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tv   Wolf  CNN  January 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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thanks, know,, for watching. thanks for staying with us. you'll get an update on what's happening at that medical center in san diego. my colleague wolf blitzer will take over the helm right now. >> it's noon until des moines iowa. 1:00 p.m. here in washington d.c. 7:00 p.m. in rome, italy. you are watching from around the world, thank you very much for joining us. >> let's begin with some breaking news out of california. >> let's get the very latest. she's from los angeles. what are you learning, kim? >> so far we have not gotten any official word from a naval facility and naval center on any updates since the initial report came out. let me walk you through how all of this unfolded.
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at about 8:00 a.m. local time, there was a post on the naval center's facebook page, a report of an active shooter. the words that got a lot of people in the area very concerned is that the instructions to the people of the naval center were run, hide, or fight. to rye to understand what exactly happened here. the schools in the area, there were three of them. they went on lockdown. that lockdown has since been lifted. this is a very dense area. the san diego zoo is less than a mile away. it is not closed down, though. we understand that everything is
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operational. cnn's barbara starr has learned that the softballing now being swept. that so far there has been nothing found. that the person who made this initial report is being interviewed. what we can stress here is that there can be no reports of any injuries. we are waiting from official word from the naval center, though, on any sort of update on what may have started all this. >> let's get an all clear. >> he challenged hillary's
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position on a range of issues from climate change to foreign policy. >> hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. in terms of wall street, i fought against deregulation. on day one i said the keystone pipeline is a dumb idea. >> senator -- >> i think the backen pipeline are dumb. we have to break out dependence on fuel. why did it take hillary clinton such a long time before she came into op sxwrigs to the keystone pipeline? she says her fight on behalf of
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everyday americans has made her a target. >> i'm still standing. if you are new to politics approximate if it's the first time you really paid attention, you go oh, my gosh, look at all of this, and you have to say to yourself, why are they throwing all of that? i'll tell you where. because i have been on the frontlines of change and progress since i was your age. i have been fighting to -- the chance to make the most of their own lives. i've taken on the statuso kwoe time and time again. >> as for a former maryland governor martin o'malley, he may be down in the polls, but he says i is not out of the race. >> hold strong. >> let's discuss what was going on in that town hall with our panel joining us. doug, hi. as a republican strategist,
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form former. >> how did they do? >> a couple of things. one is i think that bernie sanders had a majority of stand-out moments. whether it's anything from his championship basketball days in brooklyn to standing up and just really connecting with voters. i think hillary clinton did very well. i think her stand-out moments were talking about foreign policy and demonstrating why she was a break-away candidate and star of these issues as compared to martin o'malley and bernie sanders. i thought martin o'malley had a disingenuous moment talking about standing your ground at the caucuses. you can't do that. that's against the caucus rules. if your candidate doesn't have critical mass, you have to caucus with another candidate. the other thing you would mention is with hillary clinton. >> i also was very surprised
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that her team still hasn't tightened up the inner circle on the emails. i think it's time for them to get that a little bit more together. >> we've been talking about the e-mail situation and these are the central questions to hillary clinton's campaign. >> bernie sanders was asked, angela, how he is going to pay for medicare for all, universal health care assistant that would replace obama care, medicare right now available for seniors, but he wants it available for everyone. he was asked how he is going to pay for it. >> we will raise taxes. yes, we will. also let us be clear because a
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little bit of disingenuity out there, we may raise taxes, but we are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for business. >> he didn't say just raise taxes for rich people. he said raise taxes basically for the middle class. for everyone else. that's not something you often hear from a politician. >> it's not, about the i think bernie sanders' honesty, whether we like his policy proposals or not, are the very reason why he continues to do well. he doesn't really hide the ball. he tells you straight up. >> including his position on preparings, and he just got a piece on it.
