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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 20, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. hello, everyone. i'm john berman. >> and i am kate bolduan. hello, everybody. we have breaking news in the race for the white house. a brand-new monmouth university poll just out shows donald trump dominating the gop field still with 36% support nationally. the gap narrowing slightly but still putting him 19 points ahead of second place ted cruz. marco rubio rounding out the top three with 11%. and one question that has become a thorn in the side of ted cruz, the question of his citizenship and his eligibility.
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is the canadian-born senator a natural-born citizen? in this new poll, 36% say either no or they're not sure. >> wow! >> that's, of course, a question repeatedly being raised by donald trump as he did yet again today in iowa. listen. >> being a canadian citizen, he said, oh, i didn't know that. how did he not know that? then he said, oh. i didn't know that. smart guy. he doesn't know that? yeah. that's worse than hillary when you think about it. >> all right. and while iowa is just over one week away, one primary is already over. the sarah palin primary. and trump won that big. but with this endorsement comes intrigue. we were all told she was going to be at trump's event today in iowa that just finished up, by his side, but it was over, and it was completely palin-free. a no-show. so what is going on here? cnn's sara murray was there.
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she was in norwalk, iowa, where trump just wrapped up. sara murray, so sarah palin. what's going on here? >> reporter: that's right, john. i was the only sara here. sarah palin was a no-show today. and as of now, the campaign is not giving us a straight answer as to why that is. we do know that they e-mailed supporters last night and were trying to get them to show up in norwalk, iowa, for a very special get. the ticket supporters had advertised a very special guest, and the press release they put out with the palin endorsement said that sarah palin would be traveling to donald trump to both events today. now, they are telling us that she will appear at his later event today in tulsa, oklahoma. but today she was a no-show. now, one of the things that she is grappling with is that earlier this week her son, track palin, was arrested and charged with domestic violence assault. no word on whether that may have impacted her decision not to campaign on the stump with donald trump today. but look, a key factor in this palin endorsement and how effective it will be is how
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aggressive she is as a surrogate for trump. will she be out there doing interviews on his behalf? will she be out there on the campaign trail sort of pushing back against some of the attacks trump has faced about whether he is a true conservative? we saw that last night, but we did not see that in iowa this morning. >> all right. sara murray for us in iowa. thanks so much. want to talk more about this with cnn political commentator and former communications director for senator ted cruz, amanda carpenter. chief political correspondent for usa radio networks scotty hughes and the democratic national committee, brad woodhouse. not with us so far today, scotty, sarah palin. not at that event in iowa, despite the fact that the trump campaign had billed a special guest. what do you think's going on here? >> it could be she woke up with a headache. who knows what the little details are. the key is that sarah palin is behind mr. trump, and mr. trump is behind sarah palin. but you have to remember, one
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thing about the trump campaign is the spotlight is always on donald. he doesn't distract with other people or other things going on. it's always on mr. trump. and i think that's something you have to remember. when people go to these events, they're not going to see the surrogates. they're not going to see the celebrities. they're going to see who hopefully will be the next president. so whether she's there or not, they've put it out that she's involved with the campaign. and if we're going to see her this afternoon, that's great. but the truth is people aren't there to see palin. they might like her, but they're there to see the number one person, which is trump. >> and maybe if ted cruz is being really, really honest, one person he would have maybe liked to have seen at some of his campaign events would have been sarah palin, amanda. how much does this hurt him? how much do they regret that they didn't get sarah palin on board because she was so essential, and he acknowledged as much in getting him elected to senate? >> listen, endorsements are good. people want to get endorsements. he didn't get this one, but if things don't work out with donald trump, i'm sure he'd be happy to have her endorsement later.
