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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 25, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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happening now, battle ground iowa. >> you stand up for me on caucus night i will be back here in iowa. >> you are locked in a very, very close race right here in iowa. >> one week to the first of the nation votes hours to cnn's democratic presidential town
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hall. >> whoever the nominee is going to mean the other person support. >> the future of the party could hang in the balance. also, trump spends sunday at church. >> we talk about humility at church today. >> and spends the night at a holiday inn express, normal guy stuff for the billionaire gop front runner. buried by the blizzard. >> this is a complicated snow removal effort. >> d.c. shut down trying to dig out after a storm for the record books. let's talk live in the cnn news room. good morning. thank you for joining me. the nation's capitol still crippled. school closed. federal buildings shut down and congress, well no house votes for an entire week. the danger is far from over this
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morning. roads refreezing overnight. officials warning drivers of icy patches side streets impassable. in arlington, virginia the national guard helping this stranded emt truck. in new york city practically back to business as usual. new york saw more snow than d.c. 26.8 inches. train spotters reporting 22.4 in washington, d.c. we have live team coverage for you this morning. jason carroll live in new york. we begin with you in d.c. that still partially kr lly crippled >> you can see things are relatively getting back to normal. we see even more heavy machinery like that tractor you see behind me trying to dig out some of this tons and tons of snow. thousands of tons of snow left behind by this winter weather that walloped the east coast.
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virginia hit very hard. washington, d.c. basically shut down. businesses closed. schools still closed and individuals here like alberto. you are live on cnn with carol costello. how are you guys dealing with the snow here? >> it was better than before 2010. it is better. >> wasn't as bad as 2010. >> the only one is the no was high. it wasn't much damage like i had experienced in 2010. the power was off. >> reporter: this time around it was a little different. >> we have been out here since friday. i'm ready to go home now. too much snow. >> you guys are putting in work trying to dig out this car here for your fellow co-worker. >> i think we are going to end up helping her out, too. we are going to help her out for a little bit. we don't have much else to do
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right now. we will stick it out for a little bit longer. >> stay safe out there. we know it is still dangerous on the roadways. thank you for being live with us. >> if there is anything to highlight here also it is just how dangerous this storm has been. we just got an update from virginia state police, six confirmed fatalities as a result of this winter weather. five of them attributed to hypothermia. another fatal car accident here in washington, d.c. we have another confirmed dead. all up and down the east coast 85 million americans at least impacted by this weather that right now has seemed to stop. tomorrow in the forecast we hear rain is coming. that could cause a problem. there is all of this snow around here and not much place for it to go. that gives a problem potentially for flooding. >> and ice to say the least. reporting live from d.c. this morning. residents along the new jersey coast seeing worst flooding than
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during superstorm sandy. tides rising to destructive heights. the water causing damage to countless homes and businesses and prompting several water rescues. one woman capturing the moment the water rushed down the street bringing a river of ice and debris. just went rushing down the street and into that neighborhood. the recovery process much smoother here in new york city. jason carroll is outside penn station this morning. hi, jason. >> reporter: good morning to you, carol. here at penn station here in new york city where schools are open, much of the long island train service has been restored. certainly good news to the hundreds of thousands that rely on that every day. when you take into perspective how much snow has fallen. record total at central park 26.8 inches. compare that to how much snow
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has fallen in anchorage, alaska all season long at 26.8 inches. >> this is a complicated snow removal effort. >> reporter: this historic and deadly winter storm is still paralyzing parts of the northeast. millions continue trying to dig and plow out of the weekend's record-breaking after math. from space you can see snow enveloping more than 13 states in white. >> there you go. >> reporter: officials warning the melting slush may refreeze overnight causing dangerous icy conditions. >> you might be cruising along at 50 miles per hour and then hit snow and we will have some accidents. >> reporter: crews are still working around the clock to get metro train and bus services back up and running. in new york the long island railroad sustained significant damage during the storm forcing officials to only open 80% of
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the busiest commuter railroad in north america. >> it will be a slow start. >> this snow storm dropping over 26 inches in central park, the second largest in new york city history. two hours west of washington, d.c. was the hardest hit. with over 42 inches covering the small town. the feet of heavy snow collapsing roofs in maryland, pennsylvania and virginia. >> i believe at the end of the day this will probably be our most expensive snow event ever. >> reporter: as reports rise to almost 30 deaths. >> i try to help the girl. >> reporter: in new jersey a mother and her 1-year-old son died waiting inside this car to stay warm but snow was covering the tail pipe and carbon monoxide quickly suffocated the family. >> you can't stay in a car that long. it is very sad. >> reporter: taking a look at 8th avenue right here in new
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york city right outside of penn station you can see the street is plowed but still slow traffic moving. many of the streets, most of the streets here in manhattan plowed including the secondary streets, as well. not the same story in places like brooklyn and queens. some of those secondary streets still waiting to get plowed and see some salt spreaders out there, as well. the mayor asking those folks out there in those boroughs to be a little bit patient to get people out there to plow those secondary streets. city back up on its feet still a few trouble spots but certainly looking much better today than it did yesterday. >> you got that right. reporting live this morning. thank you. on to politics. one week from the iowa caucuses and hours from the last face-off of the three democrats tonight only on cnn those democrats will field questions directly from iowa voters at a town hall
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meeting. it comes as hillary clinton and bernie sanders are locked in a virtual tie in iowa according to our poll of polls sanders has a slight edge over clinton and both see a victory in iowa as critical. >> we are locked in a very, very close race right here in iowa. and if we have the kind of turnout that i hope we can we are going to win here in iowa. [ cheers and applause ] and if we win here in iowa i think we will do very well in new hampshire. >> why the stakes of this election are so high and we have to start to move towards nominating and electing a president and commander in chief who will continue the progress
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we have made, make sure it is not ripped away forcing us to once again be disappointed. >> cnn's chris cuomo will moderate tonight's event. tell us how this will go down. >> how are you? as you know we are all excited here. cnn is a big team. what we are trying to do is give candidates the last best chance to deal with voters one-on-one intimately. here, not just how to compare tax plans but they are living and want to hear from candidates in terms of making their lives better. that is the opportunity we provide tonight. most questions come from people in the audience who reflect different walks of life. each of the candidates will in turn have the opportunity for over half an hour to go and deal with those one at a time. i will be there with the very good seat. >> you will have a great seat. so will the questions only come from audience members or will
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you throw in a question or two yourself? >> you know the job, you do it so well, is to keep things moving along and make sure as an issue gets raised it gets addressed. obviously, less is more i feel like that about debates and these different fora. this is about the candidates. tonight something special is you will be able to get a sense of the dynamic between voter and candidate. i don't want to do anything to spoil that. >> thanks for sticking around. that democratic town hall is tonight starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern and airs only on cnn. we will hear from the clinton camp in the next hour. now let's get the sanders perspective. p simone sanders joins us live from des moines. welcome. >> hello. thanks for having me this morning. >> thaunk you for being here. i want you to listen to what
