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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNNW  January 26, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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hi, everyone, thanks for being with me today. i'm brooke baldwin. it is the final week before the iowa caucuses. the candidates have just six more days to convince voters to pick them. a huge push last night in iowa on cnn. sharp differences, pointed attacks and more personality than really we've seen in a traditional debate. here are some of the highlights. >> how you feeling a week out? >> i'm excited. >> my wife told me to button my coat but i think i'm too fat so. >> we are all on the democratic
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side having a spirited debate about the issues we care about. >> the most significant vote and issue regarding foreign policy that we have seen in this country in modern history was the vote on the war in iraq. hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. >> well, first of all, i have a much longer history than one vote which i've said was a mistake. >> experience is important but judgment is also important. >> i think the american public has seen me exercising judgment in a lot of other ways. >> i am the only one of the three of us who has a track record not of being a divider but of bringing people together to get meaningful things done. >> i have a really long history of taking on all kinds of inequality. when i went to beijing in 1995 and said human rights were womens rights and womens rights were human rights, that was a statement about inequality.
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>> we'll raise taxes, yes, we will, but also let us be clear, chris, because there's a little bit of disingenuity out there. we may raise taxes, but we are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for businesses. >> you have to have somebody who is a proven, proven fighter. >> if you look at my record in terms of fighting for women's rights, i think there are very few members of congress who will have this on the record. it's 100% lifetime. >> you know what i believe is the biggest issue i think you should be concerned about as a young person who has more time on this planet than i do and that is climate change. >> which of our previous presidents has inspired you most and why? >> sorry, president obama, sorry, bill, abraham lincoln. >> all right, plenty to discuss here. politico's chief political correspondent glen thrush and
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margie om'maro'mara. margie to you first, watching the town hall, last night who and what stood out to you? >> i think you saw both clinton and sanders try to draw a contrast with the others. it was really talking to voters, very much mirroring the caucus dynamic itself. i'm not sure in the end, does it really change a lot of voters. but it is good to have this last final moment where the candidates can really try to highlight some of their real differences. >> how nice was that to be able to hear from the different candidates by themselves answering questions directly. i thought it was awesome and chris did a great job. you, glen, we talked a lot about you, yesterday, and your fantastic interview with the president and most definitely i'm sure as you were listening last night some lines being
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echoed almost verbatim by hillary clinton on stage. here's a piece of that. >> he says also in there you get undue criticism. and he says, by the way, i have some regrets about my campaign and some of the things we did. was that surprising? >> yes, that was surprising. you know, i really appreciated him saying that. because he said that he had that great line which i love. i think he said something like, you know, she had to do -- he said i was like fred astaire and she had to do everything i had to do only she was ginger rogers doing it backwards in high heels. i thought that was a really -- a very sweet remark. >> that was one of the great lines in your interview with the president. here you go, boom, on stage, from hillary clinton. what did you make of that? >> well, first of all, i feel like a peacemaker. i haven't felt this way since i
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had to mediat between my parents, right. look, i was really sur praised. surprised. i sat down with him to talk about '08. he's extremelies no stall gist. he wants to suit up and jump back into the game a little bit. i was sort of surprised by the disproportionate amount of praise. he spoke about her as sort of a vanquished competitor in a really sentimental way and expressed some regret about criticizing her. i was told before she went on stage last night she was personally gratified by this. we talk a lot about voters. we talk a lot about the advertising and issue climate. the most important climate in one of these races as you come to a close is between the candidate's ears. how they feel about things. and i think you could really see last night on stage she seemed genuine lly buoyed by this and really encouraged, gave her a little shot of energy at the end here. >> he was not gushing over bernie sanders. you asked and followed up.
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there's a cnn politics -- that's just been pubiced saying bernie sa sanders himself is saying there's no way i'm going to hit the same mark that obama did in iowa in '08. once again, on a big stage, he's defining democratic socialism, addressing one of his biggest critiques, how he would pay for his different plans, medicare for everyone, for example. you heard him saying he will raise taxes. this is someone who's been on the trail for six months. we were six days away from iowa. the fact he's still out there trying to define what socialism is, is that not a problem? >> well, i think there's a difference between the term, which people have a reaction to, and the ideas. i think a lot of the ideas he talks about are very popular. if you look at the cnn poll, recent poll you just released i think yesterday or today, that showed that clinton has the advantage on a huge number of issues over sanders and sanders or clinton are tied on the
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representative values of democrats like you. i think one poll showed 43% of iowan democrats say they identified as a socialist. i think there's a conversation happening. i think it centers around some of the issues that sanders raises that frankly both candidates do spend a lot of time talking about. as well as how people feel that two candidates are going to focus on the leadership -- their leadership skills and their priority. >> there was, you know, discussion of trust. there was discussion of judgment versus experience. bernie sanders hammered hillary clinton on her vote for the iraq war. take a look. >> the most significant vote and issue regarding foreign policy that we have seen in this country in modern history was the vote on the war in iraq. okay. that's the fact. i voted against the war in iraq. hillary clinton voted for the
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war in iraq. >> i have a much longer history than one vote, which i've said is a mistake, because of the way that that was done and how the bush administration handled it. but i think the american public has seen me exercising judgment in a lot of other ways and, in fact, when that hard primary campaign was over and i went to work for president obama and he ended up asking me to be secretary of state, it was because he trusted my judgment. >> glenn, judgment versus experience. what do you think matters more to the voter? >> i guess we're going to find out. i think it depends on the specific voters, right? sanders strategy, remember, iowa is a numbers game. sanders needs to expand the electorate. the average caucus turnout, 120,000. obama shot that up to 240,000 in '08, changed the game. sanders isn't going to come close to that. everything i'm hearing, we're going to see maybe in the high 100s, right, tops.
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what clinton has to do is dig her hole deeper. has to get older people out and people would vote in democratic races but don't vote in the caucuses. they're really talking to two separate audiences. so it really is right now a race between which one of those candidates gets their voters to the polls. >> iowa, six days away. glenn, margie. thank you so much. margie mentioned polls. let me get this. just released polls shows numbers donald trump has never seen before. we're talking more than 40%. but the timing here makes all the difference. six days before the first in the nation iowa caucuses. trump is maintaining his monster lead. it is the biggest lead yesterday. you see the number at the top of the screen. 41%. that's more than double the support of his closest competitor senator ted cruz. and then when you look among trump supporters, 70%, seven-zero, say they are devoted
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to him with no chance of switching. trump stacks up a ton of firsts. first in handling the economy. first in handling illegal immigration. abortion. same-sex marriage. also first among men, women, older voters, college graduates and tea party supporters. but there is one contest trump fails to lead. making this election one of the most intriguing of modern times. trump loses in hypothetical matches to democrat bernie sanders. and against hillary clinton, he is behind her by one single point. let's go now to our political reporter live in iowa with the marco rubio campaign. what's the reaction you're hearing from the rubio camp on the ginormous lead that trump has? >> it's really a big lead, brooke, i mean, rubio campaign
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believes this race, national polls are not nearly as important. donald trump still leading in a lot of those early state polls including here in iowa and in new hampshire. belief in the rubio camp is as soon as voters start voting, that's going to change the entire complexion of this race. they believe they can mount the case that they're the alternative to donald trump. then you'll see folks like maybe other establishmentbacked candidates begin to drop out and see that support move towards marco rubio. i believe the hope within some circles of the rubio camp is ted cruz actually loses here in iowa and won't win another state for several more weeks and that will really hurt his momentum and hopefully if you're a rubio supporter you'll see this race turning into a rubio versus trump race and the establishment will unite behind rubio. hoping that a lot of things fall in the right place, but this has been such an unpredictable election who knows how it ends up here.
