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tv   Amanpour  CNN  January 26, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. ♪ hello there and a big welcome to viewers joining us from the united states and a very warm welcome back to our international viewers. let's update you on our top stories right now. danish law makers have approved controversial measures allowing the seizure of migrants assets and delaying family
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reunification for three years p. t the intent is to make sure they contribute to denmark's welfare state. kerry's been meeting with chinese foreign minister in bejing and the nuclear ambition was a main topic of conversation. seattle police are looking for a gunman who opened fire at a homeless encampment tuesday night. three others wounded and two dead in the shooting. police say they believe the victims were targeted. now to the u.s. presidential race and the latest cnn poll that show s donald trump is growing his lead. 41% of likely republican voters say they will vote for donald trump. that's more than twice the votes second place, ted cruz is getting. marco rubio way behind at 8%.
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and ben carson is at 6% and jeb bush, 5 and chris christie, 4. the republican frontrunner won't be there. sarah murray tells us why. >> donald trump managed to trump himself on the campaign trail here in iowa. heic ipicked up a couple big indorsement from the evangelical leader but the big news was trump announcing he will skip the fox news debate on thursday. >> fox is playing games, yeah. they're going to make a fortune. i told them they should give money to the wounded warriors. i am not a fan of megyn kelly. i think she is frankly not good at what she does and so i'm going to be making a decision with fox but i probably won't bother doing the debate. i see they picked me as number
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one and number one by far but probably i won't be doing the debate. we'll do something where we raise money for the veterans and the wounded warriors. we're going to do something s e simultaneo simultaneously with the debate. >> reporter: and campaign manager took those comments a step further and saying the campaign might hold a compeetin event in iowa. republican national committee says each candidate has to do what's in their best interest and ted cruz challenged donald trump in a one on one debate, no moderators. >> this race is a dead heat between donald and me. we're effectively tied in the state of iowa. if he's unwilling to stand on it debate stage with the other candidates then i would like to
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invite daonald to engage in onea debate with me. >> reporter: so, it's still a big question who we'll see on the debate stage thursday night. marshal town, iowa. >> so, things are definitely heating up. joining me now are two cnn political commentators. jeffrey lord is a former regan white house and also a donald trump supporter. welcome to you both. jeffrey, donald trump says he will not attend thursday's gop debate because host megyn kelly is bias. do you agree and hows is this nt being thin skinned? >> i was really amazed at the fox statement with the whole deal with putin and ayatollahs and whatever it is they said. suddenly it seemed to be antitrump, if you will, taking
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aside. i was sort of surprised they would do that. number two, i think that this is going to appear to people as the media in the larger sense, fox in a specific sense going after donald trump and him standing up to them. i said earlier today to ronald regan firing air traffic controllers or walking out the summit with gorbachev, these are things candidates and presidents aren't supposed to do, so when they do them and say this far and no further and they mean it, they get an enormous public reaction to it. >> even without trump that debate, he'll still be the main focus and i can't believe i'm saying this, but might he gain support with this unconventional move? >> i find that comment that he
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made and compared it to regan with the air traffic controllers. this is pure personal peek. trump has had a thing about megyn kelly ever she she asked him a hard question at that first debate and now he's angry that fox made fun of him. there's no larger issue here. it's pure ego. now, it may well work out well for him but to suggest that there's any larger issue of principal beyond the astronomical ego-of this man is laughable. >> senator sanders will be meeting privately with president obama wednesday. apparently, there's no agenda there. but why do you think this meeting is happening now? >> i find that very interesting. there's all these stories afloat
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in the press about the fbi closing in on hillary clinton. i have no idea whether they're accurate or not and they're coming from reputable sources. it's interesting to wonder. i'd love to be a fly on the wall in that conversation because whatever happens with the fbi and the justice department, ultimately the president is the president of the united states and they work for him. >> and coming on the heels of the town hall where hillary clinton had such positive things to say about president obama again and saying that they have a friendship. i wonder from you, why hasn't president obama indorsed hillary yet because he seems to have done everything but that at this point? >> i think they decided early on when it was a possibility that biden might run that they weren't going to officially indorse but there have been a series of moments over the year where president obama has essentially made it pretty clear that he's with hillary clinton.