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president obama told politico in an interview released this morning. >> bernie came in with the luxury of being a complete long shot and just letting loose. i think hillary came in with the both privilege and burden of being perceived as the front runner. >> so your thoughts. did it help bernie sanders to enter the race with such low expectations? >> i mean, let's be frank. a year ago senator sanders was polling 55 points down in iowa. his name i.d. was low and a lot didn't know who he was. the senator did come in as the under dog. secretary clinton was perceived front runner. so definitely i think president obama's points are correct but i do think what we have seen is that the senator has had an opportunity to make his case to
6:13 am
the american people more specifically today he has been making his case to the people of iowa. today and this weekend and for the last couple of months. we have seen that work pay off. >> do you think that because sanders was such an under dog that he could afford to say certain things that hillary clinton can't? >> you know, i think anyone that knows senator sanders knows that you get what you see with him. and regardless i think senator sanders would have taken on this message of that we live in an economy kept in place by a system of corrupt campaign finance and that is not okay. i think the senator would have come in with the same energy behind the message of addressing economic and racial inequality. these are things he has fought for for years. this is not new to him. he is really speaking about the
6:14 am
issues that he is most passionate about and the things he has been talking about his entire political career. >> the other thing that came to mind when i listened to this interview from politico is that president obama repeatedly praised hillary clinton without reservation. i'm not saying that he dissed sanders. isn't it clear that president obama is on hillary clinton's side? >> i think it is clear that we have great respect for president obama. i love president obama. i voted for him. my first vote in a presidential election. what i do think is clear is that this is going to be decided, the caucuses in iowa will be decided by the people of iowa. and it is -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt -- >> i think it is important to note that president obama has his thoughts. he also said great things about senator sanders in that interview. as he noted it is going to be up to the people of iowa.
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>> hold on a second, i think president obama's support is very important because among democrats mr. obama is enormously popular. he has something like a 76% approval rating. among minority voters mr. obama is incredibly popular. wouldn't senator sanders like the president's full support? >> well, we would love the president's full support. i would like to note the president has not thrown his support behind anyone. he didn't throw his support behind secretary clinton or senator sanders. he noted he is staying neutral. people would like to ask who president obama supports you should ask president obama. what i think is important is that president obama has noted that senator sanders' message is one that is resonating with the american people. he noted that senator sanders had the ability to be candid and speak to issues that people care
6:16 am
about. >> i hear you on those things, but just going back to president obama's interview because i want to get all my questions in, he intimated that senator sanders needs to talk about more than income inequality because as the campaign goes on voters are going to want more, in other words, inspiration without experience won't cut it as far as dealing with security issues for example. should senator sanders broaden his message? >> senator sanders has broadened his message. again, if you go to a sanders campaign rally, if you go to any of these town halls i think we will see it tonight here in iowa during the cnn iowa democratic party town hall he is talking about economic inequality and isis and combatting climate change. we talk about addressing institutional racism. he is talking about the criminal justice system. i do think his message is broad and one that speaks to the
6:17 am
american people. his message is a message rooted in the fact that we lived in an economy kept in place by corrupt presidential finances. this and those are things that the american people care about. i reject the notion that senator sanders' message is not broad. it is broad and one that speaks to hard working american people all over the iscountry. i think we are going to see the fruits of that labor. we are going to see this resonate in the caucuses come february 1. >> thank you so much for being with me. i appreciate it. stay with us. one hour from now we will talk to press secretary for hillary clinton's presidential campaign. president obama praise on former rival, will it help hillary clinton this time around? avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
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president obama gave a remark to politico. he talked election 2016 and about his first run for president in 2008. the president seems to regret the sometimes vicious attacks on hillary clinton telling politico she had it harder than he did. >> the sheer strength, determination, endurance stick to itness never give up attitude that hillary had during those primaries -- we had as competitive and lengthy and expensive and tough primary fight as has been in modern american politics. and she had to do everything that i had to do except backwards in heels. she had to wake up earlier than
6:23 am
i did because she had to get her hair done. she had to handle all the expectations that were placed on her. she had a tougher job throughout that primary than i did. >> interesting, right? cnn senior political analyst and editorial director of journal. they are both in des moines this morning. thanks for joining me. >> good morning. >> what do you make of what president obama said saying hillary clinton had it harder than him like ginger rogers. >> ginger rogers is a famous hollywood conservative in the 1940s. look, his analysis is right. there was nothing like the 2008 primary before or since twice as many people voted many more volunteers, donors went to the
6:24 am
end, as close a race as we have seen. it was an epic contest. what the president is doing here is dove tailing with the closing argument here in the iowa caucus which is that she is more prepared for the job. her agenda is more realistic. we have a sanders campaign that to some extent is inviting voters to join saying you have to pick a prt and barack obama saying with his experience in the job that what she is offering is a little more relevant. >> this interview that the president gave politico was like a love fest for hillary clinton, wasn't it in. >> it was. look, he wasn't overtly critical of senator sanders but was acousive in praise about secretary clinton. i spoke with campaign manager and asked what was your take on
6:25 am
this specifically in the article president obama was asked do you see similarities between you and senator sanders because we are talking a lot about that. he immediately said no. what weaver said was that is true, there are two different people but what we are finding is senator sanders is generating the kind of excitement in that he is getting younger voters more engaged in the process who are critical in barack obama's win in iowa back in 2008. he said these nontraditional voters that we haven't seen before bernie sanders is tapping into that, as well. so it will be interesting to see what happens a week from today will these folks come out like they did for obama? will they come out for sanders? >> i talked to sanders press secretary, one of his campaign members this morning. and she said she voted for barack obama. she says barack obama hasn't thrown his support overtly behind any candidate but in listening to this politico
6:26 am
article you have to feel he is going to throw support behind hillary clinton. if he does that how important will it be to the clinton campaign or detrimental to the sanders campaign? >> certainly in this interview there is a clear tilt and thumb on the scale. it is important in a lot of ways. the most important way is that the absolute firewall for hillary clinton is strength among african-american voters and latino voters. she had latinoes in 2008. bernie sanders is doing very well with white voters and expanding well beyond. until he shows he can break into that pool of voters it will be an uphill climb. that will certainly be an earthquake. the president puts his support is an important asset for
6:27 am
hillary clinton and trying to hold on to that. >> i have to leave it there. thanks for both of you. still to come just a few days away from the next gop debate. will rand paul be on the main stage? i'll talk live to him next. ♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return.