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but, clearly the rubio campaign believes things are going to change here once iowa voters go to the polls on monday. >> double bank shot, got to take your chance. thank you so much in iowa for us on this tuesday. coming up next, ted cruz admits that donald trump would be unstoppable if he wins iowa. how realist sick that? we'll talk about it. also, bernie sanders making an interesting admission about president obama's '08 campaign. and a new warning about a virus being called unprecedented. who the zika virus threatens and how there is already a case now in the united states. i thought i married an italian. my lineage was the vecchios and zuccolis. through ancestry, through dna i found out that i was only 16% italian. he was 34% eastern european. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors we thought was italian
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jerry falwell jr., son of the famed televangelist and president of liberty university. got to wonder how cruz is taking falwell's endorsement. give than cruz announced his run for the white house at liberty. let me bring in barry bennett. used to be campaign manager to ben carson's campaign, now adviser to trump. and jennifer rubin who writes the right turn blog for "the washington post." welcome to both of you. let me say it again, six days away from iowa. you have the falwell endorsement today, jennifer, you know, trump has taken one of the most prominent evangelical leaders in the nation at this time. is this enough you think to tip the scales for him in iowa? >> i think it may have been before this he had tipped the scales for himself. i think this is probably the cherry on the top of the ice cream sundae. it really is a bit of a master stroke. i have to hand it to trump.
11:18 am
no one would ever accuse me of being an apologist for trump. he basically took the argument entirely away from cruz that he is a guy with, quote, new york values, that he's somehow not worthy of the christian vote in iowa. he just basically eviscerated that. >> i want to ask you about the cruz comment about being unstoppable in iowa. you agree, cherry on top? >> yeah, i mean, i think it was a brilliant move. i think donald trump is a much smarter politician than most people think he is. >> ted cruz says trump would be unstoppable if he wins iowa. listen. >> if donald wins iowa, he right now has a substantial lead in new hampshire. if he went on to win new hampshire as well, there's a very good chance he could be unstoppable. and be our nominee. >> unstoppable. barry, what do you think ultimately could get him the
11:19 am
win? >> think we've witnessed the polls in the last ten days have moved significantly. people in washington snicker, but people in iowa, they love sarah palin. conservatives and christians in iowa love jerry falwell so he's doing a lot of things right. i'm not going to be surprised if he wins iowa. i think this might be a one-one-one strategy. >> if you are running for president and you're not trump you should probably be reading jennifer rubin's piece in "the post." headline, how to eviscerate trump. i want you to walk through some of the specifics. what these candidates should be doing if it's not already too late for them. >> well, the title is a little bit to get some eyeballs, i'll admit that, but listen, trump is playing a different game than everybody else is playing. he does not bother negotiating with or quibbling with them over policy nuances.
11:20 am
he doesn't even go back and try to make hay out of their last record. he goes right for the jugular. he figures out what is their own personal weakness. jeb bush has low energy. marco rubio is supposedly a lightweight. chris christie has an ethical cloud hanging over him from bridgegate. he pounds that. he figured out what the public already believes they think they know about these guys and he pounds that relentlessly. that puts them on the defensive and puts him in a power position, vis-a-vis his opponents. he basically is saying i'm the biggest dog in any room in any debate. then he goes out and shops it. rather than trying to pin him down on policy or say this won't work or that won't work, they've got to give back as good as they are receiving. that means going after his personal weaknesses. whether it's the fact that he has exaggerated his wealth over the years. whether it's his vocabulary is that of about a fourth grader.
11:21 am
they have to find these personal weaknesses and respond so they appear to be as strong, as in comment as he does. as long as they're playing this game of defining who is a conservative and who voted on what bill in 1999, they are not going to beat him. >> you want to respond? >> i think that's -- well, we're five days out, think that's pretty late analysis for the other candidates. you know, i think that's kind of absurd. i think what trump has figured out is what people want. and everybody else is running a campaign that's 4, 8 or 12 years old. they want to talk about their accomplishments, what i did in the senate. no one cares, right. no one beliefs the government -- >> is it what people want to hear? >> is there a difference? i mean, they've given up hope that washington can make their lives better. washington has failed and failed and we're now, you know, closing in on $19 trillion with the debt, the interest rates can ruin us at any time. it's absurd. of course they want to burn down
11:22 am
washington. and no one else seems to get it. donald trump does. >> ted cruz may say ultimately he could be unstoppable. before then, i want to play just this anti-trump ad from ted cruz's perspective, using trump's own words against him. here it was. >> i mean, hey, i lived in new york city, manhattan all my life, so my views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa. >> they are different, like on abortion. >> would president trump ban -- >> i am pro choice in every respect. >> and what does trump think about iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> donald trump, new york values, not ours. >> you know, my views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa. >> true, yes, you know, he said these things, barry. final question to you. just brush it off his shoulder and roll on? >> i think it makes ted cruz look like a really bad politician. i mean, 20-year-old clips.
11:23 am
no one cares, right. we're living in the world of now. and right now, it's a disaster. when we need someone to clean it up. >> barry, jennifer rubin, thank you. coming up next, to debate or not to debate here. donald trump puts the question to his supporters on social media. why the republican front-runner is having second thoughts about showing up at that final debate before the iowa caucuses. also, embracing obama's legacy. hillary clinton going all in on her support for the president. but is that a ricky strategy, especially in the year of the so-called outsider candidate? we'll discuss next. , the mid-size van from mercedes-benz. it's got small-ability and big-ability. towing-ability and stowing-ability. rack-ability and hvac-ability. it's fully customizable and sized just right to give you cupcake-ability, entourage-ability...
