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tv   Smerconish  CNN  January 23, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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hi, everyone. top of the hour, 6:00 p.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. thank you for being with me. we begin with quite a storm pummelling much of the eastern seaboard. it is leaving misery in its wake. 13 people have died. that is the latest count, 13 people have died. blizzard conditions up and down the east coast from the carolinas, georgia, all the way up through new york into new jersey. 13 people dead, nearly three feet of snow accumulating in washington, d.c. and parts of maryland. about 200,000 people are without power in 13 states. h heavy flooding in towns on the new jersey shore, a major concern is the heavy flooding and will it reach into new york state as well? in new york city, a complete travel ban is in effect.
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no cars, no taxis, no city buses. only police, ambulances and emergency vehicles are allowed. or team of reporters on the ground covering every angle of this for you tonight. chad myers, jason carroll in new york city. jennifer gray in washington, d.c. sarah ganum in philadelphia, ryan young in new jersey. but first, this hour, we are following breaking political news. with just nine days to go before the iowa caucuses, the editorial board at the influential paper "the des moines register" is announcing its endorsements for the democratic and republican presidential race. joining me now is lynn hicks, opinion editor for the "des moines register." thank you for joining me. >> thanks, poppy. >> break the news for us on the air. who have you decided to endorse?
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>> on the democratic side, we are endorsing hillary clinton. for the republicans, we are endorsing senator marco rubio. >> all right. walk me through the why. let's begin with that republican endorsement of marco rubio. why that choice? what did it come down to? >> well, we felt that senator rubio has the chance, the opportunity, to chart a new direction for the republican party. we met with the senator twice. we were impressed with both his knowledge and we had questions about his experience, like a lot of people do, but we feel he is the best hope for the party and we think not only because he can attract independents, but we think his ideas can appeal to the base of the party and unify the party. >> let's talk about hillary
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clinton. why hillary clinton over bernie sanders? when you look at some of the polling, the new cnn poll, it shows sanders with a lead over clinton in iowa. >> yes, it's very close, and you know, we have spent more than three hours in two interviews with hillary clinton and you know, there's no question that she has the most experience, depth and breadth of knowledge, and really felt that she is the one that's prepared to help america face the many challenges that it faces. >> it's interesting that there's quite a bit of history here, certainly, with your newspaper and some of the candidates in this election. donald trump, for example, did not, he declined an invitation from your editorial board to meet with you guys. he was also very critical of the
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register in general, issuing a few months ago a lengthy statement criticizing your paper. did that have anything to do with not endorsing him? >> no, of course not. we invited him to come in several times. we would have loved to have him and i think he would have had a lot of fun meeting with us. so he was not disqualified. senator cruz also chose not to meet with us. that didn't disqualify him either. but you know, it didn't help them, either, to help us to persuade us to consider them. >> take us behind the scenes as much as you can. what are these meetings with these candidates like when your paper's editorial board is deciding who to endorse? what do you ask them? >> well, we ask them all sorts of questions like i mentioned, we met twice with the candidates we endorsed as well as twice -- we first met with senator rubio
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back in april and we met with him again in january. we also asked our readers what they were interested in and across the board, we have really thoughtful discussions with all the candidates. we felt they were candid. we asked them hard questions and i think all these videos are on our website, des moines you can see how secretary of state clinton answered some of the questions regarding the e-mails. we note in our editorial how we felt at times she was defensive and evasive over those e-mails and we feel that she needs to be more forthright on that. >> lynn hicks, appreciate you joining me this evening breaking the news. the headline, the des moines register just nine days out from the iowa caucuses endorsing marco rubio on the republican side, hillary clinton on the democratic side. i want to get more analysis with cnn political commentator, correspondent for the new yorker, ryan lizza.