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>> in fairness to bernie sanders, he says, yes, is he going to raise taxes, and he will eliminate the need to pay health insurance premiums. the government is going to take care of all of that, so if you are paying to give these up $10,000 a year for health insurance premiums, maybe your tack wills go up $5,000. we'll still be in that savings to the average american family. >> you make that good quick, and it will damage it. certainly damaged michael dukakis. >> there we go. >> thanks very much. >> many of the people at the town hall said they were indecided. this was a chance for them to size up the candidates. ron edwards is an attorney and
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undecided voter and took part in the town hall. he is joining us now from des moines. ron, you asked bernie sanders a question about gridlock here in washington. let me play that exchange. >> as president what specifically would you do to overcome the resistance, cure the gridlock, and garner the necessary support to implement your initiatives and actually get something done in washington? >> good question. sfroo let me answer it if i might in two ways. i am probably the most progressive member in the u.s. senate, but i have over the years not only in the senate but in the house worked with republicans when there was common ground. in the house. i have more amendments passed on the house working with republicans than anyone else.
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>> i wasn't really satisfied with the answer. the reason is i think it was more of a leadership question. the american public is really sick and tired of being sick and tired. the process is not working for them. americans recognize that. we need leadership that will come in, understand the differences, be able to garner the support, work with republicans across the aisle to get things done. he gives plenty of examples to cross the i'll in congress. i think it's another level. >> are you closer to making up your mind. >> i am. i think i'm leaning toward hillary for two predominant reasons. one, electability in the general election. i think hillary rodham clinton healthing came strong yesterday. she was excellent in terms of how she answered the questions even when there were questions
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regarding her trustworthiness and her integ. second, leadership ability. i think she touched upon a point regarding her willingness to reach out and build relationships with members of congress. that's a critical missing element that we have not been seeing over the past years. it's not a commentary on the president obama administration. it's really something that must be done in order to cure. we have to reach out, build the relationship in order to build momentum. >> you're in iowa. many democrats in iowa, likely caucus goers, based on your anecdotal evidence, the fact that bernie sanders described himself as a democratic socialist, how does that play?
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>>. >> it will impact his campaign negatively, and it's something that i think will be a struggle not only for all democrats -- not only for middle of the road democrats or undieded democrats, but i think it will be a challenge for all americans. >> ron edwards, thanks very much for joining us. thanks for participating in our cnn town hall last night. >> thank you. donald trump stepping up his attacks calling him nasty, calling him a liar by interview with the republican frontrunner. rand paul optimistic he will make the main stage for this week's republican debate. he will join us live. we'll discuss the strategy and last minute efforts to woo voters, caucus goers in iowa. is your head so congested it's ready to explode? you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec®-d to powerfully
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>> more evidence that do notted trump is tightening his grasp on the race in the polls. in a brand new cnn national republican poll donald trump has now tied his high water mark with 41%. texas senator ted cruz looks to be a distant second at 19%. >> is he at 37% nationally with ted cruz at 21%. the back and forth between trump and cruz is hitting the specially heated tone only a few days before the iowa caucuses. he called senator cruz a "nasty
10:18 am
guy." here's more of what trump said about cruz. >> what do you have that ted cruz doesn't have? >> he has a lot of problems. he was born in cabbeda. that's a real question. as you know, lawrence from harvard and manufacture the lawyers are saying he can't do what he is doing. you are not allowed to run, and you have some lawyers that say definitively he cannot run. >> it's not like -- >> i don't know. i think it has an impact because i hi they said 36% of the people agree that he can't run for president. he was born in canada, and he was born on canadian soil. he can run for prime minister of canada, but i don't think he can -- i honestly don't know if he can run. on the first day he will be sued by the democrats. that's going to be it. what are they going to do, go two years and nobody will know? it will take years to go through the court system. he should solve that problem. he has the goldman sachs
10:19 am
problem. he earned a lot of money and never said it, and he borrowed money from citibank and never disclosed it. >> he did disclose it to one entity in the federal government, but not to another. >> he didn't put it in his personal disclosure form, okay. sflee he started it. i finished it. he brought it, you know, very bad at the debate. then he tells lies. >> a conservative group.