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. cnn's poll of polls is out and donald trump remains on top in iowa. he leads ted cruz by 5 percentage points with one week to go before the iowa caucuses trump is campaigning hard. yesterday he was in the state of iowa and later today he will travel to new hampshire. his strategy seems to be working. first trump went way negative on ted cruz and then he went down home ditching his private plane and upscale digs for this
6:32 am
holiday inn express in iowa. $209 a night with free wifi and two rounds of golf. trump attended mass at the church. he prayed and sang hymns and listened to a sermon on humility. >> just got back from church. it was really good. i learned something. we talked about humility at church today. i don't know if that was aimed at me perhaps. the church i don't think knew i was coming so maybe it was by luck but we talked about humility. >> shortly after trump talked about humility his security threw out a protester holding up a sign that said stop the hate. he was wearing that bright red turbine. this week candidates are doing everything they can to sway voters for rand paul that means energizing his base. even though he is trailing in the polls his campaign is hoping
6:33 am
to get a big boost of support from college students. his other not so secret weapon his father ron paul. senator rand paul joins me live. >> welcome. thanks for being here. should we dispense with donald trump questions? >> i thought we were going to completely ignore him which would be fine with me. >> i have to ask about his down home thing, stayed at holiday inn express. >> we have our own airline but doesn't have my name on it, has southwest on the side of it. no i think a dose of humility might be good. i am worried that his narcissism exceeds nothing and delusions of grandure have him saying he can shoot people and people still vote for him. >> he leads in most polls. been an amazing run for donald trump. he captured the imagination of the country with this sarah
6:34 am
palin endorsement and as expected it hit the air waves on saturday night live. >> i'm here for all you teachers and teamsteres, you farmers and charmers whether you are a mom or two broke girls or three men and a baby or rock and roller, holy roller pushing stroller, pro bowler with an abscess molar. >> she is a fire cracker. she is a real pistol. she's crazy isn't she? >> so as a republican -- >> a lot of us still think trump has a lot of work to convince conservatives that he is for smaller government. what i hear coming from trump is trust him he is rich and smart and will take care of us. a lot of us believe that power corrupts and we don't want anyone to have too much power
6:35 am
either a democrat or republican because we think power has a corrupting influence. we love the fact that our founding fathers bound up the constitution and said you can't do certain things. >> just going back to that skit for just a moment, there are a good many in this country who think that sarah palin endorsing donald trump just makes a joke out of this primary. >> i think trump has to prove himself. one thing that bothers conservatives like myself -- >> is sarah palin credible? >> one thing that bothers about the situation about whether or not he is conservative is that his business model has been about taking land from private property owners through imminent domain. most of us are very much opposed to the government of using imminent domain to take private property. i think as more voters know donald trump's business model
6:36 am
and philosophy is predicated upon taking people's land i think a lot of people will run away from that when they know what he is about. >> analysts say if you don't do well in iowa it is pretty much over for you. if you don't do well in iowa, is that it for you? will that be it? >> we like to wait until the election happens to make decisions. we think we are doing very well. >> you are at 4% in iowa. >> we don't trust the polls in the sense that i think a lot of young people don't show up on polls because they are on cell phones and not part of the list. we think young people will come out in droves for a message that says the government should not be collecting phone records. i am opposed to the government collecting credit card records and phone records. we'll find out in the election. >> a lot like what you dad might say and he will be campaigning for you in iowa for the first time. >> we are excited to have him. >> why now, though in. >> we were excited to have my
6:37 am
dad come at the very end because we are going to have a big college rally and the college students rally to his message, as well. i think it will be great. >> why haven't you had him on the trail before? >> he did it nonstop for about eight years. we thought it would be nice for him to have a break. i have to be my own person and campaign on my own and make sure people know who i am. >> and some might say that your father is prone to throwing verbal grenades that might be harmful to your campaign. was that a concern in. >> mostly i have to be my own person and he is well known and like by a lotf othe same audiences. a government that leaves you alone. we have a lot of similarities but we thought it was important that i run my own race and we have. we are very happy to have him at the end and i i think we will have a big crowd at the >> i'm going to ask you a weird
6:38 am
question. in a way is bernie sanders tron paul of this race? >> we are finding the youth are attracted to disparate messages. we have a lot of college people and bernie sanders has some as well. i think we are both suspect of the federal reserve and both suspect of foreign war and entanglements. we are separate is that i'm a big believer in capitalism, that exchange is what has made. bernie's belief in socialism is an old idea really much oft evidence goes against. that is a tough sell for bernie sanders to young people wanting to find a job that he is opposed to the engine that creates jobs. >> the last question because you are running senate in kentucky. some people think you ought to go back because democrats are finding cracks. >> i don't have an opponent yet.
