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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 25, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> the big clean up is on. this morning, cities along the east coast, struggling to get back to something close to normal after the monster winter storm. this commute is going to be awful for so many people. we will tell you what you need to know. >> don't make the commute. stay home. >> and watch us. one week to iowa. candidates out in force trying to sway voters. tonight, the democrats soundoff in the town hall event. how will it shake up the race? good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> i'm john berman. it is monday, january 25th. 5:00 in the east. americans digging out from one of the biggest, baddest snowstorms you have ever seen. a lot of us facing a daunting commute with reduced bus, train and plane service. at least 1,200 flights have
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canceled. at least 16 people have died and that number is likely to rise. >> glengary, west virginia got the worst of it. 42 inches. new york, 26.8. the second biggest snowstorm in new york history. washington, d.c., 22.4 inches. the mta says service will be restored on the seven busiest branches of the long island railroad. >> what about the nation's capital? ugly. roads still plowed in and around washington, d.c. virginia and maryland. government offices and the schools closed in the region today. let's get the latest from d.c. and bring in jennifer gray. >> reporter: john and christine, day two of the big dig is beginning today and we have a lot of snow still to clean up. the crews out all night long on the roads trying to get them clear and i can tell you pennsylvania avenue has a stack
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of snow on top of it. however, some of the major roads, a lot of the major arteries are getting plowed and cleared. even in the downtown area, some of the roads are still not. that's part of the reason school was canceled again today and city of d.c. government office as well as the federal government closed down today as well. it's just going to take time to get the city back up and running. on top of that, we had a beautiful day on sunday. blue skies and temperatures got above freezing. we had a bit of of melting going on. it will be very dangerous. the morning commute with a lot of black ice. again that's another reason they canceled school and government offices. it will take time to get back up and running. dulles ranked number two as the snowiest storm ever. reagan ranked number four. the storm lived up to the hype. this was epic here across the
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nation's capital. a quiet scene though in d.c. for the next couple of days. john and christine. >> jennifer gray, thank you. new information about the huge traffic jam on the pennsylvania turnpike. officials say the collision of two tractor-trailers riding in the wrong lane, narrow construction lane during the friday night blizzard forced the shutdown. it trapped drivers in 500 vehicles for nearly 24 hours. officials are promising to learn from the debacle. the lieutenant general is an expert on big clean ups and storm preparedness. nice to see you this morning. how do you think on balance we did in the northeast prepare for the storm? i see different responses from different states, frankly. >> i tell you, you have to take your hat's off to the folks in new york and new jersey. the governors were decisively engaged and mayors engaged.
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what was impressive, too, is the resi resilie resilient of the city. a lot of lessons have been learned. and communicating with the people was done. we will continue to suffer now in d.c. because we invested a lot of federal money in d.c., but mostly to protect it from manmade disasters. we have not yet from congress invested in the amount of money to keep that city running. it is embarrassing to see our nation's capitol is closed when you go to oslow, norway and they never stop with harsher winters. i think that is a national investment to look at resilience
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in washington, d.c. to bounce back and have the capitol open again in 24 hours. >> d.c. and baltimore is not as used to it as they are in new york and new jersey. when you get 2 feet in d.c., it is hard to battle it. general, what about the fact this happened on a weekend. i cannot imagine this storm, if it happened on a monday or tuesday, and everyone getting back to work. >> i agree with you. there is an alignment of the moon and stars there with one of the worst storms in recorded history. that being said, leadership in new york and new jersey did a great job. we still have work to do on the interstates. the idea of trucks running the interstate with blizzard warnings must stop. we cannot continue to do that as an advanced nation. >> we are looking at pictures of that outside pittsburgh. what a disaster. you had sports teams on their
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school buses and you had high schoolers on a school trip stuck for 24 hours. whose responsibility is that? you know who takes the fall for that? >> the safety of our highways come to state and local governments. the interstate highways are built and have funded by the federal government, but the operation of the highways and safety of them is left to state and local government. i think we are going to have a big lesson learned from that after this storm after you see what happened in kentucky and pennsylvania. the governors need to be more active with the state troopers and national guard and pre-positioning. that area on 75 in kentucky is a known area with sleet. >> how did you keep people -- i see these pictures from kentucky
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and pennsylvania with the trucks and buses and cars on the highway. the first question is what were they thinking? how could they possibly even try in weather like this? >> you have people with omissions. one family we talked to said on saturday were headed to a funeral. you have people with obligations to get some place. it is up to public service, police and first responders by and large did a great job of recovering. they have to start closing those roads earlier. particularly the known choke points. hopefully over in baltimore and d.c., we can get more assets to keep your nation's capital open and airports. we can do a better job of that. >> look at the pictures of the buried cars and the reminder of the fatalities. a reminder of somebody in the car with the car going and they are trying to dig it out and overcome by carbon monoxide. just a reminder.