10:20 am
he is also a key supporter of senator ted cruz. thanks very much for swroinks. i want you are to respond to some of the specific points that donald trump said in that interview. >> everybody knows ted cruz is eligible to run for president. donald trump even said he was elswribl to run for president until he closeed in on the polls. >> what about the issue about ted cruz not formally notifying authorities as far as the loans he was getting from citibank and goldman sachs? he told one government entity but not another government entity as he was running for senate from texas. >> again, that's a nonissue because i think everybody understands the filing reports and how easy it is to make an error like that.
10:21 am
>> the iowa farmers here. we don't want to see that private property seized that trump can build a casino here. that's a big issue. it's sticking in iowa, and trump sees that it's sticking in iowa. >> the fact that trump and cruz don't get along with any of his leagues in the senate. he couldn't make a deal. he is hated by everyone in wab washington. what's the response to that.
10:22 am
it's off the charts. way higher than donald trump. donald trump is making a living off going for his campaign of attacking the establishment. some things aren't up for making a deal on life, on marriage, or religious liberty or for hen sakes, the constitution. that, again, is going to hold very well for ted cruz, and in the waning days to the iowa caucuses. >>. >> if donald wins iowa, he right now has -- if he went on to win new hampshire as well, there's a good chance he could be unstoppable. >> you agree that if trump wins iowa, he will probably go on to win new hampshire and then south carolina and then nevada? then trump would be the republican nominee?
10:23 am
>> away wanz need to come out and send a message to america and the rest of the world that we have a higher standard for the white house and we want to see a principle family. that's why you will see iowans caucus around ted cruz on caucus day. >> i want you to respond to donald trump. he tweeted about you today. it's not unusual. he likes to tweet, as you know. he writes this. sfwloof why phony -- he asks for him and his family to stay at my hotels. didn't like paying. why doesn't phony -- try to get free rooms at his hotels. that's what he is saying about you. what's your response? >>. >> it's trump being trump.
10:24 am
his friendship comes with strings. he was insistent a couple of times we went to work. make sure you stay at my place. i'll put you up, all that. but what bothers him is i'm not willing to give up my endorsement over that. i still consider donald trump a friend because my friendship doesn't come with strings. i want somebody who is solidly pro-life, somebody who will stand up for marriage and the courts and support supreme court justices. i think it's trump being trump and showing how desperate trump is right now because he sees that he is probably going to lose iowa. >> if he is the republican nominee, will he vote for him? >> it depends. character gets revealed, and he is revealing a lot of character with this xaen. when he says that he likes veterans who weren't captured, when he makes fun of people with disabilities, whether it be journalists or otherwise, or he has the prideful and arrogance to say he would go out and shoot somebody and he wouldn't lose support, that lends itself to a judgment and a temperament that
10:25 am
i think all americans have to take into question about whether he should be president or not. >> you're want ready to say if he is the republican nominee that you will vote for him? >> after a couple of those tweets by donald trump, probably not the best time to ask me that. i do believe, though, at the end of the day we're all going to be on the same page. >> thanks for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. >> pretty soon it will be right here on cnn. by the way, can you see a bunch more on my interview with donald trump coming up later this hour, including what he thinks of the race in iowa. prospects. a former new york city mayor michael bloomberg heading into the race. i'll share that with you as well. up next, kentucky senator rand paul. we've invited him many times. he always accepts our invitations. we'll talk about trump, cruz, a whole lot more. rand paul is here. we'll discuss when we come back.
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>> only six days to go until the iowa caucus goers headache the first concrete choice in the 2016 presidential election. top three republican candidaes, at least according to the polls, donald trump, ted cruz, and marco rubio. they're spread out across the state right now. joining us now is kentucky senator and republican presidential candidate rand paul. you're not in iowa right now because? >> i just came from new hampshire. got stuck in a little bit of snow. you remember we had a big snow. i do my day job too. i vote in the senate, and i'll be voting in the senate, and then i'll be heading to iowa. >> iowa is important for you. dp you don't do well, what happens? >> we think we're doing very well there. we're going to exceed all expectations.
