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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  January 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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>> reporter: breaks news up and down the eastern seaboard. i'm joining you live from new york city. we'll have you covered every hour of this storm. keep you posted on what is going on. just to set the scene for you. i'm coming to you live right in front of central park in the heart of manhattan where this city has essentially been shut down in terms of all the roads in and around new york city, completely shut down by mandate of the mayor here. the main passages into new york city, the lincoln tunnel, the george washington bridge, are shut down. all the trains coming in from new jersey and long island, those will be shut in one hours time. i want to go straight to our chad meyers, covering it all in times square. you cannot overstate the sa severity of the storm. it is beautiful, yes, people enjoying it, yes, however, this is looking to be one of the five
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worst storms in new york city history. >> reporter: it sure could be. i'm not going 30 inches. i've seen that number thrown out there. i think at this point in time, we' we're mixing in enough sleet, we're already at 16, we don't have far to go. the forecast was great for d.c. and baltimore. we were up here for most of the week was 6 to 10. and then a couple of days ago, 8 to 12. and then yesterday, 12 to 16. and now, we're above that. that's because the storm did not go straight out to the ocean, to the east. it curved a little bit to the left. which means the left, which means to the north. and we are north of d.c., philadelphia, and baltimore. so because we got a little bit of the left part of the storm, we got what it called a deaf formation form, it stayed right where we are and it's right
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where we are right now. it's light and fluffy, people enjoying it. my flight home to atlanta is canceled, so i'm rebooked into monday. i think people will be here longer than they thought. most people are enjoying it. i'm looking around. i don't see people pouting or really hating it. this is just kind of a family affair. if you look up, look all the way up, up to the top, i can see that it's still 2016. now, earlier, i couldn't see that sign. i couldn't tell what year it was, because the snow was thick, that our visibility was less than that. so are we losing a little bit of snow, yes. is it still piling up, absolutely. are people still enjoying it, yes, except maybe the people that came from paris that wanted to have two weeks in new york city, friends of ashleigh banfield. now they're stuck in their hotel, poppy. >> chad, my friend, the facts that you thought that they were going to let you fly back to atlanta, and not cover this storm for the duration, my
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friend, i don't think you're getting on that plane either way. but thank you so much. stay with me for this, chad will be with me. we've got you covered, folks, all night long as the storm develops. i do want to tell you some of the sobering facts that we've learned. eight people have died thus far. you've got 9,000 flights that have been canceled. 200,000 people without power. if you are without power, we are being told you need to go to shelters, places with heat, as soon as possible. again, 200,000 people without power. eight people have died from the storm thus far. jason carroll joining me now from central park. that's where they do the official measurements. i know people are having fun. >> reporter: everyone is supposed to be off the roads, and at this point, everyone we've been talk aing to out here, poppy, we've been double-checking to make sure they're walking into the park,
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not driving into the park, and that's exactly what they're doing. lots of folks coming out to enjoy themselves at the slope on the 72nd street entrance. we saw some people got an inflatable mattress. niko got back from taking that ride down there. how was it? >> it was good. kind of cold, yeah. >> reporter: kind of cold? it's really cold. niko is out here with his parents, people coming out to enjoy the time. these two, lee and lucia, we were talking earlier, you were looking for a hail bail. how do you stop once you end up going down the hill. >> you have to dig your feet and hand in pretty deeply, but the hey bails helps because it protects the children from the trees. it's dangerous. we have to watch out. >> reporter: this a serious story as well. a travel ban in effect. you guys know that. how has it been when you've been washing up here and the streets. are you seeing less traffic?
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>> 100%. they're empty. the sidewalks are covered, streets are pretty covered. the plows are trying their best. >> have you few cars. >> we were walking down the middle of the road. >> very few cars, poppy, we've been hearing from what you, what we've been seeing ourselves, a number of plows, salt pred spreaders out on the road, you heard the governor talk about when you have so many inchless of falling, some estimates, two to three inches per hour, it's difficult for the plows to get on top of that. an example of that, coming up 8th avenue on our way to the park here, we saw a number of taxis that were stuck. stuck in the middle of the road as they were heading out. but once again, stay indoors if you're coming out to the park. walk, if you have a big inflatable mattress like this one, go for it. poppy. zrchl
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>> reporter: jason, if you you're going to cover a blizzard, you might as well be in central park. jason, thank you so much. appreciate it. i do want to talk about new jersey, because new jersey is getting some of the worst of it, that coastal flooding that we were being warned about for so long has really taken effect. we did hear from chris christy, governor chris skrchristie talk about this is the 17th that his state has dealt with while he has been in office, and issuing a warning to residents. let's listen to that. >> in the northern part of the state, we're in one of the heaviest snow bands. in sayreville through the northern part of the state. the snow is at its heaviest point so far today. so for the folks from here in middlesex county, north all the way to bettrgen county, stay ho.