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let's start with the rubio endorsement. what do you make of it? >> you know, the des moines register has a history on the republican side more so than the democratic side actually of going with the main establishment candidate. in 1996, they picked bob dole. in 2000 they picked george w. bush. mccain in '08. romney in '12. there's a history here. frankly, the des moines register is a more influential paper with democrats in iowa than with republicans. as you saw ted cruz, the sort of hard right conservative in the race wouldn't even meet with the des moines register. i think it's a bigger deal for hillary clinton, who they also endorsed in 2008. remember they endorsed clinton over obama in '08 so not a huge surprise that they would endorse her again. they weren't going to pick obama in '08. definitely going to pick sanders. i think it's significant for hillary clinton. that endorsement will move some -- that will get people talking in iowa and that will be a boost to her.
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would have been a big coup if sanders had gotten it. >> considering the latest cnn/orc poll has sanders leading clinton in iowa by eight points so bigger than the margin of error. i want to get your take on something that donald trump said to a crowd in iowa today. >> my people are so smart, and you know what else they say about my people? the polls, they say i have the most loyal people. did you ever see that? where i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? it's like incredible. >> he says i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody. your reaction? >> man, the crazy thing is i think for a lot of his hard-core supporters who really would walk over glass for him at this point, he's almost right about that. you know, maybe six or seven months ago covering donald trump i would have said my lord,
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saying something like that is going to cost him votes or this is a terrible thing. we all know he's survived mawor comments than that. the key thing is what is his ceiling. he obviously has a hardcore base of supporters but does that support grow. that's the great question we will see in february when the voting starts. >> absolutely. ryan lizza, thank you so much. appreciate the analysis. des moines register endorsing hillary clinton and marco rubio. exactly one week before iowa chooses, though clinton, sanders and o'malley on the democratic side will go face-to-face with voters. it is the final pitch, the last televised event with these candidates before caucus night on february 1st. chris cuomo moderates the cnn iowa democratic presidential town hall monday night live from iowa, 9:00 p.m. eastern. you will only see it right here. tonight we are tracking a brutal, dangerous storm up and down the eastern seaboard.
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all right. we continue to cover this breaking news of an epic storm up and down the east coast. travel ban in effect for new york city, all of the roads in and out of new york city, all of new york city proper, shut down until further notice. there is of course an exception for emergency vehicles and some members of the media. that's where we find brian stelter out in a roving vehicle. how does it look? i know it's night now which makes everything a lot more complex. >> reporter: we are actually pretty lonely out here. that's good news for emergency officials. let's take the dash cam live shot. you will see we are inside a snow globe. that is how it feels out here as the wind whips the snow around. we are at the south street seaport.
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we will pull in actually here by the water, by the east river, because coastal flooding will be a concern the next couple of hours as we approach another high tide cycle. looks like there are a grand total of three or four people standing out here by the south street seaport. i will hop out of the vehicle for a moment and walk out, show you from the dash cam what it's like out here. the snow continues to come down at an impressive rate. for snow junkies like me, the only thing i love more than weather is media. my normal beat. but i'm a weather geek at heart. a storm like this, putting down this many inches of snow, you barely ever see it. this is probably the second biggest snowstorm i have ever seen in new york city and it could become number one by the time all is said and done. we are at the south street seaport. you can see behind me one of these giant ships. we are protected underneath the fdr drive which is of course basically shut down because of the travel ban. it's really actually kind of eerie, like a scene out of "the day after tomorrow" if you have
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ever seen that movie. pretty much everybody is heeding the warnings to stay off the roads and frankly, barely any pedestrians are here as well. we see one emergency vehicle riding by. they are aware we are media and allowed to be out here while everybody else is indoors. but there are very few people even at the bars. i counted two bars that were open down here by the south street seaport. pretty much everything is shut down. when that wind picks up, and when it pushes the snow in this direction, even though we are under this overpass, it is awfully brutal as the temperatures get lower and lower. in the next couple of hours, the big question for us is going to be these waters out here, where basically right by the east river near the hudson as well, out toward the bay, we will see how quickly these waters rise. no one is expecting a sandy type situation here. obviously the situation is toward the south, the jersey shore has been much more serious in terms of flooding. some of those communicateties, pictures we see tonight and tomorrow will be scary to see based on flooding there. here, no expectations of that
