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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 20, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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responsibility by the taliban. we want to bring if cnn's alexander field live in new delhi. is the situation under control or is there still activity there. >> >> reporter: we are toll the gunfire has subside, that there have been no additional reports of explosion, pakistani security forces are still sweeping the xurks going room by room. they have fought given us the all clear. what is of utmost importance is whether or not all of the attackers have been killed. four attackers were killed. the security forces were fighting them through heavy fog, through the rooftops of the campus in the northwestern part of pakistan. they say two attackers were killed by sniper fireworks people on xis report hearing a barrage of bullets this morning. it first started when they heard the explosion near the main gate
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of the prust campus. there was a student who reports watching a professor get struck. he was telling students to take cover. at this point officials connected to the schools say 21 are dead. we are hearing from local hospitals they are receiving bodies. they are also receiving wound. it is simply too early to tell how many could have been injured in this mornings attacks. we know there are still dead bodies inside of the school, itself. there were some 3,000 students who were on campus the morning at bacha khan university along with another 600 or so visitors. they were there to celebrate a day meant to commemorate the founder, the namesake of this university. bacha khan. so right now the latest we are hearing from security forces, they remain on campus, they remain trying to determine whether or not the total attackers was for, the four have been killed. >> thank you. >> let's talk more about this attack and in fact it could
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skill be ongoing. the former deputy director. thank you for being with us. the pakistani taliban claiming responsibility for this attack. what's tear aim? what are they after? >> john, it's a two-fold process for them. what they're really after is they're after a new independence of the northwest frontier province in pakistan. it's a basically pos tume area. the taliban are in pakistan are basically agitateing for central independence in islamabad. what that really means is they are making some degree of common cause with the taliban that are on the other side of the border if afghanistan. so they want independence and they also want to terrorize the area there to really decrease
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its dependance. >> it has significant but also to harass the torts tlmt doesn't it just bring in security forces? doesn't it just? i men, what itself the goal of attacking a university? >> maximize terror, christine. unfortunately, even in universities that have a direct tie to the taliban population or excuse me the postume population to cow them into submission. they are very effective at doing this particular university is just 25 miles away from the scene of a similar attack, which was against an elementary school a few years ago. >> these soft targets like school, like universities, what can the pakistani government do
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to keep them safe? after the last attack on the school, there was some brewing frustration among some of the citizens there? >> absolutely. so this is where it gets really difficult. because what the pakistani government is trying to do is protect what are called soft targets and schools are a classic definition of a soft target. these are institutions that are opened to the public that are very difficult to protect. so what they tend to do is increase the presence of armed gampltdz they tend to on a military side also make sure that they have the greater operational capabilities against the taliban if that area. but the pakistani government has been fighting the taliban there for years and they are still the taliban are still able to mount these great attacks. so what it really calls for in addition to arm guards and greater security checks is increased intelligence and the ability to thwart these attacks before they happen. the pakistani intelligence
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service, pervasive as it is is really not able to do that. >> so what do they need to do both to prevent these intelligence as you say, but do? you know the security forces there were so prevalent i guess in pakistani life, why can't they prevent this? >> well, sometimes the prevalence of security forces, christine, is not an indicator of greater safety. in fact, it's the exact opposite. and in many countries, where you see a lot of security, a lot of invisible security, you are actually going to find a greater danger for the population at large. the only thing that is going to help them in the long run is a political settlement and the pakistani government is a long way from that, of course, attacks like this, will harden positions on both sides and make it very difficult i think to achieve that political settlement. >> all right, we are watching developments in pakistan when the taliban has claimed
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responsibility storming a university, killing at least 21 students, they are clearing the stage, hopefully that situation is over. thank you so much. turning to politics now, donald trump bringing in a big endorsement tea party favorite. sarah palin threw her support behind the billion ayre populist. >> reporter: only one candidate's record proves he is the master of the art of the deal. he is beholden to no one but we, the people, how refreshing. he has perfectly positioned to let you make america great again. are you ready for that, iowa? no more pussy footing around. our troops deserve the best. you deserve the best. cheers kearse. >> he is from the private sector, not a politician. can i get a hallelujah? >> hallelujah. >> oh, there were some vintage palinisms in there.
