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tv   New Day  CNN  January 25, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PST

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blizzard proving more challenging than many predicted and cleaning up several feet of snow could take days and proving deadly for some. we have the dig out from the blizzard covered the way only cnn can. let's start with that >> reporter: absolutely a challenge. especially on the long island railroad. service was supposed to resume at 5:00 a.m. service was pushed back to 7:00 a.m. some of the rails refroze overnight. a lot of folks looking at suspended service, trying to figure out when they will be able to get on their trains. long island railroad serves hundreds of thousands of people every day. so this as cities across the east coast start digging out from that massive winter storm. >> this is a complicated snow
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removal effort. >> reporter: this morning the deadly winter storm is still paralyzing parts of the northeast. millions continue trying to dig and plow out the winter's record-breaking aftermath. you can see snow enveloping more than 13 states in white. the melting slush may freeze overnight and create icy conditions. crews in several states are still working around the clock to get approximate metro, train, and bus services back up and running. in new york, the long island railroad sustained significant damage during the storm, forcing officials to only open 80% of the busy commuter railroad in north america. >> it will be a slow start. >> this storm dropping 26 inches in central park, the second
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largest snowfall in new york city history. glengary, west virginia, was the hardest hit, 42 inches cover their small town. the heavy snow collapsing roofs in maryland, pennsylvania, and virginia. >> i believe at the end of the day this will be our most expensive snow event ever. >> i tried to help. >> a mother and her 1-year-old son died waiting inside this car to stay warm. but snow was covering the tail pipe and carbon monoxide covered the tail pipe and the family suffocated. >> the shoveling and the digout begins not just here but were many cities on the east coast. one of the trouble spots, john, in new york city is queens where
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some of the secondary streets have not been plowed. the mayor saying expect half-hour delays no matter where you are trying to get to in the city. folks on the long island railroad looking at delays much longer than that. >> the blizzard crippling the nation's capital, forcing offices and schools shutdown. it could take days. nick valencia with more in d.c. nick, how is it going? >> reporter: good morning, john. we're right smack in the middle of day two in the nation's capital. just take a look at all of this snow. this not necessarily a snowdrift. created by the hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment for that cleanup effort. this is not something that you see every day here in the district. heavy machinery being brought in. these plows, spreaders. literally they are coming in to
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haul out the tons and tons of snow from the massive winter storm that affected up and down the east coast, specifically here. 22 inches fell in the nation's capital. that's the a result of 34 straight hours of consistent snow. just when you think you're getting a break, there is more forecast this week. with all of this snow here, you know what that means, nowhere to go. federal government, local government not expected to show up to work today. allison? >> nick, thanks so much for that update. a airlines trying to get back to the airport. 1,200 flights still canceled. how about air travel to and from washington? live at washington reagan national airport with a ripple effect there. renee, what's it looking like? >> reporter: i can tell you, allison, we were here 24 hours
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ago. we were the only ones here. what a difference 24 hour makes. they're smiling now because they have their luggage. they probably have a boarding pass. this is what they have been waiting for for days. people are checking in. not a lot of planes. they are resuming limited service at reagan national and dulles. these are the last two to get up and running. we saw new york city, philadelphia, baltimore yesterday. they resumed limited services. a lot still struggling with cancellations and delays. newark, laguardia, dulles. lots of delays today. united and american are still dealing with delays. these airports are their hubs. reagan national, a hub for american, dulles a hub for
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united. back to you. john. >> it's going to take time to untangle this. renee marsh, thanks so much. what about the snow joining us is chad myers. any warmup any time soon? >> yeah. we get to 40. it is so bright. you are going to need sunglasses as you drive. make sure that shade is down when you drive to the east anywhere. we're not going to melt 25 inches of snow with 45 degrees. the snow came down as some of the models said they would. now, the models monday, tuesday, wednesday didn't do so good. the rapid presip model for new york city about 18 inches. we got 26. baltimore is good. richmond, philadelphia. we have 16 to 20.
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20 inches there exactly. there goes the next storm for thursday and all of these threats. i don't see it. it is offshore. they are now just to the southeast where the snow is. what you're going to have to watch out pore, the snow gets heavier and heavier as it collects moisture from the air. every night it gets below freezing. then you have another ice chunk in the morning. i stphtsed that walking to work today. >> the director of the district of columbia homeland security and emergency management. thank you for being with us. >> morning, all. >> give us a status report. you had a record breaker in d.c. why can't schools and federal offices open today? >> like you said, allison, we have record-breaking snow. we are continuing to move that
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snow. actually, our cleanup efforts are well under way. i think our crews are doing great. however, the way we rely on our metro system and the way that we rely on trains and the buses both to help us move our students around the city without a full metro service and with the very slick conditions and the icing that we're going to see through most of the morning, it's just too dangerous to bring students in. >> what is your biggest concern this morning? >> our biggest concern is to continue with the cleanup. we want to get back in business as quickly as possible. the ice this morning, the refreezing, that takes a little bit more time for us. creates a little bit more dangerous situation out there for crews out there and for folks that want to be out on the road. we just really want to make sure folks are staying indoors. we close government and close
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schools. we want residents to help with the sidewalks and make sure our crews can get on the residential streets. >> why is it harder to dig out out in d.c. than in new york, where we also got 26 inches of snow? >> i'm not so certain it's harder to dig out in d.c. we have some hilly areas. we have a little bit of different terrain and topography that actually our citist. i don't know if we have much of a difference in your timelines. both cities show pavement on main roads and arterials. unlike periods that are suburban where you can push the snow off on the grass, the city has to remove it. you have to send the bob cots and front-end loaders to pull
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it, haul it, and deposit it somewhere. >> i just mean new york is back to functioning this morning. all the offices are open, schools are open. what is it about d.c. that is keeping everything closed? >> you know, it is literally getting through the snow and moving it all, and get willing picked up. that's what we're working on today and through the day and through the rest of the week. >> i read you said, "we're still in that time frame when really bad things can happen." what are you referring to? >> we had a lot of people trying to get out and dig out. we still have, as was mentioned earlier on your show, the danger of roof collapses. we had two of those in surrounding jurisdictions yesterday. we have one here. this is still a dangerous situation. we have froze especially roads, frozen sidewalks. we have snow on the roofs.
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we have that danger. we want to clean up and get everybody back to normal. >> we wish you best of luck as you make your way out there. >> thank you, allison. isis releasing a new propaganda message with the names and faces of the nine who were involved in the attacks. thai officials looking at a piece of metal. too soon whether it could be from mh-370.
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super bowl 50 is now set. broncos going up against cam newton and the carolina panthers. coy, what happened? >> reporter: oh, goodness, zone. awesomeness happened. i played nine years in the nfl. i have seen a lot of games. this is one of the most exciting i've witnessed. two nfl legends, peyton manning and tom brady playing to go to the super bowl was surreal. manning had two touchdown passes which totaled his number in denver all season. two went to owen daniels. brady wouldn't go quietly there. fourth down, 12 seconds to go. rob gronkowski for the touchdown. cut the lead my two. that meant they had to go for two. broncos ended up sealing the deal. pats can't get it done. peyton manning is on one of his
3:13 am
last three consecutive meetings with the patriots. they earn their eighth super bowl berth tying with the most for any team in history. >> this was a sweet day. this was a sweet victory. to me this victory sort of is a great example of what this entire season has been like. it hasn't been easy. it's been a lot of different people stepping up, doing their parts at different times. >> as john mentioned, the broncos will face the carolina panthers in super bowl 50. oh, my goodness, did cam newton show why he was going to be mvp. it was the big one dominating all game. seven turnovers. they blew it out of the water. than percent win and score the most points ever in an nfc
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championship game. happening february 7th in santa clara, california. panthers making their second super bowl appearance and peyton manning making his fourth. he would be the oldest starting quarterback in super bowl history. >> broncos were better, flat-out better. the patriots were down the whole game. the fourth quarter, so many fourth and tens. they couldn't convert tom brady is still pretty. >> he is. >> thank goodness i want coy to say on a bumper sticker awesomeness happens. >> i've got to tell you, allison, the reason we love these big games is very often they give you moments you're not going to forget. i have i could hear j.b.'s screams of delight and pain all the way through that game.
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when brady marched the guys back on the field, he was so cool, so calm. gronkowski obviously not 100%, coy. making that catch of two defenders, over the shoulder, the touchdown catch after he had obviously been pulled down on the series before, which he was all upset about shows why brady is one of the greatest of all time. the many contrast move, interesting to see how he keeps it together during the game. >> like fire and ice, thunder and lightning. one of the greatest old school legends of all time. peyton manning against the hottest dual threat quarterback cam newton. what an epic matchup it will be. >> we'll talk about it perhaps more on the show. chris, tell us what's going on out there in iowa. >> reporter: well, we have the
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clinton and sanders are pitching contrasting messages to iowans. from clinton, realism. from sanders, revelation. what is the potential swing factor? we could be the answer to that last question. here on cnn at 9:00 eastern.
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it is the last best chance to move the needle in a big way. cnn politics executive editor mr. mark burrston. how would you describe the state of play of the two campaigns? >> it is the energy and excitement is with bernie sanders, no question about it. i was with him all last night and the weekend. great side-by-side example in clinton, amountly named. she had 400 people. bernie sanders had about twice that amount. the question is, a, are all those people from iowa and, b, are they going to turn out on the caucuses. it is not a primary election. you have to get your people to
3:22 am
that exact place next monday night, 7:00 p.m. can the sanders campaign organize them to do that? that's the unknown question. >> what are you hearing from the teams? what are they saying? they are trying to pump you like, hey, you better be ready for x. what are you hearing? >> i think that the folks continue to talk about long game, long game, long game. even if they were to lose iowa, eye a long game. they feel like they have the infrastructure in states beyond iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. then you start growing into super tuesdays. for the sanders campaign, they need momentum. the idea is they need a strong showing here to try to get more boost behind their campaign to roll into new hampshire where they have a sizable lead over hillary clinton. what's interesting is there's been only two major candidates who have gone on to win the nomination who have not won iowa and new hampshire. the first is george mcgovern.