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i was out on the roads a couple of hours. i saw a lot of people off the road, not being able to move off, exit ramps, et cetera. don't put yourself in a position, i don't care whether you have four-wheel vehicle or not. it's slippery out there, and the snow is difficult. the visibility is no more that i know quarter of a mile. zunchts heard th >> reporter: you heard that. no more than a quarter of a mile. let's go to margate, new jersey. the flooding there, how bad is it ryan? >> reporter: well, you know, we're going to show you that, because there are cars cutting through the water, which we've seen several people do. the wind gusts here are really punishing us, because we've seen wind gusts above 30 miles per how so far. let's walk out this way, i would rather cover the blizzard with snow than this water and coastal flooding and wind gusts keep pounding us as we're walking
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through. you can look at this hrks you can see the police have the roadway blocked up here, because they're trying to stop people from driving through certain areas where there is flooding. these people actually turned the corner. what are you guys doing? >> we were across the street and we went through the hurricane, the i live right there, i worked at johnny's right, this is the third worst i would say. the hurricane, i lost my car, my brand new car, right. this one i parked under the bank. i'm not losing that one. i'm going to florida next week. if i lose my car, i'm going to kill somebody. i'm only kidding. i'm on cnn. i'm only kidding. cut that out. i parked under the bank. we live right there and -- >> reporter: has the water entered your house at all. >> no, we're built high. it didn't enter the first hurricane. wrap it up, he said wrap it up. any way, i hope everybody -- >> reporter: you guys have power still. >> we got power, cable.
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>> reporter: poppy, as people decided to come out, provisions, one place still open, but this is the flooding that people are driving through. they decided, hey, they're going to come out any way and do this. high tide coming in this direction, and wind gust still popping. they'll get through it tonight. >> reporter: i certainly hope so, ryan young in margate, new jersey, where they're dealing with that flooding. thank you so much. i want to take you to washington, d.c. we heard a lot about d.c. heading into the storm. what was going to happen. our meteorologist, jennifer gray in washington. what's it like there? >> reporter: coming down like you would not believe. just in the past two hours, i guess, it's been coming down just like this. visibility less than a quarter of a mile, and the capitol is behind me. you can't see it at all. in fact, you can't even see on the other side of where i'm standing. we've been measuring the snow all afternoon.
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we've come up about 3 inches or so. now about 13. however, that number varies, depending on where you are. in fact, totals that we've been seeing around reagan, almost 15 inches of snow. this is at 1:30. keep in mind, it's been coming down at this rate. i know those numbers are going to go up. dulles has had 23.5, and again, still coming down very, very heavy. those numbers will go up as well. these are definitely top ten storms. we're getting up there. will it be number one? i don't know. we're still going to be in this another six hours, eight hours possibly. maybe not quite this heavy, but we're going to see a lot of snow. the good news is, you really don't see anyone out here. once it started coming down like this, people went indoors. we haven't seen any cars on the streets at all, which is good. it's going to allow the plows to get out there and stay ahead of this the best they can. it's colds out here. it feels like the teens.