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kind of flooding but the south street seaport has been through this before. they remember sandy very well, unfortunately. it will be curious to see how high the waters get when high tide approaches. we will check in in a little bit. >> thank you so much. just abandoned behind him. something you rarely see in the city. let's take it uptown from where brian was to times square. that's where we find our meteorologist chad myers. it's getting more intense and frankly, it's freezing outside. >> reporter: it really is. i have been out here standing out here maybe for ten minutes and i'm really, really cold. the people out here are playing in this. there are hundreds of people out here today because there's nothing else to do. there are so many people from montreal that said what are you guys doing, how can we be in new york city with nothing to do? the city that never sleeps might just take a nap tonight. because everything is closed. all the shows are done, all the restaurants are pretty much closed, because everyone who works here had to go home with their car because they can't be going home at 9:00 or 10:00
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because that would be violating the ban. even people saying i can't even get into a museum. that's right. the museum workers don't want to sleep in the museum, i know there's a movie about that, but they want to go home. that's what happened. at 2:30, everyone was released to go home and the city is literally at a standstill other than people walking on by. the cabs aren't moving. nothing's moving here. it is cold, the snow continues, another five to six inches here before it stops. i think the same story for d.c., philadelphia, ta all the way up down i-95. the roadways not only in new york city but the turnpike and parkway are all an absolute mess tonight. stay home. tomorrow is another day. it might get better. >> well, it will get better eventually but stay home until it is. also watching on the side of your screen that potential flooding up in parts of new york and also new jersey, southern new jersey right around atlantic city. big concern there. chad, we will get back to you in just a moment. i want to tell all our viewers
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watching in and around new york city, explain that travel ban for you that's underway. the george washington bridge, lincoln tunnel now closed. all non-emergency travel is forbidden. that goes for drivers and pedestrians. violators could be arrested, they could face significant fines. points taken off their driver's license. this is no joke, folks. the governor, the mayor saying stay off the roads. it is intended to keep you safe. let's go straight to jason carroll in central park. jason, still some folks behind you, right? >> reporter: well, actually, what we did was we left central park. we are now on ninth avenue and what they call new york hell's kitchen. i know you know this area well. when you look at ninth avenue, look at this. it's empty. except for the folks who were just walking down in the middle of the street here. that's what it's been like driving through the streets of new york. here's something that puts it in perspective. look what they are done.
3:18 pm
they built this snowman in the middle, a snowman and a few of his closest friends in the middle of ninth avenue. this what is people are doing. i know you heard chad talking about new yorkers taking a nap. no, no, no, no. this is new york. new yorkers are not going to be taking a nap. they are still out trying to find some way to entertain themselves. what have you guys been doing all day to pass the storm? >> stay warm, getting some drinks. hanging around with some friends. enjoying the empty streets. it's been a lot of fun. >> we have been talking so much about the travel ban, i notice some police officers drove by not too long ago. we have seen a number of plows. they stood in front of the snowman at one point to save the ninth avenue snowman. we have seen emergency vehicles but it seems like pretty much people are adhering to the travel ban. that is what you are experiencing as well? >> absolutely. have you a go you have a good time, though. >> reporter: we are talking about what comes next. tomorrow will be the big dig.
3:19 pm
folks will be coming out to dig out their cars. plans for tomorrow, everyone weigh in. what's going to be up for tomorrow? >> football playoffs. >> we're going to the beach! >> reporter: beach? who said the beach? what beach are you going to? i want to go to that beach. >> church. go to church tomorrow. >> reporter: who was heading to d.c.? vegas. a lot of people got stuck, a number of the airports, laguardia, newark, shut down basically tomorrow. we have to see if some of those flights end up resuming. for now, listen up, new yorkers, a city that does not sleep. never sleeps. no napping, at least not yet. >> jason, you know where you and i are going to be tomorrow, right? >> reporter: where? right here, probably. >> we are going to be right here. we are going to be right in the middle of it covering it all for everyone. jason, thank you so much. seriously, to all the people that are out there, i know they
3:20 pm
are having fun. everyone's got to head home. this is no joke. we are talking about an epic storm. one of the worst -- one of the five worst storms in new york city history. you are looking at live pictures of the nation's capital, washington, d.c. a live report from washington straight ahead. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast.