3:23 am
the second is bill clinton. >> so when we are looking at the analysis of the race, we are starting to hear this 2008 all over again for hillary. for good and bad reason. this idea that someone has captured the heart of the party and it's not her. that's what it was with barack obama. then senator, now president. give me a similarity and a difference with his campaign and barack obama. >> it is the energy and the faces of the voters. a lot were not able to vote for president obama. they are the 17 through 25-year-olds. out for bernie sanders. they don't like everything the president has done. it is on the left side of the party. the people who believe the president should have done more. so the energy is from young voters. the obama campaign spent a year here all of 2007, really building something that has
3:24 am
never been done before. they expanded the universe of the iowa caucuses. in '08, 230,000 people came out and caucused, 100,000 more than the four years before that. they do not have as many offices in towns across the city. for obama it was critical to win to show a black candidate can win in a white state. social media is different. that's the key point here. in '16, totally different than '08. he will hopefully drive these people to the caucuseaucuses. >> if you go back to 2008, you also have college students. they weren't here in iowa because they weren't back at school. it was a month earlier. sanders has those kids now. the question is can he get the kids can out. there is the low gist cal challenge that a lot of kids are
3:25 am
not where they are supposed to be caucusing. they are trying to get from their colleges back to their home towns to caucus. >> how big a deal is tonight? what need to happen? what would be the first thing to happen. >> the worst thing is for the clinton campaign, too come off too aggressive. doesn't look like a leader. she is playing the pragmatic politician and feels she's completely on the offensive. bernie sanders he is not able to convince that he is going to be there he has the graph tas, the knowledge to handle big issues beyond domestic policy but really foreign policy. >> jeff, in terms of what this means going to the next one, that was a really good piece of history. you don't have a lot of examples of people who don't get it done here who go on to get it done. sanders said if they did it today, we win. where is the can confidence coming from? >> the crowds, the enthusiasm he
3:26 am
is closing strong here. we have covered so many of these. is he howard dean, who sort of had a great preseason year and collapsed? or is he barack obama? the can confidence is coming from the size of his crowds. on tuesday, bernie sanders is not spending the day in iowa. he is going north to minnesota. super tuesday, march 1st is a good place for him. he is looking for those states that obama won. he knows that iowa is important. such a good point about colleges. so many small towns across iowa have colleges. grinnell. sanders is going to all of them again this week. >> bernie sanders giving a good push there. the press made about governor
3:27 am
o'malley. this is his last good chance to take the bite of action out of one or both. i know that because i have spent a lot of time with mr. mark preston. jeff, thank you very much. preston has been helping us get ready for the town hall. all three democratic candidates participating. tonight 9:00 eastern. 30 minutes each. taking questions in large part from you, the voters. real issues that people are confronting in their lives and a desire for real solutions. who is going to go first? bernie sanders is going to go first. who is going second? o'malley is going to go second. i bet you can figure out who goes third. harrisburg -- hillary clinton third. i got you a mug. >> chris, thank you for that
3:28 am
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mountains of snow piling up on streets and highways be up and down the east coast. this blizzard of 2016 lived up to the hype. so how does it compare with blizzards of the past? chad myers is here with a look. show us the comparison. chad? >> it was a good one. new york city picked up its greatest 24-hour snowfall but not its greatest for any one storm by 0.1. like you could actually see it, measure it. d.c., they measured the snow,
3:33 am
17.8. national zoo, five inches more. d.c., kind of let the snow compact before they measured it with their stick. whereas the national zoo did a little bit better job. dulles in the 26 range. new york city has had more than anchorage, alaska. we warm up into the 40s. at that rate it will take weeks to get rid of this. make sure you have plenty of washer fluid. radiation will bounce off the snow. it is so bright you will have the snow blind in your eyes. the air doesn't warm up very much, therefore it doesn't melt very much. een at 50 degrees, it will take weeks to get rid of this. only 2 to 4 inches a day will melt as we get into the 50 or 60-degree range. >> chad, thanks for explaining that. that was really helpful. tonight the democratic forum to
3:34 am
be hosted by chris. hi again, chris. >> reporter: what are the chances i would come to iowa and get better weather in the middle of the winter than new york city? but that's what happened. good for me. bad for you. so we just got to wait until the iowa caucuses. the new polls show donald trump building on his lead in the last few weeks. so that does that mean? what does working especially against ted cruz, who will come in first and second? more importantly, who will come in third. why is third more important? we'll tell you from the gop perspective, next.
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welcome back to new day. we are here in iowa where we have an answer to what trump has made a difference for him or ted
3:39 am
cruz in the upcoming caulk can us. who is going to win, maybe just as important, who will be third. former chairman of the iowa republican party, currently a partner at next generation public affairs. good to see you, my friend. >> good to have you in iowa. >> let's take a look at the poll. fox news showing trump moved and moved in a significant way and done so during the same time frame he was coming at cruz with all the eligibility and other stuff. what does that mean about his tactics and the impact. >> we are seeing the hits against ted cruz are working. the hits from donald trump. the questions being raised by terry branstead. and the answers from the first time caucusgoers that are showing up in droves around the state. more iowans think they will show up and caucus for the first time. the incomes showing most of the
3:40 am
first-time caucus tpwoers showing up in the numbers. >> talking about any type of name that is an insurgency. not in a terror context. what do you think is the strongest indication at this point we will see it. we saw it with barack obama in the first cycle. >> you have to look out the window at the snow events. people standing outside in subzero temperatures for hours to see donald trump. to think they will not give 60 to 90 minutes. >> bernie sanders, how important is that label in determining in who gets you a nomination. >> 50% of iowa caucusgoers,
3:41 am
likely represents, identify with an anti establishment bit. whether you're donald trump, ted cruz, ben carson competing for the votes. even marco rubio we have seen trying to shed and stay away from that label. they are interested in his candidacy. which is why the endorsement from the des moines register cuts both ways. in northwest iowa he is competing with ted cruz for the conservative vote. they have a weary eye toward the des moines register and its liberal positions. >> everybody is talking about the margins now. oh, he's going to win but it won't be by that much. the third group is getting equal
3:42 am
credit seugz. there are three people. it is still anyone's race. >> yeah. that's iowa's traditional role in the process. we take brief. we don't pick the winner here in iowa. that's not our job. we start the process and accepted the candidates on to new hampshire. when you look how things are bunched up in new hampshire in the center right lane. senator rubio, a little bit of boost from the des moines register, he is appearing today with our wildly popular ernst. >> what does your gut tell you? does trump win here? if he wins here, does he go right into the convention. >> people whose advice i trust that i worked with when i was state chairman, they think this trump deal is real. >> do you think he will be five
3:43 am
points, seven points or a blowout? >> that's the million dollar question. if it looks anything like an electorate, it will be a tight race. >> look forward to seeing you out here. back to you my friend, j.b. >> sarah palin endorses donald trump. what do you think "saturday night live" was going to do? tina fey is back. the highlights next. >> it's what the mainstream media is spinning. i've smoked a lot
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the historic and deadly storm still paralyzing parts of the northeast this morning. treacherous travel conditions with black ice on the roads. schools, federal and local government offices are closed in washington, d.c. today. air travel also crippled. more than 1,300 flights today. 7 of 12 branches of the long
3:48 am
island railroad set to resume service in 15 minutes. the fbi hoping a $50,000 award will help recapture three inmates who rappelled out of a maximum security center in california. they cut through half-inch steel bars and plumbing tunnel before roping their way to the ground. the trio is considered armed and dangerous >> so with sarah palin's endorsement of donald trump, you night was only a matter of time. tina fey dusted off their impressions of sarah and trump. >> we americans are struggling. so many of of us have lost our job at the factory or reality shows about alaska. and we have seen our own children targeted by the police for no reason other than they committed some crimes. i'm here for all you teachers
3:49 am
and teamsters, you farmers and charmers. whether you're a mom or "two broke girls" or three men and a baby, rock and roller, holy roller, pro bowler with an abscessed molar. >> she's a firecracker. she's a real pistol. she's crazy, isn't she? >> look, donald trump knows what he's getting when he gets the sarah palin endorsement. i'm sure the trump campaign is perfectly happy with this. the more attention the better. >> you know lauren michaels is going -- he has tina fey on speed dial. >> they still can't tell the difference between what sarah palin said and tina fey said. a lot of it is what tina fey
3:50 am
said. >> "saturday night live" returns february 6th with larry david, ak can a, the real bernie sanders, hosting. michael bloomberg considering a run for the white house. a third-party run. is there room for another new york billionaire in this race? we'll discuss.
3:51 am
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yes, this election needs a new shakeup in the race. mayor michael bloomberg dropping plans for a potential third-party run. he would be willing to spend a billion dollars to fund it, which apparently he has. god bless him. so how would that affect the race? joining sus political anchor for time warner cable, erol. michael bloomberg sitting there with his $16 billion looking at this race and thinking what? ? well, first of all, it's $37 billion. >> i short changed him. >> if you don't spend it just gets bigger and bigger. if there is any reasonable shot at running for president he is thinking i'll take it. he has been saying that since before 2008. if there is a reasonable shot, i
3:55 am
will consider it. i think the reasonable shot is sort of a tricky scenario. it is not in conceivable that trump or cruz, as the republican nominee, bernie sanders as the democratic nominee. he says, listen, this is a country where a record high 42%, 43% say they are independent and not enamored by republicans or democrats. if you have a billion dollars and you're in the ballot on all 50 states and you have governed the biggest city for 12 years and it wasn't a terrible run as mayor, it was actually a good run as mayor, what's to stop you? >> a great big chasm in the middle he think he can fill. >> it is hard to know for you to compare what people will do as opposed to what they say they
3:56 am
will do. he would hurt the democrats more. he has governed one of the most liberal cities in the country. even though he came in as a republican. even though he is fabulous weighty, even though he identifies with wall street where he made his fortune, this is not somebody who would pass muster as a mainstream. >> he is socially liberal. >> right. >> you could make a case he is more liberal than hillary clinton. >> very much so. or at least when he governed it put him in sync with new york city values. open immigration, attitude in policy and very strongly against gun violence. >> an advocate of new laws, restrictions in some cases for gun rights. >> it is interesting.