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new fallout today after the democrats, who would like to be president of the unitedstates here, took on one another last
11:28 am
night during cnn's town hall in iowa. hillary clinton defending her experience. bernie sanders about what he would do if elected. martin o'malley making some closing arguments as well. johning me now, john avlon editor and chief of the deal beef and brian selter joining us in a hot moment as well. you gave each of them an opportunity to speak, answer questions. what stood out to you? >> i think bernie was able to be at his best at the outset of the night. he's authentic, he's affable, and he knows what he believes. even getting tough questions about how do you define socialism, he deflected it and answered things forthrightly. o'malley's had a hell of a time getting traction in this race, as you well know. thought he was very strong in this format. and hillary clinton i think showed some real fire and
11:29 am
passion, particularly getting asked whether she could be believed. but i think each of them really had different strengths on display last night. it was informative. >> as we mentioned, different people were able to stand up, ask questions. there was someone who stood up, a bernie sanders supporter asked this of hillary clinton. >> i've been around a long time. people have thrown all kinds of things at me. i can't keep up with it. i just keep going forward. they fall by the wayside. they come up with these outlandic things. they make these charges. i just keep going forward because there's nothing to it. they throw all this stuff at me and i'm still standing. but if you're new to politics, if it's the first time you've ever paid attention, you go, oh, my gosh, look taugat all of thi. you have to say to yourself, why are they throwing all of that? i'll tell you why. because i've been on the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. >> the question was,
11:30 am
essentially, you know, there's this lack of enthusiasm for you. my friends say you're dishonest. that was her response. how do you think she handled that? >> look, i think she was fired up. i think she tried to put it in context. there's a risk of con deny skengs when you say, you're probably too young to remember some of the fights i've been through. but i think it really accentuated one of her great strengths, a toughness born of decades of fight. she has liberal credentials going back decades. i think she also showed passion. that's been one of the problems. she's so inistinctively about governing and not campaigning. but it succeeded in delivering that response. >> we can argue a another day, it's been slow, steady climb for him. he got a little emotional. talking about how well he's done, the enthusiasm he's elic t
11:31 am
elicited. comparing himself to what we saw in obama in '08. obama in '08 ran a campaign which is really going to stay in the history books. do i think in this campaign we're going to match that? cy i would love to see us do that. frankly, i don't think we can what obama did in '08 is extraordinary. honest answer. >> it's charmingly honest. i mean, you know, bernie gets a lot of credit just for being authentic. that's disarming when you see that in politicians. that is the gold standard for an iowa insurgency. it is tough to hit that note. the challenge both of them has, as hillary clinton said the other night, quoting chris cuomo's father, you can't govern in prose. she's presenting himself as someone ready to govern. that's the ultimate argument
11:32 am
between them. it's being held substantively and civilly. >> john avlon, thank you. and brian, let me bring you in. our senior media correspondent. we have the debate -- >> from the republicans. >> donald trump has taken to instagram. >> he says, should i go to the gop debate? this is just maybe example 1,000 how trump is one of a kind. we can play about what he said about megyn kelly. >> megyn kelly's really biased against me. she knows that. i know that. everybody knows that. do you really think she can be fair at a debate? >> so that's the question he's asking his fans. he also has a twitter poll, saying, should i go to the debate at all? megan's going to be be a moderator of the debate on thursday. the question is, is trump going to get up on that stage? i think the conventional wisdom is yes, of course he's going to
11:33 am
the debate. he does seep to be reluctant to go. >> a little drama maybe? >> he's building up anticipation for the debate. i'm sure fox appreciates that. there's the element of maybe not wanting to take a risk. so it's interesting he's engaging his followers in this way. i just heard from fox while we're in this segment, fox is basically saying to trump grow up. it's like a mocking tongue in cheek statement. it says we've learned from a secret back channel that the ayatollah and putin both intend to treat donald trump unfairly when they meet with him if he becomes president. a nefarious source tells us that trump has his own secret plan to replace the cabinet with his own twitter followers to see if he should even go to those meetings. >> this is a presidential election and this is happening. we'll see if he's there on thursday. what do you think, is he going to show up? >> i think he wants you to tune in and turn out. he knows tv, he knows ratings. thank you. don't forget to watch "reliable
11:34 am
sources" sunday mornings, 11:00 here on cnn. coming up next, the attack ads. what iowans are seeing six days before they vote, before they caucus.
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a new iowa poll shows cruz and trump locked in a virtual dead heat. trump leads cruz -- this is the latest quinnipiac university poll. and with just six days to go, the attack ads are starting to roll. cruz and two of the superpacs backing him put out ads using trump's own words to attack him. here you go. >> i mean, hey, i lived in new york city and manhattan all my life. my views are a little bit different than if i lived in
11:39 am
iowa. >> they are different. like on abortion. >> well, i am pro choice in either respect. >> what does trump think about iowa? >> how stupid are the people of iowa. >> donald trump, new york values, not ours. >> my views are a little bit different than if i lived in iowa. >> let's talk about some of these ads with our guest a syndicated talk show radio host in iowa who has officially endorsed cruz. nice to see you, sir, welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> part of what we pulled from the vault from 1999, from a "meet the press" interview. do you think it's fair to pull something trump said 17 years ago to attack him when we all know he stated his position on abortion, for example, has changed? >> i think it's fair because it's in total line with what he is saying right now. he was named planned parenthood's favorite republican last fall for being the only
11:40 am
republican in this race to come out opposed to defunding it when the controversy over those videos came out. he's the only other candidate not named bernie sanders to be for a single payer government funded health care, and his positions really haven't changed. he's the same new york liberal now that he was. that's why he gave rahm emanuel $50,000 to get him elected in chicago. >> just talked to a trump adviser, he would obviously disagree and say this is ridiculous they're pulling these, you know, sound bites from nearly two decades ago. that said, you're on the ground there in iowa. here we are, 2016. do you think these ads really resonate? i mean, how effective do you truly think they are? >> i mean, it depends. there's some ads trying to say in iowa ted cruz isn't a real conservative. he's the only guy in this race who has a 100% score from the
11:41 am
heritage foundation. he has 97% from conservative review which is the second highest score of any republican in the senate. so people aren't going to buy that. what we haven't seen in this race, a lot of these other wimpy republicans like bush and others trying to attack trump because oh, he's not nice and he's crude. of course he is. he's a reality tv star. what people really want to know is where's he at on the issues and is this guy going to defend conservative principles if we elect him. cruz is the first candidate to attack trump on the right for the issues. that is something we haven't seen yet and why i think it bears watching. >> ted cruz also says if trump wins iowa, he will be unstoppable. his word. do you agree? >> i think that's possible. i think if he wins iowa, i think he'll probably name the score in new hampshire. i know he thinks he has a strong campaign in south carolina as well. so really, for this caucus in six days, this is what conservatives need to be thinking about, brooke.
