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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  January 23, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PST

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hello everyone, i'm fredricka whitfield. you're looking at columbus circle in manhattan. travel ban underway. you heard from the governor the last hour. no one is to be on the streets, bridges or even in the tunnels. that gets underway at 2:30, so 30 minutes away from the travel ban taking effect. upwards of 20, maybe even 25 or possibly even 30 inches of snow
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fall expected in new york. it's a bad situation, only about to get worst. our poppy harlow is in new york, in manhattan. pop poppy, look at those conditions, it's beautiful but dangerous. >> it is. it is absolutely dangerous. you see people out here behind me. they should not be and they should go home soon. that's what the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio is saying. what is turning out to be an epic storm here in new york city. looking it will be worst than what was predicted. estimates 1 to 3 inches an hour, up to 30 inches hitting new york in the next five to eight hours. all of the roads will be closed at 2:30 p.m. eastern time, half an hour. at that time, the george washington bridge, the lincoln tunnel, major thoroughfares the
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nation's pop lus city. coming in from new jersey, long island, those will be closed at 4:00 p.m. eastern. everyone is being told to go home and be safe. go to our meteorologist chad meyers, he joins me in times scare. >> reporter: well, that's the problem now. people are walking around and at 2:30, they need to be in their cars and go home. they're having fun here. except for the people behind me here. those people in the tkts line, they stood in line this morning to buy tickets for the shows here on broadway. now those shows are closed now they're standing in line for a refund. that's not how i want to spend my time here in times square. where is your sled? >> i don't got one. >> where is yours? >> i don't have one. >> come on. this is time for fun in new york
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city. poppy we're -- they're from boston. the snow hasn't melted from last year yet. poppy, it is going to get deep here. i'm telling you, what we have here, i've seen a couple of snow angels for the first time ever. we're going to get another 12 inches on what what we see here already. people are going to have to walk home, stay home and please don't go out. i was out for three hours earlier this morning and it got worst and worst and worst. all the taxis were getting stuck. if you don't have four-wheel drive or somebody with you from the national guard, it's time to get off and stay off at 12:30, the ban is real. it doesn't just mean please stay off. it means do stay off, poppy. >> it absolutely does. and i think, chad, one of the things you're concerned about, right, is the rapid speed of the snow? again, this is nearly twice, expected to be twice as worst, twice as bad as they were predicting yesterday. >> reporter: right. let me just take the photographer, we're going to
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look down the street. you can only see about one city block. maybe two city lights. that's it. so we have two block visibility, which means this snow is coming down at a rate about 3/4 inch per hour. i know this was about an inch less one hour ago. it is still coming down. if it continues to snow for 12 more hours, and in some spots, poppy, even snows more than that, this rate gets more than that, all of a sudden, we are going to have this 24 to 30 inch snow fall. the snow was hard and almost like a sleet. that doesn't pile up very much. this stuff here, that's all snow again. this is piling up deep. they have to move it, and this is the stuff you get stuck in. >> reporter: yeah, no question about it, chad meyers on it for us. thank you from times square. i do want to go to my colleague, brian stelter, because in a roving vehicle around new york city. this, just ahead of the road closure. i know, brian, people may see
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you and think they can be out. they should not be out. you are there to tell them how bad it is. what's going on? what are you seeing? >> reporter: and we actually saw an ambulance about 15 minutes ago having to be dugout, because it was stuck in some snow on a side street. right now, we're on the west side highway, moving towards the west village. we want to go towards the tunnels, because at 2:30, the tunnels and bridges will be closed to traffic. this is the first traffic jam we've seen. we've been out here this afternoon. the traffic jam is because of the garbage trucks that are doubling as snowplows. cars behind them as they do their job. i think it was notable to hear chad talking about the folks standing in line at broadway, because all the broadway shows are canceled tonight, all the matinees are canceled as well. one show that will go on, one show. that's saturday night live. our own bill carter reporting, the show will go on on nbc.