3:57 am
having said that, he was also the single digest donor to george w. bush. he supported the republican legislature here in new york. and he has in many ways a lot of conservative views. a very vocal champion be for wall street. you know, he's been the first to say you can't put me in a box. he dropped his party affiliation. spent most of his life as a democrat. ran for mayor as a republican. on the independent tphraoeupb new york. then dropped everything. >> let's look at the calendar. iowa one week from today. new hampshire a week after that. the timing of when michael bloomberg to get in is march 1st. deadline to get on the ballots next november as third-party candidate. he has to decide soon. not just soon. but before in some cases you
3:58 am
will know if hillary clinton completely collapsed. say bernie sanders does well. wins in iowa. wins in new hampshire. wins in nevada and south carolina. what does he do then? >> well, it is a perplexing puzzle. if you are somebody like him with $37 billion and you invest a billion dollars you at least make it possible. the reality is even if you're on the ballot in all 50 states, it's not as if you have to show up. anybody can suspend their campaign at any point. he is creating this intriguing possibility. he's not doing it purely out of ego. a lot of people who are out there are saying this is what the country needs. the harsh part is the trumps, cruzs and bernie sanders. but this is not where the future of the country lies. >> he's doing it because you can. we can think about the
3:59 am
possibility office what if might happen. for instance, news about what a germ election would be with both donald trump and michael bloomberg on the ballot. does that look like america? >> it says something about america. maybe not so pleasant. we are a long way of abe lincoln splitting logs in the middle of the cup. this is kind of where things are headed. you know, the majority of the members of the supreme court all come from new york city. every single one went to harvard or yale. we've got an issue here. this is fueling a lot of the anger, be frankly. when people talk about the elites, this is kind of what they're talking about. >> thanks for being with us. >> thank you. post your comment to there is a lot going on, so let's get to it. day two of the big dig is beginning today. >> the historic blizzard crippling the nation's capital. >> this is a complicated snow
4:00 am
removal effort. >> we have been lucky with no fatalities. let's keep it that way. >> we are locked in a close race here in iowa. >> the stakes in this election are so high. >> if we win here in iowa i think we will do very well in new hampshire. >> i would love to have michael bloomberg run. i would love that competition. isis released a new propaganda video. >> it appears to show the nine responsible for the attacks in paris. >> this is. ♪ new day." >> good morning, everybody. welcome to your new day. or for some you your snow day. i'm alisyn camerota. chris cuomo and john berman. both of you are inside interestingly. i'm here to show you the aftermath of the blizzard of
4:01 am
2016. new york city got 26.8 inches of snow. it missed breaking the record by 0.1. behind me you see central park. that's where the snow measurements taken. new york city getting back to normal. it is monday morning. commuters are coming back. not true of other metropolitan areas such as washington, d.c. this storm affected the east coast from the carolinas up through pafplt new york. but interestingly, not boston. let me just show you some of the pictures here. you are seeing people trying to make their way in the aftermath of all the snow, all the cleanup crews. it has proven much more challenging than expected to clean up. particularly, as i said, in washington, look at the roads. people trying to pass. people got stuck.
4:02 am
hundreds of people who got stuck on some highways. cnn's jason carroll live at pen station. how is it looking there? >> i know you are saying new yorkers are trying the get back to normal. it is really an effort for commuters trying to take the long island railroad. still experiencing a number of delays because several rails refroze overnight. basically the reality is whether you're here in new york city, maryland, washington, d.c. or philadelphia, it is just going to be slow going today. >> this is a complicated snow removal effort. >> this morning the historic and deadly winter storm is still paralyzing parts of the northeast. millions continue trying to dig. and plow out the weekend's record-breaking aftermath. from space you can see snow enveloping more than 13 states
4:03 am
in white. >> there you go. ? officials warning it may refreeze overnight causing dangerous, icy conditions. >> you may be cruising along at 50 miles per hour and then you will hit snow. and then we will have some accidents. >> crews are still working around the clock to get metro, train, and bus services back up and running. in new york, the long island sustained significant damage during the storm, forcing officials to only open 80% of the busiest commuter railroad in north america. >> it will be a slow start. >> the snowstorm dropping over 26 inches in new york, the second in history. gl glengary, west virginia, was the hardest hit with 42 inches cover their ground. collapsing roofs in maryland, pennsylvania, and virginia. >> i believe at the end of the day this will will probably be our most expensive snow event
4:04 am
ever. >> this as reports rise to 30 deaths by the crippling winter storm? i tried to help. >> a mother and her 1-year-old son died waiting inside this car to stay warm. but snow was covering the tail pipe and carbon monoxide suffocating the family. >> anybody who know this is spot outside penn station knows on any given day you would see a number of cabs lined up and a number of people waiting for the cabs. you can see right now it's empty. the people simply can't get here, to get into the city to get the cabs. the mayor is saying expect half-hour delays here. those taking the long island railroad, alisyn, will be looking for that.
4:05 am
>> even has to be federal offices closed today. schools are closed today. nick valencia is giving us an update of what is on the ground. >> reporter: good morning, alissyn. you can see here hundreds of piece office equipment, heavy machinery, spreaders, snowplows have been brought in to clean up the tons and tons of snow left behind i was talk to go one of the members of the cleanup crew here. they are taking this to rfk stadium. more than 22 inches of snow measured at the national zoo. it has crippled the nation's capital. the federal government offices are closed, local government as well as schools. if you look forward to the
4:06 am
forecast, freezing rain expected here. with this snow still all around. let me get out of here as the police vehicle comes here. the snow still all around the district. with it probably very limited places for it to go there is a strong potential there could be flooding here in washington and the days ahead. alisyn? >> the freezing rain is also dangerous. 1,200 flights have already been canceled for today. what happens on the east coast, has a ripple effect through the rest of the country. live at reagan national airport is rene marsh. how is it look something. >> we are seeing luggage, passengers, people checking in. we are seeing the aircraft. it is all starting to look a lot better, allison. here reagan international, dulles international, they resumed limited flight
4:07 am
operations this morning. it is significant for people to get in and out of the washington, d.c. area. these are the last two airports to open. when i say last two airports, airports in the impact zone. of course we saw yesterday airports in new york city, philadelphia, and baltimore. they resumed limited service. but although things are up and running, these passengers are dealing with delays and cancellations. you said it the at the top, over 1,000 today. laguardia, newark, still with lots of cancellations. i have been speaking to the airlines. they tell me they have been able to rebook these passengers. everybody is not going to get to where they need to go to today. they are rebooking people. peopling get on flights out the week. people are getting boarding passes but not everyone will get out today. >> that's a good message. we will check back to see how it
4:08 am
is going. our intrepid meteorologist chad myers is usually out in the elements. strangely, he's in the warm studio right now looking out at how on the snowfall has gone, chad. >> i can finally feel my left big toe after being out there all weekend long. yeah, we're in good shape. thank you for being out there, by the way. temperatures will warm up but not enough to make any significant snow melt except in the gutter and you step off the curb and you go splosh. it is a liquid, mushy mess. new york city, had about 12 to 18 inches. obviously it was bigger than that. we had numbers over 24 in a lot of cities. european model, not even close. only 12 inches. at least for once, the american model outworked the european model. 26.8 in central park.
4:09 am
dulles, 28.3. these are all big numbers. they are still tallying whether these were the big numbers or not. the little guys all tell us what's going on. storm offshore. i'm not worried about it honestly at all. so far offshore i think we do stay dry from it. there is still the potential to do something. for now, i'm not worried. >> chad, we know you'll keep watching all of that for us. thank you. we want to go live to baltimore. this storm was a record breaker. myor stephanie rawlings-blake. how is your city doing? >> thank you for having me. this is the big dig from the most historic snowstorm ever. thank you for heeding the warnings so we can focus on
4:10 am
removing the snow and not clearing vehicles. we have 3,000 lane miles 245 we have to go dump the snow out. it is a big endeavor. >> you got 29.2 inches. what was it like at the heart of the storm there? >> it wasn't a record i was exciting about breaking. listen, everybody hunkered down. people are out having snowball fights, having a good time. really we want everybody to be safe. if people can stay off the roads, that's why we closed the city government. people can stay off the roads, we can do what we need to do and get the city back up and running as soon as possible. >> we are looking at a live shot of baltimore. it is just incredible. it is a ghost town. some people there trying to make their way by foot on the streets. you are now in what you call phase two of your emergency
4:11 am
plan. what does that involve? >> that means if you don't have the all-weather radio, you don't have four-wheel-drive, chains on your tires, you are not permitted on the roads. we're doing that because at certain points during the storm, even our emergency equipment was getting stuck. and that's not where you want to be. we want to keep many abandoned vehicles off the road so we don't have to slow down the pace of the work to remove the snow. >> mass transit in your city was shut down over the weekend. is it going to be up and running? >> the state will do limited service for mass transit. again, we are encouraging people to use common sense. i encourage offices, businesses, to use common sense. if your employees won't be safe getting in, you should consider closing. >> mayor, how will you be spending today? >> i'm going to be visiting some of our youth workers.
