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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 20, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. we're awaiting breaking news this hour. any moment, freed journalist jason rezaian is expected to walk out. when he does he may make a few remarks. and in other news a deadly attack on a university in pakistan. key u.s. allies says all four terrorists have been killed as they opened fire on a college
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campus. at least 19 civilians have been killed and officials expect that death toll to climb. nick peyton walsh in beirut. and paul cruickshank also joins us. let's start with you nick. what happened? >> they used the themes the militants the cover of intense fog to launch the attack. which seems to have shroud down the response. grenades helped their entry and it appears helped aid their way inside. it could have been obviously a lot worse given the campus has the potential to have 3 thousand students on it. 600 staff. it is 25 miles from the school
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--. >> in that particular area. and 100% clear his men were behind this. he named the four of them. said it was retribution for pakistani military activity after and beforehand. there's been operations in the area to crack down on militants. in fact he said the 332 of his friends had been hupg by the pakistani government. one of the motivating factors behind the attack. . a way to try and distance themselves from an act that will
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have substantial condemnation amongst the pakistani public. >> live from beirut this morning. let's head to london. and check in with paul cruickshank. it was just unbelievable. these terrorists penetrated the university and shot some of the dead, who were student, execution-style. what do you make of this? >> it recalls those horrific scenes carol in december 2014 when there was a very similar attack on a school in peshawar not warfare away by the same group, by the same commander and his men omar man zor.
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they are extraordinarily unhappy against the campaign against them. and the militants in the pakistan have been hit hard. they have been weakened significantly by the pakistani military who have waged a full flenld campaign against them. so this is their way of lashing out, of sending a message. but at the same time the spokesman of the central group saying it wasn't us. this wasn't legitimate. when their very own commanders actually carried the attack out. and as nick was saying that is a way to protect themselves from what may be a black lash against them for launching these kind of attacks.
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>> paul cruickshank, thanks for your insight. in the world of u.s. politics. donald trump and sarah palin had a high profile political fling in 2011, but now they have made it official. palin throuil throlin throwing in. >> look back there. heads are spinning. media heads are spinning. this is going to be so much fun. he is perfectly positioned to let you make america great again. are you ready for that iowa? no more pussy footing around. our troops deserve the best. you deserve the best. he is from the private sector. not a politician. can i get a hallelujah.
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are you ready for a commander in chief? you reader for a commander in chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis ass? he's going rogue left and right, man. that's why he's doing so well. this election is more than just your basic abcs. anybody but clinton. it is more than that this goaround. >> cnn's sarah murray was in the room. tell us more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning carol. that is right. and when sarah palin took the stage she said she saw something of a kindred spirit in trump. a political outsider who jumped in and immediately started facing the kind of scrutiny that comes with the nation's highest office. it is unclear if he will move big blocks of voters to trump. but one thing is certain. trump will do anything to try to
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get that edge over ted cruz with the race so tight in iowa. >> are you ready to stump for trump? >> sarah palin is back. throwing her support behind donald trump. nearly a decade after the conservative fire brand ralliei raucous crowds, she's taking on a new mission showing up trump's rivals. and coming out swinging. >> you ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis ass. >> doctand reassuring iowa vote that trump, a former democrat is a true conservative. >> oh my goodness gracious. what the heck would the establishment know about conservati
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conservatism? >> palin even casting the businessman as the pop list who just happens to be a billionaire. >> yeah our leader is a little different. he's a multi billionaire. not that there's anything wrong with that. but it is amazing. he is not elitist at all. >> yesterday trump pressing pause on his primary battles. >> i'm going to be non confrontational today for a change. >> to relish his celebrity endorsement. >> this is a woman that from day one, i said if i ever do this i have to get her support. as cruz ended a tough day on the trail with a double whammy, losing palin. >> regardless of what sarah decides to do in 2016, i will always remain a big, big fan of sarah palin. >> and facing new attacks in iowa, as governor terry bran steady says cruz needs to be defeated. >> he hasn't supported renewable
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fuels and i believe would be a mistake to support him. >> a jab cruz said is to be expected. >> no surprise the establishment is in full panic mode. >> now palin's real political talent is really knowing how to rev up the grassroots base of the republican party. she'll be here in nor walk today. we're also expecting her to join him later today in tulsa, oklahoma. so we're seal how the crowds respond to her. >> more than one political analyst will tell you plin is not a big deal in american politics anymore. evangelicals love palin, althou although fellow conservatives do not. sarah palin's endorsement of donald trump is important to evangelicals.
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although fellow conservative talk show host and ted cruz support -- >> i don't happen to think these endorsements do a lot one way or another other than tick off people who thought they knew one person or another. i mean i don't vote based on endorsements, well mark you make endorsements. i don't support.who i support or if i choose to tell you who i support or don't support. but whether it's effective or not. i never know. sometimes maybe it is. sometimes maybe it is not. >> all right. we're going to break away from mark levin's statement. there you can see jason rezaian walking out. he was expected to make a few remarks perhaps about his captivity in iran. holding hands with his wife.
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his mother beside him and his brother. he was detained in july of 2014. okay let's listen. >> glad to have you. >> welcome back. [ cameras clicking ] >> can't wait to get home. >> what is the first thing you are going to do when you're >> [ inaudible ]. >> thank you everybody. >> thank you very much. >> thank you all too. >> all right. he's been through such a tough time in his captivity in iran of the he was detained in 2014. put on trial in iran. accused of being a spy. he was released just a couple of days ago and he said at the
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time, actually he told his editors at the washington post i'm a hell of a lot better than i was 48 hours ago. joins me now with more on this. nick are you there? >> i'm here. i think perhaps if it is spoken longer he might have said that again. he looks great. standing there with his wife and his mother and family around him. but obviously he doesn't want to talk a lot at the moment. you know, a question shouted out what is the first thing you will do when you get back home? and he just shrugged. clearly a lot going on at this time. and his release and the christian pastor's release as well and the others hugely important diplomatically. but obviously individually for these men to come to terms with what they have gone through and to prepare themselves for
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continuing with their lives. it is a very big moment. and that seems to be weighing on them there, carol. >> we know he was suffering some health problems due to his deat the same time in iran. at times in a very small room in solitary confinement, once for a 49 day stretch. so most of us cannot even imagine that. >> we can't. and there was a potential there that, you know, the sentence that was passed on him. not just a matter of years. it could have been become a death sentence. and to be left in solitary confinement for that period of time. in a jail. he's a journalist. he knows what the jail he is in. what it's reputation. he's certainly got the sights sound feel of the place and so this is someone, particularly in solitary confinement where you don't have opportunity to share your concerns and thoughts with others, with your own health
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concerns and ule of that weighing on top of you. not all of that snaps out of these things instantly. everyone takes a different amount of time to come to terms with it. but the psychological stress that he will have been under in that jail for over 440 days. over 500 days in fact. is something none of us can really imagine putting ourselves in his shoes. and clearly he needs time and his family to help him here. >> i just got a statement brian stelter acquired from jason rezaian. he said i hope everyone will respect my need for privacy as i take time for myself and my family. for now i want to catch up with the world watch a warriors game or two and see is it "star wars" movie. >> it was a pensive looking
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jason who walked out of there just a few minutes ago. pensive, you could even say perhaps he looked a little uncomfortable there. we've been warned in advance he didn't want to talk publicly just yet. but he wasn't prepared to answer questions or tell his story in detail. i to so i think what nick was talking about there is true. this is a man who's gone through a terrible long ordeal and found himself free of that situation but in his own words and we know he said this to the management of the washington post, he wants to take time to process all of this. that is why he's here. this is a facility that specializes in helping people get through traumas like this. to begin the process of decompressing and then begin the longer slower task of reintegrating back into society and hopefully making up for the time that has been taken from him. he was there. wasn't prepared to answer any questions. we threw a few at him.
