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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  January 29, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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fle thresholds. >> you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you, marco. >> she will never get within ten miles of the white house. the days of clintons in public housing are over. >> i think bernie sanders is a good candidate for president of sweden. >> sara murray has more. >> reporter: good morning, boris and christine. donald trump's decision to skip the debate left the moderators more room for the rivals. questioning marco rubio. >> you made it clear you opposed citizenship for illegal immigra immigrants. within two years of getting elected, you were co-sponsoring legislations to create a path to
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citizensh citizenship. >> you look at the quote and it is specific. blanket amnesty. >> you went on from there. said more than that, sir. you said earn path to citizenship is basically code for citizenship. >> in the time and context was in 2009 and 2010. >> reporter: some candidates say trump's decision to skip the debate led to more substantive debate. >> i think the disdain and arrogance that trump showed by not coming may turn off iowa voters. they say one-third of the voters are undecided. it is good to be here and make the argument. we think the youth will come to us. >> reporter: p nnow whether don trump's absence will heard him
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is still at question. we will see if it holds true this time. back to you, boris and christine. >> sara, thank you. let's sort through the winners and losers in the debate. let's go to jeremy diamond in the washington bureau. we also have brian stelter here in new york with us. the latest in the trump versus fox. who won? >> i think this was a draw last night. there was no shining moment at the debate. there were lots of intriguing moments, but nothing changed the dynamic. for trump not to be there, he did not help himself, but he didn't hurt himself. because he is the frontrunner, he remains in charge. he remains the power center of the race. he remains the winner. >> in the vacuum of trump not being there. cruz had a moment to shine. he suddenly felt he was targeted, especially by the
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moderators. let's show you the tape. >> the last four questions have been rand people attack ted, chris please attack ted. jeb, please attack ted. let me say this. >> it doesn't debate. >> a debate is a policy issue. i will say this, if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> the only moment that drew laughter and applause for ted cruz. jeremy, did he do enough to stand out from trump and get the advantage in iowa? >> listen, he certainly was literally center stage. he took the place of the frontrunner. kind of the frontrunner substituting frontrunner. he was middle of the stage. he did take attacks from everybody else which elevating your status. he made his pitch to iowa voters. he was prepared to take
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questions particularly on the immigration issue. he was prepared to answer questions about inconsistencies and pivoting to no other senators are endorsing me base i because i'm shaking things up. we will see if ted cruz was successful with voters. >> a lot of talk about amnesty. moderators brought up pathway to citizenship and talking about the substance of border security and government surveillance. real issues there. no question. did donald trump's absence, was that the top story? >> i think the fact is that there was no real big moment like brian was just saying. none of the candidates had a big moment we will remember for the next few days. there was nothing like that. so i think by that fact donald trump's shadow still hung over
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it. you were waiting and anticipating a moment that donald trump in the past has been able to deliver. whether in an entertainment sense or sense of taking another candidate down a peg. you didn't have that last night. in that sense, donald trump was the winner because people were still thinking about him if they weren't already flipping to another channel to see his main event. >> there was a lot of that channel surfing going on. i'm curious to see the ratings later today. i think rubio hit it on the head. he said trump is the greatest show on earth. he meant that as a putdown. our candidates are running different campaigns. trump is playing a national campaign right now. he is playing a media campaign. we will see in the few days. i think his actual event was anti-climati anti-climatic, the existence of
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it was a bold move from his book "the art of the deal." >> speaking of the event he held, he had two other presidential candidates there. rick santorum and mike huckabee. there was a bit of an awkward moment we want to show you with santorum. >> not to be offensive, but i'll stand over here so i'm not photographed with the trump sign. i'm supporting another candidate for president. that doesn't mean we can't work together when it comes to helping veterans. that's what mike and i are doing. >> they ran on the undercard debate. >> and went over there. what does this mean to have the previous winners in iowa to have them with trump there? >> there is an image i cannot shake. you had mike huckabee on one side and rick santorum and donald trump.