4:12 am
this winter we started a new program where won't have kids signed up, young people signed up. they will be paid through the youth works program to help shovel out seniors and people living with disabilities. i'm looking forward to visiting them and just check in on some of our workers. i visited one of our expanded shelters. ive just wanted to lay my eyes on people and make sure everybody was okay. i keep saying we are all in this together. if we can remember that, we will be better off stphrfplt if you have a neighborhood kid, a teenager down the street, let that person shovel you out. we have seep, sadly, this storm has been deadly for some people. people think they can tackle the heavy snow and they end up getting hurt. >> it's a really dangerous storm. and you have snow that's heavy. a lot of people aren't used to
4:13 am
doing this aerobic activity that it takes to remove the type of snow we have. some of our guys out there, they want to be superman. but they don't have to be. they can be superman 30 minutes at a time. take a break, stay high traited. we don't want to see anybody die out there shoveling snow. it is not that important. your life is more valuable. >> absolutely s. mayor, thanks for taking time to join us on "new day." best of luck there. >> thanks, alisyn. >> let's two back inside where it is 70 degrees fahrenheit. >> it is. i have been acting like superman for several minutes isis releasing a new propaganda video showing the nine paris attackers making their statements before the massacres. the tape seems to confirm the order came from the very top of that terror organization.
4:14 am
nic robertson joins us from london. nic, has on this video? >> it is a very slickly produced production by isis. one, it uses a lot of news media footage of the attacks itself. even inside the football stadium where there were three suicide bombers. what it does after that is very brutal, stark and in keeping with what we have seen from isis previous to this. nine alleged attackers. three they identify as french, four belgium, and two iraqis. each has a little bit to the camera. there are threats. there's innuendo. and calling for other muslims and join the fight in syria. also at the same time they are involved in brutal killings of prisoners. it is not clear who those prisoners are.
4:15 am
it is almost as if they're extras in isis's awful propaganda material and then executed. there were two references to france were. one is we will attack you at the bottom of the eiffel tower. the huge boulevard there 2349 center of paris. so very clearly insinuating the attack will come to france, they say. pwady baghdadi authorized it. this is isis at its worst trying to capitalize on that awful attack last year. john. >> trying to show a direct link between them and syria. severe turbulence on an american airlines flight sends seven people to the hospital. it was on its way from miami to
4:16 am
milan when it briefly hit turbulence. it was diverted to canada where paramedics evaluated passenger and crew. a skier in alaska loses her footing and takes just an awful fall. angel collins plunged 1,000 feet down a mountain side in alaska. you can hear the panicked breaths. unbelievable video as she tumbled town the slope. she finally came to a halt. >> i'm okay. >> you can hear her say i'm on okay right there. >> that is incredible. glad she's doing okay. all right. time to get back to des moines where chris cuomo is looking for us. >> wowee. can we talk about that for a second? these athletes not only find a way to survive it, but they can't wait to get back up there
4:17 am
and do more extreme skiing. >> i'm thinking the audio equipment is pretty good. >> yeah. that's a great demonstration of audio equipment right there, z.b., i'll tell you that. well, good. lucky for her. good that it ended that way. a lot at stake in iowa. we're just a week away. what is going to push the needle? this town hall will have a lot to do with it. to get between actual voters and you. everybody at home watching. make their best pitch for themselves. we have news as well. bernie sanders says he has a lot in common with president obama. it is good for when an under dog can make a move. guess who weighed? president obama. we have the latest.
4:18 am
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crunch time in the voting. cnn is hosting a town hall tonight. perhaps the last best chance for all three candidates to make pitches directly to the voters. here with me to discuss the stakes and state of play, cnn senior analyst ron brownstein and mark preston and cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zelliny. so a big, big name just weighed in probably more than he has to date on what's going on on the democratic side. president obama letting his thoughts be known about the race. let's take a listen. >> bernie came in with the luxury of being a complete long shot. >> right. >> and just letting loose. >> right. >> i think hillary came in with
4:23 am
both the privilege and burden of being the front-runnerment the other nominee will need the other person's supporters. it is important, however, to maintain a tone in which people feel as if you're playing fair. and i think hillary has done that so far. >> hmm. disagree if you must, mark preston. however, it seems to me based on this and other things said in the interview that the president, is thumbing the scale for hillary clinton. saying vermont senator sanders is the bright, shiny new object that ironically he was in 2008. >> you stole my line. he came in as the bright shiny object at the outset. he said they need to come
4:24 am
together if they're going to win. in 2008, hillary clinton didn't get out until early june. that battle lasted that long. the bad part of that was barack obama had to keep fighting. the good part is barack obama had an organization that was activated in all of these states that stayed activated. >> i took your line something else from the interview i want you to take on. is the media being too harsh on her some president obama. yes. is bernie sanders the new barack obama. he does not believe it is true. >> bernie sanders is a 74-year-old democrat. he is a socialist. barack obama was a freshman senator. i can tell you, the old supporters, the coalition looks
4:25 am
similar to sanders. the voters are younger. they have more energy. there are will many differences between obama and sanders. >> one of the interesting things i think the president is right. that from the beginning hillary clinton to a much greater extent than bernie sanders formulated and put together her agenda with an eye on actually being president and what you could actually do. it's interesting, as the race has gone on, it has become an important fissure. it is about joining a movement not immediately attached to what can happen. clinton's argument aimed primarily a at older voters is who is ready to be president. who has a plan that can actually be implemented. the president with the thumb on the scale was saying maybe you need to focus on that. >> how important is it?
4:26 am
another thing that is different is barack obama was a black guy who was invigorating the minority base in a way we hadn't seen. >> i think here in iowa, 5% is african-american. if you compare iowa to south carolina and what bernie's problems are. we are saying bernie has a problem with african-americans. he is doing well here in iowa. barack obama did well. he proved that a black man could win in a state that was overwhelmingly white. he didn't win new hampshire. it certainly helped gain credibility. >> and had black support in south carolina. >> you didn't have to be brown to be excited by the idea of a black president either, which played a role. >> but he is making the obama
4:27 am
argument. don't let them, don't let the establishment tell you this can't happen. eight years ago she made the same argument about experience. remember the 3:00 a.m. phone call ad? her ads are so similar. >> his mind, the intellect of the campaign then, the sell was this is the new. we are the new. that is not bernie sanders's pitch. in many ways his plan is the new deal brought into this again. so that is a fundamental difference. >> the point is this idea that it is a movement. in the just electing a politician. you're transforming america. you're right. in terms of the actual ideology, bernie sanders is left of where barack obama was and certainly to where hillary clinton is
4:28 am
today. obama in 2008 really did change the electorate. 22% here were under 30. it was 172004. 9 in 2000. it was highest it was in many major state in 2008. they really did transform the electorate. we will see, and i think it will be a critical factor in both race force bernie sanders and donald trump for that matter, how they can bring in new voters and change the electorate. >> he ran on hope and change and encompassing message. this america ad it is a makes you feel good ad. what is his key word? it is a political revolution. let's go to washington and take it over. almost in a very aggressive way.
4:29 am
obama went in and said i'm going to bring change and work with people. bernie sanders is saying i'm going to burp the place town and rebuild it. >> eight years ago she called him naive. some of the people who supported him said we're going to be with sanders. they like what it does for the race, for what it does for hillary clinton. >> even here, this question -- >> real quick. >> the question whether sanders is overrelying on younger voters. >> right. >> this is not a primary. every vote does not count equally. there are a certain amount of delegates in each place. once you win them, you win them. haven't more votes doesn't advantage you the same it would in a primary state. >> ron, jeff, mark, thank you very much. appreciate it, as always. they will be with us tonight. we have the cnn presidential town hall, the last best chaps for candidates here at drake
4:30 am
university in des moines, 9:00 eastern here on cnn. alisyn, where are you now? are you back in the studio or still standing in the snow. no, there you are. >> they let me back in so i can defrost. but i will be back out there. >> of course you are. hearty. >> chris, we will be back with you as well. is it possible another blizzard is on its way? the digout may be even bigger. a weather update ahead. plus, we will speak with mayor de blasio about what's next. i just wish one of those people could have been mrs. johnson. [dog bark] trust me, we're dealing with a higher intelligence here. ♪ the all-new audi q7 is here. ♪
4:31 am
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4:34 am
much of the east coast digging out after a blizzard for the ages. record-setting snowfall in several cities. trying to get back up and running. new york city is doing a good job of it. joining sus new york city mayor bill de blasio. thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome, alisyn. >> it was snowmageddon. this lived up to the epic hype. what was it like as the blizzard
4:35 am
was hitting? >> we now know this blizzard came within .1 inch of being the biggest snowfall in history. we got almost 27 inches in central park. this is a storm that the day before looked much smaller than the national weather service was predicting. 8 to 12 inches even on friday. it sped up, got much more intense. we were getting as much as three inches in an hour. so this really was the big one. and i have to say all of the new york city first responders and our sanitation workers did an extraordinary. we have more work to do. but the amazing ability to deal with over two feet of snow. they did a great job. >> the word went out you were about to call for a travel ban. that's almost unheard of in new
4:36 am
york city. why did you decide to do that? ? we did it because we saw the numbers moving fast. we saw the overall accumulation projection going way up. we saw the possibility of two inches, even more in an hour. that was going to go on for 10 hours or more. if people got stuck on the roads, sanitation plows couldn't move. so we called for a ban, gave people a couple hours to get off the road. they were out in force to let people know it was serious. we didn't want to arrest people but we would if they didn't honor the ban. by 4:00, most of the roads were empty. and the snowplows could do their job. that's why right now we are in good shape in new york city. there's still work to be done. the snowplows got to do their job. we put out 2,500 snowplows at the peak. >> let's talk about that.