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he said at one point he can't wait to get home. but surrounded by his family. and they were smiling i think a lot more broadly. his brother, his wife, his mum, they were all clearly happy that jason is now back. and they are the people that have fought so long, so hard to achieve this. so that is the moment i guess there must be a moment of great satisfaction. a moving time for the family generally. but for jason i think a complicated time and really just the beginning of a longer, harder struggle to come carol. >> i think you are right phil black. i want to go now to brian stelter. you have a new statement. what more did he say? >> it is notable he didn't speak. he said it is going to be his last time commenting for a while. he says he's feeling fine and he feels lucky to be at a place where he's getting terrific
6:17 am
care. he appreciates everything done on his behalf. he says i'm staying with my family at the comfortable guest houston -- house on the base. i i want to get back to writing the u.s.-iran story at some point but i won't be saying anything further for a while. he finishes the statement by saying this. i want to catch up with what's going on in the world. watch a warriors game or two and see the new "star wars" movie. >> i'm sure disney is making arrangements right about now. >> i hope so. thanks all of you. i'll be right back.
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as you might imagine, a lot is happening in the world of politics this morning. ted cruz is giving a very passionate address this morning. and to the right you see podium set up. it is ready and waiting for donald trump. that in norwalk iowa. and sarah palin is expected to be with trump. we'll see if both speak at that event in just a little bit. as you well know sarah palin endorsed donald trump last night. many conservatives are happy about that. it is aed by for the evangelical vote.
6:22 am
this is what mark levin had to say about the endorsement, he's backing ted cruz. >> sarah palin is backing trump. i don't think these endorsements are going to do a whole lot kwun by or another other than tick off people, who thought they knew a person one way or another. i don't vote based on endorsements. you i tell you who i support or don't support, if i choose to support or don't support. but whether it's effective or not. i never know. sometimes maybe it is. sometimes maybe it is not. i just don't think this is going to make much of a difference one way or another because people are kind of dug in. >> okay. so maybe it won't make much of a difference. but a palin endorsement of ted cruz for the senate was
6:23 am
certainly a win. remember these? the candidate grew very close to sarah palin during a tough run for the senate and cruz himself tweeted this. i love sarah palin, without her support i wouldn't be in the senate, regardless of what she does in 2016, i will always be a big fan. so let's talk about this endorsement and whether it matters. joining me now my guests. welcome gentlemen. so ron, i'll start with you. you are a supporter of ted cruz. you heard what mark levin said. people are dug in. this won't matter. will it? >> i think he makes a great point. in that there are only a certain number of voters who are moved by this. i think donald trump got a one day reprieve from having to talk about his record of supporting
6:24 am
tarp, the obama stimulus plan, his record of giving huge sums of money to supporting bill and hillary clinton. now with 12 days before the caucuses i think this rolls out at a time when he doesn't want to talk about those things. he wants to try to shift the discussion away. and i think it is a good sign for ted cruz. because i don't think ted cruz wants to trade places with anybody right now. this is what happens when you are the front runner. i expect more things to happen going forward. but i think ted cruz is in a very strong position -- >> so ron, senator cruz is not disappointed sarah palin didn't throw her support behind him? >> certainly this is a win for donald trump in that regard. but remember we have 12 new cycles before the iowa caucuses take place. and i think that donald trump wants to talk about anything other than this the positions he's held that were very very liberal positions prior to his
6:25 am
running for president. such as on the stimulus bill on supporting tarp and giving money to bill and hillary's foundation. i think that is part of the strategy here. >> i'll ask you this question because glbeck will start campaigning for ted cruz and interestingly enough blek wrote on his facebook page maybe the press was right about palin but for all the wrong reasons. what do you suppose he means by that? >> i think there is a tendency to defend palin against the way the media treated her beginning when she was the vice presidential nominee. and what he's saying is maybe the media was right palin was ill informed about politics, underformed but they were right and they reacted against her because she was a pro life woman
6:26 am
let's say and they felt threatened by that. and we're talking about whether or not donald trump is a conservative. he's not a conservative. the problem for republicans is that their voters may not be as conservative as they thought they were. and this is why palin is actually a good fit for trump. because if you go back to palin's original record in alaska it was not a particularly ideological record. she ran as the reformer who attacked corrupt insiders in the alaskan establishment. she promised to tax the oil companies and give basically a one time windfall to every alaskan which is not necessarily ideological conservative position. so she has a lot of trump's populism and nationalism going way back. and the big question and i don't know the answer to it does it matter that trump has this liberal record. does it matter that he did all the things we just heard that he
6:27 am
did which are true or is it the situation where there are a lot of voters in republican primaries who don't have an ideological checklist they are going down who are just reacting to trump's populism basically and like it and don't care whether others don't think he's a true conservative. >> well i guess we'll see in a dozen days or so. i got to leave it there. coming up. investors bracing for a very bad day on wall street. what this means for you. we are moments away from the opening bell. and it ain't looking good inthe mid-size van, from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability... ...garage-ability and even afford-ability. starting at $28,950.
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. bracing for a brutal kayen wall street. markets expected to begin selling in the red. the culprit, oil prices that
6:30 am
just keep plummeting. ten seconds to the opening bell. christine romans, allison kosik also following the story. take it away. >> i'd say buckle up and get ready for another rough ride. although there is another report that came out that could keep things from getting less crazy. a report about inflation. at the consumer level. inflation unexpectedly fell in december. than could mean the fed would be less likely to raise rates in march. so the opening pel ringing. the dow down within seconds down 150. we're seeing stocks plunge. oil prices plunge. great to see oil prices plunge in some ways because consumers get to enjoy the benefits of lower gas prices. but the problem is at some point oil prices getting to such a low
6:31 am
level beginning to reach a tipping point br where you see it effect the economy. that is what's worrying wall street. carol before i go we are keeping our eye on certain levels today. we don't want to see stocks get down past the lows we saw in august because then we could see a cascade of selling today. >> looking really grim. thank you allison. turning attention to christine romans now. cnn money is calling this red wednesday is this. >> i know. the head lines are how terrible were already written by 4:00 a.m. but look. if you see the levels hold that she's talking about that kwoub encouraging. and already ebitda down two hundred. but what are people supposed to do and the number that matters for anybody watching here is the number of years you have before
6:32 am
retirement. the closer you are to retirement you should always make sure you are not 100% in stocks. that is what really matters. for young people they are getting a pull back here to add to a 519, or a 401(k) plan. stocks have been going up to six years and now you have stocks tumbling down to levels pretty much seen since last august. you can see we're going right back to some of the bad old days last august and those are days where we were concerned about china's slowing growth. right? >> right. >> we were concerned about oil. we were concerned whether that was going to have effect on the u.s. economy. and i got to tell you. you still have a jobless rate of 5%. you still have auto sales booming. you still have home prices back to 2006 peek. so there are fundamentals tied to the consumer in the u.s. that is still strong. the u.s. is still the prettiest house on the block. the question is do all of the things happening overseas muddy the picture? >> we'll have to wait and see. christine romans, thanks so
6:33 am
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a quick look at what's going on down in norwalk iowa. donald trump is on the stump. we expect sarah palin will join him shortly. we're going to keep an ear and an eye on it and we'll take you back to iowa as warranted. let's talk about michigan though. there are two crises thundering through the state and threatening the very quality of life for tens of thousand of children. today in detroit more than 80
6:35 am
schools have been forced to close. desperate teaches are are calling in sick to call attention to decaying schools and a system that could be inching towards financial collapse. they are trying to send an sos to president obama who will be in town. a short time ago we learned he'll have lunch with detroit's mayor. that should be interesting. the other crisis demanding the attention, the tap water in flint, contaminated with lead and posing the greatest danger to young children who could develop a lifetime of problems. let's begin with gene casarez. good morning. >> we spoke with the school district and they have been scrambling to notify parents around detroit that there will be no school. and we're standing in front of martin luther king high school. parents must have gotten the word. we haven't seen one student dropped off this morning.