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he gave her a big boost in that interview because he made it much easier for her to run as his heir. >> but there is a bit of discord among democrats because the candidates have essentially added a debate before the presidential primariarprimary. why has the dnc had so few debates in the first place? >> i think they favored hillary clinton and now there's turning out to be a fair amount of opposition from inside the democratic party, so they need to pull back and be careful about this because if she does lose to bernie sanders in iowa or new hampshire, they have a
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problem on their hands. >> you agree with that? the dnc was in it for hillary? >> and they haven't done her any favors because she's been good in these debates. these are tunt and she could use the practice. an attempt to actually insulate her from the competition, they've actually ended up hurting her. >> we're going to end on a point where you both agree. >> we're both very reasonable. >> there you go. thanks for your time. >> thanks. >> thanks, a lot. now the fbi has arrested several protesters in the u.s. who occupied a wildlife refuge for weeks. they're facing felony charges related to the occupation and another protester was killed as law enforcement confronted the group during a traffic stop
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tuesday. a law enforcement official says shots were fired during the arrest but rilit's not clear wh fired first. everyone obeyed orders to surrender. except bundy and his brother, ryan. and they say this, " cnn cannot verify those claims. earlier the bundy brothers' father weighed in on the death. >> he was a wonderful man. he has a wonderful wife and family. he was a student of the constitution and he was interested in freedom and i think he gave his life probably where he felt like it wasbu bes. >> they're protesting u.s. federal land policies. now u.s. federal officials
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say they've thwarted a massacre at milwaukee, wisconsin. he was arrested monday after buying two automatic weapons and a silencer from undercover agents. he plotted a mass shooting at a masonic temple, hoping to kill at least 30 people. according to the complaint he said after i got out after killing 30 people, i'd be 100% happy because these 30 will terrify the world. and he allegedly said quote all the mujahedeen will be talking and they will be proud of us and we're muslims defending muslim. >> we should be incredibly thankful for acting so decisively and quickly to apprehend this individual and thwart this threat. >> now, we should also ad the
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criminal complaint, he had been planning an attack on israels in the west bank. and an aid convoy delivered food and medicine more than 10 days ago. but they say 10 people have died from malnutrition since then and others remain hungry. some of what you're about to see is disturbing. >> reporter: and isis adding to the siege of starvation gnawing away at what's left. the week here -- this is dr. muhammad. he shows age 50. so malnourished, he can't cope with food, only drip feeds. held here almost a ghost, edging
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towards death. like his granddaughter, just nine months old. she seems dazed. we were told two people died in madaya monday from hunger but can't confirm it independently. for more than seven months we've not had electricity. we've nearly ran out of water. now plastic is often burned. the weakest and mobile activists shows us. >> this child is very ill. he lives three days and he gets sick and ill and his stomach is really, really hurt him. he needs to go to hospital outside of madaya. >> and a little food won't save
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the malnourished but it's handed out readily. >> bring food for people and they will die because of starvation. >> reporter: here in a makeshift hospital, struggling to keep the lights on is where they come hoping for help. in the past 10 days, since the arrival of relief supplies, the doctor said there's been 10 deaths. scores of people have arrived at the clinic unconscious. we have about 500 sick people in the town that need hospital treatment. syrian rebels have said they won't talk pace until sieges like these are lifting. hunger, a weapon of war, leaven 400,000 syrians without the food they need. neither truly alive, nor dead. cnn beriut.