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the only show in new york city that will be happening. >> brian, what are you seeing out there? i mean, i actually drove into work this morning about 9:30 a.m. and i was on the fdr, one of the main highways in new york city and i think saw three-cars the entire time, which is good. are you seeing any more? >> reporter: we were not seeing many cars at all until the last few minutes, and that is because of this line of snowplows, this convoy of snowplows, one in each plain trying to clear the roads. up until now, we've seen relatively little traffic. times square was congested, but that's because of pedestrians. downtown, not so much. some kids enjoying the snow. this is the biggest snow fall in some cases they've ever seen. this is going to come in the same level as the 2010 storm in pork, the blizzard of '96 as a comparison, and ones we can't even remember, from much earlier, last century.
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one for the record books and much bigger than what expected. sometimes we hear forecasts, sometimes they're a lot lower. in this case, opposite. new york was expecting 4 or 8 inches of snow, maybe a foot, but probably not. at least double that, maybe even more. one of those rare cases where the forecast models actually called for less, not more. >> reporter: absolutely. brian stelter, thank you so much. be safe, you, your photographer, whoever is driving you there, be safe. back to you in a moment. folks, to remind you, all of the roads in the nation's most city, if you're on the roads, we heard the governor saying you can get tickets, no joke. stay off the roads. the trains coming inbound from new jersey, long island, stopping all service both ways at 4:00 p.m. eastern time.
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the george washington bridge, the two biggest thoroughfares into the city closing down as well, in less than half an hour. jason, you are in central park, where they do the measuring to determine exactly how much snow we're getting. you and i were speaking yesterday. the models for this were looking like new york could get just a little bit of snow. maybe up to 20 inches. now we're talking about 30 inches. >> reporter: yeah, what a difference a few hours could make. i went to bed at about 3:00 a.m., thinking at one point we were going to get a little snow. woke up this morning to a lot of snow. out here, in central park, we're at the 72nd street entrance. if you could look through the white how the conditions, you can see the drivers out there on the roads, but as we all know now, in just about a half hour from now, drivers like you see out there through all the snow will not be able to be out on the roads. up here at central park, people, poppy, are doing everything that they can to enjoy the last few
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hours, hey there, how are you. >> hey. >> reporter: how's it going. hap happy blizzard. the last few hours, they're sledding, having a good time, everything that they can. you know, these are new yorkers, poppy. they are a harty group. they know how to have a good time, but know when it's time to call it quits. but not calling it quits, not for these girls here. you told me you just got out here. it's freezing. if it were me, i would be home in front of a fireplace. you're got the sled, enjoying the snow. >> just like the nice type of snow you want to run around in. >> we're ready. staying out. >> reporter: you're ready to take on the hill? >> oh, yeah. a lot of stress, go out and have fun. >> on the weekend when we can zn. >> reporter: we also want to point out. they did not drive here. they walked into the park, as many of the people walked into
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the park. thank you very much. go have your phone on the slopes out there. >> we went down the side. >> reporter: fortunately, you made with your sled there. how you doing, buddy. good luck, have fun out there. i should point out, when it comes to this travel ban, one important points. these people are out here having fun. this a serious story as well. you know, when you're listening to some of the earlier reports, i was hearing that some 200 accidents occurred. that was as of this morning. so this travel ban, very, very serious. one little sort of an neck dote -- anecdote, subways running late, you don't want to do that. finally, i got a cab. the cabby said i'm from romania. there was a mound of snow going up all of 8th avenue. at one point, we skidded to the left, skidded to the right. i said slow down.
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we made it here. but it gives you a sense how dangerous conditions can be. poppy. >> reporter: no question, jason. you won't be driving home. i won't be driving home. i'm either taking the subway home if it stays open or staying here next to work. it is not worth it, and it is 20 minutes until that travel ban across new york city goes into effect. jason, thank you so much for that. he want you all to listen to new york governor, andrew cuomo just moments ago. >> i now feel that the balance has fallen towards protecting public safety. and we're going to commence a ban on roads in the downstate area. we're going to do it in an orderly way so people have time to leave work, and to get home. >> reporter: it is the smart move. public safety first and foremost, always. you're hearing that from the governor. you're hearing that from the mayor of new york city.