6:36 am
but 88 out of 97 schools in the district this morning. and they are still trying to get the numbers of how many students that effects. parents were exactly in favor of the sick out because they have jobs they have to go to and all of a sudden they have child care issues. they have to have someone to stay with their child while they try to get to work but the conditions here in detroit is what the sick out is all about. and we saw it firsthand last week. floors, buckling, gymnasiums, closed. swimming pools not filled with water. the answers they say is for children to try to make alternatives so children can get exercise. last night at the state of the address governor rick snyder stalked about the situation and said detroit public schools are in a crisis and the time to act is now. >> all of us, from state and local officials, education to
6:37 am
charitable and civic leaders. parents that concerned citizens need to work together quickly. the challenges are well known. the alternatives are defined. now is the time to get something done. great schools are critically important. both to the city of detroit and the entire state of michigan. let's address this decades long crisis now. >> now here is the challenge. the challenge is detroit public schools are in 515 million dollars worth of debt. because of short-term bond interest because of providers not being paid. and it is just added up. and they have to take money from the students to be able to pay for that debt and they can't fix the schools. and we do want the tell you not all of the schools are in that dire of a condition. and the school district really made that parent to me last week but many are. and they have to make the tough choices of what schools to fix. how to do it and in what order. but carol the reality is the
6:38 am
mayor has ordered all of the schools to be inspected by the end of april. the first school inspected is now under investigation by osha, the michigan division of osha. and today we understand the mayor will speak to president obama about the detroit public schools and the crisis that they are in in this community, carol. >> gene kcasarez, reporting liv from flint, michiganmy. thank you so much. now to the water crisis. worried residents, especially with children say the damage is done. cnn's sarah ganim is live in flint, michiganmy to tell us more. good morning sarah. >> reporter: we're hear along the flint river. this is really how all the trouble began two years ago. because this river water is highly corrosive and it wasn't properly tweeted when it was flowing through the pipes to people's homes. those pipes leeched lead and
6:39 am
other hazardous metals into the water supply and that is how they all began to get sick. last night the governor asked lawmakers to put 28 million dollars towards handling this crisis for the people of flint and also apologized for how state and local officials handled it. take a listen to what he said for the people of flinlt last night. >> government failed you. federal, state and local leaders by breaking the trust you placed in us. i'm sorry most of all i that let you down. you deserve better. you deserve to know the truth. and i have a responsibility to the tell the truth. >> now carol, critics say that $28 million is not nearly enough. doesn't even come close to even the most conservative estimates of what it would take to actually fix the problem here in flint. congressman dan killdy telling us that the epa estimates
6:40 am
it will take between 50 and $75 million just to replace pipes in flint that are now damaged and still leeching chemicals -- metals, i should say, into the water. that doesn't include things like early childhood education, nutrition, better healthcare for the people who have been effected by this lead poisoning here in flint. now last night, yesterday, the mayor of flint, karen weaver, met with president obama over the federal response to this issue. and today obama's administration is senting a team from the department of health and human services to be here on the ground with people managing the federal response. but the residents here carol are still very angry. they still believe that on many levels they are failed. by local, state and federal government and they say all of this help just seems to be coming so late, almost two years after they began drinking this
6:41 am
corrosive water, carol. > >>. you were next, trump on the heels of getting that endorsement of sarah palin, would trump consider palin for a cabinet position? ll probably eag or drink something that is acidic on a daily basis. those acids made over time wear the enamel. a lot of patients will not realize what's happening to the enamel. once it's gone, it's gone away for good. i recommend pronamel. it's designed specifically to help strengthen the teeth. pronamel will actually help to defend the enamel from the acids in our diet. if you know that there is something out there that can help, why not start today?
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you can feel confident we can help you protect the people who matter most to you with guaranteed acceptance life insurance. call massmutual today at this number. call now! candidates hitting the campaign trail. as you can see senator ted cruz there on the left. and on the right is donald trump, hot on the heels of that big endorsement from sarah palin. hoping to shore up support among evangelicals so he can win the
6:45 am
iowa caucuses. let's dig in and listen to donald trump. we expect sarah palin to appear at any time now. >> i watch these politicians. a couple of politicians. he was at one or two. and he said no i will never leave the race. they're politicians. that is what they do. they talk. all talk, no action. and that is what we don't need. you know. and in iowa we have a great cnn poll. i told the other day i said why don't they ever use the cnn poll. even cnn doesn't use the cnn poll because it is too good. trump 33, cruz second at 20. nobody ever uses it. cnn reports and then show other people's polls. where it's closer. can i ask you i say -- and by the way they spent a lot of money on this poll and i think it's probably better. and more indicative. i think we might even br better than that. why are you not using the poll that says 33? and they have no answer. you can't answer.