6:39 am
>> we'll see. he is very wealthy and popular. >> we'll see when that happens. >> so for now you are sticking with it. >> we want voters to vote. we have been working at this for two years. my message is that foreign involvement in the middle east has made us less safe. the government shouldn't collect your records and we don't want young people put in jail for marijuana. we are willing to see what the voters say. >> thanks for stopping by. still to come in the newsroom. the wildcard in iowa. will voters actually show up? it could turn the results upside down if they do. plus conservative host glen beck is hitting trump hard. hear why he says the gop front runner is a very dangerous man. when my doctor told me i have age-related macular degeneration, amd we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan.
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tonight the democratic presidential hopefuls make their last pitch to voters at a town hall in iowa. each candidate will get 30 minutes on stage and face questions from the audience as a new poll shows hillary clinton and bernie sanders neck and neck eniowa with one week until caucuses day in iowa the big challenge for both parties is getting the voters to turn out. republican presidential hopeful donald trump has unveiled an iowa caucus finder on his website and senator rand paul is counting on his father to shore up support. the opinion and lead engagement editor for the des moines register which has endorsed marco rubio and hillary clinton. welcome, sir. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here. i want to talk about tonight's town hall first. could this change things? >> i don't think so. you know, bernie has to answer the main question that a lot of people are asking is how to
6:45 am
carry out the progressive reform and agenda that he is promising. he has inspired people but a lot of people are coming saying how are you going to do it? that is a main question for him. o'malley still needs to show people that this is more than a two person race. so i think it's hillary's to lose. she needs to inspire people to come out next week. the tough thing is sorry cnn but a big game going on in iowa tonight so it will be competing for their attention. >> i hold down hope because people are very interested this time around. let me ask you about hillary clinton. i know that your paper has endorsed hillary clinton. i think voters want to see some passion from her so what can she do to impart that tonight? >> well, i think that we met with hillary clinton for three hours over two meetings and she
6:46 am
for. rmer than she gets credit and i think that she does have ideas that inspire people to come out. if she can continue to kind of show that warmth and personality i think that it also instills confidence that she is the nominee. >> so on the republican side earlier on new day chris cuomo interviewed glen beck who endorsed senator ted cruz. here is what he had to say about donald trump. >> donald trump i really truly believe is a very dangerous man. when you have a guy who is angry and then has an enemy's list and starts just to take people down over and over and over again, if you disagree with him, he destroys you. if that is the mood of the country we are in more trouble than i thought. >> i know your paper has endorsed marco rubio. with that in mind your thoughts
6:47 am
about what glen beck had to say about trump? >> i don't often agree with glen beck on anything, but our paper has been critical the way trump has run this campaign and we invited him to come in to our endorsement interview several times. he declined. and i think what is interesting that we are seeing in iowa is that people are worried about the credibility of the iowa caucuses. you see establishment republicans who are speaking out against cruz but they are also making appearances with donald trump. so it is almost as if the establishment is starting to realize that we better take him seriously because we want the caucuses to be taken seriously. >> speaking of voter turnout because when you look closely at the polls a lot of people taking part are people who have never voted or never participated in the iowa caucuses. do you think is that polls reflect reality at the moment?
6:48 am
>> well, best we know they do. we will have more polls coming out. the problem is that iowaens are known to wait until the last minute. our polls are showing that there is a large number of people who are still uncommitted or can be persuaded from the first choice. and in iowa what also matters is not only turnout but where people turnout. geography matters. that is going to be a big deal in the clinton/sanders race because sanders support is in college towns. so what is important to remember is that caucus is not a popular vote at least on the democratic side. and so it depends where those delegates are coming from regarding sanders versus clinton. >> thanks for being with me this morning. still to come the future hall of famer versus the rising star, super bowl 50 is set.
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6:53 am
game of the season just two weeks ago. super bowl 50 in san francisco. they had to get past the cardinals and the patriots. at least one game was exciting. cory wire is in denver with highlights from the championship games. man, that patriots, broncos game was something else. i almost had a heart attack at the end. >> me too.
6:54 am
i got to play against both these guys. i played nine years in the nfl. se seen a lot of games. this was one of the most exciting games. brady and manning duking it out. it was awesome. let's check out the highlights. peyton had one of the best games of the season. two touch down passes. both to owen daniels. the patriots would convert two fourth downs, including this touchdown to gronkowski can 12 seconds to go. that's where carol got excited and nervous. the patriots had to go for two for tie, but denver's defense seals the deal. denver wins a wild one, 20-18. peyton has won the last three consecutive meetings with the patriots. >> this is a sweet day. this is a sweet victory. to me, this victory is a great
6:55 am
example of what this entire season has been like. it hasn't been easy. it's been a lot of different people stepping up, doing their parts at different times. >> reporter: in new england just minutes ago, the pats held their season ending press conference. and bill belichick didn't really open up to the media. >> we had some opportunities. in the end, came up a little bit short, and that's obviously disappointing at this point in the year. turn the page here and move on and start the process all over again. >> reporter: so much sadness. with their victory, the broncos mean they're facing this guy, cam newton and his panthers in super bowl 50. they showed why they call him super cam. threw two touchdowns.
