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tv   New Day  CNN  January 22, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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>> you know allison, nose snowy scenes are picturesque, the ice is the major issue for people here in charlotte. incredible, really a truly night and day difference. two hours ago, no snow is falling in this area a while ago. snow accumulating throughout the city, now the snow has tapered back a bit. now the main concern is of course, ice. what is gnat officials are trying to stay a step ahead, there are states of emergency in play. there are five different states here in the renal. officials have been working tro treat the streets. hoping that that would decrease the chances of ice accumulating in the streets. again this morning, charlotte, very quiet, classes cancelled. people asked to stay home not just here in the area, but the surrounding regions, alison. washington, d.c. could be hard hit, two to three feet of snow could blanket that area.
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the mayor says they are ready after apologizing for the inadequate response to. wednesday's much lighter snowfall that caught the city off guard. we are live at the salt dome, hi, chris. >> reporter: hey, good morning, alison. from what's forecast to be the bullseye of this naszive storm barrelling down on washington, d.c. yesterday officials here tried to reassure that jittery public that they were ready after a small snow squul brought traffic to a halt. the president's motorcade being caught up in it from the air force to the white house usually 20 minutes, about an hour. and yesterday, the may your of d.c.,boyar apologized for not putting enough salt trucks on the road. >> we are very sorry for inadequate response. we believe that we did not
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provide adequate resources at a time where it could make a difference. we should have been out earlier with more resources. >> reporter: now the mayor try og reassure everybody that they are ready and go through the weekend, maryland, d.c., washington, have all issued a state of emergency. that qualifies them for federal assistance, including the national guard if they need it. now the city government and the federal government both closing at noon. city schools are closed all day. and that's in an effort to keep cars off the road. they want to gel salt trucks early. you'll see behind me, this huge mound of salt, that's part of 39,000 tons they have ready to go. they want to get ahead of the storm, and they want to try to prevent a repeat of wednesday's disaster, michaela. >> thanks for a look at the ground. meanwhile in the air, it's crippling air travel, about 5,000 flights cancelled today and saturday.
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amtrak also modifying their service in the northeast. our correspondent renée marsh is live at reagan's national airport. i'm sure you're seeing the cancellations kicking off there as we speak. >> reporter: we are right in the thick of things, and you take a look. it is crunch time for passengers here. all of these people on these long lines here at the ticket counter. this is their last chance to get out before this storm. unfortunately not all of them will make it on because there are so many cancellations. we want to look at some of the hardest airports at ho hour, at the top of the list is charlotte, raleigh, baltimore, all of washington, d.c. area airports as well as atlanta's heartsfield airport. we it tell you what to expect at the peak of the storm, some northeastern airports, including can right here, reagan national airport. operations will completely stop at some point because you're talking about low visibility, strong winds, there's no way
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they can land and take off in that sort of situation. when will things get back to normal? it is unclear at this point. usually it takes about 48 to 72 hours to get operations started again but be tote back to normal, it could take much longer, back to you. >> renée marsh inside, take the good news where you find it. how do but figure this out. kpst all about tracking and calculating and lucky for you, we have our human person who will deal with all of it. chad everett myers, so worried he left the south and came here new york to do the rest of the coverage. >> it was too warm in atlanta, i had to get out there have, guys. what exactly changed overnight? that's the story. you all watched last night and the night before. what's new right now? blizzard warnings for new york city, in fact, almost 29 million people, million people, are under blizzard warnings at this
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hour as the storm starts to wind up. major ice storm in charlotte and greenville and most of the carolinas, and as that storm runs up the east coast, it changes into snow. there's still a chance of 20 to 30 inches in d.c. there's still a chance of 20 inches in no. don't get me wrong. the forecast is somewhere between eight and 12, that's up from six to ten, because the models switched slightly further to the north. slightly further into new york, on to long island, maybe even parts of rhode island and southern massachusetts, but the big story here is still bullseyes for d.c., philadelphia, baltimore right there in the middle. that's where we expect some spots could get 36 inches. there'll be less here, i get it, but it'll be just as heavy because there's just as much moisture in the snow, but it'll sleet on top for a while, it'll pack the snow down a little bit if if you're west of i-95, it's all snow and it is going to be a mess everywhere. the good news is at least it finally happens on a saturday and not a monday, tuesday, or wednesday. i'm going to this graphic just
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to give you an idea that this is not over yet. one of the new models, the gfs, american model is saying 40 inches, that's not al forecast, that's a model. the forecast is still 20 to 30. look what it does to new york city. can we imagine? 34 in the city, no, not a forecast, that's a model. models are wrong. a lot of times my mustang didn't look anything like a mustang. >> well, some models are going to be wrong, and i'm hoping, hoping that's one of them. >> back in the day, i was a model, and i was also wrong. [ laughter ] what i am going to stay? we're going to have you standing by. the snow and ice is accumulating in north carolina. joined now by the mayor of nancy vaughn. glad you could join us. i'm sure social security a busy day ahead of you. did it start snowing about an hour and a half ago? what is the current condition right now? >> yes, it just started to snow, we've been preparing for this for a couple of days.
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we have 40 crews ready to go, 3,000 tons of salt. we have prepared for this, but we're not sure what to expect at this point. >> it sounds as though you feel prepared. you just listed off the resources, salted the road, you have clearers at the read kbrip what is your biggest concern right now? >> well, our biggest concern is ice. we hope that people will stay home and let our field ops crews and law enforcement do what they have to do is not complicate the issue by getting out and creating new issues. >> right, obviously getting around is not the priority for residents. you're going to probably the message to them is just to stay off the roads entirely. stay at home that so emergency crews and work crews -- >> right, stay home and be safe. >> the other aspect is the weight that it will put on power lines. are you seeing power outages that the hour? is that a big concern for you?
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not seeing any power outages a - yet. but we're not expecting a freezing rain to move in until probably some time late morning. officials at duke energy said that they do have crews on the ready to come in in addition to their regular crews. sop we know that this is going to be probably the biggest problem is that we'll have people without power. >> exactly. and that is a concern. especially the elderly, the shut-ins, we hope neighbors help neighbors. they're anticipating 78 to 12 inches, maybe a quarter inch of ice. state of emergency has been decla declared. last but not least, message for residents for your community there in greensboro. >> the important thing is to stay home, be safe, if you can walk over, check on a neighbor. let our field ops crews do their jobs. and hopefully we can just get through the next 36 to 48 hours without incident. >> yeah, we hope so too.
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it's going to be a busy day. thanks for joining us today and we hope you weather the storm well. >> thank you very much. >> let's go from snowstorm to political storm. nearly ten days until the iowa caucuses. we have a new cnn/orc poll that shows the state of play. first the likely republican caucus goers. okay. donald trump. up 11 over ted cruz. 37-26, marco rubio the only other candidate in double digits, but among republicans who voted in the 2012 caucuses, all right. actually voted, actually went and did it been the race is neck and neck. ted cruz, 30, trump, 28. now on the issues, trump, seen as most trusted to handle the economy while kruds and rubio made gains on foreign policy. another key poll on the republican side, stis call time between cruz and trump as the candidate who best represents republican values. that is going to be a big topic
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of discussion starting today all the way through the caucus. voters starting to decide, also, that's important. 49% say they've picked their candidate, well that means half have. however, that's a big change from last month. . means the need sl starting to move. let's now turn to the democrats, iowa, bernie sanders opening an eight-point lead over hillary clinton. 51-43. just like the republicans, the outcome flips among those who voted in the last competitive caucus. why? it shows a level of dedication, of purpose, not just speculation, but action. that's why we tracked that distinction. democrats who voted in 2008, 17-point lead over sanders. on the issues, sanders tops clinton by 22 points on the economy. but on foreign policy, former zrait stomping sanders by 40 points. it all boils down to who turns out in faye. >> okay, chris, let's talk about, if i may, excuse me, all
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the developments in this race and bring in cnn's chief political correspondent dana bash, mark rusten, and editorial director of the national journal, ron brownstein. let's start with the national review. of course the legendary conservative magazine started by william f. buckley jr., and they have published a multi-page special report dedicated to opposing donald trump. and challenging his conservative credentials. let me just read you some of the things that the people involved say. this is david bowes, he's the executive vice president, he writes, without even getting into his past support for a massive wealth tax and i think single pay health care, his passionate defense of eminent domain, i think we can say this is a republican campaign that would have appalled buckley, goldwater, and reagan. how significant do you think what the national review is doing? >> it is fascinating because
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we're seeing this indisputable fisher faced with this choice between ted cruz and donald trump as you have been reporting, you seem see more elected officials saying maybe trump is a better bet. here i think you see the leading intellectual lights and the conservative movement argumenting that trump is a lasting redefinition, something very different. more of a european style racial nationalist party. this is a big bet for republican leaders. the candidates they have been hoping would emerge as the establishment or the center right leaders simply have not done so. so you are seeing this divide over what represents ae greater long-term risk. i think trump is a better short term bet for the republican party than cruz, but he in fact as that national review symposium argues may have more lasting consequences particularly e mernling constituencies in the american e lek tort.
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>> new dirty words on the right side have, establishment, populism is also something that people are taking time to define within conservative values. part of the against trump national review editorial board statement is donald trump is a menace to american conservatism who would take the work of generations, trample it underfoot on behalf of populism as hatless and crude as donald trump. two things, one, they're taking time for a personal shot on, even for that, outlet not, not that usual. second is this idea of populism as a bad thing. what does this mean in terms of where they want the party to be? >> well, first of all, what's interesting about that national review attack on donald trump is that we're calling the likes of eric ericson and glenn beck establishment now. these are two gentlemen who are opinion leaders on the outside of the republican establishment. i mean, they've made their bones
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in their names on attacking washington. you know, look, this is an important thing, chris and alison for the sense that they're trying to now define the conversation about donald trump heading into the last week. trump supporters are going to get up in arms. we've seen donald trump himself come out and be critical of it. clearly there is this at least understanding among republicans that they don't want donald trump or at least he's establishment republicans do not want donald trump to be the one carrying the flag into november. that's why they're focussing, you know, all of their bullets towards donald trump. having said that, that could come back to haunt them because you may see this populist anger increase and you could see more rallying around donald trump. >> dana, how does his campaign respond to this criticism? and square what they're saying are his less than conservative positions of things like bailouts and stimlouse? >> this is the moment that those of us who have covered politics
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for a long time, especially republican politics have been waiting for. for the moment when there is a coordinated effort among the conservative establishment. i know eric ericstone isn't t traditionallial conservative, that donald trump hasn't always done. we have all been looking at this saying, wow, how has donald trump been so impervious to every single other, you know, sort of political norm when -- especially when it comes to the republican party because, you know, mitt romney, he flip-flopped on things and he got really hurt for it. i mean, there isn't a bigger flip-flop, if you will, or change, evolution if you're donald trump than from single payer health care, which bernie sanders wants, to going to where he is now within the republican movement. so i think that it is fascinating that it is the kind of opinion-makers and not the
3:16 am
elected officials doing it. and sort of looking at it and looking at what we seen over the past six, seven months with the elected officials who have tried to do this with donald trump. they have gotten squashed. so it's the pndopinion leaders doing this now. frankly, i don't think it the elected if i believes think it's going to do good because there is a popular amount there that they are subject to within their own party. >> ron look, there's always a problem with labels. especially in a business where they change definitions. what he is calling populism is really a wave of emotion that is negative right now in the country. if you look at our polls, this distinction between likely voters, which would mean people who are activated by this current dynamic. and those who actually voted the last time, you see huge disparities if you want to the pop up some of the numbers. trump is doing well on both levels, but much, much better when you look at people who are currently influenced by what's
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going on. sop, is the party at risk of missing the balance between head and heart? >> well, look, first of all, one point about this national review coordinated attack is that in many ways, trump is an extension of arguments that many of the people in that symposium have made, particularly on immigration and other racially-tinged issues. he has an extension that the party is off doubling down on the base than trying to court growing minority populations by move together center on immigration. national review has been critical. trump took that and dialled it up to 11 in spinal tap. you look at the new poll, the new poll in iowa, the cnn poll, he's over 40% of republicans with without a college degree. trump is the reflection of the demographic change in the party as the e lek tort has realigned and more working class voters have become republicans.
