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tv   Amanpour  CNN  January 28, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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>> great to have you with us. i'm george howell. >> and i'm natalie allen. u.s. presidential copied donald trump claims he raised nearly $6 million at his event to compete with the box news debate in iowa. trump says the money will go to veterans groups. the outspoken republican boycotted the last debate before the iowa caucuses after feuding with fox. >> a prison teacher, one of ten
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people arrested in connection with the jail break in southern california last friday. the woman taught english as a second language classes and is believed to have helped the ring wleerd escape. investigators say the three inmates are still together and may be living out of a stolen van. >> china has indicted a canadian man choorges of spying and stealing state credits. kevin garrett and his wife ran a cafe in northeastern china and were arrested in 2014. she was released on bail last year. canada says it has discussed the case with the chinese government. their children call the arrest ridiculous. >> so the debate happened and u.s. republican presidential candidates made a lot of claims during that debate, but now we take the time to dig in and find out which claims were actually true. >> the cnn reality check team has taken a look at everything the candidates said. that's quite a job, isn't it? >> they were busy.
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>> i'm glad i wasn't on that team. jim sciutto has the story. >> reporter: we'll start with the first one. this one from ted cruz on obama care. it's one we've heard often, that it was a big job killer. here's what he had to say tomorrow. >> we've seen in six years of obama care that it is the biggest job killer in this country. millions of americans have lost their jobs. >> biggest job killer in the country. is it true? a group found small percentages of companies shifted staffers to part time. that off set by people who were hired full time from part time. our judgment on this one is that claim is false. let's go to ranld paul on meta- data bulk data collection. a big issue in the last year, year and a half. here's his claim. >> the invasion of your privacy did not stop one terrorist
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attack. i don't think -- >> reporter: did not stop one terrorist attack. you may remembered early on when bulk data was revealed by edward snowden, the administration talked about a least 50 terrorist attacks. that talking point disappeared over time through a lot of work and the president's own reform commission thought it not to be true. just one case of material case of terrorism was prevented. we jumg this to be a true claim by marco rubio. here's what marco rubio said tonight. >> if they're going to impose this on us. i have never supported cap and trade. >> reporter: never supported? let's look at his record in the state. in fact in twalgt he told a florida television station he believed it was inevitable and that florida should react to become an early complier.
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later they voted unanimously to pass that mandate. we judge this claim as false. final one. ben carries towards the end -- carson talking about regulations. he made this claim about the number of new pages of regulations. >> last year there was an additional 81,000 pages of government regular layings. >> reporter: 81,000 panchs. in fact, there are groups that count this kind of stuff. it was 81,611 pages. he went on to claim that was as tall as a 20-story building. we like to calculate. picture 180 of these stacked on top of each other, lowe and behold that adds up to true. from ben carson. >> all right.
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score one for ben carson. >> measuring pages. >> crazy. well, the world health organization says it will hold emergency talks murnd monday to deal with the rapidly growing zika outbrea. >> officials say the mosquito-born virus is growing and warn that we could see up to a million cases in the coming year. our reporter is in brazil, which is considered ground zero of that outbreak. >> reporter: while the rest of the world is waking up to the zika cries and trying to figure out how it's likd to birth defects, in brazil this is what they're living. they've turned to area into kind of a triage center where they're leaving babies with micro self-ly every day. doctors are treating them, looking for evidence of brain damage and how deeply it goes. we're going to talk to one of
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the little babies. >> so we've just talked to her. she's let us come in here. she's bringing her newborn in to test for micro cefhaly. but because he was premature she's very hopeful and so are the doctors that he's small over that he doesn't really have a small head that will lead to brain damage and developmental problems. these are the first tests but they're hopeful that the outcome will be positive. doctors are scrambling to put together the physical therapy that babies with the defect need. also, the counseling for families. because there's no vaccine, there's no cure. brazil is also trying to combat the mosquito that transmits this virus. the problem is that according to health officials, 1.a million