11:42 am
which revolution do they want to fight? trump's french revolution which is crude, which is power to the people, power to the mob, and really is unpredictable. or do you want to fight the american revolution, which is liberty by the rule of law that our rights come from god, the sorts of things that ted cruz stands for. that's what i would urge all my fellow conservatives in iowa to be thinking about these last six days. >> steve deace, radio talk show host there in iowa, with your opinion, thank you so much. >> thank you, brooke. coming up next, a new warning to pregnant women. a virus being called unpreced t unprecedented, it's now hit the united states. we'll talk to dr. sanjay gupta. the president puts an end to what he calls a damaging punishment. his new order ahead. when heartburn hits
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fight back fast tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tum, tum, tum, tum smoothies! only from tums
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u.s. health officials are keeping a close eye on the zika virus. it's this mosquito born virus that can cause brain damage in babies. it's also been linked to another virus that can cause paralysis. it's spreading across south america, parts of mexico. accord to the cdc, there are about 20 cases right here on u.s. soil. those patients got this virus while traveling in brazil and other affected areas, then brought it back here to the states. now there are fears about how extensively it could spread. let's go to our cnn chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta with more on this zika virus. it's apparently contained to those travelers who were sick when they were away. came back to the states. and now it spread more. how far spread? >> well, keep in mind, what we're talking about, a virus that is still -- it's present in many cases around the world, 23 countries where we know that
11:48 am
it's there. the people who have it in the united states that have come back have contracted it over there and then brought it back. so it hasn't necessarily spread within the united states. it's not spreading among mosquitoes in the united states. but that's the concern. that's what people have talked about with this now as well. >> who is most at risk? >> it's really people who are living in these areas, these 23 countries, where we know zika virus is present. what happens is a mosquito will bite somebody who has the infection and then go bite somebody else. keep in mine, it's not the mosquitoes themselves, it's m s mosquitoes acting as the vector. there are a lot of talks about women who are pregnant, as i'm sure you've heard, because there's relationship between women who get this infection during the first trimester of pregnancy and developing, you know, babies who have some sort of birth detective, birth disorder. it's known as micro cephaly,
11:49 am
which basically means a small head. in brazil, for example, this happens, about 100, 140 babies born this way in 2014. in 2015, 4,000 babies were born this way. so this gives you an idea of the scope and the context here, brooke. >> okay, but, you know, perspective, it's not spreading, as you point out, in the united states. i know the cdc has their eye on it. thank you very much. new endorsement for ted cruz. former republican company, former texas governor rick perry, now backing the junior senator. he'll join us live. also, depression, psychotic behavior, suicidal thoughts. just some of the problems prisoners face while sitting in small cells alone in solitary confinement. president obama now moving to stop the practice for some people behind bars. l liquid gels and go. but these liquid gels are new. mucinex fast max. it's the same difference.
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just want to remind you one young man's personal story. about president obama's announcement today that he will ban solitary confinement for individuals. recounts the story of this teenager who was tossed into new york's infamous riker's president, charged with stealing a backpack. charges were eventually dropped but not before this young man spent three years in rikers. much of that time in solitary confinement. he was in high school when he went to rikerings. he never went to trial. never, ever convicted of a crime. one day, he's up and released. no explanation. no apology. >> they just said, oh, case dismissed. don't worry about nothing. like, what do you mean don't worry about nothing? you just took over three years
11:55 am
of my life. i didn't got to go to prom, graduation, nothing. those are three years. i'm never going to get those years back, never. >> he took his own life last june. a week after his death, i spoke with his brothers about the young man calicallif had been before. he goes into rikers. no idea he would spend so many years in there, especially in solitary. kamal, you visited him. >> yes. >> i was reading this phenomenal new yorker article where it talked about the night of february 8, 2012. his 640th day in rikers. he said to himself, i can't take this anymore, i give up. he tried to take his life at rikers. did you notice a decline in his personality, depression, despair? what point did you notice that? >> i noticed that when he was in there for, like, two, going on
11:56 am
two years. he used to tell me how the guards used to starve him and how he used to beg for food but they wouldn't give it to him and when they gave it to him, they gave him like half eaten portions like somebody already dug into it. it was horrible. >> two years of solitary confinement. beatings. that were captured on surveillance video. this happened to a high school student a rested, again, for taking a backpack, which charges were eventually dropped. let me bring in van jones. he is the co-founder of cut 50. it's a bipartisan campaign to reduce the prison population. you, my friend, are very passionate about criminal justice reform. we've talked about this in the past. but to know the president did this today, it's huge. >> it's huge. i can't tell you. i'm so proud of this president. he's taken on a lot of tough issues. no issue more important than this. when you put somebody in solitary confinement, the old
11:57 am
myth is these people are superviolent. you have to put them in this special situation. turns out that after about a week, people start literally going crazy. think about being on a long flight. how antsy you get. how -- imagine that never ends. and it's a week, it's a month, it's a year. i know a man who did a total of seven years in solitary confinement. he came out and he was able to turn his life around. but many people can't come back. that young man who took his life never even saw a trial. so you've got people who are suffering in this way. this president is now saying this is horrible, but listen, george will, the conservative writer, said a couple years ago, this is torture in america. amnesty international says this is torture. so this is something that we can do. here's the great news about it. when you stop putting people in solitary confinement, as you saw
11:58 am
in new mexico. >> results are down. >> the violence in the prison goes down and rehabilitation goes up. so there's no justification for this horrible abuse. i'm proud of this president. >> the president said in america, we believe in redemption. he wrote, the united states is a nation of second chances with the confinement too often cuts that second chance. what else needs to be done? >> the president is doing all he can do. congress needs to step up. there's legislation both in the senate and the house to move forward a comprehensive fix for our federal system. the federal system is only 10% of all the people locked up. let's not forget, the united states is now the number one incarcerator in the world. we lock up more people than china here in the land of the free, the land of the brave. many of them for petty offenses. stuff that people are doing right now on college campuses. but our college students, they don't go to prison.