3:18 am
it is difficult for this group to make the argument because in some ways, trump is pushing on and of course they've set, having said that as dennis said, this is a moment, especially because the elected officials are making the other call by and large saying trump is a better short term bet than cruz. slekd a more lasting impact. >> guys, stick around, we want to the talk about what's going on the democratic side as well because bernie sanders has been gaining on hillary clinton there. now a cnn poll has him ahead in iowa. so should hillary be worried? if he's ahead in iowa and new hampshire. report sighs that her husband, the former president, is worried. so our panel will discuss that, next. ♪ lost shipments, international regulations, security breaches, lost revenue lost respect.
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♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ all right. there are only ten days to go until the iowa caucus, vermont senator bernie sanders now with a lead over hillary clinton in iowa. the first in the nation's state obviously. 15 points with likely caucus goers since december. and i'm saying that slowly because, it matters most who you are polling is determining the outcome right now. if you look at solely caucus goers who turned out in 2008, the roles reverse, clinton, 22-point lead, what is this distinction, and what does it mean going ahead? let's bring in the people who can answer that question. dana bash, mark protest ton, and ron brownstein.
3:23 am
there's a big dirns between these two droup groups. and other than the numbers, the important question is why? what is the distinction between likely and those who actually did it and how is that reflected in terms of what needs to be done to cultivate? >> i think there could be one major answer to that. and that is the 74-year-old candidate, bernie sanders, is really firing up young people. we don't know exactly if it is -- you know, totally people who just weren't able to caucus four years ago because they weren't old enough or if it is that, plus the fact that there are people who just work and have been disinterested in caucusing in the past certainly eight years ago, but they are fired up and enthusiastic about bernie sanders. and sew, that is why, you know, the old cliche about turnout is so critical, but there is one other really fascinating number that i saw deep inside our poll that i just to want share with you that is a bad news sign for
3:24 am
hillary clinton. and that is if you add it all up, 63% of democrats, democrats, say that they don't think washington is there for them. it's not really on their side. so, that is not a good thing if you are hillary clinton trying to embrace barack obama, who has been, you know, the washington, has been in the white house for the past seven years. that is another reason, i think, why bernie sanders is doing so well among democratic voters who say that they want to caucus. >> mark, i want to ask you again about the curious numbers between likely caucus goers and those who have a proven track rcord. first of all, the poll of the proven track record shows that hillary clinton would win, that's from 2008. do you think that that's still relevant, number one, and number two, all of this stuff that we keep hearing about, you know, it's cold in iowa. people don't like to go out on a cold night. i was there a week ago, it was zero degrees, my driver had on
3:25 am
shirt sleeves. not even a jacket. i was in a parka, he didn't even wear a jacket. these are hearty people, of course they can turn out. >> of course they can turn out, in fact we only have to go as far as christine romans who is is from iowa. she can tell us that in fact yes, you can go out in the cold in the snow, but it is cold here at this hour of the morning. here's the thing, if you're hillary clinton, and i think we're hearing this from her campaign now over and over and over again, that they have a ground operation, again, very cliche to say that, they have a ground operation, they feel like they've identified voters that they can get to the polls. big question about bernie sanders and as well as across the aisle with donald trump, folks that are supporting them, can they get them to the polls? now the problem for bernie sanders is, he does have a lot of support from young voters as dana has pointed out. these are college kids. are they going to go out on a monday night? dedicate three, three and a
3:26 am
half, four hours of their night to go and support bernie sanders? certainly some will, the question is will enough of them do that? and that is a big hill that bernie sanders has to climb. now if he is successful in doing that, then, then hillary clinton is in a lot of trouble here, another problem for bernie sanders just at this the point for all the good news we're talking about bernie sanders right now, the question is, is he peeking too early? if we look at the poll, i believe he was down 18 points to hillary clinton. we now see him doing so much better. he is now eclipsing her. the question is, will that, will, you know, we run out of gas. and we spoke yesterday about this, when will iowa voters make up their mind about who to vote for and what we've seen historically is that about 40, 50% will wait until the final week. bernie sanders has to keep that enthusiasm up. >> proteestooteseston is taking the numbers, a lot have made up their mind recently.
3:27 am
that speaks to momentum in the situation. ron, another important point to pick up on, you have to talk about iowa differently. i it is different to expect me to get in a car, drive to a place or flip a switch and drive a knob and vote own convince her that she is wrong about another candidate -- >> good luck. >> i can't even forget it. she won't ian say my name right on a regular basis. it is a huge commitment for people who make. that goeses to enthusiasm, right? and that's why iowa is so different. so going into this race, how much will it mean coming out of iowa to the next few states? yes, momentum, but very different dynamic. >> and by the way, the democratic sprosz more complex, and the republican straw poll process. recombining for candidates who don't reach the threshold. there's more of a commitment there. the answer is it has some impacted, but only limited and probably more impact on the republican side. if donald trump is able to win in iowa, given his strength in
3:28 am
new hampshire, that really puts hinl in a commanding position which is why these comments from so many of the republican elected officials against cruz is striking because iowa and new hampshire do encompass the different ends of the republican coalition. the story on the democratic side is still different. . bernie sanders wins in iowa,en given his strength in new hampshire, that is going to be a big burst of momentum, but it still does not give us a signal on whether he ke cross that last really big firewall for hillary clinton which is her strength among the minority voters that are not present in iowa and new hampshire. did you take the lead among white voters yesterday and apply that to the big states, like new york, new jersey, california, illinois, he would probably lose all of them. so there is still a challenge, but there's no question it would rock hillary clinton and really the entire democratic field. she is a grinder though, we saw her lose ten straight races in 2008 and come back, but it would be a big moment. >> all right. ron, mark, dana, great conversation, thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. all right. what we can do to help is give
3:29 am
the best access to the candidates. one week before the iowa caucuses, all the democrats, bernie sanders, hillary clinton, martin o'malley, each will in turn go face to face with actual iowa voters in a cnn town hall live from des moines. i'm going to moderate. nerks monday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. and next monday and tuesday, we'll bring the show from there as well. >> you may need to take a sled to get there. >> you are trying to scare me, bill clinton. >> no, she's not. i'm standing in front of this, my amateur weather capabilities tell me that this is big. we have chad and our weather team on this major winter storm. record snow is predicted in the nation's capital. we're going to track that storm next for you. you need a sled. you do.
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here it comes. a major winter storm is on the move. some 75 million people are in its path. washington and the mid-atlantic states are expected to get several feet of snow from this blizzard. let's get the latest forecast track and snowfall totals with our meteorologist. >> yeah, this storm has been forecast now for days and days and days. i don't want anybody to wait up and say what a surprise storm. it just didn't happen. this has been forecasted very accurately. now new york city may get surprised. there's still a potential for two feet here. now i'm going to go with eight to 12 as our forecast, but there's the potential if this storm continues to develop like it is right now. snow on the north side, icing in
3:34 am
memphis, nashville, big ice storm eventually for ashville and charlotte. this is going to be a chip lg ice storm and there's a football game in charlotte this weekend. we'll see what happens there. the snow is the major impact because it'll be so deep. ice is a major impact, yes, ice will bring down power lines, but the snow will cripple travel across the entire mid-atlantic, up through philadelphia, and up through new york city. sop here is friday, this is friday, 1:00, we begin to see snow in d.c. by tomorrow morning, it is snowing in new york city, still snowing in philadelphia. notice this line, right there, that is the demarcation of very heavy snow. and very heavy rain. and right along that, right to the west of that line is where the heaviest snow will fall. that's d.c., boston, and baltimore into philadelphia, all the way up and down i-95. now boston is ian seeing snow, four inches for you. you've been out of the forecast. there's the bullseye, west of washington, d.c., probably in
3:35 am
the blue ridge parkway area, somewhere around 36 inches. considering 75 million in winter storm warnings and blizzard warnings combined, and 29 million now in blizzard warnings up and down the east coast. this is a major event for the entire country. and it's just starting right now. >> big numbers. natural disaster, nothing we can do about it, we turn from that to flint. manmade disaster. a lot could have been done about it. new concerns about the water supply in other cities. just how safe is the water that you drink by the way? is this a window into an infrastructure problem that many of us may be dealing with? we have surprising and disturbing facts next. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow!
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shake-up over the flint water crisis. the environmental protection
3:39 am
agency official in charge of the region, that includes flint, michigan, resigning under the city's public health crisis. our next guest says flint isn't the only city dealing with lead contamination in the water. many cities and towns across the nation are also at-risk. he is the virginia tech professor mark edwards. he took samples in flint, exposing the lead problem in 2014. professor, thank you for joining us. tell us why you got involved. you were actually contacted by a parent who was concerned about their kids in flint, michigan, what did you learn there about the water? and what was the reception to what you learned? >> we sampled a home of of a mother of twins, one of whose growth was lagging and she knew there was a problem, and found out the child was lead poisoned. we found hazardous levels coming out of her tap. she figured out that flint was not following federal law that
3:40 am
keeps lead on the pipes by dousing did an inhibitor to the water supply. >> what was the misstep? was it they didn't know how to treat the water? they didn't treat the water? didn't do it incorrectly. what was the problem? >> they simply forgot for some reason to add this inexpensive inhibitor to the water. it would have only cost 80 to $100 a day to give flint residents the min pulmoprotection offered under federal law. and for some reason, they forgot to do that initially. and then they covered it up. as people started realizing problems in the system. >> covered it up, that's a loaded allegation, do you feel that you can show that they had opportunities to know what the problem was and denied it? >> yes. we did, freedom of information act requests that have shown that the epa knew about this as
3:41 am
early as april, 2015, and that the state knew about this even before that. it's indisputable, that's why people are out of their minds in i think aer. >> people really want top know what's going on in flint right now. it's not only a water crisis, it's a crisis of confidence in government because they realize the people who were paided to protect them simply failed and left their kids in harm's way. >> can you reverse this process? can they fix the pipes? i know it has something to do with the levels and more scientific from there, can this be fix ld without fixing the actual supply lines? >> the lead -- the lead and water problem and the bacteria problem can be fixed. and in fact has been fixed. we can't say the water is safe yet because they haven't completed a new federal testing round, probably things that are much better with the water supply right now since about october of this year.
