. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands that dig for opportunity, identify patterns,
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