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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  January 28, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PST

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>> it is a good cause. thinks they need help in michigan and this is something we try to do. >> so far 250 cases of water that he's already started distributing around his home down of flint. need a lot of woebs right now. but also a recognition. >> that's a great. >> but also can you believe these people in this modern age need to live with bottled water for months to come. >> it's crazy. thank goodness for bobby. time for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> thank goodness for carol. >> i appreciate that. newsroom starts now. happening now in the news room. buhl tried. will trump cave? >> just want you to consider it. you owe me milk shakes. i'm take them off the ledger if you consider. >> so if fox's debate is a no-go. what about the offers from his rivals? i'm going to propose a venue. we already have it reserved.
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>> also forget thelma and louise. how about bernie and susan. the hollywood star hitting the campaign trail for the candidate and she's talking to me. >> plus the potential of an explosive pandemic. why u.s. scientists say we need to learn from the ebola outbreak and act fast. let's talk live in the cnn "newsroom." >> and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump doubles down. fox news tries to patch it up but the billionaire is refusing to budge. not even fox's bill o'reilly could coax him back onto the stage. >> you have in this debate format the upper hand. you have 60 seconds right off the top to tell any of the moderators you're a pin head. i'm trying to convince you that your tact is wrong. because it is better for the folks to see you in debate format. >> equally unfair was the
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question that megyn kelly asked me in the last debate and everybody said i won that debate and i gave a great answer i mean believe it or not rosy o'donnell was very good for me. the only time she's ever been good for me. but frankly i think a gave a yet answer. >> you are making my point. you gained in that. you gained in that. you are making my point. [inaudible] >> -- also had to dot with attitude of fox. bill this, also had to do with the stupidity of fox and what they did. >> number one kelly's question was within journalistic bounds. >> i disagree. >> okay. and that's good. you made your case. you won the debate. that is what america is about. robust debate. >> okay. that's fine. >> robust debit. don't walk away from it. >> trump's holding a event at the very same time.
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and trump called last night and said wow two candidates called and said they want to go to my event in drake university. good morning. >> good morning carol. the ick is dry. as the what one trump campaign aid said about the venue tonight. there's no going back now. looks like donald trump will definitely not be attending the debate and attacking the debate in a tweet storm, say the debate will be a totally disaster. low ratings with advertisers and rates dropping like a rock. i hate to see this. worth noting, advertisers probably locked in rates a long time ago. but underscore right now donald trump is on the attack and it is very frustrating for other campaigns. donald trump only hours from hosting his special event to raise money for veterans at drake university in des moines. the affair airing the same time as fox's prime time debate.
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>> it is really important. it is a movement. it is not like a normal situation. >> but the gop front runner's decision to stick it to fox without dropping out is not an irony. bill o'reilly failing to coax him back to the stage. >> just want you to consider it. you owe me milk shakes. i'm take him off the ledge for you consider. >> i told you up front don't ask me that question. >> and of course -- >> -- >> but i'm not going to listen to any political person tell me don't ask me anything. >> o'reilly repeatedly asking trump to debate tonight. >> i'm asking you to reconsider. >> in trump's absence texas senator ted cruz is likely to be turned to center stage. now cruz is doubling down for a one-on-one debate with his biggest rival. i'm going to propose a venue, western iowa tech, saturday night in sioux city. we already have it reserved.
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cruz's super pac offering 1.5 million dollars to vets groups if trump duprees. and carly fiorina upping the ante offering trump 2 million dollars to defeat trump at drake. the spectacle? rubbing the rest of the gop the wrong way. >> this is not a show. this is serious. >> all eyes tonight carol that aren't on donald trump likely to be on ted cruz. donald trump has not said he'll take ted cruz's one-on-one challenge but for ted cruz there is an integral last four days. crucial if he wants to not just place well in iowa but defeat donald trump tonight expect the attacks to be pointed at ted cruz on the stage and expect ted cruz to be throwing bombs another donald trump. >> thank you.
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the people put in the middle of this political squabble are america's heroes. wounded vetters. a super pac supporting ted cruz is now offering $1.5 million to wounded veterans if trump will debate cruz. in the meantime carly fiorina via tweet offered to donate millions if she could be part of that debate. veterans groups are apulledpall that. trump, you are looking to use veterans to protect you. you're a loser. you're a third rate politician who clearly doesn't understand issues and this tweet from the founder of the iraq afghanistan veterans of america. if offered the iava will decline donations from trump's event. we need strong policies from candidates. not to be used for political stunts. i'm joined by cnn political commentator and the blaze contributor tara setmayer and
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host of the ben ferguson show, ben ferguson. welcome. >> good morning. >> thank you. >> so in fairness mr. trump has turned down cruz's super pac offer calling it dirty money. but ben, what do you make of this? >> donald trump has decided that he's going the use veterans and their tragedy for his political advantage. and the most vile part about this is the fact that he was asked a question with his own quotes by megyn kelly that started all of this. and he said i'm not going to answer to people that ask me tough questions and when i don't like how you treat me and when i can't bully the media into giving me what i want, i will then have an event and claim i'm doing it for the greatness of our veterans. when in reality all he's doing is using these veterans for his own political gain. donald trump has a history consistently of being not exactly the biggest supporter of veterans. let's not forget he tried to get
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vetters kicked away from his own properties because he said they were bringing down the property values.erans kicked away from h own properties because he said they were bringing down the property values. he's never held a campaign event to raise money for veterans. so now when he gets himself in a corner, he says i'm going to have have an event for veterans and it is going to be amazing when in reality this is all about him saving face and him not being able to answer tough questions. even heard about bill o'reilly last night saying i told you not to ask me that question. since when do you get to decide who gets to ask you what when you are running for president. if you want to a reality tv star, do it. if you want to get into ad sales, do it. and if you want to be about ratings go back to the apprentice. but running for president, don't use our vet ernts as cover when it is convenient for you.