11:59 am
but poor people, african-americans, they wind up going to prison for these petty offenses and it ruins their lives. >> the president has also been focused on trying to put in place programs that help ex-offenders reintegrate. i've talked to folks who have been convicted of crimes. they can't get jobs. >> it's very hard. there's something now called the second chances act. and other things that are moving forward. the one thing i want to point out to everybody who's watching this. just because somebody did something in their past, none of us want to be judged by the worst thing that we ever did. we all have done stuff that's not good. when you got somebody when they come home, sometimes they're not allowed to vote, they're not allowed to get an apartment. they're not allowed to apply for certain jobs. we're not giving them a second chance. conservative christians and i have stood together. newt gingrich and i have stood together. coke industries has come out and said it's not america if you don't give people a second
12:00 pm
chance. if you can hire somebody, give them that second chance. you watch, people who are hiring people. richard branson said some of his best employees, formally incourse rated, because they want to make a difference, they want that second chance. >> van jones, thank you. >> thank you. all right, here we go, hour two. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. brand-new poll numbers i want to show. these are numbers he hasn't seen before. the timing is critical. six days to go until the first of the nation iowa caucuses. donald trump is maintaining his monster lead across cnn polls. this is the biggest one yet. trump, as you see there, 41%. that is more than double the support of his closest competitor senator ted cruz. plus, among trump supporters, 70% say they're devoted to him with no chance of changing their minds. in fact, trump stacks up a ton
12:01 pm
firsts in this latest cnn poll. first in handling of the economy. first in handling foreign policy, abortion, same-sex marriage. he is also among firsts when it companies to men, women, younger voters, older voters, college graduates and tea party supporters. the trump train seems to have such momentum, even ted cruz owned up to it. >> if donald wins iowa, he right now has a substantial lead in new hampshire. if he won new hampshire, there's a good chance he could be unstoppable and be our nominee. >> let me begin this hour with cnn political reporter sarah murray in marshalltown, iowa. the polls showed among all registered voters, not just republicans, that trump is faring so well. >> brooke, i think one of the biggest things we hear right now is people in iowa, they don't want to throw away their votes.
12:02 pm
they want to pick a winner. we're seeing that bear out in the poll numbers. you see 56% of folks saying they could see trump as the most likely nominee. 56%. that's compared to 17% for ted cruz. and i can't overstate how important that is in a place like iowa that likes to be first in the process. that wants to feel like they can pick a winner. that's what we're hearing across the state. >> we should point out the poll had a couple negative results for trump. for the most important questions, which were? >> well, the really interesting thing is when you match them up head to head, he actually is getting edged out by the democrats. sanders gets 50% of the post. compare to 47% for trump. if you put him up against clinton, he has a closer race. of course, we know that before you get to those hypothetical general election matchups, you have to make it through the
12:03 pm
primary first. that's why we're here in iowa. that's why you're seeing trump roll out all sorts of names. he announced the endorsement from falwell today and sheriff apio is on his way to iowa now to join trump on the campaign trail. >> sarah murray in iowa, thank you. now to the man who called trump quote a cancer on conservativism. former governor of texas rick perry. governor perry just endorsed cruz. perry has been out with cruz on the campaign trail in iowa. he joins me now from a town in centerville. nice to see you, sir. >> how are you, brooke? nice crisp weather in iowa. >> i'll be there in two days. let me just begin with -- from everything i've read, ted cruz has been relentless in getting
12:04 pm
your endorsement, personally coming to your ranch. picking up your phone and calling you maybe daily. what did he say to finally secure your endorsement? >> actually, this was a process. i actually didn't know ted that well. i knew him kind of through the political lens. i wanted to know who he was as a man. i wanted to spend time with him. look him in the eye and find out. number one, a really good listener. i will tell you from my perspective, having someone who actually listens to you. listening and processing is incredibly important. the other thing i discovered was ted cruz is one of these guys who actually knows what he doesn't know. that is an absolute virtue when it comes to the president of the united states. there is no man or woman born yet, nor will be, that knows everything about government. they just can't. they've got to bring highly
12:05 pm
capable experienced men and women to their team and empower then, authorize them to go run those agencies and government. the third thing, i think this is very, for a person like me, who's been a governor, is ted cruz is the most powerful proponent the tenth amendment. not only is he a constitution loving and constitution knowing individual, that tenth amendment really means something to him. devolving power out of washington, d.c. back to the states. all of those collectively made me comfortable that this is an individual that not only can be, but should be and will be ready to be president and commander in chief on day one. >> you spelled it out. powerful reasons to throw your support behind someone. i just go to the fact that not a single republican senator thuz far has thrown his or her support behind cruz. orrin hatch said the republicans would lose with cruz as the nominee. bob dole made headlines, saying
12:06 pm
it would lead to cataclysmic losses. that, quote, nobody likes him in congress. finally, bill maher just called cruz evil and scarier than trump. how do you respond to all this negativity swirling around the guy you chose? >> i don't think bill maher is going to have a lot of influence on the iowa conservative caucusgoers. >> how about the other two? >> i found out on my own. don't know whether those senators spent any quality time with him or not. i wanted to find out. i don't make my friends and i don't make me decisions by someone else's observation. i don't know -- i respect both those men greatly, but the bottom line is i know i've spent the time with the senator and i'm comfortable that not only is he going to be prepared to be president of the united states, he can win. i think that is really important
12:07 pm
from my perspective. he's going to bring disaffected democrats. he's going to bring minorities together. that want to get washington out of their business. devolving power out of washington, d.c. back to the states. and that's what senator cruz, he believes in that. he's a consistent conservative. i don't have to wonder whether he's going to be the same in six months or six years from now. he is. he's going to be the same. >> what about governor -- what about some of the bigger names who have thrown their support behind trump? sarah palin who is someone who absolutely helped ted cruz mount his successful senate campaign. i'm sure you've seen the news. perhaps one of the most prominent eveangelical leaders off our time threw his support behind trump. how big of a blow is that for ted cruz, someone who i know has pry or titzed securing the evangelical vote? >> there's not any question
12:08 pm
about the evangelical vote being strongly behind ted cruz, they are. jerry falwell will have to explain to his followers why he's supporting someone. who said when asked have you ever done anything to ask forgiveness from god, said no. trump said no, never done anything i thought needed to ask god for forgiveness. reverend falwell will have to explain why he's supporting someone who made that statement. >> i was in washington covering the federal government shutdown. ted cruz was the face of that. you called it nonsensical. flash forward to today. you want that same person to win the white house. how will ted cruz lead with the judgment that you personally have criticized in the past? >> i've criticized a lot of things that happened in
12:09 pm
washington, d.c. i've come from a state where we work together to find solutions. i think shutting down government is nonsensical. here's the more important issue. ted cruz said, i'm going to go do everything i can to defund obamacare. that's exactly what he was doing. on the one hand, that's exactly what he said he would do. i think he was setting a marker. when i was the governor, my first term, vetoed 82 bills because they tried to force things upon me that were against my philosophy. people said, perry, you have ruined your political life, you can't veto that many bills. but i set the marker after that -- >> but you didn't get in the way, with all due rue expeespec governor, you didn't get in the way of governing for your own interests. >> well, i disagree with you, that's why it was done. but the point is, i think he was setting a marker and being a
12:10 pm
united states center is substantially different. my position on all this, you have to stand up for what you believe in. you have to set markers from time to time. every now and then, you have to hit the mule up the side of the head with a 2 x 4 to get his attention and i think that's what the senator did. >> do you think ted cruz waited too long to really go on the attack, specifically when it came to donald trump? >> i think the senator is going to make decisions about the timing of what he does, with his campaign ads and what have you. i hear him not taking the bait time after time. from the standpoint and talking about, you know, there's been a number of questions that were asked today where he talked about his positive vision for this country. there's plenty of folks out on the campaign trail that will question, you know, 22, clearly, this movement, come out and
12:11 pm
talking about their questions of donald trump's conservative, is he really a conservative. the people of iowa are processing that now. they historically wait until pretty much the last moment to look at all of the information, make a good decision, and i think not only is ted cruz going to win iowa, i think he's going to win decisively. >> governor perry, do you have any regrets? donald trump lists you as one of his trophies, his word, in taking you down during this race. you can respond to that. and just straight up, do you think trump had anything to do with your failed presidential campaign? >> you know, i think an indictment, an absolute percent persecution of me had more to do. if donald wants to put me on the
12:12 pm
wall as one of his trophies -- he's got a lot of trophies, that's for sure, of all kinds. >> do you have any regrets? >> no, not at all. listen, i ran a good campaign. i talked about the issues that were important. the american people decided that bobby jindal, scott walker, rick perry, you know, it appears, you know, they've decided governors are not who they want being the next president of the united states. you know what, i'm good with that. i may not agree but i'm good with that because that's how this country works. >> governor perry, i really appreciate the time. thank you so much there. in iowa. thank you. >> bring your long coat. >>cy will indeed, sir. see you in a couple days. after new fallout today after cnn's democratic town hall in iowa, see the confrontation between clinton and a voter there and why sanders says taxes will go up if he's elected president. also ahead, marco rubio picks up a notable endorsement.
