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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  January 27, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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thank you so much for watching. i'm carol costello. at this "at this hour berman and bolduan." >> good morning. i'm pamela brown. the unpredicted billionaire is boycotting tomorrow's republican debate just days before the all-important iowa caucuses. it's the latest in the war with fox news and moderator megyn kelly. "i refuse to call megyn kelly a bimbo because that would not be politically correct. instead, i will only call her a lightweight reporter." he announced he will host a competing event. >> i'm going to have something
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else in iowa. we'll do something where we raise money for the veterans at the wounded warriors. we're going to do something simultaneously with the debate. they can't toy with me like they toy with everybody else. let them have the debate and let's see how they do with the ratings. i told them, give money to the wounded warriors, to the veterans, they are going to make a fortune with the debate. now let's see how many people watch. megyn kelly is a lightweight. this is not a reporter. >> all right. let's go live to cnn's sunlen serfaty in iowa ahead of tomorrow's gop debate. what is the reaction there on the ground in iowa, sunlen? >> reporter: pam, it's interesting. one campaign telling me that they feel like this is a period of limbo for the candidates and i think the reactions that we're seeing from the candidates themselves to this morning are really reflective of that period of uncertainty that they are feeling. these reactions have been all across the spectrum, everyone from chris christie who is calling the boycott a mistake to mike huckabee having a little
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fun with it, joking that he will gladly take over donald trump's position at the lectern. but it was interesting last night, really right out of the gate we saw ted cruz really come out with a no-holds bar response to this, really issuing a direct challenge to donald trump, directly in front of iowa voters. here's what he had to say. >> we are effectively tied in the state of iowa. if he's unwilling to stand on the debate stage with the other candidates, then i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me any time between now and the iowa caucuses. >> reporter: and the trump campaign has responded to this this morning. the campaign manager said they will gladly debate ted cruz if it comes down to a two-man race. that's basically, in essence, a big no. >> all eyes on donald trump today. we're not only talking about him but you're also following him on
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the campaign trail. what is his schedule like over the next 24 hours? >> we will see donald trump at some point today. he already has been tweeting up a storm, as you referenced. it will be interesting to see how, throughout the day, he gains traction for this town hall, this fund-raiser that he's anticipating to have as counterprogramming to tomorrow night's debate at the campaign out today saying that they are hearing from other candidates. we don't know exactly who wants to join into that event tomorrow night. so it will be interesting to see how much traction, how much he uses it on the campaign trail as he makes his way here throughout iowa. >> interesting to say the least. sunlen serfaty, thank you so much. joining me to talk about all of this, cnn political commentator and jeb bush supporter ana navarro and adrianna cohen, columnist for "the boston
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herald" and radio host. where to begin? adrianna, i'm going to start with you here first. we are five days from iowa. once again, trump is dominating the news cycle. but could this move to boycott the fox news debate in iowa backfire for him? >> i think it could because with donald trump off the stage, it gives the gop candidates a time for iowa caucusgoers and the public at large, the voters, to learn more about the individual candidates, have all of these important exchanges that they need to have amongst each other and really flush out the issues before the country. and so, you know, one man's loss is another man's and woman's gain. >> absolutely. ana, do you really think that this is about fox news and megyn kelly or is this more of a calculating move by trump to not be on the debate stage right before the caucuses? >> both. look, having been a recipient of
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donald trump's wrath, i can tell you that when he gets scornful like this towards somebody, when he gets somebody in the cross-hairs, it is for real. he's not just pretending that he doesn't like megyn kelly. he wants her out. he wants to cause her harm. he wants to put her in a difficult position. but i also think that he's calculated it. he's taken a look at the scenarios and he's doing this because he can. i think that when we heard him say last week -- and i do agree that he was joking, that he could go out and shoot somebody on fifth avenue and not lose a voter, he actually believes that. and i think he's got a right to believe that because he's been pushing the envelope for the last seven months whether it's offending iowans to their face or mimicking a reporter with a disability in front of all sorts of cameras, whether it's insulting p.o.w.s and his numbers keep going up. so the reason that donald trump is doing this is because he can and it is, you know, again, a
