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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 22, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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> . and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. for millions along the east coast, this could be the storm they will someday tell their grand kids about. overnight in monster storm raked across the south dumping freezing rain, sleet and snow from arkansas to the carolinas. parts of north carolina could see a foot of snow. and washington trapped in the bull's eye. up to 30 inches of snow.
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and 70 miles per hour winds are possible. a keep in mind be what a couple of inches did just two nights ago. in new york city it is also in the danger zone with the more dire prediction saying two feet is possible. in all, 29 million americans start the day under a blizzard warning. >> everyone is on high alert right now. we take this very very seriously. and the most important thing is for the people of new york city to recognize saturday and sunday don't go anywhere. don't assume you are going to be traveling. stay indoors. let our sanitation department get out there and clear the streets because to do. >> covering event as it unfolds. in north carolina, washington d.c., and chad meyers will show us where it is now and when it will strike but let's begin with you polo. good morning. >> reporter: this wave of wicked winter weather already coating what is much of the south with
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some ice and snow. in fact just the last four or five hours we really have seen the different stainings of precipitation. -- stages of precipitation. then the snow came overnight. and it seems people really are trying to make the best of it. folks coming out with their dogs to take in the sights. but at the same time it is affecting events. there was a pep rally supposed to happen in this park today ahead of the panthers game. that is now canceled. the game moves forward. i can tell you now the main concern is the ice. the as pretty scene out here but when you get the ice you begin too sew perhaps some power oujs. and it seems that people are heeding that warning from officials to simply stay home or maybe go out and take a walk if that is something you want to do because we really have not seen a lot of traffic here in the
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heart of charlotte. it is something very similar that we are seeing in other southern states. we're seeing states of emergency declared at least five places here in the region. but again a place to host a pep rally now just a couple of dogs a couple of people and a very cold reporter right now carol. >> i'm sure. at least the dogs are having point. as i said right now the timing of the storm is critically. chad meyers is here in new york city tracking when and where the most dangerous threats are. good morning chad. >> good morning, carol. it truly is a storm that's done everything right so far. at least everything right where the models were saying it was going to happen. the models are saying the low is going to move up the east coast, getting snow and ice. that is still the forecast. the bull's eye is still washington d.c. baltimore. 24 inches of snow. if we bust. if the storm is a complete disaster and doesn't happen, baltimore and washington you get 18.
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that is what a bust looks like. if it is really big you get 30. so that is the pluses and minuses of where we are now. blizzard warnings for 27 million people across the country from long island, across new york city and all the way down into almost richmond virginia because you are going to see lot of wind with the system. we are going to have winds of about 40 to 60 miles per hour. so if you are going to see the snow and start plowing it. all of a sudden the plows are going to move it away and the winds is move it right back in. we see that all the tiesmt new york city is still on the cusp. i don't have a number. right now i think 8-12 is good. but 8 is a minimum i think. if we get a system, a band of snow like a lake effect. mansfield or akron, canton -- you remember those bands of lake effect snow. now let's talk about ocean effect. the ocean is a lot bigger. if we get a band coming in here that could be 3-4 inches per hour all of a sudden that 8
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inches for new york goes to 17. and there is no way to predict that. is there long island, new jersey, it will be somewhere but i don't know if it's right here. >> okay. well i'll be ready for whatever comes. thank you chad. if you are trying to catch a flight out of the northeast, forget about it. air travel is already a problem. american airlines is already moving its planes to the west coast. joining us from reagan national with more. >> reporter: good morning carol. take a look behind me you will see a lot of activity. i would say in a few hours from now you are going not going to see all of this action. it is probably going to be a ghost town. these folks are -- it is really like a game of beat the buzzer. they are trying to get out of here before this blizzard gets to this general vicinity, washington d.c. we are already hearing about certain airports, philadelphia international. they have announced publicly that all flights have been canceled tomorrow.
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we expect to see the same thing here at reagan's national airport, as well as dulles airport. so what does that mean? it means no airport operations. no one is going anywhere if you are trying to get there by plane. because the conditions just will not be favorable for that. right now at this hour some of the harder hit airports, charlotte, this airport where i am, they are seeing the cabslations really stack up by the hour. they are going pretreat the runways momentarily. because for the nfew coming and taking off they want to make sure there is no slipping and sliding. but there will come a point today and tomorrow will nothing is happening. you will not even see a plane on the tarmac. when will it change? get back to normal? it is anyone's guess at this point. generally speaking takes about 48-72 hours for them to start the system, get it up and running again. but when will it will normal?
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could take a bit longer than that. >> rene marsh from reagan national in washington d.c. less than three hours from now federal agencies will shut their doors well ahead of the blizzard's rival. chris is on the national mall to tell us more. good morning chris. >> reporter: good morning carol. i'm here at the salt dome in washington d.c. as you can see behind me they are getting ready if for storm. officials spent the last couple days trying to reassure a very jittery public they were in fact ready for the storm. on wednesday we got just about an inch of snow but man, it shut down the area. even president obama's motorcade got caught in it. it is usually a 20 or 30 minute drive for them and took the president an hour to get home. the regular folks like you and me it took five or six hours. some folks just got out of their car and started walking. .
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and yesterday we heard from d.c. mayor bouzer has she apologized and she reassured everybody they are going to have enough trucks out for the storm here this later this afternoon. d.c., maryland, virginia have all issued states of emergency qualifying them for help if they need it. and the federal goth is going to be shut down at noon. the white house canceling the press briefing today as well. d.c. public schools sht down all day. they want to keep cars off the road. they want to clear up the road and get the salt trucks working. part of the 39 thousand tub tons of salt they have here. they are going to start treating those roads to get ahead of the storm so they don't repeat the devastating effects we saw on wednesday and try to get ahead and make things a little easier after this massive storm comes through, carol. >> all right.