4:37 am
other cities have not gotten back up and running. washington, d.c., federal offices are closed today, as are schools. baltimore, much of it shut down. do you think that was sort of the deciding factor for success versus a harder time of it, the travel ban. >> a couple things. i think a travel ban helped immensely. we're at the age of extreme weather. we have all gotten the memo now. we are getting storms like we have never seen before. literally if that had been .2 inches more, it would be would have been the largest in new york city. it is clear we should get ready for bigger and bigger storms. look what boston went through last year. keeping the streets clear is crucial. new york city is used to snow. obviously massive apparatus we have put into play. 2,500 snow plows. we get out early. we know how to deal with it.
4:38 am
several cities south are less used to it. it's harder for that reason. we have been through a lot of snow. this was for the ages. >> yesterday you warned people not to shovel their cars and dump snow in the street. when can people dig out? >> people who do not absolutely need their cars, keep them where they are. regular street parking or alternate side parking, literally for the whole week through saturday leave the car. there will be no ticketing, no towing. it will be pretty sunny. the sun and the warmth will take it out naturally. but if people put it in the street, then sanitation has to go out and clear it. the same with our school zones. up through today, tomorrow,
4:39 am
people can leave their cars in front of school zones because we need the cars to stay where they are and not heupder the cleanup effort. >> okay. mayor bill de blasio, thank you for joining us and giving all of this information. we want to go now back to chris cuomo in des moines, iowa. you're getting ready for the big democratic forum. chris. >> reporter: that's right. it is nice here, alisyn because the heat of the race is generating warmth for all. all of this a week from the all important caucuses of who is the front-runner in the democratic race. all three taking questions from the voters. real person, real concern. how does that candidate interact with them. what is going to be the strategy for tonight?
4:40 am
we have the campaign manager for senator sanders live on new day when we come back right after the break. yothat's lactaid®.k! right. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. so, no discomfort? exactly. try some... mmm, it is real milk. lactaid®. 100% real milk. no discomfort. every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return.
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but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. all right. this is the big stretch. we are one week away for the caucuses here in iowa. no need nor hype. the reality is pressing and stressing enough. what will be the final pitch from each of the three democrats in iowa to the voters tonight? you will find out during the presidential town hall here on cnn 9:00 eastern. senator bernard sanders trying
4:44 am
to build momentum with one week to the caucuses. how is he preparing for tonight's big event? what matters most for him. jeff weaver, campaign manager, will join us right now. the senator, what do you believe in the campaign is working best in iowa right now? >> look, i think people are really upset what they perceive as a rigged economy, held up by a kroupt system. he wants an economy that works for everybody, fix our corrupt finance system. over a million individual campaign contributors. we're transforming the way you do politics in america. >> is he then just senator barack obama all over again? >> no. i think they are obviously very different people. what we are seeing in iowa in terms of momentum in the race,
4:45 am
now compared to 2007. people who were here back then i was not. but people back then say there is a lot of similarity. >> we keep hearing from the campaign this is -- he really wants this opportunity tonight. he really likes this is a town hall. >> yes, absolutely. >> does he feel this forum is so important? >> you can have voteers's questions as opposed to pundit questions. >> why does he see that as an advantage from him. i hear when he gets with real people, you'll see the difference. >> i think he connects with people in a permanent way. he does this a lot.
4:46 am
retail politician. there are off questions and answers from the audience. there's no screening. bring your question. if you ask it, he'll answer it on whatever topic. he likes talk to go real people. no offense, chris. >> so president obama just gave this interview to politico talking about the 2016 race. a little more than we're used to hearing him going into detail. he makes the case that the senator has an advantage. and this is what he means by advantage. take a listen. >> bernie came in with the luxury of being a complete long shot. >> right. >> and just letting loose. >> right. >> i think hillary came in with the both privilege and burden of being perceived as the front-runner. you're always looking at the bright, shiny object that people don't -- haven't seen before. that's a disadvantage to her.
4:47 am
>> do you accept that premise? >> well, look, it was clear from the beginning that secretary clinton was the favorite, was the front-runner. we started this race 55 points down in iowa. no doubt about it, senator sanders was the under dog. in some ways he is still the under dog. as we talked about earlier. the money he has been able to raise has allowed him to be competitive. these campaigns have difficulty. they can't raise the money. they don't have the resources to go toe to toe with an established candidate. >> the left using the same buzz word as the right. any risk being on the democratic ticket where the democrats are the establishment right now. they are in power. president obama is in the white house. and you need this system of government in a way to make any
4:48 am
progress. is there a risk to this radicalism. >> i wouldn't call it radicalism. >> i'm out, i'm different. that's what i mean. >> you go out is about there is a real discussion about the way things are going. power of america. that is something bernie sanders is trying to deal with. that is a real structural problem. because issue after issue, climate change, health care, jobs, wages, the powerful interests come in, spend lots of money, thousands of lobbyists. it will be difficult to deal with some of these other problems. >> what can you say with confidence that you can get the large number of young people to go to these caucuses? >> people say they are apathetic, don't care, aren't interested in politics. i was at an event, 1,500 people
4:49 am
out in iowa. that is not a 10 or 20-minute affair. sit presentations about politics. they are thaouenthused. >> what is your poll internal? >> we don't discuss our internal poll. it is a very tight race. either person could win. it will go down to field game and getting the voters out. it is a tight race. it's anybody's race. >> we are happy to give you this last best opportunity on cnn. look forward to seeing you later. jeff, as always. >> thank you. >> tonight, this could be, i keep saying, the last best chaps. wife? they will have your attention in a way they don't have between now and the end of caucuses. so tonight 9:00 eastern only here on cnn. then we get to what are the
4:50 am
expectation? secretary clinton, governor o'malley at tonight's town hall. we will ask some of them coming up.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
center at drake university. the iowa caucuses a week away. that is why we are doing the town hall tonight to give voters a chance to address their concerns. let's bring in a panel of registered democrats. we have alexander dozier and zachary rogers. thanks for getting up this morning. let's start counter intuitively. i assume wrou have somewhat of a favor for senator sanders. >> that is absolutely true. >> what is your biggest positive expectation and biggest concern? >> my biggest positive expectation is that each candidate will discuss how they intend to meet their goals. i am thrilled that we have three great candidates. and i am interested to have them each compare their mechanisms
4:55 am
for achieving a more just and more productive society. >> so, alex, do you agree? do you think there are three great candidates or one above the other? >> there are three great candidates. as a party we should be proud of what we are doing in comparison to the republican party and what they are putting out. >> who do you have so far? >> i'm definitely leaning towards bernie sanders. it is a once in a lifetime thing that you get a candidate on a major political platform speaking about the political establishment and about the ties of money to politics. it's such a rare thing to not get swept up in it. >> do you think the same way? also partial to sanders or undecided? >> i am supporting hillary clinton. i agree all three of our
4:56 am
candidates on the democratic side are definitely all fantastic choices i'm just leaning more towards hillary. >> why? >> i like her policies she proposes, her vast experience. i think she is right for the job. i think she is just the best person to keep moving our country forward. >> biggest advantage over sanders? >> i think right now it would definitely be more of her solid policy issues. i know senator sanders proposed many great plans, as well, i know they are still waiting for specific details on things. i think hillary is very solid in what she has been proposing. >> biggest advantage over the secretary clinton for sanders? >> energy, being able to mobilize voters. the most excited fan base you will find is bernie sanders. the man is speaking with a sense of truth that you just don't see in political candidates very often. >> governor o'malley, where is he on this in. >> he has growing support.
4:57 am
i think people really like him in terms of his authenticity. and fun to be around. he is not speaking ill of the other candidates but speaking based on his record of what he has done. >> he is young, handsome, strong. why isn't he the one capturing the enthusiasm of the young in this election to this point. >> odd that we have these old people representing bernie here today, but i think it is because bernie really speaks the truth in a way that people really relate to. again, i think it was that bernie is not against government. he is against government run just for the benefit of the few. and he is very concerned about what is happening to real people particularly people who have been excluded in a variety of ways. >> biggest issue that must be
4:58 am
addressed and compare skpd contrasted tonight? >> i think the biggest issue probably immigration. >> you? >> i want to see who can prove they are electable candidate. >> what does that mean? >> you see michael bloomberg getting into the race. >> is he electable? >> probably not but the real concern is he taking democratic voters in a general election. >> you want to hear why they say i can beat these two and win in the general. >> i can maintain that support. >> and to you? >> i think the biggest thing is just between senator sanders and hillary. you know which is able to come out stronger and get the message across most clearly to iowa voters. i think that is the bigger concern. >> different test. usually it is how they do against each other. this is how they do with real people asking questions.
4:59 am
this is what i think about my tax situation. who do you think that favors or not? >> of course, i think it favors bernie sanders. by the way, i want to thank cnn for this format. i think it is so much better than a debate where we have canned questions that are designated to pit candidates against each other rather than having people say this is my policy and this is how i intend to implement it. >> i will pass that along. are you coming tonight? >> i doengt thu an't think any >> we are going to have a watching party. >> don't plan drinking games against me. i hope you get everything out of it that you are expecting. you can tune in tonight, as well. presidential town hall. this is a big story. we have the president weighing
5:00 am
in on the race. new polls. let's get right to it. >> the storm lived up to the hype. more than 1,200 flights still cancelled. >> i'm going to do the best i can to make sure i get the nomination. >> the american people do not want to see our nation move towards billionaires controlling the political process. >> i am officially endorsing ted cruz. >> older brother larry sanders says he is not surprised the man he called bernard is doing so well. >> do you think he can beat hillary clinton? >> this is new day with chris cuomo.