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brilliant pr move on his part. we are going to be talking not about the upcoming debate but about the fact that donald trump is not in the upcoming debate for the next 24 hours. even though he's not going to be at the debate, he is going to be the looming presence at the debate. the guy knows how to illuminate the press. >> he thinks that he can control people but he can't control the media. trump tweeted this morning back at kelly saying, "i refuse to call megyn kelly a bimbo because that would not be politically correct. instead, i'll only call her a lightweight reporter." so adriana, isn't trump's appeal about not being politically correct? >> correct. i think a lot of his subpoena
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p supporters like that about him for the most part. he's able to monopolyize the media. the wrong move for him to attack her in terms of calling her a bimbo, this is a woman who is a lawyer. she's very successful. >> adriana, he's been calling her that and worse without any negative effect to him. so it goes back to my point. he does it because he can. >> okay. really quick, brad, this is not just about donald trump. if you can believe that. this is also about ted cruz because now he's going to be on that debate stage, center stage as the leader. he's ahead in the polls. won't he be in the cross-hairs of all of the other candidates and do you think that might be behind his call now to have a one-on-one debate with trump? >> look, i think ted cruz should have called with one-on-one
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debates with trump. perhaps when ted cruz was still leading in iowa. the fact is, every poll that has come out has trump ahead in iowa, trump ahead nationally. this is trump's nomination to lose. there are two theories of trump. he's either f'ing crazy or crazy like a fox and in this case i think he's crazy like a fox. people are going to turn to fox and expect to see donald trump in that debate and they are not going to see him. his supporters are going to flip the channel until they find him. >> ana, let's talk about this. >> i think he's f'ing crazy like a fox. >> or brilliant. look at his poll numbers. >> tell us how you really feel, ana. so this rival event that trump says he's going to hold at the same time as the debate, do you really think that he would be able to sort of set something up
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and take away viewers from fox because his campaign is saying that fox's ratings are going to plummet now that he's not on the stage and he's holding this rival event. >> yes. i believe that -- what if he gets millions of viewers and put this event that he's doing online? i mean, that makes a statement. but then also, on the other hand, if fox gets great ratings without donald trump there, that speaks volumes as well. >> and ana, what do you think about that? >> look, i think that if fox gets as many as 2,000 less viewers than they did last time because donald trump isn't there, he's going to blow it up into those gigantic thing that he's going to talk about in the press and say that they got low numbers. one of the things about donald trump, he's got this uncanny ability to manipulate facts. so even if the numbers are the same, he'll say it wasn't and everybody will believe him. i think this move of his, of
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trying to raise funds for veterans at the same time that the debate is going on is brilliant. i mean, who can take issue with raising funds for veterans? you know, it really is -- like i said, the guy is a pro and his media savviness is just impressive and one of the factors that has helped him stay on top for this long. >> yeah. it's interesting, when you watch this play out in the media, first, he told our wolf blitzer he may not be at the debate and then it turned into very likely and now he's definitely not going to be there. but does this provide an opening, ana, to marco rubio and jeb bush and some of the other candidates? >> in a way. i suspect that they are all going to go after the nonentity in the room, donald trump. that's why i say he's going to be the looming presence. and i suspect, you know, senator cruz, who has got a flair for
8:11 am
drama, is going to go on an imaginary dialogue with the missing in action, donald trump. look, i think what's going to happen, every other network is going to show the trump event. that's why. they like to see fox. you know, this is a brilliant, brilliant move by donald trump. >> and some would argue that this is working in fox's favor and rupert murdoch just came out with this tweet. of course, he's in charge of the company that owns fox news. he says, "this is michael bloomberg's last chance. you never know until your hat is in the ring. events change everything." brad, what's the message here with this latest tweet? >> well, look, it's obviously a slam at donald trump without actually mentioning him. you know, someone else should get in the race.