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new york and new jersey also preparing for record snow. but new jersey's governor will not be manning jersey's efforts from the front lines but from new hampshire. chris christie says it is unclear right now when and if the storm will hit. and he does have a phone. new york city's democratic mayor on that. >> -- he needs to come back. a day or two ago it was a question mark. right now it is not a kwquestio mark. for any governor it is time to come home. >> christie defends his decision to stay on the stump. he's said the lieutenant governor is on the ground in new jersey and he needs to go home, he will. >> republicans trying to take down the two gop front runners and it is getting downright
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vicious. it is the only way to describe the national review's diatribe against donald trump. 22 prominent conservatives are against trump, calling him everything from a charlatan to astoundingly ignorant. last night in las vegas trump fired back. >> the national review a dying paper. it's circulation is way down. not very many people read it anymore. people don't even think about the national review. so i guess they want a political publicity. >> the republican national committee piling on canceling the national review's
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partnership in the next debate. the national review said well it saw it coming, calling it a small price to pay for speaking the truth about the donald. that truth included calling out trump's emotional immaturity, how he's made a career out of egotism and concluding him to a con man. and our nation's solidarity will being testing and will only make things worse. why did the national review decide to publish such a manifest? >> you just showed some evidence. he referred to national revenue as the newspaper. we've been a magazine for over 50 years. so he doesn't even know enough about national review to call us a magazine. and he also attacked us, william f buckley, the founder of the magazine would be ashamed with
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what they did with the cover. but he wrote a column before his death in which called him a demagogue and a narcissist. so he can't even get his facts right. he just makes stuff up. first of all these are 23 leading conservative figures, including two attorneys general. you go down the list, as the who's who of conservativism. and most of the language is very strained. you picked out the most inflammatory bits but does any of that compare with the inflammatory language donald trump has been using the last few months? i don't think it is even close. >> the national review said it saw what the rnc, it saw what it did -- it saw it was coming. that the r -- >> i think the -- >> -- not going to participant in the next republican debate. >> if you are going to have a partner taking sides in a political contest i can
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understand why they wouldn't want that is the debate parter. i do have a problem with the fact that donald trump is masquerading as the conservative. and when he's the most egregious e abuser of eminent domain taking people's property without proper procedure in the country. >> why not wait and challenge donald trump in the debate on those things? >> well we have written a lot of columns that have gotten nearly as much attention as this since he announced in june. we've been on this beat since june. and now that the people are actually voting. now that we're going to test the polls and see if they are right, it is important for us to be involved in the debate. >> in a way some analysts might say you are playing right into donald trump's hand. because people who support donald trump don't like the establishment. >> carol, you know the job of journalists is to tell the truth and to present facts. that is all we're doing. we have our opinions and we have our facts. donald trump has his facts. just most of them happen to be
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wrong. >> donald trump might look at your article and say that is your opinion. >> well yeah except that he gets it wrong consistently. he makes stuff up. debate after debate he's been caught just telling whoppers. and lately he doesn't even know we're a magazine and he thinks william f buckley would have liked him. william buckley knew donald trump and he didn't like him. >> just so strange. you have powerful conservatives trying to topple the leading gop conservative running for president. >> he's still at the moment most republican's voters' choice for president. >> well let's have the actual vote. a lot of this is about momentum. the winner gets momentum into the new hampshire, gets momentum if into the south carolina. we'll see if donald trump has that momentum. and you know what? if he loses he's always said i'm never a loser. it will be interesting to see how he handles that news. >> it will indeed.
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john fund, thanks for stopping by. the do you see for more on the potential impact, cnn's dana bash. good morning. go ahead. >> no, please, please. >> no, i just wondered what do you think the impact will be? >> i'm surprised its taken this long for a group of conservatives to form an alliance like they have using the pages of the national review to do so. because in covering republican politics and i've been counting, believe it or not -- it is my fifth presidential election really covering. and all along on the republican kind of a purity test.has been - sometimes it is overt. sometimes it is not but it has been very real. you saw john mccain had problems
6:19 am
in 2008. mitt romney in 2008 and then 2012 never really got the heart and soul of the base behind him. and in large part it is because he changed his position on abortion. he changed his position on other issues that have been really important to conservatives. that has been thrown out the window for donald trump. he was outspokenly pro choice. he has been outspoken in his history in a book that he published, wanting a singer payor universal healthcare system. and so much of the conservative base they just don't care. it is not they don't know. but they don't care. so the fact that this is now happening as john fund just said because we are getting so close to the voting time, i'm surprised it didn't happen earlier. i will say though elected officials, whether -- or candidates, have tried and failed. so perhaps that is why it has
6:20 am
taken so long. because every time a republican has tried to go up against donald trump they have been hurt by it. >> yes they have. and also this comes as the new poll shows donald trump with a solid grip on the iowa caucuses. 37% versus ted cruz's 26%. so give us a perspective on that. >> that's right. and this actually could -- it plays into donald trump's argument that all of the writers in the national review are wrong. and that they are missing the point of the direction the republican party can and should go down. that vote now is among likely caucus voters. so he argues he's expanding the republican tent. he's expanding the arena for republicans. and so if he is right about
6:21 am
that, then he can do that. from his perspective everybody at the national review and all of the donald trump nay sayers will have egg on their face. >> okay. so let's touch on the democratic side for a second because there is a sharp reversal there. bernie sanders now leads in iowa with 51% compared to hillary clinton's 43%. so give us some perspective again. >> really it is the same dynamic. what is driving bernie sanders new lead in this poll is that there are a lot of people who say that they are likely to go caucus who were not caucus goers back in 2008. but even more stunning than that is if you take a look at the difference in just the last month. you see it on the screen there. just in december the roles were reversed. and sanders was trailing big time to hillary clinton. now he's leading big time. that is the definition, carol of a surge. and so that is the wave that
6:22 am
bernie sanders is riding right now. the question is whether he can maintain it for the next 11 days. it doesn't seem like a very long time. but it could be an eternity in politics. >> dana stay there i want to dive deeper into the numbers. joining me now andy smith, director of the survey center. welcome. >> good morning. >> so delve into these numbers for us. what are we not seeing? >> well, i think one of the things that is important when looking at any poll is the sampling frame being used. likely voters and previous caucus goers are the two primary ones you see being used in iowa. among likely voters it has its advantages because it does include the potential new voters that trump might be able to bring or bernie sanders might bring to the polls. previous caucus goers has its advantages because it is hard to
6:23 am
do and something that takes time and if you have done it in the past you are much much more likely to do it than someone who's never done it. so you will get different results based on who crow talk to it. clinton does better against past caucus goers. and bernie sanders does better among likely caucus goers. that is really in important. in new hampshire between 2008 and 2015, 30% of the potential voters are different people. they either were not living in the state or were too young to vote in 2008. and we're seeing here that makes a huge difference in support for sanders. so he does much much better among those younger people and first time primary voters. i suspect he does the same in iowa. >> i think it is important to point out too dana that new hampshire and iowa, you are surveying mostly white voters. that is not tstrength of the
6:24 am
democratic party for sure. so that does make a difference. >> that is exactly what the hillary clinton campaign is trying to pound into every reporters that he had th reporters head they talk to. iowa has a very white demographic. same for new hampshire and that is the demographic that at least his own political life bernie sanders has won with. he comes from vermont. another very white state. which is why the clinton campaign is turning their focus in a big way to south carolina, which is more in keeping with the democrats demographic that they tend to rely on to win national. however i've talked to several clinton sources, or i should say clinton allies, people who want her to win who are getting more and more worried about south carolina. because the sanders campaign as it becomes more and more robust and aggressive, they are going into south carolina, not necessarily his naturally habit habitat, if you will. but they are trying to tap into
6:25 am
the black vote, for example, that hillary clinton and the clinton team thought that they were going to do very well with. >> okay. and just one last question for you andy. because i think this is important. and if you could keep your answer short that would be great because i have to hit the brake here. so andy, how much did the results in iowa and new hampshire really matter when you look at the big picture? >> i think they matter a lot. new hampshire has historically been the state which makes the most difference in determining the delegates that you get after new hampshire. folks are just starting to engage. if sanders wins both. he's going seen as a winner and clinton is going to be seen as the loser. and that is the key factor for voters in any primary or caucus.
