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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  January 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>> this is cnn breaking news. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal news." we're going to begin with this news that is breaking at this moment. there is an active shooter situation currently at the naval medical center in san diego. the center's public affairs officer tells us that there are reports three gunshots have been fired in the basement of i building they call building 26. all non-emergency personnel are right now being urged to stay away from that area. patients and employees are being asked to stay away from the medical center or to stay home all together. we have very little information, but we do have eyes in the sky right now from the weather network. we're showing you these aerial pictures. possibly the building in question, although it's hard to tell exactly which one is building number 26.
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cnn law enforcement and military analyst jonathan gilliam, who is a former navy seal. he is familiar with this facility. there was something i saw to be pretty jarring. it's a tweet from the naval center in san diego saying all non-emergency response personnel are asked to stay away from the compound. all occupants of the building are advised to run, hide accident or fight. >> yeah. i'm telling you, i was actually pleased to see that particular tweet because they're telling people to take action, whether it be to run, hide, or fight. they're telling people that something is happening. they need to make a decision.
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that's an important thing here. if you tell people have you to take action, they're more likely to do it than freeze if they find themselves encountering this type of a situation. there are a lot of military people in that area. that's a hospital where in that particular area i believe what we call mwr where you get equipment if you are going camping, it's kind of a recreational center, and i also think from just looking on-line that there may be the transition assistance program where people are transitioning out of the military. i'm not positive about that. >> this is where a huge medical compound is around that area. you also have restaurants.
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there's mcdonald's not far from there. and a post office. you know, there's a lot of different stores and things that are in that area. also, medical complex. you're going to see like you would in any medical base lots of people that are working at these different civilian type locations, and i'm not sure now if that's an open post where people can drive through there, but i do know that like any military base, it's going to be a lot of work. >> can you tell me what's going on behind the scenes right now? those who are both inside the building and outside the building to track down where this wreck is and how big it can get? >> the number one issue, ash lee is whether it's a real incident. there were reports that shots were fired from the basement of that building, but it's been
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just about an hour ago when this started, and they have not yet confirmed that there were actually shots fired. that's part of the problem. by the time the response was made, would they have contained a shooter? could a shooter have fired shots in that building and then run into the other building as part of that compound. you are talking about an enormous facility. many, many buildings. by the time that even the initial police officers can respond to a reported shooting, do they have the person contained and if that person actually made shots in that building? >> i'm trying to sort of put myself inside one of those operating rooms that tom fuentes just reference whered. what is the protocol if you are
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in the midst of surgery and something like this happens? >> i don't know if there's specific protocol. that's a really good question. it also brings up the fact that these are things that we have to contemplate. then the military p, they do think about these things, but the reality is what -- operating rooms trying to figure out how they respond. these things can happen over in war zones all the time. it's lessons that if we haven't learned, we definitely need to learn. i mean, that's a great question. >> i just want to bring in any of our viewers now joining us up to speed. that building in the center of the picture on the right-hand side courtesy of total traffic and weather network. it's an aerial shot of building 26. at the navl medical center in san diego it's now reporting shots fired in the basement of
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the facility. the tweet going out quite harrowing, in fact, and this is, by the way, a facebook tweet that's being sent out or actually just a posting on facebook, i should say. all occupants are advised to run, hide, or fight. that's in the middle of the announcement that an active shooter has just been reported in building 26. >> the question i asked already. what happens to those inside undergoing surgery when there was an admonishment like that to run, hide, or fight if are you in the middle of surgery? >> i think that would you hope that in the middle of that surgery it would request surgery to secure the operating room so they can finish what they're doing. they can't just run out the door
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and leave a patient on the operating table before they're finished. i think that, you know, that would be the next best choice would be to have somebody come and secure the outer area of the operating area, the operating rooms, and there is a key to operating rooms. we don't know how many, if they were already in surgery at that time, but that would be the question there. secure the room so they can finish and do what they have to do. if you have many hospitalized patients there, they're not going to be in a position to run, hide, or fight. they're going to have to get security there for them to establish safety for the patients that may be in bed and maybe not be able to do anything. >> do you have any idea what the security situation to enter a building like that if not that building itself that's strt of the screen, building 26? do you have to go through a metal detector? do you have to have your bag
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checked? can armed people or service members go in and out of that building freely? >> that's a very good question. i think, you know, again, i have been there in many, many years, and it's a hospital, and it's on a compound that is has had somewhat security, and i would -- i'm not thinking that there's going to be any type of a security screening to get in there. once you're on the compound, you're going to the hospital. that's what i'm thinking. it's a military hospital, or it had to be screened to get into the hospital. >> it makes me wonder how many active service member who might actually be in the premises could help first responders to respond. they are armed, and they are capable of helping to track down whoever this might be. is it normal in a medical
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center, albeit a naval medical center like this -- would it be at all normal for service members to have their weapons with them? >> absolutely not. military members, especially -- when they check in, they're not carrying their weapons around unless they have a weapons carry permit and have permission to have it on that base, which is not the case typically. that's just the way that the d.o.d. runs things. you're not going to be looking at a map -- they have security. they have security procedures and they worked with local law enforcement. >> if you are just joining us, we just learned from the naval center that there is an active shooter situion. building 26 is that building in strt of your screen on the left-hand side, and it's predominantly on the screen of the right-hand side.