6:46 am
you know what the answer is. it's really unfair stuff. it is welcome to the world of trump or welcome to the world of being a conservative republican or welcome to whatever world it is. and here they are, they pay for their own poll and never put it up. so it's a little unfair but these are minor details folks. the polls are looking good and everything is looking good and it's so important. and i stayed here last night. and i actually had a good steak. you have good steak here. and i've always heard that. if they don't have good steak in iowa we have some problems, right? but you do. and it was great. and i want to sus just is a i said it a little and i alluded to it. sarah palin came in yesterday. she was so great. she was so great yesterday. and so popular. and amazing, actually. and everybody wanted her endorsement. and she just saw what was happening. she said you've got a movement. this is a movement going on. this is beyond what a normal situation is. and seriously they were telling
6:47 am
me, some of these other candidates, they would have like nine people and 20 people come in. and even for hillary, she had very few people coming in. and you look at a crowd like this and it is early in the morning and all of that. and something is happening out there. something really special. they used to call it the silent magen majority. the silent majority. some people didn't like that term because it was associated with something. and i don't even care. it's a great term but it's not really accurate. because the accurate is the noisy majority. you have to see these people. they go crazy. we go into stadium asks they wan to rip down the stadiums sometimes. it is amazing. and it's really become the noisy majority. and that is what we have. we have an amazing group of people that want to see this country get great and be strong and be smart and not be ripped off with trade and not be ripped off with so many different
6:48 am
things. you look at china. 505 billion dollars. we have a trade deficit. a deficit. what they get, what we get. $505 billion a year. this isn't like in 20 years. this is a year. it goes on. it goes on. and i have some of the great business leaders endorse me. like karl icahn endorsed me. and a lot of other business leaders want to endorse me. and the problem is nobody ever heard of him -- >> all right we're going to break away from donald trump in all fairness we have tro go to new hampshire and check in with ted cruz to hear what he's saying. let's listen. >> the production of ethanol use is almost as much petroleum -- >> can i ask you something sir. what do you understand to be my position on ethanol? >> i think you were originally
6:49 am
opposed to it but then you changed it. no? >> so let me answer your question. because i think you are going to be happy with my answer. my position has not changed one ie oat. which is my view on energy is there should be no mandates no subsidies whatsoever for any energy source, whether ethanol or oil and gas or anything else. and i'll point out, i'll tell a story. so right now i'm the only major candidate in iowa who's taking that position. right now my opponents are all attacking me for it. and they are all promising just yesterday donald trump promised not only to protect the mandate but to expand it, to have the federal government do even more
6:50 am
picking and winning and hit lit with millions of dollars of attacks. a number of months ago i was in iowa at an ag summit. about 1,000 farmers, 1,000 people active in the ethanol industry. we talked about all sorts of agriculture issues, and one of the questions came was the ethanol mandate. and really the purpose of the summit was to get every candidate there to kiss the ring of the ethanol mandate, and every candidate there, including several who had opposed the mandate in the past, did a 180 flip and said, i am for ethanol forever. except me. and when i told folks there, is i said, listen. i support ethanol. i support every fuel source. we ought to pursue all of the above god has blessed america with rich and abundant energy resources. but it shouldn't be washington
6:51 am
picking winners and losers. that's why i file ed legislatio to phase out the ethanol mandate over five years. >> all right. we're going to step away. and he's talking about ethanol subsidies, which is very important to ted cruz's campaign in the state of iowa. because farmers depend on those subsidies, some for their livelihood. in fact, the governor of iowa just came out and slammed ted cruz for his position and urged people not to support him. so let's talk about all of this. with me, larry sabato and new york -- and errol louis is also here, the political anchor for new york one news and a cnn political commentator. welcome to you both. i'll start with you, larry. let's start with the endorsement from sarah palin for donald trump. frankly, that's all anyone's talking about right now. will it help donald trump, you think? >> yes.
6:52 am
look, iowa is a game of inches, carol. i think certainly donald trump gains in inches. he may have gained a couple of yards. why is that? because the iowa caucuses have really relatively low participation. you're talking about 100,000, 150,000, maybe 200,000 people. it's a state of 3 million. and the people who participate in the republican caucuses in iowa often are associated with the tea party and with evangelical christianity. well, sarah palin clearly has great influence with the tea party. and so i think it probably did help him. he's already in a close race with ted cruz. cruz got that double whammy you mentioned of governor branstad which may have been the more important shot at cruz. governor branstad basically telling iowa republicans, do not vote for ted cruz.
6:53 am
he didn't endorse anybody. he just said don't vote for ted cruz. it was ted cruz's worst day on the campaign trail, and therefore, a good day for donald trump. >> interesting. so errol, you heard ted cruz -- senator ted cruz standing up for his position, saying he wants to phase ethanol subsidies out over a period of five years. and that's not the only energy subsidies he wants to phase out. so it's all fair, right? will that make the governor of iowa any happier? >> well, now, i don't know that it will. i mean, you know, it's really remarkable, carol. i was out there a few weeks ago. and i didn't realize that, you know, when you're fueling up your car, you can pay, you know, something like $2.10, $2.20 a gallon or buy the ethanol stuff which is about 20, 30 cents cheaper. it was really a remarkable difference, something that people would notice. ted cruz was always going to sort of be on the outs there and kind of hoping that both on principle and the fact that a lot of people don't work in farming as much as in the past,
6:54 am
that maybe he could sort of skate by. i guess that's not going to happen. but i think something to keep in mind, and we keep going back to the comparisons of past iowa caucuses, it is a game of inches, but it's also kind of an uncertain game. we're 15 days out. and you know, four years ago when we were 15 days out, rick santorum, the eventual winner, was, you know, polling in the single digits. i think he was in sixth place, as a matter of fact. so there's stuff that's going on out there. and until people decide to get in their car and drive to the local firehouse, the local school or wherever the local caucus site is, you can't really be sure how much of this is going to be influenced by star power, which is the wave trump has going for him, and how about plain old organizing on the ground which trump has been very diligent about. >> one thing is for sure, larry, nobody's talking about marco rubio or jeb bush or john kas h kasich. the focus is right on donald trump and ted cruz, and that's it. >> i vaguely recognize those
6:55 am
names you just mentioned. i'm not sure who they are. but errol made a very good point. we actually have enough time between now and february 1st for the momentum to change several times. and, in fact, iowans are famous for shifting in the last 48 slr48/72 hours of these caucuses. they could all shift on caucus night because they're talking and listening to one another. it's not like going into a polling place and casting a ballot all by yourself. so yes, these things are are pretty unpredictable, and that's why we watch them as closely as we do. >> and we'll continue to watch them quite closely. larry sabato, errol louis, thanks to both of you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health
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and good morning. i'm carol toss tell low. thank you so much for joining me. new this morning, freed journalist jason reziaian appeared with his wife, his mother and his brother outside the landstuhl regional medical center in germany. he was imprisoned in iran and part of that prisoner swap. let's get right to cnn's phil black at the medical center to tell us more. hi, phil. >> reporter: hi, carol. it was, i think you'd have to say, a somber jason rezaian that walked out of the hospital building just behind me. he wasn't joy us, perhaps a little pencive. we had been warned in advance that he didn't want to talk publicly just yet, wouldn't be taking questions, but he stood there flanked by his family who i think it's fair to say were pretty much beaming, really. his brother, wife and mother, mary, this was the core team of
7:00 am
people who had fought so hard, so publicly, so long to secure his release. they're obviously very happy to have him here. while he, on the other hand, well, he's got a long road ahead of him. he released a written statement at around the same time that he walked out. he talked about being very thankful for all the efforts, very pleased with the care that he's getting here. and he says to, quote, i'm feeling fine. let me show you a little bit more now of what he says in this statement directly. and i think it gives an interesting insight into perhaps where he's at. he said this. "i've spent a lot of my life writing about the united states and iran, and i never imagined and never wanted to become a part of the story, particularly at such an extraordinary moment. i want to get back to writing the u.s./iran story at some point in the future." and he goes on to say, "but i won't be saying anything further for a while." so what we see here is a man who has just escaped an
7:01 am
extraordinary and difficult ordeal. he is beginning the process of recovery here, as he says, and it is likely to take some time. but what he did say very softly during his brief appearance was that he can't wait to get home. carol. >> all right. phil black reporting live from landstuhl, germany, this morning. a deadly attack on a university in pakistan. the key u.s. ally says all four terrorists were killed after they opened fire on a college campus near the border with afghanistan. at least 19 civilians were killed, and officials expect the death toll to climb. witnesses described a horrific onslaught of grenades and gunfire with many of the students still asleep in their dorm rooms and one professor shot as he warned students to stay inside. and there's a mixed message from the pakistani taliban over whether it's responsible for the attacks or not. cnn's nick paton walsh joins us live from beirut to tell us more. hi, nick.