6:26 am
>> i want to let you know about the big event coming monday night in iowa. it will be seen only here on cnn cnn. exactly one week before iowa chooses. bernie sanders, hillary clinton and martin o'malley will go face to face with the voters of iowa. chris cuomo will moderate. it is the final pitch for all the candidates before the first votes are cast and a unique opportunity for iowans to ask questions of the three democrats. monday night at 9:00 only an cnn. >> bracing for a blizzard. this is what the roads look like right now in charlotte, north carolina. tens of millions of americans in the path of this major storm. toto the nation's capitalut to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future.
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the d.c. mayor about to speak at any moment now. the city urging residents to prep ahead of the epic snow storm we are expecting. in less than three hours from now the federal government will completely shut down. 85 million in the path of snow and ice this morning. travel deteriorating right now in north carolina. i'll approximate tabe talking t state's department of transportation in a minute but first here is a chad. >> we even have pictures already from louisville and from little rock where there are six inches
6:31 am
on the ground already. we're not talking only northeast but midwest. there is louisville. it is snowing and coming down hard and not planning on stopping any time soon. little rock, six inches for you. and it continues to snow. and then it is going to snow across the east coast and ice up as well. this is the big story for charlotte and walg and for winston salem. the piedmont, all that farther into richmond it is going to be mainly all snow. to the east, williamsburg, mix in with ice. to the west all snow that could be two feet deep. dc same story two feet deep. 30 million people over the next hours. that's like 30 million pets.
6:32 am
it is going to snow big places in big cities where millions of people are going to be stranded for a couple of days i think. two feet of snow how are you really going to move? baltimore, d.c., fphilly. it continues to throw through saturday, into sunday and we could even see snow into boston and rhode island as we continue to move that storm to the east, carol. >> i'm ready chad. i am. >> aisle do my best. >> six starts errtes error --. drivers warned to stay off the roads and looks like people are listening. the roads are like empty. with me on the phone is jordan ashley walker. welcome. >> good morning. thanks for having me.
6:33 am
>> how are things looking to you? >> we started in the charlotte region with big clumpy snow around 3:00 this morning. and that continued really heavy, falling probably until maybe 5:00 or 6, and that is when things changed in charlotte. we had sleet and freezing rain. and those conditions on top of the snow we have are really making for treacherous travel conditions in charlotte and around north carolina really. we're still continuing to urge motorists to stay off the road if they don't have to be on the road. one good thing, at least in the charlotte area with this particular storm is it came at a time when people are already home at 3:00 this morning. we're hoping that because people woke up and saw snow in their yards that they stayed home and we're hoping that is going to keep people off the roads. >> it looks like it is working so far from our live tower cam shots of charlotte anyway. do you have enough dwoimt deal
6:34 am
with whatever comes? >> right. statewide we put down brine in advance. and currently we have about 1500 employees involved in statewide deicing operations now that the storm has hit and is continuing to spread throughout the state. we've got 55 tons of salt onhand and more than 3,000 tons of salt and sand mixture and for other areas of our dot crews we're got contractors on hand to help supplement the response we have already with our crews in case it is needed. >> thank you so much for being with me. and of course we are awaiting a news conference from washington dc from dc's mayor bowser. still to come in the news room,
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freed journalist jason rezaian is on his way back to the united states right now. the washington post reporter who spent year and a half imprisoned in iran this morning flew out of a u.s. base in germany. with him his wife and mom. he released a statement, i'm over joyed to to be reconnecting with my family. i plan to relax and enjoy home cooked meals and sports and moof movies with my family over the
6:39 am
upcoming weeks. for now i just want to express my appreciation for the tremendous support i've received. i'm humbled by all i have learned about the efforts undertaken on my behalf. cnn international correspondent is in germany with more. >> yes everything we've seen of jason rezaian and his family in recent days has proven this is a very happy time for them, for obvious reasons but no doubt happier still because they are now returning home. and as you described he released a statement around the time they left. and in it he simply declared his intention i guess to be enjoying all of the simple things of getting home and enjoying the company of family and so forth. while also making it clear that at the moment he's still not quite ready to talk about in e dale all of the extraordinary experiences he lived through in captivity. his wife, mother also released quotes and statements as part of
6:40 am
that release at the time of their departure. they are all clearly incredibly happy, really overjoyed. his mother mary says he's so proud of the way he handled himself through the ordeal. his wife talk about this being a new exciting chapter in their lives and she an iranian citizen can't wait to begin their new live in the united states. the doctors at the clinic where he and the two other americans have been receiving specialist care designed for people who have been through these sorts of long ideals, they say to return home in this way at this time is incredibly important and sometimes overwhelming step. a positive one. but at the same time just the next step in the next phase of the long road to recovering from everything that he's been through, carol. >> phil black reporting live from germany this morning. we're learning that an american college student has been detained in north korea.
6:41 am
identified as the university of virginia student otto frederick warmbi warmbier. cnn's paula hancock has more from seoul. >> we understand he was detained on january 2nd. so it's been some time that the north koreans have been holding him until they actually announced this. they announced it today. the state-run immediate is a saying he's been detained and investigated for hostile acts against the country. they are accusing him of trying to topple the regime and say it is at the tacit connivance of the u.s. government. we are reaching out to the state department to get reaction. we are understand from the group who actually took him into the country that the family's been informed. they are working with the state department and north korean's
6:42 am
foreign ministry to work out a deal and secure his release. we don't anymore details at this point. he's the third detainee from the west we know of at this time. earlier this month the korean american was shown to a cnn team in pyongyang. he said he was being held on charges of espionage. and at the same time a canadian korean pastor is being sentenced to life hard labor for subversion. so this is not the first time this has happened. the state department recommends strongly against any u.s. citizen traveling to north korea. >> paula thank you. still to come in the newsroom for some republicans, it is anybody but cruz. a look at the republicans ready to revolt if the texas senator gets the presidential nomination. i have asthma...
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republican senator marco rubio took his presidential campaign to the tonight show couch on thursday getting ribbed by jimmy fallon over those now infamous high heeled cowboy boots. and revealing it was one of his four children who actually bought them as a gift. rubio told fafallon if the runn president doesn't work he as a back up plan. >> would you consider vice president? >> no that's not what i'm think about. i either want to be like commissioner of the nfl which is more powerful than president sometimes. >> you want to be commissioner of the nfl. >> yeah they have one now. but when the next one comes. but when the one comes up. you have a lot of power in that job. you can like suspend team. >> but the president is obviously -- >> no that's my first choice.
6:47 am
>> i love you're a dreamer, man. >> rubio also acknowledged his low poll numbers pleading to voters in hn hb and iowa please vote for marco rubio. >> and earlier this morning, ted cruz took a shot at donald trump this morning an good morning america. >> i would suggest that the next commander in chief instead of living or dying by the daily polls and by the latest twitter story, should focus on identifying our enemies and doing whatever is necessary to keep this country safe. and as president that's what i'm going to do. while t republican establishment has its eyes on him. threatening revolt if cruz is the party's nominee for president. >> donald trump making a new case to republican voters as a unifier.