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2008, 2012 iowa caucus winners and maybe 2016. that certainly is what donald trump is hoping. >> neither of the men became president or the nominee. >> listen, mike huckabee and rick santorum's campaigns have not taken off in iowa. they are hugely respected and admired figures, particularly in conservative and evangelical circles in iowa. that is what propelled them to a win. that is what donald trump is playing toward the votes with endorsement from sarah palin and jerry falwell jr. it couldn't have been more perfect in that sense as far as optics are concerned for trump. >> brian, let me ask you about trump. he was -- yesterday for example, they said we have so many people who want to come to our veterans event that please be prepared. not everyone is able to get in. he is good at drumming up buzz and interest and feeling of behind the velvet rope, you get
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to be with donald trump, this celebrity figure. what do we know about fox's attempts to get him to come to the debate stage. >> this is interesting. a lot of back and forth arguments here. fox says they reached out to trump a couple times yesterday. trump said fox was trying to woo him every ten minutes. trump says fox apologized to him. fox says we acknowledged his concerns. i think we have all been in the situation where the spouse or something before, they think we apologized and we didn't. >> i don't know about your marriage. >> or maybe my mom. the reality here is trump on the offense and fox in the weird position of defense. this fight will continue. >> fox says look, you wanted $5 million to appear. we don't do that. >> by the way, we should say, one of the big questions is where is the money actually going? you raised $6 million.
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he says it is going to veterans. a lot of questions of how that money will get to the groups and when and how and whether 100% will go to them. it will require investigative reporting in the months ahead. >> you have work. >> we need to make sure the money gets to people. were they pandering to veterans or using them as a prop? nonetheless, pro trump three days before the caucus. >> so much to sort through. thank you. we are following other news today. three dangerous inmates breaking out of a california jail on the run this morning. a woman who police say helped them escape has now been arrested. that story is next. woah!
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california. 40-year-old ravaghi was involved with one the fugitives, hossein nayeri. we get more from paul vercammen. >> reporter: boris and christine, ravaghi began working here teaching english as a second language in july. in a group class setting, they met the kidnapper and torturer, nayeri and they developed a relationship. she helped them escape by providing him with mapping capability. >> at this point, there is no confirmation she brought tools in the jail. she denies bringing the tools. we know she provided google maps to prepare. >> reporter: the sheriff's lieutenant also said the attempted murder suspect duong stole a white van in los angeles on sunday. apparently duong was taking that van for a test drive,
2:15 am
unaccompanied by the owner and never came back. thank you. the fbi says the negotiators are talking to four people still holed up inside the oregon refuge. it comes as federal officials release the video of the confrontation with ammon bundy. the fbi says the video is proof the shooting was justified. ethan couch is now back in the custody of texas authorities. he is expected to appear in court later this morning. couch returned thursday from mexico where he fled after allegedly violating probation after a dui crash that killed four people. transferring his case is
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scheduled for next month. tonya couch is currently out on bail. michigan governor facing a new controversy in the lead crisis. an activist group says documents show the governor's office started trucking purified water to state workers in flint a year ago. governor snyder did not publicly acknowledge the problem with flint's drinking water until october. the federal government is considering $600 million in aid to replace the pipes and water treatment. >> those kids need special education and nutritional services. meantime, an ohio lawmaker is demanding answers from the state epa from the water crisis in the town of sebring. officials knew back in august of elevated lead levels and did nothing to protect the public. it wasn't until last week that sebring residents were told.
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vice president joe biden defending the depositirtation policies to the house democrats. he tried to step up the issue that sparked up anger among the congressional democrats. he said they are being carried out as humanely as possible. 17 minutes past the hour. time to an early start on your money. a shocking move from the bank of japan has investors cheering. global stock markets rallying as japan adopts negative interest rates. that move is meant to encourage borrowing and spending. back in the u.s., the last trading day of january. many are happy to close the books on the brutal month. here's the damage report. dow and s&p posting the worst numbers since may of 2010. the worst performance since 2008 for nasdaq.