7:02 am
>> reporter: carol, let's get to that claim of responsibility first. a statement from the official spokespersons of the taliban in pakistan saying we're not behind this. and it is not, quote, according to sharia. that's islamic law. but separate to that, a militant leader from the pakistani taliban known as mansour who was behind the attack 13 months ago, only 25 miles away on a school run by the army in peshawar which killed over 130, the same man behind that has released a statement and also spoken to one of our colleagues in pakistan lengthily saying yes, i am behind this attack today, naming the four gunmen who we now know are all dead and saying it is, quote, retribution for pakistani military activity in that area, a lot of which was intensified after the peshawar attacks in late 2014. now, what happened today? well, we know that heavy fog reduced visibility around that university.
7:03 am
it is in the middle of exposed -- right in the middle of empty farmland. the attackers, it seems, used grenades to get in. much of the violence centered on two blocks. the death toll currently 19 including a librarian, students, policemen as well. it may rise, but i think there are some obviously grieving this loss but maybe feeling a slight sense of a potential of this could have been worse. there are 3,000 students there, 600 staff hers. and we could have seen a much larger death toll potentially. but now the focus being on the pakistani taliban after this lengthy campaign to suppress them, are they going to continue this kind of attack on innocent civilians? many are seeing the uptick of violence across the border in afghanistan as a result of the pakistani military pressure who are now attacking afghan security forces in afghanistan. carol? >> all right. nick paton walsh reporting live from beirut, lebanon, this morning. to american politics now. and a headline-making
7:04 am
endorsement just weeks before republican voters cast the first votes of the 2016 campaign. sarah palin hitting the campaign trail today with the republican front-runner in iowa, declaring she is in it to win it for donald trump. >> when asked why i would jump in, into a primary, kind of stirring it up a little bit, maybe, and choose one over some friends who are running and i've endorsed a couple others in their races before they decided to run for president, i was told, you know, warned left and right, you are going to get so clobbered in the press! you are just going to get beat up and chewed up and spit out, you know. i'm thinking, and? we are ready for a change! we are ready, and our troops deserve the best! a new commander in chief whose track record of success has proven he is the master at the art of the deal.
7:05 am
he is one who would know to negotiate. only one candidate's record of success proves he is the master of the art of the deal. he is beholden to no one but we the people! how refreshing! he is perfectly positioned to let you make america great again! are you ready for that, iowa? no more pussy-footing around! our troops deserve the best! you deserve the best! he is from the private sector, not a politician. can i get a hallelujah? >> hallelujah! >> are you ready for a commander in chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick isis' ass? are you ready to stump for trump? i'm here to support the next president of the united states, donald trump! trump's candidacy, is has exposed not just that tragic, the ramifications of that betrayal of a transformation of
7:06 am
our country, but, too, he has exposed the complicit on both sides of the aisle that has enabled it, okay? well, trump, what he's been able to do, which is really ticking people off, which i'm glad about, he's going rogue left and right, man. that's why he's doing so well. we are mad, and we've been had. they need to get used to it. this election is more than just your basic a, b, cs, anybody but clinton. >> all right. you get the drift there. the move is seen by some as a blow to trump's nearest rival, senator ted cruz, and it comes as another gop hopeful, marco rubio, tries to shore up support in another key state, new hampshire. we're covering all angles. sara murray is with the trump campaign. manu raju is with marco rubio. sara, is sarah palin on the
7:07 am
trail with the donald? >> reporter: good morning, carol. i think one of the questions about the sarah palin endorsement was how hard was she going to work for trump? do a lot of interviews? be out there and campaign a lot with him and really rally the gop base? now, his campaign said yesterday that she would be traveling with him for both events today. but now a spokeswoman is telling me she actually will not take the stage with him here in iowa this morning. even though they sent out an e-mail to supporters in iowa, teasing this very special guest here in norwalk. she is expected to be with him later today, though, at a big event in tulsa, oklahoma. and that could be a place where we get a better sense of how much palin momentum really means now. she was very strong in the south with john mccain in 2008. and her sort of populist grass-roots gop message plays really well in those southern states. so i think we'll get a better sense of how republicans receive her now, nearly a decade after she was on the ticket with john mccain. carol? >> so why the change of heart, sara, about sarah palin appearing with donald trump in iowa? >> reporter: this is a great
7:08 am
question. i've asked his campaign staffers about that. they haven't given me a straight answer. they just said, well, we never guaranteed you that she was going to be on stage. that's certainly not what the impression they gave from the press release last night or the e-mail they sent to supporters was. so it will be interesting to see if any of the members of the crowd here are disappointed that they didn't get their two celebrities for the price of one. they saw trump, but so far no palin. >> all right. we'll check back, sara murray, thanks so you. let's head to manu raju covering marco rubio. how does senator rubio feel about this? because it's sort of taken the air out of everyone's sails, this endorsement by sarah palin. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, carol. i mean, marco rubio's probably not going to address that here when he addresses state legislators, but we'll see how much he deviates from his stump speech when he does address members of the state ledgislatue here shortly. when he goes after his
7:09 am
opponents, he focuses mainly on both ted cruz in iowa and chris christie in new hampshire. and his super pac actually launched a pretty scathing attack ad against ted cruz as part of a multimillion-dollar ad accusing ted cruz of politically pandering on key issues. now, i had a chance to talk to marco rubio about ted cruz earlier this week. and i asked him about the fight over obamacare. so he actually aligns himself with ted cruz in that 2013 fight that led to a government shutdown. here's a little bit more about what he had to say. >> it's never a mistake to fight against obamacare. my point is i'm actually the only one running for president that's actually achieved a result, which is to inflict damage on this terrible law. we defunded the bailout. i led the effort to do that. and that's an important achievement. and i think it's one that could very well lead to obamacare being reduced and ultimaely easier to repeal. >> reporter: so it was a good fight for him to do that? >> it's not just him. a lot of people joined him.