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welcome back. you're looking at live pictures of the white house this evening as night has fallen, and that city is gripped by up to 24 inches of snow. that's what they are expecting there. 13 deaths up and down the east coast linked to this storm. the nation's capital is empty and quiet. tonight, a snow emergency is in effect. a blizzard warning is in effect until tomorrow. cnn meteorologist jennifer gray is in the freedom plaza right near the white house with more. there were points tonight when we were going to you and your team was being blown over almost by the wind. it looks like it settled down considerably there. >> reporter: yeah. the wind has really died down but the snow is still falling at a very heavy rate. we were seeing snowfall rates around one to two inches per hour. i would say right now this is probably about an inch an hour. the snow flakes a lot more fine now, not as fat as they were earlier.
3:25 pm
we are facing the opposite direction now and you can see the historic willard hotel behind me. it's almost an eerie sight to see the nation's capital just so quiet. earlier when the wind was blowing you could actually hear it howelling between the buildings through the streets. you never see the capital this quiet. every now and then we are seeing cars go by now that the snow has died down a little bit. we are seeing a little bit more activity. but the mayor was on earlier saying she really needs people to stay off the roads because the plows have a hard time getting through as well as those emergency vehicles. they are still responing to calls. she actually urged people if you don't have a dire emergency, just hang tight and let them tend to the people that are in emergency situations right now, let them have the priority. i want to give you latest snowfall totals. as far as d.c. is concerned, dulles, 26.5 was the latest total just about an hour ago. reagan reported a total of 17.5. that puts it at number five for
3:26 pm
the snowiest storm. so depending on where you are in d.c. we have seen reports of 14 inches to 22 inches and it is still coming down. so we are going to see additional snowfall. we are going to see those numbers go even higher but keep in mind wind gusts, 35 to 45 miles per hour as we go through the early evening hours. i do expect that to taper off. this entire storm system is pushing to the east, so it will slowly gradually taper off from west to east as we go through the overnight hours and we do expect better situation tomorrow. in fact, we should see sunshine tomorrow with temperatures in the mid 30s so there will be a little bit of melting going on. keep in mind as temperatures dip below freezing tomorrow night we could see a lot of refreeze. so pretty icy situation for sunday night possibly. >> jennifer gray live for us in washington, d.c., thank you so much. i do want to go to new york city mayor bill de blasio who joins me on the phone. thank you so much for taking time in what is an extraordinarily busy night for
3:27 pm
you and your entire team. talk me through the latest news. we are hearing 13 deaths from this storm, three of them here in new york. is that correct? >> yes, poppy, that is correct. we have had three deaths, very tragically, from people who were snow shoveling and it's a reminder to everyone, do not overexert, particularly folks having any kind of health challenges. we do want our sidewalks cleared, obviously, but not at that cost. if someone's not up to it, they should not snow shovel. let someone else do it or pay someone to do it. but we now have a projection from the national weather service, 24 to 28 inches expected for new york city. we have definitely passed the 20 inch mark already. as recently as yesterday, the projections were in the eight inch to 12 inch level for this storm. it more than doubled now. right now, all over the city, our travel ban in effect.