5:01 am
>> welcome to your new day. i'm is on top of this snow mound on what is columbus circle overlooking central park after this epic snow storm. chris cuomo is in des moines, iowa. john berman is inside. look around new york city is coming back to life after being completely shutdown on saturday. new york got 26.8 inches. it was 0.1 inch away from making history. that was the biggest snow storm ever. this one almost broke that record. there was a travel ban in new york city. that is almost unheard of on saturday but it did allow snow plows to get out and make the streets here passable today. so this morning we are seeing commuters come back. if you want to join me live back here i'm going to come down from my snow mound to show you what
5:02 am
is going on here. you can see everybody on the sidewalks and it looks like the winter wonderland over there at central park. this is very icy. it is below freezing here. all of this is very slippery. look at the yellow tape. this signifies how dangerous it is. it says falling ice. the skyscrapers have huge icicles. if you walk too closely to the building you could get pelted with one. lots of danger even though it does look like the winter wonderland here. let's see how people are coming into the city to pen station with jason carroll. >> reporter: i think you said it best when you were talking about the city coming back to life. just within the past hour some more of the long island railroad service has been restored. that is certainly good news to the hundreds of thousands of people who rely on that service every day. still some delays. another key word, patience. you are going to need a lot of
5:03 am
it when you head out in the city today. >> this is a complicated snow removal effort. >> the historic and deadly winter storm is still paralyzing parts of the northeast. millions continue trying to dig and plow out of the weekend's record-breaking after math. from space you can see snow enveloping more than 13 states in white. >> there cryou go. >> officials warning the melting slush may refreeze causing dangerous icing conditions. >> you may be cruising along and then hit snow. >> crews are still working around the clock to get metro, train and bus services back up and running. in new york the long island railroad sustained significant damage during the storm forcing officials to only open 80% of the busiest commuter railroad in
5:04 am
north america. it will be a slow start. >> the second largest snowfall in new york city history. west virginia two hours west of washington, d.c. was the hardest hit. the feet of heavy snow collapsing roofs in maryland, pennsylvania and virginia. >> i believe at the end of the day this will probably be our most expensive snow event. >> as reports rise to at least 30 deaths. >> i tried to help the girl. >> in new jersey a mother and her 1-year-old son died waiting inside this car to stay warm but snow was covering the tail pipe and carbon monoxide quickly suffocated the family. >> can't stay in the car that long. it's really sad. >> reporter: unlike other cities where schools are closed,
5:05 am
schools in new york city remain open today and that is a problem for some folks who are out in queens where some of the secondary streets surrounding the schools have not been plowed. city officials asking those folks to remain patient while they try to get the plows out into those neighborhoods and plow some secondary streets. >> will require patience today. thanks for that. one city that is not yet up and running as normal as washington, d.c., federal offices there are closed as are schools. let's check in with nick walensia. >> reporter: it is not a normal sight here in the district. heavy equipment bringing hundreds of pieces of heavy equipment. things like snow plows. tons and tons of snow accumulated over the weekend. more than 22 inches here in the district. and it hasn't been pretty over
5:06 am
here. the cold weather just been bone chilling. 34 hours of straight snow. it's been a very expensive storm, millions of dollars. across the river on the other side the governor of virginia saying it may be the most expensive storm in the history of the state. the forecast doesn't look any better for tomorrow. there isn't snow expected today. the sunshine may help melt ice. with the rain coming tomorrow that could cause more problems and of course the state police here very concerned that the roads could ice over and for the people who have dealt with this for three days gotten a little stir crazy and may want to test the limits. government officials stressing to stay indoors. the worst of the storm may have passed but it is still a pretty big issue here in the nation's capitol. >> back pedaling on snow like you just did. you are a coordinated man. that is great stuff. thanks so much for that status
5:07 am
report. air traffic has been snarled all around the country because of a ripple effect what happens on the east coast effectathize rest of the country. let's check in with renee marsh live at reagan national airport. how is it looking behind you? >> well, allison, it is starting to look like an airport. take a look for yourself you see people with luggage, they are smiling, going into the checkout counter, printing their boarding passes. we are seeing planes on the tarmac. quite a difference from what it looked like the last couple of days here. we are seeing limited service happening here at reagan as well as dulles international. also in the washington, d.c. area. pretty significant because these are the last two airports to get service up and running. when i say last two airports, airports within the target zone of the monstrous storm. we saw new york city, philadelphia and baltimore
5:08 am
resumed limited service yesterday. although things are getting up and running people are dealing with delays. they are dealing with lots of cancellations. this is going to be something that won't be resolved today only. the airlines say they have been able to book the majority of these passengers but everyone will not be able to get to their destination today. airlines struggling to catch up to themselves. so people will be getting to their destination but will happen throughout the course of this week so we heard jason say it i have to repeat it. patience will be key for anyone trying to travel by air. >> thanks so much for that. we will stick in washington, d.c. where the mayor is trying to get the city back up and running. as we said federal offices and schools are still closed. we want to bring in mayor bouser of washington, d.c. how is it going there? >> we are digging out. we had our first big dig day on
5:09 am
sunday. we had a big snow as you know and we are working hard to dig out all of our residentual streets. >> by all accounts you all got a record-breaking snowfall there, however something went sort of hay wire in your measurement system and it didn't record accurately. do you know how much snow you got? >> well, we don't measure the snow. i know the national weather service does that. from my estimation we got more snow than i have ever seen in washington, d.c. i think my director reported 22 inches although we have had different snow totals in the district. i would venture to say we are higher than that in some parts of d.c. >> dulles airport at 28.3 inches. as you say at the national zoo in northwest washington 22.4 inches. as we were saying some of d.c. is shut down. we know you are trying to dig
5:10 am
out and get back up to speed. what has been the biggest problem with reopening and allowing this to be a sort of real monday morning there? >> i would just say we expected with this amount of snowfall it would take several days to get going so we have been focussed on major arterials which are shaping up pretty well now. we also have to get into our residential areas. we had a freeze overnight and will continue to have cold temperatures throughout the week. those things have been tough. our transit system came up partially today so that we have limited service. a lot of service in washington, d.c. and our underground stations is open. we have limited bus service. when we get our metro system back that will go a long way into getting the city reopen. we are still asking residents to stay off the streets and motorists and pedestrians to stay off the streets. even though the roads are passable we need to get our
5:11 am
parking lanes back and shoulders back on the highways. and that is when we will have regular operation on all of our city roadways. >> we just talked to the new york city mayor who said that he credited the main factor being able to get new york city up and running was the travel ban that he put into place on saturday afternoon that allowed the snow plows to do their work. did you consider travel ban? did you have moments of that? >> we have throughout the storm encouraged our residents to stay off the streets and for the most part they have heeded that. they prepared to hunker down and they did. we closed our government today and federal government has closed which is keeping the major users of the roadway off the road so we can continue curb to curb access to our roadways. >> before we go, we found pictures of you on twitter
5:12 am
yesterday. what you were doing which was basically helping to shovel people out. you grabbed a shovel. helping residents there. obviously we know everyone has to be careful. the snow is heavy. how are you feeling today after all of this activity? >> well, i feel fine. and it's true that we have mounted at a tremendous volunteer team to go out and help residents shovel. we have gotten over 4,000 requests for assistance and we have over 2,000 volunteers who have spanned out over washington, d.c. to help a neighbor. i'll tell you, when we got to some places to help neighbors were already pitching in. there is more of that to do today. it is an incredible amount of snow. the shoveling tips are serious. take breaks, drink water. don't try to do it all at once. >> those are great reminders.
5:13 am
thanks so much for joining us. best of luck to you in the city. >> have a great one. let's go back inside to john berman. >> i want to bring in andrew cuomo. thanks for being with us. it is monday morning. the storm is over. what is the area of greatest need right now? >> well, we are doing pretty well all across the board. we took some measures before the storm and during the storm that turned out to be very helpful. to the extent we have ongoing issues it's on the long island railroad, the railroad above ground. there was a lot of icing on the tracks, a lot of snow on the tracks. that has been the main area of focus. even though long island railroad is functioning for about 80% of riders but there is still some tracks that need to be cleared. >> road closures, a lot of them
5:14 am
in new york city, long island, bridges and tunnels. how much of a difference did that make? when you see the pictures that come out of pennsylvania and kentucky where you have these highways with miles and miles of traffic in the middle of the storm, what would you say to those states and how they chose to handle it? >> first of all, i know enough not to second guess a monday morning quarterback because i have been there myself. you make the best call you can given the forecast you have. i've made some decisions in past storms that turned out to be wrong because the forecast was not what they predicted. in this situation the forecast pretty much was right on so the decisions we made turned out to be prophetic. we instituted a total road ban
5:15 am
in down state new york which is a very elaborate measure. new yorkers don't like to be inconvenienced. when you close all the roads and we closed all the crossings from new jersey to come into the down state area. so that actually turned out to work very well because it kept people off the roads, reduced the number of accidents. we didn't have any fatalities due to the storm. we had people who lost their life shoveling snow but no accident-related fatalities which was amazing, frankly. and since the cars were off the road we could use the plows effectively and we cleaned the roads and that is why we are in the good shape we are in today. if the forecast doesn't turn out to dump as much snow then they are hanging in effigy today and
5:16 am
criticizing me. but we have been there. i have been in situations where we didn't close the roads, people wind up on the road, one car gets stuck. it backs up an entire highway and now you have a real public safety hazard on your hands. i have had people in cars overnight. it is not a good situation to be in. again, it is up to the forecast. you make the best decision you can with the forecast you have. this time in new york it worked out very well. >> no effigies this morning. good decision to help keep the people in the city and this state safe. one cnn anchor who chose to get out of town was chris cuomo. he is with us in iowa. >> what happens is this. it is self selecting. some people see a challenge coming and they run. they just know they can't deal
5:17 am
with it. they get intimidated and anxious and literally flee the scene. that has happened. i don't want to name names. look, it can be even people very close to you. we all react to danger and challenges in our own way. i will not second guess anyone. >> thank you for your graciousness. i know it is appreciated. >> thank you, governor for your graciousness. is that what you have to say? can you try and keep it a little impartial? look how happy you are. you like that the governor came after me on my own show. >> whatever goes on between you two is not my business. i'm not getting involved there. >> you didn't do anything to bait him at all. you are a good guy. i'll see you soon. we'll see how that snow tastes when i get back. hillary clinton, bernie sanders and also governor o'malley are
5:18 am
all coming down to the wire here in iowa. that is why we are having a town hall tonight. this is probably the last best chance for them to get big exposure coming directly at voters. how are they preparing? let's talk about secretary clinton's campaign when we come back. prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities. experience the power of being understood. rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market. only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva.