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hoping to break down the story. let's bring in zachary wolf. good morning, zach, you know, berman covered her if 2011, 2012. you say there is an undeniable. she, the people in the crowd are really attracted the most. >> she is like no one i have ever seen. when she is on, she can draw people if leak no one's business. >> her endorsement is how much of a blow to ted cruz? >> she and ted cruz were friendly. she and donald trump clearly had a report together. everybody would like to have her endorsement. i don't know if this will be a game change were. it certainly helps with moment fum item. like union said, she is electric on the campaign trail. se can brik bring people out on caulknous night. that's the real change here. ted cruz, he has momentum. he had a bad day yesterday when the governor of iowa said he must be defeated and he didn't,
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you know, baivenlg basically was not endorsing anyone. he said cruz should be defeated over this issue of ethanol. so between palin and governor branstad. it's not the best day for ted cruz. >> two different republican players. i think the longers serving governor. >> if two separate stretches. >> an establishment guy. lee key, not bombastic. then you have sarah palin relatively new to the political scene over the past five or six yea years. >> look, it's interesting. they have a picture of sarah palin and donald trump. it says, i'm with stupid. this is the kind of scorn that's been heaped on sarah palin and if a sense ted cruz for a long time from places like the daily news and other places. but again, she does have some pom. she does have some power when she goes into a race to endorse
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some statewide races. she has had some success. ralph reed is reported saying no one request rally the base like sarah palin. she has made this kind of her calling card the last couple cycles. she goes in, not necessarily with presidential race, since barack obama is out there. in races, she goes in. she find people she likes and endorses them. she has a pretty good record of picking people who end up doing well. she has been trying to pick people who go against the establishment. that's her thing. she really wants to upend the apple cart. so in picking trump. she certainly has her constituency. there are people out there who like her. who are electrify tied with her. those people, those are the people who will win iowa potentially, we'll see what happens. this is very good for trump. if that regard. >> iowa governor saying vote for anybody but ted cruz. i mean, for a lot of people
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outside of i, what they see renewables or ethanol as a special interest. in i, what it's a pocketbook issue. >> it is, although, there are people, it's split now in iowa to an extent where you have true conservatives, like ted cruz, who say we should be subsidizing the thing. he may do well. you just never know. >> let's talk about bernie sanders and this really stunning change in the polls for bernie sanders. in an extraordinary jump he has had over the last month against hillary clinton. what do you make of it? >> i mean, those are, i think, new hampshire numbers are showing sanders has been ahead in new hampshire. it's not news that he leads for there. it's news he leads her almost two-to-one. so sanders, you can calm eight surge, building on something that's been going on, there are two states where sanders does really well against clinton an those just happen to be the two say it's that are going to vote first.
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nationally, she still leads him by a wide margin. so, you know, is he going to be able to build on it? is he first going to be able sustain this for the next three weeks through new hampshire? and then build on that in the races to come? that's a very open question. but let's also not forget, you know, he is a senator from vermont. he's right next door to new hampshire. and that could be helping him there. too. certainly, it's helping him there. so, you know, i don't think it's all written down, but i think sanners has a really good shot at new hampshire and these poll numbers, wow. >> it's a jaw dropping lead. it's not any lead. it's almost 2-1 over hillary clinton. great to have you with us. thank you so much. new video this morning of the two of the americans freed by iran in the prisoner swap. the walk post without out a light hearted video, jason rezaian resigns with his wife. overnight, a former marine spoke to reporters at the medical center where he is receiving medical treatment. joining us now on that part of
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the story, cnn's phil black. if i was struck by how poised and strong he looks after all those months and months in captivity. >> reporter: yeah, it was surpriseing, he looked well. he thinks he is only going to get better from here. but the other theme i think in his words and what he constay vaied in a sense-se surprised to be here him his life has changed dramatic ally and positively in a way he didn't see coming a few days ago. he said he fully expected he'd be spending ten years in an iranian prison and when, ultimately, they came to him and told him to get his things together, he said he simply didn't believe it. he also described the long anxious wait from that moment up until the point that he was finally allowed to board the aircraft to leave iran. take a listen to that.