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down 10%, the nasdaq, this one. how are real people faring? only one in ten investors made money in january. the average loss is 7.6%. that is according to our partners at openfolio. super bowl 50 could be his last rodeo, but peyton manning is avoiding retirement talk at least until next week's media day. we have andy scholes with the bleacher report next. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. so i'm going to take this opportunity to go off script. so if i wanna go to jersey
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will super bowl 50 be peyton manning's last hurrah? >> we have andy scholes with the
2:23 am
bleacher report. >> good morning. >> the comment of the last rodeo coming with the bill belichick interview. >> he said nothing at the 50 yard line will be secret. he said this may be his last rodeo. the media, when they met with the broncos quarterback, they tried to get peyton to confirm he is in fact retiring. >> what happened to private conversations at the 50 yard line? i guess they don't exist anymore. no confirmation. we are on to carolina. north carolina. >> peyton was in a joking mood. he tried to impose a 9:00 curfew, but it was not received by his teammates. super bowl 50 is nine days away. after coming in third place in the race to get to los
2:24 am
angeles, the raiders may now turn their attention to sin city. las vegas could be the new home of the raiders. owner mark davis is reportedly in las vegas today for a meeting with sheldon adelson. he is looking to build a 65,000 seat dome stadium on land owned by unlv across from the mccarron airport. the raiders do not have a lease at a stadium next season. flames defenseman dennis wideman has been suspended indefinitely for the vicious hit. he cannot play until he meets with the league to discuss the incident. he said after the game it was unintentional. the minimum suspension for deliberately attempting to injury an official is 20 games. arizona state and oregon state. beavers at the free-throw line
2:25 am
and the secret weapon to distract the shooter. that's phelps phelps. wat they closed the curtain back up. michael phelps strips down to the speedo. of course, guys, the player would also miss the second free throw because who can make a free throw when michael phelps is dancing in his speedo behind you? >> i didn't notice the speedo. i noticed the gold medals. >> these distractions keep getting wilder and wilder. >> thanks, ain dichndy. republicans facing off in the gop, fully clothed. the frontrunner across town.
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the donald versus the gop debate. republicans running for president face-off on the issues and the frontrunner holds his own competing event. who made the case days before the caucuses? welcome back to "early start." i'm boris sanchez. >> i'm christine romans. everyone going after each other with gusto on the debate stage in des moines with three days to go until the iowa caucuses. conspicuous by his absence, donald trump holding a competing event, a benefit for veterans, miles away. even without trump, sparks flying. spearing democrats and spearing each other and at times, moderators. >> it is not my question you get a chance to respond to. you don't get 30 seconds to respond to me.
2:31 am
>> your question was you disagree -- >> sir, i know you like to argue about the rules, but we're going to conduct the debate. >> what is insulting is he is the king of saying oh, you're for amnesty. everybody's for amnesty except ted cruz. that's a falseness. >> this is the lie that ted's campaign is built upon and rand touched about it. everyone else is a r.i.n.o. >> now you want to trump trump on immigration. we are not going to beat hillary clinton with someone who is willing to say or do anything to win an election. >> i'm confused. he was the sponsor of the gang of eight bill that required a bunch of thresholds, but allowed for citizenship over a period of time. >> you used to support a path to citizenship. >> so did you, marco. >> i guarantee you one thing. she will never get within ten
2:32 am
miles of the white house. the days of clintons in public housing are over. >> cnn's sara murray was there. she has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, boris and christine. trump's decision to skip the last republican debate before iowa left the moderators more room to drill into the republican rivals. in particular, questioning marco rubio about his shifting positions on immigration. >> when you ran for senate no 2010, you made clear you opposed legalization and citizenship for illegal immigrants. you promised repeatedly you would oppose it as a u.s. senator as well. within two years of getting elected, you were co-sponsoring legislation to a path to citizenship, in your words, amnesty. >> if you look at the quote and it is specific, it says, blanket amnesty. i do not support blanket amnesty. i do not support blanket legalization. >> you said it is basically code
2:33 am