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but, look, i think trump is going to have the last laugh here. no matter what the ratings are, this really hurts the other republican candidates. remember, they are chasing donald trump. donald trump's poll numbers are not going to plummet because he doesn't participate in a debate and when he's going to be covered by every other network whenever he's on television. it will make it very hard for the other candidates to attack him when he's not on stage and they need to bring his numbers down. >> and even though the candidates have been attacking him and it seems like that just galvanizes his supporters, ana, jeb bush tweeted about donald trump skipping the debate. he said, "donald trump, do you know who else is scared of megyn kelly? barack obama. enough wining." which candidate gains the most if donald trump is not on the debate stage, do you think?
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brad? >> look, which candidate gains the most? >> okay, ana, go ahead. >> which candidate gains the most of trump not being on the debate stage? >> uh-huh. >> donald trump. >> okay. brad? >> i agree. i think donald trump will gain the most. he's sucking up all of the oxygen. we're not talking about the differences between the candidates. we're talking about donald trump not participating. which is smart. for him, it's probably smart. him doing the unconventional thing politically has turned out to be to his benefit. i do think it's a short gain for him. he's playing just in iowa and new hampshire and he's not thinking about the fact that he may be the nominee and insulting a woman like megyn kelly will have repercussions in the general election when other women will be turned off by that. >> quickly, adriana, do you think he's not going to show up at this debate? >> i don't think he's going to show up and it benefits the remaining candidates on the
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stage. there's been a lot of exchanges between jeb bush and others and so jeb bush must be relieved that he doesn't have to go up against donald trump. >> that's true. >> we'll leave it there. brad, adriana cohen, ana navarro, thank you for that interesting discussion. we appreciate it. next at this hour, we have dubbed a clip of donald trump complimenting megyn kelly and ripping into candidates who didn't show up for the debate. and hillary clinton's lead shrinks nationally. hear what is on the agenda at the white house. and regarding the standoff in oregon, the situation has just turned deadly after police encounter the anti-federal government activists taking a building hostage. we'll return right after this break. but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day.
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donald trump's political stunner, his boycott of the fox debate. it's his latest in the escalating feud with moderator megyn kelly. i want to take you back to the question that started it all. it was last august. here is the debate. >> you call women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> no, it wasn't. for the record, it was well beyond rosie o'donnell. >> yes, i'm sure it was. >> your twitter account has several disparaging comments about women's looks. you once told a contestant on "celebrity apprentice," it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. does that sound to you like the
8:20 am
temperament that we should elect as president? >> what i say is what i say f you don't like it, megyn, i'm sorry. i've been very nice to you based on the way you have treated me. though, you would not like that. >> i want to bring in mark preston and eric wimple to discuss all of this. mark, i'm going to start with you. are you surprised that it has come to this? >> no, not at all. he pretty much forecasted it, if you're not going to be nice to me, i'm not going to be nice to you. we've seen it escalate between these two. it's gotten to the point where donald trump is saying he will not appear in their debate. but you know what, it wasn't always so bad between megyn kelly and donald trump. he had kind words to say about her back in 2011. let's listen. >> i think i know the issues
8:21 am
better than most, if not almost all. i mean, i know moderators doing debates that don't even know what they are talking about. >> do you really think that you're a better moderator than i am? >> no, i could never beat you. that wouldn't even be close. you have done a great job, by the way, and i mean it. >> wow. you know, what can you say? a lot has changed over the past few years, certainly over the past five or six months. but as you say, this has really turned into a major political drama as we head into the final days before the iowa caucuses. >> that's right. eric, even though trump isn't exactly innocent here, when a news organization moderating what is supposed to be an unbiased debate releases a statement questioning a candidate's ability to be president, is that a problem? >> well, i do think that there are some issues with how fox news has sought to issue statements at each particular phase of this and i think they went over board a little bit yesterday in their statement
8:22 am