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>> well, up until the last second, we were all worried and concerned. we were put in a very small room. we had no telephone or access information. we are kept being told we will be taking off in two hours. two became six. became ten. a total of almost two-and-a-half days nerve racking. >> reporter: amir hekmati says he really only relaxed once that aircraft left the iranian airspace. that was the point, the champagne bottles came out. you want talk too much about how long and hard the experience of being in an iranian prison for that long. remember, he was back if 2011, how typical all of that was. he did say at one point the pressure placed upon him was inhumane, unjust t. he said he got through it all t. thing that made a difference was the support t. word that he was getting inside the prison about efforts outside.
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back in the u.s., to secure his freedom. that's what really made a difference. christine. >> those pictures of him yesterday at that impromptu press conference. he explained his family worked hard to get him 0u9. also his congressman was there, too. for some time, people, levels of government, his congress people and families were working harold to get him, we wish him the best as he heads back to michigan. thank you for that, phil black. >> one of the things he said, he said, i couldn't believe how many people were working to get pe released. even iranian guards were saying, why do so many americans care so much about you? >> interesting. we have breaking news out of pakistan, a deadly terrorist attack inside a university that got 21 students killed now. >> plus, michigan's governor apologizes for the water crisis in plint. what he had to say and will it make a difference? stay with us. s touch during cold and flu season sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around.
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>> faxings of the taliban left fwrun -- another faction denied responsibility. four of the militants have been reported killed. although, they say the military operation to clear the university is ongoing. overnight, rick snyder apologized to the people of flint in his state of the state address. he promises to do everything if his power to solve the contaminated water supply. if his speech, snyder urged state lawmakers to step up as well. >> reporter: john, christine, governor rick spieder announcing last night he is asking the michigan state law maketories set aside $28 million to help the people of flint get through their water crisis.
2:19 am
almost immediately critics said that was not nearly enough, does not pleat the estimate tacit will take to fix the pipes that are leeching lead into the water. just another criticism of rick snyder for not doing enough of this crisis. as he was speaking, hundreds of protesters are holding another day of angry protests calling for hisresignation. snyder insisting he will fix this at some point residents were inside for that speech. missing was flint mayor karen weaver who met with president obama if washington. announcing the team from the department of health and human services will be arriving in flint today to help coordinate the federal response. the e defending its response to the situation on tuesday, finger pointing, instead, at the state and local officials. in the meantime, it's two new class action lawsuits filed by
2:20 am
residents in flint alleging they were let down by every single branch of government. john, christine. >> a terrible start. time for an early start on your monday. get ready for another crazy day of stocks. the dow futures, sinking more than 300 points. they are calling it red wednesday in europe, folks. big declines and losses if asia. the pain reason, kruld oil dipping, to make money, the cost of getting crude from some of the deep water rigs is $60 bucks a barrel. that is really detablizing with all the volatility t. search term sell stock on google is searched at the highest rate since the financial crisis. here are three ways to be smart. what am i supposed to do? don't do anything. done panic. selling out of fears is almost a mistake. can you fought time the market. even the smartest people can't time the market.
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number two, diversify. and rebalance, make sure you have a mix of stocks and bonds that's appropriate for your age. if are you getting ready to retire the next couple of years, you have you held not be all in stockings. it's better to figure that out before there is a big stock market crash. >> it will be like nc-17 investing. >> but there are plenty of people looking to buy bargains. there are plenty of stocks that will pop. they will be oil stocks. netflix is one of them. it's expected to do well. stocks growing. interesting - >> a lot of racy stocks out there, too. pete rose is going to the hall of fame. not that hall of fame, though. andy scholes explains in this morning's "bleacher report" next. .