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you know what i thought was really interesting, donald trump gave an interview earlier today, and he talked about why sarah palin came his way. and he mentioned the issue of trade. you know, i've heard donald trump talk a lot about trade this week. i've heard him talk about how he thinks he can tell american companies where and how they can do business, saying that ford motor should build their cars here, that apple should build their iphones here. that is not alied with conservative principles in any way. i would love to hear palin to talk about why she likes donald trump's position on trade because i think this is something new, but she wasn't there today. she's unpredictable. without a doubt, if people came out to see palin today, it's awfully cold out right now. they're sure to be disappointed she wasn't there. >> brad, obviously you're a democrat, and democrats have had it both ways with sarah palin. look, a lot of democrats think she was a drag on john mccabe on the ticket in 2008. but you guys also lost pretty badly in a lot of races where she played big in 2010, again in
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2012, in 2014. so as you've seen both sides, what does it look like from your perspective? >> look, john, i'll take issue with that. i don't think there's been but one side for the most part to sarah palin. for us, she's been the gift that keeps on giving. when i heard yesterday that sarah palin was going to endorse donald trump, i felt like i was reliving every christmas i had as a child. i mean, this is, you know, great news. look, there are two big winners in this. donald trump, i mean, this is huge. it does -- i think it does have the effect of blunting cruz's momentum. i think it hurts cruz because i think most people would have expected, after what she did for him, that he would have gotten that endorsement. but this is, you know, the type of party -- i mean, look, there's a poll that just came out that has donald trump at 48% in florida. i mean, he is dominating the competition. the national poll you referenced, palin is with him. this is -- you know, this is a trump/palin party, and i don't think that will bode well for them in the general election. so i think it was a win for democrats.
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>> amanda, i do want to ask you about elements of this new monmouth national poll that was just out. again, trump at 36%, now cruz at 17%. when you look at the numbers, the attacks that trump has been leveling on cruz, on his citizenship. the fact that now -- the fact that when you add it up, there's a big number saying that they are not sure or they do not believe that ted c is a natural-born citizen. trump called cruz today worse than hillary when it comes to his citizenship and his personal finances. does this number that you see on your screen now show that these attacks are sticking? >> yeah, listen. i think these attacks are pure nonsense. but when you look at these numbers, the cruz campaign does have to address it. they need to arm their surrogates with the facts, have one-on-one conversations with people to make sure they understand that yes, indeed, ted cruz is a u.s. citizen. and you know, i don't know that sarah palin has ever answered this question. i'd be curious to see whether she wants to align herself with the donald trump birther
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argument. i think somebody should ask her. but cruz has to have these conversations with voters so they understand and put this issue to rest without a doubt. >> i was shocked at the number, it was so high. >> 36%. >> all right. scottie, i want to ask you about the body language because people are talking -- you say people who were there to see donald trump, others say that people were there to see sarah palin. they didn't necessarily seem like they knew how to deal with each other when they were both standing on that stage. >> not enough stage for those two? >> right? so scottie, explain this to me. was this a comfortable thing for you to watch? >> it was uncomfortable from the perspective that i knew that it was causing a lot of people -- other conservatives were torn. and i knew on social media, as you read it people were shocked, and they were going, well, wait a minute. i thought she was going to align herself with ted cruz. here's what people have to realize with the palin endorsement of the monmouth poll. that donald trump across the board, whether they're talking about very conservatives, regular conservatives or