referencing the ayatollah and putin about whether he should participate in the debate. fox has gotten a little bit off its game here and the main reason is, fox and i think this could be said of other newschannels, are totally obsessed with ratings, to an unhealthy degree. i think they are so scared of having donald trump not be at their debate that they've tried every way over the months since august, they have tried negotiating with them, tried appeasing him. roger ales and him have been on the phone. as a news organization, fox news should just cover trump instead of just negotiate with him. i would quibble with one word. he called a feud between megyn kelly and donald trump. this seems like a one-sided affair. trump decides every once in a while that he's going to blast megyn kelly on twitter. megyn kelly has been more or less quiet and has responded to
8:23 am
very few of donald trump's broadsides. so it's a really strange situation and donald trump automatically one-sided reignited this. >> now that trump says he's not going to be there, are they going to have an empty podium? are they going to talk about trump with the moderators? how do you think that's going to play out? >> awkwardly. i think it's going to be a pretty strange sort of thing. especially since i think people do tune in to these debates because of donald trump. my own son said, i told him this is a democratic one. he said donald trump has sort of walked away. i think it's going to be strange. there is going to be a huge vacuum. and i think that's a problem that fox news has to contend with. and i think that is the very dynamic that donald trump is playing off of here. he knows he's a big deal.
8:24 am
he knows he drives ratings. chris cuomo, your own colleague, conceded that donald trump drives ratings. that's no secret. >> well, absolutely. but what will be interesting to play out and it will help fox's ratings come on saturday and people want to tune in how it's going to be handled if there is going to be an empty podium. mark, what do you think? >> well, listen, a couple of things here about megyn kelly. she was widely praised back in august when she asked donald trump that questin and how she stood her ground. and to eric's point, this is not necessarily a feud between megyn kelly and donald trump. it's really a feud between donald trump and fox news channel who has stood behind megyn kelly, which you would expect as a news organization. will the ratings go down or up? i don't think fox cares at this
8:25 am
point. really what happens in these closing days right now, will it affect donald trump's ability to win here in iowa? i don't think it necessarily will. donald trump has his support here. he's going to get it. the question is, can he take it over the finish line? and we don't know if that's going to happen. the bigger question about donald trump here in iowa and moving forward is will the support for donald trump at these big rallies turn out to people appearing at the caucuses, in the new hampshire primary and south carolina primary. so this fight going on with the debates is, in some ways, a side show. it's really not indicative of whether he wins or loses the nomination. >> yeah, that's been the question all along. by the way, my mistake. the debate is tomorrow night. mark preston, eric wimple, thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you. just ahead, you're going to hear from supporters supporting trump. hear what attracts them to the candidate. plus, breaking news involving the standoff in oregon. the situation has just turned deadly after police encounter the anti-federal government
8:26 am
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. new this morning from oregon, one person is dead and eight others are in jail after dramatic shootout between members of an oregon protest group and the fbi and state police. it all started after ammon bundy and several others were pulled over by law enforcement officials. they have been occupying a national wildlife refuge in the area for more than three weeks now, protesting what they call government overreach on federal lands. sara sidner is live in oregon. sara? >> reporter: the fbi has cordoned off the area here around the wildlife refuge and that's because of those who have taken over the refuge
8:31 am
headquarters here. many say they are not going to leave until the federal government gives back the land to ranchers and farmers who used to work this land. the federal government not complying with their requests. they have now made eight arrests in a dramatic scene outside of the refuge when some of the men and women decided to leave the refuge and go into town. they were arrested in their cars but one ended up shot and killed and that was lavoy finicun. they say it's a constitutional issue and the government should be giving back the land to these ranchers. at this point in time, the federal government is making a large cordoned around this area and warning us that we are between two heavily armed groups, them and those that are here at this refuge. sara sidner, cnn, just outside burns, oregon. >> sara, thank you so much for that. coming up on this wednesday,
8:32 am
the unprecedented snub that is sending shock waves through the media and political stratosphere. donald trump boycotting tomorrow's gop debate on fox. but will this help or hurt him ahead of the iowa caucuses? plus, breaking right now, the embattled michigan governor facing the press amid a toxic water crisis that has sickened children and sparked for new calls for his resignation. hear what he just revealed right after this quick break. ♪ every insurance policy has a number.