6:56 am
it was the defense that was a difference maker. they dominated arizona's top ranked offense forcing seven turnovers including this interception for a touchdown. panthers win 29-15 -- 49-15. super bowl 50 happening february 7th in california. it's going to be outstanding, carol. >> yeah. is that how they do it? >> reporter: i love it. >> cory wire, many thanks. back with "cnn newsroom" after a break. the microsoft cloud allows us to
6:57 am
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. >> happening now in the news room, battle ground, iowa. if you hand up for me on caucus night, i'll be back here in iowa. >> we are locked in a very, very
7:01 am
close race right here in iowa. one. >> one week until the first in the nation votes. >> whoever the nominee is is going to need the other person's support. >> the future of the party could hang in the balance. also, trump spends sunday at church. >> we talked about humility at church today. >> and he spends the night at a holiday inn express. normal guy stuff for the millionaire gop front runner. plus, buried by the blizzard. >> this is a complicated snow removal effort. >> d.c. shut down, trying to dig out after a storm for the record books. let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." >> good morning. thank you so much for joining me. millions of americans are buried under snow this morning after a record-breaking storm slammed the east coast. new york seems to be getting back to normal, but washington
7:02 am
d.c. is another story. it is still shut down today. people there working to dig out from almost two feet of snow. the d.c. mayor expected to speak at any moment now. in her city the federal government is closed. no schools are closed. and only five metro buses and training are running. we'll monitor the comments and bring you any developments. the danger from the storm is far from over. roads refreezing and warning of icy patches. in arlington, virginia, the national guard was called in to help the stranded emt truck. more than 12 00 flights cancelled. a look at the snow totals. it's not hard to see why. more than 30 inches at jfk. 29.3 at dulles. others all above or near two feet of snow. nick valencia is in washington d.c. and kicks off our coverage
7:03 am
this morning. good evening, nick. >> reporter: good morning. we're in the middle of cleanup in washington d.c. just crippled by the brutal storm over the weekend. three days of nonstop snowfall. more than 34 straight hours. more than 20 inches here measured in the district. we'll show you something we haven't seen in the last three days. there's traffic. people are trying to test the limits of the roads, probably not recommend. government officials would prefer you stay home. many government officials are staying home. federal government and local government shut down today. schools are closed. let's introduce you to folks making sure the roads stay clean. >> been through everything. we've been through a lot of salt, snow, shovels and socks. >> we want to show our viewers the conditions. when we showed up here, you were trying to dig out this car. what's going on? >> it's basically just a
7:04 am
government vehicle for the agencies that's being parked there. we have to move it so we can plow the snow. >> reporter: you're from the area. you've been through this before. you're a resident of virginia. how does it compare to other storms? >> this takes it, right here. next to 2010, this takes it. >> reporter: we've been hearing a lot of comparison to 2010. thank you for all your work. james mills. this is a deadly storm. we heard last hour from the virginia state police, six people confirmed dead, five from hypothermia, one from a fatal car accident. we're reaching out to figure out if fatalities have gone up. tomorrow the forecast looks bleak. rain is in the forecast. the snow is everywhere. tons and tons of snow. nowhere for it to go. this thing is far from over. >> those are government cars
7:05 am
parked on the sidewalk there? interesting. >> reporter: you'd think they would have moved or known to get out of here, but this is what james is having to deal with this morning trying to find the owner of the car so they can get back to work. >> kind of what i was thinking. thanks so much. new york city, a different story from d.c. practically back to business as usual. the recovery process seemingly much smoother and they saw even more snow than d.c. 26.8 inches. 22.4 in washington. jason is at penn station this morning. hi, jason. >> reporter: hello. here's one sign things are getting back to normal at penn station. that's the iconic spot where you see folks getting into their cabs between mounds of snow on this morning. earlier this morning, it was empty, and that's because, as you know, carol, long island railroad struggled to get back online this morning. they expected to have full
7:06 am
service sometime around 5:00 a.m. that's pushed back to 7:00 a.m. and then pushed back again because some of the lines refroze overnight. they had to get out there, fix the lines so they could get things back up and running. folks are now getting back in line, getting back out into the streets. and when you consider how much snow fell here, that's pretty incredible that new york city is doing as well as it's doing so far today. 26.8 inches fell putting that into perspective, anchorage, alaska so far this season has received 25.8 inches. that gives you some perspective for those watching how much snow fell here in the city, and considering that schools are open, government offices open, city seems to be doing pretty well. >> good news. thanks so much. let's talk about politics now. one week from the iowa caucuses, and now just hours from the last faceoff of the three democrats
7:07 am
tonight only on cnn, they'll field questions at a town hall meeting. bernie sander is about to host his own town hall in iowa falls. sanders seems to be riding some momentum into tonight's show down. our senior correspondent is live in des moines with more for you. good morning, jeff. >> reporter: good morning. it is a deadlock contest as this race hienters the final week. you can tell by the urgency in their voices, they're trying to move from persuading row is or thes -- voters to mobilizing supporters. it's showing how close the race is in in iowa in the polls. sanders, 46 %. and hillary clinton 44 %. this is a poll of polls of the latest four top polls. it gives you a sense of how tight and urgent this campaign
7:08 am
is for both sides here. but let's take a listen to the closing arguments from each candidate as bernie sanders is addressing his supporters and hillary clinton is doing the same. >> we are locked in a very, very close race right here in iowa. and if we have the kind of turnout that i hope we can, we're going to win here in iowa. [ applause ] >> and if we win here in iowa, i think we're going to do very, very well in new hampshire. >> why the stakes in this election are so high and we have to start to move toward nominating and electing a president and commander in chief who will continue the progress we've made, make sure it is not
7:09 am
ripped away, forcing us to once again be disappointed. >> reporter: so secretary clinton there clearly making the argument that she's the candidate to continue the legacy of this president. she is the candidate with the experience here. she had a big crowd last night in west des moines, iowa, a lot of enthusiasm on her side. and this is as close of a race as we've seen in recent cycles here. the town hall forum tonight which also includes martin o'malley. it will be the last good shot for iowa voters to see exactly what these candidates have in mind. from there, seven more days until the iowa caucuses. >> all right. jeff, thanks so much. as jeff alluded to, the fight for iowa is intense. hillary clinton and sanders locked in a statistical tie.
7:10 am
sanders came out swinging and resurrected the devastating loss in iowa in 2008. >> eight years ago, obama was being attacked for everything. he was unrealistic. his ideas were pie in the sky. he did not have the experience that was needed. but you know what? people of iowa saw through those attacks then, and they're going to see through those attacks again. >> sanders also pointed to a wall street journal nbc news poll showing he would beat trump in a run by 15 points to clinton's ten. joining me is the press secretary for hillary for america. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for being here. hillary clinton is running on experience. but democratic voters seem to want passion. did the clinton campaign miscalculate? >> oh, carol, i think hillary
7:11 am
clinton has over the course of her career poured her heart from the progressive causes you hear her talking about throughout this campaign. if you look at the first job she took after law school, she went to work for the children's defense fund. she knocked on doors in massachusetts and exposed how childrens with disabilities were being shut out from public schools. in alabama she exposed how local authorities were thumbing their nose at desegregation in the schools. in texas she enrolled disenfranchised latinos. she's made these progressive calls the call of her life. i think that iowa caucus goers are increasingly finding if you want somebody in your fox hole or a proven fighter that will get results in your day today life, hillary clinton is the candidate for you. >> but bernie sanders seems to be saying he has progressive ideas as well.