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>> the money thick. donald trump keeps saying, oh fox news will have a terrible debate. they are going to lose money because i'm not there and their ratings will stink. debates really aren't about that. we live in a democracy are you appear on that debate stage imparting an important message to the american people t voters. >> absolutely. but this has never been about that. this entire campaign has been about donald trump. what donald trump wants and when he doesn't get it he throws a hissy fit and he calls people names. he insults women. he insults military guys. this is what donald trump does because he's an entertainer. he's a snake oil salesman and he's able to do this because he knows how to manipulate the message. he knows how to manipulate the media and he continues to garner this level of attention. n matter what he does or says, we're still talking about trump. and we're not talking about the other candidates what they are offering, and real issues that
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the voters care about. this is not jerry springer. and this is how donald trump conducts himself. and i have to agree with ben. i saw ben's shootout with katrina pearson earlier on cnn. and i've got tell you some of the things katrina said disturbed me. she kept saying well it was a tv character. and donald trump's own words. megyn kelly used his own words against him. and she said well that was a tv character. was it? so -- >> a tv character's name was donald trump. >> that's what i mean. it was a tv character. so is he in character now? then? which is it? they need to make a decision but the fact we're even having this conversation about a potential president of the united states should concern everyone. >> you are going to say ben -- >> yeah. >> during that lot of veterans groups will come to donald trump's event tonight? >> some of them will. there is no doubt. but a lot of veterans i heard
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from. i had several of them show up yesterday. and i went to iraq and i lost a leg in iraq. others have said i'm in a wheelchair now. i'm a quadriplegic. i'm paralyzed. and donald trump wants to use my battle wounds for his own political cover when it is convenient. remember what he said about john mccain. he said he's not a war hero. he's not a war hero. i don't like people that get captured. that is not a hero. he tried to get veterans who were trying to make a living kicked away from his properties, including in new york city. because he said they were a nuisance to his property. how do you say that and -- >> can i -- >> -- save the veterans. >> can i add something really quick to that. >> sure. >> -- from 2009 in the 2013 forbes magazine documented this. his charitable foundation only
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gave 57,000 dollars to direct services to military veterans and donald trump personally didn't donate to his own charity in that time period. he hasn't donated hardly anything as the billionaire. where has that consistent financial support four veterans been when the cameras weren't in front of him and when it wasn't politically expedient. i think it is disgusting. and i don't like the idea that the other campaigns are throwing money out well we'll don't this. we'll donate that. i don't think this is becoming at all. this is a parlor game and it shouldn't. >> we'll have a trump supporter on in the next hour of newsroom. jeff de wit will join us. >> democrats fighting to squeeze into the spotlight. take a look at this. showing today's events across iowa for bernie sanders and
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hillary clinton. bill clinton also holding four separate events for his wife. cnn editor mark preston live in des moines with more on the kpokt democrats. >> trying to suck up any oxygen they can that donald trump has taken out of this race. as you said hillary clinton, bernie sanders several events today. crisscrossing the state and they brought in bill clinton to help with the fire power. yesterday that was weighed in. let's take a listen. >> what bernie said was i'm going reduce the cost of healthcare and it may involve some people paying a tax. we're not running on any platform of raising taxes. he's talking about a single payor. and that is not going to happen. i mean does anybody in this room think that we're going to be discussing a single payor?
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>> and there you have nancy most talking aboutpelosi talking abo. many people think she would be for hillary clinton because hillary clinton is a woman and nancy pelosi would like to see a women elected president. but more importantly she has ore h her own issues to dole with in 20 2016. the house repetitives in the senate. nancy pelosi trying to provide cover for democratic candidates out on the stump being asked are they willing to raise taxes, carol. >> bernie sanders can add another big backer to his long list. that would be actress susan sarandon. why she's on board with bernie and helping to get out the vote in iowa. also to come in the "newsroom." if trump is taking himself out of debate, who's going to take
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>> i think donald trump's main addition he's brought to the debate this year has been silliness, bombast and empty rhetoric and calling people names. i don't think he's added much of substance the whole year. so i don't think he'll be missed. in fact i really don't think donald trump is a conservative. i think he's a fake and a charlatan. >> joining me now to talk about this, carol simpson. in 1992 became the first women and african american
6:20 am
presidential debate moderator back in 1992. good morning carol. >> good morning carol. >> thanks footwor come back. let's talk about something novel. that would be actual voters. is all of this debate drama good for democracy? >> i don't think so. i think what we have discovered now, at least what i think i've discovered is that there is a chink in the armor of donald trump. he's turned this. he's diverted it into a fight with fox news. but i think he really was done in by a pretty blond woman. he he is all powerful, all seeing, all knowing who can solve all of the problems of the world is really afraid of megyn kelly. he doesn't know what she might ask and how he might respond. and so now he's turned it into a fight with fox.
6:21 am
but i think he's really afraid of megyn kelly. and i'm glad of that. >> maybe he's just not used to -- i don't know, to women not loving -- being attracted -- i was trying to figure that out myself carol and i couldn't. >> you couldn't figure out it. well she's a smart woman and he calls her a second rate reporter, whatever. and he's trying to denigrate her. and i'm so glad she asked that question that started this whole thing. and i would hope if he were there tonight that she would ask it again. because he debaidn't answer it. >> i enjoy that question myself. it was a great question. still donald trump is getting his way. sucking the air out of the room. he doesn't have to answer hard questions or policy questions. so in the end for him is this a stroke of genius?
6:22 am
>> i think to his supporters it is. but i think that to other people that do not support him, they are thinking that he's a little bit on the run. he's so brag brag doeshs. and i won the debates and i am leading in the ratings and i am the best most wonderful thing in the world. i don't know when the american people and his supporters are finally going to get a little tired of that. and it is like, you are going to do all this. but how? he hasn't told us how. so i don't know if it is a stroke of genius. so fox loses ratings. is this about ratings? no it is about electing a president. >> so let's talk about the debate itself. how do you think that fox should handle donald trump's absence? >> i think it should be ignored. this whole thing of leaving a podium on the stage, i think, is
6:23 am
only drawing more attention to him. and i would just hope that they would just act as if he wasn't there. he's not there. and he wasn't supposed to be there and we just aren't even thinking about him. >> but you know the other candidates on the stage will bring up donald trump. >> they will. and i, again, he just managing to suck oxygen and attention away from everybody else but himself. he's the most narcissistic candidate. i've been covering candidates since 1968 and i've never seen a candidate like this. or a primary like. this he's an odd ball. >> we're going look at pictures from your moderating days. very cool pictures. so different from today. when it is a big grand
6:24 am
production now, debates on television. do you think that donald trump though has changed the way candidates will run their political campaigns in the future? >> oh god i hope not. oh dear. its always been my belief that people would tire of him. something is going to happen. and they are just going have had enough of i'm the greatest, i'm the richest, i'm -- this. so i don't think people are going to model his campaign in the future. i think its been awful. >> all right. i have to leave it there. carole simpson, thanks for stopping by. >> you are welcome. she's best known for her roles in film, now susan sarandon is embracing a new role. bernie sanders supporter. i'll talk to her next.