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denmark saying a hospital there is reporting europe's first case of the zika virus. this is according to the news agency. meanwhile, the cdc has added the dominican republic and the u.s. virgin islands to its alert list. this muskeeesquiosquito born vi linked to a dangerous birth d disord disorder. some countries urging women not to get pregnant. joining me now from dallas is dr. yasmin. and thank you for speak with us about this today. all the sudden it seems it started spreading rapidly. the cdc saying it causes microsefally in new borns, which is actually new. >> we have to be very clear that the link between zika virus and
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this birth defect hasn't been proven by scientific studies. they've been saying look, there could be a link between this massive outbreak and a very big increase in the number of babies with abnormally small heads and brains. it is concerning enough that health authorities in the u.s. and other parts of the world saying that women shouldn't travel to a list of 20 countries where there is an outbreak of zika virus because of potential harm it could to the fetus. >> why is it rapidly spreading now? >> it could have been causing sickness before and we weren't seeing it. and another reason is because it can be really hard to control these types of mosquitos and because we haven't seen this outbreak before.
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it's like the catch 22 situation where the general population does pn't have immunity. so it's a combination of factors causing outbreaks in a number of contries. >> some 63% of americans live in places where zika may spread when the seasons change. the scariest part seems to be 80% of people with the virus show no symptoms. >> it really comes down to avoid sewing getting bitten by mosquito in the first place. we saw this with ebola where we were 10 steps behind the virus. and the same here, we don't have medicines that can treat it. so, you have to make sure you don't get infected in the first place. and that comes down to basic mosquito control. these bugs really get around and so you have to make sure that
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your home area outside the home doesn't have place wheres the mosquitos can breed and it's important to remember they bite during the day time. so, during daylight hours, even when it's hot outside, really important to cover up, wear long sleeves, insect repellant and i have even more bad news about 2450 these zika virus mosquitos, they like the come inside. make sure your window screens are in tact. >> always good to have someone as calm as you talk about things as frightening as this. our cnn medical analyst. thank you. rush hour in london may be one of the busiest in the world. see why authorities are shutting down some of the cities famous tube stations during peek hours. e plaque psoriasis... isn't it time to let the real you shine through?
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and warmth and looking good, and sandwich and soup and inside jokes, and dan is back! good, clean food pairs well with anything. the clean pairings menu. 500 calories or less. at panera. food as it should be. apple has posted the biggest quarterly profit in u.s. history, reporting a 2% increase in sales of nearly $76 billion. but as cnn samuel burke reports, investors aren't impressed. >> reporter: it's really a fascinating story because here
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apple has record breaking profit of $18.4 billion and the market is frowning. that's because apple, at the end of the day, it's the iphone company and even though they sold 75 million iphones in the last quarter, that was actually the slowest rate of growth for the iphone since they debuted in 2007. imagine saying i sold 4 million and then 8 million and then you only sell 2 million, then investors aren't going to be happy because they're think about the long uterm. and apple is saying for the first time they're seeing economic saoftening in china an they've invested so much in china. and ceo says things will look better as the year goes on and
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analysts is think them being the high flying growth stock has come to an end. back to you. for many people in london getting to and from work can be a stressful experience. everyone packs themselves into the trains and max foster has more. >> reporter: oxford circus, the center of london's west end. the beating heart of this global city. tourists, and iconic double decker buses screen from dawn to dusk and beneath it all, an intersection of multiple metro lines. some of the nearly 100 million passengers who make the journey every year. it's not that much fun but these are the lucky ones. for many these days, even making
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it underground is a challenge. >> conygestion. do not enter. >> reporter: this is now a common site for passengers. gates pulled shut, frustration palpable. >> it's not ideal, especially when you've finished work and you want to come home straight away. >> reporter: oxford circus had to close on 30% of week days in the 12 months to octobers 2015. passengers had to wait an average of nearly nine minutes with some locked out for nearly 20. transport for london says it's to prevent dangerous over crowding on platforms. major upgrade work is well underway, which will significantly increase capacity for the whole area. with nearly $13 billion spent in the area every year, local
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retailers have reason to be worried. >> we need a plan for the next 10 years to take the west end to the next level. time's square, they've made it about the shopper and the pedestrians. >> reporter: they say having a major transport hub is simply unsustainable. >> london's population is expected to grow from 9 to 10 million and so, these problems can only get worse. >> reporter: max foster, cnn london. >> do not enter. >> at least everyone seemed polite while they were waiting. next hour, live reports from south africa and jordan. plus news as it breaks. stay with me. want to get their hands on.
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