12:13 pm
will this person's opinion even matter? and the death of a police officer sparked a massive manhunt but a twist in the case revealed dark secrets about his past and the circumstances surrounding his death. new details ahead.
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you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. six days to go here for these candidates to sway those undecideds, convince them to get out on caucus night, make their voices heard in iowa. last night, we saw democrats make their final push. sanders made sure his criticism of hillary clinton was crystal clear. >> we will raise taxes. yes, we will.
12:18 pm
but also, let us be cleeshgs chris, there's a little bit of disingenuity out there. we may raise taxes but we are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for business. i voted against the war in iraq. hillary clinton voted for the war in iraq. >> i have a much longer history than one vote, which i've said was a mistake because of the way that that was done and how the bush administration handled it. but i think the american public has seen me exercising judgment in a lot of other ways. in fact, when that hard primary campaign was over and i went to work for president obama and he ended up asking me to be secretary of state, it was because he trusted my judgment. >> i think we are touching a nerve with the american people who understand that establishment politics is just not good enough. we need bold changes. we need a political revolution. >> let's go to our correspondent
12:19 pm
who is on the trail with senator sanders, you know, sanders was in iowa obviously last night but you are in st. paul, minnesota. why? >> well, brooke, who can pass up a wintertime visit to minnesota? look, senator sanders is looking ahead on the calendar. we talk a lot about iowa and new hampshire right now. minnesota is one of those states that has a super tuesday contest. the caucuses in minnesota are popular among liberal democrats. senator sanders is spending the day in minnesota. just to give you a sense, we drove here from iowa. just about an hour over the state line here. standers believes he can draw a big crowd. in a few hours, the sanders campaign believes this is going to be filled with thousands of sanders supporters so they want to send the message their campaign is not iowa specific. not only iowa and new hampshire here. the arguments, senator sanders
12:20 pm
is trying to temper his expectations just a little bit in iowa. he said i am not the obama campaign, we are not the obama campaign. so he's hoping for a good finish here. they're not counting on iowa, brooke. >> all right. thinking ahead. super tuesday. jeff, thank you very much. very balmy, i'm sure, minnesota. i kid. let's talk more about last night's town hall with a man who knows a thing or two about presidential campaigns and politics. journalive bernstein. including author of "it is a woman in charge, life of hillary clinton." who and what really resonated for you on that stage? >> i thought they were both at their best. by the way -- >> let's not forget o'malley. >> i'll get to that. bernie sanders really made the case for his candidacy. he was personable. he was funny. he got the issues out there.
12:21 pm
hillary also was at her best in presenting who she really is at her best. the history of her life. what she has stood for. and articulated it amazingly well. but this is about his judgment, which has been on the mark on many things where hillary's has not. and her experience. but there's also an elephant in the room. >> elephant in the room being? >> the server question. those of us who are reporters, who are trying to keep some sort of track of what's going on with these investigations, there are a lot of leaks, there's a lot of information flying around. it's not about nothing. it's not just about her saying as she did yesterday i'm not willing to say that my judgment was bad on this. something is going to happen down the line. it is going to -- not an indictment. i'd be very surprised if there's an indictment. but the fbi agents conducting this investigation, there are
12:22 pm
many -- pretty good reports about what they see as more than errors of judgment in her installation of the server and how it operated. some kind of public recognizing is likely to come from this. not necessarily anything involving the legal system. it's not going to go away. it is about her judgment. >> and to watch how the campaign continues to handle this along down the line. hillary clinton, this is -- we saw something last night we've seen before in a debate, where she was praising this recent interview obama did with politico reporter glenn thrush, repeating this, take a listen. >> he says also in there, you get undue criticism. and he says, by the way, i have some regrets about my campaign. and some of the things we did. was that surprising? >> yes, that was surprising.
12:23 pm
you know, i really appreciated him saying that because he'd said he had that great line which i love. i think he said something like, you know, she had to do -- he said i was like fred astaire and she had to do everything i had to do only she was ginger rogers doing it backwards in high heels. and i thought that was a really -- a very sweet remark. >> it was a great quote from the president, but also on the flip side, president obama, through this interview, you know, critiqued hillary clinton saying she's better in smaller groups. agreed her first campaign -- again, this was many years ago, at the time, she was rusty. do you think now she is truly firing people up? >> oh, i think she's capable of it and we saw it yesterday. there's some days when she does not. but when she presents herself in terms of her history, what she has done in the political system
12:24 pm
since she was a young woman. she was very good yesterday in terms of what the enemies of herself and her husband have done in terms of putting them in the cross hairs and making it very difficult for them to do what they believe in. that's part of the issue the campaign is going to be about. the nature of the clinton enemies. and whether or not their attacks are factual or whether they're kind of really off the wall often. it's a big problem for the republicans and for her as well. republicans -- let me say one other -- >> go ahead, carl. >> i think the chance of a brokered convention. there are a lot of people talking about it. if trump can't be stopped. is very real. and i'm starting to hear, as i said to you a while ago, a lot of talk about trying to draft paul ryan in some way to be the
12:25 pm
nominee if, indeed, trump is not stoppable. >> mm. it's an idea. we'll see. there's been talk of a brokered convention now for a little while, depending how many people stay in this thing. we'll see. we'll talk again. carl bernstein, thank you. marco rubio tries to carve out a place for himself in iowa as he runs third in the national polls. why he says he's better than donald trump. plus, breaking news. we're getting word here that several students have been hit by a school bus. it was an accident that has turned deadly. we're getting those details for you. that's coming up next.