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spreading explosively around the americas. those words from the head of the world health organization speaking about the zika virus this morning. the level of alarm now extremely high. happening now in geneva the organization is holding a virtual press conference about the virus. zika is linked to devastating birth defects at even death in babies. cnn's chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta is with me now with more. good morning. >> yeah. this is a stern sort of announcement from the w.h.o.
6:30 am
different in some ways what we heard from them on ebola. there was criticism they weren't fast enough. this time using very frank language saying the level of alarm is extremely high. talking about the fact that it has spread pretty considerably and whether likely continue to spread. and also that there wasn't a lot done with zika virus for a long time. there wasn't incentive to build an antiviral or vaccine so it is going take some time do that. but really sort of encouraging scientists and laps around the country to start working on this or continue working on it so there are only answers here. >> when the world health organization says the virus is spreading explosively around the americas, that sounds really frightening sanjay. >> yeah. i think there was no question. it was mainly relegated to a small forest in uganda. the zika forest, where it got its name. and started spreading the last couple of years. and just this year we've seen incredible numbers.
6:31 am
in part could be weather patterns and increase in mo skooet populations but keep in mind this virus, the vast majority of people have mild or no symptom but we don't have naturally immunity to this virus. we've seen never is virus in this part of the world before so we don't have a naturally immune and that is part on concern as well. >> dr. sanjay gupta. thank you. >> thank you. i'm carol castelaostello. bernie sanders riding high in the polls. can he get voters to show up? with days before the iowa caucuses sanders had this to say about that critical state. >> i think what the iowa campaign ends up being about is one word. and that is turnout.
6:32 am
we're feeling really good about where we are. and if there is a large voter turnout -- i'm not saying we could do what barack obama did in 2008. i wish we could. but i don't care we cthink we c. if there is a large turnout i think we win. if not i think we're going to be struggling. >> my next vote trying to get out the vote for sanders. susan sarandon. has been working with volunteers in iowa at phone banks and meeting with the candidate directly. susan joins us now live from iowa where sanders had a town hall last night. welcome. >> thank you. i love that i'm on a field trip. >> it is pretty cool, right? >> yeah. >> tell me what bernie sanders's audiences have been like. >> oh, so enthusiastic. really just fired up, emotional. committed. i got emotional just being with him. it's been really really fun. and they are very well informed.
6:33 am
i was in iowa when barack obama came throw thank them. and they are a thinking people, you know. they don't listen to, you know, the sound bites. they really go deep and ask questions. and they are very well-informed and, you know, they -- they supported him when everyone said he couldn't get e lekked and they are all over bernie. they love him. >> interesting. and some would say you are a feminist icon and hillary clinton is running as a feminist icon. so why aren't you supporting her? >> well bernie sanders consistently has represented everything that i'm interested in. that i care about. he wants change. he doesn't want business as usual. and quite frankly the most important foreign affairs move that have happened in my lifetime, which was the vote to go into iraq, she failed me and i feel that wasn't just a mistake. that was a disaster. and when you see what bernie did at that time, which was so brave
6:34 am
and so clear on the floor when he stood up and made that speech, if you google that, you will see why i really believe that i need somebody with judgment and not just experience. and he's been working in the system forever. but wants us to now feed that machine and take over and make real changes and he's the only one that hasn't taken super pac money. isn't connected to the corporations, to wall street and i think what is that this country needs. so i'm really pleased to be able to be with him. >> i also think it is interesting that some people think that women automatically vote for women, no matter what her policies are and that is just simply not true, is it? >> well i think it is very patronizing to think that women vote for any woman that gets up there. i wouldn't have -- you know, i love elizabeth warren, for instance. she's closer to what i feel needs to happen. but thatcher was a woman and i wouldn't be proud o of that. think that's very patronizing to
6:35 am
women to think that we all just follow our genitalia to candidates. >> bernie sanders, he says he's a socialist. he admitted he would have to raise taxes to diminish his goal -- accomplish his goals. the socialist label. do you think people will -- >> well i think everything he's talking about is just completely directly from f.d.r. so i don't know if you would call f.d.r. a socialist. and he is going to tax the rich. he's going make sure the rich pay what they should. and that's not happened and that is a huge amount of money. if he closes the loophole with wall street, for instance, that will make a huge difference. so i don't think he's talking about the little guys when he's going to raise taxes, the way it's been explained to me. he's going make people pay up that have been managing to get away for a long time. if you look at f.d.r. he outlines onnen his website the
6:36 am
things he's talking about, that is exactly what happened under f.d.r. and that is what we need. and we need new jobs and a new direction and people are angry and upset and working so hard and paying taxes and doing everything eeverything right and what do they get back for it? we are the richest country and we treat our citizens terribly in terms of education and healthcare. the thing that's great about bernie also is he speaks very specifically. his plans are very specific, very clear. which of course, you know, makes you open for criticism. but he doesn't just talk in platitudes. you really know what you are getting. he's honest, sincere. >> i think the critics would say, you know, he wants to give americans handouts. single payor. he wants everybody to have health insurance. free cartilage tuiti college tuition for everybody. >> do they say about all of europe? >> some critics do say that
6:37 am
about europe. >> yeah but they are very happy. why shouldn't we have healthcare? i mean why is that something that we should be ashamed of getting? that is not a handout when you pay taxes and work very hard. maybe we just don't go to -- >> some countries within europe, their economies aren't so great. >> yeah but we got broke going to war. right? we don't have to spend the money the way that we're spending. and we should be taxing the people that could be taxed. that is where the money can come from. yeah it is not naive to think that we should have all of these things. canada is doing fine. you know, the war was the thing that tripped us up. and you have to go back to how we do not into that. and i think that -- i mean i'm not an economist. but i'm not cynical. and i think that everybody deserves. and if you go out on the road and listen to people that is what they want. and they deserve that. i talked to a woman with four kids and works two jobs and she can't keep it together.
6:38 am
that is not right. not when you have got -- the gap between the rich and the poor has gotten so huge. where the few few people at the very top. it is like a half of one percent have more than i think 50-some percent of the property in this country and the wealth in this country. that is redistribution of wealth and going the other way. that is what we should be talking about. how does that happen? >> i'm going to ask one question about donald trump because he's says he's a job creator. and he says he can get things done and he says he can take care of income inequality. do you believe him. >> he never says how? have you noted. like the stand up guy at the wedding who gets drunk and goes on and on and on. there is a good example of somebody who never tells you how he's going to do anything. all he does is get everybody -- tap into the most base hate, racist stream that is going through the country. he doesn't say how. >> all right i have to leave. >> he's not on tv anymore.