for amnesty. >> it has been. at the time and context of that was 2009 and 2010. >> reporter: some candidates and staffers say donald trump's decision to skip the debate yielded a more substantive and more respective debate. rand paul said it was disdainful of iowa voters. >> i think the disdain that trump showed by not coming may turn off iowa voters. they say one-third of the voters are undecided. it is good to be here and make the argument. we think the youth vote will come to us because we think they don't want the government collecting all their phone records. >> reporter: whether trump's absence hurts him in iowa is an open question. some put a back fire on any other candidate in the race and it has only sent his numbers higher. back to you, boris and christine. >> sarah murray in iowa. helping us sort through the winners and losers in the
2:34 am
debate, we turn to jeremy diamo diamond. he is live in washington. here with us is correspondent brian stelter. i want to show what some of the candidates said about trump in his absence. >> i'm a maniac. and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat and ugly. and ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now we have the donald trump portion out of the way. >> i kind of miss donald trump. he is a little teddy bear to me. we always had a loving relationship in the debates. i miss him. i wish he was here. >> let's begin about being clear. it is not about donald trump. he is an entertaining guy. he is the greatest show on earth. this campaign is about the greatest country in the world and the system that has destroyed what made america special. >> the candidates putting trump
2:35 am
center stage. how does this play out come monday on the iowa caucuses? brian, what do you think? >> you look at the twitter data for last night, donald trump was the biggest share of conversation although he wasn't there. although ted cruz and marco rubio were down the list. if that is any sign of what people care about and who they like the most, he has a great chance in the iowa caucuses. i think trump is playing a different game. he played a national game. it is working for him. fox had a podium ready just in case he wanted to come at the last minute. he followed through on the act of defiance against the gop and committee and fox news by not going to the debate. i think as crazy to say this, i think it worked for him as with everything. he is able to rewrite the rules. >> do you buy it that fox is trying to get him to come on up to the last minute? >> i think they were trying to woo him and change his mind and come to the debate. the debate would have been more
2:36 am
interesting. other candidates had more time to talk, but even in be abstent it was about trump. >> and jeremy, can i talk to you by ted cruz? >> can i say donald trump? there was no clear winner as far as the candidates on stage. ted cruz certainly had the opportunity to be center stage and be the alternative to donald trump as the frontrunner. and he took the most fire from other candidates which really does help elevate him in the race as far as how credible he is as the potential nominee. he handled himself well on issues like immigration. if i had to say someone, i think it is ted cruz. again, donald trump cast a long
2:37 am
shadow over the debate although he wasn't there on stage. >> now you mentioned that cruz felt he was a target from some of the other candidates. i want to play you an exchange that he had where he told the moderators he was being targeted. here's what he said. >> the last four questions have been rand, attack ted. marco, attack ted. chris, attack ted. jeb, please attack ted. let me just say this. >> it doesn't debate. >> a debate is a policy issue. i will say this. if you guys ask one more mean question, i may have to leave the stage. >> cruz getting laughter there. not the only moment where he made the crowd laugh and drew applause. he is trying to turn on the charm. trying to shed the issue of he is not liked. >> and there is an effort to show his personal side. rubio had a great line. most tweeted line of the night. about sanders. sanders would be a good
2:38 am
president. of sweden. a couple of snarky lines. by the way, sweden has a prime minister, not a president. >> and a king, too. >> i don't know if the candidates were able to move position in the rankings and polls. maybe we will see numbers between now and the caucuses. trump wanting to sit on his lead. he may have succeeded by avoiding the tough questions that megyn and bret were asking. he was ticked off at fox, but avoiding the tough questions and avoiding the risk. it may have paid off for him. >> it is interesting. he does best when it is him on the stage when people are his supporting characters on the stage and he controls the conversation. we have seen the crowds, jeremy, t
2:39 am
