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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 26, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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>> reporter: new york. >> i thought that bikini babe was going to say to be a news anchor. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. berman and bolduan starts now. so guess who just said donald trump might be unstoppable? this time it wasn't donald trump. it was ted cruz. why it is now iowa or bust. >> plus, as trump teases another big endorsement today, paul ryan describes the state of the gop race right now as a conservative circular firing squad. why the establishment is running out of time. and new this morning, the fallout from the democratic taun hall meeting. who said they would raise taxes or they are plenty exciting and who said they can run a five-minute mile? >> i'm john berman.
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>> i'm kate bolduan. ready for liftoff. donald trump soaring in a brand new cnn poll. he's more than doubled his lead over his closest republican rival. take a look at the new numbers. the new national poll shows trump at 41%. cruz at 19%. no other candidate making it into the double digits after that. >> trump holds significant leads in every category. men, women, older, younger, conservatives, independents who lean republican, you name it, trump dominates. so much so that cruz issued a surprising statement. ted cruz warning that donald trump could be unstoppable if he wins iowa. cnn covering the cruz campaign in iowa. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is a big warning coming from ted cruz. i think it really speaks of the urgency of the moment for him right here in iowa that he really is feeling the pressure from these polls here that show
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him neck and neck with donald trump. the comments came in a private meeting last night with the evangelical pastors in iowa where he went through, laid out the stakes of this race here in iowa for him and what they mean at large for the republican party. and offering up a more candid assessment of the state of the race than we've seen him have in the past. this is what he said last night. this video was obtained by cbn. >> if donald wins iowa, he has a substantial lead in new hampshire right now -- if he went onto win new hampshire as well, there's a chance he could be unstoppable and be our nominee. >> reporter: he went onto make the message that even if the pastors support another candidate in iowa, that they should think about grouping around him, coming to him, because he's trying to present himself as the candidate with the best real shot at bringing down donald trump. you know, you have many
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candidates here that are polling low like huckabee and carson and santorum. they might steal a small fraction of the evangelical vote, and that could be enough to tip the scales against him and for donald trump. >> setting the stage. all right. thank you so much. want to brick you david who is in iowa in des moines. david, thanks for being with us. let me is ask you right out, is ted cruz right. if donald trump wins iowa, is he unstoppab unstoppable? >> reporter: i think it would catapult him toward the nomination. it would be the answer to the question we have been asking for the last seven months. does this level of support in the polls that we see translate into votes. if that answer is yes, in a place like iowa, then i think donald trump is off to the races in a pretty significant way. obviously he has a big lead in new hampshire. i think it would answer the
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fundamental question in a favorable way for donald trump. >> there have been continued questions about donald trump's ground game in iowa. where is the evidence that you see? do you see it in the poll numbers? do you see it in this organization that you're seeing on the ground there that he can pull it off there? >> well, kate, he definitely has a steady hand in iowa who has been running his organization here. i have no doubt that they have something built here that is significant. but take a look at some of our poll numbers inside our poll that i think get to the heart of your question. first of all, just how sticky and loyal his supporters are. 70% of trump supporters say they have made up their mind. they're not moving anywhere. if you look at that compared to the other republicans in the field, supporters of the other republicans, it's not even close to that kind of loyalty. that's one significant moment. the other finding in the poll is this level of enthusiasm. 40% of republicans are enthusiastic about trump's candidacy.
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no other candidate in the field comes close to that level of enthusia enthusiasm. loyalty and enthusiasm are things you want on your side six days before the caucuses. he has them. >> in politics, in iowa politics, to be clear, sticky is good. correct? >> reporter: very good. sorry. yes. they are tried and true loyal to trump, and no negative advertising or a mailer in their home seems to sway them. that doesn't mean that people aren't trying. >> and they are. >> reporter: the cruz superpac is up with a new ad yet again trying to chip away at that trump loyalty. take a look at this. >> donald trump is not a conservative because he's extreme on abortion. >> would president trump ban partial birth abortions? >> i'm very pro choice. >> you would not ban it? >> no. i am pro choice in every respect. >> does this sound conservative? >> i am pro choice in every respect. i am pro choice in every
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respect. i am pro choice in every respect. >> for partial birth abortion, not a conservative. >> reporter: clearly cruz allies are throwing the back at him, but, again, the poll numbers. these attacks have not worked before. i don't know that there's evidence it's going to work in the final six days. >> let's talk about the democrats. i want to get your take on last night's big night. the town hall in des moines. voters going face to face with these candidates asking the questions, some of them cut right to the issues. who do you think shined last night? >> reporter: you know, kate, i think it was a pretty good night for both sanders and hillary clinton. i think sanders just wrapped himself in his ideological mission, not afraid to say he'd raise taxes. for his supporters, he gave them a shot in the arm to continue to be excited about his candidacy.