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winds gusting about 20 to 25 miles per hour, maybe even higher. you can hear the wind even how long -- howling in the nation's capitol, you can hear the wind howling through the building. d.c. at a standstill at the moment. we're about to lose our lights bus the winds are so strong. we're going to be in this for the next couple of hours. everyone is urge would to stay in doors. the snow is going to keep piling into the d.c. area. >> reporter: jennifer, just to be clear here, is that intensity of the storm, those winds, that whiteout condition, is that headed north to where i am? is that headed to new york city? >> reporter: yeah, these bands are actually the one that we're in right now, headed southeast that i was -- i believe, i was just looking at the radar, but the storm as a whole heading to the northeast, and so yeah, new
12:12 pm
york city will possibly get some of this. just depends on -- this is going in a big swirl basically. it is going to depend on where you are in relation to where this band is. i have to look at the radar one more time to know exactly. it's not over for you either up in the new york area. i can tell you that. >> reporter: jennifer, thank you so much. you and your team stay safe. thank you so much. coming up next, much more live from new york city, where i'm including talking to some of the folks who are braving the weather. they're going home soon. that's next. stay with us. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto® is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke
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. you are looking at live imagines of columbus circle, increasingly difficult to see through what has become quite a storm here up and down the eastern seaboard. i'm poppy harlow, joining you live from new york for our continuing coverage. some new yorkers here to talk to us, some people visiting i should say about what this weather was like. they came up to say hello. steven tyler of arrow smith and a new yorker. thank you for being here. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: let's be clear. you live downtown like i do. you took the subway. >> i thought i would be safe and
12:16 pm
take the subway. >> i am a a little bit of a bad ass, so i took the train. >> reporter: train is faster by the way. what do you have to say to folks? you're not flying out any time soon. >> not flying out any time soon. i'm from new york city and i'm down here to see my daughters and my grandson, milo, how you doing, and royston, decided to go downtown and then decided not to. the weather is terrible. >> reporter: you're promoting your latest single on colbert last night. >> i'm going to hunker down. monday, i'm doing howard stern. >> reporter: no matter how much snow we get. >> no matter how much. >> reporter: i'm from minnesota, so this is par from the course. when is the last time we saw it like this. >> it's been a while. i love it. i like playing until the snow, so i'm kind of happy about this.
12:17 pm
>> reporter: having a little time with your dad. >> we grew up in the snow and doing snow angels, because he's a big kid. i said let's go play. >> reporter: okay, my executive producer dying to hear what your favorite album is to bring in the storm? >> i listen to metal, so you guys probably don't want to hear that, but i would like to say i would like to listen to my dad's new album. >> reporter: a little promotion there. >> yeah. >> reporter: on a more serious note, we're going to have new york governor andrew cuomo, and obviously you're both well-known. what do you have to say to people that are thinking this isn't so bad, i'm going to go out and drive. what do you say to them? >> i say do not do it. it's supposed to go until 12, 1:00 in the morning, so it will be another foot of snow. stay home. two words. h hot chocolate. >> and family hugs.
12:18 pm
>> family hugs. >> reporter: you guys are adorable. thank you very much, steven tyler. lovely to meet both of you. congratulations on the new single and everything. >> thank you znch if you don't want to listen to us, this is a new york moment for you. steven tyler and mia saying stay inside. we'll be right back. the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay!
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welcome back, i'm poppy harlow in new york, you're looking at live images of washington, d.c. right now. pretty much white out conditions there. the intensity of the storm focused on washington right now. moving southeast, also moving northeast. this is the storm that stretches 11 states, from atlanta, george yeah all the way through new jersey, seeing coastal flooding. eight people have died in the storm. 200,000 people right now without
12:22 pm
power. 9,000 flights across the eastern seaboard canceled. this is a big one, folks. an epic storm. they're estimating up to 30 inches of snow where i am here in new york city, in baltimore, it is bad as well. 500 national guard members have been called in to help. that's where we find miguel marquez. miguel. >> reporter: yeah, we're up on federal hill, which overlooks the inner harbor here. you can see this a snowdrift. we have about 18 inches now in baltimore itself. yesterday, when we were talking about all of this, they were talking about 24 inches at the most in baltimore. now they're talking about up to 30 inches in baltimore, and other areas of the state. anything above 1,200 feet, about 36 inches. you could see how difficult it is to get through the snow. some of the most extreme conditions we've seen. the wind, howling. the blowing snow, stinging my face. it hurts.