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moderates. across the board, 35% to 36%. he hits all spectrums. sarah palin hits that very conservative spectrum. now you look at the middle road, all of his other endorsements like wayne newton, loretta lynn, sheriff arpaio, then the moderate conservatives. so maybe one of the reasons why it was uncomfortable is because donald trump wants to show, yes, i agree i'm very happy about this endorsement, but i'm also happy with all of my other endorsements because his beliefs challenge a whole spectrum, not just one ideology of the republican party. >> brad, when you take a look, again, at this from the outside looking in, is this just a two-person race on the republican side? >> i mean, look. i think there is some possibility that one of the establishment candidates that's not -- obviously not cruz or trump, they're not establishment candidates, may emerge. but the polling sure doesn't indicate that that is a high probability. we have a big bunch of, you know, rubio, kasich, bush, you know, all bunched together in
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new hampshire. as you get to the later states, trump's lead is much higher than it is in a lot of those states than it is in iowa and new hampshire. cruz is at the top of almost all of these national polls and these early state polls. so i think it is a two-pearn rac two-person race, but i wouldn't rule out the possibility that it wouldn't be three tickets both out of iowa and new hampshire. >> amanda, one last question. is today a good day to be ted cruz after the sarah palin endorsement that he didn't get after terry branstad, the governor of iowa, essentially said vote for anyone but ted cruz because he doesn't support ethanol? >> yeah, an ideal day, these things wouldn't be happening in it, come on. but what this shows, i mean, is that there's a big, fat target on ted cruz's back. you don't have donald trump rolling out this endorsement, and the governor of iowa blasting ted cruz at the same time less than two weeks away
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from the iowa primary if you don't have momentum. and so, yeah. it's not a great day for ted cruz, but if you want to win iowa, this is a good position to be in because everyone is focused on you. >> not getting the sarah palin endorsement wasn't on his bucket list is what amanda is saying right there. amanda, scottie, brad, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. all right. a big section of the united states right now bracing for a yuge storm. >> yuge! >> moments from now, a brand-new prediction on where it's heading. we're getting word that a major american city could get its biggest storm ever. also, we're following some breaking news. a terror attack on a college campus, gunmen storming the walls of a university, killing students and a professor. new details coming in on this horrific attack. and more breaking news. this from wall street. the dow plunging as oil prices plummet. we're going to have details on that ahead. look at the big board. ouch. the gillette mach 3 turbo
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all right. some big weather news for a big swath of the country. a huge winter storm is coming for you. >> the storm is threatening millions of people from east tennessee all the way to northern maine. experts say it could bring historic amounts of snow to some places. so let's get the very latest from cnn's chad myers who's in the cnn extreme weather center. so chad, where are you keeping an eye right now, who could get hit the most? >> you know, i think the bull's-eye is still d.c., baltimore and on up toward philadelphia. i mean, that's where the bull's-eye has been. >> a whole lot of people. >> a whole lot of people that really don't want to drive in any snow. and if you're talking 20 or more inches with winds at 50, i mean, it could literally shut the entire city or cities down. blizzard watch now just issued for d.c. and baltimore. that's a brand-new forecast. it means just watch out because we expect to move on to a blizzard warning, but right now we're just not that close. the storm is still too far out there. in fact, the storm is just going into colorado.
8:17 am
blizzard warnings here, i think, will be posted for a lot of big cities up and down i-95. there is the storm. it's just that little purple cloud cover right there, fairly innocent looking right now. but it gets much worse as we work our way into the weekend. here's wednesday into thursday. spreading some ice across parts of tennessee, probably north carolina, south carolina with an ice storm, even in parts of virginia into roanoke could be snow and ice. and then finally getting into the all snow for washington, d.c., and new york. so let's drill down to the other problem. yes, there will be snow. there will be a foot or more of snow in big, big places. millions of people. but we're also going to see wind speeds in excess of 50 miles per hour. so just because i'm telling you you're going to have 14 inches of snow, you may never see 14. it's going to be zero scoured, and then all of a sudden it's going to be an eight-foot drift. that's how bad this storm looks like it could wrap up.