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two different aerial shots and a ground shot for you. at this point people who are being -- who are inside are being told to run, hide, or fight. this after reports of three gunshots were fired in the basement of what's called building 26. this has been going on, apparently, for about an hour. they are now saying that all child care facilities at the naval medical center are secured. all children are accounted for and are safe. three nearby schools, however, have just gone into full lockdown, so if are you in this vicinity, make sure that you check web sites of those schools and for the protocol for dealing with your kids. it might be at those schools. we're continuing to monitor this. i'm going to squeeze in a quick break, gather some information about this, but, again, this is the story in san diego right now
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>> i'm ashleigh banfield. you are looking at some aerial shots of building 26 at the naval medical center in san diego. that is where just over an hour ago shots apparently were fired. three of them in the basement of that building, and the public affairs officer says that this is an active situation at this point. they're telling all non-emergency personnel to stay away. stay home. if you have any business or appointments, not to come anywhere near that building. some ground level shots just coming in to us as well outside of the neighborhood. it's very hard for us to see the response, though, outside the building. inside the building this is perhaps the most brave warning
9:16 am
to anyone who is inside that building, and it says this. all occupants are advised to run, hide, or fight. again, all occupants advised to run, hide, or fight if you are inside that naval medical center in san diego. i want to go straight to the pentagon where our correspondent barbara starr is standing by. are you learning anything from the pentagon, barbara? >> we do have some additional information now, ashleigh. a u.s. military official telling us that the person who made the initial report of shots being fired is now being interviewed by law enforcement. security forces are moving through building 26 also at this hour. clearing the building, going floor by floor to make sure that there is nothing going on there. there is a distinction being made. the report was shots fired, we are told. not of an type of shooter. this would indicate the possibility that someone heard shots fired. if that proves to be true and we don't have that confirmed by the
9:17 am
military at this point, it may mean that shots were fired and someone ran off. not that there's antishooter in the building right now. sfla any -- have they actually found an active shooter? >> i haven't been given any information in regards to that. as i stated, the information i have is extremely limited. i just have the initial report of the active shooter. we were told to respond and upon arrival here at the scene, we were tasked with the perimeter
9:18 am
security or traffic control. >> obviously a local update from the california highway patrol having secured a perimeter on the outside of that building and one of the keywords that he mentioned, that the key was to respond to an active shooter situation. kevin dixon with the u.s. medical center, i believe an information officer joins owes the phone. are you one of the pio's? >> i am one of the public information special is with navy regents southwest. heard three shots in the basement of 26. it's a combination gym and barracks at the navy balboa park
9:19 am
facility. right now we have first responders and navy working dogs on scene during the building. the medical center is on lockdown and shelter in place orders have been given in the area. that's all i have heard right now. >> how many people do you think are inside that building? >> i don't have an answer to that. i don't know how many people are in the building at the current time. >> just on record, i'm not sure if this is in your wheelhouse, but at this time of day, 8:00 in the morning when this started on the west coast what would be standard? would we be talking about dozens or hundreds at that early hour? >> well, the naval medical center, like any other place, we have folks go in, but i don't have a firm number because i don't actually work over there. i don't have a firm number on the number of people in that facility. >> okay. kevin dixon, navy regionents southwest. i appreciate it. tom fuentes is on the phone with
9:20 am
us now. he is our cnn law enforcement analyst and former fbi assistant director. tom, i asked the -- the concern i had was about the kinds of security that exists outside of that building. >> i mean, naval criminal investigative service. obviously they will be armed and on the facility all the time. how many were nearby when this occurred. we'll have to wait and hear about that part. >> that -- i'm sure you heard kevin dixon reporting to us that
9:21 am
this is in response to a single witness hearing three shots. i don't know if that witness is military or civilian, but something happened in that basement, which is a combo gym and barracks in order to bring forth that kind of a report and this kind of response. >> could the person have been mistaken about what they heard or, you know, especially if you have a gymnasium nearby or other work going on there. you know, could three bangs be a different source than specifically gunshots?