10:31 am
it has us at 7%. plus or minsz margin of error of herred place. we think we're doing very well. >> after we count the votes we'll look at it. >> ron paul is going to iowa to campaign to you in. >> he will be with me sunday night, and we'll have a big college rally. we have three or four college rallies coming up. he will be at one at iowa state on sunday night. >> libertarian young vote, you are really counting on them to come out because your dad always did pretty well. >> if you asked people under 40, should the government be collecting all of our phone records, 83 pez of those under 40 saying the government is going too far in collecting our phone records. i stood for ten hours on the senate floor to say that it was wrong.
10:32 am
>> there's a second tier to your debate. have you been told yet by fox news, primetime or early primetime. >> sound like deja vu. you asked me this about before? >> we counted up all the numbers, and the numbers continue to rise. last three polls in iowa have been 5%, 6%, 7% ahead of bush, ahead of kasich, fiorina. we feel certain. >> if you don't make the primetime debate, are you boycotting the secondary like the last time? >> it's like deja vu. we are going to make that decision after we hear what happens. i would say we don't see any mathematical possibility and we'll -- if there's any problem because we think it's dead science. we think we have the numbers, and we don't think there's any
10:33 am
way they push us out. >> i think your people are talking about -- >> i think the numbers will be clear, and there's -- one of the biggest iowa television stations and the iowa newspaper has all had us ahead of the three candidates on the stable. we think there's no way that anybody can try to interpret it to try to keep us out of the debate this time. >> speaking of yourdy job, united states sthor from kentucky, all of a sudden you have a democrat who wants to challenge you. you want -- you're trying to be president of the united states, but you want to be re-elected as the senator from kentucky. the lexington mayor jim gray. what's your reaction to finally a democrat steps up and says i'm going to challenge rand paul? >> the good news about kentucky is i think they will reward someone like myself that's very conservative, wants to balance the budget.
10:34 am
we've become a conservative state. in kentucky we're not too happy with president obama's war on cole, and it's hard for democrats because they have to explain why they either do or don't support the president's policies that have cost us tens of thousands of jobs. it's been devastating to the eastern part of our state, and really, frankly, we blame the president personally for what he has done. >> the last democratic candidate wouldn't even admit she voted for president obama. that's how unpopular he is in ken en. does he support obama care or the war on cole? all of those issues are very difficult for kentucky democrats. >> thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> say hi to your dad. we'll see him out in iowa. appreciate it very much. rand paul joining us.
10:35 am
still ahead, a historic meeting at the vatican. the pope wblgz iran's president, but it was the parting words that left quite an impression. we're going to tell you what the president of iran told the pope.
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>> ae meeting that would be unthinkable only a few years ago. on one side of the table, the president of iran who is also a senior muslim cleric. on the other side of the head of the roman catholic church. bob francis and the iranian president met at the vatican earlier today. in a statement the vatican said the pope urged him to use his influence as president of iran and work with other countries to find solutions to the problems, and there are many of them in the region. after the meeting president rohani asked the pope to pray for them.
10:40 am
>> well, i mean, was it unusual or not? pray for me is what pope francis says to everybody he meets. whether they are high officials or whether they are ordinary civilians wresh is always saying pray for me. you know the affect that the pope has on people. you saw it in washington when he went to congress and the day after former speaker john boehner made his future very clear. this pope has a lot of affect on many of the people he meets. i assume that president rohani was sort of taking a page out of his book. let's say that the president also needs all the help he can get to push through what he believes to be a moderate agenda through a very difficult and challenging landscape in iran. not just a nuclear cord, but also trying to open up to the rest of the world. he went to italy. he is going to france tomorrow in order really to drum up business and it's a huge trade
10:41 am
and business in italy where he is right now. he has spent $17 billion in terms of investment or signed $17 billion worth of bilateral deals. in france he will ask for 114 airbus planes to refit a very, very ailing iranian passenger plane fleet. all the years of the sanctions may have made them, amongst the most unsafe planes in the world. that's the focus of this trip. >> how is it it play in iran the facts that president of iraq meets with the pope? what's the impact over there? >> well, i think it probably plays well. i mean, we haven't seen anything particularly unusual come out of the iranian press. i just checked before coming here to talk to you. they haven't really made a big deal. i think they think it's good. they think that their leader is going toe to toe to -- with one of the most important and effective spiritual leaders in the world.