3:28 pm
nypd is enforcing that ban because we need people off the streets. i do think new yorkers are heeding that ban. i'm driving through lower manhattan and i just came over the brooklyn bridge, no one was on the bridge, no one's on some of the main streets that i'm crossing in lower manhattan. i think travel ban's working. that's what's going to allow us when the storm finally ends probably between 9:00 and 10:00 p.m., at least the brunt ends, to get out there and truly clear these roads so we can fully be up and running, we hope, on monday. >> mayor, what about the subway system? so many millions of people rely on the underground subways. they are open now. do you expect those will stay open throughout the night? >> we have been closely coordinating with the state of new york and the mta, the state and governor cuomo have ultimate responsibility for the mta but we are all on the same page. it was very smart to shut down the bus service and the overland
3:29 pm
train service because if you can see what i'm seeing right now in lower manhattan, it's quite clear it would have led to lots and lots of stranded buses and stuck trains. but the underground service is in operation. that's continuing. from what i can tell, what we have heard from the mta, that will continue. that's crucial. that will be the one type of mass transit that will continue hopefully for the duration of the storm. >> what do you say to all the people we just saw jason carroll out with a lot of people, obviously they are having fun in the snow, it's beautiful, but for people out and about tonight, this travel ban you are saying is not just for the roads, right? you don't want people out at all. >> i'm most concerned about vehicles on the road. let me separate the two pieces. the travel ban refers specifically to vehicles on the roads that will be in danger themselves but more importantly, on top of that, will potentially obstruct first responders, emergency vehicles and snow
3:30 pm
plows. so we want vehicles off the road for everyone's protection. we had people earlier doing bicycle deliveries from restaurants and delis. that's crazy. there are to be no bikes on the street. but this is my advice. people walking around should be very, very careful. i'm not going to tell people it's illegal to walk around but i will say it's not safe to be out there for more than a little while just because it's bitterly cold, it's very windy. as it gets darker, it gets colder. also, this is a danger, people should not walk in the street and ignore the fact that emergency vehicles are moving around. stay in entirely or if you go out on foot limit the amount of time and be very conscious of what's happening around you. >> we will let you get back to it. thank you so much from all of us new yorkers to all the first responders, all the folks working around the clock to keep us safe and clear the roads. thank you, mayor. as you just heard, mayor
3:31 pm
bill de blasio saying 24 to 28 inches expected in new york city. we are already over 21 inches in parts of new york. we will have much more breaking news on this blizzard up and down the eastern seaboard affecting 11 states when we return. stay with us. ♪ lost shipments, lost invoices, lost prospects, lost respect. well-crafted solutions for today's problems in commerce. pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce.
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breaking news on what has become a deadly blizzard, pounding the east coast. at least 13 deaths are now linked to weather conditions in 11 states. here in new york city, three deaths have been reported. there's also a very strict travel ban in effect. it means no one is allowed on the roads except emergency vehicles. in addition, all of the tunnels and bridges in and out of new york city have been shut down. the nypd stopping vehicles on the roads, sending out these images a little earlier showing officers stopping cars and drivers, urging them to return home, stay off the roads. on the jersey shore, they are dealing with another major concern and that is heavy flooding. look at those rushing waters from a little bit earlier today. more than 50 people already pushed out of their homes as water pours into those neighborhoods across new jersey. 50,000 residents tonight without power. that number expected to rise because of a combination of
3:36 pm
heavy wet snow and those very high winds. the winter storm is causing widespread flight delays and cancellations at airports across the country, both reagan national, dulles have grounded all operations through tomorrow. rene marsh, our aviation correspondent, has the latest from washington. she's on the phone. the airports are getting hit, no question about it. what else are you learning? >> reporter: yeah, poppy, you said it. operations along the east coast are pretty much at a stand still. looking at all those minimumaims understandable. today, 4,000 cancellations, looking ahead to tomorrow, more than 2,000 cancellations. we know that dulles and reagan national airport are still struggling to dig out. we saw some of the totals just a short time ago, nearly 30 inches of snow at dulles airport. so that's a challenge. we know at least through sunday,
3:37 pm
the washington, d.c. area airports will remain shut down as far as flight operations. philadelphia was another area pretty badly hit. in talking to them today, they are telling me weather permitting, they intend to gradually resume some operations. then when it comes to new york city, some airlines like american airlines say they would be ready to resume operations tomorrow in new york city, but we just heard the mayor on and there's that travel ban so with that still in place, obviously those restrictions would have an impact, if they can get their airline and airport employees in position to even resume flights. so travel still a mess. probably still will be a mess for quite a few days to come. >> absolutely. rene marsh, thank you so much. a live report for us on all those airports.