9:22 am
sflo that will need to be determined also. >> floor by floor clearing. ongoing right now inside building 26, and also from the public affairs specialist who joined us. there are dogs and first responders also doing building clearing at this time. i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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>> this is cnn breaking news. >> our breaking news today comes to us from san diego. aerial pictures of something they call building 26. it's at the naval medical center in san diego. reports came in a little over an hour and a half ago that one
9:27 am
witness heard three shots fired in the basement of that building. immediately security detail was on the move. we can tell you right now that there are trained dogs that are doing a building clearing at this time. it is being called an active shooter. the most harrowing -- it came on its facebook post that said all occupants of the building are advised to run, hide, or fight. >> it has been proved it is a shooter. the naval medical center san diego is treating it as an active shooter situation. the health care facilities are apparently in this vicinity and have been secured. all children accounted for at this time and are safe.
9:28 am
a reporter in san diego, i don't know if have you spent much time on this compound, but it is not just a medical facility. there is a lot more to this collection of buildings. >> you can even see in these aerial that is we're looking at from our local affiliate. there are a number of buildings there. the reason why is it's a cluster of buildings. it is a place where a lot of people work. the time that this report came out, it was 8:00 a.m. local time. think about that. >> a lot of people inspect that
9:29 am
area. gist in the middle of that you have the san diego zoo. there are a lot of people who headed to balboa park. this is just up the hill from san diego's downtown. it is also very close to the airport. a lot of reasons why there is such a strong response. that's why we're hearing multiple agencies responding to this area. they want to make sure to clear every single floor, ashleigh, because have you a lot of people who head to this area every single day in san diego. >> also, some of the local press in the area have said that this is surrounding this particular building is somehow ajays ebt to a movie theater, a music room, billiards roonl, cafes. there would be a lot of people who are not connected to the naval center who might be in this vicinity. tell me a little bit about the activity outside of the school in the surrounding community and what they're doing about the schools.
9:30 am
>> we are told that the schools are currently on lockdown. there are schools that are right near the area. san diego high school, middle school, as well as garfield high school. you know, they want to make sure that -- as you mentioned, ashleigh, those restaurants and cafes, there is a cafe with the science center. there are a number of places you can sit outside here on the naval property and join your morning coffee. routinely walking dogs in balboa park. this is an area that, you know, it's a tourist attraction. if you think about the san diego zoo, how many people head to the san deeing zoo every day. it's a gorgeous day in southern california today. a lot of people would be expected to be out and about. again, all of this cautionary, but a lot of concern because of the location of this particular building. >> well, let's anywhere near to
9:31 am
this particular set of buildings. they're going to run into a perimeter that has now been set by the california highway patrol. they announce thad live on the air moments ago. obviously, this is a full effort to find whom ever may be responsible for whatever it was that led a witness to report that there were three shots fired in the basement of that building on your screen. building number 26. >> democrats, the town hall. the last pitches to iowa voters who caucus in just 50 days. hillary clinton saying that she's been proven fighter. bernie sanders saying why he is a socialist, and martin o'malley pleading for his supporters to
9:32 am
stay in the game. here's cnn senior political correspondent briana keeland. >> all right. we are live -- >> less than a week away from the iowa caucuses. >> this calls for a state of -- >> the democratic candidates are out of their chairs. >> i'm not capable of doing q and a in iowa. >> yes. >> and throwing soft punches in a final pitch to voters. >> experience is important. judgment is also important. bernie sanders going record to record with hillary clinton. >> i voted against the war in iraq. i led the effort against wall street deregulation. hillary clinton is on this issue. on day one, i said the keystone pipeline is a dumb idea. why did it take hillary clinton
9:33 am