8:18 am
new york city, you're right on the edge. i'm still not sure what you're going to get. because to the north of new york city by 20 miles, there could be nothing. south of new york city by 40 miles, there could be 15 inches. that's how close you are still right on the cusp. here's the american model. we talk about this all the time. will they match? do they agree? do they not agree? american model saying heavy snow all the way through d.c. and philadelphia. here's the european model. almost identical. we're still 48 hours away before really this thing gets going. but for the fact that they are agreeing tells us that there will be a large swath of snow in the very big cities. so let's now get to the globe. let's get to the map. and i'm going to show you that this thing is going to cover up almost all of the 13 colonies. we are going to see snow from maine to vermont down to new york city. and it depends on how the storm goes. here i have the storm moving a little bit farther to the north. if it moves farther out into the ocean before it turns north, there will be less snow right on the border, right on the water,
8:19 am
right smashing snow back into these big cities. d.c., i could see 15 to 20. new york city, probably somewhere around 8 to 10, maybe 14. bosto boston, much less. we'll have to see. don't hold me to those numbers. i need more time because the storm is still in colorado. >> i'll hold you to the numbers, but i will give you more time because flip-flopping on weather is an okay thing. you evolve. you evolve. >> just like all men evolve. >> chad, thank you so much. a lot to watch out for as the week progresses. that's for darn sure. thanks, chad. new for us this morning, 19 people are dead after terrorists stormed a university in northwest pakistan. we have new pictures from inside the university just after the attacks. windows shattered by bullets and blood-stained corridors. >> the four attackers were killed after a long battle with pakistani forces. still unclear which group is responsible for the attack on bacha khan university. one spokesman claimed
8:20 am
responsibility. another faction of the group has denied any role in the massacre. all right. just moments ago, "washington post" reporter jason rezaian walked out of a german hospital and waved and said just a few words. listen. >> how you feeling, jason? good to be out? >> yes. >> glad to have you. >> welcome back! >> thank you very much. i can't wait to get home. >> i can't wait to get home. >> can't wait to be home. he also said in a statement that he was looking forward to catching up on a lot of what's been going on in the world since he was cut off behind bars and prison walls -- behind prison walls including watching the latest "star wars" movie. he's one of four americans freed by iran as part of a prisoner swap. let's bring in jim sciutto for much more on this.
8:21 am
jim, while jason is very much recovering and very much looking forward to coming back to the united states as soon as possible, the other side of the story is very interesting and important as well. the story of iranians freed from u.s. custody as part of this deal. why are they still in the united states? what are you learning? >> well, they chose to stay. i just learned from a u.s. official familiar with the negotiations that the u.s. government had a plane ready to take those iranians, if they chose to, back to iran. keep in mind, six of the seven are dual nationals. so here iranian and american, but they have iranian nationality. they had a plane ready to go to take them out, as you were taking the americans out of iran, and none of the iranians who were freed. some of them were freed from prisons. some of them were not in prison yet but they were in the legal process and were, in effect, pardoned. they didn't want to go back. they're legal residents here. they wanted to stay in the u.s. of course, very different from the situation with a rezaian or
8:22 am
hekmati or abedini. they wanted to go home. two sides of the coin. u.s. officials describe this more as a humanitarian exchange than a prisoner swap because some of those iranians were in prison. whatever you call it, they made their choice, and they wanted to stay here. >> we'll see what happens, says that's for sure. jim, great to see you. thank you so much. interesting story coming out on that. let's get to some breaking news out of wall street. the dow plunging. you're seeing right there, it had been hovering down 400 points in the red. >> let's get right to alison kosik at the new york stock exchange. is this about oil prices which continue just to nosedive? >> reporter: they really do. now we're seeing oil prices below $27 a barrel. that's a low we haven't seen since 2003. and you're right, john. you know, the focus really remains on oil. you know, and the kind of impact that low oil prices have on economies, not just here in the u.s., but around the world as well. and analysts are saying when we see these low oil prices, once again, levels that we haven't seen in more than a decade,