3:38 pm
you see 8600 flights canceled through sunday. that number going up and up. right now, here in new york city, where i'm coming to you from live, new yorkers hunkering down preparing for up to 28 inches of snow. it will slam into the city tonight. a travel ban is in effect for all of new york city's roads, all trucks, cars, et cetera, have to stay off the roads except for the emergency vehicles. all tunnels and bridges are closed. moments ago i spoke live with new york city mayor bill de blasio. he told me three people have died today in new york city. the mayor is urging people to stay inside, limit walking trips. if you have to go out, only go out by foot for a brief period of time. cnn meteorologist chad myers joins me in times square. you heard the mayor. he said these people died because they were out shoveling overexerting themselves. >> reporter: that's right. it's because the snow is so heavy. this came down for awhile as light fluffy snow which is easy to move. then all of a sudden it changed
3:39 pm
to a sleet that didn't pile up very deep, but it got very heavy. i'm standing on broadway. this is where you would expect cars as far as you could see, most of them yellow, on a regular saturday night. there are only people walking. walk back this way. there is this snow plow that will come by, push snow on to the sidewalk, then people on the sidewalk push all the snow back into the street. it is quite the dance, i guess, trying to get as much clear as possible. here comes one of new york's finest right on by taking care of us, making sure everybody is safe and off the roadways. i will take you, look down to the ground, we have been here before this was plowed probably 45 minutes. that is the only track, the only track on this road in 45 minutes. the cars are staying off the roadways because by 11:00 this morning, wa morning, i was out driving around looking at the scenery and everyone was getting stuck.
3:40 pm
the plows would make that big pile of snow along the street next to them or across from them and no cars could get over that pile. the piles are just getting deeper and deeper. >> absolutely. chad, just walk me through a little, if you can, the concern, how great the concern is at this hour about flooding in new jersey, southern new jersey and the coastal parts of new york because it's nearly 7:00 p.m. eastern and this is when governor cuomo told me they would be most concerned about that flooding. >> reporter: from where we were and we saw the shot about an hour ago on the south street seaport from brian stelter, the water would have gone up about maybe four more inches because of the tide. i had so many tweets today, what does a storm have to do with flooding and a tide and the moon? well, the moon is full moon. it's the biggest tide of the month. not quite king tide but very big. because we are at high tide, you push another four feet of surge on top of that, then you have 14
3:41 pm
or 15 foot waves crashing onshore all the way through the jersey shore, that's the sand they already put on the road or on the beach that's already gone, already washed away. so we are still -- there go the new york islanders. there's the hockey team except they are all number 50. i think they are just some fans of the new york islanders because they all just can't wear the same number. i heard them yelling behind me. i thought i had to at least acknowledge them. >> i think you're right to do so. chad myers, thank you so much. we will be back to you in just a moment. especially on that flooding in new jersey and parts of new york as we hear more. we hope for the best, certainly, there. this blizzard is pushing water into the streets of some towns on the jersey shore as we were just talking about with chad myers. a few hundred members of the national guard are waiting for word to potentially activate there. we will have a live report from new jersey and the flooding next.