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don't turn that car on when you are out there shoveling it. don't have your kid waiting in the car while you are shoveling it or you will really regret it. lieutenant general honore, thank you. nice to see you. >> hat's off to the first responders and national guard. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. time for an early start on your money. the blizzard is a costly one. earliey estimates put it at $35 million to $700 million. lost revenue and snow clean up. cleaning up snow in new york city costs $1.8 million per inch of snow depth. that adds up. good news, this is the first big storm of the year. a whole season could hurt the economy of wild weather. experts say this is not even close to the cold wave in 2014. storm after storm. that cost up to $15 billion.
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actually first quarter economic growth shrank by 2.1%. that is because the cold weather lasted longer and affected a larger area. a reminder, this is a big storm. it will cost money. we have seen worse. lucky it was on a weekend. seriously. a pivotal day in iowa. the cnn town hall tonight. bernie sanders, hillary clinton, locked in a tight race. they will be on one stage tonight. this is the last time they will be on the same stage facing questions from voters just one week away until real live votes are cast. we are in des moines in just minutes. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that i won't stop. until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin.
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the 2016 c-class. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. one week from today, iowa voters go to caucuses and vote.
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the democratic candidates for president kickoff the final countdown with the town hall tonight on cnn followed by a day of campaigning. hillary clinton has an advantage. two endorsements from "the boston globe" and "des moines register." jeff zeleny has the latest on the final sprint to iowa. >> reporter: one week until the caucuses in iowa and the race is deadlocked. you could hear it in the voices of the candidates as they traveled across the state urging voters to listen to their campaigns. hillary clinton says voters need to be with her and embrace her experience. this is what she said on sunday. >> why the stakes in this election are so high and we have to start to move toward nominating and electing a president and commander in chief who will continue the progress we made, make sure it is not ripped away forcing us to once
2:14 am
again be disappointed. >> reporter: bernie sanders is asking his supporters to believe in ideals and possibility. he made a slightly different argument as he campaigned on sunday. he reminded supporters it is close and he can win if they come out and support him. >> today we are locked in a very, very close race right here in iowa and if we have the kind of turnout that i hope we can, we're going to win here in iowa. [ applause ] >> and if we win here in iowa, i think we will do very, very well in new hampshire. >> reporter: now clinton, sanders and former governor martin o'malley will make their pitches at the town hall meeting tonight. after that, the campaigns in
2:15 am
overdrive mobilizing supporters they spent months cultivating. the question here is this, is this the inspiration of the bernie sanders campaign against the organization of the clinton campaign that will win out here? the turnout is always important, but in this case, in particular, will there be a big turnout like 2008 for barack obama or a small turnout in previous years? that will term who wins the caucuses. john and christine. >> let's break this down. joining us now is goldie taylor. goldie, we can agree the town hall tonight is the most pivotal moment ever. the candidates facing each other for the last time before the caucuses in iowa. the polls are so close in iowa. especially "the des moines register" supporting hillary clinton. >> you are not wrong about that.