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but i think hillary clinton had one of the best nights she's had in a while. she got a question from a young voter that is critical to sort of one of her achilles heals. an enthusiasm gap, and i think she gave one of her best answers all campaign long on this issue of the enthusiasm gap, making the case that she's been working to fight for these issues since she was that young person's age. she came with a lot of energy and a lot of passion, and even though her argument is still one of pragmatism and i can get the progress accomplished in a way that others can't, last night i think she came and actually added some passion to that pragmatic appeal. >> and you're there. we're not. the ground game, hillary's organization there, you see evidence that she's got the apparatus to get people to the caucus sites on monday? >> reporter: i've been talking to her campaign, folks inside her campaign, and they really
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have invested a ton of time and money trying to model off the successful operation. there's no doubt they have a robust ground game here. the question is, as you know, is it going to be enough to withstand what we see in sort of crowd size and enthusiasm for sanders. the clinton camp is feeling pretty good. it's hard to see real evidence of it until monday night. trust me, they have put a ton of money and thought into this ground game in a way they wanted to escape what happened in 2008 to hillary clinton here. >> all right. a sticky david in a good way. thank you so much, david. >> stop with the sticky references, you know. thanks so much, david. a new poll numbers show that hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck. her lead is slimmer than it's ever been in iowa. she's leading by just two points with 46%. >> bernie sanders --
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>> leading with 46 %. there's a two point difference between the two in iowa as we speak. >> let's talk about this more with the former texas state senator, a supporter of hillary clinton. thank you for being with us. i want to get right to what was a very tough question right out of the gate to hillary clinton. her response.y the question and- watch. >> i've heard from quite a few people my age that they think you're dishonest. but i'd like to hear from you on why you feel the enthusiasm isn't there? >> i've been around a long time. people have thrown all kinds of things at me, and i can't keep up with it. i keep going forward. they fall by the wayside. if you're new to politics. if it's the first time you've paid attention, you go, oh my grosh, look at all of this, and you have to say to yourself, why are they throwing all of that? well, i'll tell you why. because i've been on the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. >> now, the part of that
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question that was really tough, she flat out said, my friends, i'm hearing you're not honest. that's tough to hear from a kid. >> reporter: well, it certainly is. but i think she answered that question incredibly well, and by pointing out that she's been on the front lines since she was that person's age, i think she helped put it all into relevant perspective for him. that's a message that i've been talking about in iowa and in new hampshire on behalf of her campaign. i'll be in nevada this weekend. hillary clinton has fought these fights time and time and time again. she has been a champion for women. she has been a champion for working families. she has put her head down and fought against insurance companies and big pharmaceutical companies, and no matter what they throw at her, she hops back up and fights for the american people, and i know she'll do that as our president if we have
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the privilege of electing her to serve us. >> one thing she doesn't talk a lot about, but it's become the centerpiece of the sanders argument is the political revolution. he says she's been around and part of the establishment for a long time, and he's looking for a political revolution. here's what he said last night. >> i think we are touching a nerve with the american people who understand that establishment politics isn't good enough. we need bold change and a political revolution. >> but isn't that kind of a lot of what you're about as well? i mean, this is what -- a little bit what you made your name on. fighting the fights even if they're not winnable fights in the moment. why don't you -- why doesn't that sanders message resonate with you? >> i think that hillary is fighting those fights in a way that demonstrates that she's working hard to create change. i think she's going to be effective at creating that change. it's interesting that senator sanders referred to planned parenthood and the human rights
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campaign as part of the establishment. these are organizations just like hillary who have been fighting for decades to assure that the rights of all of us are respected and guaranteed. >> but do you want a political revolution? do you think bernie sanders is wrong calling for a political revolution? >> i think we need change, but the way hillary clinton is talking about it makes the most sense for me and many voters. building upon the progress that president obama made, making sure we have a candidate going into the general election that has a very good chance of becoming our president and not getting beaten by a donald trump, for example, if he's the nominee. we can't afford to put a republican back in the white house and to see the change that we've been able to manage in these last eight years unwound, and we need to keep building on it. she knows how to work with people. she works across the aisle, but she knows how to stand her
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ground when it's important to do so. and i know she's going to be effective at actually advancing the revolution that ais many of like would like to see. >> she and sanders are neck and neck in iowa, and in a couple of polls she's down by a couple of polls. what's missing? what can she do in the next couple days to turn it around? >> i think she did it last night. last night she showed the kind of passion that makes people like me get behind her and wake up and work hard for her every day. and her ground game, i am absolutely sure, is a very sophisticated one. i expect they're going to perform very well in the caucus setting. and i think she is going to be the winner of that caucus come next week. >> your reaction to a news in your home state. a jury indicting the anti-abortion activist who shot the video that made a big deal a