7:10 am
all of us were involved in the effort to stop obamacare. >> reporter: now, marco rubio clearly is trying to pull away enough support from ted cruz to have a good showing in iowa. his campaign really calculates that he needs to finish probably in a strong third place finish in iowa and maybe even a second place finish in new hampshire to emerge as that alternative to cruz and trump and hope that the primary contest extends into march and beyond, really trying to play the long game here, carol, but still the questions over his role in that 2013 immigration fight continue to hover over marco rubio including the report last year over one of his aides had a conflict of interest. these are all questions rubio will have to answer on the campaign trail, carol. >> manu raju reporting live from new hampshire this morning. one thing is for sure, sarah palin's endorsement of donald trump has sucked the air out of the room. everybody's talking about it. and let's face it, it is a
7:11 am
little surreal. after all, a political marriage between palin and trump lit up "saturday night live" just last february. >> i'm just curious, jerry, how much do you think lorne michaels would pay me if i were to run in 2016? >> run for president, sarah? i don't think there's a number too big. >> okay. just hypothetically, then, what if i were to choose donald trump as my running mate? >> sarah, you're teasing us. that's not nice. >> okay. so it's not quite what has transpired, but you get the drift. the question now, does it mean a bump for trump, a loss for cruz, a win for the democrats? with me now, van jones, cnn political commentator and former obama administration adviser and ben ferguson, conservative talk radio host and cnn political commentator. welcome to both of you. >> morning, carol. >> morning. >> good morning. i think the new york tabloids sort of sums up the split between what conservatives think about sarah palin and what
7:12 am
liberals do. hence the "daily news." see it right there? "i'm with stupid." i would say that's a liberal thought process. and on the more conservative side, this is the "new york post," "lady and the trump." so i want to start with you to get a different perspective. so are democrats sitting back and saying, this is fantastic? >> well, i mean, it's more of horrifying. it really did look like an "snl" skit yesterday. tina fey couldn't have done a more incoherent, inarticulate sort of caricature of palin than she did of herself. and to see somebody who wants to be the commander in chief standing next to her, acting like she was saying things that actually made good sense, that was kind of horrifying. but there's something else going on here. up until now, we've fallen into the insiders versus the outsiders. the reality is we should have from the very beginning said it was the extremists versus the more responsible republicans, but we fell into that trap. now it turns out there's a split
7:13 am
among the so-called outsiders the extremists, between the down-the-line principles conservatives like ted cruz who for better or for worse at least has a coherent ideology versus this celebrity populist wing that is kind of a goulash of various ideas that don't go together, basically united by a feeling and enthusiasm and kind of anger. and sarah palin picks sides. she is clearly a part of the celebrity circus wing of the republican party which may, in fact, be the biggest wing. >> okay. so the curious thing this morning, ben, and you heard sara murray reporting it, we all expected sarah palin to appear with donald trump in iowa, but suddenly she's not. is there anything to that, you think, ben? >> i mean, sarah palin -- >> ben, i want ben. wait, wait. ben. >> oh, i thought you said van, sorry. >> if you're sarah palin, and this was a very simple move, it was probably donald trump saying, i'm in trouble in iowa. i've got to figure out a way to come back. i'm going to pick sarah palin.
7:14 am
and then i'm going to let her come out on stage. and her people that love sarah palin are obsessed with palin. the same people that love trump are obsessed with trump. that's probably his biggest asset for him right now. i don't know why. she may have wanted to go back, for all i know, in alaska. her son's in trouble with the law. she want to go back and deal with part of that. they may have said hey, we've done what we wanted you to do. don't worry, we'll bring you in other places. i don't know. and it's hard to read the trump campaign because you really don't know what their idea is here. i mean, i would have assumed that she would have been out for him at least for a couple days straight, going around the country or at least in iowa. that's why they picked her to do this. they needed her in iowa. will it pay off? i'm not so sure it will. i think this was a smart move if you're behind. i don't know how it's going to play with the rest of the country moving forward. but i will say this. i don't think you're going to see sarah palin popping up at events over the next three, four or five weeks like some people
7:15 am
expected. i think it was all about go all in iowith iowa and then we keep moving forward. plus, it got 2 corinthians out of the headlines which was offensive to a lot of evangelicals that are going to be voting in iowa. now we're talking about palin. so if for no other reason, it was a brilliant move just to move past the oops with the bible while you're courting evangelical christians in iowa. >> okay, van, take it away. >> and i apologize to you, ben. i thought she said van. >> no worries. >> i was just going to say, it's surprising that sarah palin is somewhat unpredictable, surprising that maybe she's kind of gone rogue. that's her whole shtick. >> yeah. >> anybody's kind of expecting for sarah palin to do anything rational and predictable is going to be disappointed, but they just haven't been paying attention. don't forget, she quit being governor in the middle of a term because she didn't like the way she was being treated in the press and because she wanted to make more money as a reality tv star. so there is a celebrity populist wing of the party.
7:16 am
you know, ted cruz does deserve some credit for at least being willing to psychic with his ideas even in iowa. i want to strip away your ability to have a livelihood here because i'm a conservative. at least he's consistent. donald trump is all over the place, and so is sarah palin. and this circus wing of the party, i think, is a very dangerous development in american politics because who knows what they would do in office? >> okay. an interesting thing -- >> let me say this. ted cruz -- >> well, let me run this by you because i just find this last point interesting. so donald trump was on the "today" show. and he made sure to tell viewers that sarah palin was not interested in a cabinet position. let's listen. >> she's somebody i really like and i respect. and certainly she could play a position if she wanted to. >> you wouldn't roll her out as vp? >> well, i don't think she'd want to do it. i mean, i don't think she'd want to do it. and i really don't get into it right now. and that question's always asked to me, who do you have in mind? and i don't even think about vp right now. and i just want to win. >> i apologize, it was vp, but
7:17 am
he would consider sarah palin for another position, ben. what would that be? >> i think she's mentioned multiple times, because the fact that she understands oil, because of being in alaska and the governor there and they deal with an awful lot of oil issues, and also money that goes to citizens in alaska as well, i think energy secretary is something that she has on her mind. and, look. these deals, when they're done, when you have endorsements like this, and make no mistake about it on both sides of the aisle, there was something that was going to be promised with them teaming up far beyond just being on stage yesterday. and i think donald trump is going to make -- is making that very clear. if i win, sarah palin will have some role in my administration, and i think a lot of palin supporters and trump supporters are going to love that idea. and it's probably going to help him with his base. >> all right. i have to leave it there. ben ferguson, van jones, thanks to both of you. we want to let you know about a big event that's coming next monday night in iowa, and it will be seen only on cnn.
7:18 am
exactly one week before iowa chooses, bernie sanders, hillary clinton and martin o'malley will go face to face with the voters in iowa. in a cnn democratic presidential town hall live from des moines, chris cuomo will moderate. the final pitch for all the candidates before the first votes are cast and a unique opportunity for iowans to ask questions of the three democrats. that's next monday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. still to come in the "newsroom," markets in turmoil. a sea of red across wall street. what's moving and how low could we go? next. they think that it's sad.