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four pittsburgh steelers receivers antoine randle el says he has short-term memory loss. he regrets ever playing to be. >> hey, you guy, he's an all pro, a super bowl champion. he says he'd give it all back because of what he's living with now. in an interview with the pittsburgh post gazette, randle el says he has trouble walking down stairs. he can't remember things his wife told him a day before. the 36-year-old says he used to love the game of football. but there is simply no way to make it safe. he said, quote, there is no helmet that's going to correct it. there is no teaching that will correct it. it comes down to it's a physically violent game. football players are in a car wreck every week. randle el was drafted in a 14
2:26 am
round by the chicago cubs. he says he wishes he would have played baseball because he could still be playing right now. all right t. chargers, making a move on tuesday that could signal the end of their time in san diego. the franchise has filed for the trademark los angeles chargers and l.a. chargers. the team is currently in dpoi negotiations with the l.a. rams to share the ram's new stadium in englewood, california, set to open 2019. pete rose is benefit e entering the hall of fame. the nate reds announcing on tuesday, they will enshrine rose into their hall of fame this summer. in december, the commissioner upheld rose's lifetime ban from baseball him the all time hit leader says he isn't giving up on reinstatement. >> i haven't given up on cooperstown. i'm not the type that will give up on anything. but this is fine. i'm happy. >> the trash talking between the patriots and broncos ahead of
2:27 am
the sunday afc championship game is heating umm. the broncos defensive end antonio smith told the colorado springs gazette brady complains to the ref so much, it's fair to call him in cry baby. well the new york daily news loves that topic so much. this is the cover of the back page this morning. it read, of course, crybrady. what do you think about that? >> there is a bib on him in the "post," too, oh. >> i think the jets are not on the cover. that's what i have to say. he is an advocate. >> far a quarterback player. >> thank you. zbla great to see you. >> all right. breaking news, a deadly terrorist attack inside the university at pakistan. we are live with new details next. what about this? price match guarantee. and this? yep! so no monkey business, no tomfoolery? oh, we do have tom foolery, tom. staples has a price match guarantee. make low prices happen. staples make more happen.
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we are live. welcome back to "early start." i'm christine roman. >> i'm john berman. breaking news, militants launched a deadly attack in the city of charsadda in northwest pakistan. there was explosions on the campus of bacha khan university. officials say at least 21 people are dead. they say four attackers have been killed. now, as for claims of responsibility, there is now some confusion. one fashion in the pakistani taliban says they did it. another says, no way. for the latest on the developing circumstance let's bring in alexander field, who has been watching. what do we know? >> reporter: right. there has been a little bit of this back and forth this morning, the pakistani taliban have these different factions. while you have one taking responsibility. you have another completely disavowing the attack t. focus right now is, of course, on the attack, itself. making certain that all of the
2:32 am
attackers have been found. we know from pakistani security forces that four attackers have been killed. they have not yet said publicly whether or not they believe there could be aditional attackers at large this all unfolded on the university campus this morning in northwestern pakistan him we are told there was heavy fog, which may have helped the attackers in terms of evading the forces who swooped in. this startt with an explosion at a get a outside the main campus. that's what we are told. then there were reports of a barrage of gunfire. we know the security forces descended on the university, battling attackers from rooftops, taking out two with sniper fire t. number of dead the number of injured has ticked upward throughout the day here. right now, officials are saying at least 21 were killed in this morning's attacks. it's fought yet clear how many are injured. we are hearing from local hospitals they are getting many wounded through their doors. we are also told that there could be dead bodies still
2:33 am
inside the school, itself. there were about 3,000 students were on campus this morning when this attack started and another 600 guests worn there. john. >> right. alexander field, watching the situation for us. which hopefully, hopefully, winding down. thank you. >> let's try to get some help understanding the significance of this attack. i want to turn to cnn military analyst the former member of the joint dheefs of staff. a director at the nsa. so nice to see you. first of all the dispute about claims of responsibility. one fax say they did it. another says, no, condemning it. is it unusual to see different factions of pakistani taliban working at cross references? >> reporter: not at all, christine, it's very typical of the pakistani taliban to be zooid divide. so what are you seeing is a basic public exposition of their internal discord. so you have on the one hand these taliban who are probably carrying out there attack.