7:12 am
choi cloit clint hillary clinton is calling his ideas fairy tales. >> i think the point she's making is an apt one. both of them share many of the same progressive values. but as president obama said t d today in an interview, hillary clinton has proven throughout the course of her career that she knows how to translate progressive values into governing. with the high stakes today with republicans threatening to rip away the gains under president obama, we need someone who can protect those gains and go further. we need someone like hillary clinton who knows that progress often comes through three yards and a cloud of dust. >> oddly enough, you mention the interview with president obama, and he was complimentary of clinton. he talked about her experience. let's listen to a short bit of that interview now.
7:13 am
>> look, i've gotten to know hillary really well, and she is a good, smart, tough person who cares deeply about this country. and she has been in the public eye for a long time and in a culture in which new is always better. and, you know, you're always looking at the bright shiny object that people don't -- haven't seen before. that's a disadvantage to her. >> the president went onto say -- he was talking about clinton's weaknesses as well. he said she's better in small groups. she appeared rusty at the start of the campaign that she's been way too cautious. is he right? >> i think i saw the comments that the president made. there were a lot of gracious
7:14 am
compliments he paid to hillary clinton which i think is a testimony to the fact that they have a deep running, mutual respect and admiration for each other that dates back to the 2008 contest they ran. i think in actuality senator sanders has been in washington longer than hillary clinton. but hillary clinton has devoted her career to the causes. she has the calluses to show for her work to put these progressive ideas into action. as first lady of arkansas she led a move to help represent poor people in arkansas. and as first lady of the united states, there was an effort made to achieve universal health care and republicans in congress blocked it. she dusted herself off, picked herself up and helped pass the chip measure which insured 8 million kids. that's a testament that she has overcome adversity before. she's been through the ringer.
7:15 am
sanders is just starting to see scrutiny, and we've seen him have to walk comments back. hillary clinton is the tested candidate in this race. >> do you expect president obama will endorse hillary clinton soon? >> well, actually, i think the white house has said that he wants to let the primary process play out. so i'm taking them at their word that that's their intention. i think as the comments said, there's a deep respect between president obama and secretary clinton, and she was very honored to serve under him as secretary of state. and she frequently goes around in campaign trail events and evokes the fact that under president obama we've made great progress in the economy. i think voters are recognizing she's the one to help protect against the repeals of republicans and go further on each of the issues. >> all right.
7:16 am
brian, thank you for stopping by. >> thank you, carol. >> still to come, they say everything is bigger in texas. but what about endorsements? ted cruz just picked up one in his state. 7 days ago, karen wasn't thinking about joining her daughter's yoga class. she was thinking about her joints. but now that she's taking osteo bi-flex, she's noticing a real difference in her joint comfort. with continued use, it supports increased flexibility over time. karen: "she's single." it also supports wonderfully high levels of humiliation in her daughter. karen: "she's a little bit shy." in just 7 days, your joint comfort can be your kid's discomfort. osteo bi-flex. you were made to move. so move.
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7:20 am
>> the clock is ticking for candidates to pick up support. you're looking at live pictures out of iowa where ted cruz is making a stop to campaign. later today donald trump will be in new hampshire. all of this as a new poll of polls shows the realize mogul edging out cruz with steady support. you see it there. let's go to des moines, iowa. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump will start his week in new hampshire today, but this is after he made a big push here in iowa over the weekend.
7:21 am
we saw him put everything out in the field, kind of significantly raising the stakes in iowa in the final week. we saw trump go out of his comfort zone and spend the night here in iowa at a holiday inn rather than returning to new york to sleep like he normally does. he also attended a church service on sunday morning. he listened to a sermon on humility. donald trump investing in more of the traditional campaign-style tactics. also, at the same time, he's really doubling down on cruz. here's his attack on cruz yesterday in muscatine. >> one of the problems with ted cruz is everybody hates him. he's a nasty guy. not one united states senator has endorsed him. not one. >> reporter: and cruz responding to these sorts of attacks we labeling donald trump as an irrational bully, so to speak. he says that people in iowa
7:22 am
don't want to hear bickering coming from school children. the key for cruz is to kind of reclaim this narrative that has surrounded his campaign. he's doing that in a big way, launching today, rolling out this big endorsement from rick perry today. he will also make 22 stops over the next eight days in iowa. certainly the focus for him is to try to take back the narrative donald trump has been painting act his campaign. >> all right. live from des moines, iowa. thank you so much. we're joining my a former virginia attorney general. i also have cnn politics senior editor mark preston with us. thank you for being with us. ken, i want to start with you. you heard what donald trump said. not a single senator has come out and backed ted cruz. interestingly enough, chuck grassley introduced trump.
7:23 am
he didn't endorse him. does that matter? >> not really. it certainly suggests an openness to work with somebody, but it doesn't rise to the level of an endorsement, and ted cruz has challenges inside the beltway, and he has supporters outside the beltway. and the reason is he has taken on every special interest in washington, and he has shown a commitment to continuing to do that as president. you've seen it in iowa with the discussions that you all have reported on on ethanol. he is the only candidate in the history of the world for either party to take on big ethanol and stay with that challenge while running for president and lead in the polls in iowa. he's the only one who's ever done that. >> wow. well, just going back to ted cruz's likability for a second. you know, we live in a divisive
7:24 am
time. partnership rules in washington. not much gets done. people know that. if ted cruz is so unliked by members of congress, how as president will he be able to get anything done? >> well, i don't think obama is all that well liked by the same people in the republican party that say they don't like ted cruz. a lot of the democrats are upset with obama. look, when you're the president, you have a job to do. you're going to do that job. ted has told us what he's going to do, and the fact of the matter is the republican leadership -- >> you have to negotiate. >> no you don't. >> so ted cruz is for executive orders? >> no. the first thing he'll do is undo a lot of those. but decisions have to be made, and ultimately, you've got to come to some conclusions with the people in congress. though they have shown a complete willingness to give the
7:25 am
president everything he wants. everything. which makes this race for the president all the more important. and for those of us on the republican side of the aisle, it's all the more important to have a consistent conservative, a proven consistent conservative like ted cruz there because it's going to matter so much who the president is. >> okay. so i just -- i'm sorry. i'm ignoring you for the moment, mark. i want to get this straight. ted cruz will have the ability somehow to tell congress what to do, even though no one gets along with him and he's not for executive orders of any kind except for rescinding the ones complimented. >> what a left-wing media you are. come on. that is total generalization, and you really pollute the discussion with things like that. look, his likability ratings, if you compare where he was in march to today among republican voters, not along the left wing media are among the highest in the field.