8:14 am
little while ago. what do you make of the decision? >> it is sweet justice coming from the perspective of someone like me and so many others who share my views on reproductive rights in the state of texas. particularly when you consider that this was a republican lieutenant governor that asked for this investigation. the texas rangers spent an inordinainor inordinate amount of time investigating the facts as did the da and the houston police, and after over two months of the grand jury looking at all of the evidence that had been put in front of them, not only did they clear planned parenthood of wrong doing and choose not to bring indictments against them, but they chose to bring indictments against the two people responsible for the videos for tampering with government records and also actually for engaging in the very thing they accused planned parenthood of which was seeking
8:15 am
to purchase fetal tissue which is shown time and time again in their own videos. they got caught in their own trap, essentially. >> wendy, thank you for joining us. we appreciate the time. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> donald trump, he rips the establishment in one breath. in the next breath he says the establishment is starting to come around. so which is it? can he have it both ways? >> plus as rubio fights to convince republicans he is the anti-trump candidate, he's just picked up a big endorsement on his own. how much of an impact will it have. and a man hunt under way after a jailbreak. they could have gotten a 16 hour head start. we'll speak live with a former inmate why he says it looks like an inside job. r fans' passions, hopes, and dreams and maybe, a chance at greatness... because shoulders were made for greatness. not dandruff
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six days and counting to the iowa caucuses and brand new polls out today show it's coming down to the wire.
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this brand new poll shows donald trump and ted cruz in a dead heat, really, among voters there. trump with 31%. only two points above cruz. and rubio in third with 13% support securing his lead right there, at least in iowa among the establishment candidates heading into the caucuses. >> joining us to help us figure out where we are six days from voting. a great journalist from new york times, and chief political correspondent with us. robert, you have a big new piece out called ted cruz's evangelical gamble. i have it on my computer. there's a screen grab right there of that. his evangelical gamble. what is that gamble and what size do you see six days from away that will pay off? >> the gamble basically sets itself up like this. it's an explicit rejection of the conservative orthodoxy after the 2012 election that, hey, to
8:21 am
win the presidency we are going to have to expand on our base. cruz says we have enough of the conservative voters out there. we need to go out them. and where cruz has sought to find them is in the evangelical group. he sa it's his contention there are millions who have checked out of the process. so his belief is that if he can tap into that base, then that will especially help in iowa where 60% of caucus goers from the republican side are evangelicals by their self-identification, but beyond that, 11 of the first 23 primaries are front-loaded with evangelical voters. that's the strategy. it carries with it a certain risk. basically he is putting himself as a consistent conservative. there's no real way we can move
8:22 am
toward the center if he gets the nomination. >> he has a plan. he's trying to execute the plan. if that happens, if that works out, it's going to be tough for donald trump. he's making a play for evangelicals as well. >> and he's not only making a play. he's winning. the latest poll with e january jell cals says trump is 37 % to cruz's smaller percentage. evangelicals have been lumped together and not looked at the issues. the politicians have sold them out. they tell them they're going to fight against planned parenthood and fight for state's rights, and then they get to washington d.c. and they don't. evangelicals, i think this time around have literally woken up and said we're not going to vote based on what you say, and we'd rather have humbleness and truth rather than what the lines are going to give us. >> on the subject of truth, we're getting two lines from
8:23 am
donald trump about the establishment. he's got this facebook post. he says the establishment is all out to get me. out of the same breath he says the establishment is warming up to me. let's play the sound so you get a sense of what i'm talking about. >> i mean, hey, i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life. my views are different than if i lived in iowa. >> they are different, like on abortion. >> would president trump ban partial birth abortion? >> i am pro life in every respect. >> what does he think about iowa? >> how dustupid of the people o iowa? >> donald trump, new york values, not ours. >> my views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa. >> the media, the special interests, the lobbyists, the do for as, they're all against me. >> i think the establishment, actually, is against me, but really coming online. because they see me as opposed to cruz, who is a nasty guy. >> against against me, but they
8:24 am
love me. scotty, which is it? >> i think it's a little bit both. i think it's the optimistic nature of mr. trump. he's -- >> how can it be a little bit of both? >> at the same time, you have to realize he is so far ahead in fact pol-- in the polls. he has to be a diplomat in dealing with these folks. he's looking to be the leader that will be dealing with these people. that's the one thing we've learned. so many on the other side will slap you across the face and expect you to work together. i think he's going no, i'm going to be optimistic until you decide to take a step against me, i'm not taking a step against you. that's how he's played this entire game. >> robert, after spending all the time you have with the cruz campaign, you spent multiple days with them on the ground in iowa. you've got donald trump who is leading. he wants it both ways, though. i'm going to say it. he wants it both ways. >> he's not an a diet.