7:19 am
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we're following breaking news on wall street where stocks are living up to fears of a red wednesday. the dow plunging more than -- oh, you can see it there -- 338 points. whew! it's, of course, being pushed lower by the sinking price of oil. christine romans is here to parse this out. a alison kosik is on wall street. >> as you see the dow down 337 points, oil falling almost 4% at this point. you look at stocks. it's amazing. we're seeing levels for stocks that we haven't seen since october of 2014. that's 15 months ago. oil, at lows we haven't seen since 2003. and we know this. as we drive around, lower gas prices. they're great for consumers, but you know what, there's a tipping point where it's bad for the economy. you see the oil price fall this much. it winds up causing job losses,
7:24 am
especially in that oil patch, it causes foreclosures for people who have jobs in the energy business and defaults on loans as well. and then you pile on the other worries that are on wall street's head at this point. japan's main stock index overnight now falling into a bear market. a fall of 20% from a recent high. and who can forget china? continuing to show new signs of slowing down. you roll it all together, carol, and the outcome for these worries, we're only three weeks into the year. and the dow and the s&p already down 8% each. carol? >> all right. alison kosik, thanks. i turn my attention to christine romans to calm us down. >> when you look at an oil chart, that really is an ugly chart. that's what is a big driving factor. you're seeing stocks and oil travel in lockstep. think of this, from $103 a barrel, $108 a barrel, to now below $30, below $28. that's destabilizing. it goes so far so fast, it hurts
7:25 am
emerging markets who have -- many of these countries, by the way, have taken on a lot of cheap debt over the past few years. while at home the u.s. economy is pretty stable and sound here, you're looking overseas and they're wondering what's going to happen with the emerging market economies, all of this debt that they've taken on, what's going to happen to the financial system. if you start to see a bunch of bankruptcies in the energy sector. that's why the energy story becomes so profound here. when you look at stocks, we are talking about a 15-month low, as alison said. remember, stocks went up straight for six years. march would be the seventh birthday of this bull, and this bull has just charged higher. so now you've got -- you see that pullback in august. that was concerns about china, concerns about oil, and now this pullback here. i will tell you, ibm, one of the big stocks getting hit today in the dow. it hit 15 straight quarters of sales declines. it talked about the strong dollar being a problem. we'll see if other companies say the same thing. chevron and exxon, two of the big losers in the dow 30. they're energy companies, right? >> who would have thought,
7:26 am
right? >> people don't feel bad for bankers and oil companies, but boy, those have been hit hard, real hard, real fast and that starts to hurt your 401(k). >> christine romans, thanks so much. >> you're welcome. still to come, two major emergencies for the michigan governor, rick snyder, vowing to fix the flint water crisis. and teacher sick-outs forcing more than 80 detroit schools to close down. we're there next. my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable one thing i need to be predictable is to be flake free. because i have used head and shoulders for 20 years. used regularly, it removes up to 100% of flakes keeping you protected every week, every month, every year you ready ma? always life is unpredictable, so embrace it! head and shoulders. live flake free for life
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. in michigan, two crises are thundering through state government and threatening the very quality of life for tens of thousands of children. today in detroit, some 90% of the public schools forced to close. desperate teachers are calling
7:31 am
in sick to call attention to decaying schools and a system that could be inching toward financial collapse. they're trying to sense an sos so preside to president wobama who will be in town today, having lunch with the town's mayor. the governor now vowing to fix it, the tap water in flint, contaminated with lead and posing the greatest danger to young children. let's begin with cnn's jean casarez. good morning, jean. >> reporter: good morning, carol. you know, on a positive note, this community is very excited. that president obama is coming. last week people kept coming up to me, "obama's coming to detroit." they are waiting for this visit, but they also realize that their public school system is in dire straits. we visited three different schools, and we saw conditions for ourselves. floors that were buckled. jgymnasiums that are not
7:32 am
opperable. students can't go in there to get their exercise. floors that are dirt floors. swimming pools that don't have the water in them. technology being rewired so they could finally get the internet for that technology course to educate the students. and we are standing right here in front of martin luther king high school. 88 of the 97 schools are having sick-outs today. teachers believing that this was an opportunity for them to demonstrate that something has to be done about the conditions. and the school district tells us it's not all 97 schools. there are some schools that do not have these issues, but the fact is, students day in and day out are in those schools. i went in one, and i got very hoarse after being in there for just a short period of time. school officials told me there was mold. we don't know if that is substantiated, but we do know the mayor is now requiring all schools to be inspected by the end of april. michigan's osha has already
7:33 am
launched an investigation into one of those schools. and the fact is, there's a $515 million debt for the detroit public schools, and darrell earlsley, the emergency manager says if they can't get funding from the state by the end of april, that they will have to declare the school system completely insolvent, carol. and then they have to decide what to do with all these students. all 46,000 of them. >> unbelievable. jean casarez reporting live from detroit. now to the flint water crisis. michigan's governor addresses his state and apologizes for his government letting them down. >> i want to speak directly, honestly, and sincerely to let you know we are praying for you. we are working hard for you. and we are absolutely committed to taking the right steps to effectively solve this crisis. to you, the people of flint, i say tonight, as i have before, i
7:34 am
am sorry, and i will fix it. >> snyder says fixing the toxic lead contamination starts with an injection of $28 million to fund immediate action. the protesters, as you can see, outside on the steps of the capitol were chanting "snyder must go." still to come in the "newsroom," the attorney general defending the president's executive action on gun control. loretta lynch front and center at a hearing on capitol hill. we'll take you there live. my constipation and belly pain have my stomach feeling all knotted up. i've tried laxatives... but my symptoms keep returning. my constipation feels like a pile of bricks... that keeps coming back. linzess can help. once-daily linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. linzess is thought to help calm pain-sensing nerves and accelerate bowel movements.
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and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. straight to washington, d.c., now, capitol hill. she's expected to face tough questions on the president's executive action on gun control and how the justice department plans to implement them. joe johns is outside the white house with more. hi, joe. >> reporter: hi, carol. we are going to be watching the
7:39 am
attorney general's testimony very closely for a bunch of reasons. number one, for the reason that she was invited to capitol hill by senator richard shelby, the republican of alabama, one of the senior members of the appropriations committee, one of the people in washington who handles the purse strings on justice issues. he's a huge supporter of gun rights. in fact, just in the last ten days, honored by the board of the national rifle association for his support of the cause. he's not going to take any of the president's executive actions on guns lightly at all. in fact, in a letter inviting lynch to the hill, he wrote that he's not going to sit idly by and allow doj to implement what he called unlawful, unconstitutional actions. now, lynch, for her part, is very much the point person for the administration on the issue of the president's executive actions. in fact, she met with the president just the day before he made his big announcement. we do expect her to carry the administration message to
7:40 am
capitol hill that in their view, everything the president is doing is lawful and simply clarifying existing law on guns. so a possibility of a halfway decent face-off here on capitol hill, carol. >> all right. joe johns reporting live from the white house, thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," ashleigh banfield makes the long trip home to reveal the person who changed her life. it's all part of a new cnn special, and it is very special indeed. ashleigh's here next. ♪ melodic, calm music. princess is the only cruise line that offers discovery and animal planet shore excursions for truly meaningful travel. immerse yourself in your destinations. and return home rich with new memories. princess cruises. come back new. see all the discovery at sea excursions at perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup...
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there because they're any less smart or talented than anyone else. a lot of times we just don't know. i met shelly stewart through the boys and girls club in 2007.
7:44 am
he was, like, hey, i'm going to give you everything you need, but it's up to you to do it. i got involved in money matters as a junior. we went through everything. and not even just money. it was like goal setting. it wasn't just, like, making your budget. it was a lot of the behavior part as well. shelly, he mentored me. if it weren't for him coming to the club and just being, like, hey, what do you got going on? i don't think that the route would have been as clear getting my bachelor's degree and my mba degree and went on to start a pretty successful accounting career. this is something you can do. you don't even have to know how. i didn't know how. but if every day you're working hard, when the opportunity presents itself, you can be successful.
7:45 am
all right. play along with me here for just a moment. i want you to think about your life and where you are right now. can you think of the one person who's the reason you're there? ashleigh banfield can. and in a new special, she along with other cnn anchors, myself included, set out to recognize the people who changed our lives. here's ashleigh. ♪ >> this is the hairpin. look out. >> reporter: i've come from new york city where i work to winnipeg, my hometown in canada. and then 2 1/2 hours by car to a remote cabin on a lake. it's sort of like the annual family reunion. and i'll tell you why. my mom. >> okay. here we go. woo hoo! >> reporter: my mother's name is susie lount. >> isn't that wonderful for a fire at the lake? >> reporter: she has the elegance of jackie kennedy. ♪
7:46 am
and the strength of hercules. and without her, i am certain i would not be where i am. i'm certain. ♪ so how many pounds of fish total? >> ten. >> reporter: this is our sunday brunch. my brothers jeff and joe are there. >> that was a decent fish. >> reporter: my sister, alex. and as the youngest, i get zero respect. >> only because there's no such thing as less than zero. >> reporter: so it's a pilgrimage of sorts because we all come back to mom. >> this is the traditional way we cook our fish. it is bacon dripping. >> i'm out. >> reporter: she's the boss. she's the glue. she's the mom. she's the friend. she's the mentor. she's pretty much every role. certainly more roles than she ever expected.