8:23 am
they're an indicator of how economies around the world are doing. they're slowing down. so then you have a lot of investors asking the question and having the worry, well, how long can the u.s. stay strong in this kind of environment? so you're seeing that fear really play out here on wall street. we are seeing the dow, however, off its lows of the session, but only a little bit because we did see the dow down a little over 400 points earlier. but we are seeing stocks move in lockstep with oil, meaning as oil plunges, so do stocks. john and kate? >> all right. ugly day. let's see how bad it gets. thanks, alison. >> sure. hillary clinton, stunning poll numbers show her trailing big in new hampshire. and now more news that she could find troubling. e-mails on her server beyond top secret. more secret than top secret. what does that mean? is she at legal risk? stay with us. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
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less than three weeks to the crucial new hampshire primary, and on the democratic side, the state is looking more and more like it is feeling the bern currently. a new cnn poll with wmur shows that bernie sanders is ahead of hillary clinton by 27 points in the granite state. he gained ten points in just the last month. >> the clinton campaign just released a new ad that has been put out in new hampshire and iowa, basically her closing argument to voters. and bill clinton will be campaigning for his wife -- there he is right now. not in a few minutes. literally at this moment in concord, new hampshire. selling, selling, selling. let's bring in cnn's jeff zeleny. he's not there with the president. he's in des moines, iowa, where
8:29 am
hillary clinton has a lot of work to do also. jeff? >> reporter: hey, john and kate, you're right. what bernie sanders is hoping to do is some of that -- he's hoping some of that support in new hampshire spills over here into iowa. we spent all day on the road with bernie sanders yesterday, campaigning across the state. and one argument he was making again and again to his supporters is that he can win. he almost sounded like donald trump. he was reading his poll numbers saying that, you know, he's doing better than hillary clinton and that he would do fine in a general election. now, some democrats aren't so sure about that. they worry that he is actually too liberal to win a national contest. so we caught up with bernie sanders, and we asked him why he's talking so much about how he can win. and you feel you have to spell that out sort of clearly for voters, that you can win? >> yes. i think one of the major be obstacles that we face is people say, well, bernie, i like your ideas. i like you personally, but you can't win. you can't win the general election. so what we have to explain is that poll after poll has me further ahead of donald trump
8:30 am
and other republicans than secretary clinton. that, in fact, for us to win and retain the white house and regain the senate, we need a large voter turnout. and to get a large voter turnout, there has to be excitement, enthusiasm at the grass-roots level. i think that is our campaign. >> reporter: now, bernie sanders talks about getting a large turnout out, turning out people, but other democrats we talked to, john and kate, are highly worried about the prospect of a bernie sanders, as a person leading their party. he is, of course, a democratic socialist. and that word, they fear, could be a branding mechanism for the rest of the party here. now, one of the reasons he is leading donald trump in these polls is bernie sanders hasn't yet been defined. no ads have been run against him. hillary clinton, of course, is perhaps one of the most defined politicians that we know. so i think if bernie sanders would be moving forward as, you know, the party's nominee, he certainly would be in a different position now. but i can tell you, on the
8:31 am
ground here in iowa, and certainly in new hampshire, bernie sanders has the energy and the excitement. it's the burden on hillary clinton right now to drum up some of that and to change the dynamic, some 12 days before the iowa caucuses. >> energy and excitement is exactly what you want in these days leading up to the caucuses. jeff zeleny, thanks so much. democratic strategist brad woodhouse is back with us. also, cnn senior political reporter, nia-malika henderson. bernie sanders up by 27% in new hampshire, but wait, there's more. when you ask new hampshire voters about favorable and unfavorable views of the candidates, bernie sanders is at 91% favorable, just 7% unfavorable. hillary clinton at 65% favorable. 26% unfavorable. that's a huge difference, but wait, there's more. >> what? >> john, come on. >> which candidate you trust the least, who is the least honest candidate, hillary clinton out in front with 55%. >> that's not a lead you want. >> is not even close.