12:23 pm
the city says that they are actually dealing with everything quite well so far. they have emergency lanes, they're keeping open. keeping the cars off those lanes. plowing them constantly and able to get to every emergency they've had so far, and they've not had major problems. but, about eight more hours of snow ahead. the mayor saying they have another pulse of this bad weather coming to them. so when -- if we turn around this bay, we should be able to see downtown baltimore, and for the first time today, we can't see anything. the visibility has dropped here. the wind is blowing incredibly hard, and the snow just is unrelenting. poppy. >> reporter: miguel, thank you so much. it is unrelenting, no question. you've been doing a great job out there covering it throughout. mig get, thank yuel miguel. thank you. i want to take you to charlotte,
12:24 pm
north carolina, this is also the location obviously of the nfc championship game tomorrow in charlotte, north carolina. arlene na is there. it sounds like things are getting better finally in charlotte. is that the case? i see it looks like the sun is out behind you? >> reporter: yeah poppy, the sun feels real good right now. it's incredible what a difference 24 hours makes. we dealt with everything. we dealt with rain, sleet, we dealt with snow. and they were prepared here for the worst case scenario. they had 3,800 crews on stand by in this area near charlotte ready to respond to power out stages, but thankfully, things didn't happen as badly as they thought they were going to be. the focus now here is on clearing up roads around charlotte. getting the city ready again for tomorrow's nfc championship game between the carolina panthers and arizona cardinals. the cardinals we're told are on
12:25 pm
their way now to charl let. their plane is expected to land in a few hours. panthers fans aren't wasting any time. we were at a team store a little earlier today and we asked some of the youngest fans if they were worried when they saw this winter storm hit charlotte. >> it's unbelievable we made it. i think the first time in 15 years, we're not going to make it. but we made it. >> what are you looking forward to the most tomorrow? >> i'm looking forward to the panthers beating them up real bad. >> our flight twice was canceled, so my son and i got on a 12 hour train ride, that ended up taking 15 hours because of all the signal failures. we felt like we had to go out and help these conductors that had to kept getting on and off the train. but we made it. we left about 8:00 in the morning and got here about 1 k 30 last night.
12:26 pm
>> reporter: so those were some fans from the northeast who thankfully made it here ahead of the storm. they're very grateful to be here. the younger fans i was talking about, the kids living in charlotte, they're excited about the snow. they're not too worried, because they knew it was a possibility and there were a few days ahead of the storm, ahead of the game, sorry. so thankfully, they're okay. the game is expected to take place here tomorrow night and it's going to be in the 40s, which is perfect football weather, poppy. >> reporter: yes, it is. elainena, thank you very much. i appreciate it. coming up next, new york governor andrew cuomo will join me live, what has turned out to be, they're expecting one of the worst storms in new york city history. one to hunker down for. he will join me live, next.
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. welcome back, everyone. i'm poppy harlow, in the mid dis of what is turning out to be quite a winter storm, up and down the eastern seaboard. they knew it was going to be big. they didn't know it was going to be this big, from washington, d.c. to new york city, where we could see up to 30 inchless of snow now. this is a storm that is spanning 11 states from georgia through new jersey. you've got 200,000 americans without power. 9,000 flights canceled. you also have eight people who have died in the storm thus far. i want to go straight to allison, cnn severe weather center. when we look at the scope, it's very slow moving. we have hours ahead, don't we? >> indeed, we do. you kind of talked about those delays and cancelations. this is why. dulles airport, picking up almost 2 feet of snow.