6:39 am
this is like real life. he has to be specific. you can't just say you're fired, okay brick in the next guy. he has to be specific. >> susan sarandon. thanks for stopping by. i appreciate it. >> oh thank you. still to come in the "newsroom," their leader told them to go home. will they listen? what the remaining oregon occupiers just told cnn, next. we're the hottest young company around but if we want to keep the soda pop flowing we need fresh ideas! >>got it. we slow, we die. >>what about cashing out? no! i'm trying to build something here. >>how about using fedex ground for shipping? >>i don't need some kid telling me how to run a business! i've been doing this for 4 long months. >>fedex ground can help us save money and deliver fast to our customers. not bad, kid. you remind me of a younger me. >>aiden! the dog is eating your retainer again. let's take a short 5-minute recess. fedex ground is faster to more locations than ups ground. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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the life behind it. ♪ those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. the remaining occupiers in oregon are speaking to cnn this morning. bundy's plea to vacate comes in direct response to protester
6:44 am
lavoy finicum's death. but it looks like not all of the bundys are on the same page. ammon's father is also speaking out and he's calling on the occupiers to stay put. >> i'll tell you one thing, we're darn sure gonna have to fight this battle over and over if we just give up right today. i mean we've got a life lost. was that life wasted? >> sarah live in or with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we were able to speak with some of the folks out there still hold up there inside the head quarters here at the malheur national wildlife refuge. thr five people still there. they are talking with the fbi but he says looks, if the fbi let us leave we will leave peacefully but we do not want to be arrested. they want to be able to leave without been searched, without their guns being checked.
6:45 am
they want to go out of the refuge and go to their respective homes. and that is the message they have been giving to the fbi. they said the fbi initially let people out but then made only arrests. 11 people have been arrested now. a total of 11 people. one person has been killed. the 11 people arrested includes a man named jason patrick. who we've been talking to on and off throughout this ordeal which has last about a month holed up there in that refuge. he talked about what it was like there on the refuge and what he was planning to do. can you tell me what it is like and why you are still out here considering what's happened? considering the fbi has basically come in and arrested some folks. have you heard anything from them about being able to leave if you want to? >> i did have a conversation with the fbi while channel 2 news was recording. and they said they just need to
6:46 am
get everyone off the refuge. but i know that everyone off the refuge has already been arrested or killed. so the only people that are safe right now are the people on the refuge. >> reporter: at the time he was planning to stay along with others but he eventually did leave. and he along with three others yesterday were arrested in the afternoon. but again, there are at least five people who are inside of the refuge deciding what to do. still speaking with the fbi. but saying if they are going to be arrested, if they are going to be searched, they do not plan on leaving. they are safer where they are and they will stay there and they are not afraid to die. that is exactly what they told me moments ago. >> sarah, thank you. >> still to come from grieving wife to suspected thief. the widow of a disgraced cop is under indictment. avo: when account lead craig wilson books at
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investigation of a cop who staged his own suicide. the widow of that police officer has been indicted charges with aiding her husband as he stole funds from a charity for children that is sponsored by the fox lake police. we are following the story from atlanta. >> reporter: good morning. what a remarkable turn of events. melanie gliniewicz, who many remember as the grieving widow who investigators believed samed his own death has been indicted by a grand jury for stealing charitable funds and using them for her own personal benefit. she faces six felony counts. they allege she schemed with her deceased husband to scheme from the youth group they had.
6:52 am
and she allegedly used the donated money to make payments for businesses and a trip to hawaii and more than 400 restaurant charges. this was discovered during the course of her husband's death investigation where investigators revealed -- recovered texts between the couple discussing using the money for themselves. investors believe lieutenant gliniewicz committed decide to hide the scheme. her attorneys deny the allegations. they said she suffered greatly over the past few months considering her cooperation with law enforcement, she is devastated by the decision to bring charges against her. bond was set at $50,000, and, carol, a cnn special about her husband's staged decide will air friday at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. >> pamela brown reporting live this morning. thank you. still to come, the oscars so
6:53 am
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6:57 am
michigan governor says he has no entex of resigning over the lead in the flint water system. in a cnn interview, he acknowledged more than 100 children have been affected, a children he expects to go higher. but the governor says he's been committed to fixing the problem since he first learned about it. >> i learned about it in october, and i took action immediately then offering multiers, working with people on getting water and water testing. we needed to do more. as soon as i learned about it, we took dramatic action. >> michael moore doesn't buy that.
6:58 am
he says the lack of response could be criminal. here's what he told jake tapper. >> here's covering up. the people of flint know that. the fact that he hasn't replaced a single lead pipe since this came to light, he's known about this, we know of, at least, since last february. why once you know that there's a possibility there's lead in the water would you allow the people to keep drinking the water? >> moore and others allege the state government did not treat the lead water early because flint is poor and predominantly african american. new video showing el chapo after his capture. he's is shown being fingerprinted, having blood drawn and having a mug shot. they captured him at a house on the pacific coast after his escape. today is the 30iest
6:59 am
anniversary of the challenger disaster. it's burned into the country's memory. seven restaurants led in the accident which led to a massive overhaul of the nasa space shuttle program. the academy awards under fire for the lack of diversity in the hollywood top categories. president obama telling cnn affiliate, the show should be more inclusive. >> i think that california is an example of the incredible diversity of this country. that's a strength. i think that when everybody's story is told, then that makes for better art and entertainment. it makes everybody feel part of one american family. as a whole, the industry should do what every other industry should do. that's to look for talent and provide opportunity to everybody. i think the oscar debate is
7:00 am
really just an expression of this broader issue of are we taking sure that everybody is getting a fair shot. >> the president's remarks were part of the latest installment of live from the white house where anchors from television stations across the country interview the president on different topics, including the affordable care act, and the super bowl. the next hour of cnn news room starts now. happening now in the news room, bill tried. will trump cave? >> i want you to consider. you owe me milk shakes. i'll take them off the ledger if you consider it. >> if fox's debate is a no-go, what about the offers from his rivals? >> i'm going to propose a venue. we have it reserves. plus an explosive pandemic. why u.s. scientists say we need
7:01 am
to learn from the ebola outbreak. good morning. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump doubles down. fox news tries to patch things up. by the billionaire is refusing to budge on his boycott of tonight's debate. not even bill o'reilly could coax trump back onto the stage. >> i think you should forgive not only journalists who come at you in ways you don't like, but i think you should be the bigger man and say, you know what? i didn't like it and you should make that case all day long, but i'm not going to take any action against it. you know, don't you think that's the right thing to do? >> it probably is, but, you know, it's called an eye for an eye. you can look at it that way. >> no. that's old testament. if you're the christian, the eye for the eye rule goes out. you're depriving the people of seeing you. >> no, i'm not.