8:32 am
and this is before this latest round of questions about her e-mails which we're going to get to in our next segment. but brad, this is tough. >> well, look. it is tough on the surface. but let's talk about those numbers a little bit. first of all, no one believes bernie sanders is up 27% in new hampshire. we've seen in the last few weeks, we've seen polls ranging from hillary clinton being up 3% to bernie sanders being up 27%. what that tells you is there's a lot of public polls out there. you should take them all with a grain of salt. but let's look at that 91% figure in terms of favorable rating. that tells you exactly what jeff zeleny just said. bernie sanders hasn't been vetted. i don't think most voters know about the socialist positions that he's taken over the course of his -- over the course of his career. some of the out-of-the-mainstream positions that he took before he entered federal -- you know, federal politi politics, running for congress and the is that the.
8:33 am
there was a "new york times" story about this today. those are the types of things that republicans would seize on if bernie sanders was the nominee. now, that explains why republicans are running the campaign to get bernie sanders to be the democratic nominee. they fact check on his side of the democratic debate the other night. karl rove has an ad running against hillary clinton that parrots bernie sanders' talking points. they're doing that because they don't want to run against hillary clinton, and they do want to run against bernie sanders. >> now, nia, brad says it's because bernie sanders has not been vetted enough, and that's why voters have such a favorable view about him and that's why he is so ahead in certain places. regardless if it's vetted or for another reason, can hillary clinton dig out of this in time? >> you know, i think at some point you might see the clinton campaign sort of quietly tiptoe out of new hampshire because these polls, i mean, most of them have him up double digits, you know, whether or not brad wants to quibble with how much
8:34 am
he's up, it looks like he's up there, and he should be up, right? i mean, this is a next-door state to him. some people say he's sort of the third senator from new hampshire. you know that, for instance, bill clinton is going to be in nevada in the upcoming days. that's probably a place where they want to spend more of their time, keep in close in iowa, try to win that state. and then, of course, the map changes quite a bit. and one of the things that's also happening, i think, now with bernie sanders is the vetting really is starting. and these are people who are liberal writers who are really coming out and really dissecting his plans. >> so brad, in the world of brad woodhouse, everything's great in the clinton campaign. >> i wish i lived in the brad woodhouse world. >> how does she then turn around this great campaign that's being run right now according to you? how does they right the ship, or how does she make things better even though in your world they're already great? >> first of all, i'm not saying they're already great. i will say this. you have never had me or any clinton campaign surrogate come
8:35 am
on your program and not tell you anything but the fact that this would be a close race. iowa and new hampshire line up very well for a candidate like bernie sanders. south carolina does not. >> it doesn't look close. >> but look, you know, so there was one poll yesterday that had him up 27 points. there was also a poll yesterday that had him up 6 points. you know, pick your poll. >> i gotcha. >> obviously, new hampshire is a state, as nia said, that favors a neighboring state candidate. but this is not so much about the hillary clinton campaign needing to right the ship. what they have to do is be in this for the long haul. as we found out in 2008, and as they found out in 2008, these nomination battles are a delegate hunt. they are a hunt for delegates all across the country in caucuses and primaries, and that, i think, as nia said, the map changes dramatically in hillary's favor as you get into later in february and then into march. and look, it's a delegate hunt. and i think that the clinton
8:36 am
campaign is prepared for that and i think they'll win that. >> she said as much to cnn. 2008 all over again. >> brad woodhouse, thanks so much, guys. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thanks, guys. we do want to let you know about a big cnn event that is coming up this monday night in iowa. exactly one week before iowa chooses. bernie sanders, hillary clinton or martin o'malley, well, they're going to go face to face with voters in iowa. in a cnn democratic presidential town hall live on des moines. chris cuomo will be moderating. that is next monday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. all right. happening now, a pretty interesting moment in washington. this is the scene at the mayors conference where chicago's rahm emanuel is attending. a woman holding up a sign calling on mayor emanuel to resign. they're not making her leave or move. she's been up there for minutes. more on this in a moment. also ahead for us, isis took responsibility for her husband's death. well, now she is suing twitter. we're going to tell you why.