6:48 am
>> let's get to be a little establishment. there is totally glid brock. guys like ted cruz will never make a deal. but as he's a strident guard. no you cannot have that. >> there is a bunch of big money in this race. the washington establishment right now they are abandoning marco rubio and they are rushing to donald trump. >> the latest war of words as more republican leaders distance themselves from cruz. senator oren hatch a bush supporter telling i think we'll lose if he's the nominee. dan coates, says republicans are still sore about cruz accusing them of being part of a washington cartel. this week the governor of the hawk eye state even calling for cruz's defeat. >> he is heavily financed by big oil. so we think that once iowans
6:49 am
realize that fact they might find other things about him attractive. but i think it would be very damaging to our state. >> and former republican nominee for president bob dole recently said a cruz nomination would almost certainly mean republicans losing seats in congress. and a shot at the white house. >> could you support ted cruz if he ends up with the nomination? >> well i would -- i might oversleep that day. >> trump's reveling in the establishment backlash against cruz. >> here is a united states senator, republican, doesn't have support of one other republican senator. there is something wrong there. >> something cruz is hoping to use as his advantage. as he calls himself a true conservative. >> i'm a christian first. i'm an american second. i'm a conservative third and i'm a republican fourth. >> hello everybody. >> leaving lindsey graham
6:50 am
signedisigned i sounding the i larm. >> nominate trump and cruise i think you get the same outcome. whether it is death by being shot or poisoning, does it really matter? >> sarah murray, reporting. donald trump and ted cruz by the way both expected in iowa this weekend. ted cruz will be joined by conservative radio host still to come in the "newsroom," football deja vu. a familiar face on the gridiron. but who wins this time? access information from anywhere. the microsoft cloud allows us to scale up. microsoft cloud changes our world dramatically. it wasn't too long ago it would take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome. now, we can do a hundred per day. with the microsoft cloud we don't have to build server rooms. we have instant scale. the microsoft cloud is helping us to re-build and re-interpret our business. this cloud helps transform business.
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6:53 am
that's the atlanta mayor standing to the right in the city of atlanta. they're assuring atlanta residents they are prepared for anything that comes.
6:54 am
you know what happened a couple of years ago. the icepocalypse in atlanta. on the right of your screen that's washington, d.c. we are awaiting d.c.'s mayor muriel bowser to come out and tell residents how d.c. has been preparing. washington, d.c., is in the bull's-eye of this storm. they could see up to 30 inches by weekend's end. super bowl sunday is just over two weeks away, which means the nation's biggest ad agencies will be rolling out what they hope will be their crowning achievement of the year. since we're in the middle of a political season, long-time super bowl sponsors like bud light have picked up on that theme. ♪
6:55 am
>> really got to get the elbows. >> will you get the middle of my back? >> there is no middle. ♪ >> you ready? >> you know it. you ready? >> you know it. >> expect to see more of that on super bowl sunday. let's head to washington, d.c. mayor bowser now talking. let's listen. >> briefing on the incoming blizzard that is descending on the district of columbia. this morning, let me first tell you about where we are. we're located at the district's homeland security and emergency management agency. and this is the location of the district's emergency operation center. we stood up our center at 6:00 a.m. this morning. and we have begun to fully deploy our resources. we've staffed up so all
6:56 am
essential and emergency personnel are in place. for the next several days, the district's no operation and response will be led out of this office under the direction of our hc director chris geldhart, who is going to provide an operational update in a few seconds. we've been briefed by the national weather service about the blizzard that is coming in. we believe that it could be -- the snow could start coming a little bit earlier than was reported yesterday, between 1:00 and 3:00. snow all day, all night, and all day saturday into late night saturday. and the forecast does not show any -- any evidence of lightening up. we are anticipating 2 to 2 1/2 feet of snow over a 36-hour period, with some parts of the district of columbia on that upper end.
6:57 am
the snow we anticipate is wet and heavy, which means we can expect to see downed trees and power lines. the winds are expected to be 30 miles an hour up to 50 miles an hour through saturday evening. and we believe that we are going to see wind pick up throughout the day. in fact, our forecasters call this event having thunder snow at parts of the storm. so, i want to be very clear with everybody. we see this as a major storm. it has life and death implications. and all the residents of the district of columbia should treat it that way. we need the city's full cooperation, and we need the media's help, too. to send a clear message that we want people to hunker down, shelter in place and stay off
6:58 am
the roads. we need people to be in a safe place today just as soon as they can for their own safety and for the safety of our public safety personnel and our first responders. we also need you to look in on your neighbors. and especially think about them now. if anybody you know is outside, we need to get them inside as soon as possible. at 9:30 the district's snow emergency went into effect, which means that all snow emergency routes on our major arteries should be clear at this time. if they are not clear, we will move the vehicles. we have to have the emergency snow routes clear so we can begin to clear the streets, so that our first responding vehicles can have access to neighbors in the event of an emergency.
6:59 am
these are blizzard conditions. and even passing through streets will be difficult for our first responders, and we want everybody to look out for them. so, what we are going to do now is talk to you about the immediate snow operations and take questions. let me welcome director geldart. >> folks need to understand this is a life-threatening type of storm. so, if you do not need to be out, we're asking folks is by 3:00 today, you need to be where you're going to be throughout this storm. >> we're going to break away. you've heard the warnings, washington, d.c. be very careful. in fact, i heard from many of my friends in washington, d.c. that many people went home yesterday afternoon. they're already hunkered down and that is a good thing.
7:00 am
the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. for mms of people along the east coast, this could be the storm they will some day tell their grandchildren about. overnight this monster storm has raked across the south, dumping freezing rain, sleet and snow from arkansas to the carolinas. parts of the carolinas could see a foot of snow or more and the storm will get more ferocious as it churns up the east coast. washington, d.c. trapped in the bull's-eye. 60-mile-an-hour winds are possible. this is what a couple inches did just two nights ago. it crippled the city. people apparently do not want a repeat. these are grocery store shelves in the d.c. area. as you can see, they are picked clean by people who want to hunker down for the -- is that
7:01 am
crazy or what? new york city in the danger zone saying 2 feet possible and all 29 million americans start the day under a blizzard warning. >> everyone's on high alert right now. we take this very, very seriously. the most important thing is for the people of new york city to recognize saturday and sunday, don't go anywhere. don't assume you're going to be traveling. stay indoors. let our sanitation department get out there and clear the streets, because they're going to have a lot to do. >> cnn correspondents are covering all of the angles of this major weather event as it unfolds. chris frates is in washington, d.c. ahead of the storm. meteorologist chad myers is in the weather center here in new york city, and the snow in charlotte, north carolina, where the snow has already fallen. let's begin with you, polo. >> reporter: gacarol, good morning. here in the heart of charlotte we saw the drizzle overnight, then early in the morning we saw really that fluffy snow. now, that's been settled so what we're seeing at this hour is really this frozen
7:02 am
precipitation, which is what worries officials so much, because now when you have -- when you add ice into the equation here, you tend to have power outages, a lot of travel trouble. obviously, dangerous situation on the roads and highways. so, i look around. not only the streets surrounding the park, but the highways nearby. i can tell you they're relatively clear. it does appear the people here in north and south carolina, also about four other states in a state of emergency are at least listening to officials. they are heeding those warnings. they are staying inside. wie only seen a few people take people out for their dogs. it's the start of a busy weekend and yet the streets of uptown charlotte are empty at this point. >> that's a good thing. of course, the timing of the storm critical. chad myers has traveled up here to new york city before the big storm hits, so, tell us when. >> d.c. about -- pretty soon. almost now.