2:34 am
on the other hand, you have those who have political reasons a completely different set of tactics. those two factions have maybe the same goal in mind, but very different ways of achieveing that goal. >> the pakistani has been staging a horrific attack on a school killing more than 130 people including so many young kids and students there was public outrage over that. yet now, some fax of the taliban does this at a university. what's the strateic aim of the taliban here? >> the basic strategic aim, john, to divide the postume population and to pull them away from the central government if islamabad. what the pakistani taliban wants
2:35 am
to do is they want to create an independent area within the northwest frontier province, the basic tribal areas in that area, which are right along the afghan border. >> that becomes a very significant aspect because you in essence are pulling for the very least autonomy. in this case, it's more like independence from the pakistani central government. so from a strateic perspective, what the taliban want to do is they want to pull away and they also some factions want to you fight with the taliban that's in afghanistan and create a greater taliban state across that border. >> senator, talk to me about, talk to me about soft targets. these schools. the young school there in the university today, is there anyway to protect these institutions? >> well, there are a lot of measures, john, that can be
2:36 am
taken to protect a soft target like a school. what the pakistanis have done is they've increased the presence of armed guards around schools, universities, hospitals. soft targets by their very nature are very hard to defend because they are supposed to be accessible to the public. with the increasing of the armed guards at these schools and other institutions, they've also done things like put up walls that have barbed wire on top of them. many of these walls also have chards of class if on top of them. and so, what they do is they try very hard to increase that physical security. the problem with that is you can't do it everywhere. there are too many soft targets out there. you really don't know exactly where the taliban are going to strike next. that's the real problem the pakistani government has. >> thank you so much for helping us follow this. i should tell you, a spokesperson they are announced
2:37 am
as the clearest operation at this university is over. they are done going through. they say there were a total of four militants involved in the attack. all were killed. they also say the attackers threw grenades and entered the university and opened fire. again, they say it is over. they have cleared the university right now. all four attackers are dead. all right, back here in the united states, what a stunning 24 hour period in politics on the republican side of the race, particularly in iowa. look at that couple. sarah palin, donald trump. palin, of course, an electric republican who has made such a difference in so many races across the country. overnight, she threw her support to donald trump. listen report. only one candidates record of success proves he is the master of the art of the deal. -se beholden to no one but we the people. how refreshing.
2:38 am
he is perfectly positioned to let you make america great again. are you ready for that, iowa? [ cheers ] no more pussy footing around. our troops deserve the best. you deserve the best. he is from the private sector, not a politician. can i get a hallelujah? >> hallelujah. >> it's a little taste of what we saw last night in a free wheeling event. let's talk about this. joining us now, managing editor of cnn politics, zach wolf. zach, what does sarah palin deliver to donald trump? what does she deliver that he doesn't already have? >> reporter: i'm not sure she delivers anything he might not have. she might 'speaking to some of the people he does, if that they both sort of are trying to upend the political apple cart, you know, they're both anti-establishment. she could channel evangelical
2:39 am
support for him. i think her support in that really you nailed it. the thing that sarah palin brings donald trump is electricity. as if donald trump needs more. this is a person that can go in and bring people to rallies and try to help him get out the vote. that's really i think what she brings him. >> ted cruz is waking up this morning hoping for a day that doesn't have a two-fer. today, a very different character than sarah palin. there is the long serving governor, twice serving governor of iowa, terry planson, a low key guy. he said, hey, vote for anybody but ted cruz. listen to what he says. >> he is the biggest opponent of renewable fuel. he is heavily financed by big oil. so we think that once iowans realize that fact, they might find other things ability him
2:40 am
attractive. but i think it would be very damaging to our state. >> so a tea party before there is asea tea party favorite sarah palin. an establishment republican terry branstad both, both hitting ted cruz on the same day. >> that's right. ted cruz has said he's not going to compromise on this ethanol issue. it's key and in iowa, republicans and democrats traditionally go there and buy into the ethanol mandate. i think it expires in 2022 or something and ted cruz doesn't want to have ethanol and require ethanol in the fueling. this is a huge issue in iwatch he's, you know, not bought into it. he's warn it as a badge of hon for. he's not going to excise on this. he doesn't think the government should be doing it. that's a gamble on his part. at the same time, iowa is key to ted cruz and his sort of evangelical stravenlt those are the people he wants to appeal to. so, yes, not a good day for ted
2:41 am
cruz after the outside person sarah palin and the inside person terry branstad both came out against him. >> on the democratic side, holy wow, a new poll shows bernie sanders at 60. hillary clinton at 33. >> that is a 27 point lead for bernie sanders. that is way different. ever poll shows him leading new hampshire, not nearly by this much. >> yeah, i don't think there is any doubt he is leading in new hampshire. this poll shows him with nearly 2-1 advantage. it's huge. consider in 28, new hampshire is where hillary clinton kind of turned her campaign around after losing in iowa to barack obama. that gave her a head of steam to drag out the nomination for another couple of months. so it's really interesting. let's not forget, bernie sander's lives right next to new
2:42 am
hampshire. so he's kind of the hometown guy. and that's something to consider. but you wouldn't think that the socialist, democratic socialist senator would be beating hillary clinton, the democratic stalwart by that much, by 2-1 a couple weeks before voting. >> i think everybody thinks he can do better in south carolina. >> that is true, every day now we have more big huge news in this campaign that has more and more twists than i've ever seen, so interesting. zach wolf, thanks, so much. following breaking news out of pakistan. a deadly terror attack. 21 students have been killed t. army says four attackers killed, too. >> plus, michigan's governor promising to fix a water skrooifs crisis in plint. >> that water tainted be lead for years. that's next. wdo you insist on being called the taxonator? then you might be gearcentric. right now, buy any tax software and get a $100 service bundle for free!