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it's the snub that is shaking up presidential politics. donald trump boycotting tomorrow night's fox news republican debate after saying that the network won't treat him fairly. take a listen. >> i came here to do the debate. when they sent out the wise guy press releases a little while ago done by some pr person along with roger ailes, i said,
8:37 am
bye-bye. >> the war of words escalating with fox news saying it will not tolerate threats and te terrorizations but that trump will be treated fairly should he decide to participate. cnn's mj lee is live and dana bash joins us from washington. dana, first to you, because you have moderated these debates before. does trump's rocky relationship with the media sort of play into his hands here? >> i think ultimately, yes, that's no question. that's true for any republican generally but it is magnified big time for donald trump because he knows how to play the media. what is different is that it is fox and, generally speaking, republicans, if they take on fox news, which obviously tilts to the right and speaks generally to their constituents, then they
8:38 am
can get in trouble. mike mccaul, the chairman of the homeland security committee, he's a serious guy in congress. he said this morning that if he dared to take on megyn kelly, he would get tarred and feathered. i mean, he would be toast in his district. that kind of tells you what is going on here. to your point about the fact that we, cnn, have done many debates, i have participated in three of them, our motto has been that those of us who are asking the questions are not the story at all. and the trump campaign and trump himself, i've talked to some people there this morning, they are kind of trying to take that concept and run with it. they say that megyn kelly made herself the story. but to be fair to her, it was a two-way street. >> well, and after that, she has really kind of stayed under the radar. >> she certainly has. >> as eric pointed out, this feud has been driven by donald trump. but you hit on my next point,
8:39 am
dana. when a news organization, moderating what is supposed to be an unbiased debate, questioning a candidate's ability to be president, can you blame the candidate for battling back? >> no. and, again, when i was talking to a trump source just before coming on with you, that's exactly what they claim happened, that he was on his plane heading to iowa, as he just mentioned generally in that sound bite there, and he saw this statement that they put out mocking him. and doing it officially from the news division, the news network of fox. and so when he saw that, he said, wait a minute, i can't go there. so, no, you can't blame him. having said that, guarantee that any other candidate, when it comes to never mind just the media but when it comes to fox, they would have just figured out how to take it and maybe make an issue out of it but they would have shown up. trump is in a class and in a category of his own when it
8:40 am
comes to this. >> absolutely. it's still debatable whether he will change his mind or not because he's known to do that from time to time. mj, to you. you did an incredible report. you and cnn spoke with 150 voters at trump rallies in 31 states. just from what you learned talking to trump supporters, do you think this latest move will only galvanize those supporters? >> reporter: well, look, i was at a donald trump campaign rally just last night in iowa city and just hours after trump announced that he was going to boycott this fox news debate, i went around the room and asked his supporters, what do you think of the fact that he's just not going to show up to this debate? several people that i spoke to sort of laughed and shrugged their shoulders and said, look, this is what donald trump does and this is a part of what we really love about him. he doesn't behave like a typical politician. and like dana said, he's sort of in a class of his own on numerous different things, including, apparently, whether
8:41 am
or not to participate in a debate with his other rivals. in this reporting that we did, where, as you mentioned, myself and other colleagues spoke to, many other trump supporters and people who have shown up to his rallies over the next six months or so, a lot of people pointed out that they are very interested in the fact that he doesn't care about being politically correct and they also raise issues about just his tone when it comes to issues like terrorism, fighting isis, that they are really taken by that and reassured by the sort of strength that he exudes on these issues. i want to play a sampling of some of what these voters told us. >> i'm afraid to say what i really feel, you know, because it's not politically correct. but sometimes you've got to stand up and say, hey, this is wrong. i think this country better go back to some of those values. some of the values that my parents grew up with. my grandparents grew up with. >> maybe if we would fix the immigration problem, let people
8:42 am