7:02 am
>> in a forum they need to see you in. >> no, a lot of press will be there. we're going to help a lot of veterans whereas fox is not giving anything to the veterans. i'm giving 100% of the veterans. >> trump referring to his rival event, a fundraiser for wounded veterans. and this morning trump says he won't be alone. trump tweeting, quote, wow, two candidates called and said they want to go to my event at drake. we are live in des moines with more. good morning. >> good morning. likely those who candidates, mike huckabee and rick santorum. they've talked about trying to figure out a way to co-op his debate. two hours is how long it took for him to sell out his event, his competing event tonight in des moines. basically underscoring the fact that all attention is on him. he's starting to suck the oxygen out of the room. that's a big problem for some campaigns just four days before the iowa caucuses, and as you've
7:03 am
seen, candidates attacking full-throated in the last couple hours. take a listen. >> i think he's very much afraid of questions about his bankruptcies. maybe afraid about the fact that he's actually never voted in a republican presidential primary. so for 70 years he's been a progressive democrat. i was wondering if maybe he's going to show up in the democrat primary the next time. >> apparently mr. trump considers megyn kelly very, very scary. and, you know, donald is a fragile soul. i mean, she might ask a mean question, and who knows what could happen? i mean, his hair could stand on end. >> carol, last night ted cruz in west des moines calling him gentle donald over and over again. cruz with really the most to gain or lose with what happens over the next four days is neck
7:04 am
and neck with donald trump in the polls here in iowa trying to figure out a way to counter that he won't have donald trump to debate with. his team going and trying to figure out a way a siphon off donald trump's decision about tonight. >> thank you. with me now, trump supporter and surrogate, jeff dewitt. welcome, jeff. >> thank you for having me. >> do you know who these two candidates are who want to join trump at his event tonight? >> i think i just heard you say it was huckabee and santorum. is that correct? >> maybe i missed it. is it? they're going to go and join trump instead of going over to fox? >> i thought -- >> he was speculating. he didn't know for sure. but i wondered if you did. >> no, i thought i heard that earlier on your show. >> okay. we'll continue to guess, but that's who we think it is.
7:05 am
maybe it is. i don't know. two veterans groups say they don't want money from tonight's trump event. this tweet is from the founder of the air strike, afghanistan veterans of american. if offered the ivae will decline do nations from trump's events. we need strong policies not to be used for political events. >> keep in mind that mr. trump has been a supporter of veterans and our brave men and women that fought for our freedoms for quite a long time. this is nothing new. and so if he is -- has an opening in his schedule that he planned on for the debate and now he has time to do something else, i think it's a very appropriate use of time. >> but that's -- >> raising money for veterans. >> veterans groups are saying you're using us for political gain. why do that? why not just make your donations pure in why put us in the middle of the drama?
7:06 am
>> i think the fact that mr. trump can use his status to promote a great cause like veterans, i think that's getting in the news. we're talking about that. if that can get more and more donations coming in, obviously, to support our veterans who quite frankly our government hasn't been great to, i think that's a great cause to promote. >> newt gingrich says trump is making a substantial mistake. he says nobody should be confident they have these caucuses locked down. is trump taking iowa voters for granted? >> i think that iowa voters should be upset at any candidate that shows up. when you have this news channel that's showing clear bias. if you've watched megyn kelly's shows, she's biassed against him. when you look at the statement -- he was going to do it with what megyn kelly said. but the statement put out by fox about putin and the ayatollah and this crazy talk that they put out, i can't imagine why
7:07 am
couldn't candidate would show up. and then when you have the chairman of fox news yesterday go out an social media and ask for another candidate. he asked for bloomberg to come into the race, and here he is, basically showing his preference for somebody who's not even going to be on that stage. i think it shows weakness on the part of any candidate that goes to the debate. >> why can't, as bill o'reilly suggested, donald trump stand on the stage, say his peace and answer any question put to him. he's going to have to deal with much harder things if he's elected president, isn't he? >> well, mr. trump does interviews all day and almost all night. he's done six dakoebates which s won in the polls. it's not as if he hasn't been asked every tough question over and over again. i don't know what else we would learn by tonight. >> really? on the eve of the caucuses you don't think maybe people in iowa
7:08 am
who haven't made up their minds won't tune into the debate to hear what he has to stay, really? >> oh, i think that if he were there, we would all tune in. and has been shown by the polls with him not there -- >> why not go and have mr. trump enlighten them? >> look, fox news has been saying horrific things about mr. trump in the statement they did, and now with what mr. murdoch did. i like fox news, but these kind of things show they're not going to be an honest broker of political discussion, and quite frankly, the american people deserve an open and fair debate. we need a fair debate with fair questions. if you have the moderators and the channel itself showing this severe bias against one candidate, they have to look at alternatives? . >> conservatives on fox news, they're now openly wondering if trump has the temperament to be
7:09 am
president. sean hannity said maybe people who like him and support him should be paying attention. he's going to be dealing with vladimir putin and he can't deal with megyn kelly? >> and i think this is a perfect example of showing that he's able to stand up for what's right. and he's able to stand up for what he believes in. and quite frankly, the other candidates that aren't able to do that, that obviously shows their weakness in leadership. >> you don't like what vladimir putin is going to say so you're going to leave the room and say ils, i'm not dealing with you. on the world stage, that sometimes doesn't work. >> again, don't forget. this is a debate that he's doing willingly. if they're going to keep insulting him before the debate, at some point you have to say enough is enough. i've done six debates. i think the other candidates should be throwing a party that they have a chance to win a debate. with him there, he would win this debate as well. i almost think if you saw the
7:10 am
news about the minnesota girl's basketball team who was kicked out of a tournament for being too good, it almost seems like the candidates and fox got together to kick him out because he was too good. >> you heard cruz yoor, wants t debate him one on one. >> well, that's a publicity stunt. you know that. >> i don't know that. >> he's trying to get out from the pack. >> cruz is a wonderful debater. he's very good at that. i believe cruz when he says he wants to debate donald trump. and he's not afraid. >> i agree with you. he is a very good debater. he's been a lawyer and a politician his whole life. and is that what we want? do we want to elect somebody who is another life-long lawyer? i like him. he's a good guy, but we need something different. we need a successful businessman. that's what america is yes, your honoring for which is why mr. trump leads in the poll. somebody that can stand up and do things differently. that's what you get in a
7:11 am
businessman that you don't see in the lawyers and the politicians showing up tonight. >> i have to leave it there. many thanks to you, jeff. let's talk about what we just heard from mr. dewitt, i want to bring in brian stelter, michael medved, and christen sultis-anderson. welcome to all of you. what stood out to you? >> what stood out to me was his inability to answer a simple question. for donald trump, this is insane. it's really insane. and it's a great opportunity here not so much for ted cruz but for marco rubio. the most recent polling showed that rubio was within seven points of cruz. cruz was within seven points of trump. and it's all about the undecided voters in iowa.