7:26 am
donald trump whose clip you played can't claim that. this is a guy who runs around calling people names and tuesdayituesdaeasing handicap people. likability isn't something he'll win. and ted cruz, as more americans have met him, has become more and more liked across the country. >> now to mark preston. mark, i guess i'll ask you that as a political observer that you are. is it possible for him to negotiate with members of congress? are we all, like, overplaying this notion that nobody in the senate gets along with ted cruz? >> you know, i think you have to look at this as two-step process. there's the campaign and then the election and when you take office. i think cruz to the point that he has no u.s. senators backing his candidacy, necessarily, i think he's embracing that because he's playing this outside washington image.
7:27 am
when he came to washington he wasn't supported by the establishment republicans, he beat one to come to do that, as did others. but the thing about ted cruz right now is he's going to have to make a turn at some point. right now, i don't think that is when he wants to make the turn. he wants to appeal to evangelicals in iowa. he wants to show he's an anti-establishment candidate. that's why we're seeing him and donald trump locked in this battle right now about who could go in and dismantle and rebuild washington. >> he did pick up the endorsement of glenn beck. i want to play a bit of what he said on new day this morning. >> donald trump, i really, truly believe, is a very dangerous man. when you have a guy who is angry and then has an enemies list and starts just to take people down over and over and over again if you disagree with him, he
7:28 am
destroys you. if that's the mood of the country, we're in more trouble than i thought. >> is that true? is trump a dangerous man and if you don't agree with him he'll destroy you? >> he does make sleeping declaratio declarations. you were teasing about executive orders earlier. think about donald trump writing executive orders. this is someone who clearly believes that winning is everything. no not the principles, just the victory. that kind of attitude is one that you see dictating to elements of government, including the congress and the courts as much as he can. i do have concerns as someone who is sort of an idealist in terms of respecting the law. cruz has a track record on that. donald trump's track record is not very good. this is someone who opposes imminent do main protection because he's made deals to make money off that arrangement. he has made statements
7:29 am
consistent with glenn beck's criticism that make me concerned and others concerns about whether we'll just see a republican version of obama writing executive orders and de dictating to other parts of the government i'm stead of working through the process the founding fathers set up which is something cruz is committed to do, despite our earlier discussion about how easy it will be. it's important to respect that process. only ted has shown a commitment to doing that. >> these endorsements coming from others, how important are they to candidates? >> they're important. glenn beck is an influential voice in circles here. it allows glenn beck to be the one who goes on the attack against trump. cruz has been careful about how he engages in trump. but one thing worth pointing out
7:30 am
is there's campaign rhetoric and then governing. no matter who gets elected, republicans or democrats, when you come to washington, you might want to stand by your believes, but you do have to work with the other party and folks in your own party. i think what we're hearing now is that that rhetoric will change a little bit, otherwise nothing will ever get established and what we have is a divided government. >> all right. i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. >> still to come, we are hours away from the town hall. bernie sanders is speaking to supporters in iowa. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at does printing from your tablet give you a jolt of confidence?
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids.
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they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. good morning. thank you so much for joining me. tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern on cnn the three democratic
7:35 am
presidential candidates will make their case to iowa voters at a town hall meeting moderated by chris cuomo. iowa presents a different challenge. it's mostly white. check out the crowds at the rallies from the past week. you can see not a ton of diversity. about 3% of iowans are black. about 6% are latino. a strong showing among african american and hispanic voters could -- i'm joined by an iowa state representative and the national vice president of the national league of citizens. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. let me ask this question. what will minority voters be looking for from each candidate. i'll start with you, joe. >> it's the issues of where the candidates stand on jobs, health
7:36 am
care, education, comprehensive immigration reform. and, really, just we want to know how much they're willing to commit to programs to make those things happen. because we do need better jobs, good paying jobs. we do need more affordable health care, access to affordable education. and we do need a pathway to citizenship. >> how about you, joe? i mean -- wayne, i'm sorry. >> no problem, carol. don't worry about it. criminal justice with ferguson, black lives matter, all those issues, carol, although we're the fifth whitest state, we have some of the highest incarceration of black men in the country. people want justice to be color blind. there's a lot of excitement about the next election, and criminal justice is our number one priority. >> back to joe. the head of the organization
7:37 am
sent out this tweet earlier this month. quote, i've been critical of the clinton campaign for lack of latin outreach. i do that as a supporter in hopes to make them better campaign. hillary clinton has a huge lead among black and latino voters nationwide. she's up by 50 points. why change tactics if what she's working seems to be working? >> i don't think they're going to change their tactics. they're focussed on regular caucus voters. people who have gone to the caucuses before. when it comes to the latino community, that's an older group of latinos that clinton is focussed on. clearly that seems to work for their campaign, but when you look at the other presidential campaigns on the democratic side, beenny sarnie sanders and o'malley, they're focussed on the younger voters. it's a growing element of our
7:38 am
community. as you may already know, the median age of latinos in iowa is 22. the overall is 38. we will have many young latinos participating in the caucuses this time around. they are not on the radar screen for some of the presidential campaigns. so, again, for the clinton campaign, they appear to be looking at those people that they could count that have a history of participating in the caucuses. >> interesting. >> for the other two presidential campaigns, for sanders and o'malley, they're focussed more on those who have not participated before but are energized especially through what we're doing here in iowa to make sure that our people know about the caucuses and are wanting to participate. >> wayne, bernie sanders is not doing so well among black voters. there's an interesting app ed in the washington post over the weekend. it said despite sanders'
7:39 am
commitment to civil rights, he hasn't spent his political career in any area where african americans are where they are, the heart of the democratic convention. >> i want to let you know i'm co-chair of the brown and black presidential forum, and as an individual, i've already given my support to hillary. jesse james didn't wait until the last minute to get close to the community. he wanted whites to understand that i can come into your community and i can work. jesse jackson did pretty well back in the 80s. i tell all the candidates if you care about our community, come to our community, begin working in our community for many years. understand our community.