10:42 am
snoo what he said is president rohani wants to make sure that the pope understands that they don't want to use religion for violent means. they don't want islam to use religion for violent means. on the other hand, as you know, iran supports assad and has been a huge amount, as you know, since assad's war has been raging unabated, no western effort to stop assad. there have been isis rising and isis has caused terror and rape and pillage and plunder on the region's christians. obviously the pope wanted to make sure that iran understood how the world sees this. which has allowed the growth of isis. >> very quickly, on a totally different subject. whale i have you, you just came
10:43 am
back from davos, the global economic forum. a lot of world leaders were there. you had a chance to meet with many of them, and we were talking earlier about the donald trump phenomenon here in the united states. how to explain globally. give us a little thought, the reaction you got in davos. >> well, really davos was all abuzz with donald trump phenomenon, and a little bit of the cruz phenomenon. they are really wondering all over the world who is going to be the next president and could it possibly be donald trump?
10:44 am
>> whether sear yashg the rise of isis, you know, are the boundaries of the world going the same as they were, you know, three years ago once the syria-iraq crisis is resolved, if it is. they're really huge questions that are plaguing the world right now. not to mention the refuse swrees that people are wondering, you know, who is going to be tackling. of course, they're asking is it going to be donald trump? is he leading the republicans, and that's top of everybody's mind right now. >> we're going to continue to follow the global, international reaction to the's for the white house. thanks very much for joining us. an important note to our international viewers coming up at the top of the hour. swreel a lot more coming up right at the top of the hour. up next here donald trump now at 41% in our new national poll. i sat down with the republican frontrunner. you are going to hear what he says about his commanding lead and where he is on the fence about attending the next republican presidential debate.
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new polls today. one shows domed trump with a slim lead in iowa, but a new poll shows trump with 41% support. nationally beating his nearest rival, ted cruz, who has 19%. only a few days before the iowa caucuses, i sat down with donald trump, and we spoke about the race for the white house. >> you think you have this republican nomination? >> no, i think i have a good chance. look, i'm leading in all the polls. i'd love to win iowa. if i don't win it, i don't win it. we go to new hampshire. the people up there have been unbelievably good to me. but iowa is important to me. i have a great bond with iowa. there's a big move to move iowa to the back of the pack in the
10:50 am
next election cycle. i'm not going to do that. i have a great bond. you look at a guy like cruz. he came out totally opposed to ethanol. that affects many, many farmers. and many jobs in the state of iowa. if i was in iowa and someone said i'm opposed to ethanol, i would absolutely not vote for him. the governor came out and said, you should not vote for him. so i think that, you know, i'm going to do well in iowa. i bonded with the people. i bonded with the evangelicals. and the tea party of iowa. >> before iowa, there's a republican debate thursday night, fox is hosting that debate. you and megyn kelly have had issues. are you going to be at that fox debate? >> probably. i don't like her. she doesn't treat me fairly. i'm not a big fan of hers at all. i don't care. she probably was -- i might be the best thing that ever happened to her. who ever even heard of her
10:51 am
before the last debate. but i thought she was very unfair in the last debate. everybody said i won the last debate. but i'm not a fan of megyn kelly. i don't like her. she probably doesn't like me and that's okay but she better be fair. i've done well in the debates. every single poll has said i've won every debate. we're going to see what happens. >> when you say probably, you haven't 100% decided? >> no, not 100%. >> why not? >> i'll see. if i think i'm going to be treated unfairly, i'll do something else. i don't think she can treat me fairly. she's very biased. but that doesn't mean i don't do the debate. i like doing the debates. i've won every single debate. according to either poll. i think the debates have been good. after the last debate, i went up 11 points in the poll. i went up 11 points right after the debate. so i want to do the debates, they're good for me, but i don't think she can treat me fairly
10:52 am
and i'm not a big fan of hers. >> you have very loyal supporters. >> i do. >> i think you were joking but you said, it's getting a lot of buzz, you could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, that wouldn't affect the support you're getting. >> well, you don't think i was joking, you know i was joking. of course i was joking. the whole room was laughing when i said it. >> you got some criticism. >> well, no, from dishonest press. when they show me, i'm laughing, they're laughing. of course i'm joking, you know that. >> of course. >> and the purpose of that is to say that people love me, you know, they want to stay with me. they're loyal. they're tired of seeing our country being pushed around and led by people that are stupid people. they're tired of it, wolf. we're tired of the iran deals. we're tired of the sergeant bergdahl deals where we get a trader and they get five of their killers. they're tired of deal like this. we can't take it anymore. people are looking at it and they're looking at me and they have confidence in me. i've built a great, great company. i'm going to use that talent now to do it for the united states.