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. >> overnight, rick snyder apologized to the people of flint in his state of the state address. >> government failed you. federal, state and local leaders have faith in the trust you placed in us. i feel sorry for letting you down. you deserve better.
2:47 am
you deserve accountability. you deserve to know the buck stops here with me. most of all, you deserve the know the truth. i have a responsibility to tell the truth. >> the governor has been quite a lightning rod for criticism over his handling of the flint water crisis. he urged all lawmakers, local, state, federal to step up, too. lead has been leeching from pipes into the city's water supplies since the state emergency manager had the city water supply switched to the highly corrosive river in 2014 in order to save money. the michigan governor addressing another crisis. the ongoing crisis involving public schools in detroit. teachers there plan another mass sick out today to protest what they say are simply deplorable working conditions. overcrowding, a lack of building maintenance, at least five schools will be closed. governor spiedner his state of the state say detroit schools are in need of transformation change and the time the act is
2:48 am
now. >> the coast guard las to suspend the search for 12 marines missing since two helicopters crashed up the coast of hawaii last week. officials called off after five days of searching for survivors. they found life rafts onp board the choppers t. widespread debris debris field was spotted on the ocean floor. no bodies recovered. the cause of the crash is still undetermined. omajor snowstorm heads trait for the east coast. >> good morning, winter storm warnings in places, ahead of one storm coming in, it could bring if light to moderate snow showers and the tennessee river valley and generally speaking on the light side two-to-four inches. the best we can do is short lived beyond that. the tension turns off towards the eastern seaboard where a storm system offshore here friday night into saturday a. couple outcomes, depending on the track, a northerly track or a southerly track.
2:49 am
it could play a significant number on the amount of snowfall from say friday night into saturday morning. right now european models, historically accurate. puts the bulk around washington and richmond, roanoke with the potential of one-and-a-half maybe two feet of snowfall. to north philly, upwards of 10 to 15 inches. new york, six to ten inches. boston, lesser apples down to 5 inches. look what happens with the american models as far as the location of this. it brings the bulls eye over two feet. right over washington with limited amounts as you work your way farther to the north. take a look if this verifies, these apples of snow totals will put you in the top three record for heaviest snow maker in washington, d.c. history. >> wow! all right. let's take a look at what's coming up on "few day." chris cuomo, he joins us now. >> reporter: good morning, my friends, we are following deadly news on this university in
2:50 am
pakistan. how does the region's stability affect the global fight against terror? just in this specific, so many students terrified. they still don't know how many are dead. they still don't know what they're going to do to stop this threat. we're going to talk about that. also, you have your big political headline this morning. sarah palin's endorsement of donald trump. can you look at the tabloids for yourself. see all the fun people are having with this headline. what will it mean in iowa? we will talk about that. we will also talk about what's happening in flint. john, christine, you guys were talking this morning. this is a big deal t. two people on your screen, hillary clinton and bernie sanders, they chose to just talk about the governor during the debate. is that the right responsive leadership to what's going on for years there? we will talk about it. >> that flint story, it's just so tragically a failure of government period. it's so tough. they want answers, quickly, thank you. it looks like an ugly day for marks around the globe. one stock set to jump, you may own it.