8:37 am
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all right. moments ago, bill clinton on the stump. he was in concord, new hampshire. he just finished speaking at this organizing event at a community center. it does seem like there might be some organizing they might need to do there. hillary clinton is trailing bernie sanders by 27%. 27 points in the latest new hampshire poll. there's that. plus, the e-mail controversy has resurfaced. >> a new report that says that the clintons' private home server contained highly classified information from some of the government's most secretive programs. so let's get the latest on where this all stands. let's talk about this with cnn justice reporter evan perez and cnn senior legal analyst, jeffrey toobin, is here. evan, first to you. what are you learning about this latest report? >> well, kate, what we are talking about is a letter from charles mccullough who is the inspector general for the intelligence community. and he says that one
8:42 am
intelligence agency has basically declared to him that there were several dozen e-mails that they've looked at that were found on the clintons' server that contained very highly sensitive information including information that is classified at special access programs. now, this is above top-secret information. and so this creates a new problem, really, for hillary clinton because, you know, all along, they've maintained -- and again today, brian fallon, clinton's spokesperson, today said as far as they know none of these e-mails that were sent were classified at the time they were sent. there's a lot we don't know, obviously. we don't know what the content of these e-mails really are. we don't know what specific programs might have been discussed. we know that there have been previously four e-mails that were flagged. and what the inspector general is saying now is that there were several dozen additional e-mails that he says, at least one intelligence agency has flagged as containing highly sensitive
8:43 am
information, s.a.p.-level information which is among the most sensitive, the most secret information in the u.s. government. this is a big problem for hillary clinton simply because this is going to keep happening over the next few months. the fbi is investigating this. and this is a controversy that won't go away. and there's really nothing for her to cure the problem, right? because the biggest problem here is that she should never have set up this private server to handle all of her government business. she now admits that. and there's really nothing else that she can do to fix this problem. >> all right. evan perez, stand by for a moment here. jeffrey toobin, i want to bring you into this. more sensitive than top secret. those are tough words which have some political baggage with them just weeks before iowa and new hampshire. where is the line between this being a political problem and a legal problem? >> well, the clinton campaign and her representatives have said all along that she has never mishandled information that was marked, that she was told was classified.
8:44 am
now, if you take classified information and put it in an e-mail and send it to someone, it's not marked classified, but it's still classified. you get the distinction? >> yes. >> her problem now is that if this information is so highly classified, the government, the fbi, may say, well, you should have known. even though it wasn't marked. if someone hands you a diagram for how to make a nuclear weapon and it's not marked classified, you should know that. now, the question is, is this information so obviously classified that she should have known and treated it as classified and not handled it on the server? >> and that question almost depends on who you're talking to. because when you talk to the hillary clinton campaign, they point out that this kind of gets to the heart of where this has been, dispute between the state department and the intelligence community over what was classified and what should have been classified at what point. i mean, this really gets into the weeds. at the end of the day, i'm left wondering, who's going to
8:45 am
decide? who gets to decide? >> well, the fbi's going to decide if she's prosecuted. ultimately that's the decision i think everybody cares about. one of the minor but real scandals in the u.s. government has been for decades is that people overclassify things. is that a lot of information that is not all that sensitive is treated as classified. she is now suffering from that because people are saying there's all this classified information she's dealing with. but there is not a bright line between classified and unclassified, and you can see, at least to a certain extent, why she was not clear on what was what. >> even if it's not legally clear, we'll see what the political ramifications are. >> right. absolutely. >> with all of this coming out. and definitely the campaign has been pointing out they believe this is an inspector general with an ax to grind is kind of the way they're pointing to it. evan, thank you so much. jeffrey, thank you. coming up for us, the widow of a u.s. army veteran is now suing twitter after isis took responsibility for his death.
8:46 am
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a new lawsuit is filed against twitter accusing the social media company for giving isis a loud speaker for propaganda and platform to attract recruiting. it is filed by tamara fields whose husband was killed at a police training center in florida. >> and the claim is unclear, but the lawsuit accuses twitter for providing materiel support for terrorism, and saying this, without twitter, the explosive growth of isis into the most feared terrorist group into the world would not have been possible. joining us to discuss is josh harrison who is the attorney representing tamara fields in her lawsuit.