at the events. we have seen two men previously winners in the iowa caucuses standing up with donald trump. look at this exchange or comment by rick santorum. >> not to be offensive, but i'll stand over here so i'm not photographed with the trump sign. i'm supporting another candidate for president. that doesn't mean we can't work together when it comes to helping veterans. that's what mike and i are doing. >> so donald trump always the stage manager, executive producer, dealmaker, brandmaker, television counter programmer. that was evidenced last night. >> absolutely. listen. you have that image. mike huckabee and rick santorum and maybe donald trump as the 2016 winner of the iowa caucuses? who knows? certainly donald trump is an optics genius. he knows how to put this
2:40 am
together. it helps blunt the criticism he may have received skipping the last debate and giving voters the impression he was trying to avoid tough questions or maybe giving offense to iowans. he is raising $6 million for veterans groups. and he is showing that these are his priorities and he is sticking up for himself. >> he almost seemed surprised he pulled this off and have this competing event. there is a debate one week from yesterday. if trump skips that one, that is a big change. that would prove he is afraid to being on the stage with ted cruz and others. i think he knows better than that. he will be at the debate next week. >> jeremy, we know the iowa caucus is important, no question. the two men on stage with him won the caucus in iowa and did
2:41 am
not go on to win the nomination. he has been more widespread in other states as well. he has hopes on other states. not necessarily iowa. could there be a revolution in the polls after you get through with iowa and new hampshire? >> absolutely. the sense is not that donald trump absolutely needs to win iowa to do well. if he wins iowa, that is a major bar he has reached. that will show that not only can he turn out voters to the polls, but turn out voters to caucuses which is a different ball game. like ted cruz himself said last week in comments that were released or leaked to the press, he said if donald trump wins iowa, he could be quote unstoppable. i think that is the sense. if trump kills it in iowa, who knows how far he can go? >> i am so ready for actual votes to be cast. >> i could not agree more.
2:42 am
>> this campaign has been so confusing and up and down and perplexing. >> it only has been up and up for trump. a lot of those saying will those donald trump voters actually caucus? it takes ours. you have to go in and plead your ca case. arguing with your neighbors. will those donald trump supporters have the fortitude to do that? so far they are standing out in long lines. guys, thank you. so nice to see you. three days to go. thanks, guys. a new arrest in the jail break of three dangerous inmates, but did a female employee help tem escape? we will find out next.
2:43 am
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there is still no sign of three inmates one week after they broke out of a jail in orange county, california. a woman who taught classes is
2:47 am
under arrest. ravaghi was involved with one of the fugitives, hossein nayeri. we have more from paul vercammen. >> reporter: boris, the woman began working at the jail in july as an english as a second language teacher. in a group class setting, they met hossein nayeri and they developed some sort of relationship. she helped them escape by providing him with mapping capability. >> at this point, there is no confirmation she brought tools in the jail. what we know, she provided google maps to prepare. >> reporter: the sheriff's lieutenant said bac tien duong stole a white van in los angeles on sunday. apparently duong was taking that van for a test drive
2:48 am
unaccompanied by the owner and did not return it. police believe all three fugitives are living in the van. boris and christine. thank you. the standoff at oregon wildlife refuge is not over. the four people are still holed up inside. this comes as the fbi release the video of the protest shooter ammon bundy which led to the shooting which was justified. and ethan couch is expected to appear in court later this morning. couch returned thursday from mexico after he fled from a car crush that killed four people. and the stepped up deportation of than documented families sparked anger amongst democrats. he said they are carried out
2:49 am
humanely and possible and part of the broken immigration system. let's see what is coming up on "new day." let's go to alisyn camerota with more. >> how are you? >> tired. >> there was a big event last night. did you watch the debate? if not, don't worry. we did. donald trump was a no show. he was there in spirit. which candidate grabbed the spotlig spotlight? we will have two candidates with us. mike huckabee and ben carson. we will talk with veterans down the street. how much money did trump actually raise and how did the vets feel about this? will trump's big gamble payoff? we will get the questions answered this morning. >> thank you. keep pouring the coffee. talk to you soon. a threat of alarming proporti proportion. health officials warn that the zika virus could soon infect
2:50 am
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2:54 am