2:16 am
we are upon the iowa caucuses. this is truth time for the hillary clinton campaign. bernie sanders has the momentum going into iowa despite "the boston globe" and "des moines register" bernie sanders is still on fire in iowa. >> her message is we're ready and moving forward. his is let's have a political revolution. that has been resonating. the political revolution. now you have the former billionaire bloomberg maybe thinking about stepping in. if you have a revolution in democrats and republicans. what do you make of this yearning for outsider? >> this is the strangest political year. in 40 years, i have never seen anything quite like that. i will say the notion that michael bloomberg could enter
2:17 am
this race is compelling and intriguin intriguing. he said he would enter under a certain set of circumstances. if hillary clinton doesn't look to win the nomination, he would get in. and if donald trump or ted cruz would win the republican nomination. that is an interesting scenario. that means he doesn't believe bernie sanders can win the election. either that or he thinks bernie sanders is just quite too liberal for him. i think he doesn't believe in bernie sanders' viability. that is still a question for the sanders' campaign going forward. in terms of mrs. clinton, the dilemma for her, she is great on a lot of issues, but rough on the campaign stump. >> when you are michael bloomberg and you have $16 billion, there is no cost to thinking of running for president. you can have your people look into it and decide not to. it is chump change. let's talk about rick perry. he will endorse ted cruz. this is an interesting endorsement period.
2:18 am
sarah palin backed donald trump. then there is also these non endorsement endorsements. joanie ernst. the long time senator from iowa was on stage with donald trump. >> he did not endorse him. >> if you appear with a candidate, you are in effect, endorsing them. you can say it out of your mouth or not. if i am chuck grassly and i am showing up at a rally and speaking from the podium, that is an endorsement. voters will take it that way. no sitting governor or senator or congress member has come out and formally endorsed anybody. you know, this really is a year for the outsider. this is probably michael bloomberg's most viable year yet to come. we are seeing that with donald trump getting in the race and have a commanding lead and so many of the early states.
2:19 am
this will be a challenge. >> and the register saying that he has a potential to chart a new direction for the party and perhaps the nation. we endorse him because he represents the party's best hope. the oxygen in iowa is not about marco rubio. it is about trump. >> i love iowa and "the des moines register." it is a great newspaper. they have been wrong about every primary dating back in modern history. >> maybe what they hope and not what they think. >> newspaper endorsements matter when it is a right combination. rubio gives them some legitimacy in a race where he doesn't have much in iowa. hard to imagine newspaper endorsements being decisive. >> if you look over the past two years, the newspaper endorsements give a little bit
2:20 am
of fodder for fund raising. it does nothing for the electorate. >> "the boston globe" endorsed obama last time out. is clinton a different candidate? >> somewhat. >> goldie taylor, thank you for getting up early for us. tonight, one week before the iowa caucuses, bernie sanders and hillary clinton and martin o'malley will face chris cuomo in a town hall tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. they take questions from the audience. first up, sanders, then martin o'malley and then hillary clinton. all at 9:00 p.m. to a sport of a different kind. >> the denver broncos and carolina panthers, they are going to the super bowl. great games yesterday. we'll tell you how it all happened in the bleacher report next.
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super bowl 50 now set. peyton manning and the broncos and cam newton and the carolina panthers. >> coy wire is at the site of the afc title game. coy, this guy has been crying all morning. i think all stages of grief have set in and he is accepted. >> he has dried up his tears. 17th meeting between peyton manning and tom brady. a match up of epic proportions. it lived up to the hype with the denver victory, it means brady and manning represented the afc in 10 of the past 17 afc
2:25 am
championship games. owen daniels on the receiving end of both of the catches. then rob gronkowski for the touchdown and cutting the lead within two. the patriots had to go for two, but the broncos smothering defense denies it. sealing the deal. peyton has won the last four meetings against tom brady and the patriots. denver wins the game and earning the eighth super bowl berth. >> this is a sweet day. a sweet victory. to me, this victory is a great example of what the season has been like. it hasn't been easy. it has been a lot of different people stepping up and doing their parts at different times. >> the broncos are now set to face the carolina panthers in
2:26 am
super bowl 50. cam newton showed why he is the league mvp. it was the carolina big play defense who stifled arizona's top ranked offense all game. forcing seven turnovers. they blew them out of the water. the panthers win, 49-15. they scored the most points ever in a afc championship game. super bowl 50 in santa clara, california on february 7th. panthers making the second super bowl appearance and peyton manning making his fourth. making him the oldest starting quarterback in super bowl history at nearly 40 years old. the panthers are the heavy favorite where the favorite has won 2/3 of the time. >> awesome. coy confirming what my little boy told me about peyton manning being the oldest quarterback. he think he said i am still relevant. >> you will have a tough time against the panthers.