come in legally, the wage as a whole would go up. >> put them on a list. if you're a law-eye babiding mu why do you care? as someone said, 999 of them could be good people. it only takes one terrorist to blow this whole place up. >> reporter: so, look, this goes to show that this isn't just about the fact that trump is, you know, not politically correct, that he's a little rough around the edges. it's also on important issues like terrorism, like fighting isis, on these issues where people feel a lot of anxiety and concern and worry. they really do look to trump as a person who can turn things around for this country in a meaningful way. >> dana, you have some thoughts on this, right? >> well, i just wanted to say that we look at and report on polls a lot and trying to figure out exactly how donald trump is getting his support. but that's a little bit anti-septic. i just have to put a plug in on
8:43 am
what our colleagues have done over the past months on the way that they have really engaged in genuine shoe-leather reporting to talk to so many voters. it's so valuable and i encourage everybody to really read and watch what we have online and as we have throughout the day because it gives an insight into this phenomenon that is donald trump. >> it really is. it's like a movement that m.j. and others have hit on. this piece is on i encourage everyone to read it. thank you so much, m.j. and dana. i really appreciate that interesting discussion. and we have a quick programming note for you. coming up at 1:00 eastern time, dr. ben carson will join wolf blitzer to react to trump's fox snub and more of that is at 1:00 eastern time right here only on cnn. well, he has only had a private meeting with the commander in chief once before. bernie sanders has just arrived at the white house for another
8:44 am
one-on-one with president obama. will the meeting help sanders in the run up to iowa? and the governor of michigan holding a news conference right now addressing the tainted water and lead poisoning from the flint river. we have details on the new water testing being announced. we'll be back. whatcha doin? just prepping for my boss' party in a couple weeks. what are those? crest whitestrips. they whiten way better than paste. crest 3d white whitestrips... whiten 25 times better than the leading whitening toothpaste. i'd say... ...someone's making quite an impression. crest 3d white whitestrips.
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breaking news, michigan governor rick snyder is facing the people of his state and tough questions from the media as he addresses the latest on the toxic water crisis facing the city of flint. jo joining me now, cnn's jean casarez and legal analyst paul callan. jean, you were watching. did the governor say anything of note in terms of action about what to do about this because there are still big issues going on in flint. >> several things. he's putting together a 17-member committee with state and local experts, field
8:49 am
experts, medical experts to really look at and then make recommendations of everything from the infrastructure to what is happening in the people's homes. but a note, i just heard, they are adding phosphate to the water to try to have the protective barrier in place. remember, the anti-corrosive chemicals were not put in the water as much as the pipes leaking the lead, leaching, as they call it, into the water. so phosphate they are trying to use. but i haven't heard anything in this press conference about replacing the pipes. >> that was my next question. that would be the solution, one would think, just replace the pipes. in fact, just this morning, the national resources defense council filed a lawsuit asking the judge to require the state of michigan, paul, to replace all of those pipes. do you think they have a case here? >> i think they may very well have a case because cities are subdivisions of the state and i think that's why the focus always comes back to the governor of michigan. remember, the state had appointed an interim city
8:50 am
manager in flint when all of this was going on and, of course, local authorities are saying, well, >> local authorities are saying we didn't have any authority. that was a state responsibility. i think it is appropriate for the state to replace replacement of the pipes and to do whatever is necessary to assure a safe water supply for flint. >> why haven't they? what's their reason for not -- >> i think they're trying to take it in steps, and there's a lot of controversy because where is the money for that also? that's a lot of money for pipes. i think, first off, they are testing the children first of all for lead exposure. you can go to your local doctor. can you go to the health department. your child -- can you see what the lead level is. five different stations for national guard passing out water. you can get also water filters, testing kits, all resources to tray to do your part in the same time the e.p.a. is launching independent water testing at homes sent to an i wanted pent laboratory to see exactly at this point what the lead level is for the water. >> right.