7:47 am
my mom, just out of college, married john banfield in 1959. he was from an upper-class family and seemed destined to a promising career as an architect. i envisioned being a wife, being a mother. everything looked perfect. >> reporter: but it was not perfect. dad struggled with alcoholism. but back then, people didn't talk about it. the disease had such a tight grip on dad that he went bankrupt twice. i was too young to understand. but my mom did. >> we don't have any money. we don't have any money. don't spend any money. well, the children need socks. the children need shirts. the children need, you know, whatever. well, don't spend any money. >> reporter: to pinch pennies, she bought day-old bread, meat and produce from the back of the store. >> everybody was moving up.
7:48 am
and i was moving down. i was terrified. i was terrified. i was a housewife with four children, a home economics degree which wasn't going to get you a job anywhere. >> reporter: nonetheless, mom entered the cutthroat male-dominated world of real estate back in 1970. >> those days, ambition and a woman was a bad thing. >> reporter: it didn't matter. it turned out mom was really good. how good? >> i became the breadwinner. >> reporter: was that uncomfortable for dad? >> you know, i think by the time the role reversal took place, your father -- i think he had sort of given up. >> reporter: mom, on the other hand, soon opened her own company with my aunt and a friend. >> and we were laughed at by quite a few people because women just didn't do that.
7:49 am
they ought to be at home with their children. >> reporter: what started out as a way to keep the family afloat became a lesson about independence. mom's style of mentoring was simple. >> tough love. no complaining, no excuses. >> reporter: mom taught by example. as she bought and sold homes in winnipeg's toneyest neighborhoods. >> we were unbelievably successful for three women that had no business training at all. >> reporter: so successful that i was off to a fancy private school. but it wasn't long before my adolescent rebellion began. >> she was full of fire, full of beans. >> reporter: that is when the trouble began. and mom hauled me in to see the headmaster, a place you do not want to be. and between the two of them, they read me the riot act. >> reporter: in that moment, i had to ask myself a question.
7:50 am
what do i want my future to look like? and sure enough, on my next report card, good grades, and look at what the headmaster wrote. "now we are beginning to see what ashleigh can do." mom nipped that rebellious brat in the bud. i think a trajectory began there. after college, i started at cjbn-tv. i'm ashleigh banfield, your host, for the last edition of the summer show. it was a teeny, tiny station in the sticks. rick, can you tell me a little bit about how you got involved in duck carving and how long ago? >> well, i've been at it for five years now. >> reporter: over time, i graduated to bigger stations in canada, local news in the u.s., and then american networks. but along the way, i went from rising star to has-been when i was demoted or fired and not just once. did you get as many phone calls
7:51 am
from joe, alex and jeff with tragic news about their jobs as you got from me? >> well, the stage s that you al went through, you know -- >> reporter: you're trying to gently say no, i was fired more than they were. >> oh, that's so cute. i guess you were. >> reporter: each time mom offered a shoulder to cry on and maybe more importantly, blunt words if i sounded like giving up. move it. don't complain. get to work. >> those words have followed them all the way along in their life. tough it out. to have all my four children around the table right now is extremely special for me. >> reporter: i often think about the impact that she's had on me as a professional, as a person. >> love you all.
7:52 am
>> love you, too, gum. ♪ >> reporter: she may not look it, but mum is now 77. i can never actually think about losing mum. i just -- i can't. i don't know. i don't know who i'd call. i don't know what i would do. there's no one like her. ♪ okay, gang. there is really no one else. have i thanked you properly? >> i think i'm going to cry. you know, sweetheart, you have. just sitting here today with you, i'm so proud of you. i'm so proud of you. ♪ >> whoo!
7:53 am
>> i didn't expect this. oh, carol. >> that was so awesome. >> i actually can't watch the end because it makes me a little weepy. >> i know, stop crying and i'll stop crying. and i'm glad you have been fired, too. fist bump. >> you do not get into television for the hours or the job security. >> hey, you're nowhere unless you've been fired. >> right? >> i've had the pleasure of meeting your mother not so long ago, and she is a pistol just like you are. you're very much like her. >> thanks. you know, that's the greatest compliment that i can get. and ever since i was little, everyone said that i was the spitting image. i didn't realize how significant that would be until later in life. but now i just -- i should be so lucky if i have any of that dna. you know? >> well, i'm curious because when they asked me to look back and, you know, pick out the special person, i was hesitant. were you? >> well, right away, she popped into my mind because there really haven't been a lot of mentors. i never had an internship. i never got those opportunities out of college.
7:54 am
and i always felt that in the early days of tv, and i hate to even admit this, because this is so against what we're supposed to do as the ladies of the business. but back in the '80s, women were pretty competitive with one another. and there wasn't a lot of room at the top. and so -- >> and there went a lot of women. >> no. and we were bimbos, and that was it. i met my fair share of bimbo men, and they never got the label. men weren't really willing to do a lot of mentorship, and certainly other women weren't either. and i remember thinking, i am going to make it my mission not to be like that as i grow in this business, if i am so lucky to be able to grow in this business. >> you mean you refused as i did to do 100-year-old birthday parties? >> but you know, i have found as i've gone through this business 27 years now, that some of my best friends are women in the business, you know? and i'm just so grateful that we came through those '80s that were kind of ugly. we moved through the early '90s
7:55 am
were the shoulder pads were just hideous. and we got over it. and i think this is sort of a women-dominated industry now. >> i love what your mother said. you know, get over it. >> to hell with ya. >> yeah. and i like how she said oot. >> oh, the canadian thing? >> thank you for sharing. we look forward to seeing you in just a couple of hours. >> thanks. >> you can catch the entire two-hour special this sunday night, "the person who changed my life" airs right here on cnn 8:00 p.m. eastern. all right. before i go, i want to take you just for a bit to new hampshire and the former president, bill clinton, he's about to take the stage to stump for his wife, hillary clinton, something that's much needed at this moment since hillary clinton seems to be lagging in some of the polls out there. bernie sanders is having this huge surge, especially in new hampshire. and hillary clinton is trying to combat that. she's gone kind of negative against bernie sanders. bernie sanders who said he would never go negative against hillary clinton, well, it turns
7:56 am
out he's gone negative, too, because i think he smells victory in new hampshire. we'll see. thank you so much for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" after a break. covergirl makes flawless as easy as... one... "tru"... three. now there's a gorgeous trublend face for each of us one: new trublend primer it hides pores, preps and smooths skin two: trublend makeup matches 99% of skin tones. three: new trublend blush and bronzer - a baked blend to get you glowing! find your trublend it's easy as 1 tru 3 easy breezy beautiful covergirl.
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during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> and i am kate bolduan. hello, everybody. we have breaking news in the race for the white house. a brand-new monmouth university poll just out shows donald trump dominating the gop field still with 36% support nationally. the gap narrowing slightly but still putting him 19 points ahead of second place ted cruz. marco rubio rounding out the top three with 11%. and one question that has become a thorn in the side of ted cruz, the question of his citizenship and his


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