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people may have already been affected. we're seeing a lot of panicked expectant mothers. in many cases, the virus is asymptomatic and many fear they won't know until the day they give birth whether or not they've been affected. >> just feel nor families. >> absolutely. >> el nino is blamed for this things but now the question is being raised could the rapidly worsening zika virus, could that be related to it. >> here's our environmental reporter. >> add it to the list. el nino, we blame it for increased fire risks in indonesia, increased bush fire risks in australia, flooding and landslide potential goes up in southern california. and now this. the potential of spreading the zika virus outbreak even fort
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worth. what do mosquitoes need? better yet, what do they require to thrive, to flourish, to breed per se? well, they need warmth and they need very wet environments. now doctors and biologists are starting to correlate the strong, in fact record el nino season that we've been experiencing with this uptick in mosquito-born illnesses, including the zika virus and what has correlated with a strong el nino season, above average temperatures and extreme heavy rainfall events. we focus ourselves on ground zero, the area where they start to focus where the zika outbreak began across brazil. you saw that piece from shasta just a moment ago bringing us into brazil. they've had above-average temperatures so far this el nino season. it's not only that. they've seen an uptick in the precipitation as well. think about the life stage of a
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mosquito. it can last anywhere between seven to 30 days, depending on several conditions, but the point that i'm getting at here is that it has to go through different stages before it becomes a full-blown biting mosquito. it goes from egg to larva to pupa, all three of those stages occur in some kind of akwautic environment. so it needs water before it reaches a full-blown mosquito. many of us have so much stagnant water, the areas where mosquitos thrive just in the front of our houses that, say, for instance, our untwreeted pools or perhaps the pooling that takes place because of heavy rainfall in your front or backyard. it's not just that. we have cataloged gutters on our houses. even overturned boats that accumulate water so quickly. these are all briem breeding grounds for mosquitoes. once north america heads into the spring and summer season
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we'll start to experience the warmer temperatures and south america have already experienced that. their tropical environment, they are in the summer season as we speak and they've seen that above-average temperature as well as increased rainfall. so that's leading to the spread of more zika-spreading mosquitoes. >> interesting. when is el nino leaving us? >> it -- unfortunately, it's here to stay at least for the next two or three months. it's a strong el nino season. >> all right, thanks. >> thank you. >> we're learning more about north crane claims that -- korean claims. >> the north may have tried to test components of a hydrogen bomb when it carried out a nuclear test earlier this month. they say this assessment comes after careful examination of the test data. it is a shift from early this month when the white house said it was not consistent with a successful bomb test. >> paula hancock joins us from
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seoul, south korea. it's hard to understand exactly what north korea did. >> well, that's right, natsly, and that's why the u.s. appears to be revisiting other options. it's effectively said this u.s. official has effectively said that the air sampling they were doing, south korea, japan, china was doing the sarges has been inconclusive, which is what we've heard from neighboring countries as well. the fact that they couldn't pinpoint exactly what this test was. in the u.s. they said they went back to the seismic data and discovered that this test was probably taking place at least twice the depth than they previously had assessed, which would be in line from what you would expect from a hydrogen bomb. they still don't believe it was a full hydrogen bomb that could just have been components that were used. in the days after this nuclear
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test january 6 we poke expo a number of experts who said potentially they may have tried an element that would be part of a hydrogen bomb. still no one believes this is a full hydrogen bomb. >> we know that in retaliation for this first report, some sort of bomb, south korea blasted propaganda across the border from the giant i am famous loud speakers. is that still going on? >> it is, yes. there are 10 or 11 that they have at the moment going along the border blasting out music, anti-regime messages, effectively saying north koreans your regime, your government is lying to you. it does anger pyongyang every time. they have carried out their own loud speakers heading the other way. it's difficult to hear exactly what they're saying, though they're countering that. this is an ongoing tit for tat.