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we will bring you updates of course throughout the day as we have them from the public officials. let's look at what is in store for us. how it's moving, how slowly, how much more snow. allison joins us from the weather center. >> it's a threethreefold. it's the poor visibility. the winds. it's just starting to have a big impact on new york city. look at the totals. laguardia, 16 inches, jfk, 14, suburbs in new jersey, highest totals, 38 inches in red house maryland, hancock, west virginia, 33 in west virginia. those to the totals have risen just like they're going to in new york. they may not get as high as 38, but they got 31 in winder,
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pennsylvania. so certainly something to watch out for. here is a look at the radar. again, you still see a huge swaf of white, which indicates the snow. this purple stripe that you see right here, that's the incredibly heavy snow. the stuff that's coming down 2, 3, 4 inches per hour that they've had certain waves of, along manhattan, long island, northern new jersey. interstate 78 and 87 could be getting those 2, 3, 4 inch an hour amounts. and the visibility. we've talked about this. it's incredibly poor. some spots you can barely see 100 feet in fwront of you. some of those areas include new york, less than a quarter of a mile. harrisburg, half a mile visibility for washington and baltimore. strong winds. 47 miles in ocean city, atlantic city 36. new york city, again, those winds are not expected to die down any time soon. but you combine that with high
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tide tonight around 7:30 and the full moon. this is going to cause significant coastal flooding around new injury is he and also into parts of new york city, poppy. they're agen they're going to have to keep a close eye for the next 24 hours zrchl . >> reporter: we appreciate it so much. you heard allison mention that flooding. it is devastating. some parts of new jersey, especially atlantic city on the catastrophic flooding there ahead. milk has 8 grams to help give you energy to unleash your potential. start every day with milk's protein and milk life. start every day with you know the symptoms when they start. abdominal pain. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea
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food as it should be. . welcome back to cnn continuing live coverage of what has turned out to be an epic winter storm, blizzard up and down the seaboard. live from new york city, heart in manhattan, in front of the entrance to central park. it could have done anything to new york city, 4 to 8 inches, now what we're hearing from city and state officials, we could
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see 30 inches of snow dumped on new york. the nation's most populous, shutting down this afternoon. all of the roads in new york will be under a mandatory shut down. no vehicles other than those in the midst of an emergency will be allowed on the roads. the lincoln tunnel, george washington bridge, two entryways also shutting down at that time. the trains coming in from new jersey, long island also shutting down, stretched from atlanta to charlotte, up through washington, d.c., new york city, philadelphia, all of it. straight to miguel marquez, in the thick of it in baltimore, miguel. >> reporter: it doesn't feel like baltimore, poppy. it feels like the arctic circle. this is unbelievable. the wind has picked up yet again. i'm standing in about a foot and a half of snow here. the productions for baltimore were about two feet of snow. at the most, 24 inches of snow. now, the weather service is saying any where from 24 inches
11:19 am
to 30 inches in baltimore. we're already up to some areas up to 18 inches of snow. this is a drift that i happen to be standing in, which is drifting up to about 2 feet, here next to the inner harbor, just massive amounts of snow. the mayor of baltimore saying we're only halfway done. we're just over the halfway point in this storm. check out the streets here in the inner harbor, just how rough these conditions are. i mean, you literally cannot see, about maybe an 1/8th of a mile, but that's about it. literally, white out conditions. driving in this stuff is very difficult, because even though you can see sort of down the street in front of you, as soon as the winds starts, and everything is white around you, you literally can't tell exactly where you're moving to or what's going on around you. extraordinary dangerous
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conditions. public transportation shut down through at least monday morning at 3:00 a.m. they'll reassess that. so far, no major problems here. but i think once this storm, this snow falls, and you have these cold temperatures, that's what's going to test the city to see if the days ahead, that they can keep up and stay on top of this. poppy. >> reporter: no question. i know, miguel, you were speaking with the mayor of baltimore about the preparations. what did she tell you? >> reporter: she said, i mean, the biggest issue they have right now is that the snow is just not relenting. the storm is actually worst than the predictions were. so we're halfway through. they expect another pulse coming through this afternoon, this evening and then that will be the worst of it. the bigger problem on the back end, cold temperatures for days ahead. this storm, this snow is not going any where. she says the city is prepared, that they've been able to get the police have been able to
11:21 am
make arrests, that the fire department has been able to get to emergencies, so so far, things are working. but days and days of this, it's going to get tougher. poppy. >> reporter: absolutely. especially when it all piles up there on the side of the road and people try to commute monday morning. thanks so much. a quick break. more of our continuing coverage of this epic winter storm. live from new york city, next. across america, people...