8:25 am
>> just saying. but robert, the time you've spent with the cruz campaign, he spoke with everyone in his campaign, you did not get to sit down with him. why do you think they didn't have him sit down with you? this is a big piece you put out about his big game, his big gamble? >> i can only guess, and the guess would be that there's no percentage in having their candidate who says nasty things about "the new york times" being interrogated by one of their reporters. they have deniability now. they can see the evil grlady ha come out to get us. the story is fair, but indemnifying themselves, they decided not to. i don't see an inconsistency between trump saying the establishment is opposed to me but starting to come online. here in washington d.c., republican friends of mine are in angst.
8:26 am
it's like an inverse choice. they don't want trump and they don't want cruz and they're trying to decide which is the lesser of evils. it's a moment of hand ringing for them. neither happens to be the establishment's preference, but there are arguments for and against them. >> so scotty wins. you can have both. >> i like it. mr. trump is not on a diet. he can have his cake and eat it too. it's okay. >> i can't, unfortunately. >> i can't either. >> thanks, guys. ahead for us, new fallout after facing voters in a town hall in iowa sanders making some big statements about what he'd do in auchs. >> plus, three inmates missing after a daring escape. a former prisoner joins us live on what he says is unheard of in this case. today people are coming out to the nation's capital
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>> fresh off the big town democratic town hall with cnn last night, bernie sanders is, today, speaking with united steel workers in des moines, iowa. let's listen in. >> almost all the new wealth and income is going to the top 1%. and brothers and sisters, what a sanders administration is about is a radical idea. you ready for a radical idea in we're going to create an economy that works for working families, not just billionaires. [ applause ] >> and not only that. in the last 30 years, as
8:32 am
everybody in this room knows, technology has exploded. almost every worker in america is more productive than he or she was 20, 30 years ago. right? you're producing more. question. if you are more productive, if we are producing more, why are millions of people working longer hours for lower wages? all right. why is almost all new income and wealth going to a small number of people? [ response, greed ] >> you guys are a smart group here. >> bernie sanders speaking there to the united steel workers. let's discuss this and what this means in the race ahead. let's bring in some of our best and brighters. let's bring in bill press, and a senior spokesman for hillary clinton's 2008 campaign.
8:33 am
gentleman, it's great to see you. we decided we should play a bit of democratic mad libs. in ten seconds or less, first, bill, finish this snngs. the state of the democratic race is. >> i think it is dead even right now between bernie sanders and hillary clinton and anything could happen. >> so, moe, given with bill said in his answer, finish this sentence. in the next four days hillary clinton needs to -- >> close out strong with the message that she is the most effective fighter for everyday americans and iowans. >> can you change it in the next four days? can you change it to poll ahead in they are neck and neck. everyone thought hillary clinton would be nowhere near neck and neck with him. >> i think a lot of people did.