10:53 am
>> another new yorker who's built a great company is bloomberg the former mayor of new york city. now toying with the idea of running as a third party independent. if he were to do so, could you beat him? >> i'd beat him. i would love him to do it actually. i love the competition. i love the competition. i would love for michael to do it. we used to be friends. i guess we're not friends anymore. we used to be friends. good friends. when i had a problem, he had a big problem in the bronx, i cleared up the problem. there was a big project. they were unable to get it built. it was under construction for like 25i years, way, way over budget. now it's a tremendous success. i'm the one that got it done and did a great job. >> well, it could be competitive. >> i hope he's going to do it. >> he might do it. you listed your net worth at $10 billion. forbes says $36.5 billion for michael bloomberg. >> i don't believe that. >> you don't think he's --
10:54 am
>> it's a technology company. if somebody came in, frankly, and comes with a better machine than him -- >> what do you think he's worth? >> i have no idea. i don't even know why other companies haven't come up with a better machine, i mean, why? it's so simple to come up -- it's such a competitive world. for some reason they haven't come up with a machine. maybe because he was the mayor of new york. i don't know. and it's so easy to do you would think. i think it's very fragile. i like real estate better. >> if he says he's ready to spend $1 billion of his own money to be elected president, are you ready to match him dollar for dollar? >> i don't know. i don't thing he's going to do that. i don't thing he's going to run actually. >> why don't you think he's going to run? >> i'm the only person still fronting. everyone else, i mean, ted cruz is totally, totally conditioned down to the oil companies. the oil companies control him and others. you look at jeb bush. poor jeb, i mean, here's a guy who spent 100 and some odd million dollars already and he's
10:55 am
almost last. what he's done to the bush family. he doesn't even want to use the bush name. he's ashamefed the bush name. what jeb bush has done to the bush family is very sad. then he brings out his mother. i said, jeb, your mother can't help you with isis, she can't help you with china, she can't help you with these people, jeb. you got to do it yourself. here's a guy who spents over $100 million and he's nowhere, i mean, he's -- i think he's disgraced himself to be honest with you. all these people, whether it's jeb or hillary or anybody, they're all controlled by the people that give them the money. i'm putting up my own money. i'm self-funding which very nice. >> donald trump speaking with me. since that conversation, we've now learned that jerry falwell jr. is going to be endorsing donald trump later today in an event during the 6:00 p.m. eastern hour. we'll have coverage of that. trump just tweeted jerry falwell jr. one of the most respected religious leaders in our nation has just endorsed me. we'll have coverage of that coming up. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching.
10:56 am
i'll be back, 5:00 p.m. eastern, in "the situation room." for international viewer, "amanpour is coming up next." for those in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin after a news break. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪
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hi, everyone, thanks for being with me today. i'm brooke baldwin. it is the final week before the iowa caucuses. the candidates have just six more days to convince voters to pick them. a huge push last night in iowa on cnn. sharp differences, pointed attacks and more personality than really we've seen in a traditional debate. here are some of the highlights. >> how you feeling a week out? >> i'm excited. >> my wife told me to button my coat but i think i'm too fat so. >> we are all on