12:26 pm
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12:29 pm
and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. breaking news here. it is out of indiana. it's awful. accident happening just this afternoon, northeast of indianapolis, in lawrence,
12:30 pm
indiana. police tell us a school bus ran over as many as five schoolchildren. one person has been killed. indianapolis police saying the deceased is an adult and there's four to five students hit by this bus. as soon as we get more information, we'll pass it along. six days and counting to the iowa caucuses. new cnn/rnc poll has marco rubio a third, but a distant third. behind trump and cruz. today, senator rubio won an endorsement from george pataki. sending his support via twitter. saying, i took a look at all the candidates and marco rubio is the best person to bring us together. that is why i'm endorsing him. cnn's reporter is in iowa with the rubio campaign. hitting on the "bring together" theme, crisscrossing iowa today.
12:31 pm
>> yes, that's right, brooke, really, he's trying to showcase himself as the one candidate who can bridge that divide that we'll seen for so many years. tea party versus establishment divide kndz conservatives. saying, look i can be the person who can get support from conservatives. we asked him about some of his rivals. one of which was john kasich who actually is surging in new hampshire. he would not criticize, but he wasn't afraid to take a whack at another one of his rivals, ted cruz. >> i think ted is under a lot of pressure over the last few days. people are learning more about his record and it's hurting him. he's dropping in the polls. he's losing to donald. can tell you i don't think this election is who can beat up on other republicans the best. ultimately, we're going to have to bring this party together at the end of this process. if we have any chance of winning, we've got to bring new people into the conservative movement and i believe deeply i am the only one left running who can unite this party, attract
12:32 pm
new people to the conservative movement. i know if i'm the nominee, we will beat hillary clinton and reverse the damage barack obama has done to america. >> clearly, rubio is trying to pull support away from ted cruz, who has a very good chance of winning here in iowa next week. rubio's viewing this races as something of a long game. he thinks this nominating contest is going to last for weeks and weeks. potentially past super tuesday. then eventually ted cruz will fall apart and it will be him potentially against trump. and he can present himself as that unity candidate, get the center right behind him and pull some support from conservatives. this is a risky strategy. we'll see if it works. depends on whether or not the establishment candidates catch fire, like i mentioned before, john kasich, jeb bush, brooke.
12:33 pm
>> who knows. thank you so much. from the republicans, next to the democrats. candidates taking on their critics. we'll break down their strategies, their performances, coming up next. today people are coming out to the nation's capital to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement and pledge to save an additional one percent of their income. if we all do that we can all win. prudential bring your challenges® made a simple tripvere chto the grocery storeis anything but simple. so finally, i had an important conversation with my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults saw 75% skin clearance.
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. let me say it again, six days to go before iowa voters will let us know if the polls have been correct leading up to the first in the nation caucuses. check this out, this new fox news poll puts hillary clinton in the lead in iowa with sanders trailing very closely behind. last night, the top two democratic presidential candidates answered questions directly from voters at a town hall in iowa. both hit back against criticism and attacks that have been levelled against them. >> throw all this stuff at me and i'm still standing. but if you're new to politics, if it's the first time you've
12:38 pm
really paid attention you go, oh, my gosh, look at all of this, and you have to say to yourself, why are they throwing all of that. well, i'll tell you why. because i'm been on the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. i've been fighting to give kids and women and the people who are left out and left behind the chance to make the most out of their own lives. >> i've been attacked and, in effect, this is an issue that hillary clinton has, you know, focused on and that's politics and that's fine. some of you might recall that back in 2007 when she was running against barack obama, she also focused on that issue, but she thought that obama was too strong on gun issues. you may remember him referring to her as annie oakley. all right. today, hillary clinton is running a lot of advertisements on gun issues, interestingly enough, she's running most of the them in new hampshire, where
12:39 pm
she thinks it will work, not running so many them in rural iowa. well, you can form your own judgment as to why that is the case. >> let me bring in wolf blitzer, host of "the situation room" in washington. wolf, how do you think they did last night? enough to sort of quiet their critics? >> well, obviously critics all along, but i think among the liberal progressive democratic constituency, i think both of them did well. i think they fired up their own respective supporters. make sure she doesn't lose support to bernie sanders and vice versa. from that perspective, they held their own. i'm not sure they made a lot of inroads against each other. but they were both pretty much at the top of their game in answering the questions. then had some fumbles. there were some inconsistencies. i think by and large they both did well. >> you remember looking at 2008, you know, then senator barack obama in iowa, what happened
12:40 pm
there, and just today, cnn was talking about bernie sanders and asking him about how he's doing, his momentum and he said, you know, i will not be hitting the mark that obama did then. do you think that was a charmingly honest answer or purposely setting expectations low? >> normally, i would say it's purposely setting expectations low, lowering those expectations. i've known bernie sanders for a long time. he's a very blunt guy. there isn't usually a whole lot of spin with a lot of other politicians. he's very direct, very forceful. he'll tell you exactly what he things. i think in this particular case, he's probably telling us what he believes. he's not going to do as well as then senator barack obama did. he's hoping to do well. to a certain degree, he's try to lower expectations. but he's very, very candid usually. i don't think he minces a lot of words. >> wolf blitzer, thank you. we'll see you at 5:00 on "the
12:41 pm
situation room." >> thank you. >> and you know cnn will be the place for complete coverage of the iowa caucuses. we will have coverage all day. as the first votes are cast. more on our breaking news. that school bus that has hit several students in indiana. we know one person, one adult, has been kied. we're getting the first images here from this tragic scene. new information next. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at
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as long as you love me, it's alright bend me shape me, any way you want me you've got the power, to turn on the light shape the best sleep of your life. sleep number beds with sleepiq technology adjust any way you want it. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. michigan's governor, other state officials have been subpoenaed in this ongoing flint water crisis. the papers were served by attorneys representing clients in the class action lawsuit. all communications related to the city's lead contamination going back to january of 2011. the state's attorney general who just appointed a special
12:46 pm
prosecutor to this investigation said it is an outrage that people are still paying for dirty water. >> i would certainly not bathe a newborn child or a young infant in this bad water. if you can't drink the bad water, you shouldn't pay for it. >> there is some help on the way. walmart, coca-cola, pepsi, nestle, they're all donating nearly 7 million bottles of water. a crowd funding campaign sending much needed water to the city. flint natives michael moore and sandra bernhard are stepping in to help. add to the list, court tv's judge mathis. the detroit native is hosting a community forum at a church in flint this saturday. he joins me now. judge mathis, nice to see you back here sir. my goodness, you know, flint's your backyard, born and raised, detroit. this is personal for you. >> yes, it is, very much so.