7:03 am
petersburg getting snow. already snowing in richmond for quite a few hours. yeah, it's on its way. this is not a near miss. this is a direct hit. this is what we expected. this is what the models have been predicting now for 72 hours. snow into charleston, into raleigh, mixing into that ice, sleet and ice into charlotte and asheville. but 29 million people in a blizzard warning right now. that is the get home, hunk down, stay there. 29 million people. there's your blizzard warning from long island all the way down past and into d.c. and that means that even though we're talking about 24 inches of snow in baltimore and the district of columbia, maybe philadelphia and a little points to the west of there and as far north as almost new york city, almost, we will have wind gusts of 40 to 50 miles an hour. so, if you get a 2-foot snowfall, it's going to be zero in some spots where the wind has scoured it clean. and then an 8-foot drift right
7:04 am
next to it. so, that's the weather we're going to continue to see. if you're on the roads, you're not going to get through an 8-foot drift. you won't be able to see where you're going because blizzard conditions means the winds are so strong, there's no visibility either, carol. >> that's just incredible, chad. so, we will take your advice. we will hunker down and, apparently in washington, d.c., everyone has groceries, so they're cool. they won't starve. >> i hope they weren't the last one to that store. oh, my goodness. >> i've never seen any shelves emptier than that. >> holy cow. >> thanks, chad. less than three hours from now, federal agencies in d.c. will shut their doors well ahead of the blizzard's arrival. cnn's chris frates is in the northeast at the big salt barn. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. these salt trucks have been coming all morning. they're loading up in preparation for the storm. for the past few days, officials here were trying to convince a pretty jittery public they were,
7:05 am
in fact, ready for this storm. that's because on wednesday night we saw a small squall come through. put down an inch of snow in the region and cars were at a standstill. there were hundreds of accidents. even president obama's motorcade got caught in it. a 20-minute, half hour ride. it took the president an hour to get home. for all the rest of us, many people, five, six hours to go ten miles or so. they got out of their cars and just walked. some ran out of gas. you see mayor bowser apologize for that yesterday. saying they weren't ready and they're going to be ready this time. that's what you're seeing behind me. is these guys getting ready. d.c., maryland, virginia, all in a state of emergency. that gives the federal government help if they need to call them in, even the national guard. the federal government closing at noon today. d.c. city government also closing at noon. they didn't even bring the kids
7:06 am
to school today. the kids got a snow day before the snow even started to fall. that's largely because they want to try to keep the streets clear. they want to get cars off the road early so that these big plows can get their job done and hopefully get ahead of this storm and avoid the disaster we saw on wednesday and thursday. >> i hope so. chris frates reporting live from northeast washington. thank you. massive snowfall is being forecast for virginia, too, today. right now hundreds of people are without power. and that number will probably rise. i want to bring in kevin curtis of virginia dominion power. he's the vice president of technical solutions. good morning, kevin. >> good morning, carol. thank you for having me. >> thanks for being here. so, where is the power out right now in virginia? >> it's a small number of outages right now we expect could be significant as the storm grows. it's certainly a significant weather event and we're certainly prepared for some widespread outages and have about 4,000 resources
7:07 am
strategically placed around our service area. >> when you say significant, do you have a number attached to that? >> no, we don't. we're certainly prepared for the worst. and at this point in the storm knowing the potential for wet snow and some significant winds cause us obviously a lot of concern for extensive outages because of what the wet snow and winds do to trees and the potential to affect our electric system. so at this point, we're prepared for extensive outages but i wouldn't try to predict a specific number this early in the event. >> those big, old beautiful trees in virginia, they get weighted down with snow and interfere with the power lines. we know how that goes. what advice do you have for residents today? >> it can -- it aligns with what you've heard from others this morning. our customers shouldbe prepared for the potential for power outages. we're certainly concerned about their welfare and the impact that no power has when it's cold outside and it's cold in your home. but i'd be prepared with food
7:08 am
and water and batteries and recognize the possibility exists for widespread multi-day outages. but that we are committed with the resources that we have to restore service as quickly as possible. >> so, kevin, you know people are going to be flooding the phone lines. should people call or just wait? >> yes, they do. each customer should call the number for each of their utilities. for dominion it's 1-866-dom-help. any time that your power's out, customers should call their respective power provider so we know exactly who's out and where the damage is located. at this point i would caution customers in the interest of safety to recognize that wire down may still be energized. and at all times to stay away from any wire that's on the ground. make sure that they call their power provider to let us know that that safety issue exists out in the neighborhood. >> kevin, i'll let you get to work because i know you have a long, long weekend ahead of you.
7:09 am
>> yes, we do. thank you for having us. >> thank you, kevin. let's talk about flying because more than 5,000 flights have already been canceled. a live look at reagan national in d.c. travelers frantically trying to get out before that epic snow moves in. roughly half of the flights scheduled for tomorrow are still scheduled at this time, but that could change. the snow impacting several major airports. a more drastic approach just taken in philadelphia. all flights to and from philadelphia's international airport have been canceled for saturday. ren renee marsh is talking to travelers. republicans trying to take down the two top gop front-runners. it's getting downright vishgs.
7:10 am
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♪ it's war. not just between democrats and republicans but between republicans. one week before the iowa caucuses establishment republicans are trying to topple the top two republicans, donald trump and ted cruz. look no further than the national review. 22 prominent conservatives, 22 of them writing a manifesto on trump, calling him everything from a charlatan and ignorant and not fit to be president. orrin hatch, john cornyn and dan coates joining their voices with senator bob dole saying a cruz presidency would be detrimental to the country. cruz firing back on "gma" this morning. >> if you're someone in this country who thinks we need more republicans in washington to cut a deal with the democrats to
7:15 am
agree with harry reid and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, then you ought to vote for donald trump. i would suggest the next commander in chief instead of living and dying by the daily polls and the latest twitter storm should focus on identifying our enemies and doing whatever is necessary to keep this country safe. >> cnn politics executive editor mark preston is in washington with more on this. what do you make of this, mark? >> well, carol, the bromance is over. only a week ago or maybe a few days locker than that where donald trump and ted cruz were friendly to each other. that they weren't going to attack each other. in fact, ted cruz made a visit -- visited donald trump late last year as well. however, when you're locked into a big fight for the republican nomination, you're going to see them going after one another. now, donald trump never a shrinking violet took after the national review last night after they put out a special issue attacking him. let's listen to what donald trump had to say.