8:34 am
iowa has always been a tough state for her. and so the fact it would narrow is not that much of a surprise. look, can it change? sure. i mean, your own poll, the cnn poll last week had sanders up by eight, and today i just saw it has him up only by two. i think the rate is still in flux. hillary has a good ground game. they invested in a ground game with t way we didn't eight years ago. i think that's going the matter. and she's hitting her stride with her message now. i think people are fundamentally looking for a champ jion, someo says they will fight for you, and they trust they'll fight for you. that's been her closing message. if she keeps that up, i think it will be close. the clinton people seem to have more of a bounce in their step today than they did a couple weeks ago. >> along those lines. i want to play a brand new ad
8:35 am
that was released today. in a way, it's a message to the bernie sanders america ad. >> one of the areas i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. >> all of us have a responsibility to ourselves, to our children, to each other. we intent to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born, our children's future is shaped. >> you get the idea. she's talking about her fight for children over the years. do you think this is a come can peling closing argument? >> first of all, i think that's a better flash back on hillary than we had on ted cruz when he was 18 talking about world domination. i think that's an effective ad, and it's for real. she was on the board of the children's defense fund before she became first lady of the united states. i think it does speak to her fight. i think it speaks to her
8:36 am
experience, but i think people know about her experience. as the way i read it, iowa is an iconoclastic state. when you walk into iowa and say i have experience. i've been first lady and senator and secretary of state. of course, i should be the next president. it's almost like i deserve it. iowans are going to say not so fast, no matter who you are. to a certain extent, people know hillary is the most experienced, but they could be looking again for hope and change, and the hope and change this year i think is coming from bernie sanders. >> also when you see that ad that looks back and then comes to the president, everything she's done, you heard it last night in the town hall, her talking about all the fighting she did for children's health insurance way back when and still fighting today. is hillary clinton still trying to introduce herself to folks in iowa? >> yeah. and because, look, there are a
8:37 am
lot of iowans who are caucusing for the first time, just like there were a lot of iowans who caucused for the first time in 200 8. not every iowan knows her record or history. i see this a little bit differently. i don't think this is her making the case that i am the most experienced. that's certainly been part of her message. but, again, people i think are misreading this electorate a little bit. i don't think this is an electorate that's out to find disruption for the sake of disruption. i think this is an e electric trat lo -- electorate looking for someone to fight for them day in and day out. that's what this ad is trying to do. you know i've been in public life for a long time, but this is what i've been doing, fighting for you and kids day in and day out. i think that is the interesting twist in this ad and why it's a good cholosing message.
8:38 am
>> i want to bring in an interesting twist of definition. bare with me. i want to play jimmy fallon last night having fun with bernie sanders, how he once did an album in the 80s. >> bernie sanders. i'm not joking. this is real. it's an album he made in 1987. >> well, you have to play it. ♪ i saw above me that endless skyway ♪ >> all right. you get the idea there. the interesting thing here, i think, bill, is that bernie sanders isn't being mocked. what you see is jimmy fallon in a way rejoicing in the thing that is bernie sanders, in a way. when i see something like that, i wonder if bernie sanders has successfully defined himself as maybe the wacky old grandpa from brooklyn instead of a democratic socialist. >> well, i think he's on his way
8:39 am
to doing that. we can all be grateful he did not sing in that album. i played clips of it on my show too. he talks this land is your land. but, again, back to a little of what moe was saying, i think this idea of i'm the fighter, i'm fighting for you, i'm different. i'm not fighting for that 1%. that's been bernie's message from day one. that's why he's been so effective. the system is rigged against the middle class and the 99%. i think bernie has showed i'm the one that's going to take on the establishment, the democratic establishment and the republican establishment, and fight for you to the extent that hillary is picking up that message now. it will help her. we'll see what happens. >> she's going to have to sing. bill and moe thank you for talking and being with us. >> thanks. >> all right. marco rubio just got an endorsement. we'll let you decide if it's big or not. it does come from someone who
8:40 am
was just until a short time ago, running for president. will it help him break in to the top tier? >> that is a tease, folks. plus the man hunt is on for three inmates accused of brutal crimes. officials say jail insiders may have helped in their escape. does printing from your tablet to your wireless printer give you a jolt of confidence? then you might be gearcentric. right now, get this hp printer for 50% off! office depot officemax. gear up for great ®.
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just moments ago, marco rubio wrapped up a rally in iowa. one of several stops he's making as he looks to try to secure his place as the front runner in the gop establishment lane. >> and just today he also did pick up an endorsement from former presidential candidate, new york governor, former new york governor, george pataki who said i took a look at the accoun candidates, and rubio is the best candidate to bring us together. that's why i'm endorsing him. what's the campaign saying about
8:45 am
it? >> reporter: well, they're very happy about it. i'm not sure how much that george pataki endorsement will move voters in iowa, given that he was low in the polls at 1%. and today the rubio campaign touted the endorsement of a former arizona senator. what they're trying to do is showcase growing support within the establishment ranks behind rubio's candidacy. he's trying to showcase himself as a unity candidate, someone who can bring folks in the center right of the party as well as conservative voters. that's why he's been attacking cruz in iowa. a couple hours ago he was in pella, iowa, just outside of des moines. he made that pitch to voters saying that he was the unity candidate. that's part of the closing argument that he made today here to voters.