such a long time before she came in opposition? sfroo clinton says one bad vote on the iraq war is just a scratch. not a dent. >> it was a mistake because of the way it was done and how the bush administration handled it. i think the american public has seen me exercising judgment in a lot of other ways. >> former maryland governor martin o'malley once again fighting for his place in this race. >> i am the only one of the three of us who has a track record. not of, being a divider, but of bringing people together to get meaningful things done. >> voters challenging the candidates on key issues. >> how are you planning to insure racial equality? >> how are you going to fight for women's rights? >> the vermont senator clearing up his stance on gun control. >> if a gun shop owner should know why is somebody buying 1,000 guns? somebody should be thinking that does not make a lot of sense. in that case, that gun shop
9:34 am
owner or the gun manufacturer should be held viable. >> go see the cabinet and work with them on what they would accept as an offer. go see the palestinian president. work with him to make sure he would back it up. go back to jerusalem. finalize the deal. fly to cairo. meet with president morrissey, the muslim brotherhood president of egypt, hammer out the agreement. >> clinton not only highlighting her record, but defending her character. >> i have heard from quite a few people my age that they think you're dishonest. >> i have been on the frontlines of chapg and progress since i was your age. i have been fighting to give kids and women and the people who are left out and left behind a chance to make the most out of their own lives. >> throughout the night one message was clear. dump trump.
9:35 am
>> we are far better than the sort of fascist rhetoric that you hear spewed out by donald trump. >> clinton taking it a step further. >> we need a coalition that includes muslim nations to defeat isis. it's pretty hard to figure out how you are going to make a coalition with the very nations you need if you spend your time insulting their religion. >> our thanks to briana keiller for filing that report for us. a town hall comes just as a fox news poll, brand new, in iowa shows the race tighter than ever. hillary clinton up by 6 percent abbing points over senator bernie sanders. clinton, 48. sanders, 42. yes, remember, last week it was different. the iowa poll numbers shows sanders ahead by eight points. nationally mrs. clinton's lead is a lot wider, though. our new cnn poll reveals that democrats back mrs. clinton 52-38. she's developed two points since
9:36 am
our last survey, but still has a 14 3erz lead. our poll also finds that people above the age of 50 are among senator clinton's biggest supporters. while independents and young voters lead towards bernie sanders. with me democratic strategist and republican strategist harry. i'm going to start with you. you see the needle move at all last night for anybody? they're just jockeying at this point. >> i think all three of them did an extraordinary job, including martin o'malley who really stepped up his game. they all within a trophy. i don't think any of them really convinced iowa voters one way or another. it will be interesting to see the polls come out in the next couple of days. >> you know, i think hillary clinton explained her foreign policy experience a little bit more, and that was fantastic. bernie sanders did a really good job on two fronts that i think are notable. one is how he is going to get things done in the senate. when he says that he is the democratic democratic senator who has the most experience and
9:37 am
the most accomplishment working with the other side, that stood out to me as his reasoning how he can be a democratic socialist that gets things passed and a democratic socialist president who gets things passed in the senate and the congress. >> i want to ask you a little bit about his style and what draws people to these candidates. a lot of people have said they just think bernie is a straight shooter and that he connects with them. others have said mrs. clinton looks like a politician many times. i want to draw your attention to this one moment when he was asked about his age and his family and then he said this. >> we didn't have a whole lot of money. if you ask me if this would be so unimaginable, the fact that i'm a united states senator wouldn't be anything fate would be thought possible. the fact that i'm running for the president of the united states, you know, i do think
9:38 am
they're very proud, but it's certainly something that i don't think -- >> he is very likable. that's a moment where no matter what your politics are, you like that guy. in head-to-head matchups in a general election, bernie sanders does very well. he wins against trump. he wins against rubio. he wins against cruz. >> well, i think that marco rubio also has a story people can like. you know, we haven't got tony that point. there's no question that sanders comes off as he is a good communicator, and he is authentic. he is better than hillary clinton even though i think she was probably better than she usually is. the problem is when you listen to what he says. he really is a socialist. unlike most democrats and even some republicans, we put out all these promises. it sounds so glorious. he says he is going to raise tax on the middle class, and those people don't like to admit that. i don't think that's going to apply. hillary clinton that is to win iowa because she's going to get blown away in new hampshire.