3:42 am
but what's happened is people are out of their minds with anger and fear and justifiably so because they've been, frankly, lied to for a very long time. and they don't trust anything anyone -- >> look, it's understandable. and we're going to have to wait on tests. certainly not going to go on anyone's word when it comes to lead. few things are as destructive to the human body. you're saying look, what happened in flint is real, it was manmade, it may be able to be corrected, it is not the only place. as far back in 2001, you were taking water samples in places and showing that lead is water is still a real problem. how widespread and why? >> i don't think there's another flint occurring right now because at least all other cities and states around the country are following the minimum protection of the federal law. flint was unique in that they were the only city in the united states who had no plan to keep lead out of the drinking water
3:43 am
from 2014 to october 2015. we do have serious lead and water problems in other parts of the united states, other cities with lead pipes. epa knows about this and they're trying to do a revision to the existing water, to better protect. >> so end in flint where we began. do you think they have the right people in place to know how to treat the water there? did they bring in experts to make sure it doesn't happen again? >> yeah, right. at the present moment, they have brought in the world class experts from epa. and hopefully they'll be allowed to do their job. >> world class experts from the epa, but the same agency that knew about this and didn't do anything what they could have. thanks for doing what you could. appreciate it, please stay on them with the science, and we will always be in contact. appreciate it, professor, thank you very much. >> will do that. >> take care. just so you know, accountability obviously
3:44 am
matters. there seems to be a lot of blame to go around. what matters more is fixing the problem. that's why we push ut idea of what is the plan? where is it? we keep reaching out to rick snyder, state health department, department of environmental quality. they're not accepting the request for interviews, that is not acceptable to people looking for information and giving confidence in the situation. >> they have a lot of explaining to do, and we will stay on that, chris. meanwhile back to politics, donald trump criticizing the national review after the conservative magazine came out against him. yet another example of trump hitting back his critics. will his counterpunch strategy keep working? that's next. (air horn, trap door opening) rootmetrics, in the nation's largest independent study, tested wireless performance across the country. verizon won big with one hundred fifty three state wins. at+t got thirty-eight, sprint got two, and t mobile got zero. verizon also won first in the us for data, call speed, and reliability.
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it's been a mild winter so far on the east coast, but that's about to change in a big way. the mid-atlantic is about to get clobbered with a powerful winter storm. 75 million people in its path. 29 million of them are under blizzard warnings at this hour. parts of the east coast could get two feet of snow with washington, d.c. expected to get hit even harder. up to 30 inches there. close to 5,000 flights already cancelled. breaking overnight, north korea says it has arrested an american college student otto frederick warmbier for alleged hostile activities against the
3:49 am
country. state media reports he attends school in virginia and he was in north korea on a tourist visa. warmbier was traveling with a tour group who says his family is currently working with the state department. in east africa, terrorists claiming responsibility for an attack on a beach resort overnight. 20 people killed. officials say a suicide car bomber crashed into a restaurant. other gunmen moved into an adjacent hotel. somali government says all of the attackers have been killed. former alaska airlines captain facing charges this morning for allegedly flying a plane while drunk. they relate to two flights. back in 2014 when david flew from san diego to portland, then john wayne airport in orange county. his blefl was randomly tested after landing, and it appeared over the legal limit. he retired shortly after taking the tests, up top 15 years in prison. prominent conservative magazine slamming donald trump.
3:50 am
what does he do? returns with a flurry of counterpunches. the strategy appears to be working, we'll take a look at his biggest hits, coming up. the average person will probably eat something or drink something that is acidic on a daily basis. those acids made over time wear the enamel. a lot of patients will not realize what's happening to the enamel. once it's gone, it's gone away for good. i recommend pronamel. it's designed specifically to help strengthen the teeth. pronamel will actually help to defend the enamel from the acids in our diet. if you know that there is something out there that can help, why not start today?
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3:53 am
hit back, i only hit back when i get hit. i'm a great counterpuncher. >> all right. that was, who else, donald trump, you recognize the voice. explaining to us back in september when attacked, the counterpunch strategy is one he's used multiple time to diffuse attacks against him. john berman is here with the breakdown on how trump returns jabs with knockouts of his own. this is, he's admitted it, he said this is what he does. he's a counterpuncher, he
3:54 am
doesn't attack unless already attacked. here's ben carson talking about what he thinks of donald trump's religious convictions. >> and i don't in any way deny my faith in god. humility and the fear of the lord. i don't get that impression with him. >> now he does it in a ben carson kind of way. i have a feeling donald trump had koount punch for that. >> he did it, he did it right here and right here on "new day," watch. >> look at his past. he wasn't a big man of faith. all of the sudden he's become this man of faith. and he was heavy into the world of abortion. if you look back, you will find hooegs a very much different ben carson. >> all right. so what donald trump is talking about there, ben carson was a democrat when he was a kid, became a republican later in life. ben carson also adopter for a long time and supported for a wild fetal tissue research. now, donald trump what he did there is questioned his two strengths, faith and medical
3:55 am
expertise, how did ben carson respond? he apologized. he ended up apologizing to donald trump. >> which is not something you generally see, is it? hillary clinton largely stayed out of the fray, but she's been stepping up attacks against donald trump. he released an attack against her. >> they're old friends. she went to his wedding. this is a little bit of an exchange between a i go and his wedding guest here. hillary clinton, what happened was this this, donald trump was talking about he used a yesterdayish slang term -- >> we won't say that here. >> and also made fun of her bathroom breaks during a democratic debate. hillary clinton said this. >> it's not the first time he's demonstrated pension for sexism. and so, i'm not sure again if anybody's surprised. >> a pen shent for sexism. see what donald trump did with that. >> i demonstrated, a pension for sexism. she wants to accuse me of
3:56 am
things, and the husband's one of the great abusers of the world, give me a break. give me a break. >> all right. >> he's playing in a different level it almost seems. >> right after bill clinton, whoa, whoa, why are they dredging up the past? i've got to say, a lot of people on the right, tea party people on the right said finally, finally there's a candidate who's brave enough to do this. and in some circles, primary voters, republican primary voters, that was very popular. >> ted cruz. interesting, there was a bit of a bromance butting there, things have changed. he has taken up the ted cruz attacks, he says because look at him, he's rising in the polls. >> i think he may shift in his new rallies to play new york new york, because, you know, donald comes from new york and he embodies new york values. and listen, the donald seems to be a little bit rattled. >> your take on new york. that's when donald trump changes his tone a little bit. >> donald trump claims he is
3:57 am
only a counterpuncher. >> well, this all started, this break-up of the bromance largely started because donaldtrump started questioning where ted cruz was born. the fact that ted cruz was born in this country, i like to call canada. you know something about that. >> yes. >> donald trump started asking these questions all the time, is ted cruz even eligible to run for president, then ted cruz responds with this, donald trump has new york values thing. how does donald trump respond to that? he says you know what, no one likes ted cruz. forget about this guy, listen. >> he's a nasty guy, nobody likes him, nobody in congress likes him. nobody likes him anywhere once they get to know him. he's got an edge that's not good. you can't make deals with people like that. and it's not a good thing. not a good thing for the country. >> my friend, ted cruz, the one i've been hanging out, the one i did a rally with. nobody likes him. and now, you know, over the last 24 hours, donald trump has new attacks, he had his moment, he missed it, it's all over for ted cruz. i'm going to leave him behind.
3:58 am
>> the question is of others that are vying for the same seat, are they going to pivot the type of counterpunch? sometimes you have to go in a different direction instead of engaging in the same game that the guy whose winning at it is engaging in. >> there are two theory heres, both could prove wrong. of a lot say we missed a chance to attack trump when we could. if we bloodied him early on, you've seen the trawl of people who tried. >> the bodies left behind. >> rand paul, the very first question, the first thing he did was attack donald trump. he's in what, 3% now. >> all right, good to have you despite the despargeing remarks. following news, let's get to it. >> this storm is coming and it's looking like the real deal. all our agencies are getting ready right now. >> my concern is that the town is going to shut down. >> bracing for the first big storm of the winter.
3:59 am
if you nominate trump and cruz, you're getting the same outcome. >> you're seeing the republican establishment leave rubio, and they're going to donald trump. >> there's a point as which let's get things done, folks, okay. >> washington post reporter jason rezaian heading home this morning. >> there are still americans left behind. >> and this case has been going on for almost nine years now. >> this is nut day, chris cuomo, and others. >> good morning, everyone, welcome baa to your "new day." major winter storm bearing down on the east coast. forecasters say the snowfall could be historic for the mid-atlantic. more than 75 million people in the path of this massive storm. 30 million people already under blizzard warnings at this the hour. >> now, sometimes when you hear this, the models are wrong, you're like, eh, they say this
4:00 am
all the time. don't make that mistake. washington, d.c. area could get the worst of it. it's already taken a beating from very little precipitation, yes, good and bad reasons, we know that 30 inches of snow could be on the ground there. there's no chance there's going to be none. air travel's already feelin this. more than 4,600 flights cancelled. you have to be safe, know what's going on, and we're going to give it to you, the way only cnn can. let's begin our coverage in charlotte, north carolina, polo, the snow and ice already there. howl's it impacting the area? >> reporter: well chris, i can tell you we have already seen at least three of those stages of precipitation. i woke up this morning at about 3:30, 3:45, looked out the wind doe, it was raining. just like that, snow, boy it accumulated. only about, only see about, perhaps about an inch and a half our so here in this park, but it's not the snow, it's the potential for ice that has
4:01 am
people concerned here. we know that officials here in charlotte have been working around the clock to treat the streets. they've been brining the streets, it is a combination of salt and water. they've been pouring it throughout the highways and again some of the streets here in downtown. so we really have not seen what is a tremendous impact, we've seen people coming out to really take it all in so far. schools have cancelled classes for today. they will make up the day on monday. and of course, what everybody wants to know will it affect the main event in town this weekend? which will be, of course, sunday's championship game here with the panthers. i can tell you, there was a pep rally scheduled to happen here today, not happening anymore. >> it looks empty behind you there. thanks so much for that. well, it is also the calm before the storm in the nation's capitol. they could get close to three feet of snow. cnn's clips fraits is live in
4:02 am
washington, are they ready? >> reporter: good morning, from what's forecasted to be the epicenter of this massive storm barrels towards the east coast. and yesterday, officials here tried to prepare the public and say that they were in fact ready after a dusting of snow on wednesday night. left just an urge of snow on the ground, but snarled traffic and brought the city to a standstill. president obama was even caught up in this traffic a short trip from the air force base to the white house took the president an hour to get home. us regular folks, five, six hours to get home. some just abandoning their cars. and walking and yesterday, d.c. mayorboyar apologized saying that they didn't have enough salt trucks on the road. >> we are very sorry for inadequate response. we believe that we did not provide adequate resources at a time where it could make a difference. we should have been out earlier with more resources.
4:03 am
>> reporter: so, d.c. mayor there trying to reassure everybody that they were in fact ready for this storm. d.c., maryland, virginia, all issued a state of emergency. that gets them federal help if they need it including the national guard. the city government and the federal government shutting down early today at noon. city schools closed all day, that's an effort to keep cars off the road. they want to start getting those salt trucks early. you'll see behind me here that they had 39,000 tons of salt ready to go. they're filled to capacity here in salt domes across the city. they want to get that done, they want to prevent the disaster they had wednesday night. >> what it sounds like, they're going use every grain of that salt on those roadways. thanks for that. we'll check back later. meanwhile, if off plane to catch, check your flight. that storm is already snarling air travel. we're told some 5,000 flights have already been cancelled for today and saturday. meanwhile, for train travel, amtrak is modifying their service along the northeast
4:04 am
corridor. our cnn correspondent is at washington reagan international airport and the crowd just grows behind you. >> reporter: it is. i call this crunch time because that's exactly what it is. these, all of these passengers lined up, long lines here at the ticket counter. they are trying to get out before this storm. really, this is their last chance because as the day continues to go on, we're going see those cancellations continue to stack up. i want to put on your screen, the hardest hit airports at this hour. charlotte is topping the list. raleigh, also having a very tough time. of course, baltimore, washington, d.c. airports, as well as atlanta's heartsfield airports. now keep in mind, here's what we're expecting as far as air travel at peak of all of this, some of these airports at the northeast, operations will completely stop. including here at reagan international airport. that might be the scenario at some point saturday. no planes going in or out, and
4:05 am
it is simply because of those unfavorable conditions. when you talk about low visibility and strong winds, less than ideal for air travel. when will things get back to normal? it's unclear. usually takes about 48 to 72 hours, but for things to republican get back to the usual schedule, could take a little bit longer this time around. back to you. >> renée, keep us informed, please. what do we know? the blizzard's going to pack a big punch? who's getting the worst? we are our meteorologist joining us now with the latest forecast and totals. this is as we said earlier, chad, the mistake here is saying i hear this all the time. it's just another one of those. not this sometime. >> no, this is this isn't hype. there's no reason to hype this storm. what i'm telling you today is what i actually believe will happen to the dot. now, i may be five inches too low, five inches too high, but that's how models go. that's how forecasts go. winter storm warning for over 75 million people, and now the police ard warning all the way from d.c., all the way to new york city and long island.