7:16 am
>> the national review is a dying paper. its circulation is way down. not very many people read it anymore. i mean, people don't even think about the "national review" so i guess they want to get a little publicity. >> and, you know, carol, i think that's probably the first of many jabs we'll hear from donald trump at the "national review." as you said, it wasn't just the "national review" editors, it was also folks who are very important in republican conservative circles such a glenn beck, erick erickson and certainly some others. this comes as a new cnn/orc poll shows donald trump continues to lead the pack here in iowa. let's take a quick look at these numbers right now, carol. 37% of iowa caucus goers are supporting donald trump in the race for the republican presidential nomination. ted cruz at 26%. what this poll shows us, though, is that ben carson, the social conservative, certainly one social conservatives were rallying behind has lost an incredible amount of support. that support now is being
7:17 am
divided up between marco rubio, a little bit to ted cruz and a little bit to donald trump. this race is certainly not over. let's look at these numbers right now. carol, if you look at this number right now, it shows you that half of caucus goers, republican caucus goers, have decided who their going to support. that still leaves the other half in the final ten days to make a decision. carol? >> mark preston, you're actually in iowa where the action is. there's a different kind of action in d.c., and i'm sure you're glad you're missing that action. thanks so much. things between the democrats are getting downright nasty over this bernie sanders ad. well, i wish i could show it to you, but i cannot. we must have that ad. clinton supporter david brock says the ad featuring simon and garfunkel is focused on white voters. he told the associated press, quote, from this ad it seems black lives don't matter much to bernie sanders. and if i could show you that ad, you could see there's like a million faces shown all over the screen and -- oh, here it is.
7:18 am
you'll see what i'm talking about now. put it up there. ♪ like they all come to live for america ♪ >> as i said, david brock, who's a hillary clinton supporter, told the associated press, from this ad it seems black lives don't seem to matter much to bernie sanders. with me now, mindy finch, a republican political consultant and founder of empowered women, and keith boykin, a democratic strategist. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. keith, the sanders' camp called brock a mud-slinging, right wing extremist who should not be working for hillary clinton. how do you see this? >> well, i don't understand david brock's attack or the point behind his being the messenger for the attack. this is a brilliant ad from bernie sanders' campaign. the ad is very hopeful. it's optimistic. it's inspiring. it's one of the best ads i've seen since the 2008 barack obama
7:19 am
ads. the problem is, and i think brock is right about this, it is a very white ad. the first 30 people you see in the ad are all white. however, it's targeted for the first two states in the primary process, iowa in particular, and new hampshire, both of which are very, very white states. unrepresentative of the larger democratic electri electorate a democratic base. i think it's an effective ad for iowa and new hampshire. >> keith, isn't bernie sanders vpg trouble with minority voters? >> he absolutely is having difficulty reaching minority voters. hillary clinton is doing very well, particularly in south carolina and the primary states in the south. and i think that will be her firewall, at least she's hoping it will be her fairwall. i think he has to do more to reach out to african-american voters. his comments about reparations last week that were criticized by others, i think will force him to sort of up his game and trying to reach out to people of color.
7:20 am
we should be facing some sort of division in the party here between the traditional african-american minority voters in the party and the younger, whiter, more liberal voters in the party. i think we have to work on reconciling that. >> you can see bernie sanders on the stump in new hampshire. so, on the republican side, conservatives are split over trump and cruz. north carolina senator burr said in a private meeting, he'd actually rather vote for bernie sanders over ted cruz, although he later denied saying that. mindy, could you say it's a republican war to topple their own candidates? >> well, i would correct one thing. i don't think the conservatives are just in a decision point between trump and cruz. i think many would like to decide about somebody else, but trump and cruz are topping the polls right now. so, they're in a moment of acceptance that if it comes down to these two guys, who would we rather have or who, in fact, would be the worst of the two bad options? that's how a lot of
7:21 am
conservatives are approach willing it. republicans, i should say. and so, you know, i think that it's not so much a war. let's see what happens with the voters. >> you don't think it's so much a war? have you ever experienced something like this happening during a primary race? >> it is the most contested primary. what's so interesting i think the republican -- i hate to use the establishment because that's an expansive definition at this point, but they're really shocked at donald trump's longevity in this race. so many of them expected him to fade. now he's led in early states for months and months and months. so, there really shouldn't be a shock that at this point it looks like he is the front-runner. he has the biggest, straightest shot to be the nominee. many are swallowing that poison pill and adding acceptance. what's interesting is these two guys, you know, maybe the establishment doesn't to want come around to either, but donald trump -- he's this cult of personality and he's winning
7:22 am
over a lot of republican professionals by that personality, too. i think they kind of see him as this affable guy who plays a jerk on tv, where ted cruz, it's this personality where they think he's a jerk who's trying to play an affable guy on tv. when it comes down to it, you have those who really care about the party and the future of the party, more likely to support cruz and doing everything they can to stop trump. and those who care about congress and legislating on the republican side doing what they can to stop cruz. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. as we just told you, bernie sanders taking the lead in iowa in the most recent polls. a sharp reversal a month ago where he trailed hillary clinton by double digits. today is sanders' first of four events in new hampshire where he's trying to shore up the vote. not to be outdone, hillary clinton will also appear in the state at both a town hall and a dinner before being joined by her husband, bill, at a rally tonight. want to let you know about a
7:23 am
big event coming monday night in iowa. it will be seen only here on cnn. exactly one week before iowa chooses, bernie sanders, hillary clinton and martin o'malley will go face-to-face with the voters in iowa. in a cnn democratic presidential town hall live from des moines, chris cuomo will moderate. it's the final pitch for all the candidates before the first votes are cast. that's monday night, 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. still to come in the "newsroom" -- the blizzard gets closer, the lines grow longer. racing the storm to grab one of the last flights out. we'll take you to reagan national next. iall across the state belthe economy is growing,day. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating
7:24 am
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as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me you've got the power, to turn on the light shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. let's head out to nashville, tennessee. you know that big blizzard's coming. well, the snow has already started to come down in nashville. this is what it looks like on
7:28 am
the roadways in nashville right now. the white suv there has been trying to move for the past, oh, half hour or so. he just cannot do it. so, cars are now going around him. this is dangerous, people. it's why officials say, please stay home and stay off the roads. now you can see people are getting out of their cars. i can't tell if they got out of their cars or they're pedestrians. maybe they'll help the poor guy in the white suv because he cannot move. yeah, maybe that big truck will push him. who knows. this scene playing out in cities all across the eastern seaboard. that snow expected to start coming down in washington, d.c., at any time. that's actually the bull's-eye for this big blizzard. they're expecting 30 inches of the snow. the mayor has ordered all residents to remove their cars from the streets by 3:00 p.m. eastern. let's head out to reagan national, because it's kind of a mess there, too. people trying to get out ahead
7:29 am