8:46 am
>> i will be a president for all americans. i won't just unite the republican party. ly seek to unite the american people. we debate everything in america. we argue about everything because we're a free people. it's okay to the differences of opinion, but there's a difference between that and unnecessarily pitting americans against each other. and if there is an opportunity to unite our nation, i will work every day to do it. no matter how nasty people are or how angry they seem to be, i will never seek to be a president that divides us against each other. >> reporter: clearly trying to showcase a difference between himself and donald trump and cruz. he's trying to look at the long game. he doesn't think this campaign is going to be over after iowa and new hampshire, the way cruz suggested. the rubio campaign is banking on a long haul. they believe this is going to go
8:47 am
into supertuesday and beyond, and his aides think they'll have the resources to be successful. that means he'll have to have a strong finish in iowa in third place and emerge the establishment alternative in new hampshire. that means outpacing bush, christie, not an easy task. >> robert costa, "the washington post" and others saying an enforcement for donald trump today. >> watch today. also coming up for us, a surprise twist for the activist who accused planned parenthood of illegally selling fetal body parts. a grand jury in texas cleared planned parenthood and indicted the film makers behind the videos. >> plus why officials now say insiders may have helped three inmates accused of brutal crimes escape from jail. the latest on the effort to find
8:48 am
them, ahead.
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we have breaking news out of san diego at the naval medical center there. reports of three gunshots fired in the basement of building 268:00 in the morning pacific tame. that will be about 52 minutes ago. it's being treated as an active shooter situation. all non-emergency personnel being advised to stay away. >> it says an active shooter has just been reported in building 26. all residents are advised to run, hide, and all non-emergency personnel are asked to stay away
8:53 am
from the compound art, thank you so much for joining us. clearly, very little detail coming out, but we do hear three gunshots -- reports of three gunshots fired in the basement of this building. a massive compound, it sure looks. what are your first thoughts? >> my first thought, it is a massive complex, and this is going to be a very complicated situation. what i find very interesting in the initial report is run, hide. that's the first time i have seen an alert message go out like that, but i think that's a good indication that, unfortunately, we've learned to experience that shelter in place or get out of the area is a good tactic, but also in some point you might have to fight. i think myself and several other law enforcement people have talked about this. in the past if there comes a
8:54 am
point in time where, you know, people are just going to have to fight, and to see this teep of message coming out right away is a good indication that attitudes are changing involving these types of scenarios. >> going to respond immediately and try to take out the threat as soon as they can. >> run, hide, or fight. cnn was apparently told that would be the common language used. i don't know if that is because
8:55 am
it is a military facility or not. in your experience dealing with this type of situation, what's the difference between this occurring on military property versus civilian? >> i mean, i think we all remember back when we had the shooting here at the navy yard. the military went ahead and, of course, we've had several -- a couple over the past year in chattanooga. a lot of the governors began allowing the military to arm themselves as long as they were in uniforms and long they were on the base. i think that would be the particular issue here. i haven't heard yet if they are allowed to carry sidearm on the base here, but each one of these bases generally has a fairly large especially due to the size of this facility of department of defense police that are taking care of security at this type of base, and i think those wab the first ones to respond
8:56 am
and handle the situation as quick as they can. of course, you'll have all the other law enforcement officers in a mutual aid situation responding to the scene to assist them in taking care of the threat. >> we're also told that schools in the area are on lockdown as a precaution. reports of three gunshots fired in the basement of one of the buildings at the naval medical center in san diego. a huge navy facility there. a huge compound. multiple buildings. obviously, this is very early on. not a lot of detail coming out, except on the official facebook page saying run. all occupants of these buildings. run, hide, or fight. >> much more coming up right after this. traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite.
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>> this is cnn breaking news. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal news." we're going to begin with this news that is breaking at this moment. there is an active shooter situation currently at the naval medical center in san diego. the center's public affairs officer tells us that there are reports three gunshots have been fired in the basement of i building they call building 26. all non-emergency personnel are right now being urged to stay away from that area. patients and employees are being asked to stay away from the medical center or to stay home all together. we have very little information, but we do have eyes in the sky right now from the weather network. we're showing you these aerial pictures. possibly the building in question, although it's hard to tell exactly which one is building number


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