4:06 am
there's 29 million people in a blizzard warning. a blizzard doesn't just mean heavy snow. it means, heavy snow, lots of wind, low visibility, from three hours or more. and so you really now can pile up snow, and that's what i'm worried about for new york city is that if we get a band here where you can get three inches of snow an hour, for four hours, all of the sudden, that's a foot, bam, in less than four hours, and that's how heavy the snow can be. almost like lake affect snow, while there's an ocean to the east, it'll be ocean effect snow. there's the low, it's icing in charlotte, ashville, north carolina, parts of virginia will be an ice storm mess, but the it's the snow that'll be two feet deep in d.c. in baltimore, maybe ian philadelphia. further out to the west of philadelphia is where the heaviest snow will be. and new york city right here in the bullseye, as the storm pulls out. if the storm pulls out soon enough, then we only get about eight inches here no new york city, if it lingers. if it's a linger longer storm, all of the sudden that eight
4:07 am
inches could easily double. there is your bullseye, d.c., but you know it, this is going to stretch all along the i-95. and the tides are high, we could see flooding. we certainly will see winds to 50 miles per hour. guys. >> okay. you've given us a lot that un. . blizzard warning has been issued for new york city. how is the city repairing? given all the uncertainty, new york city mayor, bill de blasio. thanks for being here. >> yes. >> chad says he's worried about new york, also said that the model shows between eight inches and two feet of snow here. so how do you prepare? >> new york city has a huge capacity for these situations. we have 1,800 snow employees, everyone's on high alert. we take this very, very serious lip. the most important thing is for new york city people to realize, saturday and sunday, don't assume you're going to be traveling. stay indoors, let our sanitation department get out there and clear the streets. they'll have a lot to do. >> even with all the resources,
4:08 am
the last big storm, there were some neighborhoods that felt forgotten. the upper east side said that their roads weren't plowed. >> no, everyone's treated the same. what we have, sometimes we have problems for sanitation garage, but we found a way to fix those quickly. snb pulled a cork press, and we've seen, when we full the full force of what we have we can handle it like this, but people need to reasonable care news, stay off the roads. >> not only that, chad was talking about the winds, 40 miles per hour which makes plowing almost futile. as you plow, the snow blows back on to the road. so cars can get stuck if our throughout. >> that's what we've seen in past storms. folks go out, little overconfident and that's bad for them, bad for the safety, but it also makes it hard for folks that we send out to clear the roads. the good news is, and i think cnn's doing a service here. telling people. advance, look, don't have any illusionings about saturday and
4:09 am
sunday. get ready, get your supplies today. stay indoors, stay safe. >> what are you doing about coastal flooding? certainly during hurricane sandy. staten island could face coastal flooding. download manhattan where the subways flooded during the hurricane, what are you going to do about that? >> thankfully, this does not seem as bad as sandy, but we have made a lot of progress with sab i did. a lot of help from the federal government. of a lot of the major areas that bore the brunt of sandy have been reinforced, sand dunes and other measures put in place to really protect those communities permanently. so, and we have temporary measures we'll put in place as well. much better positioned than with sandy. >> things will start at midnight tonight. what are you doing at this hour to prepare? >> we have our teams now working on emergency basis. all of our agencies. nypd, fire department, of course sanitation department, emergency management. everyone's already and ready mode. personnel are comes in. they know they're doing long shifts. we have plenty of vehicles, plenty of people to handle this.
4:10 am
>> new jersey mayor, i'm sorry, new jersey governor chris christie is running for president, as you know, he has is a said that he is going to stay on the campaign trail. let me play what he said about the storm. at this point, it's too speculative. >> what do you think? does he need to come back? >> i think he needs to come back. a day or two it needed to be a question mark. obviously we are being warned that it could even be worse. we find this out with each storm. sometimes it's less than we expected, sometimes it's more. so, for any governor, it's time to come home. >> and why is that? he has a cell phone, why can't he just dictate orders from wherever he is. >> you can, but there's nothing like feeling what the people of your city or state are going through. last big storm, i toured all over the city. you what's happening on the ground, you see where people need extra help. it's important to be at the front and understand what's going on.
4:11 am
>> particularly since he was the face in some ways of hurricane sandy. >> he did good work. you think he should reremember those lessons. this is protecting people. making sure that everything's being done that can be done. and again, i remind you, we're looking at projection that's bad enough. but we have to be ready for the nooblt it's worse. let's talk about politics. >> all right. you endorsed hillary clinton. latest polls show that bernie sanders is surging in iowa and new hampshire. and at the moment, beating her in some polls. are you concerned? >> i think she's doing well. >> i do. look, i think she has powerful base. this is what the american people want. how are we going to get back? the kinds of things, how wages and benefits, how we tax the wealthy in a more fair manner that allows us to do more as a
4:12 am
nation. she is expressing that vision, that's what people want. they know she can get it done. this is one of the crucial parts about hillary clinton, no one doubts her capacity on domestic issueses or international issues. cares about the middle class or fighting terrorism, he's perfectly capable on both fronts. i think in the end, democrats and americans in general want a more progressive president going forward and a president who will get things done. >> what about the point people have made, including vice president skbroe booid than when it comes to economic incomes, income and equality issues, it's bernie sanders who has owned that who is more authentically the champion of of that? >> i was surprised by the vice president's comments, because i remember the years 1993 and 1994 when hillary clinton took on the health insurance companies. when she was fighting for health care reform, when it was often a lonely battle. she was vilified, she was attacked. millions and millions of dollars of advertising thrown at her. she never flinched. that was a fight for income to
4:13 am
address income inequality long before others would take it on, and certainly look, it's because of her efforts in '93 and '94 that we had the stable set to achieve what president obama achieved with national health care response. i think it's really important to remember the history. i give bernie sanders sanders for the things he's talking about. she took on powerful interests and showed her metal. decades ago. so it's important to recognize, if you see that kind of history of someone who fights for progressive change against very powerful interests. that's the kind of person you want in the white house. >> yet on those very issues, health care and the economy, let me pull up the latest poll, this is pe 11 in our system, this is the democrat in iowa, according to iowa voters who are best able to handle these issues. the economy, sanders, i can turn, i can turn your sbaengs attention to the screen in a second, 58% of the likely democratic caucus goers. there you see it, versus her, 36%. look at this, health care, 15%
4:14 am
to her 45 on foreign policy, she gets 65 to his 25. so what is the disconnect? why don't the voters there in iowa know what you're saying about her history. >> first of all, there's still a lot of time in the clock in iowa. we know that. iowa changes right up to the last moment. i think on the issues, the more people who are better vision which is a very sharp point. paid sick leave. look, hillary clinton and he were husband president clinton of course brought us family and medical leave long before anyone else was making that happen in this country. they put it on the national agenda they achieved it. she's been working on these issues. in iowa and beyond.
4:15 am
when they really start to think about who's going to be the president. who's whether achieve these progressive changes? more will like hillary clinton. >> best of luck over the next 27 hours. >> we appreciate it. >> thanks for being here. breaking overnight, jason rezaian, washington most reporter that was freed in an iranian prisoner swap heading home from a u.s. base in germany. two others are also back on u.s. soil. saeed reunited in ashville, north carolina, look at that hug. the pastor from boise spent more than three years in an iranian prison. also back home. amir hekmati, he was accused of spying five years ago. all right, former oklahoma cop convicted of sexual assaulting african american women on his beat will spend the rest of his life in prison. his name is daniel holtsclaw, sentenced to 263 years behind bars. the sentence coming after the judge denied a defense request for a new trial.
4:16 am
prosecutors say, he preyed on women while working in one of oklahoma's poorest neighborhoods. listen to this story, tense rescue in l.a. after a grounds worker at a los angeles zoo falls 15 to 20 feet into the gorilla enclosure. as you can see, it took about half hour to pull him tom safety. he was hospitalized with a broken leg. the is do says he wasn't in danger because all four gorillas were sleep pg dplp thank goodness. >> in a separate area. prominent conservative magazine comes out against donald trump while some republicans come out against ted cruz. so what voters, what are voters supposed toot with the caucuses just around the corner? we'll have more on that ahead.
4:17 am
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4:20 am
only ten days until the iowa caucuses, new cnn/orc poll reveals a shake-up on both sides among likely republican caucus goers, donald trump now holds a commanding 11-point had lead over ted cruz. 37% to 26%. marco rubio is the only other candidate in double digits. but among republicans who actually voted in the 2012
4:21 am
caucuses, the race is neck and neck with ted cruz at 30% and donald trump at 28%. on the issues, donald trump is seen as most trusted to handle the economy and illegal immigration. while ted cruz and marco rubio made gains on foreign policy. another key pole on the republican side, statistical tie between ted cruz and donald trump as representing republican values. voters deciding, 49% say they have picked their candidate. that is a huge increase from last month. let's turn to the democrats. in iowa, bernie sanders, opening up and eight-point lead over hillary clinton. 51% to 43%. but just like the republicans, the outcome flips among those who actually voted in the last competitive caucus. among democrats who voted in 2008, clinton holds a 17-point lead over sanders on the issues, sanders tops clinton by a 22-point margin on the economy, but on foreign policy, the former secretary of state dominates topping sanders by 40 points.