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5:22 am
we have the three democratic rivals preparing to talk directly to iowa voters. tonight cnn town hall here 9:00 p.m. eastern. we have a new cnn poll of polls out this morning. what does it show? bernie sanders, hillary clinton neck and neck. there it is. 46, 44, 4. let's discuss with press secretary for hillary clinton's campaign. how are you this morning? >> good. how are you? >> what is your take on the new numbers? >> i think the polls are up and down. there was a poll just on friday that had hillary clinton up by 29 in iowa. do i think that is correct? no. i don't think we were down by eight when cnn poll came out suggesting that was the case. the bottom line is it is tight. in these final days i think voters are going to contemplate who is the fighter with the
5:23 am
tenacity to get results on the issues. who can do all aspects of the job insuring the prosperity is shared. in this high stakes environment that we are in where republicans look like they are going to nominate someone like donald trump or ted cruz hillary clinton is best positioned to protect gains made under president obama. >> we hear a contrast between for lack of better analogy perspiration versus inspiration, that hillary clinton is selling the pitch of how to do the job and what it takes to get things done a kind of pragmatism and that bernie sanders is reaching out to the heart of people and the passion of people on the democratic side. do you accept that comparison of the two? >> i don't. here is why. there is no one that exudes heart on this campaign trail more than hillary clinton. i will give you an example.
5:24 am
she met a man in new hampshire by the name of keith who told her a story back stage prior to an event about how he has to take his mother to work with him because she is suffering from alzheimer's and he can't afford for her to have care during the day so that he can leave her and go to work. and that has inspired hillary clinton to put forward a detailed plan to help not just with research to help make a cure possible for alzheimer's but also proposed a top to bottom plan to help caregivers like keith afford the cost of care and deal with the situation that they face with when they have a loved one that needs all day attention. that is just one example of how she poured her heart into this campaign. she really listens to people out on the trail and has adopted some of her ideas based on what she hears from people. that is why i think that tonight's forum is right up her alley. this is her at her best.
5:25 am
she loves to take questions in the form of town hall style events. that is how we do it in iowa and new hampshire. she is uniquely positioned tonight to really shine. >> that's what tonight is about. we will tee it up with each candidate and it is about how they deal with the direct concerns of actual voters. how do you account for the crowds of bernie sanders and the numerous younger people who are there? this is a fact in terms of what we see on the ground here. >> we have had great crowds, too. we are proud of the enthusiasm on the trail. i know that senator sanders essentially assaulted our reporters by suggesting they are not as enthusiastic or energetic. i don't think that is the case. i think that would come as a surprise to volunteers who fill the offices. and also beyond because we actually have a deep volunteer network in all of the states
5:26 am
voting in march. hillary clinton has visited many of those states and we get great crowds in those places, as well. i think we are seeing a huge outpouring of enthusiasm and support for hillary clinton. this is a great contest going on. it is a good thing for the party that it is happening. i think that we will be better off as a party going into a general election because of it. >> brian, very often we hear from people in the campaign and supporters of secretary clinton. bernie is the new thing. you guys are fascinated by that and the energy around him. you judge him by a different standard than you do secretary clinton. it is interesting that president obama came out with a new energy seemed to say the same thing. let's take a listen. >> bernie came in with the luxury of being a complete long shot and just letting loose. i think hillary came in with the
5:27 am
both privilege and burden of being perceived as the front runner. you are always looking at the bright shiny object that people haven't seen before. that is a disadvantage to her. >> one of several examples in this interview what seems to be president obama putting his thumb on the scale a little bit, not openly endorsing but seeming to favor secretary clinton. is there a plus minus to that? it is always good to have the president of the united states in party say something good about it. is there something about being connected too closely to the obama administration given the desire to move away from the establishment. >> i saw the interview and read comments including gracious compliments. i think that is a testament to the fact that they have a deep respect for each other. they had a very spirited nomination contest in 2008. i think the respect for each
5:28 am
other only grew after that. she was honored to serve under president obama and his administration. and actually she opens many of her events on the campaign trail by saying she doesn't think he gets enough respect. i think democratic voters are looking for someon who will protect against ethe gains that we have made under president obama because we do see republicans seeking to repeal the affordable care act, repeal dodd-frank. they want to undo the president's executive actions. who is best situated to help protect the president's accomplishments over the last seven years is a question they will be asking and not withstanding comments to politico today. i think hillary clinton realizes and president obama would be the first to say that what matters most is what is in the minds of iowaen caucus goers. that is why we are trying to earn every vote. >> that is why we are giving you
5:29 am
the exact opportunity that all of you wanted. you will get to talk to actual voters tonight. cnn is happy to provide that opportunity. thank you for being with us. i'll see you later on. >> thank you so much. remember, town hall is probably the last best chance for these three to be together and yet dealing with the same voters but in their own way and all about the voter and the exchange with the candidate tonight 9:00 eastern only on cnn. now on the republican side we have new polls showing in iowa donald trump has made a move, a positive move for him leap frogging ted cruz. one prominent conservative is warning this trump potential win could mean bad things. he is coming up on new day to make his case. you may no him. glen beck is his name. bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax.
5:30 am
new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better.
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5:33 am
just one week to the iowa caucuses. latest polling shows donald trump 11 points plus in just the last two weeks up on ted cruz, surging in iowa. he is hoping ted cruz that a big endorsement he got from a major conservative can help him regain traction. that major conservative, glen beck joins us now. nationally syndicated radio host, founder of the blaze officially endorsed ted cruz this weekend. gl to see you as always. >> this is the first time in almost 40 years of broadcast i have ever been willing to put my
5:34 am
name on any weasel in washington because i don't like really any politician. this is the first time that i have done that because i believe that ted cruz is who he says he is and i have watched him over the last couple of years. i'm sorry, chris. i have watched him and i have seen that he does exactly what he says he is going to do. >> i'm with you. i have the same thing in my throat right now. if you were here i would give you a riccola. a big moment yesterday that i think crystallizes where your head and heart is on this. let's play the video of glen administering the oath of office to senator cruz, obviously a metaphor moment for you. what makes you so sure that ted cruz is the right guy for the gop and that donald trump is so wrong? you have gone out of your way to say it is not just that i am pro cruz, i am decidedly anti-trump.
5:35 am
>> there are two things here. i wasn't administering. i was asking him what is the oath of office. the oath of office is to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. that is why i am for ted cruz. he is a constitutionalest. at 13 years old he had memorized the constitution and was going around the state doing this amazing memory thing on the constitution. he was raised by a father who escaped from cuba actually fought for fidell, came to america, realized the difference, became an american citizen, raised ted on the constitution and so it is in his bones. what i have warned about for so long, people only focus when i was at fox only focussed on what i was saying about barack obama. but when i was at cnn i was saying much of the same stuff about george w. bush.
5:36 am
nobody paid attention. when i was at fox i warned democrats, please understand if you let the balance of power go out of whack the next guy who can get in could be calling himself a republican and he will take that same power and use it at the same level or expand it. that is a very bad thing. we need a constitutional restraint on the executive branch. and donald trump i believe is a very dangerous man. if you listen to things he said this weekend. >> dangerous why? >> i could go on to 5th avenue and shoot people and wouldn't lose a vote. he has joked about killing reporters and not killing reporters like putin does. he is a very dangerous man. >> he says he is joking. he put out a tweet about you. he is not one to take a punch.
5:37 am
you don't care about that. in terms of here he is, sarah palin endorsement. i know i know you well enough to know the personal attack doesn't bother you. do you think you may by mistaking the mood of the country? >> chris, i'm not here to talk to you about the mood of the country. i'm here to talk to you about the constitution and what i believe is an absolute right or wrong. we don't change with the mood of the country. that is the problem with our country. the constitution is to anchor us in principles that help temper the mood of the country. the mood of the country is very angry but you never make a good decision when you are angry. the worst thing we can do is to now start looking at who is going to get revenge? one of the things that donald trump does, if you want to take a shot at me, look at me.
5:38 am
there is a lot of jokes to be made. it doesn't bother me. when you have a guy who is angry and then has an enemy's list and starts just to take people down over and over and over again, if you disagree with him, he destroys you. if that is the mood of the country we are in more trouble than i thought. >> well, here is the thing. is there a little bit of reap what you sow that rationing up negativity as a main line discourse you wind up somewhat birthing donald trump and people telling people to be angry have somebody harnessing the power of that and you are disappointed. >> i am not disappointed. i warned against this. you go back to my shows on fox and i warned the progressive
5:39 am
movement. donald trump is a progressive. make no mistake. he believes in the power of the pen. i don't. those who stood for the tea party and actually really believed in it were standing for constitutional principles. are there those in the republican party that believe in the executive power more than the constitutional power? yes. the progressive party was started by theodore roosevelt, started by a republican. so this idea of an ever expanding power inside the presidency is something that both parties have. it's why donald trump said that i would vote for bernie sanders over donald trump. absolutely not what i said. here is what i did say. i said that bernie sanders is at least honest about who he is. and i have said this for years. i actually have respect for bernie sanders because he is not afraid to say i'm a socialist and i think we should be more
5:40 am
like denmark. i disagree with that. but i respect bernie sanders for having the guts to tell the truth. so i really truly believe where america really is not with hillary clinton and the soft -- i don't know what she is. not with the anger of donald trump. what the real question that is before america is this, do we believe in socialism or constitutionalism? those should be the two candidates in the united states of america and let the people decide. are we going socialist or back to the constitution? that is a fair and honest debate. >> and everybody is going to have to make a decision as they believe. are you bothered by senator cruz movements on some key issues that he has migrated on immigration and moved from one stance to another?