7:12 am
a poll showed 40% of all iowa voters have not made up their minds. trump is not going to alienate his own loyal supporters. they would support him if he went down 5th avenue and shot somebody. but in terms of people who haven't made up their minds, it's a great opportunity for rubio to say we need somebody who can unite the party and is not afraid of debating and doesn't pick a fight with fox news. which, by the way, is the most conservative of the news networks. that's basically the line that i think you're going to hear from rubio tonight. and it could give him a surprisingly strong showing in the iowa caucuses. >> so christen, what do you think is really behind this. i also want to ask you about the wounded veteran thing. there are wounded veterans groups who think they're being used by mr. trump. >> the reason why trump is doing this is he's making a gamble. when you take a look at his poll
7:13 am
numbers, the only moments when trump has declined at all in the national polls are moments when he's been out of the headlines. after the cnbc debate when the big headlines were bush versus rubio and talking about the moderators there. after the original cnn debate, those are the only moments when trump has not grown in the polls. i think he viewed this debate as an opportunity for his opponents to gain some ground on him where he's just one of eight or nine on a stage. his goal is to get as much oxygen as he can by being in the headlines. it's a gamble because the attacks he's been levelled against him so far about he's not conservative enough, he's maybe not a nice guy, those are attacks he's been able to deflect easily. his core message is i'm strong and a winner. cruz is now going after that core piece of his message saying he's weak. gentle donald. that's why this is so much of a gamb gamble. if swing voters start to think
7:14 am
maybe trump isn't a strong guy or winner, that's why this is a risk. it's a risk he's willing to take if it keeps his name in the headlines. >> brian, i want to ask about the ratings. he keeps bricking up 24 -- bringing up 24 million viewers in the debates. over time the viewers have declined. set the record straight. >> the trump campaign is probably going too far by setting the bar so low. i think the debate will get 10 to 15 million viewers without the debate. i think viewers will be flipping the channel back and forth. i agree about the attention. i don't normally read from 29-year-old books but everything is explain third down this book. it's true. he says the point is if you're a little different or do things that are bold, the press is going to write about you.
7:15 am
i've always done things a little differently. i don't mind controversy. 29 years ago he explained his play book in the art of the deal. it's no wonder why he says this is the second best book behind the bible. it's working for him once again in 2016. >> i have to leave it there. thank you all. >> still to come in the news room, donald trump sticking to his guns and boycotting tonight's debate. why it could increase calls for an alternative to stop his march to the nomination. but you shouldn't forget yoforget this. c. hep c is a serious disease. left untreated it can lead to liver damage and potentially liver cancer.
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7:19 am
are you taking a zumba class? >> breaking news out of mexico. ethan couch has been put on a flight to dallas and is expected to be back within in united states in about an hour. he has a court date to see if his juvenile sentence will be moved to an adult court.
7:20 am
back to politics now. as we've been telling you, when republicans gather tonight for their last faceoff, donald trump will be absent. as trump's grip on the top spot grows, so do concerns about the members of the establishment who want a viable alternative to rally around. that's putting pressure on the weaker candidates to drop out. the founder of freeze associates and a supporter of rick santorum is widely credited with funding santorum's 2012 presidential run. good morning. >> nice to be with you on cnn. what an honor. >> thank you for being with me. i appreciate it. i have to ask you about this debate drama that's going on. what do you make of it? >> well, i'm just amazed. trump is a master at earned media. i think whole debate and primary process has turned into a
7:21 am
sophisticated jerry springer show. i'm so excited to be with rick santorum on the trail where he talks about the issue of ethanol to iowans and how important it is. he's been a long-time supporter because of a national security issue where he views by increasing the fuel supply we do well. the excitement of hearing those issues is really refreshing where most of the candidates are talking about nonissues. and rick, the other day, we had eight people in a coffee shop, all for someone else. by the end of the day after his presentation, seven of them came over to his side. i'm excited about the fact that he probably has the best chance of winning because he won in pennsylvania, two pennsylvania races with 1 million more democrats. and he still beat them. >> back to donald trump for just a second. some establishment republicans think he's bad for the republican party and would make a dangerous president.
7:22 am
what do you say? >> well, my success, god blessed me success because of important princip principle. i looked at people and harnessed their strength and ignored their weakness. his ability to excite people and get a message across is what's bothering the american people. i think i love the fact that he's kind of repeating all the things rick santorum has been saying. santorum said he have to cut back not only illegal immigration but legal immigration save the jobs for american workers. >> does that mean you kind of like donald trump? >> well, i like the fact that he's bringing a lot of new voters to our party. and i like the fact of what he's saying. what he's saying is what rick santorum has been saying all along. he just doesn't say it as cleverly as donald trump. he gets the the media. >> evangelicals, and i know you
7:23 am
have a very strong faith, threw their support behind santorum in iowa. >> right. >> but donald trump is a very different guy than rick santorum. why do you think evangelicals like donald trump? >> well, i think you saw this thing about the raccoon story where you come home from vacation after three weeks, have 200 raccoons in your basement, you call the exterminator, you could care less if he has bad breath or is a mean guy. you just want the raccoons guy. i think the frustration of the american public has gotten to the point. what trump has never been tested in an election. they're just so upset with the lawlessness that we've had, the divisiveness. rick santorum got almost a standing ovation when he talked about treating the other side
7:24 am
with respect. he said because he treated barbara boxer with respect, when it came to author the iranian security act, she was his co-sponsor. santorum can bring us together. >> as you know, foster, rick santorum isn't doiso well in th polls. some say it's time to drop out so voters can coalesce about a candidate who is doing okay, like marco rubio. do you think that it's time for candidates with low percentages to drop out? >> if they're at 2%, at least they're tied with low fat milk. that's a start. who cares about the polls? the polls last time he was 5% in the polls nine days before he won iowa.