4:22 am
bottom line, it all boils down to who turns out to vote in iowa, chris. all right, this is a very unique situation we have heading into the caucuses. big headline this morning, conservative magazine, "national review." it's a big deal on that side of the aisle, scathing editorial gets donald trump, labeling him a menace to american conservatism. several gop leaders expressed growing concern about ted cruz's candidacy. what is going on here? it seems like the republicans are eating their own. republican pollster kelly ann conway runs a superpack that supports ted cruz. as we have for our entire adult live, i need you to help me understand what'ss what is going on here. hopefully we'll get jeffrey lord up here. good, pop him up there when he comes. the national review, let me give you what the editorial says. donald trump, menace to american conservatism, who would take the work of generations of and trample it underfoot on behalf
4:23 am
of a populism as heatless and crude as donald trump himself. going after the front runner. ten days into the iowa caucus. why are they doing this and what do you think it'll mean? >> national review has been around for 60-plus years. it is one of the gold standards of the entire conservative movement founded by bill buckley jr., and this echoes the statement from what, 60 years ago or so, 55 years ago, whereas as they want to lay down some real conservative principles and focus on principles, not politics, and focus on policies, not personalities. and this is actually collection of some pretty heavy weight voices. they have about 18 or 20 different writers, it's not just one editorialist opinion, and essentially they're warning the voters that maybe you don't really know donald trump. look, he supported hillary clinton. he's had these conservative apostsis on person issues like abortions or guns over the years. and mr. trump's response, i think all along has been the
4:24 am
same, which is i'm an outsider, i'm going to shake up the system, i've changed my view on important points. and that you can trust me to, as the outsider to come into the inside and make revolutionary changes that people in washington are not able to do. >> apostsees, good work because it plays to politics as religion, chstz certainly how the conservatives see these types of beliefs. they're not just passing fancies, they're bedrock prince. s. jeffrey lord, thank you for joining us this morning. the question so you is, do you think that this apparently scathing review could actually help donald trump? >> i do. you know, and i have to say, i have a number of friends on this list who signed this. i have my own piece of the american spectator saying and i wish i could see kelly ann here, i can't, but i was advocating a trump-cruz ticket in 2016. you know, one of the things that i must say i take with a grain of salt, i love my friends at
4:25 am
the national review, but four years ago, they were insisting that mitt romney was the guy. and here was a guy who was not very much of a reagan fan, not very much of a conservative, and they were, they were pushing him for all they were worth. >> how'd that go? >> a little amused at the notion that the same folks, some of the same folks were pushing mitt romney are concerned about donald trump's conservative schism. >> you got this one coming outs, yes, there are writers involved, but you have big-name rom republicans coming out and going after this guy who's got a real chance of winning iowa, texas senator. why are the republicans going after their own? >> sure, jeffrey, that's fun, trump-cruz, or cruz-trump ticket, that would make the establishments head explode in mass. >> how can the top two contenders are a nightmare? just to use the analogy that you guys are practicing here, in the
4:26 am
party? i've never seen anything like this. >> never. chris, and what's happened, the establishment is having a difficult time proving their electability. they've always counted on these three magic words, i can win, you can't win, and it's always who can never win in terms it of establishment. it's the less funded, lesser known conservative to the right of senator candidates. you can't win in the general elections. the nominee people like mitt romney, john mccain, and bob dole, did any of those people win? and so i think this time the voters are saying, i won't be told who to vote for, what to do. who can win, who can't win, and in the case of cruz and the big names as you say, bob dole, governor terry branson in iowa whose son is for big corn, runs the ethanol industry, of course he's against ted cruz the ethanol federal subsidies. these big names. i think there's -- as you know full well, jealousy makes people do and say crazy things. and i think people, a lot of senators have looked in the mirror for decades, every
4:27 am
morning and they see the next president of the united states. who's this guy, ted cruz, 45 years old, actually may become the next president of the united states? >> do you think that his playing rough with people and their i'd logically and saying people these people are not conservative. do you think it's haunting him? it is a camaraderie game? >> i think it's exactly why the voters have him in first or second in iowa. chris, it's because ted cruz, give him this credit, he went to washington, did exactly what he said he was going to do in the campaign trail when he ran for senate in texas. what happens is you get to washington and others are saying, shh, we don't do that when we get here. we just say that. the idea that he's trying to keep his own promises to his constituents and dare think some of his colleagues should do the same thing, has really aliened some of them. >> despite everything that's going on, i want each of your take on this proposition. it's getting a little ugly in there. that's the nature of the game. would senator cruz be open to a cruz-trump ticket? >> sure. especially in that order, why
4:28 am
not? i don't know, i can't speak for him, but i can tell you that voters would be open to that. >> kelly ann, always a little bit too quick for me, she always comes around, gets me right when i think i got something out of her. do you think donald trump, despite all this nasty stuff about ted cruz, he's certainly echoing it, would he be open to a trump-cruz ticket still? >> i think donald trump, i can't speak for him, but i think he wants to win. he will assess the situation, and if he feels that's the best way to win, he should do it. >> you should run. >> ronald reagan should herbert bush and they battled it out, but they were different. it was sharing the balance of ticket would actually stay to the grass roots. we are the core of the party. >> what we never seen before, and i think we agree, we never seen a party go after it's own two top leaders ten days out from the iowa. this is a race like no other to be sure. kelly ann, thank you very much.
4:29 am
jeffrey, appreciate you rolling out of bed. appreciate it. monday night, the best thing we can do is allow iowa voters have direct access to the candidates and talk about what's going on in their lives. they will get monday night, martin o'halle, bernie sanders, hillary clinton. town hall from cnn, in des moines, i'm going to moderate it. next monday night, 9:00 p.m. eastern, again, this is where you watch at cnn. and next monday and tuesday, we'll bring you "new day" from there, we'll talk to iowans about what's going on. still don't know who they're going to vote. >> incredible. who's going to moderate again? >> your boy. >> all right, all right. as for the democrats, new polling shows that hillary clinton is trailing bernz in iowa and nunn -- bernie sanders in iowa and new hampshire. her senior advisor joins us next to weigh in. obviously we're following the latest on the winter storm. where's it headed, how strong is it going to be? we'll have the latest up to the minute results for you. about businessesadlines being hacked and intellectual property being stolen.
4:30 am
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4:33 am
so that monster winter storm putting 75 million people in its path. more than 5,000 airline flights
4:34 am
have already been cancelled, train services cancelled. >> we haven't talked about driving in this because the snow and the ice is coming down already. although it's not into d.c. and new york, it is in smaller cities. look at the snow across kentucky into west virginia and raleigh. down to the south of here, this is all an ice storm that's going to happen for ashville into charlotte as well. and it's moving to d.c. moving to new york. by midnight tonight, it'll be in new york city. blizzard warning now for 29 million people across the northeast. from long island, all the way down to washington, d.c. this is the story for the rest of the day. it gets worse from here. this is not hype, this is really happening. there is the low. it depends on where you are compared to the rain, sleet, snow. you're going to have to watch this if you're east of like indianapolis or down to the hampton roads, a lot of rain, not a lot of snow. just to the west, just to the west of that line right there,
4:35 am
that's where the heaviest snow will be and there will be two feet in a lot of areas. now we haven't got through all the cities yet and models still are maybe 24 hours from it really hitting hard, but here's what we think. d.c., you're still in the bullseye, and westward to front royal on up i-95, even new york city could get a foot and some models are saying, much more than that. i'm not going there just yet, but i'll keep watching. >> okay, we know you will, chad, thanks for that update. so just ten days until the iowa caucuses. latest cnn/orc poll shows senator bernie sanders leading hillary clinton by eight points in that state. causing an already tense campaign to go into overdrive. how does the clinton campaign plan to stop sanders? let's ask our senior spokesperson for hillary, great to have you here. once again, the poll numbers in iowa. sanders, 51%, hillary clinton, 43%. he is up since december, she has gone down. i know you say polls go up and
4:36 am
down, but at the moment, he's going in the right direction, she's going in the wrong direction. so what do -- how do you plan in the next week to turn that around? >> ultimately, it's all about turnout. the polls give you a snapshot in time, at the end of the day, you have to get your people out to caucus on february 1st or get to the polls if you're in a primary. and one of the interesting things in your own reporting actually is when they looked at 2008 and those folks who actually showed up to caucus -- >> we have those numbers, we'll put those up. >> hillary clinton's winning by quite a lot. >> is 2008 still relevant ginn this crazy campaign season of this year? >> well, well i think a lot of things have gone out the window in this crazy campaign season. that being said, it gives us another data point to say because remember, at the end of the day, it's who's going to get out and vote. who's going to get out and caucus? that's why those numbers are relevant. at the same time, that's why and you have talked about this before, we are very focussed on our ground game. we have amazing volunteers.
4:37 am
they have been working hard, knocking on doors, making phone calls. obviously hillary was in iowa last night with demi lovato getting people excited. we're going to keep doing that and making sure our grassroots folks are going to keep doing their work of making sure they know where their people are and making sure they turn out. >> whenever i talk to any of you folks on the campaign, including mrs. clinton herself, you see confident. bill clinton sounds as though he's concerned. there's this politico report that bill clinton has begun urging those of you in the campaign to beef up the ground game beyond iowa and new hampshire. do you think that that's a weak spot? >> well, here's the thing, i'm quoted in that story because i spent most of november, part of december, going to all the number of these early march states. super tuesday states because we were starting to ramp up our operations. colorado, alabama, minnesota, and you know, did events with grassroots organizers, getting people excited and ready to
4:38 am
start getting the word out for hillary. so what i've seen on the ground myself is a lot of enthusiasm, and a lot of energy and an organization ramping up. but -- talk president clinton i'll say, i don't think that story was accurate. he was actually briefed in the fall on the march plan. he's obviously been out on the road increasingly frankly because obviously we're getting closer to the caucus, he reports back just like i report back when i'm out there and say what i'm seeing on the ground -- >> is he concerned from being out there? >> that's not what aye heard. but you know, again that politico story had some random, unnamed source. so who knows. >> mrs. clinton has begun talking in a more aggressive rhetoric about bernie sanders. she has said in the past day, he'll never make it in the real world. and she's also criticized him on foreign policy. let's listen to a piece from last night. >> sure. >> senator sanders doesn't talk very much about foreign policy,
4:39 am
but when he does, it raises concerns because sometimes it can sound like he hasn't really thought it through. for example, he suggested we invite iranian troops into syria. that is like asking the arsonist to be the firefighter. >> that is stronger language. sop that's the plan, i assume, for the next week. >> well, look, people are trying to draw a contrast, right, and understand, the differences between where we are and where the republicans are a huge. so, to show the dirnss and illustrate the differences between where hillary clinton's on some of these issues and where bernie sanders is on these issues, that's what you do when -- as people are making their decision. we're in that period where people are starting to decide who they're going to caucus for. the point that hillary was raising there though is an important one. and i think it's something we've seen in the last week or so as senator sanders campaign has faced more scrutiny. we've seen a bit of lashing out, and we've seen a bit of these half-baked plan -- >> lashing out from him to her?
4:40 am
>> lashing out in general. going after planned parenthood, going after the human rights campaign because he -- i mean, i understand he was disappointed in not getting their endorsement which he tried to walk that back i guess last night, but then, you know, last week of the debate, it was we're not going to put out our health care, we are going to put our health care plan out, then they put their health care plan out, but as a lot of folks said, more of a tax plan than a health care plan. i know for myself and a lot of women, we're wondering, hey, where are the women? how do you put out a health care plan and leave out half the population? i see him lashing out, i see the scrutiny tightening up a bit and hillary was making an important point with regard to iran which is, essentially, you know, the iranians and the usa dis, they are -- saudis, they are mortal enemies, putting them in a coalition, in syria, that is something that is worth a real conversation because that's peeshlly very dangerous idea.
4:41 am
>> all right, thanks so much being here. all of this will unfold. great to have you on "new day." we are still waiting on a fix, but fallout from the flint water crisis. epa official resigning. has there been enough accountability? we're going to ask one mother whose children were exposed to lead and she fought to take action. we all eat foods that are acidic... most of the time people are shocked when we show them where they're getting the acid, and what those acids can do to the enamel. there's only so much enamel on a tooth, and everybody needs to do something about it now if they want to preserve their teeth. i recommend pronamel because it helps strengthen the tooth and makes it more resistant to acid breakdown. we want to be healthy and strong
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4:45 am
all right. we have a big development in the situation in flint, michigan. this morning the epa official who oversees the flint, michigan, region resigned. charges that not enough was done to prevent the toxic water crisis. many are calling for more accountability. the urgency is to fix the water and make sure it's safe. leanne walters, mother of four, she helped expose the crisis after noticing something going on wrong in her own family with her own little kids. we also have cnn's best medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, standing side by side this morning, sanjay's got rn ahold of the sichgs.
4:46 am
we understand the plus, minus going forward. let's take one step backwards, you noticed this in your own family. you started to measure the water. you saw that the lead was way too high in terms of parts per billion. then let people know, and what was the response? >> that i was a liar and that it wasn't happening. i was stupid. >> who is they? who is the they that you went to? >> the city of flint and the division deq. >> and when you offered your findings that you got through the kit. they said we've tested it, it's fine. >> no, it was actually the deq that did the testing. and then they were telling people that it was my internal plumbing, and that then it was my service line. and we weren't buying it because the numbers were too high. so i started doing the research on it. >> what changed? the situation, what did it take for there to be acknowledgment? >> well, i mean, the first steppingstone was when i figured out there was no corrosion control in the water.