2:51 am
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the walk post put up the video of the tehran bureau chief jason rezaian and his wife. so wonderful to see tear miles. overnight, former marine amir hekmati spoke at the medical center where he is receiving medical treatment. joining me now is cnn's phil black. it was wonderful to hear from hekmati as well. >> reporter: yeah. he looked so well, souped so well, strong and clear, indeed, he said that's how he is feeling. he didn't want to go into any of the detail about just how hard it was to endure those four
2:55 am
years. he's been in custody in iran since 2011. he simply said, quote, it wasn't good. we suspect that something of a stoic understatement, really. he did touch on briefly, what he said was the inhuman pressure he was placed under at times. what he really wanted everyone to know was just how grateful he is for the efforts that were put in to secure his freedom. he said, he felt blessed. take a listen. >> i feel extremely lucky. a alive for the first time in a long time. and very humble at everybody's support from the president to congress to my fellow marines and especially my family, who have really been through so much throughout this time. >> reporter: what kept him financials with his belief in the reputation of the marine corps, not wanting to let down his fellow marines, he said, also very much the support that he knew he had back in the u.s., the word he was receiving in the
2:56 am
prison of efforts back home to try to secure his freedom. he also very much seemed like a man who was very surprised to find himself here in germany to have a rapid change in his life and circumstance. he says only a few days ago, he expected to be spending up to ten years in an iranian prison. they came to him, told him to pack his bags. he didn't believe them. it was only when they left iranian airspace he started to relax. now here in germany, with some family members, looking forward to going home and seeing more of his family. he says, he feels reborn. >> he had just come to terms with the fact he wasn't going to get back to full term. actress kate dell castillo under investigation for taking drug money from el chapo. jahn sean penn trackled him down. now authorities want to know if
2:57 am
cash was used to finance the actress' tequila business. both parties make reference to being in business together. she has been ordered to meet with investigators. she has not been charged with any crime. let's get an early start, wall street bracing for a deep drop. the dow futures 300 points ahead of the open. really unbelievable here. oil prices to blame. crude by low $28 a barrel rate now. they are already calling this red went around the world with less than four hours to go until the opening bell. netflix says 4 million people joined internationally during the fourth quarter of last year. it plans to expand to 136 mark. just about the only place you can't find netflix is china. up 139%. it has lost 20% from its high
2:58 am
last year. microsoft is bringing mindcraft into schools. into the classroom. they are launching a new version of this popular game the summer as a part of a deal to acquire an additional teaching platform. they bought the developer in 2014. the structures can use this new program to teach koegd, math, geography, civil engineering. big money story today, folks, i will tell you, it will be a big sell-off. big losses all around the world. the concern still is oil. crashing oil prices, what that means to anybody that's financed oil, feeds oil, good for your bottom line in terms of gas prices, really tough in terms of stability right now. >> brace yourself. a deadly terrorist attack. "new day" starts right now.
2:59 am
>> good morning. 21 students dead, dozens more injured. armed militants attacked a university at northwest pakistan. they scaled walls around the campus, opening fire, setting offer explosions. now, there are conflicts reports about whether this is the work of the pakistan taliban military wing. >> if so, this would be the same group behind that horrific massacre 13 months ago at a nearby army-run grade school that killed 132 children. let's go to beirut with all of theic breaking details. nic. >> reporter: we are hearing from pakistani security officials they believe is now over t. death toll is rising. it is said to be over 20 students. they include a librarian. but the clearance operation have been hampered by low visibility and tense fog surrounding that
3:00 am
particular university. they have thought potentially they would keep the attackers in two main blockings of that area. but it's taken a long time to clear them out. of course, now the devastating tool of this attack will slowly become apparent. there could be as many there could be 600 students there. you say, it isn't precisely clear who's behind this. one part of the pakistani taliban have denied responsibility. saying an attack like this would not be, quote, according to sharia. what is also clear is how pakistan's been cracking down on militants in this area, potentially a reason for this attack. and after peshawar, so much


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