7:25 am
what does that say, and matt devin was down 4% in the kentucky race and won by 9 %. the polls are, like, 360 people. you have a possibility far surprise. you go to these little events, people love rick santorum's warmth. they love his temperament and the fact that he can sit down and explain what is the threat of isis? he authored the iranian sanctions and he named the enemy as fundamental of islam. d why do people not name the enemy? >> all right. i have to leave it there. foster freeze, thank you for being with me this morning. >> oh, i'm here right in the middle of an iowa heat wave. i'm going to put my bathing suit on and head to the lake this afternoon. >> i know. it's a good thing you have that warm coat on and that cool hat. still to come the estimated number of cases enters the
7:26 am
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. zika cases possible in america. the world health organization is speaking about the virus. they are holding a press conference in geneva. the level of alarm now extremely high. it's linked to devastating birth defects and even deaths in babies. >> reporter: the head of the world health organization says the zika virus is now spreading explosively. those are his words. around the americas. some of the most affected areas
7:31 am
are south america, especially countries like brazil. 1.5 million infections were reported last year. let's talk about the mosquito that carries the virus. the zika virus is transmitted by a very aggressive biter, a mosquito. this mosquito feeds mostly during the day. bed nets won't help as much. the main concern for health authorities is zika virus has been linked to microcephaly. it results in babies being born with abnormally small heads and sometimes even causes death. brazil that has reported 4,000 cases of microcephaly. so far there have been about 20 cases in the continental u.s. in florida, texas, and illinois. only one case, and this happened in hawaii. now, there's an emergency meeting, as you were saying before. they're going to discuss what can we do about this disease. again, it's rapidly spreading
7:32 am
throughout the americas, and it has already reached the united states, carol. >> frightening. thank you so much. coming up in the news room. all eyes might be on the republicans, but democrats are blanketing iowa as we speak. whenever i try to grow out my hair, strands always break off. but pantene is making my... practically unbreakable. the new pro-v formula makes every inch stronger. so i can love my hair longer. strong is beautiful. pantene. i'i like to think of myself as more of a control... enthusiast. mmm, a perfect 177-degrees. and that's why this road warrior rents from national.
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7:36 am
all right. there's a live press going on in new york. health officials are announcing there's one known case of zika virus there, and there are three cases of zika virus in new york city. we don't know much beyond that, but, of course, we're monitoring this press conference and when we hear more information, we'll pass it along. in other news this hour, at the top of the hour, bernie sanders ramps up a busy day of democrats campaigning in iowa. nearly a dozen events in all, as sanders and clinton try to break their tie before monday's
7:37 am
caucuses. bill clinton also on the stump holding four separate events for his wife. the democrats fighting for attention as donald trump and his debate boycott, once again, rules the news cycle. mark preston live in des moines with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. crisscrossing the state right now, hillary clinton and bernie sanders trying to get the last bit of momentum and last bit of support they can. they brought into the heavy weight for clinton, bill clinton trying to rally support for his wife's candidacy. >> is bill clinton drawing massive crowds? what do the crowds look like, do you know? >> he does very well. listen, bill clinton is still beloved by the democratic faithful, the loyal faithful. and bill clinton is still a rock star in many ways in the democratic party. we talk about who is the
7:38 am
strongest surrogate to have on the campaign trail, hillary clinton is lucky to have bill clinton on the campaign trail for her. certainly in these closing days. >> i can ask that because bernie sanders is attracting large crowds. in fact, last hour i spoke with the actress, susaner sarandon. i asked her why he's not rallying behind hillary clinton. >> bernie sanders has consistently represented nef everything i care about. he wants change. and the most important foreign affairs move that have happened in my lifetime which was the vote to go into iraq, she failed me, and i feel that that wasn't just a mistake. that was a disaster. >> so when you talk about the liberal wing of the democratic party, that vote for the iraq war by hillary clinton, that
7:39 am
still has -- that's still impactful on her race for president today. >> it certainly does, and when you're talking about star power, you see the likes of susan sarand sarandon, will ferrell and others have rallied behind sanders. it's well deep rooted in hollywood. the iraq war is a sticking point that liberals are still upset at hillary clinton for making that vote even though she's said she regrets doing it. on the other side, as much as we're seeing hollywood go toward sanders, others are going or the clinton. katy perry can reach a younger demographic and younger woman voter that hillary clinton's campaign is trying to drive out and try the to the break history as the first woman president. >> mark, thanks so much.
7:40 am
still to come, more than 100 children in flint suffering from lead poisoning. and there could be hundreds more. poppy harlow sitting down with the michigan governor. toto the nation's capitalut to support an important cause that can change the way you live for years to come. how can you help? by giving a little more, to yourself. i am running for my future. people sometimes forget to help themselves. the cause is retirement, and today thousands of people came to race for retirement
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don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. new this morning, the owner of the detroit pistons is donating $10 million to flint michigan. in the meantime, michael moore says there's a coverup at play, one that goes all the way to the michigan governor's office. >> he is covering up. the people of flint know this. the fact that he hasn't replaced a single lead pipe, not a single lead pipe, since this came to light. he's known about this, we know of, since last february. why wouldn't you know there's a possibility there's lead in the water would you allow the people to keep drinking the water?