9:39 am
it seems like this is closing in day by day. >> she was -- she seemed to be yelling at the young guy too, and he was saying, you know, we think you're not honestst. i don't think she helped herself. other than that, she did better than she usually does, but sanders is just more authentic. >> it was great tv. i have watched of debate. >> great format. >> really good format. >> great job. >> without the intrumgss, et cetera, and i have enjoyed the republican debate. no matter what you say, the interest is really up in this election. >> reality show. >> thank you so much for coming. appreciate it. >> coming up next not too long ago hillary clinton and other democratic candidates were practically begging for a november matchup with donald trump. their dream opponent now might become their biggest nightmare.
9:40 am
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only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. >> i want to update you on the situation in san diego that we have been following for the past 45 minutes. in fact, about an hour and 15 minutes ago there was a report from a witness that shots had been fired in building 26 of the naval -- the naval medical center in san diego. as a result of this, a perimeter was set by the california highway patrol and three schools in that vicinity were shut down. we have not had the all clear yet. in fact, anything but. we're seeing a lot of activity outside of building 26.
9:45 am
>> we are told they are no longer under lockdown. that's the most recent development there. we're going to continue to watch this story and let you know they are interviewing the person who had the report first of the sound of three gunshots in the basement. >> when your closest rival says "you are unstoppable" i think can you call that a good day in politics. such is the state of the gop race for presidet. six days out of the iowa caucuses, ted cruz is warning iowa, in fact, the pastors in iowa, that if they want anybody other than donald trump to carry the party's banner in november, time is already running out. the christian broadcasting network somehow able to get this
9:46 am
clip from a private meeting yesterday with cruz in cedar rapids. >> donald wins iowa, he right now has a substantial lead in new hampshire. if he went on to win new hampshire as well, he could likely become unstoppable and be our nominee. cruz is right about new hampshire, though. a approximately out today from frank ling pierce university and "the boston herald" shows trump far out in front of cruz and everybody else. wait, there's more. there always is. our own cnn poll of republicans
9:47 am
nationwide puts donald trump at a new high water mark. 41%. way back behind is cruz. take a look at the numbers. nobody else even cracks the double digits right there. there's a 22 point spread between cruz and trump. >> the second most likely choice was governor bush. i'm going to stop here and bring in my cnn colleague, who is covering the cruz campaign in the iowa townoscola. you cannot ignore what is going on the tv sets and radio stations where you are. the purchases are fast and furious for ads, mean and nasty,
9:48 am
and positive and all the rest. the one that cruz launched today against trump falls into the mean and nasty. i want to play it some, and then i want to get your response on the other side. have a look. >> i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life. my views are a little different than if i lived in iowa. >> they are different. like on abortion. >> would president trump ban partial birth poergs? >> i am pro-choice in every respect. >> what does trump think about iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> donald trump, new york values. not ours. >> my views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa. >> i'm ted cruz, and i approve this message. >> that falls into the category of ouch. that's got to be pretty strong stuff. how widespread is that ad airing, and how many people who support donald trump even care about stuff like that? >> well, it's interesting when you talk to voters. i think they're very aware here,
9:49 am
ashleigh, of this line of attack ted cruz has on donald trump. i think it is resonating to some voters' ears. it's likely because this is at the very core of ted cruz's closing argument about donald trump. really painting him as a phony conservative, a phony evangelical. somebody that is very important here in iowa. we've seen across the board intensified campaign to really hammer this down. not only from the ted cruz campaign in that aidend ad, but also a series of three ads released this week. not only here in iowa, but in other states like south carolina from the super pact that's supporting ted cruz all with the same message.
9:50 am
>> i want to bring in mark preston to talk. >> it wasn't long ago that a lot of republicans were really worried about donald trump winning that nomination because they felt they just couldn't win a general election with him at the helm. i'm wonder if anything they feel very diffently now especially when they see the unstoppable comment from ted cruz and the water mark of 41%. then i'm going to throw that on to that. the democrats were thrilled with the idea of going up against trump because they thought it would be an absolute cake walk. are they so sure about that anymore? how about it, mark? >> i tell you what, that is a lot to unpack. let's first start with the republicans.