2:27 am
coy, have a great time. thank you. it is looking like a rough commute after the intense snowfall this weekend. expect messy roads and limited trains and flight cancellations all over the place. details in a moment.
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the east coast digging out this morning after a deadly winter storm paralyzed major cities. the headache is not over for many of you. down to the wire for the presidential candidates. iowa just one week away and tonight a cnn town hall in des moines. the candidates on stage together. facing voters for the last time before actual votes are cast. a pivotal moment. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm christine romans. welcome back. let's start with millions of you digging out of the biggest snowstorm in the east coast you
2:31 am
have seen. officials warning of icy roads and reduced bus, plane and train service. so 1,200 flights canceled check before you go anywhere. at least 16 people died due to the storm. a figure likely to rise. snowfall totals come at record levels or close up and down the east coast. >> glengary, west virginia with the worst of it at 42 inches and new york city got 26.8 inches. washington got 22.4 inches. commuters in the new york region looking at a tough morning. seven busiest branches of the long island railroad will be in service today. we have cnn's ryan young with more on the clean up. >> reporter: john and christine, 26.8 inches fell in new york city. you look around the city and you can see the big mounds of snow everywhere. one of the places i'm standing is here outside penn station.
2:32 am
where the long island rail was shutdown for some time. we know 80% of the service will resume monday morning for commuters. 300,000 people use the rail line. it is all about getting back to normal. we drove in from new jersey. one of the things we noticed is most of the roads were clear. it was easy to get around the major intersections of the city. all along the side streets, people were dealing with the heavy snow all over the place. it is a long clean upt all aroud new york city. john and christine. >> thank you for that. the hardest hit area is the nation's capital. washington, d.c. and maryland and federal offices in the region are closed. the d.c. metro system is running on a reduced schedule. for the latest from washington, let's go to jennifer gray. >> reporter: john and christine, day two of the big dig is beginning today. we have a lot of snow to clean
2:33 am
up. the crews on the roads trying to get them clear and i can tell you pennsylvania avenue even has a stack of snow on top of it. however, some of the major roads, a lot of the major arteries are getting plowed and cleared. even in the downtown area, some of the roads are still not. that's part of the reason school was canceled again today. city of d.c. and government office as well as the federal government closed down today as well. it's just going it take time to get the city back up and running. on top of that, we had a beautiful day on sunday. blue skies, temperatures got above freezing. we had a bit of melting going on. it will be dangerous. the morning commute with a lot of black ice. that is another reason they closed schools and government offices. it will take a while to get the government offices back up and running. we talked about the snowfall totals.
2:34 am
dulles ranked number two as the snowiest snowstorm ever. reagan ranked number four. this was epic across the nation's capital. a quiet scene in d.c. for the next couple of days. john and christine. >> jennifer, thank you. the powerful winter storm brought on flooding during high tide in coastal communities in new jersey. this prompted evacuations and certainly brought back memories from super storm sandy. officials say there was no major damage. cnn's boris sanchez has that story for us. >> reporter: john and christine, the clean up continues in ventnor city, new jersey. as you can see behind me, when high tide came through, it created a mess on the streets. this is clear compared to when the water was in the middle of the street and trash and ice strewn about. a couple told me it gets like this every time there is a
2:35 am
nor'easter. there is a bay, a canal, that runs through the neighborhood. when the storm came through, the moon was full. you can see the high water mark there. the gentleman told us his garage got full of water, but he prepared and raised several of his belongings so they would not be effected by the water. coincidentally, we spoke to neighbors that did not prepare for the storm. they did not put up sand bags or board up. we asked them why. they said the sand bags when you live in a community like this are useless. they said the water will do what the water will do. in this case, the water did not do much damage. you can imagine this was an area seriously effected by super storm sandy a few years ago. it doesn't appear the water damage is as extensive as then.