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slamming the eastern seaboard, live from new york city. i do want to tell you about some very severe flooding in coastal newer new jersey, south of atlantic city, what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, we're taking that one-two punch. you can see the snow left over from last night's snow fall. when you start walking in this direction, we wanted to show you this. we've been driving around all afternoon looking at these conditions. you can look at this car, getting to go into the water. i don't know why they're channelsing this. they decide today drive through. we've seen several people doing this. most folks have stayed off the road, but some have ventured out and try to see if they can find some supplies. this is what we're seeing, the coastal flooding, we knew there was going to be the high tide, full moon, combination was going to provide the water back up into this area. if you look at some of these
11:26 am
businesses, you can see the sandbags that they've used to try to -- as you can hear the wind whipping through here, to make sure that they save some of the first floors. we've actually gone up to those sandbags and seen that the water has penetrated several of these businesses downstairs. that wind is punishing. it's whipping. some gusts will be up to 60 miles per hour, the highest one we've been able to measure with our wind meter here, just over 35. and as you can hear now, it's just been pounding us all afternoon long. in atlantic city, we've also seen cars and total neighborhoods flooded because of the water that's coming in, and this could get worst, because we have another high tide coming in later on. as you can see again, the wind is up punishing us around. more the most part, people have heeded the warnings, except for the folks like this, taking their channels. we've seen some cars stall, and
11:27 am
national guards delivering children to their loved once. bracing themselves for what happens next. >> reporter: you feel for all of those people there. thank you so much. you and your crew, stay safe. we are just moments away what is effectively shutting down of new york city. at 2:30 p.m., in just three minutes, all of the roads in new york city will be shut down. that includes the lincoln tunnel, the george washington bridge, two major thoroughfares into the city. i want to go straight to chad meyers in times square. the objects are difficult, chad, because you've got people around you enjoying times square. they need to go home. they need to go to their hotels. how unprecedented is it to have all of the roads shut in new york city? >> reporter: i can understand why they did it, poppy, because we were out three hours ago, when there was 4 inches less snow than there is now, and every time a snowplow went down
11:28 am
an avenue, it blocked the street that crosses it. and the cars couldn't get over the big pile of snow. now with an additional 3 to 4 inches on the ground already, i can see why cars won't be able to get through. emergency services have the right-of-way. if a car is blocking the road, the emergency services can't get to you. the first responders can't get to the people that need to be responded to. even starbucks has closed down. i know for most reporters, this is the worst part of the day. if i can't get get a cup of coffee to stay warm. here is a pile of snow that hasn't really been disturbed. what, maybe 12, maybe 14, here is a pile of people that have been disturbed. they bought tickets to the theater, the theaters are now closed. they have to go back and try to get a refund for the shows they thought they were going to see. but think about this.nce, yes, -
11:29 am
all of the people that work at the theater have to get here somehow. if the roads are closed, how does that happen? sure, there is a subway, but not everyone has access to that, or not even close to that if you're in jersey or long island railroad and all that way out to the east, so they had to start shutting down the city. there was no choice. as long as the snow continues today and it's going to continue for at least another 6 to 10 more inches of snow. the city had no chance and no choice. they had to shut it down. >> reporter: certainly the right thing to do. be cautious, safety first. no question, no matter, the inconvenience. you know what, chad, think about all those workers in the restaurants, on the broadway shows who would have had to come in and then go home late at night. >> absolutely. >> reporter: no question, chad meyers, our meteorologist live in new york times square. it is 2:30 eastern time, everyone. if you're just joining us, the travel ban has taken effect.
11:30 am
i'm poppy harlow, right in front of central park. all of the roads in new york city now shut down by mandate of the mayor. bill bill de blasio. he's in a roving vehicle. he's showing it to you, the emergency vehicles are out there. but no one else should be out there. brian, you were at the lincoln tunnel. this a huge passage into new york city. it is now closed. is that right? >> reporter: yes, and behind us, you can see a couple of the vehicles that police cars have actually moved in. they're shutting the tunnel down. shutting down traffic in and out of manhattan. i found a few hearty soles out here. where are you coming from and where are you going? >> we're going to our hotel. >> normally we could see that, a block away. you can't see it because of the low visibility. what was going on at the javit center? >> how much further do you have


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