4:47 am
and i took it to the epa, miguel, we were talking about it, and he turned around and said well it has to be there. it's federal law. and i said i'm pretty sure it's not. he asked me how do you know? i said i have 12 months worth of operational reports in front of me that i've been researching. i sent that to him and said oh my god, there's no corrosion control. >> and that winds up being a big factor because as we've learn here, the water not properly treated winds up attacking the layers of the inside of the lid supply lines, lead supply lines not unusual, when the oxide layer inside is corroded, then it leech lead and that's how we got this problem. sanjay, on the medical side, i don't like having this conversation with her right there, but she's better informed than we are on this, she knows the reality. people are saying, she can fix the water, it's already better. this is going to be okay. what is the reality? of when someone has been exposed to too much lead?
4:48 am
>> well, yeah, it's unfortunate, and leanne and i have talked about this. she knows a lot, but lead is a irreversible neurotoxin. and what that means is the heavy metal that will gets in the body. when it gets in the body, it binds tightly to things. it's a strong binder. it's very hard to remove it. if it gets way too high in the body, sometimes they can do something known as therapy, which is their injecting other chemicals essentially into the body to try and bind the lead and remove it, that's aggressive and it doesn't work well. for everyone else, i mean, what's frustrating, leanne is frustrated by this, not only can some of the symptoms appear now, but they could also appear years from now. and you don't know. you don't know what the future really holds. so you do your best to provide good nutrition, which does help. try and provide good education, which does help, but these are, you know, you're still sort of left wondering and waiting as you told me. >> leanne, you look great, i know you're said that you've seen a resurgence in your hair
4:49 am
and eyelashes since you left. your kids look better. but you have gotten some diagnosis, you don't like and what do you want the officials in michigan to know about what they did and what needs to be done? >> that this is unacceptable. that this should have never happened. and they need to make this right. and people need to be held accountable for this, not reassigned, not resigning, they need to be held accountable. >> the governor said he is sorry. yet, you know, to be completely honest, he has not responded to calls to come on none of the state authorities have responded to come on and talk to people about this. do you think that that is a proper response of government in this environment? >> no, i don't. his apology did not seem sincere to me. nobody, nobody's apology has been sincere in this. i got one sincere the apology the other day, it wasn't from the state of michigan. >> do you believe that the water situation has been
4:50 am
4:51 am
>> allison. donald trump trumping, state by state, could trump deliver the strongest primary performance in modern history? we will look at the math, with a conservative writer about what he sees, next. (air horn, trap door opening)
4:52 am
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a new cnn orc poll shows donald trump trouncing his rivals in iowa. it is just the latest in a string of polls showing trump's dominance in the republican race. in fact our next guest believes he could be on his way to an historic primary sweep. joining us now is the senior editor for the american conservative. great to have you here. you believe that trump is poised to have the sort of strongest primary win in basically a hundred years. is that fair? >> the modern primary system doesn't go back a hundred years. if you go back to when the iowa caucuses began which is 1972, no republican has ever won both the iowa caucuses and the new hampshire primary. trump is in position potentially
4:56 am
to do that. >> let me challenge your premise. one of the latest cnn orc polls. shows that when they poll people who actually went to the iowa caucus in 2012, cruz actually is on top. he gets 30% of the votes of people who actually turned out to caucus. which is significant. not just people who say they are going to turn out. and donald trump gets 28%. so how are you confident of your premise here? >> first of all i'd say my premise is if he wins in iowa he's in a real potential position to sweep the entire thing and maybe lose a state here or there. the second thing is the real question about iowa is the turnout. all these people standing out in rallies in two degree weather to see donald trump, are they going to turn out to vote for him. in 2008 you saw a huge jump in participation in the democrat side in iowa. even if ted cruz wins iowa by a small margin that still leaves
4:57 am
trump in an overwhelmingly favorable position for the rest of the calendar. >> you are the senior editor of the american conservative. let's talk about the grandfather of conservative magazines, "the national review." >> sure. >> they have just come out with this huge special report in which 22 conservative leaders have basically made the case against donald trump. and that he's not a true conservative. let me just read you one of them. here is the editorial. donald trump is a menace to american conservative who could take the work of generations and trample it underfoot on behalf of a populism as heedless and crude as the donnell himself. what do you think about donald trump as the conservative? >> i don't really a dog in the fight over whether he's a true conservative or not. >> but you know where he stands on positions. >> i do. >> the do you think he has true conservative positions. >> let me say the following that marco rubio has been touting.
4:58 am
70% of so called evangelical leaders are supporting marco rubio. look at where their followers, look at where evangelical voters are 42% are supporting donald trump and 25% are supporting ted cruz. i would say the national revenue is kind of like those leader and what their followership and who's actually folk their lead. >> you think they are an anak nism, old school and not in touch with what modern conservatives are think. >> i think republican voters in this cycle are extraordinarily reluctant to follow the lead of their self appointed leaders. >> here is another point. this is from david bose, executive vice president of the -- >> libertarian. >> libertarian. he says would you tell us even getting into his massive wealth tax or single payer healthcare. i think we can see this is a republican campaign that would have appalled buckley gold water
4:59 am
and reagan. when you talk about eminent domain, are those conservative principles? >> no i wouldn't say that trump is a normal conservative. in ideological terms i think he's all over the map. there are ways in which he plays very much to the heart of conservative voters and there are ways in which he dudsn't. i think in some ways that makes him a stronger candidate when you look forward than in the past. i'm not a trump supporter by the way. i'm not on his campaign. i'm just trying to, you know, handicap the race. >> i understand. do you think they will turn out for him? >> i think we'll find out whether those litmus tests are really what's driving voters in this cycle or whether they are looking for somebody who's positioned as fundamentally an opponent of the establishment of the republican party. it seems so far the dynamic is less about the ideology and more about where they stand vis-a-vis
5:00 am
the power structure. >> thank you for coming in. we're following a lot of news this morning let get right to it. good morning. welcome to your new day. up first much of the east coast is about to get snowed under. right now 29 million people are under blizzard warnings. 75 million people are in the path of a monster winter storm. states of emergency in effect already from georgia to pennsylvania. >> washington d.c. and parts of the mid atlantic could get the worst of the storm, a record 30 inches of snow could fall in washington. the storm already causing a mess for air travelers and nearly 5,000 flights canceled today and tomorrow. >> reporter: we have been through the three different stages of precipitation here. overnight light drizzle, that
5:01 am
turned to snow which now cover this is park in the heart of charlotte. and now if you pause for a quick second you can actually hear the freezing rain hitting my jacket. and that is the concer here. it is a very picturesque scene but what worries officials is the ice. when you have the ice forming on streets and power lines you have outages and so they are asking people simply stay on alert and try to stay home if possible. we've been here a while and we've seen officials really turbine to prepare and treat those streets ahead of this storm that moved in overnight. they were basically spreading this brine this, combination of salt and water on the streets to try to prevent that ice accumulation. but finally i could tell you that a lot of people this morning are asking a very important question. and that is will one of the most important games for the paneth panthers still happen on sunday? that's still scheduled to happen. however some folks who may have planned to fly in may have some
5:02 am
trouble. hotels e checked a lot of people canceling their flights into the city and forces instead to drive into charlotte. >> washington could be the hardest hit. as much as 30 inches. the city says it is better prepared after admitting it was caught off guard by wednesday's much lighter snowfall. live in the nation's cam capital at the salt dome, tell us what's going on at this hour chris. >> good morning. as you can see the salt trucks behind me, ready to get out on the road and that is because officials here spent most of the day yesterday trying to reassure a very jittery public that they were indeed ready for this monster storm coming down the pike and that is because on wednesday night we saw just a light dusting, about a inch of snow on the ground and that snarled traffic all over the region. even the president's motorcade caught up on that routine trip.
5:03 am
it took the president more than an hour to get home. us regular folks, five or six hours. some others abandoning their cars and walking. and yesterday d.c. mayor apologizing saying there weren't enough salt trucks on the road. >> we are very sorry for inadequate response. we believe that we did not provide adequate resources at a time where it could make a difference. we should have been out earlier with more resources. >> so bouzer trying to reassure everybody that they are ready for this storm that is going hit the d.c. area later today. maryland, d.c., virginia all issued state of emergency that. qualifies them for federal assistance if they need it. including the national guard. now the city government and the federal government leaving early today around noon. schools closed all day and that is largely to try to keep cars off the road. they want to get these salt trucks onto the road.
5:04 am
they want to start treating these road, get ahead of the storm so that when this bad boy hits they are prepared and they avert the kind of disaster we saw on wednesday michaela. >> salt those roads in advance. also wise to move away because you don't want to get pelted by that salt truck. that's happened before and it is not fun. all right. the monster storm is already snarling air travel. we're told nearly 0 5,000 flights have been canceled over the next two days today and tomorrow. travel is just being impacted. amtrak. live at the reagan national airport with more. how are things looking? >> aisle have to say the people behind me i guess you would consider the lucky ones. because they are going to be able to get on those last flights leaving out of airports like reagan national airport. you can see earlier this morning it was really crunch time. the ticket counters as people
5:05 am
try to beat this storm. of course as you know nearly 5,000 cancellations. more than 2,000 of those for today alone. so some of the hardest hit airports we have them on your screen here. charlotte really a lot of cancellations, starting today. reagan national where we are. baltimore's airport as well as raleigh do you remember, washington dulles and atlanta's hartsfield. at the peek of the storm you will see airports like reagan national. operations will completely stop. there will be nothing coming in and out. and in just a matter of hours the flights we see leaving here will likely be the last flights for these airlines. what they don't want is to have aircraft here on the tarmac that essentially gets buried under snow. so you are going to see airports pulling their aircrafts from airports like this one which is essentially in the cross hairs
5:06 am
of the storm. when will things get back to normal? usually it takes about 48-72 hours before they can get the system up and running again. but when we talk about a normal schedule, that could take a lot longer unfortunately michaela. >> all right. i'll take it. travel is a problem but there are much bigger things to worry about as well. there is a blizzard we're talking about the hammering the east coast. so who is supposed to get the worst of it. you have been tracking and busy all morning, i've been watching you. what do you see? >> i still see d.c./baltimore as the bull's eye, the center oaf that cone of uncertainty. that will move up towards philadelphia and even to new york city but i think that band, the biggest band of snow stays south of new york city for at least a while. we'll have to see what happens, that is tomorrow. >> winter storm warnings,
5:07 am
blizzard warnings. there is an awful lot of people in the way. millions of people trying to get out of way or hunger down and stay where you are. get a few extra supplies and stay the weekend at your house. there is the snow in d.c. by noon. so they need to get the truck out pretty soon. snows all day tomorrow in very big cities. i saw renee at the airport. if you are trying to fly today, please try to carry on rather than check a bag. once you check a bag on a plane you are committed to that plane. if you are still carrying on a smaller bag you can have a little flexibility to get on a plane that someone miss oord later plane. but once you are booked for that plane it is yours. so try to travel light today. people will be in and out. there is the bull's eye. d.c. but all the way up to new york city could be a foot.
5:08 am
could be more. >> thank you for the tip on travel. that really does help a lot of folks i'm sure. so the two states expected to get hit hard, north carolina and virginia. we're going speak to the governor of both states. thank you for joining us. we understand you have declared a state of emergency in your state. 18 inches of snow is sort of the outside of what you are expecting. what are you most concerned with of this storm governor? >> ice. it's is a major, make concern. and what's happening for example in the raleigh do you remember, chapel hill area is it is going from rain to sleet and then back to rain. and that means the materials that we put on the roads are being washed away. and then the ice returns and the public will think the roads are okay. but it will be black ice and that is a major concerns. and the greensboro winceem salem high point area. we're going to have probably maybe even a foot of simona that area.