12:31 pm
philadelphia, 17 inches. laguardia, 16. jfk picking up 13 inches, and for a lot of these, they're still going to pile up. they're going to continue to rise. until they get to numbers like this. very impressive. west virginia, 40 inches of snow. incredible. red hose, maryland, 38 inchless. hancock, west virginia, 35 and win burn, west virginia, 30 inches of snow. the bottom one by the way, it's still snowing there. we're looking at the radar. still snowing in virginia, pennsylvania, new jersey and some of the heaviest bands going through new jersey and new york right now. that's that purple color that you kind of see through here. those are going to be your very heavy intense snow bands, 2, 3, 4 inch ans hour what comes out of that. so despite all of the snow that we've already seen in new york and new jersey, even more is coming down, and is some spots,
12:32 pm
coming down very quickly, causing very low, incredibly low visibilities. right now, visibility in new york city, less than a quarter of a mile. less than a quarter of a mile in dc. pretty much zero for all intensive purposes. about a half mile in harrisburg. up to 3 miles in philadelphia, but the snow is still coming down. in terms if you are truly out in the roads, a, i feel sorry for you, but b, conditions aren't going to be getting any better in philadelphia, at least not in the short-term. we have a lot of the winds starting to pick up as well, 55 miles per hour, 41 in atlantic city, 31 miles per hour in new york, and especially in new york, those winds are only going to up. they're probably likely peeking around ocean city, but as the low makes it way out, the other concern again is going to on the coastal flooding. you have those winds pushing all of that water in, our high tide comes around 7:20 tonight, poppy. that combined with the full moon
12:33 pm
and strong winds does not make for very good conditions for folks along the coast of new jersey. that's something we'll definitely have to keep a close eye on over the next 24 hours. >> reporter: absolutely. we saw that flooding first hand with ryan around margate. thank you so much for keeping us posted. i appreciate it. i want to take everyone now to philadelphia. you've got some very severe weather. sarah is there. you have number of drivers i'm hearing stranded on those highways around philadelphia. >> reporter: that's right. you know, you could see from the streets out here, poppy, that things are not, even with the plows coming through, constantly, it's impossible to keep up with the snow. what happened down on the pennsylvania turnpike is that tractor trailers got stuck. they weren't able to move. it caused a huge backlog, miles long. thankfully, no one injured. but hundreds of people stranded in their cars for hours and hours, and hours today. the national guard coming in to
12:34 pm
start to help try and rescue people. especially they've been sitting in their cars, burning gas, trying to keep warm. 90 miles of the turnpike were shut down. this backlog was about five miles long. imagine what that's like. here in center city, philadelphia. we got 15 inches in the last 24 hours or so, with another 15 expected to fall. it's not snowing at the moment, it's let up. but we're expecting those bands to continue. what hasn't let up here at all, poppy, is the wind. when those gusts come through, it's really painful, up to 40 mile an hour winds here in center city. i want to show you for a second, because we've been digging the cars out as the snow keeps falling. what people are dealing with, this is heavy, wet snow. this is really difficult to shovel. we've been seeing people out here all day long, trying to get through it. but look at this. i mean, this is -- this is the
12:35 pm
stuff that gives you a work out when you're out shovelling. urging everyone to be extra careful. don't come out if you don't have to. we do see a lot of people out on the streets here. they're coming out to enjoy it a little bit while they can. the problem is, you cannot under estimate that the storm is not over. officials are really trying to emphasize that to the people here this afternoon. poppy. >> reporter: i'm so glad you said that, sarah, even when there are lulls that come come back with incredible whiteout conditions in washington, d.c. thank you very much. sarah, live in philadelphia update, nine people, nine people have died as a result of this winter storm up and down the eastern seaboard. 200,000 americans without power. all of the roads here in new york under mandate of governor andrew cuomo have been shut down until further notice. something we rarely see in the nation's most populous city. this is severe. stay with us for the latest.
12:36 pm
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first step, credit karma. you are looking at live pictures of baltimore, where that city has called in 500 members of the national guard, to try to deal with what is one of the worst winter storms they've seen in quite a long time. i'm poppy harlow, joining you live in new york city for continuing coverage of this blizzard that has become quite the storm up and down the eastern seaboard, stretching from georgia through new jersey, affecting 11 states. 200,000 without power. if you're trying to fly on the east coast, good luck. 9,000 plus flights have been canceled. something we rarely see, the governor of new york, andrew cuomo, closing all the roads as
12:40 pm
of 2:30 this afternoon, only emergency vehicles allowed on the road, and a few members of the media out there telling people what is going on. that's where we find our brian stelter in the roving vehicle. brian, what are you seeing, anyone out there? >> reporter: yes, one exception made for media personnel on a day like today. otherwise, very few cars out here, poppy. we can show you the dashcam live shot we're on 5th avenue, the heart of manhattan, coming up on 42 and street. we just passed rockefeller center. we're heading downtown. the next few hours concern is going to be coastal flooding. certainly we're not talking about anything like super storm sandy a few years ago. we've seen high tides earlier in the day and another expected in a few hours. it feels, poppy, like mother nature is making up for lost time here. it had been a warm, warm winter in new york, there had barely been a trace of snow until