5:41 am
>> wait, wait. he has absolutely been straight on ethanol. i heard him about a year ago say to people in iowa i am not for ethanol subsidies. the reason why the governor of iowa doesn't like him is because he is not for ethanol subsidies. what people in iowa need to understand is that one of the things that would be on the top of ted cruz's list to take care of would be to put the power of the epa back into check and for farmers the biggest problem for farmers is the epa. so while the government may not be giving you free money at least it puts the government back in check where you can have your kids help you on the farmland and have some sensible regulation. when it comes to the border i am not sure where you see him
5:42 am
migrating. i have not seen ted cruz change his position on anything. >> well, but over time what he said on immigration early on has been different than as he made his way through this process. you heard it in the debates, as well. i'm not here to criticize senator cruz. >> what i have heard in the debate is others making those charges but i have not heard anything that is actually real on that. if you can give me something that is factually based then i could argue that. the idea that he changed without telling me because i haven't seen it. i have heard marco rubio who has changed his position and made the case that i was for the gang of eight and now i'm not. ted cruz has not made those changes that i'm aware of. i don't mean to be argumentive but i don't know what you are talking about. >> it is always a good discussion to have.
5:43 am
we need more of this and not less. i think the point of contrast would be not to belabor it is that senator rubio says i'm trying to do something to get it done. we are not going to do comprehensive immigration reform. you are not going to get anything done. i want progress on this issue. that is the difference between me and cruz. >> that is a very good point. there is a difference between progress and honest progress. what ted cruz is for and this is what i'm for. like with bernie sanders tell me what you're really for. let's not build these bills that like the patriot act. you are not a patriot if you don't vote for the patriot act. that is ridiculous. tell me what is really in the bill, what you are really going for and let's have an honest conversation. too many times in these bills with marco rubio on immigration it is not an honest bill.
5:44 am
let's be honest about it and then have the debate. >> so when you look at this going forward there is nobody but senator cruz on the gop slate right now that you believe could fit the bill in. >> -- if it comes down to other people that i could consider. i like rand paul but rand paul i don't think has a chance of winning. i like ben carson but i think he is under prepared for it. i like marco rubio but i think he is too big of a government guy. he agrees with the nsa spying. i find that reprehensible on the constitution. we have had many conversations with that. so there are other people that i could consider, but ted cruz is the most qualified. i believe he was raised for this moment. >> i hear you and i see you living your conviction on this
5:45 am
and caused controversy with trump but that is not new. let's see how it turns out here in iowa. i look forward to continuing the conversation with you as we move from one major forum to the next. let me bring you guys in new york. very interesting. glen beck we have known him for a very long time. he has been somebody who believes that there is an assault on the constitution, that what we see that some on the left and in the center would say is progress of an executive that reaches out to do more to help more. he is saying that is an incursion on the way the system is supposed to work and that ted cruz is the only man who will protect that straight definitional structure of what a constitution based republic should be. >> he hasn't picked sides this way before. in a matter of speaking that is what is happening. we have seen some of these
5:46 am
senators not officially endorsing but appearing on stage with the candidates. rick perry officially endorsing ted cruz. is it time for choosing? >> it is interesting to hear from glen beck. he kept invoking his time on fox and cnn because he is on cable news. that is what the audience listens to. he has hundreds of thousands of followers online, on the radio. he goes and gives his big speeches in these mega domes. he is an influencer. >> we shall see. bernie sanders is in iowa making his final full-court press for the white house. what does his family think about this run? do they think he can be the nominee? >> reporter: good morning. larry sanders is six years older than bernie. he lived in the united kingdom
5:47 am
for a decade. i asked him about his brother's stellar performance in the polls really about a year ago. i don't think many people would have predicted this even larry sanders himself. i asked him what he thought his chances were at the democratic nomination. take a listen. thousands of miles from the u.s. campaign trail where bernie sanders is riding high in the polls lives a man who knows him better than almost anyone. in picturesque oxford, england, older brother larry sanders says he is not surprised the man he calls bernard is doing so well. >> do you think he can beat hillary clinton? >> i think he can. >> do you think he will become the democratic nominee? >> he will not only become the democratic nominee but given the state of the republican party he will be the president. >> reporter: larry, a retired
5:48 am
social worker moved to england in the '60s with his first wife. both grew up in brooklyn, new york. >> what was bernie sanders like as a kid brother? >> he was a quiet kid, fairly shy. his great gift was he is a very good athlete, very determined athlete. he was always very kind. he was very truthful. he still is very truthful. >> reporter: the sanders' parents had it rough. they were poor and both died relatively young. 80-year-old larry says he still thinks about them often. >> this is the point in previous interviews i cry. it is the thought of how happy and how proud they both would
5:49 am
be. >> when did your father pass away? was he able to see any -- >> he died just two years after my mother. he couldn't cope on his own. >> he never saw bernie sanders achieve any of his political career? >> none of it. >> is that something you wished in. >> it is part of why i break into tears. i remember when he was first selected mayor the first thing that came to my mind was how nice it would have been. >> reporter: larry also ran for parliament in the uk last year unsuccessfully. all these years later he says there is still a playful sibling rivalry. >> a certain amount of competition. i'm a politician and he is a politician. he is doing a little bit better than me. if we were living next door to each other it would be a problem. >> even though there is competition and i know there is competition between brothers you must be really proud. >> i'm incredibly proud.
5:50 am
>> reporter: larry predicts his brother will face donald trump in november's general election. he says the two candidates have only one thing in common, their appeal to people who feel disgruntled. >> donald trump is an obnoxious person regardless of his policies. bernard's great strungt is he talks directly to people and isn't put off by the fact that they have particular opinions that are different from his. i think the trumps do get straight from feeling ripped off. bernard agrees with that. the thing he does instead of saying to hate mexicans and muslims, create a better society. >> larry sanders on his brother bernie. he says they speak about every two weeks on a send but haven't been able to keep their phone appointments as often since bernie sanders has been a little busy lately. >> such an interesting
5:51 am
perspective. chris, let's go back to you in des moines. >> i agree with you. i think it is so helpful to hear where these candidates come from, to hear what they are about on a personal level. no matter how old you get and experience you are where you come from. that was really interesting to see. so tonight trying to get the candidates their last best shot to get directly to voters and make their pitch to specific concerns and problems. we will ask two iowa insiders what to expect from tonight and what it means coming up. are thw the data, dig up clues, create opportunity, and weave messages that lead to sales. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders. these are the hands of pitney bowes,
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we are 12 hours from our town hall. senator bernie sanders trying to rally younger voters. so who has the right strategy? let's ask the chair of the iowa democratic party and political columnist for the des moines register. good to have you both here. let's deal with a little bit of huff and puff going on. when we were doing the town hall there was a concern that the iowa state party are already in the bag for hillary clinton. they talk about a license plate that you use today have that said hillary 2016. is that true? >> absolutely not. when i ran for chair of the democratic party i had been with hillary clinton in previous
5:55 am
elections. all of us involved in politics in iowa -- when i ran for chair i said i would absolutely be neutral and i think if you ask any candidates i have been fair and neutral. >> i have been reading you with hungry eyes here. when you see here does it seem like the state party is doing this the right way? >> i take word that the party is being neutral. that is really important in iowa. you have to have a level playing field. i think there will be consequences even for governor putting his thumb on the scale for ted cruz. and so the way the party has conducted the caucuses i don't see any quibblewise that so far. right now i think it has been very orderly and exactly what
5:56 am
you would expect. >> sometimes there is a banality to talking about turnout. this is real here especially for senator sanders because he is motivating and targeting this younger base. do you have indication that we may see something obama escin terms of turnout here which was anomalous? >> 2008 was a very big year. we will have a very good turnout. because of what you talked about. it is not just senator sanders. it is secretary clinton and o'mall o'malley. they have really good organizations. they have been all over iowa talking to everybody. this is how we get turnout. i'm excited about that because that is how we win in november is by party building. >> what is the bar for tonight? >> we are happy to be providing the opportunity for them. what is the line in terms of whether this is worth while or not? >> the town hall is a last
5:57 am
chance i think they have to see all three of these candidates together. so they have to stand out. they have to under score their core arguments and i hope that we will see inchuz enthusiasm for the candidates, as well. i think big thing is just not to make big mistakes because at this stage any little slip is critical. you can't afford to have -- >> you have a bigger chance of slipping back than jumping forward. >> if you were going to bang on one issue hardest tonight what would it be? >> i'm not sure there is one issue ever. >> there must be because that is the push. >> they are talking about a lot of things. i think most important is to talk about issues that are about what iowa families are talking about. college affordability and health care. we have more of a college affordability and debt problem in iowa than a lot of places. we have been talking about education and health care here
5:58 am
because of local issues. i think the issues are the most important thing they need to hit. >> i look forward to seeing what you think of tonight. tonight is the night. democratic presidential town hall live here from drake university in des moines, iowa. 9:00 eastern right here on cnn. there is a lot of news going on right now with the election, the blizzard and a lot more. so news room with carol costello begins right after the break. price match guarantee. and this? yep! so no monkey business, no tomfoolery? oh, we do have tom foolery, tom. staples has a price match guarantee. make low prices happen. staples make more happen. the market.redict but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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happening now, battle ground iowa. >> you stand up for me on caucus night i will be back here in iowa. >> you are locked in a very, very close race right here in iowa. >> one week to the first of the nation votes hours to cnn's democratic presidential town


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