5:09 am
the question will be how much ice will be underneath that snow. in the charlotte region we have four or five metro regions impacted across the state. and the charlotte region again ice is going to be our major concern with not only the roads but also power outages possibly. and in nashville sadly we've already had two fatalities. that was wednesday night. we had another fatality due to ice in wince salem. so ice is our major concern. we've got a lot of crews throughout the state right now. our main concern is we keep going between rain and ice. rain and sleet and snow. and as long as that happens, no matter what we put on the roads might not work. >> yeah, we understand you have also deployed national guard teams to the area. we also understand you have a big state to deal with. and vastly different terrain. the coastal areas the mountain, the metropolitan, very rural areas. how do you specifically manage to deal with the needs of each
5:10 am
of those areas with this storm? >> it is about a 450 mile area that this storm is hitting across the state. and in nashville area we're really worried about the snow and the charlotte, the ice. so we've got national guard, utility trucks and highway trucks deployed in three different major region at this time. and also we've got to be a little concerned about the amount of rain in the east. we don't anticipate snow at the coast but we are looking at the tides on the coastal areas. fayetteville also the area we have a major military installation. we're worried about snow, ice and sleet. it's a major issue. and we've got major basketball games in raleigh tomorrow with north carolina state and duke and the carolina panthers on sunday. we're glad the weather is supposed to clear by sunday so i don't anticipate anything stopping the carolina panthers from getting to the super bowl.
5:11 am
>> we know it is going to hamper some folks trying to make a weekend of it. >> yeah. and we do want to make sure people are very very careful. this is going to fool us. because sometimes it is more dangerous not to have the very thick snow and large accumulation of snow. we're more worried about the ice. typical north carolina winnter where it is right in the fine line. but tonight in the 20s from -- >> sorry governor, last night i know you last night you were mulling issuing a travel ban. have you made any further determination. >> we are recommending to all employees unless you are essential do not come to work. and i think 90% of our school systems are closed across the state. i just got on the interstate getting here and it looks like people are heeding our warning. and that is good news. we're very vrt that the
5:12 am
forecasts have been correct and we didn't have a rush hour situation. people are staying home and that is extremely important for our citizens. we're having a lot of accidents. of course i-95, i-26, i-40, i-85, so the major highways throughout the nation intersecting in north carolina. we are very concerned about the overpasses and exit ramps. >> governor, you said you want to be overprepared and underwhelmed. we hope that is the case. and that your citizens do well and thanks so much for joining us. all right. this is a time where government has to be in action and very often the decisions are tough to make. virginia is in the storm's bull's eye as well. they could get as much as three feet of snow in parts of that state. virginia governor terry mccullough. this decision, the i-81
5:13 am
corridor, that is a major tay r thoroughfare. you could get a ton of snow and ice. do you close it? dammed if you do damned if you don't propositions very often for government. what is your thinking? >> we always believe air on the side of caution. we move quickly. we were the first state yesterday to declare a state of emergency. and the reason you do that so you can reposition all your equipment. we have 13,000 pieces of equipment. 2500 personnel. plenty of salt. we have the personnel, we have the equipment. we now have them positioned in all the strategic areas. it's started to snow from bristol to roanoke. southwestern virginia, the rural areas are already being impacted. it is going all the way up interstate 81. potentially three feet of snow.
5:14 am
that is a dramatic impact. 70,000 cars and trucks a day use that as the major thoroughfare for commerce and other activities. we'll make whatever decision we have to. our goal is to move very quickly. i'm very concerned about northern virginia. millions live in northern virginia and we're looking anywhere from 1-3 feet of snow. the good news is we have everybody ready. we've moved aggressively. i've activated 500 national guards men and women. really concerned about the rural areas. couple feet of snow. and elderly focus can't get access to their medication. we're really looking at our guard today and we'll take it more if we need to to be able to help those in tough situations. we want to move quicklies and get the roads open as fast as possible. i always air on the side of caution. in hampton roads the largest naval base in the world.
5:15 am
lot of rain. very high winds. so we're prepared for everything and we've just now got to execute our plan. emergency operation is up and running, state police, all of the utilities. we're ready to go. >> so in the rural areas you are right. the first responders are usually the closest responders. neighbors usually wind up taking care of their own more than anything else. that is part of the reality. the other part of the reality is governor you can't prepare for this. you have a lot of equipment, do what crow what you can but mother nature almost always wins. and that leads us back to this determination. when you have to pull the trigger on whether or not to shut down the major thoroughfares. >> the second police call me and inform me that interstate 81 is not safe for traffic. the second colonel will call me and say we can't allow cars or
5:16 am
trucks on i-81 i will shut it down immediately. listens a we are going to do whatever it is to keep the community safe. this is a major snow event for us. potentially three feet of snow up in northern virginia. rural communities. we dealt with this with much smaller amounts in rural areas where folks couldn't get access to their medicine. we had to evacuate folks who and that is why our national guard are so instrumental and why you do as i say do an executive orderer to make sure you declare a state of emergency so you can activate all the state resources. the one thing i plead with everyone is don't go on the roads. yesterday at 5:00 i canceled -- shut down the state government, told all the employees to stay home. schools are closed. stay off the roads. let us do our job. let the equipment and the personnel do what they need to do so we can get the roads clear. next week it is going to be in the high 40s. so if you can let us get the
5:17 am
roads clean we can get back to normalcy very quickly next week. but please don't go on the roads if you don't have. stay home. watch some sporting events or do whatever. stay off the roads and let us do our job. we've done this before. we're very efficient at snow remov removal. let us do our job. >> and we'll stay in touch with you so we can get out information as needed. while we're awaiting the impact of the storm and hopefully we are underwemd, let's go to a different situation to get your head around it. hillary clinton getting a surprise challenge from senator sanders in iowa and not so much in new hampshire. not so much a surprise but certainly tough. bill clinton we hear is concerned about hillary clinton's ground game, that they are too focused on iowa and new hampshire and that they are going to have dissipated strength in the other states that matter as much or more.
5:18 am
what is your take? >> i always knew it was going to be close, chris. you have been following politics a long time. i think after labor day folks who have been waiting begin to formulate a decision. it's always going to be a close continuous. i've been doing this a very long time. i feel confident where hillary is in iowa. that is part of what iowa is. new hampshire obviously you have a neighboring senator running. then you head down to march 1, including virginia. i feel hillary has a very good ground game here. we've been working very hard in virginia. for me, who is the best to lead the banner going into next year's election. we have a lot of issues we're facing in this nation today. i believe hillary has all of the qualifications really to deal with all of the issues we're facing on the foreign policy issue. on the healthcare front, economy front and for many of us that is what the decision is about. who's the best? who can win? and who is the best to deal with these meerd of issues our nation
5:19 am
is facing today? she's strong, smart, tough. she's going win the nomination. it's go toigoing to be a slug f which it normally is. but this is good for the process. lot of ideas. healthy ideas. people get out there and make their points. this is what the democratic party is all about. we do need hillary. it will help us win back control of the senate. in addition she can deal with all the issues we're facing in the middle east, the issues we're facing on the economy. help us on education. and look at virginia today our economy is booming today. i became governor we had a record deficit -- or a very large deficit. now the largest surplus in virginia history. invested in education, invested in healthcare. lowest unemployment in any of the southeast. that is what she'll do for the country. >> i would have never thought a self described democrat socialist would be neck and neck
5:20 am
with hillary clinton at this point in the race. so you are smarter than i am. thank you for being with us. let us know if the situation on the ground changes. >> thanks chris. up next. -- statement about donald trump's conservative credentials. why are so many coming out to say trump is no conservative. rb. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement... ...that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle. how much prot18%?does your dog food have? 20? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real salmon and tuna has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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5:23 am
only ten days to the caucuses in iowa. among linikely caucus goers. donald trump hold a commanding lead over ted cruz. marco rubio is the only other candidate in double digits. but among the republicans who voted in 2012 the race is neck and neck with ted cruz at 30 and
5:24 am
donald trump at 28%. another key poll on the republican side. a statistical tie between ted cruz and donald trump as the candidate who best respects republican values. voters starting to decide, 49d% say they have picked their candidate. that is a huge increase from last month. let's turn to the democrats. in iowa bernie sanders opening up an 8 point lead over hillary clinton. but just like the republicans the outcome flips among those in voted in the last competitive caucus among democrats who voted in 2008, clinton holds a seven point looefrd sanders. on foreign policy the former secretary of state dominates topping sanders. bottom line it all boils down to two turns out to vote. in iowa and new hampshire and
5:25 am
everywhere. thank you for paying riveting attention to me. the other big head line. this scathing editorial about donald trump. here to discuss this and so much more is cnn political commentator and jeb bush supporter and hillary clinton supporter. >> what do you think of the national review coming out in this special edition basically devoted to proving trump is not a true conservative. >> my only question to them and to conservatives now taking this line is what took you so long? there's been so many of us saying for so very long that trump is not a conservative. what they are thsaying is true e of the people saying it is ted cruz. the problem is a few months ago
5:26 am
he was posing for pictures and going to visit him in his office. so it is almost a little too late. and i think donald trump has handled it frankly very well. he basically don't deny it. yeah i've changed my mind. i've given money to democrats. ive invited the clintons to my wedding. yeah it is true but this is where i am now. i'm not sure how much of an effect it is going to have now. it should have been nipped in the bud months ago. >> maybe it helps him. because it does make you think somebody here is tone deaf. you have the party and the insiders going after your two top nominees. i've never seen in in an election. let alone this close to the contest where the party is attacking its number one and two candidate. so donald trump turns around and say, truz turns and says you can attack me all you want. the people are with me. what is the risk of being tone deaf, no matter how smart your
5:27 am
article is? >> here is the problem. if one of them ends up being the nominee. and believe me chris, every time i think of that notion i kind of feel like that edward munch painting "the scream." you know but look, if one of them ends up being the nominee they are going to need republicans like me. there are 30, 40% of us. if you look at kasich's number, rubio's numbers, you will see there are over 30% of republicans and if we stay home. if we can't bring ourselves to vote for these two guys who have been an -- to most of the party and the structures they have a problem. >> can i -- >> so whoever wins the nomination has a very big challenge on their hands how to unify the republican party. >> i feel badly for you because i do. >> sure. no you don't but that's okay. -- >> i really do. i really do adore you and i feel badly thinking of you as that scream poster.
5:28 am
but i will tell you -- >> -- if my candidate were getting beat by a 74-year-old socialist i'd be doing the scream too. >> there is that negative spin. but listen, i think you know the republican party this is richly deserved. they stoke this anger against everything president obama proposed. they have stoked this feeling in america that we should be angry. that anger will cure everything. and i think you have two very angry candidates. and the establishment in the republican party is both very upset with both of these guys. >> and let's look at the polls you just cited because the new cnn polls in show? iowa that donald trump is 37% over cruz's 26%. i just want to pause for one second. these are the new poll numbers that show the difference just since december. i just want to pause to say look at what's happening with jeb anna. how do you explain jeb bush's
5:29 am
numbers in the latest poll? >> iowa has been a very tough state for anybody that's like jeb bush. as the good fit for a ted cruz. it is a very good fit for a donald trump. >> or a bernie sanders. >> and i think that you have seen what you have seen now a lot of the candidates have figured that out and are doing much more laser focussing on new hampshire. that's certainly happened with jeb in the last several weeks. i think at the start he thought, you know, i want to run a national campaign. i give him a lot of credit. he put a lot of resource, a lot of time, a lot of troops on the ground in iowa. but new hampshire is where it all lies for people like a kasich, like a christie, like a jeb. even like a marco. >> can i just say that again, anna's candidate jeb bush is going down in flames and i feel badly for you about that too. >> richard -- [inaudible].