9:51 am
for many -- most establishment republicans, they don't want them. what they would like to see is jeb bush, john case itch, chris christie to collapse into one candidate so they can start pulling all their money behind that candidate to be the establishment candidate going forward. to your point ted cruz has made no friends in washington. he went there as an outsider. he never tried to get accepted. he shut down the government. much to the chagrin of the republican establishment in congress. certainly his efforts were to shut down the government. they don't want to see ted cruz. when they're looking around right now, they say which one would be better for us, and i hi that's the internal debate going on in the republican party. as to the democrats, donald trump in many ways would be a great person and take some of the things he has said and run advertisements against him because certainly some of them would be rich fodder for that. however, ashleigh, as you said, we're in an allison wonderland type of moment because every time donald trump says something
9:52 am
that seems to be outrageous, his poll numbers go up. >> he barely goes to church. is that going to be important for him? will that seal the deal for the christian right who may have been, you know, questioning his background a little bit? >> it's going show that there will be a fissure somewhere along about who they're going to support. ted cruz, he needs them to win iowa. you know, donald trump getting to other endorsements, and that's where you can see where donald trump could hurt ted cruz
9:53 am
here in iowa next monday. >> mark preston, thank you for that. thank you for running with my alice in wonderland description. i can't seem to get past it. coming up next, an illinois police shooting that triggered a massive manhunt and rallied an entire town around the slain officer. that is until the truth came out about how he died. there are details he has not yet heard. coming up a preview of that special report. bend me shape me, any way you want me
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>> it was the presumed murder that shocksed a small town north of chicago. investigators try desperately to figure out who gunned down one of their own cops. a guy locally known as gi joe. find thousands of erased text messages that would reveal pretty disturbing stuff. information about the man everyone considered a hero. cnn justice correspondent pam brown has the full story in her cnn special report. the secret life of gi joe. here's a preview. >> a hit on the new administrator. a woman named ann mary. >> when you read the text and saw he wanted to put a hit on the village administrator, what was your reaction to that?
9:57 am
>> holy crap. >> commander was talking about a facebook message from early april of 2015. in it he writes to a woman aring forced to retire by new village administrator. work life has been a living hell the last two months. close to entertaining a meeting with a mutual associate of ours with the word white in their nickname. investigators claim white is code for a high ranking gang member. >> we actually located the person we believe there is an attempt to recruit to do the hit. >> what did that person tell you all? >> that he was familiar with the area. he interviewed him as an attorney's office, and he didn't
9:58 am
have any knowledge, any hit or anything like that. >> authorities say there is no additional evidence he pursued a hit on the administrator. >> what did they get wise? the rest of us really all thought this was a hero that was shot by bad guys. >> what's interesting here, ashleigh, is that the first week of lieutenant's death doubt was starting to creep in among fbi investigators that worked on the task force and the fbi because the fact that the lieutenant, his body didn't show any signs of a struggle. his uniform was in roll-call order. it didn't really add up. in addition to that, he had been at the scene 30 minutes prior. around 30 minutes prior before he radioed in to dispatchers, and so that eliminated some of the people they were looking at in the investigation.
9:59 am
why did you let this hero's funeral going on like it did. >> as you were saying, within a week they had -- >> >> a chief investigator says who shoots himself twice? i think they really believe that the most plausible scenario here was homicide. these three people really did exist. >> skritd life of gi joe. great work as always. pamela brown, a star at this stuff. >> here it is, folks. the secret life of gi joe airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time right here on cnn. thanks, know,, for watching.
10:00 am
thanks for staying with us. you'll get an update on what's happening at that medical center in san diego. my colleague wolf blitzer will take over the helm right now. >> it's noon until des moines iowa. 1:00 p.m. here in washington d.c. 7:00 p.m. in rome, italy. you are watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. >> let's begin with some breaking news out of california. >> let's get the very latest. she's from los angeles. what are you learning, kim? >> so far we have not gotten any official word from a naval facility and naval center on any updates since the initial report came out. let me walk you through how all of this unfolded.
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