of the storm. >> reporter: good morning, carol. i'm watching as these aircraft are taking off one after the other. we're still seeing takeoffs at this hour, which is good news for people that are standing behind me here. they're at the ticket counters. these are the folks who are trying to get out way before that storm gets here. they may be in luck. but in a matter of hours, i can tell you at airports like reagan national airport and other northeastern airports, it's going to be a ghost town. you may not even see any aircraft on the tarmac because these airlines are pulling their planes from the effected airports, getting them out of the way. because what they do not want is for them to get stuck. so, the situation that we have here is that these cancellations continue to build. we're at nearly 5,000, more than 2,000 today alone. when does it get better? well, it usually takes about 48-72 hours for them to start getting service back, but it's
7:30 am
hard to say when things will actually be back to normal, carol. >> all right. rene marsh reporting live from reagan national. six states have already declared states of emergency, including north carolina. conditions worsening there right now. we're awaiting a press conference, actually, any moment now from governor pat mccrory from raleigh. the governor urging residents to stay off the roads this morning. from the looks of it, at least in north carolina, people are listening. snow and ice falling across the state. there you can see the roads are empty in north carolina. with me now on the phone is the mayor of charlotte, jennifer roberts. welcome, mayor. >> good to be here. i'm glad people are staying in because it's very treacherous here. >> what did you say that was so effective? >> we watched closely. we had a press conference yesterday afternoon. our school district made a decision to close schools yesterday evening. we really watched that front
7:31 am
coming in and we told people, please, you know, go get your groceries now and stay in tomorrow because it's going to be treacherous. really thankful that a lot of people listened. i drove in. i only live a mile and a half from our government center and i didn't see hardly anyone on the road, which is great. >> that is great. what's your biggest worry this morning? >> our biggest worry is traffic safety and pedestrian safety, because there are some people who do have to go to work or have urgent things that have to take place. and we had some accidents. you know, icy road conditions and bridge conditions, so that's our biggest concern. i've heard from medic, there haven't been too many medical emergencies, which is great. we really do worry about our drivers and we hope that as many folks as possible are staying put. we also know more ice is coming and that can lead to power line -- you know, power lines falling and outages. we to want make sure people keep
7:32 am
a watch on their neighbors and find out who still does have electricity and making sure we're all staying warm as well. >> it's been such a strange winter, at least here in new york, because it's been so warm. now we're expecting a blizzard. it's just strange, isn't it? >> well, we are seeing more extreme weather in a lot of parts of our country. you know, we are working better in our emergency preparedness to make sure all of our teams are in communication. and we just have to, you know, take it as it comes and try our best to, you know, be ready. >> all right. mayor roberts, thanks for taking time out of your busy day to join us this morning. i do appreciate it. a governor of north carolina is now speaking. we're going to continue to monitor -- actually, that's not the governor speaking right now, but he's standing there. we'll keep you posted as we monitor this news conference. still to come in the "newsroom" -- a new movie could prove damaging to the clinton campaign. it's not the movie about
7:33 am
benghazi. it's called "weiner." to feel a"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ perfect driving record. >>perfect. no tickets. no accidents... >>that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. >>yup... now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? >>no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. >>anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness,
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switch now and get four lines with up to six gigs each. and no sharing. just thirty bucks a line at t-mobile. hollywood at this year's sundance film festival with the documentary "weiner" making its debut on sunday. filmmakers were following the former congressman anthony weiner as his political career fell apart following a 2011 sex scandal. >> this behavior that i did was problematic, to say the least. destructive, to say the most. caused many stresses and strains in my marriage.
7:38 am
but i'm pleased and blessed that she has given me a second chance. >> but the real story may be the woman next to weiner. that would be his wife, huma. a long-time top aide for hillary clinton and the possible damage the documentary could do to clinton's presidential campaign. stephanie elam is live in park city, utah, with more on this. hi, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, carol. let me just set the scene for you where we are. we're in the cnn films lounge here right on main street in beautiful park city, utah, for the sundance film festival. this is where people can stop by. maybe have a little beverage, warm up, have great food and also learn about movies. this is where cnn acquired "blackfish," this is where we got "fresh dress," "the hunting ground." it's important to know why we're here. when you take a look at this year's selection of films, one overarching them for a lot of them and that is controversy. this is the place to be if you have a documentary. this is where you can come and
7:39 am
get a lot of eyeballs and potentially get that film sold. one everyone is intrigued by is the one on anthony weiner. this one specifically, we understand, focuses on the time that he was running for mayor of new york in 2013. it was supposed to be his big comeback and then there was this second sexting scandal where we learned about carlos danger. this is what we understand. they're being very tight-lipped about this. practically no one has seen it. they won't send out clips for it. they're not showing us anything about it so people really, really want to see that film because it does delve in. they had access into the relationship between anthony weiner and huma abedin and their relationship in new york as he was supposed to be making his great comeback. people want to know more about how this couple was interacting during that time. you're right, this is an election year. a lot of people want to know whether or not this is going to play into it since huma has such a deep connection with the clinton clan, specifically as being a big adviser to hillary.
7:40 am
carol? >> stephanie elam reporting live from park city, utah, this morning. sex scandals aside, hillary clinton is banking on women voters. among iowa women who are likely to caucus, she leads bernie sanders 56% to 38%. older women are solidly behind clinton, but younger women seem to be feeling the burn. so, clinton is trying to coax them back. check out her campaign store. there's a girls just wanna have fun damenal rights tote bag and a woman's place is in the white house. then the millennial superstar stumping for her. >> i'm voting for her because i truly believe there is nobody more qualified to run this country, our country, than our secretary of state, hillary clinton. ♪ >> that's demi lovato.
7:41 am
amy schumer is along for the ride, so is katy perry, lena dunham, all influential millennial women, all declaring, i'm with her. why isn't it working? here to talk is susan and columnist for the daily beast. thank you for being here. these liberal feminist stars are lining up behind hillary clinton. so, kelly, why isn't hillary clinton resonating more with young women? >> i think in some ways hillary clinton is a victim of her own success. here's what i mean, carol. of the 278 women who have ever served in american congress in our history, more than half of them have been elected since 1992. so, just think about that for a moment. that was not only the year that a lot of these millennial women were actually born, but actually the year hillary clinton burst onto the national stage. a problem, in a sense, is that 73% of americans believe they will see a woman elected
7:42 am
president in their lifetime. that's across party lines, that's across gender lines. that's a reality much more tangible to a lot of these younger women because they don't really know a pre-hillary clinton era when a woman didn't have the right to choose and when women were struggling just to get into the halls of congress. i think for a lot of them, they don't see it as if it's not hillary, we'll never see a woman elected president. >> i totally understand that. you have jennifer lawrence coming out and talking about the disparity in wages in hollywood. doesn't that resonate with young women? because hillary clinton, you know, she talks about equal pay all the time. >> i don't know. i think that that kind of celebrity stumping for me is reading a little bit false because hillary clinton is a woman of second-wave feminism. she's largely an advocate for well-off white women. and i think that the generation of young feminists who are voting now want to see someone who is more of an advocate for intersectional feminine.