8:51 am
that's a big question. you they have university of michigan there along with many other professionals that live and work in that community every day. >> the reason the water supply was switched in the first place was to save some money. now there are laws with damages. who, first of all, would be paying for this, and what do you think is going to happen? >> well, my suspicion is that the state of michigan will be picking up the tab for it. i was watching an older interview with the governor of
8:52 am
michigan who was blaming state bureaucrats, civil service bureaucrats for not advising him and not advising local authorities. now, if that's the case, responsibility goes back to the state and they're going to have to pick up the tab. >> however, you said the state set up a system where they have these emergency managers who were supposed to be able to oversee it? >> remember last week when i was in detroit, and i spoke with you about the huge debt detroit public schools systems has. they say they can't pay it. they want the state to pay it. now with this, you know, how exactly lot state accomplish that? >> everybody is trying to pass the buck here, it seems. >> everybody had a financial crisis. how did that happen? >> they're we are now with all of these poor families who are impacted by this. and they are still getting water bills. thank you very much for your discussion. >> right now as we speak a private meeting in the oval office. bernie sanders, one-on-one with president obama, with just days to go before the iowa caucus.
8:53 am
and his shrinking lead from hillary clinton. how important could this meeting be, and sanders' push for the white house. these are the hands that plow the data, dig up clues, create opportunity, and weave messages that lead to sales. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. these are the hands, the hands that drive commerce, that build business across borders.
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zimplt just moments ago we saw senator bernie sanders arrive at the white house where he is sitting down with president obama in a closed-door meeting. this as a brand new poll out today shows him closer than ever to hillary clinton nationally. abc news-washington post poll has clinton still in a strong lead over sappeders. 55-36. she is down four points since december. well, sanders has gotten an eight-point boost. senior washington correspondent joe johns joins us live from the white house, so, joe, tell us about this meeting. what is the purpose of it between bernie sanders and president obama? >> well, we got here right around 11:30 eastern time. he was accompanied by his wife,
8:58 am
and that meeting is supposed to occur in the oval office. there's no official agenda for this meeting, pamela, so who knows what they're going to discuss, and they tried to lead us away from the idea that they talk about presidential politics, if that sounds almost impossible in a year like this. apparently the president and sanders did talk about doing this at a holiday reception back in december. president obama is officially noncommittal, if you will, in this race. he hasn't said who he is endorsing, anything like that. however, he has expressed admiration for hillary clinton who was. >> all of this occurred against the back drop that shows president obama's job approval rating holding right under -- a better place than george w. bush, but not as good as
8:59 am
president bill clinton in his last year in january. there is an air of pessimism. i think we have to talk about that a little bit. 57% of respondents say things are going badly in this country. those numbers are being driven by republicans and independents. democrats saying right about 28% of them say things are going badly in the country, and that's unchanged from the last time we asked that question in a poll. busy day for -- joe johns, thank you very much. you will that cnn will be the complete place for live caucuses. all day monday as the first votes of the 2016 presidential
9:00 am
race are cast. well, thank you so much for being here with me at this hour. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts right now. have a great day. >> hello. i'm ashleigh banfield, and welcome to "legal view." five days out from the iowa caucuses, and guess where most of the candidates for president are spending this hump day. hillary, jeb, marco, and ted, chris, bernie, and bill, as in clinton, are all trying to win friends and influence caucus goers around that state, and there's donald trump with a rally set this evening in south carolina. the buzz and by buzz i mean this


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