8:51 am
and josh, thank you for coming in, and you believe it is the first lawsuit of its kind, and tell us more about it. why take it on? >> well, for years twitter has knowingly permitted isis to knowingly use the isis network for a tool to spread its propaganda and attracting recruits, and the role of twitter, and the rise of isis re really can't be exaggerated. without twitter, isis' dramatic emergence into one of the most feared an dangerous groups in the world would not have been possible. and twitter was not a innocent byestander, and they have olong known that isis was using the network, but they have done little to stop it. >> and you say knowingly allowed, but don't they shut down sites that make terrorist threats? >> only the twitter accounts that support isis once they are brought to their attention, but they don't actively monitor the
8:52 am
accounts as far as we know, and despite the fact that they have known about these accounts on the network, and that critics from are the white house and members of congress and the fbi and politicians like hillary clinton have been urging twitter to do more to keep isis off of the social network, it is largely refusing to act. so if you go on twitter today, it is easy to find the isis accounts and the tweet and the #s, and twitter allows hamas and hezbollah to retain twitter account, and it is shameful that an american company would provide materiel support to a group like isis that openly advocates for the killing of american citizens and other innocents. and ms. fields -- >> but when it is brought to your their attention, it is shut down. >> well, experts in the field agree that twitter should and could be doing so much more, and to have evidence that exists
8:53 am
they should be kicked off permanently, but twitter has not used that technology. >> and do you believe it is an uphill battle to directly linking the death of tamara field's husband to twitter. because some people say that twitter is in between here, and they are not responsible. >> well, they provided materiel support to isis, and gave them a powerful communications tool to raise money, and rerecruits to go out to commit terrorist attacks, and when you do that, you are responsible for the attacks they eventually carry out. we believe that the facts of the law are on our side in this case, and we are confident going forward. >> thank you, josh. i want to bring in our legal analyst jeffrey toobin here. is there a case here? >> well, it is interesting issue, and no court has ruled. twitter says that the we have a big security department, and we trying our best to get rid of anything affiliated with
8:54 am
terrorism off of twitter. te more interesting argument they make is that they say we are what's called a common carrier, like the telephone. and many, many crimes as we all know are used, conducted involving the telephone. you can't sue a phone company for helping for facilitating the crime, because the law has designated the phone as common carriers and they are just an intermediary, and twitter and facebook want to be common carriers for this purpose as well. it is a complicated argument, and it is not yet been resolved by any court about whether twitter is a common carrier like a phone company. >> and jeffrey, you have often said and often do say rightfully that technology outpaces the law, and the law often has to catch up with how quickly technology changes. and twitter in their statement in the e-mail said that they believe that the lawsuit is
8:55 am
without merit, and violence and the are from motion of terrorism has no place on twitter, but violations as such violate the rules, and is that enough though? >> well, a that is what the cases will resolve, and lot of it will involve investigating just what twitter does. this lawsuit is based on the idea that twitter does not do enough. and twitter says they have a big elaborate security department, and they cooperate extensively with the fbi. so it is something that a court or the jury is going to have to decide, this factual question of does fwtwitter do enough? the legal question of whether twitter is like a phone company, a common carrier, that has to go to a judge and ultimately to the appeals court, and that is a hard and important question for lawsuits like this, because it could insulate twitter completely from any liability. >> twiter, and facebook, and a lot of ther social media facing this as well. thank you, jeremy toobin and
8:56 am
josh as well. >> and the dow is down 455 point, and dropping. much more on that coming up. plus a brand-new national poll showing donald trump dominating the race, but his newest, and highest profile supporter sarah palin didn't show up at an event this morning, and so will she appear at the next one? find out moments from now. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay!
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