5:30 am
-- at your candidate there's flames coming up her legs too sweetheart. >> and i think there is a lot of anger out there. and i think both trump and bernie sanders are tapping into that same anger. be i think on the democratic side that ultimately voters in iowa and everywhere will not see mr. sanders as having what it takes to be president. i think -- >> where does the confidence come from? >> well first of all i think the polls are all over the map. so i don't think we can really rely on any polls now. there is another poll out yesterday that showed hillary up nine points. i think ultimately people will see hillary as the person with the best plan and most qualified. i think sander is now -- you know, we've got a while to go. like a week is a lifetime in terms of an election. sanders is finally getting the kind of scrutiny that i think he hasn't gotten and that he deserves. he has no foreign policy experience. he has these troubling votes on
5:31 am
guns. >> he has two million individual donors and mobs of people who are #feeling the bern. >> and -- >> which is probably popular with some people. >> not with democrats who vote in primaries. and i want to tell you he's proposed these massive spending programs which are just unrealistic. i think the core base wants a leader and wants a realistis. they don't want someboone on th extreme. we are not going to elect a socialist. this is a protes vote just like you are seeing on the republican side. >> monday night, exactly one week before the iowa caucuses, bernie sanders, hillary clinton and martin o'malley will talk with those with the opinions that matter the most. the voters.
5:32 am
a town haul live in des moines, iowa. real voters, real live, real concerns, face to face with the candidates in turn to get their answers. you can't get a purer form of democracy than that. 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. watch it. >> that is the future right now. we're tracking a massive winter storm that is bearing down on the eastern half of the nation. also the former mayor of flint. the man in charge was the water switch was made and even promoted drinking the water despite the contamination, he tells his side of the story next. (vo) new tidy cats lightweight with glade. all the strength and freshness, now easy to lift! half the weight, smells great. find the litter that works best for you. every home, every cat.
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the drought is affecting at pg&e we've definitely put a focus on helping our agricultural customers through the drought. when they do an energy efficiency project and save that money they feel it right in their pocket book. it's exciting to help a customer with an energy efficiency project because not only are they saving energy but they are saving water. we have a lot of projects at pg&e that can help them with that and that's extremely important while we're in a drought. it's a win for the customer and it's a win for california.
5:36 am
together, we're building a better california. the epa official in charge of flint stiping down. and many are calling for the resignation of rick snyder as well. who is to blame? who is not to blame? dave walling, joining us now. mr. mayor, let's be clear. switching the water source to the flint river was not the problem. the testing of it is fine. it is what happened thereafter. and many people involved in the situation say you had reason to know there was problems with the water and you didn't act on those. you dismissed them.
5:37 am
>> there were problems right from the beginning. and let's g clear. there was a bait and switch with all of us here at the city of flint. we had a -- after city council and i expressed support for a new water supply to lake huron, the emergency manager went behind closed doors with the state department of environmental quality and decided to use the flint river as an interim source. made the budget changes and put that in place. now once that happened i was receiving reports from the department of environmental quality and our city staff that the water was testing comparable with detroit. that was what our community had used for so many years. but tragically it's proved to be untrue. the state department of environmental quality admitted in october they did not properly
5:38 am
enforce the act from the beginning. >> but residents say as early as may 2014 they were coming to your office, to the agencies of the city and says this is wrong. june 12th, city officials reveal they are treating the water with lyme in response to complaints. right there i think that ends theabili the ability of plausible deniability. once there, why didn't you own what was clearly a problem, become outspoken and get after it? >> yeah well in retrospect i wish i would have done that. what i did, because i was g getting skeptical of what was coming from the state department of environmental quality. i was communicating with dr. susan headman at epa five who
5:39 am
you just mentioned resigned. and investigating and that was under review by the epa. and when a determination was made that would be communicated to the department environmental quality and then it would come to the city of flint. and i'm learnig like everyone else what was actually happening behind the scenes through e-mails, through other conversations with the state and the feds. and it was leaving this community betrayed and being poisoned. >> but the rationale makes sense with a lot of things that happen in government. and certainly in flint you had problems. that was why an emergency manager there in the first place, that was seen as the need to circumvent local government to get things done. that is important to point out. but this was not a normal government situation. people coming forward and saying this water is really strange. it is not just that my bus isn't on time and it is a bureaucratic
5:40 am
problem. your first quote was i think people are wasting their precious money buying water. that is not a skeptical thing. general motors comes forward and says this is corroding our parts. we can't use it anymore. the city, that is you. because you are the mayor. arranges for the company to tap into a different water line but tells the residents it is okay still for you. when you look back on making that decision, what did you get so wrong? >> i've taken responsibility and apologized for the decisions that i've made. but again you have to be clear that the state-appointed emergency manager made that arrangement. >> you could have stepped up. i don't see any record of your voiced opposition. that is why i'm giving you an opportunity to express it now. when general motors said it is corroding our parts, how are you
5:41 am
able to then say okay it is still able o good for residents. how is something that rusts metal good for your mouth? >> i was explained to me and that particular issue had to do with a specific manufacturing process many companies use, filtration processes in their own plants. but look, i think all of this shows that from the beginning there were major problems, it wasn't regulated right. this community was betrayed. i was given bad information. and i gave bad information to the rest of the community. now we're at the point where we have to see the solutions come in place. we need the community and businesses and state government and all help address this problem. >> quickly t governor was on tv this morning. he's blaming everybody but himself. he apologized and said it stops with him but he owns no responsibility. do you think that is the truth quickly? >> i think there is a lot more that needs to be done at the state. there are more changes at the department of environmental
5:42 am
quality and there are hundreds of millions of dollars that the state of michigan owes the residents and families and children of flint. >> mr. mayor, mr. walling, i appreciate you taking up this opportunity. it is not an easy conversation for you to have. but the people in that society need to know the truth so they can have confidence in government again. thank you sir. >> thank you for covering this. >> we're going pivot so something entirely different. adventure. it is changing for the mountains we climb and the places we travel to the technology we're developing. krp's digital studios dives into the ingenious designs and innovations that enable us to experience the world in thrilling new ways u changing forever our notion of adventure. >> ocean rowing is the crossing of any ocean under self power. my name is sonia balm baumstein.
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5:47 am
what a great series this has been. good for you for bringing this to us. >> wasn't me. >> so humble. we've all been telling about the people who made powerful marks on hour lives. leads up to that two hour sunday hosted by anderson cooper and the beauty over here michaela pereira called the person who changed my life. i'm going share my story. there is only one boy in my family out of 14 kids and that
5:48 am
is my son and makes him very special. >> family is everything. a simple lesson that's taken on deeper meaning since we lost the man who taught me, my pop. >> ladies and gentlemen, the governor of new york, mario cuomo. >> to me, he wasn't the governor. he was a father. >> and what about christopher? >> who was always teaching about giving back. >> it is right to give to people and to the world. >> but his biggest lesson is what this piece is all about. >> my father would often say to me, spend time with your kids. don't bring your work home with you the way i did. >> to be a good parent. for me and christina that means raising our jewel, bella, mario and carolina. raising the girls can be a joy and a chore. but the biggest challenge for me has been figuring out the dynamic of making a man. it may be the hardest thing i've
5:49 am
ever done. >> looft omen,-- a lot of men, of people realize their mistakes sometimes but don't want people to know. i know because i was one of those people struggling, trying to balance with what i thought was right with what was actually right for my son. and the answer came from the person who changed my life, mario. >> my son helped make me change in a way that made me who i am right now in this chair as much as any formative experience in my life. i'm not embarrassed to say that my relationship with my son was not how i wanted it. i wasn't doing the best for him. it wasn't making him the best that he could be. if you have to raise your voice with your kid every time you want him do anything, are you really getting it right? >> being intense and insistent works as the journalist but it
5:50 am
was not working for me as the father. even as the baby, my little man ran the other way. >> he's not motivated by the same things. he's not scared by the same things. he's sensitive to things that i am not. >> don't do that. >> don't two do what? i won't do it. >> mario even at this young age is 5, 7, 9 and he's always been completely sure of telling me that he doesn't like what i was doing. sure he knew i loved him but we wound up in frequent standoff s that were kind of funny. and i'm this 200 pounds monster and i'm trying this 40 pound standing up to me and i'm like where is the fear. and then when i saw the fear i
5:51 am
was like i don't want to see it. and times are different. my mom ran the house. >> i think you were like a different person when you used to come home from albany. you were just so happy to see him that you behaved yourself. it was very nice for me. >> mama reminded me that i was more than a handful as a kid. and i was forgetting two things. strength is not just toughness but sweetness. especially for boys. >> a father has to give time and love, the love and the affection that they need. more than you can believe. a boy. especially a boy. they don't show it. but they are just as much as the girl they want to know that you care for them. >> so what is the plan today? fishing? >> fishing. >> the second thing was the key. she said mario will be your best teacher. listen to him. and let him show you how to be.
5:52 am
so i stopped insisting and starting listening. good job, bud. and sure enough, i realized my son and i were saying the same things. >> stay right behind the guy in front of him. >> piece of skid. >> just in our own way. so if i say how much you do like something and you say 1 out of 10, that means you don't like it. do you understand it? >> no, one is the worst. two is the second worst. 5, 50/50. 9, second best. ten the best. >> i reached out to the clinician. to people who do it for a living. who understand kids. >> some book learning, some intuition from mom. the example of my wife. it all helped but the best teacher wound up being my little man. >> it was really hard for me to
5:53 am
change what i thought was right and what i knew and how it was and he helped me do it. >> i used to get angry lot more than do i now, right? >> yeah. >> i would say i'm sorry, i stink i'm trying to better, right? >> yeah. how do you think we helped me become a better dad. >> you always wor good dad zpli it doesn't matter how much i changed. >> he taught me if i let go and i let somebody else have their way a little bit i is wound up more happier and more satisfied with the dynamic. now i'm not saying it is all smiles and laughs but now we find a way through whatever life brings. >> look at that grass fish. >> think we'll always be buddies? >> uh-huh. even when you are not on earth anymore. you will still be my buddy. always. >> now, i know when he says that he's thinking about grandpa
5:54 am
being gone. and so am i. it would be amazing for me to watch pop with mario now. >> mario. >> yes? >> right here. i think pop would respect the effort i made to be better for my family. he put inside of us what we need to stay together and stay true to what matters most. and that is all i want for my kids. >> two marios changed my life i suppose. and my hope and prayer is that what mattered most about the one who is gone will live on in me, my girls and the son who carries his name. >> do you understand why it was important to name you after grandpa? >> no. >> because grandpa is gone, right? but his name lives on. >> he's not gone. he's still in my heart. >> i can't even look at you guys right now. anyway. what we wanted to do was -- you know, i think a lot of dads can
5:55 am
relate to the piece. i can't look at you guys right now. i just think that dads will be able to relate to the piece. sometimes what matters most is hardest to do. >> i love your family so much. but i love you even more right now. look at o who's there. >> get off my phone. >> hey, we're talking about you. come on over here big man. your dad needs a hug i think. >> that's beautiful. >> they're making me cry. >> mario, what did you think about the story. >> did you like the story your dad told? >> what did i tell you about using my -- >> there are sfams out there that are going through the sales things with all of us have gone through. needed a leg up or love advice or mend a relationship. this is why this kind of special is extra extra important. >> i agree. >> there are more coming. >> are you all right with the story? did you like the story buddy? >> take another picture. >> who's better than me?
5:56 am
you. >> thanks chris. that was a beautiful story. >> and i thank my wife for letting me share the story. >> she's a fox by the way. >> indeed. "newsroom" with carol costello starts right after the break. have a great weekend everyone.
5:57 am
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