2:36 am
john and christine. thank you for that, boris. the traffic jam on the pennsylvania turnturnpike, the officials say it was caused by two tractor-trailers that collided in a narrow construction lane. it trapped nearly 500 vehicles for nearly 24 hours. so what is in store for today? when is this snow going to melt? let's bring in meteorologist pedram javaheri. >> good morning, john and christine. the snowfall here. look at it in perspective. it wasn't localized to new york. 100,000 square miles of land. this area here came down. this is roughly the size of the country of germany. the entire country having a foot on the ground nationwide. major airports taking on 25 or 30 inches.
2:37 am
that is why we have so many cancellations. the amount of snow in new york city, 26.9 inches. just shy of the single snowiest on record. in the northeast, temperatures will be above freezing. 36 will not do much in the way of melting. it takes three consecutive days of temperatures exceeding 50 degrees fahrenheit to melt snow. that combined with winds and moisture in the atmosphere are also taken into consideration. with the cold temperatures to stay, it could take several months for everything to melt off across the region. the seven-day forecast shows the see-saw battle that doesn't get close to 50 degrees until sunday and it is short lived with the high of 47 degrees.
2:38 am
back to you. >> that sounds slushy. that is the technical term i'll use. thank you, pedram. the blizzard will be a costly one. early estimates put it at $350 million to $700 million. that is lost wages and restaurants missed out on revenue. of course, the cost of snow clean up. cleaning up snow in new york city cost an estimated $1.8 million per inch of snow depth. that adds up. some good news. this is the first big snowstorm of the year. the season of wild weather is what it takes to make a dent in the economy. experts say this, although a lot of snow, it is not close to the economic damage we saw in the cold wave of 2014. that cost up to $15 billion. you saw the other estimate. up to $700 million. that was $15 billion. first quarter gdp shrank in the
2:39 am
first quarter of 2014. >> i will say this, my back is sore this morning. i wasn't expecting it. >> you do have a snow blower? >> you still have to shovel the walkway. i did it quickly and i thought it was fine. i'm feeling old this morning. >> have you trained the kids to do that? >> they have to start earning their keep. >> make them think it is something fun. the democrats will face voters tonight in the cnn town hall. this is big, folks. one week before the iowa caucuses. that is plural. i'm contractually obligated to say this. what impact will this have on the vote? stay with us. aly . and i try not to faint. this.. i can do easily. benefiber healthy shape. just a couple of spoonfuls every day means fewer cravings. plus, it's all natural, clear, taste-free and dissolves completely. it's clinically proven to keep me fuller longer and helps keep me healthy inside and out.