7:40 am
so jesse was a classic example. if you want to come to our community, don't wait every four to eight years. start working in our community as soon as you can. >> all right. representative wayne ford, joe henry. thank you to you both. >> still to come, more snow, more problems. the staggering cost to clear all the snow from the blizzard northeast. are you powered by protein? we are. milk has 8 grams to help give you energy to unleash your potential. start every day with milk's protein and milk life.
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7:44 am
we've been monitoring a news conference in washington d.c. they just announced all the metro is now open in the city of washington d.c. so get out of your homes and, i don't know, go look at the snow someplace else other than your front yard because everything else is closed in washington d.c. including all federal offices. because, oh, the big cleanup has
7:45 am
begun. it's going to be costly. not only in washington d.c. but in new york city, philadelphia and baltimore. christine romans is here to tell us about it. >> it might be pretty but you're going to pay for it. the overall forecast for the cost of this winter storm, 350 to $700 million. shift workers, people who couldn't get their shift, hourly workers. it's also cancelled flights. those cost thousands of dollars every time a flight is cancelled. lost consumer spending. the coffee shop, the guys who have the coffee carts on the streets who didn't get a day of business, and then there's the cost of clearing the streets, the overtime will be some workers will get overtime. but snow cleanup in new york city, $1.8 million per inch of snow. $1.8 million per inch. you look at 26 inches of snow in
7:46 am
manhattan, and that is a good gauge of what the snow cleanup cost is, the equipment, the gas, all that stuff. we're not looking for this to be a big ding to economic growth by any stretch of the imagination. we've had a great winter, but that's how you tally it. >> christine, thanks. still to come in the news room, oscar host chris rock not dropping out but he is rewriting his opening monologue. the latest on the controversy, next. g... ♪ ♪ but i can't come home right now... ♪ ♪ me and the boys are playing.♪. ♪ ... all nig♪t text beth, what can i do... [siri:] message. pick up milk. oh, right. milk. introducing the newly redesigned passat.
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7:51 am
a lack of diversity at the oscars we're learning chris rock plans to address the issue in the biggest way possible. on thes a cars stage in his opening monologue. the producer of the oscars told entertainment tonight rock threw out what the show wrote and is now writing his own monologue. we are joined now from the sun dance film festival with more. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning. keep in mind this is one of the shows that really showcases what hollywood has to offer for the year. it's a big hosting job, and the fact that it's more than a month away, it's not surprising he's probably still working on his monologue. i've had the chance to talk with the likes of spike lee, john legend, and also don cheatl. they've all been nominated. don had an interesting take. he said when it comes to the scandal, i don't think there's a
7:52 am
bunch of white people who don't want black people or brown people or asian people involved. people vote for what they know and what relates to them. that's why we need to see change. as far as chris rock, this is what he had to say. >> hope happens is that chris rock goes in and skewers everybody. those complaining being nominated and celebrating, those passed over. i think he should just -- this is a moment on the world stage, i think, to kind of turn the mirror on this whole thing. >> reporter: and also talking to these other gentlemen, john legend says it's opening up the talk of diversity. spike lee saying if you have more diversity, it just means there's better business because more people see themselves reflected. that means they're turning out to see projects and more people are working in the industry. they're saying it's all around a good thing, and spike also pointing out that if you do have this sort of entersty out there,
7:53 am
it would help if there were other hollywood heavily who were not black or brown and would come out and speak to this as well, and that there's been times in history when this has happened before, and that would help this cause as well. >> all right. stephanie reporting live for us this morning. still to come, a desperate man hunt for three fugitives in california, including an accused killer. ...reimagined. style... ...reinvented. sophistication... ...redefined. introducing the all-new lexus rx and rx hybrid. agile handling. available 12.3-inch navigation screen and panorama glass roof. never has luxury been this expressive. this is the pursuit of perfection. avo: he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is wilson ready. avo: so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch.
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all right. the weather conditions in washington d.c. still mighty dangerous. the mayor holding a news conference moments ago saying that the metro is now up and running. all of it in washington d.c., but the roads are treacherous and she's also seeking federal help in the big cleanup, because many of the secondary roads haven't been touched just yet. we'll keep you posted. other top stories. michigan's attorney general
7:58 am
addresses the flint water crisis and ohio isn't taking any chances. after finding traces of lead in its water, not the whole state, i should make that clear. the state epa has opened a criminal investigation in the village of sebring near youngstown. schools are closed today as more tests are being run. a warning has now been sent out to the 8,000 affected residents. a 50,000 reward is being offered for anyone who can help capture three fugitives in california who me california who made an escape from jail. authorities say the three men cut through steel bars, crawled through plumbing tunnels and repelled off a four story roof using a rope made from towels and bed sheets. the men are described as very dangerous. one of the accused is accused of
7:59 am
murder. is isis targeting the united kingdom next? a newly released video contains video of the united kingdom. according to an analyst, it might be a hint that britain could be the next target. it also praises out the nine people who carried out the paris terror attacks. we won't show the video because it shows prisoners being executed. could a fisherman have found another piece of the missing malaysian plane? the royal thai air force says it could be from an airliner, but some say it doesn't look like it's from a plane. investigators will almost the piece of wreckage to determine if it did come from mh 370. as you know, that plane disappeared in march of 2014 with 239 people on board.
8:00 am
thank you so much for joining me today. at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. ♪ >> president obama offering a surprisingly candid assessment about the race to succeed him. why he says hillary clinton is at a disadvantage as both candidates get ready to face off tonight. >> he is richer than donald trump. way richer. he's actually held office. if michael bloomberg joins the race for president, is there enough room for two millionaires. >> and the secret is out, the man who quit carson's campaign is joining trump. he is joining us on whether trump's ground game in iowa is good enough to win. >> hello, everyone. >> just hours from now


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