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3:46 pm
the east coast. and it is not letting up any time soon. the blizzard driving flooding in new jersey as well. governor chris christie may have to call in national guard troops to help. there are 23 national guard members in new york and new jersey helping. ryan young joins me from margate, new jersey. this is in southern new jersey, pretty close to atlantic city, and all we see behind you frankly is water. they have major flooding. >> reporter: they do. let me just tell you this. we thought we were going to do this live shot a few minutes ago so we stood here, we thought we would be dry, and all of a sudden you look behind us, the water has started coming over the edge and it's just, it just keeps coming. this has been going on since 7:00, we knew we have to deal with high tide. we thought the water was going away so we drove back to see what would happen. this house, you can see the water just coming over the edge. i will walk my photographer back
3:47 pm
this way. as you look back towards the water edge where the bay is pushing the water over, it's going back into the streets. we are probably almost in ankle deep right now. we will walk our way out of here and come back around. all day long we have been dealing with heavy winds, ice on the roads, but this is the most significant flooding that we have seen all day. we will step down here and go around in the street so we can show you what's going on. we stood here last night for several hours watching to see if the water would come around the top of the edge because we are told the homes out here actually flooded last year, okay? we are actually told a fire truck got stuck here. so everyone knows this area where we are standing is prone to flooding. as you walk back this direction, just the last ten minutes, all of this was clear. there was no water here. but we have seen that change dramatically. that's what everyone's concerned about. we are told more national guard members could be called in in the next few hours to help deal
3:48 pm
with these concerns. last night we saw people out on the streets. tonight, different story. people have heeded the warning and got off these streets, especially with the water coming over the edge. >> let me ask you, i don't recall when there have been big snowstorms having this kind of flooding as an issue. is this something that folks in atlantic city, in margate, are used to with the snowstorm, or is this just this confluence of events, the full moon tonight, the fact the storm is intensifies as high tide's coming in, what is it? >> reporter: great question. we are told look, you have the high tide, you have the full moon and then you have this storm. so people say look, they already are prone to flooding in this area already. but then you add all these factors on top of it and the steady snow and the wind, and you have the situation. in fact, as i walk you back this direction, we stood here all night not thinking we would get hit with a lot of snow last night and it was three to four inches. now you can see here, i'm going
3:49 pm
to step in here, you can see how it's coming up into the middle of the roadway. over there where we were standing before, it's a lot deeper so we thought we would be dealing with a lot of snow. then all of a sudden it turns into this water. in the middle of the street, if we walk back down this direction, you can see it pushing back toward the city. all this was dry less than a half hour ago. now that's all changed. think about it. it's not even 7:00 yet. we could be facing more water in the next half hour or so, so you know residents here will have to be dealing with this. we have seen police officers making sure they shut down parts of the roads here to make sure people can't get into certain sections. they warned us last night to be careful with this situation because they said once the water comes over the edge, it doesn't take nothing but a few minutes before your car is flooded or something stalls and that's what they were warning us about last year or last time super storm sandy was here, they said the water was waist-deep in the area where i'm standing right now.
3:50 pm
>> ryan, thank you so much. to you and your entire crew out there. lot of people behind the camera >> ryan, thank you so much to you and your entire crew out there. a lot of people behind the camera making it all work. stay safe, my friends. next, i will take you to northern virginia. that is one of 11 states under a declared emergency order tonight. two people there reported dead on this winter storm. you're looking at live pictures out of fairfax, virginia. o's wi! yay! the complete balanced nutrition of great tasting ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. ensure. take life in!