12:47 pm
this saturday at quinn a&e in flint we're going to have a legal forum where i'm bringing in a team of lawyers to vet some of the other lawyers who have converged on the city. you know, one of the biggest frustrations the citizens of new orleans experienced when katrina came about was lawyers converging and many of the people were taken advantage of and they did not receive the justice they deserved. we want to make sure. so i have gotten a group of lawyers and -- at the mathis community center, we're going to be taking calls for those who want to find out whether their lawyers are the lawyers that would do them justice. some of these lawyers are coming from out of town. many of them have disciplinary problems in the past. we want to make sure these folks aren't taken advantage of. so that's one of the reasons. of course we're bringing water as well with us. >> wow. i had read you were bringing an attorney, you were taking legal questions from some of these folks in flint.
12:48 pm
that's pretty extraordinary. you bring up a great point, vetting lawyers as well. sort of want to get in on this, so to speak. we mentioned the subpoenas here. you know, alleged transparency, sort of depends who you ask as far as looking at these e-mails. i'm thinking, your a judge, right, it's your job to be fair, hear different sides. this could potentially be a criminal case. how do you determine what the most damning piece of information would be? >> well, one of the things you look to is how negligent the party was with the knowledge they obtained. whether they had the power to make a decision on their own and implement that decision. whether they were honest in their conversations with the public officials and the various departments, the governor's staff, were they being honest with the michigan quality control agency. were they being honest with the
12:49 pm
epa? were they negligentful in the time frame in which they were to react? then there's intent. to misrepresent some of the facts. that, indeed, could be fraudulent and criminal. so those are some of the things you look to when you see the exchange of communication. >> we mentioned you're headed that way. saturday. you've been there a bunch of times since this whole crisis began. what is it like just to be in flint? what have you noticed, talking to families, talking to children? >> devastation. they're devastated. they feel left behind. it's almost like katrina hit. you know, i view this akin to really a terrorist attack quite frankly. one of the things the homeland security prepares for and looks out for is the poisoning of our water by terrorists. and here we have the water poisoning as a neglect of our governmental bodies. so quite frankly, a lot of them
12:50 pm
feel so devastated and left behind. they think no one cares. particularly the government. this reinforces some of the things that our folks things that our folks believe and reason candidates running for president are benefiting so much from the anti-government sentiment. so that's how they feel. and i try and let them know there's help on the way, not only with those who want to bring water, and that's fine, we need water, but those who are there to look out for their interests from those who would otherwise prey on them. and that's why at quinn ame saturday 11:00, we'll hold a forum to make sure those folks get their legal rights. >> good on you. they need al of 0 the help they can get. thank you. >> thank you. next, his death led to a massive manhunt and hero's funeral. turned out illinois police officer staged an elaborate
12:51 pm
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just in, we are learning six police officers in cleveland fired in connection with a car chase. can we continue forward there? just in, again, six police officers in cleveland connected to this car chase ended in officers firing 137 bullets into a carer killing two people. happened back in 2012. one of the officers allegedly fired nearly 50 shots, including 15 from the hood of the car. the officer was acquitted of manslaughter last year. the head of the police union vowed get the officers' jobs
12:56 pm
death. in the days after, found dead, multiple gunshot wounds gliniewicz was hailed a hero. northern illinois, on edge, over the violent death of a man they referred to as g.i. joe, who drew thousands of hours encouraging people to become ofs and soldiers. but his image started to crumble. the community should have known the truth much sooner. >> reporter: the file is 264 pages thick, full of accolades, and shocking information. >> let me put it to you this way, if i knew about the personnel file and i was a parent i wouldn't put my child in the explorer program under his tutelage. >> reporter: in may of 1988, fox lace police sergeant james bush stated he was called by a sheriff's deputy who found officer gliniewicz passed out in
12:57 pm
his truck on the side of the road, with the engine running full throttle, footen the gas. sergeant bush wrote he was summoned because the deputy couldn't wake gliniewicz, and this was not the first time something like this has happened. in 2003, a fox lake radio dispatcher claimed gliniewicz joked about putting bullets in my chest. three weeks later, she claimed he brought a gun into the dispatch room, i don't appreciate someone cocking a gun, making clicking sounds with it, when that someone just recently joked about putting bullets in my chest. and there's more. >> 2009, some anonymous officer sent former mayor cindy irwin letters saying they had, you know, a list of grievances against gliniewicz. >> reporter: among the many accusations, various members of the department approached by
12:58 pm
bouncers from different establishments, and advise the that lieutenant gliniewicz had been escorted from the establishment in a highly intoxicated condition. gliniewicz did not pay a bar tab, in excess of $300. tock his vacation to wisconsin in his squad car and inappropriate touched women, grabbed their breasts. >> that was cnn's justice correspondent pamela brown. as part of the piece, the personnel foul, you found sun stunning information? >> that's right. not only the personnel file but the cell phone. the fbi was able to recover 6500 messages that lieutenant gliniewicz had deleted from his cell phone. and the information found in text message is what cemented the belief that this was in fact suicide, that he took his own
12:59 pm
life. he apparently, according to texts, stealing from the explorer account, the explorer group a group of kids he trained to become law enforcement officers. stealing from that account for seven years. he's alleged to have set up a sham marriage with his son. but what struck investigators most is the fact that he talked about putting a hit out on the village administrator, she's the same person the day before his death who asked for inventory of plo plo explorer equipment and the next day he's believed to have committed suicide. the at beginning, being treated as a homicide investigation, thousands turned out to his funeral. so it was very stunning, once investigators reached this conclusion. >> incredible. incredible the unraveling of one's reputation in a community. and as you talked to that person, how they all wish they had known the truth way sooner. pamela brown, we will be watching full cnn special report, "the secret life of g.i. joe" tonight, 9:00 eastern here
1:00 pm
on cnn. thank you so much nor being with me on tuesday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin in new york. we'll turn to my colleague, jake tapper. the "the lead" starts roo right now. thanks, brooke. ted cruz, warns republicans if trump wins in iowa he'll be unstoppable. i'm sure the donald might agree. the "the lead" starts right now. brand-new poll showing donald trump out to his largest lead, doubling ted cruz nationwide, as the race in the hawkeye state comes down to the wire. more dangerous than isis. a new report saying a terrorist group with al qaeda ties could be working on another 9/11 while the u.s. puts all its focus on destroying isis. plus -- possibly arm the, definitely dangerous, one of them being compared to hannibal lector, the manhunt for three inmates after a soing jail break. did they have help