12:41 pm
today. it really does feel like we're seeing a pile on from all the missed weeks of snow from earlier in the winter. right now, 16 or 17 inches, depending on where you are in the city. the record for the city is 27 inches. actually 26.9 to be exact. it is very possible this will be a record setting storm. certainly, in the top five, we'll see if it could crack the number one ranking here in new york city. we're at the corner of 5th avenue and 42 and street. you can hear a snowblower on the side. working the sidewalk the best he can. it's sort of a losing battle to be honest. a lot less pedestrian traffic and fewer cars than we did an hour ago. that travel ban, that warning from city and state officials is clearly having an affect, mostly what you see now are not cars, but these pedestrians. we look here live at the dashcam, most people staying off to the sides, but in the street, because the streets are somewhat plowed and easier to walk. walking against traffic, walking
12:42 pm
north. poppy, back to you. >> reporter: brian, thank you so much for that. i appreciate it. you guys, stay very safe out there. i want to go straight now to new york governor, andrew cuomo. he joins me on the phone. thank you for being with me. this is your ban. it's something we temporarily see. you're doing it for the safety of all new yorkers, all of the roads closed. walk me through the decision-making process and what you're seeing. >> you're right, poppy, you know. the last resort is obviously shutting down the businesses and the subway system and the bus system. but public safety comes first. and the situation is dangerous. i declared a state emergency this morning, and then as the snow continued to fall, and the national weather service increased their forecast for the amount of snow that was going to fall, we put a travel ban in place as of 2:30 this afternoon,
12:43 pm
for basically the entire downstate area. long island, new york city area. we also were having trouble with the railroad system, the long island railroad, what's called the metro north system, so we're shutting down the railroad system, and parts of the subway system that go above ground. the underground subway system will continue to run. you don't want to do it, but other states, you've literally had the loss of life. some states have lost several individuals. this is a dangerous storm. as beautiful as some of the photos are of the snow falling. it's dangerous. as i said, public safety comes first. we want to make sure we don't lose anyone. and that's why we decided to do the travel ban. we'll lift it when we are sure that we can clear the roads and protect the public. but up until then, we err on the
12:44 pm
side of public safety. >> no question, that comes first and foremost. governor, we have some imagines here, because i understand you and your team actually stopped just a little while ago to help a stranded motorist. let's show that on the long island expressway. i mean, this is how bad it can get for people on the roads. they need to take this incredibly seriously. what did you and your team find? >> well, first of all, poppy, these are new yorkers who believe that they are all superheroes, and that nothing can slow them down. but mother nature is pretty tough out there today and the roads are very dangerous. and they were stranded motorists all over the roadways. i spent the morning driving throughout the metropolitan area, which is one of the reasons why i felt comfortable doing this travel ban, because
12:45 pm
poppy, i had seen what was out there. and how dangerous it was. and this was a motorist who happened to be at a very dangerous spot, stuck in a very dangerous spot, where people were trying to get off, and as they were trying to go around this car, it was causing other problems, and in new york, they expect a full-service government, new yorkers, they want to get their money's worth from their elected officials, so i'm the full-service governor here in new york, poppy. >> reporter: also, in terms of the subways, governor, i -- if i go home tonight from here, i'll be on the subway if it stays open. obviously we're not driving. for those new yorkers who are longing at the subways underground still open right now, any update and what you're expecting to do with the subway? >> yeah, the railroads, long island railroad, metro north
12:46 pm
railroad, the last train in or out of the city will be about 4:00. for the subways that are above ground, the same thing. about 4:00. underground subways, the vast majority of the subways, will remain open under normal weekend schedules. so my guess is, poppy, you probably take a subway that goes underground. those will remain open. >> in terms of injuries or god forbid deaths, i mean, governor, we're heard about nine people dying now up and down the eastern seaboard as a result of this storm. any update what you're seeing in new york city or state? >> we have thus far, thus far, we've been lucky. we've had a number of car accidents, et cetera. nothing serious. we've had no reports of loss of
12:47 pm
life. thank god, thus far. what i'm most concerned of, poppy, is the potential for flooding. snow, winds, dangerous weather conditions on the road, that i think we've taken care of with the travel ban, et cetera. and all day long, we've been telling people not to be on the street. the ban says that you can literally be ticketed if you are on the roads. there is now a state ban in effect. the flooding that could potentially come with the high tide this evening, it's a full moon, meaning the higher tide than usual. and if there is a tidal surge, that is probably the most dangerous aspects that goes along with this storm. parts of new york city, brooklyn, staten island that are low level areas, but the whole south shore of long island is an