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you're looking at live
3:54 pm
images of new york city where up to 28 inches of snow is expected tonight in what the mayor of new york city called one of the five worst storms in the history of the city. a live look at columbus circle in the heart of manhattan. we know at least 14 people have died as a result of this storm that is ravaging the east coast. two of those deaths are in virginia. it is one of 11 states that declared a state of emergency because of the blizzard. virginia state police have been busy all day. about 1,000 crashes is what they have seen on their highways and side streets. hundreds of vehicles have been stranded manipulate our nick stranded. our nick valencia is live. we see just plows on the roads right now. what are people doing? are people heeding the warning to stay inside? >> in the hours we have been out here, poppy, we haven't seen very many vehicles besides the emergency vehicles that are treating these thoroughfares. route 50 that connects to 66
3:55 pm
just behind my shoulder here. a while ago we saw two adventure folks from the subdivision venturing out. they got bored and wanted to wander about and see what the snow left behind. this is what we're dealing with here. every step i take i fall deeper into accumulation. we should share the very unfortunate news we just recently confirmed with state police. a county police officer cruised by me. three dead in the commonwealth, two killed by hypothermia. another individual losing control of his vehicle as this heavy snow started yesterday afternoon. he hit a tree and perished after that accident. this storm has lived up to all expectations. our meteorologists had tremendous accuracy showing how treacherous this has been. parts of virginia, 25, nearly 30
3:56 pm
inches of snow. here i can dig my hand down here and still not touch the bottom. you can tell how much snow has landed here in this part of fairfax. of course, as you mentioned, poppy, this weekend's storm is expected to last until 2:00 a.m. this morning. government officials tell me their main concern after that is that the freezing conditions will settle in making the roads even more difficult to manage. so they are stressing still they don't want you to be like the two individuals i was referencing earlier wandering around. they want you to stay indoors, try to stay safe until the snowstorm happens. still a lot of hours to go, poppy. >> nick valencia, thank you so much for the reporting. now meteorologist karen mcginnis. i know a few hours ahead for the storm. when do things subside? >> it looks like at the time of high tide we are looking at waves rushing in.
3:57 pm
if you have seen any of those pictures coming out of the coastal areas, it is phenomenal. it is just like a hurricane offshore, only in the winter. we are looking at the staggering snow fall totals. this is something you're not going to see typically. this is flight explorer. this is where that snow band is located, associated with that area of low pressure. our super storm. but as we look at virginia, washington, d.c., and baltimore, philadelphia, new york city, there are no planes landing. no planes taking off at all. this is the kind of thing that you see -- we have seen for about the last 20 hours or so. what about the snowfall totals? amazing numbers coming out. are these records? we don't know that yet. because the snow hasn't stopped. but we are seeing some daily snowfall totals. there have been records like in philadelphia. jfk, over 20 inches. newark airport, over 21 inches.
3:58 pm
central park, just under 20 inches of snowfall. we have to go back to 2006. they saw about 26 inches of snowfall. could it be that central park could set a record from this? it looks as if we set the pace at 5, maybe 10 additional inches of snowfall. we're pretty much there. not just in central park, but as you go towards jfk, laguardia. philadelphia, 17 inches. they saw 14 inches in just one day. so we give you all of those snowfall totals. but a lot of people in places where the snowfall really isn't measured. glengary, west virginia, 40 inches. and we're not finished yet the the area of low pressure still lingering offshore. we got this low, that moisture which is coming in out of the north and northeast. we did seen hurricane force
3:59 pm
winds blowing in right around nantucket. hurricane force winds. well, for boston, you weren't looking at significant snowfall totals. you were looking at high winds. blizzard winds or conditions there. but not really significant snow. in new york, things have changed there as well. anywhere from 10 to 20. now 20 to 30. that's why they have shut everything down. the nation's largest city shut down. you see it. you've seen it for hours. people out on the street looking. poppy, i know it's pretty. and you are amazing, poppy, being out there all afternoon. i have to hand it to you, that was amazing. >> you know who is more amazing, karen, all the folks behind the camera. they keep us warm, they get us coffee, they are shoveling so we can stand there. those are the people that deserve the credit and the first responders and police. but thank you very much. karen mcginnis will be with us
4:00 pm
all night. we will be live all night for this storm. cnn monitoring all of it. so stay with us for the latest. >> this is cnn breaking news. 7:00 eastern, thank you so much for being with us. i'm poppy harlow in new york on the breaking news. this winter storm pummeling much of the nation, leaving misery in its wake. 14 people have now died as a result of the storm. wicked weather up and down the eastern seaboard. blizzard conditions from the carolinas through new york city, up through new jersey. nearly three feet of snow accumulating in washington, d.c. and parts of maryland. about 200,000 people without power across 13 states. the heavy flooding in new jersey is on those coastal towns on the jersey shore where there is major concern right now as high tide rolls in. and in new york city, a complete travel ban is in effect. something we very rarely see here. no cars, no tas,