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you experience tv. it is just one week from today, iowa voters will go to the caucuses and they will in fact caucus. that is what you do at the caucuses. the democratic candidates kickoff the final countdown. a town hall tonight here on cnn. this is after a big day of campaigning in the state. hillary clinton got a couple of endorsements from "the boston globe" and "the des moines register." we have cnn's jeff zeleny with the latest. >> reporter: john and christine, one week until the iowa caucuses and the candidates are deadlocked. you could hear it as they
2:44 am
traveled across the state urging voters to listen to their campaigns. hillary clinton is campaigning for urgency. this is what she said on sunday. >> why the stakes in this election are so high and we have to start to move toward nominating and electing a president and commander in chief who will continue the progress we made, make sure it is not ripped away forcing us to once again be disappointed. >> reporter: now bernie sanders is asking supporters to believe in their ideas and possibility. he made a different argument as he campaigned on sunday. he reminded his supporters. he can win if they come out and support him. >> today, we are locked in a very, very close race right here in iowa and if we have the kind
2:45 am
of turnout that i hope we can, we're going to win here in iowa. [ applause ] >> and if we win here in iowa, i think we will do very, very well in new hampshire. >> reporter: now clinton, sanders and former maryland governor martin o'malley will be here in des moines making their pitch to voters in the cnn town hall tonight. after that, the campaigns are getting into overdrive mobilizing the supporters they spent months cultivating. is this inspiration of the bernie sanders campaign over the organization of the hillary clinton that will turn out here? will there be a big turnout in 2008 like for barack obama or will it be a smaller turnout in
2:46 am
previous years? that will determine how the race goes on. john and christine. >> let's break all this down with goldie taylor, she is editor in large with "the daily beast." i have the fresh poll from fox news this weekend which has donald trump with an 11-point lead in iowa. 34 to 23%. a big jump where he was. in the same fox news poll, he was trailing ted cruz a couple weeks ago. this shows donald trump on the move with one week to go in iowa. >> this is absolutely right. there are two things we have to pay attention to here. one is modelling. how the polls are taken and what questions are asked. that is important. the second thing is ground game. how strong is donald trump's ground game in iowa? we are told it is strong and he has a professional force on the ground. ted cruz has a ground game that is really kicking into gear right now.
2:47 am
we watched 2,000 people show up for him at a rally the night before last. he has some strong, strong supporters. the question for trump voters is have you done this before, will you stay all night if you have to? we are finding with many trump supporters, this is their first time in a long time getting excited about a candidate enough to go out and caucus. this is for the experience. this is not for the faint of heart. i wonder how many of trump's people will show up and stay. >> he went to church yesterday and the minister was giving a homily and sermon of welcoming immigrants and the people in the parish were excited he was there although the message was not exactly donald trump-esque. will they come out for him? >> that remains to be seen. that is one of the things i think is sort of immeasurable. if you look at or unable to
2:48 am
measure, if you look at the support donald trump is drawing. he is drawing people who don't have a second choice. their only choice is trump. those are the people who tend to go out and tend to stay the night. you know, this is one of the caucuses that i just simply can't call. >> if you look at the polls, it may not show up in the vote, but he is trending upward right now. the other thing trending in politics. billionaires. we may get another one in the race. michael bloomberg breaks the big story. weighing a possible third party run. he has taken polls. he had people giving presentations on what it will take to do it. viable? >> one thing can be said about michael bloomberg. he is smart money. people say he looked at this before. he has toyed with running for president before. when he looked at it in prior times, he did not see a viable path forward. he didn't put his money on the
2:49 am
line. this time he charted out what is the most viable path and i do, too. if he sees a race that hillary clinton does not win the nomination and he sees someone like donald trump or ted cruz on the other side, that is the most viable opportunity for a self funded independent. you remember ross perot. if he had these odds in '92, he would have won the race. >> you remember how many votes ross perot got? zero. >> i think this year, the lay of the land is quite a bit more fertile for the outsider. we are seeing it with donald trump and bernie sanders, who wasn't a democrat until this election. >> you look at iowa in 2008 and it elevated president obama, senator barack obama at the time. some people endorsed barack obama then and now endorsing hillary clinton. saying she is a different candidate today than 2008. is she?
2:50 am
how is she different today than when she lost iowa? >> i have not seen a difference. i have seen her move on a few issues and passionate about others, but that is a concern of bernie sanders in the race. that is what sanders does to the main line establishment candidate like hillary clinton. at the end of the day, will that really take her forward in terms of winning the nomination? today, it is her nomination to lose. i think bernie sanders' best chance is to do a couple of things. move her on the issues or hobble her for the general election. throws the two real outcomes for him. >> goldie taylor, great to have you with us. one time we will see the shape of the race is tonight in iowa. a town meeting there. cnn town meeting moderated by our chris cuomo. chris joins us now. what is going with the town
2:51 am
meeting? >> hey, my friends. we are here in iowa tonight at 9:00 eastern. we will throw a town hall for the democratic candidates. this is their last best chance to make a face-to-face case with actual iowa democrat caucuses here. the questions, can hillary capitalize on the endorsements that clinton got over the weekend or is bernie sanders going to convince people to come out in a way that they never have before. using the word revolution and everyone opens up. and governor o'malley. what can he do to make a move in the field in what has been a two-person race up to this point. and the east coast is digging out of the blizzard. snowfall in several cities. travel impaired. all of the worst-case scenarios. you will hear it was averted. it could have been worse.