12:48 pm
area we're vulnerable. so we're keeping a special eye on that. we have state police working with the national and suffolk police, we have boats on-site, swift water rescue teams on-site. if we're going to have a real problem, it's going to be the tidal surge tonight, about 7, 8:00. >> okay. so that tidal surge, potential major risk for parts of new york, along the coast there between 7 and 8:00 p.m. tonight. we'll obviously be on life bringing people updates. just before i let you go, governor, a lot of people where i am in columbus circle and a lot of people in central park are out with their children playing in the snow. yes, it is beautiful. but what is your message to new yorkers that are out and about right now? >> well, you're out and about in new york city, poppy, you know, part of this is very enjoyable
12:49 pm
and very beautiful. just use caution. normal caution. but my main concern was people being on the roads. >> okay. >> people getting stranded in public transportation, et cetera. but if you're using caution, especially in new york city, you know, there a chance to enjoy the beauty. a lot of young people haven't had snow yet this season with the extreme weather patterns we've been having. so there is no doubt, you know, for a young person, you can have a lot of fun and parents can have fun with their children. just use caution. the main point all day was stay off the roads. and now that we've put a travel ban and we've closed down the railroads and subways that were problematic, i'm feeling much better about it. >> governor, we're hearing that you have increased the number of
12:50 pm
national guard members who are going to be in new york helping. is that the case? >> we will have hundreds of national guard people, and army equipment essentially, humvees, high axle vehicles for snow removal. the main vulnerability in a situation like this is the potential for flooding. that is where you have the greatest public that is where y greatest public esafety risk. this is an area where we went through superstorm sandy, i was governor at that time, we learned a lot of lessons the hard way, we're better prepared than we were at that time. new york physically is different than it was at that time, we have more storm barriers, we
12:51 pm
have done more work along the beaches, we have more equipment. but i learned firsthand how dangerous mother nature can be, especially the wrath of tidal surge and new york is a port city, it was it's greatest strength, in a situation like this, it's its greatest weakness. so the national guard, especially for tonight, will be on duty on the water front areas, we know from past experience the areas that tend to flood and that's where we'll have people dispatched. >> we all remember what that was like, going through sandy, a lot of lessons learned. thank you to you, governor, we have a line of police first responders, they are working during all of this to keep all of us safe.
12:52 pm
governor cuomo, thank you. much more of a breaking news coverage on this epic storm when we return. no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in... and the road you're on. the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active. so i need nutrition... that won't weigh me down. for the nutrition you want without the calories you don't... try boost® 100 calories. each delicious snack size drink gives you... 25 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein.
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the 2016 sundance film festival kicked off this utah, the nation's most prestigious film festival. >> it's that time of year when hollywood types leave the palm trees behind, grab their parkas and come here to park city, utah for the sundance film festival. it's the glitz, the glam, but the real draw is the movies. >> it really sets the tone for the year in culture in film and television. >> reporter: for documentary filmmakers, this festival is the place to be. >> this is really the only place to get a high profile launch for a nonfiction film. and a lot of these films go on to get bought by television
12:56 pm
networks and by theatrical distributors. >> reporter: this years films may ruffle some feathers. >> some of these films are not only controversial, but are seeking that controversy. there are documentaries about isis, you have a film about a slave uprising, held there the perspective of slaves. >> reporter: but no matter to the topic, every filmmaker comes to sundance looking to make a deal. >> there's netflix, amazon, cnn, all of these networks are going to sundance looking for films to buy. >> reporter: it turns sundance gold into oscar buzz. >> this film was seen at sundance last year, with was bought by fox up search light. now a year later, it's in the oscar race as the best picture
12:57 pm
candidate. >> reporter: stars can also get some shine from sundance. >> here we go. >> five, six, and -- >> were you rushing or were you drinking. >> jennifer lawrence was nothing before she had a movie, a tiny movie at sundance. that movie got a lot of attention, she got hunger games and became a star. >> you will rest a caw peta at the earliest opportunity. >> a huge star and an oscar winner. so chances are a few of the films debuting here, may soon be coming to a theater near you. >> stephany, thank you so much for that. stay right here on cnn, we will bring you the latest on this huge winter storm affecting millions and millions of you
12:58 pm
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