new warnings this morning about the zika virus. officials at the world health organization say the mosquito borne virus is exploding in the americas. most of the cases reported in the tropics with brazil the hot spot. its president calling for the country to unite against the threat. 32 cases have been confirmed in 12 u.s. states and the district of columbia. infection with the virus can only cause mild symptoms, but the real concern is for pregnant women and babies born with the condition called microcephaly. cnn's shasta darlington is at the clinic with more. >> reporter: the rest of the
2:55 am
world is waking up to the zika crisis and learning how it is effecting the birth defects. here at the hospital, they are turning the area into a triage center to learn more about microcephaly and brain damage and how deep that damage goes. doctors are scrambling to put together the early stimulation program and brain damage that the babies with microcephaly. because there is no vaccine, there is no cure. brazil is trying to combat the mosquito which transmits this virus. the problem is according to health officials, 1.5 million people may have already been infected. what we are seeing is a lot of panicked expectant mothers. in many cases, the virus is
2:56 am
asymptomatic and many fear they won't know until they give birth if they have been infected. shasta darlington, cnn, brazil. >> shasta, thank you. to the middle east, more u.s. troops need to be sent to iran and syria to defeat isis. troops have gained ground, but to deal a lasting blow to isis, additional forces are needed according to the pentagon to work with the fighters on the ground. let's get an early start on your money this friday. a global stock market rally right now after the bank of japan shocks the world with negative interest rates. huge gains in asia. sub zero interest rates. encouraging banks to lend money rather than stash with the central bank. a fitting end to the wild week. check out the losses for the dow. all of these are swings of more
2:57 am
than 1% except yesterday. oil is the main driver. this caps the dow's worst monthly performance since may 2010. an important gauge of the u.s. economy at 8:30 a.m. the first reading on gdp for the fourth quarter. a forecast of a rise of less than 1%. the real volatility in the stock market. mortgage rates. 30-year fixed rate is 3.79%. and the 15-year fixed rate is 3.07%. the federal reserve hiked the target rate last december, but mortgage rates tied to bonds and investors fleeing into the safer investments and pushes rates lower. the federal reserve raising interest rates, but the market very concerned about global instability and pushing rates down. >> good for potential new
2:58 am
homeowners. >> refinance. republicans running for president facing off in the gop debate, but the competitor was across town. was donald trump able to beat rivals even from that far away? "new day" starts now. >> isn't that better than the debate that is going on? >> everyone on this stage is stupid, fat isn't that better than this debate that's going on. >> everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. >> i miss donald trump. he is like a little teddy bear to me. >> this is like the academy awards. >> i'm supporting another candidate for president. that doesn't mean we can't work together when it comes to helping on you veterans. >> everybody is friends except for ted cruz, but it's a falseness. >> you changed your opinion on immigration. >> will i get more votes, less votes. >> hillary clinton cannot be the president of these united states. >> let me tell you who is not
2:59 am
qualified to be president of the united states. hillary rod ham clinton. she is not qualified to be president of the united states. >> you're going to like it because we raised on over $5 million in one day. good morning. welcome to your ""new day"." it is friday, 6:00 in the east. a very different debate. that's the word about the final republican have at 'em before the iowa caucuses. more substance with ted cruz and marco rubio. jeb bush also stepping up. but there was something missing. >> or someone. trump's absence looming large. he put on his own show just three miles down the street. who were the big winners and losers and how will it impact the caucusgoers, let's again your comprehensive coverage. john berman is live in iowa with all the highlights and
3:00 am
lowlights. >> reporter: hi, alisyn. be careful what you wish for. everyone has been waiting and praying for a moment when donald trump would exit well. they got it to an extent last night. he was not on that stage. but the atmosphere for not being there, one of peril. for debate stage absent donald trump, incident was hardly a debate absent donald trump. from the very first question. >> let's address the elephant not in the room tonight. >> reporter: to the very first joke. >> let me say i'm a maniac and everyone on this stage is stupid, fat, and ugly. ben, you're a terrible surgeon. now that we have gotten the donald trump on out of the way -- >> reporter: to a completely changed dynamic. with no trump lightning rod, other candidates had tood


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