2:52 am
it was deadly. why and what has to be done now? we will take you through all of it. >> notice, chris, when the going got tough in new york, you went to iowa. well done. >> i did. i bailed. i bailed. i bailed like the patriots, john. >> chris, we will see you coming up on "new day." oil prices are tanking. what does it mean for the stock rally and for chris cuomo in iowa? we will get an early start on your money next. inthe mid-size van, from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability
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isis released a gruesome new propaganda video claiming the final words of the paris attackers and abdelhamid abaaoud. it seems to confirm that the attacks were ordered by al baghdadi.
2:56 am
six of the nine terrorists are seen executing people after they give their on-camera statements. this mornin, authorities are inn steetensifying the manho escaped jail in southern california. the fbi asked for the public for help with a $50,000 reward. the escape was well thought out and possibly planned for months. the three were jailed for felonies for murder and attempted murder. investigators from malaysia and thailand are dispatched to the coast to see if the debris which washed ashore is part of the mh-370. the plane vanished in march of 2013 flying from kuala lumpur. severe turbulence forcing an american airlines flight to make an emergency landing in newfoundland on sunday. seven people were taken to the local hospital with injuries.
2:57 am
the officials said the flight from miami to italy encountered heavy turbulence. 57 minutes past the hour. time for an early start on your money. asian markets closed higher, but you have european markets falling and u.s. stock futures turning down. it is because of oil. oil prices have turned lower here and so you have stocks in europe and united states falling. the price of crude has been volatile in the past few weeks. plunged below $27 on wednesday. the lowest level since 2003. it bounced to above $32 over the next couple days. now down more than 3% on concerns of a global supply glut. oil weak. investors gearing for a big week. amazon and apple will report fourth quarter results. wall street is bracing for disappointing results. how disappointing? analysts forecasting a 5% decline in profits for the
2:58 am
companies in the s&p 500. if that holds, it marks the first back-to-back quarterly decline since 2009. twitter overhauling the leadership. jack dorsey says four of the social media company's top executives are leaving. he is trying to revamp the company he co- founded. people have been critical of the slow growth. a major clean up under way this morning after the weekend deadly storm erupted. a rough start for the workweek and flights and schools canceled. "new day" has that and more. >> the big clean up begins. >> the storm lived up to the hype. >> 4 feet of snow. that's a lot to handle. >> this will be our most expensive snow event ever. i'm going to do the best i can to make sure i get the
2:59 am
nomination. >> the american people don't want to see our nation move to the alagarchy. >> it donald trump wins, it will be a snow ball to hell. way to go, baby! >> denver wins, 20-18, earning the broncos for the super bowl berth. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, alisyn camerota and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome to "new day." it is monday, january 25th, 6:00 in the east. chris is live in iowa. ahead of tonight's cnn democratic forum and john berman joins me here in studio. we begin with the dig out from the historic blizzard that dumped mountains of snow over millions of people from the carolinas to new england. the storm crippling cities and smashing records.
3:00 am
getting around after the blizzard proving more challenging than many predicted and cleaning up several feet of snow could take days and proving deadly for some. we have the dig out from the blizzard covered the way only cnn can. let's start with that >> reporter: absolutely a challenge. especially on the long island railroad. service was supposed to resume at 5:00 a.m. service was pushed back to 7:00 a.m. some of the rails refroze overnight. a lot of folks looking at suspended service, trying to figure out when they will be able to get on their trains. long island railroad serves hundreds of thousands of people every day. so this as cities across the east coast start digging out from that massive winter storm. >> this is a complicat


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