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but of course this is more significant because the function is likely to be the next move. we know that washington is 3ushing -- pushing beijing to force stronger sanctions. beijing doesn't seem too favor that. over the past couple of days wie had information from washington today that there was potentially a component of an h-bomb and yesterday saying that north korea might carry out a rocket launch soon. some might suggest that they're releasing 5u8 this information to help their cause when pushing for strong sanctions. natalie? >> all right. paula hancock live for us from soum. thank you, palma. the fbi has issued video showing the shooting death of an oregon protesters. why they wanted the public to see this footage. we'll have that next. t sort, stack and seal. these are the hands that keep private information private. these are the hands of pitney bowes,
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we turn now to oregon where the fbi has released video of a violent confrontation between authorities and protesters. >> the incident happened tuesday nights when police arrested several protesters who had occupied a federal wild life refuse unl for weeks. the video shows the group's responsible being shot. >> we want to warn you the images are graphic. dan simon tells us why the fbi wanted them to be released. >> reporter: natalie and george, the fbi decided to release the video because they say when people watch it that only one conclusion can be reached, that officers acted appropriately in using deadly force. once again, you see the man in the frame, 54-year-old lavoy finicum with his hands in the air. moments later it appears his hands go towards his jookt and
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that is when police opened fire. police say he had a nine millimeter hand gun in his jacket pocket. >> take away from it for me and for the rest of those involved in this operation under the last three weeks is first that we did everything that we could to bring this situation to a peaceful resolution for a period of almost four minutes while commands better being given, the occupants of that vehicle refused to comply the those commands. that law enforcement showed great restraint. >> reporter: authorities say that three other loaded weapons in the truck further highlighting the potential for violence and despite the fact you have numerous people arrested during that traffic stop and you have several more people brought into custody over the past 24 hours, the situation at that refuge remains fragile. four people remain armed and are refusing to come out and it's unclear how or when this will come to an end. natalie and george.
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>> thank you. now to a story ability the co-founder of microsoft who could be facing a 600,000 dloor fine. >> authorities are investigating whether paul allen's yacht is responsible for damaging about 11,000 can square feet of reef with its anchor chain. the billionaire was knots on board at the time. >> helicopter on top. look at that. the crew and owner is said to be cooperating. this comes months after he pledged a new plan to rescore reeves. >> this is a comedy. now it's nominated for an oh score. we'll hear from the film's director coming up. then, woosh, it's gone.
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"yeah, completely painless." "credit karma. give yourself some credit." >> welcome back to cnn newsroom. there is a comedy that was filmed in the west bank that has done so well around the world, it is now nominated for an
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oscar. >> we need a comedy from the west bank, don't we? >> absolutely. >> and the producer says there are zero politics involved. >> a minefield in the west bank may not be the most common senting for a comedy. but it's where ave maria, a comic short sets up its clash of cultures. religious jewish settlers stash their cars on the west bank. nuns have taken a vow of silence. it's yous who can't use a phone or electricity on the sabbath. >> no i can't. >> and crisps who can't speak because of their hilarious. >> for us this is hilarious. for them, it is life. i wanted to highlight questioning the rules that we take on ourselves. how necessary are they? >> first time palestinian director has taken his 15-minute film to 60 film festivals across
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30 countries. it's up for best short film. he wasn't trying to make a political statement and there are no flags here. >> the kishen is not kosher. >> he is visibly uncomfortable talking politics. >> the israel-palestinian conflict. oh, god. >> he'd rather talk about the people living the conflict. >> they need to connect on a human level, and i've got israeli friends. i've got, you know, palestinian friends from all spectrums and on a human level we really get along. >> ave maria preplooerd in jerusalem in a small but crowded independent theater. the mother superior actor says it's a way of laughing at life. >> we want to keep our sanity and humanity despite the fact that we are completely controlled by inhumane elements
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around us. >> in a region rife with rulings, political and religious, she said there is value in questioning those rules for a new per spektdive on an old conflict. >> comedy is important. through comedy, many times you can gain for perspective. >> absolutely. they had the comediennes that come and do comedy and people enjoy that as well. >> right. >> i'm natalie allen. >> and i'm george allen. next hour, more from the presidential debate. stay with us. this is cnn. ere rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey.
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can't find you anywhere! don't settle for u-verse. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. standing in the latest national polls. the republican presidential candidates debate for the final time before the iowa caucuses. we take a look at the night's winners and losers. >> but guess who wasn't there? donald trump. he skipped the debate. but it didn't take long for his name to come up. and the world health organization sounds the alarm about the zika virus. why they're warning it could spread at an explosive rate. hello and welcome to our viewers in the u.s. and around the world. these stories ahead this


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