7:43 am
that doesn't just mean feminism for wealthy, successful celebrities. >> that's harsh. >> no, hillary has done so much good stuff for women's reproductive rights, for women around the world. but i do think that her first campaign was largely focused on that kind of second-wave feminism and she does have -- she has been altering her platform in this second campaign. >> let me run this by you. clinton called monica lieu wewi. you all know who that is. >> oops. >> sorry. >> i'm sure even young women have herd of monica liewinsky know who she is. she called her a loony toon. how can young feminists reconcile this with clinton's talk of, like, every woman deserves to be heard. >> i think this goes back to the larger point i was making which
7:44 am
is her being a victim of her own success. the point joanna made eloquently is a lot of younger women don't see feminism as wrapped in one package, which is another woman who has proclaimed herself a feminist for decades. a lot of these women when you hear why they're supporting bernie sanders, they think he's more specific on issues. one woman said it very well said, if i were to vote for clinton, primarily because of her gender, that's just as bad someone voting against her because of her gender. for a lot of these women, they're comparing exactly what you said and saying, for me, bernie sanders is better. >> for older white women you talk to, they should cheer that because that was the goal. so, i'll ask you, too, what do young women see in bernie sanders that they don't in hillary clinton? >> i mean, hillary clinton is of a political dynasty in a way that bernie sanders isn't. bernie sanders is much better on income inequality and wage
7:45 am
inequality. he's speaking on racial issues in a much more, i think, eloquent way. and more believable way, i'd say. but, i mean, he is -- >> does it matter he's a 74-year-old white guy? >> i never would have expected that to be the face of these issues that concern younger people. i mean, hillary has been better in a number of different areas that also apply to women like reproductive health and things like that. >> interesting. thanks to both of you for stopping by. it was very interesting. still to come in the "newsroom," freed from an iranian prison. an american journalist is finally on his way home to the united states. a live report out of iran next.
7:46 am
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we are now learning an american college student has
7:50 am
been detained in north korea, identifying as a university of north virginia otto warmbier. he was detained as he was leaving for a flight to china. freed journalist jason is on his way back to the united states right now. he's getting the vip treatment to bring him home. "the washington post" reporter who spent a year and a half in prison in iran is flying out of germany. with him is his wife and mother. he said he's ready to enjoy home cooked meelsz, sports and movies. brian stelter is here with more. good morning. >> good morning. the post" source telling me jeff bezos personally flew to germany to bring rezaian home. they say the ceo of amazon, of
7:51 am
course, had dinner with the family last night at the army base in germany and flew them back home. he's incredibly happy they are safe and sound. i think it's an example, carol, of the extensive efforts "the post" took for many months. first to secure his release and now bring him home. the other prisoner swap have already arrived back in the u.s. jason is the last person to arrive later today. he said he wanted to watch his beloved warriors, the nba team. there's a game tonight. he should be home in time to watch the game. >> and plenty of football this weekend. >> and star wars. i'm sure disney is making arrangements, if not, he can go to the movie. >> thanks for stopping by. coming up in the "newsroom," her name might be palin, but there's nothing pale about her flashy wardrobe. what exactly was sarah palin wearing anyway?
7:52 am
7:53 am
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7:56 am
checking on some top stories, 55 minutes past. a father turned in his son for accidentally shooting a woman inside of a movie theater. the shooting happened during the screening of "13 hours," the secret soldiers of benghazi. witnesses told police the man seemed intoxicated and was fumbling with his gun when it went off in the theater, hitting the person sitting right in front of him. the victim was hit in the chest. the victim is in stable condition this morning. check your medicine cabinets. the company master herbs is recalling licorice cough syrup because it contains morphine. it was sold in chinese grocery stores in six different states. the environmental protection agency is slamming city and state officials for the water crisis playing out in flint, michigan. in an emergency order, the epa says both levels are responsible for the lead contamination,
7:57 am
calling their responses, quote, inadequate to protect public health. a defamation lawsuit against bill cosby has been thrown out of court. accuser ra nita hill filed the suit back in october but a judge in pennsylvania has now ruled none of the facts in that case meet the legal definition of defamation under state law. cosby still faces numerous other lawsuits of alleged sexual assault involving more than 50 women. sarah palin's endorsement of donald trump generated an avalanche of commentary. yes, her unique otherer to skills were scrutinized and dissected but what really sent the internet over the edge was her shiny attire. >> reporter: sarah palin didn't just appear. she razzle dazzled. >> there's no pussy footing around. >> reporter: there's no pussy footing around with that bolero jacket by milly. >> what is she wearing? it looks like she killed a disco
7:58 am
pork pine. >> reporter: go ahead and laugh but that disco pork pine sells for $695 and it's now sold out everywhere we looked. we call it the endorsement sweater, but it hasn't actually been endorsed. >> what was she thinking? >> reporter: by the fashion police. >> the little tassels. i could have seen ginger wearing that on gilligan's island before i'dsee spare sarah palin wearing that at a campaign rally. >> reporter: it was completely inappropriate for a political event. did you notice sarah palin's sweater? good. you were supposed to. >> i'm here to sparkle and shine. >> reporter: what do you call those shimmery, shiny things? descriptions ranged from a spanningle-laden shrug to glistening. that chain mail on sarah palin? a defender wrote, the sweater is delightful. for power to her. she wore the same sweater a
7:59 am
couple of months ago for a tv network interview. >> absolutely. >> reporter: check out the time she came in third for miss alaska when she was 20. some may say, seems sexist to me. we never discuss men's suits. but we did pick on marco rubio's high-heeled booties. last year palin wore what seemed to be her daughter's dress to "snl's" anniversary, joking -- >> what if i were to choose trump as my running mate. and i can see russia from my house. >> reporter: i can see "snl" folks desperately trying to track down one of these soldout sweaters for tina fey. a warning about the weather. there is a blizzard approaching and the snow has started to fall in nashville, tennessee. visibility in nashville is terrible right now. oh, actually, this is a different shot and the visibility looks better. people are having trouble on the
8:00 am
roadways in nashville. they're starting to tow people off the roadways. people did not listen to stay off the roads. they're slick. a lot of people are stuck. a lot of people are out of their cars, so be very, very careful. it's so dangerous when you get out of your vehicle. please, wait for help. thank you so much for watching me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello, everyone, i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. we are looking at breaking news. the blizzard of 2016 is upon us and shaping up to be every bit the monster storm forecasters have predicted. you can see it here. you're looking at live pictures in nashville. >> wow. >> pushing somebody out already there. in roanoke, it is definitely snowing in roanoke, virginia. the storm system is already slamming parts of the south with snow, sleet, freezing rain fro


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