7:45 am
this causes permanent brain damage. there's nothing to help the children. there's no medicine. >> the michigan governor could be called to washington next week. the chairman of the house oversight committee says he wants a hearing over the contamination as soon as wednesday. poppy harlow sat down with the governor trying to get answers about how the lead problem spirals out of control. >> reporter: can the people of flint today, as we sit here, can they drink the water? >> no. we don't want them to. >> reporter: this morning as the people of flint wait and wonder if they've been poisoned by the lead in their water. the governor promises to fix the crisis. >> all medical experts agree no level of lead ingestion by anyone, especially children under the age of six is okay. >> okay. >> reporter: you said last week over 100 children here in flint have high levels of lead in
7:46 am
their blood. how many kids is it as we sit here today? >> it's about 100 some if you go back over the last couple of years. >> reporter: you're saying there's 100 children, as of now, and there could be more. >> a local pediatrician, one of the first to discover the lead in the water here, calls the impact on the children, irreversible and multigeneration multigenerational. >> a teacher told me that what can be done is that you can minimize the impact through early literature programs, universal preschool, access to healthy food who say the calcium binds instead of the lead to the bones. she put a price tag on it and said it's going to cost $100 million just to do that. will you make sure they get $100 million? >> i'm not sure she would know how to put the price tag. i have reviewed recommendations she's made, and a number of the actions we were already working on doing in flint. >> reporter: she's done the analysis. i'm asking you, will you make
7:47 am
sure they get it if that's what they need? >> we're making sure they get what they need. >> reporter: a study found water from the flint water would have to be treated to be safe to drink. it would have only cost $100 a day, but that was never done. i was speaking with a young man this morning. he said to me, they put money over people, and he said, the black lives and the poor white lives weren't worth it. when you look at the numbers, 100 a day, what happened? >> that's the failure point. i mean, in terms of cost structures, 100 a day, this is where the huge error was. there were people that were subject matter experts in this area that didn't believe that needed to be done. that was part of the fundamental ma mistake. >> reporter: why? >> this is where the investigations will follow up, and all those, in terms of the
7:48 am
details, and we're cooperating with all these investigations. i want the facts out there. >> the kids were being poisoned by the water they were drinking here. the epa knew about it. your former spokesman knew about it in july of 2015 and sent an e-mail about it, and you didn't declare a state of emergency until january of this year. why did it take so long? >> i learned about it in october, and i took action immediately then offering filters, working with people on doing water testing and getting water. we needed to do more, though. as soon as i learned about it, we took dramatic action. >> reporter: why not just immediately replace all the lead pipes? >> that's a question you can ask across the country. that's not a short-term project. >> reporter: flint has had people poisoned. >> that's not a short-term project in terms of ripping up all the infrastructure. that can take an extended period
7:49 am
of time. >> reporter: your former spokesman wrote an e-mail in july of 2015. i'm frustrate bid the water issue in flint. these folks are scared and worried and getting blown off by us. you have said since then that you knew about that e-mail. and that you were made aware of that. why not act then? >> the experts came back from both the department of environmental quality and health and human services to say they didn't see a problem with lead in the water or lead in the blood. >> folks here did. they were getting rashes. the kids were having rashes. the water was discolors. >> reporter: let me finish. >> that makes you feel terrible. you wish you would have done something different. >> reporter: residents have rallies demanding the governor step down. a number of residents have said they want accountability. will you resign? >> no. again, i think it's normal the
7:50 am
right action, if you have a problem that happened from people that you're responsible for, you go solve it. you don't walk away from it. >> reporter: and when you look at the money so far, $28 million has been committed to help the people of flint. the governor going back for more money. you heard from the doctor who estimated it will take $100 million just to give the children that have been poisoned by the lead the help that they need early education programs, the proper nutrition, et cetera. in terms of replacing those lead pipes, the governor said they are looking at that. they're seeing if it's possible, what they can do. the cost of that, korlaccording epa, somewhere between 50 and $75 million. the governor told me he will be spending a lot more time here in flint with the people working to help them as much as possible. >> poppy harlow reporting this
7:51 am
morning. thank you. you can catch the full interview with governor snyder this weekend on news room. that starts at 3:00 p.m. eastern on saturday. this news just in. we're learning that senator bernie sanders will release his medical records today. that's according to his campaign manager. it said the records will show that the 74-year-old democrat is in good health and will be signed by the attending physician of the senate who has treated sanders for years. we'll keep you posted. also just in, you're locking at brand new video of ethan couch heading back to the united states. this is the first video we've seen of the teenager since he fled across the border with his mother. he's expected to land in texas within the hour. cnn's ed covering this for us this morning. hi, ed. >> reporter: as we reported yesterday, over the last couple of days, the mexican attorney has dropped off the efforts to drop his extradition.
7:52 am
that's why we're seeing the movement of ethan couch. his mother was brought back several weeks ago, and now ethan couch will be landing back here and into the custody of texas law enforcement officials. all of this comes as prosecutors and law enforcement there in fort worth are still in the process of trying to move ethan couch's criminal juvenile case. remember, he was convicted in the deadly drunk driving accident back in 2013 that killed four people. and there was a great deal of controversy surrounding the ten-year probation sentence that he was given in. now prosecutes there, we've been reporting, want to move his case into the adult system. they say that they want to see that because if he breaks probation again, they're able to give him a tougher sentence this time around. now the big news here this morning, ethan couch, after more than a month in mexico, is headed back this way. >> all right. reporting from dallas. still to come in the news room,
7:53 am
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right now "the washington post" is getting ready to dedicate its new head quarters in washington. jason rezaian was given a standing ovation when he visited the newspaper yesterday with his wife. that's the ceo between them. rezaian spent about a year. anderson cooper was told prison officials tried to get him to confess without telling him he was about to be freed. >> they come back into the room,
7:58 am
and i look right in the camera and i say i've said everything i have to say, and i stand up and turn my back to the camera, and you know, you have the cognition going, your inner critic of what are you doing? what are you doing? this could be a bad decision. i really just felt like it was the right thing to do. i gave it. it was a surge of confidence. i believed the threats they were saying. and i turned my back, and they kept saying, well, you've made a very bad decision now. >> he was one of five americans released from iranian jails two weeks ago. mexico is releasing new video showing el chapo after his capture this month. he's shown being fingerprinted, having blood drawn and getting a new mug shot. they captured him on the pacific coast six months after his escape from a maximum security
7:59 am
prison near mexico city. mexico's president is working to extradite el chapo to the united states as soon as possible. residents of ferguson, missouri have until february 9th to comment on a proposed agreement between the city and the justice department about reforms in the police department and court system. last year the justice department determined a pattern and practice of discrimination by officers after the fatal shooting of michael brown, an unarmed teenager. the i said accident set off months of unrest. >> at this hour with berman and bolduan starts now. breaking news at this hour. i'm kate boulduan.
8:00 am
>> just moments ago we learned that bernie sanders will release his medical records today. why is this an issue? it's an issue for every presidential candidate, he is 74 years old. and something he knows the vo voters want to learn about. >> let's go to iowa. they're waiting for an event to take place. jeff, tell us what you know. >> reporter: we are here at roosevelt high school in iowa. senator sanders is going to address a young crowd of supporters. i'm told by the campaign manager that he intends to release his medical records sometime today. this has been one of the questions hanging over the campaign when this 74-year-old vermont senator is going to release his medical records. and i'm told we the campaign manager,


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